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RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


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Editor’s Column

 Firstly, apologies for the advertised date error in the last Bundu Times for the High Wycombe lunch, the 19th August should have read 19th June.

 Please note that the Curry lunch initially planned for the 21st August at the RSL Belmont has been re -scheduled for the 28th August due to availability of the RSL venue only being available on this day.

 Dear readers, most of this issue of the Bundu Times has been devoted to feedback from the ZPSF's     

trips to Zimbabwe since those reported on in the last issue. Future issues of the Bundu Times will not have such comprehensive cover on this topic, but certainly still report on the situation to a lesser degree now that we know matters are in competent hands. We believe once you have read these latest reports any concerns you may have had will no longer be concerns, but confidence in the knowledge that we are actively contributing to making a notable improvement to the quality of life of many otherwise forgotten old folks... Old folks that have become the "Presently Disadvantaged"! Rest assured that your donations and the efforts of RAWA are being channelled to fund operations that provide the most effective relief, most importantly though is that relief recipient criteria is clearly understood. Hannes and his crew at the ZPSF not only understand this, they live it, and the evidence of this speaks for itself. Hannes told us that RAWA members are welcome to accompany them on a trip. You just have to arrange this with him a little in advance. On page 10 you can read the report of Cheryl Robertson who shares her experience on one of these trips. Once again we ask members to please support our sponsors who advertise with us. We would like to thank the numerous people that called to commend us on our Liaison with ZPSF while in South Africa, and the publication that followed in the last Bundu Times. Thank you all again for your valued support.

Please give generously... Every Dollar counts... Support your association!.

E-mail received from Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund. From: Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund [] Sent: 8 July 2011 21:03 To: Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund Subject: Rhodesian Pensioners - ZPSF June 2011 trip report Attachments: Thank you letters 4.jpg; Thank you letters 6.jpg; Thank you letter Electric blanket 002.jpg; Packed & ready to go.jpg; Drivers Hannes, Attie, Boet & Sheldon.jpg; DIARY - From Cheryl Robertson 6 July 2011.doc; ZPSF June 2011 Trip Report.doc Importance: High Hi Everyone, A quick update on what we are up to. The 2 trucks left Malelane on the 13 th June with Attie & Boet arriving back on Friday the 24th and Hannes getting back on Tuesday the 28th. It was a slightly longer than usual trip due to us having one of our supporters from New Zealand with Hannes on the first part of his Bulawayo route. Then later we had Cheryl fly in from Dubai to see the end piece of Attie's trip as well the final deliveries that Hannes was doing. All in all it was a good trip and will hopefully generate some publicity. We have just over a month till the August trip. We have a family of 5 in Zims that we support and they are in desperate need of a bunk bed. All 5 of them live in the outside room so space is a big issue. If anyone can help please contact me. We also have a request for children’s clothing. We are currently supporting just over 1650 pensioners in 28 homes, this is about 40% of our target base. We also support SOAP in Bulawayo and have helped to set up a system similar to SOAP in Gweru, Zvishavane, Masvingo, Red Cliff, Kwe Kwe and Kadoma to cater for pensioners that are not in old age homes as well. We are an officially registered Non Profit Organization (Section 21A) in South Africa and are registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organization in terms of section 18A the Income Tax Act (Which means all donations are issued with a Tax Certificate and can be claimed back). PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE A TAX CERTIFICATE STATING ALL YOU DONATIONS. Our web page is, all updates are also loaded directly onto our site. We also have a Face Book group and Cause Page as well, please look us up. We welcome anyone who wishes to come and see our warehouse and what we do. We also finally have a PayPal account that is open and linked to our web page. We appreciate any and all support received as every little bit helps us to assist the people of Zimbabwe. As you are aware it is solely your donations that keep us running. Please if you have already supported us could you supply me with the details as we are battling to acknowledge all donations received and believe in acknowledging all support.


RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

HAROLD CLARKE Lived in Ndola Zambia in the late 1950's. He had twin sisters. He apparently moved to Bulawayo, not sure what year. Please any information would be a huge bonus. Kind Regards Denise Contact: Denise - MFL STUART The reason is that I keep getting mail for them is Australia. This is important mail as it's to do with their pension. It has a Bulawayo return address but I would rather fwd it to them if possible. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks. Contact: Charles Hadfield - WESLEY DE KLERK and his brother. They went to Northlea High school Bulawayo 1958-1961, after I left school haven't seen them since, who can help me. Contact: Adam Pietens - F.RIJSDIJK He was serving with me in the RLI Drumcorps approx 1961-1964. Anyone knows where about he is, its a Dutchman. Contact: Willem Pietens - STONHAM Family. We would like to make contact with any of the STONHAM family members. Their one daughter was Patricia Ann. They did at one time reside at No 11, Oxford Avenue, (Newlands) Highlands, Harare, in the 1950-1960's. Contact: Thomas Vallance - MICHELE LEARMONTH GIBSON nee JOHNSTONE ROBERTSON. EX Gwelo 70's, I would be so grateful if you could help me thanks. Contact: Gavin Carpenter -

Who?-What?-Where? - RWW - Who? | What? | Where? [] Accommodation offer - Do you know of anyone who might benefit from free accommodation in a beautiful estate in Benoni. There are conditions attached to living here, which include keeping the properties and land in good order. There are 3 acres of organic crops in situ which can be harvest for own use or sold to pay for running costs. There are three properties in a very secure compound. For more information please contact me and explain how you believe you or someone you know might benefit from this accommodation and how you would intend to manage and look after this estate. Contact: Tracey Clewer - Rhodesia Kwakanaka - There was a song for a time on the RTV site by a choir group of male singers but its no longer available. If anyone has an MP3 of it please let me know if you are able to send it to me. It is called Rhodesia Kwakanaka, I think, and it was sung in Shona. I think the group had a name with Epworth in it but I stand corrected. Contact: Turner -

Paparazzi - more pics from ANZAC day kindly contributed by Alan Parkin (Paparazzi) Paparazzi

Meet the food thief about to dive bomb the same victim as last year

The life! The victim (must find out what spice they use)

Contributed by: Alan Parkin RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


Where are they Now? - RWW (distribution e-mail) ROLAND COWAN With regards to his brothers death in the border war in Makuti in 1978. Peter Cowan was a dear friend of mine and we worked together for 4 years at the Govt printers in Harare. He had a Portuguese girl friend and I hope that would have married. Contact: Malcolm Stephenson - BARRY JONES Heard he might be living in Zurich. Formerly from Salisbury. Contact: Eric Vilensky - CHRIS SMITH / ERROL JORGENSEN / DAVID WEST I am looking for 3 friends that I grew up with and went to school with at Milton in Bulawayo. Chris Smith last known was London. Errol Jorgensen last known was Port Elizabeth and David West used to work for Puzey and Payne and last known Edenvale Jo burg. Would really appreciate it if you know their whereabouts. Contact: Graham Ault - MIKE WILLIAMS / PHILLIPA HOPE I am trying to trace some good 'ol friends of mine, if any ex Rhodies can help please: Mike Williams from Sby and also last seen in Pinetown, Natal. We used to play in a Sby Band called "The Generation". Also Phillipa Hope (maiden name) lived in Eastlea Sby and moved to NZ I think. Hopefully someone out there can help? Contact: Denis Mead - LEONE & ELIZABETH SALMON I am looking for the sisters formerly Leone and Elizabeth Salmon. Daughters of Len and Edith Salmon. Brother was George Salmon who lived in Hatfield form the mid 50s. I last saw them in the late 60's Leonne could have gone to Canada. I was formerly Russell Northcote and I lived with my grandparents Harry and Hilda Logan in Hatfield adjacent to Logans Children's Playground. I went to schools; Queens dale and later Cranbourne Boys' High. I would love to cotact Elizabeth or/Leonne Contact: Rusty Mulock-Bentley - YVONNE ROGERS Daughter Sharon and a son. Bred chihuahuas in Bulawayo. She emigrated to South Africa. Would like to make contact again. Anyone know the family, please contact me. Contact: Sheila Stead - DENNIS VAN NIEKERK We were jollers and hanged out with the crew back in the 50s 60s. Last saw Dennis in Salisbury when he came up from Durban in the 70s to visit his brother Theo. Would love to catch up with him. Contact: Pat Dunne (Paddy) - BEZUIDENHOUT family ex Harare. The father was Pete the daughter Wendy and the son Grant. They were friends of the Hoppers and were members of the "pappa charlie" CB radio gang. They left around the early 80's I have located most of the "gang" but no trace of the Bez's. Contact: Pete Pollock - TEGELA - BULAWAYO I'm looking for persons who lived in Tegela Bulawayo during the period 19501960.


Kind Regards Linda Schultz Fund Raising & Awareness for the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund (C) 079 6082676 (T) 013 7900934 / Please join us on Face Book Alone we can do so little, together we can achieve much more!!!!

Director: Hannes Botha 084 5893221

Editors: Pete & Maureen van Aarde


"Shala Mushe" means "Stay nice". One thing is for sure, you will have a "Nice Stay" at Don & Doreen Bredenkamp's Margaret River cottage, the "Shala Mushe". So... if your looking to flee the rat race, you can, escape to a cottage retreat amongst the peppermint trees where the wildlife magically appears at dawn and dusk to graze and forage around you, where trees whisper peaceful tunes of the bush freedom and nightfall gently reveals the magnificent Starlit heavens against an inky black sky untainted by city lights and a polluted atmosphere. Immerse your soul in the tranquility‌ Close your eyes and let your thoughts take you back to your paradise, wherever it may be. All this and you're only an Owl's hoot from the delights of central Margaret River. Once you have experienced the exclusivity of a stay at Shala Mushe you will appreciate why this gem of a place is not commercially advertised, price and availability on request. Don & Doreen rent their cottage to bona fide RAWA Members and recommended ex Africans Chat to them on 08 9757 9718 Overseas callers dial +61 8 9757 9718

Books by Members Denis Petmezaki's book, "So Far & So Good" is now available from the Publishers or directly from Denis. Contact details are in the display advertisement below .

Contact: Adam Pietens -

KAREN HARMAN Ex BSAP 1/79 was in Harare, last I heard living in the Avenues with her Mum. Would really like to be in contact with her again. Contact Liz Lywood (NEE PAXTON) GEORGINA BRAND She is an old school friend. She and her sister were in the Rhodesian Children's Home and went to Admiral Tait in the 70's. I last saw her in the early 80's in Berea, Johannesburg and would love to get in touch again. Thanks Contact: Yvonne Smith (Jessop) - DEBBIE MORRIS Lived in Shamva (1971 - 1979) please let me know. Contact: Conrad Nortje - JEAN HOWARD (Maiden Name) We were at Melsetter Junior School together and then went onto Umtali Girls High. Later I moved to Shabani Mine and Jean's family moved to the Emerald mine at Belingwe. I went with her and her folks on holiday to Beira around 1966. Would love to catch up with her. Contact: Moira Bragge (Maiden Name) -


RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


M'dala’s June Meeting: 16th June 2011 Attendance: 33 Abe & Charlotte Shulman, Peter King, Janet Belstead, Margaret Wilcox, Apologies: Sheila Kennedy, Glenda & John Tobin Visitors: None New Members: None Sick List Charlotte Shulman Thank you to Glenda Tobin, Joyce & Don Bulloch for the food, and Dave de Teas: Salis for serving. Although Charlotte Shulman was unwell and unable to attend, she arranged for Midge to collect the cake she had made. Next month’s teas: Volunteers for May: Adele Scott, Margaret Seward & Dave de Salis Door Raffle: Won by Moira Shaw

Update on Zimbabwe Midge told of the strong memories and emotions aroused in him when reading the new Peter Godwin book “The Fear”, which he had borrowed from the local library.

Other business

 Bundu Times is out late because Peter & Maureen van Aarde were overseas.  M'dala's now has copies of both of Mike Bray’s books for sale at the meetings. This is a marvellous fund-raiser.

Events & outings

 19th June RAWA lunch at High Wycombe Hotel. Menu was available at the meeting.  Thursday 30th June. Trish & Midge were going to hold a “Treasures” morning tea at the Bassendean Library on the corner of Old Perth Road and Wilson St. About a dozen indicated that they would come. This would need a rethink on the hire of the library room at Bassendean. We can accommodate 20 at our home, so decided to hold it there. The address was given and this was also emailed to members. Midge has prepared a program of music and also movie clips of his years in Rhodesia. Trish will provide morning tea. $2 donation to cover room hire.  Reminder that there will be a garage sale at Pat Dunne’s home in October. Large items Pat says, can be collected.

Thumbnails or other Trish Woodman gave us a taste of the talk she is giving to Probus in September "Just a name on a stone”, though she was unable to show the relevant photos, as it would have required too much re-arranging of furniture etc. Trish has wandered extensively around the battlefields of South Africa and is fascinated by the old graves and memorials she found there. She chose to tell us about Anthony Forrest, who is buried in Middelburg Cemetery, Mpumalanga. Anthony was the nephew of Sir John Forrest, Premier of WA and the son of Alexander Forrest, explorer. At the time of his departure for South Africa, as a 16 year old Lieutenant with the 5th West Australian Mounted Infantry, there was some controversy about a youngster having such a responsible position. Trish read a letter (printed in the “North Coolgardie Herald”) to us, which referred to him as that ”immature Forrest fledgling” and thought that he was more likely to be suitable as captain of a cricket team. However Anthony did quite well and was “mentioned in dispatches”. He died on 15th May, 1901. Trish read out the letter sent to the Forrest family giving details of Anthony’s death and burial. It says, in part: “The respect and esteem held by officers and men for your gallant son and his comrades who fell that day can never be forgotten by those on parade on the morning of the 17th. And for days there was an unusual quietness in camp and gloom”. Midge thanked Trish for the extract from her forthcoming talk and said that he couldn't wait to hear the whole story.

Meeting close - 11:00 AM Chairman: Midge Carter 4

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


Business Directory ADVERTISERS Active Migration Australia Africa Travel Co Cape to Cairo Conway’s Butchery Welshpool Chartwells Chartered Accountants Zebra’s African Food-Steakhouse NAME Tom Lane Laurie Malton Paddy Belstead Toby King Sue Bezuidenhout Rose Pritchard Paddy Parker Pat Dunne John Pritchard Hillary Lane Paddy Belstead Linda Davidson Marlene Pearson Vivien Jolliffe Tony Illman

M'dala’s July SPECIALITY Migration Agent Travel Fax South African Delicacies Fax Butchery Business - Tax - Planning Licensed Steakhouse Tue-Sat

PROFESSION / SKILL Accountant [CA], Reg. Tax Agent Boat - Ocean Boat Hire Kalbarri CAD Innovations, Computer Drafting Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Cleaning - Enjo Consultant Jandakot Cleaning - Microfibre cleaning cloth Electrical contractor (license No. EC002144) Electrical Services (License No. EC 004515) Mobile: Fund-raising for Not-for-Profit Orgs Natural Medicine - Practitioner Photocopying, Perfect Copy Psychologist (Counselling) - M Psych MAPS Reflexologist / Thermomix Remedial tuition Trailer mounted Cool-room / Freezer hire

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A Christian lady is sending second-hand clothing to Zimbabwe for 5 orphanages. Other items are sold to fund postage. “Colleen Smith” If anyone is going to Zimbabwe in the near future please contact Colleen

Donations to RAWA

Hans Wattenhofer, Jenny & Vic Quinlan, Beverley Cordery, Abe & Charlotte Shulman, Myra Shaw, D & G Amm and David James.

RAWA Donations See article on page 7

Welcome: A very warm welcome was extended to Margaret Craft who has had such a trying few months. She looked pretty skilled with her "hotted up" walker Attendance: 33 Apologies: Abe & Charlotte Shulman, Arthur Hudson, Liz Johnstone, John & Margaret Seward, Peter Dean, Dick Johnson . Visitors: Gwen Loewe New Members None Teas: Thank you to Nita Killick, Olga McNeilage, Don Briers, Denis & Fay Petmazaki and, as usual, Dave De Salis for serving and vacuuming Wanda Saunders, wife of Derrick Saunders, passed away on the 10th June. They were long-standing members of the Association, but in recent years Death: have not attended meetings as they lived well out of Perth, in Yanchep, and the journey was a bit too much. However they would be quite well known to a number of existing members. We were sad to hear of Wanda’s death and send our condolences to her family Next month’s teas: Aoifa Ludlow, Sylvia Holborn, Glenda Tobin Door Raffle: Won by Mike Bray

Update on Zimbabwe & South Africa

Cathy Buckle’s newsletter and some newspaper clippings were presented but not read out. Midge told about an email he had seen of one of the African Mayors of Johannesburg’s Speeches, which was unintelligible. Also, a distressing series of photos of central Johannesburg, including one of what is left of the Springbok Fountain (now just the stone foundations remain).

Other business

Midge expressed the great disappointment he and Trish had felt at the poor attendance for their Treasures morning. A most disappointing show after so much had been put into it. Luckily they had cancelled the booking at the Bassendean Library, and held it at their Morley home. Denis and Fay Petmazaki and Bill Johnstone did arrive and Liz sent her apology as she was not well. Adele and Charles Scott were unable to attend in time as they had a doctor’s appointment Bill Johnstone told the members that they had missed a very enjoyable experience and hoped that it would be repeated. Thank you Bill for your encouraging and kind words. Midge is willing to try again. Congratulations to Denis Petmazaki on the publishing of his book “So Far and So Good”. Denis read some very amusing passages to us. The few copies he had with him were quickly sold. It is important that we make our monthly meeting more interesting. I strongly encourage members to give us a snapshot of their life or an incident that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Interesting places they have been and so on. If you know of a possible guest speaker please let me know and I will take it from there. Our society can only grow if we all put something into it and not just wait for others to do it all. We are all friends and appreciate it when all have a go!

Our Poet Mike Bray His hilarious poem today was about the mix-ups patients endure in hospital. We have copies of both of Mike’s books and urge you to buy them as they are very funny and also it’s a valued fund raiser .

Events & outings

New Members

 A garage sale is planned for Oct/Nov at Pat Dunne’s house. More later.  Curry lunch at Belmont RSL 28th August, followed by the DVD "Rhodesia 1890-1980". Meeting close - 11:00 AM


Wanda Saunders - see M'dala's report on page 5. 20

Meeting: 21st July 2011

Chairman: Midge Carter RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


Zimbabwe Wildlife Fund


RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172



Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund Packed and ready to go on another trip

VISIT OUR STORE at Welshpool - 1/328 Orrong Road Tel.: (08) 9362 3623


The Best Outside Africa Boerewors (plain, garlic, Peri Peri and mustard), Eskort/Colcom, Pork & Beef Sausages, Biltong & Droewors, Sosaties, African-style Spicy Ribs, Peri Peri Chicken and all other cuts of meat, plus a large range of SA Groceries. Deliveries to most areas by arrangement Distributors: Scarfo’s Meats - Melville Osborne Park - Cape to Cairo Kalamunda Hills - Gourmet Deli Kingsley Meats - Shopping Centre Busselton – Cape Kitchen MasterCard, Visa and EFTPOS welcome Check out our website at:


RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

ZPSF Trip Report June 2011 It was a cold Highveld morning on 12th June when I left for my 8th trip to Zimbabwe with the ZPSF. I left home at 7am, and after a good trip I arrived in Malelane just before 11am, where everyone was busy packing the trucks, with the UD90 almost completed, thanks to Linda and her crew. Once the packing and checking was completed, we were given a good supper at Linda’s, and Attie and I went back to the warehouse to sleep. It was good to see that the stretchers that we had used previously have now been replaced by proper beds – especially as June nights are pretty cold!! Monday 13 June We left Malelane late morning with the two trucks and after a couple of stops for photographs, fuel and “padkos” we were on the long road to Musina. We finally pulled in to Musina at 18:45, tired, but pleased to be there in good time. We were given (as always!) a good supper and a comfortable bed by the Camerons, the first of our host families on every trip. As Boet was now a fully licensed driver he did most of the driving throughout the trip. The Bulawayo trip was done by Hannes and his passenger from New Zealand, Sheldon Winn. Tuesday 14 Elizabeth Cameron gave us our early morning coffee and rusks, and then we went to the truck, loaded our bits on, and went to refuel. Next stop – the Border Crossing!! We were through the SA side very speedily - but, as usual, the Zimbabwe side was very different. At the weighbridge we had to wait for the staff manning it to finish their breakfast. The immigration went fine, but the customs once again had moved the goal posts – it is now necessary to have a separate permit for the maize meal – unfortunately no-one knows about this until one is there at Customs! After a considerable delay we bought a “temporary permit” and we were finally out on the road in Zimbabwe at 13:15. At the point where the roads split between Bulawayo and Masvingo, we stopped, greeted one another, prayed for a good journey and parted ways. We arrived at our destination (Masvingo) at dusk, and were made welcome by Trudi Burger, as is often the case there was no power or water in Masvingo, but somehow Trudi always manages to make us comfortable. It was here that we once again saw God in action. I had an electric blanket given by a 92 year old pensioner, here in Duiwelskloof, who said, “Just give it to the person who needs it Attie.” ( See the attached letter) to see how God knows well in advance what is needed and where. Wednesday 15 After some good coffee, we off loaded the supplies that stay with Trudie, for Gerhard and RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


her to distribute, and then it was on to Mucheke, where we off loaded bulk supplies for them. We then went to Lulu where all the boxes are dropped off for the pensioners in Masvingo. Next stop Chivhu, to off load at the de Klerk family there for the few pensioners in that area. They informed us that Mr. Graham Voster was still around and would need a food hamper which we could give from our spare supply. The next port of call was Mutare, and we arrived there at 17:00, a bit later than we had hoped, as we had a bit of trouble with the diesel filters of the truck, possibly due to dirty fuel. It was quite a struggle up “Christmas Pass” near Mutare. In Mutare we arrived at the home of Des and Sally Becker, who always make us very welcome they are another of our wonderful host families. When Des heard of our “filter dilemma” he came to the rescue with a box full of them, free of charge, God is faithful!! Des and Sally also supplied us with a small fridge to be used in Bulawayo. We wanted it to equip a room given for our use when in Bulawayo but on arrival found that need was met so we were able to donate it to a very needy cause in Bulawayo. Thursday 16 (Boet) While Attie replaced the filter and tyre on the truck, I was able to off load all the S O A P boxes for Mutare, these are the outsiders, – Des distributes these boxes for us. By mid morning we were able to get away and deliver the supplies to Murambi, Park and Strickland Homes. Des helps us with labour for these deliveries, most welcome, then Attie and I went back for the empty boxes in the afternoon, and we were able to chat & visit with the folk. After another great supper we were in bed early and ready for the trip to Harare next morning. Friday 17 After a leisurely breakfast we repacked our things into the truck and set off towards Harare just after 9am. We stopped in Rusape on the way, where we off load boxes at the home, and there I met up again with an old school friend Colin Bray, so was able to have a chat and share old school pictures with him. The truck was now running well, and we made good time, arriving in Harare in time to off load the supplies that go to Marion Futter for her to deliver and coordinate. Between her and hubby Mike they do a great job. We are now assisting more than 50 displaced “agric” folk as well. We leave the truck at the Masonic Lodge in Harare as they have the space and security that they make available to us. Thanks to Hugh and Averil and the folk of that Chapter. Phil Gilbert-Green collected us there and took us to his home – Phil and Clare are always our hosts in Harare, and like all the other wonderful hosts they supply us with a warm comfortable bed and good food, it is hard to explain just how warm and welcome these nights at such good people are. Saturday 18 (Boet) Today was to be a more relaxed one – with a trip to Bindura and Mvurwi to deliver boxes to the homes there. We again had the use of Philip’s van, thanks my friend, you are a star. The rest of the week end was to be “free” and I was able to spend it with a good friend of mine, Attie staying with Clare and Phil. Were able to see the Sharks trounce the Bulls. Shot! We have been told that we need to wait in Harare for a Lady from Dubai, she wants to promote the Fund there, and will do 2 days of the trip with us to get a feel of what we do. Sunday 19 (Father’s Day) Attie Was all on my own on this Special day, our hosts, Boet and guests had all gone out and decided to try and find a old friend whom I heard might be in Harare. I got out the telephone directory and the first “Prinsloo” turned out to be him( Joggie) and after verifying a few facts, invited myself to lunch without identifying myself. We had last seen each other in 1965 so our day was exceptionally special, picking up on 46 years of history. A true “BLAST from the past”. Monday 20 (Boet) We now know that the Lady from Dubai (Cheryl Robertson) will be available on Wednesday, so Attie and I went to the Masonic Lodge to repack the truck, and load some boxes for delivery back in SA. Unfortunately we were conned by some smooth talking Zimbabweans while we were busy, and when they left we realized that we had been robbed. Our bags from the cab had gone, and with them much of the documentation we needed to get back over the border. My passport and ID book were in my bag, and the truck papers were in Attie’s. It was the most traumatic feeling – maybe the truck and I would have to take up permanent residence in Zim while Attie went home!! We went to the Police, made our report (2 and a half hours of repeat, repeat, repeat) and then went to the SA embassy to try to get me an emergency travel document. All the while I was panicking about what to do, what would happen etc, Attie was praying, praying that the Good Lord would help us, and show us what to do next. 2 hours later his prayers were answered. We received a phone call, from the nuns at the Catholic Church Waterfalls, about 20 km away, asking if we were Mr Botha and William George. Someone had left 2 bags at the Church, and they had found telephone numbers for Attie in his bag. We immediately set off with Clare to Waterfalls, and, Praise God, there we recovered our bags from the nuns. Most of the contents of our bags were gone, but the important documentation that we needed was still there. Obviously some thieves have a conscience! Between Attie and I we left them a fair donation for their efforts. They even tried calling Attie’s home in South Africa. It was with great relief that we went to my friend for the night, and had a good supper. My friend Tony and his daughter Leonie had agreed to let us spend the 2 days there as Phil and Clare now had other visitors. Wednesday 22 After a quiet Tuesday we could now carry on with our trip – we collected the Lady from Dubai, Cheryl, at 08.00 as arranged and proceeded to Chinhoyi. At Chinhoyi we delivered the boxes for the


RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


In humble gratitude

folk there, and had tea with them. Cheryl interviewed some of the people in the home, and also one of the folk who had been evicted from his farm, and now lives in the home. Next stop Kadoma. In Kadoma we off loaded at Westview Home where Cheryl again spoke to the folk gleaning vital information. Then on to our host family Clive and Estelle O’Reilly. After a delicious braai, we were able to get an early night. Thursday 23 (Attie) We were in Kwe Kwe off loading by 09:30, at Lynbrook, there Cheryl was able to do some more interviews, and then on to Redcliff. In Redcliff we met Hannes, who had been busy doing the Bulawayo/Gweru trip. Cheryl transferred to his truck to do some more interviews in Gweru before she returned to Dubai. We left our empty boxes in Gweru for Hannes, and then we ran empty to Bulawayo. In Bulawayo we were able to stay with Kathy Booysen, a very good friend of Boet’s, who always makes us most welcome. Friday 24 A very early start – by 4am we were on our way to the border. The Border crossing went fairly well, just a hiccup at the customs – two and a half hours to get an official to stamp our gate pass!! By 11am we were back in SA and on our way to Louis Trichardt, where we picked up paint that someone had donated to the fund. This will be taken to Zim next trip to help maintain the homes. We arrived in Duiwelskloof at my home where we spent the night. Saturday 25th Left early to take Boet back to Malelane, then back home again arriving at 22:00 hrs and Boet arrived home in Secunda at 20:00.

Compiled & edited by: Attie & Boet Hannes’ s trip report I Left Malelane early on the 13th of June with Sheldon from New Zealand as my co-pilot. We had a reasonable border passing on the 14th. Once through the border we had new spot on our deliveries. We were informed about a few desperate folk in Gwanda who we have now added to our list. From there we went on to Isigodini and then finally made it to Bulawayo. Exhausted but having had a good trip so far. The stay in Bulawayo was a slightly extended one due to the upcoming Verity Amm Mothers/Fathers day function. For this we managed to get a stunning donation of Oxtail and Short rib from some of the local Butchers. I of course had brought my number 20 Potjie pot with, as if you are going to do Oxtail it might as well be done right even if we did run slightly late. The ladies at Verity Amm set up the Hall and did all the side dishes etc. Here are some words of Thanks from Liesel who is Ann’s daughter. Ann runs the Verity Amm Kitchen. “Hi There, The Luncheon at Verity Amm was fabulous, the centre is buzzing with praises of the event... Hannes your potjie was great and will be spoken of for a long time yet. Every one enjoyed their lunch of rice, oxtail and short rib potjie, followed by a pudding of vanilla cake, peach slices, chocolate mousse and for a kick a brandy sauce... We had 3 large tables laid with snacks for them to nibble on through the afternoon... Every one received a little gift, the ladies little trinket boxes (made by myself and my mom the Chairlady of the centre) with a dress ring in side had many of the old ladies in tears. The grandpas received a slab of choc with a lighter and razor (donated by Hannes) They even had a few drinks, wine supplied by Hannes and cokes supplied by the centre... It was really appreciated by us when a few of the younger oldies took the bull by the horns and helped get the centre cleaned up and straightened out after the luncheon, because our batteries were running on super low...The next big luncheon is in Summer we need to recharge first, will keep you up dated on what we may need for it. Thanks again Hannes it was a real treat for us not to have to cook everything our selves. As they say "a change is as good as a holiday" Have a safe trip further and see you on your way back. Take it easy as you have many oldies who look forward to your deliveries. Thank you also to the donors who supplied the meat and all the regular voluntary helpers. God Bless you all... Luv From All of us at Verity Amm Centre, Coronation Cottages and surrounding old age homes”. One of the gentleman pensioners actually came up to me and thanked me saying that he had not had Oxtail in over 12 years. While quite a few of the other Golden Oldies were quite teary saying they had not had a meal like that in years. It breaks your heart. While in Bulawayo we had an old man come up to the truck and ask for help. We took his name and address and went and paid him a visit the next day. We found out that he was a railway pensioner who had 28 years of service. After all of this he is receiving his monthly pension of $40. The equivalent of R270 per month. He is living in the servants room on a property. He was given a blanket and a much needed box of food and has now been added to the growing list of pensioners we support. I had Cheryl from Dubai meet up with me in Redcliff by Hurbert Lee Cottages. From there she accompanied me to do the Gweru and Shirugwe deliveries in order to see what we are doing and who we support. We managed to get her back to Harare on the 24th June. I received an email from Cheryl afterwards saying:-

These are but a few of the many letters Hannes Botha receives from old folks expressing their gratitude for the parcels that bring much joy and relief to their humble existences. One can't help but admire the positive spirit these old folks still manage to maintain especially under the adverse conditions they have to live under, conditions they fell victim to because they had no choice. Their sincere thanks to those who give to them is a great heartfelt reward and gift in return. 16

“You are all doing a tremendous job - Hannes I take my hat off to you for starting it”. RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


What else are we supposed to do. These guys fought for us, brought us up and helped make Rhodesia what is was. Now it is our turn to try and return the favour. I finally made it back to Malelane on Tuesday the 28th June. What a trip!!!

Thank you to all our supporters who make these trips possible.

By: Hannes Botha Summery & Thanks This was a longer and more eventful trip than usual, but no matter what set backs there are these trips are one of the most worthwhile things one can ever do. It is very rewarding to be able to make a difference in the lives of the old people, who are in the situation that they are through no fault of their own. They are so appreciative of anything that we do, always waiting for us with a welcome cup of tea, always wanting to have a chat, & always wanting to share anything that they have. Many of the people that allow us to stay in their homes while we are travelling also do a lot for these folk, many of them assisting with the distribution of the boxes, and they also do so much to help us, providing us with wonderful meals and a good night’s rest. The countryside in Zimbabwe still looks very barren in places, with little or no agriculture happening. The roads are still in a shocking condition in most places, often narrow, full of potholes, and very bumpy where the heavy trucks have caused the foundations to collapse. Once again to all our hosts and hostesses, you are GREAT and AWESOME and we appreciate all you do for us and towards the fund. HUGE thank you to Cheryl Robertson, all the way from Dubai and Sheldon Winn from New Zealand, that you came and joined us on one of our trips, and trust that you have gone back with a new outlook with what we are doing and go and spread the word of this great need in Zimbabwe for these forgotten folk. We continue to ask our Lord to bless and provide all things for you.

          

Special thanks this trip to the following folk who donated goods for the fund:

Bosbult Milling. ............................................................................. A generous donation of maize meal. Schoeman Boerdery. .................................................................... A generous donation of maize meal. Hendrina Mills .............................................................................. A generous donation of maize meal. Mrs. Nancy Goulding, 85 years old ........................................................ Donated crocheted knee rugs. N4 Truck Spares ................................................................... A new starter for the UD 80. As a “spare” Anonymous donor in Tzaneen ......................................... A new starter for the UD 80. fitted same day Mr. Rowan van den Berg .............................................................................. 4 new tyres for the UD90. Montana Meats Zimbabwe ....................................................... 25 kg oxtails for Verity Amm function. Heads and Hooves Zimbabwe .............................................. 10 kg short ribs for Verity Amm function. Round Table White River ................................................................ Blankets, duvets, pillows & clothes Two Anonymous donors from Richards Bay paid in a substantial amount towards the Starter motor, we have transferred the donation into our “Maintenance” Fund.  Lastly thank you to all of you who took part in our “Winter drive” so that we could supply these precious folk with extra Soya and soup on this trip. To all our regular supporters, donors, prayer partners and friends we say a special thank you again and speak our Lord Jesus favour and abundant blessing on you all. As I have always said and again now declare, you are the ones that make it all possible. You are the ones that give us the ability to do the work. Blessings,

recipient is taped onto the width and depth of each cardboard box. Those in charge of the home or outsiders sign and confirm each box and note any changes. The empties are returned to the trucks for repacking on the next trip. Understandably people “get away”. In June last year Attie wrote in a trip report: “More bad news, Mr. van der Merwe passed away a few weeks before we arrived. Two years ago these folk were just oldies but these are now friends and their passing is a major thing to me.” In February this year, when driving to Chivhu he found Bertus packing up his parents’ home. “Albert and Leonie were leaving behind more than 80 years and three generations of history. The look of desolation, disappointment and pain on Bertus’s face was too agonising to behold,” said Attie. “This event also closes the doors ………on their long serving staff, who are now jobless, a very sad day for all.” Boet mentions the Malvern Trust Home in Mvurwi, where the elderly are measured for their own coffin as they move in. It is named and kept aside and when the time comes the resident is given a service (performed by the matron) in the chapel followed by a quick and decent burial in the adjacent cemetery - a field donated by a local farmer. “It sounds a terrible thing to do but the reality is that there are no mortuaries or crematoriums that work”, he said. “Some residents call it their ‘funeral plan’.” Hannes takes me to Gweru to the Huisvergesig and Bogies Trust Home, and I’m filled with admiration for his enthusiasm and dedication to this self-appointed mission, despite going through a triple heart by -pass operation last year. We leave labelled boxes for the Gweru outsiders with Anna Scheepers of a younger generation and a pillar of strength. Her contribution to the vulnerable in the community is impressive considering her own family’s hardships in losing several farms. She keeps an eye out and identifies the genuinely destitute in the area. We meet two outsiders in their own somewhat run-down homes, Mrs T of Afrikaans extraction and Mira with a British southern county accent. Both are thin, vulnerable, yet feisty – they are pleased to meet Hannes for the first time. He has become a legend. It’s a 121-kilometre picturesque drive to Muus Lodge residential home in Shirugwe where we also meet helper John D’Ewes, who collects the boxes for the old people in Zvishavane district, where he has lived for the last 46 years. The grateful Muus residents give Hannes some enormous avocado pears. They are surprised to see a visitor come from so far away. One wanted the name and address of an international chess club, and they smile and say that “everything is alright”, or “can’t complain”. They don’t want to talk about their problems. We retrace our route back to Gweru to pick up empty boxes, then drive to Kwe Kwe in the pitch dark. The road is not busy and we watch out for wandering livestock. I learn that there are many organisations helping the elderly in Zimbabwe including SOAP (Supporting Old Age Pensioners), HIZ (Homes in Zimbabwe), ZANE (Zimbabwe – a National Emergency), with the ZPSF mainly supports the homes and pensioners in the rural areas, although there is some overlap. Hannes arranges with friends in Kwe Kwe a bed for the night and a return lift to Harare for us both next morning. The UD80 rests. He too is tired, uncharacteristically quiet. He has finally finished delivering his parcels -until next time.


By: Cheryl Robertson

Chartwells C h a r t e r e d A c c ou n t a n t s

Business Advisers Registered Tax Agents Financial Planning Services

The ZPSF team Cheryl Robertson's Diary - 6 July 2011 I wake up at 0430 in a house in the Chisipite suburb of Harare on 22nd June. It is mega cold beyond the blankets and my stomach is in turmoil, I thought maybe as a result of last night’s visit to the Chinese takeaway, but in truth it is because I’m a bit anxious about what I’m going to do for the next few days. At around 0830 a Nissan diesel UD 90, sporting a double axle allowing a loading capacity of more than 14 tons, arrives at my garden gate. Boet (68), a cheerful fellow in khaki-green shorts springs out of the cab to greet me. Driver Attie (64), a pastor with a sense of humour and a broad toothy smile, keeps the truck running as he is anxious to reach the destitute pensioners we are delivering food parcels to on time. They had already delayed the journey to await my arrival, and in the interim their two bags – one containing Boet’s (aka William George Holmes) passport and all official travel documents – had been stolen from the cab. However, divine intervention had brought the bags back to roost according to the pastor (aka Adrian


RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

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RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


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pack, load then deliver two trucks full of food parcels to 28 old people’s homes (these are known as the “insiders”), private homes (known as “outsiders”- many live under worse conditions that those in the homes) and feeding kitchens throughout Zimbabwe. More than 20 tons of food is delivered on each journey, which normally takes eight to 10 days and costs around US$30,000. The trucks cover two routes parting company after the permit and paperwork unfriendly Beitbridge border post, one going via Bulawayo to Gweru and the other travelling via Masvingo to Harare. Total distance is about 7500 kilometres which swallows up more than 2,600 litres of fuel. It’s a bumpy ride from Chinhoyi to Chegutu, where a bend in the road suddenly reveals two incongruous rusty Vickers Viscounts inscribed with “The Flying Pot Restaurant”, derelict now but apparently a thriving bar/restaurant around 1996. Bizarre. I have never seen nor heard of them before. The truck continues southwards to the once rich cotton growing area of Kadoma and to Westview Trust Homes where a resident makes me a cup of tea and tells me about her macular degeneration, incurable, she says. There is gold in them hills, and we stay the night at a farmer turned gold miller’s thatched home complete with lush tropical garden. We hear a harrowing story about two gold prospectors seeking fame and fortune who are poisoned – dead that is – by the sodium cyanide solution which is commonly mixed with the ground rock containing gold. The beer followed by meat, maize (mealie) meal and gravy that night is extremely welcome having not eaten since leaving my hostess’ home in Harare. My travelling companions didn’t appear to have hunger pangs on the journey down, and I felt incredibly guilty about my rumbling stomach considering the task we were undertaking, but I didn’t let on. My bed that night is a four poster swathed in mosquito netting, and before I know it I wake to the loud song of a Heuglin’s robin. Early riser Boet sees two brown kingfishers clinging expectantly onto the lip of a huge empty swimming pool. June is traditionally the month of the year that calls for jackets, scarves, socks and beanies and this year is no different. Our hosts’ name is O’Reilly. “O’Really?” says Attie. After a mealie meal porridge breakfast we are returned to Westview where the truck is parked, it is too big for a household driveway, and head for Kwe Kwe. The shock of colourful hair is relegated behind the seats. Clouds of smoke billow from a chrome smelter – an encouraging sign of industry I believe. At Lynbrook Homes 27 parcels are deposited, 15 for outsiders, which are taken to be distributed by local businessman Ken Connelly, who has the foresight to bring us coffee and ham and cheese sandwiches. The air is clear here, the sky a startling blue. Bougainvilleas, frangipani and golden shower creepers brightened the poignant situation. Boet and Attie heave boxes out of the truck, despite a nagging pain in Attie’s knee. He ought to have an operation soon. Two dachshunds (sausage dogs) rush out barking furiously, and their owner soon emerges along with others to retrieve their labelled parcel and thank the deliverymen. Pickles Evans’ widow, a retired nurse, is a little downhearted. She would really like a blood pressure cuff and accompanying stethoscope. “In another home I was in I used to monitor all the residents’ blood pressure on a Saturday morning, so saving them $40 they would have to pay for a doctor – look, I don’t even get that amount for my monthly pension!” she said. “When I left that place and came here I had to give up the BP cuff as it belonged to them.”’ She gets a pension of $19 a month. One starts to notice the affect of a lack of luxuries or of not seeing a medical practitioner for some time. Gummy eyes from mild conditions, the cloudy beginnings of cataracts, dry flaking skins, gnarled sun and weather beaten faces no longer softened by skin creams, and many gappy teeth – so many in need of a dentist. Finally I meet Hannes who pulls up in the second truck, the smaller capacity Nissan UD80, at the Hubert Lee Cottages in Redcliff. I’m sad to say goodbye to my new found friends in the UD90 who are in a hurry to return home after two weeks away. There are 17 parcels for insiders and 8 for outsiders. As we move off, I ask what motivates Hannes. “The majority of these people are in this situation through no fault of their own,” he replies, grinding the gear down a notch as we negotiate a small pothole en route to the next destination of Gweru. “You know, most of them paid into a pension fund for 20, 30 years and when the economy was destroyed, that was their income, gone. It’s unfair.” “Another motivator is knowing that in the war years *the bush war+ many of these ladies now struggling to make ends meet were the same ones manning the forces canteens. The soldiers would go there to get a hamburger, hot dog, coffee or tea free of charge, and they gave up their time for the soldiers. For me it’s pay -back time.” The ZPSF’s aim is to give a parcel to every pensioner in need. Currently they support 40 percent of this need. “Contrary to some reports you may read or hear about, the plight of the real pensioners in Zimbabwe has not improved. Many totally rely on what they receive from donors,” said Hannes. I find it incredible that none of the pensioners appear bitter or twisted. It is what it is – life is what you make it. “There is no point in harbouring bitterness,” says a round-faced 68 year old ex-tobacco farmer wearing a broad rimmed hat and a sleeveless body warmer. “It’ll eat you up if you do.” I’m pleased to see the food parcels get into the right hands. Each recipient is checked off against a list which the ZPSF holds from the database at the warehouse. The town, home and the name of every


RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

Botha), for these are found near a Catholic Church in another Harare suburb. The only item missing is the money. Fair enough. This isn’t the first time it has happened either. The two men are volunteers for the Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund (ZPSF), a non-profit organisation that delivers food parcels every six to eight weeks to around 1,650 pensioners with limited income. The World Food Programme doesn’t see the pensioners’ plight as serious enough – after all most do not sleep in plastic bin liners in roadside ditches. But even with a roof over one’s head it is difficult to survive on $20 a month, a pension some receive these days. So the ZPSF provides a basic box of provisions to those who are genuinely struggling. I’m taking a short leg of the journey as I want, in some way, to help these people who have lost everything through no fault of their own. My grandparents farmed this land in the early 1900s (they would both turn in their graves if they could see the state of the farmland today); I was born there in the late 1950s and I abandoned it in 1987. A female GPS Garmin voice patronisingly explains to Attie the route to Chinhoyi, a town 115 kilometres to the northwest. He knows it like the back of his hand and ignores much of what she says. Just for fun or to surprise the police manning the countless road blocks he puts on a shocking short silvery-white and burgundy wig. More often than not the police know the truck and wave him through, some grinning, others not noticing the difference in the usually sensibly attired pastor from the Methodist church in Duiwelskloof near Tzaneen in South Africa. The roadsides are quiet, peaceful, sometimes offering passing vehicles handmade toys, hessian bags of oranges which suspend from overhanging trees and worms. Worms? “Anaconda big worms here”, “lekker worms”, “Bream supreme worms” yell hand-painted signs cajoling fisherman en route to Lake Kariba. Fallow fields offer long veld grass, with some sporadic patches of irrigated green wheat - a far cry from the voluptuous fields ripe with agricultural produce at a time when Zimbabwe was known as the breadbasket of Africa. We reach Sunningdale Trust in Chinhoyi after an hour and off-load the boxes for pensioners living here and for others in the Karoi and Kariba areas. Each box includes a small bag of maize meal, flour, rice, sugar, oats, spaghetti, cooking oil, jam, coffee, salt, peanut butter, soup packets, instant yeast, six candles, four boxes of matches, a tin each of pilchards, baked beans, Vienna sausages, mixed vegetables and corned meat; plus one bar of soap and chocolate. The residents clad in track suits and hand-knitted jumpers gather around the truck and look for their boxes. They blink in the bright winter sunshine. They are among the growing number of elderly people in Zimbabwe who cannot work and who have little means of supporting themselves. Many were made homeless by the Robert Mugabe government’s 2000-introduced land redistribution policy whereby commercial farms were given to supposed war veterans loyal to the president. The farmers were forced to leave their homes and consequently lost their livelihoods. Coupled with this was inflation of the Zimbabwe dollar, infamously hitting newspaper headlines for reaching an annual inflation rate of 231 million per cent in 2008. The currency was abolished in favour of the US dollar early in February 2009, but by then all life savings and pension policies held in the country had been wipe out. “Yes, we lost absolutely everything,” says a neatly dressed white haired woman around 70. “My husband had an ex-railways pension – that went down the tube. It has been reinstated but it’s around $20 a month. We were farming, and sold all of our cattle, I think we ended up with 26 cents for them as they [the government] took 14 noughts off the currency at the time, so that was gone, and of course you got nothing for your farm.” As Ben Purcell Gilpin, manager Agricultural Recovery and Compensation (ARAC), a wing of the Commercial Farmers Union that deals with all displaced farmer issues keeps saying, nothing has changed over the last decade. “Each day we listen to the varied efforts of people to mitigate their circumstances: folks over 80 working, people in their seventies looking to re-train so they can find less physically taxing work. Farmers back from Nigeria looking for other options, still others who have valiantly fought through the courts who now find all doors to practicing their profession and using their skills barred by a perverse interpretation of rights and a justice system that has lost all credibility,” he said at ARAC’s May AGM. Koos, an ex-farmer in his seventies and resident of this home, is on the nightshift at a bakery in Chinhoyi. After 53 years farming, he doesn’t like it much, the dark rings under his eyes indicating possibly why. “At least I have a job – I’m better off than some. I cannot afford to just give up, not until I haven’t the breath to do so anymore”. Sue, a 72 year old widow, is destitute because the inheritance she was entitled to was not shared by her step-son. When she couldn’t afford a dentist, she pulled out her own tooth; when a dog bit her arm, she stitched up the wound herself. She sells old furniture for cash and looks after family of seven and a couple with two babies who have even less than her. “Together we form a 'family', watching out for each other and doing the best we can to keep going,” she wrote in a thank-you letter to the ZPSF. Attie’s younger brother Hannes officially formed the ZPSF in 2007 although he has been taking up food since 2002. The Gweru born, one-time solider in the bush war in that country now lives in Malelane just south of Kruger National Park in South Africa. It’s from a warehouse here that the ZPSF’s volunteers gather, (Continued on page 14) RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


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RSVP Please contact either Doug Capper or Maureen van Aarde by no later than Friday 19th August with your numbers to ensure there will be enough food (contact details on page 1)

Anyone who has a problem with Transport please contact the Committee and we will endeavour to help you. 12

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172

RAWA Bundu Times issue 172


Bundu Times 08-09 2011  

Bundu Times August September 2011

Bundu Times 08-09 2011  

Bundu Times August September 2011