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Joy of Awareness Program

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Joyful Intent The Intent of this Program is to share the simplicity of being aware of oneself through Body, Mind, Emotions ‘n Spirit . . . to choose JOY in your life and FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!!! Like in the movie The Secret confirms: “Follow your bliss And the universe Will open doors for you Where there were Only walls.” (Joseph Campbell)

This program is intended to go beyond, questioning everything ‘n taking the power to decide what is TRUE for you, there is no right and wrong. Each one of us has our own wisdom, our own knowledge, our own knowing that “we create our own reality”. . . and that we will attract our thoughts and feelings. “Whether you think you can or you can’t Either way you are right” (Henry Ford)

Why not choose to feel happy inside when the bad feelings come up? Be aware of how this changes your life!!! Yes, this happy feeling inside will change YOU, your relationships, your workplace, your environment and the world around you. Be clear on what you want and focus on that and choose it with JOY!!!!!!! Visualize your life the way you want it and it shall be!!! You will be amazed how powerful a joyful choice is!!

Laugh Everyday!!!

Gather energy with hands and throw them up in the air 3 times, with lots of energy and say:


Awareness of Knowledge ‘n Wisdom What is the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom? What about belief? If I say, “the earth is flat”, is that a belief? Definition of Knowledge is “what is known” . . . it was “known”

that the earth was flat and people trusted this information and then “believed” it. Now, with more “knowledge”, we have learned that the “truth today” is that the earth is round. Belief is nothing that exists. Belief and knowledge need to be argued and has nothing to do with wisdom.

A beautiful friend said to me, Wisdom is a timeless being that won’t change from whatever

angle you look at it.“ Whereas beliefs and knowledge all change in time. Knowledge is

born out of capability to trust resources (like you go to the website, look something up, and this triggers trust when receiving information). Wisdom, however, doesn’t need this trust.

“Those with knowledge know the things they should do. Those with wisdom do them.” mph. (from website, no name) School systems teach knowledge, knowledge, knowledge and we all know many “facts”, but do we leave school with understand wisdom? Understanding our higher selves and relating

to others? Are we so locked on “facts” that we forget who are true essence is? Who are we? Do we label ourselves so much that we create rigid bodies, rigid minds and rigid emotions? School systems should have a requirement that every 18 year old travel around the world for a year. Wouldn’t that change many of our beliefs? What about patriotism? Where did that come from? Pride? Is that ego? Who are we? Are we labeling ourselves to the point that we have lost the big picture of wisdom? Locked in our “knowledge” of what “truth” is?

Take aware your name, your nationality, all those labels, and what is left? A BEING; a unique ball of energy; radiance . . . who are you? Awareness Practice: list 2 beliefs that you have in your life now or “facts” that you feel are the TRUTH. Are you open to changing this belief?

In groups or with a partner, share your beliefs. Does the other person agree? Discuss these facts. If I say to you, you are “god” and there is no “god” separate from us; your reaction?

Okay, think about infinite possibilities. Again, on your own, shift these beliefs in to new ones . . . make it up . . . be creative. Open to being the change that can happen NOW!!!

Joyful Awareness of Body How aware are you of your physical

body? When you sit, do you feel good or bad?

Do you notice?

Are you aware of the pain that may arise from sitting in one position too long? Are you aware of how food

affects your body? Does the food feel good?

Are you aware that

every thought pattern in your mind

affects every cell in your body? Did you know that every cell in your body is actually a fuzzy ball of energy? You are a ball of energy!!! What are our basic physical needs? Food, rest, massage, exercise, what else? When we increase our awareness to our basic physical needs, we begin to take the power to nurture ourselves. Taking the time to rest, to eat food that supports our body, to receive a massage, to dance freely regularly, but knowing the difference between addictive physical action and nurturing physical action is part of being conscious of our body.

In alivEmotion, we connect with the physical body from the feet up. Nurturing every joint, every muscle, every organ, every cell, every atom and the rainbow light within. We move the physical body so that it oils itself up with the blood and synovial fluid; like lubing a car engine. Releasing stagnant energy and releasing the stiffness we create from tension. Awareness Practice: Standing with feet a little wider then hip distance, sense your feet and in your own way, connect from the feet up. Be only physical and sense what is

happening inside of you. Move your body 3 dimensionally, like you are in a ball of energy and you can feel everywhere, below, above, left, right, front and back. If you feel any pain when moving, choose to go back to that area and move in a new way, a way with no pain, with good feelings. As your body, “how are you today?” Go to the pain and say, “what’s up?” How shall we release you? Create a relationship with your physical body and LOVE IT!!

Awareness of Rigid Structure Does







experiences? Are you aware of any rigidity? What are your habitual patterns in your body? Where

are you tense? Are you aware of your organs? Are your shoulders heavy? Do you clench your jaw? Once you are aware of the “bad” feelings in

your body, you can take your thoughts and shift them to connect with the “good” feelings. Change how you think and your body will respond!!! Be flexible






CHOOSE a joyful body that lives in the moment and is flexible in life!!! Get out of the box!! Awareness Practice: •

Feet - Walk around the room. Begin by focusing on your feet, below you.

Heel toe,

walking on rice paper. Soft Knee, sinking in before you step out (tai chi). •

Toes – sense the toes all connected to the floor (or earth). Spread your toes to connect all. Sway and shift balance to feel weight on whole food and toes.

Ankles – a small gateway for energy flowing through from earth.

Knees – a major gateway for flowing energy from the earth - the ego – soften your knees when you walk. If your knees are locked, you over use your lower back. Sense fluid in the knees and their spring-like action. Soft, yet always ready to go. Left knee, feminine, right knee, masculine.

Hips – how locked are your hips? Stand there and move your hips in circular motions.

Spine – sway, spiral, rotate, snake your spine like beautiful ball-bearings, pearls sliding. Feel the difference with intent. If you imagined a rusty spine, how would that feel? Imagery is important when moving in new ways.

Shoulders – flexible? Relaxed? Holding tension? Responsibility? How responsible do you feel? Imagine the energy from your shoulders sliding down your back in to the earth and feel the moment.

Elbows – invite energy to flow through this large gateway for your emotional energy to release as you move . . . soften, not locked.

Wrists – another gateway to releasing to the hands. Heel of hand movements open wrists and opening back of hand.

Hands – 7,200 receptors with much energy flowing through them.

Healing hands.

Expressive. Emotional Release. •

Fingers – thumb, nurturing; index, desire; middle, balance; ring, relationship; little, the edge.

Blissful Awareness of Breath What is breath? How does it bring a blissful sensation? Are you conscious of your breathing?

When you are

working, or on the phone, or chatting at a party, are you breathing deeply? Or is your breath shallow? Where can you send your breath in your body?

How powerful is

oxygen in cleansing your body, your organs and your cells?

Breath connects us to who we are . . . a being full of joy, bliss ‘n silence. Breath helps you to be present. Yes, be PRESENT with your Blissful Breath!!! BREATHE in deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeply! Ahhhhhhhh!! There are many, many techniques taught about breathing. Learn some of these techniques,

but play with what works for you. Take the power to not be stuck in one pattern, but to rejoice in new breathing styles. Have you heard of Breathwork? Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Singing, Pilates, Cardiovascular activities, all teach about how to breathe during an activity. Be conscious of what works for you and be conscious of your natural way (not mechanical way) to breathe and heal your body!!! Awareness Practice •

Breathwork, or Rebirthing, for me is the most powerful breathing technique in releasing energy stuck in the body. Give it a go and see how it is for you!!!

Breathe mechanically with me . . . now breath on your own. This is the difference

between mechanical time and natural time. Understand the difference. Take the power to breathe in your own way when in an exercise class. Not the same as everyone in mechanical time; listen to your body, your unique rhythm and relax. •

Breathe in as you reach up, exhale to the earth as you move down. You can take the energy of breath as far below (to the center of the earth) or as far above (to the milky way, to your source and beyond!) as you wish.

Breathe to different parts of the body. Breathe in to the tailbone. Relax tailbone as you “intend” to send breath there. Choose another part of the body to send breath.

Choose JOY, choose BLISS, choose PEACE when breathing in and out!!!

Breathe in Sunshine--Exhale Moonlight. Breathe in Joy—Exhale a Smile.

Create your own “Blissful Intent” for breathing.

Awareness of Dancing Through Life When you dance through life, you are accepting everything you do in the moment. You are appreciating the beauty of the physical body when you get in to the car; get up from a chair, open a door, lye on the couch or walking somewhere.

When you are NOT aware and NOT dancing through life, you are rushing from place to place, hitting the corner of the table and bruising your shin bone. Spraining your ankle, tripping over the steps, running in to a door, cutting your finger, etc. etc. etc. . . . you get the idea? You create your reality!! Do you love your body? Or are you critical of how you look? Accept that you are beautiful and that every part of your body is a joyful dance. By accepting your body, you will begin to dance through life with much love ‘n

gratitude and look and feel younger . . . guaranteed!! (see movie What the Bleep).

Awareness Practice: Imagine you are getting up from the chair at the office. Do you get up in a heavy way? Are you aware of your knees? Your feet on the floor? Your head reaching up to the sky? How can you get up off the chair in a light way? How can you lighten the gravitational pull below you? Okay, let’s drive our car now, or motorcycle. Are you aware of your shoulders, your head, when you are driving, or your hips when you are riding?

Walk around the space and imagine your entire body is made of oiled ball-bearings (you could also imagine

soft pearls or whatever feels good for you!!). Feel how they slide when you walk. Imagine two huge ballbearings under your head, on either side of your neck. Invite your head to sit on those ball-bearings and relax and slide gently, feeling their support, as you walk. Did this release your shoulders?

Go into your kitchen and prepare a meal . . . are you aware of how you are standing? What does your body want to feel good? Create a relationship with your body and have a conversation with it!! “Hello beautiful body, how are you today?” “Well, my lower back feels tight, please relax more!”. . . etc. etc. You get the idea? CREATE your own 10 minute conscious movement session for when you wake up in the morning.

alivEmotion teaches you to create your own dance. Create a clear focus and intent. Do this with a partner or in a group.

Every morning you wake up Intend to be GRATEFUL for your BEAUTY!!!

Awareness of the Body’s Anatomy

The Human Body is a beautiful piece of ART!!!! Go inside and have a journey. Visualize the complexity and the spiraling energy. The body is not straight lines. It is made of spirals . . . thus, in movement, we think about our body as spiraling.

Awareness Practice: As you walk around the room, go inside your body and feel how the spiraling movements work in your hips, your ribs, your spine, etc. etc. Now stand in one spot and go in to a supportive stance with your feet. Feel the power in your legs supporting your upper body, so that your upper body is free to move and express. Begin to spiral your body around as you move, sensing behind you, to the left, the right, below, above. Imagine you are a spiraling ball shape. Invite your eyes to follow your hands so that your body stays as one unit, conscious of the movement through your eyes. Look at your hands and visualize what they look like under the skin. Go inside your Pelvic Girdle and massage all the organs. Be aware of which organ you connect with (if you choose to). Now imagine you are looking down through the top of your head and you can see your lungs and rib cage. Picture the ribs like a circle clock and open different points on the clock--12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, etc. Now spiral around every minute on that circle and open your lungs at every point, breathing in and out. Visualize the anatomy of your knee . . . what does it feel like? Are your knees locked? Are they soft? Go behind the Patella and feel the fluid there. Do you feel your feet? Imagine every meridian point and energy point on the bottom of your feet and connect them to the floor. Sense your toes and see the anatomy of the toes. Now go up to your fingers and move and play with the chi going through the hands.

Awareness of the Energy Body The Aura What is an Aura? Some say there are 7 layers around the body, some say 4 subtle bodies, some say you are a ball of rainbow light shifting and changing.

What do you believe?

Open to the

infinite possibilities of what the aura is . . . there is a truth that we all know, but each one of us will creates our own unique way of seeing or feeling the aura. Visualize and use your imagination!!!! What seems to be “true” amongst most systems is that our aura is a swirl of colours shifting with our mood. Since “thoughts becomes things”, visualize your aura and intend it to be beautiful rainbow lights . . . you choose the visualization that brings JOY to your body and Good Feelings to all around!!!

Awareness practice: Hold your fingers up against white wall in the background. Take both index fingers and bring them as close together as possible without touching. Focus on the energy between the fingers. Can you see a shadow field? Now, put your whole hand up with the white wall still in the background. Begin to stare at your hand and allow your eyes to go out of focus. What do you see? Everyone will be different and you will experience seeing blue, or yellow, etc. Try this with a person standing against the wall. (It is easiest to see auras during and after a detox program.) Focus on one area of the body and see what you see!!!

Practice looking at the auras of trees, of plants, of anything you want. This is simply all about AWARENESS. It is about opening yourself to infinite possibilities. Play in the field of never-ending joy!! If it feels good, then do it!!

The Chakras What are chakras?

There are

many unique systems on the planet from




Brennan or Donna Eden or Reiki, Quantum Touch, or Language of Light, each system presents a unique “intent” -- but generally, we all agree that there are energy wheels (chakra means disc in sanskrit) and these points all have

an intelligent memory system. You have the power to shift and change this, as you are the intelligence!!! It is your intelligence that created the memory in each chakra, so you have the power to create a new relationship with your chakras.

Chakra colours are a reflection of the rainbow. There are primary colours and then the “higher vibrations”, which go into softer colours. Red to Pink; Orange to Peach; Yellow to

Pale Yellow ‘n Golden; Green to Turquiose-Silver; Indigo to Lavender; Purple to Pale Lavender; White to Crystalline. This is my “belief” of the colours. What each system says about each chakra are concepts!!! However, there is a common truth within all systems. For instance, Red-1st Chakra is considered the “root security

chakra” – does that make sense to you? It connects us to the earth. Whatever “words” you want to put to each chakra to help you heal, is your choice. Many people create “stories” about what each chakra is.

If stories bring JOY to each chakra, then choose it!!!

Whatever resonates with you with bliss is perfect!!

Awareness Practice: Stand up and begin to feel your feet on the floor. Now connect to the lower chakra, red, the Perineum.

Move to the music of the chakras and sense each one opening and

balancing . . . the 2nd chakra (2 in. below the belly button), breathe in orange; 3rd (stomach)

yellow; 4th(heart), green; 5th, (throat) indigo; 6th (3rd eye) purple and 7th, at the crown, White.

Breathe all these colours in. Go through them again with the higher vibration colours.

Awareness of Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing? Many of you who are already doing massages and therapies, already sense this energy in your hands. We all know there is some kind of energy coming

out of our hands. When you were a child, and fell down and cut your knee, the first thing you did was put your hands on your knee. This is automatic. I wonder why? Is it a natural automatic healing impulse? The fact is, our hands have nurturing heat and they have more then 7,200 receptors in them!!! Yes, a lot of healing heat energy comes out of our hands!!!

Awareness Practice: With a partner. Together, create your own way to do Energy

Healing. Create your own truth or intent, your own system that works for you. Open to it. Explore using your hands touching and then not touching the body/chakras. What do you feel 2 inches away from the body? 4 inches away? A meter away? Play with the energies and share your experiences. Describe what you feel in each area of the body. Describe it in textures. Is it a heavy area? Light area? What would be better? Heavy or Light? What do we want our bodies to do? Release heaviness? What is heaviness? Does it mean it’s bad? No!! Do we want to “ascend” to a light-being and rid of all heaviness? This is up to you what you feel is your truth, your wisdom, your path to FEEL GOOD!!! Be aware of your partner’s energy. That’s it -- Awareness. Be aware of what feels good

for you in the moment, no thinking, simply be and direct your moving hands to wherever they are guided, without any stories or assumptions. How does that feel? When you are feeling energy on chakras, a story about each chakra is not necessary. By simply being grounded, choosing to feel Love ‘n Gratitude, and being a “satellite dish” of universal JOY, we connect to who we really are without ego!! Peaceful, joyful, blissful.

Awareness of Food ‘n Detoxing Are you aware of what you eat? How food affects your body? Does the food you eat bring Joy to your body? Does it feel good? Do you have food addictions? Cravings? Do you feel guilty about it? Do you drink coffee? How does it affect you? Are you

aware of how food affects your body, mind, emotions and spirit? Do you work non-stop and then forget to eat? All of a sudden you realize how hungry you are? Many who live this lifestyle have experienced Adrenal Burnout.


happens is instead of nurturing the body, we drink a cup of coffee, which then stimulates

the adrenal glands and eventually they get worn out and you begin to feel tired all the time (until the coffee gives you a boost to keep going). Are you conscious of this? You will know if you are eating right by monitoring your energy levels. Are you clear and bright in the morning? Have you experienced a detox program? What is balanced eating? How can you eat with balance? Do you think certain foods should not be mixed? What is the logical way that food would be digested? Many Specialists say that many foods “should” be eaten separately. For instance, starch

should not be eaten with proteins, as they require different processes to digest the food. Fruit eaten should be eaten on its own. Take the time to study about how food is digested and take the power to figure out when your body feels joy with food. If you do not feel good, then change what you are doing!!! Choose to love ‘n feed your body with nurturing!!!

Awareness Practice: Create your own weekly balanced menu with a day for detox. What would you choose to do on your detox day? Take the power to feed your body with Love ‘n Gratitude!!!!

If you feel pleasure from a specific food, then eat it!! If not, choose JOY first!!

Awareness of Sounding YES! YES! YES S S S S S !!!!!!! If I said to you, “Can you sing?” . . . what would you say? Many, many will say, NO!! Many have been told at a young age, “you can’t sing!” and you took it personally. EVERYONE has a voice. You CAN SING!!!!! Sounding is a powerful tool to release energy in the body, mind, emotions and spirit. When you hear a joyful song that you love, how does your body feel? GREAT!!! And when you sing in the shower or in the car, how do you feel? GREAT!!! Many systems have created their own sounding techniques for each chakra, etc. Chants have been historically passed down from generation to generation. The “intents” behind the chants are powerful and have great meaning for all ancestors and thus, brings JOY to those who grew up with these traditions.

However, you too can create your own chant that has meaning for you. If the intent feels powerful for you, this is the main healing energy that counts.

Awareness Practice: Stand up and lets make sounds. A . . . E . . . I . . . O . . . U. Let’s play with the sounds and send them to the lower body and to the upper. Use your name to sound and chant. Play with the different ways you can sing your name!! It’s fun!! With a partner, sit side by side on the floor, facing opposite directions. Put your ears together and hand on the other person’s heart chakra. With the other hand, close your other ear. Together, make a high tone sound and feel how it clears the mind!!! Incredibly powerful!!!

Joyful Awareness of the Mind THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!!! "What you think and what you feel and what you manifest is always in match"

(Esther Hicks, Teachings of Abraham – The Secret Movie)

The mind is a very powerful energy . . . your thoughts become things (The

Secret movie). If you continue to say “No’ to something, you will continuously

get this in your life . . . but if you “follow your bliss” and use the mind to focus on “what you want”, then you shall manifest what you want opposed to what you do not want. Is your mind a chatter box? Do you feel out of control of your thoughts? Why is that? What is the ego? Why do we react to outside situations? How did we form our thoughts when we were a child? How were we influenced? What beliefs are we holding on to? When we move our bodies in alivEmotion, use the imagination to create sensations that trigger good feelings. For instance, imagine your spine is flowing water or a string of pearls. Imagine you are a ball of rainbow light and you are free to move everywhere inside that ball. Imagine you are a tree and your feet are rooted strongly to the earth and your upper body are the branches blowing in the wind. Use your mind to connect to your body with the infinite possibilities and choose who you want to be in that moment!!! Choose thoughts that bring “good feelings” . . . as soon as “bad” thoughts come to your mind, shift by singing a song, or breathing in Bliss or whatever you choose to bring joyful feelings to you.

Awareness of Intention INTENT is extremely powerful. Your intent behind your thoughts and feelings are energy . . . energy follows intention.

If you water a plant with loving intent, it will flourish. If you make an apple pie for your loving husband with loving intent, it will be delicious and nurturing (opposed to buying one from the store).

The intent behind a word is more powerful then the actual word. The intent behind your words on

how you speak is more powerful then the words themselves. Even though, words have energy, how you say it also gives more energy to it. A scientist, Emoto Mysara studied how water shifts with the intent of words. He wrote a book called Messages in Water and proved that when you put words like Love ‘n Gratitude on a glass of water, then freeze the water to be viewed by a special microscope, you will see beautiful crystals. His point is that our intentions behind words will affect the water in our bodies. When intentions are negative, the water turns into dark murky colour. When you are Grateful and say “I love you” (to yourself) everyday, your intent from the mind is sending energy to the cells of your body and it is feeling good with those beautiful crystals!!! Be aware of your intentions and look within . . . hear the energy behind the words . . . if you are a therapist and do body work with people, stay focused and be conscious of when your mind wonders off . . . the client will certainly notice!!! Stay with your beautiful intentions!!! Awareness Practice: Meditation . . . relax your mind and create intentions that will send energy to different parts of your body. Send a intention to smile to each organ and be conscious of how it feels. Intend to ground your mind in to your belly and feel the response to the energy that follows the intent. Sense how the energy of the mind immediately relaxes and creates more space to receive. Intend to send a prayer or energy out to someone . . . sense the feelings inside from making the intent. Imagine the person in front of you, hug exchanging heart energy. Intend to be grateful for the beautiful body and mind that you have and say, I LOVE YOU!!!

Awareness of the Chatter Box Why does our mind have non-stop chatter? Why do we allow our mind to take over? Does our chatter box feel joyful?

Is it a good feeling?

What thoughts feel good? What thoughts feel bad? How can you create space and zoom out? Have you ever noticed, that when you are working, or driving, or riding, or walking, often we

are in our chatter box and we don’t notice anything around us? Have you seen people who

walk down the street with their eyes focused in front and they do not see anything around them? You can almost see their busy minds working hard and not noticing the world around them. When you are in your chatter box, does it feel expansive, or constricting? Do the eyes see when you are in the chatter box? What is the sensation? What part of your head does the energy build up with all these thoughts? Yes, the front of the forehead. How do you think these “blah blah blah” thought affect your body? Would they create beautiful crystals in your body? Do your chatter box thoughts create tension in the body? Where? The shoulders? Neck? Headaches? Eye soreness? Shift and expand and look at the world around you through the eyes of a new born baby!!! Wow, what BEAUTY!!!

Awareness Practice: Sit quietly and say to yourself, “What will my next thought be?” What happens? Do you notice space in between your thoughts? Take a deep breath in . . . each time you breathe in, imagine the breath clears your thoughts and you expand out to the universe . . . as you exhale, relax your mind and see everything around you through the eyes of a child, for the first time. Relax the forward part of your forehead and imagine the energy falling to the back of your head, down your back to the center of the earth. Breathe in through the front of the body all the way up to the universe and then breathe down the back. How do you feel? Create your own way to release your chatter box mind. Share with the group.

Awareness of Concepts and Ego Who are you? Are you what you have “labeled” yourself, with your name, your work and your position? Is that really who you are? Are these simply concepts?

Yes, these are

concepts we use to identify ourselves on the surface of the radiant light energy from within, which has the choice to feel good or feel bad. Unfortunately, when we are not aware of “who we are”, our concepts, beliefs and EGOS, create dramas in our life and then we feel bad. So what is The Ego?

A great example of, “holding on to the ego/belief”, is the systems on this planet that believe their way is the only way. Many have created rigid belief structures that really loose the whole concept of feeling good. Schools systems, religion, governments, etc. are rigid

systems to control society. Are we seeing the uniqueness of each individual? Are we feeling good? We have created, with our stringent belief systems, the world of today. Again, are we feeling good? Are we aware of ourselves? Do we “follow the leader”? Yes, we create “right” and “wrong” and this feeds our ego. Is this really who we are? Are we creating joyful situations when we stick to our belief systems and don’t listen to anyone else? How can you learn to be open to the infinite possibilities of our universe? If I said there are 11 dimensions, would you simply say, “no way?”

Listen to your answer and become

aware of your ego, and release the patterns you lock on to. As a result, you will release the body’s tension. Choose joy!

Awareness Practice: Write down “who you are” in the ego sense. Now write down who you “really” are without the concepts, beliefs and ego. Discuss in the group, situations when you react with friends, family, colleagues and anyone. Why do you think you were reacting? Is this the fault of the other? How can you begin to bring change to your reactions? The sooner you are aware of your ego, your concepts, your beliefs, the sooner you will release the negative patterns and create JOYFUL choices in your life with flexibility and openness that there are INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!!!

Awareness of Assumptions in Relationships What are assumptions? Do you ‘”guess” what someone else is thinking? In our “chatter box” mind, we create many assumptions.

We assume and make up stories about

others. These stories often have nothing to do with the other person. We create much drama in our realities and thus, are not sending happy intentions to our body. We are invited to change our realities every day if we choose. Often, husbands ‘n wives and families label each other with patterns and assumptions . . . we do not invite them to

change! INVITE EVERYONE TO BE A NEW PERSON EVERYDAY!!!! In alivEmotion we dance and choose who we want to be in any given moment . . . as a result, we learn to do this in our daily lives. We dance through life and with every new day, you wake up and say, “who am I?” . . . in this moment, on this day, in relationships, anytime!!!

If we are “clear” and “impeccable with our word” (Don Miguel-Ruiz book, The Four Agreements), would others make assumptions? What would happen if you spoke honestly from your heart about how you felt deep, deep down and began to really be honest with

your reactions and your ego? Your relationships would completely change!!! There would be no assumptions made, stories created, or arguments. The challenge is to express what you mean . . . and also, to understand that everyone has their own story within and if they do not express it to you, then you really do not know what is inside their mind. What is your bliss? Many do not know this answer. When you know it, you will be clear and

honest with whom you are in that moment and you will not need to make assumptions. You will be too busy in your bliss and will see others through new eyes, with love ‘n gratitude!!!

Awareness Practice: Share a situation where you were not communicating clearly and then assumptions were made. What happened? What dramas were created as a result? Now, create a new conversation, with impeccability . . . communicating clearly. What do you really want to say to that person? What do you feel

when you think about communicating honestly? Listen to your voice? Are you speaking with bad feelings or good feelings . . . which one feels better?? What do you choose? How can you begin to shift and become aware of assumptions? Once you are aware of it, you will catch yourself doing it and . . . the sooner you see yourself “through the eyes of the observer”, you will let it go more and more and more.

Awareness of Expansion What is the sensation of Expansion of the Mind? When we begin to expand out of our minds and see everything around us, we invite a whole new world of awareness to come in . . . receive . . . listen!!! Give the universe time to receive what you want to manifest in your life . . . sit back and go in to The Zone!!!! The Zone happens when you are out of the chatter box . . . (not making assumptions and stories up, which is a contracting sensation) . . . expanding the mind brings a lightness to our physical body . . . being in the chatter box, does that feel heavier? What is the difference for you? Expansion is a sensation. Use your imagination and expand out to the stars!!!!!!!

When you are walking, driving a car, riding a bicycle, have you caught yourself in the “chatter box” and contracting . . . not even

noticing where you have been. Not seeing the trees, the birds, sky, or everyone around you. As soon as you feel this sensation, create a “word” to help you expand out and get in to The Zone!!! Whatever that means to you!!! You create your unique style!!!!!!!!!

Awareness Practice: As you are sitting there, look at the palms of your hands in front of you, like you are reading a book . . . now look beyond, as far as you can in front of you . . . now see the entire Zone (peripheral vision) . . . begin to sense beyond the peripheral vision, to the left, right,

behind you . . . now practice seeing the palms clearly, with all the lines AND The Zone at the same time . . . keep practicing this sensation in your daily life . . . being aware of the details in front, yet in The Zone . . . all around you. Share with all of us how this experience felt for you.

Walk around the room. As you walk, be aware of your feet along the floor. Are you looking only in front of you when you walk? Begin to feel behind you. Now blend seeing in front of you and expand out all around you. See the beauty of your body and the energy of the space around you!!! As you envision your golden bubble of energy around you, see how it connects!!! Everything is energy!!!

Awareness of Meditation What is Meditation? Many of us have learned many different ways to meditate. We often believe meditation is a process of sitting still, in a straight, perfect position with our fingers in exactly a certain way. Is this the only way to meditate? What are other ways to meditate? Is Expansion a similar sensation to meditation? The Zone, is it similar too? When we meditate, does it bring “space” to our minds? Slow down the Chatter Box? Say to yourself, “what will my next thought be?” . . . what happens? How does Breath connect to meditation? What sensations does breath bring to create a meditative feeling?

Breath is easily directed to any part of the body with whatever

sensation you choose. What are the possibilities? Infinite? YES!!! You could breathe in and out of the chakras and imagine colours going through them . . . you could breathe in to your bubble of energy and everytime you breathe in to your stomach chakra, your yellow

ball of sunshine, you bring more light in and when you exhale, you feel the light expand out to your bubble of energy and then out to the zone. So many ways to choose from! Play! In alivEmotion, dancing is a meditation . . . it is relaxing the mind and body and at the same time releasing stagnant energy . . . mediation isn’t only in a lotus position . . . meditation is anytime, anyplace and whether you are standing, lying, sitting, dancing or doing any activity, you are invited to meditate the mind and sense the intention of relaxation from inside out!!!!

Awareness Practice: What ways do you enjoy meditating? What works for you? With a partner, share your unique ways to meditate and open to the other’s style of meditation and try it out. Teach

each other different ways to feel peace and then take the power to choose what works best for you, with love ‘n gratitude. Share with the group your experiences with meditation.

Awareness of Emotions "Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection

of what is in the process of becoming" What are emotions? Why do we have them? Where do Emotions come from? How does our mind link with emotions? When we get angry, how does that affect our physical body?

Are we addicted to our emotions? Do we have the same reactions everyday? Anger, over and over again? The movie What the Bleep confirms that every cell in our body has receptors that invite the “anger”; “victim”; “controlling”; etc., peptides from our hypothelmus

to inundate each cell until it splits into an second cell with more receptors to receive the addictive peptides and as a result, the second cell does not receive nutrients and thus, we age and get older. Notice how active happy people look younger? Those who worry a lot and over-stimulate the adrenal glands age much more quickly. Stay young with bliss!!!!!! E-Motion is “Energy in Motion” . . . what does this mean? If I shake my body and scream and let emotions go, do I feel better afterwards? Yes!!! In alivEmotion, we release emotions by expressing with our hands and directing the energy from our emotional body as music stimulates the “energy in motion” to move with joy!!!!! Laugh, Laugh, Laugh everyday!!! Laughing of course is the best medicine to shift the water

crystals in your body to beautiful happy ones!! Even if you have to laugh and fake it at first, act “as if” and soon the real sensation of laughter, bliss, takes over your entire body!!!!!

Awareness Practice: Stand up now . . . swing your arms down to the floor, as if gathering energy from the earth and then throw your arms up to the sky and sing out as loud as you can, YES! YES! YESSS!!! How do you feel? Did you feel an electric sensation in your arms?

Now do it again, this time with consciousness that the energy from your belly, goes up and out your hands. Say it again 3 times . . . YESSSS!!! YESSSS!!! YESSSSS!!! Did you feel the sensations in your body? What were they? Share with the group.

Awareness of Reactions Do you take things personally? Do you react? Are you aware of your reactions? Can you see yourself through the eyes of the other? When you are in the middle of reacting, it is often not easy to see yourself, until afterwards, when things cool down, when you are able to “look back” and then see your reaction. The key is to catch it right in the moment!! BEFORE you react.

To feel the energy of it inside your body

Why do we react? Why do we get angry? Is it because of another person? NO!! We cannot blame anyone else for our reactions. This is our ego reacting. It is an ego that has developed since you were born. Reacting to your mother, to your siblings, to your environment around you. Does this feel good? No!!! In this photo of me being “angry”, notice my third eye

and how the lines are formed there? Notice people you have their brow tense there. Most




growling!!! Soften the fire!!!!! alivEmotion uses fire movements to release anger types of energy.

Instead of actually

being angry and feeling “bad”, we use warrior type movements in a positive, joyful way with strong, precise, fast movements to ignite the nervous system and release all that passionate energy in the liver.

So amazing!!! Dancing with the elements of fire and water helps to

balance the energies and invites energy to keep flowing through you with ease and joy!!!! I remember a therapist saying to me once, “shift anger to passion; shift sadness to joy; shift fear to excitement.” Play with these sensations and see how they feel.

Awareness Practice: Write down what your reactions are in a particular relationship. Think about what the situation is and then look down deep inside yourself and write down what the energy is of the reaction. What is the real reason for your reaction? Rejection? Attention?

Now create a new visualization . . . a new way to be . . . intend that you breathe in deeply 3 times before every reaction . . . then, go inside and feel what the energy is. Is it spiraling upwards? Is it fear? Is it an “urge” to

come out and say something? Again, breathe in deeply 3 times and sense grounding your feet to the floor. Relax every cell in your body.

Awareness of Voice Patterns Are you aware of how your tone of voice sounds when you speak? Does your voice change when

you are with your husband or wife? Your children? With your boss? With your friends? How does your voice sound?

The “energy”

behind our voice is what we are feeling and if we

are nagging, or angry, or anything that feels “bad”. This does not feel “good”. The sooner you are aware of your voice, the sooner you shift the

sound to being more gentle, more grounded, more pleasing for others to receive what you are transmitting to them with love ‘n gratitude. Voice patterns are wave lengths of energy and they are a reflection of your body. If you are controlling, your voice will be controlling. Listen to someone who is controlling. What

kind of voice is it? A teacher? A boss? A government leader? Listen to how the voice is transmitted to everyone around them. What are the intention and the energy behind the voice? What is an angry voice? What is a happy voice? A grounded voice? Listen to someone who is really grounded and centered in “who they are”. What do they sound like? They think before they speak, they are wise, their heart is open, they are the peaceful warrior listening and transmitting with balance and aware of all around them!! Awareness Practice: Sit opposite a partner . . . one transmits only and one receives only. Transmit 100% . . . speak about anything, even make up another language. Receiver 100% . . . receive the other persons vibrations. How was that? Did the receiver figet? Say ‘”uhuh” or nod their heads, or look away? As the receiver, ground yourself, imagine a beautiful bubble around you and breathe in and out deeply (choose your own creative way). Expand and receive 100%. Feel secure with “who you are” and listen with open ears and joy. As the transmitter, listen to the sound of your voice . . . are you grounded . . . or are you speaking a 100 miles a minute? Are you impeccable with your word? Are you aware of the other person as you transmit? Are you talking too much? Are you interrupting others? Using Sounding to connect with your voice and how it moves through your body. Use the vowels, A, E, I, O, U.

Joyful Awareness of Higher Self What is our Higher Self Energy? Universal Energy? Spirit? Many cultures have created their own version of Spirit. Are these concepts? What truth feels good for you? Is our higher self separate from the energies of the universe? NO!!!

Quantum Physics has proven this and we all know we are connected as ONE. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!!!!

Our higher self is energy, our body, mind,

emotions are all energy . . . in alivEmotion we say, What Moves, MOVES and this relates to energy. As we dance and move our body, mind, emotions and our ball of energy, our higher self, we move what moves. You choose and take the power in knowing that you are connected to “your unique source” where we receive love ‘n light. Yet, we are all connected to ONE SOURCE . . . does that feel true to you? The source is ENERGY!!!! We have great imaginations and we can create whatever “vision” we want for our “source”. Each one of us is unique!!!

What is a Psychic person, or a Medium, or a Channeller? Some clairvoyants can “see” visions of spirits and are able to tap in to this higher frequency of energy. Some can “hear” and tune in to the “spiritual” world.

How does this make you feel when you are in the

presence of someone who is “connected” to the spiritual world? Do you fear it? Do you embrace it? All of us, if we want it, can open to seeing and feeling the higher vibrations around us. Spirits are balls of light and energy. Open and you will connect to ALL!!!! Yes, you have the power to connect to the spiritual world of vibrations? Yes you do!! Whatever comes in to your 3rd eye, is your connection to Your Source or to another person, or to whatever the intention is behind the intuitive energy!!! All is Bliss!!!!

Awareness Practice: Sit opposite each other and focus on the other’s 3rd eye. Trust whatever vision or feeling comes first. Share what you experienced. “Blink” is the first thing that comes . . . that is the magic!!! Your Intuition!!! Gut Feeling!!!

Awareness of Higher Vibrations/Frequencies We are surrounded by frequencies . . . we can feel vibrations everywhere. There are heavier vibrations and lighter vibrations. There are vibrations that are angular and some that are more flowing. Some say Yin frequencies are flowing; Yang frequencies are angular. Yin is feminine, more water energy and Yang is masculine, more linear, fire energy. When we begin to raise our own vibrations, we begin to change the “energy” frequencies that we attract around us. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. As a result, you will attract different friends that are “in alignment with your energies”; different choices; more joyful situations; more good feelings; more of what YOU CHOOSE and CREATE!!!! Do you feel that when choosing to feel joy, this vibration is a higher frequency? Does feeling good have a higher vibration then feeling bad? Your life will change as you begin to release heaviness that is not feeling good. In the movie The Secret, one of the teachers said that positive feelings are 100 times more powerful then negative feelings. Our physical body is a lower density frequency, then say, our energy, light body (and a rock, what frequency is that?). When we do Energy Healing, we are able to sense frequencies in the body of another. Movement also reflects frequencies; when you are sounding, different frequencies will release different parts of the body. Food also has frequencies. Which foods have higher frequencies?

What do you

think? Many concepts have been written

about frequencies of food. Some say meat is much higher frequency then vegetables. Are you aware of the frequencies of food? Does a fast food burger have a high frequency?

Think about it!!!

Ask your

body what it thinks!!! You will have your answer.

Awareness Practice: What frequencies and vibrations are you aware of now?

Joyful Awareness of UNITY Balancing Unity with Separation We are all connected beyond our earth. Zoom out to the milky way and look down at our beautiful earth; now zoom in to the country you live in; zoom in to the house you live in; zoom in to your body; your organ; cells; molecule; atoms; then to the ball of Energy!!!

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!!! We are all UNITED AS ONE because we are all ENERGY. Thus, when we understand that we are all one, we will not feel such a separation . . . we are not alone!! We

are part of a huge energy field . . . visualize deep inside your microcosmic atom and zoom out to as far as you can go . . . infinity!! So many people focus too much on “separation”; our family unit (the west) have separated

the family structure, baby sleeps alone in a private room. In the east, many cultures still embrace the family unit and this unity brings much happiness and joy to a child growing up; visualize “unity” around you; embrace it from the inside out (feel it!). In alivEmotion, we move our body in one Unit and then Separate into different parts of

our body to whatever we want to focus our intention. As an alivEmotion teacher, we bring the group together in Unity with a specific structure to the music (in the moment decision) and then invite the individual to be unique and separate, being “whatever they want to be” in that moment. When dancing and sensing the body, mind, emotions, aura, chakras, higher self, bubble of light and the universe, etc. as one unit, we are sense this in our daily lives. When we separate and focus on one area and zoom in this helps us to understand When you are feeling as ONE from the inside out, we shall unite together as ONE!!!

Awareness Practice: with music, move your body in one unit . . . all together as one whole cell; one ball of energy . . . all the joints, all the muscles . . . rolling, sliding . . . stay in your feet and feel the connection from the top of your head reading up to the starts. Now in the group, move together, walk together, in and out of space, and sense the connection, yet the uniqueness of yourself. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior!!!




“To dance means to decide, in the moment, who I want to be, and therefore, become who I am.�

Joy of Awareness  

Explore the idea of living your life from the inside out with a new awareness that can only bring joy to your daily life.