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Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Rho Chi-at-Large Chapter Annual Report June 2016 – June 2017

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Welcome Welcome to this annual report of the Dutch Chapter Rho Chi- at Large , from June 2016 untill June 2017. This report is in English & contains a summary of the activities of the chapter, the european region and STTI globally. There are many hyperlinks to our website in Dutch for further information. Summary: Each year the chapter organises different lectures. joins conferences and organises an induction with symposia. Last year there was a new mentoring program for members. The chapter works on PR with the presentation tables at conferences and on social media.We also contributed to the STTI Foundation of Nursing. The chapter year did start in juni ’16, after a special European Conference STTIEC16. The Rho Chi-at-Large has organised different activities e.g lectures, meetings, symposia etc.

In November we installed twentyfive new members. After the installation there was a mini symposium about Leadership in Nursing. With lectures from Professor Anne Marrie Raferty,Prof. Dr. Hester Vermeulen and Dr. ThĂłra Hafsteinsdottir. The Friend of Nursing Award was given to Dr Lucien Engelen. We also organised the chapter diner in the Senaatszaal.

In the meantime the PR committee wrote a new policy, the membership recruitment committee is working on a strategic plan and members could be a mentor or mentee in the mentoring route. We were also active on the Circle platforms were we have realized a workgroup for the Board, Membership recruitment and PR communications. 2016- 2017 was also a change for the chapterboard, three boardmembers stopped after many years. President Marie Louise Luiking


Love Liefde voor het vak

Courage Moed om leiderschap te tonen

Honor Waardeer je collega’s

Our Mission STTI mission and vision

Advancing world health and celebrating nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.

Our Vision The global organization of choice for nursing

STTI Numbers 6 founders in 1922







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Foundation for Nursing sponsoring Chapter Giving Club

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Rho Chi-at-Large Conference collaborations •

NursingScience carrousel and Mebius Kramer lecture 23 September 2016 A oral presentation was given by RhoChi. We also had a presentation stand. Three RhoChi board members and many rhochi members attended the carrousel and lecture. The RhoChi board is actively engaged with the nursing science faculty at the UMC and its Alumni Society

Caring for Elderly People Conference Rotterdam 4-8 Oktober 2016 European Nursing Conference Rho Chi was a sponsor to this conference . We provided a symposium platform for RhoChi members to present. The title of the symposium was: Nursing Leadership in clinical practice: what does it mean for Elderly Care ? Presentors were Dr. Annemarie de Vos over: 'Optimal care for elderly in transition' and Dr Bianca Buurman: 'Lost in Transition‘

Care 4 conference 2017 Antwerpen België Presentation table, attended by 3 RhoChi board member

Collaborations with Rho Chi –at- Large

STTI Chapter Awards 3rd Chapter Key Award Biennium 2015-2017.

Showcase Excellence Awards Biennium 2015-2017 • • • •

Advocacy Life Long Learning Philanthropy Policy

Chaptermeetings & lectures 2016-2017 •

6-8 juni 2016 European Conference STTIEC16

16 juni 2016 Members meeting and lectures given by Dr. Anneloes van Staa, 'Zelfmanagement • ondersteuning' and Dr. Esther van Loon 'De leerbaarheid van zelfmanagement‘

30 November 2016 Chapter event. Induction of 25 nieuwe leden, Minisymposium about leadership In Nursing. with • lectures from – Professor Anne Marrie Raferty, – Professor dr. Hester vermeulen – Dr. Thora Hafsteindottir. The award ‘Friend of Nursing 2016’ was for Lucien Engelen.

Chapter Diner. For pictures you can see New members, Minisymposium, Chapter Diner en others

16 Januari 2017 New Members Orientation Exploring your STTI RhoChi Membership 26 Januari 2017 Members meeting and lectures given by Dr. Gerard Brekelmans: 'Continue professionele ontwikkeling van verpleegkundigen: Change in Time?' and Dr. Inge Pool: 'Trends in continue professionele ontwikkeling van verpleegkundigen' 6 April 2017 Members meeting and lectures by Dr Erica Witkamp, Dr. Lynda Carpentenito and Helen de Graaf-Waar. ‘Is Nursing gone into the Mist?. Discussing whether nursing registration should use a taxonomy.

29 Juni 2017 Members meeting and lectures by drs. Lia van Straalen en Dr. Mariel Kanne

See all at the website of Rho Chi

STTI RhoChi-at -Large online

25 new members 2016

with 149 active chaptermembers on the circle

Chapter plans 2017 •

Wetenschapcarrousel 2017 Rho Chi-at-Large will present a presentation about STTI .

RhoChi-at-Large 2017 membership is open. Application forms can be found on the website.

Installment of New Members for 2017 will be held on the 29th of November at the Academiegebouw, Utrecht. .

Friend of Nursing Award 2017 open for nominations.

Veel belovende verpleegkundige Award 2017 open for nominations

RhoChi-at- Large Diner, 29 november 2017 Senaatzaal, Academiegebouw. Utrecht. Patient empowerment en technology given by drs. Lucien Engelen directeur Radboud UMC REshape Center. The role of Nurses in information technology. By Angelien Sieben M ANP, Radboud UMC REshape Center, Voorzitter VAR. There will be a Forum discussion at the end of these presentations. Led by Esther van de Hende .

Board of Rho Chi-at-Large 2016

Marie Louise Luiking, Bianca Buijck, Helen Kamphuis Nico Oud, Catharina van Oostveen, Roelof Ettema, Irina Angyal, Ariane van Wamel.

Many thanks to those boardmembers who stopped their acitivities.in Januari 2017, Bianca, Roelof and Catharina. See more about the members at the webiste

Publicity & Relations (PR) committee

Ariane van Wamel , Irina Angyal , Margreeth van Dijk, Helen Kamphuis


Activity committee

Catharina van Oostveen, ( tot 31/1/2017), Angel Tuijp, Eline de Kok ,Annabeth van Stroe


Awards & Recognition committee

Bianca Buijck (tm 31-1-2017), Mirjam van Dam & Els Verschuur. http://rhochi.nursingsociety.org/commissies/awards

Board succession committee

Gerard Brekelman, Eric van Elst , Susanne Maassen, Eric Koenes http://rhochi.nursingsociety.org/commissies/bestuursopvolging

mentoring committee

Desiree Bierlaagh & Catharina van Oostveen (tm 31/1/2017) mentoring committee

Science committee 2016

Catharina van Oostveen,(31/1/2017) Angela Tuijp, Helen Kamphuis, Marie Louise Luiking Wetenschappelijke commissiie

Recruitment and selection committee

Sylvia Hoekstra, Corien Harder, Edwin Hagenbeek, Helen Kamphuis, Marie-Louise Luiking. http://rhochi.nursingsociety.org/commissies/wervingselectie

STTI European Regionale committee

Jannet Scammell, Marie-Louise Luiking, Helen Wigert, Joy Merrell (regional coordinator), Aida Mendez, Harshida Patel, Ariane v.Wamel & Bianca Buijck

European Region taskforces and committees European Research Taskforce Has been successful in submitting an abstract for the 44th Biennial Convention (28 October - 01 November 2017). The title of the work is: The Dividends of Collaboration: an STTI European Research Taskforce experience.There are plans to submit a full paper to a journal in June 2017 and another abstract for the sttiec2018 Cambridge.

European Regional Committee Has been successful in submitting an abstract for the 44th Biennial Convention (28 October - 01 November 2017). The title of the work is European Influencing through action in the European Region and beyond. The activities and achievements of the Region would not be possible without the support and participation of the Regional Committee comprising of all the Chapter Presidents, and chairs of the four committees and task force

Postgraduate Research Student Virtual Scholarly event "Nursing and midwifery research across Europe“ A European videoconference to present and discuss PhD research was held on the 16 November 2016, 12:00 – 14:00 (GMT)Venue: Room 104 Haldane Building, Swansea Campus.Video link to SDP and live streaming were available. The next event in this calendar will be next November 2017 and will be organised by Tau Omega chapter in Sweden.

International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame Honouree Title:Leading Nursing in Times of change:Education, Reseach and Practice

A member of Upsilon Xi-at-Large Chapter, Professor Anne Marie Rafferty, Professor of Nursing Policy at the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, King's College London was awarded this honour at the Research Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. Professor Rafferty was recognised for her world leading research programme, most recently with regard to staffing levels and patient outcomes.

European Development Fund Scholarship (EDF) Het European Development Fund opgericht na de eerste Europees Conference heeft nog twee scholarship van 900 euros uit gegeven aan Marine-Serobyan en Hasmik Harutyunyan van (Armenia) zodat zij konden mee doen aan de sttiec 2017, Research Conference, Ireland. Silva Ayvazyan a final year undergraduate nursing student of the Yerevan State Armenian-American Medical College in Armenia and student member of Chi Delta Chapter was awarded an EDF scholarship of 600 euros plus the conference fee to attend the regional conference in 2016. She brought her mother with her, as she had not travelled outside of Armenia before. Silva stated that attending the conference `was the best experience of my life so far’.

European Nurse Recognition Award (ENR Award) This regional award was established to recognise scholarship activity that fosters the development and/or research in nursing and is of relevance to practice and people’s health across the European region. There were six nominations and the award winner for 2016 was Eileen Richardson, secretary of Phi Mu Chapter for her sustained programme of work spread across several countries in developing nursing education and nursing practice in the field of transcultural nursing.

Celebrating Nursing Excellence Launch of Ireland’s own SIA Society: The newly established SIA Society held their very first Inaugural Induction Ceremony at Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, University College Cork on Thursday 17th of November 2016. The SIA Honor Society of Nursing and Midwifery, is a prelude Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Honor Society of Nursing and is the first of its kind in Ireland. STTI is a long established global organisation for nursing and midwifery leaders with members in over 90 countries. This SIA Honor Society initiative involves collaboration between Schools and Departments of Nursing and/or Midwifery in University College Cork, Waterford Institute of Technology, the Institute of Technology in Tralee; as well as the Nursing and Midwifery Planning and Development Unit of the Cork/Kerry region.

Over 50 new members joined the Society in a well-attended evening of celebration. This society plans to provide support to its members by holding Master Classes, providing networking opportunities, career development opportunities and conferences throughout the year. President of the Society, Dr. Elizabeth Weathers spoke of the exciting plans for the future all centred on the goals and vision of the Society - to unite nurses and midwives working in all settings and nurture a culture of support, comradery and solidarity amongst members of the profession.

GAPFON European Regional The staff at Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) has been busy pulling all of the data collected from the meetings into a comprehensive report. As you can imagine from the detail collected just at your regional meeting, summarizing such information from seven regions/eight meetings has been a daunting task. However, with recent input from the GAPFON core group, we are very close to finalizing the report, with a goal of launching it in a web-based electronic format. This launch will coincide with STTI’s 28th International Nursing Research Congress in Dublin, Ireland, 27 July-1 August, 2017. Another communication informing you about where the report can be accessed will be sent to you in July.

Virtual Meeting 18th May 2017 • Address by Dr Beth Tigges, PhD, RN, PNP, BC, • “Collaborate for Influence: International Nurses 2017 • “Nursing workforce: Future Fortunes” • Professor Anne-Marie Rafferty CBE, DPhil, MPhil, BSc (Hons), RN


4rd Europees Regionale Congres 4-6 June 2018, Cambridge

Abstract submitting open 4 juni t/m 31 oktober

Conferences 2017 -2018

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STTI Rho Chi at large chapter : annual report June 2016 June 2017 of the Dutch chapter  

Welcome to this annual report of the Dutch Chapter Rho Chi- at Large , from June 2016 untill June 2017. This report is in English & contai...

STTI Rho Chi at large chapter : annual report June 2016 June 2017 of the Dutch chapter  

Welcome to this annual report of the Dutch Chapter Rho Chi- at Large , from June 2016 untill June 2017. This report is in English & contai...