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Teams Williams and Tiller battle it out at the 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta held from 10 to 12 May. Read the full report on page 10.

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Photo: GUY NOWell

Vice Patrons Jimmy Farquhar, Li Fook Hing, Bob Wilson; Commodore Joachim Isler; Vice Commodore Mark Whitehead; Rear Commodore Sailing Russ Parker; Rear Commodore Club Robert Stoneley; Honorary Secretary Charlie Manzoni; Honorary Treasurer Drew Taylor; Rowing Captain Mark Welles. For contact details please refer to the Club Directory on page 48. Advertising or Editorial Enquiries contact RHKYC PR Department at or 2239 0307 or 2239 0312 Ahoy! Design Michelle Shek MYND Design Articles for Ahoy! can be emailed to or left in the Ahoy! pigeon hole at Kellett Island. The Club reserves the right to edit articles. All opinions expressed in this publication are the authors’ and do not necessarily reflect the views of the General Committee of the RHKYC. Copies of the magazine are available at Reception and to view the e-version of the magazine (and back copies) go to the RHKYC website.






SAT Sunshine Series 1 ‘The Chef’s Picks’ in the Compass Room Burger Promotion in the Bistro with selected items at Middle Island and Shelter Cove 1 to 30 June

‘The Chef’s Picks’ in the Compass Room

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Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1 and 2, Go Sailing

Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1 and 2, Go Sailing

Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1 and 2, Go Sailing

Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1 and 2, Go Sailing

17 Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1, 2 and 3 Go Sailing Youth 420 & 29er Clinics

18 Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1, 2 and 3 Go Sailing Youth 420 & 29er Clinics


Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1, 2 and 3 Go Sailing Youth 420 & 29er Clinics


Burger Promotion in the Bistro with selected items at Middle Island and Shelter Cove

1 to 30 June



20 Domaine Vincent Girardin and Ata Rangi Wine Dinner (An old world vs new world wine dinner) in the Compass Room Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1, 2 and 3 Go Sailing Youth 420 & 29er Clinics

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Penfolds Thomas Hyland Cool Climate Chardonnay 2012 – Adelaide, Australia Penfolds Thomas Hyland Shiraz 2011 – Adelaide, Australia Corona Extra

Saturdays 22 and 29 June


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!



Sunset Series 4

Optimist Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, Go Optimist Youth Beginner HKSF Levels 1, 2 and 3 Go Sailing



Commodore’s Message 15 points ahead of second-placed Hooligan. Congratulations also to Ante Razmilovic who won the 2013 Etchells European Championship with his brother Nils coming third.

The Bridge

The final Big Boat event of the season, the Summer Cup, was contested by 19 boats over the weekend of 4 and 5 May in the waters off Lamma Island. Congratulations to Marchel Liedts on Elektra and Peter McCaffery on Vixen for winning, respectively, Divisions 1 and 2. Last but not least, congratulations also to Peter Backe who won the 1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong Kong Nationals, held over the weekend of 4 and 5 May. The finals were followed by free drinks in the Main Bar whilst the Commodore’s flag was hoisted, and it was good to see so many of you there, enjoying the live music provided by Stylus Gold Trio. The following weekend was the 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta which was eventually won by Will Tiller of New Zealand. A full report appears later in this issue. This was preceded on the evening of 10 May by a Speaker Dinner with Ian Williams, quadruple and current World Match Racing Champion. I would like to thank the members who got involved with this and helped to make it a very interesting evening. The Spring Regatta was held over the weekend of 19 and 20 May and a full report will appear in next month’s Ahoy!. Although this marked the end of the 2012/2013 sailing season, remember that the Sunset Series will begin on 7 June.

The Commodore and the General Manager pose with a fellow (and costumed!) visitor to Tin Hau. 會長和總經理於天后誕慶祝活動中與表演人仕合照。

The Nations’ Cup has grown even more in popularity and this year we had a record number of entries – a total of 78 boats representing 25 different countries. Congratulations to the Philippines for their win by Simon Pickering and crew on board Flying Fifteen Phact or Phiction, and to Russ Parker on FfreeFire (England) for Line Honours. Many congratulations also to Karl Kwok and Team Beau Geste after their victory in Round Two of the TP52 Southern Cross Cup 2013, finishing

民族盃賽」越來越受到大家歡 迎,本年度賽事吸引了78支來自25個國 家和地區的隊伍參加,是賽事舉辦以來最多參賽隊伍的一屆。恭喜菲律 賓隊 Flying Fifteen“Phact or Phiction 號”的 Simon Pickering 和他的 隊友贏得賽事冠軍;而英格蘭隊 Russ Parker 的“FfreeFire號”則奪得 首名衝線。 另外,郭志樑和他的“Beau Geste 號”隊友剛剛勝出 2013「TP52 南十字 盃帆船賽」第二回合的賽事,暫時領先第二位的“Hooligan 號”十五分。 還有 Ante Razmilovic 和 Nils Razmilovic 分別在 2013「Etchells級別 歐洲錦標賽」得到第一和第三名,恭賀各位勇奪佳績的會員。 賽季的最後一場大型帆船級 別賽事,「夏日盃賽」於五月四日和五日在 南丫島附近海面舉行,賽事共有十九艘帆船參加。恭喜 Marcel Liedts 和 他的“Elektra 號”及 Peter McCaffery 和他的“Vixen 號”分別贏得第一 和第二組冠軍。 於同一個週末還有 1O1O 4G 「香港對抗賽錦標賽」恭喜冠軍得主 Peter Backe。大家在賽後於酒吧一邊欣賞樂隊 Stylus Gold Trio 表現,一邊享 受當會長旗幟升起時免費提供的飲品。


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

The rowers have been earning frequent flyer points so far this year with a group of almost 30 attending the Toda Masters regatta in Japan. There will be more travelling soon with a group heading to Henley in the UK and one intrepid paddler entered into a 40km outrigger event on the Great Barrier Reef. This year’s Electoral General Meeting is coming up on Tuesday 11 June. Thank you to the members who have sent in their nominations for committee positions, and to the members who have made known their willingness to stand for election. I hope to see you all at the meeting to give your votes, and I look forward to working with both existing and new committee members. See you around the Club!

而在一星期後舉行的 1O1O 4G「國際對抗賽錦標賽」由五月十日晚上的 嘉賓演講暨晚宴」打響頭炮,晚宴邀請到四屆及現任世界對 抗賽冠軍 Ian Williams 分享他的比賽經驗。多謝各位會員參與和協助這個精彩的晚 宴。最後,1O1O 4G「國際對抗賽錦標賽」由來自紐西蘭的 William Tiller 勇奪冠軍,詳細賽事報導刊登於本期 Ahoy!。 賽季的最後一場賽事「春季帆船賽」在五月十八、十九日舉行。有關賽事 之報導將刊登於下一期 Ahoy!。雖然賽季完結,但比賽依然繼續,夏季的 「黃昏帆船賽系列」將於六月七日展開,大家不要錯過。 划 艇 方面,我們 的 賽 艇 隊 成員最 近 相 信 賺 取了不 少 飛 行里 數,目前約 有三十人出席在日本 舉行的「戶田大師賽」;稍後又到英國出席「皇 家 Henley 划艇賽」;還有一位勇敢的隊員將會在大堡礁參加一個長達40公 里的外舷划艇賽事。 本年度選舉大會將於六月十一日(星期二)舉行,首先多謝各位提交提名 和表示願意參選的會員,期待於大會中見到大家踴躍投票,更期待與現 任和即將上任的委員共同努力,使會所得以繼續發展。 在會所見!

General Manager’s Message We had some fantastic sailing weekends last month, beginning with the 1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong Kong Nationals on 4 and 5 May followed by the Internationals from 10 to 12 May.

The Bridge

The sailing season of course officially ended with the Spring Regatta, held on 18 and 19 May, however racing in the harbour will continue throughout the summer, with the MasterCard Sunset Series starting on Friday 7 June for 12 consecutive weeks, and the Sunshine Series on Saturday afternoons for six consecutive weeks starting 1 June. Coming up on Sunday 9 June is Kellett Island Day and there will be something for everyone on this day which is filled with activities including games, bouncy castles, climbing wall, free bowling lessons, and a Smart Phone treasure hunt/quiz. The General Committee has given approval for guests to use the The RHKYC Charity Foundation invited guests to the Club’s annual Tin Hau pilgramage. See page 50. swimming pool on this day, and inflatable toys will be 香港遊艇會慈善基金邀請賓客出席天后誕拜神活動。 available for all to use. This seems a good time for me to ask all members to ensure their children do not disturb other members’ enjoyment of the Club, and that they tidy away all the toys they have been using before leaving any of our Clubhouses. Other events this month include a Speaker’s Corner with long-term Hong Kong resident David Bellis on 13 June, who will be giving a slide show and talk on the subject ‘Photographs of Old Hong Kong and the Tales They Tell’. Also don’t forget to treat your father to our sumptuous lunch buffet for Fathers’ Day on Sunday 16 June. Summer will soon be here, and the ‘Pool Parties with Giant Inflatable’ begin on 22 June. These events prove to be hugely popular each year and I would urge you to book early to avoid missing out. As you will have seen advertised around the Clubhouses, the Club would like to provide members with an update on the master plan that

在過去的一個月,我們有兩個非常精彩的帆船賽事。分別是五月四、五日 的1O1O 4G「香港對抗賽錦標賽」和五月十一、二日的1O1O 4G「國際對 抗賽錦標賽」。 賽季隨著五月十八、九日舉行的「春季帆船賽」後完滿結束,但維港的賽 事依然繼續,夏季的MasterCard「黃昏帆船賽系列」將由六月七日開始, 一連十二個星期五舉行;而「陽光帆船賽系列」則於六月一日起連續六個 星期六進行。 「吉列島日」將於六月九日舉行,豐富的活動包括攤位遊戲、充氣城堡、 充氣攀爬牆、免費保齡球教授和智能電話尋寶活動等,適合一家大小參 加。理事會已批准讓賓客於當日享用泳池設施,我們並準備了各式各樣的 充氣玩具供各位於泳池使用。 我希望藉此機會提提大家提醒你們的孩子不要影響其他會員享用會所設 施,並在離開會所前確保不要遺留小孩子的玩具。 另一個社 交活動是 於六月十三日舉行的「講者尊區」。在香港居住了很 長時間的 David Bellis 會分享一輯有關“老香港”的相片和它們的故 事。六月十六日(星期日)在 Compass Room,我們為大家安排了父親節


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

is being developed for the Kellett Island Clubhouse refurbishment. Two evenings have been set aside for this, Tuesday 4 and Monday 10 June, with the meetings scheduled to begin at 1830hrs. We hope that as many members as possible will be able to attend these update sessions. The Electoral General Meeting will be held at 1830hrs on Tuesday 11 June. I hope to see many of you there, voting in the new committee members. As always the results of the elections will be announced in the Main Bar as soon as possible after the conclusion of the meeting. And finally, I would just like to thank all members for the prizes they donated to the lucky draw at the staff party that was held on 22 May, and also to those members who manned the Main Bar that evening so that all staff could be involved. We all had a wonderful evening and everyone wishes me to pass on their thanks and appreciation to you the members for what is always a fun and very lively event!

自助午餐,歡迎各位與父親來到會所享受一頓豐富的午餐,以表達對父 親的敬意。 炎夏即將來臨,備有大型充氣滑梯的「炎夏泳池派對」將於六月二十二日 開始,這個派對非常受歡迎,請盡快訂位。 相信大家有留意到會所張貼了有關吉列島長遠發展計劃的的最新資料, 我們希望透過這些告示,使各會員更了解這個計劃。我們將於六月四日( 星期二)和十日(星期一)晚上六時三十分舉辦兩個簡報會向大家交待最 新發展,希望大家踴躍出席。 本年度選舉大會將於六月十一日(星期二)晚上六時三十分舉行,希望各 位踴躍投票,選出新一屆的理事會成員。一如以往,選舉結果將於當晚在 Main Bar 公佈。 最後,週年員工 晚宴 於五 月二十二日舉 行,感 謝各 位 送 贈 抽 獎 禮物 的 會員,還有義務主理 酒吧的會員,得到大家的協助,所有職員均能出席 這個一年一度的活動。我代表所有員工感謝各位會員令大家有一個愉快 的晚上。

Proud sponsors of EFG Bank Mandrake Also proud to support: EFG Bank Sailing Team in Melges 24, Europe EFG Bank Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club BACARDI Sailing Weeks, Miami & Newport The EFG Bank Viper 640 Pan-American Championships The Star Winter Series, Florida Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta EFG Bank Sailing Arabia – The Tour 2013

Photo: Paul Wyeth


Practitioners of the craft of private banking 瑞士盈豐銀行 瑞士盈豐銀行 18th Floor, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong, T +852 2298 3000. In Asia, also present in Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai and Taipei. EFG Bank is part of EFG International, which operates in some 30 locations worldwide.

1O1O 4G Match Racing Feature | 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta

These luminaries were joined by Hong Kong’s top four match racing teams, based on the previous weekend’s 1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong Kong Nationals, in which Peter Backe (225 – SWE) triumphed over Seah Chin Yew (250 – HKG) 3-2 to lift the silverware. They were joined by Laurence Mead (628 – GBR) and Lui Kam (unranked – HKG). After a day’s practice on the J/80s for the overseas teams, all 12 skippers gathered for the skippers’ and media briefing, along with International Umpire Marianne Middelthon and Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen. RHKYC match racing chairman Marty Kaye invited all the skippers to introduce themselves before Middelthon ‘laid down the law’ in a no-nonsense briefing. The following morning the daily pre-race briefing was preceded by a minute’s silence in memory of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, who tragically lost his life during training ahead of this summer’s America’s Cup. As crews readied their boats, black backstay flags were added as a mark of respect before the boats made their way out into Victoria Harbour for the first races of the round-robin element. With all the weather forecasting tools at her disposal, Strompf-Jepsen elected to move away from the Kellett Island base in order to benefit from the steady 5 to 6kt easterly available in the area to the east of Hung Hom. The first five flights featured fifteen matches – in effect a ‘mini’ round robin for skippers

Photo: Guy Nowell

W ords: Lindsay Lyons (with thanks to Laurence Mead!) | Photos: Various

This year’s 1O1O 4G Match Racing Series culminated with a three-day International Regatta from 10 to 12 May which, thanks to the efforts of the RHKYC Match Racing Committee, attracted a clutch of the very best match racers from around the world.


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Jakobsen (100 – THA) was back for another crack at the title, while Maximilian Soh (107 – SIN), Jon Eriksson (196 – FIN) and Gunwoo Park (395 – KOR) were competing in the International Regatta for the first time, bringing the overseas visitors to eight.

Photo: Guy Nowell

our times and current World Champion Ian Williams (GBR) was joined by Kiwis Phil Robertson (ranked fourth in the world) and seventh-ranked William Tiller, together with David Gilmour (27 – AUS), representing Australia. Representing Thailand, Morten

International Regatta

One of the most competitive matches was Williams / Gilmour, with Gilmour incurring a 0.5 point damage penalty for a clash close to the windward mark which involved Williams tacking to cover Gilmour at the same time as Gilmour tacked to attack Williams! Flight six featured a complete changeover of skippers, allowing the other half of the draw to get some time on the water. The breeze was swinging southwards and softening and by the time flight six was finished, sailors were eyeing up a storm approaching from the west, but there was just enough puff left to run flight seven. At 1500hrs, the RO was forced to display the AP due to reduced visibility, lightning, heavy rain and a lack of wind. Strompf-Jepsen roamed the harbour, trying to find some breeze to get the racing underway again, but finally admitted defeat and displayed AP over

H, allowing the bedraggled competitors to return to the Clubhouse. The second day of the competition featured a continuation of the round-robin element which to complete needed 22 flights of 3 matches each. Flight eight started at 0930hrs just off Hung Hom, however the wind dropped away just as those three matches were completed. After waiting for 30 minutes the decision was made to move the course outside the harbour in the hope that sustained breeze could be found. With 7 to 8kts in Junk Bay, the schedule got underway without further delay and the flights started to fly by. The race committee was kept on its toes with two 90-degree wind shifts during the afternoon, and with the tide running across the course, constant mark adjustments were made to address the effect on the boats. One flight and a further match were abandoned and re-sailed, as the boats were able to lay the windward mark without tacking. Having battled with the elements all weekend, the RO was on the water early on Sunday as she searched for the best location to run those

final five flights. Finding a 4kt easterly at Hung Hom and expecting it to build, Strompf-Jepsen laid her course and sent flight 18 away as scheduled in 5kts of breeze. The first match of the day featured an upset, with Laurence Mead beating David Gilmour which effectively knocked Gilmour out of the semi-finals. However flight 20 featured the match everyone was looking forward to – world ranked number 4 Phil Robertson and World Champion Ian Williams had a fairly subdued start but Williams clearly wanted to win the windward end of the start line and control the right-hand side of the course where he thought there was better tide. He executed this to perfection and he rounded the windward mark in the lead, only for Robertson to overtake him on the downwind leg. Robertson held the lead until close to the finish, when a less-than-slick gybe allowed Williams to get ahead. Robertson looked to have lost it, until the final seconds when he caught a puff and surged forward to cross the line only an inch ahead of Williams. Flight 22 featured Williams / Tiller, which would decide 2nd and 3rd places in the round robin,

Photos: Koko Mueller

JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Feature | 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta

Photo: Guy Nowell

Photo: Lindsay Lyons

Williams, Gilmour, Jakobsen, Park, Backe and Lui. Lui had a great start, edging out Gilmour in his first match, however as the overseas skippers got to grips with Hong Kong harbour sailing, their experience started to show and spectators were treated to something of a starting masterclass.

In the second flight of the semis, Williams

Photo: Guy Nowell

The first flight of the ‘first-to-two’ semi-finals produced some of the most visually exciting match racing seen all weekend. Just ahead on the water, Tiller was carrying a penalty on the final downwind leg. With Williams too close behind for Tiller to be able to get his exonerating turn in without losing the race, he slowed down to try and force the penalty to even things up. He threw in around 20 gybes to try and force a penalty on Williams but with the tactic unsuccessful, Williams scored another win. In the other semi-final, Soh finished comfortably ahead of Robertson in their first flight, but could he do it again over the world number four?

Photo: Lindsay Lyons

Photo: Guy Nowell

Feature | 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta

together with Gilmour / Robertson. While Tiller turned in a fine performance to give Williams his second loss of the competition, against the run of form, Gilmour bested Robertson, but it wasn’t enough to offset the 0.5 penalty he had picked up for a collision on the first day and Maximilian Soh clinched the fourth spot in the semi-finals, along with Robertson, Tiller and Williams.

picked up a penalty for an upwind port / starboard incident, which he cleared at the first windward rounding. This allowed Tiller to close up in spite of the ground lost during the incident, through no fault of his own. At the end of the second downwind leg, Tiller put in the better gybe and picked up a puff to cross the line inches ahead of his rival. Robertson built up a comfortable lead over Soh from the start of their match, and finished a couple of boat lengths ahead to make it 1-1. In the first decider, Williams had the better start, but Tiller caught him on the first downwind leg and passed him to windward with spinnakers up, managing to stay ahead to win by five boat lengths. In the second decider, Soh picked up a penalty in the start sequence and never recovered, with Robertson finishing over half a leg ahead of the Singaporean. In the first flight of the petit final, with the breeze holding well at 4.5 to 6kts, Williams was in control from the start and finished 5 lengths ahead of Soh. In the all-Kiwi final, Tiller edged ahead of Robertson on the first downwind leg, and managed to stay in control for the rest of

the race. In something of a first for Hong Kong harbour racing, the talk was that the breeze wasn’t shifty enough to produce really exciting match racing! With impeccable timing, Strompf-Jepsen shoe-horned the last match of the day into the schedule, just before the wind died to 2kts. In the petit final, Williams finished a boat length ahead of Soh to finish third, and William Tiller recorded his second straight win over his former skipper, Phil Robertson, to engrave his name on the silverware. After three days and some world class sailing, perhaps the most competitive in Hong Kong this year, the 2013 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta came to an end in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour with young Kiwi skipper William Tiller declared the winner. At a lively prizegiving, CSL/1O1O Chief Marketing Officer Mark Liversidge presented the top four skippers with their silverware, while CSL/1O1O Chief Executive Officer Han Willem Kotterman presented mementoes to the Race Officials and International Umpires.

FINAL PLACINGS William Tiller Phil Robertson Ian Williams Maximilian Soh David Gilmour Peter Backe Laurence Mead Gunwoo Park John Eriksson Morten Jakobsen Lui Kam Seah Chin Yew


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

The Club would like to express its sincere thanks to 1O1O 4G, whose support made this fantastic event possible, and is delighted to announce that the partnership will continue for the 2013-2014 Match Racing Series. Further thanks go to Chief International Umpire Marianne Middelthon (NOR) together with International Umpires Paco Quiñonero (ESP) and Masaaki Tanaka (JPN) and the team of local Umpires which included Tom Sheppard, Cathy Delany, David Fan, Dominic Hardoon and Bonnie Cheng. Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen was universally acknowledged to have run a great regatta, with the help of ARO Sofia Mascia and assistants Lucy Sutro and Fiona Gregor. The mark laying team of Nigel Reeves, Lesley Anderson, John Breen and ‘Bosun’ Nick Hollis were kept on their toes throughout the three days and honed their technique almost to perfection, while a special mention goes to the volunteer PVOL holders who stood down the companionway on every J/80 in order to satisfy current legal requirements; Virendra Anand, John Brennan, Ray Chan, Denis Chien, Ben Chong, Alex Cribbin, Deborah Fu Berkley, Kam Fung, Tom Gifford, Patrick Lam, Ka Lai Lao, Jennifer Li, Nick Southward, Ben Williams, Raymond Wu, Miko Yeung and Bonny Yung. Without this immense team of volunteers and overseas officials, there would be no International Regatta!


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Feature | 1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong Kong Nationals

1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong W ords: Lindsay Lyons | R a cing Photos: Ri chard Knight | prizegiving photos: Lindsay Lyons

Eight skippers competed in this year’s two-day Nationals held on 4 and 5 May, which for the second year in a row was run alongside an ISAF Match Racing Umpire Clinic, hosted by the Club and featuring International Umpire Marianne Middelthon and Jan Stage as instructors.

ay 1 consisted of a round robin format for all eight skippers and it was Seah Chin Yew who secured the best results with six out of seven wins. Laurence Mead was second with six wins and Peter Backe third with five. With the wind fading fast, the final match in the round robin between Marty Kaye and Frank van Kempen had to be postponed until the following day. This match would decide fourth to sixth places, so was critical to competitors’ hopes of clinching the final qualifying spot for the following weekend’s 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta. On Day 2, Nationals’ Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen had the course set up in front of Kellett Island and was ‘good to go’ when a cruise liner turned up to secure to a mooring, smack in the middle of the course. The lack of room and risk of an associated wind shadow, not to mention the effect of a turning tide later in the morning, forced a rapid rethink of


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Feature | 1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong Kong Nationals

Kong Nationals the day’s strategy, with the AP and L flags being displayed as the event upped sticks to Hung Hom. Strompf-Jepsen refused to be rushed into any hasty decisions and, after carefully considering all the options from Kowloon Bay to North Point, set her course just off Hung Hom with a 7 to 8kt westerly coming down through Lei Yue Mun. Finally, after an hour’s delay, racing could get underway and van Kempen lost no time in dispatching Marty Kaye to confirm that Lui Kam would be the fourth skipper to reach the semi-finals. The running order was set and the semi-finals got underway with 2nd-placed Mead taking on 3rd-placed Backe over the best of three, and 1st-placed Seah duelling with Lui over the same number of matches. To make best use of the Club’s six co-owned J/80s, the third match of flights 14 to 16 featured a round robin match to decide 5th to 8th places. With Jonny Hodgson’s crew ‘MIA’ (there was a lot of other racing on offer!) race officials were kept entertained by crew swaps from the other three boats which kept Hodgson on the water and enabled the competition to be properly placed, with Kaye 5th, Hodgson 6th, van Kempen 7th and Royer 8th. In the semi-finals, Seah quickly demonstrated his tactical superiority by beating Lui in two matches, giving his crew a break before going into the JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Feature | 1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong Kong Nationals

grand final, while it took all three matches for Backe to subdue Mead and send him into the petit final. Having had the boats drawn by the Umpires, the best-of-five finals got underway, with Mead and Lui taking three matches to decide that Mead would finish in third place and Lui in fourth. It looked as if the Backe / Seah grand final was following a similar pattern, but with Backe 2-0 up, Seah struck back with two comprehensive wins to make it 2-2. Concerns were mounting as the breeze softened and swung to the south, however the final race was a cracker, with Seah winning the pre-start, only to be overhauled by Backe before the first windward

rounding. Backe used every ounce of his experience to maintain the advantage and was rewarded with a win, his third Hong Kong Match Racing title. We would like to thank 1O1O 4G for its support of the Club’s match racing programme, and we are looking forward to saying “Yes!” to another year of the 1O1O 4G Match Racing Series. A huge thank you also goes to International Umpires Marianne Middelthon and Jan Stage together with Hong Kong’s Tom Sheppard and Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen for providing a fantastic weekend’s match racing.

From above left to right: Winner – Peter Backe and Team; Runner-Up – Seah Chin Yew and Team; 3rd Place – Laurence Mead and Team; 4th Place – Lui Kam and Team


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Feature | Nations’ Cup

Nations’ Cup

under right of abode for France or Hong Kong, but no way are you going to sail for France one year and Hong Kong the next: nationality is permanent! So make the right choice...

W ords: Jamie M c William | Photos: Gu y N owell

The course is set to involve the bare minimum of crew work, so that boats can be filled with non-sailors who have this great opportunity to enjoy our Club and our waters, and this year with a pretty solid easterly, the course was set as a Hung Hom start (will the barges never end?), out through Lei Yue Mun gap to Shek O Rock, back to TCS4 in Junk Bay, back out to Shek O Rock, and a long leg home to finish at the Club line.

Hong Kong is a wildly vibrant and, frankly, a manic city. As Spinal Tap would have it, the standard volume setting is “11”. But there are some days when the standard frenetic level of action is raised to a sizzling, even a hair-raising, level of intensity. And so it was on Saturday 27 April, when the RHKYC held the third running of the Nations’ Cup.

The rules of the game are simple: everybody on any boat has to be from the same country. The rules by which one qualifies as being ‘from a country’ are fairly (!) loose, with the simple catch-all that once you make a choice, that’s the choice for EVER. You may well qualify


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Photo: Koko Mueller

n an era of gnawing uncertainty, ugly selfinterest, and the cult of celebrity, the Nations’ Cup serves to demonstrate the power of national identity and the camaraderie and joy that it can bring. As the entries grew and grew, finally topping out at 78 boats and 23 nations, it was impossible not to feel a thrill that our city and our Club were able to show such diversity and yet such a sense of community. Boats were made available, sailors and non-sailors alike signed up, and the town’s international shops were raided for everybody’s own Mother’s milk, be it Banbury Cakes or Jenever.

“This is what happens when you let your crew helm. Conclusion is Rafael Buitre is a better helm than myself and I am a better crew than him.... so looks like a permanent change for the Flying Fifteen Worlds and I will be crewing on my own boat! Thanks Raffie for a great result.” – Simon Pickering

So the bar and balcony emptied of the throngs of orange, green, white, red, blue, black and yellow shirts – were the Dutch SERIOUSLY having a team briefing in the Chart Room? Oh yes... – and headed for the water. The starts are staggered to help all boats finish around the same time so that the party can kick off at full force immediately, and the breeze was solid as the early starters got away: a swarm of Flying Fifteens, Ruffians, and Impalas, bedecked in national colours and flags, hammered into a good 15kts with the tide under them and in no time at all were out the gap. Chasing at 20-minute intervals were clouds of Etchells, cruisers, and sportsboats, and the game was afoot. The breeze funnelling down the harbour got up as high as 25kts at times, so we were treated to the rare sight of cruisers beating out the harbour under #3 jibs, but outside Lei Yue

Feature | Nations’ Cup

Mun it calmed down to a panic and the fleet enjoyed a cracking bit of reaching around the NE corner of the island. It was fairly shifty and puffy, and there were tough calls to be made – “Kite? No Kite?” – “Outboard lead?” – “Red, white?” – “Ice, no ice?” – but everybody (we won’t mention the Aussies) made outstanding decisions and soon a fleet of spinnakers could be seen powering back in the gap and heading for the Club line.

seem like the result was going to impact the party one way or the other, as the flags were transferred from the boats to the Main Bar and Main Lawn and the music got going.

Eventually the Fifteens and the mighty Freefire were first home, but the corrected handicap results were always going to be tight on a day of very fair breeze. To be honest it didn’t really

But no matter how much fun it all was, everybody wanted to know who would become the ‘Champion Sailing Nation of the Year’ and receive the privilege of their flag behind the

With the arrival of cases of ice cold Blue Girl beer from our fantastic sponsor, it really took off, especially when bottles of national produce were added into the mix – red wine, Bundaberg and Jameson’s being to the fore in this category.

Main Bar for the next 12 months, and although it was all very tight with Japan taking bronze and Wales taking silver, the hugely popular champion was the Philippines. And you know when they’re involved, it’s always a huge party – and so it proved, as the party, assisted by the Dutch handing over the final ‘Princess’ Beatrix Cup to the victorious Rest Of The World Team and filling it with Jenever, raged on until the wee hours. It’s always more fun in the Philippines – PAGBATI! So, the Sailing Sevens goes from strength to strength – we’re looking forward to next year already.

1st place: Philippines – Phact or Phiction, Simon Pickering; 2nd place: Wales – Tchaikoffsky, Howard Williams; 3rd place: Japan – Japan Fries, Akira Takada; 4th place – England: Gunga Din, Nick Burns JUNE 2013



For Queen and Country

The Beatrix Cup raced during the Nations’ Cup Feature | For Queen and Country

W ords: A le x ander de Nerée | Photos: Gu y N owell and Koko Mueller

Like every tradition worth keeping, the story of how the Beatrix Cup came about is surrounded by mystery – as is its name. What we know for certain is that the current cup has been at the Club since 1964 (and is inscribed with ‘Princess Beatrix Trophy’ (not cup) which seems to corroborate with one of the theories that the appearance of the cup coincided with a visit by Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands in 1962.


n the other hand, investigators writing for Ahoy! over the years have mentioned the possible previous incarnations of the trophy were the Juliana and even a Wilhelmina Cup (Beatrix’ mother and grandmother) although the whereabouts of these cups remain unclear. What we do know is that since the first Beatrix Cup in 1964 much has changed, not least that Princess Beatrix became Queen Beatrix and Princess again after abdicating and leaving the throne to her eldest son, Willem-Alexander, on 30 April of this year. What better day to speak about the 2013 Beatrix Cup than the day of Beatrix’ abdication with Dutchman Geert Sonnemans, the organiser of the regatta this year? You are quite a well-known fixture in the sailing world in Hong Kong. How did you get into sailing in the first place? I started sailing when I was about 15 and I went to a sailing camp like many Dutch children do. When I turned 18 I joined the navy. The Major that I was serving under sailed a lot and I would join him from time to time. After my military service I ‘cold called’ a sailing camp in the Leiden area and asked them if I could become a sailing instructor for the summer. After painting boats for a week, I was lucky and an instructor could not make it so they, after a week of training, let me instruct a group of kids which was great fun. The first few years in Hong Kong I did not sail much but at some point I bought an old Tai Pan and now I’m sailing a Magic 25 and and a Salona 41.


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

So what exactly is the Beatrix Cup? In short it is a race of The Netherlands against the rest of the world. Over the years it has normally been organised in the form of match racing. This meant that we would get a few Dutch teams in one or two classes of boats and have the same amount of teams in those classes racing against the Dutch. Only the overall results would be counted and then either the Dutch or the ‘Rest of the World’ would win the race. But this year it was different? Yes, because of the abdication of Queen Beatrix we decided we should have one more Beatrix Cup before the Queen would be Princess again and (what we thought was) the old title of the race would be restored and given that during the Nations’ Cup people are already divided by country, it seemed a good idea to combine the two events. In the end, five Dutch boats entered the race and five boats from ‘the Rest of the World’ enrolled to race against them for the honour of the Beatrix Cup. So who took on the challenge? It was an eclectic mix of the Australians, Warwick Downes and Keith Jacobs on Peninsula Signal 8, the Etchells Shrub aka Kraut helmed by the German Joachim Isler. England was represented by the Ruffian Scallywag with Oliver Cully in charge and Hong Kong flew its colours on a Flying Fifteen Noisy Forefather 2 with Sam Chan at the helm. The fifth contender was Fred Kinmonth on MacMandrake representing Ireland.

If it was not match racing, how was it determined who won with all the different boats competing? In the end it was decided to use the handicap system of the Around the Island Race which has the same issue with all different classes competing against each other. On the day of the race, what were the conditions like? There was a strong eastern wind of some 20kts which made for perfect sailing weather. The strong wind allowed us to have a long course with a start at Hung Hom. After the start we sailed around Shek O Rock and back to the marker TCS4 which was more or less halfway back to Kellett Island. After going around the marker we went back to Shek O Rock and then all the way down wind at rather spectacular speeds towards the Kellett Island finish. How did your boat do? With Erik Dijkhuizen at the helm we came in fourth out of the J/80s which in itself is not bad considering that none of us had sailed on a J/80 before. The race was good fun. The J/80 holds up nicely in the strong wind conditions that we encountered. Coming back to the finish downwind with the spinnaker up especially was quite spectacular. And how did The Netherlands do overall? Suzanne Downes was the first Dutch to cross the finish in a Flying

15 Puff ‘n stuff. After that our boat came in followed closely by Frank van Kempen’s Magic 25. A little later Richard van den Berg’s Kei Lun finished but he may have been slowed down by his 13 crewmembers and some bottles. Last to finish of the Dutch contenders was Seabee with Bert Grisel at the helm. Unfortunately this result was not enough to beat the ‘Rest of the World’ contenders and The Netherlands lost against ‘the Rest of the World’. We are very pleased to have had Wilfred Mohr, Consul General of the Netherlands join us for the event – not only did he officiate over the prizegiving, he was also out sailing on Kei Lun. Combining the event with the Nations’ Cup, was that a good concept? Preferably next year we will do match racing again. It is a bit more difficult to organise but if we can find a logical date and enough boats to participate it should be doable. In 2014 we will celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the Cup so I think we should make an effort to make it a special event with different classes and match racing. Will it still be called the Beatrix Cup though? Or rather WillemAlexander Cup or even Amalia (the crown princess) Cup? It will still and always be known as the Beatrix Cup. It was initiated because Beatrix visited Hong Kong and sailed here when she was still a princess. She is a princess again now. If Willem-Alexander comes to visit with his family, we can see what we can do. For the 50 th anniversary of the Beatrix Cup we would like to gather as much information about the history of the Cup as possible. If you have anything that might be of interest, please let Ahoy! know.

JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Feature | For Queen and Country

That seems like a strong field. We suspect that the boats sailing for ‘the Rest of the World’ were handpicked to defeat the Dutch. It cannot be a coincidence that out of 78 boats these contenders came up to race in the Beatrix Cup. Just to give you an idea, four of the five boats ended up in the top 15 of the Nations’ Cup this year!

Feature | TP52 Southern Cross Cup Series – Stage Two

TP52 Southern Cross Cup Series – Stage Two W ords: G avin Brady | Photos: T eri D odds

n April, Karl Kwok and his Team Beau Geste won the second stage of the TP52 Southern Cross Cup Series in Melbourne, Australia. The TP52 Southern Cross Cup is a series of four 2013 events raced in TP52s under the IRC rule in Australia. Karl and his team won the first event in February in the same waters off the Sandraham Yacht Club. Beau Geste is a very fast downwind TP52 built in 2009 as Matador – winner of the TP52 Worlds that same year. King Juan Carlos of Spain then raced her as Bribon in a successful Med Cup. This series is the first of its kind using a new style of race courses that puts pressure on the teams and makes it a spectator friendly event. The start line is in the middle of the race course and the teams have to manoeuvre the yachts through a gate on each leg. This forces the yachts to constantly tack and gybe and never allows the yachts to separate very far. The Race Officer also has the option for a downwind start which is always a crowd pleaser. Weather in Port Phillip Bay in April can be a mixed bag of conditions as the fleet had to contend with a range of conditions from 10 to 27kts of wind.


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Back row: Kayne Mulcahy, Arron Reynolds, Andrea Pavan, Paul Westlake, Karl Kwok, Alan Smith, Rob Salthouse, Gavin Brady, Jamie Gale, Cameron Ward; Front row: Logan Fraser, Cameron Dunn, Margaret Chan, Matthew Cheung, Mike Edmonds

Team Beau Geste out-gunned the competition in this round finishing with 16 points ahead, and now leads at the halfway point of the series by 19 points over Marcus Blackmore’s Hooligan. The series now moves into Sydney Harbour for stages three and four later in November

and December. The organisers of the TP52 Southern Cross Cup have been given permission by Sydney City to run the racing inside the harbour. Sydney has not had this level of racing inside the harbour since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Twelve teams are expected to be competing.

rewarded with two 4ft Mahi Mahi, and there was lots of sashimi to go around for days! Ishigaki Island is part of the chain of islands governed by the Okinawa prefecture. As famous as the main island of Okinawa,

Feature | Sailing Diplomacy

Sailing Diplomacy W ords: T C L EUN G | P hotos: Spen cer Suen and L au Ming B all


he dispute over the Diaoyu Islands (known to the Japanese as the Senkaku Islands) frequently features in the news but little does the world know that sailors from Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong are (nautical) miles ahead in forging international relations and have successfully been doing so for the past 12 years! This year was no different; with sailors from these nations descending on Keelung, Taiwan, not to talk about the disputed island but to build lasting friendships and to race amongst themselves for ‘bragging rights at the bar’. Here, disputes are settled by raising beer mugs and feasting on fresh seafood. Perhaps an idea would be to teach the politicians of these nations to sail on a boat! Hong Kong’s sole entry, Polar Star III, had RHKYC crew led by veteran sailor TC Leung together with Joe Chan, Spencer Suen, Lau Ming Ball, Alfred Ip, Nic Chiang, Christopher Wong and Martin Wong plus friends from HHYC, CK Chan, Li Ming and Alen Cheung.


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

The intrepid crew travelled 515nm to the port of Keelung where they joined up with about 30 boats from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. First up was an inshore race in Keelung followed by a 162nm race to Ishikagi Island some 162nm to the east and then another inshore race at Ishigaki and of course a party! In all races the winds were a perfect 10 to 15kts and the weather could not have been better with sunshine all the way. As for the racing, this was the tricky part, the currents are tough, and to go just VMG might not be the best way! On arrival, the Japanese CIQ was very efficient and we were all greeted by our friendly and smiling hosts which made our stay on the island all the more comfortable. The seafood, BBQ beef, beer and sake were so good that when it was time to leave, we were so reluctant, many of us wondering if our waist lines had grown an inch or two. The return trip was very eventful, as we decided to try our luck fishing, and we were

Ishigaki’s port is very modern but has a little rustic feel to it. For snorkelling lovers it is a paradise as there are many good spots to view the wonders of the sea. The Japanese and Taiwanese invitational event is normally held in late April or early May, and may be just before or after the Taiwan Strait Race. One could do both races or even more including the China Sea Race with good planning, since Kaohsiung and Keelung can offer good moorings or pontoons for yachts waiting to do other races. Marking the opening of Ishigaki Airport, this year’s event also marked the 12th anniversary of the Keelung Mayor Cup – International Friendship Yacht Race. Information on the event was posted on the Club’s website under Overseas Invitations so if you haven’t yet looked at that page, you might want to and you may find something of interest to broaden your horizons. This is the second year running that Polar Star III has joined this event. Last year it was a sail to Miyako Island about 200nm east of Taiwan. It is the intention of the organising committee to let sailors experience the wonderful islands of Okinawa (it is noted though at the time of writing that China has just claimed Okinawa!). We will for sure continue our yearly exodus northwards, not only to promote friendship but to enjoy a truly lovely gem from the north.

Starter’s Box

June 2013

Forthcoming Races and Regattas


MasterCard Sunset Series

4 and 5 May

Autumn Regatta

28 and 29 September

St. Regis China Coast Regatta

12 to 14 October

Hong Kong to Vietnam Race

17 to 21 October

Flying Fifteen Hong Kong Nationals

28 to 31 October

Flying Fifteen World Championships

2 to 8 November

Lipton Trophy

9 November

Tommy Bahama Around the Island Race

10 November

Another very busy season comes to a close – I hope you have enjoyed the many races and regattas run throughout the year. The ever-popular Sunset Series, sponsored by MasterCard, starts this month as an alternative to kick off your summer weekends – more details below. On behalf of the Sailing Office, a huge thank you to all members and volunteers who have assisted with all the sailing events this past season, we cannot do it without you and your participation is greatly appreciated. Have a great summer and if you are competing overseas in any races or regattas, please let us know about it. Alex Johnston Sailing Manager

It’s that time of year again – epic sailing battles being fought off the Club on summery Friday evenings, with just one start at 1745hrs. Last year we had consistently good breeze; so don’t worry that you may not get a decent race. And even if the wind doesn’t co-operate there are of course the traditional after-race beers on the dock and hardstanding. For those crew looking for a boat there will be a whiteboard outside the Main Bar where you can sign up, or you can always go down to the dock and ask around. The prizegiving for each race takes place in the Main Bar followed by more drinks. See you there – family and friends are also very welcome.

Flying Fifteen World Championships The Club will be hosting the International Flying Fifteen World Championships from 2 to 8 November, together with the Hong Kong Nationals from 28 to 31 October. The class and Club are actively seeking volunteers to help run this important event. There are plenty of fun and rewarding roles both shore side and on the water, so no sailing or race management experience is required – especially for the shore side roles. If you would like to be involved, even for only a few days – please contact Lindsay in the Sailing Office or fill in the online form at F&B and event shirts will be provided for all volunteers throughout the event. For further details please contact Alex on 2239 0362 or email For the latest information please visit our website | JUNE 2013 AHOY!


0428 1.6 0832 1.3 1529 1.8 2148 0.7


0326 1.5 0732 1.3 1307 1.7 2057 0.7


0523 1.7 1022 1.2 1649 1.6 2237 0.9


0412 1.6 0858 1.2 1510 1.5 2144 0.8



0611 1.8 1145 1.1 1805 1.5 2324 0.9


0454 1.7 1040 1.1 1701 1.4 2232 0.9


0650 1.9 1250 0.9 1913 1.4

19 wed

0532 1.9 1156 0.9 1827 1.4 2321 0.9


0007 1.0 0723 2.0 1343 0.8 2014 1.4


0610 2.0 1301 0.7 1944 1.4


0046 1.0 0753 2.1 1430 0.6 2107 1.3


0010 1.0 0650 2.2 1357 0.5 2050 1.4


0121 1.1 0820 2.1 1512 0.5 2152 1.3


0100 1.0 0735 2.3 1449 0.3 2151 1.4


0152 1.1 0847 2.2 1552 0.5 2231 1.4


0150 1.0 0826 2.5 1539 0.2 2246 1.4


0222 1.1 0917 2.2 1629 0.4 2306 1.4

24 mon

0240 1.0 0919 2.5 1627 0.1 2336 1.5

10 mon

0250 1.1 0947 2.2 1705 0.4 2340 1.4


0330 1.0 1012 2.5 1714 0.2


0320 1.1 1015 2.2 1739 0.4


0024 1.5 0420 1.0 1103 2.4 1758 0.3


0016 1.4 0354 1.1 1039 2.1 1815 0.5


0112 1.5 0510 1.0 1155 2.3 1840 0.4


0057 1.4 0434 1.2 1057 2.0 1852 0.5


0201 1.6 0603 1.1 1247 2.1 1920 0.5


0146 1.4 0526 1.2 1129 2.0 1931 0.6


0251 1.6 0701 1.1 1343 1.8 1959 0.7


0236 1.4 0625 1.2 1213 1.8 2013 0.7


0344 1.7 0814 1.2 1453 1.6 2039 0.8






MasterCard Sunset Series


t i d e s






















W ords: Nick H ollis | P hotos: Gu y N owell

to the very end of the race in all three races of the day. In the first two races, the positions kept changing constantly. By the end though, Gerald managed to slip into first, winning by less than a boat length in each race! That’s quite close for a 45-minute race! In the 3rd race however, Sofia’s determination and focus shone through to battle past Gerald on the last downwind leg, leading him on the last reach into the finish to take the win.

This event was a ranking event for the Hong Kong Optimist Dinghy Association to select the top sailors to participate in this year’s World Championships at Lake Garda. It was also to select the 29er team who would attend the Asian Championships in Korea later in the year. On Day 1 the sailors saw a nice moderate breeze coming down through the Stanley Bay, with a reasonably strong tide sweeping across the course. Straight from the off, the Optimists were pushing the line hard – some getting caught out by the slight lift of the tide and having to return back to avoid an OCS. The racing was close throughout and was thrilling to watch. The shifty and gusty conditions meant that the places really were changing with every puff. The tricky tide just added to the tough strategy the leading sailors had to plan to win. A special mention must go to Duncan Gregor who twice tried to start with a pin-end flyer on a pin biased line – and got extremely

close to succeeding too! It made for very exciting spectating and a few short fingernails. After the first day, RHKYC Shark Calum Gregor was placed 1st overall in the 46 boat fleet. The 29er fleet also found the conditions tricky, with the gusts making the difference between planing speed or displacement mode but by the end of the day RHKYC sailors Henry Salmon and Aymeric Gillard were in third place. In the Laser Radial fleet, it was a match race between Gerald Williams of J-Asia and SofiaMarie Mascia from RHKYC. The racing was extremely close and the win was battled right

In the 4.7s Shark Nick Bezy didn’t start too well with an OCS, but had picked up two second places in Races 2 and 3 to be just behind J-Asia’s Riley Cameron in first place. Day 2, and the forecast was grim. Sailors were met at Middle Island with fog and not a breath of wind. Race Officer Sofia Mascia kept the sailors on shore for a short while until ‘something’ happened. After a while though, the wind did start to kick in so the AP was lowered and the fleet was released towards the Stanley Racing area. Upon arriving at Stanley, the wind however was not from its normal direction of east/north

JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Sailing | Middle Island Regatta 2013


he weekend of 13 and 14 April saw 84 entries participate in the Middle Island Regatta.

Sailing | Middle Island Regatta 2013

east. We had a very gentle south westerly thermal wind forming as the sun was burning through the fog. Eventually there was enough to race, and so the warning signal for the 29ers was hoisted. Florrie Manzoni and Isabel Tulloch were keen to build on their places from the day before. They focused well and kept to the basics. It paid off for them, and the girls came home with a second place, followed closely by Henry and Aymeric in third. In the second and last race of the day, the whole fleet was battling quite closely. Aymeric and Henry sailed very well in the conditions in which they are not favoured. They kept it together, and most importantly looked at the course board noting the change of laps! The boys sailed home into first place whilst the two ABC boats continued around the course without realizing. The girls were close behind in 2nd, and other RHKYC teams Wilhelm Christensson with Samuel McDonald in 3rd and Aiden Long with Leo Giustiniani in 4th place. Overall Aymeric and Henry finished up in 2nd place – a great finish for light conditions for which they are not favoured.

In the Laser Fleets, the RHKYC Sharks were also showing their strength. Sofia-Marie Mascia sailed her way to two 1st places in the Radial and in Division B Overall. Nick Bezy was just behind in the 4.7 getting a 2 and 1st. This was enough to make Nick 1st Laser 4.7 and 2nd Overall in Division B. In the Optimists, the competition was high. The major factor for winning was getting off the start line clearly, and being able to tack off to the right-hand side to try and avoid some of the tide. RHKYC sailors dominated, but it was a slight change of race leaders. This time Ferdinand Heldman took the win, followed very closely by Siu Ka Chun (Hong Kong Sea School) and then Sophie Tulloch and Calum in 3rd and 4th. In the last race of the day, Calum tried his best to start with a port end flyer – only to be cut off by his little brother Duncan. At the starboard end of the line our other RHKYC Sharks sailed very well. Leading the race were Sophie, Julian Fung and Ferdinand Heldman.

By this point, all the rescue boats were surrounding the windward mark watching these young sailors battle it out in style. By the end, Sophie sailed through to take the win and Julian Fung, a young up-and-coming Shark, showed that he was a force to be reckoned with by placing 2nd. In 3rd place was Ferdinand Heldman. Overall, Calum managed to hang onto the win, followed closely by Ferdi in 2nd place. Sophie was 4th (just behind Siu Ka Chun). We had six sailors finish in the top 10, with Julian in 6th, Scarlett Manzoni 9th and Malik Hood 10 th for the Sharks team. A special mention must also go to our new Sharks who participated in their first regatta. Well done to Lana Davies, Aard Hoekstra, Ines Gillard and Abbey Hammond in the Optimist fleet. Last but not least, a big thanks to the event’s Official Partner, Crocs who were very generous with their prizes, and all the helpers and volunteers who made the event so successful.

Clockwise from top left: Nick Bezy, Sofia-Marie Mascia, Julian Fung, Calum Gregor, Ferdinand Heldman, Sophie Tulloch


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!


Big Boats Summer Cup

Clockwise from above: The start; Elektra and Peninsula Signal 8

W ords: Simon Blore | P hotos: B arry H ay es


strong turn-out of 17 boats in two IRC divisions gathered for four races over the first weekend of May. There were a few grumblings that a start off D’Aguilar was a convenient muster location for precisely nobody, but that was the intent; a two-hour delivery from the three RHKYC bases of Kellett Island, Middle Island or Shelter Cove, to keep delivery issues to the minimum by meeting in the middle. Not everyone got their timings right though, and both the A40 and A35 were late for the start of Race 1. Following the observation of a minute’s silence in memory of Jelik crewmember Lope Mata who passed away the day before, for Race 1, Race Officer Steve Bourne set the fleet away on a combined start on a windward leeward in

the direction of TCS1. Thankfully the track was blessed with sufficient wind to help deal with the 1.5m swell, and the combined fleet stretched out quickly from the fastest (Elektra home in 49 minutes) to the slowest in IRC 2 needing another 40 minutes to complete the two laps. Recognising the speed variation in the fleet, Steve had IRC 1 quickly away again, and it was seemingly too quick for Peninsula Signal 8 who were left some distance behind the start. There’s always a silver lining to everything, and I’m sure they comforted themselves that they could sail on safe in the knowledge of not being OCS!! IRC 1 did a short beat, a reach to Waglan, and then a long spinnaker run home to the finish east of Round Island, where the RO did his best to finish away from the usual hole that dogs that area. Alas for the fleet leaders, they were delayed several minutes by another wind hole further to the south, but Elektra wriggled free for her second bullet of the day. In IRC 2, a win apiece for Vixen and Red Kite II left this group even overnight after IRC 2 completed the shorter course around Sung Kong. Race 3 on Sunday was a short windward leeward and in IRC 1 Peninsula Signal 8 this time took the bullet and the win from Elektra; but by just a second! In IRC 2, Red Kite II took the win, with Vixen second, so all to play for in this division. For Race 4, the choice of courses was probably a bit limiting (reminder for next year) and all boats found themselves on a massive beat past Chesterman and around a

very sloppy leeward shore of Waglan, with then a short spinnaker run to the finish off Poi Toi, where most of the boats arrived for lunch and the prizegiving. Somehow Jamie McWilliam acquired the patience and eyesight to calculate and dual score four races of 17 boats, and prizes were handed out with Elektra winning IRC 1, from Peninsula Signal 8 and Ambush. With four wins, the ever-improving Lighthorse took the overall win on HKPN in this division from Peninsula Signal 8 and Intrigue was third. In IRC 2, and with a win in Race 4 being the way to separate two sets of identical results, Vixen won IRC on count-back from Red Kite II, with Talkinghead third. On HKPN dual scoring, the results mirrored IRC, so Peter McCaffery and crew sailed off happily with two bottles of rum and two slabs of Carlsberg! JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


What on earth is that? W ords: Simon B oy de and Koko Mueller | P hoto : Gu y N owell



itting on the committee boat during the Nations’ Cup watching Cave Canem cross the finish line, there were were a few questions regarding what on earth Simon Boyde was flying in front of his boat and the same could be heard on the dock afterwards. So, Simon, what exactly was that? “It’s a Parasailor which is made by ISTEC, an Austrian company which is the world’s largest manufacturer of Paragliders. They describe it as the “most exciting unexciting spinnaker”. As wind speeds go up and gusts hit, which is when a conventional downwind kite can generate a death roll and generally cause a lot of boat instability, the Parasailor does the opposite. Overpowering gusts get channelled through the slot in the sail, and the wing which flies in front of the sail generates lift thereby removing roll and stabilising the boat. The wing in fact operates as though there were a soft batten across the middle of the sail. Parasailor sails have higher shoulders than conventional kites as a result, meaning that you have more sail area higher up where there is more wind.

“The particular version we flew in the race is the heavy weather version, and on longer runs in strong breeze it is very effective. In those gusty conditions we could run dead downwind with that kite which other boats in the Nations’ Cup could not achieve safely, as could easily be seen by the numerous broaches happening around us as we slid serenely downhill with 25kts up the chuff! “The Parasailor can be flown, as we did, from a conventional dip pole set-up, but it will also fly quite happily, though perhaps not at quite so deep an apparent wind angle, from a sprit or simply from a strop on the bow. In transAtlantic races like the ARC you will find most of the boats flying one as it is so forgiving. “Getting the Parasailor down can be a handful as of course it incorporates a wing which means it wants to fly up quite strongly; it is for that reason that you hoist it using a specially-designed snuffer which has the ability to swallow the wing, therefore de-powering the sail. With the snuffer getting it down is a doddle. “Rating wise – the RORC rating office have told me that it rates and measures the same as a conventional spinnaker. While this means you

don’t get credit for the ‘hole’ neither do you pay a rating penalty for the wing/lift effect. “I would say for longer races and especially the offshore races this is pretty much the perfect kite. Obviously on a lightweight racing boat with the ace crew on board it may not be the best option, but then most of us are not in that state, because of boat or crew (or even both!) and the Parasailor can be left up in confidence in quite a lot of breeze as of course, with the snuffer on it, you can always get it down.” Agent in Hong Kong is Storm Force Marine if you are interested in knowing more or see the website for details. The Parasailor comes in sizes from 68 sqm to 298 sqm so there is a size for pretty much every Big Boat in Hong Kong.

Etchells Rum Series at Lamma W ords: J ohn Breen


ith divergent weather forecasts (5 to 8kts from the east on Wind Guru and light winds with thunder and lightning from the Observatory) a few boats rigged up for the penultimate day of racing in Lamma. However there were ‘spare’ crew at the dock who were not to be put off by such dire forecasts and six boats headed out across the Lamma channel for the afternoon. Industrial action at the container port had clearly impacted shipping, as crossing the channel was easy with no traffic to be seen. Predictably, the breeze filled in from the NE with 10 to 15kts and the Etchells fleet began to anticipate a fantastic day’s racing off Lamma. Rain clouds appeared, there were some readjustments to rigs by those who seem to know about these things, and the small fleet arrived at the committee boat just


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

as the warning signal went off. There was the usual banter and jockeying on the line despite the small fleet and, in typical Etchells fashion, everyone wanted to be in the same place on the line at the same time. Away from the line the whole fleet went left, but there was more pressure to be had to the right, so a few tacks later some were over to the right seeking to pick up more puff. But inevitably there is limited gain at Lamma from getting the correct side of the course, which is why the race course there is chosen for the most serious events. Apart from Mark Thornburrow in Dream On (1269), who leapt out in front from the start line, the rest of the race was quite tight and thoroughly enjoyable in moderate winds and not cold temperature. Race 2 saw a similar start: an abundance of aggression on the line followed by everyone choosing to go to the left. There were those

who could not hold their lines in a competitive fleet sailing hard on the wind who chose to tack to the right, but the wind was not as consistent as it had been earlier in the afternoon and a large wind shift favoured those who sailed over to the port lay line. There is a basic understanding at the Lamma course that to go left is the correct strategy if nothing else is obvious, and on this day it was the right choice. But Lamma also favours those who persevere despite setbacks and in the end the second race ended with a tight finish for the fleet. Mark Thornburrow took two firsts on the day, showing the rest of the fleet how to get the best out of Lamma. In the bar at Middle Island over a few refreshments both races were raced again in a manner of speaking, but of course without any change in result! And during a few more refreshments for the road the chat was mainly about why we love racing at Lamma.


Nations’ Cup: Etchells (from an Australian’s highly partisan point-of-view) W ords: Ben Williams | Photos: Koko Mueller

hat a great day out on the water! It started a little grey but with high expectations of good breeze and with 12 Etchells entries representing 8 nations in this handicap pursuit style event, the banter on the dock was highspirited to say the least. In the spirit of the event, a number of crews had shuffled around onto different boats to adhere to the strict sailing instructions of one’s elected nation. This added a little extra spice to the prestart manoeuvering but the fleet soon settled into its usual dog fights up the first beat toward Lei Yue Mun, the easterly entrance to the harbour. The combination of an outgoing tide and solid pressure made this one of the neatest exits from the harbour in many a year. Nick Burns in Gunga

Photo: Jenny Cooper


Din (1243) representing England managed a nice break from your scribe (representing the old foe) and with the rest of the pack in hot pursuit. Once into Junk Bay it was a fetch to Shek O Rock, then a loop to TCS4 followed by the long fetch and then run back to the finish at Kellett Island. Gunga Din was able to gradually extend from his younger understudy who spent a lot of time looking over his shoulder. Back into the harbour there were some super vanes of pressure and some very interesting gybes around commercial craft of various sizes. At the finish Gunga Din had extended to a solid win. After just over 2.5 hours of racing, the bulk of the fleet

finished within 10 minutes of each other and several boats were separated only by seconds. Gunga Din came in 4th overall for the Nations’ Cup and with 8 Etchells making it into the top 20, this clearly demonstrates the standard and competitiveness of the Etchells fleet. As usual, the on dock ‘review’ was much enhanced by the winner’s shout of refreshments. International rivalry continued to flow and the fleet eventually moved on to the Main Lawn for the prizegiving. Winner of the Etchells Best Dressed National Costume Award went to Major General Sir Christopher Botsford sailing for England in Zulu (1190). Dressed in period costume, Zulu managed the right colour and crew combination to win the bottle of rum. Once again – a really great fun day out on the water!

JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Youth Summer Courses Sailing

From Optimists to J/80s! The programme for the summer courses is now available online. New for 2013 are the youth keelboat courses that will take place on the J/80 and Beneteau yachts. This five-day course covers topics Course/Week Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Go Optimist Step 4 HKSF 1 HKSF 2 Go Sailing Intro to Racing (3 days) Intro to Lasers (2 days) Keelboat Crewing Level 3 420/29er Race Clinic Optimist Race Clinic Laser Race Clinic


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

17 to 21 June 24 to 28 June AM AM PM PM PM PM AM AM PM PM All Day All Day All Day All Day All Day All Day

1 to 5 July PM PM AM AM AM All Day All Day All Day

8 to 12 July PM PM AM AM AM All Day All Day All Day 8 to 10 July 11 to 12 July

All Day 24 to 27 June

All Day 1 to 4 July

All Day

from the competent crew course and students must be at least 15 years old and hold an HKSF Dinghy Level 2 certificate or be of equivalent experience. 15 to 19 July PM PM AM AM AM All Day All Day All Day

22 to 26 July PM PM AM AM AM All Day All Day All Day

29 July to 2 August PM PM AM AM AM

5 to 9 August PM PM AM AM AM All Day All Day All Day 7 to 9 July 5 to 6 August

12 to 16 August PM PM AM AM AM All Day All Day All Day

All Day

All Day 13 to 16 August AM PM

All Day 30 July to 2 August AM PM

Skandia Sail Training in partnership with Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Application forms and more details at, click on ‘Training’ or email Adult Beginners

Saturday Practice Optimist, Silver Squads Group A – Part 2 1 and 15 June Group B – Part 2 8 and 22 June

Option 6 1, 2, 8, 9 and 15 June Weekdays Option 7 (English) and Option 8 (Cantonese) 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16 May Option 9 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13 June

Youth Sailing Club Part 2 9 June

Summer Holiday Training Courses Courses start 17 June and are scheduled Monday to Friday each week until end of August. Full details are available online.

Adult Supervised Sailing 1 June 2 June 15 June 16 June

Boat Handling Distance Sail Singlehanded Spinnakers

Adult Keelboat Courses J/80 Crew Courses Look online for the latest schedule of courses from June until December 2013.

Shorebased Courses

RHKYC Cadet Sharks Weekly Training More details contact Optimist Squad Optimist sailors aged 9 and up Laser Squad Laser sailors aged 14 and up

Shorebased Courses Long Range Radio Operator Course 8, 9, 22 and 23 June 1000hrs to 1830hrs Exams 24,25,26 and 27 June 0900hrs to 1800hrs (Practice) 1830hrs to 2100hrs (Exam)


Youth Training

PVOCC Course Part A (Master) 3 to 5 July Dinghy Regattas on the Horizon Part B (Engineer) 1 and 12 June 10 to 12 July th HHYC 50 Anniversary Dinghy Regatta 1900hrs to 2200hrs on each date 15 and 16 June HKSF Festival of Sport Regatta Doublehander Squad 420 and 29er sailors aged 11 and up

Summer Preview This summer we have a few of our Sharks competing in various International Championships around the world. Sophie Tulloch, Ferdinand Heldman and Calum Gregor are off to the Optimist Worlds in Lake Garda, Italy, having been selected amongst the top five nationally to represent Hong Kong. Our Laser Radial sailor Sofia-Marie Mascia and our 29er team of Henry Salmon and Aymeric Gillard will be competing at the prestigious ISAF Youth World Championships in Cyprus. This is an event for only the top team/sailor from each nation so it is a real achievement to be selected.

VHF and HF Radio Operator Courses The next Long Range course for those people using VHF and HF radios for offshore sailing will be held in June. For those just using VHF radios within Hong Kong waters you can join the Short Range Course. There was a course held in April and the next course will be confirmed soon. In the meantime you can register your interest by emailing

Pleasure Vessel Operator Competency Certificate This is the Government issued certificate required to drive powered craft in Hong Kong waters. A PVOCC Grade 2 certificate entitles the holder to take charge of pleasure vessels of 15m or less in length and unspecified engine power, operating in Hong Kong waters. The next courses will be in July and more details are available on the website or email Gloria at for more details.

Henry and Aymeric will also attend the International 29er Class Worlds in Aarhus Denmark with fellow Sharks Florrie Manzoni and Isabel Tulloch, Wilhelm Christensson with Samuel McDonald and Aidan Long with Leo Giustiniani. Best of luck to all of our sailors. Updates will be posted on our Sharks Facebook page, along with videos and pictures, so stay tuned.

Sailing Development And Training Contacts Sailing Development Manager Richard Knight 2239 0363 Performance Coach Nick Hollis 2812 7063 Senior Sailing Instructors Patrick Lam and Ting Chan 2812 7063 Sail Training Administrator Gloria Yeung 2239 0395 JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


heats). Along with all the pageantry displayed throughout the day, the team also participated in the traditional eye-dotting ceremony, getting into a friendly splashing match with the competition, and charging the boats for good luck.


The Royal X-Team entered a mixed boat of 24, with 14 men and 10 women, led by coach John Pache in 4 heats. With each race, the team showed more determination and control, improving steadily throughout the day, and certainly attracting the attention of the local crowds! While no trophies were claimed this time round, the whole team got a bit closer to dragon boating’s traditional roots, and gained an insider’s look at the sport at its best.

Royal X-Team Cheung Chau Race W ords: M arie Gerva cio | Photo : kam fung

Royal X-Team Bake Sale Words and photo: Marie Gervacio

he Royal X dragon boat team had their seemed to have been born with paddles in first race of the season in Cheung Chau on their hands! 28 April, kick-starting what promises to be The race atmosphere was brilliant, as lion an exciting race programme this year. This dances and flag parades passed along a was the first time the team has entered the backdrop of traditional fishing boats and Cheung Chau race and they were met with lightning-paced races (helped, no doubt, by fierce competition from the local teams, who the fierce stand-up paddling of the men’s

Everyone loves muffins…and a good cause! On 20 April, the women and men of the Royal X dragon boat team put on a delectable bake sale for the patrons at Middle Island, raising money for Room to Read, an organisation which has established over 3,600 libraries in Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and South Africa, given scholarships to 2,336 girls, published books in local languages, and set up computer labs for underprivileged children. Despite the overcast skies, the lunchtime crowd made it a point to stop by for dessert on their way off the island. With an array of goodies on offer, from cupcakes to brownies to cookies, there were treats for all the hungry sailors, paddlers, and passersby, who generously contributed a total of $4,200 in exchange for a few extra calories to help make the world a better place. Special thanks to those who donated their time and baking skills to make the day a great success!


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Lantau Island Cup W ords: Jean - F ran c ois T remblay | Photos: S outh L antau O utrigger Canoe Club

RHKYC’s women’s crew recorded a third place finish on Saturday, and got some great practice surfing ocean swell and ferry wakes – very different from the calm waters of Deep Water Bay where we normally practice! Lyesin Wong, who steered for the ladies, deserves a special shout-out for the clean lines she chose.

he RHKYC outriggers men’s crew surprised themselves and competing teams by convincingly winning the Standard category on the first day of the inaugural Lantau Island Cup on 28 April, in a tough race that pitted them against crews from other Hong Kong clubs.

awarding the prize to the RHKYC men’s team. Owing to injuries, family commitments, and travel, the RHKYC men’s boat was short a man on Day 1 and Sara Jordan agreed to join the team. Jordan was also the event co-ordinator within the RHKYC.

The Lantau Cup is a new two-day event on the local paddling calendar co-run by the Lantau Island Canoe Club, based in Discovery Bay, and the South Lantau Paddle Club, based in Cheung Sha beach on south Lantau.

Conditions on Saturday were rough with winds peaking at force 5 in the morning, but there wasn’t any lightning as we had feared the day before. Setting the pace in seat 1, Damian Bethke led the men off to a powerful start that put us in the lead, a position we held throughout the race. The rest of the team consisted of Jordan, Ben Michael, JeanFrancois Tremblay, Nick Crabb and Mark Maynard steering the boat.

The first day was a 22km race from Discovery Bay around Peng Chau, past Hei Ling Chau and along the beautiful coast of Lantau Island to Cheung Sha Beach. The second day was an 18km race from Cheung Sha straight back to Discovery Bay. In between, on Saturday night, there was a barbeque at Palm Beach resort where paddlers camped for the night. “The RHKYC men had an unfair advantage with Sara in their team,” joked Iain Brymer, chairman of South Lantau Paddle Club before

One of the challenges of being ahead of the pack is that there’s no-one to follow on an unfamiliar course. Maynard, who had a map stretched out on the spray deck in front of him, saved the day, even if the distraction did cause the boat to zigzag a bit.

The second day of the Lantau Island crew was very different from the first. All the crews were mixed, meaning men and women, and several competitors who had raced a day earlier were not as fresh with their bodies still sore and heads aching from staying late at the barbecue. RHKYC crews finished in 5th and 6th in their category, out of seven. Participation in the two-day event was a section-wide effort for the RHKYC Outriggers, who had to paddle two six-person canoes more than 20km across some of the busiest shipping channels in the world, to get to and from the starting line. Well done, all! The racing and socialising were fantastic (thanks, Lantau clubs!) and we will definitely be there again next year.

JUNE 2013 AHOY! |



The men’s crew finished in 2h 4m 55s, followed by Lamma in 2h 8m 13s and South Lantau in 2h 11m 48s. Racing in a different category with a high-performance “unlimited” canoe, Lantau Boat Club (Discovery Bay) finished only 11min faster than RHKYC.


Shing Mun 1 Regatta W ords: N atalie K wan | Photos: J onn y Cantwell

did not see any inter-club competition but fought among themselves to bring home gold, silver and bronze in the singles. Condolences must be given to the men’s eight who, due to technical difficulties, were disqualified from racing. Or perhaps it was a gentlemanly gesture to give other crews a chance to win a few races...

he Yacht Club continued to dominate Sha Tin racing at the first regatta of the Shing Mun series on 14 April. Conditions were flat with little wind, and even enough sun for the first tan of the season. The men’s coxless four – consisting of Toby Dankbaar, Oliver Ernst, Phil Crinion and James Mead – finished a comfortable first, 12 seconds ahead of their competitors, as did the coxed four – of David Doran, John Pinkel, Mark Stamper, Garth Hughes and Calvin Ng (cox) – with a whopping 22 seconds to spare. All in a day’s training session in preparation for the big race to Henley in June! The men’s doubles – Martin Emery and Guillermo De Las Casas, and Aleksey Mironenko and Marcel Chambers – put in a good fight to come second and third in their heat. The women secured easy wins in the doubles with a 1-2 finish of Esther Bland and Alex Bidlake, followed by a close second with Catherine Danaher and Fleur Iannazzo. Alex, Fleur and Natalie Kwan also took home medals in the singles races (thanks, in part, to the fact that only three Yacht Club crews had entered these divisions). Also in the never-ending procession of wins, the masters crews – Steve Monick, Coach Jonny Cantwell and Wan Ng – like the women, sadly

Rowing Contacts

Rowing Manager Elite Rowing Coach Asst. Coach Middle Island Co-ordinator Shatin Men’s Racing Shatin Women’s Racing 36

| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Gearbox Issues

member in excess of $50,000 and would require a three to four month lead time.

W ords: Simon Pickering

They responded that they had consulted the manufacturer and yet were unable to find out what parts were needed unless the gearbox was removed and opened. When I challenged this I received the following: “As spoken, the price for just inspection and putting back the sail drive is $15,000, this price does not include neither the labour of repairing nor cost of purchasing the needed parts. This price is due to the complication involved in inspecting the sail drive. This is due to the corrosion in the sail drive (for its constant contact with sea water), the oil seal that must be changed just for opening the sail drive, the bearing that should be changed etc. Moreover, our mechanics need to work in an air-conditioning environment, since the hot weather might cause our mechanics to sweat onto the sail drive, and cause further damage.” I then contacted an agent for the same engine brand in another country and immediately received a ten-page step-by-step factory prepared work shop document detailing the procedure and required parts for the repair. I sent this to the local distributor who replied, “In order to repair the cone clutch, lots of parts must be replaced. The oil seal, the bearing need to be changed. There will be corrosion in sail drive which, we are certain, will require other replacement of parts. Moreover, there will be no guarantee there isn’t any water seepage around the oil seal area after the repairing. In other word, a complete overhaul of the sail drive is necessary and the cost for this will be very high.”

hese are in general simple problems to rectify which are complicated by opportunistic entrepreneurs who capitalise on the modern Hong Kong consumer culture to replace with new rather than to repair combined with the owner’s lack of detailed knowledge of marine engines. One of these problems is gearbox failure. This is a generic problem not isolated to a specific brand of engine but to mechanical gearboxes in general, and often specifically to sail-drive gearboxes. The symptoms are that it becomes increasingly difficult over time to select forward gear, or that the clutch slips when under load. Some gearboxes use what is known as a cone

clutch while others use a friction disc. These wear out. In some cases in as little as 500 engine hours and in others as much as 1,500 engine hours. The first time I experienced this problem was shortly after becoming Boatyard Manager. Naively I did what I thought was the right thing by our member and I contacted the local distributor to organise inspection and repair and thus started an interesting learning experience.

At this point I gave up with dealing with the local distributor, ordered the parts from the overseas agent and sub-contracted the work to another Kong Kong-based marine mechanic, completing the job within two weeks for half the cost of a replacement sail drive. The boat has competed twice in the annual races to the Philippines with no further gearbox problems. Today we regularly do the same repair in-house using our own mechanics.

Marine and Boatyard

I was told the most economical repair was to replace the entire sail drive with a new unit which inclusive of installation would cost the JUNE 2013 AHOY! |



There are a number of recurring problems which we experience with engines in the yachts that we service here at the RHKYC Boatyard.

This was not an acceptable option and I pushed the distributor to contact the manufacturer to request a possible list of parts that would need to be replaced so we could balance the cost of repair against the cost of replacement.

Ship Shop

AirHead Mega Boost

LanoCote Prop Bottom Protectant 16oz


An economical alternative to more expensive foul release coatings, extensively tested LanoCote naturally sheds most marine organisms and has been shown to be effective for up to six months or longer. Outstanding as a foul release coating on props and shafts, LanoCote also works on small boat and inflatable boat bottoms. LanoCote is easily applied by hand, or when heated, by brush or short nap roller. Applied with a thickness of .020”, one 16oz jar covers about 10sq ft. Effectiveness is regionally specific, based on water temperature and chemistry.

Get ready for lots of fun and excitement on AIRHEAD MEGA BOOST! This colossal 76 inch (inflated) classic has enough leg room for four riders. Equipped with eight deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards and an inflated floor for a comfortable ride. The reinforced double-stitched nylon cover and stout 30 gauge bladder ensure long service. The heavy duty Kwik-Connect and Boston valve provide quick and easy rope hook-ups, inflating and deflating.



Bowtie, Rowing (100% silk woven), with Gift Box

STEINER Commander 7x50 Race Edition with Compass Binocular


The new Commander 7×50 Race Edition is uncompromisingly rugged and functional, with technology and fittings specifically designed for the rigorous requirements of competitions, including a carbon-coated compass for the ultimate in quality and durability. With this precision instrument taking bearings is child’s play.


KINeSYS KIDS SPF 30 Alcohol free Sunscreen Spray 4oz


CHATHAM Marine Goodison Deck Shoe Lace system deck shoe made with premium leathers. Butted apron seam with side lace detail and padding at the collar as well as under foot for comfort. Features a non-slip siped rubber sole unit with aqua jet channelling and non marking sole. Part of our SPORT collection.

$704 | JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Rugged, attractive toolbox features easy-to-clean stainless steel sides, plastic bottom, sturdy, reinforced top and long, strong, extruded aluminium handle. Includes nesting tray with partitions. Stainless steel draw latches ensure box remains securely shut when carried. Measures 19 1/4”L x 8”W x 10”H.


Designed with kids in mind, this fun-toapply, no-mess product has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating of 30, meaning that it extends the body’s natural UV resistance by 30 times. If applied as directed, this product will effectively absorb both UVA and UVB rays. This gentle non-irritating formula is ideal for children, sprays on easily and dries fast for little athletes on the go and comes in a bright fun package kids enjoy.


Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Tool Box

Be your Own Sailing Coach – Jon Emmett In this practical self-coaching guide for the serious racing buff, veteran sailing coach Jon Emmett explains how anyone can improve his or her sailing technique in manageable stages. By breaking down racing into 20 key topics, Emmett shows how aspiring yacht and dinghy racers can learn to measure their own strengths and weaknesses and improve key skills step-by-step. The book also includes practical tips and wisdom from Olympic champions including Paul Goodison and Joe Glanfield.


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After 62 Years of Service We come of Age 62 years ago Lambert Brothers was founded in Hong Kong. Over the years the company has grown into a successful multi class insurance broker and more recently has been known as the Heath Lambert Group.

With effect from the 9th May, the company’s 62nd anniversary in Hong Kong, the company will revert back to its former name of Lambert Brothers Insurance Brokers.

Contact us for a quotation or visit us at: UK-HALSEY SAILMAKERS (HK) LIMITED Block A, 21/F Western Plaza, 3 San On Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2775 7711 Fax: (852) 2775 7722 Email: Web:


We look forward to working with you Our address and contact numbers remain unchanged 1608 Asian House, 1 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong TEL (852) 28 777 777 FAX (852) 28 777 666 EMAIL

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Boat gear storage STORED! for yacht Gear

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Boat Charter Saffron Group Limited Saffron Cruises T: 6493 2650 For the Largest Charter Fleet in Hong Kong Over 32 luxury boats for day / night charters featuring Sunseeker / Azimut / Cranchi / Beneteau / Princess / Atlantis / Jeanneau / Classic Junk Boats etc

GRAPHICS RONSIL DEVELOPMENT LTD Unit 1704, 17/F, Kodak House II 39 Healthy Street East, Hong Kong T: 2834 1633 F: 2834 0201 BOAT NAMES / LOGOS / NUMBERS

marine fabrics Unit 13, 13th Floor, Hing Wai Centre 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong T: 3165 1039 Self Storage Units Air-conditioned. 24 hour access 5-117 SQ FT FROM $273/MONTH Call to arrange a viewing


T: 9732 2544 Brokerage for luxury pre-owned Yachts in Hong Kong Motor Yachts / Sailing Yachts / Houseboats / Speedboats / Junk Boats Moorings & Debentures

B.Van Zuiden (Asia) Ltd Flat B 1/F Fast Industrial Building 658 Castle Peak Road Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong T: 2148 3423 F: 2368 7455 M: 9668 8833 Sunbrella Fabrics


Sky International Room 703 Henan Building 90 Jaffe Road Wanchai, Hong Kong Contact: Gideon Mowser T: 2827 5876 F: 2827 7120 For all your Marine Leisure Needs, from Dinghies to Grand Prix Racing Yachts

Storm Force Marine Ltd 501 Dominion Centre 43-59 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong Contact: Simon Boyde T: 2866 0114 Hong Kong’s prime distributor of goods to the leisure marine industry

Naval Architect / Yacht DesigneR YANN DABBADIE – NAVAL ARCHITECT


SAILMAKERS DOYLE SAILS 19H, Hoi Kung Court 268 Gloucester Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong Contact: Warwick Downes M: 9151 6767

G3-5, Pak Sha Wan Centre Sai Kung Hong Kong T: 2327 8180 F: 2327 8160 Contact: Russ Parker M: 9457 3573 Contact: Steve Trebitsch M: 6385 0180 North Sails Asian Service Centre

Training Yachting Ventures Ltd

YACHT insurance Aon Hong Kong Limited 28/F Tower 1, Times Square 1 Matheson Street Causeway Bay Hong Kong Tommy Ho, Yacht Insurance Specialist Yacht Department T: 2862 4241 F: 2243 8861


93 Che Keng Tuk Road Sai Kung, Hong Kong T: 2791 4106 F: 2791 4124 E: W: 30 years in Hong Kong Suppliers of Top of the Range Marine equipment

North Sails Hong Kong Ltd

Lambert Brothers Insurance Brokers (Hong Kong) Ltd


LEARN TO SAIL ON A 45’ YACHT! HKSF Competent Crew & Day Skipper Courses. Corporate charters. Flexible bookings. Gift Certificates

Water Sports

1608 Asian House, 1 Hennessy Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong T: 2877 7777 F: 2877 7666 Contact: Kevin Overton T: 2585 8221 M: 6056 6835 koverton@ Contact: Tom Chan T: 2585 8218 tchan@ www.

Yacht Services

Smooth Marine Equipment Ltd

Racing Yacht Services Ltd

No 29C Shum Wan Road Po Chong Wan Aberdeen Hong Kong T: 2580 8248 F: 2870 0263 Contact: May Chan

Sail Storage/Boat Preparation/ Running Rigging

Contact: Nigel Reeves M: 9768 6437 Contact: Dan Brennan M: 9122 6637

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN REACHING THE BOATING COMMUNITY IN HONG KONG? ...then Ahoy! should be your choice. If you are interested please email or contact the RHKYC PR Department on 2239 0307 or 2239 0312

Doyle Sails Southeast Asia JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Squash W ords and photos: Paul D Enham

Most cool and polite player on court: Paul Denham, he never argues with the referee’s decision and keeps concentrating on his game.

Other Sports

Best/worst referee of the season: Francis Longuepee for keeping cool during an incident against another team and another time storming off after the first point when the players decided to take a let for what he had called a stroke. Most helpful player: Sander Holmann, playing a total of 5 matches when he was not even supposed to be in the team. Manages to rank in top 50. Best lefty player in our team: Cam Alder. Thanks to Francis for his efforts for convening the team for what was an enjoyable season.

Francis at 59yrs, 11mths and 30 days

Div 10: The end of season dinner coincided with the eve of Francis Longuepee’s 60 th birthday. So while we didn’t have much success for the season on court, a healthy celebration still ensued. Francis gave out the following awards: Most dedicated player: Andrew Sullivan with 14 matches played. Most valuable player: John Lau finished ranked 7, playing 13 matches with 7 wins and 6 losses. Best win/loss record player: Lance Allen with 6 wins and only 2 losses and ranked in the top 10.

Div 15: The season cam to an end with us finishing second last, winning 3 from 18 matches. However, everyone involved enjoyed the squash and thanks go to Adrian Peirse for convening the team. Highest ranked players were Chris Kaye 12th and Romain Chatte 15th.

Internal League: Box A: Paul Denham finished on top again, going through undefeated this time to finish with 20 points. The rest of the box was very tight, with Andrew Sullivan and Cam Alder getting 14, Francis Longupee 13 and Romain Chatte 12. With Andrew and Francis taking a break in May, Frank Eggman, Angus Stewart and Chris Kaye come in.

The Weather Gods smiled favourably on us at Kau Sai Chau on 18 April. Showers affected the mainland whilst we were afforded superb views of the Nine Pins. A wet course, as a result of weeks of rain, led to some challenging playing conditions. Ten keen members gathered to play for a social outing with scoring based on HKGA handicaps and Stableford scores. The results were: Chris Li Andrew Wong, Eric Wong, Patrick Sherriff Tony van de Ven Celina Wong Simon Walters

Well done to all of you. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for the next outing on 24 June – see details below. To join the KGS and/or register for the June outing, please contact


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Box C: Bruno Van Der Schuren and Tom Burns both finished with 20 points, with Bruno taking top as he won their match. Yannick Kennel and Sander Holman were not too far behind with 18. Bob Ikin (11), Roger Dunn (8) and Ewan Copeland (5) were left trailing behind. Next month Yannick and Bob are joined by Stefan from B, Frank Van Kempen, Philippe Bonnet and Andrew Moore. Box D: Philippe Bonnet with 27 just pipped Andrew Moore on 26. They were followed by Mark Galloway on 18 with Keith Garland and Peter Cheung on 17 and then Angelo Iannazzo (11) and Adrian Peirse (8). Next month Mark, Keith and Peter will be joined by Sam Phillips as well as Roger and Ewan coming down from C. Box E: Box E still struggled again to get matches played. Graeme Ison finished top with 2 wins and 10 points. Hopefully with Adrian coming down here next month we will see some more action.

Box B: Frank Eggman went through undefeated to finish with 25 points and is still to be beaten

Kellett Golf Society

Winner Runners up Longest drive Longest drive Closest to the pin in two strokes

in the internal league. Again it was tight for second with Angus getting 18 points, followed by Darren Sugden (16), Richard Kendall (15), Chris Brookes (14) and then Stefan Kracht rounding out the group with 6. Next month Darren, Richard and Chris will be joined by Jono Chamberlain, Bruno Van Der Schuren and Tom Burns.

Squash Contact

KGS June Outing Date

Monday 24 June


Kau Sai Chau (KSC) East Course, Sai Kung


Tee off time from 0842hrs (4 flights)

No of people

Maximum 16


Cost (including green fee and ferry) will be charged to members’ accounts • HK$770 for (KGS and RHKYC) member • HK$820 for (RHKYC but non-KGS) member • HK$870 for (KGS but non-RHKYC) member • HK$970 for (non-KGS and non-RHKYC) member • HK$200 extra for golfer without HKID card • HK$130 off if golfer aged 60 or over


0820hrs: Meet at KSC Clubhouse reception (outside Pro Shop) 0842hrs: First tee-off time


Entries will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis and KGS members will have priority up to 1700hrs on 3 June. After this date, entries will be accepted from non-members, also on a first-come first-served basis.


10 June. Any cancellation after deadline will be charged for, unless there is a substitute.


1. Ferry service runs between Sai Kung and KSC every hour on the hour, 20 minutes and 40 minutes past the hour. The journey takes about 15 minutes each way. 2. Please bring your HKID card / passport for KSC registration.

To join the KGS itself or to join the June outing, please email

Speaker’s Corner with David Bellis Photographs of Old Hong Kong and the Tales They Tell

Kellett Island Day Sunday 9 June | 1100hrs to 1600hrs Come on down to Kellett Island for a day of fun and activities for all the family! • Test your nerve on the climbing wall • Have fun on the bouncy castles • Try all the games for a chance at the winevery-time Lucky Dip • Join in the Smart Phone treasure hunt around the Clubhouse • Try the inflatable toys in the swimming pool • Have a go at bowling – it’s free! • Free bowling class for members only, 1400hrs to 1600hrs. For beginners aged 12 and up – numbers are limited so please email to book your place! • Make a wax model of your hand • Watch the children’s entertainers perform magic tricks and make balloon animals • Meet Batty Butterfly • Get your face painted, or have an airbrush tattoo • Check out the sailing dinghy display • See how fit you are by trying one of the ergometers

Long-time Hong Kong resident David Bellis has always enjoyed reading about old Hong Kong, and is a self-confessed mapaholic. His first history article in 2005 eventually spawned the popular local history website he runs,, which hosts over 13,000 pages about old Hong Kong, including more than 6,700 photos. David will be showing a selection of old photographs from his collection, and telling the stories behind them. Most of the photos were taken around 1900 to 1930, and show a Hong Kong that has long disappeared. $50 per person.

Visit the website to see the draft schedule of events, which will be updated from time to time. The day is free to all members and their guests! (We ask you to keep the guests to a maximum of 10.) All food and beverage is on a chit-signing basis. Booking is imperative as we need to know how many to expect.

For either of these events please book online, email or call 2239 0312.

JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Events | Promotions

Chart Room | Thursday 13 June | 1930hrs

Father’s Day Lunch Buffet Compass Room | Sunday 16 June

Events | Promotions

Burger Promotion Bistro | 1 to 30 June with selected items at Middle Island and Shelter Cove

Father’s Day is your chance to make your Dad feel like a king – bring him to the Compass Room for our Father’s Day Lunch Buffet. The event will feature a sumptuous buffet from 1200hrs to 1430hrs. Children will also have lots of fun with the walk-around entertainer.

Shrimp Burger Cajun Shrimp Patty, Pickled Ginger, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Poppy Seed Bun 蝦肉漢堡 – 香辣蝦餅、紫薑、生菜、番茄、青瓜、罌粟籽 包

Adults $328, children $228. Please call Angie Chan in the F&B Office on 2239 0389 or email for reservations.

Salmon Fillet Burger Herb-marinated Salmon Fillet, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Poppy Seed Bun 香草三文魚柳漢堡 – 香草醃三文魚柳、生菜、番茄、青瓜、罌粟籽 包

‘The Chef’s Picks’

Wagyu Beef Burger Wagyu Beef Patty, White Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Sage and Onion Bun 和牛漢堡 – 漢 堡和牛、白車打芝士、生菜、番茄、青瓜、香草洋葱包

Compass Room | 1 to 30 June

Serrano Ham Burger Sliced Serrano Ham, Grilled Zucchini, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Sage and Onion Bun 西班牙火 腿漢堡 – 西班牙火腿片、扒意大利瓜、生菜、番茄、青瓜、 香草洋葱包 Tandoori Chicken Burger Sliced Tandoori Chicken, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Sage and Onion Bun 印式雞肉漢堡 – 印式雞肉片、牛油果、生菜、番茄、青瓜、香草洋葱包

Appe tisers

Black Truffle Burger Sliced Black Truffles, Button Mushrooms, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Poppy Seed Bun 黑菌蘑菇漢堡 – 黑菌片、蘑菇、生菜、番茄、青瓜、罌粟籽 包 Served with Curly Fries and Carrot and Cabbage Salad

以上漢 堡皆配炸螺 旋馬鈴薯及甘筍椰菜沙律 Seafood Platter for Two - Oysters, Blue Mussels, Boston Lobster, Scallops, Smoked Salmon Trout served with Cocktail Sauce, Lime and Shallot Vinegar

Char-grilled Peppered Australian Kangaroo Fillets, Brioche Toast, Caramelised Balsamic Onions, Garlic Purée King Salmon Sashimi, Yuzu Sorbet, Cucumber Ribbons, Mesclun Mix Portobello Mushroom Cannelloni, Roast Scallops, Green Asparagus Tips M ain C o urse s

Cajun John Dory Fillets, Rocket Leaf Risotto, Lemon Confit Slow-cooked Australian Lamb Loin, Spiced Pear and Herb Pasta Glazed Boneless Quail stuffed with Duck Liver and Fresh Peas, Beetroot, Mashed Potatoes, Merlot Jus Smoked Paprika-dusted NZ Blue Cod Fillets, Deep-fried Scampi, Tomato and Chilli Salsa


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Jazz, R&B and Dancing after Dark Bistro | Friday 28 June Come down to the Bistro for some late night jazz with the Soul Preacher and a lounge singer between 2200hrs and 0100hrs. Head on down for some sweet sounds, and join in the fun.

First-come first-served seating and a simple bar menu will be available. No bookings necessary. For enquiries, please call the Bistro on 2239 0348.

Summer Pool Parties with Huge Inflatable The first one in the series!!!

The hugely popular series of pool parties is back and the first one is on 22 June! The inflatable will be in the pool from 1800hrs to 2200hrs together with other smaller inflatable toys. Guests are welcome and a buffet will be available at $278 for adults and $198 for children (age 3 to 11). Reservations are required and the Poolside will only be ‘open’ after 1800hrs on the day of the event to members and their guests who have booked. Book early to avoid disappointment as these parties fill up quickly. Please contact Angie Chan in the F&B Office on 2239 0389 or email for reservations.

Summer Parties Celebrate the sizzling summer with a relaxing poolside party for your friends at our fabulous pool. ‘Chill’ in the cool waters, enjoy a fabulous meal, and dance the night away with a DJ or live band. Call our Banquet Team for more details. For enquiries and bookings, please call the Banquet Office on 2239 0339 / 2239 0327 or email

Children’s Parties We are now offering a lot of options for children’s parties at the Waterside, Poolside and Bowling Alley. Flyers outlining the details of these packages can be found at Reception and any of our F&B outlets, or of course, you can contact our Experts in the Banquet Office by calling them on 2239 0339 / 2239 0327 or emailing

Events | Promotions

Saturdays 22 and 29 June

Domaines Ott Wine Dinner Compass Room | Thursday 6 June In 1896 the young agronomist Macel Ott arrived on the shores of the Mediterranean and found the wine area of Provence that most inspired him. This famous wine region, one of the oldest in France, has a long-standing culture of grape cultivation. Generation after generation, inspired by a strong respect for nature together with the discipline that comes with experience, a sharp instinct and a mindset focused on the future, the Ott family has developed a quality range of red, white and rosé wines from their three estates, Château de Selle, Clos Mireille and Château Romassan. They have devoted particular attention to creating and producing an exceptional rosé wine in each of their estates, the Coeur de Grain, considered the finest rosé in the world. In 2004, Domaines Ott became part of Louis Roederer Champagne, renowned producers of fine French wine. The three estates have been co-managed since 2009 by cousins Christian and Jean-François Ott. Four generations of wine-growers now ensure that Domaines Ott wines remain as excellent as ever. Pre-dinner Tasting 1930hrs Dinner 2000hrs Price $618 per person ($578 per person for a booking of 6 persons or more per table) Speaker Mr Christophe Renard, Export Manager of Domaines Ott Reservations Call Janice Yip in the F&B Office on 2239 0340 or email

Pre-dinner Tasting Domaines Ott Les Domaniers Rosé 2011

Menu and Wines Lobster and Celeriac Tartar, Citrus and Herb Salad, White Balsamic and Lime Dressing Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Blanc de Blancs 2008 Grilled Blue Cod Fillet, Sautéed Razor Clam, Herb White Wine Jus Domaines Ott Château de Selle Rosé Coeur de Grain 2011 Slow-cooked Jumbo Quail stuffed with Apricot and Cherry, Spiced Cucumber Salsa Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rosé Coeur de Grain 2011 (Double Magnum) (limited quantity) Char-grilled Japanese Yamagata Pork Loin, Light Wasabi and Soya Sauce Domaines Ott Château Romassan AOC Bandol 2010 Cheese Platter – Brillat Savarin, Brie de Meaux, Tome de Savoie Fermière, Red Grape Compote Freshly Brewed Coffee or Gourmet Tea JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Wines and Beer of the Month Events | Promotions

Penfolds Thomas Hyland Cool Climate Chardonnay 2012 – Adelaide, Australia Complex layers of flinty, smokey and creamy characters. White stone fruits and citrus to the fore with a mineral line of natural acidity, giving a refreshing offering with great linearity and structure. Penfolds Thomas Hyland Shiraz 2011 – Adelaide, Australia Aromas of plum and spice with fragrant dark fruits and hints of coffee. Medium-bodied with rich flavours of red plum, dark berry and chocolate across the palate. A vanilla bean character combines with underlying savoury oak flavours plus soft and rounded tannins on the finish. Available in all F&B outlets at $275 per bottle Corona Extra (355ml) Available in all F&B outlets at only $26 per bottle

Monthly Wine Fairs Your attendance at our wine fairs does not place you under any obligation whatsoever to purchase wines. It is also basically a free wine tasting with no obligation – marvellous! The $50 ‘entry fee’ is returned to you in the form of a $50 dining voucher to spend at our F&B outlets! Many members are catching on to this and inviting groups of friends to enjoy the two-hour wine tasting and then using the F&B vouchers to offset a meal another day within two months! The wine fairs are a great opportunity for you to taste wines and learn more about them. And, if you do wish to purchase wines on the evening, you can enjoy a 5% discount on the already low prices! Kellett Island, Wednesday 5 June, 1830hrs to 2030hrs Shelter Cove, Friday 7 June, 1930hrs to 2130hrs For reservations, please call Angie Chan in the F&B Office on 2239 0389 or email

Domaine Vincent Girardin and Ata Rangi Wine Dinner An old world vs new world wine dinner Thursday 27 June | Compass Room

Vincent Girardin, the passion of a man who was a born winemaker. In 1980, at the age of 19, Vincent Girardin, from the family vineyard Santenay which had been in existence since the 17th Century, wanted to fly on his own and started with two hectares of vineyards inherited from his parents. Today, Domaine Vincent Girardin has 42 plots spread over 8 towns of the Côte de Beaune – Puligny-Montrachet, ChassagneMontrachet, Saint-Aubin, Santenay, Savigny-les-Beaune, Pernand Vergelesses and Aloxe-Corton, Meursault and Pommard. All Girardin wines, Premiers Crus and Grands Crus are from grapes grown according to the principles of biodynamics. Ata Rangi, meaning ’dawn sky’ or ’new beginning’, is a small New Zealand winery with a big reputation for serious Pinot Noir. Located at the southern end of the North Island, it is owned and managed by a family trio – Clive Paton, his wife Phyll and his sister Alison. Clive, one of a handful of people who pioneered winegrowing in the area, planted his first vines on a small, stony sheep paddock at the edge of the Martinborough village in 1980. Ata Rangi Pinot Noir is undoubtedly the flagship wine, and in 2010 was honoured with the inaugural Tipuranga Teitei o Aotearoa or ’Grand Cru of New Zealand’. With a skilled team in place, including dynamic winemaker Helen Masters, Clive now has more time to focus on his commitment to conservation and to the Ata Rangi alliance with Project Crimson. This is a great opportunity not only to try out the finest selection from the two wineries, but also to compare the old and new world wines. Pre-dinner Tasting 1930hrs Dinner 2000hrs Price $768 per person ($728 per person for a booking of 6 persons or more per table) Speaker Mr Marco Caschera, Export Director of Vincent Girardin and Ms Helen Masters, Winemaker of Ata Rangi Reservations Call Janice Yip in the F&B Office on 2239 0340 or email

Pre-dinner Tasting Ata Rangi Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Menu and Wines

Seared Scallop and Tiger Prawn, White Asparagus, Passion Fruit and Lime Dressing Ata Rangi Chardonnay Petrie 2010 Vincent Girardin Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Le Cailleret 2007 Vincent Girardin Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrières 2009 (limited quantity) Pan-fried Horsehead Fish Fillets, Almond and Spinach, Garlic and Herb Beurre Blanc Sauce Duck Breast and Brown Mushroom Risotto Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir 2011 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2010

Events and Promotions

Slow-cooked Rack of Lamb, Roasted Beetroot Salsa, Natural Jus Vincent Girardin Pommard 1er Cru Les Grands Epenots 2009 Vincent Girardin Corton Renardes Grand Cru 2009 (limited quantity) Cheese Platter Epoisses, Taleggio, Brie de Meaux, Quince Paste Freshly Brewed Coffee or Gourmet Tea


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Wine Delivery Order Form – June 2013 ‘Try Before You Buy – No Obligation!’ All the wines listed below are featured at the monthly wine fairs at both Kellett Island and Shelter Cove. If you do enjoy the wines and wish to make a purchase, you can enjoy a 5% discount on these already low prices!

Wine Fair entry is only $50 per person which includes the sampling of all the wines on the list, complimentary canapés and a $50 dining voucher which can be used in F&B outlets within two months. Another way to look at it is that you’re attending these wine fairs free of charge! See the website for further details. Book now with Janice Yip in the F&B Office on 2239 0340 or email

White Wines

per bottle

Penfolds Thomas Hyland Cool Climate Chardonnay 2012 – Adelaide, Australia (wine of the month)


Attems Pinot Grigio 2011 – Venezia Giulia, Italy


Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc 2011 – Napa Valley, USA


Rimapere Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – Marlborough, New Zealand


Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling 2010 – Barossa, Australia


NEO Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay 2008 – Adelaide Hills, Australia


Complex layers of flinty, smokey and creamy characters. White stone fruits and citrus to the fore with a mineral line of natural acidity, giving a refreshing offering with great linearity and structure. Aromas of tropical fruit complemented by pear and enriched by hints of acacia blossom. A crisp acidity animates tasty fruit on the palate and displays a fine overall balance. Fresh aromas of lime and guava anticipate crisp flavours of honeydew plus subtle spice notes. The ample mouth-feel and creamy texture is enlivened by zesty and lingering citrus flavours. Intense and expressive nose of lemon peel and grapefruit layered with good minerality. Complex in mouth with citrus and white flowers. Great balance and freshness to a good acidity level. An enticing array of floral aromatics. The small addition of Traminer adds Turkish delight and spice notes. Racy acidity prompts lemon zest with guava notes. Talc-like acidity creates texture and length on the palate. Layers of fruit flavours of peach and melon dominate the aromas with toasted brioche. The palate is rich, creamy, textured and seductively long in nice balance.



Events | Promotions

Kellett Island Wine Fair – Chart Room, Wednesday 5 June, 1830hrs to 2030hrs, guests welcome. Shelter Cove Wine Fair – Shelter Cove Clubhouse, Friday 7 June, 1930hrs to 2130hrs, guests welcome.

Red Wines Penfolds Thomas Hyland Shiraz 2011 – Adelaide, Australia (wine of the month)


Twinwoods Shiraz 2010 – Margaret River, Australia


Barón de Ley Reserva 2008 – Rioja, Spain


Château Tour Blanche Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2008 – Bordeaux, France


Misha’s Impromptu Pinot Noir 2009 – Central Otago, New Zealand


Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir 2009 – Napa Valley, USA


Wynns Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 – Coonawarra, Australia


Aromas of plum and spice with fragrant dark fruits and hints of coffee. Medium-bodied with rich flavours of red plum, dark berry and chocolate across the palate. A vanilla bean character combines with underlying savoury oak flavours plus soft and rounded tannins on the finish. Pepper and spice characters dominate the aromatics with ripe olive and plum. The palate is well balanced with fine tannins and elegant structure and acidity. Medium-high intensity with a powerful fruit blended with traces in the nose. Coconut and toffee evolved into seductive nuances of spices and Mediterranean bush. It drives to a long finish. Aromas of blackberry and redcurrants followed by hints of underbrush and smoke. The palate is ample and round supported by strong yet well integrated tannins. An intriguing nose of exotic spice, liquorice and wild red fruits. The palate is gentle and finely structured with raspberry-coated plum stone tannin and layers of flavour which unfold and linger. Intense aromas of black cherries and plums that echo on the palate. Fleshy texture and fine-grained tannins lend the structure into a smooth and lingering finish.

Dessert Wine Pio Cesare Moscato d’Asti 2012 – Piemonte, Italy

Flavours of honey and rich ripe fruit on the palate along with a frizzante finish. The nose is fresh. Rich in fruit scents, soft and alluring with a ripe fruit and acacia flower bouquet. • • • • •


All wines are delivered to your designated address by the supplier and are subject to availability of stock. Mixed cases accepted. Order 12 or more bottles to enjoy free delivery service. For lesser quantities, orders can be collected from the Main Bar. The cost of the wines will be charged to members’ accounts. Free delivery to Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories (excluding outlying islands, Lantau Island, Tung Chung and Discovery Bay). Delivery is available every weekday except public holidays (subject to delivery schedule).

Name (Please Print):

Membership No.:

Telephone No. (Home/ Office):


Delivery Address: Preferred Delivery Date:


Signature: date:

FAX THIS FORM TO 2239 0341. FOR ENQUIRIES PLEASE CALL 2239 0340. • Deadline for Ordering: 30 June 2013 •

Pull out and fax back

Enticing dark fruit aromas with light spicy oak. Rich and supple with flavours of blackcurrant and complex layers. Fine-grained tannins. The creamy oak adds to a long and rich finish.


Club Lines

Rowing Secretary John Skinner Sailing Secretary Gaston Chan Big Boat Simon Blore Dinghies Swanson Chan Dragon Phyllis Chang Etchells Ronan Collins Flying Fifteen Lucy Sutro Impala Dave Norton J/80 Ben Bulmer Match Racing Seah Chin Yew Pandora Joseph Wong Ruffian Oliver Cully Sportsboats Mark Phillips Youth Sailing Class Sofia Mascia


Bowling Convenor Virendra Anand Golf Convenor David Leung Snooker Convenor Don Day Squash Convenor Francis Longuepee


General Manager Mark Bovaird 2239 0300 Executive Secretary Polly Lee 2239 0301 Club Operations Manager Alfred Leung 2239 0338 Financial Controller Tim Gallagher 2239 0315 Membership Manager Tracy Leung 2239 0371 PR & Communications Manager Koko Mueller 2239 0342 Member Relations & Communications Manager Linda Davy 2239 0312 Corporate and International Partnerships Manager Torrey Dorsey 2832 2817 Marine Services Manager Roger Eastham 2239 0308 Boatyard Manager Simon Pickering 2239 0311 Sailing Manager Alex Johnston 2239 0362 Training and Development Manager Richard Knight 2239 0363 Race and Regatta Promotion Lindsay Lyons 2239 0391 Sail Training Administrator Gloria Yeung 2239 0395 Assistant Sailing Manager Iris Yang 2239 0314 Rowing Manager Jonathan Cantwell 2239 0322 Boatyard Office Manager Connie Chan 2239 0304 Food & Beverage Manager Shirley Tam 2239 0321 Technical & Projects Manager Carton Lam 2239 0303 Human Resources Manager Susanna Chung 2239 0310 Ship Shop Manager David Ho 2239 0336 Assistant Marine Manager Joanne Ho 2239 0309 House Manager Lorence Leung 2239 0352

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Kellett Island, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, SAR Kellett Island Tel: 2832 2817 Fax: 2572 5399 Middle Island Tel: 2812 7202 Shelter Cove Tel: 2792 2744 www.facebook/rhkycsharks

Membership Movement ORDINARY MEMBERS Mr Alexander R de Nerée tot Babberich Dr Stefan Fillip Mr Paul A Gordon Mr Mark C Gorman Mr & Mrs Torben Kock Mr & Mrs Jean-Francois Tremblay Dr & Mrs Albert C W Yu FULL MEMBERS Mr Kot Wan Kit JUNIOR MEMBERS Mr Charles-Emmanuel P Girault CADET MEMBERS Russell W Aylsworth Inez M B Farrands Lili Fillip

Lucy Fillip Emma Fung Lison Guyon Erin Hopkirk-Jones Joshua J Lim Matthew Moore Bryon A Sun INDIVIDUAL DEBENTURE MEMBERS Ms Diana X A Sun Mr & Mrs Alan K H Lee Mr & Mrs Li Cho Ming Ms Carmen K M Woo & Ms Veronica D H Lee CORPORATE NOMINEE SUBSCRIBERS Mr & Mrs Lai Siu Cheung Emaux Swimming Pool Equipment Co Ltd – Managing Director

Ms Ruby B J Fu & Mr Chen Shun Chu Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd – Head of Corporate Affairs, Hong Kong Mr & Mrs Philip J Rees Deutsche Bank AG – Director Dr & Dr Dominic T M Siu Dentcare Ltd – Dental Surgeon ABSENT MEMBERS Mr Christopher J Andrews Dr Robert M K Fox Miss Winifred F W Gibson Mr & Mrs Jonathan H M Li Mr Andrew M Limond Mrs Pauline Low Mr & Mrs Daniel D Brennan

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Obituary TONG Wilfred Gee-kit, a partner of Mayer Brown JSM, passed away in a bike accident in Shatin on 10 March 2013. Wilfred had been a member for 16 years and had moored his Macgregor 26 at Shelter Cove since 1997. Wilfred enjoyed participating in the Around Hong Kong Island Races with friends and was keen on cruising the lovely waters in Sai Kung. He also loved taking fortilla and bare charter sailing holidays abroad. Wilfred was a long-serving scout leader and is dearly missed by all his boating and scouting friends.

St. Francis Yacht Club Dear Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Members, As you know, the St. Francis Yacht Club has enjoyed a special reciprocal relationship with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club for many years. It is therefore my pleasure to extend an invitation to your membership to join us at StFYC for a once-in-a-lifetime experience during the America’s Cup races on San Francisco Bay in 2013. All Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club members will receive the same experience and benefits that have been offered to our own members. This is a unique opportunity that we look forward to sharing with you. The experience you will enjoy with your family and friends is the culmination of two years of intense planning by St. Francis Yacht Club’s dedicated America’s Cup Committee. Their number one goal is to give you the most positive experience possible. Enclosed you will find a brochure detailing the various opportunities for your members to enjoy this year’s racing. Our viewing options allow you to be as simple or as grandiose as you wish in your planning. Your members may also visit our club without a reservation one hour after racing concludes and on non-race days. One guarantee; it will be memorable. Ashley Fraser, Membership Director, is available to assist your members with making their reservations and can answer any questions they may have. At present, plans are still being solidified on certain details such as parking, which will be determined in part by the City of San Francisco’s transportation plan. We will keep you informed as details are finalized so that your members can plan accordingly for their visit. We hope that Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club members will join us to witness the greatest sailing spectacle in the world from our front-row seats at the Bay. We look forward to welcoming them and delivering a memorable experience. James M. Cascino Commodore 2013

On the Marina • San Francisco, California 94123 • T: 415.563.6363 • F: 416.563.8670 • E:


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Membership Committee Members Gathering

Past Rowing Section Secretary, Gordon Whiting, visited the Club recently and caught up with some of his crew mates from their grand film debut in the French film Indochine, set in colonial French Indochina during the 1930s to 1950s.

Club Lines

After its formal business, Membership Committee took Tipsy Easy to Lei Yue Mun for a dinner on 2 May

Indochine Revisited

The Club’s history book, Eastern Waters Eastern Winds, reads (page 225) ‘During 1991, the Yacht Club provided the rowers to play the role of a French Navy Eight in the film ‘Indochine’ starring Catherine Deneuve. The film was shot in Ipoh, Malaysia and the rowers had a memorable time, both on and off camera, followed by the thrill of seeing themselves on the ‘big screen’ when the highly acclaimed film was released.’

New Members Cocktail Party – May JUNE 2013 AHOY! |


Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Charity Foundation Club Lines The Club made its annual pilgramage to Tin Hau in early May and this year a second boat went along courtesy of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Charity Foundation which invited guests from the Mission to Seafarers to join in the festive celebrations followed by a delicious lunch back at Kellett Island.


| JUNE 2013 AHOY!

Designed by Bruce Farr

Easy handling, innovative design and outstanding comfort! It’s a yacht for sailors looking for outstanding comfort, generous amounts of space, excellent sailing performance and easy handling. Features enabling single-handed manoeuvres at sea or in the harbour come as standard on the VISION 46 Vision becomes reality! Vic Locke Jade Marine (HK) Ltd Tel: (852) 9333 8084 Website:

Ahoy! June 2013  

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