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All About Commercial Floor Finishing Commercial concrete refers to the type of concrete that is used in building or enhancing business and industrial buildings, retail stores, warehouses, offices, restaurants, hospitals etc. while commercial concrete can be found everywhere in such buildings including walls, pavements, walkways and floors, the floor has to be given a lot of emphasis because this is what has to endure the amount of traffic that visits the business place. Industrial flooring has to be done using a stringer concrete mix with a heavier reinforcement using different types of commercial floor finishes.

All About Commercial Floor Finishing

Commercial floor finishes are normally high performance finishes or coatings that will withstand a great amount of foot traffic, stains and abrasion while they are also easy to maintain. The finishing must also be such that it is completely slip resistant so that you will avoid accidents occurring to staff and customers. When you are dealing with restaurant and food factory floors, they must also be easy to clean and as much as possible have the ability to repel food spills and food stains.

All About Commercial Floor Finishing Business owners who own establishments that have high visibility floors such as restaurants and retail stores will require industrial flooring that comes with special decorative treatment such that it will also convey the desired atmosphere. Such floors can be patterned or colored in a specific way that it directs the eye and also to improve traffic flow. This type of commercial floor finishing is sometimes colored or graphically enhanced so as to reflect the theme of your business or restaurant. In many cases, epoxy terrazzo is used as one of the best floor finishing materials and especially high traffic businesses due to its durability and versatility in terms of design. Today, there are concrete floor coatings known as metal epoxies that can give a concrete floor a dazzling metallic like patina.

All About Commercial Floor Finishing There are high gloss commercial floor finishes that are quite popular in retail and commercial facilities because of their ability to reflect overhead lighting and in the process they brighten the indoor space. In addition to that, there are other benefits that include resistance to abrasion, durability and most important they are low maintenance. Commercial and industrial flooring contactors have also started using tilt-up concrete because of its important features that include flexibility, durability and its speed of construction and what’s more, it also has a wide variety of panel colors, shapes and decorative features.

All About Commercial Floor Finishing

You may also want to hear about decorative precast concrete that you can use to enhance the exteriors of your building; it is usually found in other elements of the building such as lintels, wall panels, and window sills. Once you have done a nice commercial floor finish, you want to complement the work together with other parts of the building.

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All about commercial floor finishing  

Industrial flooring has to be done using a stringer concrete mix with a heavier reinforcement using different types of commercial floor fini...