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You’ve tried exercise. But there are parts of your body that simply refuse to tone. With SmartLipo™ LaserBodySculpting, you can change all that and transform yourself today.

This cutting-

edge treatment uses a laser to literally melt away fat in trouble spots like your abdomen, thighs, arms and neck. The results are permanent and since the treatment is minimally invasive, you’ll be in the doctor’s office one day - and out turning heads the next.

SmartLipo™ is the first laser-assisted liposuction procedure approved by the FDA. It is completely safe and offers far more advantages than traditional liposuction. It is virtually painless and unlike traditional liposuction it can be performed under local anesthesia in the office setting. The technique is further superior because the instruments used for SmartLipo™ are much smaller than those used in traditional liposuction. For the patient, the benefits are huge - tiny incisions, less tissue trauma, and significantly less downtime. After the treatment area is injected with an anesthetic solution, a one-millimeter flexible laser optic fiber is inserted under the skin and into the area of fat to be removed. The SmartLipo™ laser targets only the fat cells, leaving the healthy cells intact. Once the fat cells have been melted, the liquefied fat is gently removed with suction. In addition, there is less bruising than with traditional liposuction because the laser also cauterizes the blood vessels. The most significant aspect of this technique that makes it superior to traditional liposuction is its ability to tighten loose skin. Collagen is one of the main building blocks in your body that gives your skin firmness, strength, and elasticity.

The SmartLipo™ laser stimulates collagen formation, thus tightening the skin after the fat is removed. SmartLipo™ delivers smooth body contouring results previously unobtainable with traditional liposuction.


For more information about Advanced Hemorrhoid Solutions and their revolutionary treatment for hemorrhoids, visit their website at or call for a consultation at 813-920-9799(Tampa) 727-209-0214(Pinellas Park).

Ter erra W alte t rs - R HI HI By T Terra Walters RHI

Advanced A dvanced Hemorrhoid Hemorrhoid S Solutions olutions H Has as a an nF FDADA- a approved, pproved, Non-Surgical Solution You N on-Surgic cal So olution ffor or Y ou L.J. heard about a revolutionary new hemorrhoid treatment over the radio and finally decided to take action. At 79, she had been suffering from hemorrhoids for more than 20 years, but was not inclined to undergo surgery or other treatment. “At my age, it’s embarrassing – I come from a different generation. It did not bother me so much usually, so I just lived with it. But last August they just got terrible. I began to bleed and found it difficult to keep the area clean,” she said. “I had three urinary tract infections related to the hemorrhoids – they were painful!”

The Ultroid™ device is a breakthrough in painless hemorrhoid treatment that works by causing “electrolysis” to occur beneath the skin. The electrical current works with chemicals that naturally exist in the human body. During the process, water molecules are broken down into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxide (OH-). The hydrogen is released in the form of small gas bubbles and the hydroxide combines with sodium (Na+) in the blood forming sodium hydroxide, which targets the irritated vein and causes it to shrink. The procedure is a convenient alternative to surgery that is covered by medical insurance and does not involve any cutting, burning or anesthesia. It is performed as an outpatient procedure and normally takes between 20 and 30 minutes. If you would like to learn more about Advanced Hemorrhoid Solutions, visit their website at or call (813) 920-9799 in Tampa or (727) 2090214 in Pinellas Park. Why suffer in silence when the solution to alleviating your pain is only a phone call away?


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Clarity MedSpa is operated by two board certified physicians. Dr. Danny Abbruzzese and Dr. Khalid Saeed have extensive training in Aesthetic Medicine and nutrition. They combine their love of art and medicine to help you achieve your goals. Treatments are personally performed by our board certified medical directors.

Because of the gentle nature of the procedure, most patients are back to work within a day or two. Patients may return to normal exercise within two weeks. A compression garment is worn for several weeks for optimum results. With SmartLipo™, you can finally have the look and confidence you have always wanted. At the forefront of this high-tech procedure in the Tampa Bay area is Clarity MedSpa. Owned and operated by two board-certified physicians, Drs. Danny Abbruzzese and Khalid Saeed have extensive training and experience in SmartLipo™ and in Aesthetic Medicine.

“SmartLipo™ is our speciality,” Dr. Abbruzzese says. “It is the most sought-after aesthetic procedure today and we take great pride in delivering outstanding results to our patients.” “The skin tightening that SmartLipo™ gives you is amazing,” Dr. Saeed says. “You don’t get that with procedures like Vaser®.” In addition to SmartLipo™, Clarity MedSpa is a full-service medical spa and offers additional services including Botox, dermal fillers (such as Restylane and Radiesse), microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, chemical peels, massage, facials, permanent makeup, eyebrow threading, and an innovative medically-supervised weight loss program (Salubria Weight Loss Systems). Clarity MedSpa was designed with the patients’ comfort and convenience in mind. Treatments are tailored for each individual and offered in a luxurious and elegant setting. The staff consists of professionally trained and certified medical and aesthetic specialists. All medical and surgical procedures are performed by Drs. Abbruzzese and Saeed. “Follow-up is very important to us,” Dr. Abbruzzese says. “Our patients have our personal cell phone numbers. They can call us anytime with questions.” “You have direct access to us,” Dr. Saeed says. “What other practice can make that statement?”

Clarity MedSpa is easily accessible to Lutz, Land O Lakes, New Tampa, Tampa, and Trinity via the Suncoast Expressway, SR 54, or Highway 41. Come in and see for yourself what separates Clarity MedSpa from everyone else. The choice is clear - Clarity clear.

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Dr. Levin believes and emphasizes that healthy feet promote overall orthopedic health. Many patients with foot pain also complain of back, neck, and even headache pain. The feet are the base and foundation that support the weight of our entire body. And, poor foot posture can impede daily activities.

Shannon Thigpen is a nationally certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She is the co-founder of Salsa & Soul Fitness, which can be found at

One of the best Mother’s Day Gifts is one mom can give herself is the gift of good health. When a mother practices eating well-balanced nutritional meals and exercising moderately, she is also passing on healthy habits to her children. The saying, “Do as I say, not as I do,” seldom sticks. In reality, children model what they see. If mom’s life is not balanced, and she is always stressed, unable to manage daily challenges, children frequently do not develop healthy coping skills. There are plenty of resources to support and assist her if she is open to receiving help. Here are some strategies that can be implemented to make balance more attainable.

Mom can get up at least 15 minutes be- Go for walks before or after dinner. Use

Do you have a “bump” on the side of your big toe? Bunions can be caused by leaning too much on your big toe or even a change in the angle of the bones in your feet. The affected area becomes more prominent over time and can eventually cause pain or arthritis. Bunions are generally caused by an inherited foot structure. Wearing shoes that “crowd” the toes or wearing high heels can make the deformity progressively worse, causing symptoms to start earlier in life.

Symptoms include:

fore children, if at all possible, to give her the WeeFit she purchased for Christmas time for herself. Use that time to meditate and play indoor games with children, or go on things she has to be grateful for, do a outdoors for a swim. few stretches, or some yoga, or enjoy a walk, a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever it Mom should allow herself time to rest is that will make her more at peace when each night. She needs that time to al-

* Pain or soreness of the toe or joint * Inflammation and redness * Burning sensations * Numbness * Calluses on the big toe * Soreness between toes * Ingrown toenails * Restricted motion of the toe

the children wake up. Avoid yelling at the low the cells of her body to recover. She children so that everyone can start the should avoid making negative comments day with as little stress as possible. Have about her body. Children that hear moth-

Treatment options DO EXIST. You can:

lunches prepared the night before. She ers complain about their bodies become

*Change your shoes. Choose a shoe with a wide toe box and avoid high heels.

can keep fresh fruit in a bowl on the table much more critical of their own, especially

* Use padding: Bunion pads may relieve pressure and ease pain.

or counter to entice her and the children little girls. Mom should also avoid makto eat plenty of it. Replenish the bowl as ing negative references about her child’s needed. Walk children to school, if pos- body. Instead, change eating habits and sible, or ride bikes.

* Modify your activity. Avoid exercises known to aggravate bunion pain. * Take medication. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as ibuprofen, may help relieve pain.

activities of the entire family. Use analogies that reference how children feel or

Precut fresh vegetables, and prepare behave depending on what they may have

* Apply an ice pack several times a day to help reduce inflammation and pain. * Get injection therapy. Although rarely used in bunion treatment, injections of corticosteroids may treat an inflamed bursa (fluid-filled sac located in a joint).

salads in advance. Have plenty of frozen eaten that day. * Use an orthotic device: Custom orthotics or “arch supports” can help relieve pressure and possibly slow progression.

vegetables on hand for quick preparation. For extra quick meals, wash chicken, fish, Categorize healthy snacks like yogurt or other lean meats, and package in mari- and Jell-O as dessert after meals. She

* Get surgery: When bunion pain interferes with daily activities, and other treatments aren’t working, it’s time to consider surgery.

nades before putting in the freezer. Bal- should allow children to help in household samic vinaigrette makes a good marinade. chores. She should enjoy taking optimal Italian dressing also makes a good mari- care of her family by optimally taking care nade. Mix soy sauce, Italian dressing, and of herself. honey, for a tasty marinade.


If you think you have a bunion, you should see a podiatrist to have it evaluated and review your individual options. Because bunions are progressive, they don’t go away, and will usually get worse over time. Information, in-part, taken from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons,

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Are you getting ready for the Summer? Worried about those extra pounds? This time, you can be the center of attention where everyone’s whispering

1&3 The Skinny on Smartlipo from Clarity Med Spa (cover story)

how great you look. This month’s front cover story features Clarity MedSpa. This team of physicians bring such a unique combination of talent and bedside manner to the cosmetic medical industry. As experienced MD’s at their local hospital, they’ve formulated a perfect experience to all their patients by taking the necessary precautions and making sure everything goes as planned. Their facility brings a clean, quality and professional aura to the entire experience. Their staff puts the “cherry on top” to make your stay feel warm and caring. If you’re considering any possibilities of cosmetically enhancing your body and need professional, courteous advice, both Dr.

2 Live Free of Hemorrhoid Pain 4 Bunion Relief: Options for Treatment 7 Legal Advice From A To Z: The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna Are There For YOU

Saeed and Dr. Abbruzzese have been known to sit and listen to everyone’s

8 The Trauma of an Auto Accident Is More Than Meets The Eye

wish list. Summer’s coming and they’re known to make you stand out in a


crowd, especially on the beach!


in every issue 4 | Ask Her The Best Mother’s Day Gift 5 | Publisher’s and Editor’s Note


from the editor May is National Arthritis Month, and many millions of Americans suffer from

9 | Health Discoveries Book Reviews: Conquering Arthritis Arthritis: What Exercises Work

this debilitating disease. This month, we invite you to get moving with the National Arthritis Foundation’s new campaign: Let’s Move Together. Please visit to find a walk or event near you! There are several events scheduled in the Tampa Bay area, and it is a great time to get outdoors and experience the sights, sounds and scents of spring.


10 | Everyday Fitness Liquid Fitness: You don’t have to be an Olympian To Work Out In A Pool 11 | Pet Balance A Little Variety Goes A Long Way

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Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Wrongful Death Slip & Fall Injuries Insurance Disputes Divorce Child Custody Earning Your Business And Your Trust, One Case at a Time! ®

Wills & Trusts Appeals Bankruptcy


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For more information about The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna, please visit or call (813) 929-7300. They are ready to advise you on any matter, large or small.

By: Terra Walters

Matthew J. Jowanna and his partner Heather A. Harwell know the law on both sides of the issues. They have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in all sorts of cases, but they specialize in the everyday matters people should – but often do not – consult lawyers about. For example, buying a used automobile. Many people will go through this process not thinking they need legal advice, then find themselves holding the bag when the car turns out to be a lemon. Before signing any document, Jowanna and Harwell advise their clients to bring in the paperwork just so they can make sure everything is in order. Once a document is signed, it is very difficult to go back and fix any problems. Auto accidents are another common problem people often will not consult a lawyer about. Insurance companies know that people who are not represented are likely to settle for much less than people who have an attorney. The common misconception people have is that it is more expensive to hire a lawyer to deal with the insurance company, but this is not the case. The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna charge absolutely nothing out-of-pocket to their clients. You pay only a percentage of the settlement if you win the case. This gives them great motivation to work hard for you in the courtroom (if it comes to that) and to get the biggest settlement possible from the insurance company. Heather Harwell actually worked for a Fortune 500 insurance company before changing her career to represent the little guy. She told Real Health & Image that insurance companies are so confident they can save money when people are unrepresented that they have specific departments to deal with people without attorneys. It’s worth it to take the time to put people in your corner who know the law and know how the big companies work from the inside out.

There is a reason attorneys are called “mouthpieces” – and this is not a derogatory term. When you contact Jowanna, Harwell or any of the staff at their office, you can rest assured that they will deal exclusively with the insurance companies from that moment forward. They also advise you every step of the way through your negotiation to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of damages owed to you. Many local lawyers claim to only represent citizen plaintiffs and to avoid representing defendants. They claim this as though it gives them great moral high ground to stand upon. The team at Jowanna’s law offices sees it a bit differently. Because they represent both plaintiffs and defendants, they have a great advantage over their competition who only represent citizens. They know the tactics big companies are going to use to try to win a case. They know the inner workings of the companies, and that means they can better represent your interests. They also provide services for any legal need you may come up against. Heather Harwell says people should get legal advice before signing any document, just to be sure everything is above-board and that you are getting the best deal. The most crucial thing that Jowanna and Harwell want you to know is that – although they have experience as “big city” lawyers – you will always be able to meet with them face-to-face. They have heard numerous stories about clients firing large law firms because after a number of years they never actually met with a lawyer. At Jowanna’s office, you are more than just a number. They are on a first-name basis with all of their clients. The things that really set them apart are their qualifications, experience and integrity. Unlike many lawyers who will settle every case, they are not afraid of the courtroom. Their resumes are posted on their website for the world to see – they are confident about their qualifications and eager to put more than 35 years combined experience to work for you. For more information about the Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna, please visit https://www. or call (813) 9297300. They are ready to advise you on any matter, large or small.

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Please Direct Any Questions or Comments to Dr. Robert Lupo Clinic Director Physical Medicine Center 14522 University Point Place, Tampa (813) 978-0020

It seemed like a minor auto accident at the time. The full effect of auto-related traumas may not always be apparent for weeks or sometimes even months after the accident first occurred. Consider that the human head weighs anywhere between 8 to 12 pounds while being attached to the most flexible and fragile part of the human body-- our necks. The neck is made up of seven vertebrae with approximately 32 different joint articulations. If these joints are stretched beyond their normal limits, they become damaged like an elastic cord that was stretched too far. There is a chance that it may not bounce back to its normal shape and size. In a car accident, thousands of pounds of force (G-forces) are exerted upon the occupants. The head is thrown about like a ball on a tether; muscles and ligaments can tear; nerves can be damaged by traction and the surrounding soft tissues are damaged. Some bleeding may occur deep under the skin. When these soft tissues are damaged, the healing process begins within 24 hours. This process results in a lesser grade of tissue replacing the original tissue. This lesser grade of tissue is brittle, weak and less flexible than the normal healthy tissue prior to the injury. It is easy to underestimate the need for care of injuries, but catching and treating them early is vital. Chiropractic care will quickly assist in restoring the joint alignment as well as rehabilitating the body to gain its normal tissue strength and flexibility. Medical physiotherapeutics such as ultrasound, interferential laser therapy and disc decompression along with joint mobilization are treatments which may be offered to bring your body back into its original form. Immediate and proper care of these injuries can help you prevent years of pain and suffering.

If you are ever involved in an accident, the worst thing to do to your body is wait. Thinking “maybe it will go away” will only prolong the inevitable, especially if another accident or physical trauma happens to your body -- even if it is not as severe. Certainly pain medication will help with the pain, but it will not restore your damaged joints to normal. The best plan of action is to get an evaluation, have your spine checked by a professional who specializes in soft tissue injuries, spinal alignment and spinal biomechanics. Florida is a no-fault state, which means your auto insurance covers your care in the event of an injury in an auto accident. This gives Floridians the best opportunity to get the care they need immediately. Our hope is that you remain safe, but if you are involved in an accident you must be prepared.


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Questions or comments to Dr. Robert Lupo Clinic Director Physical Medicine Center 14522 University Point Place, Tampa (813) 978-0020

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Conquering Arthritis : What Doctors Don’t Tell You Because They Don’t Know, (9 Secrets I Learned the Hard Way) By: Barbara D. Allan This book is newly revised and updated with important updates that make healing from arthritis even easier and quicker. It has been used with great success by many people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other forms of arthritis, to heal themselves. It provides practical, detailed information that is critical for the successful healing of arthritis, but that has never before been collected in one place. The information is organized into a well-researched, easy-to-follow plan for getting well again and includes case histories of people with dramatic and lasting recoveries. It focuses not just on coping with the symptoms of arthritis, but on correcting its underlying causes using proven alternative medicine and pain management techniques. Anyone who is serious about healing from arthritis needs this book.

Arthritis: What Exercises Work By: Dava Sobel and Arthur C. Klein What is the most powerful arthritis treatment ever developed to help restore you to a healthy, pain-free, and vigorous life--for the rest of your life? It’s the very same breakthrough that has: --Helped more arthritis sufferers than drugs, surgery, or any other treatment-without dangerous side effects. --Been widely prescribed by medical doctors and other health practitioners. The answer? Exercise.

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Lose up to 15 pounds in 6 weeks by taking the Steel Physique Body Challenge with CarolAnn. Contact her at for more information. Known as the trainers’ trainer, CarolAnn, has become one of the country’s leading fitness educators. Combining a Master’s degree in Exercise Science with fitness certifications/memberships such as ACSM, ACE, AFAA, LMI and AEA, she has been actively involved in the fitness industry for 19 years. While on her downtime from touring as a national fitness presenter, she teaches group fitness and personal trains in the North Tampa area. She is the creator and star of The Steel Physique System DVD now available at For more information regarding personal training and group fitness classes by CarolAnn, contact her at or visit

Now that the 2008 Olympics are over, you may have walked away inspired more then ever by Michael Phelps and his swimming accomplishments. Water exercise is extremely versatile – it can help obese children or people who may have joint disabilities. Water exercise is also extremely effective for conditioning athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Whatever your personality, condition, or desires, water exercise will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Heart-Healthy and Body-Shaping Benefits of Water Workouts Exercising in the water works the whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and posture. By concentrating on pushing and pulling with an even amount of force in the water, an isokinetic contraction is performed. This type of muscle contraction can be accomplished only two ways: by purchasing expensive specialized equipment for each muscle group, costing up to $50,000 -- or by jumping into the pool and using the water for resistance. With the number of pools in Florida, which would you prefer?

The Difference Between Land Workouts and Water Exercise Immediately when you step into the pool, you feel the difference between air and water. Water provides 12 times more resistance than air, automatically working more muscle fibers in one exercise. Moving through water takes longer than moving through air, which means the speed of movement is reduced. For instance, it takes the same amount of time to swim one mile as it does to run four miles. Slowing movement, however, enhances the force of movement, increasing muscle strength and power. Keep three things in mind during your water workout: buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, and drag. Buoyancy: Buoyancy is the upward thrust exerted by water on a body that is partially or totally submerged. This property makes a water workout low impact. Working out in the shallow end of the pool reduces the impact of one’s body weight by 50 percent. In the deep end, impact is reduced by 100 percent. You can use noodles, foam dumbbells, kickboards, aqua wrist and ankle cuffs, and aqua joggers to enhance your workout. Even simply holding buoyancy equipment under the water creates an isometric contraction of your muscles, creating definition in your body. Hydrostatic Pressure: Hydrostatic pressure is the weight of the water that pushes against a submerged object from all sides. It is this pressure that increases blood circulation, thus increasing the body’s metabolism. Drag: Drag is resistance against an object in water and always works against the object’s motion. Increased drag equals increased benefit. Examples of equipment that create drag in the water are webbed gloves, kickboards, parachutes, hand paddles, and tethers. Pushing and pulling these items through the water will improve your muscular strength and endurance.

Benefits of Water Workouts Improved Flexibility Improved Muscular Strength Improved Muscular Endurance Increased Aerobic Capacity Improved Balance and Coordination Improved Core Stability Improved Body Alignment Improved Muscle Symmetry Improved Metabolism Reduced Stress Low Impact on Joints Improved Circulation Enhanced Athletic Performance Assists in Healthier Pregnancy


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Jennifer, Cristan and Abe Fadal Wag | 304 E. Davis Blvd. | Davis Islands, Fl | 813-258-9181

A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite customers was in for a visit and we were lamenting on the speed in which life is going by. She asked how often she bought dog food. She felt like it was every couple of weeks but when we checked the sales system…it was actually every four or five weeks. We both agreed that hours roll into days and days into weeks, weeks into months etc. It happens so fast that oftentimes we can’t remember when we last bought dog food, spoke with a friend, or just did something different outside of our everyday routine.

This customer made a brilliant

After having this conversation, I

The easiest way to spice things up is

Meeting new people and other dogs

comment. She said you know, you

looked over at my dog Abe and

to vary your dog’s walk route. New

is important for your pet’s socializa-

have to do something out of your

thought….geez, I bet his life gets

sights, smells and sounds will get his

tion as well. Not to mention the new

routine every once in awhile so you

really boring. Same walk route,

doggy senses working overtime. His

route just might be a bit longer than

have a point in time from which to

same ball game, same feeding

walk may be slower than his normal

the normal one…which is good for

measure. For example, let’s say

schedule, etc. Don’t get me wrong,

pace but his brain will be doing back

the waistline! Other great things to try

you take an hour out of your normal

routines are great for dogs. They

flips. Temple Grandin, an animal

are new toys. There is an entire line

Saturday to steal away to Star-

enjoy learning them and pleasing

scientist and author, explains in her

of “intelligent” toys out there to really

buck’s for a latte. The rest of that

us by proving that they remember

new book, Animals Make Us Human,

entice. Or, simply play games with

week you will be able to reference

what they should or should not be

that one of the most important things

your dog…like hide the treat, practice

what happened before or after your

doing. I do believe however that

for a dog to do is to “seek”- having

commands, etc.

$5 caffeine indulgence.

variety in their life can have both

and satisfying curiosity about novel

mental and physical benefits.

objects and experiences. She says

Have a great month and

that dogs in their natural state spend

enjoy your pets!

the day walking for several miles and exploring. A new walk route will satisfy this primal need to unearth.

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