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Mugabe's Ghoulish Gift

Well the Festive season has once again gone by and we hope you all had a wonderful Xmas. On behalf of the Bundu Times team and the committee we extend our very best wishes for a healthy and Prosperous 2011. It is hard to believe that we have already celebrated another Australia Day and we are now into the 2nd month of 2011. How the time flies when we are having fun. Our next major event on the calendar is the Annual General Meeting to be held at the home of our Administrator on the 27th February and we once again look forward to seeing you all and thank you for your support both in the past and in the future. Once again a reminder to support our advertisers, as without them we would not be able to produce our magazine so successfully. A big thank you goes out to our advertisers your support is greatly appreciated. Special thoughts go out to those across east or up north who have been affected by the terrible floods. The same thoughts go out to those in South Africa, who have also experienced the flooding in that country. We have heard that the summer to date has been a very wet one with few sunshine days and water in abundance. Oh how we in Perth would love to have just some of that rain! It would seem that flooding is a worldwide phenomenon at present, see the article regarding flooding in Zimbabwe too! As if our people back in Zimbabwe do not have enough to worry about! On the home front here in Perth we hope you have all survived the sweltering heat and humidity that we have experienced these past few weeks. Tropical cyclone Bianca did not cause you too much damage on her way past our beautiful city. Our thoughts go out to those living up country where damage was caused and huge dust storms were experienced. We can only pray that cyclone Yasi will not have caused too much further destruction to Queensland who are still trying to recover from there first round with Mother Nature.

Mugabe's Ghoulish Gift for North Korea's Kim Jong Il. Experts Fear Exotic Animals, Including Baby Elephants, Will Not Survive. The gift from Zimbabwe's dictator is apparently meant for North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Il. But the decision, made by presidential decree and shrouded in secrecy, has drawn the ire of conservationist groups and local game wardens. Johnny Rodrigues, head of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force based in Harare, told ABC News that he's been asked by members of Mugabe's own government to speak out against the impending action. "We had one of the national park game wardens and others who were unhappy about the animals being exported come to us," said Rodrigues. "They asked me to expose it to the world." According to Rodrigues the animals living in Zimbabwe's western Hwange National Park have been captured over the last two months. Witnesses have seen government vehicles carrying cages and putting animals in quarantine. They don't know the exact number or species of all the animals yet, said Rodrigues, but zebras, giraffes, and baby elephants have been spotted. Two 18-month-old elephants are reportedly being prepared to be airlifted to the Asian country. Rodrigues said this will almost certainly result in their deaths. "They are still suckling their mothers and need to do it until they are five years old. They are too young to be removed from their parents," he said. "Just the trauma alone may kill them." Mugabe has a history of sending wildlife to countries, including North Korea, and the result has almost always been bad for the animals. In the 1980's Mugabe sent two rhinos, which are on the endangered species list, to North Korea. They died after only a few months there. Two other rhinos, sent to the Belgrade zoo in the former Yugoslavia around the same period, also died. Zoos that meet international standards, like those in the United States, have expertly trained veterinarians and scientists who care for animals living in conditions very different than their natural habitat. Rodrigues doubts that North Korea, which is considered one of the most isolated countries in the world, has the facilities or capability to properly care for African wildlife.

Editors: Pete & Maureen van Aarde

Rhodie recipe Ham Loaf Ingredients: 450 g (1 lb) 240 ml (½ pint) 60 g (2 oz) 1

By Dana Hughes

Minced Ham Thin Cream Fine Breadcrumbs Teaspoon chopped Parsley

110 g (4 oz) Stork Margarine 1 Jar Melrose Cheddar spread 7 Eggs Salt and Black Pepper

Chartwells Chartered Accountants

Business Advisers Registered Tax Agents Financial Planning Services

Method: Cream the margarine. Add the egg yolks slowly, beating well as you add them. Then stir in the ham, Melrose spread and cream and a good dash of salt and black pepper. Beat the egg whites until stiff, then fold them into the mixture. Add the breadcrumbs and parsley lightly to the mixture. Grease the baking dish. Fill it with the mixture and cook in a moderate oven for 40 minutes. Serve in slices either hot or cold. Feeds a large family

Telephone: Office: (08) 9481 0075 After hours: (08) 9387 6884 Email: Ground Floor, 55 Colin Street, West Perth, WA Ask for a copy of our practice profile and most recent client newsletter

Allan Riddell (RTV) 2

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


Where are they Now? - RWW (distribution e-mail) EILEEN RANKIN I am desperate to get news or the whereabouts of Eileen, a very old friend of my husband's Aunt Anne (Bradley) Anderton who lives in Brisbane. They first met in the 50's, when Anne came out to the Copperbelt, from Belfast. Anne heard she had moved to UMDONI Village on Natal South Coast, from Richards Bay, after Dave died. We have tried the phone number doesn't exist! If anyone knows of Eileen, please let us know. You'd make an old lady so happy. Contact: Louise (Jennings) Bradley - OLD CASHEL VALLEY SCHOOL FRIENDS Peter and Susan Lamb, Ina Steyn, Betty Marais, Walter Coetzee, and the Mary Dee-Ann Busby and her brother, can't recall his name. P. J. Potts was our Head Master at that time. Contact: Elizabeth Botha - BARBARA VAN VUUREN, CAROLINE MEIKLE, CHRISTO KOK, and OSRA and VERE HOWELL We were at Chancellor junior school in Umtali and the Howells were at UGHS. Any one at Umtali Girls High School in the 60's. Contact: Chrissie Williams - VALERIE WOOD Widow of the late Geoff Wood who had a hardware shop on Salisbury Street. Has a son Duncan and a Daughter Linda married to Paul a professional hunter. Contact: Kathy van Biljon - SUE THOMPSON From BYO in the 80's worked at beauty parlour in Haddon & Sly building, step father Mr Jones worked at Edgars accountant. Father was in Kitwe copperbelt with step mom. Sue good friend of Leanne dad owned Tuckers Take Away. Contact: Anthony Livaditakis - TOM LEARMONT Tony Smith and Alan Prewett in Perth Western Australia are trying to locate Tom. Tom was our French teacher at Allan Wilson Technical High School from 1961 - 1965. Contact: Tony Smith - JEAN and BRIAN LUCAS From Harare. I have wondered what happened to them. Contact: June Mallalieu - SILVIA ROBERTSON From Coke factory Harare. Contact: June Mallalieu - HARRISH DULLAB Harrish was my room mate & a good friend from Rhodesia. It was in 1974 London UK. He had a sister who was a nurse. I am in Malaysia now. Contact: Das - LEIGH WHITTALL (sister of Janice Whittall). Leigh and I went to Roosevelt Girls High School in 1974 to 1978 and shared a room in Delano Hostel. I lost contact with her and would dearly like to hear from anyone who knows where she is now living. Contact: Claire Davies (nee Pemberton) - COLLEEN STRUGNEL (nee Dowland ) from Bulawayo. Not sure where Colleen is now after her husband Ossie passed away. Contact: Les Munger - LESLEY STEVENS She is my godmother and lived in Borrowdale after selling Kenley Grange. I am not sure if she is now residing in the UK where I now live. Any help appreciated. Contact: Lloyd Jones - MIKE LAWLER, PETE ASHBY, JULIE BURNER, BASIL SNOOK All from Bulawayo in the 60's. Would love to know how they are doing. Contact: Rob Johnson - HARRY & BEV WATSON Last I know were living in Harare Zimbabwe in 2004. Contact: Dave Madden - DAWN MAIDEN, Son GARY MAIDEN and DAUGHTER DENISE they lived in Bullies and were our caravanning friends for many years. My Dad Jake and Jackie Maiden worked in the PTC together. Have an idea they may be somewhere in the Gauteng area. Contact: Renetta Nel (Nettie) -


RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

Donations to RAWA Don & Doreen Bredenkamp, Aoifa Ludlow, Anton & Pauline Sheppard, Alastair White and Val Chapman

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Don & Doreen Bredenkamp, Roderick Seager & Mary Raeside.

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Classifieds - Shala Mushe "Fanagolo... Fanagolo... Every Zulu Boy will understand" It really doesn't matter whether you speak Fanagolo or Chilapalapa, "Shala Mushe" means "Stay nice". One thing is for sure, you will have a "Nice Stay" at Don & Doreen Bredenkamp's Margaret River cottage, the "Shala Mushe". So... if your looking to flee the rat race, you can, escape to a cottage retreat amongst the peppermint trees where the wildlife magically appears at dawn and dusk to graze and forage around you, where trees whisper peaceful tunes of the bush freedom and nightfall gently reveals the magnificent Starlit heavens against an inky black sky untainted by city lights and a polluted atmosphere. Immerse your soul in the tranquility‌ Close your eyes and let your thoughts take you back to your paradise, wherever it may be. All this and you're only an Owl's hoot from the delights of central Margaret River. Don & Doreen rent their cottage to bona fide RAWA Members and recommended ex Africans Once you have experienced the exclusivity of a stay at Shala Mushe you will appreciate why this gem of a place is not commercially advertised, price and availability on request. Chat to them on 08 9757 9718 Overseas callers dial +61 (0)8 9757 9718 RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


M'dala’s January Meeting: Welcome: Attendance: Apologies: Visitors: New Members:

January 2011 My quote for the day “Everything has its beauty but not everyone can see it ”. 37 Midge & Trish Carter, Sue Bray, Bob & Barbara Osborne, Keith Waddacor, Joan & Mick Davis, Roy & Noelene Kellick and Don Briers. Gwen Lowe and Steve Tobin who were welcomed. N/A


Thanks to Glenda Tobin, Alice Waddacor and Margaret Seward for a great tea .

Next month’s teas:

Volunteers for Feb 2011 were Arthur Hutson, Carol Clapham and Olga McNielage.

Door Raffle:

Thanked Don for doing the door the door raffle was won by Tom Ellis.

Update on Zimbabwe Current News. Don Bulloch produced a newspaper article in which a Zimbabwean Minister Cain Mathema suggested that the body of Cecil John Rhodes should be exhumed and sent out of Zimbabwe. Amongst other claims he maintained it was an insult to all Zimbabweans that the grave was still present in the country’s traditional shrine of worship, 30 years after independence. He maintained that this was one of the reasons that the ancestors had not provided sufficient rain! The Chairman read excerpts of emails he had received which listed the alleged misdemeanours of Charles Davy and his secret collusion with Emmerson Mnangagwa and Webster Shamu also involving Jocelyn Chiwenga. The allegations are supported by the secret intelligence reports obtained by an investigative reporter and concern the poaching of Rhino, Elephant and other game and the sale of the product to his Asian contacts. It is also alleged that the Air force helicopters disguised as Ambulances are used to ferry men, machines and game product into and out of National Parks. A Col. Dube is his contact at Defence House in Harare. Elements of 1 Commando are used to poach Ivory in the National Parks using Charles Davy’s assets for shelter and storage of trophies gained illegally. Charles Davy’s company HHK Safari’s landed all government concessions. His financial support of President Mugabe’s ZANU PF is alleged to amount to US$44,000 in 2001. This was used to drive the land crusade. The secret report points to Charles Davy smuggling ivory to China. Naming Lee Hu Ming and a businessman now with Sino Zimbabwe, as his associates. It is little wonder that Chelsea Davy, who is linked with Prince Harry of the British Royal family, is able to flit to and fro between the UK and Zimbabwe.

Past Functions Christmas Lunch: All expressed satisfaction with the arrangements and congratulated Glenda and her committee on a very enjoyable and successful function. Breakfast: at Kailis Bros Leederville took place as planned at 9.30 am on the 21 st November 2010. Again it was very enjoyable although it was nearly too well attended! Xmas BBQ: with BSAP Association held at Kings Park, I thought the turnout was a little disappointing. Ladies Coffee Morning: Xmas lunch 8th December 2010 was enjoyed by all. Matters affecting members: A couple of our members expressed great dissatisfaction and annoyance with the treatment they had received from their phone service providers, Telstra and Optus. 4

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


Business Directory ADVERTISERS Active Migration Australia Africa Travel Co Cape to Cairo Conway’s Butchery Welshpool Chartwells Chartered Accountants Graze We Grew Up With Zebra’s African Food-Steakhouse

NAME Tom Lane Laurie Malton Paddy Belstead Toby King Sue Bezuidenhout Rose Pritchard Paddy Parker Pat Dunne John Pritchard Hillary Lane Paddy Belstead Linda Davidson Marlene Pearson Vivien Jolliffe Tony Illman

SPECIALITY Migration Agent Travel Fax South African Delicacies Fax Butchery Business - Tax - Planning Licensed Steakhouse Tue-Sat

PROFESSION / SKILL Accountant [CA], Reg. Tax Agent Boat - Ocean Boat Hire Kalbarri CAD Innovations, Computer Drafting Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Cleaning - Enjo Consultant Jandakot Cleaning - Microfibre cleaning cloth Electrical contractor (license No. EC002144) Electrical Services (License No. EC 004515) Mobile: Fund-raising for Not-for-Profit Orgs Natural Medicine - Practitioner Photocopying, Perfect Copy Psychologist (Counselling) - M Psych MAPS Reflexologist / Thermomix Remedial tuition Trailer mounted Cool-room / Freezer hire

TELEPHONE +61 8 9447 2226 +61 8 9421 1720 +61 8 9221 2531 9242 4221 9242 1608 9362 3623 9481 0075 9447 6344 9330 6357

TELEPHONE 9481 0075 9937 2043 9321 0600 0411 884 833 9414 1193 9245 2830 9448 5282 9402 1610 0419 935 410 9245 2830 9383 7930 9226 4855 0422 203 366 0405 245 742 9446 5418 9331 1165

A Christian lady is sending second-hand clothing to Zimbabwe for 5 orphanages. Other items are sold to fund postage. “Colleen Smith” If anyone is going to Zimbabwe in the near future please contact Colleen

Times are tough - the indicators:

 The economy is so bad that I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.  I ordered a burger at McDonald's, and the kid behind the counter asked, "Can you afford fries with that?"  If the bank returns your cheque marked "Insufficient Funds," you have to call them and ask if they mean you or them. 20

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

Our Poet Mike Bray: Mike Bray was welcomed back and he read one of his poems from the “More Mike’s Muses” booklet. I have copies of “More Mike’s Muses” priced at $20 each. Please see me after the meeting. Thumbnail Histories of Members: (couples or singles) so we all know where you are coming from. Arthur Hutson agreed to fill this spot at the February 2011 meeting.

Chairman: Bill Johnstone

Ladies Hills Evening Social A gathering of ex Rhodesians was held at Robin and Wendy Landon’s, Kalamunda home on the evening of Friday 21st January 2011. A group of ex Rhodesian ladies gather once a month to have lunch and socialise. The various members meet on a monthly basis at one of their respective homes within the Kalamunda Shire. Once annually the “men” (partners and husbands) are permitted to accompany their ladies to an evening gathering. A plate of food and bottle are required.

The accompanying photographs record the function. Charles Scott’s walking stick is visible in the bottom left hand corner as is Heather Fife, Liz Johnstone, Olivia Hoadley, Adele Scott to name but a few! This would be a great way to encourage our younger members to become more involved with the Association as well as meeting fellow countryman who now call Australia home.

Chairman: Bill Johnstone

M'dala's Christmas lunch It was indeed an honour and a privilege to attend the Xmas lunch held at the Holiday Inn. Many thanks to all those who worked hard to ensure the a lovely meal was enjoyed by all. Unfortunately Pete was unable to attend but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and was made to feel very welcome by all the members. It is great to see that the spirit still lives on although we are no longer in the beloved country. Due to work I had to leave early so could not stay to the end but I am sure Bill will fill in the bits that I missed. To those Madala’s who want to send us material which we can use for the Bundu Times please don’t forget to put it in the mail or send us an email and we will do our best to publish all articles over the course of the year. In fact if you are coming to the AGM please bring the material with you. Thank you again for the invite to your wonderful Christmas function.

Editor: Maureen van Aarde RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


(Continued from page 17)

The Flower of England's Power - by Neil Douglas As I write this, the England cricket team lead this year s Ashes clash against the Aussies 2-1 and I think it would be fair to say that they have completely outplayed them. So what has this to do with Zimbabwe I hear you ask? Well one person who is unlikely to receive much recognition, but has much to do with England's recent excellent performances is former Zimbabwean captain Andy Flower. Alongside his former team mate Henry Olonga, their brave stance in protest at the death of democracy in Zimbabwe was very brave as well as inspirational, but it also put an end to both players international careers for Zimbabwe. We should not however forget that

Andrew Flower was Zimbabwe's greatest ever player: In 63 Tests between 1992 and 2002, he scored 4794 runs at the elite average of 51.54. He was a top-class batsman and a fine player of spin bowling in amassing more than 16,000 first-class runs. What is also forgotten is he was also Zimbabwe's wicketkeeper and has 160 Test dismissals. Both he and Adam Gilchrist are clearly the two best ever batsmen/keepers at Test level.

English Ashes Coach Andy happened upon the job of England head coach's role after the falling-out between star player Kevin Pietersen and former coach Peter Moores in January 2009. Moores was removed from his post as was Pietersen from the leadership and a new era in English cricket was born. As Andy was Moores's assistant he took over as caretaker coach for the tour of the West Indies and although things didn’t start that well (England were bowled out in Jamaica for just 51), since then they have in the most part flourished. Flower appears to be a man on a mission and will not rest until England climb to the top of the world rankings and whilst the Ashes are important, England under Flower have bigger things on their mind as the real test will be when they take on India at home during the UK summer. Although Flower is a quiet person, when he speaks, the players listen. Growing up in Zimbabwe has moulded him into a hard nut and shaped him as a man. The players respect him, they play for him, and that brings a harmonious team. The results are clear. Make no mistake England are a far better team thanks to a Zimbabwean called Andrew Flower!

Previous English Ashes Coach Lets not also forget that the Coach at the time England won the Ashes back was none other than Duncan Fletcher another Zimbabwean!

Contributed by: Neil Douglas.


RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

also lots of rainfall upstream on the Zambezi River and we need to manage these inflows for the safety of the dam. The release of the water is meant to bring the dam to levels that may accommodate the anticipated heavy inflow that is building just before the Victoria Falls,” the official said. The authority warned the public and the communities living along the Zambezi River banks to take the notice seriously to avoid loss of life and property due to flooding that might occur after the gates are opened. He said efforts were being made to ensure people living down stream were warned of the danger. Civil Protection Unit director Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira said the unit will today dispatch officers to the area to warn people of the possible danger.

“We were waiting for the release of the dates before dispatching our people to the area. We understand there are lots of rain being received in the area and add that to the water to be released from the dam, there is serious danger for the people in these low-lying areas. “As usual we expect a lot of resistance but the unit will only persuade them to move from the low-lying areas. We will only encourage them to revisit their plans and to remind them that the relocation is temporary. “We will also warn them against taking unnecessary risks by returning to their fields as there is a likelihood of being trapped by river throwback when the Cahora Bassa gets full,” he said. Police in Chipinge yesterday said several people in Middle Sabi, Manicaland province have been left homeless after floods destroyed their homes last week. However, they could not give details of how many people had been affected so far. “Floods have hit some parts of this province leaving some of the villagers homeless. As of now I don’t have the figures of how many villagers have been affected,” said a senior police officer in the area. Meanwhile in the past five weeks police have recorded 76 drowning cases countrywide and urged people to take heed of flood warnings. Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena yesterday said the low-lying areas were prone to floods and people should take precautions following warnings by the Met Department. “For the past five weeks we have recorded 76 drowning cases countrywide with some parts of the low-lying areas, having the highest figures,” he said. Snr Asst Comm Bvudzijena said Mashonaland Central recorded 19, Masvingo 10, 14 in Manicaland while Matabeleland North and Mashonaland West had seven and eight respectively. The Met Department said most parts of the country have received heavy falls in the past week with some areas recording over 100mm a day. Notable falls were recorded in Buhera on January 12, with 134mm, Kwekwe on January 14 and 18 got 97mm and 120mm respectively while Henderson Research, Kezi, Binga, Mukandi and Karoi received amounts in access of 50mm over the same period. Senior meteorological officer Mr Jonathan Chifuna yesterday said the current weather systems were expected to continue affecting the country maintaining widespread rainfall until 25 January “The public should therefore be prepared for expected heavy rains, possibility of flash flooding and lightning,” he said. The heavy falls are expected to increase runoff into the country’s major rivers. Areas that are at risk of flooding include Muzarabani and Mbire in Mashonaland Central, part of Midlands and Matabeleland South. The release of water into the Zambezi River is expected to worsen the situation in Mozambique where about 7 000 people are already at risk from flooding after the Limpopo River rose by two metres above the flood alert level. RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


Writing on the Wall - by Pat Dunne Don’t call us a when we. It is written on the wall. That’s the Migrant Welcome Walls at the Western Australia Museum, Fremantle, in recognition of the arrival of migrants into Australia. How Jo and I are on the wall, we have to go back in time, in fact back to the 60’s. I had left Rhodesia to go to the UK on a working holiday mainly to see the soccer world cup which England won in 1966 and visited Zambia, Egypt, Jordan, Holland on the way. Jo had left Australia to go to the UK, also on a working holiday sailing via Fiji and the Panama Canal. We met in the UK through a cousin of mine, who Jo worked with. I worked at the Bank of England as a maintenance electrician. We visited the bank last year on our holidays there and they now have a museum. It's well worth a visit and Zimbabwe has a place in their exhibition - notorious inflation.

The year was 1967 We became engaged, and decided to marry in Australia, so we booked a berth on the ship the SS Ellinis (Chandris Lines) via the Suez Canal to Melbourne. We were to board the ship at Piraeus the port of Athens, Greece after an 8 week hitch hiking holiday around Europe with some fantastic adventures in Holland, Denmark, Norway, West Germany, East Germany (including West and East Berlin), France, Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece. Hitch hiking was common in those days. We stayed mainly at youth hostels or camped and we had a tent with our backpacks in case of emergency, together with portable gas ring, purchased with Green Shield stamps. Part way through our trip the 6 day war between Israel and Egypt erupted and the Suez was closed. Thinking we would lose our ship to Australia we checked with the shipping company and were told the ship was going to Piraeus anyway as it was picking most of the passengers up from there, turning around and going back through the Mediterranean to Gibraltar and via the Cape Town route and after a long trip we docked in Fremantle. We went on to Melbourne and got married. After a couple of years there we decided to head to Rhodesia to visit my family, intending to come back, as we had bought a plot on Philip Island, and owned a Holden station wagon FC (love that car) but we stayed on for another 12 years - which I do not regret. So, as our first point of arrival in Australia was Fremantle, we ended up being listed on the Welcome Walls at the port. I wonder if we'll eventually be joined by the latest boat arrivals? Contributed by: Pat Dunne


RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


Christmas BBQ

Where are they based?

It must have been a rare occasion as the weather was much cooler than normal for our annual Xmas BBQ. Finding parking was quite a mission as the park was well attended, to the extent that our usual spot was already take much earlier. Thanks go to those committee members for getting there early enough to find us a good spot not too far from our usual spot– well done! There were a couple of Dingoes in the park which some members took the opportunity to take a

The IAPF was started in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Members spend the majority of their time in the field , however they do regularly return to Victoria Falls town between projects to regroup and conduct fund raising activities. The IAPF training academy is based just outside the Falls on 5000 hectares of land where there is an abundance of wildlife.

How they are funded? Damien Mander had a military career of 9 years, 3 years of which were spent in Iraq. He has invested his life savings including the sale of 4 investment properties to fund the start up of the IAPF. The Raw for Africa music festival is held every January which also raises much needed funds. The IAPF has not begun to source external funding, believing awareness is the key and with time, the right people will come forward.

Doulene Walker

Kariba floodgates open - Wednesday 19 January 2011 - Herald Reporter

closer look them and chat with their owners. Quite a treat as this is not a common site in a city park. The BBQ was well attended and it was great to see many new faces to share this event with us. There was much haggling to sell the raffle tickets for our 3 prizes but we managed to sell a good few as the prizes were worth winning. The hamper, 1st prize was won by one of our newcomers. Hopefully this will encourage future support for our events. Congratulations to the other 2 winners of a bottle of wine each. Jacky again provided us with lovely Christmas cake which was enjoyed by all. Everyone enjoyed the day and had a good outing. Once again thanks for the support, it really does serve a good cause.

Kariba Dam floodgates will be opened on Saturday afternoon to eject excess water from the dam and accommodate the large volume of flows that are building in the upper part of the Zambezi catchment area. The release of the water comes in the wake of heavy rains pounding the country, raising fears of flooding downstream. Heavy rains being received in the Zambezi catchment areas in Namibia and Angola have necessitated the early opening of the gates. In a statement yesterday Zambezi River Authority said the spill gates would be opened at 12 noon to keep the lake levels within the operational range. In an interview yesterday a senior ZRA official said the floodgates were being opened to release excess water in preparation for heavy inflows building upstream of the Victoria Falls and in Angola. The official said the area around Kariba Dam was receiving lots of rainfall and the dam level was rising quickly. “There are a lot of inflows into the dam itself and from the tributaries feeding into the dam. There is (Continued on page 19)

Editor: Maureen van Aarde 8

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


IAPF in Zimbabwe - By Doulene Walker

Victoria Falls Heritage status - Victoria Falls could lose World Heritage status

Those who know me have heard me speak in relation to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation in Zimbabwe. A fellow Australian, Damien Mander has changed his life, moving to Zimbabwe to fight for the lives of these amazing African animals. Let's help Damien, his amazing team and the International Anti-Poaching Foundation! I am holding a fund raising dinner at my house on Friday 18th February in the evening that promises to be an event you won't want to miss! If you haven't already seen our display advert for details on the fundraising dinner, it's on the previous page (15). I really look forward to hearing from you all, so please, tell your family and friends about this excellent opportunity to meet and talk to lots of interesting people and to help a fantastic, most needed cause. Please respond to me at

Founder and Director - Damien Mander Damien served as a Clearance Diver in the Royal Australian Navy before transferring to a special operations unit within the Australian Army. Following the completion of military service he was employed by a private military organisation tasked with retraining the future police of Iraq. Damien eventually moved to the position of Project Manager, overseeing daily operations of the Iraq Special Police Training Academy in Baghdad. He returned home from Iraq in 2008 after three years service. Arriving in Africa at the beginning of 2009, the intention was to apply his background skills to wildlife protection and conservation. After travelling the southern half of the continent he came to rest in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It was in Zimbabwe that he received a first-hand look at the decimation poaching was having on the wildlife population. Incensed by the lack of resources made available to combat the problem he founded the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), designed to counteract the bloodshed through assertive action and specialist training . He has since been working very closely with other conservation based organizations with similar objectives.

What is IAPF about? The IAPF has shown that through education and action an actual difference can be made to the current crisis. The IAPF understands the necessity for the service it provides and seeks to collaborate openly with all other similar orientated organizations. 16

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

«Soon, we may not boast of any tourism.» © Nebert Mulenga/IRIN/afrol News 14 November 2010 Zambia's only listed World Heritage Site is under threat by plans to build a multi-million dollar tourism resort near the worldrenowned Victoria Falls, a local environmental organisation is claiming. The tourist resort thus could dramatically lower the tourism value of the famous destination. The government of Zambia has awarded 220 hectares of land in the 66 square kilometre Mosi-O-Tunya National Park at a cost of US$ 9 million, plus an undisclosed recurring levy, to South Africa's Victoria Falls: Legacy Group Holdings for development over a «Soon, we may not boast of any tourism.» 75-year period under a tourism concession © Nebert Mulenga/IRIN/afrol News programme. The national park is a World Heritage Site shared with neighbouring Zimbabwe, with the waterfalls as an international tourist drawcard. In the past, Zimbabwe was the main port of call for those wanting to visit Victoria Falls, but Zambia has become the preferred destination as a consequence of Zimbabwe's poor reputation and economic meltdown, which has seen annual inflation levels topping 1,000 percent - the highest in the world - with commonplace shortages of fuel, energy and food "We have benefited so much from the booming tourism here but we may lose out, as UNESCO [the UN's cultural agency] has already indicated to us plans of withdrawing the status of Victoria Falls as a World Heritage Site, should the construction of a Legacy Hotel be allowed to go on in the park," Nicholas Katanekwa, chair of the Livingstone Tourism Association, told the UN media 'IRIN'. Chairman of Legacy Holdings International, Bart Dorrestein, said the company would spend about US$ 260 million on building two hotels, 500 chalets and an 18-hole golf course. The proposed site is six kilometres upriver from Victoria Falls and lies between the Zambezi and Maramba rivers. Donald Chikumbi, chief executive officer of the Livingstone-based National Heritage and Conservation Commission, said, "We have not received any correspondence from UNESCO to do with the allocation of this land in the Mosi-O-Tunya National Park to Legacy Holdings, but what we have received is a notice letter from UNESCO, informing us that a delegation of officials from UNESCO and the IUCN [International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources] will be coming to Livingstone on 20 November this year. "They are coming to do a ground inspection on how far Zambia and Zimbabwe have gone in terms of upholding the various protocols that have a bearing on the status of the Victoria Falls as a World Heritage Site but, of course, their coming might have been influenced, in a way, by whatever is being said and circulated about this World Heritage Site," he said. Maureen Mwape, spokesperson for the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), declined to comment on the allocation of the land to Legacy Holdings. The Zambian portion of the World Heritage Site is jointly managed by ZAWA and the National Heritage Heritage Conservation Commission. RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


At a July meeting of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in Lithuania's capital, Vilnius, the committee cited concerns that "the integrity of the property [Mosi-O-Tunya National Park] remained threatened by uncontrolled urban development, pollution and unplanned tourism development." Tourism has been designated a key sector for job creation and poverty relief by the government of Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa. His pro-market economic policies have endeared him to Western donors, but have had little impact on addressing dire unemployment levels. Zambia, with a population of about 10 million, has about 400,000 formal-sector jobs, while two-thirds of the population survives on US$ 1 or less a day. A recent World Bank report, 'Challenges of African Growth: Opportunities, Constraints and Strategic Directions', indicated that despite vast natural resources, and political stability since independence from Britain in 1964, income levels in Zambia had regressed. "Zambia's and Côte d'Ivoire's per capita incomes have hardly progressed relative to their levels in 1960. Zambia's per capita income on average retrogressed at -0.6 percent per annum over the past 45 years and, as a result, its 2004 level of US$ 902 in 1996 international prices is 23 percent below the 1960 level of US$ 1,167", the World Bank said. The Environmental Council of Zambia, a governmental watchdog, called a meeting in Livingstone, the tourism capital of Zambia, last Saturday to discuss the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report. The period for objecting to the proposed resort will close on 20 November. Council spokesperson Justine Mukosa said the EIA encouraged "as wide participation of stakeholders as possible. Then, based on what all stakeholders say, and indeed on our own independent investigations and assessments, we shall soon come up with our final position on why the project should go ahead or not go ahead - we shall approve or disapprove the project." The resort's promise of creating 2,000 jobs has elicted strong support for the project among local residents and organisations. "We, the people of Livingstone, want development. We want Legacy [Hotel] because we have suffered too much with joblessness and poverty," said Shadrick Mabote, a representative of senior chief Mukuni, in whose chiefdom the Victoria Falls is located. "We are ready to take any action against those opposing the project, and we can even walk up to State House [the presidential residence] in protest if anything is done to disturb Legacy from constructing the project in this land." Livingstone, with a population of about 200,000 people, has not been spared the ravages of the HIV/ AIDS pandemic - about one in five sexually active adults is infected. Poverty and unemployment is pervasive. Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union deputy Secretary-General Michelo Chizyuka told 'IRIN' that "Each one of us keeps at least three unemployed dependants in our homes because of many factors, including HIV/AIDS. So it is a question of who puts food on our tables. Here is the opportunity for our relatives to be employed; should we give more regard to conserving the environment at the expense of fighting our own poverty honestly?" But UNESCO had declared a 30 kilometres radius of Zimbabwean and Zambian territory around the Victoria Falls a World Heritage Site in 1989. Since then, Zambia has ratified a number of international treaties, including the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, the African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, and the Convention on Biological Diversity. Zambian law on land tenure vests all national parks and gazetted sites in the hands of the state, and any lease of such land is subject to normal tender procedures. Sonny Mulenga, Zambia's first qualified land valuation surveyor and a former minister, said the land had not been advertised or subjected to any tender procedures. "We are setting a very bad precedence for the future generation - land which is gazetted, as a World Heritage Site should never be given out for a song. No records have been given on who evaluated that land, and the amount in question is a mockery." Environmental activists say the indiscriminate allocation of land to developers has already contributed to the reduction of water levels in the Zambezi River, which feeds the Victoria Falls. Although local environmental regulations require development to stop at least 50 metres away from the river banks, several lodges have been constructed on the river's banks. "The Victoria Falls is not as forceful as it should be and the Zambezi River is no longer flowing naturally, due to so much uncontrolled developments. We have disturbed the water cycle, and we shall pay heavily for this as a country," said Benjamin Mibenge, a local environmentalist and game ranger with over 20 years' experience. "Going by the high levels of river pollution, structures constructed on the banks, and the overcrowded boat-cruise companies, we may not boast of any tourism just a few years from now." Courtesy of : UN media IRIN


RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) - in Zimbabwe

Date: Friday 18th February 2011 Time: 6.30pm - 9.30pm Place: 14 Galena Place, Carine RSVP: We are going to make REAL African food - Sadza, relish , rape (like spinach) meat and boerewors You just pay what you want to for the dinner no minimum, no maximum Just enjoy a great evening and put your dinner money in a box  We will also be selling African beers and wine. All proceeds will go to the IAPF.  We can also buy items for the IAPF - i.e. ranger uniforms, rifles, books and pens etc. We will have information about this on the day.  We will endeavour to have some sort of Auction - so please, if you have anything that you could donate for the auction, please e-mail Doulene  We will show a 60 minute program on Aussie Damien, his great team and the IAPF Please let your friends and relatives know about this fun evening!

You really do need to RSVP because we need to cater for this event with food and of course tables and chairs! RAWA members, their friends and relatives wishing to attend who are unable to RSVP by e-mail can contact the Bundu Times Editors who will RSVP on their behalf.

For more information please read the IAPF article overleaf RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


CONWAY’S BUTCHERY VISIT OUR STORE at Welshpool - 1/328 Orrong Road Tel.: (08) 9362 3623


The Best Outside Africa Boerewors (plain, garlic, Peri Peri and mustard), Eskort/Colcom, Pork & Beef Sausages, Biltong & Droewors, Sosaties, African-style Spicy Ribs, Peri Peri Chicken and all other cuts of meat, plus a large range of SA Groceries. Deliveries to most areas by arrangement

United Nations Mugabe deal United Nations offered Mugabe retirement deal, cables revealed by "©WikiLeaks" claim - From: AFP December 19, 2010 1:43PM THE United Nations offered Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe a retirement package and safe haven overseas if he agreed to stand down, according to a US diplomatic cable revealed by WikiLeaks. The offer was made by Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general at the time in 2000, said the memo which was drawn up by US officials and cited the then-opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). "Kofi Annan, in the recent meeting in New York during the millennium summit offered Mugabe a deal to step down," said the memo written in September 2000 and printed in Britain's The Observer newspaper. "Although (the MDC source) said the MDC was not privy to the details, he surmised that Annan's supposed deal probably included provision of safe haven and a financial package from Libyan president (Moamer Kadhafi). "The opposition party heard that Mugabe turned down the offer the following day after discussing it with the first lady. "The memo also contained the claim that an international arms dealer once reputed to be a key Mugabe ally worked for British intelligence. Mugabe, 86, Africa's oldest leader and in power since independence from Britain in 1980, has shared power with his arch-foe, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, since a disputed presidential election in 2008. But the uneasy "unity" government has been on the brink of collapse for months. Mugabe said on Saturday he was "very confident" of victory after his ZANU-PF party backed him to contest a likely election next year against Tsvangirai.

Counting on you!

Distributors: Scarfo’s Meats - Melville Osborne Park - Cape to Cairo Kalamunda Hills - Gourmet Deli Kingsley Meats - Shopping Centre Busselton – Cape Kitchen MasterCard, Visa and EFTPOS welcome Check out our website at:


RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


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RAWA Bundu Times issue 169

RAWA Bundu Times issue 169


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