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Portfolio 2014

RHONI CLARKE Clarke Ceramics


Rhoni Clarke 905.467.4989

2935 Headon Forest Drive, Unit 9 Burlington, ON L7M 3Z7

Cut out series

Flower brick vase Cone 6 soda fired white stoneware 14"h. x 5"l. x 3"w

I reference textiles patterns and textures- cutting and ‘sewing’ the clay.


Bud vase Cone 6 soda fired white stoneware 3.5"h. x 3.5"d.

Cut out series

Cutout vase Cone 6 soda fired white stoneware 9"h. x 5" d.

Cutout vase v.2 Cone 6 soda fired white stoneware 11�h. x 3.5�d.

Cut out series

Cutout Teapot and cups Cone 6 soda fired white stoneware Teapot 13”h. x 9”d Cup 5” h. x 3”d.

I wrap these patterns around familiar forms and then pierce the wall to reveal a secondary breathe within.

Cut out series

Flowering tea set Cone 6 soda fired white stoneware 5”h. x 15”l. x 8”w

Cut out series

Blushing flower brick Cone 6 soda fired white stoneware 20”l. x 7”h. x 5” w.

Cut out series


Rhoni Clarke is a studio potter and ceramic artist from Orillia, a small town in Northern Ontario. She made her way to Harrogate, Tennessee where she attended Lincoln Memorial University on a golf scholarship. Originally planning a career in mathematics, she was happily undone by just one Ceramic Arts course, and so proceeded to graduate cum laude with a BA (Art major, Math minor) in 2011. She further pursued her passion for making with clay at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario in the Craft and Design- Ceramics program; she will graduate this May 2014. Rhoni has had the opportunity to advance her technical skill and concepts through scholarshipfunded workshops as well as internships (Timothy Smith at Gleason Brook Pottery, Wiarton). After completing her studies in May she will begin work as a studio assistant with Scott Barnim in Dundas. Rhoni is currently working on tea sets and flower bricks that address relationship and memory, this work will be shown in her upcoming graduate shows: the Crafts and Design Graduate Exhibition at Sheridan College (Oakville), Ceramic Studio Graduate Show at the Gardiner Museum (Toronto) and the Craft and Design Studio Graduate Show: Creo at Make Works (Toronto). Rhoni was recently honoured with the Gardiner Museum award – a solo exhibition to take place at the museum in 2015. Rhoni currently lives in Burlington, Ontario where her family and her partner Dave provide ceaseless inspiration and support for her work. Â

Artist Statement

Books and narrative have always been important to me and to my family. A pot of tea and a bookwhether good, bad, or brilliant would always get me through the day. It was with this in mind that I began exploring my own narrative. I begin with a cherished habit - making, drinking, serving tea. Almost always Earl Grey and never made in a mug, always in the pot. Our family teapot had a dark, crusty interior that frightened me as a child. Now I find tea stains comforting. I’m finding new ways to look into the teapot: I cut, I pierce, I remember. With the creation of each tea set I revisit a specific moment, feeling or thing. Through these memories I try to establish and define those relationships integral to me. I hold fast to these bonds. Bonds of mutual experience and love, bonds of blood and grief at shared loss, bonds that remain even when distance and time separate us. In the “Cut-out” series, I work with geometric and organic designs taken from textiles. I wrap these patterns around familiar volumes that I then cut into, revealing a secondary breath of clay inside the first. I am uncovering and recreating my personal history. As I “stitch” clay I see my grandmother’s hands. I celebrate memories and warm secrets. Relationships are what drive me; my connections with loved ones are unbreakable and enigmatic. Through making pots and recalling vessels in use, I begin to understand how objects hold memories and become markers of lived experience. I make to remember and I make to understand.


Rhoni Clarke 2935 Headon Forest Drive, Unit 9 Burlington, ON L7M 3Z7 905.467.4989  

Group Shows/Exhibitions 2014 2014 2014 2014 2013

AT RISK: Graduate Exhibition Craft and Design Graduate Show Ceramic Graduate Show Spring Awakening SHED

Gardiner Museum- Toronto, ON Make Works Gallery- Toronto, ON Bancroft-Snell Gallery- London, ON Gardiner Museum- Toronto, ON Sheridan College- Oakville, ON

Solo Exhibitions 2015

Cut out

Gardiner Museum- Toronto, ON

Gardiner Choice Award Elizabeth Ceramic Scholarship Peter’s Valley Scholarship Runner up- Best in Show

AT RISK: Graduate Exhibition- Toronto, ON Sheridan College Peter’s Valley- Newark, NJ Burlington Art Centre Craft Show- Burlington, ON

Awards 2014 2013 2013 2013


Education 2011-14 2007-11

Diploma in Craft and Design Bachelor of Arts- cum laude

Sheridan College- Oakville, ON Lincoln Memorial University- Harrogate, TN

Professional Experience 2014 2013

Studio Assistant Studio Assistant

Scott Barnim Pottery- Dundas, ON Gleason Brook Pottery- Wiarton, ON

Associations and Memberships 2012-14 2012-14 2011-14

Hamilton Potter’s Guild Fusion: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association Craft Ontario

Rhoni Clarke CLARKE CERAMICS 905.467.4989

Rhoni Clarke Portfolio  
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