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Volume 3 : Issue No. 4 - March 2012

Sharjah English School


In memory of Mohammad Khan

Contents From The Principal’s Desk

3 Primary News

Primary News


Foundation 1 - Picnic On The Moon


Foundation 2 - School Trip


Primary Music


Year 2 - Science Museum Trip & Code Club


Year 3 Trip to Sharjah Museum & Aquarium


Year 4 - Water Cycle


Year 5 - Making A Healthy Snack


Fina World Diving Series 2013


Primary Disco - 60s and 70s


Primary Ski Trip

14-15 Secondary News

Eco Club Litter Survey


A Charitable Week


Arab Music Workshop


International Award News


Key Stage Three News


Young Musicians Of The Gulf


News From The Mathematics Department


French Sandwiches, RIT and Young Entrepreneurs


Whole School News TeachMeet and Netball Workshop


A Note From Our Nurses

25 SES Sports Bulletin

Girls Athletics - Dubai College


Foundation Sports Day 2013


Primary Sports Day 2013


Primary Inter-Schools Athletics


U14 Football



From the Principal’s Desk...

Dear Parents, It  is  a  pleasure  to  welcome  you  to  the  March  Newsletter. The   Board  of   Governors,   staff   and   students   of   the   school   are   delighted   at   the   feedback   we   have  received  from  the  recent  inspection.  Both  the  inspection  team   from  the  British  Schools  of   the   Middle   East   and   the   British   Schools   Overseas   have   found   SES   to   be   well   above   the   standards   required   for   successful   accreditation.   The   feedback   in   individual   areas   is   overwhelmingly  positive  and  an   important  external  validation   of   what  we   believe  and   do   as   a   school.   The  quality   of  the   education  provided  by   the  school   can   now   be  related  to  that   provided  by   the  very  top  British  schools   in  the  Gulf  region,  or  indeed  worldwide.  It  should  provide   us  with   the   inspiration   and   conGidence   to   measure   ourselves   against   the   best   international   schools   anywhere,  and  to  plan  to  consolidate  and  enhance  our  reputation  even  further. As   soon   as   the   Ginal   drafts   of   the   reports   are   received,   these   will   be   placed   on   the   school   website;  we  will  also  make  sure  that   copies  are  available  in  each  school  reception  for  parents   to  read. As   Principal,   I   congratulate  the  management   team,   teachers   and  admin   and  support   staff   for   their   loyalty,   engagement   and   commitment   to   the   school.   It   has   been   a   demanding   school   year,   and   the   inspection   process   is   always   going   to   be   a   stressful   and   at   times   unnerving   experience.   Staff,   students,   parents   and   governors   all   share   ownership   of   this   notable   accomplishment;  it  was  a  magniGicent  communal  achievement. I   hope  you  can  Gind  some  time   to  look  through  the  Newsletter  and  appreciate  how   much  else   has   been   going   on.   As   we  reach  the   end  of   a   momentous   term,   I   wish   everyone   a   safe  and   relaxing  vacation.

John Nolan Principal


News from the Primary School Dear Parents The  term  has  been  both  busy   and  exci5ng  with  inspec5on  recently  completed.  We  were  par5cularly   proud  of  the  inspectors’  remarks  concerning  the  high  quality  of  Teaching  and  Learning  and  also  the   impeccable  behaviour  of  the  pupils.   Our  literacy  ini5a5ve,  using  Read  Write  Inc.,  was  praised  by  the   lead  inspector  who  noted  the  outstanding  literacy  levels  reached  by  the  pupils  in  FS  2  and  Year  One.   Also   on   the   literacy   front,   World   Book   Day   was   celebrated   on   March   7th   and   provided   an   opportunity  for  pupils  to  read  across  school  at  the  same  5me  and  dress  up   as  their  favourite  book   character.  A  parade  of  costumes  was  greatly  enjoyed  at  assembly.   The  Primary   Student  Council  has  been  mee5ng  regularly   and  following   up  on  student   sugges5ons.   As  a  result,  new  clubs  for  term  three  are  being  introduced.  Basketball,  badminton  and  cricket   will  all   be  on  offer.  This  is  the  first   year  we  have  extended   clubs  into  term  three  and  signifies  the  school’s   commitment  to  offering  extra  curricular  ac5vi5es.   The  Student  Council  also  arranged  the  “Dress  up   in  Red   Day”  in   support   of  Red  Nose  Day  to  raise  money   for  charity.   Well  done  to  our  students  for   their  commitment  to  helping  others. The  annual   Year   6   Ski  Trip  has  been  a  great   success.   Daily   reports   from   the  Morgins  Gang   were   received  by  parents  and  the  children  gained  enormously  from  the  experience.   I  am  sure  the  special   memories  of   the   trip  will   last   for   many   years  to  come.  The  pupils  who  chose   to  stay   here  for  the   week  had  an  alterna5ve   5metable  of   trips  and  fun  filled   ac5vi5es,   including   screen   prin5ng   and   making  cup  cakes!   As  we  near   the  end  of  term  two,   parent/teacher  mee5ngs  are  held  which  provide  an  opportunity  to   meet   teachers  and   discuss   progress.   We  have  also  held  assessments  for   new   students  and  have   been  overwhelmed  by  the  high  number  of  applicants  looking  for  places  in  September.  We  have  far   more   applicants   than   places   available,   a   true   indica5on   of   the  high   reputa5on   for   educa5onal   excellence  Sharjah  English  School  upholds.   Wishing  you  a  Happy  Spring  Break, Nan  McKeown Head  of  Primary


News from the Primary School Foundation 1 went for a picnic on the Moon In foundation 1 we are always exploring new ways to have fun. During Art we made Rockets. One of the children wondered where we could go and he suggested a trip to the moon for a picnic. Everybody agreed that that was a fantastic way to try our rockets. Our rocket boosters had plenty of fire to boost us up. First we had to learn to walk on the moon. So we practised and practised. Finally we were ready. We flew high up in the sky to the other side of the world where it was night time. We landed safely and had a picnic. We had a great time.


News from the Primary School

Foundation 2 School Trip On Monday 18th March the children in Foundation 2 went on their school trip to the Discovery Centre. The day started in high excitement as we sang ‘The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round’ all the way to the centre. Once we got to the centre the children quickly discovered all that the centre has to offer. The children went to the airport, flew airplanes, went on a speed boat, then on a helicopter and even fired cannons! The children went on to investigate the body and all the senses; they loved the skeleton on the bike! After a very busy morning the children were pretty tired. However, they still managed to sing all the way home! A really big thank you to everyone who helped make the children’s school trip such a fun morning.


News from the Primary School Primary Music Foundation 1 is learning about the different materials instruments are made from and the various ways they can be played. They play lots of games and sing songs to help them remember the different concepts. Meanwhile KS2 have been concentrating on practical work using tuned percussion, keyboards and guitars. Year 6 has been learning about Jazz and Blues, learning the 12 bar blues chord structure and adding their own scat phrases!


News from the Primary School YEAR 2 Science Museum Trip At the end of January, Year 2 spent a lovely morning at the Science Museum. After spending an hour experimenting with as many items as possible in the exhibition hall, the classes attended two very informative work shops. They learned all about different animals, their coats and their young. The magic show was great fun and we saw how to make elephant toothpaste and how to create rings of smoke. It was a wonderful day that everyone enjoyed.



Code Club This year we saw coding (computer programming) introduced in Primary for the first time. It was run by Year Three teacher and ICT Coordinator, Jonathan Gill, as an after school club. They used a program called ‘Scratch’ to make games by following a set of instructions. Scratch has been used successfully by Secondary Students for a few years now so we thought we would introduce it to the Primary children. Coding can be challenging but the children worked really hard and completed some complex projects. Several of the children have completed their Level One Scratch Coding Certificate and the four children below were the latest to receive their certificates: From left to right: Shevyn, Harish, Ian and Fraser. I am pleased to announce that we will run another Code Club in the third term and this will be open to any child who is on the Gifted and Talented register for ICT. Invitations will be posted soon! 8

News from the Primary School Year Three Trip to Sharjah Maritime Museum and Aquarium Year Three enjoyed a lovely day out at Sharjah Maritime Museum and Aquarium, as part of their Arabs and the UAE topic. Many verses of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ were sang by the children and it was with great relief that we finally arrived at our destination after a short ride across town! We visited the Maritime Museum first and had a super tour guide in local historian, Faisal. We learned about dhows, traditional fishing techniques and pearl diving. We also now know how to tell the difference between a real pearl and a fake pearl. You need to set fire to them! A real pearl will not burn. We were advised not to try this at home! Year Three ended their tour with a team fishing competition. Don’t worry as no real fish were harmed in this activity, though some of the magnetic fish were looking a bit worse for wear by the end! The Aquarium was next on our agenda and the children were extremely excited as they got within inches of many of Sharjah’s local fauna. This included black tip reef sharks, turtles, lionfish, giant hamour, stingrays and moray eels! We were also very lucky to be there when the divers fed the fish, which most of the children had never seen before. We had a wonderful day out and the children learned lots about their local environment.


News from the Primary School YEAR 4 - WATER CYCLE Year four have been studying the water cycle and cloud formations in topic and science this term. The children have studied, with great interest, how the planet’s water cycle works. In addition, we have been learning about the different types of clouds: their names, shapes, heights and formations. Can you identify any of the clouds you can see in the sky?


News from the Primary School Year 5 Instructions: How to Make a Healthy Snack. We are currently studying instructions in literacy and the children had the opportunity to make picture instructions. We linked this to our Science topic, ‘Healthy Eating.’ The children made a healthy snack to eat and took pictures of each step of the recipe. It was a fantastic day with some very creative and yummy snacks made. Well done Year 5!


News from the Primary School FINA WORLD  DIVING  SERIES  2013 Some  of  the  students  at  SES  were  selected  to   a\end  the  opening  ceremony  of  the   FINA  WORLD  DIVING   SERIES   on  Thursday  morning.  The  39  students  were  selected   to   a\end  because   of   their   hard   work   in   swim  squad   or  their   par5cular  talent  in   Physical   Educa5on   lessons.   It   was   a   fantas5c   opportunity   to   witness   the   world   class  divers  in   the  10m  synchronized  dive   compe55on.    We  saw  the  Chinese  team   win   the   gold   in   both   the   female   and   male   compe55on   and   Helen   Blakenburgh   was  lucky  enough  to  receive  flowers  from  the  Canadian  team!  A  fantas5c  morning   and  hopefully  we  have  some  inspired  primary  students  ready  to  take  up  diving.  


News from the Primary School

Primary Disco 60s and 70s


News from the Primary School

Year 6 Ski Trip 2013

Stepping through a door to an Alpine scene in Morgins, some of us caught our first glimpse of real snow. Playing around in the snow and throwing snowballs at innocent folks (the rest of the Year 6s) was a favourite activity amongst all of us. It was ‘BOSS’ (as Alexei quotes)!

Yr.6 Ski trip to Morgins!! ‘Snow!’ somebody exclaimed as we looked out of our plane windows. There were magnificent

The warm, wooden chalet was our cosy home for the week, hosted by the accommodating Hilary and Robert.

mountains covered in silky white snow, just below us (in the plane). Every one was excited to see the first piece of snow in Switzerland…

Skiing in wintry weather on the Swiss Alps, was not just new for most us but also accident prone. During the week, not a word was heard about missing parents, since we did not have any moment to miss them.

but very quiet as we slowly landed in Geneva Airport. Ready to see snow, everybody rushed out of the plane; however, we were disappointed as there was no sign of snow in the airport

French lessons, night hikes and snow based activities were just some of the activities which completed each day. Soon, the days passed and the door of the Alpine setting, accompanied with several moans and groans, had to close.

grounds. Very tired and cold, we dragged ourselves to the airport entrance. After getting our luggage, we went on a big blue bus. On the bus ride, the teachers gave us one rule. TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye, Switzerland! See You Soon!

(and we did :D )



News from the Primary School

Year 6 Ski Trip Travelling in the plane, Children driving teachers insane. As we soar through the sky, Parents are still waving goodbye. Arriving at our destination, Ready for a wintery, skiing vacation. Watching from the warm, wooden chalet, Skiers skiing as smooth as ballet. We ski down foggy places, Meeting some brand new faces. Stinging wind like wasps against our face, Pretty views are really ace. Now the ski trip’s over & done, Time has passed & cut our fun. It’s time to go, Voices are low, Goodbye everybody, Friend or foe.

This week was the funniest school week I’ve ever had. Everyone had fun. The best activity we did was the skiing. Our instructor was Ben. We arrived at the chalet in Switzerland at 6:30 am and we got our rooms allocated to us. Everyone was excited. We didn’t go skiing on the first day, instead we went for ski hiring and sledging in the snow. It was boss!! All the other days we went skiing. Rhyde was called The Yellow Flash!! Omar

By Anjali Menon & Ayesha Fernandes


News from the Secondary School Eco Club Litter Survey The new Eco-Club is looking at a number of ways in which we can have less of an impact on our environment. One of the first things we did was a litter survey in the school grounds. We used a map of the school to divide it up into sections and each pair had to search for and collect all the rubbish we could find. We had plastic gloves and a sack to collect everything. Each group also had a map and a sheet to record where each item was found. We were quite surprised at how little there was, but we did find all sorts of rubbish. Most of it was plastic, which does not decompose easily, but there was also paper, food wrappers and even a sock. The area where we found most rubbish was around the pitches, where it had blown to the edge. When we got back to the classroom, we tried to figure out where the rubbish had come from. A lot was food wrappers, which must have come from people’s lunch boxes, but there was also a lot of plastic bags from supermarkets. Some of it had obviously been there a long time and a lot may have blown from the road. In conclusion, we think the school is very good at putting rubbish in the bin. There are plenty of bins around, so there is no excuse. We should look at ways we can reduce the rubbish from our lunch boxes and begin to recycle as much as we can. We should also use fewer plastic bags. Our next survey is going to look at the birds we can find around school. Roos Peeters, Charley Bath, Gabe Doublesin, Zak Doublesin, Mukarram Kamran, Chloe Bull


News from the Secondary School A Charitable  Week Wri$en  by  Robyn  Thomas,  Year  12

Charity. There’s  nothing  more  heart-­‐warming  than  the  gi4  of  charity.  Whether  it’s  dona9ng  money,  clothes,  food,   or  even  just  your  9me  and  energy,  the  smallest  acts  of  charity  can  make  the  biggest  difference. This  week,  the  secondary   students   of  Sharjah   English  School   have  been  riding   on  the  spirit  of  charity.   Posters   paFern  the  walls  adver9sing  bake  sales  and  Red  Nose  Day,  red  bands  adorn  wrists.  There’s  a  sense  of  community   in  the  air,  an  atmosphere  of  giving  and  caring. Following  the  devasta9ng  loss  of  well-­‐loved  and  treasured   student,   Mohammed  Khan,  the  Year  10   students  of   SES  have  put   tremendous   amounts  of   9me,   energy,   and  heart   into   raising   awareness  of  heart   disease  in   his   memory.   Walking  into  school  on  Sunday  morning  I  no9ce  a  box,   with  ‘Won’t  Stop  Bea9ng’   wriFen  on  it,  siTng  on   the  recep9on  desk.  For  a  minimum  of  only  10  dhs  I  buy  a  red  wristband  with  ‘If  anyone  can,  Mo  Khan!’  indented   into  it.  In  the  hallways  I  no9ce  other  students  and  teachers  with  the  same  band  around  their  wrists  and  I  think  of   Mohammed  and  his  family  and  I  remember  how  important   it  is  for  us  to  care  for  one  another.  A  wonderful  idea   created  by  the  Year  10s. On   the   way   to   my   lessons  I   no9ce   posters   on   the   wall   adver9sing   ‘The   Best   Bake   Sale.’   The   posters   are   everywhere,  brightly   coloured   and  some  with  ‘In  Loving  Memory  of   Mohammed  Khan’  on  them.   I  find  out  the   money  made  from  the  bake  sale  will  be  donated  to  a  heart  founda9on  and,   again,   I  remember  Mohammed.   “It’s   for  someone  we  should  all  aspire  to  be  inspired  by,   Mohammed  Khan,”  say  the  year  10s.   They  describe  him  as  a   quiet  boy  but  someone  who,   whenever  he  spoke,  would  never  fail  to  make  them  laugh.  “Mohammed  was  a  very   popular   member   of  our   year   group  who  will  be  missed  by  all  of  us,”  say   Mohammed’s  fellow  classmates.  “We   wanted  to  do  something  as  a  way  of  showing  everyone  how   much  he  meant  to   us.”   From  the  bake  sale  alone   they   managed  to  raise  2375dhs,  a  massive  achievement,  and  all  the  proceeds  will  be  donated  to  a  chosen  heart   founda9on.  Mohammed  had  some  truly  wonderful  classmates  and  teachers  and  it  is  certain  that   he  will  never  be   forgoFen. It’s  break  9me  on  Wednesday  and  I  walk  into  the  atrium  area  to  find  myself  face  to  face  with  a  sea  of  people.  The   air   smells  of   chocolate  cake,  doughnuts,   brownies  and   I  sense  that  somewhere  there  is  enough  sugar  to  excite   even  the  sweetest  of  teeth.  Spread  out  on  a  long  table  is  a  mountain  of  home-­‐baked  cakes.   I  can  see  chocolate   cake,  carrot  cake,  cheesecake,   every  kind  of  cake  there  is.  A  crowd  of  people  are  queuing  up,  and  the  Year   10s  are   busy   selling  an  array   of  delicious  desserts.  People  around  me   are  tucking  in   and  laughing.   Teachers  are  taking   pictures  and  running  to  fetch  their  wallets.   There’s  that   sense  of   giving   in  the  air  again   and  I  can  feel  my   heart   warming. It’s  Thursday,  everyone’s  favourite  day  of  the  week.  I  don  my   red  cardigan  and  my  red  shoes  in  the  spirit  of   Red   Nose  Day.  The  school  has  turned  into  a  red  wonderland.  My  fellow  students  are  also  dressed  in  red,  some  with   their  noses  painted  red.  As  a  dona9on,  I  hand  10dhs  to  my  teacher,  and  my   classmates  do  the  same.  People  are  in   a  general  state  of  cheerfulness,  and  it’s  a  pleasant  atmosphere  to  be  in.   That’s  the  power  of  charity;   I  think   to   myself,  it  brings  everyone  together.   One  important   thing  I’ve  learned  from  this  week  is  that  one  of  the  best  things  you  can  do  for  another   person  is  to   be  charitable  towards  them.     I’m  not   just   talking  about   dona9ng  money   or  organizing  a  fundraising  event.   Just   giving  your  support  to  someone  can  make  a  huge  difference.  Smile  at   someone  you  see  in  the  hallway,  ask  them   how  they   are;   if  someone  looks  lonely  siTng  by   themselves,  go  over  and  see  if  they’re  okay.   Everyone  needs  a   friend,  and  some9mes  the  9niest  acts  of  giving,  the  smallest  acts  of  kindness,  can  make  the  biggest  difference.


News from the Secondary School Arab Music Workshop with Rashid School SES was visited recently by some staff and students from Rashid School for Boys. They were here to give some of our secondary students a workshop in Arab music. First of all our drum kit students learned about arab drumming styles and rhythms, using arab drums Rashid had brought with them. Then our classical guitar students had a chance to experience playing the oud – known as being a very challenging instrument to learn, even for someone who already plays the guitar! Everyone agreed the workshops were a valuable chance to learn about arab music. They also helped to strengthen links that are already established between the secondary music departments at Rashid and SES. Mr Stephonitis – the head of sound technology – always judges ‘Battle of the Bands’ every year!


News from the Secondary School Bronze Assessed  Expedition  27th  and  28th  February “It’s  the  climb” 29  International  AWARD  students  completed  the   Adventurous  Journey  and  passed  with  Blying  colours,  ice   cream   and   a  few   blisters.   The   expedition  featured  some   excellent  teamwork   and   a  sense   of   humour  .  In   spite  of  the  challenges,  the  distance  and  the  long  climb,  a  positive  spirit  won  the  day.     Well  done  to  all  the  students  who  have  passed  this  assessed  segment  of  the  Award. Faisal   Al   Qassimi,     Oliver  Barrs,   Jia   Bo   Kang,    Charles  Breach,   David   Bull,   Tim   Bull,   Chaica   Al  Qassimi,   Oliver  Canter  ,  Gabriela    Contreras-­‐Gutierrez,  Laith  Dallamy,  Siobhan  D'Almeida,  Josephine   Dougan,    Nina   Ferrari,  Nour  Ghosn,    George   Grayston   ,  Leila  Hamza,   Jones  Phoebe,  Imran  Khan,  Veronica  O'Connell   ,Talib   Rahman,     Bilal   Raza,   Lily   Smythe,   Fatima   Sultan,   Ellie   Van   Der   Byl,   Tori   Whiffen   ,   Mathias   Wilkinson,     Akira  Williams-­‐Rao,  Sam  Winter,  and  Arief  ZulkiBli  . Silver  Practice  and  Assessed  Expedition “Land  and  Sea  and  Mud” 10   students   completed   the   Adventurous   Journey   and   passed   with   Glying   colours,   mud   and   marshmallows. Felix  Akmatov,  Adam  Bates,  Allegra  Bozetarnik,  Mia  Cassoni  ,  Georgina   Liu,  Shruthi  Manivannan,            Adam   Master,  Sam  Menzies,  Robyn  Stephenson,  John  Wilkie Gold  Update  next  issue………………………….. We  are  out  there! Marie  Byrne


News from the Secondary School Key Stage Three News Welcome to the Key Stage 3 section of the newsletter. The students and staff have been extremely busy and under pressure. However, we have pulled through as a group and have achieved some outstanding results. The form awards continue to stretch and engage Key Stage 3 students. This school year our pupils have been awarded 2777 merits! This is a huge achievement that speaks volumes for the excellent work, effort and application that is being produced across the school. This term alone, Key Stage 3 pupils have acquired 1156 merits. However, in spite of the success of all students, there can only be one form of the term. The most recent award has gone to 9LB, who scraped the win by two points from 8FC. In the final week of this term there will be a new form crowned, unless 9LB become the first to retain the trophy for two consecutive ceremonies! Year 9 have definitely been a busy year group with their impending GCSE options coming up after the holiday. In the build up to options the students have been studying their desired education and career paths in PSHE and engaging in Q+A sessions with Year 10 and 11 pupils. On top of this preparation in school, we had a 95% attendance of parents and students at Year 9 Options Evening. This was an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to discuss the best possible choices to make for GCSE. The two week break will provide time for parents and students to read through the options booklet together and make a mutual decision on the correct path for the next two years. From what I gather, most students have their minds made up. All I would say is make sure it is the right choice for you and what you aspire to be. All of our forms have just started new topics in their PSHE lessons. Year 7 are using BBC resources to investigate local and global news. They will develop their presentation and speaking skills, as well as engaging with advanced literacy. Year 8 are focusing on public speaking, using key figures from past and present as models for effective delivery. They will work individually and in groups over their next three lessons focusing on key skills for speaking and presentation. Our year 9 students have begun a topic on the importance of exercise. Currently they are researching how exercise can positively impact their age group. Students have already identified various health issues that are common in teenagers and are investigating how exercise can help. Tutors are combining the computer skills of the students with their creativity to make an interactive display that all students in the school can access. I would like to finish by congratulating the students for their excellent performance on a daily basis. During the inspection we asked them to “carry on as normal”, as we were confident in the standards of work they produce and about their behaviour. I would also like to thank the tutors and pastoral assistants for their efforts - their work is invaluable. Well done Key Stage Three – “well above the standard” Ed Mosley Key Stage Three Co-ordinator


News from the Secondary School SES makes Grand Final of Young Musicians Competition! 13 secondary   students   from   SES     recently   competed   at   the   Young   Musicians   of   the   Gulf   Compe55on  at  Dubai  College.    This  pres5gious  compe55on  brings  together  the  very  best   musicians   and  singers  a\ending  Bri5sh  schools  in  the  Gulf  region.     SES  had  7  entries  for  the  solo  compe55on:    Robyn  Boulton,  Michelle  Delves,   Anna  Lis,  Georgina  Liu,   Eissa  Liwo,  Veronica  O’Connell  and  Sarah   Tadros.    Four  of   these  students  did  very   well  indeed  by   making  it   through  to  the  quarter   finals,   with  Eissa  and  Georgina  both  receiving   commenda5ons   from  the  judges. We  also  entered  2  vocal  groups  for  the  ensemble  compe55on.    The  small  ensemble  was  composed   of   Robyn   Boulton   and   Eissa  Liwo,   accompanied   on   the   piano   by   Michelle   Delves.     The   larger   ensemble  was  also   accompanied   by   Michelle,   and   featured   Caitlin   Collom,   Gabriela  Contreras-­‐ Gu5errez,  Sakshi  Gupta,   Johanna  Heidenreich,   Anna  Lis,  Jennifer  Macdonald,  Veronica  O’Connell   and  Nickey  Van-­‐Tooren. We  are  very   pleased   to  report  that  the  larger  ensemble  made  it  all  the  way  through  to   the  Grand   Final,   which  was  held  at   the  Le   Meridian  Dubai  Hotel.     Only   4   out  of   the  original  18   ensembles   made   it   through   that   far,   and   indeed   our   group   was   placed   second   overall   among   the   vocal   ensembles.     This  is  a  fantas5c  achievement  for  such  a  small  school  as  SES.    Well  done  everyone,   and  thank  you  to  our  singing  teacher  Mrs  Lis!


News from the Secondary School World Maths Day 2013 Top Ten Name

Joseph Babu Lavina Motamedi Reem Abusnana Vedant Kumar Manayka Walia Jade Sillere Sakshi Gupta Meara Siviter-Johnson Vinanti Kamath Amaani Master

Number of Students 244

Questions answered correctly 22,304



Year 7 AE Year 8 CE Year 7 SO Year 9 SD Year 7 AE Year 7 SO Year 9 SD Year 7 AE Year 9 SD Year 9 SD

5788 3708 3123 1729 1386 1300 760 619 586 528

Congratula5ons to  all  the  par5cipants.    Average  of  91  ques5ons  answered  correctly  per  student.

Results Intermediate  MathemaCcs  Challenge  February  2013 This  is  an  annual  event  organised  by  UK  Mathema5cs  Trust  for  students  in  Year  11  or  below. Congratula5ons  to  all  the  Year  9  par5cipants. Sakshi Maria Cassandre Shanay Arran Vinanti Faizan Marco Vedant Dalal Amaani Momen

Gupta Bashmakova Sillere Siroya Sidey Kamath Alikhan Vermeulen Kumar El Laham Master Ibrahim

Sakshi achieved  a  gold  cer5ficate  and  an  invita5on  for  the  next  round.Maria,  Cassandre  and  Shanay  each   achieved  a  silver  cer5ficate.    Arran  and  Vinan5  each  achieved  a  bronze  cer5ficate. Pi  Day  (π) On  March  14,  Year  9  students  were  given  a  party  by  the  Mathema5cs  department.  This  date  is  significant  as   when  wri\en  numerically  it  represents  the  first  3  digits  of  π.  Well  done  to  students  who  brought  food  based   around  the  theme. Date  for  your  diary  -­‐  Junior  MathemaCcs  Challenge  Thursday  25th  April  2013


News from the Secondary School Hungry? Fancy a snack? Recently 8FC and 8SB have been learning about food and drink in France, how to understand a menu, starters, main courses and desserts, and how to order what you want. There are some delicious things available, poulet rôti, saumon fumé, steak-frites, assiette de charcuterie and, of course, escargots. If you’re not that hungry, order a snack, a croque-monsieur, a croque-madame or a sandwich. The students came up with some imaginative ideas for fillings for sandwiches, most of which would never make the menu of any decent café that valued its reputation or the health of its customers. In French they read out their lists of fillings to the class and we tasted what was on offer. Some of the weird and wonderful concoctions actually tasted OK. Please ask the year 8 students for their recipes!!! Roger Doyle

University Challenge  at  Rochester  Institute  of  Technology RIT   invited   26   UAE   schools   to   take   part   in   their   annul   University   Challenge.   The   competition   consisted   of   three   challenges   made   up   of   Bive   students   in   each   team:   Business   Challenge,   Engineering   Challenge   and   Knowledge   Challenge.   The   Business  Challenge   saw  the   students  developing   a   product  and   a   marketing   mix,   along   with   a   brand   name  for  a   chocolate   bar.  The  Engineering   Challenge   was  to  design  and  make  a   ‘Blying   machine’   to  travel  the  furthest   distance  possible  and  The  Knowledge  Challenge  was  a   series  of   difBicult  questions  and  problems  in  the  form  of  a  team   quiz.  With  around  400   students  participating  it  was  always  going  to  be  difBicult  to  bring   home   some  silverware  the  Birst   time   round.   However,   even   though   this   year   the   Knowledge   and   Engineering   teams   were   pipped   at   the   post   for   a   position,   the   Business   Team   came   second   out   of   26   other   schools,   another  great   achievement   for   the   students  and   another   trophy   for   the   Business   Studies   Department   trophy   cabinet   –   donations   for   a   trophy   cabinet   greatly   appreciated!

Young Entrepreneurs  Competition In  April  a   team  from  Year  11   will   be  participating  in  this  year’s  YEC   held   in  WaBi  Mall  from   15th   to  20th  April.  The   idea  is   for  students  to  set  up  and  run  their  own   business  for  a   week.   This   year  the  organisers  have  estimated  that  over  a  1000   businesses  will  be  in  operation,  so  our  guys  will  need   to  stand  out  if  they  want  to  make  a  proBit  from   the  passing  public.   Their  business   is  still  under  wraps  at  present,  but  if   you  would  like  to  lend  your  support  either  with  business  guidance   or  donations,  please  contact  Mrs  McNulty  at


Whole School News and Information Sharjah TeachMeet Sharjah English School in association with BSME (British Schools of Middle East) hosted the inaugural Teachmeet UAE. Teachmeet is a CPD (Continual Professional Development) concept which is spreading worldwide. 60 teachers from 14 different schools across Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi attended the conference aimed at sharing innovative ideas and strategies with the aim of improving teaching and learning. The event was sponsored by Mastercook who provided breakfast and lunch, Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, Magrudys, Raffles Hotel and Samurai. The morning proved to be a huge success with schools volunteering to run similar events across the year.

SES Netball Teacher Workshop Teachers from around Dubai and Sharjah came to a Netball workshop at the school, Sunday 17th March .The workshop was run by Zorina, an ex -international player and coach. The teachers were able to take away new skills and ideas to use within their schools. The aim of the session was to develop knowledge and understanding of Netball and to get more girls to take up the sport. The event had over 18 teachers and was well received. Thank you very much to Zorina for giving up your time and I hope from this we will be able to take Netball to the next level.


Whole School News and Information A Note from our Nurses Please do not send your child to school if they are showing any signs of sickness. Please help the medical team keep Sharjah English School as germ free as possible by following these guidelines. Kind Regards, Mary Smythe and Rita Datinguinoo School Nurses

GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING SICK CHILDREN HOME FROM SCHOOL The following guidelines may be helpful for you when making the decision to send your child to school or to keep him/her at home. Please keep your child at home from school if he or she: • Has been vomiting or had diarrhoea during the night. Your child should not return to school until 24 hours since their last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea. • Has a cold with fever, sneezing or coughing and a persistent runny nose •

Has an oral temp of 38 degrees or higher. Your child should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. (Without taking fever reducing medicine).

Has a severe sore throat.

Has a pink bloodshot eye with yellow or green discharge.

Has just begun antibiotics. Any child with a contagious condition such as strep throat must be taking the medication for 24 hours before returning to school

Have lice or nits, until treated and free of nits.

Has a rash all over his/her body. A child with a suspicious rash should only return to school after a diagnosis has been made.

Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school and allows your child to rest and recover.

Nut free  school There   are   students   in   school   who   have   severe,   life   threatening   nut   allergies.   In   an   effort   to   make   the   school   environment   as   safe   as   possible  for  them  we  would  like  to  remind   parents  that   Sharjah  English   School  is  a  nut  free  zone.   Please   ensure   that   no   nuts   or   nut   products   are   put   into   your   child’s   lunch   box.     Always   read   the   labels   on   pre-­‐packaged   snacks   as   they   sometimes  have  hidden  nut  products  in  them.  Many  health  and  cereal   bars  contain  nuts,  so  please  check  before  putting   them   into  the  lunch   box.  In  some  homes  the  lunch  boxes  are  prepared  by   maids/helpers  so   please  share  this  information  with  them.  


SES Sports Bulletin Girls Athletics - Dubai College The Dubai Athletics Championships, held at Dubai College, took place on Thursday 14th March. This is the first time in a few years that the girls have reached the qualifying times expected to make it through, so that in itself was an achievement. On the run up to competition the girls took part in lots of training at lunch times and after school in order to reach the standard expected of them. On the day everyone was extremely nervous but also excited. The competitions started at 12.30 pm. Michelle, representing the under 12s, was the first up on the track. She did extremely well and made it through to the finals. Throughout the day the girls’ performances were at an extremely high level, showing dedication to the team. Sarah, Hannah, Taya, Kopano and Kleri all walked away with first place awards, which is an amazing achievement for them and the school. Overall, out of all the teams entered, Sharjah English School walked away with 5th place, a brilliant achievement which shows hard work does work. A very well done to all the girls who competed;each and every one of them contributed to that brilliant result.

I really enjoyed the day. I felt as a team we did extremely well and should be proud of what we have achieved. Everyone who competed did so well and should be so very proud! I just cannot wait till next year’s event. Chiara year 9 It was loads of fun and we were really good, much better than I thought. To come first in both of my events made me feel amazing, I’m still in shock from it. Well done to the whole team, everyone was brilliant. It shows what hard work can achieve. Sarah Year 9 26

SES Sports Bulletin Foundation Sports Day It was a fun filled day with so many activities to keep the children occupied. The children had various activities which they did and continued on with in a rolling programme around the field. There was an egg and spoon race, balancing on the beam race, transporting balls between hoops as fast as you can, a hop, skip and running race, and a zig-zag race. We finished off Sports Day with running races where children had the opportunity to show everyone how fast they could run. The children had great fun enjoying the team spirit of the day. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to support this great day!


SES Sports Bulletin PRIMARY SPORTS  DAY  2013   The  students  competed  in  a  variety   of   events  such  as   high   jump,   egg   and   spoon   and   the   agility   race,   collec5ng   points  for  their  team.  The  weather  was  nice   and  cool  and  the  students  were  amazing! A  special  thank  you  to  the  Year  6   and  Year  10  students   who   helped   out   with   the   scoring   on   sports  day.   Ben   Menzies   was   the   official   score   keeper   and   Gabriela   Toledo  the  photographer.  


SES Sports Bulletin


SES Sports Bulletin SHARJAH PRIMARY   ATHLETICS   The   primary   students   competed   against   the  other   Sharjah  schools   in   the   EISSA   Athle5cs   Meet[ng.   The   team   was   made   up   of   four   girls   and  boys  in  the  U9,  U10   and   U11   age   categories.   The   athletes   performed   brilliantly   in   their   events,   both   track   and   field.     Sharjah   English   School   took   the   5tle  for  the  4th  year  running!   Well  done  to  all  the  athletes.


SES Sports Bulletin Under 14 Football Champions On Wednesday   20th   March  the  Under   14   girls  played  in  the  Inter-­‐ Schools   Football   Championships   which   were   held   at   Australian   Interna5onal  School.  Eloise  was  the  captain  of  the  team  and  had  a   brilliant   squad  of   nine  girls  with   her.   They   played  very   well  in  all   games  and   made  it   through  to  the  finals.   It   was  a   nail  bi5ng  12   minutes,  with  lots  of  a\empts  at  goal  and  near  misses.  Eventually   the  game  went  down  to  penal5es.   Everyone  was  extremely   nervous  and  one  by  one  the  girls  went  up   to  take  a  penalty.   Hind   volunteered   to   be  the  goalie;   she   did   an   amazing  job,  not   lenng   one  shot  go  past  her.   Eventually  on  the  8th   penalty  Hennie  scored  and  won  the  tournament  for  the  SES  girls.   All  the  girls  played  tremendously  well,  showing   dedica5on  and  the   will  to  keep  going.  Girls  football  is  not  the  girls’  main  spor5ng  event   and  for   many   of   the  team   this  will  have  been  their   first   taste  of   success  in  football. Well  done  girls  on  a  brilliant  effort.  

Key Stage One Swimming Gala The Key Stage One Swimming Gala took place on Monday March 18th. Every student in Key Stage One participated and spectators were treated to a fabulous display of power, stamina, style and perseverance. Students swam 10m and 25m races in a variety of ways, some with kick boards, some with rings, some with noodles and some without a flotation device to aid them. There are some very talented swimmers in Key Stage One and there are some very helpful mermaids in Year Six who made sure everyone was safe in the pool. A big thank you goes out to the instructors from Desert Sports for their unfailing encouragement and commitment to the students. Thanks also to the parents for their continuing support and to all SES staff who helped out on the day. 31

SES Newsletter-March 2013  

SES Newsletter-March 2013

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