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October 21,1011

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Reitz welcomes four new staff members Cindy LaHue By Daryl Smith, Staff Writer There have been several new teachers to come in this year at Reitz, and one of them is Cindy LaHue. She’s spent 12 years in total teaching, and this is her first at Reitz. LaHue received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Southern Illinois University and her Master’s degree in secondary education at the local college USI. Her twelve years in the occupation most notably offered her a position at the Photo by: Stanley Hall Enrichment Center (one of the first Alternative programs the EVSC has ever had), otherwise known as the SACD. Here at Reitz, she’s been teaching the Computer Application classes. In computer applications, she teaches the different parts of Microsoft Office, Word Excel Publisher, and Powerpoint. Additionally, she incorporates things on the netbooks with English and math. She believes that the students will eventually use these programs somewhere

down the line in the future. Other than these areas mentioned, she teaches Keyboarding, which is the essential things you need to know about typing, and the technical aspects of it, which is very important in today’s educational world, as most schools in the EVSC if not all are making the change to netbooks. Although she’s new to Reitz High School, she’s already taught with the likes of football coach Tony Lewis. They taught together at the Stanley Hall Enrichment Center where she spent six years teaching. LaHue in addition spent four years teaching at the Madison Scott SACD (School of Academic Development), and she spent one year of teaching at the Academy for Innovative Studies. LaHue has been here for two months, and she’s already made herself comfortable. She knows her away around the school already, and has been keeping busy planning lessons for er students. During homeroom, she even keeps her students, and invites them in to learn how to use certain applications like Microsoft Office. LaHue is very happy to be here, and she’ll be a fine addition to the Reitz staff.

Latin and etymology teacher Harry Freeman brings an international flavor to Reitz. Before coming to the Hill, Freeman spent a year in Turkey teaching Turkish middle schoolers English and American culture. Photo by: Madison Scott

Jennifer Dimmett Jennifer Dimmett grew up in Lafayette, Indiana with her older brother and younger sister. Lafayette was the ideal place to grow up with your family. After her younger years Dimmett went on to a good-sized school known as McCutcheon High School. Jennifer Dimmett graduated from McCucheon after completing her four years. Shortly after high school she went on to Purdue University where she achieved her Bachelor’s of Science. Dimmett worked for seven years after receiving her Bachelor’s at Jefferson High School. Shortly after her seventh year of teaching at Jefferson High School, Dimmett went back to Purdue in 2006, to received her Master’s degree of Science and Education. After achieving her Master’s degree, Dimmett left Jefferson High School and went on to teach at Bloomington High School North for one short year. A big move was up ahead of her. Eventually, Mrs. Dimmett got a job here at Reitz High School, where she seems to really enjoy her time teaching. She believes

By Madalyn West, Staff Writer her students are a good group of kids that learn exceptionally quick. Dimmett teaches Early Childhood Development, Child Development, Fashion and Textiles, and Interpersonal Relationships. Dimmett chose this career in “hopes of teaching students life

Photo by: Madison Scott

lessons and important information that they will be able to use now, and for the continuance of their lives,” as she stated. This contrasts other subjects

where students work hard and memorize material only because a test will be given. “The information I teach will help children learn special skills they can use not only now, but that they will remember and use in the future,” she embellished. These classes Dimmett offers will teach life skills that will be used beyond tests and quizzes. She is married with no children. When she has downtime, which is rare, Mrs. Dimmett plays the piano. This is something she enjoys very much and seems to be very good at. She also enjoys to cook and bake. This is most likely why she chose the topics she did to teach about. Lastly, when Dimmett finds time in her very busy schedule, she likes to read. In most cases, students relationships with teachers rarely go beyond the classroom. This is an excellent way for Panthers to welcome a new teacher and know a little more about Mrs. Dimmett. We hope she has had a pleasant first month as a teacher at Reitz, and we wish to see her for many more years to come.

Carey Hudson Carey Hudson is Reitz’s new freshmen counselor this year. This is not his first year to be a school counselor, but it is the first time he has been a member of the staff. However, he is very familiar to this area of town. It is not the first time he has called the West Side home. “I have been a part of the West Side community of Evansville my whole life.” He said. Hudson attended Cynthia Heights for elementary school, but he was one of the three students in his class to go to Central High School. Despite both his dad and brother having graduated from Reitz, Hudson went to Central. After graduating from there, he went to Western Kentucky University and majored in counseling. Later he

By Nolan Spinks, Staff Writer got his masters in counseling at The University of Southern Indiana. He continued his education sixty hours past his Masters. “When I’m not at school, I’m spending time with my wife and kids.” He said. His older daughter graduated from Reitz in 2005, and his son graduated in 2007. Hudson has an eleven year old daughter as well, whom he spends the majority of his time with. He and his wife are parent boosters for the Helfrich Park swim team. Snow-skiiing is one of his hobbies. He likes his job and the

environment it provides. Hudson has been working as part of the EVSC for 10 years. He says that Reitz is more of a familyoriented environment. The people here are friendlier and more supportive. The days, in general, seem to go by quicker for him, and he enjoys the variety of what the job itself entails. “I would like to connect with the students on a deeper level and really get to know them,” he concluded. Hudson is determined to further the relationship between him and his freshmen and allow it to reach past the usual scheduling and discipline criteria. He wants their experience to be even better than the one that he had with his counselors in school.


Page 12 By Nolan Spinks, Staff Writer By Daryl Smith, Staff Writer Latin and etymology teacher Harry Freeman brings an international flavor...

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