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Volume 4 : Issue No. 1 - October 2012

Sharjah English School

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From The Principal’s Desk Primary News Primary News and Magnet Madness in Year 3


Foundation - Here We Come!


Bertie and Maths Day in Foundation


Read Write Inc in Foundation 2


Famous People - Year 2


Science in Action - Year 4


The Victorians - Year 5


Primary Music and Junior Choir


Primary Maths Day

12 Secondary News

Business Studies and Emirates NBD


Examination Success and Maths Problem Of The Month


School Lunches and ISCO


Textiles and New Clubs and Activities


Student Council and Sports Council


Key Stage 3 Form Awards

18 Whole School News

A Note From Our Nurses


Dates For Your Diary



From the Principal’s Desk... Dear Parents  and  Friends, I  am  delighted   to  introduce   the  first   newsle8er   of  the   academic   year.   Though   just   approaching   half-­‐term  we  have  been  very  busy   in  all  secBons  of  the  school,  and  can   report  that   everyone  has   begun  the  new  year  with  a  very  posiBve  and  purposeful  spirit. As  many   of  you  are  already   aware,   SES  students  have   produced   some  excellent   results   in  the   summer  examinaBons  –   this  success  runs  through  all  the  Key  Stages,  into  GCSEs  and  right  up  to  A   Levels.  Each  and  every  one  of  the  students  should  be  congratulated  on  their  achievements,  which   maintain  our  success  rates  at   a  level  well  in  excess  of  UK  expectaBons.  Though  we  can  be  proud  of   our   successes   in   areas   such   as   drama,   music,   sport   and   other   extra-­‐curricular   acBviBes,   we   recognise,   as  a   school,   that   for   parents  and   students   examinaBon   success   is  what   we  will  be   judged  on.   Happily   our   achievements  here  are  enviable  and   improving.   I  thank  all   the  staff   for   their  contribuBon  to  this  success,  and  to  parents  for  their  support  and  engagement. We   hope   that   the   recent   launch   of   SES   Communicator   is   helping   keep   parents   informed   of   developments  and  news   –   the  take   up   by   parents  has   been   rapid  and  feedback  posiBve.   If   you   have  not   yet   downloaded  the  applicaBon   onto  your   home  computer   or   mobile  device,   I  would   urge   you   to   do   so.   By   customising   your   access,   it   is   possible   to   keep   abreast   of   all   that   is   happening,   without   being   inundated   with   informaBon  that   doesn’t   apply   to  your   children.   Our   target  is  to  have  all  parents  on  board  this  iniBaBve  during  the  coming  weeks.  The  benefits  in  terms   of  ease  of  communicaBon  should  be  very  apparent. As  the  weather   begins  to  cool,   we  enter   a  very   busy   period   of  sports  acBviBes   and  camps.   We   would  urge  all  parents  to  make  sure  that   the  pupils  take  full  advantage  of  the  range  of  acBviBes   available  to   them.   The  importance  of  offering   a   well-­‐balanced,   all  round  educaBon  is  crucial  to   what  we  offer   –  to  this  end  we  are  always  trying  to  add  and  expand  our  provision.  Parents  are  also   encouraged  to  a8end,  as  regularly  as  they   can,  the  various  parent  meeBngs  and  presentaBons  on   offer;   there   is   no   quesBon   that   a   strong   partnership   of   school   and   parents   is   one   of   the   cornerstones  for  any  school’s  success.     It  is  with  great  enthusiasm  and  excitement   that  I  look  forward  to  another  exciBng  year  of  success   and  development  at  SES.   Regards,

John Nolan Principal


News from the Primary School As I start my first year at SES, I would like to thank parents, pupils and staff for making me feel so welcome. SES is a school I have known for many years and it is indeed a pleasure to now be part of the family. We have started the year with a very positive feel to the school. Many parents have volunteered to help in various ways in the daily life of the school, helping in classes, supporting the PSG and running afternoon clubs, to name but a few. Thanks to everyone involved for their time and efforts. It is greatly appreciated. This year we will be aiming to improve punctuality. We would ask you to ensure your child arrives at school on time, ready to start school at 7.50. If you do arrive late, please go straight to the office to ensure the register is amended. We are also encouraging independence with all Primary pupils. For example, Years 3 & 4 are now choosing their own reading books and are responsible for completing the record sheets in their reading diaries. As you will read in the Primary section, pupils are actively involved in a wide range of activities and fun filled days. Our Read Write INC initiative is now fully underway, we’ve had a hugely successful Maths Day and our after school activity clubs are offering everything from cookery and drama to football and knitting! I too have been clicking knitting needles in an effort to help the enthusiastic girls in Mrs. Kirkup’s club! My Tuesday afternoons will never be the same again. All this and it’s only mid -term. I look forward to the rest of the term which will no doubt be a busy one as we approach the Christmas season and all the excitement that brings. My best wishes to you all, Nan McKeown Head of Primary

Magnet Madness  in  Year  3 Year  3  has  been  studying  magnetic  forces  as  part  of  their  science  work.   They  designed  and  made  their  own  magnet  games,  which  they  presented  to  the  rest  of  the  class.  


News from the Primary School

Foundation Here We Come! Foundation, here we come! We know we'll have lots of fun. Lots of things to make and do. Reading, writing, counting, too. Foundation, here we come! We know we'll have lots of fun!


News from the Primary School Foundation 1 welcome a new student Foundation 1 have just welcomed a new student called Bertie. Bertie is no ordinary student. Bertie lives in a cottage with Mama Bear and Papa Bear. His best friend Goldilocks told him all about school. Now Bertie has turned three and he was accepted in Foundation 1. Bertie is a good bear. He likes to receive cuddles from the children in Foundation. He also enjoys sitting on the mat and listening to Mrs. Doublesin read a story. Bertie loves to sit with really good children. The thing Bertie likes best is choosing someone on a Thursday to go home with.

Math Day  in  Foundation Math  day  was  a  wonderful  experience  for  all  the  classes  in  Foundation.  We  looked  at  Numbers  and  Shape  in   a  totally  new  way.  Although  in  Foundation  Stage  we  learn  mostly  through  activities  and  play,  we  went  a   step  further.  Foundation  Stage  teachers  prepared  three  activities  for  the  children.  They  prepared  games,   songs  and  a  craft  activity.  The  students  jumped  through  numbered  hula  hoops  while  playing  Foxes  and   Rabbits.  They  sang  number  songs  as  they  danced  to  the  music.  Finally  the  students  in  Foundation  made   necklaces  using  coloured  pasta  to  make  patterns.  It  was  a  day  enjoyed  by  all,  students  and  teachers  alike.  


News from the Primary School Read Write  Inc  in  Foundation  Two The   new   scheme   has   been   running   for   a   few   weeks   in  Foundation   Two   and   is   proving   popular   amongst   the  little  ones.     Here  are   some  of  the  highlights  from  the  sessions  in  class:  talking   in   Fred   talk;  having  a  go  at   CVC  word  blends;  making   words  using   letter  cubes  to  reinforce  letter  sounds;     finger   in   the   air   to   practise   writing   the   sound.     The   programme   is   fun   and  there   are   plenty   of   different   activities  to  keep  the   minds  active   and  focused!  Help   us   make   the   programme   work  by   practising  the  sounds  at  home. J


News from the Primary School

Year Two Famous People The students in Year two have been learning about famous people. We have been researching famous people from our own countries. As part of the topic we have also been looking at timelines, particularly the last sixty years. Each student has made a timeline of HIS OR HER own life to show the landmarks and special occasions that they remember. Happily,it didn’t take too long to do - after all most of them are only six!


News from the Primary School

Science in  Ac(on Class  Four  Oryx  had  great  fun  experimenBng  and   using  their  invesBgaBve  minds  last  week.    They  have   been  researching  various  materials  and  changing   their  states  from  solids  to  liquids.    A  parBcular   favourite  was  melBng  the  chocolate,  along  with  wax   and  ice.    Lots  of  discussions  took  place  as  to  what   was  going  to  happen  and  the  class  found  some   interesBng  results  to  record.


News from the Primary School Victorian Topic Year 5 has been learning about life in Victorian times. We have studied the work of L.S. Lowry and recreated some of his townscapes. We have also researched into how children were treated in the past and decided to create posters to protest against child labour. We discussed ideas and then used an ICT lesson to produce a poster. Year 5 students have developed their research and ICT skills: inserting pictures; changing font size; colour; style and inserting word art.


News from the Primary School Primary Music Year  5  has  been  learning  about  cyclic  rhythms  and    created  pieces  made  up  of  four  different  rhythms,   each  preceded  by  the  ‘cue’  given  by  the  ‘master  drummer’  . The  groups  also  added  some  moves!

Junior Choir Every Wednesday afternoon the Primary Central area rings to the beautiful sounds of the newly formed ‘Junior Choir’. The students gained their places in the choir through audition and already the choir is singing in two part harmony. As well as developing their singing skills, we are all having great fun!


News from the Primary School

Primary Maths  Day On  Thursday  4th  October,   we  had  Primary  Maths  Day.    All   children   from   Foundation   Stage   to   Year   6   had   an   opportunity  to  discover  Maths  through  different  areas  of   the   curriculum.   The   day   proved   to   be   very   enjoyable,   giving  the   pupils  a  chance   to  link  their  learning   of   Maths   to  everyday  life  and  to  the  ‘real  world’. Throughout   the   day   children   took   part   in   some   of   the   following  activities: • • • • • •

Maths orienteering. ICT  challenges. Maths  in  Art. Puzzles  and  problems. Mr.  Geometry. Quizzes.

In the   afternoon   parents   took   part   in   a   Mental   Maths   workshop,   which   highlighted   the   calculation   strategies   we   use   in   lessons.   Also,   this   session   focused   on   the   expectations   of   each   year   group   and   demonstrated   some   of   the   resources   and   fun   games   we   use   in   class.   Parents   were   provided   with   helpful   hints   and   tips   for   supporting   their   children   to   recall   mental   calculations   quickly.  It  was  a  huge  success   -­‐   many   thanks  to  all   of   the   parents  who  took  the  time  to  come  in.   Mrs.  Gower


News from the Secondary School Franchise Talk

News from  Business  Studies

Mrs Selina   Khan,   the   franchise   owner  from   Subway,  came   in  for   her   now   annual  visit,  to  meet   the   Year  10  Business  Studies  students  and  to  talk  about  franchising  in  the  real  world.   Insights  from   successful  business  owners  like  Mrs  Khan  are   very  memorable   for  the  students  and  can   be   recalled   and   u:lised   effec:vely   in   examina:ons   –   it’s   always   a   more   concrete   approach   to   learning  than  abstract  theory.   We   are   always   seeking   people   to   come   and   speak   to   our   students  about   seXng   up   or  running   a   business.   If   you   think   you   can   give   an   insight   into   any   element   of   business   from   which   our   our   students   would   benefit,   then   please   get   in   touch   with   the   Business   Department, (

Emirates NBD  Compe((on SES  Business  Studies  students  have  scooped  two  of  major  awards  at  a  recent  banking  compe::on. If  you  cast  your   memory   back   to  last   year,   AS   Business  Studies  students  took   part  in   the  Emirates  NBD   ‘Be   a  Banker  for  a  Day’   work  experience  and  compe::on.   This  pres:gious  event  aGracted  38  schools   from   across  the  UAE.   At   the   end  of   September  a  prize-­‐giving   ceremony  was  held   at  the   Emirates  NBD   Headquarters  overlooking  the  Creek  in  Dubai. Siddhant  Sharma  in  Year  13  came   first  overall  in   the   compe::on,  winning   the  very  enviable  prize   of   10,000AED!   Siddhant   wrote   a   detailed   essay   on   his  insights  into   banking   and   what   he   learnt   from   his   experience   during   a   day   visi:ng   the   various   departments   in   a   bank.   The   ceremony   involved   him   giving   press   and   TV   interviews,   as   well  as  speaking   about   his  experiences  to   many   of  the  bank’s  top  execu:ves. Ayah   Ballout   also   won   the   special   Crea:ve   Award.   Ayah   brought   her   film   making   talent   into   her   response   to   the   banking   experience.   The   crea:ve   execu:ves   at   Emirates   NBD   were   so   impressed   by   her   efforts  that   the   video   was  played   repeatedly   in   the   lobby   for  all   the   bank’s  visitors  and   guests.   For   Ayah,  who  intends  to  pursue  film  studies  at  college,  it   was  a  fabulous  opportunity  to  showcase  her  talents. Achieving   the   dis:nc:on   of   winning   two   of   the   four   awards  was   a   wonderful   achievement   for   the   school.  Well  done   to  all  the  other  students  who  also  entered   the  compe::on:   Jonathan   Vaughn,  Faisal   Hamza  and  Emmad  Chinnoy.   The   Business   Studies  students  can  add  these  performances  to   the  success  they  achieved  in  the   Heriot   WaG  University  compe::on  earlier  in  the   year.  Both   compe::ons  will  be   running   again  this  year  –  so   we  look  forward  to  repea:ng  our  success! 13

News from the Secondary School Examination Success at SES It has been a rewarding summer for SES students taking important examinations. Our GCSE results have again been very good throughout Years 10 and 11. In Year 11 nearly half of the examination grades awarded were at A*/A. 90% of students gained A-C in at least 5 subjects including English and Maths, which is the measure most frequently used by schools to judge their success, (the UK average in 2011 was 58.3%). Our Year 10s who entered GCSE modular exams also enjoyed considerable success. In a year where results were characterized by some turmoil in the UK and by a slight fall in standards, ours were the best ever at this level. Particularly noteworthy were the students who entered early for AS examinations. The policy of challenging able students by offering early entry was borne out by these results. GCE / A level results continued our distinction of having had a 100% pass rate since we started offering these exams. The number of students achieving A*/A grades increased. Crucially, all students gained acceptance on their first choice university or college places. While we congratulate all the students who sat examinations, a special mention must go to Savva Pronin, who achieved the very rare distinction of getting 5 A* grades at A level.

Maths Problem Of The Month The problem  for  this  month  is: Find  the  missing  number: 6  divided  by  8  =  27 Insert  the  same  number  twice  into  the  expression  above  to  make  it  correct.

The answer will appear in the next issue of the newsletter.

Almost A  Free  Lunch… We  would  like  to  invite  any  professional  to  lunch  on  us  at  the  Secondary  School.  But,  as  you  know,  there  is  no   such  thing  as  a  free  lunch  in  this  life……  In  return  we  would  like  you  to  give  our  students  a  talk  with  some   insight  into  your  profession  as  part  of  our  careers  provision.   The  aim  of  the  series  of  talks  is  to  provide  students  with  the  opportunity  to  speak  to  someone  in  a  career  they   may  have  an  interest  in  or  even  one  they  had  not  considered  previously.  It  will  be  a  very  relaxed  and  informal   way  for  students  to  ask  you  ques:ons  and  for  you  to  give  your  perspec:ve  on  your  profession.  So  far  we  have   journalists  and  designers  booked  for  November  but  we  need  to  schedule  a  whole  series  of  such  talks. If  you  think  you  can  spare  a  lunch  hour  or  know  someone  from  your  company  or  business  that  might  like  to   meet  the  students,    then  please  contact


News from the Secondary School Mastercook The initiative of providing nutritious and healthy school lunches in Secondary has been very successful during the first half-term. Mastercook has supplied up to 70 meals a day to students and staff. As the programme develops there have also been some additional provisions, such as the inclusion of a vegetarian option. Though many students opt for the meals each day, they have the option of ordering just for the days they may remain behind for clubs or sports. The flexibility this provides undoubtedly adds to the scheme’s popularity but students need to remember to order in advance. We hope that the provision of lunches will relieve some pressure and concerns of parents about providing sustenance to their children through the arduous school day. So, anyone else for Honey Roasted Chicken Breast? Bread and Butter Pudding? Strawberry Cheesecake?

Career Guidance Programme October 15th was ISCO Day. The Independent Schools Careers Organisation is the outside consultancy body we use to supplement our own careers / college entry programme. Mr Martin Minshall, of ISCO, spent a day in the school, where he spoke to Years 12 and 13 about university choices and the all-important ‘personal statement’. He also spoke to Year 11 about Alevel choices. After school he talked with staff about reference writing and some samples were discussed. Initial feedback from the students is that it was a very worthwhile activity. The ISCO initiative, and the associated Futurewise online programme, has run for nearly a year at the school. Opportunities will be available in January for students not already enrolled to sign up for the programme of aptitude testing, analysis and advice which Martin offers on his regular visits to the school. We are continuing to develop our careers provision, with staff attending training courses on this area and additional careers advice being offered lower down the school as part of PHSE.


News from the Secondary School Tex:les has  come  to  Sharjah  English   School  as  a   Design   and   Technology   subject   at   GCSE.  Year   10s   are   already   working   hard   to   design   and   create   many   items   from   cushions   to   bags   and,   for   the   more   ambi:ous,   clothes   design   is   the   challenge.   Tex:les   Technology   is   an   exci:ng   subject   that   encourages   students   to   consider  technological   advances   in   tex:les   and   materials   as   well   as   building  on   tradi:onal   skills   and   understanding.     Students   learn   about   poten:al   careers   in   this   very   large   successful   industry,   with   fashion,   costume   and   interior   designer   being   some   of   the   possible   routes   which   interested   and   successful   students   can   embark   on.   They   are   also   exposed   to   less   well-­‐known   jobs   in   the   industry,   such   as   that  of   wri:ng,  edi:ng,  and   illustra:ng  fashion   publica:ons.  Other   students   might  be  interested  in  the  scien:fic  disciplines  associated  with  tex:le  technology  and  research. Year   9  is   star:ng  Tex:les   by   designing  and   making  one  product,  a  sports   bag.    They   will   then   use  this  experience  to  help  them   to  make  their  op:on  choices  early  next  year.  It  has  been  great   to   see   the  whole   class   enjoying  working  on   the  theme  of   the   Olympics,  turning  their   designs   into   a  real  product  in  their  prac:cal  lessons.   You,   as   parents,  will,   I  am  sure,  see  the  results  of   their  enthusias:c  hard  work  soon.   In  addi:on   to  the   curriculum  lessons,  there   is   also   a  Tex:les   Club   running  on   a  Monday   afer   school  where  all  age  groups  are  welcome  to  come  and  make  tex:le  items.   Ms  ColeCe  Lethbridge   Art  and    D  &  T  Departments

New Clubs and Activities The range and variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities on offer in Secondary has expanded considerably this year. New clubs include the popular lunchtime Fitness and Dodgeball, Textiles Club, German for Beginners, Formula 1 and History Model Making.


News from the Secondary School Student Council Elections Mitt Romney and Barak Obama may have been debating intensely for the upcoming presidential elections in November. But neither would have stood much chance in the recent student council elections, where the well-oiled and persuasive campaigns of the candidates made for some thrilling elections. Those aspiring to lead their fellow students made presentations at assembly or in registration, created posters and slogans and promoted their ideas for advancing the school very effectively. The Student Council is a growing influence on school policy and provides students with the experience of meaningful leadership and responsibility. We are delighted to see so many students keen to participate and have been genuinely impressed by the quality of the manifestos. Representing their peers is a challenge and a service which enhances the students’ persuasive powers, their communication and inter-personal skills. Well done to all who put themselves forward and to those chosen to lead!

Sports Council This year the SES PE Department, alongside the Key Stage Heads, have introduced a Sports Council. This will be a panel of students, representing each year group, who will offer their input into how sport is provided at SES. The students in Key Stage Three campaigned for a week to gain votes, including presenting to their peers during assembly. Key Stage Four students were asked to write a letter of application to the Head of PE, Mr Garrett, to be considered. The successful candidates were Fay Azar, Kopano Chipwayambokoma, Andrew Barabarian, Eloise Hayward, Hind Absnana, Gabriel Doublesin, Tori Whiffen, Ross Hughes, Sam Menzies and Adam Master.


News from the Secondary School Form Awards Key   Stage  Three  has  been  motivated  this  term  by  the  introduction  of  the  'Form  Awards'.    At  the  end   of   each   half  term  a  trophy  is   presented  to   the  form  who  has   been  rewarded   the  most   around  the   school.  This  has   encouraged   Key  Stage  Three  teachers  to   be  more   proactive  in  recognising  positive   contributions   in   lessons.   There  has   also   been   a   weekly   general   knowledge   quiz   to   challenge   the   students  which  also  counts  towards  the  overall  award. This   half   term   the   trophy   was   awarded   to   8SB   during   a   Secondary   School   assembly,   a   consistent   string  of  high  quiz  scores  making  all  the  difference  to  the  points  totals.  Well  done! The   trophy   will   be   presented   again   before   the   Winter   break,   so   all   the   other   forms   have   an   opportunity  to  challenge  for  the  award  over  the  next  few  weeks.

Mr. Ed  Mosley


Whole School News and Information A Note from our Nurses Please do not send your child to school if they are showing any signs of sickness. Please help the medical team keep Sharjah English School as germ free as possible by following these guidelines. Kind Regards, Mary Smythe and Rita Datinguinoo School Nurses

GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING SICK CHILDREN HOME FROM SCHOOL The following guidelines may be helpful for you when making the decision to send your child to school or to keep him/her at home. Please keep your child at home from school if he or she: • Has been vomiting or had diarrhoea during the night. Your child should not return to school until 24 hours since their last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea. • Has a cold with fever, sneezing or coughing and a persistent runny nose •

Has an oral temp of 38 degrees or higher. Your child should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. (Without taking fever reducing medicine).

Has a severe sore throat.

Has a pink bloodshot eye with yellow or green discharge.

Has just begun antibiotics. Any child with a contagious condition such as strep throat must be taking the medication for 24 hours before returning to school

Have lice or nits, until treated and free of nits.

Has a rash all over his/her body. A child with a suspicious rash should only return to school after a diagnosis has been made.

Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school and allows your child to rest and recover.

Nut free  school There   are   students   in   school   who   have   severe,   life   threatening   nut   allergies.   In   an   effort   to   make   the   school   environment   as   safe   as   possible  for  them  we  would  like  to  remind   parents  that   Sharjah  English   School  is  a  nut  free  zone.   Please   ensure   that   no   nuts   or   nut   products   are   put   into   your   child’s   lunch   box.     Always   read   the   labels   on   pre   packaged   snacks   as   they   sometimes  have  hidden  nut  products  in  them.  Many  health  and  cereal   bars  contain   nuts  so  please  check   before   putting  them  into   the  lunch   box.  In  some  homes  the  lunch  boxes  are  prepared  by   maids/helpers  so   please  share  this  information  with  them.  


Dates For Your Diary October 2012 Thursday  25th  -­‐  Sunday  28th

Eid Al  Adha  /  Half  Term

Monday 29th  -­‐  Tuesday  30th  

Individual School  Photos

Wednesday 31st  October

Foundation Autumn  Festival November  2012

Tuesday 6th

Year 8  Parent/Student/Teacher  Meeting  

Tuesday 13th

Year 7  D&T  Day

Wednesday 14th

Year 12/13  Parent/Student/Teacher  Meeting  

Thursday 15th  

Islamic New  Year

Monday 19th

Year 9  Parent/Student/Teacher  Meeting  

Wednesday 21st  -­‐  Thursday  22nd

International Award  -­‐  Bronze  Practice

Wednesday 28th    -­‐  Thursday  29th

Year 7  Camp

Wednesday 28th    -­‐  Thursday  29th

Music Grade  Examinations

Thursday 29th

Teddy Bears’  Picnic  F1  &  F2  (pupils  only) December  2012

Sunday 2nd  -­‐  Monday  3rd  

UAE National  Day

Tuesday 4th

Year 7  Parent/Student/Teacher  Meeting  

Tuesday 4th

KS2 Carol  Singing  -­‐  12pm  -­‐  Auditorium

Wednesday 5th  

KS2 Carol  Singing  -­‐  7pm  -­‐  Auditorium

Wednesday 5th  -­‐  Friday  7th  

International Award  -­‐  Silver  Practice

Friday 7th

SES Fayre

Monday 10th  -­‐  Tuesday  11th

Year 8  Camp

Monday 10th

KS1 Christmas  Concert  -­‐  Day  Performance  -­‐  11:30am

Tuesday 11th  

KS1 Christmas  Concert  -­‐  Evening  Performance  -­‐  7:00pm

Wednesday 12th  

Primary Party  Day  (students  only)

Thursday 13th

End Of  Term  1 January  2013

Sunday 6th  January

Start Of  Term  2


SES Newsletter-October 2012  

SES Newsletter-October 2012

SES Newsletter-October 2012  

SES Newsletter-October 2012