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Newspaper October 21,2011

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Uninvited Guests: A Reitz Ghost Story By Rachel Thomas It’s peculiar to think that people still tour the Reitz’s home after what happened long ago inside. Inside dwells the ever hushed and chilling story of the haunted nights of long ago. At any other day, the tours are given to ensure the safety of the guests because on this night things tend to go awry. Tonight you might fall victim to the haunting spirits that hide deep within the house, so please, guests of the Reitz home, please listen to this story, and listen well. The reason for these hauntings originates from long ago when the Reitz home was built. It was rumored that those who had lived on that plot of land had died in a very tragic ocurrance of events. A family of four had lived there and had been merchants for a while. Sadly, one night while they were sleeping, they were violently murdered and robbed.

By Zoe Grabow The poor mother was stabbed several times trying to protect her children of six and thirteen. The father had tried to be bold and shot one of the robbers, but his shot was retaliated with another. Five deaths in total were made on the Reitz Home property that night. When the Reitz family bought that plot of land they had no idea about the deaths that had happened only a few months before. When constructing the home sometimes they felt chills in the summer, or sometimes they would hear bullets whir past their heads, a few times

even the mother, Gertrude, felt great stabbing pains repeatedly happen in her side. The family shrugged it off though and continued their building. Now that you know the backstory somewhat, the fun can begin. The story about to be told will be one that should not be heard by those who might become frightened easily or those with weak stomachs or weak of the heart. The

aftermath is what will really throw you off or give you a scare. During the duration of the family’s life, the family h a d come by

strange events a n d goings on in t h e i r home. A few times t h e y h a d seen furniture moved in the wrong place. Even bolted down furniture had been moved and the family then knew it was no joke by the maids or butlers. It seemed all the more strange when they heard voices in the night, a screaming woman, crying children, a man in pain, and sounds of bullets being shot. One night, perhaps even this night to date, while guests and the Reitz family were in the party room which was rarely used, they heard peculiar noises coming from different directions outside of the home. Frightened, some guests asked the

Reitz family what shenanigans were being had, but the family found themselves out of luck when it came to a believable response. Tonight, this very night, long ago was the anniversary of the family’s death and they were making their point apparent that they did not want the Reitz family on their land. They would try to get the point across that the Reitz too were intruders and that they were not welcome. The guests though were definitely not welcome. The room that the party the Reitz family was using for their party t h a t n i g h t h a d many instruments, l a r g e mirrors, and a white o n y x fireplace. It was evident that this room was grand, and so the room had been used very little. Prior to the party, the family found it strange to find the furniture out of order once again, but to remedy this problem took no time at all. The room that was once only filled only with furniture was soon filled with people, bands, sculptures, and anything material and luxurious one could imagine. Magical velvet drapes

w e r e hung on all of the walls. Rich and seducing colors were accented in the most clever spots to accentuate the entire room. The gaselier was hung and lit up the entire room with a wonderful and loving glow. Everyone seemed so light and airy getting drunk on imported champagne or growing fat on his cooks’ finest cuisines. Even with all of the merriment that was going on, the Reitz family felt uneasy. The usual ghostly tomfoolery was going on except the demons within the home seemed more active tonight. The lights tended to flicker on and off rapidly, even with the reliable use of gas lights. Not only this, but there seemed to be people knocking at the windows or groaning at them furiously like an animal. What the guests thought as hooligans w e r e actually nothing o f t h e sort. I t w a s a t twelve when t h e

grandfather clock let out its eerie alarm. Its droning voice carried throughout the rooms of the home and made the guests stop for a moment. The lights dimmed as the clock’s dirge ended and the guests picked up their activity, a bit livelier, expecting the Reitz family to have some sort of entertainment planned before they all departed for their homes. However,

a few guests complained that they were having chills or praised the Reitz family for having a strange but soothing citrus smell throughout the home. Also the merry bands had stopped when the harp and piano started to play by themselves. Most guests were delighted and thought that they were a self playing because of mechanisms hiding inside. The Reitz family could only watch the „self playing” instruments in horror. Some guests departed though, for some felt paranoid all of a sudden, or some took the dimmed lights as a sign that they should go home, while a few just wanted to go home and rest up for the day ahead. Some guests prior to the light dimming had wondered off to the rest of the home in search of privacy or some nosy fun. When the guests left, the ghosts that resided in certain rooms that people had poked their noses into, they felt a strangeness about the people that they had come and left with. After visiting the Reitz home, some guests who went off by themselves either disappeared or came back home with an unpleasant guest. It’s rumored that guests still go missing or are later reported to have been possessed. Even the cardinal that once lived in the house could not exorcise the demons out of it. So, if you wander about the home alone or without care, or if you see someone else, stop them and tell them this story. If the instruments begin to play, they are not fancy mechanisms ahead of the times. Also, if the lights begin to flicker or dim in the slightest, be cautious. So, guests of the Reitz home this evening, please beware, and take care.

Artwork provided by: Bryan Jackson


By Zoe Grabow even the mother, Gertrude, felt great stabbing pains repeatedly happen in her side. The family shrugged it off though and cont...