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Volume 3 : Issue No. 4 - March 2012

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3 Primary News

Primary News and French Updates


Disco Fever


The New Music Primary Room


Music Assembly


Arabic Focus

8 - 10

Year One Planetarium Visit


Indian Dancing

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National Champion - Ben Menzies


Archery Club


Panton Chair Updates


Secondary Ski Trip


Geography Field Trip to Cyprus


Emirates NBD Visit


Maths Updates


Maths Problem Of The Month


Pi Day


Periodic Table Of Elements

20 Whole School News

A Note From Our Nurses

21 SES Sports Bulletin

Primary Sports Day 2012


Secondary Sports Day 2012


Primary Inter-Schools Athletics


Secondary Inter-Schools Athletics


Rugby Sponsors - Aggreko


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From the Principal’s Desk... From the  Principal’s  Desk I  hope  that  parents  and  friends  find  this  latest  edi8on  of  our  newsle;er  informa8ve  and  entertaining. It’s  been  a  busy   few  weeks,   especially   with   the  Sports  Days,   Swim  Galas  and  overseas  trips.   We   are   delighted  to  say  that  these  events  all  went  off  spectacularly  well.   Staff   coped  with  the  difficult   weather  condi8ons  recently  to  put  on  some  superbly  organised  inter-­‐school   athle8cs  compe88ons  –   it   is  a  mark  of   the  progress  the  school  is  making  that   26   SES   track  and  field   records  have  been  broken  this  year.  Par8cularly  impressive  were  the  student   sports  marshals  in  helping   to  organise  so  many  visi8ng  schools  –  they  proved  to  be  great  ambassadors  for  the  school.   The  ski  trips  from  both  Primary  and  Secondary,  along  with  the  Secondary  Geography  Field  Trip  to  Cyprus,   showed   the   school   to   advantage   with   all   our   students   impressing   their   foreign   hosts   with   their   behaviour,  enthusiasm  and  helpfulness.  Coming  up  in  the  Easter   Break  is  our  first  overseas  rugby  trip,  to   Sri  Lanka,  and  we  wish  the  players  there  a  safe  and  successful  tour. Parents  will  be  aware  of  the  recent  closure  of  the  University   City  Bridge  –   we  had  only   24  hour  no8ce  of   this.   I   would   ask   that   parents   and   drivers   con8nue   to   show   pa8ence   and   understanding   if   these   roadworks  cause  some  addi8onal  delays  in  geRng  into  and  from   the  parking  areas.   Parents   have  also   asked   about  the  building   development  going  on  behind  school   –   this  is  a  temporary   site  office  for  the   construc8on  work  about  to  be  undertaken  at   Na8onal  Paints  Flyover.  The  portacabins  will  be  in  place  for   some  8me,  but  we  will  consult  with  the  contractors  to  minimise  any  disrup8on  or  inconvenience.   We  end  the  term  with  our  Annual  Ba;le  of   the  Bands  and  our  Senior  Prom  –  reports  on  these  coming  in   the  next  issue. I  wish  you  all  a  resVul  holiday   –   including   the  examina8on  students,   who  should   be  balancing   their   revision  and  final  coursework  with  sufficient  recrea8on  and  recupera8on.   We  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  all  back  refreshed  for  the  challenges  that  term  three  will  bring. Regards,

John Nolan


News from the Primary School Welcome to our March round up of what is happening in Primary. In addition to the academic learning that takes place, there is so much else that goes on to provide your children with an all-round positive experience. As you look through the pages, you will see there is never a dull moment. Events include trips, assemblies, Science Day, stunning Indian dancing, not to mention the disco fever that grips Key Stage 2 in February! After the flea market, one of our pupils, Anjali Menon, donated the money she had made to our charity ‘All as One’ which works to build a better future for children in Sierra Leone. It is always heartwarming when pupils independently choose to step forward to support charities and make such generous gestures. The children and staff have all worked hard this term and, as we come to the Spring holiday, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to them all and wish them a well earned break.

Miss Jenefer  Race  -­‐  Primary  Headteacher

What is happening in French? The Year 4 children are busy finishing presentations of their family members. Some of the Year 5 children are discussing a new school uniform while others are creating brochures for tourists to guide their pen pals through the cities of Dubai or Paris. Year 6 have been doing work about their holidays and the places they have visited.


News from the Primary School Disco fever hit Sharjah English School for another year with a movie themed evening of dancing and games. With DJ Gill on the decks, the party was in full swing as soon as the doors opened. The disco was attended by many world renowned movie characters such as Puss in Boots, the Cat in the Hat and the Ghost Busters. Even Rambo could be seen flexing his muscles on the dance floor. With classic games like The Banners Game and The Newspaper Game, as well as pizza and a drink, a good time was had by all.


News from the Primary School The NEW  Primary  Music  Room The Primary Instrumental Ensemble debuted their new music stands at their recent rehearsal in the new primary music room. These were kindly donated by the PSG. The pupils and staff would like to say a huge thank you to the PSG for their continued support of the music department.


News from the Primary School Music Assembly Last Thursday the Primary School had a special Music assembly to celebrate the gift of Music. Anneketrien and Vea in Year 4 performed a vocal duet and there were two items by the instrumental ensemble. These were interspersed with songs having an Irish flavour as an early celebration of St Patrick's Day.


News from the Primary School Arabic Lessons  at  SES

Founda3on We have  learnt  animal  and  fruit  names  in  Arabic

Year 1 We  can  read  and  write  Arabic  


News from the Primary School

Year 2   We  can  use  sentences  with  the  names  of  different  animals

Year 3 We  can  use  sentences  with  the  names  of  different  fruits


News from the Primary School

Year 4 We  can  read  Arabic  words  from  cards.

Year 6   We  can  read  and  write   sentences  about  my  family

Year 5   We  can  read  and  separate   words  into  le;ers

Year One see stars! On February 21st the students of Year One visited the planetarium at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Sharjah. After a short trip on the school buses we were met by a man in a real space suit, Mr. Rousseau, who showed us to the planetarium and explained how it worked. The children enjoyed a display of the stars and planets and watched their movement through the night sky. We enjoyed two shows while we were there. The first was all about the weather on different planets and we learned that Earth is the only known planet with precipitation. The second show was the story of “The Little Star Who Could” and was an enjoyable account of how the sun discovered that it was at the centre of its own solar system. Everyone in Year One would like to say thank you to Mr. Rousseau for a very enjoyable and educational trip.


News from the Primary School Kuchipudi Kuchipudi is an Indian dance that has its roots in a humble little village of the same name, situated in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Kuchipudi is unique among the Indian classical dance styles. It uses fast rhythmic footwork and sculpturesque body movements, stylised mime, using hand gestures and subtle facial expression. Traditionally, Kuchipudi was performed as a dance drama based on scriptures and mythology. Another unique feature of Kuchipudi is the Taranga, in which the performer dances on the edges of a brass plate, deftly executing complicated rhythmic patterns, while sometimes also balancing a pot of water on the head. Kuchipudi is accompanied by Carnatic music. Kuchipudi is a combination of dance, gestures, speech and song. The dancers adorn themselves with the traditional temple jewellery which includes head, ear, neck, hands, fingers, waist ornaments. They wear a stitched costume that has five pieces including the angrakha, blouse and pyjama.

Dancers: Anjali Menon and Sophiya Joseph in Year 5RB 11

News from the Secondary School SES Student  and  Na3onal  Champion

Ben Menzies   of   Year   12   has   had   an   outstanding   career   already   on   his   motorcycle   in   local   and   interna8onal   compe88ons.  Ben  recently  was  crowned  pro   MX1  Na8onal   Champion  for   2012,   the  youngest  winner  ever   in   this   demanding  event.   On   Friday   16th   March,  Ben  won  both   motocrosses,  and  recorded   the  quickest  8me  ever   in  his   second  motocross.   This  was  in  compe88on  with  several    interna8onal  riders,  as  well  as  the  cream  of  the  local  compe8tors.   Well  done  Ben,  an  achievement  that  says  a  lot  about  your  determina8on  and  grit.

ARCHERY CLUB Archery has been an excellent club, allowing I and the other participants a chance to do a new exciting activity. With practice and many helpful hints from the instructors and Mr. Fenn, we have all improved quickly. By Adam Bates Archery club was run by Mr. Fenn & Mrs. Moore at Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club.


News from the Secondary School Panton Ar3cles  and  Grand  Opening. It   was   pleasing   to   have   the   6th   Form   students’   design   work   appear   once   again   in  another   design  magazine.   This  8me  the   ar8cle  was  in  ‘Commercial  Interior  Design’  and  included  a  great   group  photo  and  comments  from  nearly  all  the  students.   There  was  one  extra  li;le  surprise  for  the  students.  Two  of  the   students’   chairs   were  taken  to   the  grand  opening  of   the   new   SWISS  CORPORATION  FOR  DESIGN  &  TECH,  Vitra  Showroom.   I   had   been   invited   along   to   represent   the   students  and   the   feedback   from   the   professional   designers   and   company   representa8ves   was   very   posi8ve.   The   design   work   was   commended   as   being   highly   impressive   work   for   A   Level   students.   The  representa8ve  from   Vitra  Haus  was  very   keen  to   ensure   that   the  SES   students  would  par8cipate  in  next   year’s   compe88on.   She   has   also   suggested   that   a   wonderful   prize   would  be  on  offer  for  the  compe88on  then,  a  reflec8on  of  how   she  viewed  the  quality   of   the  work  for  this  year’s  compe88on.     The   nature   of   the   rather   wonderful   prize,   however,   she   has   asked  me  not  to  reveal  just  yet! J  B  Savage   DESIGN UPDATE

Redesigning a classic PRODUCT DESIGN STUDENTS AT SHARJAH ENGLISH SCHOOL PUT THEIR OWN SPIN ON VITRA’S PANTON CHAIR AND COME OUT WITH FLYING COLOURS UAE: The iconic Panton chair by Vitra was restyled by students of Sharjah English School (SES). Held in the region for the rst time, after two months of design concepts and working with the chairs, the nal product was judged by a panel of experts (see box). “We are exceptionally grateful to Sankar Viswanath, managing director of Swiss Corporation for Design and Technology. The rm provided the chairs and gave each student a choice of design books from Vitra, as well as other prizes,” said JB Savage, head of design and technology, SES. Year 12 and 13 students were put into teams to present their chairs, explaining the concept behind the look and the challenges faced completing the project. “One of the nicest comments came from one of the judges. He asked: ‘How are we expected to judge these? The level is far too high; I was not expecting such talented students’,” said Savage. First place went to ‘Well Travelled’. “The judges chose this design for numerous reasons. They liked the fact the chair was multicultural and incorporated the spirit of the

TEAMS Well Travelled: Ashley Jay Hopkins and Don Lakwin Kannangara Sculptchair: Sam Hopkins, Faisal Hamza and Emmad Chinoy Knitted: Sonam Chopra and Caitlin Mackenzie-Powell Butterfly Effect: Yiota Cornelisse and Ben Menzies Sacked: Sam Kaznowski and Narek Koroukian Panhatton: Olivia Bailey and Siddhant Sharma

school. They were also impressed with how the students recycled hundreds of tickets to complete it. Lastly, a suitcase handle was added, giving a great nish to the chair, making it functional in more than one way,” said Savage. “We really wanted to pay tribute to the fact that the chair can be found anywhere in the world. That’s where the idea of using baggage tags came from. Also, we want to highlight the international aspect of the school and local community,” said student Don Lakwin Kannangara. Second place went to ‘Sculptchair’. “The judges felt the students understanding of shape and form was very impressive,” said Savage. Student Faisal Hamza said the colour scheme was in uenced by Piet Mondrian’s compositions. The panel deliberated for a long time and instead of picking a winner and a runner-up, it decided to choose a third place too. ‘Knitted’ won the third spot. The judges were impressed with how

the beginning or end of the wool could not be seen. “The nish on the chair was clean and neat, the wool was pulled tightly, the colours contrasted well with different widths of each fabric and a mix of bright and dark colours; overall it came out just as we wanted, if not better. A design movement known as yarn bombing was brought to our attention prior to the nal design; this idea was an in uence on the variety of colours and widths on our chair,” said student Caitlin Mackenzie-Powell. Savage said the project will be repeated with the hopes of it becoming an annual event. The students agreed the project was bene cial in many ways. Jay Hopkins said: “As it was my rst real design competition, I had to look at things differently and a lot more in-depth via a design aspect.” Olivia Bailey said it helped her develop key communication skills in a design team. Narek Koroukian added the experience gave him the con dence

JUDGES Robert Reid, assistant professor of Architecture, AUS Ronald Estoque, project designer, City Space Mehdi Moazzen, partner, Point of Design

to look into different aspects of designs. Hopkins agreed and said the design section was both fun and challenging, and encouraged him to look at furniture design in a different light. “Overall this challenge provided the perfect platform for us to experience the real world of design,” said Sonam Chopra. Savage said it strengthened the pupils’ A–level portfolio and is a strong point in the background of young adults entering university to study design or architecture. Emmad Chinoy said: “Being a part of this competition is incredible. Knowing I have re-designed a Panton chair is a real achievement.” Commercial Interior Design | MARCH 2012



News from the Secondary School Secondary Ski  trip  to  La  Tzoumaz  –  Switerland The   Secondary   Ski   Trip   returned   to   the   beau8ful   alpine   village   of   La   Toumaz   at   the   beginning   of   March.   Thirteen   students  from  Key   Stage   Three  were  made   up  of  complete   novices  in  skiing  and  boarding  to  returning   intermediates,   ready   for   the   next  level   of   challenge  in  the  stunning,  yet  daun8ng,   Swiss  mountain   ranges.  The  lessons  at  Ski   Dubai   really  paid  off  as  the  beginners  were  off   the  nursery  slope  and  onto  the  mountain  by  the  second  day.   The  remainder   of   the   students   were  split   into   three  groups,  with   a  maximum   ra8o   of   four   to  one  instructor.   The  tui8on   is  extremely   professional  and  even  though  it   added   up  to  six  hours  a  day,  the  instructors  made  the  lessons  really  fun  for  everyone.   One  of   the  biggest  challenges   all,   but  the  beginners   faced,   was  geRng  down  the   longest  ‘Yellow  run,  mogul  field’   in   Europe.   For  those  that  don’t   know,   a  mogul  field  comprises  mounds  of   snow  that   skiers   and  snowboarders  have  to   navigate  around.   It’s  a   completely   different   technique  and   can   ohen   include   coming   down   on   one’s   backside!  It   is   definitely  one  worth  a  badge  at  the  end,  saying  I  got  down  the  Tor8n  in  one  piece!   The  evenings  were  almost  as  energe8c  as  the  days.  Returning  about  4pm  back  to  the  hostel  to  delicious  hot  chocolate   the  ac8vi8es  would  start  at  five.  These  games  ranged  from   synchronised  dancing  on  the  Wii  to   racing   against  others  to   eat   chocolate  fully   dressed   in   ski   aRre,   including   gloves   and   goggles!  Even   dinner  wasn’t  boring   with   many   of   the   students   trying   Fondue  for  the  first  8me.  Aher  dinner  another  ac8vity  would  commence,  from  sledging   to  boys  versus   girls  challenges.   One  of   the   highlights  was  making   the  music  video.  The  group   chose  ‘The   Final   Countdown’  as  their   anthem   and  records   are  on  sale  now.  The  best  thing   about  this   trip   is   the  progress  each  individual  made  while  having   tremendous  fun  in  a  safe  environment  run  by  a  professional.  


News from the Secondary School

More ski photos can be found at: Password:ski 15

News from the Secondary School Year 12  Geography  Trip  to  Cyprus To   help   us   with  our   Unit   2   Exam,   the   AS   Geography   class   decided   to   go   on   a  trip  to  Cyprus.     We  went  to   discover   if   the   area   we   were   visiting   was   in   need   of   rebranding.   In   addition   to  this   we  conducted  a  river  study  to   enhance   our   knowledge  of  extreme  weather  events. We   all   came   to   the   conclusion   that   the   most   notoriously   boring  aspect  of  the  whole   trip  was   the  traveling.   In   total,   we   went   on   4   buses,   which   took   up   to   about   8   hours   of   traveling   time.   On   top   of   that,   we   had   two   plane   Hlights   lasting  about   6   and  a  half   hours  cumulatively.   Despite  that,   we  managed  to  make  the  Hlights  as  lively   as  possible.  On  the   way  there,  Mr.   Rees  thought  it   would  be  a  good  idea  to   fall   asleep!   Obviously,   we   made   the  most   of  it   and  took   some   silly  photos  of  him!

The village  where  we  stayed   at  was   on  the   periphery   of   Cyprus   and   we   were   therefore   rather  isolated  from   civilisation.   For   example,   all   the   infrastructure   and   houses  were  really   old,   and   to   add  to   that,   the  average  age  in  the   village  was  80  years.   It   was   so   old   that   by   us   being   there,   we   more  than  halved  the   average  age  of  Kritou   Tera!   The   last   real   developments   in   the   place  were  done  when  the  British  occupied   Cyprus.   For   example,   we   weren’t   allowed   to   Hlush   tissues   in   the   toilet   because   it   would   clog   up   the   sewerage   system!   Nonetheless,   we   made   the   most   of   what   little  we  had.  

During our  free   time,   we   mostly   went   to   the   local   shop   where   they   had   a   snooker   table,   table   football   and   various   other   card   games.   The   competition  between  the  teachers  and   students   were   rough.   Ultimately,   it   w a s   f a i r   t o   s a y   t h a t   R a e   comprehensively  beat  Mr.   Rees  and  to   compound   his   misery,   I   ended   his   unbeaten   streak   at   pool.   There   was   also   another   school   from   Bahrain   there,   so   we  made  a  lot   of  new  friends   at  the  same  time.


News from the Secondary School Year 12  Geography  Trip  to  Cyprus I   think  it’s  important  to  add  that  Mr.  Rees  wasn’t   on   form   when   it   came   to   driving   –   getting   through  four  hire  cars  in  about   Hive  days  isn’t  the   best   return!   In   his   defence,   the   newest   car   we   drove  was   made  in  1990!   In  terms  of  the   actual   work   we   did,   we   conducted   full   scale   survey   of   Paphos   to   see   if   the   area   was   in   need   of   rebranding.   Fieldwork   included   Environmental   Quality   Index’s   and  Index  of  Decay  surveys.   For   rural  rebranding  we  visited  three  nearby  villages   and   did   similar   Hieldwork.   One   village   was   in   pristine   condition   and   had   brilliant   hot   chocolate!   In   Akoudalia,   the   second   village   we   visited,   we  were  invited  to  a  herb  garden.   It  was   a   thoroughly   enjoyable   experience.   The   last   village,  believe  it   or  not,  was  probably  where  we   had  the  most   fun.  The  population  was  a  massive   total  of  two,  along  with  about  400  goats!

The consensus   was   that   the   greatest   day   for   Hieldwork   was   the   day   of   the   river   study.   Yes,   we   all   got  soaked!   SJ   was  the  Hirst  to  fall,  and   the  seemingly   unHlappable   Josh,   aka   the   River   Master,   took   a   tumble   too.   The   velocity   of   the   water   was   much   stronger   at   the   third   site   and  a   lot   of   people   had   races.   At   the   end   of   the   day,   we   all   stood   on   an   overHlowing   bridge   and   we   got   soaked   by   the   Nissan   Patrol,   which   was   racing   through  the  water!

I think  it’s   fair  to  say   that  nights  out   in   Cyprus   were   a   little   bit   on   the   quiet   side…we   were   the   only   youthful   population  there  believe  it   o r   n o t !   H o w e v e r   i n   P a p h o s   especially,   there   were   many   shops   w h e r e   w e   a l l   b o u g h t   a   f e w   souvenirs,   and   even   had  Starbucks.   Other   places   we   visited   included   Coral   Bay,   where   they   had   amazing   Hish  and  chips!  Overall,   we   all   had   a   thoroughly  fantastic  week,  and  if  we   could  go   back   to   Kritou   Tera   again,   we  deHinitely  would! by  Kamran


News from the Secondary School Be a  banker  for  a  Day  –  Emirates  NBD  Bank

Senior Business  Studies  students   were  the  first   to  take   part  in  the  Sharjah   Emirates   NBD   Bank   work   experience  and   compe88on.   The   event   was  part   of   the   bank’s   corporate   social   responsibility   programme,   educa8ng   students  in   the   community  in  what  it   is   like  to  work  in  a  banking   environment.  The  group  consisted  of  five  AS  students  and  one  GCSE   student,  all  keen  to  get  the  most  out  of   the   valuable  experience.     The  day  was  spent  rota8ng   the  students     around  the   different   departments,   where   they   interviewed   the   sec8on   leaders,   from   the   Business   Manager   to   the   Counter   Transac8ons.   They   all   agreed   one   of   the  highlights   was   going   into   the   vault   of   the   bank,   where  they   were   literally   surrounded  by  bags  of  money!  Part  of   the  students’  responsibility  for  the  day   was  to  undertake  research  and  to  compile   an  entry  for  the  ‘Be  a  Banker  for  the  Day’  Compe88on.    SES  students  are  now  compe8ng  against  12  other  schools  in  the   UAE.  They  will  be  judged  in  April  and  the  top  prize  is  an  astonishing  10,000AED.   The  entries  have  all  been  of  a  very  high   calibre,   from  professional  business  reports,  a  presenta8on  using  Prezi  and   a  filmed   documentary.    Experiences  such  as   this  are  so  valuable  in  helping   students  to  have  a  wider  experience  and  aid  their  UCAS  applica8ons.  If  any   companies  out   there  feel  they  can  offer  the  same  please  get  in  touch

COMING UP... On  14th  April  12  Business  Studies  Students  will  be  taking  part  in  the  Inter  –  School  Business  Challenge  be  run  at  Heriot-­‐Wa;   University.  They  will  ba;le  it  out  against  other  UAE  schools  to  solve  business  problems.  Watch  this  space  to  see  if  we  can   bring  home  the  trophy.


News from the Secondary School Intermediate Mathema8cs  Challenge  February  2012 This  is  the  second  year  students  in  SES  taken  part  in  this  compe88on  organized  by  United  Kingdom   Mathema8cs  Trust.   Well  done  to  students  in  Year  9  and  Year  10  who  par8cipated  in  the  challenge. Year  10 Dae  Young  Kim  (Gold),  Haydn  Main  (Silver),  Megan  Lambert(Silver),  Ibraheem  Salama(Bronze) Georgina  Liu,  Sanil  Chopra,  Adam  Bates  and  Adam  Master.   Year  9   Thomas  Le  Seelleur  (Gold)  ,  Katya  Sheth  (Bronze),  Jia  Bo  Kang(Bronze),  Mohammad  Khan  and  Akira  Rao Dae  Young  Kim  and  Thomas  Le  Seelleur  performed  very  well  and  represented  SES  in  the  follow  up  round  on   15th  March.    

World Maths  Day  -­‐  7th  March  2012 This  is  an  online  interna8onal  mathema8cs  compe88on.    Students  played  at  home  and  at  school  against   other  students  around  the  world  in  live  games  of  mental  arithme8c.  Each  game  lasted  for  60  seconds   and  students  can  play  up  to  50  games,  earning  points  for  their  personal  tally.  

During the  compe88on  our  senior  school  students  answered  a  total  of  48391  correctly  a  great  effort. Our  ten  highest  scorers  in  the  48  hours  window  are  as  follows: 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  

Vedant Kumar   Amaani Master     Vinanti Kamath     Lavina Motamedi   Arran Sidney     Irzam Gondal     Ankara Angell     Johanna Heidenreich   Oliver Cottam     Arief Zulkifili    

Year 8   Year 8     Year 8     Year 7     Year 7     Year 8     Year 11     Year 9     Year 8     Year 9    

1804 1682 1439 1293 1289 1260 1222 1011 1001 963

During the  prac8ce  sessions  Lavina  Motamedi  answered  a  phenomenal  27464  and  Vedant  Kumar  a   staggering  12295  ques8ons  correctly! Congratula8ons  to  all  the  par8cipants!

Maths Problem Of The Month Answer to  the  previous  problem

Eight unit  cubes  are  arranged  to  form  an  imaginary  2  by  2  by  2  cube.   What  is  the  largest  number  of  unit  cubes  one  can  remove  from  this  arrangement  if  the resul8ng  shape  has  to  have  the  same  surface  area  as  the  original? The  surface  of   the  ini8al  2  by   2  by   2  arrangement   consists  of   6  ×   22   =   24  unit   squares.   The  surface   of  each  unit  cube  

consists of   just   6   unit   squares.   Hence   we   have   to   leave   at   least   4   unit   cubes   to   ensure   a   surface   area   of   24   unit   squares.  In  fact,  if  one  removes  the  unit  cubes,  with  shaded  faces,  at  the  four  corners,  the  resul8ng  “shape”  has  a  surface   area  of  exactly  24  unit  squares.

The problem  for  this  month  is:

A newspaper  has  thirty  six  pages. Which  other  pages  are  on  the  same  sheet  as  page  10?

The answer will appear in the next issue of the newsletter. 19

News from the Secondary School Pi (      )  Day  -­‐  March  14th We  celebrated  this  transcendental  number  with  a  party  during  our  lunch  break  in  my   room.  Thank  you  to  all  the  students  and  parents  for  contribu8ng  to  the  day  with  delicious   food.

Periodic Table Of Elements Last week,  we  were   given  the  challenge  to   create   a  large  scale   replica  of  the   periodic  table   in  order  to  decorate  the  chemistry  room.  At  =irst,  we  viewed   this  task  as  another  ‘easy’   project  to  get  over   and   done  with  as  soon  as  possible   but,   once  we   began  to  organise   the   dozens   of   cards   representing   the   various   elements,   we   realised   that   this   was   much  more  than  a  simple  collection  of  abbreviations  standing  for  random  elements.   Not   only  did   we   have   to  organize   the   layout   of   the   elements,   we   had   to   create   a   generalisation  for  each  aspect  of  the  project,  in  order  for  the  18  people   involved  to   produce  the  same  results.   Before  beginning   the   actual  table,   we  were  given  a   selection  of   criteria   to  ful=il;   ‘including  the  physical  properties   of  each   element’;  ‘a  picture   of  each  element’;  and  ‘to  create  an  eye-­‐catching   display   in  general’.  Sounds  easy?  Not   at  all.   At  =irst,  people   were  walking   around   the  room  aimlessly  not  knowing   what  to  do,  as  they  were  waiting  for   others   to   measure   the   size   and  area   of  the   board  and   the   separate   cards,   as  well   as  develop  a   general   design.  I   must  admit  that  our  teamwork  was  lacking  within  that  period.   However,   once   we   established   the   basic  ideas   of   our  design,   we   designated   various   tasks   to  several   groups   of   people.   Some   were   responsible   for  gathering   all   of   the   information   needed,   whilst  others   were   preparing   the   separate   colour-­‐coded   cards  to  display  the  information  on,   as   well  as  a   group   that  hand  wrote   the   information   onto   the   cards.   Once   the   separate   tasks   were   spread   across   the   class,   our   team   work  improved   and   began   to   resemble   a  factory  production  line,  working  ef=iciently  together.   I  believe  that  this  task  not   only  taught  us  about   the  periodic  table,  but  it  also  challenged  our  team  working  ability  which,  I  think,  has  improved  substantially.   Laura  Daniel,  11MR  


Whole School News and Information A Note from our Nurses Please do not send your child to school if they are showing any signs of sickness. Please help the medical team keep Sharjah English School as germ free as possible by following these guidelines. Kind Regards, Mary Smythe and Rita Datinguinoo School Nurses

GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING SICK CHILDREN HOME FROM SCHOOL The following guidelines may be helpful for you when making the decision to send your child to school or to keep him/her at home. Please keep your child at home from school if he or she: • Has been vomiting or had diarrhoea during the night. Your child should not return to school until 24 hours since their last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea. • Has a cold with fever, sneezing or coughing and a persistent runny nose •

Has an oral temp of 38 degrees or higher. Your child should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. (Without taking fever reducing medicine).

Has a severe sore throat.

Has a pink bloodshot eye with yellow or green discharge.

Has just begun antibiotics. Any child with a contagious condition such as strep throat must be taking the medication for 24 hours before returning to school

Have lice or nits, until treated and free of nits.

Has a rash all over his/her body. A child with a suspicious rash should only return to school after a diagnosis has been made.

Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school and allows your child to rest and recover.

Nut free  school There   are   students   in   school   who   have   severe,   life   threatening   nut   allergies.   In   an   effort   to   make   the   school   environment   as   safe   as   possible  for  them  we  would  like  to  remind   parents  that   Sharjah  English   School  is  a  nut  free  zone.   Please   ensure   that   no   nuts   or   nut   products   are   put   into   your   child’s   lunch   box.     Always   read   the   labels   on   pre   packaged   snacks   as   they   sometimes  have  hidden  nut  products  in  them.  Many  health  and  cereal   bars  contain   nuts  so  please  check   before   putting  them  into   the  lunch   box.  In  some  homes  the  lunch  boxes  are  prepared  by   maids/helpers  so   please  share  this  information  with  them.  


SES Sports Bulletin Spectacular Sports Day at SES Famous athlete, Jamie Baulch, flies in! What an  amazing  sports  day  at  Sharjah  English  School.  At  10:00  am,  the  proud  teams  Russia,  Great  Britain,  USA  ,  China,     Australia,  Kenya,  Jamaica  and  UAE  all  held  their  heads  up  high  and  started  the  Sharjah  English  School  Olympic  Sports   Day  of  2012.  

Olympic champion,  Jamie  Baulsh  made  a  special  appearance  at  the  Olympic  sports  day.    He  raced  students,  had    a  few   jokes,  showed  the  children  his  medal  and  gave  a  few  touching  words.    

The students  tried  their  hardest  all  day  in  the  blazing  sun,  they  were  excellent  and  so  were  all  the  staff.    All  the   activities  were  breathtaking  and  the  children  were  amazing.  The  winning  team  was  Kenya.    Well  done  to  Kenya  and  all     the  student  and  staff  from  Sharjah  English  School.   Lana  Nazhat PRIMARY SPORTS DAY 2012 RESULTS




















Great Britain








Jamie Baulch chatting with students


SES Sports Bulletin

More Primary Sports Day photos can be found at: Password:sports


SES Sports Bulletin Sharjah English  School  Olympic  Special To  celebrate  the  Olympic  Year,  the  annual  SES  Sports  Day  had  an  Olympic  theme  and  incorporated  Key  Stages  3,  4  and  5.   Four  countries  ba;led  it  out  for  points  throughout  the  day  following  a  format  consis8ng  of  heats  and  finals  across  the   three  age  groups:  Under  13,  Under  15  and  Under  18. The  day  kicked  off  with  an  opening  ceremony  of  students  parading  around  the  track  in  their  countries.  Throughout  the   day  there  was  some  exci8ng  compe88on  and  an  impressive  total  of  26  school  records  were  broken. The  final  results  were: 1st  place  –  USA     2nd  Place  –  Great  Britain    

3rd Place  –  China  


4th Place  -­‐  Australia

SES Sports Bulletin


More Secondary Sports Day photos can be found at: Password:sports

SES Sports Bulletin Sharjah Primary  Inter  School  Athle3cs  2012 Victoria  Interna8onal  School  organized  the  primary  athle8cs  compe88on  this  year  and  Sharjah   English  School  were  the  hosts.  Four  schools  competed  in  a  number  of  track  and  field  events  and   we  witnessed  some  fantas8c  throws,  jumps  and  races.  Results  are  as  follows:   1st  -­‐  SES  

2nd -­‐  AIS  

3rd -­‐  VES  

Well done  to  SES  for  their  fantas8c  efforts!  


4th -­‐  VISS

SES Sports Bulletin Sharjah Inter-­‐School  Athle3cs  Championships   Following   just  a  day’s  rest  aher  the  Sharjah   English  School  Sports  Day,  a  select  number  of  students  were  back   in  ac8on  for   the  Sharjah   Inter-­‐Schools  Athle8cs.   The  SES   team  were  in  full  flight,   performing   to   a  very   high   standard,  against  teams  from  VIS,  VES  and  AIS.  SES  went  into  the  final  event  of  the  day  as  leaders  and  finished   off  what  was  a  very  8ring  couple  of  days  by  emerging  as  champions.   Final  Posi3ons: 1st  Place  –  SES      

2nd Place  –  AIS    

3rd Place  –  VES    

4th Place  –  VISS

Well done  to  all  involved.

Aggreko Sponsor  U14  Rugby  Kit Leading  specialist  temporary   energy  supplier,  Aggreko,  has  kindly  sponsored  a  full  rugby  team  strip.  The  strip  which,   was  used   by   the   U14   team   in  the  Dubai  School  Rugby   League,  has   proven  to   be  extremely   popular   amongst   the   players.  Wearing  the  kit  for  the  first  8me  proved  to  be  a  lucky  omen,  as  SES  beat  Greenfield  Community  School.     Aggreko,   who  will  be  supplying  energy  to   the  London  2012  Olympic  and  Paralympic  Games  in  August,  has  supplied   energy  all   over  the   world  including  the  Glastonbury  Fes8val,  Red  Bull   Air  Race  Rio  de  Janeiro,    Abu  Dhabi  Grand  Prix   and  Dubai  Rugby  7s.     Sharjah  English  School  would  like  to  thank  Aggreko  for  their  generosity  and  support.  


Dates For Your Diary April 2012 Sunday  15th

Start of  Term  3

Sunday 22nd  -­‐  Thursday    26th

Work Experience

Sunday 22nd  -­‐  Monday  23rd  

Year 11  Art  Examination

May 2012 Sunday  6th

Year 7  Parent/Teacher  Meeting  &  Year  12/13  by  invitation

Thursday 10th

Prize Day

Thursday 10th

Year 11  Prom

Sunday 13th  

Start Of  Study  Leave  -­‐  Years  11,  12  and  13

Monday 21st  -­‐  Thursday    24th

End Of  YearExaminations  Years  7,  8,  9  and  10

Sunday 27th  -­‐  Monday  28th  

Year 10  Art  Examination

Sunday 20th  

Half Term June  2012

Sunday 3rd  June

A2 Lessons  Start

Sunday 3rd  -­‐  Thursday  7th

Year 9  SAT  Examinations  -­‐  to  be  conHirmed

Sunday 17th  

UCAS Presentation  Evening

Thursday 28th

End of  Term  3

Don ’t fo r ge we t  to bsit  che e  fo ck  t r  up he   dat sch e ool s info  an   d  fu rma rth 3on er  

You may have noticed that we have been providing links to additional photos from various events. We are using a hosting service provided by SmugMug. This allows us to upload photos and make them available to you as originals with no reduction in filesize or quality. We password protect the albums and make them unlisted so they are not available to the public. When you visit the link provided you will need to enter the password to access the album. You can then customise your view, view photos, play slideshows and download photos. To download an original high resolution photo: 1 - select a thumbnail photo and click to select it 2 - move your mouse over the photo and click on 'Save Photo' To download a low resolution photo: 1 - select thumbnail or photo and drag to desktop

If you have any questions regarding SmugMug please feel free to contact Mr Rob Hitchings


SES Newsletter March 2012  

SES Newsletter March 2012

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