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SES Sports Bulletin

Volume 2 : Issue No.1 - October 2010

SES Sports and Actvities Bulletin Swimming News SES  Primary  Swim  Team  –  Kings  Friendly  Gala Sharjah   English   School  competed  in   a   friendly   gala   at   Kings  School   (Thursday   7th   October).   The  a?tude,   effort   and  compeBBve  spirit  from  the  students  was  extremely   impressive.   The  compeBBon  from  the  other   schools  was  strong   but   Sharjah  English   School  was   baFling  at   half  way   for   3rd   posiBon   with   Repton  and   English  College  Primary.   As  it   turned  out  Sharjah  came  home  in  a  very   respectable  4th   posiBon,  considering   the  difficult  circumstances  we  faced  with  the  pool  being  out  of  acBon  for  the  first  3  weeks  of  the  new  term.  

League Gala  –  Jess  Ranches Sharjah  English  School  primary   swim  team  competed  in  the   Dubai  primary   swim   league  held  at   Jumeriah   English  Speaking  School,  Arabian  Ranches.  There  were  some  fine  individual  and  team  performances  across   the  age  groups  in  what   turned  out  to   be  a  very   compeBBve  Pool  C  grouping.    The  whole  aRernoon  proved   to  be  exciBng  with  Uptown  and  SES  baFling  it  out  for   4th  posiBon.  All  swimmers  from  Year  3  to  Year   6  were  a   credit   to  the  school.   A   special  menBon  must   go  to  the  Year   5   swimmers   who  came   straight   off  a  Desert   Safari  and   went   straight   to  the  gala.   SES   will  now  compete  in  the  Pool  C   final  on  the  4th   November.  The   venue  for  this  round  is  yet  to  be  confirmed.    A  big  thank  you  to  all  the  staff  and  parents  who  were  supporBng,   as  well  as  those  who  are  helping  to  develop  the  swimming  profile  at  SES.    


SES Sports and Actvities Bulletin


SES Sports and Actvities Bulletin Football News U14  Football  –  SES  vs  Victoria  English  School Sharjah   hosted  VES  in  a  friendly   game  before  the  start   of  the  Sharjah  Schools  League  which  commences  on   the  7th  Nov.  Playing  three  periods  of  10  minutes,  Sharjah  were  able  to  rotate  players  giving  everyone  a  taster   of  schoolboy  football  and  a  chance  to  put  themselves  forward  for  selecBon  for  the  Sharjah  league.     The  U14   captain   KrisBan  Bailey,  lead  the  way  scoring   from   outside  the  goal  area.  But   a  free  kick  just   before   the  end  of  the  period  allowed  VES  to  score  from  a  free  kick  slo?ng   the  ball  in  the  corner.  The  second  period   saw   VES  take  the  lead  with  a  fine  strike  just  high  enough  to  beat  the  goal  keeper.  VES  wrapped  up  the  score   in  the  final  period  with  a     2-­‐0   win.  There  was  some  impressive  tacBcal  play  from  SES  playing  good  structured   football  and  developing  good  passing  movement.  SES  are  scheduled  to  play  their  first  league  game  at  AUS  in   a  couple  of  weeks  Bme.  

U14 Football  vs  A.I.S  (Friendly)


Sharjah English School's under 16's played against AIS and VES in a small friendly round robin tournament. The under 16's played very well, drawing with VES (1-1) with Sharjah’s goal scored by Cez Golley. SES then went on to draw 0-0 with AIS. The man of the match went to Mikhail Kononovich for his spectacular goal keeping, saving many amazing shots but only letting in one goal from VES. Report written by Matthew Wood as part of his International Award service.


SES Sports and Actvities Bulletin U14 Football  vs  A.I.S  (Friendly) Sharjah  English  School  hosted  Australian  InternaBonal  School  (A.I.S)  in  a  pre-­‐league  friendly.  Once  again   the  format  of  the  match  was  three  periods  of  10  mins  allowing  every  player  of  the  U14  squad  to  play.   The  first  period  saw  a  team  of  predominantly  Year  7  and  8  SES  players  hold  their  own  against  the  local   neighbors  further  up  the  Kalba  road.  SES  were  defending  deep  in  their  own  territory.  A.I.S  scored  from   just  outside  the  penalty  in  what  seemed  to  be  a  slight  error  of  judgment  from  SES  but  nevertheless   showed  a  spirit  and  a?tude  which  was  a  credit  to  the  school.   The  second  period  produced  a  goalless  draw.  The  team  which  was  a  combinaBon  of  Key  Stage  3  started   to  produce  a  structure  and  ball  movement  working  towards  the  A.I.S  goal.   The  third  and  final  period  also  displayed  a  goalless  draw  but  the  Year  9  secBon  of  the  squad  had  A.I.S  on   the  back  foot.  A  strong  midfield  secBon  lead  by  captain  Kris  Bailey  produced  waves  of  aFacking  football   exposing  the  space  available  and  were  unlucky  not  to  score.   The  first  league  game  is  away  at  AUS  and  should  be  a  tesBng  opener.  


SES Sports and Actvities Bulletin


SES Sports and Actvities Bulletin Netball Year 8  &  9  Netball   This  week   both  Year   8   and  9s  have  goFen   off   to   a   very   promising   start   with   a  friendly   played   against   Chouiefat   School,  managing  to  win  both  of  their  games. The  teams  have  shown  great  skill  and  teamwork   in  their   preparaBon   for   the  Dubai  Netball   League,  in  all  areas  of   the   court,   with   Ivy   (Year   9)   playing   as  goal   shoot   and   taking   a  number   of   great   scores.   This  helped   our   team   stay   out   in  front   throughout   the  game,   also   with  great   play  in  the  centre  of  the  court   from  Sam   and  Taya  (both   Year  9)  who  played  fantasBcally,  helping  the  team  work  as   a  unit.     In  Year  8   we  have  some  great  players  who  again   showed   great  skill  and  ability  and  will  no  doubt  have  a  lot  to  offer   this  forthcoming  season.  

SES vs  Dubai  BriPsh  School  

Years 8   &  9  had  their   first  league  game  of  the  season  this  week.    Year  9  played  well  but  were  up  against  a   difficult  and  well  drilled  opposiBon  and  came  away  with  an  unfortunate  result.    Year  8  played  excepBonally   well;  they  dictated  most   of  the  game  but  in  the  final  quarter   DBS  managed  to  slip  into  the  lead  and  finished   one  score  ahead.  


SES Sports - October  

SES Sports - October

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