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RAWA Bundu Times issue 170



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Editor’s Column First and foremost, Apologies for the rather late release of this edition of the Bundu Times. Unfortunately this was due to some urgent private affairs requiring both Maureen's and my full attention over the past few weeks. Just a reminder that there are additional copies of the Bundu Times available at $3 each, these can be requested from the Administrator. We once again ask our members, their families and friends to please support our advertisers. For a few months reports or updates from SOAP seemed to be getting a thin, so we decided to take a closer look at the situation and report back to our members. On page 16 you will find a pretty comprehensive list of parties involved in quite an extensive network in the whole aid programme. This information is available on the Internet and anyone with access to the Internet can verify Data and claims themselves. I can personally assure our members, the latter is exactly what I did. I researched each and every organisation, Trust, Fund, and all parties mentioned in the article on page 16. All the parties mentioned check out, and I must say they are doing an amazing job. I probably spent a full day on the internet following cross references between the various organisations and their Global ties. I did find quite a lot of typo's in the report and miss spelt names, places etc. which has all (99%) been corrected on page 16. Anyone having a go at this will verify... One can spend weeks on this and be amazed at how huge the Global Rhodesian/Zimbabwean networks are.

Editor: Pete van Aarde

Rhodie recipe Chicken and Noodle Dish Ingredients 2kgs 250g 250g 1 1 1

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contact details for her or knows her whereabouts and / or her surname now, that would be great, thanks. Contact: Anne Cowell (nee Hendry) - CLAIRE and JULIET (nee) SMART. They were from Lesbury, Headlands/Rusape. I have lost touch, and would love to hear of or from them again. Contact: Anthony Cross - HARRY & BEV WATSON. I last had contact in Harare in 2004, please contact Dave & Terry. Contact: Dave Madden - MCMASTER FAMILY. Condy married Jeanie, Bobby, Melody married Frankie Ricardo. They will remember the Engelbrecht family in Sipolilo. Anyone know of their whereabouts? Contact: Rhona Farndell - PETER & TRISH MOORE . From Bulawayo. He went to Milton, lived in Hillside Bulawayo and his father, Rion Moore. Was the organist for the Methodist church in Hillside. Peter is a jeweller and moved to Scotland. He is the Godfather to one of my children. Contact: Allan Ross-Smith - BOBBY LITTLE. Would be around 53/54. Has an older brother John and sisters Eileen and I think Jean. lived with sister Eileen, went to Churchill Boys High school. Was in Engineers Corp Brady Barracks. Contact: Debbie Herbst (nee Pinnick) - TIGS EDDINGTON. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of Tigs, my French teacher at UBHS? Is he still alive, or has he ascended to the great Cadet parade ground in the sky? Contact: John Valentine - GEORGIE THOMPSON. From Bulawayo. Had a sister Lorraine who worked for CABS and a younger brother Lionel. Contact: Lorraine du Toit - WILLIAM F (BILLY) HUMPHRIES. Came to Southern Rhodesia from Dundalk, Ireland in 1952. Worked in the Treasury, at first the Federal Treasury in 58. In 1960 went to the Ministry of Agriculture. Contact: Frederick Kramer - or BRUCE JOHNSON. We were at Fairbridge Junior School together in the early 60's. He lived at Cement Siding where his father worked. Contact: Ivan (Rocky) Stone - MALCOLM EVANS. Ex Byo. We were at Hamilton High School together. Contact: Ivan (Rocky) Stone - EDDIE VAN SKALKWYK . From Gwelo. He stayed with John Cooney. Lost contact in 82. Thanks, Dennis. Contact: Dennis Shaw -



Potroast chicken until cooked and remove all the bones. Boil noodles until soft. Fry onion and green pepper in a little cooking oil until slightly brown. Add chicken and mushrooms, bring to the boil for about 15 minutes or until all or most liquids have boiled away. The noodles and grated cheese are added just before serving.

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Ask for a copy of our practice profile and most recent client newsletter

Mrs. A. Scott 2

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


Where are they Now? - RWW (distribution e-mail) FRED and COOKIE HAMILTON. They lived in Bulawayo 1972. They had 2 children. If I remember correctly Fred was at Brady Barracks at some time. Thanks. Contact: Rhona Farndell - GEORGE ROMILLY. Originally from Bulawayo, Godfather to my son Simon, does anyone know where he is now? Contact: Fran Bowen - RICHARD CLAPHAM. Was thinking back to my dorm buddies in Milner House, Plumtree. Any idea where or what became of Richard - farming family? Contact: Rob Matthews - ANDREA MORLEY. She lived with her parents, during the early to mid 70's, on a farm, 'Hidden Valley ' close to the Henderson Research station just above Mazoe Dam outside of Salisbury in those years. Her parents, both now deceased, were Chris and Joey Morley. I last heard that Andrea was in the UK somewhere. I am trying to contact her with a view to identifying her father’s grave in the area, known as Glen Dale. Any leads would be highly appreciated and kept in confidence. Contact: Derek Smythe - HAZEL WESLEY. (Her maiden name). Lived in Bulawayo. Has a sister called Susan. Both were my bridesmaids in 1981. Lived a few houses up from me in Shetland Drive when in junior school. Contact: Linda Jennings (nee Bruens) - ROSS and LIZZIE HINDE. Formerly of Saffron Walden Farm, Norton, now based in Cape Town. Also their daughter Angie Berkhout. Last I knew she was farming in Zambia. My computer crashed and I have lost their email addresses. Many thanks to anyone who can let me have their email or postal addresses. Contact: Sue van Rossum - HENDRICK LESSING. Any assistance in helping me find him would be appreciated. Contact: Gadie Lessing McBride - MIKE HARLEN. Worked for Gifford/Milton/CBC/Girl's. Last known to be in Karratha, Australia. I have come across an elderly relative of his, who would like to make contact. Contact: Paul Hodgskin - LUKE McLINDEN. Rhodesian Air force. New Serum. Lived in Bulawayo. Last saw him in 1980. Any news would be good. Contact: Emma Vasalatis - DAVID AND MICHEAL HAVENGA. From Bulawayo, David is now married to Carla Struik, Please help find our relatives who moved to South Africa 1980. Contact: Carla Struik now Havenga - KEVIN WATSON. Would probably be about 49/50 now had an older brother Andrew and Mother Barbara. Lived in Greendale Salisbury. Contact: Debbie Herbst (nee Pinnick) - MERLE WROE. Re-married in Zambia 1970? nee Snodgrass of Luanshya. Worked Barclays Bank Mufalira, Salisbury, Ndola, & Amoco in Kitwe. Sister Dawn. Contact: Bob Hickley - Dr. DANGAS. I used to work for him in 1974 I met his Son Spiros Dangas. Somebody can give me any information? Also did anybody used to know my father Claudio Casagrande from Bulawayo? Contact: Fiammetta Cristina CASAGRANDE (Italia) - BARBARA LOOSEY. She lived on a farm outside of Gwelo. Contact: Marcus Proome - MARGARET THORBURN. Lived in Bradfield, Bulawayo. Married 'Rocky' but can't remember his surname. Lost contact in the late 1960's. Friends with my sister Yvonne (Thomson) and myself, Jen (McMahon). Our maiden name was Underwood. Would love to catch up again. Contact: Jen McMahon - BRIDGET HENDERSON . She wrote M levels at Oriel Girls' High School in 1976. She lived in Borrowdale. I don't know if she got married (and changed her surname), or where she lives now. If anyone has


RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

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Condolences to family and friends of Lambert Truran who passed away on the 16th March 2011.

Classifieds "Shala Mushe" means "Stay nice". One thing is for sure, you will have a "Nice Stay" at Don & Doreen Bredenkamp's Margaret River cottage, the "Shala Mushe". So... if your looking to flee the rat race, you can, escape to a cottage retreat amongst the peppermint trees where the wildlife magically appears at dawn and dusk to graze and forage around you, where trees whisper peaceful tunes of the bush freedom and nightfall gently reveals the magnificent Starlit heavens against an inky black sky untainted by city lights and a polluted atmosphere. Immerse your soul in the tranquility… Close your eyes and let your thoughts take you back to your paradise, wherever it may be. All this and you're only an Owl's hoot from the delights of central Margaret River. Once you have experienced the exclusivity of a stay at Shala Mushe you will appreciate why this gem of a place is not commercially advertised, price and availability on request. Don & Doreen rent their cottage to bona fide RAWA Members and recommended ex Africans Chat to them on 08 9757 9718 Overseas callers dial +61 8 9757 9718 My name is Christine Page and I own a bookshop in Mosman, Sydney. I organise a monthly reading group at Bathers Pavilion a local restaurant. I try to invite a speaker to our meetings. We usually get about 50 people. We are going to discuss Peter Godwin's books and I would love someone to come and talk to us. Is there anyone in Sydney that you could put me in touch with? Sorry to trouble you but it is such a fascinating and troubling subject that I feel the more we know the better. Regards, Chris Page:

Times are tough  The Mafia are laying off judges and Police Commissioners.  Congress says they are looking into the Bernard Madoff scandal. Oh Great!! The guy who

made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear! RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


M'dala’s February Meeting: Welcome: Attendance: Apologies: Visitors: New Members: Teas: Next month’s teas: Door Raffle:

February 2011 My quote for the day “Nothing ventured, nothing gained – but many opportunities missed”. 37 Dave de Salis, John & Margaret Seward, Charles and Adel Scott, Alice & Keith Waddacor, Margaret Wilcox, the Osborns, Joan & Mick Davis. Vivian Hedge, Moira Shaw, Sheila Kennedy, N/A Thanks to Olga McNielage, Carol Clapham & Arthur Hutson for a great tea . Volunteers for Feb 2011 were Faye Petmazaki, Aoifa Ludlow. Thanked Don for doing the door and asked our guest Vivian Hedge to draw the raffle which was won by Ruth Whyte.

Update on Zimbabwe Current News. The chairman briefed the members on the content of the BBC’s Hard talk interview with Roy Bennet the MDC’s Party Treasurer and Roving Ambassador. Although a nominated MDC Government Minister he has never been able to take up his post. The main tenet of the interview ranged around the fact that the MDC had entered into Government with the ZANU (PF) against their better judgement, but rather at the insistence of the SADAC Group. Bennet described the action as a process which may take considerably longer yet. In his view, historically, it took a considerable number of years to dislodge an entrenched dictator such as Mugabe.

RAWA The editor of the Bundu Times has requested more photo’s of our activities. The thumbnail sketches (Buddy Coates & Don Briers ) were reported. The editor also brought to our attention the fact that we should be extremely well balanced when commenting on the political situation in Zimbabwe.

Future events Bundu Times notes: 27th February 2011 as the RAWA AGM, held at the Administrator Doug & Jackie Capper's premises, 1 Byron Court, Kallaroo.

Planned events Dates still to be advised, watch the Bundu Time social calendar. Winter luncheon. Garage sale. Sunday luncheon at the High Wycombe Tavern.

Our Poet Mike Bray Mike read another of his poems to much laughter and enjoyment.

Other Matters The Chairmen brought to the notice of the members that Kerriann Shipster – an ex Zimbabwean is doing research into the development of white Rhodesian national identity. She would like to interview as many RAWA members as possible. She is prepared to guarantee anonymity and confidentiality. I intend to contact her and will report back – perhaps even invite her to a Madala’s meeting!


RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


Business Directory ADVERTISERS Active Migration Australia Africa Travel Co Cape to Cairo Conway’s Butchery Welshpool Chartwells Chartered Accountants Zebra’s African Food-Steakhouse NAME Tom Lane Laurie Malton Paddy Belstead Toby King Sue Bezuidenhout Rose Pritchard Paddy Parker Pat Dunne John Pritchard Hillary Lane Paddy Belstead Linda Davidson Marlene Pearson Vivien Jolliffe Tony Illman

TRIPS and OUTINGS SPECIALITY Migration Agent Travel Fax South African Delicacies Fax Butchery Business - Tax - Planning Licensed Steakhouse Tue-Sat

PROFESSION / SKILL Accountant [CA], Reg. Tax Agent Boat - Ocean Boat Hire Kalbarri CAD Innovations, Computer Drafting Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Cleaning - Enjo Consultant Jandakot Cleaning - Microfibre cleaning cloth Electrical contractor (license No. EC002144) Electrical Services (License No. EC 004515) Mobile: Fund-raising for Not-for-Profit Orgs Natural Medicine - Practitioner Photocopying, Perfect Copy Psychologist (Counselling) - M Psych MAPS Reflexologist / Thermomix Remedial tuition Trailer mounted Cool-room / Freezer hire

TELEPHONE +61 8 9447 2226 +61 8 9421 1720 +61 8 9221 2531 9242 4221 9242 1608 9362 3623 9481 0075 9330 6357 TELEPHONE 9481 0075 9937 2043 9321 0600 0411 884 833 9414 1193 9245 2830 9448 5282 9402 1610 0419 935 410 9245 2830 9383 7930 9226 4855 0422 203 366 0405 245 742 9446 5418 9331 1165

A Christian lady is sending second-hand clothing to Zimbabwe for 5 orphanages. Other items are sold to fund postage. “Colleen Smith” If anyone is going to Zimbabwe in the near future please contact Colleen

None planned although members were encouraged to support the Main Committee functions.

Thumbnail Histories of Members (couples or singles) so we all know where you are coming from. Arthur Hutson amused members of certain aspects of his former life. He was born in 1918 – attended 7 different schools – was brought up in the era of good manners eg standing up when a member of the opposite sex entered the room, walking on the traffic side of the road to protect the lady from the mud splashed up by passing vehicles. Opening doors for the ladies, etc. When he married his wife both were relatively young and those that “know” did not give the marriage long – as he pointed out 68 & a half years was not long enough. Sylvia presented the current chairman with a token to thank him for the chairing the Meetings over the last 2 years. She also told a couple of jokes.

New Chairman Midge Carter the incoming chairman followed up with a couple of jokes and the meeting closed at 11.25am

Meeting close - 11:25 AM Chairman (outgoing): Bill Johnstone

M'dala’s March Meeting: Welcome:

Attendance: Apologies: Visitors: Teas: Next month’s teas: Door Raffle:

March 2011 As today was my first day "on the job" I first gave a condensed history of my background. It will be quite a challenge to follow Bill & Sylvia who both have given so much to the Association and will continue to do so. On your behalf I thank Bill again for his splendid efforts during the past 2 years. 35 Tom O'Connor, Micky & Flo Danke, Margaret Craft, Abe & Charlotte Shulman, Ruth Sherliker, Keith Waddacor. Apologies - visitors names were not recorded. Our thanks to Aoifa Ludlow, Fay Petmazaki and Val Davies for a generous array of food. Apologies - not recorded Thanked Don for doing the door and Dave de Salis for his diligent tidying up after every meeting. Raffle winner not recorded

Update on Zimbabwe

Life today  You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three.  You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.  Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail

addresses.  You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.  Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't even have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it. 20

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

Current News. The Chairman read a recent email from Cathy Buckle in which she relates her dismay that 24 hours after the earthquake in Japan, ZBC news had still not reported it although 50 other countries had already offered their support. She reports that a growing number of senior MDC officials and civic activists were being arrested.

Poet Mike Bray Mike Bray had us laughing as usual with his poem and a selection of jokes were read.

Sue Bray's memoirs Sue gave a most enjoyable talk about some of the fascinating events of her life. Sue's memoirs as told by her also make a good read, see the article "My Fortunate Life" by Sue Bray on page 6

Chairman: Midge Carter RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


My fortunate life - by RAWA Member Sue Bray I was born in a village called Southwick on the coast of Sussex, between Brighton and Worthing. I was the youngest of 4 children with an English father and a half French mother. I had a very happy childhood as my father had retired from business in Jamaica and Barbados to England and so was at home all the time to take us on outings and the beach where my love of the sea and beaches was born. I attended the small Froebel school at the top of our street with my sister who is 2 yrs older than me. Our 2 brothers were much older than us, my eldest brother being 14 yrs older than me was idolized by me and I was spoilt by him. We are still very close today even though like the rest of my family they live in England. He and his family have been here often and 3 yrs ago they were all here for his 90th Birthday. When I was nine war broke out and my sister and I were evacuated to the United States because of the fear of invasion. This evacuation scheme was organized by an American committee and we were sent with our escorts to Liverpool and then across the Atlantic on a northern sea route dodging the U-boats and the icebergs. We landed in Montreal and then were sent by train to Boston where we stayed at Wellesley College for ladies until we were paired off with a family. To us this was all a great adventure, but it wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I realized how devastating this must have been for my Mum and Dad. They didn’t know how long we would be away or if they would ever see us again. It must have been particularly worrying for them when they heard that the ship which left before ours was torpedoed and all the children lost. They were not told which ship we were on or when it had left so it was a great relief when they heard we had arrived safely. As a result of that tragedy ours was the last ship to carry evacuees to the States. The family we lived with for 4 yrs were absolutely marvellous to us. There was a boy and girl a little older than we were and they had applied to host a boy and girl but when they took us out for the day we must have behaved ourselves as they decided to adopt us for the duration of the war. They were a very wealthy family and extremely generous. There was a very big house just outside Boston with many servants of Irish and Scottish descent, a large summer house at Cape Cod with a boat house which housed many types of sailing yachts as Uncle Gregg was an international yachtsman and later became an Olympic judge. There was also a hobby farm in New Hampshire where we spent some of the winter holidays. We were treated exactly the same as their own children, the best schools, best medical attention, Piano and riding lessons, and summer camps etc We had our own bicycles, sailing dinghies, kayaks, ice skates, skies etc., not to mention all the new American clothes that were bought for us on arrival so that we would not feel different. Truly wonderful people who’s generosity didn’t end there as a trip was organized for my sister and her new husband back to America where they were given a car and all expenses paid to cross to California and back. A similar gesture was given to Mike and I which was a trip round the western canyon lands of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. When we returned home just before the end of the war it was very difficult to adjust to high school as at that time America was a very isolationist country and I had only learned American history, American geography and no foreign languages. Even the spelling was different, so I had to take up world history, world geography, and Latin and French. I managed to get through my School Certificate and applied for a nursing course at St George’s Hospital London which in those days was at Hyde Park Corner in the centre of London, a great place to be when young. As I had to wait until I was 18 to start my training I went to Sweden for a month to stay with a family in the south to teach and talk English with them as the father was about to go to America as the Swedish Ambassador. When they left for America I decided to stay on and got a job in Stockholm for 5 months as a children’s Nanny. It was during my training that I met the love of my life! A very romantic meeting I might add! I was working on a medical ward at the time where we were assigned 2-3 patients to look after and write up case histories of. The medical students also had the same sort of training and there was a small room off the ward where we did all our testing of specimens for diabetics etc. and wrote up our case histories. When a new group of medical students arrived on the ward the nurses all got


RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

Continued from page 15 The Administrators Report for the past year 2010 was prepared, presented and read to everyone present by RAWA Administrator Doug Capper.

Administrators Report for 2010

Another year has come and gone. We now know that the Bundu Times printing costs are steadily rising each year as are postage, telephone and internet usage and of course food and beverage costs for all our functions but we have coped very well considering. So no real doom and gloom for 2010. All went very well with a fairly good outcome. So the good news we managed to balance our books again, but only just. Our overall profit after costs ended in a net positive result of $274 up from $201 last year. In short, our current account stands at $2725 plus our fixed deposit of $8257 less a accumulated amount of $3103 owing out for the Zimbabwe Charity Aid fund (SOAP/ZANE). Our overall interest earned on our fixed deposit was up at $390 plus $94 from our accumulated daily deposit and a $11.65 tax refund with Police and Nurses Credit Society giving us a total of $496 up from $277 last year. More good news is that our fixed deposit has now risen to a sum of $8257 up from $7867 last year. Our overall situation has now improved with our switch to the Police and Nurses Credit Society as we now earn interest on our daily balance some $94 for 12 months with only a small management fee each month of $2.95. It has again been a big surprise that the level of donations to both the Association and to the Aged Charities fund still continues. Concern was raised that with pleas for aid for the Aged Homes in Zimbabwe, all donations would be drawn away from the Association to our detriment and this year, this has very much been the case. Members have still been generous and donated some $415 to the Association (down from $1162 last year) again very much needed, funds for the Aged in Zimbabwe for 2010 came in at $4238 boosted by some very generous benefactors and by a very successful Garage sale which raised a whopping $1183 alone. A carryover of $3705 from 2009 which brought the total up to $8103. A good effort all round. Another $5000 was sent over in May 2010 and of note $5000 was also sent over in 2009 and some $4000 in 2008. With hopefully more donations coming in during 2011 and again once the funds have risen to around $5000 this sum will again be sent over to SOAP/ZANE. All our expenses have still been well contained including the Bundu Times printing, postage and general expenses. Bank charges and interests have been erratic as most members are aware but still good overall. Our advertising budget though good in 2009 was very much down from $1121 to only $595 in 2010. Here again we welcome the valuable support our advertisers have given to the Association, for most over many years. We thank them and urge all our members to support them. All in all, our financial position remains reasonably stable. Though our Membership is still steadily declining for one reason or another which affects our subscription income, we still managed to gain some new or returning members. A more detailed account is provided in the Financial Statements. My thanks once again go to Tom Lane a staunch member who, for no charge, carefully scrutinizes our financial situation and ensures we manage the Association’s finances correctly. Here I remind members that Tom has reviewed our financial management for many years, again a proud record. Your elected 2010 committee consisting of myself Doug Capper, Pat Dunne, Sylvia Holborn, Pete and Maureen Van Aarde and along with our M'dala's Chairperson Bill Johnstone provided good functions throughout the year like the AGM, Anzac March, Spring Potjie Picnic at Whiteman Park, Winters lunch at the India Restaurant the Kababina Palace in Joondalup, Garage sale and the Christmas BBQ in Kings Park. All functions have been well managed and ran not only within budget but also helped raise more funds for RAWA and the Aged Homes. Costs were well managed by our hard working committee and most function outlays were covered by raffles and donations. A good result all round. During 2010 our editors Pete and Maureen Van Aarde held the reins and produced quality Bundu Times, and as you can see still within budget. By all accounts the M’dala's group are holding their own very well, as no doubt Bill will soon report on. As can be seen the Association is still ticking along fairly well and this is attributed to the dedication of all your Committee members and also by all our Association’s members. We always ask for more members on Committee. You can nominate now or you can nominate any time during the year and you will be most warmly welcomed. I now look forward to a challenging 2011 and beyond. I have said it before and I will say it again the Rhodesian spirit in Perth is still alive and well.

Editor: Pete van Aarde RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


their hair done, and put on as much make-up as we were allowed and somehow got partnered off, so when anyone asked me “where did you meet your husband?” if I knew them well enough I could say in the pee cupboard in the hospital.! Very romantic!! The medical school and the doctors cottage was between the nurses home in Knightsbridge and there was much climbing over the roof tops between the houses, the result being we were married in 1952 in Wimbledon. As soon as Mike qualified he had to do 2 yrs National Service but by signing on for a short service commission of 3 yrs he qualified for married quarters and an overseas posting so we spent one year at RAF Oakington, just outside Cambridge, and then we had 2 great years with our two sons in Singapore. We had a wonderful social life with servants and so I was able to go back to work part time at the RAF base helping to run a clinic for families of service personnel who were mostly Australian and New Zealanders. This lifestyle rather spoilt us for life back in England with Mike working under the National Health Scheme so as his family had already moved to Southern Rhodesia we followed in 1958, where another son and daughter were added to the family. Mike loved the experience of working in African Hospitals in the country where he was the only doctor for about 300K with several outside clinics to visit, major surgery to do, sometimes with only an African orderly as the anaesthetist. After ten years of Government service we bought a private practice and our first home in Umtali on the Mozambique border. Again the lifestyle was good and with servants I was able to go back to work again part time as practice manager and filling in for the sister, bookkeeper, and receptionist when they were on leave. When the war started against Mugabe’s terrorist army two of our sons were called up in the Rhodesian army and our third son due to go after his last year at school, it became obvious that with no support from Britain they were fighting a lost cause so we moved to Australia in 1977. Again we started life in the country as the financial restrictions in Rhodesia meant we were only able to bring $1000.00 for our family of 6, so there was no money to buy into a practice or a house. The Shire of Goomalling sponsored us and Mike’s contract was for two years but there must have been something good about the country lifestyle as we stayed for 12 years. As there was an anaesthetist in Toodyay at the time Mike was able to continue with some surgery and obstetrics but the first few years were hard, suddenly going from a staff of 6 in the surgery there was just Him and Me! When the children were married and settled in Perth except for one son living in S. Africa with his family, we moved to Perth and Mike took a year off work and we went round Australia with our caravan. When we returned to Perth he did locum work including country locums and this enabled us to spend 3-4 months of the winter up north in our caravan when he wasn’t working. He eventually retired in 1997 We now have 8 grandchildren, 6 living in Perth and two in London where our son and family moved to from South Africa. He was here for another visit last Xmas again thanks to the generosity of his brothers and sister and so like a true mother hen with all her chicks around I’m sure I feel I have had a very fortunate life.

By: Sue Bray

Words of wisdom  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different

results"  "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler"  "Curiosity has its own reason for existence"  "Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the

hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. "

By - Albert Einstein. 18

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


Books by RAWA members

“A book crammed with humour & heartache, adventure & industry, combat & love.”


orn on the flat roof of a house in Omdurman, Sudan in 1931, Denis Petmezaki has battled the odds throughout his varied and inspiring life.

From London during the Blitz, to the Rhodesian Bush War and the terrors of the Mugabe regime and finally on to Britain and Australia, he has overcome every obstacle. Available from Sid Harta Publishers: Ph 08 9572 1621 or e-mail for details

This is what a few Aussie Authors had to say after reading Denis's book Rene Gahn "Denmark and all" - "This book of zest is fire in the belly stuff". 'Three quarters of a century of brilliant adventure'. 'A life crammed full of loving family, smart business and vicious war'. 'I cannot help but think how much happened to him that was out of his control'. 'I feel pleased for his future generations that he has written this story'. 'This writer convinces that with some luck and good fortune, mixed with a touch of effort, anyone can achieve anything'. 'Such an exciting true story of a life beyond the writer's control'. 'A good book is a fond companion and this proves the case beyond doubt'. 'Whether you like war or peace, love or hate, business or pleasure, success or failure - it's all in these pages'. 'A book crammed with humour and heartache, adventure and industry, combat and love'.

Carol De Cadenet "Blood Moon" - "This author has sucked the juice from the marrow

Verity Amm, Pensioners in their own homes. Gweru Huisvergesig Old Age Home, Bogies Trust, Pensioners in their own homes, Jacaranda House Shurgwe Muus Lodge, Pensioners in their own homes. Zvishavane Mimosa Cottages, Pensioners in their own homes. Masvingo Pioneer Trust, Macheke Old People's Home, Pensioners in their own homes. Chivhu Pensioners in their own homes Mutare Eastern Highlands Trust, Murambi Cottages, Park Cottages, SOAP Mutare. Chipinga Pensioners in their own homes. Rusape Resthaven Cottages. Bindura Mazoe Valley Trust. Muvwri Malvern Trust. Chinhoyi Sunningdale Trust. Karoi Pensioners in their own homes. Kariba Pensioners in their own homes. Harare Water Falls Trust. Kadoma West View Trust, Pensioners in their own homes. Kwe Kwe Lynbrook Old Age Home, Pensioners in their own homes. Redcliff Hubert Lee Cottages, Pensioners in their own homes. Food is at times supplied to Barkley Block in Bulawayo, Borradaile Trust in M a ro n d era , Sh urg we Muus Lodge and Greenways Trust in Chegutu. We appreciate any and all support received as every little bit helps us to assist the Aged Angels of Zimbabwe.

of life and will inspire others to do the same".

Wendy O Hanlon "Acres Australia" - "It’s like a hand-written letter from an old friend. This is an intelligent insightful emotional work worthy of a readers’ attention".


 In the pinball game of life, his flippers were a little further apart than most  Bleach mixed wrong, should be 2 parts blond and 1 part dumb, not the other way around  Couldn't pour the water out of a boot with instructions on the heel 8

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

The late Norman Nimmo, doing what he loved best

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


Where are our Funds going?

Trip to New Zealand - by RAWA Member Margaret Seward.

All funds are received, receipted and then passed on by Hope Unlimited Inc (, a US based charity. Organizations that we currently provide funding to:

When the earthquake hit Christchurch we recognised much of the city centre for we were there ten days before. But let me start at the beginning. To escape the endless heat of Perth, John and I took a fourteen day cruise from Melbourne aboard the Dawn Princess, around New Zealand. We set sail on Saturday 29 th January and the next three days were spent on board crossing the Tasman Sea. We did of course during that time have drill calling us to our “Muster Points,” should the need arise for us to disembark in a hurry or to take the lifeboats which hung above the promenade deck. From 9.30 a.m. until late at night all sorts of activities and entertainment were available to the passengers so there was never any time when on board to feel bored. There were two theatres and each night there was a show in each of them and they were outstanding. We went round the north of New Zealand in the night and on the morning of Wednesday 2nd February we arrived in Auckland. Waiting for us on the dock there were Dick and Lynn Hopper friends of ours from our days in Chipinga in the 1960s who have lived in Auckland for many years now. With them we went on a ferry boat to Half Moon Bay which is the ferry terminal for their suburb of Howick where we picked up their car. It was lovely to see them again and to hear their news. They took us for a drive around their area which was lovely and green with undulating hills and valleys. We found a lovely restaurant where we had lunch. There was a stream nearby and from the debris on the banks we could see it had been very high recently. They told us that they had also had heavy rain when Queensland was flooded but not to the same extent as there. It was sad to say goodbye after such a short visit but we had much to look forward to. Next day saw us in Tauronga. Many of the passengers took off for Rotarua but we had been there on our last visit to New Zealand so took the tour to a kiwi fruit farm and what an interesting trip that was. Again we saw the signs of the recent rain with ditches at the sides of the road full of water and a few low swampy areas. There was much sweet corn being grown which surprised us. The kiwi fruit farm we visited was very, very interesting. The plants are grown on wire trellises of about 180cm high in parallel rows and perhaps 2 metres apart. There is also wire across the top of the rows joining them forming a tunnel. The plants runners are grown across the top the kiwi fruit when it grows hangs down from there making it easy to pick. In the Tauronga area there are around 2500 kiwi fruit farms so it is big business there. Next day we tied up in Napier. We were not on a tour here so took the shuttle bus into the town. In 1931 Napier was hit by an earthquake and totally destroyed but the hardy people who lived there rebuilt their city and followed the architectural style of Art –Deco and made a great job of it. We liked Napier very much. Our next stop was Wellington the capital of New Zealand. Here we did take a tour and our first stop was Parliament House. It is a lovely building and we were impressed by it. Then on to the botanical garden which was very nice but it was here disaster struck! When it was time to leave the bus would not start! The driver got out and had a look at the engine and drivers from other buses had a look and later a mechanic who arrived had a look but all to no avail. The bus would not start. Eventually a relief bus was sent and we continued on our tour. We later were told that the trouble was the starter motor had packed up. Our next stop was the museum but of course we were late for our guided tour so we had a quick briefing of Maori cultural items and that we found interesting and then we were treated to meal of Maori food.

THE BORRADAILE TRUST More than 90% of our residents are supported either by family, friends or welfare organisations. A very good association - ZANE - a British based welfare organisation are fantastic in the number of pensioners they support in Zimbabwe, but they are feeling the pinch and cannot support the numbers they used to in the past. In the days when real money was short in Zimbabwe, US$40 would pay for all a person's needs for a month. It is now costing upwards of US$400 per month for someone to survive. We have plus/minus 150 residents at present, and can go up to 180 when fully occupied. We have 3 different schemes. "A" scheme, cottage residents who are fully self catering, have a small garden, and are generally fit and healthy. "B" scheme, which consists of serviced bed-sit apartments, and fully catered for 3 meals per day. "C" scheme, nursing home, where patients have 24 hour care by trained staff. "C" scheme is our biggest eater of funds, due to the number of staff required. We are situated on 20 odd hectare of ground, giving a very pleasant country type environment, but also costs to maintain. There is also a small private hospital on the premises, very well run, and is for the benefit of the community of Marondera as a whole. It is of course a huge benefit to our residents as well. Regards, Anton Lues Warden - The Borradaile Trust, P Bag 3795, Marondera, Zimbabwe.

THE M'DALA TRUST Located in Cape Town, the Trust assists some 39 Rhodesian Pensioners on a monthly basis. In addition to a R900 Grocery Card, they are also helped with various medical, dental and other services as needed.

RENEWAL MINISTRIES Based in Marlborough, Harare, this faith-based organization helps scores of Pensioners on a monthly basis..

ZIMBABWE PENSIONERS SUPPORT FUND We supply food parcels to Old Age homes all over Zimbabwe. There are also numerous articles on the Web about our organization. We are an officially registered Non Profit Organization (Section 21) in South Africa and are registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organization in terms of section 18A the Income Tax Act in others words all donations receive a tax deductible certificate. I have attached a short list of homes that we currently support in Zimbabwe. We also support SOAP in Bulawayo and have helped to set up a system similar to SOAP in Gweru, Zvishavane, Masvingo, Redcliff, Kwe Kwe and Kadoma to cater for pensioners that are not in old age homes as well. By all means contact us, ask for more information, which we will gladly supply you with. And then please support our old Rhodesian pensioners who have nowhere to go. Our web page is; all updates regarding what we do and how it is achieved are also loaded directly onto our site. We are situated in Malelane in Mpumalanga (Near the Kruger National Park) and welcome everyone to come and see our warehouse facilities.

This is a list of homes we support with just over 1600 people being supplied with food: Esigodini Kinghaven Moth Cottages, Bulawayo Edith Duly Nursing Home, Queen Mary House, Barbra Burrell Home, Railsteen House, Masonic Cottages Trust, SOAP Bulawayo, 16 RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


Wellington was full of people particularly young people and we discovered the reason for this was that the World Rugby Seven-a-side teams of sixteen countries were being played there that day. The spectators were in fancy dress each group trying to outdo the others but all heading in one direction, to the stadium. At the end of a busy day back to the ship we returned and goodbye to the North Island. Next day saw us in the South Island and we docked in Lyttleton the port for Christchurch. There is a range of coastal hills between Lyttleton and Christchurch but a tunnel has been built through and that is the route we took in our tour bus. When we got to the Christchurch side of the tunnel the driver took us up a hill so that we could get a good view of the city and see the Canterbury plain and in the distance the Southern Alps. The plan was good but Christchurch was having a very hot, humid day 36C, very unusual for that city and by the time we had walked from the bus to the viewing point, admired the view and returned to the bus we were all perspiring greatly. We were expecting to cool off in the bus but this bus did not have air-conditioning for as the driver explained heat like this was very rare there. Anyway on to the city we went for our tour there and that we all enjoyed very much. Many of the buildings damaged in the September 2010 earthquake were pointed out to us and the repair work being done to them and as I said at the beginning when the second earthquake struck recently and TV coverage showed streets and buildings there we recognized much of it. We were supposed to carry on down the coast to Dunedin and then on to the fjords but that night the Captain told us that as there was a very high swell down south we would no longer be going there but to Picton on the north of the South Island and so the next morning we tied up there. Picton is very picturesque on a lovely bay surrounded by mountains. It is also the terminal for the ferry from the North Island and sure enough in due course the ferry boat arrived and tied up beside us. Sea planes are also used as a means of transport between the many islands in that area and we saw them arrive and take off in the bay. We spent a very happy last day there in New Zealand and that night we set sail for Australia and arrived back safely in Melbourne on the 12 th of February. It was a lovely, lovely holiday with temperatures just right (except in Christchurch) for us to enjoy our tours to the full and the cruise ship was wonderful too.

Continued from page 11 These papadum things are really damn good!

RAWA member and author Anne Moore (above centre) kindly donated $5 to SOAP for every one of her books sold at the AGM. Anne is the author of two books, "Tatenda" and "On Kalahari Sands". Both book are a great read and are available directly from Anne or via the Bundu Times editors. Hope they leave me some!

By: Margaret Seward


 A termite walks into a bar and says "is the bar tender here?"  A pair of cows were talking in the field. One says, "Have you heard about the mad cow disease that's going around?" "Yeah," the other cow says. "Makes me glad I'm a penguin"  Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon? Great food but no atmosphere  A guy walks into a bar. He says to the bartender, "Can I have a bag of helicopter flavour chips?" The bartender says, "Sorry, we only have plane"  What do you call a missing parrot? A polygon  Why did the baker bake more bread? He kneaded the dough.  What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? Where's my tractor?  What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the car? Robin, get in the car  Have you heard about the wooden car with wooden wheels and a wooden engine? It woodn't work  What do you call a fish with no eye? A Fsh  Why did it take eleven puns to make the audience laugh? Because no pun in ten did 10

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

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CONWAY’S BUTCHERY VISIT OUR STORE at Welshpool - 1/328 Orrong Road Tel.: (08) 9362 3623

RAWA 2011 AGM A big thank you to all those members who made an effort to attend the AGM on the 27th of February. A really great afternoon was enjoyed by all. The sausage sizzle was most enjoyable as was the variety of curry and rice dishes. A variety of refreshments supplied by the Association also went down extremely well on the hot sunny afternoon. As usual, a big thank you to RAWA Administrator Doug Capper and wife Jackie for the use of their home as the venue for the occasion and the concerted effort they always put in ensuring the continued success of such events.


The Best Outside Africa Boerewors (plain, garlic, Peri Peri and mustard), Eskort/Colcom, Pork & Beef Sausages, Biltong & Droewors, Sosaties, African-style Spicy Ribs, Peri Peri Chicken and all other cuts of meat, plus a large range of SA Groceries. Deliveries to most areas by arrangement Distributors: Scarfo’s Meats - Melville Osborne Park - Cape to Cairo Kalamunda Hills - Gourmet Deli Kingsley Meats - Shopping Centre Busselton – Cape Kitchen MasterCard, Visa and EFTPOS welcome Check out our website at:


RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

Papadums prepared and provided by Liz Johnstone were a big hit. Ernesto Cattelino for one, pictured here (above left) appears to have made the discovery of his life and quickly developed an addiction for them. Doug also could not wait to get stuck into the dish of Liz's papadums... Wonder what she put in them? Continued on page 15 RAWA Bundu Times issue 170 11

Social Calendar M'dala's Meetings: Contact: Ladies Coffee morning: Contacts: Committee meetings: Contact:

Third Thursday - Citiplace, Perth Station 10 - 11:30 am Midge Carter


Second Wednesday from 10:30 am—Bring a plate. Alice Waddacor Yvonne Beezley

North South

Doug Capper


ANZAC March and BBQ Monday 25 April 2011 (Easter Monday)

Future Events:

Winter luncheon - date to be announced Garage sale - date to be announced High Wycombe Tavern Sunday lunch - date to be announced




4 11 18

5 12 19 26

6 Ladies

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Fri 1 8 15

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Good Friday

Easter Sat




Sun 3 Committee

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Wed 4 Ladies 18


Thu 5 12 M'dala's 26

Fri 6 13 20 27

Sat 7 14 21 28

Sun 1 8 15 22 29

The Association accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage whatsoever to members property or for the death or injury to any persons attending any Association functions or events.

Anyone who has a problem with Transport please contact the Committee and we will endeavour to help you. 12

Look out for the Green and White. Ask the Marshals if you are unsure of the position. The map will be in the

West Australian on. The March will go East along St Georges Terrace, left into Barrack St, right onto The Esplanade where the saluting dais will be situated, then left into William St, and concludes at the Esplanade. After the Parade and Service there will be a BYO Barbecue for all the Rhodesians and their families in: Kings Park behind Frasers Restaurant. Please join us there for a social get together. Limited free Beer and Soft Drinks available Left over from AGM. We need as many marchers as possible so please spread the word to anyone you know who were in the Rhodesian Forces Army, Air Force, Police, Guard Force, Internal Affairs, Regulars and Reservists of all Branches, and also any relatives of former members. DRESS: Long pants, open‐necked shirts or tie, blazer/ jacket. Own medals worn on the LEFT side of the chest. Relatives please note medals are to be worn on the RIGHT.


May 2011

2 9 16 23 30

Monday 25th April Muster time 9am opposite Bank West and Trinity Arcade and behind the Burma Star Association in St Georges Terrace. POSITION UNSURE: check Western Australian.

9307 4790

ANZAC March:



9403 4301 9457 4047

Bimonthly venue selected homes, Starting 12:30pm




April 2011



9379 3760

RAWA Bundu Times issue 170

 Please return to Doug Capper 1 Byron Court, Kallaroo 6025, Tel.: 9307 4790 / Fax.: 9382 6100 admin@rhodesia‐west‐ I ___________________________________________ will attend the ANZAC Day Parade on the 25th April I served with ________________________________________________________ My regimental number and rank was _____________________________________ I look forward to hearing from you with further details if you are able to raise the required number of personnel. Yours sincerely ______________________________________________________ RAWA Bundu Times issue 170


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