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RANCHO KEY CLUB VOL. 1 | ISS. 1 | May 2013 Newsletter | REGION 5 | D28N

Caring– Our Way of Life The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter



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Key Club Pledge I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


[A WORD FROM YOUR EDITOR] SHAYE ROBLES Hello, my name is Shaye Robles and I am proud to be 2014-2015 Bulletin Editor. I am beyond excited for this upcoming year! There will be surprises, exciting community service projects, and most importantly, wonderful newsletters! Personally, I am taking this chance to show everyone what Rancho High School Key Club is all about! I want to show other schools the impact Rancho Key Club makes on our community. Thank you for having me as your new Bulletin Editor!

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


NEW OFFICERS Elections have ended and your new officers have been chosen! Congratulations to your new officers:

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Secretary: Nicolas Gutierrez President: Crystal Wu Treasurer: Erica Lee


4 5 6

S.A.A. Lorenzo Sison


V.P: Vincent Montezuma Bulletin Editor: Shaye Robles Historian: Rei Santa Ana

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The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014

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[A WORD FROM YOUR PRESIDENT] CRYSTAL WU “Hey there! My name is Crystal Wu and I am the President of Rancho HS Key Club. This is my second year being president and also my last year as a Rancho Ram. I want to make this year LEGENDARY! Some of my goals include an increase of members by at least 20 from last year, unification of the board members, more service projects with other Key Clubs and Kiwanis, a 30 hour increase to each member's service hour sheets, and sharing tons of blissful memories to smile about! I intent to accomplish this with the help of my supportive officers and my determination to leave as a memorable role model for my future president~ “

[A WORD FROM YOUR VICE PRES.] VINCENT MONTEZUMA Hello everyone, my name is Vincent Montezuma and I am proud to be your Vice President for the 2014-2015 school year. One of my goals this year is to increase member activity and the overall amount of members in our club. I plan to do this with incentives and more events to spark their interest. Although I would rather have more active members than more overall members, still both would be very nice I am looking forward to the next school year, thank you!

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


[A WORD FROM YOUR SECRETARY] NICOLAS GUTIERREZ The officer term has started with bang, we have all assumed our roles as officers are diligently completing out duties as they arise. As an officer this year I have several specific goals I would like to accomplish with the aide of our club. This year I would like to improve upon our club and allow it to grow to its full potential. I would like to complete several task in order to enhance our club. This year as club secretary I would like to complete MRF’s in a consistent timely manner, increase service event participation and build a system of member accountability. These are my goals throughout the 2014-2015 term, I will strive to complete for the improvement of our club. The completion of these goals should improve both the efficiency and service participation of our club therefore making us a more

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


[A WORD FROM YOUR S.A.A] LORENZO SISON “When I began this school year, becoming an officer was the furthest thing from my mind. I intended on just being a member, and that was it. But I saw the dark future that key club had coming to it. See, the club was dying and it seemed that it would be gone by the next year. So I stepped up. I aim to bring to the pain. But constructive pain. As the new S.A.A. I will bring Key Club out of its dark recesses and bring it in the light for all to see. I can not do that alone. I can not even shoulder most of the burden. That must fall on the new members. But I will help them. I will nurture them. I will strengthen them. And by the time I leave, they will be me and all will be right in the world. My plans involve organization. The problem with Key Club is it's lack thereof. As of now, we have no idea of what the heck is going on. I plan on helping the other officers with this, whether with planning events or with paperwork. I am not a very hands on person in Key Club. I honestly prefer to do the club work rather than the volunteering. And right now, that's exactly what the club needs. I look forward to an exciting future year and an even better one after it. “

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


[A WORD FROM YOUR TREASURER] ERICA LEE “It is a new year and that means new officers are to be trained to help achieve an even better Key Club. Congratulations! You are now my new officers!” First day on the job, my club adviser gave me a rundown of how a Treasurer’s job was to be executed. “When handling money, never be alone. Keep all the receipts. Maintain a healthy relationship with the banker. Create fundraisers. Maintain budgets.” It wasn’t anything I hadn’t already known from when the past. Nonetheless, one thing that caught my attention was that my club adviser informed me that there has not been a single Treasurer dedicated to their full terms as officers. “It is almost like a curse!” After hearing this I came up with a little bucket list for myself so I have goals to accomplish while serving as an officer. 1. Commit to my full time being Treasurer 2. Communicate amongst my fellow members, officers, advisers, and admin. 3. Spread the word of Key Club – acknowledge others what Key Club really is about “Good is never good enough” – Always find ways to improve This is only a small tidbit of what I expect myself to accomplish during my term. Believe me this list will continue to grow throughout the year. I'm Erica Lee, I’ve been given the baton, I will continue to work hard, and make sure I do not fall behind!

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


[A WORD FROM YOUR HISTORIAN] REI SANTA ANA “In that pivotal moment, I was the new Key Club Historian. Hello you guys, my name is Rei and I am Rancho High School’s 2014-2015 Historian. I honestly haven’t been in this club for very long. I’ve noticed that there is a separation between the members. Instead of really acting as one family, there are disparate groups within the entire club, It seems to me that there are those people that still feel like they don’t fit in, or they do not belong. That is the reason why I wanted to become Historian; to bring the whole club together as one club, community, and family. Doesn’t the ideal high school student always search for that one group of people that they can be their 100% self and be who they really are? That is what I want our members to feel towards our club and I plan to achieve that through suggestions of social gatherings that will add to each member’s innerscrapbook of memories. Through these ideas and the many more that will come upon, I strive to create a bond within our family that will not be broken, sort of like a hydrogen bond . I hope that these bonds will be brought outside of the club and into each of our member’s personal lives so that we can be a living testimony of how Key Club has brought us all together. “

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


CLUB NEWS Submitted by: Sabrina Fairfoot

Officer Training Conference Above: CNH Key Club Presidents all grouped up to take their first official picture together as one family! Saturday, May 3, 2014. At exactly 8:00 marks our first moments as the year 2014-2015 CNH Key Club officers. This year’s Officer Training conference included massive information on what it takes to be an officer and also included workshops to help those specific officers prepare for the upcoming year. What a great way to start off the new year! “Officer training was very fun and I enjoyed meeting fellow Vice Presidents who shared the same ideas as I.” Vice President, Vincent Montezuma The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


Freshmen Orientation , May14 | OTC, May 3

Right: President, Crystal Wu clips a Key Club pin on one of our incoming Freshmen.


Special thanks to everyone that participated in the Freshmen Orientation! We recruited over 30 incoming freshmen at freshmen orientation! This was a great chance to capture the minds of incoming freshmen and help them experience for the first time KEY CLUB. Everyone did an amazing job getting incoming freshmen informed on what Key Club is all about.

To the right: Ria George (11) and Iridian Martinez (11) are first to sign our upcoming member sheet!

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014



CALL FOR JUDGES Robert O. Gibson Middle School asks for help in judging this year’s Leadership in Action Fair. Leadership in Action (LIA) Fair provides a forum for young children with outstanding research projects to display their hard work. Come by Robert O. Gibson Middle School to invest in the future leaders of our community! OFFICERS! This event is mandatory.

MORE INFORMATION LOCATION: 3900 W. Washington Ave Las Vegas, NV 89107 DATE: Thursday, May 22, 2014 TIME: 5:30pm

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014



Leadership in Action Fair, May 22


LIFE PLAN Students research a possible career and develop a long term course of action to achieve personal and professional goals


LIVING HISTORY MUSEUM Students research the leadership skills of a historical or modern figure. They analyze the global contributions of the individual and their relevance to the student’s own life.


Students choose an issue connected with social justice and leadership. They research the issue, the impact on society, and create informed opinions and ideas about the importance of the issue and need for change.



The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014




Hello Key Clubbers, it is officially the end of the year and a time to say bye to all of our seniors! These seniors put their time and effort to keep club on top and full of spirit and service. Sadly, we must let them leav nest and experience their lives as Rancho Alumni. Here is a farewell fr Rancho Key Club. We would like to give you all a great ...

THANK YOU As you leave and learn about the world and yourself in new ways we here. Treasuring all the fond and beautiful memories you have made club.

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014



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GOODBYE SENIORS Jasmine Ballar Dominique Tolentino Francis Aquino Doug Fang Sharmaene Dalupan Ia Faye Sison

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Ryan Nguyen Aly Sicat Andrea Ruiz Aaron Robles Numfon Vilay Art Chianchitlert Morgan Tangcharoentanakit Savannah Browskey Jess Mari Acala

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014


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May 3: Officer Training Conference (OTC) May 13: East Tech DCM May 14: Freshmen Orientation May 22: Leadership in Action Fair

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014



S.A.A: Lorenzo Sison Historian: Rei Sanata Ana

Secretary: Nicolas Guttierez

President: Crystal Wu

V.P: Vincent Montezuma

Treasurer: Erica Lee

Bulletin Editor: Shaye Robles

The Official Rancho High School Key Club Newsletter | May 2014



Rancho Key Club May Newsletter | Vol. 1 | Iss. 1|  

Created by: Bulletin Editor, Shaye Robles

Rancho Key Club May Newsletter | Vol. 1 | Iss. 1|  

Created by: Bulletin Editor, Shaye Robles