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Oftentimes, we plead with our children, “Lay still baby! Take a nap!” Kids can be so busy. We constantly look at what they’re doing wrong, taking for granted the blessing of their ability to perform these “annoying” actions. To most, eating and breathing are simple bodily functions we don’t give much thought to, except when we have the sniffles or are feeling a little hungry. When a child comes into this world with the ability to lift his head, swallow his food and use all of the muscles in his busy little body, we don’t have to think about what we are saying or asking him to do. Like all new babies, when Richmond Hill residents Dana and David Swanson’s beautiful, identical twin girls were born, they slept, ate,

wiggled and cooed as expected, naturally stealing the hearts of all who held them. But just five short months later, “normal” progression of movement and strengthening of muscles began to slow down. Every day, two children are born or diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). That August, David and Dana’s two girls Cassidy and Skylar were diagnosed with this debilitating disease. Dana’s mother, Anne Meguiar, remembers that day sadly, “The girls were given just two years to live.” “Our friends came to our aid immediately, asking what they could do to help,” recalls Anne. Inspired by her granddaughters, a community of long-time friends formed SMA Angels Charity, Inc. Determined

By Paige Glazer

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