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Icebreaker Hello My name is Tara Marshall and I would like to talk about............ME on of the most important things occuring in my life currently is me setting goals for my future. So I thought it ould be interesting to talk about here I came from and plan I planned to go. My parents are very influential factors in my life. They did an amazing job of sacrificng for me, motivating me, and giving me feedback. My parent sacrificed a great deal for me. In fact, an early story that showed my parents dedication to me occured few weeks prior to me starting kindergarten. He and a co worker were having a conversation about education. The co-worker praised private school. That evening, my father left work, enrolled me in private school, used a sizeable amount of his paycheck, and didnt consult my mother. While she was flabbergasted she knew he has best intentions. They also motivated me. My parents didnt just enroll me in school. They were constantly helping me study, flipping flaskcards, an d revieing homework. This made it easy for them to give me feedback. From recommendations from studying to tips to handle school work and extracyurricular activities, they always had an input. This input got me my younger years, high school, and college. When I finished college, I began working amost immediately. But when post graduate life wasnt exatly what I expected it to be, I wasnt myself any longer. I became unmotivated, not open minded, and ungrateful. I always did great work so when management reached out to me to take the next step in my career, I wasnt receptive. I constanly passed over opportunity for promotion. Because I wasnt in my ideal situation, I wasnt open minded about opportunites. I worked at an international company but never looked at the opportunites outside of my current field. I only thought about my current position and not about possiblitles which proved. I was appreciative of what I had therefore not open to what I could get. But this changed. It changed as my job dissolved because of the recession. As I transition from one job to my current position, I promised to look at things differently. I decided that I was in the right field but I wanted to do more. I decided I wanted to enroll in school and get my MBA. I plan to enroll by the end of the year. So I am super excited about that. I also plan to blog. I love blogs. I consult bloggers about everything from fashion, to restaurants to batteries and cars. I recently started my lifestyle blog and though I do not post as frequently as I ike. I am excited to be in the beginning stages. As an extention of my bog, I would like to offer services to my viewers. These will include event planning, styling, and closet organizating. So again, super excited about my future now. And joining toastmasters helps me pull these goals together. So thank you for listening to my speech today and ultimately helping me work toward goals.

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