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Why are we talking about article submitters? If you're trying to market your site and only want to use one method, then an article submitter would be the tool to use. Why should you use an article submission tool? That's easy, article submissions using a submitter is the quickest way to generate web site traffic and back links to your site. Why can you generate website visitors by using article directory submitter? You'll be surprised to know how easy the answer is! Nearly all of the article sites that an article submitter submits your content to are highly regarded by the search engines. The articles that you add in the article directories, will then get 'piggy backed' traffic as a result of being listed in the article sites. The major search engines like article directories, due to the fact that they like rich fresh content to deliver to their search users. They will index the articles submitted to the directories, which will result in you getting your website listed - if it's a new site, creating more one way links to your website, and finally direct visitors from these registered articles from visitors in the article sites clicking the back links you've included in the articles; either in the main body of the article, or in the 'bio box', that every article publisher is permitted to add and edit when they add their articles. When using an article submitter you get more power to your website, because of the extra one way links your site will get, from these article websites - all because you have submitted your content. We all know that all things 'being equal' in search results, the next thing the main search engines look for when deciding on how to rank a site, is how many one way links a site has. Sites with the larger number of one way links generally come out on top each time. Therefore using an article submitter, you will boost your web site result listings; due to the number of free back links your web site will get from the links inside the articles that you have added, and submitted when using the article submitter. Another bonus from using an article submitter, is that site will also automatically get loads of extra link backs from owners of sites that have searched the article sites to discover fresh on topic content for their own web site. You see, by adding your articles to the article directories using an article submitter, you also automatically allow other webmasters to post your article on their websites. This is called article syndication. The one condition for the permission to syndicate any article, is that the webmaster must include the back links that you have inserted in to the body of the content and must 'credit' you as the writer of the article that has been used, by keeping in place the 'biography box' section that automatically is added at the bottom of every single one of the articles that you have posted. In no time at all, with regular article submissions, you can create hundreds of extra links to your

site from webmasters you've never heard of; all due to the fact that they've liked your article and posted it on their own site, or due to the fact that they've seen your article to be connected to their site's niche or topic and wanted to reproduce it to create extra pages for their site - and every time your article is published on another website, your resource box or bio and links that you've included to the content of your article will be included and you'll create more link backs. Can you be sure that utilising an article submitter will work for your site? That's simple too! Just do a search on your site's main keywords and you will find (without getting too far down the result listings of your site's main keywords) that included in the results are articles that other webmasters have posted using an article submitter. These people already are 'in on the secret' that article submission is the 'secret sauce', they are already harnessing the power of article submitters to generate traffic and one way links to their site. The important thing to be aware of are the titles of the articles that the other people have submitted. From this you can see that these people are generating easy search engine rankings and gaining click thru traffic to their site from the various article submissions that have been made to the article sites. It would seem that almost every week there's a 'new' ground breaking 'discovery' of new methods of promoting your website, but article submission has been around since the dawn of website marketing; there's a reason behind this - it works! It should therefore be apparent that article submission should be a tool that you utilise too. In fact it's so straight forward that it should be used by every webmaster seeking a free way to promote their website!

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==== ==== Best FREE Artical Submitter Out There ==== ====

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