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Volume 2 : Issue No. 5 - March 2011

Sharjah English School

Trips, visits, talks and fieldwork Key Stage 2

Les sandwichs de 8SM

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From Shiraz to Mars - Business Studies Trip


Les sandwichs de 8SM


Young Musicians Of The Gulf


Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature


Attack Of The Clones


News From the Arabic and Islamic Department


River Basins - Year 7 Geography


Volcanoes - Year 9 Geography


Year 12 Geography Fieldwork


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Battle Of The Bands


Whole School News Guidelines for keeping your child home from school


First Aid Course


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From the Principal’s Desk... Dear Parents  and  Friends, It’s  been  two  months  since  the  last  newsletter,  so  there  is  much  to  report  in  the  following  pages.   It’s  been  a  particularly  busy   period   for   sport,   with   =ixtures   on  an   almost  daily   basis.   Swimming   galas   and  athletics   have  been   the  major   focus,   but   our   other   sports  are  continuing   too.   We   are   working   at   expanding   the   variety   of   sports   on   offer,   as   well   as   enhancing   the   quality   of   the   provision  by  involving  more  outside  providers. Some  parents  may  have  noticed  that  cricket  matches  have  been  taking  place   on  the  sports  =ield.   The  Darjeeling  Cricket  Club  uses  our  facilities   on   Fridays,  and  have  invested  heavily  in  creating   a   new  cricket  crease  in  the   centre  of  the   =ield.   There  is   a  series   of  matches   being  arranged  in  the   coming  weeks,   details   of   which   will   be   provided  to   you.   It   is   a   pleasant   way  to   spend  a   Friday,   watching  cricket  being  played  on  our  ‘village  green’. The  new   building   is   still   continuing   to   make  progress  and   is   on   schedule   for   completion  in  the   early  part  of  the  summer.   Some  of  the  governors  and   teaching   staff  have  been   visiting  the  site  in   the   past   month   to   view   the   progress   and   to   help   plan   for   the   major   contribution   which   the   building   is   likely   to   make   to   the   next   stage   of   the   school’s   development.   I   will   endeavour   to   organize  visits  for  interested  parents  once  the  site  is  safe  to   walk  around.  We  are  all  excited  by  the   possibilities  the  new  facility  opens  up  for  SES  Primary  and  Secondary  departments. The  recent  months  have  seen  a  number  of  news  events   across  the  world  which  have  affected  and   touched  SES  students  and  their  families.   The  student  council   and  student  body  have  raised  money   for  the  earthquake  relief  efforts   in  Christchurch  and  the  tragic  earthquake  and  tsunami  in  Japan.   It   has  been  commendable  and  inspiring  to   see  the   concern  with  which  the  children  have  responded.   We  are   also  conscious  that  the  political  turmoil  in  many  of  our  neighbouring  countries   in  the  Arab   world  has  had  a  direct  impact  on  some  families  and  members   of  our  school  community.  We  hope   that  all  extended  families  are  safe  and  secure  in  these  turbulent  times. Can  I   wish  everyone   a   restful   and   happy  holiday?   We   hope  that   those   students   busy   with   their   coursework  and  examination  preparation  manage  to  =ind  some  time  to  relax  as  well.

John Nolan Principal


News from the Primary School So many  events  in  such  a   short  time.  Where  do  I  start?   Disco  fever  hit   the  central  hall  with  the   80‘s   theme   being   well   taken   advantage   of.   The   children   had   such   a   great   time   that   parents   were   jealous  and  wanted   a   disco  for   themselves!  The   annual  Ski  Trip   was  a   huge   success  as   usual   with  teachers  and  pupils  still  trying   to  restore  their   energy  levels!  Children   who  did  not   go   on   it   had  their   own  adventures  at  the  Dolphinarium  and   the  Literary  Festival.  Foundation   visited  the  Sharjah  National  Park  and  both  they  and  the  park  survived!   All  the  students  thoroughly  enjoyed   the  wheeling  and  dealing  of  the  Flea  Market  and  there  was   a   stunning   array   of   national   dress   at   our   International   Picnic   Assembly.   Year   4   went   on   a   culinary   expedition   to   Thailand   and   were   thrilled   to   be   given   a   chance   to   learn   some   Thai   words  and   sample  the  array   of  dishes  on  offer.  Please   check  out  the   articles  about  our  Sports   Days  in  the   Bulletin  as  well  as  the  children’s  fantastic  efforts  at  their   swimming  galas,   football   and  rugby  matches. On   a  personal   note  I  would  like  to   bid  a   fond   farewell  to  my  right  hand  woman,  Mrs.  Daniela   Walker,   and   to   thank   her   for   her   unstinting   help   and   support   over   the   past   four   years.  She   contributed   so  much  to  the   school   in   so  many  ways.   In   true  Sharjah   English   School   style   she   was   given   an   assembly  =illed  with   song,  music  and  laughter.  We   wish  her  all  the   best   as  she   embarks   on   her   new   venture   in   Switzerland.  Goodbye   and   Good   Luck   Daniela.  Please   don’t   forget  to  keep  in  touch.  Your  efforts  were  truly  appreciated. It   is  with   pleasure,  however,   that   we   welcome   Mrs.   Helen   du   Preez  as   her   replacement.  We   wish   her   an   extremely  happy  tenure   and   I   know   everyone   will  help   her   settle   into  her   new   role.   Another  bumper  issue……….ENJOY!

Miss Jenefer  Race  -­‐  Primary  Headteacher

Year 6  Non-­‐  Skiers This  year  we  had  13  pupils  who   did  not   go   on  the  ski   trip.   During   the  week   they   worked  on  a   project   about   sea   creatures   and   how   they   are   adapted   to   their   underwater   life.   The   pupils   worked  in  small  groups  to  research  their  chosen  creatures.  We  visited   the   Dubai  Dolphinarium   and   saw   for   ourselves   how   the   dolphins  and   seals   were   comfortable   both   in   and   out   of   the   water.  Using  the  internet  and  books  from  the  library  pupils  produced  an  information  fact  sheet   to  include  in  their  display,  which  is  currently  on  show  in  the  Primary  entrance  area. It  is   all  their  own  work,  including  selecting  the  materials,  putting  up  the  backing  paper,  cutting   the  lettering,  edging  the  board   and  making  the   giant  =ish.  Please  take  the  time  to  come  and  look   at  it.  I  hope  that  you  agree  that  they  should  be  proud  of  their  accomplishments. The   pupils  also  accompanied  those  from  Year  5  on  a  visit   to  the  Emirates  Festival  of  Literature,   where  they  listened   to  advice   from  Morris  Gleitzman   on  how  best  to  start  their  stories.  He  felt   that,   based   on   their   contributions,   there   were   several   budding   authors   in   the   audience.   We   were   lucky  enough   to  have   2   books  signed   by  Morris  and  these   were   awarded   to  one   Year   5   and  one  Year  6  pupil.   On  Thursday,  all  the  Year  6  pupils  were  involved  with  the  athletics  meeting.  We  were  delighted   that   Sharjah  English   School  was   the   overall   winner.  All   the   pupils  involved,  still  =lushed   with   success  and  exertion,  brought  the  winning  cup  to  our  Primary  assembly  to  share  their  news.


News from the Primary School Sharjah National Park On Thursday 27th January the Foundation Department enjoyed a trip to the Sharjah National Park. Children were encouraged to look at and listen for wild life as well as to respect the environment. As you can see from the photographs the children also spent time on everything from the swings, to the see-saws, to the climbing frames, to the great big slide, to the parachute! Great fun was had by all.


News from the Primary School Flea Market This  year,  the  Primary  Children’s  Flea  Market  was   held   on  Thursday  3rd  March   in  the  primary   central   area.     This   is   the  opportunity  for   pupils  to   sell   on  their  unwanted   toys   and  games   and  there  were  lots  to  choose  from.   There  were  over  20   stalls  of  assorted   goodies  and   keen   bargaining   could   be   heard   all   around   the   market.   Many   of   the   stall   holders   decided   to   spend  their  hard  won   cash  on  bargains  from  other  stalls,   so  some  went  home  with  as  many   items  as  they  brought  –  just  a  different  assortment  of  goods! The   overwhelming   consensus   from   both   buyers   and   sellers   was   that   the   event   was   a   success.


News from the Primary School

International Assembly The   Parent   Support   Group   held   their   annual   International   Picnic   on   Thursday   February   10   and   many  of  the  pupils  took  the  opportunity  to  wear   their   national  dress  to  school.  During  our  assembly,   each   year   group   was  invited   onto  the  stage  so  that  everyone  could   see   the  clothing   and  hear  where   the  costumes  originated.    We  have  a   very  large   number  of  different  nationalities   represented  in  the   school  and   I  am   sure   that   you  will  agree,   after   viewing   the   photographs,   that   the   pupils  were   very   proud  to  have  the  opportunity  to  wear  their  costumes.   7

News from the Primary School Mango Tree Visit Year 4  were  invited  recently  to  visit  the  Mango  Tree  Restaurant  in  Mirdif  City  Centre.   We   were   greeted   and   taught   various   phrases   in   Thai   before   mee?ng   the   key   staff   of   the   restaurant.   Following   this,  the   children   learned  about   the   herbs  and  spices  used   in  cooking  and   their  nutri?onal  and  medicinal  quali?es.  They  were  taught  about  safe  storage   and  prepara?on  of   food. Ac?vi?es  included  visi?ng  a  working  kitchen,  weighing  of  noodles,  making  banana  smoothies  and   juices  and  tas?ng  the  various  Thai  dips  used  in  the  restaurant.  A  highlight  was  experiencing  a  visit   into  the  freezer!! Everyone  was  then  fed  with  delicious  Thai  food,  played  games  and  then   was  presented  with  giKs.   It  was  a  marvelous  experience  and  we  all  learned  many  new  things.


News from the Primary School Once again, the discos proved a big hit amongst the KS2 children and, as you will see from the photos, there were some fantastic 80’s costumes. The Year 3 children shared their thoughts about the disco….. Do we really have to wait another year before the next disco?!

Eating yummy pizza.

Partying with our friends – what fun!

DJ Gill was awesome!!!

The parade where each class battled to be the best group of dancers was great fun.

We enjoyed dancing with our friends and showing off our funky moves!

The DJ played some great songs and created a great party atmosphere.

The newspaper game was also enjoyed. A game of balance, teamwork and co-ordination!


We loved dressing up in 80's fancy dress and wearing our own clothes.

We really enjoyed playing the games, including ‘stations’ where we had to run to the 80's icons who were Adam Ant, Madonna, Ba Baracus and Michael Jackson (DJ Gill then called out a name and we were out if we were on that station).

News from the Primary School Primary Ski Trip On the   5th   of   March,   Year   6   left   for   the   annual  ski  trip  to  Morgin,  Switzerland.   After   a   long   day,   including   an   overnight   =light   and   several   coach   journeys,   we   =inally   arrived   at   our   destination.  Morgin   is  a  small  but  beautiful   village,  high  in  the   Swiss   Alps.   Its   people   are   warm   and   friendly,   and   help   make   it   a   wonderful   place  for  a  ski  trip. We   were   extremely   lucky   with   the   weather   –  the   sun   shone   brightly   for   the   entire   period   we   were   there.   We   were   also   fortunate   that   there   was   plenty   of   snow   on   the   mountain,   despite   the   over   all  lack  of  snow  in  Europe  this  season. The   children   had   a   great   time   throwing   snowballs   at   the   teachers,   sledging   and,   most   importantly,   learning   to   ski.   They   were   also   able   to   brush   up   on   their   French,   by   taking   some   extra   French   lessons  with   some  of  the  local  people.  The   children   were   expected   to   make   their   own   sandwiches  for   lunch   and   even   had   the   experience   of   cooking   their   own   dinner.   Even   more   surprising,  was   that   all  of  the   children   were   able   to   keep   their   bedrooms   tidy,   with   Jumana   and   Eloise   coming   out   as   winners   in   the   tidy   bedroom  competition.   All  in   all   it   has   been   an   exceptional   trip.   The   children   were   once   again   a   credit   to   the   school.   Many   thanks   to   everyone   involved   especially   to   Mrs.   Stedman   for   organising  another  successful  adventure. Mr.  K.  Smithard


News from the Primary School Primary Ski Trip The ski  trip  leK   S.E.S   on  Friday  night,   traveling   on   bus  to   the   Abu   Dhabi   airport.   When  we  arrived  at   Geneva,   we  took   another  bus  to  Morgin;  we   unpacked  and   went   to  get   our   equipment.   While   we   were   wai?ng,   we   had  a  snowball  fight.   When  we   were   skiing,   everybody  wiped  out   in   our  group   except   me   and   Luke.   Our   skiing  instructor  was  brilliant.  His  name  was  Rich.  He  taught  us  how  to  turn  and  stop.   We   also  went   sledging.  It   was  amazing!   I  threw   snowballs   at   people   who   were   sledging  past   me.   Griff,   Luke  and  Sami  almost  hit  the  fence  because  they  didn’t  jump  off  in  ?me  and  went  too  far  down. My  favourite  thing  was  when  we  skied  to  the  border  of  France.  It  was  a  long  way  but  worth  it!         Ma#hew  Bates  6KS

All the  year  sixes  were  buzzing  with  excitement  as  Mrs.  Stedman  announced  that  it  was  ?me  to  take  the   bus  to  the  Abu  Dhabi.  The  bus  was  a  whole  lot  bigger  than  the  ones  we  had  in  school.  It  was  a  two  hour   drive  to  the  Abu  Dhabi  airport.  Surprisingly,  no  one  fell  asleep  on  the  bus  which  didn’t  come  as  a   surprise  to  Mr.  Smithard.  Once  we  arrived  at  the  airport,  we  got  our  luggage  checked  and  headed  for   the  gate. Once  we  were  on  the  flight  we  swapped  seats  and  sat  next  to  our  friends.  At  this  point,  everyone  fell   asleep.  We  arrived  at  Geneva  on  the  5th  and  took  a  coach  to  Morgins.  It  was  cold  and  blankets  of  snow   covered  the  paths.  We  stopped  at  a  liXle  shopping  mall  to  get  something  to  eat  and  then  we  were  back   on  the  road.  Finally,  we  arrived  at  the  chalet  -­‐  we  relaxed  and  got  our  bags  sorted.  It  really  felt  like   home. The  next  day  was  ?ring  as  we  had  skiing  lessons  on  the  mountains.  Our  instructor’s  names  were  Rich,   Ross  and  Ginny.  They  got  us  skiing  very  well  and  by  the  end  of  the  week,  we  were  skiing  down  the   mountain.  On  Monday,  Tuesday  and  Wednesday  we  had  French  lessons.  The  teachers  were  kind,  pa?ent   and  fun.  It  was  a  pleasure  having  them  as  teachers  for  two  hours.  The  food  was  delicious,  freshly  cooked   by  the  chalet  staff.  In  the  morning  when  we  were  going  on  the  chairliK,  everyone  was  having  a  good   ?me.  While  skiing,  there  were  hilarious  wipeouts  performed  by  Mr.  Smithard. It  was  only  a  seven  day  trip  and  at  the  end  of  it,  everyone  wanted  to  stay  longer.  Even  then,  it  was   amazing  and  everyone  had  a  great  ?me.

Sakina Suryry


News from the Primary School SCIENTISTS FOR A DAY! This term,  KS2  were   lucky   to  experience   a   taste   of   being   “Secondary  Scientists”  for  the   day!     The   labs  in   the   secondary  school  opened   their   doors   to  the   eager   Primary   pupils   and   there   was  much  excitement,  as  each  class  made  their  way  into  territories  new. Year   3   children   investigated  the  properties  of  magnets  and  extended   their  knowledge   of  this   area  of  the  curriculum.  Next  it   was  the   turn  of   Year   4,  who  successfully  separated  liquids  and   solids  using   several  of  the   processes   they   had   learned  about   during   science   last   term.   Once   Year   5  had  been  divided  into  three  groups,  they  investigated  the  functions  of  human  organs,  in   particular   the   lung.   Finally,   Year   6   had   the   opportunity  to   test   the   acidity   and   alkalinity   of   various  solutions,  using  red  cabbage  as  a  natural  indicator  of  pH. It   was  a   ful=illing  learning   opportunity  and   the  Primary  children   were   grateful  to  the   science   staff  for  organizing  such  an  interesting   event,   to  further  reinforce   their  learning  and  scienti=ic   thought.


News from the Primary School


News from the Secondary School KS3 Climbing Club This is the second term that SES has run the KS3 Climbing Club as an activity. Since being introduced by Mr. Fenn, the club has been a great success. In the previous term, we learned to climb to a greater extent and belay. The climbing wall at Midriff is brilliant and gives quite a realistic and unique feeling of real climbing. Some of the participants have excelled in climbing and have completed most of the hardest walls already. The staff at Midriff City Center are brilliant and know exactly what they are doing. Adam Bates 9RF


News from the Secondary School British Embassy  Visit  :  Mandy  Smith Mandy  Smith,   the  Vice  Consul   for   Assistance  at  the   British   Embassy   in  Dubai,  visited  the  school  on   March   13th   for   a   series   of   talks.   She   spoke  to   groups   of   students   from  Year  9   upwards   about  the   various   dangers   and   hazards   of   falling   foul   of   UAE  laws   in  relation   to   drugs,   alcohol   and   personal   relationships.   With   plenty   of   anecdotal   evidence   to   draw   on,   she   gave   the   students   much   to   consider,   and   outlined  the  dangers  of   complacency  and  carelessness  in  this  respect.  She  also  outlined   the  limits   of   what   the   embassy   can   assist  with   when  a   British   national   does   get  into   trouble.   For  many   of   the   students  the   information   will  have   been  quite  a   revelation,  but  the   meetings   (part  of   a   series   that   Mandy  is  doing  with  UAE  schools)  have  tackled   important  and  necessary   issues  which  should  ensure   our  students’  continued  safety  and   security;  it’s  all  an  important  part  of  helping  them  negotiate  the   difficult  process  of  growing  up!

Year 9  Design  and  Technology  electronics  project Dr.  Mahmoud  Al-­‐Qutayri  of  Khalifa  University  –  Thank  You!   We   owe   a   huge   thank   you   to   Dr.   Al-­‐Qutayri,   one   of   our   secondary   parents,     and  to   Khalifa   University,   for  etching  the   printed   circuit   boards   (PCBs)   needed   to   complete   a   Year   9   Design  and  Technology  electronics  project.   The   students   have   been   working   hard   drilling   and   soldering   alarm   circuits   to   put  inside  a   casing  which  they   have  vacuum   formed.   They   have   shown   some   great   initiative   with   an   interesting  range  of  original  designs.   The   circuits   have   proven   to   be   a   very   successful   and   challenging  project   for  the   Year  9  students   and  their  soldering   skills  have  had  to  be  very  accurate.


News from the Secondary School Business Studies  Trip On  Monday  February   14th  all  GCSE   Business  Studies  students  were   given   the  opportunity  to   aXend   a  speech  in  the  Women’s  College  in   Dubai  by  an   eminent  scien?st  from  the  space  agency,  NASA.   The  talk  was  en?tled  “An  Astronomical  Journey:  From  Shiraz  to  Mars”,  and   Dr  Firouz  Naderi,  spoke  to  us  about   scien?fic  discoveries,  crea?ve  thinking,   thinking   big   and   following   your   dreams  and   ambi?ons  in   life.   Dr   Naderi   spoke   a  lot   about   the   planet   earth,   the   stars  and  the   likelihood   of   there   being   life   on   Mars.   What   interested   us  most   was  the   way   he   related  his   experience  and  ideas  to  business.   For   all   Business   Studies   GCSE   students   it   was   a   great   experience,   as   it   enabled   us   to   understand   a   liXle   bit   more   about   astronomy   and   how   people  with  dreams  can  end  up  experiencing  great  things.  He  spoke  about   Dubai’s  interest   in   young   enterprise   ideas  and  the   challenges  of   modern   life. I  know   I  speak   for  us  all  when  I  say  that  that  this  speech  was  definitely  very   helpful,  where   we  learned   much  both  about   science  and  also  the  business  world.  Thank  you  to  the  teachers  who  organized  the  trip   and  to  the  teachers  who  came  along  to  supervise. Gabriella  Toledo  (10YA)  


News from the Secondary School LES SANDWICHS DE 8SM! Year 8 have been learning about ordering food and drinks in cafes and restaurants in France, so I thought it would be a good idea for them to be on the other side of the counter and to make some sandwiches for themselves, tasty or otherwise. You can see some of the delicacies we enjoyed. La classe 8SM a préparé des sandwichs délicieux. Nous les avons goûtés et heureusement sans avoir mal au ventre ! Bon Appétit !! Mr. Doyle

Two jokes! Q. Why would you never starve if your car broke down in the desert? A. Because of the sand which is there. (sandwiches there!) Q. Why do French people only ever eat one egg? A. Because one egg is un oeuf.


News from the Secondary School Young Musicians of the Gulf Five secondary students – Robyn Boulton, Rosalie Croxford, Georgina Liu, Jennifer Macdonald and Veronica O’Connell – recently traveled to Bahrain to compete in the Young Musicians of the Gulf Competition. This is an annual competition for the very best musicians and singers from all around the region so the standard is extremely high. All five students took part in the vocal ensemble competition, and Robyn, Rosalie and Veronica also completed in the vocal solo section. The judges made very complimentary comments about the SES contribution, and Robyn Boulton did very well to make it to the quarter finals. Many thanks to St. Christopher’s School for hosting the competition, and of course to our school singing teacher Mrs. Lis for preparing the students. Mr. Powell


News from the Secondary School Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Year 7 Trip to Meet Author, Eoin Colfer The annual EAFL (Emirates Airline Festival of Literature) includes ‘Education Day’, where the Festival organisers invite schools to meet and have sessions with some of the visiting writers. SES was fortunate to procure tickets for the Year 7s to meet with the popular Irish children’s novelist Eoin Colfer. He is best known for his ‘Artemis Fowl’ books, a fantasy series involving the teenage criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl II. The protagonist is an Irish child prodigy who takes charge of rebuilding his family fortune following the disappearance of his father. Colfer describes these books as "Die Hard with fairies". With great excitement and copies of Colfer’s books in hand for signing by the author, the Year 7s and accompanying teachers, arrived at the theatre of the Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association (DCSA), Al Mamzar, at noon of Wednesday 9th March. There were many other schools and students present, which created some chaos to begin with. However, the organisers particularly commented on the excellent behaviour of SES’s Year 7, adding that they wished all schools had as well-behaved students! Eoin Colfer proved to be a highly entertaining and very humorous speaker. He told anecdote after anecdote about his own childhood and how these incidents inspired many of the characters, events and themes he has included in his writing. The audience were quite literally rolling off their seats in laughter. During the questions session following his presentation, Saif Al-issa in 7SO, was chosen to ask his question of Mr. Colfer which was, “When did you get your idea to write your first book?” Mr Colfer replied that this was an excellent question, and described how his first book, ‘Benny and Omar,’ was inspired by the years he in lived in Tunisia near to an orphanage. The students who had books for Eoin Colfer to sign, were able to meet with him and had a brief personal chat. Many thanks to Emirates Airline Festival of Literature for a stimulating few hours, and to Sarah Lawrance of the Education Day team for providing the tickets.


News from the Secondary School Attack of the Clones at SES! Year 10 have been taking cuttings from Pelargonium plants to make clones of them as part of their Biology GCSE. Students have also taken a keen interest in looking after their clones which will contribute to their knowledge and understanding of providing the best possible growing conditions. The plants' progress will be followed by the students throughout the year and used in practical work during future topics such as photosynthesis.


News from the Secondary School YEAR 9  ARABIC  AND  ISLAMIC  STUDIES In  Arabic  lessons  over  the   last  two   weeks   my  Year   9   class   and   I  have   been  working  on   a   book   about  what   we   were  learning  in  Arabic.  We  have  been  learning  about  a   girl  that   faces  her   fears.   Mrs.   Maha   showed   us   pictures   and   text   of   a   cartoon   using   a   PowerPoint   presentation.   We   started   making  our  books   after  that.  In   our  books   we  had   to  have  drawings   of  the  girl   and  her   fears,  and  a  sentence  in  Arabic   explaining  what  is  happening.  Our  drawing  could  be  made  in  our   own   drawing   style.   At   the   end   Mrs.   Maha   checked   our   books   to   make   sure   we   had   written   everything  correctly,  we  coloured  them,   and   then  she  put   them   on  the  wall  with   all   the  other   books.   It  was   an  interesting  and   fun  two  weeks  making  a  book   about  our  work.  It  makes  it  easier  for  us   to  learn   Arabic  and  it  made  it  a  lot  more  enjoyable.  We  all  looked   at  each  other’s  stories  and  tried   to  help   each  other,   telling   everyone   how   to  improve.  The  stories   helped  us  learn  new  words   in   the  Arabic  language. Patrick  Smith  9CS  

A Movie  about  Islam On  the  Prophet’s  birthday  we  watched  a  movie  about  Prophet  Mohammed  (Peace  and  Blessings   be  upon   him).  This   movie  was   put  on  for  us   because  it  was   the  Prophet’s   Birthday.  The   movie   taught  all   of  us  in   S.E.S  a  lot  more  about  the  Islamic  religion.  I  have  learnt  a  lot  more  about  Islam     and   how  it   started.   I  understand  more   about  the  Islamic  culture  and  what   their  lifestyles  were   like   in   the  past.   We  enjoyed   the   movie   a   lot   and  we  had   the  chance  to   ask   the   teacher  about   misconceptions. Patrick  Smith  9CS  


News from the Secondary School Geography - Making River Basins I had a lot of fun while working on my river basin model. I also learned a lot of things that go on in the river process like how a waterfall forms and about deposition, transportation and erosion. A river basin starts with the source. This is normally a mountain or glacier. A small trickle of water starts to fall down a steep slope when the lake on the mountain overflows. There are normally more than one mountain and several little rivers which eventually join together and form a mini river. This is called a confluence. Along the way, little rivers called tributaries join on to the main river. Then it comes to a waterfall. The flowing water falls on soft rock, after a while it wears it away and hard rock from the top of the waterfall falls on the soft rock, as the hard rock falls from the top, it leaves a dent and the water wears this away, thus pushing the waterfall back. After that, the river can form meanders and sometimes an ox-bow lake. An oxbow lake is formed by deposition and erosion from a meander. Lastly, the mouth is where the river enters the sea or ocean. On our model we had to place and mark the watershed to separate one drainage basin from the next.

Amaani Yr7


News from the Secondary School Volcanoes The Year 9 geographers have been studying tectonics and one of their tasks was to build a replica volcano that erupted like the real thing. There were various eruption techniques used such as baking powder and vinegar, Diet Coke and Mentos, and blown talcum powder. But my personal favorite for imagination and technicality was the underwater volcano which used oil, citric acid baking powder and food colouring. Each group also prepared a presentation and poster explaining where the volcano was, why it erupted and the damage it caused.


News from the Secondary School Year 12 Geography Fieldwork On the  15th  of  March  2011,  our  Year  12  Geography  class   went  to  the  Central  Souk  in  Abu  Dhabi   to   undertake   an   investigation   on   how   the   Central   Souk   had   been   re-­‐imaged   by   Abu   Dhabi   construction   company   Aldar.   We   were   given   a   detailed   presentation   by  the   Project   Manager,   Patrick  Bell,   who  talked   about   why  and   how   they  have   been   re-­‐imaging   the   souk.  We   learned   that   this  project   commenced   due   to   a   =ire   that   had  occurred  in   2003,  and  they  had   decided   to   reinvent   the   place   where   Emiratis   and   tourists   can   still   integrate.     We   also   learned   that   the   whole  project   is  based  on  a   development   plan   initiated   by  the   Abu  Dhabi  UPC  called   Estidama,   which  means  ‘sustainability’  in  Arabic.   Mr.   Bell  then   took   us  on  a  tour   around  and  through  the   construction   site  of  the   souk  where   we   got   the  opportunity  of   going   to  the   82nd  =loor   in  the   residential  tower   called  “The  Domain”.  It  is   the   tallest   building   in   Abu   Dhabi  at   around   382  meters  high.    He   took  us  through   parts  of  the   souk  of  which   had   already   been   constructed   to  help   us  visualize   the   future   of  what   Aldar   and   Abu   Dhabi  envisages  for   the  area.  Not   only  is  the   souk  trying   to  serve  the   community  within  it   but  also  around   it  where   it  will  improve  transport   routes   and   systems.   Overall,  the  Central  Souk   of  Abu   Dhabi  hopes   to  mark  itself   as  a   prestigious  area   similar  to   the   Champs  Elysées  in  Paris,   where   Emiratis,   civilians   and   tourists   can   integrate   with   one   another   and   yet   have   an   area   as   sustainable  as  possible.  The  case  study  will  be  perfect  for  us  to  use  in  summer  AS  examination.  


News from the Secondary School Year 12 Geography Fieldwork The AS  Level  geography  class  also  went  to  the   Dubai  Creek  to  =ind   out   the  ways  in  which  the   Creek   had   been   rebranded  for   our  Year   12   Geography  =ieldwork  on   the   14th   of   March   2011.   First,  we  went   to  the   mouth  of  the   Creek  near  the   Business  Bay   area   to  study  the   rebranded   location  looking  speci=ically  at  the  Dubai   Festival  City.  Then,  we  went   back  down   to  Bastakiya   and  crossed  via  abra  to  the  Spice  Souq.  We  worked  in  100m  grid  squares  and   overall,  we  did  6   sites.  The   main   aim  of   going   to  the   more   modern   Business  Bay   area   compared   to   the   more   cultural   and   traditional   Bur   Dubai/Deira   area   of   the   Creek   was   to   show   the   difference   in   rebranding   strategies   and  to   evaluate  them.   For   example,  we  got   the   opportunity   to  visit  the   Sikka   Art   Fair   which   was  a   vibrant   display  of  both  Emarati  and   local   artists  in   a   traditional   setting.  In  our  course,  we  were   also  required  to  evaluate  our  data  collection  and  presentation   methods.   Therefore,  we   also  took  various  measurements   such   as  the   Environmental  Quality   Index   (EQI)   and   Pedestrian/Traf=ic   count.   We   also   took   questionnaires   to   gather   more   opinions   from   members   of   the   public   about   the   rebranding   strategies.   Overall,   it   was   a   successful  and  enjoyable  trip!   Stephanie  Liwo,  Aakanksha  John  and  Angharad  Morgan  -­‐  Year  12


News from the Secondary School secondary Ski Trip The weather  and  snow  condi?ons  were   nearly  perfect  throughout  the  recent  Secondary  ski  trip.  Lots   of  exci?ng  runs  on  pris?ne,  sparkly  snow  in  La  Tzoumaz,  Swizerland. The   ski  blog,   hXp://,   followed   avidly   by   the   parents   and   fellow   students   alike,  made   reference   to  blue   runs,   180s,   S   turns,  face  plan2ng   and  other  arcane   terminology  –  but   what  it  all  meant   was  people  were  having  a  great  ?me.  There  were   also  the  evening  fondues,  dancing   and  charades  to  entertain  students  aKer  a  hard  day  on  the  slopes.   Fun   and   falls  a   plenty   –   and   surprisingly   only   one   broken   bone,   which   allowed   Ivy   celebrate   her   birthday  in  a  cast.   Many   thanks  to   Mr.   Rees   for  the   organiza?on   and   to  Miss  McNulty   for  the   entertainment.   Thanks   also   to   everyone   for   bringing   back   the   delicious  Swiss  chocolate   for  the   unfortunate   students  and   staff  who  got  leK  behind.  


News from the Secondary School secondary Ski Trip


News from the Secondary School International Award 2011 International Award celebrates the contribution young people can make to the world and we at Sharjah English School are very proud of our students’ involvement and commitment within the school and the local community. Each student on the award programme carries out a service in the community for a minimum period of three months to gain their Bronze, six months for Silver and one year for Gold Award. This year we have thirty students on the Bronze programme and eight students working hard to achieve their Silver. We also have some students working towards their Gold. The combined impact of their voluntary efforts within our school and local community is considerable. Voluntary fund-raising, tree planting and first aid support are just some of the areas where the students have made a contribution this term.. The Award also introduces young people to new activities, helps them to meet new people, explore unusual environments and learn new skills. I have been most impressed with the range of skills our students have chosen and in the way it has transformed their world view and their potential. Team work and taking part in adventurous overnight journeys are also part of the Award and this year we have had an exciting time. Eight teams took part in the assessed expedition in January in Masafi. The daytime temperatures in the mountains were ideal for trekking but the nights were cooler and the students enjoyed the campfire, the toasted marshmallows and the opportunity to socialise at the end of the day. Congratulations to all the teams. Well done guys! Miss Byrne




News from the Secondary School






YA3NI 29

News from the Secondary School Year 10  Mathema5cs  Challenge  -­‐  3rd  February I  am  pleased  to  report  that  ten  Year  10  students  par3cipated  in  the  United  Kingdom  Mathema3cs  Trust   Challenge.  This  compe33on  is  aimed  at  the  top  third  of  pupils  in  Key  Stage  4.  The  challenge  involved   answering  25  mul3ple  choice  ques3ons  in  one  hour  under  normal  exam  condi3ons.     It  is  my  pleasure  to  report  that  ninety  percent  of  the  par3cipants  from  SES  achieved  a  cer3ficate.  The  results   are  as  follows: GOLD



Madzhan Kabduakhitov

Zoran  Gajic

Soyeon Lee

Tim Blackman

Hijira Habeeb

Hyung Kim

Ankara Angell

Keah Challenor

Marya Jawwad

Madzhan’s performance  in  this  compe33on  merited  an  invita3on  to  par3cipate  in  the  follow  up  round  on  17th   March.     Well  done  to  all  the  par3cipants!

World Maths  Day  -­‐  1st  March This  is   an   online  interna3onal  mathema3cs   compe33on.     Students  played  at   home  and   at  school  against   other   students  around  the   world   in   live   games   of   mental   arithme3c.   Each   game   lasted   for   60   seconds   and   students  can  play   up  to  100   games,   earning   points  for  their  personal  tally.   During   the   compe33on   senior   school   students   answered   a   total   of   94,669   problems  correctly  -­‐  a  phenomenal  effort! Our   ten   highest   scorers   in   the   48   hours   window  are  as  follows: Congratula3ons  to  all  the  par3cipants!

TOP TEN STUDENTS 1 Kerem Kanoglu 2 Siobhan  D'Almeida 3 Veronica  O'Connell 4 Katya  Sheth 5 Jia  Bo-­‐Kang 6 Vedant  Kumar 7 Nour  Ghosn 8 Thomas  Le-­‐Seelleur 9 Oliver  Coeam 10 Safiya  Amanulla


News from the Secondary School Mathema5cs Pi  (        )Day  -­‐  March  14th It  is  not  ofen  that  I  encourage  students  to  watch  the  clock  3cking  during  a  lesson  but  on   March  14th  senior  school  students  did  precisely  this  to  celebrate  Pi  (            )  day. On  this  day  mathema3cs  enthusiasts  celebrate  this  constant  which  is  defined  as  the  ra3o  of   the  circumference  of  a  circle  divided  by  its  diameter.            is  approximately    3.141592654……… So  March  14th  1:59:26  pm  (3.1415926)  happens  to  be  celebrated  as              day  and  the  event  also  provides   another  way  to  remember              to  seven  decimal  places. 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 8214808651 3282306647 0938446095 5058223172 5359408128 4811174502 8410270193 8521105559 6446229489 5493038196 4428810975 6659334461 2847564823 3786783165 2712019091 4564856692 3460348610 4543266482 1339360726 0249141273 7245870066 0631558817 4881520920 9628292540 9171536436 7892590360 0113305305 4882046652 1384146951 9415116094 3305727036 5759591953 0921861173 8193261179 3105118548 0744623799 6274956735 1885752724 8912279381 8301194912 9833673362 4406566430 8602139494 6395224737 1907021798 6094370277 0539217176 2931767523 8467481846 7669405132 0005681271 4526356082 7785771342 7577896091 7363717872 1468440901 2249534301 4654958537 1050792279 6892589235 4201995611 2129021960 8640344181 5981362977 4771309960 5187072113 4999999837 2978049951 0597317328 1609631859 5024459455 3469083026 4252230825 3344685035 2619311881 7101000313 7838752886 5875332083 8142061717 7669147303 5982534904 2875546873 1159562863 8823537875 9375195778 1857780532 1712268066 1300192787 6611195909 2164201989 3809525720 1065485863 2788659361 5338182796 8230301952 0353018529 6899577362 2599413891 2497217752 8347913151 5574857242 4541506959

An estimate of π accurate to 1120 decimal digits

Forthcoming Event  -­‐  6th  May  2011   Year  8  Mathema5cs  Challenge 31

News from the Secondary School Every year The Battle of the Bands of the Bands is an enjoyable yet stressful time for those involved. The amount of hard work put in by a variety of people is phenomenal; for example, Stephen Hennessy, who although he only performed for Burton, was involved in every single song performed that day. Many positive comments were made after the show by judges, parents and guests, as everyone was amazed at how much the competition had grown this year. Unfortunately this year I did not perform in the Lawrence band, as I have been doing since the very first competition. However I was still heavily involved in the 'making of’ the Lawrence band alongside Mintaka, as well as taking a backstage role by helping out in the projection room doing the backdrops and sometimes helping Ted Dunin with the lighting. Although Doughty won (beating the undefeated Battle of the Band champions - Burton!), everyone performed their hearts out, ensuring an amazing show for the whole student body. I can't wait to see how Battle of the Bands expands and grows next year! Yiota Cornelisse I’ve been participating in the Battle of the Bands since the first competition, and every year it just seems to get better. This time was no exception. I’m so glad I got the chance to work with so many talented people in all the bands – I couldn’t be prouder of how fantastic everyone sounded.

Seeing everyone perform amazes me. They're just kids up there, playing like they're in professional bands.

This is my last year at SES and the Battle will be one of the things I miss the most when I leave. The dedication and enthusiasm that everyone participating shows makes it the highlight of the school year. I also sincerely look forward to hearing that Lawrence wins next year. Mintaka Angell, Head Girl

Mr. Rees, Head of KS4

This year’s battle of the bands was one of the best competitions we've had yet, and all the hard work put in by everyone definitely showed, making it a memorable last battle of the bands for me. Next year should be just as close and interesting if not even more so. Stephen Hennessey 32

News from the Secondary School I've been in 3 Battle of the Bands competitions with Doughty before, and it was wonderful to see how much they'd developed in both confidence and talent! They definitely deserved to win, but the other bands were great too, and watching BOTB actually made me miss SES! It's nice to see that my trend of ridiculous socks has continued.

A thrilling experience and I'm so glad to be part of it. The enthusiasm I see in people’s eyes... It's simply great. It just makes me sad that I can no longer participate in such a magnificent event. Chanku Lee

Jinan Golley, ex-SES student The level of talent in the competition this year was extremely impressive, with some performers really pushing the limits of what they were capable of. I was really happy to see them stretching themselves and not playing it safe. It all came together on the day and the show completely blew me away; it was much better than either of the dress rehearsals. My own personal highlights was hearing Caitlin sing loud and clear for the first time ever, Sam finally pulling off the guitar solo in Stone Sour, Chan not missing a beat in the Arctic Monkeys tune, and Steph blowing the lid off the hall with the Madonna number at the end. I look forward to having it in our very own auditorium next year. Mr. Albasri

I thought this battle of the bands would be just like every other but it wasn't. My favourite part was all the rehearsals. Hearing the others’ talent and trying to compete against them made things more exciting. It was a big step from the Wanderers stage into the AUS auditorium which made everything more nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, when we went out there I forgot about the nerves and completely owned the stage. It was the best feeling in the world seeing the crowd enjoy themselves and have my band, my friends behind me. I felt like a different person. I also loved our 'ridiculous' style for costume! When we had won none of us could believe it and I think everybody was over the moon! It was really enjoyable and I hope Doughty will win again next year! Robyn Boulton

More photos of the 2011 Battle Of The Bands can be found at:

Password: battle


Whole School News and Information A Note from our Nurses Please do not send your child to school if they are showing any signs of sickness. Please help the medical team keep Sharjah English School as germ free as possible by following these guidelines. Kind Regards, Mary Smythe and Marlene Matinong School Nurses

GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING SICK CHILDREN HOME FROM SCHOOL The following guidelines may be helpful for you when making the decision to send your child to school or to keep them at home. Please keep your child at home from school if he or she: •

Has been vomiting or had diarrhoea during the night. Your child should not return to school until 24 hours since their last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea.

Has a cold with fever, sneezing or coughing and a persistent runny nose

Has an oral temp of 38 degrees or higher. Your child should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. (Without taking fever reducing medicine).

Has a severe sore throat.

Has a pink bloodshot eye with yellow or green discharge.

Has just begun antibiotics. Any child with a contagious condition such as strep throat, must be taking the medication for 24 hours before returning to school

Have lice or nits. Until treated and free of nits.

Has a rash all over their body. A child with a suspicious rash should only return to school after a diagnosis has been made.

Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school and allows your child to rest and recover.


Whole School News and Information First Aid  Course On  the  24th  of  February  twelve  members  of  SES  staff  updated  their  essential First  Aid  and  Life  Support  skills  in  a  comprehensive  7  hour  workshop.     It   was   arranged   by   school  nurse   Mary   Smythe   and   given   by   Fran   Cole,   a   professional   First   Aid   and   CPR   (cardio-­‐pulmonary   resuscitation)   trainer   from   SLT   Management   Training   Company.    Those  attending  included  the   medical  team   and  members  of  the  PE   department  as  well  as  key  staff  members  involved  in  school  trips  and  outings. The  course  encompassed  =irst  aid  skills,   child  and   adult   CPR,  and   dealing  with  situations   such  as  drowning,  shock  and  choking.     Everyone   was  put   through  their   paces  and  tested   before  receiving  their   certi=icate.    The   hard   work   was   fuelled   by   delicious   home-­‐baked   cupcakes   (thanks   Mary!)   and   other   treats  brought  in  by  the  attending  members  of  staff. Due   to  the  relevance  of  the   course,   another   session   is  being  arranged  for  other  members     staff  that  would  bene=it  from  updating  their  life  support  skills.      


Whole School News and Information New Appointments Mrs. Thaira Mohamad Ali joined the teaching staff in February to take Primary Arabic and Islamic Studies. Mrs. Helen du Preez has started work in the Primary as PA to Miss Jenefer Race, replacing Mrs. Daniela Walker. I am sure many parents have encountered our new staff already and will join me in welcoming them into the SES family.

Charity Efforts  

We strive   to   make   our   children   world   ci3zens,   encouraging   them   to   appreciate  the   many   advantages  they   have  compared   to  many   others,   to   be  responsive  and  proac3ve  whenever   and  wherever  help  is  needed.   The  whole  school  popula3on,  staff,  pupils  and  parents,   were  shocked  by  the  recent   earthquakes  in  both  New   Zealand  and  more  recently  in  Japan  and  wanted  to  do  something  tangible  to  show  our  concern  and  support.   Something  quick,  easy  but  effec3ve  was  needed  to   raise  much  needed  relief  funding  and  so  we  went   with   a   Red/Black   Non-­‐Uniform   Day   which   the   children   and   staff   greatly   enjoyed   and   to   which   you   contributed   the   amazing   sum   of   8,000   d i r h a m s !   A s   u s u a l   y o u r   g e n e r o s i t y   i s   overwhelming. Afer   the   even   more   horrific   events  unfolded   in   Japan   we  decided   to  do  a  similar   fundraiser   held   on  the  22nd  of  March  and  which  raised  over  10,000   dirhams. So,   hats   off   to   our   interna3onal   school   community…  for  your  enthusiasm  and  caring.      

The Humanitarian Crisis in Libya Parents or students who wish to make a donation to humanitarian and medical relief efforts in Libya may do so by either making an online contribution to: or by making a donation at Secondary Reception, where badges are available for donors.

Maths Problem Of The Month Answer to last month’s problem Only 10%  of  the  teddies  lost  all  four.

March’s Problem A  frac5on  of  Pythagoras If  you  work  out  1/3  +  1/4  ,  you  will  get  8/15. The  two  parts  of  this  frac?on  form  the  two  smallest  numbers  in  a  Pythagorean  triple. i.e.  82    +  152  =172 Try  another  pair  of  frac?ons  with  consecu?ve  odd  numbers  as  their  denominators. Does  it  work  again? Explain  why? The answer will appear in the next issue of the newsletter. 36

Dates For Your Diary April 2011 Sunday  17th  

First day  of  Term  3

Wednesday 20th  -­‐  Thursday  21st  

AS and  A2  Art  examinations

Sunday 24th  -­‐  Thursday  28th  

Year 10  Work  experience

Sunday 24th  -­‐  Monday  25th  

Year 11  Art  examinations

May 2011 Sunday  1st  

Year 12  and  13  Monitoring  reports  issued

Wednesday 4th  

Year 7  Parent/Teacher  meeting

Wednesday 4th  

Year 12  Parent/Teacher  meeting  by  invitation

Wednesday 11th  -­‐  Monday  16th

RBSM Music  examinations

Thursday 12th  

GCSE Presentations/Prize  Day/Graduation  Ceremony

Sunday 15th  

Year 12  and  13  Study  leave  starts

Monday 16th  

Years 7  to  11  Monitoring  reports  issued

Sunday 22nd

Year 11  Study  leave  starts

Monday 23rd  -­‐  Thursday  26th

Years 7  to  10  End  of  year  examinations

Sunday 29th  

Half Term  Break

Monday 30th  -­‐  Tuesday  31st

Year 10  Art  examination June  2011

Monday 5th  -­‐  Thursday  9th  

Year 9  SATs  examinations

Sunday 12th  

A2 lessons  start

Wednesday 15th

Secondary Music/Drama/Art  display  show

Sunday 19th  

UCAS Presentation  Evening  -­‐  Year  12  at  7pm

Wednesday 29th  

Years 7,  8  &  10  full  reports  and  Year  9  end  of  year  reports  issued

Thursday 30th  

Last day  of  Term  3


Don ’t fo r ge we t  to bsit  che e  fo ck  t r  th upd he   e  w ate sch eek s  an ool ly  b d  fu   u rth lle5 er  i n  fo nfo r   rma 5on

SES Newsletter - March 2011  

SES Newsletter - March 2011