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Rhonda Allison It is summer skin problems

In the summertime Gmorian commonly in skin related problems, sunburn, allergies, etc. Tanning problems arise. In common language it is called Gmori or Priklihit. It is normal to sweat gland duct disease. Generated by the sweat glands on the upper surface of the skin becomes evaporate. This is a normal process. Redness of the skin, resulting in looks and small - small red spots which become quite itchy and burning sensation. It can occur at any age. The usual cause is heat and excessive heat. These seeds grow in the sun on the go. Svedwahi blockage in the tubes is based on three types –

Kristilina This is due to blockage of the skin on the upper surface. It makes the rash generally fever in adults and in children under 2 weeks etc. may occur. There is not much irritation and itching. These are fine in a day or yourself. The children in the head, neck and chest etc. are seen to.

Rubra It is generally caused by excessive heat and the skin depth is due to the interruption. The grains are much irritation and itching.

Sunburn Sunburn is a common problem in the summer season. The skin on sun exposed skin redness, swelling and occasionally even become blisters. Strips of cold water should be sunburn.

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