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ADMINISTRATOR Doug Capper 1 Byron Court, Kallaroo 6025 T: 9307 4790 / Fax: 9382 6100

CONTENTS Hello .............................................. 4 Pics from Kailis Breakfast............... 5 Hyena’s Corner............................... 5

RELIEF EDITOR Robyn Birkin (nee Capper) T:0412 292 900

ZPSF update.................................. 6

M’dala’s CHAIR Bill Johnstone 14 Madderson Rd, High Wycombe 6057 T: 9454 3818

Cook-Sisters .................................. 12

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Sylvia Holborn U108 Parkland Retirement Village 42 Leige Street, Woodlands 6018 T: 9244 4883

Madalas June ................................ 18

Pat Dunne 71 Waterford Drive, Hillarys 6025 T: 9402 1610

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Pete and Maureen van Aarde 110 Warradale Terrace, Landsdale 6065 Tel/ Fax: 9305 9689 ZIMBABWE LIAISON Corinne Gruenthal T: 9474 9624 Next deadline for articles, recipes and news: Friday 20 September 2013

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3 1/08/2013 9:31:09 AM

Hello from THE ADMINISTRATOR Well we are now past the six month mark on our Rhodesian Association calendar for 2013 and have had several successful and enjoyable events and functions, namely the AGM, ANZAC March with Kings Park BBQ and the lastly the early Sunday morning breakfast at Kailis Bros in Leederville. (Pics on Page 5). So far we are on track for another successful year. Members and friends please note our next function will be are very popular High Wycombe get together lunch on Friday 23 August. Don’t miss it and make sure you let us know ASAP if you can make it Now another matter, on a financial note our online membership fee facility through the P&N Bank works very well but on the odd occasion a lack of information becomes a problem and as such a mystery subs payment was made on 10 July. So, if you are the member who forgot to give us your full payment details, ring me and fill in all the correct information, you will receive a reminder in this latest August/September issue of the BT. Finally once the weather warms up it will be a Garvey Park BBQ/Picnic 23 October. Well that’s all from me, oh how the fast is the year going. Regards, Doug Capper RAWA Administrator P.S. Did you misplace your watch at the Kailis breakfast? If so, give me a buzz.

A note from the editor Well, another full to the brim edition with lots of additional content on our website. Head to the website to view Linda’s (ZPSF) Trip Report, some more pics from the Mandurah trip and a few other bits and bobs. Did you know you can also subscribe to our website so you never miss an update? Visit our website at and say hi. Lastly, just a note to remember to support our advertisers where you can - they’re listed on the back page, and they help keep our costs down!

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Cheers, Robyn Birkin Bundu Times Relief Editor RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:09 AM

Smiling faces at the recent Kailis breakfast

HYENA’S CORNER Q: What kind of snake is good at math? A: an adder Q: How does a lion like his meat? A: roar RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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5 1/08/2013 9:31:10 AM

ZPSF Update - A Quick Note from Hannes As many of you know we have been looking for storage space in Bulawayo for the extra stock we have been taking to Zimbabwe the last while. We were lucky that on our June trip we only had to purchase the minimum stock in Bulawayo as despite our calculations and hopes, their prices are just way too expensive. We are talking two to three times more than here in South Africa. The route we are taking at the moment is to apply for the required permits and paper work and then take up as much stock as the trucks can carry and store it. This stock consists mostly of the non-perishable goods. Unfortunately goods like Rice, Maize, Oats, Flour and Weetbix will have to be purchased every trip to ensure there are no creepy crawly’s in the food. By doing this we are hoping to reduce the permits and paperwork required to 3 times a year, thus hopefully being able to halve these costs. Bearing in mind it is not only the cost of the permits here, but myself having to go up to Zimbabwe for about a week and travel up and down getting all the paper work in order and making sure all requirements are met. So in the long run we are hoping to save pennies this way. There has been a slight misconception going around that we are no longer taking the food parcels up, please note guys we are still going full steam with supporting our Golden Oldies, we are just trying a different way of going about it. You can be assured that they are still receiving their much needed food parcels. Guys if you are thinking of getting involved and helping don’t hesitate our Golden Oldies need your support. I would once again like to thank everyone who helps in whatever way. I have dedicated the past 11 years to helping where I can and to date we have gone from strength to strength, without you this would not be possible. Hannes Botha

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To pay your membership subs for 2013. Payment details are at the front of the Bundu Times. 6 201308 August.indd 6

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:10 AM

ZPSF trip report from Boet

Sunday 23rd June was the start of another trip with the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund, one in which I was once again privileged to be involved. This time things were to be done a little bit differently, Hannes had decided to experiment with packing the boxes in Bulawayo. Hannes and Linda were already in Bulawayo, packing boxes there, and his son-in-law, Johan Schultz, and myself were bringing the UD 90 full of bulk goods and more empty boxes. Johan and I left Malelane very early on Monday 24th, heading for the border at Musina. On the way we stopped in Duiwelskloof, where we met Attie and Liz Botha. Attie is my travelling partner on most trips, but has been sidelined with a knee operation, it was good to see him looking well and on the mend. We arrived in Musina after lunch, a really good trip. We had refuelled thanks to a Good Samaritan, Frans Prinsloo, in Louis Trichardt, who always donates diesel to the cause. In Musina we owe a debt of gratitude to Corrie and the NG Kerk, who allow us to sleep over in their Church buildings, and the UD90 sleeps safely in their locked yard. Also to Joe Joubert and his daughter who deliver all the documents that we need for the border. After supper Johan and I had an early night, ready for the border crossing and run to Bulawayo the next day. We got an early start, and topped up with Diesel, were at the SA Customs by 6.00am. Unfortunately that is shift change time, and we had to wait 50 minutes for them to change shift – NOTHING happens during that time! However once they started work again things did proceed smoothly, and we were through both sides within 2 hours, it was obvious that both SA and Zimbabwe have really tried to get their act together RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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7 1/08/2013 9:31:10 AM

ZPSF trip report Cont... somewhat, and it showed, with one of our smoothest crossings ever. The road to Bulawayo was very quiet, and we were there by 1.30pm. The hard work began now – offloading the bulk supplies and reloading the packed boxes, a huge job that was almost complete by 18.30. We went to our rooms at Coronation – these are generously kept for us there, had supper and a bath, and into bed early, another long day to follow. Wednesday 26th –Hannes and I were doing the trip round Zimbabwe to make the deliveries, so it was up early and back to the warehouse to load the frail care boxes. We hit the road to Gweru by 11am. The truck was fully laden, and the first offloading in Gweru was at Boggies Cottages. I was able to have a few words with an old pal – Fred Munger, and then on to Huis Vergesig, more boxes offloaded, and then on to Redcliff and KweKwe. We try to have a chat with the folk at the homes, while we wait to collect the empty boxes. We spent that night with friends of Hannes, Jan and Tilly Fritz, on a farm outside KweKwe, always welcome, a great dinner, and a comfortable bed. Thursday morning, after a good breakfast, we were back on the road. As he always does, Ken Connolly in KweKwe gave us a donation of fuel, so appreciated. The next stop is at Kadoma, where there is a big offload. Estelle is always waiting here, has labour to help off load, and very welcome coffee – thank you Estelle. We then have a long run to Chinoyi, where we once again have quite a big off load to do. The folk everywhere are always waiting eagerly for their supplies, and it makes our day to see the pleasure they get, everyone wants a chat and to offer some refreshment, heart warming stuff. From Chinoyi it was on to Harare. Here we spend the night with friends of mine – John and Leonie Herbst, who always make us so very welcome, with a wonderful supper and good company. Leonie’s father, Tony Wilde, is an old mate of mine, so really enjoy the evening there. Friday morning saw me playing “Garmin” through Harare, we did have a map, but had to find Jim Forrester – who kindly donates fuel to the cause, then Mike and Marion Futter, who deliver some of the boxes to “outsiders” on our behalf. Then it was the road to Rusape, where there is a home that gets deliveries, and then Mutare. This road had plenty of road blocks (Police) which interrupt our momentum with all the stops. In Mutare we go to Des Becker, who helps with a small bakkie and labour to help with deliveries – makes the job so much easier. There are 3 homes in Mutare that have deliveries, so it is a busy stop for us. Once this was complete we went to Des and Sally Becker’s home, where we spent the night – very comfortable, and we are always very grateful. Saturday 29th – we had a long drive to Chivu, so the wonderful breakfast on a very cold morning was most welcome. We got to Chivu where we were treated a good lunch, and left boxes for the DeKlerks to deliver for us. The next part of the trip was to Masvingo – the road was very bumpy and uncomfortable, the fact that by this stage the truck is quite light does not help! In Masvingo we stayed with our good friends Gerhard and Trudie Burgher. Here we also get a lot of help with the deliveries, so by early evening we were 8 201308 August.indd 8

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:10 AM

ZPSF trip report Cont... done and able to have a bath and relax. Once again Sunday found us on the road bright and early heading for Lynn D’Ewes, and one of her famous Breakfasts of Note!! Lynn does the deliveries in this area, keeping excellent records of who gets what and when – Thank you Lynn, my wife hears all about these breakfasts. Well fed, we headed for Shurugwe, where we did a few deliveries and were given Avocado Pears from a very old tree. Our next stop was Gweru, to collect empty boxes, and then back to Bulawayo. We were tired by now, but a good braai and then an early night revived our spirits. On Monday we had our last deliveries to do – the frail care parcels to the folk at Ralstein House in Bulawayo. This was one of the most heart breaking things I have ever done – to see these old folk, unable to do much for themselves, and living in such abject poverty was very difficult. They are so grateful for the little we do, really wish there was more that could be done to assist. Some boxes are also delivered to Louise Campbell for her S O A P pensioners – people not in homes who need help. We spent the next 2 days sorting out empties, storing them in a warehouse, and generally getting organised for the long trip home on Wednesday. It is a very long road from Bulawayo to Malelane, but all went very well, the border crossing not bad at all. Johan Schultz and I drove the UD90 home, we did have a delay in Tzaneen with a small repair needed to the truck, but overall it went very well indeed. I slept in the warehouse in Malelane that night, and was able to return home to Secunda on Thursday 4th July. Overall, I would rate this trip as a big success, the new process seemed to work very well. The roads in Zim are slowly improving, with ongoing roadworks that do slow one down, many Stop – Go places, but at least it will eventually improve things. The road blocks are less, except for the road from Harare to Mutare, where they are ridiculous, and they do slow everything down. The improvement in the Border crossing (on both sides of the border) was very noticeable, and it seems a big effort has been made in this regard. I am grateful to have once again had the opportunity to help in a small way with this wonderful Mission, and hopefully will be able to make another contribution in the future.

Read Linda’s Trip Report on our website

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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9 1/08/2013 9:31:10 AM

Vale We received the sad news that John Northcoate, 93, brother of Daphne Hissey, passed away in Borrowdale Harare on 18 July, where he lived with his wife, Enid. John never recovered from an attack by an intruder. His wife, Enid has been joined by her daughters Lindy (from Cyprus) and Jenny (from Malindi), but plans to return to the UK where she has family. John moved to Zimbabwe from Kenya. We send our condolences Daphne and the family.

The Rhodesian Association website has been revamped and can now be found at Did you know you can subscribe to make sure you never miss a post? Visit and say hello!

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RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:11 AM

THIS SPACE COULD BE YOURS See page 17 for VERY REASONABLE advertising rates Shala Mushe means “Stay nice”. One thing is for sure, you will have a nice stay at Don and Doreen Bredenkamp’s Margaret River Cottage, the Shala Mushe.

So, if you’re looking to flee the rat race, you can escape to a cottage retreat

among the peppermint trees where the wildlife magically appears at dawn and dusk to graze and forage around you, where trees whisper peaceful tunes of the bush freedom and nightfall gently reveals the magnificent starlit heavens against an inky black sky untained by city lights and a polluted atmosphere. Immerse your soul in the tranquility. Close your eyes and let your thoughts take you back to paradise, wherever it may be. All this, and you’re only an owls hoot from the delights of central Margaret River. Once you have experienced the exclusivity ot a stay at Shala Mushe, you will appreciate why this gem of a place is not commercially advertised. Price and availability on request. Don and Doreen rent their cottage to bona fide RAWA members and recommended ex-Africans. Chat to them on 08 9757 9718 (overseas callers dial +61 8 9757 9718)


Chartered Accountants

Business Advisors Registered Tax Agents Financial Planning Services Telephone: 08 9481 0075 (After hours): 08 9387 6884 Email: Ground Floor, 55 Colin Street, West Perth Ask for a copy of our practice profile and most recent client newsletter RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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11 1/08/2013 9:31:11 AM

Cook-Sisters (pUN INTENDED) Oxtail Potjie Linda and the team from the ZPSF stopped off at the Food Lovers Market during their last trip to purchase vegies and oxtail for a huge potjie, and were generously supported by a number of sponsors. After cooking for several hours (they started at 5.30am!) they had a crowd of over 120 Golden Oldies ready to tuck in! So, this edition’s recipe celebrates their successful event. The pic is theirs from the event, with a recipe sourced from SBS Food. Ingredients • 30 ml oil • 2 large oxtails (cut in segments) • 3 med onions, sliced thinly • 1 tbsp crushed garlic • 2 red chillies, chopped • 7 whole cloves • 2 fresh bay leaves • Salt and pepper to taste • 500ml hot water • Sauce Vegetables • 2 tbsp fruit chutney • 1x400g tin peeled tomatoes, crushed • 63ml. brown vinegar • 2 bananas, sliced thickly • 2 tbsp tomato sauce • 3 med carrots, sliced • 2 tbsp honey • 8 -10 baby potatoes, scrubbed • 1-2 tbsp curry powder • 8-10 pickling onions, peeled • 2 tbsp each chopped fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley Preparation Cut as much excess fat from the oxtails as possible. Heat the oil in the “potjie” (or a camp oven) and saute the meat until brown. Add onions, garlic, chilli, cloves, bay leaves, salt and pepper. Stir-fry for about 10 minutes to combine flavours and soften the onions. Add hot water, cover and simmer very slowly in the Weber for two hours. Be careful not to burn. While the meat is cooking, prepare the vegetables. Go to where your “potjie” is bubbling over the fire, and add the vegies in that order. Do not stir, layer them in carefully. Cook slowly for another hour. While cooking, mix ingredients for the sauce, add and cook for another 30 mins, or until meat is just falling off the bone. Serve with rice, or better still “pap”

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1/08/2013 9:31:11 AM

FAMILY & ARCHIVAL RESEARCH UNDERTAKEN I have nearly 40 years of experience working in the National Archives of Zimbabwe and specialise in: - Family history and biographical searches - Medal recipients 1890s-1940s - Philately and postal history On receipt of a query I provide an assessment of the possibilities and estimate of cost. Ian Johnstone PO Box 2418, Harare RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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13 1/08/2013 9:31:12 AM

RAWA OUT AND ABOUT M’dala’s Meetings Contact:

Third Thursday - Citiplace, Perth Station, 10.00-11.30am Bill Johnstone, Chairman, Ph: 9454 3818

Ladies Coffee morning: Contact:

Second Wednesday from 10.30am, bring a plate Alice Waddacor (North) - 9403 4301 Yvonne Beezley (South) - 9457 4047

Committee meetings: Contact

Bimonthly venue, selected homes, starting 12.30pm Doug Capper, Administrator, 9307 4790

Next Social

High Wycombe Tavern Lunchon 23 August 2013

Future Events

High Wycombe Tavern Luncheon - 23 August 2013 (Pg 24) Garvey Park BBQ - 20 October 2013

AUGUST 2013 Mon



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7 Ladies 21 28

Thu 1 8 M’dala’s 22 29

Fri 2 9 16 Luncheon


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Sun 4 11 18 25

SEPTEMBER 2013 Mon 30 2 9 16 23






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4 Ladies 18 25

5 12 M’dala’s 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

Sun 1 8 15 22 29

The association accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage whatsoever to members’ property or for the death or injury to any persons attending any Association functions or events. Should you require assistance with transport to and from venues, please contact the Committee and we will endeavour to help you.

14 201308 August.indd 14

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:12 AM

High Wycombe Tavern Luncheon Friday 23 August 2013 | 12.30pm 530 Kalamunda Road, High Wycombe No set menu - choose whatever you like! Visit to view the selection. Some of the mouth watering options include: PIe of the Day ($16.00) Home-made pot style pie with a golden pastry lid Meat Platter ($28.00) A combination of the vegetarian platter with an assortment of sliced meats, steak strips and chicken strips. Sticky BBQ Ribs ($24.00) Slow cooked Linley Valley pork ribs with our chefs own home-made BBQ sauce, served with golden crispy chips Portugese Chicken ($21.50) Classic char grilled peri peri marinated half chicken with golden crispy chips Vegetarian Lasagne ($17.50) Mediterranean vegetables with napolitana and bechamel sauces layered between pasta sheets, and topped with melted mozzarella, served with side chips and a garden salad. RSVP to Bill Johnstone by Tuesday 13 August T: 08 9454 3818 RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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15 1/08/2013 9:31:12 AM

16 201308 August.indd 16

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:13 AM

Join the RAWA Committee If you can committ a couple of hours every month to enjoy a casual committee meeting and enjoy time with friends, please join our committee. We’re always looking for fresh ideas, and would love to welcome you along.

aDVERTISE IN THE BUNDU TIMES Have you considered advertising your business where other members will be sure to see it?

We have members not just here in Perth, but overseas and online. Others wishing to call Australia home will know they are coming to a similar lifestyle, where even mealie meal is available. Full page, inside cover Full page else elsewhere Two thirds page Half page Third page Back page Classified

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With the exception of classified advertisements, all advertising includes complimentary listing on our website for the duration of your commitment. Business Directory: Registration Form Participation in the business directory is free for members. Name: ................................................................................... Skill: ...................................................................................... Profession: ............................................................................ Tel No: ................................................................................... Email [office use] ................................................................... If you’d like to find out more about joining our committee, or enquire about advertising, contact Doug Capper on 9307 4790 or email Donations, subscriptions and advertising should be made payable to the Rhodesian Association RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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17 1/08/2013 9:31:13 AM

madalas report June 2013 Meeting:

20 June 2013


The Chairman welcomed everyone, and reported that Margaret Craft had had a fall and fractured her pelvis we all wished her a swift and complete recovery. She was in the Royal Perth Hospital. John and Glenda Tobin said they were going to visit her after the meeting and invited anyone who wanted to to accompany them.


A disappointing 22

Thought of the Day

What will be will be however careful we are.


Alice Waddacor, Adele and Charles Scott, Valerie Davies, The McNeilages, Don Briers, Mira Shaw and Janet Belstead.




Great tea thanks Bernice Cole-Bowen, Joyce and Don Bulloch and Bill & Liz Johnstone. Teas for the July meeting were to be provided by Dave DeSallis, Lorraine Coates and Margaret Seward.

Door Raffle:

Thanks Don for doing the door and drawing the raffle which was won by Mickey Danke.

Update on Zimbabwe – Current News: Cathy Buckle’s three newsletters were read through and discussed. In particular she waxed on about the preparation and consumption of the large black caterpillars known locally as “madora”. She advised that they tasted hard, crunchy and were peppery! The confusion over the date of the election raged. Cathy also remarks on the winter wheat crop, only 2,000 hectares had been planted by the first week of June which is expected to produce about 6,000 tonnes of grain enough to last 1 week as the country consumes about 240,000 tonnes of wheat each year. No clear pathway as to how they will meet the demand. Some mining companies in Zimbabwe had disclosed the amounts of tax they had paid to the Government which exceeded the figures disclosed in the Government’s Budget by a significant amount! They are wondering what happened to the tax they had paid. Matters affecting Members “Low Income Health Card” Sylvia to gave us an update, nothing much had occurred. Up Coming Activities RAWA is organising its usual round of functions, they are Breakfast at Leederville Kailis’s on 7 July at 8.30am – noted that this date has changed. 14 Madalas said they would attend. Ladies Coffee mornings (2nd Wednesday each month) have resumed, Alice Waddacor (North) and Yvonne Beesley (South) are the persons to contact should you need to find 18 201308 August.indd 18

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:13 AM

out the venue. Lunch at High Wycombe Tavern will be organised for the 23rd August Picnic BBQ at Garvey Park Sunday 20th October. Trips and Outings The Trip to Mandurah went off well all enjoyed themselves as far as I know. Our Poet Laureate - The Chairman read one of Mike Bray’s poems. Meeting Closed at 11.00 am

madalas report July 2013 Meeting:

18 July 2013


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting


Many members have been in touch to find out if the meeting was on today I assured those who contacted me it was and we had 21 members attend on the day

Thought of the Day

The Chairman remarked that he had watched a TV program on Happiness and what made people happy one of the most significant actions was to pass a personalised compliment to whoever you were addressing and so he complimented the members one and all on their tenacity, and appearance at Madalas meetings.


Don and Joyce Bulloch, Merle Howden and Bet Cilliers, Denis and Fay Petmezaki, Janet Belstead, Val Davies and Wendy Beeson. Myra Shaw was ill and was receiving a course of chemotherapy and other treatments on a daily basis.




Great tea thanks Dave De Salis, Lorraine Coates and Margaret Seward. Teas for the August meeting were to be provided by Merle Howden, Bet Cilliers and Sylvia Holborn.

Door Raffle:

As Don was still “legless” as a consequence of his hip op, we had a makeshift door arrangement thanks to John Seward. The raffle was won by Peter Dean.

Update on Zimbabwe – Current News: Cathy Buckle’s newsletter was read through and discussed. The news did auger well for a free and fair election on 31 July as all the indicators pointed to Mugabe and his ZANU (PF) romping home. Tenderayi Biti was claimimg that the Junta had control of the Zimbabwe Electorial Commission which Continued on Page 25 RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

201308 August.indd 19

19 1/08/2013 9:31:14 AM

business directory ADVERTISERS



Active Migration Australia Africa Travel Co

Migration Agent Travel Fax Cape to Cairo South African Delicacies Conways Butcher Welshpool Fax Butchery Chartwells Chartered Accountants Business - Tax - Planning Sweet Safari Imported Groceries Zebras’s African Steakhouse Licensed Steakhouse (Tues-Sat)

+61 8 9447 2226 +61 8 9381 5787 +61 8 9381 7580 9204 5666 9242 1608 9362 3623 9481 0075 9409 6652 9330 6357




Tom Lane Laurie Malton Paddy Belstead Sue Bezuidebhout Paddy Parker Pat Dunne

Accountant (CA), reg. Tax Agent Boat - Ocean Boat Hire Kalbarri CAD Innovations, Computer Drafting Cleaning - Enjo Consultant Jandakot Electrical Contractor (License# EC0002144) Electrical Services (License #EC004515) Mobile Fundraising for Not-for-Profit Orgs Natural Medicine - Practitioner Photocopying, Perfect Copy Reflexologist / Thermomix Email: Trailer Mounted Cool-room / Freezer Hire

9481 0075 9937 2043 9321 0060 9424 1193 9448 5282 94021610 0419 935 410 9245 2830 9383 7930 9226 4855 0405 245 742

John Pritchard Hillary Lane Paddy Belstead Marlene Pearson Tony Illman

9331 1165

A Christian lady is sending second-hand clothing to Zimbabwe for five orphanages. Other items are sold to fund postage. Colleen Smith: If anyone is going to Zimbabwe in the near future, please contact Colleen 20 201308 August.indd 20

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

1/08/2013 9:31:14 AM

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

201308 August.indd 21

21 1/08/2013 9:31:14 AM

The Way It Was: The Zambezi 1947 Continued from last edition

Written by Jim Dodd There were storerooms, workshops, classrooms, kitchens, a bakery and many more rooms. The gardens had obviously been extensive in days gone by, all irrigated from a stone lined canal. There were orchards with all kinds of fruit trees, but all neglected. This was all a bit of mystery to us, an impressive set up miles from anywhere, and obviously it had been a Roman Catholic Mission. A year or two later I cam across a book, written by Barbara Priest, entitled “’ A Far Bell” in which she describes the visit she and her Husband, Captain Cecil Priest, had made to the Mission in 1943. The Mission then was still operating, but nowhere near on the scale that it had been in earlier years. The one remaining Jesuit Father told me of how nearly all the missionaries had died of malaria, and the graveyard nearby bore testimony to this. They were mostly Jesuits from Germany apparently. The Priests, Cecil and Barbara, lived in Marandellas, as it was, and Captain priest was trotting around Mozambique on fact finding missions for military intelligence – WW!!. For thos interested, the book was published by the Art printing Works, no date given, but probably around 1948/9. It is an interesting account of bundu bashing around Mozambique in the 1940’s. Captain Priest was in this time an ornithologist of note. We pressed on from the Mission, and in due course arrived on the banks of the Luangwas, were we camped for the night. We went down to the river for a much needed bath, and onlooking with care at the surroundings decided that anti crocodile operations were needed. One of our party, in true Boy Scout tradition, had thoughtfully included in his kit a pack or two of gelignite. A charge chucked into the pool resulted in all manner of interesting things being hurled to the surface. I can still clearly see in my mind’s eye, a startled crocodile rearing right up, and taking off at high speed. There were a few tigerfish and bream as well. A quick bath then followed. Before setting off for Lusaka next morning, a check on our ready cash position revealed that although we had sufficient fuel to get to Lusaka, where there was presumably penty o f fuel, we would not have enough cash to pay for it. Resolving that somehow we would deal with the problem on reaching Lusaka set off. En-route to Lusaka while passing over a rocky ridge we spotted a lone roan antelope, which I dropped. We loaded it into the back with the idea that we would sell it in Lusaka and use the cash for fuel. This in fact, is exactly what we did, a butcher bought it. Now, over the last fifty years I still recall that unfortunate road, in fact I still feel like a cross between Judas Iscariot and jack the Ripper. Remorse lives on, and since that day I have not shot one other antelope. A magnificent animal destroyed to pay for our fuel. After disposing of the Road, we found a spot to camp in the bush outside the town, by this time it was dark. We were up bright and early next morning and found that we were near a refugee camp consisting mainly we understood of Poles. The war in Europe had been over two years and these unfortunate people were still there. 22 RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013 201308 August.indd 22

1/08/2013 9:31:14 AM

We set off homewards on good roads now. Chirundu at that time was just a bridge, nothing else, no border posts or police. The nearest police at that time if memory serves me right was at Vuti. We called in at the Police Camp, a series of rondavels on the top of a ridge, still to be seen from the main road. The young police chap in charge listened to our take of having left the country, gone into Mozambique, then into Northern Rhodesia and back into this country without any documents whatever. He was mildly amused and said he would remember us if there were any questions raised, meanwhile, cheers chaps. So ended a very interesting few days. Those were more spacious and restriction free days when a jaunt like that was possible. I shudder to think of what would happen if one attempted to enter Mozambique or Zamiba today without a bucket full of paper and fat wads of US dollars or sterling. I have often wondered too about Vila de Zumbo, does it still exist or is it gone forever under the water of Caborra Bassa Submitted by Howzen Pinder If you missed the first part of this story, published in the last edition visit our website at

M’dala’s Mandurah Trip What fun, as usual none of the Madala’s followed the agreed travel format but not to worry all arrived safely except we lost Alice Waddacor between the Mandurah Station and Kailis Resturant on the sea shore. Merle Howden and Bette Cilliers were really concerned as Alice had been with their group travelling to Mandurah and then they lost touch with her. Drama! However, she arrived back at Joondalup safely later that day, much to Merle’s relief. In all 22 Madalas and Selina, Yvonne and Sybil, the three coffee morning ladies who joined us had an excellent day out with an outstanding meal, fish chowder, fish and chips and a sweet, followed by as much tea/ coffee as you required. I must say the staff were both friendly and efficient. Although the weather wasn’t brilliant it could not dampen the spirits of the group. Once lunch was over members chatted on until late in the afternoon always remembering the 3.00pm travel deadline. A special thank you to Sybil/Selina who organised the venue for us.

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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RHODESIAN READS... Tatenda Reminiscences of the Zimbabwe Bush by Anne Moore On Kalahari Sands Diaries of Botswana days by Anne Moore. So Far & So Good A book crammed with humour and heartache, adventure and industry, combat and love By Denis Petmezaki 24 201308 August.indd 24

RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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madalas report July 2013 Cont... was supposed to be independent of all political parties. However the Chair of the Commission was the ex Secretary of the Ministry of Births Deaths and Marriages and the Electoral Rolls. Matters affecting Members Did anyone see the Lateline program on the state of old peoples homes, staffing and the treatment dished out? It was quite frightening. It may be unfair to generalise but give a dog a bad name and that is it. A wide ranging discussion resulted from this and we discussed the possibility of the “Rhodesians” setting up some type of home for ourselves. Sue Bray recalled how Mike had been instrumental in setting up similar type institution in the wheatbelt and the enormous costs and effort involved. Bundu Times The BT is under new management and is as always seeking articles of interest on or about Rhodesia/Zimbabwe or what our members are up to. Submissions can be emailed to or mailed to the Administrator for inclusion. Up Coming Activities RAWA is organising its usual round of functions, the next couple are Lunch at the High Wycombe Tavern at 12 noon on Friday 23 August 2013. Ladies Coffee mornings (2nd Wednesday each month) have resumed, Alice Waddacor (North) and Yvonne Beesley (South) are the persons to contact should you need to find out the venue. Picnic BBQ at Garvey Park Sunday 20th October at 11am onwards. Trips and Outings Breakfast a Leederville was well attended by the Madala’s and enjoyed by everyone. I got a speeding fine on my way to Kailis’s $75 fine so it was an expensive breakfast for me! Our Poet Laureate - The Chairman read one of Mike Bray’s poems. Meeting Closed at 11am precisely.

donations and New Members New Members: Brian and Sue Van der Riet Donations to ZPSF: John and Glenda Tobin, Pat Hopkins, Hans Wattenhoffer, M’Dala’s donation RAWA Bundu Times Issue 184 - August/September 2013

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RHODESIAN ASSOCIATION OF WA We are a non-political, social group for both newly arrived and settled Rhodesians and Zimbabweans, with regular social meetings, and a bi-monthly edition of the Association newsletter, the Bundu Times. Membership fees for the 2013 calendar year are: $30.00 - Family (Country 80km or more from Perth - $25.00) $25.00 - Single $25.00 - M’dala’s Couple $20.00 - M’dala’s Single Receipts will be issued upon request. Membership is available to people who have spent two or more years in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe, or a neighbouring country. Others are invited to join as Associate Members. Copies of the Constitution are available upon request.

Please detach and send to: THE AMINISTRATOR 1 Byron Court, Kallaroo WA 6025 Member 2: Surname and Initials: _____________________________________ Member 1: Surname and Initials: _____________________________________ Names and ages of children: ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Home address: ___________________________________ Postcode: _______ Business address: ________________________________ Postcode: _______ Email address: ___________________________________ Business phone: _________________________________ OFFICE USE ONLY Home phone: ___________________________________ Occupation: ____________________________________ CHQ/CSH .......................... REF ................................... Sports and hobbies: ______________________________ CONCESSION .................. Date of arrival: ___________________________________ CB ..................................... KZ ..................................... Town & Country: _________________________________ LS No ................................ I enclose subscription $ __________ Donation: $ ________BT ...................................... ENTERED ......................... Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________________________________ Donations, subscriptions and advertising to be made payable to Rhodesian Association. I consent to my name being given to other members. Agree Disagree The association accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever to members property or for the death of injury to any persons attending Association functions or events.

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Print Post Publication No. PP 635655/0008 If undelivered return to: Rhodesian Association of WA (Inc) 1 Byron Court, Kallaroo, WA 6025 MAY BE OPENED FOR POSTAL INSPECTION SURFACE MAIL POSTAGE PAID AUSTRALIA

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Bundu Times Issue 184  

Newsletter for RAWA August/September 2013

Bundu Times Issue 184  

Newsletter for RAWA August/September 2013