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Editor’s Column Once again we have to apologise for the late release of this issue of the Bundu Times. We have been away in South Africa for a spell and hopefully after reading the article on page 7 "AU$ 5000 hand delivered" you will perhaps forgive us for the delay. Without further ado then, we hope you find the wait worthwhile and enjoy the read.

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Anzac day 2011 Anzac day this year once again fell on an extra long weekend and our numbers attending this year were on the low side with many regular faces missing on the day. Some away for the long weekend and others due to ill health. RLI numbers were also down due to a function in Sydney.

We shared the annual Kings Park BBQ with our friends from both the BSAP and RLI which turned out to be a very successful afternoon. Graham Blick once again organized the regular 2-up which proved to be very popular and with a good result at the end of the day. Graham agreeing to share 50% of the takings with RAWA as a donation to SOAP. Our regular raffle was held as well as one done by Graham which were also very popular. Our friendly kookaburra once again making his swoop to steal food from the fork of the same lady he did last year. Luckily this time around he was heard Paparazzi coming before he managed to make off with the food. One little visitor on the day had his food taken right out of his hand, poor little chap 2-up King - Graham Blick did not know what hit him, one minute it was in his hand and the next gone! One can never say we have uneventful outings in Kings Park. We trust and hope that next year we will be back to our regular numbers and it will be great to see all the members participating in this very worthy cause. A great thank you to all who yet again gave so generously.

Contact: William John Broadley - BRIAN LEWIS JAMES and his wife DAPHNE They are friends of my dad, Tony Welgens. His e-mail address is Many thanks. Contact: Shani Welgens - PETER COATS Peter used to work for the government Zoological society in Salisbury. Contact: Diane Solomon - NORMAN MUMFORD His sister wants to get in touch with him, they have lost contact now for 50 years! He was Barclays Bank in Bulawayo. Contact: JILL THOMPSON - SANDRA maiden name COPPARD Lived in Bulawayo Queenspark East Contact: Willem Pietens - JOHN LOMAS, now in his late 60s, a New Zealander who for many years lived in Rhodesia, until he departed in late 1977 with his Rhodesian-born wife and children to settle in Auckland. in Rhodesia he managed his father-in-law's farm, which was probably in the eastern highlands. in 1976-77 he relocated to Salisbury where he worked for the Rhodesian Financial Gazette, as did I, an Australian freelance journalist, otherwise reporting on the Rhodesian conflict to Australian newspapers and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's current affairs program "am". John Lomas and I became friends but have long ago lost touch with one another. if anyone can provide me with his contact details I would be most grateful. contact: Chris Ashton - WILLIAM HEPBURN and JOHN WAUGH-YOUNG They both emigrated to Australia around 1976/78. Please can you help me find them. Contact: Leigh Wright - Captain TERRY HOLMES He was Staff Corps at KG6 in the 70's ?? Contact: Roger Kendrick - ARTHUR WADE HOLLAND and MARTIN J TAYLOR Two muso friends of mine from 1970! Arthur worked at Turner's Asbestos as a draughtsman, fine bass player, lived in Eastlea, attended Plumtree HS, and immigrated to London Last heard of still in the architecture line. Martin (spelling, not sure) financier, worked for Viking Finance, talented man, all guitar departments, drums, vocals, keyboards. Martin attended Mount Pleasant HS. He immigrated to Malawi, still with Viking? and last heard of in Tanzania Hope you can help thank you, best wishes. Contact: Alan Prewett - If you are wanting to trace an old friend or colleague and wish to place an entry on the next "Where Are They Now?" newsletter please send a message via this webpage: LORD MALVERN HIGH STUDENTS We've had successful worldwide Reunions since 2008 and it's time for this years round to begin so please contact me for details on one in your area, or check out our facebook group for reunion details:!/home.php? sk=group_27067322768&notif_t=group_activity Contact: Joey van Wyk -

Please help Margo & Basil Burne For some time we've been concerned about not hearing anything from our old friends Margo & Basil Burne, who left SA a few years back to live with their family somewhere in Queensland. Margo was my bookkeeper when I ran the Rhodesian Farmer magazine for the RNFU in the 70s and we had kept in spasmodic touch for many years. I've tried a few times since hearing of your awful disasters in Australia last year, but to no avail. With kind regards, John Horbury. Contact: John Horbury via or

Editor: Maureen van Aarde 2

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


Where are they Now? - RWW (distribution e-mail) ANDREW WILKENSON From Umtali. He would have been born about 1960, went to Umtali Boys High, was a MP corporal. Anyone knows how I can contact him I would appreciate it. last saw him in 1979. Contact: Brett Mc Donald - JOHNNY SCHONKEN/BROWN He lived in Bulawayo, went to Northlea High School - Matriculated around 1963/1964 I believe he joined the Air force. Contact: Avrill Sutherland (Addecott) - JOHN WITHERS My Good Friend -Marendellas And Churchill 1955--1960 Contact: Peter Osborne - BWANAPETER@AOL.COM JONATHAN 'FLYNN' TWORT Marendellas buddy 1955-1963 would like to establish contact Contact: Peter Osborne - BWANAPETER@AOL.COM HELEN & ANDREW CONNOR Ex-Bulawayo. Moved to AUS about 7 years ago. On a recent trip to Bulawayo I found out that Andrew is ill and I'd like to make contact. Contact: Annetta Holmes - PETER COWAN From Salisbury would be born about 1954 worked as a bookbinder at government printer in 1972 or there about and was killed on active service I understand. Would like any information as to what the circumstances were any information would be welcome. Contact: Malcolm Stephenson - CRAIG NIVEN Went to St. George's and after military service studied at UCT. Resided at Driekoppen Residence while there. Would like to reconnect. Contact: Bryan Noar - LES UNSWORTH Used to go to Lord Malvern school, does anyone know of her whereabouts. Please email me. Thank you. Contact: Coral Parkin (nee Evans) - FRANCES and PHIL HEPPELL Ex Gwelo- Frances worked with me at Musgrove and Watson Castlemarine Travel in Gwelo- I think they left Gwelo and went to Botswana and then to the UK not sure of the year but possible 1975!!. I would love to get in contact with Frances again. I live in Christchurch Nz. Contact: Sandy Connolly (nee Smith) - SOTTO MARKOPOULOS Robert Spencer who is now residing in the U.K. and myself have been looking for Sotto for some time now. We were all at Sinoia High School together and last heard Sotto had moved to Greece - we think Athens. If anyone has any details on how we can contact him, please do let us know. Contact: Gerald Smith - CHERYL (THERESE) O'CONNOR Went to Thornhill in the 70's and nursed at Andrew Flemming before joining the Air Force. Last known to be in Cape Town in early 1980's but could have gone to New Zealand. Any info greatly appreciated. Contact: Goss Condon - MUFFY HICKS We both lived in Gwelo and left Chaplin in 1977, I now live in the U.S., thought Muffy went to England, but have no leads. Contact: Susan Sterling nee Crain - ALAN SPIERS Ex Umtali - he had 2 sisters me thinks! Contact: Dorothy Lorraine Wallace - ROGER SCHOLLS Birthday 5 Nov, Umtali Contact: Dorothy Lorraine Wallace - TWO SISTERS BY THE NAME OF SANDERS They are the daughters of MILES SANDERS who used to reside in Bulawayo before returning the Natal. If anybody knows of their whereabouts I would Love to contact them. Contact: Carol Hayward (nee Sanders) - MARLENE BEES Lived in Bulawayo, and Salisbury.


RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

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Donations to SOAP Mikes Muses, Glen & Maureen Heslop, Anzac raffle & 2 up.

SOAP Update See article on Page 7

New Members Myra Shaw

Deaths NA

Classifieds "Shala Mushe" means "Stay nice". One thing is for sure, you will have a "Nice Stay" at Don & Doreen Bredenkamp's Margaret River cottage, the "Shala Mushe". So... if your looking to flee the rat race, you can, escape to a cottage retreat amongst the peppermint trees where the wildlife magically appears at dawn and dusk to graze and forage around you, where trees whisper peaceful tunes of the bush freedom and nightfall gently reveals the magnificent Starlit heavens against an inky black sky untainted by city lights and a polluted atmosphere. Immerse your soul in the tranquility‌ Close your eyes and let your thoughts take you back to your paradise, wherever it may be. All this and you're only an Owl's hoot from the delights of central Margaret River. Once you have experienced the exclusivity of a stay at Shala Mushe you will appreciate why this gem of a place is not commercially advertised, price and availability on request. Don & Doreen rent their cottage to bona fide RAWA Members and recommended ex Africans Chat to them on 08 9757 9718 Overseas callers dial +61 8 9757 9718

Members mailbox Had a wonderful ANZAC Day. The march through the city was quite an experience and very moving. Then Mike Nel and his wife gave me a lift to Kings Park where we all had a lot of fun and a great lunch. Unfortunately I did not get the names of all of the Selous Scouts who participated. The Nels live in Kingsley and dropped me back home. I am just reading a wonderful book by Timothy G Bax who was in the Selous Scouts. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is called Three Sips of Gin (450 pages). If you are in contact with any Selous Scout member please recommend this book to them, they will not want to put it down. It is highly humorous in parts ek se etc. To find out about it just Google and type in Three Sips of Gin and it will give you an insight into this book. Have a happy weekend, Kind regards Celia ______________________________ We have just recently been given Ians book which is really very interesting. Ian is the trustee for the Cape M'dalas, the proceeds from the sale of his book will be donated to the trust see Its a heart warming story of Ian and his family, about his family's journey through sanctions and combat engineer call ups in Rhodesia. I will loan my book to anyone at M'dalas meeting next Thursday for all to see, but please I must have it back (anyone who comes to the Ladies Coffee Morning would give it to me) It would be great if it could be put into The Bundu Times as I'm sure there will be a lot of people who would like to read it. Please contact Ian direct if you have any queries. Thanking you, Yvonne Beesley RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


M'dala’s April Meeting: Attendance: Apologies: Visitors: New Members: Sick List Teas: Next month’s teas: Door Raffle:

21st April 2011 30 Sylvia Holborn, Jack & Olga McNeilage, Val Davis, Janet Belstead, Bob & Barbara Osborne, Carol Clapham, Abe & Charlotte Shulman, Dick Johnson, Roy Killick, Tom Ellis, Wendy Burnett, Merle Howden . Sheila Fermorle, Myra Shaw N/A Margaret Craft is recovering in Room 20, Kalamunda Hospital. She would welcome phone calls rather than visits. Jack McNeilage is okay after feeling unwell at the last meeting, but Olga has not been well and they were unable to attend today’s meeting. Thank you to Nita Killick, Bette Davis & Glenda Tobin Volunteers for May: Adele Scott, Margaret Seward & Dave de Salis Won by Flo Mathieson

Update on Zimbabwe

 Midge showed a photo of the Troopie statue which we found in 1997 in the Johannesburg War Museum in a damaged condition. Members said that it is now in England.

 Midge also showed a copy of Peter Godwin’s latest book, “The Fear” which we had borrowed from our local library.

Any other business As Chairman of M'dalas Midge has been asked to represent the Rhodesians at a wreath-laying ceremony in King’s Park at the South African Memorial. No details had been sent to us.

Excursions & outings

 Midge & Trish have offered to host a musical gathering, probably at their Morley home, but possibly at a church hall near the Bassendean railway station if it proves to be suitable. They have an extensive collection of DVDs, Youtube clips etc, some amusing but all entertaining. They would provide afternoon tea.  19th June lunch at the High Wycombe Hotel.

Our Poet Mike Bray Recited his poem “The Quack” which was, as usual very apt and funny. Other Matters.

Thumbnails or other John Tobin had suggested that instead of thumbnail talks (which people were slow to volunteer for) we should ask members to tell us about an interesting person we had met or similar, so Midge set the ball rolling with his memories of Cecily Niven, the daughter of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, an important politician in pre and post Boer War South Africa. He is of course most remembered as the author of the wonderful book about his dog “Jock of the Bushveld”. Among other achievements Sir Percy had suggested the “two minute silence” on Remembrance Day, 11am on 11 November (Armistice Day 1918), which is now a feature in many countries, to remember the war dead of many wars. Cecily had lost her brother, Nugent, in the First World War and her two other brothers died within a week of each other 5 years later. All young men. Midge had met her when asked by Ian Player (whom Midge had previously shown some of these


RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


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A Christian lady is sending second-hand clothing to Zimbabwe for 5 orphanages. Other items are sold to fund postage. “Colleen Smith” If anyone is going to Zimbabwe in the near future please contact Colleen

Thirty years on Friendships formed 30 years ago at Noalimba, the State Migrant Reception Centre in Bateman, were celebrated at a picnic in Wireless Hill Park on Mothers' Day. Although quite a few of the group of early 1981 arrivals in Perth understandably had other engagements, it was lovely to meet the Aus-grown families of those who themselves were children at Noalimba - their first home in Australia. The Maltas, Emslie, Webster, Hoadley, Spann, and Schoenauer families were well represented at the catch -up and they welcomed a visit by the Cappers. Noalimba has long since been demolished, but many ex -Rhodies hold fond memories of it and the friendships formed with fellow countrymen who stayed there in the bewildering first weeks of settling into their new country. The considerable help extended by Hillary and Tom Lane and Erica Hill of RAWA in those days is well remembered.

By: Rose & Ken Webster 20

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

sites to) to take her on a guided tour of both the Boer War & Zulu War battlefields. Midge continued, “Cecily and a friend duly arrived in Durban from her home outside Uitenhage and we used her Mercedes and chauffeur and covered a lot of Natal. She would then have been about 85. She invited me to come to visit her at Uitenhage which I did several times and we became good friends. She even rode on the back of my motorbike. Cecily and her late husband Jack were very knowledgeable bird lovers. The knowledge I acquired from her and the local Ornithological Society, of African birds made my subsequent visits to the Kruger National Park so much more interesting. She and Jack had a long and close link with the Kruger Park and eventually financed the complete establishment of the “Jock of the Bushveld” camp on a river south of Skukuza. They were granted a week’s free use twice a year. I was invited to join her party whenever she had her free week’s occupation every year. I last saw Cecily when on a brief visit from Australia in 1988. She died later that year. She was 91. A most remarkable lady.”

Jokes Charles Scott and Midge Carter

Meeting close - 10:55 AM Chairman: Midge Carter

M'dala’s May Meeting: Welcome: Attendance: Apologies: Visitors: New Members Teas: Sick List Next month’s teas: Door Raffle:

19th May 2011 Welcome to new member Myra Shaw and visitor Gwen Louwe. 34 Mike & Sue Bray, Nancy Lyon, Judy Morley, Dick Johnson and Trish Woodman . Gwen Louwe. Myra Shaw Thank you toAdele Scott, Margaret Seward and Dave de Salis. Sadly, Harold Popplestone won’t be attending future meetings as he is unable to hear well enough. Glenda Tobin, Charlotte Shulman, Dave de Salis (serving) and Don & Joyce Bullock (food) Not recorded

Update on Zimbabwe Midge read Cathy Buckle‟s latest bulletin in which she tells of the difficulties in trying to cook and heat water with little or no electricity. Women from all social stratas are collecting firewood for their smoky cooking fires. She had noticed a sign on a lift at an upmarket clinic in Harare, “Due to erratic power supply, we advise you not to use the lifts to avoid the risk of getting stuck”. .

Any other business Midge related that he had met our Governor-General in Thailand on Anzac Day where she attended the “Dawn Service” in Hellfire Pass and was very impressed by her natural, friendly manner and excellent memory for the people she met. .

Excursions & outings Midge and Trish have proposed that they hold a “Treasures” function with the theme being special items we all treasure be they pieces of poetry a picture or painting, music clips and anything we can show or demonstrate to each other. We have visited the Bassendean Senior Citizens Centre which is a short walk from the Railway Station and has a comfortable, intimate meeting room available. Trish would happily provide the refreshments. A gold coin donation would be sufficient to cover the cost of hiring the room. RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


Future meetings could feature old home movies or memorabilia from Rhodesian times. There was a favourable reception so Midge will book the room for a morning in the near future. Mike Bray was not feeling well so there was no poem. We look forward to having him back for the next meeting. Charles Scott gave us a talk about an old African who had worked for them and must have been over 100 when he died. Although Midge had been asked to lay the wreath at the Boer War memorial service in Kings Park on 29th May, he feels that it is the role of the Rhodesian Association rather than M'dalas, so has passed the details on to Doug Capper.

ZPSF thank you letter

Chairman: Midge Carter

Trip to the Pinnacles To celebrate the end of the very hot weather we in Perth have experienced this summer, 57 consecutive days of temperatures over 30C and 64 days without rain, so we were told by one TV weather report, the Johnstones and the Sewards were brave enough to venture out of their air-conditioned homes. This time the direction of the trip was north to the Pinnacles and Cervantes. None of us had been there before so it was fresh and new for all of us. This was a Wednesday, 6th April, middle of the week and we were in High Wycombe aiming for Wanneroo Road to take us north and that meant travelling on the Roe and Reid Highways. If you have been on any of our highways or the Wanneroo Road for that matter of it, in mid-week, you will know how busy the Perth road network is, many big trucks with trailers thundering on beside you, but we eventually got over there and so out of the city. As we progressed north it was good to leave the traffic behind us. We met two Environment and Conservation officers, a lady and a gentleman, who were checking out their territory of which this was a part. They told us that the sand dunes were made of sea shells which had been smashed up over millions of years to form this beautiful, white sand. We had quite a chat with them and the gentleman asked us where we were from. We replied Perth but originally we were from Argentina, Ireland, Scotland and Zimbabwe. He then told us that he was from Zimbabwe too, that he had been born in Wankie. He had left as a child in 1980. He must have recognised Bill’s Rhodesian accent! Small world isn’t it?

By: John Seward

Chartwells Chartered Accountants

Business Advisers Registered Tax Agents Financial Planning Services Telephone: Office: (08) 9481 0075 After hours: (08) 9387 6884 Email: Ground Floor, 55 Colin Street, West Perth, WA Ask for a copy of our practice profile and most recent client newsletter 6

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


AU$ 5000 hand delivered - by: The Bundu Times Editors. An initiative by the Committee of the Rhodesian Association of Western Australia.

A few weeks ago on the 19th of May Maureen and I flew out of Perth for a long overdue short two week trip to South Africa to visit our children, grandchildren and family. Our trip more or less coincided with our Association, RAWA's fairly sizable annual donation to SOAP. About a week or so before we were due to leave, Administrator Doug Capper approached me with a brilliant proposal: How about us making arrangements to formally meet with an appropriate, official SOAP representative in South Africa and hand deliver a cheque for AU$ 5000 on behalf of RAWA. It goes without saying that there would be a number of benefits in such an exercise apart from the personal contact with key people who up till now were just names. Most importantly for us, and I am sure for our members too, is the assurance that our funding is entirely channelled towards providing optimal relief to the intended needy, pensioners who depend on it for their survival. In the previous issue of the Bundu Times we reported on the extensive research done by us in an attempt at authenticating many of the large number of organisations and people in the field involved at varying degrees with the whole aid effort in Zimbabwe. As a result of this exercise we realised just how huge and complex logistics had become, increasing the potential for bottlenecks. Clearly the increased risk of delays in the delivery of vitally needed medical supplies for example is a matter not to be taken lightly, and naturally sparked concerns. Before leaving for South Africa Maureen tried to track down some SOAP representatives in Zimbabwe and arrange for the cheque to be hand delivered. However this proved to be more difficult than anticipated and after many e-mails were unanswered or delivery failed for unknown reasons. We decided on a different approach, by going to the end of the process where the real work is done, we made contact with a truly remarkable person by the name of Hannes Botha of the Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund based in a place called Malelane which boarders on the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Hannes, along with his wife and fellow workers do the most amazing and fantastic job by personally transporting and delivering food parcels to over 1650 aged people both in homes and those still living on their own throughout Zimbabwe. They also support SOAP in Bulawayo. The Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund is funded via a number of their own fundraising initiatives. They also receive a substantial number of ongoing donations of non perishable foods and essentials from a large supermarket chain, and grain from a large milling company. On the 24th May 2011 Hannes drove from Malelane to Pretoria in the very truck he delivers food aid to Zimbabwe in to meet with us, a round trip of about 400Km. We were staying with our youngest son who has an apartment in a security complex in one of Pretoria's Eastern suburbs, Elardus Park. Hannes's truck was too large to drive in to the complex so he had to leave it parked on the street verge. 18

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


Our meeting with Hannes proved to be well worth every moment of time and effort put into researching all the "who-when-where and how" mechanics involved in getting essential aid to Zimbabwe's needy pensioners. Hannes had many heart warming and inspiring story book tales to tell, sadly though, some really heartbreaking stories too. Hannes, his associates and crew are fine examples of the good side of humanity that inspires in one a true and sincere concern for the wellbeing of others, which in turn motivates an effort to want to make a difference. Hannes and others like him are very positive and he vows to continue the deliveries of food parcels to Zimbabwe. He told us that it is quite amazing that when he is stopped in road blocks in Zimbabwe and the police see his trucks they are most of the time very courteous and wave them on through without any problems, this is most encouraging to hear. Sometimes there are delays through Beitbridge but they are satisfactorily resolved and soon get under way again with delivery of the eagerly awaited food parcels. For Christmas and Easter something extra in the form of chocolates and a little something is added to each recipients parcel which is greatly appreciated by all. Hannes also works with some farmers in the south of Zimbabwe who supply venison and vegetables which he picks up enroute and delivers to a Home in Bulawayo where they are now able to provide a meal once a day to the residents. Outsiders who come in for a meal are not turned away but made to feel very welcome to partake in a meal too. Hannes's presentation on every aspect in the running of their highly effective organisation in achieving it's mission and the factual evidence that support it left no doubt in our minds that we had established a most worthy recipient of a donation we would make on behalf of all the members of RAWA. When Maureen handed Hannes a cheque made out to the Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund in the sum of AU$5000 he was visibly touched and clearly at a loss for words. Quickly regaining posture he thanked us for the totally unexpected generosity in the sizable amount, which according to Hannes was a huge amount and it placed us well amongst their top supporters. At the time this would change out to somewhere between 30 -32 thousand Rand.

About a week after our meeting with Hannes and while still in South Africa we received a parcel from the ZPSF in Malelane with some gifts in the form of Baseball type Caps with the words "Zim Pensioner Supporter" embroidered on them. But that was not all, there was a pile of actual letters and notes written on a variety of bits of paper, card and the backs of old envelopes.

I had my Notebook Computer with me in South Africa as it was my intention to put together a short report on the arrangements we made to hand deliver the RAWA donation. As it turned out the amount of information we were given on the fantastic job these folks are doing and all the deeply touching letters of thanks from so many of the pensioners that Hannes sent us we would need to spend a lot more time on putting something more substantial together, after all opportunities like this don't come up every day. Timing of course was not ideal as I needed to have access to somewhat more sophisticated resources, like those in my study back in Perth as can be seen in the photo above. The down side though is that we arrived back in Perth on the 3rd of June, but that's not all, on our return to Perth both of us came down with the flu and I was out of action for three days before managing to shake it. The unfortunate result is that this issue of the Bundu Times would be delayed. However I do believe the exercise we embarked on was well worth the relatively minor inconvenience caused. Bearing in mind too that our main mission is to ensure that your generous donations all contribute to providing the best possible support to Zimbabwe's old folks.

Editors: Pete van Aarde 8

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


Also a big thank you to Edna Minnie (nee Bloem) of Johannesburg, who knitted 30 pairs of bed socks for the frail care, (have included a photo of her) Also thank you to Nancy Goulding of Tzaneen for crocheting a number of knee blankets for the pensioners, she herself a pensioner in her 80s. All of you are “STARS� Please note, we appreciate all our donors, none are excluded. You are a wonderful group. May our Lord continue to bless you in every aspect of your lives. Once again, many, many thanks for your kindness and please keep us in your prayers. God Bless you all. Pastor Attie Botha. Cell +27829012291 Tel : +27153098594 Email This is the route Malvern Trust is going. A lot of the pensioners have no family who

The few hours we set aside for this meeting went by far too quickly, but we still managed to talk a bit more at the roadside where the truck was parked before Hannes had to depart on his 400Km trip back to Malelane, arriving home well into the night.

Coffins for the pensioners, some have their names on support them, so when they arrive at the Home all arrangements are made immediately in case something should happen. A speedy funeral has to be done as there are no storage facilities.

Some Christmas cheer


Proudly displaying their hamper contents

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


Each trip to Zimbabwe is logged and a comprehensive report compiled and published on the web site The following report is of their most recent trip done in April 2011.

Zim Apr 2011

Pastor Attie Botha.

Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund Report on April 2011 Trip to Zim

Monday 11th April –The two trucks left Malelane at about 8am, en route to Duiwelskloof to pick me up. Hannes and Les Brits doing the shorter trip to Bulawayo, and Boet Holmes and myself doing the longer trip to Harare. The trucks arrived in Duiwelskloof just after 3pm and after embarking it was on to Musina to spend the night there. We had supper in Musina with an old school friend of mine, Legrange Joubert, now known as “Joe”. Between him and his wife Hester we enjoyed a great meal then a good sleep at the Cameron’s, our wonderful hosts in Musina.

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successful trip to help the pensioners in Zimbabwe. I do not know if the plight of the average Zimbabwean has changed much over the past months, but the plight of the pensioners there has not changed at all. They still battle with food only available with foreign currency, and the farmers that used to assist the homes are now very often the occupants of these homes, and needing help themselves. The country side has changed for the better, there has definitely been good rain in many areas, and in many places the vegetation seems to have taken over the roads, with overhanging trees, and grass next to the road very tall. We did see some agricultural activity, especially in the North, but the rain seems to have departed before the crops were ready in some cases. The countryside in the South was more lush than I have seen it in some years, but the crops once again do not seem to be flourishing and another crop failure was recorded in many parts of the country. This was a fairly quick trip, as we needed to be finished before the long Easter weekend, but we achieved our aim – to deliver the goods!


The three drivers for the April trip: Boet, Les and Hannes

Edna Minnie knitting bed socks

Tuesday 12th April – Up early and ready for the marathon that is the crossing into Zimbabwe at Beitbridge! We refuelled from one of our new donors, Baobab Petroleum, run by Vissie and Doors Visser in Musina. The paper work was a bit slow but we still managed to get through the SA border by 11am, not too bad! Our truck weighed in at 16,180 Kg, and the other one about 12,000 Kg – all supplies for the pensioners donated by the good people who give so generously to the cause. We negotiated the Zim immigration fairly quickly and were through by 4pm. As a result we only got to Masvingo at 8pm, and were unable to do any off loads until the following day. We spent the night at the home of Gerhard and Trudie Burger, who were away in SA, but they organized food and beds for us. These are the wonderful people that host us in Zim – Lizabeth, their elderly servant, was there to help with whatever we needed, and after a good supper, and a very cold shower (no electricity) we had a good night’s sleep. Wednesday 13th April – Up early our first port of call was the Mucheke Home, and then on to Lulu McKenzie in town, to off load the supplies that she distributes to the Pioneer homes in Masvingo, with the help of Harry Watridge. Harry is a deaf pensioner who is ever ready to assist. Communicating with him is by sign language and lip reading and he is a very jovial soul so also a bag of laughs. He considers himself one of the “guys” as we have issued him with a ZPSF cap and a logo shirt. We also give him some fuel for his effort. We were on the road to Umvuma by 9am. We were headed for Kwe Kwe, but off loaded at Herbert Lee in Redcliff on the way. In Kwe Kwe were able to park the truck in the grounds of the Lynbrook Home for the night after handing out the individually marked hampers. 10

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

Hannes and Les did their route without any hiccups. Their route consists of doing Kings Haven Cottages in Esigodini, Verity Amm, Coronation cottages, Edith Duly, Queen Mary home, Barbara Burrell home for the blind Ralstein house, Masonic lodges, and SOAP in Bulawayo, Huisvergesig, Bogies Trust and SOAP in Gweru as well as MUUS Home in Sherugwe and with the help of John and Lyn D’Ewes serve the pensioners in private homes in Zvishavane. As with us, on the Harare route, he brought much joy to many of the oldies who were very happy with the delivery of our yearly drop of chocolate Easter eggs along with their hampers. The folk country wide, always ask us to thank YOU, the giving public of South Africa for your generosity. Yes, you need to come along on a trip to experience the awe and pain we get along with the gratitude. “A dozen avos for you to enjoy or some oranges, carrots from our garden, an ever ready with a cuppa, a hearty meal and a good bed. They who have so little are always ready to share. How long will we carry on with this task you ask? Until all the elderly in Zimbabwe are once again able to hold their heads up, backs straight and the stars in their eyes are all there because they have no need of us. “Pie in the sky” some say, but we live to see that day with them. Every trip we have the sad news that some of these special folk have passed on, and as said before they become our friends and family, and this trip was no different, On this trip we again covered more than 6,500 km using around 2000 litres diesel fuel serving 30 homes, kitchens & organizations, feeding close to 2,000 people who without your help would be facing starvation, their word, not ours. Once again we thank all our donors, supporters, well wishers and prayer warriors for your faithful support without which we cannot do. We do have quite a number of diabetic pensioners and to pack their boxes is more expensive, and with each trip we trust that we can pack a box for each one of them. So diabetics out there we are asking for your support even if you can sponsor 1 person each trip. Do contact the office and the exact number can be given to you and how much a box for a diabetic costs. People who stand out this month are the folk mentioned in Musina, Phil Kriek of Malelane for the work he did on the UD 80, servicing the injector pump and injectors and Rohan van den Berg for the new tyres for the UD 90 tag axle. RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


CONWAY’S BUTCHERY VISIT OUR STORE at Welshpool - 1/328 Orrong Road Tel.: (08) 9362 3623


The Best Outside Africa

The deliveries to the outsiders were done with a bakkie with Mel Tucker in control of this as Ken & Beda Connelly were away. Thursday 14th April - After a great breakfast cooked by the Connelly’s housemaid, Mel took us to the truck, and we loaded the empty boxes onto the truck, refuelled at Ken’s fuel depot, and onwards to Westview Home in Kadoma. Estelle’s son in law, Adrian, helped us in Kadoma, as Estelle was away. We were on our way to Sunningdale in Chinhoyi fairly quickly. This road is possibly the worst that we encountered (not that any of them are that good!) so after a very bumpy ride we arrived in Chinhoyi, off loaded the supplies, and were able to enjoy lunch with my cousin, Marie van Aswegan and after an extended lunch we were a bit late in leaving, so postponed the off loads in Harare until the next day, and went straight to park the truck for the night and on to our hosts – Phil and Claire Gilbert Green for a great evening –good company, great food and then a much needed sleep. Friday 15th April –We refuelled and made it to Mike and Marion Futter for the big Harare drop which includes 50 hampers for displaced farmers. We did very well –no “chit chat” and were on the road to Mutare by 10:15. We arrived in Rusape around 12pm to do the Rest Haven home and then on to Mutare arriving there just after 2pm, and were able to do the distribution to the 4 homes in the area fairly quickly, although there was no time for the tea or chat that we normally enjoy. We loaded all the empties, and were back at Des and Sally Becker’s home for supper to refresh and in bed by 6.45pm. Des & Sally were away, but their capable staff looked after us, thank you friends.

Boerewors (plain, garlic, Peri Peri and mustard), Eskort/Colcom, Pork & Beef Sausages, Biltong & Droewors, Sosaties, African-style Spicy Ribs, Peri Peri Chicken and all other cuts of meat, plus a large range of SA Groceries. Deliveries to most areas by arrangement Distributors:

Food Parcels being loaded

Scarfo’s Meats - Melville Osborne Park - Cape to Cairo Kalamunda Hills - Gourmet Deli Kingsley Meats - Shopping Centre Busselton – Cape Kitchen MasterCard, Visa and EFTPOS welcome Check out our website at:

Saturday 16th April – We needed a very early start as we had an off load at Chivhu, and then needed to get to Masvingo with time to load the rest of the empty boxes and pack the truck for the journey home. We left Mutare by 5am, and had off loaded at Chivhu by 8am. As our friends the Kirstein's had relocated to SA we now leave the hampers at the home of Piet and Freda de Klerk who will in future see to the distribution or the goods. They told us of a better road from Chivhu to Masvingo, and it turned out very well, with a good surface and nice views. At Masvingo we were able to load empties, and enjoy a quiet afternoon. We had a good supper with Gerhard and Trudi who were back from their trip to SA. Sunday 17th April – A very early start to our day – up by 3am and on the road by 4. It was a bumpy ride as always – made worse by the truck being empty, and a bit more traffic than we normally encounter, but we were in Beitbridge by 8am. When we got to the border we were very surprised to see fewer than normal trucks there, and we had what must go down as the fastest crossing ever – less than 2 hours from start to finish!! Hannes and Les were just arriving at the border as we cleared, so we were able to meet them at the garage just outside Musina for hamburgers and chips – and to celebrate another (Continued on page 15)


RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


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RAWA Bundu Times issue 171

RAWA Bundu Times issue 171


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