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A very warm welcome to the 15th Mwldan Film Festival which fills our two screens for two weeks. We hope there’s something for everyone as we present the very best in recent releases from all over the globe in our annual celebration of cinema. We have 115 screenings of 19 different films in 14 days.. get your diary out and indulge, celebrate, enjoy! ˆ Ffilm ar ddeg y Mwldan fydd yn llanw ein dwy Croeso cynnes i 15eg Gwyl sgrîn ni am bythefnos. Gobeithiwn fod rhywbeth i bawb yno wrth i ni gyflwyno’r gorau oll mewn ffilmiau diweddar o bob cwr o’r byd mewn dathliad o sinema. Mwy na 115 dangosiad o 19 ffilm gwahanol dros 14 diwrnod... estynnwch am eich dyddiadur a joiwch a dathlwch!

Dilwyn Davies Director / Cyfarwyddwr

CHEAP SEATS! Take advantage of our traditional offer – save money and see more movies! All seats are just £4.00 for all shows that start before 5.30pm Monday to Friday during the Festival. Seats at all other times are £5.20 (adult) and £4 (child). SEDDAU RHAD! Cymrwch fantais o’n cynnig traddodiadol – arbedwch arian a gwelwch fwy o ffilmiau! Pob sedd yn £4.00 yn unig ar gyfer pob sioe sy’n dechrau cyn 5.30yp ddydd Llun i ddydd Gwener ˆ Mae seddau pob amser arall yn £5.20 yn ystod yr wyl. (oedolion) a £4 (plant).

Ionawr January 16 @ 1.45 & 8.50, 17 @ 6.45, 18 @ 2.00, 19 @ 2.00 & 6.15 MWLDAN 2

Ionawr January 16 @ 2.00 & 6.20, 17 @ 3.50, 18 @ 3.40, 19 @ 1.30 & 6.40, 20 @ 1.30 & 7.10, 21 @ 3.00 & 8.50, 22 @ 2.40 & 6.40 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 16 @ 4.05, 17 @ 2.20, 18 @ 4.05, 20 @ 12.50 & 5.10 MWLDAN 2

Ionawr January 16 @ 4.20, 17 @ 6.00, 18 @ 1.40, 19 @ 8.50 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 16 @ 6.40, 17 @ 4.40 & 9.10, 18 @ 8.50, 19 @ 4.10, 20 @ 3.10 & 7.25, 21 @ 6.25, 22 @ 3.00 & 9.20 MWLDAN 2

Ionawr January 16 @ 8.30, 17 @ 8.50, 18 @ 8.30, 19 @ 3.40 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 17 @ 1.15, 18 @ 5.50 MWLDAN 1 Ionawr January 21 @ 1.55 & 8.30, 22 @ 5.00, 23 @ 2.40 & 9.00 MWLDAN 2


Ionawr January 20 @ 3.40 & 9.15, 21 @ 5.10, 22 @ 4.50 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 20 @ 5.30, 21 @ 1.10 & 7.00, 22 @ 1.00 & 8.50 MWLDAN 1







W. (15)




Lucy Walker | UK | 2008 | 104’

Toa Fraser | New Zealand | UK | 2008 100’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

Stephen Walker | UK | 2007 | 108’

Marc Evans | UK | USA | 2008 | 93’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

Ethan Coen | Joel Coen | USA | 2008 96’

Oliver Stone | USA | Hong Kong | 2008 | 129’

Bernardo Bertolucci | Italy | France | West Germany | 1970 | 113’

Terence Davies | UK | 2008 | 79’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

Owain Llyr ˆ | Cymru | 2008 | 52’

Marc Evans, Director of In Prison My Whole Life, will be joining us to introduce the screening on Saturday 17 January at 6.00pm. Marc will introduce and discuss the film, and answer your questions after the screening.

Sporting a spectacular all-star cast including John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, George Clooney, Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt, the Coen brothers’ new screwball comedy is snappy, confident, lightly satirical and stridently mischievous. When a CIA analyst’s memoirs accidentally fall into the hands of Linda and Chad, employees of the Hardbodies Fitness Center, events spiral out of control in a cascading series of darkly hilarious encounters. In contrast to their last movie, the Oscar winning No Country for Old Men, this latest film from Joel and Ethan (Fargo,The Big Lebowski) is hugely enjoyable, light-as-fluff and great entertainment.

Uli Edel | Germany | France | Czech Republic | 2008 | 149’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

As George W. Bush prepares to leave the building, it’s a highly appropriate moment to reflect on one of the most controversial public figures in recent memory. In an unprecedented undertaking, acclaimed director Oliver Stone brings the life of the USA’s 43rd president to the big screen as only he can. W. takes its audience through Bush’s eventful life - his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith, and of course the critical days leading up to his decision to invade Iraq. Funny, scary, intelligent and absorbing – the film, that is!

It says a lot about the quality of Il Conformista that Bernardo Bertolucci would be considered a great director even if he’d never made another film. A sensual political period drama, it stars the ace French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant as Marcelo Clerici, a weak-willed Italian who has embraced Mussolini and his Brown Shirts. Perhaps one of the greatest films ever made, The Conformist harks back to a time when intelligence and class were the true hallmarks of great cinema.

A heartfelt and highly personal journey into memories of the recent past from Terence Davies, arguably Britain’s greatest living film director, this engaging and deeply moving work of art is a wonderful mix of past and present. A lyrical collage of archive footage of Liverpool from the 1940s and 50s is intercut with newly filmed sequences and magically combined with a wonderfully rich selection of music, from Peggy Lee to Mahler, Handel to The Hollies. Bustling docks, long-gone rows of terraced houses and cobbled streets are set alongside the modernisers’ dreams of glamour and re-invention. Hailed as a masterpiece.

This acclaimed, thoughful and slow burning movie is both a stirring reminder of what humans can achieve against the odds, and a stunning visual experience set against the incredible Himalayan landscape. Sabriye Tenberken set up Braille Without Borders, the only school for blind people in Tibet. Together with world-renowned and blind mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer, she took a group of blind students on an epic journey to climb Lhakpa Ri, a 7,000 metre peak close to Mount Everest’s north face. What seems like a dangerous if not impossible challenge makes for an incredible journey, far beyond anything they could have imagined. Ffilm ddogfen feddylgar sy’n ein hatgoffa o’r hyn gallwn ei gyflawni er gwaethaf y sefyllfa. Mae Sabriye Tenberken yn sefydlu yr unig ysgol i’r dall yn Nhibet a gyda’r mynyddwr dall enwog Erik Weihenmayer, mae’n mynd â grwp ˆ o fyfyrwyr dall i ddringo mynydd ger Everest. Siwrnai anhygoel, tu hwnt i’r dychymyg.

Brilliantly eccentric, this wonderful costume drama based on the novel by Baron Dunsany is subtle, funny and moving, with some very fine acting thrown in for good measure, including Peter O’Toole who gives a scorching performance as misanthropic curmudgeon Horatio Fisk. In London, just after the turn of the twentieth century, the dutiful and somewhat disillusioned son Fisk Jnr. (Jeremy Northam) visits his cantankerous father. After attending a lecture about reincarnation by a visiting Hindu Swami, Fisk Jnr. makes the acquaintance of one Dean Spanley and strikes up a bizarre friendship. After the encouragement of a rare Hungarian wine, Spanley hales forth trance-like of a highly unexpected former life, a pre-existence that may just hold the key to the family heartbreak that old Horatio is trying to keep repressed. Full of gorgeously peculiar English quirks and ticks, Dean Spanley is a very special film which uses the wildest imaginings to reveal common emotional truths. Cawn berfformiad aruthrol gan Peter O’Toole yn y ddrama gomedi ecsentrig hon, sy’n addasiad ar nofel, ac wedi ei gosod ychydig ar ôl troad yr ugeinfed ganrif. Ffilm am gyfeillgarwch, am drawsfudiad yr enaid ac am fywyd blaenorol annisgwyl!

The devil may have all the best tunes, but it’s the elderly who nail them! Expect the unexpected from this true story of the Young @ Heart Chorus, a group of senior citizens who rock on and refuse to let age and ill health get them down.Young @ Heart is not your ordinary singing chorus; in the words of Time Magazine, “These gyrating geriatrics travel around the world belting out rock classics and garnering rave reviews.” Their music goes against the stereotype of their age group with a repertoire that includes The Clash, James Brown, Talking Heads, Sinead O’ Connor and Coldplay! They’re hot, they’re hip and their average age is 81, but rather than be defeated by health problems and tragedies, they transcend them. “Charming, heartwarming and totally kick-ass.” Empire Dylech ddisgwyl yr annisgwyl yn y ffilm ddogfen hon sy’n mynd i’r afael â stori ˆ o wir Côr Young @ Heart. Mae’r grwp bensiynwr arbennig hyn yn teithio’r byd yn perfformio caneuon sy’n mynd tu hwnt i ystrydebau eu hoedran. Ond yn hytrach na derbyn henaint a salwch, mae aelodau’r côr, sydd ar gyfartaledd yn 81 mlwydd oed, yn parhau i rocio a mwynhau bywyd.

01239 - 621200

Will Francombe was born in London on December 9th 1981. On the same day, over 3,000 miles away, Black Panther and radical journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal was arrested for the murder of a police officer. Sentenced to death and awaiting execution ever since, Mumia claimed innocence, attracting support from Amnesty International and Nelson Mandela amongst others, and becoming the most famous and controversial death row inmate in America. On a journey into the dark heart of the American judicial system, Francombe takes us to some surprising places and brings us into contact with some of America’s most original minds. The likes of Angela Davis, Mos Def, Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Snoop Dogg, Steve Earle, and Amy Goodman take us through a decades-old struggle for equality, fairness and respect that so many Americans strive for to this day. This is the first ever film endorsed by Amnesty International, and features a soundtrack by Massive Attack and Snoop Dogg. Marc Evans is one of Wales’ leading film directors. His previous directing credits include My Little Eye, Snowcake and Trauma, featuring cast members Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss, Mena Suvari and Colin Firth. Ffilm hynod am Mumia Abu Jamal, y dyn mwyaf enwog a dadleuol ar Death Row yn America. Cafodd y Black Panther a’r newyddiadurwr radical ei arestio am lofruddio heddwas ar y noson cafodd Will Francombe ei enw, bron 25 mlynedd yn ôl. Mae’r gymhariaeth felly yn drawiadol ac yn ysgytiol - bu un yn y carchar ers diwrnod geni’r llall.

Dyma gomedi newydd gwallgo’ y Brodyr Coen sy’n llawn dop o sêr, sy’n hyderus, yn slic, ychydig yn ddychanol ac yn hollol ddrygionus! Mae cofiannau dadansoddwr CIA yn dod i afael Linda a Chad, gweithwyr canolfan ffitrwydd. Mae’r hyn sy’n dilyn yn gyfres o ddigwyddiadau digrif tu hwnt!

A compelling, exhilarating history of The Baader-Meinhof Gang – or Red Army Faction - whose crazed mix of idealogy and terrorism rocked the very foundations of a still fragile German democracy. Born out of the student protest movements of the ‘60s and a distrust of the German political establishment, the group of ultra leftwing revolutionaries waged a vicious war against what they perceived to be the new face of fascism. This fascinating look at the birth of modern terrorism comes from an excellent filmmaking pedigree – its eclectic producer and writer, Bernd Eichinger, was responsible for Downfall. Ffilm am hanes cymhellol y Criw Baader Meinhof wnaeth siglo sylfeini democratiaeth yr Almaen gyda’i gymysgedd rhyfedd o ideolegau a therfysgaeth. Rhyfelodd y chwyldroadwyr yn ffyrnig yn erbyn yr hyn wnaethant ystyried yn wyneb ffasgaeth fodern. Astudiaeth ddiddorol tu hwnt.

Ffilm ddigynsail am fywyd un o’r dynion mwyaf dadleuol yr oes sydd ohoni. Y cyfarwyddwr Oliver Stone sy’n dod â bywyd Llywydd America i’r sgrîn fawr mewn ffordd unigryw.

Drama gyfnod wleidyddol am Marcelo Clerici, Eidalwr di-asgwrn a groesawodd Mussolini. O bosib, mae’r ffilm hon, gan y cyfarwyddwr celfydd Bernardo Bertolucci, yn un o’r ffilmiau gorau a grëwyd erioed. SUBTITLES | IS-DEITLAU

Siwrnai bersonol a didwyll i atgofion y gorffennol diweddar gan gyfarwyddwr blaenaf Prydain,Terence Davies.Yr hyn a gawn yw darnau o ffilmiau archif o Lerpwl yn y 40au a’r 50au, clipiau ffilm modern a chyfoeth o gerddoriaeth amrywiol wedi cyfuno’n gelfydd at ei gilydd. Campwaith.


Bu rhyw 1500 o garcharorion yn byw yn Ngwersyll POW Camp 70, yn Henllan, ger Castell Newydd Emlyn. Mae ‘La Casa di Dio’ yn adrodd hanes annisgwyl eglwys a’i hadeiladwyd tu fewn i gaban ‘plasterboard’, gan garcharorion rhyfel Eidalaidd, yn ystod yr Ail Ryfel Byd.Yn bell o adref, bu’n rhaid i’r carcharorion ymadael â un o’r cabanau ‘prefab’, er mwyn adeiladu eglwys i addoli ynddi. Gan ddefnyddio cynhwysion annisgwyl, megis moron, tobaco, a hen duniau cig eidion, yn ogystal â sment benthyg, addurnwyd yr eglwys gyda ffresco o’r Swper Olaf. Here’s your chance to play a part in the completion of a movie! After the Italian surrender in North Africa, 1,500 Prisoners Of War were transported to Wales and housed at POW Camp 70 at Henllan, near Newcastle Emlyn. There, inside a plasterboard hut, the Italians built a church; La Casa di Dio tells the story of this unique relic. The prisoners utilised unlikely ingredients including carrots, tobacco, old bully beef tins as well as borrowed cement, and fashioned a church complete with dome and a fresco of The Last Supper. This independent film is as yet unfinished, but is showing at the Mwldan Festival as a special preview of a local production and some fascinating local history. If you have memories, or even images of this story, bring them along to a screening!

SUBTITLES | IS-DEITLAU Er fod y ffilm heb ei chwblhau, mae’n ymddangos fel rhan o’r wyl, ˆ fel rhagolwg arbennig o gynhyrchiad lleol. Bydd y cyfarwyddwr/ cynhyrchydd Owain Llyr ˆ yn cyflwyno’r ffilm, ac ar gael i ateb cwestiynnau ar ôl y ffilm.

B o o k O n l i n e / A rc h e b u A r L e i n : w w w. m w l d a n . c o. u k

01239 - 621200

Owain Llyr, ˆ Director/Producer of La Casa Di Dio, will introduce each of these screenings, and will be available to answer questions after each one.

Ionawr January 20 @ 9.30, 21 @ 4.35, 22 @ 1.15 & 7.35, 23 @ 7.20 MWLDAN 2

Ionawr January 23 @ 12.45 @ 5.15, 24 @ 2.05 (mwldan 1), 25 @ 1.30 & 8.30, 26 @ 1.50 & 6.25, 27 @ 2.10 & 6.30, 28 @ 4.10, 29 @ 12.00 & 4.30 MWLDAN 2

Ionawr January 23 @ 1.00 & 6.10, 24 @ 6.10, 25 @ 3.35, 26 @ 12.45 & 8.15, 27 @ 12.45 & 8.15, 28 @ 5.50, 29 @ 12.20 & 5.50 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 23 @ 4.10, 25 @ 1.35 & 6.50, 26 @ 6.15, 27 @ 6.15, 28 @ 3.50, 29 @ 9.05 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 23 @ 9.25, 24 @ 9.25, 25 @ 8.50, 26 @ 3.55 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 25 @ 3.30, 26 @ 3.55, 27 @ 8.35, 28 @ 6.15, 29 @ 2.00 & 8.50 MWLDAN 2


Ionawr January 27 @ 4.00, 28 @ 1.35 & 9.05, 29 @ 3.35 MWLDAN 1

Ionawr January 27 @ 4.15, 28 @ 1.55 @ 8.45, 29 @ 6.35 MWLDAN 2

AÑO UÑA (15)



FAR NORTH (15 tbc)






Jonas Cuaron | Mexico | 2007 | 79’

Andy Cadiff | UK | 2008 | 96’

Asif Kapadia | UK | 2008 | 89’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

Philippe Claudel | France | Germany | 2008 | 117’

Eran Riklis | Israel | Germany | France | 2008 | 106’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

Jean-Pierre Dardenne | Luc Dardenne | Belgium | 2008 | 105’

This excellent British comedy features Burt Reynolds as an ageing Hollywood action hero accustomed to the perks of the job. Desperate to reinvigorate his waning career, he’s convinced by his sleazy agent to accept a prestigious invitation to star in the British theatre, playing King Lear at Stratford…. only the Stratford in question is Stratford St John, a sleepy Suffolk village. And the theatre is an old barn, which the villagers want to save from closure by putting on a star-led charity performance. Derek Jacobi, Samantha Bond, Imelda Staunton and Charles Durning also star.

Steven Sebring | USA | 2008 | 109’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

Philipp Stolzl | Germany | Austria | Switzerland | 2008 | 121’

Jonas Cuaron (son of Alfonso Cuaron, director of City of Men) spent a couple of years in Mexico photographing people he knew. He then took those casual snaps and pieced them together along with a script to create this amazingly engaging and compelling story. Nobody knows what Cuaron was actually documenting at the time, but the story he produced, exploring the tentative relationship between a 20-something American studying in Mexico and a 14-year-old boy obsessing about the wonders of the opposite sex, is both poignant and funny, and makes for a sweet, touching and refreshingly different movie.

Baz Luhrmann | Australia | USA | 2008 165’ DIGITAL | DIGIDOL

Sean Bean and Michelle Yeoh star in this eerie fantasy about a supernaturally-tinged love triangle filmed in a starkly beautiful corner of the planet. Saiva is a determined survivor who has been on the run in the Arctic Tundra for years, where she and her daughter have led an isolated existence, staying one step ahead of the army that destroyed her family and village. When a fugitive turns up, he quickly turns his romantic attention to Saiva’s emotionally-starved daughter. The snowscapes (and soundscapes) that frame this story are ravishing, and there are moments when Far North achieves the visionary, timeless quality of a folk tale. A visually dazzling movie about a battle for survival and the madness such isolation engenders, Far North is easily up there with Himalaya for the sheer beauty of its widescreen landscapes.

A plunge into the philosophy and artistry of cult rocker Patti Smith, this portrait of the legendary singer, artist and poet explores themes of spirituality, history and self expression. Known as the godmother of punk, she emerged in the 1970’s, galvanizing the music scene with her unique style of poetic rage, music and trademark swagger. Director Steven Sebring spent ten years following the punkpoetess to produce this fascinating, intimate portrait of the poet, painter, musician and singer, narrated by Patti herself.

Atmospherically shot and packed with stomach-churning views down sheer icy rock faces and nail-biting moments, this film gives the term ‘cliffhanger’ new meaning. Set in 1936 against a Nazi backdrop, two fearless young German climbers, Toni Kurz and Andi Hinterstoisser are among the many competing to be the first to conquer the Eiger’s north face, an 1,800 metrehigh wall of ice and rock. During preparations, they meet Toni’s childhood sweetheart, Luise, who has been sent to make a film of the event. When the expedition becomes a battle for survival, Luise sets out to save her former lover in a race against both time and the elements. The real heroine of this movie is the Eiger herself, shown in varying lights and weather conditions, indomitable and indifferent.

This superbly haunting French film is a powerful story of family struggles and redemption. After a 15 year absence, Léa slowly and tentatively entices her wary and bitter sister Juliette to step back into the world. Gradually the pieces of Juliette’s story and the crime she committed fall into place, with a revelation at every turn. In her nuanced, complex portrayal of Juliette, Kristin Scott Thomas is simply mesmerizing to watch, her chiselled, patrician face conveying more than words.

Personal meets political in this pertinent and beautifully played drama based on a true story. A Palestinian widow finds her beloved lemon grove threatened when an Israeli government minister moves in next door. Lemon Tree turns a simple snapshot of a minor political situation into a touching and memorable analogy for a country divided. Expertly handled by director Eran Riklis, this features a stunning central performance by Hiam Abbass recently seen here in The Visitor.

Another immensely subtle, skilful emotional drama from the Beglian directors of Rosetta and The Son and The Child. Albanian Lorna is mock-married to smack addict Claudy to gain Belgian citizenship. She’s working with the local mob to get hitched with a shady Russian and if all goes to plan, he’ll get a green card and she’ll get enough cash to start a new life. Only not everything goes to plan. The result is an absorbing, suspenseful social-realist drama of redemption, something spritual, touching and very human, with an enigmatic performance from Arta Doboroshi at its core.

Stori wedi ei gosod ym 1936 am y gystadleuaeth rhwng dau Almaenwr ifanc i fod y cyntaf i ddringo wyneb gogleddol yr Eiger, a’r frwydr yn erbyn amser a’r tywydd garw. Ffilm sy’n dangos y mynydd yn ei holl ogoniant. Peidiwch ag edrych i lawr!


Gan gyfuno ffotograffau a sgript, creodd Jonas Cuaron stori gymhellol a gafaelgar am fyfyriwr ifanc o America sy’n astudio ym Mecsico, a chrwt 14 mlwydd oed sydd wrth ei fodd yn meddwl am ferched. Ffilm sydd ar yr un pryd yn ddoniol ac yn deimladwy. SUBTITLES | IS-DEITLAU

Comedi Brydeinig gyda Burt Reynolds fel arwr ffilmiau cyffro Hollywood sy’n ceisio ail-fywiogi ei yrfa simsan trwy dderbyn rhan arweiniol King Lear yn Stratford. Ond mae’r profiad yno yn bell o’r hyn y mae’n disgwyl!

Baz (Moulin Rouge) Luhrmann has pulled out all the stops to create a romantic, old-fashioned epic combining high adventure, awesome landscapes and panting passions, with ravishing images of gorgeous sunsets, limitless horizons, cattle, horses and Japanese warplanes. Nicole Kidman stars as an English aristocrat who joins forces with a roughhewn cattle driver (Hugh Jackman) to drive 2,000 head of cattle across hundreds of miles of Australia’s most unforgiving land. Against the backdrop of the Second World War, the pair fall in love and along the way meet Nullah, a mixed race Aboriginal boy left orphaned by the inhumanity of Australian law, whose story makes this film truly Australian in both its best and worst sense. Nullah’s grandfather, the mystical King George, is played with awesome power by renowned Aboriginal dancer and musician David Gulpilil. This multi-layered story depicts an Australia of the 1940s that is at once compellingly, beautiful and breathtakingly cruel. Wedi ei ffilmio yn ardal wyllt Gorllewin Awstralia, mae aristocrat Seisnig (Kidman) yn etifeddu fferm wartheg anferthol, ac yn ymuno â gyrrwr gwartheg (Jackman) i yrru’r anifeiliaid ar draws cefn gwlad creulon.

B o o k O n l i n e / A rc h e b u A r L e i n : w w w. m w l d a n . c o. u k

Portread o’r gantores gwlt enwog Patti Smith. Daeth y gantores pync, yr arlunydd a’r bardd hon i’r amlwg yn y 70au, gan greu tipyn o argraff gyda’i steil unigryw. Wedi ei draethu gan Patti ei hun.

Mae’r ffilm hon wedi ei gosod yng nghanol prydferthwch unig yr Arctig. Mae’n dilyn hanes mam a’i merch sy’n ffoi rhag y fyddin a ddistrywiodd eu teulu a’u pentref, ac sydd bellach yn wynebu heriau newydd ar ôl i ffoadur ymddangos.

Ffilm Ffrengig rymus sy’n portreadu dychweliad graddol Lea, gyda chymorth ei chwaer, Juliette, yn ôl i’r byd ar ôl absenoldeb o 15 mlynedd. Mae darnau’r jig-so’n dod ynghyd gyda datguddiadau ar hyd y ffordd.

Dyma ddrama sydd wedi ei seilio ar stori wir am weddw o Balesteina sy’n canfod bygythiad i’w celli annwyl o goed lemwn pan mae gwleidyddwr Israelaidd yn symud i’r tyˆ drws nesaf. Darlun o wlad ranedig. SUBTITLES | IS-DEITLAU

Drama emosiynol a theimladwy am Lorna, merch o Albania sydd wedi priodi Claudy er mwyn cael dinasyddiaeth Gwlad Belg. Yn gyfnewid am arian mae’n cytuno priodi â dihiryn o Rwsia, sydd am yr un hawliau dinasyddiaeth. Mae’r cynllun yn mynd ar gyfeiliorn, beth a ddaw o Claudy? SUBTITLES | IS-DEITLAU


01239 621200

B o o k O n l i n e / A rc h e b u A r L e i n : w w w. m w l d a n . c o. u k

Mwldan Film Festival Programme  

Programme of films showing in the 2009 Mwldan Film Festival