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| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

MARCH 2018 AHOY! |



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2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship

Vice Patrons Jimmy Farquhar, Li Fook Hing, Bob Wilson; Commodore Robert Stoneley; Vice Commodore John Woo; Rear Commodore Sailing Lucy Sutro; Rear Commodore Club Denis Martinet; Honorary Secretary Mark Yeadon; Honorary Treasurer Ramon Archer; Rowing Captain Philip Crinion. For other Club contact details please refer to the Club Directory on page 40. Advertising or Editorial Enquiries contact RHKYC PR Department at or 2239 0307 or 2239 0312 Ahoy! Design Michelle Shek, MYND Design. Articles for Ahoy! can be emailed to The Club reserves the right to edit articles. All opinions expressed in this publication are the authors’ and do not necessarily reflect the views of the General Committee of the RHKYC. Copies of the magazine are available at Reception and to view the e-version of the magazine (and back copies) go to the RHKYC website.



Rolex China Sea Race 28 March starts



The Bridge



St. Patrick’s Day Themed Menu at Main Deck and Main Bar 12 to 18 March

6 Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI)


19 Steps 1,2,3,4 and Solo HKSF Levels 1, 2 and Go Sailing


Shelter Cove Wine Fair

Kellett Island Wine Fair

Supervised Sailing Session Adult Weekday Beginner Rowing Course – Day 4 (MI)

Supervised Sailing Session Dragon Boat Land Training Session (KI)

Supervised Sailing Session Dragon Boat Land Training Session (KI)

Steps 1,2,3,4 and Solo HKSF Levels 1, 2 and Go Sailing Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI)



Chinese New Year Auspicious Dishes

21 Steps 1,2,3,4 and Solo HKSF Levels 1, 2 and Go Sailing Dragon Boat Land Training Session (KI)

Supervised Sailing Session Adult Weekday Beginner Rowing Course – Day 2 (MI)


8 Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI)

14 Supervised Sailing Session Dragon Boat Land Training Session (KI)


Duckhorn Wine Dinner in the Compass Room Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI) Adult Weekday Beginner Rowing Course – Day 3 (MI)


Celebrity Chef: Riccardo Manieri in the Compass Room 20 to 23 March Book Launch: All The Oceans by Ron Holland Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI)



Chinese New Year Auspicious Dishes in the Bistro 20 February to 2 March Oyster Indulgence in the Compass Room 1 to 31 March Premium Sausage Promotion in the Bistro, Middle Island and Shelter Cove 1 to 31 March Benromach Single Malt Whisky Trio at Main Bar 1 March to 31 May Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI) Adult Weekday Beginner Rowing Course – Day 1 (MI)


Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI)


15 Celebrity Chef: Riccardo Manieri and Goretti Wine Dinner in the Compass Room

Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI)


Val Di Toro Wine Dinner in the Compass Room Steps 1,2,3,4 and Solo HKSF Levels 1, 2 and Go Sailing Rowing Development Course (ST) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI)



Wines and Beer of the Month



Supervised Sailing Session

Good Friday Children Programme on MI Adult HKSF Level 3 Steps 1,2,3,4 and Solo HKSF Levels 1, 2 and Go Sailing


Hawaiian Night on MI Adult Beginners Sailing Course Supervised Sailing Session J/80 Racing Training Sessions Rowing Development Course (ST/MI) Rowing Supervised Course (MI) Rowing Youth Development Programme (ST/MI) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI) Dragon Boat Training Session (MI)

Adult Beginners Sailing Course Supervised Sailing Session Intro to Small Keelboat RYA Powerboat Level 2 Assessment Course Middle Island (Youth) Rowing Race Series #2


CLASS RACING CHINA SEA 200 DASH INTERSCHOOL SAILING FESTIVAL Intro to Small Keelboat Rowing Development Course (ST/MI) Rowing Supervised Course (MI) Rowing Youth Development Programme (ST/MI) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI) Dragon Boat Training Session (MI)

Rowing Supervised Course (MI) Rowing Youth Development Programme (ST/MI)


TEAM RACING Adult Beginners Sailing Course Supervised Sailing Session J/80 One Day Supervised Course Platu Skipper Course 2nd Harbour Regatta 2018 (KI)




Adult Beginners Sailing Course Supervised Sailing Session Platu Skipper Course Dinghy Race Training Sessions J/80 Racing Training Sessions RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course Rowing Development Course (ST/MI) Rowing Supervised Course (MI) Rowing Youth Development Programme (ST/MI) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI) Dragon Boat Training Session (MI)

Adult Beginners Sailing Course Supervised Sailing Session Platu Skipper Course RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course Schools Invitational Rowing Regatta 2018



DRAGON 2K INTERNATIONAL Easter Sunday Lunch CLASS RACING Adult Beginners Sailing Course Adult HKSF Level 3 Rowing Development Course (ST/MI) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI) Dragon Boat Training Session (MI)

Buffet and Egg Hunt in the Compass Room


Oyster Indulgence Compass Room

Heineken (330ml)

| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Rowing Development Course (MI)


Woodstock Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2016 – Adelaide, South Australia Woodstock Deep Sands Shiraz Cabernet 2014 – McLaren Vale, South Australia


J/80 Racing Training Sessions

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations with Irish Pub at Main Deck Adult Beginners Sailing Course Supervised Sailing Session Platu Skipper Course Dinghy Race Training Sessions J/80 Racing Training Sessions RYA Powerboat Level 2 Assessment Course Rowing Development Course (ST/MI) Rowing Supervised Course (MI) Rowing Youth Development Programme (ST/MI) Outrigger Canoe Development Course (MI) Dragon Boat Training Session (MI)


20 February to 2 March



Russian Vodka Night with Buffet Dinner at Middle Island




Supervised Sailing Session Platu Skipper Course Adult Weekday Beginner Rowing Course – Day 5 (Assessment at ST)



1 to 31 March


Commodore’s Message

The Bridge

With the Volvo Ocean Race fleet now well on the way to Auckland and life at the Club returning to normal, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the stopover and all that was achieved. From Team Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag’s dream first place, to the daily coverage of sailing in the press; from the thousands of children who were exposed to sailing and many more people who visited the Race Village, to the hard-hitting Ocean Summit; from to the coming together of the sailing Commodore Robert Stoneley community and bonds that were 會長史東禮 created at the Sailing Plaza, to the HKSF-SHK / Scallywag Legacy programme; and the fact that our Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, came to the Awards Dinner straight from the airport on her way home from Davos to state her commitment to a vibrant harbour, to water sports and to bringing the VOR back to Hong Kong… those two weeks have done more to build the profile of sailing in Hong Kong than anything that’s come before – it is now incumbent on all of us connected with the sport to build on this and ensure the energy isn’t lost. I mentioned the HKSF-SHK / Scallywag Legacy programme in last month’s message and would urge all members to see how they and organisations they are connected with can get involved. Widening access to sailing in Hong Kong is more than just providing access to sports – the programme will allow a large group of under-privileged children the opportunity to widen their horizons, learn new skills, increase their self-confidence and resilience, and, who knows, maybe even win an Olympic medal one day. Another great legacy of the VOR and stopover is the work done to raise the awareness of the problem of plastics in the sea. The VOR Ocean Summit brought together government officials, NGOs, race teams, activists and even a student from the Canadian International School to highlight issues related to marine pollution and discuss practical steps we can all be taking to help address them. This is a subject I feel very strongly about and, while the Club has introduced a few measures over the year to help address the problem, I feel there’s a lot more we can be doing. As a result, while attending the Summit I signed the CleanSeas pledge on behalf of the Club – read more on this and the Summit later in Ahoy – and, getting back to the Club, I have also established a Sustainability Working Group to refresh the Club’s sustainability policies and identify opportunities for us to improve our act and encourage members to do more.


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

I hope many of you had the opportunity to visit the Race Village. We had a booth there in the Sailing Plaza and I would like to give my thanks to all the volunteers who manned it on our behalf and in particular to Vice Commodore John Woo for setting it up. Thank you too in no small measure to all of our Club members who volunteered their time both on and off the water to ensure the success of the Volvo Ocean Race Hong Kong Stopover; feedback received on our race management support in particular has been excellent. You have been wonderful ambassadors for the Club and have greatly assisted in raising not only the Club’s profile but of sailing in Hong Kong as well. In rounding off my coverage of the VOR, I’d like to thank and congratulate the HKSF and the Club members who had the foresight and drive to bring the event to Hong Kong. The work involved in putting the bid together and the subsequent work in managing all of the logistics and approvals required can’t be under-estimated. The success of the event is a real testament to you. As a Club we are committed to supporting any future bid to host the event again and look forward to making this real. Looking now to our own events, there is a lot on this month. Sailingwise, we have the very popular Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Sailing Festival taking place on the weekend of 10 and 11 March. The 12th edition will showcase 17 schools including three new schools who are taking part for the first time; the festival is one of the most spectator-friendly sailing events given the race track is right in front of the Clubhouse at Middle Island. Also, that weekend is the China Sea 200 Dash, an A to A offshore race primarily used as a warm-up for the Rolex China Sea Race which starts on 28 March. At the time of writing this we have 29 boats entered for the latter, including Karl Kwok’s Mod Beau Geste, Matt Brooks 52ft Yawl Dorade from the US and Wang Bin’s Cookson 50 Ubox from China, with this the 56th edition promises to be a well-contested event – if you aren’t taking part, please join me at the club to watch the start at 1120hrs. March is also extremely busy for our rowing members, with the Club organising three regattas and with the majority of our competitive rowers and paddlers competing in the Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships. The highlight of the month is the 2nd Harbour Regatta that will be run from Kellett Island on Sunday 18 March. With school and junior teams, university and other club teams, + a number of senior and veteran RHKYC crews taking part this is a real community event and one that is core to our plans to help support and drive the long term development of rowing in Hong Kong. The inaugural event last year was a major success so the organising committee has its work cut out this year to better it; knowing their passion and drive I am sure they will. Please come down and support.

我在上月提到關於「HKSF新鴻基/Scallywag 發展計劃」的事項,促請所 有會員踴躍支持和參與。在香港推行帆船運動不僅是一項單純的運動, 這個計劃將會為一群本地的弱勢兒童提供一個拓寬視野、學習新技能、增 強自信心和應變能力的機會,有誰知道,哪一天更有可以嬴得奧運獎牌。 另一項在「Volvo 環球帆船賽」停靠本港時所帶出的重要信息,是引起公眾 關注海洋塑膠污染問題。「Volvo 環球帆船賽-海洋高峰會議」匯集了政府 官員、非政府組織、賽事隊伍、社會運動人士和一班來自加拿大國際學 校的學生,他們一同正視海洋污染和討論可取的實際解決方法。這是一 個我非常重視的議題,雖然本會近年來已採取了一些措施來舒緩問題, 但我相信還有更多事情可以做的。因此,在參加海洋高峰會議時,我僅 代 表本會 簽 署了「清 潔 海洋 協 議」,協 議內容和高峰會 詳 情將於稍 後 的 Ahoy! 內公佈。在本會而言,我剛成立了一個可持續發展的工作小組,

專門更新本會持續發展的政策,尋求機會改善我們的角色,並鼓勵會員 做更多事情。 我希望大家都已參觀過帆船嘉年華。本會在帆船廣場上設有一個展位,藉 此機會我想感謝所有代表本會的義工們,特別是胡祖榮副會長為我們的 安排。同時我們亦非常感激各位在水上和陸地上幫忙的義工,讓「Volvo 環球帆船賽」得以順行完成;對本會提供的賽事管理支援小組印象也非 常好。您一直是本會出色的大使,不但協助提高本會的形象,同時也令帆 船運動在香港變得普及化。 總結「Volvo 環球帆船賽」,我要感謝及祝賀香港帆船運動總會和一眾別具 慧眼的會員,成功把比賽帶到來香港;從參與投標至續後的營運、物流和 審批等工作等都不能輕視,而事實證明你們是成功的!作為一個俱樂部, 我們明確支持再次申辦比賽在港舉行,期待這一切成為事實。 本月將會有很多活動在本會舉行。在帆船方面,被受關注的「布高江律師 行校際帆船節」將於3月10至11日舉行;本年為第十二屆賽事,共有17間 學校參加,當中有3間學校是首次參加比賽。比賽將會在中途島會所對出 海面進行,這是其中一個最能吸引市民在岸邊觀看的帆船賽。此外,本月 下旬將會舉行「China Sea 200 Dash」,這是一個點對點的離岸帆船賽, 亦被稱為「勞力士中國海帆船賽」的熱身賽,開賽日子為3月28日。執筆之 時,現時我們收到29艘船報名參加「勞力士中國海帆船賽」,當中包括郭 志樑﹙Karl Kwok﹚的 Mod Beau Geste號,來自美國 Matt Brooks 的52尺 Dorade號,來自中國王彬﹙Wang Bin﹚的 Cookson 50型 Ubox號;這是第 56屆賽事,亦將會是一個極其充滿競爭性的比賽。如您沒有參加賽事,歡 迎於當日早上11時20分親臨本會與我一同欣賞開賽盛況。

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog!

The Bridge

隨著「Volvo 環球帆船賽」各船隊展開前往奧克蘭的比賽,本會亦已回復正 常運作;所有活動均已順利完成,這是一個很好的機會讓我們反思在賽船 停靠本港期間所發生的一切:由新鴻基/Scallywag號 完成冠軍夢,到傳 媒朋友每天報導有關帆船比賽的消息;由數千名學生感受航海帶給他們 的獨特感染力,及廣大市民前往帆船嘉年華參觀,到重頭戲海洋高峰會 議;由在帆船廣場上宣佈大力推動帆船發展和債券計劃,到「HKSF新鴻 基/Scallywag發展計劃」;以及行政長官林鄭月娥女士從達沃斯回港後, 便直接從機場直達頒獎晚宴現場,充分表達她致力發展一個充滿活力的海 港、水上活動及希望「Volvo 環球帆船賽」今後能繼續在香港舉辦的誠意。 這兩星期所發生的事情,比以往任何活動更能有效地在香港推廣帆船運 動-現在,所有對這項運動有關的人事,都有義務協助基礎發展,並確熱 情不會減退。

General Manager’s Message which is located just south of Tuscany and produces some equally amazing wines. Please see page 35 for full details. On 29 March we bring you our second Italian wine dinner of the month; this time with wines from Val Di Toro. This winery is back by popular demand, as after having been introduced to the Club only at this time last year, their delicious Anna’s Secret Rose, immediately established itself as our best selling Rose of 2017!

As usual, there is plenty going on at the Club to give you very good 總經理布馬克 reasons to make the most of all three of your excellent clubhouses – even when you are not out sailing, rowing or paddling!

As a heads up, Easter is just around the corner, and if you will pardon the pun, it is certainly no April Fool’s that we host our Easter Sunday Lunch Buffet and Egg Hunt on Sunday 1 April. As this is always a very popular event, please make sure to book early to avoid disappointment. On 30 March you can bring the children to Middle Island where they can enjoy a special Easter.

The Bridge

Kung Hei Fat Choi and Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog. I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead in what promises to be an incredibly busy one for the Club. It all started off with yet another full house at the Kellett Island clubhouse for the customary and iconic fireworks display in the harbour. Who could ask for a more auspicious start to any year? General Manager Mark Bovaird

On 8 March we have the Duckhorn Wine Dinner. This will be the first time that we have featured this particular Napa Valley winery at the Club. Our Chefs and Sommeliers have created a fabulous food and wine pairing menu which looks amazing – please see page 34 where there are also full details for how to book a table. Later this month our kitchen team welcomes Italian celebrity chef Riccardo Manieri. Chef Manieri will be in residence at the Compass Room from 20 to 23 March and for the evening of 22 March, he has created a special menu which will be paired with wines from the Vini Goretti Winery in the Umbria region,

It being March we have of course St. Patrick’s to celebrate and this year we will do so for more than just the customary day. From 12 to 18 March we will feature a St. Patrick’s themed menu at the Main Bar and Main Deck and on 17 March we will have our very own St. Patrick’s Pub at the Main Deck.

By the time we get around to Easter Sunday we hope that all participants in the Club’s signature offshore event, the Rolex China Sea Race, will have safely reached the Philippines and will be enjoying the well earned post race party at the Subic Bay Yacht Club. Entries this year are looking better than ever and at the time of writing we hope to have a record number of boats out in the harbour for the start on Wednesday 28 March. The overall prizegiving will as always take place back in the Compass Room on 11 April.

恭喜發財,狗年快樂!我祝願每位都有個快樂、健康和繁榮昌盛的一年, 如早前所言,對本會來說這是非常繁忙的一年。打響頭炮,傳統及具標誌 性的維港煙花晚宴將於吉列島會所舉行,當晚活動訂位經已爆滿,誰可要 求一個更完美的開始?

即將踏入3月,我們當然要慶祝 St. Patrick’s Day!除了當天的慶祝活動 外,Main Bar 和 Main Deck 將會由3月12至18日,供應以 St. Patrick 為 主題的菜單;此外,本會專屬的 St. Patrick’s Pub 亦將於3月17日在 Main Deck 營業。

如常地,即使您沒有揚帆出海,也沒有進行划艇及賽艇活動,三個會所經 已為您準備了源源不絕的精彩節目。

復活節將至,我們將於4月1日(星期日)舉行復活節週日自助午餐及復活 節尋蛋遊戲,這當然不是愚弄大家。由於這是一個非常受歡迎的活動,請 務必盡早訂座,以免落空。在3月30日,您可帶同你的孩子們前往中途島 會所,渡過一個特別的復活節。

3月8日將會舉行 Duckhorn 美酒佳餚晚宴;這是本會首次引入來自納帕 谷(Napa Valley)酒莊的葡萄酒。本會廚師們聯同品酒師一同配搭出一 個令人涎垂欲滴的菜單,詳情請見第34頁,該頁會詳細介紹訂座方法。本 月下旬,廚房部熱烈歡迎來自意大利的名廚 — Riccardo Manieri。名廚 Manieri 將於3月20至23日期間在 Compass Room 獻上他精心設計的菜 單,並配襯來自托斯卡尼南部溫布利亞 Vini Goretti 酒莊的佳釀,詳情請 見第35頁。詢眾要求,3月29日我們將會為大家帶來第二輪的意大利葡萄 酒晚宴-來自 Val Di Toro 酒莊的美酒;本會去年把它們釀造的 Anna’s Secret Rose 引入後,此酒隨即成為會內2017年最暢銷的玫瑰紅酒。

本會的著名離岸賽—「勞力士中國海帆船賽」將於復活節期間舉行,在此 祝願各參加者安全到達菲律賓,並享受在蘇比克灣遊艇會舉行的賽後慶 祝派對。本年度的報名人數較往年踴躍,執筆之時,我們希望在3月28日 星期三)啟航當天,能於維多利亞港創下最多帆船一同出發的歷史性紀 錄。一如以往,總頒獎禮將於4月11日在 Compass Room 舉行。

2018 Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco The Club is very pleased to receive and share the news that HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has awarded this prestigious prize to Club member, Douglas Woodring. Doug is the Founder and Managing Director of Ocean Recovery Alliance focuses on bringing together new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity, collaboration, and initiatives to help improve the ocean environment. He received the Award for his years of dedication, focus and persistence on reducing plastic pollution, and by doing so with creative, scalable programs that can be replicated


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

across borders. Ocean Recovery Alliance is one of the first NGOs to work with both the UN Environment (UNEP) and the World Bank on their respective programmes aimed at reducing plastic pollution. Many members will know Doug as he has hosted several speaker’s corners and we look forward to having him back at the Club again to share his wisdom. You can read more about the Award on the Ocean Recovery Alliance website at


great adventure onTWO Queens

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7days Transatlantic Crossing 3Aug2018 ♦ M829A

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14days Iceland and Fjords 10Aug2018 ♦ Q823 Southampton, Rotterdam, Bergen, Innvikfjorden, Nordfjord, Olden, Akureyri, Isafjordur, Reykjavik, Stornoway, Belfast, Southampton

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^This itinerary will call to Alesund instead of Olden, Innvikfjorden & Nordfjord. Port order may vary.

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2952 8095 |

6898 8919

Around Shelter Island – Community Sailing Event W O RD S: C A RL KRO KSTÄ D E PHOTO: CARL KROKSTÄDE

The Bridge

Finish line was when entering the speed restricted area just by Camper’s Beach and we had all 21 now, not so much, sea legged youngsters arrive happily back to our beloved home base. A debriefing of the day was conducted by myself, linking sailing with leadership training and freedom at sea. Freedom at sea was explained as a state of mind where troubles at land didn’t matter, and we all know that the best sense of freedom known to man is on a sailing yacht with the salty spray tickling a troubled cheek. Youth Outreach was very happy to experience sailing at Port Shelter and are most enthusiastic to engage in our leisure activity and sport. Thank you Lena Chi, for organising the popular and these very important community sailings. Also thank you for skippers and boat owners of Ma Cherie 2, Zamzammah, Xterminator, Talkinghead and Rozel.

Happy Sailors aboard Talkinghead

We in the Shelter Cove Sub-Committee have an ongoing sailing programme with the organisation Youth Outreach. Youth Outreach guide at-risk youth to become responsible community members and, as you know, sailing and responsibility goes hand in hand.

t was a rainy and gloomy day on 6 January; with an ENE breeze at force 4, gusting 5 and the temperature almost reaching 15°C – well, just like the best Swedish Midsummer Eve. 21 youngsters with their leaders arrived at the gem we call home at Shelter Cove in the early morning. The youth were well-dressed indeed, some well-dressed enough for Lan Kwai Fong and believe it or not, some even well-dressed for sailing – all non-well dressed for rain though. Luckily enough, the ever so resourceful Lena Chi got their party furs safely dry under colourful rain coats.

The visitors was served a very tasty (according to them and us) lunch. All very well appreciated and even more appreciated was the sailing caps with our logo, delivered with a story making it even more unique.


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

To give a flavour of seamanship and yacht racing, a proper radio check and semi (not at all) proper count down over VHF radio was conducted. It did sound professional for the untrained landlubber’s ear though. Start was between the southernmost tip of Sharp Island and the light by HKUST, closer to Sharp Island to get experience of a close reach battle. Shelter Island is as a handsome large rock, and the now well taught visitors even did know we kept it at starboard, well done Jo. The skippers briefing did stipulate that the winner was the boat with all the crew and youngsters feeling safe and happy during the whole race. Not an easy task with miserable weather and inexperienced youngsters. The race did go very well, with tales of youths tailing one winch each and even one yacht having all the visitors singing happily.


Jo Leung gave a fabulously enthusiastic introduction to sailing, explaining the magic of travelling upwind, using a Hoover and sailing boat models. Most impressive was that he had all but one of the youngsters engaged with the lecture, instead of with their mobile phones, for a good extended hour.

The sail race itself is our version of around the island and as tradition implies clockwise. All the participants were handed a colourful, simple sailing instruction of the enormously long distance race of 5nm. The use of Spinnaker or Gennaker was not allowed.

From top: Jo Leung lecturing; Skipper’s briefing; Adrian thanking the Shelter Cove Sub-Committee

Feature | 2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship

2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World W O RD S: N AO MI REBEC C A A ND NIKKI CL A RIN GB O L D | PH OTO S:



“It’s never like this” seemed to be most common phrase voiced throughout the 2018 29er World Championship held from 2 to 8 January. With racing cancelled on Day 1 of the Championship thanks to the breeze consistently clocking above the threshold of the 29er Class wind limit (it was gusting up to 41kts!), the event was to be remembered for some epic racing.


ith the breeze abating slightly for Day 2 of racing, sailors were held onshore for a short time before making their way out to the race course located off Stanley. The breeze across the race track varied from 15kts at the sheltered top mark in Stanley Bay to 22kts (gusting close to the 25kt wind limit) at the start area located closer to the channel; resulting in some exciting racing and swimmingly good capsizes as the fleet rounded the gate marks. The following day, to the relief of the sailors, the breeze dropped off to a variable 10kt North Easterly. However it was a tricky race track that was heavily favoured toward the left. Hong Kong duo Calum Gregor and Jon Crawford made the best off the difficult conditions taking a respectable 2-1-2-3 in their races; putting them on the top of the score board at


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Feature | 2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship

Championship the end of the qualifying round and in great shape going into the finals. Going into the final series, the 58 teams from 12 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, US Virgin Islands, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Slovenia, USA and Hong Kong were split into the gold and silver fleets. The first day of the Final Series for the Championship, saw a return of the heavy breeze and big sea conditions. Whilst the Race Committee tried in vain to pick a course area, the weather was not on their side; with racing eventually cancelled for the day. With the breeze subsiding overnight, the Race Committee was keen to get the teams out on the water and managed to squeeze in one race before the second was forced to be abandoned when the breeze once again surpassed the class wind limit. With the wind continuing to build, an AP over A was hoisted shortly thereafter and racers had a tricky journey back to Middle Island in the challenging conditions. With concerns as to whether there would be any racing at all on the final day with heavy fog greeting the racers as they descended on Middle Island, the breeze eventually started to build and shifted drastically from a light north easterly to the west; dissipating the fog. With the shift in direction, the MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


Feature | 2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship

breeze continued to increase out on the course and it was again pushing close to the 29er Class threshold. With that, the International 29er Class PRO was forced to take the unprecedented decision to hold the silver fleet onshore and only go ahead with racing for the gold fleet. The gold fleet was sent out to race in Stanley Bay where four races were held to complete the final series. With the breeze being at the top end of the range for the first two races, it was critical for the sailors to be on top of their game, constantly changing gears in the heavy gusty conditions. Eventually as the breeze tapered off, allowing teams to take advantage of the steadier conditions and become more familiar with the unusual wind angle on the course. Ultimately, New Zealand prevailed with Francesco Kayrouz and Jackson Keon (NZL12) claimed the title of 2018 Zhik 29er World Champions with consistent top four results in all races and a nine-point cushion separating them from their closest rivals. New Zealand gained the upper hand in the last two races of the championship, by early gybing out on a persistent big right-hand shift. When asked what attributed to their success, Kayrouz and Keon said “Consistency; making sure we sailed to our best and to our full potential, sailing every leg like a new race and keeping our head out of the boat. Bow down and send it!” 2nd Overall went to Australia’s Lachie Brewer and Max Paul (AUS6) on 20 points. France’s Benjamin Jaffrezic and Leo Chauvel (FRA2) followed in third on 25 points with fellow countrymen Theo Revil and Gautier Guevel also on 25 points in fourth. Crossing the finish line first in the final race of the championship was the first Hong Kong team and winners of the 2017 Hong Kong Open


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Calum Gregor and Jon Crawford (HKG2532) who took 6th overall on 26 points. New Zealanders Crystal Sun and Olivia Hobbs (NZL2394) took the title as top female team in the Zhik 29er World Championship as well as 21st Overall. Sun and Hobbs commented after their win “We feel pretty good, pretty excited, such a good feeling! We have been very excited the last few days to be the only girls to make the cut into the gold fleet. It feels good to know that all our training and hard work has paid off. The event was pretty tricky with the wind and all that, but it was really a great, fun event. The racing was pretty hectic, we had all sorts of competition but it was really fun and really enjoyable to race against other people in these tricky conditions.” After racing, competitors made a beeline back to shore to pack up their gear in time for the 2018 Zhik 29er World Championship prize giving which was held on the Main Lawn at Kellett Island. With the new World Champions crowned, International 29er Class President Joan Mollerus officially closed the event. Peter Backe, Chairman of the 29er World Championship Committee, noted that racing wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our all of the amazing volunteers involved. Backe thanked the roughly 100 plus individuals who gave up so much of their time to assist these talented youth sailors over the 14 days of racing for the 29er Hong Kong Open and the 29er World Championship. He also made a special shout-out on behalf of all the competitors for the amazing efforts in extremely challenging conditions of the “Launch and Retrieve Angels” – Florrie Manzoni, Alison Taylor, and Natalie Chen, along with all round volunteer extraordinaire and Regatta Mum Emma Crawford.

Feature | 2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship



Zhik 29er World Championship Gold Fleet – Top 10 15 M Jackson Keon 1st NZL 12 Francesco Kayrouz 15 M Max Paul 2nd AUS 6 Lachie Brewer 17 M Leo Chauvel 3rd FRA 2 Benjamin Jaffrezic 17 M Gautier Guevel 4th FRA 3 Theo Revil 17 M Scott Mckenzie 5th NZL 5 Sebastian Lardies 18 M Jon Crawford 6th HKG 2532 Calum Gregor 17 M Samuel Merson 7th USA 23 David Eastwood 16 M Klemen Semelbauer 8th SLO 2706 Rok Verderber 16 M Pat Morgan 9th NZL 2390 Lewis Anderson 15 M Leonid Pushev 10th RUS 2523 Vasilii Andreev Zhik 29er World Championship Silver Fleet – Top 10 19 F Madison Woodward 1st AUS 18 Annabelle Davies 18 M Brendan Crisp 2nd AUS 2447 William Wallis 14 M George Richardson 3rd AUS 2131 John-mark Paul 17 F Russell Aylsworth 4th HKG 2412 Harriette Edmonds 5th USA 2449 Catherine “B” Lindsay 17 F Jack Joslin 14 M Sam Bacon 6th NZL 2550 Elliot Bacon 16 M Aidan Chiu 7th CAN 2592 Galen Richardson 16 M Silas Hamilton 8th AUS 2681 Thomas Nikitaras 16 M Harry Fox 9th GBR 2345 Fergus Fox 17 M Reece Caulfield 10th NZL 2396 Craig Keenan 29er Hong Kong Open – Top 10 18 M Jon Crawford 1st HKG 2532 Calum Gregor 13 F Akira Sakai 2nd HKG 2655 Karrie Clark 17 M Scott Mckenzie 3rd NZL 5 Sebastian Lardies 16 M Tom Fyfe 4th NZL 19 Josh Berry 14 M Shannon Wright 5th AUS 25 Kieran Bucktin 15 M Leonid Pushev 6th RUS 2523 Vasilii Andreev 16 M Pat Morgan 7th NZL 2390 Lewis Anderson 15 M Jackson Keon 8th NZL 12 Francesco Kayrouz 14 M Isamu Kendal Sakai 9th HKG 2521 Matthew Clark 14 M Anatole Martin 10th HKG 261 Malo Kennish







17 16 17 17 17 18 17 17 16 16


1 -12 3 -7 2 5 4 14 11 8

3 1 4 6 5 10 -8 -21 -20 7

-4 2 6 5 10 -16 1 12 7 8

2 12 7 6 1 8 3 4 9 10

3 1 -8 5 -15 2 6 4 7 -18

18 17 18 16 17 16 18 19 17 17

F 3 M 1 M 4 M 5 M 6 M 9 M 2 M 8 M 7 M 30.0 DNC

18 25 17 17 21 16 16 17 25 15


1 -6 4 4 7 -16 -12 8 (35.0 DNC) 2 3 2 (35.0 DNC) 10 2 (35.0 DNC) 4 8 8 6 2 -13 11 9 (35.0 DNC) 5 1 1 (35.0 DNC) 1 (35.0 DNC) 35.0 DNC 8 12 13 12 6 14 9 10

2 1 3 9 14 7 12 17 8 4


2 1 6 19 -20 -14 5 3 8 4

2 1 6 11 3 4 13 5 -22 -16

4 4 1 2 1 2 13 2 (35.0 UFD) 5 3 5 6 7 -15 11 9 3 12 (35.0 UFD) 18 8 5 9 19 -21 6 7 15 14

-7 3 2 4 13 9 1 5 6 14

2 4 5 3 8 1 21 6 7 13

15 32 33 32 41 42 43 61 61 64

11 20 25 25 26 26 35 40 41 46

30 33 31 32 35 34 43 39 47 36

33 34 35 37 41 43 45 47 54 66

33 34 35 37 41 43 45 47 54 66

1 4 7 3 5 13 17 6 2 -16

38 58 116 141 109 105 155 164 137 129

25 30 46 71 74 78 85 94 94 97

MARCH 2018 AHOY! |



Feature | 2018 Zhik Hong Kong 29er World Championship First row: Race Chairman – Peter Backe; World Champions: New Zealand – Francesco Kayrouz and Jackson Keon; 2nd Overall Australia: Lachie Brewer and Max Paul Second row: 3rd Overall: France – Benjamin Jaffrezic and Leo Chauvel; 4th Overall: France – Theo Revil and Gautier Guevel; 5th Overall: New Zealand – Sebastian Lardis Third row: Youth Team: 1st – New Zealand – Francesco Kayrouz and Jackson Keon; Youth Team: 2nd – Australia – Lachie Brewer and Max Paul; and Scott McKenzie Youth Team: 3rd – France – Benjamin Jaffrezic and Leo Chauvel Fourth row: Youth Team: 4th –France – Theo Revil and Gautier Guevel; Youth Team: 5th – New Zealand – Sebastian Lardies and Scott McKenzie; Female Team: 1st – New Zealand – Crystal Sun and Olivia Hobbs; Female Team: 2nd – Australia –Annabelle Davies and Madison Woodward Fifth row: Silver Fleet: 1st – Australia – Annabelle Davies and Madison Woodward; Silver Fleet: 2nd – Australia – William Wallis and Brendan Crisp; Silver Fleet: 3rd – Australia – John-Mark Paul and George Richardson


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Feature | 29er Hong Kong Open


he 29er Hong Kong Open 2017, the precursor to the Zhik 29er World Championship was held from 27 to 29 December and saw 33 boats from seven countries: Australia, Canada, US Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Russia, USA and Hong Kong take part in the event. 12 races were sailed over three days in perfect conditions, on race tracks located south east of Hong Kong Island in Stanley Bay and near Poi Toi Island. The ever-changing leader board throughout the event saw the New Zealand teams reveling in the heavier conditions, whilst the Hong Kong teams benefitted from the lighter conditions of the second and third days. Aberdeen Boat Club’s Karrie Clark and Akira Sakai jumped up from 10th to 2nd overall on Day 2, taking full advantage of the changing conditions and hauling in three bullets. Clark, one of the youngest competitors at age 13, was able to maintain their position on the final day of racing with one more bullet; taking the win for the first mixed team. 1st place overall (six points ahead of 2nd overall), with three firsts, was the Club’s Calum Gregor and Jon Crawford. Calum commented on the racing “The winning streak was down to consistency; getting off the line well. Making sure you are playing on the lifting tack. We focused on the committee boat end during racing today, getting control of the fleet on the way out to the left.” 3rd overall went to New Zealand’s Sebastian Lardies and Scott McKenzie, who maintained their top 3 position throughout the event and 37 points ahead of 4th overall. MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


Volvo Ocean Race Commitment to Sustainability Feature | Volvo Ocean Race Commitment to Sustainability


Can you think of a sport where the athletes have actually helped research the impact of their sport on the earth? Has Tiger Woods talked about the pesticides used on golf courses…. has David Beckham discussed factory conditions where footballs are manufactured?

he Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) has established a new benchmark on how sporting events can lead an awareness campaign, scientific research and community efforts to clean up our sailing playground: earth’s oceans. Here are some highlights of what the VOR will accomplish after eight months of racing: • In partnership with United Nations Environment’s Clean Seas Campaign, the VOR will host an Ocean Summits at six different stopovers. At each summit, host governments are expected to announce new initiatives to minimise plastic waste going into the ocean. • Zero plastic disposable waste goals at the 12 Volvo Ocean Host Cities. • Sailors on the Volvo Ocean Race teams will gather meteorological and oceanographic data as they race through parts of the globe that are often inaccessible to the world’s climate scientists.


The Hong Kong VOR Ocean Summit SOURCE: WWF HONG KONG

Because of the Club’s commitment to reduce plastic waste, a number of Club members and staff were invited to attend the Hong Kong Ocean Summit held on 22 January at Volvo Ocean Race Village: Commodore Robert Stoneley, Anthony Day, Koko Mueller and Marcy Trent Long.


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Earlier this year, China blocked all imports of solid waste. Currently only plastics #1 and #2 can be sent to China for recycling once they are converted into pellet form. According to Dr. Steve Wong of the China Scrap Plastic Association, this has put tremendous pressure on Hong Kong to seek alternatives for plastic recycling. The options are to ship to other countries or landfill – neither of which is sustainable. “There are 40,000 types of plastic in the world,” stated Wong, “and Hong Kong has no financial incentives to recycle.”

Take Action Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has been a leader in Hong Kong at reducing plastic waste. In 2016, the Club announced the elimination of single-use plastic bags, bottles and straws, and has since been pushing other Hong Kong clubs to follow suit. The Club encourages its members to also take action on the issue of ocean plastic waste: if you haven’t signed up to the Clean Seas pledge – promising to reduce your plastic footprint and to help contribute to reducing ocean plastic pollution – DO IT NOW. You can be sure RHKYC has signed up! Author: Marcy Trent Long recently produced the podcast series “8 MILLION” which reveals how China is addressing ocean plastic pollution. It is available on ITUNES and Google Play.

On the bright side, Patrick Yeung of WWF and the Aberdeen Harbour Alliance have seen tremendous efforts by the community volunteers and Government to clean up the Aberdeen Harbour. WWF is working with local fishermen to replace plastic polystyrene boxes with another type of material that also lightweight, inexpensive, but won’t break down into microplastic ocean pollution. The #drink without waste initiative – a consortium of NGOs and the beverage industry in Hong Kong – is hiring a consultant to come up with new ideas to minimise plastic water bottle usage in Hong Kong. Stiv Wilson of The Story of Stuff project – which began with a 20-minute online movie about the way we make, use and throw away all the Stuff in our lives – summed up the importance of the Ocean Summit for all of us: “We don’t live on this earth but instead borrow it from another generation.”

Peter Davies and Marcy Trent Long about to board the M32 with their 11th Hour Racing hosts!

Volvo Ocean Race Science Programme While the Volvo Ocean Race boats are racing around the world, the sailors and their teams are collecting critical research data – including for first time this year – microplastics. The VOR was able to confirm this month that Antartica waters have microplastics: two plastic particles per cubic meter compared to 115 found near Melbourne, Australia. Let’s see what levels they discover in Southeast Asian waters! VOR Co-director Yohan Salen highlighted that a large number of people follow sports, but only a small percentage of those read about science. This gives VOR a unique position bring awareness to the science of ocean sustainability alongside the sport of ocean sailing. The VOR racing yachts send 36 data points back to race control every 10 seconds including temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction. This data will be passed on to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, where it will contribute to more accurate weather forecasts and climate models. Secondly, during the four most isolated legs in the race, all seven yachts will carry scientific-drifter buoys equipped with satellite communications equipment to transmit information on ocean composition and currents. Finally, the Turn the Tide on Plastic team, the Vestas 11th Hour Racing team and up to two other boats will carry instruments onboard to test salinity, dissolved CO2 and Chlorophyll-a (algae) directly in the seawater around them. These key metrics for ocean health will be logged in addition to test trials for microplastics in order to create a complete snapshot of the world’s oceans. MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


Feature | Volvo Ocean Race Commitment to Sustainability

The day started with a commitment from Daisy Lo, Assistant Director at Environmental Protection Department, to fund HK$20 million to improve Hong Kong’s plastic recycling facilities. In addition, the Hong Kong Government is awaiting LEGCO approval to implement municipal solid waste charging fees beginning 2019. On the topic of ocean plastic, Government is undertaking a feasibility study to measure microplastics around Hong Kong waters and considering a ban on microbeads. Government has removed plastic water bottles from all of vending machines at government facilities.

Starter’s Box UP C OMING E VENTS


Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Sailing Festival

10 and 11 March

China Sea 200 Dash

10 and 11 March

Rolex China Sea Race

28 March

Tomes Cup

21 April

Nations’ Cup

22 April

Rolex China Sea Race The Rolex China Sea Race will have an earlier start time of 1120hrs on Wednesday 28 March, the start will be off the Club subject to marine works taking place in the harbour. Please come down to wave the fleet off.

Hong Kong Race Week We would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to volunteer for Hong Kong Race Week – your assistance was much appreciated and we hope that everyone had a great time. PHOTO: ROLEX / DANIEL FORSTER

Boase Cohen & Collins Inter- School Sailing Festival This year the Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Festival will take place on 10 and 11 March and will be sailed in RS Fevas and Laser Picos. The event goes from strength to strength each year and we are hoping to build on the 23 teams from 17 schools that took part in 2017. This is probably the most spectator-friendly regatta at the Club with racing taking place right front of the Middle Island Clubhouse with live commentary and music! Come and support your school as teams battle it out over two days with around 100 races being sailed. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the atmosphere at Middle Island hardstanding with racing starting at 1000hrs each day.

China Sea 200 Dash Entries are invited to the third China Sea 200 Dash, a Category 3 offshore race (with life rafts) using virtual marks to create a course which starts and finishes in Hong Kong waters. The intent is to help boats get tunedup and their crews ready for night sailing before the start of the Rolex China Sea Race 2018. Boats not entering the Rolex China Sea Race are also welcome to enter; subject to meeting the requirements outlined in the Notice of Race (NoR). It is the intent of the Race Committee that course lengths will differ between divisions to enable the majority of boats to finish around the same time on Sunday afternoon.


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

The schedule for the Rolex China Sea Race Friday 2 March Late entries accepted Friday 23 March Crew Immigration/NoK Forms, IRC Rating Certificate, HKPN PIPS Declaration Monday 26 March Welcome Party at RHKYC Tuesday 27 March Immigration (Departure) Formalities Skippers’ Briefing at RHKYC Wednesday 28 March Warning Signal Sunday 1 April Location prizegiving in Subic Bay Wednesday 11 April Prizegiving at RHKYC – Compass Room

1800hrs 1800hrs 1900hrs to 2100hrs 1600hrs to 1900hrs 1830hrs to 1900hrs 1110hrs 1700hrs 1900hrs to 2100hrs

Nations’ Cup Calling all nations, the ever popular Nations’ Cup will be held on Sunday 22 April. Start planning your national costume now and get your entries in for an on-the-water celebration of all things cultural. Post racing will feature a Nations Market Stall so come down and enjoy the infamous post regatta party. For details on how to be a ‘Country Sponsor’ and secure a booth at the Nations’ Market by contacting


MARCH 2018

T I D E S 0304 0.3 0959 1.6 1419 1.0 2109 2.4


0333 0.6 1004 1.7 1510 0.9 2132 2.1


0343 0.3 1029 1.6 1508 0.9 2158 2.3


0358 0.7 1024 1.7 1551 0.8 2218 2.1


0419 0.4 1057 1.7 1554 0.8 2246 2.3


0425 0.7 1052 1.8 1632 0.8 2304 2.0



0452 0.5 1124 1.7 1639 0.8 2330 2.1

20 TUE

0454 0.8 1125 1.9 1714 0.7 2351 1.9


0524 0.7 1153 1.8 1722 0.8


0523 0.9 1200 1.9 1800 0.7


0013 1.9 0554 0.8 1225 1.8 1807 0.9


0041 1.8 0552 1.0 1236 2.0 1851 0.7


0057 1.7 0624 0.9 1259 1.8 1856 1.0


0143 1.6 0623 1.1 1315 2.0 1955 0.8


0149 1.5 0653 1.1 1336 1.8 1958 1.0


0307 1.4 0656 1.2 1407 2.0 2128 0.8


0327 1.4 0720 1.2 1421 1.8 2209 1.1

25 SUN

0442 1.4 0739 1.3 1538 2.0 2257 0.7


0535 1.3 0732 1.3 1516 1.8


0701 1.4 0855 1.4 1700 2.0


0026 1.0 1616 1.9


0013 0.6 0754 1.5 1055 1.4 1812 2.1


0114 0.8 0844 1.4 1030 1.4 1714 1.9


0109 0.5 0827 1.6 1222 1.2 1915 2.1


0151 0.7 0854 1.4 1154 1.3 1811 2.0


0153 0.5 0856 1.6 1324 1.1 2011 2.2


0222 0.7 0912 1.5 1256 1.2 1905 2.0


0232 0.5 0921 1.7 1416 0.9 2103 2.2


0249 0.6 0932 1.5 1345 1.1 1957 2.1


0309 0.5 0944 1.8 1503 0.8 2152 2.1


0311 0.6 0950 1.6 1428 1.0 2045 2.1






























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Full details and application forms can be found on our website: Please note that members have booking priority one month before the start of the course.

RHKYC Lifejackets at Middle Island

Members are welcome to borrow sail training lifejackets hung on the racks at Middle Island. If you do wish to use one of these, please remember the following: • Before use please fill out the Hire Chit. Hire charge is $21 per session. • After use please rinse, buckle up and hang on the appropriate rail with just 1 arm strap. MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


SA IL T R A INING Application forms and more details click on Instruction or email




These practical powerboat handling courses are available now. You must already hold the PVOCC.

Intro to Small Keelboat 4 and 10 March Course C2: Course C3: 5 and 6 May 17 and 18 April (Weekdays) Course C4:

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Courses (inc. assessment) Option PBL2/2 24 and 25 March RYA Safety Boat Courses Option SB2 7 and 8 April RYA Powerboat Level 2 Half Day Assessment Option PBA2 TBA

ADULT BEGINNERS This 5 day practical course is taught in our Wayfarer dinghies and follows. Also open to the public. HKSF Level 1 and 2 Option 2 – 2018 4, 10, 11 February, 3, 4 March (Weekend) Option 3 – 2018 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 March (Weekend) HKSF Level 3 Course

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For further information please contact Sail Training Schedule The new schedule has recently been published online. Please remember that members do get priority on booking until one month before the course starts. In general we require a minimum of four students to be able to confirm a course. 24

| MARCH 2018 AHOY!


RHKYC Guide to Rowing Regattas W O RD S: BEN ROW E I PH OTO : HKC R A

Bring your best cheering voice Rowing usually takes place on wide rivers or lakes. The rowers can often hear you, but you need to shout loudly. For the competitors, the roar of the crowd in the final 250m often makes them push themselves to the limit to get the win. Bring refreshments Rowing regattas are often all-day affairs, with various rounds of the different boat classes happening across morning and afternoon divisions. In beautiful locations, a picnic blanket and refreshments make the day a great family experience. Cheering on your Club with a glass of Pimms beside the water is an ideal way to spend your weekend.

Watch some starts, some mid race, and the finish line Rowing is one of the few sports that starts with an all out sprint. The sound, the grunts and shouts off the start really show the intensity and excitement of the start line. Mid race is about the beauty and efficiency of rowing. At half way, the rower’s muscles are already crying out for oxygen and filling up with lactic acid. Maximum boat speed must be achieved for the least amount of effort, so the best rowing must be performed. At the finish, it’s all about survival. They say rowing is like performing a golf swing 30 times a minute at maximum physical exertion. At the end of the race the vision is closing in, muscles are screaming and competitors are still trying to work harder for the crew.

Do your research Rowing regattas are like horse races. Part of the fun is calculating the odds for each of the crews. Knowing some of the history of the competing clubs and crews adds to the excitement. Often crews travel from far and wide to compete at competitions.

If you don’t row already, try it! The best way to appreciate both the feeling of flying and intense, but satisfying, discomfort of a rowing race is to try it. RHKYC runs rowing courses regularly, with the opportunity to join the squads at RHKYC, either in fine boats, or in the exciting and rapidly growing sport of costal rowing.

A good place to start is learning the different boat classes. There are boats that hold various numbers of crew members. Some are coxed (steered by a non-rowing member of the crew) and some are coxless (steered via a foot operated mechanism by a member who is also rowing). Eights are the fastest boat class there is.

Even if you’ve been out of the sport for some time and miss the synchronicity of movement and team bond, get in touch with Ben Rowe, Senior Rowing coach at RHKYC, to get back involved. Email ben.rowe@

Support the team Rowing develops a very strong bond between the crew members. Rowers will push themselves to the limit for their team mates. Always cheer on every member of the team, even if they are racing in a different boat.


Rowing Manager Shatin Men’s Racing Shatin Women’s Racing MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


13th IDBF World Nations Dragon Boat Championships W O RD S: GIA NNI A P RE A | PH OTO : G R A CE A P RE A



nyone who talks to me for any length of time will inevitably hear about dragon boating and the programmes at the Club. We have a truly unique programme and world class group of paddlers. This was evident at the recent 13th IDBF World Nations Dragon Boat Championships held in Kunming, China from 18 to 23 October. This competition occurs every two years; pitting dragon boat crews from countries across the global against each other in 2,000, 1,000, 500 and 200m competitions. This is effectively the dragon boat world’s version of the Olympics. The best paddlers in the world attend and go “all in” on the water with the hope of having the opportunity to stand on the victors’ podium listening to their country’s national anthem play a loud. It is a full week long spectacle, particularly in China where the sport originated,


with lavish opening and closing ceremonies book ending exciting racing. Though the United States is often referred to as a “melting pot” for different cultures, Hong Kong and the Club could also make a case for a similar label. RHKYC members were key contributors in this year’s World Nation’s championships representing teams from Hong Kong, Great Britain, and the United States. If we broaden the scope outside of the Club, there were athletes from Hong Kong also representing their respective home countries on the teams from Spain and Russia. This level of participation proves unequivocally that Hong Kong does have some of the best dragon boat racers in the world. Club competitors at the World Championship included Jenna Wu (Hong Kong), Ryan Whelan (Great Britain) and Gianni Aprea (United States). Former Club member and ‘Winterkorn Wipeout Award’ namesake Jeff Winterkorn also represented the American team. Our Club members took home a total of seven medals

over the week of racing while the total medal count from all Hong Kong paddlers was nine. Everyone involved is very much looking forward to the 2019 World Nations Championships which will be held in Pattaya, Thailand. Congratulations to all of the paddlers and their respective home countries.

No Commissions – Fee Based Investing H Capital manages money on a fee basis


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2511 8337

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H Capital is a marketing term used to describe HFS Asset Management Ltd which is a member of the Confederation of Insurance Brokers CIB, a licensed Corporation with the Securities & Futures Commission and a registered MPFA Intermediary.

26HFS | MARCH 2018 AHOY! AD_DB Magazine.indd


11/1/2017 7:39 PM

The Committee Boat W O RD S A ND PH OTO S: A L A N REID


he Club’s principle Committee Boat, Kellett VI, was purchased from Cheoy Lee Shipyards and entered service with the Club in September 1994. Since then she has literally been in use for over 55 days every year, starting many races and towing class boats between the three Clubhouses. Over the years, extra equipment has been fitted from her original specification. This includes generator, air conditioning and a gyro roll stabiliser. Chart plotter and AIS, which of course were not yet invented when Kellett VI was delivered, were also fitted. Unfortunately the original Caterpillar 3208 engines fitted when Kellett VI was delivered were discontinued in 1999. When there was a major problem with the engines in 2010, two reconditioned engines were purchased and fitted. We have a situation where one engine required a major overhaul, and the second engine is not far behind, and this is no longer feasible due to the cost of spare parts.

survey was completed on the vessel, and a list of modifications agreed upon, from Race Management, to make the vessel more suitable as a Committee boat. A proposal to purchase the vessel, including a budget for the modifications required, was presented to MarCom, SailCom, FinCom and the General Committee. The proposal and the budget were approved, by all the committees, and we have now taken delivery of the Cheoy Lee 15m work vessel shown below.

This left the Club with three options; replace the existing engines with new engines; purchase a new vessel or purchase a second hand vessel. The Marine Committee examined all three options in great detail. After deliberation, the re-engining, and necessary re-furbishing, of a 23 year old vessel was viewed as not to be cost effective. The specification for a new committee boat, to replace Kellett VI, make purchase of a new vessel difficult as most pleasure vessels have sleeping cabins, toilets and showers, fixed galleys and little flybridge bridge space. By its very nature the requirement of a committee boat to operate as the Kellett VI has done, pointed MarCom in the direction of a Cheoy Lee workboat once more.

Slightly longer than the Kellett VI, the vessel, which will be named the Kellett VIII, is based on a Cheoy Lee pilot launch design, is powered by twin Caterpillar engines and is fully equipped with generator, air conditioning, etc.

A brand new vessel from Cheoy Lee would have taken at least nine months to be built and delivered. However the Club was fortunate in that a suitable second hand Cheoy Lee became available last November. A

Existing race management equipment has been transferred from the Kellett VI and future plans for the Kellett VIII are to extend the flybridge deck, fit hand railings around the deck and install a gyro stabiliser. MARCH 2018 AHOY! |



Ship Shop

Sailracing SR-40 Vest

SailRacing Reference Spraytop


This Floater Vest is cut fit, shaped like a classic sporty vest by using segmented material for better comfort and a more appealing and technical look. Outer shell in waterresistant fabric. Collar facing in light fleece and fleece lined waist pockets. Reflective tape on shoulders, ISO approved. If used in salt water, thoroughly rinse it afterwards with fresh water.

Reference Spraytop constructed in a GORE-TEX® 2-way stretch fabric. The spraytop is water- and windproof with high breathability. YKK Aquagard zippers. Reflective prints at shoulders and a spacious pocket at chest. Sleeve ens, collar and bottom hem in neoprene with medical tape for adjustment. Sail Racing logo graphic at chest and at back yoke.


SailRacing ORCA Hybrid Bib Pant

SailRacing Reference Pant

Reference Pant constructed in a 3-layer GORE-TEX® stretch fabric. Water- and windproof with high breathability. Medical tape adjustment in waist and at bottom leg. Raised back in moulded neoprene and reinforcement at knees and at back. YKK Aquagard zippers and a spacious pocket at right leg. Sail Racing logo graphic at leg and at the back.



| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

The Orca Hybrid Bib Pant constructed in a 3L lightweight WINDSTOPPER® fabric. Micro tape on all seams, which makes the pants waterproof. VECTRAN® reinforcements and bib part in super-stretch laminated fabric. Spacious cargo pockets at legs and a smaller tool pocket. Moulded neoprene at the back for support, warmth and comfort. Bottom leg cuffs in superstretch laminated fabric. Elastic medical tape and easy-grip straps for waist adjustment. Inside hanger loop in HYPALON®.


SailRacing Reference Sailshorts

SailRacing Reference Light Shorts Graphite

Reference Sailshorts in quickdry all way stretch polyamide fabric. Medical tape at waist for adjustment. String and velcro closure at waist. Pocket at left leg and Sail Racing logo graphic at leg and at the back.

Reference Light Shorts made in 3-layer GORE WINDSTOPPER速 fabric. Micro tape on all seams, which makes the jacket waterproof. Raised back in moulded neoprene with medical tape for adjustment. Reinforcement at back and YKK water resistant zippers. Spacious pocket at left leg and Sail Racing logo graphic at leg and at the back.




SailRacing Reference Long Sleeve Rash Guard Reference Long Sleeve Rashguard made in a quickdry stretch polyamide fabric. Anti-glide tape on inside bottom hem. Reflective prints at shoulders and Sail Racing logo grapic at chest and at back yoke.


SailRacing ORCA Hybrid Jacket The Orca Hybrid Jacket constructed in a 3L lightweight WINDSTOPPER速 fabric. Micro tape on all seams, which makes the jacket waterproof. Reinforcements in VECTRAN速 and YKK Water resistant zippers. Moulded neoprene at inside collar for warmth and comfort. Sleeve cuff in super-stretch laminated fabric. Elastic medical tape and easy-grip straps for adjustment at sleeve end. Adjustable string inside bottom hem and printed reflex at shoulders. Elastic string inside the chest pocket for fastening of racing tools. Inside hanger loop in HYPALON速.


SailRacing SR-60 Buoyancy Aid 50 N boyancy aid, front pocket. Sail Racing embroidery at the back and at chest front. Certificated ISO 12402. If used in salt water, thoroughly rinse it afterwards with fresh water.


Call David in the Ship Shop on

2239 0336

or email

MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


Simpson Marine organises Owners’ VIP Day Editorial | Simpson Marine organises Owners’ VIP Day at the Volvo Ocean Race Hong Kong Stopover

took Simpson Marine’s guests to the VOR boat yard where he explained about all the logistic issues of the race and the teams’ technical thinking after each challenging race leg.

Supporting Sponsor of the 2018 Sunset Series Simpson Marine were active participants in the recent VOR Hong Kong Stopover and put on a special event for some very lucky guests including some members of the Club.

Once the Village Tour finished, guests gathered at ‘the Globe sponsored by Clean Oceans’ where drinks and canapés were served during a short presentation from Miles Quiltmann, VOR Executive Director presenting the audience with a special movie, a summary from Leg 4 Melbourne to Hong Kong with some unedited footage that won’t be shared with the general public and a fascinating Q&A session with Nick and a special guest, Brian Thompson, British sailing champion with such prestigious results as the 2006 Volvo Ocean Race with ABN AMRO ONE, first British sailor to twice break the Round the World sailing record, and also the first to sail nonstop around the world four times. He also raced in the challenging Route du Rhum and Vendee Globe with high finish positions. Brian is now a part of team Turn the Tide on Plastic as NAVIGATOR.

n 30 January, Simpson Marine organised a unique experience for yacht owners from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan by arranging a private tour at Kai Tak Race Village including guided tours on TEAM BRUNEL, AKZO NOBEL and TURN THE TIDE ON PLASTIC’s racing boats, done by sailors themselves and hence very interesting for the visiting guests, with first hand insights on life during long racing passages, team stories and more.

After visiting the boats, until the tutelage of the evening’s host, VOR Ambassador and renowned sailor Nick Moloney, guests were shown the teams’ various bases (housed within shipping containers) and learned about Volvo Ocean Race logistics and team management. Nearing 30 years as a professional ocean athlete and adventurer, Nick Moloney has competed in 2 America’s Cups, circumnavigated the globe 3 times in the world’s most iconic yacht races and held over 15 World Sailing Speed Records. Nick also


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Brian gave us some fascinating insights on his adventures with VOR and other races, his daily stories, awe-inspiring and scary moments, all leading to his conclusion that Sailing is an incredible adventure, and a lifelong engagement. He also touched upon the point that litter-strewn plastic oceans are becoming sailors’ reality and that we need to fight this all together, hence an environmental message carried by Volvo Ocean Race on the impact of the plastic in the sea with TURN THE TIDE ON PLASTIC’s participation.

at the Volvo Ocean Race Hong Kong Stopover

Finally, guests were addressed by Mike Simpson, Simpson Marine’s Founder and Managing Director who also shared some insights on ocean pollution and carried his message to the yacht owners, who we know will take it further. The evening was attended by over 80 guests, where owners and their families enjoyed this unique setting and encounter with an exciting aspect of the yachting community. Thank you to all Simpson Marine owners and guests who attended! MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


Editorial | Simpson Marine organises Owners’ VIP Day at the Volvo Ocean Race Hong Kong Stopover

The evening’s second speech was given by Patrick Yeung from World Wild Fund for Nature NGO. Patrick is based in Hong Kong and specialises in the marine world and tries his best, along with other local NGOs to protect Hong Kong waters from plastic pollution, a massive body of work for all of us to carry. Simpson Marine has made our official pledge to reduce single-use plastics from now on across the whole group, to help and contribute to this essential cause. Refusing the use of plastic bottles, plastic bags and straws can make a huge difference to our waters, and we will now be working in that direction.



Hong Kong Catamaran Club Ltd 香港雙體船會


i20 Marine Limited Tel: +852-27003236 / +852-60561149 Email:


Jeanneau SO44I

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Fairline Targa 38 ( 42 knots speed machine)

Yacht Charter – Hourly, Daily

時租 意大利遊艇 法國風帆 (單、雙體) with chartered license + insurance + licensed crew 婚紗攝影;公私聚會;維港遊、海鮮宴、環島遊;私人練船

• Italy San Lorenzo 57ft deluxe yacht for 39 p • Italy Posillipo Technema 52ft deluxe yacht for 30 p • South Africa Scape 39 ft Catamaran for 37 p • French Jeanneau SO44i for 13 p • French Beneteau First 40.7 for 10 p • Beneteau Oceanis 34 for 6 p • Beneteau First 21.7 for 4 p

Team Building 團隊訓練 ASA Worldwide Recognized Bareboat Charter Certification 25119398


REGATTA YACHTS LTD Builder and repairers of pleasure boats, fibreglass and woodwork specialists, riggers, fitters, metal workers, painters and all kinds of marine work. Slipway available. Contact: EVA WONG Email: Tel: 2719 8875 Fax: 2358 0621 Lot 491 DD 210 Hebe Haven, Sai Kung New Territories 32

| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

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Euro Trawler 38 - HKD 2,200,000Brokerage offers - Please scan

the QR code, or visit us at





Shop B11 Marina Cove Shopping Arcade Sai Kung, Hong Kong T: 2358 0023 F: 2358 0006 Contact: Don Chow FOUNTAINE-PAJOT / JEANNEAU / ZODIAC



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Pak Sha Wan Centre Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung, HK (852) 2327 8180





2870 0289 2870 0217


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Contact us for a quotation or visit us at: UK SAILMAKERS (HK) LTD 2/F, 5 Lung Yiu Street, Tap Shek Kok, Tuen Mun, NT, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2775 7711 Fax: (852) 2775 7722 Email: Web:

T: 2358 2113 F: 2396 5572 M: 9457 3573 Contact: Russ Parker X-YACHTS

Unit 1704 17/F Kodak House II 39 Healthy Street East Hong Kong T: 2834 1633 F: 2834 0201 BOAT NAMES / LOGOS / NUMBERS MARCH 2018 AHOY! |







Neich Tower, 2nd Floor, 128 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong T: 25118337 M: 91993860 E:

21 D E Tat Factory Building 4 Heung Yip Road Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong T: 2552 6568 E: Shop online


DESIGN | INSTALL | SUPPLY | SERVICE | REFIT | NEW BUILD OBMG supplies and services over 35 of the world’s leading marine brands. OBMG’s service technicians are fully qualified and trained to international standards.



1901 Dominion Centre 43-59 Queens Road East Wanchai, Hong Kong Contact: Simon Boyde T: 2866 0114 MARINE PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTER AND CHANDLERY



SAILMAKERS Flat B 1/F, Fast Industrial Building 658 Castle Peak Road Cheung Sha Wan Kowloon, Hong Kong T: 2148 3423 F: 2368 7455 E: SUNBRELLA FABRICS



ARE YOU INTERESTED IN REACHING THE BOATING COMMUNITY IN HONG KONG? ...then Ahoy! should be your choice. If you are interested please email or contact the PR Department on 2239 0307 or 2239 0312


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Book Launch: All The Oceans by Ron Holland Chart Room | Tuesday 20 March | 1900hrs

His memoir All The Oceans – Designing by the seat of my pants is being launched Spring 2018. Join us as Ron shares tales from his new book and insights into being one of the world’s leading yacht designers. This talk is free of charge to members and their guests. Please book so we know how many are coming.

Hawaiian Night Middle Island | Saturday 3 March | 1800hrs to 2200hrs

Good Friday Middle Island | Friday 30 March | 1230hrs to 1430hrs For only $100 a head, children can take part in a special Easter Children Programme with games, a show, crafts and an egg hunt. Please book online to ensure your child can take part in the fun. Seats are limited on a first come first served basis. Please note that small children under 3 years old should be supervised by their parents.

YMSC Volvo Ocean Race Quiz Night W O RD S A ND PH OTO S: SID NE Y TA N G

Aloha! Missing our Hawaiian Night on Middle Island? Dress up in your best Hawaiian outfit and join us for an evening of Hawaiian music, dance, games, food and drinks. You will be greeted with a Hawaiian lei and a glass of non-alcoholic Hawaiian punch upon your arrival. There will be a buffet featuring Hawaiian dishes. A range of Hawaiian cocktails will be available at the bar on a chit signing basis. Featuring: Hawaiian dancers, limbo dancing and hula hoop competition. Price: $328 for adults (aged 12 and over), $148 for children (aged 4 to 12) and free of charge for children aged 3 and under. For reservation, please book online or email The YMSC Volvo Ocean Race-themed quiz night was held successfully on 13 January with a full house of racing enthusiasts competing for the Grand Prize. It was a fantastic evening and we owe our thanks to Jamie Boag who was our fantastic guest quiz master! Thank you for your support! Please stay tuned on our next quiz night!

Top: Jamie at work brining fun to the crowd; Above: Overall Quiz Winner: Ilmostro MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


Events | Promotions

Celebrated yacht designer Ron Holland drew his first yacht at 19 years of age. He rapidly made a name for himself as one of the most successful and sought-after designers in the highly competitive world of international ocean racing, before advancing to bigger things. His seminal influence on the then-new category of superyachts, those toys of the rich and super-rich, brought him fresh success, and an introduction to a world of fascinating personalities: business tycoons, royalty and rock stars. For over 50 years Ron’s innovative designs have repeatedly shaken up the world of sailing.

Duckhorn Wine Dinner Compass Room | Thursday 8 March

Pre-dinner Tasting 1930hrs Dinner 2000hrs Price Only $728 per person Speaker Mr Marc Jolly, Director of Sales (Asia Pacific) Reservations Call Lizzy Tung in the F&B Office on 2239 0386 or email

Events | Promotions

PRE-DINNER TASTING Duckhorn Decoy Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc 2016 MENU AND CHAMPAGNES Langoustine and Prawn Salad, Safforn Fennel, Walnut Crust Duckhorn Napa Valley Chardonnay 2015 ❧ ❧ ❧

Founded by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn in 1976, Duckhorn Vineyards has been crafting classic Napa Valley wines for over 40 years. Duckhorn Vineyards has established itself as one of North America’s premier producers of Napa Valley wines. From the inaugural vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in 1978 to its addition of Sauvignon Blanc in 1982, Duckhorn Vineyards has crafted a tradition of quality and excellence that continues today.

Pan-fried Duck Breast, Wild Mushrooms, Figs and Berry Compote Duckhorn Migration Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2015 ❧ ❧ ❧ Seared Venison, Sugar Peas, Lentil Sauce Duckhorn Decoy Sonoma County Zinfandel 2015 ❧ ❧ ❧ Char-grilled Beef Tenderloin stuffed with Truffles, Pickled Beets, Natural Jus Duckhorn Decoy Sonoma County Red 2014 Duckhorn Paraduxx Proprietary Napa Valley Red 2014 ❧ ❧ ❧ Cheese Platter (Cheddar, Parmesan, Blue, Quince Paste) ❧ ❧ ❧ Freshly Brewed Coffee or Gourmet Tea

Benromach Single Malt Whisky Trio Main Bar | 1 March to 31 May

Easter Sunday Lunch Buffet and Egg Hunt Compass Room | Sunday 1 April | 1200hrs to 1430hrs (Egg Hunt at 1330hrs) Imagine a fun-filled Easter Sunday Lunch Buffet with your little ones including a selection of sumptuous food and children’s entertainment! We have it right here at the Club including a seafood platter, Prime Rib, Sautéed Blue Mussels, Cup Cakes, Easter Cookies, Cherry Jubilee and more. Children will be entertained with balloon twisting and face painting, while the Egg Hunt will definitely be a highlight! $428 per adult and $298 per child. For reservations, please call Lizzy Tung in the F&B Office on 2239 0386 or email


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Using the finest natural ingredients for this classic award-winning single malt Scotch whisky, the Benromach Speyside are famous for their beautiful balance with a light touch of smoke. Three distinctive single malts, all rare crafts made by hand, guarantee the high quality and the very best taste experiences that Benromach offers! Only $188 to experience all three with nibbles.

Celebrity Chef: Riccardo Manieri

LUNCH | WINE PAIRED LUNCH $488 | $688 Pre-Dinner tasting Goretti ‘Divinitus’ Frizzante Chardonnay Amouse Bouche Hand-cut Beef Tartare, Italian Fresh Black Truffle, Carrot Mayo and Wood Powder Goretti Pinot Grigio I.G.P. 2016 ❧ ❧ ❧ Lentils and Rice ‘Soup’ 9 Years Aged ‘Acquerello’ Carnaroli Rice Risotto, 2-ways King Prawns, Umbrian Lentils Mousse ❧ ❧ ❧ Umbrian Codfish Fillet, Reduced Tomato Sauce, Roasted Pine Nuts, Dry Prunes Goretti L’Arringatore D.O.C. Colli Perugini 2012 ❧ ❧ ❧ Torta di Mele Apple Pie, Umbrian Sweet Wine, Mascarpone Cheese ❧ ❧ ❧ Freshly Brewed Coffee or Gourmet Tea

Cantina Goretti The story of Cantina Goretti is a story of wine producers: four generations of the same family who have passed the business from father to son since its founding in the early 1900s. Throughout the 20 th century and into the 21st, Cantina Goretti has maintained its reputation for quality, passion, and pride. In addition to the historic Pila cantina in Perugia, home of the DOC Colli Perugini, the Goretti family founded “The Saracen Wall,” a modern winery in Montefalco. It specializses in the production of two important red wines: Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG and Rosso di Montefalco DOC. The Goretti family believes that a great wine is never the result of improvisation, but rather is achieved by a deep knowledge of the land, its climate, and the best production processes.

DINNER | WINE PAIRED DINNER $848 | $1,188 Pre-Dinner tasting Goretti ‘Divinitus’ Frizzante Chardonnay Amouse Bouche Chickpea Cream, Roasted Marinated Squids, Cherry Tomato Confit Goretti Pinot Grigio I.G.P. 2016 ❧ ❧ ❧ Hand-cut Beef Tartare, Italian Fresh Black Truffle, Carrot Mayo and Wood Powder Goretti Il Moggio I.G.T. Umbria Grechetto 2015 ❧ ❧ ❧ Lentils and Rice ‘Soup’ 9 Years Aged ‘Acquerello’ Carnaroli Rice Risotto, 2-ways King Prawns, Umbrian Lentils Mousse ❧ ❧ ❧ Pan-seared Beef Sirloin, Liver Umbrian Patè, Roasted Hazelnuts and Braised Leek Goretti L’Arringatore D.O.C. Colli Perugini 2012 ❧ ❧ ❧ Torta di Mele Apple Pie, Umbrian Sweet Wine, Mascarpone Cheese Goretti Grappa de L’Arringatore ❧ ❧ ❧ Freshly Brewed Coffee or Gourmet Tea

GORETTI WINE DINNER $1,348 Pre-Dinner tasting Goretti ‘Divinitus’ Frizzante Chardonnay Amouse Bouche Chickpea Cream, Roasted Marinated Squids, Cherry Tomato Confit Goretti Pinot Grigio I.G.P. 2016 ❧ ❧ ❧ Hand-cut Beef Tartare, Italian Fresh Black Truffle, Carrot Mayo and Wood Powder Goretti Il Moggio I.G.T. Umbria Grechetto 2015 ❧ ❧ ❧ Lentils and Rice ‘Soup’ 9 Years Aged ‘Acquerello’ Carnaroli Rice Risotto, 2-ways King Prawns, Umbrian Lentils Mousse ❧ ❧ ❧ Homemade Fresh Pasta “Cappellacci” stuffed with Goose Ragout, Celeriac Cream, Balsamic Vinegar Reduction Goretti Sagrantino di Montefalco D.O.C.G. 2009 ❧ ❧ ❧ Umbrian Codfish Fillet, Reduced Tomato Sauce, Roasted Pine Nuts, Dry Prunes or Pan-seared Beef Sirloin, Liver Umbrian Patè, Roasted Hazelnuts and Braised Leek Goretti L’Arringatore D.O.C. Colli Perugini 2012 ❧ ❧ ❧ Torta di Mele Apple Pie, Umbrian Sweet Wine, Mascarpone Cheese Goretti Grappa de L’Arringatore ❧ ❧ ❧ Freshly Brewed Coffee or Gourmet Tea

For reservations, please phone 2239 0374 or email MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


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Riccardo Manieri is a mechanical engineer turned celebrity chef. He 20 March Tuesday – Dinner is spreading his knowledge by educating other Italian cuisiniers at the 21 March Wednesday Lunch Dinner Univesità dei Sapori in Perugia and also as chef consultant for Monaldeschi 22 March Thursday Lunch Wine Dinner SRL Lubriano. Riccardo was educated at the famous Gualtiero Marchesi 23 March Friday Lunch Dinner Culinary School in Colorno, Parma, from where he graduated with the highest marks. Beginning his culinary career at Michelin-starred Marco Bistarelli’s Postale restaurant before moving to Bistarelli’s other restaurant, Il Gradale, then he worked at a two Michelin-starred restaurant, La Torre del Saracino. Riccardo further developed his career in North Carolina, USA and is now based back in Italy.

Val Di Toro Wine Dinner Compass Room | Thursday 29 March After last year’s successful introduction of Val Di Toro to the Club, Ms. Anna Maria Cruciata returns to the Compass Room!

Events | Promotions

Pre-dinner Tasting 1930hrs Dinner 2000hrs Price Only $698 per person Speaker Ms Anna Maria Cruciata, Owner and Wine-marker of Val Di Toro Reservations Call Lizzy Tung in the F&B Office on 2239 0386 or email

Settled in Poggio La Mozza, near Grosseto in Tuscany, Anna Maria and her family established the Val di Toro cellar in 2003. Passion and love for wine brought them to the Maremma area, where they bought a farm and then picked the best possible venues for growing vine. They planted typical local varieties and their respect for the environment sees them insist on as much manual work as possible over the use of appliances.

PRE-DINNER TASTING Val Di Toro K.I.S. Sparking Rosé 2016 MENU AND CHAMPAGNES Italian Avocado and Lobster Patty Val Di Toro Auramaris Maremma Toscana DOC 2015 ❧ ❧ ❧ Dutch Veal Carpaccio with Rocket, Capers, Pine Nuts, Button Mushroom, Parmesan Val Di Toro Anna’s Secret Rosato Maremma Toscana DOC 2016 Val Di Toro Alfa Tauri Rosato Maremma Toscana DOC 2016 ❧ ❧ ❧ Wagyu Beef Cheek and Wild Mushroom, Cannelloni Val Di Toro Rosso Ribelle Maremma Toscanna DOC 2014 Val Di Toro Reviresco Morellino di Scansano DOCG 2014 ❧ ❧ ❧ Char-grilled US Prime Rib Eye Steak, Foie Gras Sauce Val Di Toro Maremma Toscana DOC 2011 ❧ ❧ ❧ Chocolate Almond Torte, Figs Val Di Toro Special Riserva Maremma Toscana IGT 2010 ❧ ❧ ❧ Freshly Brewed Coffee or Gourmet Tea

Their first harvest in 2006 already produced award-winning wines. Originally on the land where the vineyard is now located, there were breeding farms of Maremma bulls, hence the name Val Di Toro and the adoption of a bull on the logo. Val Di Toro is also the name of the first wine produced, the Rosso della Maremma Toscana. In 2017, Anna’s Secret Rosé was the best selling rosé at the Club!

St. Patrick’s Celebrations Main Deck | 17 March | St. Patrick’s Irish Pub Main Deck and Main Bar | 12 to 18 March | St. Patrick’s Themed Menu Have a cracking time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by coming along to our Irish Pub at the Main Deck on Saturday 17 March. Irish culinary delights will be available for the week of celebration at the Main Deck and Main Bar. Irish Oysters, Irish Salmon with Chive Pancakes; Battered Bangers and Potato Coddle; Corned Beef and Swiss Cheese with Irish Soda Bread, French Fries; Irish Lamb Stew; Irish Cottage Pie; Irish Chocolate Cream Cake. Irish Coffee, Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s on Rock with dash of Jameson and Guinness Surger will be available too! Food and drinks will be available on a chit-signing basis from 1800hrs.

Russian ‘Vodka’ Night with Buffet Dinner (May we always have a reason for a party!) Middle Island | 23 March Following on from the brilliant response we had to the Spanish Night at Middle Island, we present our next them night – Russian! We’ll have a Russian Vodka tasting will take place from 1900hrs to 2000hrs, followed by a Russianthemed buffet dinner from 2000hrs. Signature Russian dishes including Borscht, Beef Stroganoff, Shashlik, Russian Apple Pie and more will be ready for the night! More details will be coming soon so keep an eye on our weekly email! For reservations, please call Lizzy Tung in the F&B Office on 2239 0386 or email


| MARCH 2018 AHOY!

Wine Box Set of the Month Different bottles will be picked each month based on their best value to quality and presented in a Club-branded wooden box set. This Month’s Selection: v Château Lanessan 1998 – Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux, France v Guerrieri Rizzardi, Calcarole Amarone Classico della Valpolicella DOCG 1998 – Veneto, Italy v Bodegas Roda I Reserva DOC 1998 – Rioja, Spain v Albert Morot Beaune 1er Cru Les Toussaints 1998 – Bourgogne, France v Albert Morot Beaune 1er Cru Les Marconnets 1998 – Bourgogne, France v Château Haut-Bergey Rouge 1998 – Pessac – Léognan, France v packed in a Club-branded wooden box

Only $3,558 per Club-branded wooden box set! Travel back in time with the rare bottles made 20 years ago in 1998. For enquiries, please call Lizzy Tung in the F&B Office on 2239 0386 or email

Wine of the Month Woodstock Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2016 – Adelaide, South Australia Lifted passion fruit and tropical fruit aromas with a dash of lemon and lime. Fresh and lingering lychee and mango fruit dances on the palate. A fruity yet dry style to be enjoyed as an aperitif. [Suggested food paring: Cheddar, Gruyere, seafood] Woodstock Deep Sands Shiraz Cabernet 2014 – McLaren Vale, South Australia Plum and cassis with touch of spice and an underlying warmth of oak. Mouthwatering acidity with fine tannins of the Cabernet while fleshy Shiraz enriches the body. Elegance and length. [Suggested food paring: Plum and rosemary lamb shanks served with herbed couscous and steamed green beans] Available in all F&B outlets at $298 per bottle.

Monthly Wine Fairs Shelter Cove, Friday 2 March, 1930hrs to 2130hrs Kellett Island, Wednesday 7 March, 1830hrs to 2030hrs For reservations, please call Lizzy Tung in the F&B Office on 2239 0386 or email

Sunday Lunch Buffet Main Deck | Bistro As if you need another reason to come to the Main Deck! From March to May, the Bistro’s Sunday Lunch Buffet will now also be available at the Main Deck. Only $198/ adult and $138/ child, same price and offerings as at the Bistro! No reservations required.

Premium Sausage Promotion Bistro, Middle Island and Shelter Cove | 1 to 31 March Your choice of three sausages from below: Original Bratwurst Cheddar Bratwurst Irish O’ Garlic Beer ‘N Bratwurst Mild Italian with Mashed Potato or French Fries, Green Peas or Green Pea Purée, Onion Gravy or Garlic Gravy 自選三款以下特級香腸: 德國豬肉腸 德國芝士豬肉腸 愛爾蘭香蒜豬肉腸 德國啤酒豬肉腸 意大利辣肉腸

伴馬鈴薯蓉或炸薯條、 青豆或青豆蓉、 洋葱燒汁或香蒜燒汁

Team Building Packages Middle Island is the ideal location for your next offsite team building day. We can organise a variety of packages to suit your needs inclusive of refreshments, lunch, standard meeting / conference equipment at only $680 per person. Add to that a sailing module (introduction to boat, safety and technical briefing, initial sail with full instruction – basic manoeuvres, familiarisation with systems and boat handling procedures at $2,280 per person), and/or a rowing segment (briefing on rowing equipment, safety, provide rowing supervision, ergo training and at $1,680 per person). We also have a Big Team Day Out Package with specialised team building activities at $2,280 per person. Call the Banquet Office on 2239 0385 / 2239 0339 / 2239 0327, or email for bookings and enquiries. MARCH 2018 AHOY! |


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“1998 – It was 20 years ago...”


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CORPORATE MEMBERS Mr Joseph W Y Chong The Peninsula HK & The Peninsula Shanghai – Area VP & Managing Director Miss Nicole P Y Ho Diamonrail Development Ltd – Marketing Manager

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We collect and deliver your car FREE OF CHARGE (Subject to Distance) We provide good, quick repair service at reasonable prices

Our competitive Labour charges: Lubrication Service Tune Up Engine Engine Decoke & Grind Valves Engine Overhaul Brake System Overhaul Clutch Mechanical Overhaul Air Condition Freon Recharge Alternator Overhaul Starter Motor Overhaul


Our Business hours: 8am – 6pm, Mon – Sat & Public Holiday Our 24hrs. Emergency Towing Agent “Shun Chong” 2884 9204

Please call us at 2565 6166 Fax: 2856 1047 E-mail Address:

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