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Daysi Salinas knows all about personal injuries. Her husband and business partner Salvador was seriously hurt in a work accident several years ago and underwent a total hip replacement when he was only 21 years old. Then, in 2000, tragically coinciding with the birth of their daughter, Salvador’s cousin who was only 18 years of age was paralyzed from the neck down in a very severe auto accident in the Dominican Republic. Because there were not adequate physical therapy services in the D.R., he was rushed to Florida for emergency care. Sadly, he remains quadriplegic. “At the same time as our first child was being born, we were getting the news that this had happened,” Daysi says. Having lived through these experiences -- and with the encouragement of a supportive aunt with three rehbilitation clinics in Miami -- Daysi knew she had found her life’s calling: Helping people who are injured in auto accidents, treating on-the-job injuries and offering care to the elderly, who often have trouble finding respectful, consistent medical treatment. Unlike many therapy clinic offices that only employ a masseuse and sometimes an M.D., Daysi’s staff includes both a licensed physical therapist and a medical doctor. Both attended several years of higher education to obtain their licenses and degrees. Physical Therapist Russell Levy can treat auto injuries, prescribe rehabilitation regimens, treat occupational and repetitious irritations such as carpal tunnel, and help older and geriatric patients regain flexibility and strength. Dr. Erbay, M.D., is in the office every Friday to diagnose and treat the most serious of Daysi’s patients’ cases. Dianne Lowden, Miracle Healing’s representative with Ad-vanced Diagnostics Group, helps with patient X-Rays as well.


OCTOBER | 2008

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James Markham, R.E., C.M.E. James is licensed by the Florida Board of Medicine to practice Electrology and laser hair removal. He is currently on staff at Tampa Laser Touch in Westchase. In 1999, he became one of the first practitioners to use the Candela alexandrite laser for hair removal in Florida. His areas of expertise include laser tattoo removal and facial rejuvination. He finds satisfaction helping patients reach their aesthetic improvement goals. For more information call 813-MY-LASER or visit


oday, we face the reality that two of every three American adults are overweight. This means they weigh 10 percent to 15 percent more than they should for their height. This fact continues to feed a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry. People can join a gym, enroll in a weight loss program, or choose to become more active and reduce food intake. Sometimes, no matter how much you work out or diet, you still have trouble spots. There is a solution tailor-made for the want-it-now society we live in: liposuction. The roots of modern liposuction are traced back to a report written in 1976. From there, many different forms and techniques emerged. The ‘dry technique’ simply used a curette to scrape fat from internal structures before it was removed using a tube attached to a vacuum pump. This crude method, performed under general anesthesia, often resulted in extreme pain, slow healing, bleeding and nerve damage. In the “wet” and “super-wet” techniques, a wetting solution is introduced into the fat layer. The volume of the solution is generally less or equal to the amount of fat to be removed. Then a blunt hollow tube called a cannula is inserted, removing the fat by suction. Although less traumatic to tissue than the dry technique, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation was required. In addition, large-diameter cannulae often were used, requiring larger incisions. These procedures were most often performed in a hospital setting. In 1987 the “tumescent technique” was introduced. To “tumesce” means to swell -and that’s exactly what this method does. A wetting solution introduces an anesthetic to control pain and a medicine to stop bleeding. Nearly three times as much wetting solution is introduced compared to the volume of fat taken out. Fat cells actually swell with fluid, making them bigger targets for the hollow cannula. The next advancement came with Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL). Ultrasound consists of sound waves travelling through liquid at a frequency of 16,000 kilohertz per second. Each cycle pushes and pulls on the fluid and anything within it. UAL begins by introducing standard tumescent fluid into the area through a tiny (4mm) incision. A thin probe is then used to direct ultrasound energy into the fat. It is simplest to imagine intact fat cells as water balloons. When the ultrasound energy is absorbed, the cell membranes rupture and the fat leaks out.

This process completely emulsifies the fat into the wetting solution, creating a mixture with a milkshake-like consistency. This fluid is then easily removed using a standard cannula through the same tiny incision. The most important feature of UAL is the specific frequency of the ultrasound waves, which completely destroy the fat cells while sparing the connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves from damage. The newest and most exciting UAL technique, called Vaser Liposelection®, is performed on an outpatient basis under only local anesthesia. Because of these recent advancements, it is possible to remove stubborn, exercise-resistant fat deposits on almost any part of the body with less risk and minimal downtime.

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For more information about Dr. Nguyen, his clinic and the Ultroid ™ treatment procedure, visit Advanced Hemorrhoid Solutions’ website at or call to schedule a free consultation at 813-920-9799.

By: Terra Walters - RHI

Photo By Romeo Duncombe-Clarke Antonio M., 77, had been suffering from severe hemorrhoids for 50 years before seeking help. He knew that surgery was painful, involved anesthesia and required a long period of bed rest, so he opted to live with his pain and often serious bleeding. One day, at the dentist’s office, Tony picked up a copy of this newspaper and happened to read an article about Dr. Nguyen’s Advanced Hemorrhoid Solutions treatment. It involves no surgery, no anesthesia and it is noninvasive. Intrigued by the explanation of the treatment, Tony decided to make an appointment, hoping that he could finally end his five decades of suffering. After consulting with Dr. Linh Nguyen, who has performed more than 2,000 treatments with the Ultroid ™ device, Tony decided it was time to take the plunge. He understood after talking with the doctor that Ultroid ™ uses electrolysis to shrink the hemorrhoid vein. During this process, water molecules are broken down into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxide (OH-). The hydrogen is released in the form of small gas bubbles during treatment, and the hydroxide combines with sodium (Na+) in the blood, forming sodium hydroxide which targets the hemorrhoid. It is a natural, noninvasive process. After his treatments, Tony was astonished to find that for the first time in ages he had stopped bleeding and was no longer suffering pain and discomfort. “There really was not much pain,” Tony says. “Just a little discomfort. But a few hours after treatment, I was back to normal again – and the bleeding had stopped!”

“There really was not much pain,” Tony says says.. “I was back to normal again.”

Tony was in the waiting room one day and struck up a conversation with a first-time patient. “I told him about the procedure and he said he was really glad he’d talked to me. I recommend Dr. Nguyen with all my heart. This procedure is the only treatment that really works without too much fuss or problems. It is a unique treatment -- and IT WORKS!”

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen or another member of his staff, please contact Advanced Hemorrhoid Solutions at (813) 9209799. You can also visit their website for more information at


OCTOBER | 2008

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from the publisher Corners are not to be cut when it comes to dental care. This month is dental care awareness month, yet for me, it is one of my most important habitual upkeeps. For someone who’s had braces for 7 years, I’ve learned the strict way of keeping these pearly whites clean and straight. In addition to keeping them clean, the Dentist’s responsibility is to detect any irregularities which stand out during a routine exam and can possibly provide an early diagnosis for any abnormal conditions. Your mouth is the crystal ball to your past lifestyle and to your future health. According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, nearly 33 percent of all Floridians do not visit their dentist annually. Don’t take your dentist for granted, he or she might just give you advice that you need which can save your life.


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Everyone knows that dental care is important, but did you know that proper

features 3 Can You Pinch An Inch? 4 Finally, Freedom From Painful Hemorrhoids 6 Gulf Side Center For Hospice Care 10 Get Your Neck Checked! Seemingly minor auto accidents can cause long-term damage 11 Shocking Increases in Obesity for United States Latinos 12 Bunion Relief: Options for Treatment 13 Performing Miracles... One Person at a Time (cover story)

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5 | Publisher’s and Editor’s Note 6 | Everyday Fitness The Haunting Truth About Belly Fat From Stress

and consistent visits to your dentist could help save your life? I was sur-

7 | Health Discoveries

prised to learn how deeply intertwined oral care is with overall general

8-9 | Tribute to Non-Profit (Feature Story) Dental Care A Life Saver?

health, and therefore how important it is that you find a good dentist you trust.

13 | Ask Her Toning Without Bulking Up

In this month’s featured nonprofit article, find out how visiting the dentist twice a year can help prevent and predict serious disease, such as heart failure and diabetes. Also, learn about free bi-monthly dental care for kids and adults in the Tampa Bay area.


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Known as the trainers’ trainer, CarolAnn, has become one of the country’s leading fitness educators. Combining a Master’s degree in Exercise Science with fitness certifications/memberships such as ACSM, ACE, AFAA, LMI and AEA, she has been actively involved in the fitness industry for 19 years. While on her downtime from touring as a national fitness presenter, she teaches group fitness and personal trains at her new group exercise studio, Studio Group X....NOW OPEN. She is the creator and star of The Steel Physique System DVD now available at For more information regarding personal training and group fitness classes by CarolAnn, contact her at or visit

Please direct any questions or comments to Linda L. Ward President and CEO Gulfside Regional Hospice 6117 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey 37826 Sky Ridge Cir., Dade City 1-800-561-4883

By: Ashley Mann

We are excited to announce that Gulfside Regional Hospice will embark on a new journey this fall with construction beginning on our first inpatient care facility in Pasco County. The Gulfside Center for Hospice Care will be a 12-bed, 21,000 square foot hospice residence serving patients and their loved ones from central and east Pasco County. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Oct. 10 at 10:30 a.m. at 5748 Dean Dairy Road in Zephyrhills. For more information about the groundbreaking, please contact Lisa Bricker, Vice-President of Development, at 727-845-5707. The Gulfside Center for Hospice Care will be able to accommodate the highest level of patient care needs and is scheduled to open in 2009. The new Center will continue Gulfside’s tradition of providing a warm, home-like environment for patients and their families, and will be the first hospice facility in Zephyrhills.


t’s time to calm down in order to slim down, says Pamela Peeke, M.D., author of Fight Fat After Forty: The Stress-Fat Connection. If you are exercising and eating properly, but are not managing your stress, you might notice that you are having trouble losing fat around your midsection. Stress can have a significant impact on accumulation of fat in the belly, Dr. Peeke explains. If left

Once construction is completed, 10 of the private rooms will have lake views, and the other two will face their own gardens. Wheelchair-accessible meandering paths will follow the lake, so patients and their loved ones can enjoy covered seating areas, gazebos and a walking path. Inside, the Gulfside Center for Hospice Care will be decorated in a Tuscan theme and will include a salon, massage therapy room, family rooms and children’s play area. The facility will have a town square where families and friends can gather. “Gulfside Regional Hospice looks forward to the opportunity to serve the residents of Pasco County at our new Center,” says Linda L. Ward, President and CEO. “The building is a true community effort.” Gulfside Regional Hospice serves hospice-appropriate patients in Pasco County, regardless of their ability to pay for services. Typically, Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance cover approximately two-thirds of the daily cost of care. With the ongoing threat of federal and state reductions in Medicare and Medicaid, Gulfside’s private sector fundraising effort is critical to the successful construction of its Center for Hospice Care. To learn more, call Lisa Bricker. Gulfside Regional Hospice is a nonprofit, community-based organization providing compassionate, quality care to individuals and their loved ones as they face life-limiting illness and grief. Established in 1988 and initially licensed in 1989, Gulfside Regional Hospice has offices in New Port Richey and Dade City, along with Hospice Houses in downtown New Port Richey, at Sunset Bay in New Port Richey and The Edwinola in Dade City. More than 250 employees and 450 volunteers care for over 400 patients daily. For more information about Gulfside Regional Hospice locations in New Port Richey, Dade City and Zephryhills, call 727-845-5707 or 1-800-561-4883. More details about the hospice can be found online at


unmanaged, many adverse health effects can occur due to midsection fat.

From Stress to Belly Fat

When stress elevates in the body, the adrenal gland releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol helps regulate metabolism and blood pressure. When one experiences stress on an ongoing basis, cortisol stays chronically elevated, adversely affecting every tissue and organ system in the body. In response to elevated cortisol, the liver produces excess glucose (sugar) that the body doesn’t need. In addition, fat in the abdominal region acts and reacts differently form other fat in the body. Abdominal fat has more cortisol receptors; therefore, more fat is deposited within the ab area when one is under a lot of stress.

Toxic Stress Leads to Toxic Weight Struggling with belly fat goes beyond just how you look. Central obesity -- fat around the waist -- is associated with higher rates of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and several types of cancer. In addition, chronically high cortisol levels also kill neurons in the brain and interfere with feel-good neurotransmitters -- such as dopamine and serotonin -- which can lead to depression and more stress. When this occurs, one is more apt to reach for comfort foods containing refined carbohydrates and fat. Ironically, these foods fuel the fat stored deep within the abdominal region, adding to more weight – and additional stress. OCTOBER | 2008

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By Betty Alvarodiaz

Calorie counting has re-emerged as a diet fad be-

Dental Care of the Medically Complex Patient This valuable pocket guide provides instant access to the management of in-hospital dental care and the treatment of medically compromised or special needs dental patients, both inside and outside the hospital. •The pocket-guide format provides instant-access to information on the care of dental patients in the hospital. •Coverage includes information on the outpatient management of medically compromised patients. •Case studies illustrate the optimum management of patients. •A new chapter has been added on maxillofacial prosthetics. •Both US and UK drug names are provided. •Content has been revised and updated throughout.

cause of its ease and availability. Generally, women should eat between 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day, and men should eat between 1,500 and 1,800 calories a day to maintain a good balance between calorie intake and output. Most people try to eat frequent meals, which helps keep up the metabolism and burn

So whether you’re counting calories,

fat. You might think that eating constantly is over-

points or fats and sugars in your daily

whelming, but if you’re eating a well-balanced break-

diet journal, you’re constantly on the

fast, lunch, dinner and two to three snacks a day, it

lookout for simple tools that help keep

really isn’t much of a strain.

all the meals together and on track for you. The following sites provide freedom from the rigorous grind of counting calories yourself.

About the Author Peter Lockhart, DDS, FDS, RCSEd, FDS, RCPS, Chairman, Department of Oral Medicine, Carolinas Medical Centre, Charlotte, NC; John Meechan, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Newcastle Dental School, UK; and June Nunn, Professor of Special Care Dentistry, Department of Public and Child Dental Health, Dental School, Dublin, Ireland

Best for: Monitoring calorie intake CalorieLab What it does: Provides calorie information on single and pre-packaged foods and restaurant items. What’s cool about it: Calorie Lab has an extensive library of calorie information. From generic and brand name packaged foods to an array of different restaurants, each item is broken down by the following components: Measurement, Protein, Carbs, Fats, Pts (points), and Calories. Restaurants’ menus are posted item-by-item, each with a corresponding calorie counter. Now you can visit your favorite restaurant and know exactly how many calories you’re eating or drinking. The site also provides a Calorie Burned section that shows you how many calories you burned given a specific exercise.

Things you should know about TEETH Discover how you can save money at the dentist. This book is packed with actionable advice for you to promote tooth health, spells out in bullet points all the cast-iron key points, and is packed with vital tips about teeth for the consumer. It is easy to read and includes more than 100 colored illustrations.

Drawbacks: The site may seem a bit overwhelming when you’re looking for something specific or if you are in a hurry. Fortunately, you can type the food or restaurant you are looking for into the easy, convenient search tool at the top of the page and your answer will pop up.

About the Author Benjamin Lee graduated from The Royal London Hospital Medical College at the University of London in the U.K., and has been practicing full-time dentistry for the past 18 years. He currently runs his own dental practice in Hong Kong where he provides the full range of dental care from general dentistry, removable and fixed braces, to cosmetic and implant dentistry. His primary focus remains on preventive dentistry.

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Price: This site is free

OCTOBER | 2008

Best for: Creating food awareness CalorieKing What it does: Provides facts about weight-loss management reinforced by calorie and exercise control. What’s cool about it: CalorieKing has great tools, calculators and guides to make learning about nutrition and weight control interactive and convenient. The site provides books, software, recipes, articles and tools to get you started on the right path toward food awareness. CalorieKing has basic information about calories, BMI, Target Heart Rate and exercise. It also has a food search database that contains nutritional data and information including calorie count charts, fat, fiber and protein content. You can also subscribe to a newsletter or chat live in their online forum. Drawbacks: You can download a free seven-day trail of the CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager, a diary which helps create calorie goals and records food and exercise, but after that you’ll have to purchase the full version. Price: This site is free. However, if you want to take advantage of additional services the site provides, you can join the club and become a member for a nominal fee.


By: Terra Walters - RHI

The West Coast District Dental Association promotes dental health along with continuing education for and selfregulation of local dentists – providing the public and dentists alike an avenue for expressing concerns, mediating disputes and lifelong learning.

Dr. Liddell has been a member of the WCDDA for more than 25 years, initially diving into the organizational side of things and, 10 years ago, becoming a delegate. “The reason I became involved was probably the fact

President-elect Dr. Rudy Liddell was kind enough to speak with us about the association and some things people should remember in October, which is National Dental Health Awareness Month. It is appropriate, perhaps, because of the Halloween tradition of distributing large quantities of sugary candy to trick-or-treaters.

that as I met with people who were involved, I found they were the people I wanted to emulate,” Dr. Liddell says. “I wanted to be a part of the process.” He says he also enjoys getting together with a large group at the biannual meetings, and over the years he has developed a large social network of dentists and others in related fields throughout the state of Florida. Members and affiliates of the WCDDA meet officially twice a year to discuss advances in dental medicine, set policy and debate common practices. One such debate that has been discussed over the course of the last several meetings is access to care, which is a catch-all phrase that addresses that portion of the state’s population who cannot receive needed dental services either due to location or cost of services.


OCTOBER | 2008

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Dr. Liddell also appreciates that WCDDA members have common goals in regard to providing the highest standards of patient care and keeping unnecessary government regulation to a minimum. “Not all regulation is bad,” Dr. Liddell says, “Such as mandated courses in AIDS and HIV transmission following the famous Kim Bergalis scare” in Fort Pierce in the early 1990s. Bergalis and five other patients were suspected to have been infected in with HIV by their dentist, Dr. David Acer, who was HIV-positive. After she died in 1991, the Centers for Disease Control put strict standards in place to protect patients from suffering the same fate, and nearly all surgical implements such as scalpels and hypodermic needles are now disposable. The WCDDA also mediates disputes between doctors and patients. Members will sit down with the two parties to review before-and-after pictures of a procedure to determine whether there was any preventable wrongdoing on the part of the dentist. Most disputes are resolved fairly smoothly, but if there is irreparable damage in a doctor-patient relationship and the dentist is found to be in the wrong, he or she is asked to reimburse the patient. The neutral environment provided by the WCDDA for dispute mediation is invaluable for both physicians and the public, and it has prevented many minor problems from becoming major arguments. Taking care of your teeth and gums is about more than just oral hygiene. Dr. Liddell recommends that patients see their dentist twice a year – and more often if they are experiencing gum problems, pain or a high rate of decay. Current medical research indicates a strong connection between oral health and a person’s general health.

“I say, ‘How many sodas do you drink a day?’ And kids look at me and say, ‘How did you know that?!’” Diet drinks, while lacking sugar, contain phosphoric acid, which lowers the pH of the teeth the oral cavity and can also lead to demineralization of the enamel and eventually cavities as well. The West Coast Dental Association also holds events to benefit kids and adults who cannot afford regular dental care. Give Kids a Smile is held in February, which is National Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month. Kids can get cleanings and checkups for free, potentially preventing later problems. Additionally, two Fridays out of every month are dedicated to providing free care for adults and children alike. For more information, call the WCDDA at (813) 931-3018 or visit their website at

There has been ongoing research that indicates that certain bacteria, which are present in patients with periodontal disease, are also present in the plaques that build up in the coronary arteries in patients suffering from heart disease. Catching potentially serious problems before they become noticeable can save lives, and getting your teeth checked is certainly more fun than undergoing heart surgery. Dr. Liddell has also found a link between adult-onset diabetes and the foods people might eat. People with sensitive or decaying teeth often depend on softer foods, which tend to have a higher sugar content, affecting both overall health and particularly blood sugar and insulin function. In addition, cancers can be detected in the mouth before they are obvious in other parts of the body. New screening tests, like Vizi_Lite, can aid your dentist in early detection of oral cancers. These tests are recommended periodically for patients who fall in high-risk categories, such as tobacco users (all types), heavy drinkers or anyone with a family history of oral cancer. Young people who drink a lot of regular soft drinks are especially

environment. The sugar in full-calo-

susceptible to high decay rates.

rie sodas, sports drinks and energy

Not only will the high sugar con-

drinks can cause massive damage

tent feed that bacteria that create

to the teeth, and Dr. Liddell says he

acid which causes tooth decay,

can tell quite accurately how much

the phosphoric acid in the soft

a young patient consumes based

drinks lower the pH of the oral

on the areas and severity of decay.

cavity and create a more acidic “For questions about advertising, call 813-872-4448”

OCTOBER | 2008

The main point Dr. Liddell wants to stress to the public is that oral health is about more than just teeth. “The mouth is the gateway to the body, and problems in the oral cavity can be (early) signs of greater issues in the body,” he says. “Stay on top of your dental visits, pay special attention to lumps or bumps and gum pain. Regular dental visits can be a lifesaver.” There is a common fear among some about going to the dentist, but Dr. Liddell knows that good experiences can calm even the most nervous patients. “Talk to your coworkers and neighbors about their dentists,” he says. Direct referrals from people you know and trust are the best indicators of a good doctor. Finding one you feel comfortable visiting every six months and with whom you have a good relationship is a vital part of your overall preventive care regimen.



Please Direct Any Questions or Comments to Dr. Robert Lupo Clinic Director Physical Medicine Center 14522 University Point Place, Tampa (813) 978-0020

Did it seem like a minor accident at the time?

The full effect of auto-related trauma might not be apparent for weeks -- sometimes even months -- after the accident first occurred. Consider that the human head weighs between eight and 12 pounds and is attached to the most flexible and fragile part of the human body: the neck. The neck is made up of seven vertebrae with approximately 32 different joint articulations. If these joints are stretched beyond their normal limits, they become damaged. Picture an elastic cord stretched too far; it might not bounce back to its normal shape and size.

In a car accident, thousands of pounds of force (actual G-forces) are exerted upon the occupants. The head, heavy compared to the neck, is thrown around like a ball on a tether. The muscles and ligaments can tear, nerves can be damaged by traction, and all the surrounding soft tissues are damaged by the force. Bleeding can also occur deep under the skin. When these soft tissues are damaged, the healing process begins within 24 hours. This process almost inevitably results in a lower quality grade of tissue replacing the original tissue. This low-grade tissue is brittle, weak and less flexible than the healthy tissue that was originally there. Proper care of these injuries is crucial just after they occur. Patients should take care to restore joint alignment with chiropractic treatment. Also, a patient must work to return as much of the original normal tissue strength and flexibility as possible through a combination of rehabilitation and medical physiotherapeutics such as ultrasound, interferential laser therapy and disc decompression along with joint mobilization. Proper and immediate care of these injuries can help you prevent years of pain and suffering. If you are involved in an accident, the worst thing to do is wait, thinking “maybe it will go away.” Certainly pain medication will help you with the pain, but it will not restore your damaged joints to normal. The best plan of action is to get an evaluation, and have your spine checked by a professional who specializes in soft tissue injuries, spinal alignment and spinal biomechanics.

If neck joints are damaged in a minor accident, proper treatment can prevent severe, chronic pain.

Florida is a no-fault state and your auto insurance covers your care in the event you are injured in an auto accident. This gives Floridians the best opportunity to get the care they need.

Our hope is that you remain safe, but if you are involved in an accident, you must be prepared.


OCTOBER | 2008

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The Maddox Family Wellness Group is a large collection of like-minded individuals from the Tampa Bay area and across the nation. We have a cumulative 80+ years of Health and Nutrition background; with Dr. Maddox DC. PhD. and his experience with tens of thousands of patients leading the way. All this with a singular goal of helping people feel better through Life, Health, and Prosperity!!

Did you realize that “U.S. Latino adults have experienced an 80% increase in obesity in the last decade” 1. In addition, almost 20% of America’s children are now considered to be overweight or to be obese 2. With the exponential growth of obesity, researchers are now looking at the causes in more than one area. In order to gain a better understanding or the origin of obesity, this disease is now viewed in the context of both genetic and environmental contributors. The disease of obesity and one of its correlated diseases, diabetes type 2, may currently be spotted in all age groups and throughout all etlmicities across America. One of the indicators of obesity is called the BMI or body mass indJ.ces. BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. This measurement provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems. To give you a little better understanding, below are two tables from the U.S. Department of Health Center for Disease Control and Prevention website explaining the BMI:

For example, here are the weight ranges, the corresponding BMI ranges, and the weight status categories for a sample height.

Another way to understand BMI Categories: • Normal weight = 18.5-24.9 • Overweight =25-29.9 • Obesity = BMI 30 or greater

Nowhere has obesity struck as hard as it has with Latina females. Latina females demonstrated a remarkable 400% to 500% increase in body mass indices (BMI) propelling them into the group of women having a calculated BMI greater than or equal to 40. In 2007 one group of researchers reported: While approximately 80% of the offspring of overweight parents will become overweight, only 14% of offspring of two lean parents will become obese. Predisposing environmental factors include excessive calorie consumption and decreased or inadequate physical exertion. Overweight children are more likely to become obese adults than are normal weight children. Additionally, overweight children may experience psychological stress, poor body image, low self-esteem, feelings of shame and embarrassment and other health problems. Several researchers have directed their studies toward the acknowledged association of obesity with multiple diseases such as hyperlipidemia, osteoarthritis, brain attack, coronary disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. This research which directly linked obesity with such devastating illnesses, made it clear that the impact obesity is having, and will have upon the increasing Latino population, continues to be expansive. Children and adults are at a nutritional crossroad. Now is the time to take stock of our health behaviors. Now is the time to recognize and educate ourselves about the correlation between nutrition, exercise, and BMI. Now is the time to change our lifestyle to more appropriately face the quality-of-life challenges and potentially deadly consequences posed to a society where obesity demands our full and immediate attention. Dr. Maddox. is currently a full-time assistant professor who teaches doctoral research and higher education administration coursework through Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida. If you would like more information about nutrition and obesity please contact Joseph S. Maddox Jr., D.C., Ph.D. via e-mail: “For questions about advertising, call 813-872-4448”

OCTOBER | 2008



Dr. Levin believes and emphasizes that healthy feet promote overall orthopedic health. Many patients with foot pain also complain of back, neck, and even headache pain. The feet are the base and foundation that support the weight of our entire body. And, poor foot posture can impede daily activities.

Do you have a “bump” on the side of your big toe? Bunions can be caused by leaning too much on your big toe or even a change in the angle of the bones in your feet. The affected area becomes more prominent over time and can eventually cause pain or arthritis. Bunions are generally caused by an inherited foot structure. Wearing shoes that “crowd” the toes or wearing high heels can make the deformity progressively worse, causing symptoms to start earlier in life.

Symptoms include:

* Pain or soreness of the toe or joint * Inflammation and redness * Burning sensations * Numbness * Calluses on the big toe * Soreness between toes * Ingrown toenails * Restricted motion of the toe

Treatment options DO EXIST. You can:

*Change your shoes. Choose a shoe with a wide toe box and avoid high heels. * Use padding: Bunion pads may relieve pressure and ease pain. * Modify your activity. Avoid exercises known to aggravate bunion pain. * Take medication. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as ibu profen, may help relieve pain. * Apply an ice pack several times a day to help reduce inflammation and pain. * Get injection therapy. Although rarely used in bunion treatment, injections of corticosteroids may treat an inflamed bursa (fluid-filled sac located in a joint). * Use an orthotic device: Custom orthotics or “arch supports” can help relieve pressure and possibly slow progression. * Get surgery: When bunion pain interferes with daily activities, and other treat ments aren’t working, it’s time to consider surgery. If you think you have a bunion, you should see a podiatrist to have it evaluated and review your individual options. Because bunions are progressive, they don’t go away, and will usually get worse over time, unless you get help.

Photographed by Romeo Duncombe-Clarke


OCTOBER | 2008

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Shannon Thigpen is a nationally certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She is the co-founder of Salsa & Soul Fitness, which can be found at

Daysi and Salvador Salinas own and operate Miracle Healing Rehabilitation in the Town & Country area of Tampa. They have been in business for about a year, employing a licensed physical therapist along with a medical doctor. Miracle Healing accepts Workman’s Comp and is Medicare-approved, along with catering to the Latino community with bilingual services. Miracle Healing Rehab 8140 W. Waters Ave. Ste. D Tampa, Fl. 33610

continued from front cover Miracle Healing Rehabilitation also treats cases that others turn away. They accept Workman’s Comp and Medicare, something few local clinics can offer. Miracle Healing treated a recent case of spider bite that was covered by Workman’s Comp when the injured man came in after being turned away all over the city. They do specialize in physical therapy and rehabilitation, but Daysi’s ultimate goal is to help as many people as she can -- no matter their physical ailment.

Many women have heard that it is important to do resistance training.

Weight training helps prevent osteoporosis. Resistance training is also important because it increases your basal metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is the amount of energy expended at rest. Ideally, you want to increase the amount of calories and fat you burn, not only when you are working out, but also at rest. One dilemma many women mention is not wanting to ‘bulk up.” Another dilemma is not having the time to work out. In today’s fastpasted world, many women cannot carve an hour out of their schedules four to five times a week to exercise.

The office is completely English/Spanish bilingual, which is key due to their location in the Town & Country area, where many local Latino families have settled. Daysi knows that older Spanish-speaking residents often have trouble finding care, and she wants you to know that at Miracle Healing, you can count on a friendly, comfortable, respectful atmosphere where you will feel at home. If you are hurting, you always have an option for care at Miracle Healing. Most insurance plans cover much of the treatment at Daysi’s clinic, and for those who have higher co-pays, she offers many options for payment. In some cases, if an insurance company pays only 40 percent of the total cost of care, for example, she calls it even without charging the patient the other 60 percent. Daysi’s clinic is one of the few places where people without a large monthly medical budget can still receive high-quality, professional treatment, therapy and medical aid. Photo By Romeo Duncombe Clarke

If you have questions or want to make an appointment with the caring people at Miracle Healing Rehabilitation, for your auto

The good news is that research shows using moderately heavy weight with less repetitions increases metabolic rate more than lifting light weights at higher repetitions. Therefore, one way of accomplishing long, lean muscle-mass would be to use your own body weight for resistance. Choosing functional exercises where you work your total body and do fewer repetitions will also keep workouts to a minimum. If you train 20 to 30 minutes three to four times a week, you may begin to see the results you have been looking for.

injury or other chronic pain,

One example of a good workout design would include a pushing motion total body exercise, a pulling motion exercise, some version of a squat, and a posterior core exercise. Include a set of squats to warm-up, perhaps keeping arms raised overhead. Some examples of total body exercises would include pullbacks, one leg back extensions, pushups, pillars, one leg squats, lunges, etc.


If you are not familiar with proper form it is important to consult a reputable fitness trainer. Only perform exercises at a level of difficulty that you can perform with good form. Increase the level of difficulty as you progress. Always consult your medical provider before beginning a fitness regimen.

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call Daysi Salinas at (813) 885-1202 or stop by the office at the address listed below. If you can’t make it out but have access to a computer, email Daysi at

net. She will be happy to answer your questions. Daysi and her staff want you to know that you always have an option for care. Con nuestros servisios profesionales y respeto le ofrecemos tratamientos a nuestros pacientes y los educamos a ser decieciones en su vida normal para que puedan vivir sin solor.


By Danielle Singh, APCA The Fit Gourmet© Personal Chef/ Fitness Professional Nutrition & Natural Health Consultant Photos and meals prepared by: The Fit Gourmet©

I have been in the back scenes of the restaurant industry for over 12 years. I recently shed thirty pounds and realized I have to be more conscious of what I eat, which is difficult when my world revolve around dining out, be it socially or my career. So I am out to find a low-cal, low-carb alternative in a society that thrives on butter and bread when dining out. Ask me anything at

BakedBaby & Stuffed Eggplant Eggplant, ggp , a Vegetarian g Delight… g Low in calories, eggplant is a hearty, meaty vegetable that can replace meat easily as a main dish.

Clearwater is home to the perfect example of “fast casual dining.” Cheddars Casual Cafe leaves all pretense to their competitors and concentrates on tasty, affordable food in a relaxed atmosphere. The inside décor is simple and brightly lit, reminiscent of an Applebee’s without the visual clutter. There is a large outside patio with tables separated under personal pagodas, creating the illusion of intimacy without appearing stuffy. The small interior bar has a flat screen television so you can keep on eye on your favorite teams while enjoying a cocktail.

The menu offers something for everyone, while still keeping it simple.

The menu offers something for everyone, while still keeping it simple. Although the appetizers consist mostly of traditional fried favorites (after all, it is football season), there are five entrée salads with a selection of 10 dressings. They include light and fat free options. Entrees range from grilled steaks, bourbon-glazed salmon, and tilapia with mango salsa, to country fried steak and chicken pot pie. Burgers, wraps, and soup/sandwich combinations offer guests a lighter option and are available anytime. Entrees can be paired with a number of sides -- including salad, vegetables, or low-carb cole slaw to excuse cheating a little on Sunday. The portions are enormous and the service is fast and friendly. It is going to be a busy fall! With most entrees under $15, sandwiches and salads under $10, Cheddars is the perfect place to stop in for a quick, delicious, and affordable meal on the go!


OCTOBER | 2008

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Jennifer, Cristan and Abe Fadal Wag, 304 E. Davis Blvd. Davis Islands, Fl 813-258-9181

Eric Smith High School Health Teacher and Athletic Coach

Students joining a weight training class often don’t know what to do – or how to do it. First, you need to figure out why you want to train. There are many reasons, ranging from changing your physique, to meeting new people, to gaining strength. People who don’t know what they want to accomplish often give up after only a few sessions. Find your motivation, and you will have a much better chance for success.

Figuring out what drives you might be tough, but it is the key to success. Then, when you feel discouraged, remember your goal and use it to push through to the end of your workout. You will feel great every time you complete a full session. Many students and adults find that working out after a long day at school or work helps them wind down and relax in the evening. It is also a great way to work through anger or frustration. People often refer to “angrylifting,” when aggression propels them to work even harder. You must be careful, though. Especially if you are angry, you need to use common sense. At all times, you have to be in control of your weights.

Two Popular Weightlifting Myths Weight training will make you lose weight Muscle weighs more than fat, so you will probably actually gain pounds after training for a few months. Lifting weights is anaerobic exercise, so you will lose less weight than you would if you were participating in an aerobic activity like running or swimming. Unused muscle turns into fat Muscle and fat are two different substances. If you stop working out, your muscles will weaken and degenerate, but they will not “turn into” fat. Picture in your mind what you want to look like after six months. Hold onto that goal when you’re sweating through the toughest part of your workout, and you will succeed! “For questions about advertising, call 813-872-4448”

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Many people like to dress up their pets for Halloween, which can be comical, and (whether

Whether or not you dress up

the pets like it or not) it certain-

your pooch, please keep the fol-

ly gives us a good laugh!

lowing safety tips in mind:

Keep Pets Indoors- It is extremely important to keep your pets indoors on Halloween. Pranksters are out that night, and they might think it’s “funny” to let your pet out of the gate, antagonize him or even worse. Chocolate, Candy and other Goodies – All candy, especially chocolate, is a big NO NO for your furry family member. Chocolate is toxic to a pet’s system and can have fatal results. Wrappers, foil or twist ties on the candy can choke your dog or lodge in his intestines. Candles- We all know that Fido’s tail can whip around like a category two and take out anything in its path. Keep lit candles far out of your dog’s range. Definitely remember to extinguish candles before leaving home. Trick-or-Treaters - If your dog is like Abe, he likes nothing better than greet every trick or treater who knocks at the door. BUT, dogs may be spooked by costumes and excited kids… causing them to bolt out the door or behave oddly. The best precaution is to keep your pet on leash. If your dog is nervous….it is better to leave him in a room with his favorite toys on Halloween. He will feel much better and you will not take the chance that he’ll bite someone. Costumes- Always make sure your pet’s costume is not too tight. If it includes a mask, ensure that the eyeholes are wide enough. Limited vision could cause your dog anxiety, potentially leading to trouble. Give extra water when he’s in costume because he might get overheated. Never leave a pet’s costume on for extended periods. Happy Halloween!


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