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New jail has been open

Greensboro, North Carolina

Thursday, September 6, 2012

by Scott D. Yost county editor

The new $100 million Guilford County jail is finally open for business – in fact, it’s been stealthily holding inmates for a couple of weeks now. After years of planning and three years of construction, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department finally put inmates into the new jail on Thursday, August 23, and currently there are about 140 inmates in the new 1,032-bed jail. The remaining roughly 440 inmates in the old Greensboro jail will be transferred to the new jail over the next two or three weeks. Sheriff’s Department Major Debbie Montgomery, who oversees the operations of Guilford County’s jail system, said the transfer of inmates to the new facility is already having a big effect on the dispositions of everyone involved – she said detention officers, jail staff and inmates alike are in a much better mood now that the new jail is finally up and running. “Everyone has a positive attitude,” Montgomery said. She said the facility is nicer in (Continued on page 35)

Photo by John Hammer

World War II B-17 bomber the Memphis Belle at the Smith-Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem on Labor Day, just before a storm drenched the area with rain. This flying fortress will be at the airport through Sunday, and flights are available on Saturday and Sunday at a cost of $450 each. Touring the plane on the ground is free.

Greensboro’s Trash Is Republic Services’ Same Old Treasure by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

After months of debate, delays and controversy, the Greensboro City Council voted unanimously to reject the low bid in the Solid Waste Management

Services Request for Proposal (RFP) process in favor of the city’s current contractors: Hilco Transport for transportation of trash and Republic Services for disposal.

The decision came Tuesday, Sept. 4 at the Greensboro City Council meeting in the council chambers at city hall. The decision to go with Hilco and Republic followed the

recommendation of consulting firm Gershman Brickner & (Continued on page 28)

Rhino PART Is Coming Apart Rumors by Scott D. Yost county editor

High Point Mayor and Chairman of the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) Board of Trustees Becky Smothers summed up PART’s situation concisely at a special (read:

From staff and wire reports

emergency) Thursday, August 30, meeting of that board. “In some respects, we have encountered the perfect storm,” Smothers told the board in her attempt to describe what PART is now facing.

Photo by Sandy Groover

Except for a little rain, Saturday was a great day to sit outside and listen to some music at the second annual John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival at Oak Hollow Festival Park in High Point.

Smothers was referring to Sebastian Junger’s book about the crew of the fishing boat Andrea Gail, and it should be noted that the Andrea Gail went down and all of its crew members perished, and, in a nutshell, the special meeting was called because Smothers and the rest of the PART board wanted to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to a public agency that provides regional transportation for a 10-county area in central North Carolina. Smothers told the board that PART was facing revenue shortfalls, rate increases from a key provider and even confusion as to who PART should be negotiating with. To continue with the marine analogy, PART’s captain, Executive Director Brent (Continued on page 8)

Saturday, Sept. 8 is Farmers Appreciation Day at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market on Yanceyville Street. From 7 a.m. to noon you can enjoy a farmers market breakfast for $5 a plate or $1 (Continued on page 36)

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Greatest Generation Must Have BeenThin by john hammer editor

My plan had been to write a column about soaring through the wild blue yonder with my brother Willy in the World War II vintage B-17 bomber the Memphis Belle, but that plan didn’t pan out. Willy and I did get to tour the the Memphis Belle at the Smith-Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem on Labor Day courtesy of the Liberty Foundation, but there was no soaring. In fact, the time we should have been flying over Winston-Salem we were instead driving down I-40 in a downpour that kept our ground speed to about 40 mph. One reason we were so interested in flying on a B-17 is that our dad, Dick Hammer, who died in 2004, flew 35 combat missions over Europe in WWII as a bombardier in a B-17. Getting a good look at where the bombardier sat during the bombing raids gave me a whole new perspective on his bravery, and the bravery of the greatest generation. The bombardier during the bombing runs rode in that little glass bubble at the very nose of the ship. It’s a scary place to be on the ground. I didn’t get to experience it in the air. And the idea of sitting up there with flak from exploding shells of anti aircraft guns all around you seems insane. Dad said that on some runs over heavily defended targets there was so much flak it looked like they were flying into a thunder cloud. Flying into it would be scary enough. Sitting in a little glass bubble while you flew into it seems to be above and beyond the call of duty. We didn’t get to fly on Monday, but one of the stories my dad used to tell, and that he wrote a column about for this newspaper, was when a bomb got hung up in the bomb bay and he had to hang out over space and kick the bomb loose. First of all, kicking an explosive device that weighs a couple hundred pounds never seemed like a great idea to me, but I don’t think I ever appreciated just what he must have been going through to hang on with one hand, lean over a drop of thousands of feet and kick a bomb. That bomb broke free and, as luck would have it, destroyed the town square in some small German village. Dad said he always wondered what the people in that village thought when a lone American bomber appeared out of nowhere, flew directly over their village and dropped a single bomb in the middle of their town square. One of the things that impressed me about actually being in the B-17, albeit on the ground, was how small it is on the inside and how tight all the spaces are. There is kind of a drawbridge over the bomb bay that I had to turn sideways to get through. The plane was definitely built for young men, not middle-aged men, because you’ve got to be lean and mean to make your way around this airplane. The B-17 had a crew of 10, and somebody had to be getting out of somebody’s way every time anyone moved around the ship. But it is a piece of history, and the opportunity to fly in an airplane that is now over 70 years old can’t last forever. It somehow seemed fitting, however, that we couldn’t fly because our dad said that one of the hardest parts of flying 35 missions was all the missions you didn’t fly. If the weather was bad in England – where he was based and where the weather seems to always be bad – they couldn’t fly. If the weather was good in England but bad over the target they couldn’t fly. And if the weather was good in England, good over the target (Continued on page 31)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Electrician Says Schools Botched McNair by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The construction of McNair Elementary School at 4603 Yanceyville Road fell behind schedule at least partly because Guilford County Schools did not properly monitor the project, according to one subcontractor on whom the school system has blamed the delay. Jesse Arambula, the head of Divine Electric Co. of Charlotte, the subcontractor in question, said the school system’s project managers did not respond quickly enough to reports that subcontractors were not being paid and that the construction schedule was slipping. “I think some of the people from the schools just had a lack of experience,” Arambula said. “I don’t know how else to explain it. If you’ve been in construction, you just know you can’t go from 50 percent done to 100 percent done in a few months. Once the schools started getting reports that subs weren’t being paid and things were falling behind schedule, they should have been more proactive.” Problems with the general contractor, Farley Associates Inc. of Indian Land, South Carolina, not paying the subcontractors working on McNair Elementary School started shortly after construction began – according to Farley and another major subcontractor – and were reported to the school system. When the Guilford County Schools Facilities Department administrators reported to the Guilford County Board of Education in July that the construction of McNair was behind schedule, they attributed it to an electrical subcontractor who had walked off the job – as if the electrical company was responsible for throwing the whole project off deadline. Not so, according to Arambula. Arambula said his company stopped work at McNair because it had not been paid in months, despite the fact that Guilford County Schools had regularly paid Farley Associates. “I have not been paid for any of the work we did after April 15,” Arambula said.

“We stopped working. We couldn’t keep going.” Arty Bolick, with Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, who represents the school board on construction matters, on August 16 wrote the bonding company for Farley Associates, stating that Farley Associates had breached the contract and the payment bond. According to Guilford County Schools, the bonding company, The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., has taken over the project, which has a new construction deadline of Oct. 31, 2012. McNair was originally scheduled to be completed by July 18, 2012, in time for students to occupy the school at the end of August. Until McNair is finished, students in kindergarten and first grade are attending Brightwood Elementary School, while third, fourth and fifth graders are attending Jesse Wharton Elementary School. Second grade, English as a second language and special education students have been split between the two schools. Guilford County Schools claims that Farley Associates failed to supply enough properly skilled workers to the McNair project; failed to pay subcontractors for material or labor on time; fell more than 14 days behind the construction schedule and failed to promptly take steps to get back on schedule; failed to achieve substantial completion of the school by the deadline required by the contract; and failed to comply with coordination and scheduling obligations. Another major subcontractor, who asked not to be named, also said that Farley Associates had stopped paying subcontractors before Divine Electric stopped work. That subcontractor said his company has had problems getting paid by Farley Associates since it began work in the fall of 2011. Arambula said his company owes its suppliers $500,000 on a joint line of credit with Farley Associates, and had run up other unnecessary costs on the McNair project because the general contractor was

behind on the project. “I think when we pulled off we had 23 or 24 men on that contract,” he said. “Typically you wouldn’t put that many electricians on a school unless the job was behind schedule. But the general contractor was behind schedule, which meant more manpower, more hours, which cost us a fortune.” As late as August 14, Guilford County Schools Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Robert Melton told the school board that McNair would open “on time” on August 27. But to

(Continued on page 6)

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anyone with even a passing knowledge of construction who visited the site, that was obviously not true. By Friday, August 17, all hopes of opening McNair by the start of school were abandoned, and Guilford County Schools Chief of Staff Nora Carr sent an email to top administrators and school board members titled, “Urgent Information Regarding McNair,” outlining the plan for moving students to other schools. On Monday, August 20, Bolick, Guilford County Schools Director of Construction

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Not Orange Enough To Draw City Interest by john hammer editor

It would appear something needs to be done about building and zoning enforcement in Greensboro. At the Tuesday, Sept. 4 Greensboro City Council meeting, Glenwood resident Ben Holder showed the council photos of two houses in Glenwood – one burned in January and the other in June and neither has been torn down or even boarded up. The house that burned in January hasn’t been inspected since June. Since they are not boarded up Holder noted that vagrants could be living in there, or that children could go inside. Since Holder used to board up houses and clean up lots for the city as a private contractor, he has a special interest in dilapidated housing even though he is no longer under contract with the city. No explanation was given by the city as to why the inspections department has done nothing to enforce the city code requiring condemned houses to be boarded up. Councilmember Nancy Vaughan asked for information on the houses. She also noted that she had asked for a call history of the Cascade Grandview apartments on West Market Street, which were condemned and evacuated when Duke Energy cut off the electricity in August because the owner had not paid the bill. Cascade reportedly had building code violations as well as not having the proper zoning, but the city allowed it to continue to operate. The use of the Cascade building had changed, and because of the change from a privavte dormitory to single-room occupancy, there were development standards the owner had to meet. The city certainly knew from the numerous building inspection complaints that the building was no longer student housing, but as far as anyone knows at this point the city staff made no attempt to bring the building into zoning compliance. When the council is provided with the information that Vaughan asked about, some of the questions may be answered. It’s a good bet it is bad news because the city is quick to release good news and very slow with bad news. In contrast last week at the Greensboro Board of Adjustment meeting, Bojangles’ had to appeal a notice of violation. The belief of the zoning administrator was that the Greensboro zoning administration, not the corporate headquarters of Bojangles’, should decide what shade of orange the awnings on a new Bojangles’ at 514 Hickory Ridge Dr. should be. The good news for Bojangles’ is that the Board of Adjustment decided overwhelmingly that Bojangles’, not the zoning administrator, should decide the shade of orange for the awnings on a Bojangles’ restaurant. But why would the zoning enforcement staff allow people to live in squalor at Cascade Grandview when the owner was not in compliance with the city zoning ordinance, and instead decide try to strong arm Bojangles’ into changing the color of their awnings? It looks like the city staff needs to get their priorities straight on zoning enforcement and building inspections. A speaker from the floor brought up the fact that bloggers are questioning how much Ross Harris, who was Mayor Robbie Perkins campaign manager, is being paid to run the Greensboro Performing Arts Center (GPAC) Task Force. And it’s not just bloggers. Greensboro city councilmembers are having similar discussions amongst themselves and have been told that despite the fact that the city has allocated over $250,000 to the GPAC task force, it is none of their business. Councilmembers say off the record that they have been told that The Harris Partners, which is Harris’ company, is receiving $7,000 or $7,500 a month for the GPAC Task Force work. That would be about $90,000 a year. But it is not the same as paying someone a salary of $90,000 a year because Harris is a contractor, so she is responsible for all of her own benefits. It is probably closer to paying Harris $60,000 a year. What has people, including councilmembers, riled up is that this whole process was portrayed as being open and transparent, and, in the beginning, it wasn’t going to cost the city a dime. The Community Foundation was going to foot the bill for the task force, or that is what councilmembers thought they had heard. Earlier this year the Community Foundation came asking for $50,000 to pay an outside consultant other than Harris. Then at the Tuesday Aug. 21 City Council meeting the Community Foundation asked for $205,000 to continue the work. The Community Foundation supposedly is putting in about $200,000 in private funds, but since the Community Foundation is not opening its books, nobody really knows if it is putting in any money. You can’t claim to be transparent, ask the city for $255,000 and then refuse to tell the City Council how all the money is going to be spent. The contract for the director is something that the City Council would expect to be told about, and certainly would have been told about if they had asked for (Continued on page 29)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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State Of The Community Not Too Great by Scott D. Yost county editor

Normally, the annual State of the Community luncheon, presented by the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, is so monolithically positive and upbeat that no one at the event would ever know the economy was in the tank. Most years the luncheon serves largely as a pep rally for the 1,000-plus attendees, made up for the most part of members of the area’s business community, elected officials and guests of companies that are chamber members. However, after four straight years of dismal economic conditions in both the county and the country, some negative remarks by speakers are to be expected. At the end of the luncheon, Deborah Hooper, the president of the chamber, publically thanked all of the speakers, and she added, “especially for your candid comments.” At the Wednesday, August 29 event, the two speakers representing the business community were Bill Jasper, the chief executive officer for Unifi, an international textile manufacturer, and Mark Caldwell, the senior vice president of LF USA, a New York based company that markets and distributes high-profile clothing lines. There were also two speakers from the field of education: Harold Martin, the chancellor of NC A&T State University, and Mo Green, the superintendant of

Guilford County Schools. Laura Meagher, the vice president of the chamber, moderated the event. The format was largely different than it has been in past years. For most of the last decade, the luncheon has featured speeches by elected leaders such as county commissioners, the Greensboro mayor, Greensboro city councilmembers and the chairman of the Guilford County Board of Education. The luncheon was held, as it always has been, at the Koury Convention Center in the Sheraton Greensboro Hotel at Four Seasons. The event was called, “Transforming Our Local Economy: Required – a Highly Skilled Workforce.” It was meant to call attention to the community’s need to improve education and the need to prepare the workforce for new economy jobs in order to decrease unemployment and increase the possibility of drawing more businesses to the area. Before introducing the speakers, Hooper explained how the theme of this year’s luncheon came about. She said the Greensboro chamber had sent a survey to 400 local businesses, of which 136 responded. In contrast to the almost entirely positive speeches at State of the Community luncheons in years past, at times during

this year’s presentations the message was a negative one: For instance, Hooper said 79 percent of those businesses responding said they had jobs to fill, but she said the survey also revealed a lack of “soft skills” among the area’s work force – such as a lack of communication and critical thinking skills. “Soft skills are a ubiquitous problem for many employers,” she said. Of the businesses that hired or attempted to hire new employees recently, she said, 60 percent filled jobs with local candidates, 37 percent recruited outside the area to fill those jobs and 3 percent of those positions remain unfilled. Hooper said there had been a growing number of beneficial partnerships between area businesses and educational institutions, and she said area community colleges had played a big role in that effort. Jasper, the chief executive officer for Unifi, spoke about the difficulty Unifi sometimes has finding workers from the piedmont area. Jasper said, for instance, that many area job seekers fresh out of high school in this area weren’t prepared for employment. He said had been Unifi’s experience when the company went looking for textile industry workers. “We have a problem hiring from high schools,” Jasper said.


He said those workers from area high schools often “lack discipline” and don’t have an understanding of the skills needed. He said that, in some cases, Unifi tries to “monitor” those new hires and bring them along. “We train them on the floor and on the fly,” Jasper told the audience members who, for the most part, dined while the presentations went on. Jasper added that, despite his company’s efforts to train workers fresh out of high school, those efforts usually didn’t result in those employees lasting any length of time at Unifi. “Nearly 50 percent leaves within a month or two,” Jasper said. He also said that, when it comes to hiring for positions that require higher education, his company routinely looks outside this area. He said that his division had hired 16 engineers in the past five years – with not one new hire from area colleges. “To be blunt, we typically go to NC State,” Jasper said. “I honestly can’t say why.” The other speakers at the event also offered a dose of realism to those who attended. Green spoke about the efforts the Guilford County school system has made to (Continued on page 27)





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Thursday, September 6, 2012






The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro HIGH POINT



City Project Seeks $450K For Uptowne by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The High Point City Project, which is only fitfully supported by the High Point City Council, is finally breaking free to try to do something on its own. At a meeting of the City Project’s board on Tuesday, Sept. 4, City Project leaders said that, during September, they will attempt to raise $450,000 to hire the Miami-based architectural firm Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. to design a new High Point city center along North Main Street. City Project officials said that High Point University – read: High Point University President Nido Qubein – has pledged $124,000 toward that goal. A city center is exactly how the City Project has been pitching Uptowne, the stretch of North Main Street between Ray and State avenues – as a walkable “downtown” of stores and restaurants that only happens to be outside of High Point’s traditional downtown, which has been taken over by furniture showrooms. It takes a little imagination to envision that now. As Aaron Clinard, the chairman of the board of the City Project, said, North Main Street is more speedway than shopping center now. “The Main Street area is really just a

highway right now,” Clinard said. “People go 45 or 50 miles an hour down Main Street, and there’s no way they’re going to pay attention to stores at that speed.” The City Project brought architect Andrés Duany – a founding partner of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. and a founding member of the Congress for the New Urbanism – to High Point in March for a series of meetings with High Point officials, business groups and the public. Duany attacked most downtown building codes as impediments to private development, and especially to the development of old-school, or New Urban, downtowns, whichever you want to call them. He called for throwing out most of the rules generated by city planners. Meanwhile, High Point is planning to rewrite its entire development code. Would-be High Point redevelopers on Monday, August 27 met with representatives of the Chapel Hill office of Denver-based Clarion Associates LLC, a consultant the High Point City Council hired in May to spend two years rewriting the development ordinance. Clarion said it would be guided by an advisory committee of developers, redevelopers, High Point Planning and

Zoning Commission members, architects, city planners and the City Project, which the City Council created in an effort to redevelop High Point’s traditional neighborhoods. In other words, it said it would hold a bunch of public hearings and listen to people. It’s uncertain to what extent Duany is among them. Qubein was cited several times at the August 27 meeting for his support of Duany – the implication being that Duany’s ideas conflicted with those likely to come out of the zoning rewrite. Clarion has its own ideas about how a zoning ordinance should be written – but a two-year rewrite leaves a large window for lobbying, and that’s what the City Project hopes to do by hiring Duany. Duany, when he was here, railed against any zoning ordinance too complicated to let him build Charleston, South Carolina – in other words, almost any zoning ordinance in effect today.

City Project members argue that High Point’s zoning ordinance, written to guide suburban development, almost prevents redevelopment of old High Point neighborhoods, and they want most of the rules thrown out the window when it comes to Uptowne and other old mixeduse neighborhoods. Clinard said that Duany has a way of changing zoning ordinances to make them less restrictive in older neighborhoods, especially ones that mix stores, restaurants, industry and residences. He acknowledged the possibility of Duany clashing with Clarion and the High Point Planning and Development Department. “That’s the trick,” Clinard said. “You have two different organizations looking at the thing. But it would be silly for them to ignore what he has to say. Our goal would be to make sure that when we get Duany back here, we get the two together and make sure they’re not at cross purposes.”

McNair (Continued from page 3) Julius Monk and Melton met with Jeffrey Grady, an attorney with the Charlotte law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman, which represents Farley Associates. On August 23, Grady wrote Bolick that Farley Associates and Hartford had taken steps to ensure that all of the “outstanding, documented and meritorious” claims of subcontractors and suppliers would be paid quickly. The second subcontractor said his company would likely quit the McNair project unless paid within a short period. “They owe me quite a bit of money,” he said. “If they don’t pay me, I’ll probably be pulling off the job soon.” Arambula said his company had not been paid for a longer period than his contract with Farley Associates required and that his company had been sending Farley Associates regular bills. “We had a contractual OK to stop when we did,” he said. “They knew.” Monk has said that subcontractors have approached Guilford County Schools with claims of not being paid by Farley Associates, and the school system referred them to Hartford.

The McNair construction project is a single-prime project, meaning Guilford County Schools hired one general contractor – Farley Associates – and that Farley Associates was responsible for hiring and paying all subcontractors. Property owners such as Guilford County Schools require general contractors to have bonds through companies such as Hartford, so that the bonding company will pay for the remainder of construction if the general contractor fails to finish it. Ideally, requiring bonding also reduces lawsuits, at least for the property owner, although the bonding company can sue the contractor. Arambula said he understands that general contractors such as Farley Associates are having a hard time in the current economy, as well as subcontractors. “I feel bad for the kids and the community,” he said. “It’s going to be a beautiful school.” James “Trey” Farley III, the president of Farley Associates, has declined to comment on any of the issues raised by the delay in McNair’s completion, and the law firm representing Farley – Katten Muchin Rosenman – has not returned a call for comment.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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City Unsure Of Its Own Audit Policy by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

The City of Greensboro doesn’t appear to know what the city’s policy is for auditing the nonprofit organizations it gives money to, and that becomes particularly apparent when one looks into the management of privately owned Center City Park. The private organizations that own and operate the park – Action Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro, Inc. (DGI) – have not been audited by the city’s Internal Audit Division or subject to annual compliance reviews, despite the fact that they each receive city funding, some of it in a strangely convoluted way. It is also difficult to tell just what the city expects from such organizations in terms of financial scrutiny, and the answer from city staff keeps changing. The $350,000 the city gives annually for “maintenance” of Center City Park does not go directly to DGI, which manages the park. Instead the money is allocated to Center City Park LLC, of which Action Greensboro is the manager and sole member, according to the North Carolina secretary of state’s website. The city also gives money to DGI separately. DGI annually receives $103,500 for operating expenses and $100,000 for “downtown improvement projects.” In addition to city money, Action

Greensboro is supported by six sponsoring foundations: the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, the Cemala Foundation, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, the Cone Health Foundation, the Tannebaum-Sternberger Foundation and the Weaver Foundation. As of 2011 Action Greensboro had almost $9 million in assets, about $2 million of which were in cash or cash equivalents. In an audit by independent auditing firm Bernard Robinson & Company LLP, Action Greensboro and Center City Park LLC were grouped together and treated as the same entity. The audit also noted that Action Greensboro was a member of the Greensboro Partnership, which is what Greensboro calls its chamber of commerce organization. Although the audit was made available to the city, there has not been a compliance review of Action Greensboro or Center City Park by the Greensboro’s Internal Audit Division. A compliance review focuses specifically on how an organization spends funds from the city, to make sure they are spent on public service. When reached for comment about the Greensboro auditing policy on Friday, August 24, City Attorney Mujeeb ShahKhan said that he and staff weren’t sure what the policy was, or if there was a

policy at all. City staff has been reviewing Greensboro’s auditing procedures since July when it was revealed that Grassroots Productions, which had not been audited since 2008, lost its nonprofit status in 2011 for failure to file tax returns. Grassroots receives city funds annually to put on Fun Fourth and the Festival of Lights. Also on August 24 the city issued a statement on the auditing of nonprofits that focused on a “Zero Tolerance Policy” passed by the City Council in 2004, which requires all agencies that receive city funding to submit to audits by independent firms and make financial records available to the city for review. The statement, which was part of the weekly “Items for Your Information” from the city manager’s office to city councilmembers, admitted that not all agencies had been audited or reviewed as the policy requires. The Zero-Tolerance Policy was adopted in response to a scandal surrounding Project Homestead, a low income housing provider that failed to provide satisfactory financial information to the city and eventually fell apart amid accusations of gross misappropriation of funds. According to City Communications Manager Donnie Turlington, the frequency

with which a company is subject to an audit or compliance review by the Internal Audit Division depends on its individual contract with the city. In an email Turlington initially stated, “The contract that the City has with the Greensboro Partnership (Action Greensboro) and Center City Park LLC (maintenance agreement) do [sic] not require the City to conduct a formal audit if the Greensboro Partnership and Center City Park LLC provides [sic] a financial statement and third party audit. However the city is responsible for conducting an annual compliance review of the financial documents.” But Turlington later offered a “clarification” of that statement in another email: “My earlier comment that the compliance review was required annually – that only applies to certain contracts.” This is despite the fact that the city’s statement released on August 24 characterized the Zero-Tolerance Policy as requiring that “all public service agencies be reviewed to ensure that city funds are expended for a public purpose.” There are 11 city-funded organizations that Turlington in his clarification identified as having contracts that call for annual compliance reviews along (Continued on page 37)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Mo Gets Serious About Achievement Gap by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The Guilford County Board of Education spent most of its Thursday, August 30 meeting talking about race, and nobody noticed. That the school board was talking about race was a good thing. It did so not just because the school board picked that night to have one of its verbal donnybrooks over race, but because the administration of Guilford County School Superintendent Mo Green was taking the bull by the horns and doing something official, within Guilford County Schools, to address the “achievement gap” between black male students and white students. Four years after Green was hired, and after he has had some success in getting some of Guilford County’s worst schools off the federal and state lists of failures by improving test scores – Green on Thursday rolled out his achievement gap plan, and his own pilot program. During the 2012-2013 school year, two sets of schools will make changes in an effort to produce a measurable closing of the achievement gap. Six elementary schools will make a concerted effort to address literacy problems among young black male students. Statistics show that many black male students test as well in reading as white students through third grade, but

after that, their reading scores drop off precipitously until, by eighth grade, there is a large reading proficiency gap between black males and white students. The six schools in the reading program will be Allen Jay, Fairview, Irving Park, Montlieu, Peck and Sedgefield. More controversially on the school board, at the same time three schools in the Guilford County Schools Western Region – Parkview Elementary, Ferndale Middle and High Point Central High schools – will test a plan to reduce the number of school days black male students lose to suspensions by attempting to reduce disproportionate levels of suspensions between black and white students. Guilford County Schools administrators call the two sets of schools “literacy schools” and “discipline schools.” The “disproportionate punishment” argument is more controversial, and is based on the theory that black male students are punished at higher rates for the same offenses than students of other races and genders. That is hard to prove, because you can’t prove it merely by demonstrating that more black students are being disciplined. You also have to prove that they are not committing offenses at a higher rate. The controversy stems from the fact that if black male students are committing

verifiable offenses at higher rates than other students, they should be punished at higher rates. Guilford County Schools statistics show that black males are being punished at higher rates. Some of the offenses for which they are being punished – fighting, attacks on teachers, possession of weapons, drug possession and the like – don’t leave much room for the “implicit bias” theory on which the effort to reduce disproportionate punishment is based. If students commit those offenses, it doesn’t matter what race or gender they are, and there’s little room for the racism argument. Green, as part of his strategic plan for the school system, has made reducing Rule 6 and Rule 8 punishments a goal. Those rules mostly require compliance with teachers, and leave some latitude for interpretation by teachers and principals. Teachers, and even principals (although Guilford County school principals still say they are ordered not to talk to the media), have told The Rhino Times that, to be safe and protect their careers, they interpret that goal as prohibiting them from punishing black male students at all, except in the most obvious and egregious cases. According to teachers, that results in chaos in the classroom. Guilford County Schools Chief Academic Officer Beth Folger kicked off

PART (Continued from page 1)

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ResidenceM.D. We make house calls

McKinney, is abandoning ship. McKinney, who has been the head of PART since 1997, announced at a board meeting on Wednesday, August 8, that he would be stepping down at the end of January 2013. However, at the special meeting, after a lengthy closed session, it was announced that McKinney would be leaving Nov. 30, 2012. At the August 30 meeting, after the board came back from the closed session that lasted about an hour and a half, Paul Johnson, the vice chairman of the PART board and the member who represents Surry County, read a motion calling for the board to accept McKinney’s 90-day notice. The board voted unanimously to accept the resignation. While McKinney will no longer have to worry about PART’s problems after November, members of the PART board aren’t so lucky: It was evident at the meeting that there were a host of issues PART needs to address successfully if the agency is to continue to provide public transportation across the 10-county service area. PART has already made changes in an attempt to reduce costs. Starting on July 1, PART cut 25 percent of its express routes, which run between cities in the PART service area. However, at the same August

the discussion by saying that less than half of black male students nationwide are reading at grade level. She said, “I ask you, is there something wrong with the fish, or is it the lake?” In other words, is the problems with the black males students, or is it with the school systems. Folger argued that the lake was “systemic racism” that extends beyond the school system – in which case Guilford County Schools has no hope of closing the achievement gap, as it has no control of the world outside the school system. One thing the No Child Left Behind Act has accomplished is to force school systems to test the performance of all subgroups of students – each race, students whose native language is not English, poor students, students with disabilities and the like. The act forced school systems for acknowledge that it was sending some groups – primarily minority and poor students – out in the world unprepared for college, or even jobs that require fluent, critical reading and analysis, even if they don’t require college degrees. That had been going on for decades, and school systems went to great lengths to hide the fact. For Guilford County Schools to admit that the problem is the lake – the school system – is a surprising step, and despite (Continued on page 29)

8 meeting at which McKinney announced his retirement, the board discovered that, despite those cuts, PART’s cost to provide the express service might be going up due to a rate increase by the company that acquired Coach America, a major service provider for PART. Much of the closed session discussion at the August 30 meeting was apparently about what PART should do with regard to the Coach America situation. That transportation service provider declared bankruptcy in January, and Transportation Management Services (TMS), the company that acquired Coach America, has indicated that the cost to PART for the bus service that Coach America had been providing will go up from $77.50 per hour to $95.25 per hour. PART board members said they were unhappy with McKinney at the August 8 meeting because they were blindsided by the news that Coach America was bankrupt and its new owner, TMS, would be raising rates by almost 25 percent. The PART board was apparently not even aware that PART had no signed contract with Coach America, even though the board approved a contract with Coach American last year and board members thought that contract was in effect. A very significant part of PART’s (Continued on next page)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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PART (Continued from previous page) operations could be affected by the looming rate increase. According to Lisa Chislett, the public relations coordinator for PART, PART’s general fund budget is $5.1 million and, of that, the Coach America expense constitutes $2.1 million. If the board finds no other options, continuing the service could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional costs at a time when PART is already experiencing recurring budget shortfalls. It was obvious at the August 30 meeting that the board wanted everyone to know it felt blindsided by the cost increase from the bankrupt company’s new owner. At the August 30 meeting, Smothers handed out a summary of issues facing PART, and the first bullet point in the document was underlined for emphasis. It stated, “It should be noted that, until the bankruptcy issue surfaced and the question of hour costs due to the 25% reduction in routes, the PART board had no knowledge that Coach America had NOT signed the contract that the Board had approved in 2011.” At PART’s regular August 8 meeting, several PART board members asked McKinney why the board didn’t know about the Coach America problems and related issues sooner. According to Smothers’ memo summarizing the situation, McKinney was verbally notified on Tuesday, June 26 that TMS wanted to hike the rate. At the August 30 meeting, the PART board voted to hire a consulting firm to help PART deal with its current troubles. The board voted unanimously to enter into negotiations with Parsons Brinckerhoff, an international transportation consulting firm that has worked with PART in the past and has also helped other transportation systems in the Southeast recover from troubles. After the meeting, representatives of both PART and Parsons Brinckerhoff were careful to state that the scope, fees and other aspects of the agreement were yet to be determined. However, the resolution adopted by the PART board did offer some basic parameters. The resolution states that the intention is for PART to enter into “a short-term consulting agreement” for Parsons Brinckerhoff to advise PART “on all matters pertaining to the contract to operate PART’s express and shuttle bus services; how PART should be organized to best provide these and other services; to analyze PART’s finances; and to assist in the transition to a new executive leadership team.” The motion authorized Smothers to negotiate the terms of the agreement or to establish a committee to do so. According to Smothers’ memo, there are a number of possibilities as to how the board can proceed from here. One possible outcome is that PART Express ceases operation. Another is that PART approves a contract with another

transportation provider, while another possibility is to bring the operations in house. Since the cost of that option is unknown, Smothers’ memo states that move could mean a temporary cessation of the service. Yet another possibility, according to the memo, is to form a patchwork model that uses local municipal transit providers. Right now, there are a lot of unknowns, and the PART board members are hoping that the outside consultants can come up with some solutions. Lynn Purnell, a senior supervising planner for Parsons Brinckerhoff, told the board at the meeting, “We’ve done similar work for the Columbia, South Carolina, Department of Transportation.” Another Parsons Brinckerhoff representative said, “We’ve got a pretty rich history working with North Carolina from the mountains to the coast. We’re extremely excited to be a part of this process.” After the meeting, Smothers said one confounding aspect of the mess is that PART hasn’t even been sure who to talk to at TMS or Coach America in order to strike a deal. “There has not been an identified negotiator from either company,” she said. Smothers also said that, in addition to all of those issues to address, PART will also be transitioning to new leadership with McKinney’s departure. She added that McKinney will still be available for consultation after November. The board’s attorney, Tom Terrell of Smith Moore Leatherwood, said he is attempting to talk to the correct party, but he added that TMS had not confirmed a designated negotiator yet. According to Smothers’ memo, TMS is requesting a five-year contract with PART, but that memo goes on to state that such a long-term contract would require approval from the Federal Transit Administration and the NC Department of Transportation – and, in addition, PART has no desire to enter into an agreement that long. Right now the board is waiting on an expected two-week or 30-day notice from Coach America/TMS announcing the end of bus service. Smothers’ memo also lists “Possible Pending Actions,” and states that one upcoming possible action may be “notification to participating county governments of the continued revenue and operations problems and possible cessation of services by PART Express.” In other words, PART might request bailout money from its 10 member counties. PART has asked for additional money before but only Guilford County has stepped up in a major way. At the Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011 Guilford County Board of Commissioners meeting, McKinney asked Guilford County for $394,000 to help PART make it through the fiscal year that began only three months earlier in July 2011. The

commissioners voted to give PART the money – something the other counties didn’t do. One reason Guilford County was probably so accommodating is that, at the time, the county was entering into an agreement with PART for PART to take over the contract for Guilford County’s own troubled transportation services after a private provider, MV Transportation, pulled out. At a June 21 Board of Commissioners meeting, McKinney asked the Guilford County Commissioners for another $120,000 to cover a projected PART budget shortfall that he said PART had experienced

due to taking over Guilford County’s transportation services eight months earlier. At that time, McKinney told the commissioners PART had underestimated the cost of providing Guilford County with the transportation service. Despite that infusion of over half a million in additional dollars from Guilford County in the past 10 months, PART is still having trouble making ends meet. Smothers said after the August 30 meeting that, while Guilford County had been good about providing financial support to PART, other counties in the group hadn’t been so supportive with their dollars.

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The Sound of the Beep What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine tape on our comment line 273-0898. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 273-0898 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep.

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I was just listening to WUNC 91.5 FM NPR when they mentioned the support of a sponsor. And in that regard they mentioned this sponsor was supporting journalistic excellence. Well, let me ask you this, dear reader. What kind of journalistic excellence is it that simply refuses to mention the deranged shooter who showed up at the Family Research Council in DC, cried, “I do not like your politics,” and started shooting? This, obviously, was a left-wing deranged nutcase with a gun who started shooting at people specifically and explicitly because of their politics, which was not even mentioned by NPR. What kind of journalistic excellence is that? That’s just bias, plain and simple. Just sign me off as An Independent Thinker. %%% I really appreciate the diversity of opinions on The Sound of the Beep. I want to share something. I have been doing some volunteer work down at the Obama headquarters in downtown Greensboro, 229 North Eugene St. If anyone who are Republicans, Independents or Democrats who would like to come down and volunteer in support of our president, please do. I was talking to an undecided voter doing our phone banks. And he come up, I asked him if he was still supportive of the president. He told me that he was undecided. I asked him, why are you undecided. He said, because people in Congress are not … %%% For the undecided Republican voters that do not feel that Congress has been making nothing happen. In other words, they weren’t doing nothing to make nothing happen up in Congress. And I said, well, do you think that’s the president’s fault that Congress is not doing anything? And he said, no, sir, I don’t. I don’t know why I’m undecided. Because I know that the Republicans are the ones that are holding – tying his hands to what’s being done in Congress. We have jobs bills that never got passed. So Congress is the reason why the economy is the way that, because they’re not passing bills that Obama … %%% Yes, the Democratic Party says it’s the party of women. They’ve killed by abortion 27 million women statistically since 1972. If these women were alive, they would be age 42 years of age to newborn. Since the Obama administration has been in power, they’ve killed 600,000 women, potential women, and during the convention, the three days of the convention in Charlotte, 15,000 female fetuses will be aborted. They do not deserve to be the party of women. They are the party of the death of women. Jim, Greensboro. Thank you. %%% Hi. I know it’s been awhile, but I’m just wondering when the City of Greensboro is going to step up and do the right thing about former Police Chief David Wray. The only people who were at fault in any of that are still employed by the City of Greensboro. And until Greensboro steps up and does what should be done to clear the matter up, nothing is going to be OK with Greensboro. %%% Editor’s Note: I think you’re right, but unless a lot of people call and complain, Capt. James Hinson might soon be Asst. Chief James Hinson. %%% Calling in regard to PART and Brent McKinney’s retirement. I think it’s time somebody took a very close look at PART and think about what their goals were when they were created some time ago. And it’s time to just stop and look at the operation. They’ve been out of funding for the longest time. It’s always an issue that. And they’re doing planning work for sustainability. And unsuccessfully, evidently, since no one attends any of the public meetings. So, I think it’s time to step back and look at what PART is supposed to be. %%% FYI, just wanted to share some observations after attending the showing yesterday of Obama’s America. An older lady held the door for us as many of us came out saying, wasn’t that so good? Wasn’t that so good? And I said to her, I’m not sure or know. Why would I believe Dinesh D’Souza? And I know less about him than I do about Obama. Furthermore, he speaks English with an accent as he is not a native-born American if he is an American. And I (Continued on page 16)

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Uncle Orson Reviews Everything Premium Rush, 50 Things, Deadly Animals by orson scott card

It has been a long time since Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Tommy Solomon, the “kid” in 3rd Rock from the Sun. In that brilliant cast, Gordon-Levitt managed to stand out. Then he showed that he could do grownup roles in (500) Days of Summer, a film in which the director tried to upstage the actors at every turn; Gordon-Levitt stole the movie right back. It was in Inception that he first got to play a strong role in a smart blockbuster, and he got the nice-guy part in The Dark Knight Rises. He’s got a career going. But the Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie you don’t want to miss is the bicycle-messenger thriller Premium Rush. This is absolutely his film, and the director knows it and helps him own it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine a movie about bicycle messengers being remotely interesting. I say this as someone who has biked several thousand miles in my life – not a competitor, but somebody who loves to cover ground under my own power. I’ve never understood daredevil biking – perhaps because for me, it’s daring enough just to try to share the road with the insane motorists who drive as if they intend to mount the spandex shorts of dead cyclists on their den wall. I only went to this movie because of Gordon-Levitt himself – and I was not disappointed. Gordon-Levitt’s character, Wilee (as in Wile E. Coyote, his nickname), is a sometime BMX trickster who got through law school but never took the bar exam, because he loved racing along on a fixedgear bike, steel frame, no brakes – the raw experience of your muscles chewing into the road surface. The filming is smart and sharp. We see how he finds ways through tight traffic situations with split-second foresight. We see why his girlfriend fell in love with him – and why she doesn’t want to stay in love with a guy who seems to have a death wish.

But the story never forgets that it’s about a particular package he has to deliver, top speed, by 7 p.m. – halfway down Manhattan Island in an hour and a half, in rush hour. The Chinese girl who is sending the package was a fellow law student. She also rooms with his girlfriend, and knows something about his relentlessness. So she asks for him in particular to deliver the package. What neither she nor Wilee was counting on was that there’s somebody else who really wants that package – who needs it enough to kill for it. Several times we flash back to earlier in the day in order to understand what is at stake for each person. But the writing and directing and editing are so deft that we’re never confused about what’s happening – when we need to know something, we’re told in a clear and fascinating way. And the whole movie takes place in less than six hours of real time. The action never stops, and yet what makes it work (what always makes thrillers work, when they work at all) is how much we care about Wilee and the people he cares about. The last bicycling movie I cared about was Breaking Away, and I only watched that because it came free with the first (used) VCR that I ever bought. In the era when each videotape cost 80 bucks, as long as you owned it, you might as well watch it. I did, I loved it. That was 1979. Now my list of “great bicycle movies” has two items on it. Apparently Premium Rush is classed as an indie film, which puts it on one of the tiny screens at the Carousel. If you want to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the big screen, you’ll have to wait for Looper, which looks to be a cool timetravel thriller. Gordon-Levitt, though, is strangely unrecognizable in the promos – it makes me wonder if they’ve done something weird with his makeup to get him to look more like Bruce Willis, whose younger self he plays. Or maybe it’s just the camera angles. The thing is, Gordon-Levitt has the kind

of intensity and power that lets him own the screen completely for the entire length of a feature film – the kind of power that let Matt Damon hit so hard in the Bourne movies, and Clint Eastwood in those spaghetti westerns. Even on a bicycle. There is real evil in this film – and yet it’s strangely decorous. In fact, one of the characters comments indirectly on the fact that there’s not a single word in the movie that isn’t used in primetime television. If the movie hadn’t made a big deal of it, I wouldn’t have noticed the lack of icky language. Why? Because when it isn’t there, we don’t miss it. Good writers don’t need to drop bombwords into their scripts. They do it with characters, relationships, situations. They trust the actors to bring the language to life. I wish more writers had the talent and self-trust to do the same. Warning: If you take anyone too young to have a driver’s license, make them swear an oath that they will never, never get on their bike and try any of the stunts in this movie. Assure them that all the street scenes were carefully choreographed, with stunt drivers in all the cars. On real streets, those cyclists would be flat as manhole covers long before the end.


50 Things Liberals Love to Hate, by Mike Gallagher, is more than your standard radio-talk-show-host movementconservative screed. Most of those books, I find myself turning away in disgust after a while, because the sheer incoherency of “thought” in political books of the Right and the Left fills me with contempt bordering on despair. With Ann Coulter’s first book, it took me three chapters. With Michael Savage’s first book, it took me three paragraphs – and that was only because it took two paragraphs to believe that he was really saying what I thought he was saying. So it’s refreshing that in 50 Things, Mike Gallagher actually shows (1) a sense of humor, (2) a spark of tolerance for people who disagree with him, and (3) a few moments of awareness that it might be possible for good people to disagree on some points, and agree on others. Look, it’s not a serious book. It’s an entertaining book about serious things. There’s a difference. But it can be read by liberals and conservatives and moderates and independents with relatively little pain. One of the points Gallagher makes early on is that conservatives generally admit they’re conservatives, while liberals usually have to append asterisks to the liberal label before they’re willing to wear it. And he’s right. There are two reasons for that. 1. Even though “conservativism” is every bit as incoherent a “philosophy” as “liberalism” today, all the semi-insane self-contradictions of conservatism have

been around, essentially unchanged, since Reagan was elected president. In case you haven’t noticed, 32 years have passed since then. We’re used to conservative insanity. 2. Liberalism, on the other hand, was already semi-insane when McGovern’s people took over the Democratic Party in 1972, but they kept changing their insanity, constantly adding new irrationalities by some kind of backroom consensus, without any intervening thought. They just keep discovering new “rights” or “crises” that everyone is expected to believe in without any argument or discussion or, God forbid, compromise or legislative process. So “liberalism” is all over the map. It won’t hold still. Its insanities keep multiplying. That’s why liberals need a bunch of asterisks. For instance, as of 1976, when I first decided I was a Democrat, there was still a substantial “sane wing” of the Democratic Party. I could call myself a Moynihan Democrat – strong on defense, strong on civil rights, but able to compromise and govern rationally. But “liberal” has shifted so radically in meaning since that time that without changing any part of my general philosophy, I have found myself accused of being a “conservative.” It’s like discovering, 30 years later, that the rock group “The Eagles” now sounds like a country band – not because they changed, but because country music has now become 1970s rock-and-roll. So Gallagher is right – liberals need to explain for about 15 minutes what they mean by calling themselves “liberal,” because we all know that what passes for “liberalism” today is so deeply insane and anti-social that no rational person can possibly support the entire program. It contradicts itself too much to bear even cursory analysis, and it has never had to pass through the wringer of public discussion in order to knock off the weirdest features of it. It is automatically hugged by academia and kissed by the media without anybody noticing just how diseased this thing has actually become. And yet ... and yet ... I still remember why I became a Democrat in 1976, and all those reasons are still there. So even when I find myself laughing and nodding through Gallagher’s book, I keep thinking, “But he’s referring to those ‘liberals,’ who aren’t really liberals at all.” Because that’s where we are right now – the most repressive Zwinglian group of thought police in America call themselves “liberal,” a word that means the exact opposite of everything they do. Obama is not a liberal – he’s a lockstep mechanical man in the mindless police force of the puritan elite. He shows no evidence of knowing anything about history or economics or actual human nature or anything except how to play at Chicago politics. So Gallagher is right about that kind of (Continued on page 15)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

No. 0902

PARDON ZE INTERRUPTION By Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz







1 “Iliad” character

4 7 P a r t o f w. p . m . : A b b r.

106 Where busybodies live?

9 1986 U.S.S.R. launch

51 Fey of “30 Rock”

11 2 Ta n k t o p ?


5 Cracked a bit

49 Like some kisses

12 Comedian who was the only man on M a x i m ’s 2 0 1 2 H o t 100 list of most beautiful women

52 Begin a game of “She loves me, she loves me not …”?

19 2004 Best Actor winner for “Ray” 20 Sir Galahad, e.g. 21 Foofaraw

22 Rhododendron relatives

23 Chihuahua that eats only the best dog food? 25 What Jennifer Grey does in “Dirty Dancing”? 27 Photo blowup: A b b r. 28 Position of authority

29 Book of legends

3 0 _ _ _ - H a w l e y Ta r i ff Act of 1930 31 2012, por ejemplo

32 Promiscuous woman of the Far East?

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2012

36 Lets a ground ball g o t h r o u g h o n e ’s legs, say 37 Opposite of rises 39 Multitude

40 Announcement early in an inning, maybe 4 2 S u ff i x w i t h l e g a l

4 3 S p r i n t ’s b u s i n e s s

For any three answers, call from a touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 each minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800814-5554.

60 Blissful

63 Prefix with sexual 64 Diploma word

65 “The Addams Family” matriarch 66 Salad bar bowlful 68 Mark

69 Unveil, in poems

70 First-class piece of i n f a n t ’s w e a r ? 7 3 Wo r d o f t e n shortened to one letter in text messages 7 4 A n c h o r ’s p l a c e 7 6 Tw o - d a y t r i p s , sometimes

7 7 B a rg a i n h u n t e r s ’ destinations

79 Form of Spanish “to be” 8 1 Ve r b f o r t h o u

82 Northern force

111 P o e t i c p r a i s e

11 4 A m b i e n c e f a c t o r 11 5 M i d w e s t n a t i v e 11 6 A t b i r t h

11 7 G r o u p t h a t regularly plays a classic dice game?

11 9 D r o p a h i p - h o p s t a r from the festival lineup? 121 Lake at one end of t h e We l l a n d C a n a l

122 “Small Craft on a Milk Sea” musician 123 Related

1 2 4 P u l i t z e r- w i n n i n g James 125 Pathfinders, e.g. 126 Orch. section

127 Ad Council output, for short 1 2 8 C h i l d ’s r o o m , often Down

96 Rhythm band instrument

101 Scepter go-with

103 Start of a tournament … or the end of a match? 104 “Laugher”

1 6 “ I t ’s n o t m u c h o f a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it” speaker

5 “Now I see”

6 “Kiss of the Dragon” star 7 They might make your mouth water

8 Booker Prize winner Arundhati ___ 9 Ta j _ _ _

10 “Likewise”

11 S p r a y a l t e r n a t i v e







46 Salon treatment, informally 5 0 To r q u e s y m b o l s 53 Losers 5 4 I a n F l e m i n g ’s a l m a mater 55 Not cheating on 56 Burrito topper 57 Spear 58 Gooey treats 59 “Revolutionary Road” novelist Richard













82 85





89 101




103 108
















62 Applied, as paint 65 It may have a blinking light 66 Authority 67 Register

7 1 Ti c k e d ( o ff )

72 First name in cosmetics

75 “The Metaphysics of Morals” author




61 1974 hit with a Spanish title




60 “God willing”


68 72



57 64















49 53


















87 93





74 79

44 Palindromic auto model






34 Scene-ending film technique

41 “Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure”







33 Informative

38 Attack




35 1930s world chess champion Max



18 African danger 2 6 F l a b b e rg a s t




24 Doo-wop syllable



17 Shower items, maybe

48 Fool

8 7 _ _ _ Av i v

93 MI6 : Britain :: ___ : U.S.

1 5 S c a p e g o a t ’s o n u s

3 Mexican salamander 4 Losing tic-tac-toe line

89 Pentathlete, at times

14 House work?

45 Like some garages

2 Cochran who defended O. J.

8 8 N i e t z s c h e ’s “ n e v e r ”

13 Soda bottle meas.

1 Patriots’ group

83 Everest?

86 Like many a f o rg e t f u l a c t o r

12 He said “My reputation, Iago, my reputation!”


78 Gave a leg up

80 Musical note part

9 3 Wa x c y l i n d e r

105 Cheerios 107 ___ Day

82 Powers player

9 4 H o n o l u l u ’s _ _ _ Palace

85 National park through which the Vi rg i n R i v e r r u n s

97 Events for those who know the ropes?

11 0 B a l l g i r l

99 Rinse and dry

11 9 F o o l

84 Moore who wrote “ Wa t c h m e n ”

90 It started around 11 0 0 B . C . 91 1979 #1 hit for Robert John 92 Plucks

9 5 P e r i o d o f G e o rg e W. B u s h ’s p r e s i d e n c y

98 “Hang on ___” 100 Come (to)

1 0 2 To w n s q u a r e s ?

108 Fancy hotel features

109 Rock and roll, e.g. 11 3 B o o k b e f o r e Nehemiah

11 8 E s s e n a r t i c l e 120 Basketball highlight, slangily

Get answers to any three clues by touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656 ($1.20 each minute).

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

So Far, Yost Avoiding County Debtors Prison by Scott D. Yost county editor

Go to

and click on entertainment

Southern Lights

Gate City Billiards Club

Fri Sept 7

Tue Sept 11 Wed Sept 12 Thur Sept 13

Karaoke with DJ Crash

Riders in the Country

Fri Sept 7 Sat Sept 8

Live Music Live Music Live Music


Clear Whisky The Fast Lane Band

Fri Sept 7 Sat Sept 8

David Lin Lyn Koonce

The New York Times Hyper-Sudoku

(Continued on page 26)


Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz

9 3

7 2

8 1 9 7 6 9 7 1 2 (c)

4 9 3 8 3


3 4 339A

Distributed by The New York Times syndicate

Solution sudoku_339A

So here’s what happened to me … Not long ago, I misplaced a few bills. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find them. I didn’t worry about it too much because I pay almost everything online so it was easy for me to go to and check to see what bills I needed to pay. Now, let me give a little background before I go on. I always say that I am “a two-car family without the family part,” because I have two cars – a Mazda RX-8 and an old Toyota Camry – but I’m not married and I don’t have any kids that I know about. Now, apparently, the Guilford County Tax Department had sent me a bill for my Camry – a bill that must have been in the misplaced pile. Anyway, it turns out that that bill was for $29.67 due on May 1, 2012, for the property tax on my 1994 Toyota Camry. Sometime in mid-June, the Guilford County Tax Department sent me a second bill for the $29.67, and that bill said, “Interest begins 06/01/2012.” That bill said I now owed an additional $1.48, so the grand total, with interest, was $31.15. I kept the part of the bill that said, “Please return this portion with your payment” and I put it with some other bills I needed to pay. On Thursday, July 5, I was paying bills and, when I got to the tax bill for the Camry, it hit me that a few days extra of interest may have accumulated since they had sent the bill out. I didn’t want to send in the $31.15 and then get a bill saying, for instance, that I owed another 12 cents in interest, requiring me to send in another check for the 12 cents or whatever. So I called the Guilford County Tax Department. I gave them the bill number and told them I was mailing it in, and I asked if there was any additional interest I needed to add to the check. The woman figured it up and she gave me the amount – it was like 20 or 30 cents more. So I wrote that down and I made out a check for the total amount: $31 and change. That was on the morning of July 5. The next day – Friday, July 6 – my doorbell rang, which is highly unusual for a Friday morning. I looked out to see who it was. It was my mail carrier and, when I opened the door, she told me she had a registered letter I needed to sign for. I opened the envelope and took the letter out. It looked extremely official: It had the county seal on top and the letterhead said “Guilford County Tax Department.” Under that, across the page, in big letters it said, “NOTICE OF ATTACHMENT & GARNISHMENT.” It listed my name, YOST, SCOTT DAYVAULT” and it said GARNISHEE: HAMMER PUBLICATIONS, INC,” which is the parent company for The Rhinoceros Times. It began, “The person owing or having in his possession wages, rents, bank deposits, debts or other property of the taxpayer sought to be attached (hereinafter called the Garnishee) … “Each of you will take notice that pursuant to sections 105-366 and 105-368 of the North Carolina General Statutes authorizing the attachment and garnishment of wages, rents, bank deposits, proceeds of property subject to levy and other intangible property …”

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 12) “liberal.” But he’s not right about me. And there are still a lot of people in America who share the views and values I have. They just don’t call themselves liberals anymore. The word has been coopted by the thought police. We’re the politically homeless, and nobody’s writing books to us or about us. All the political books seem to be written as if Sean Hannity and Bill Maher were the only two flavors in the whole ice cream store. At least Gallagher seems to notice that the whole world isn’t divided between (1) the spawn of the devil and (2) people who think Ronald Reagan was God’s secondfavorite son. That’s progress, don’t you think?


So if two political conventions aren’t enough to depress you about life in America, you can cheer yourself up considerably by reading The Book of Deadly Animals by Gordon Grice. He starts with wolves and dogs and points out that if you want to get killed by an animal, the one that will get you is probably already somebody’s “pet.” Then he goes on to bears. Believe me, there are no cute bears. Just bears that haven’t felt like killing you yet. And in the cat chapter, you can be very glad that housecats are so small. Otherwise we’d all be dead – whether we “love” cats or not. They don’t love us.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Between sharks, rays, jellyfish and whales, there’s really no reason to venture into the ocean. Or water of any kind that doesn’t have heavy doses of chlorine. Then he gets to the arachnids and insects and let’s face it. It’s a miracle the human race survived long enough to get us where we are. It’s a jungle out there, folks – and in here, too, with all the insects and spiders lying in wait to poison you or suck your blood. I started reading this monstrous book at midnight and set it down at 5 a.m., only to lie there under my covers trying to imagine just how many ways I might get killed without leaving my yard. The raccoons that forage on my patio at night no longer seem so cute. No wonder they sit there complacently when I shine a light on them, as unworried as if I were the size of a squirrel. I have no claws. I have no teeth. What threat could I possibly pose? The raccoon that stares up at me, unafraid, is really thinking, “Just you wait till I get rabies. I’m coming straight here. Then you can come out in your little bare nighttime feet and shine lights on me. See what happens then.”


So I’m in Earth Fare and I see Sunflower Flax Snax by Go Raw. I was aware of the existence of the raw food movement. It wasn’t even a surprise. Whenever somebody becomes a puritan, somebody else has to come up with ways to be even more pure.

So vegetarians were trumped by vegans. And now vegans are trumped by the raw movement. Still, just because you’re Raw doesn’t mean you don’t need to have snack food – after all, you’re still American, right? Besides, if you’re Raw, you’re hungry all the time – even hungrier than vegans. Human beings began cooking their food long before we achieved sapiens status – until we had cooked food to eat, our teeth couldn’t evolve to their present semiuseless, McDonald’s-ready size and shape. And they’ve been that shape through at least a hundred thousand years of human fossilization. So when you “go Raw,” you’re trying to turn back into a creature we stopped being before our brains got big enough to enable us to figure out the area of a rectangle. However, the more I read the ingredients of the Sunflower Flax Snax, the more I realized: I like all this stuff. Why not see what the Raw are eating? Here’s what I learned. Sunflower Flax Snax are delicious. Really, really delicious. I ate half a package at one sitting, thinking, If Raw is always like this, I could live with it. Within about five hours, however, I learned that my body thinks that Raw food must be ejected as quickly as possible. Without regard to what I might be wearing or where I happen to be at the moment. That was a memorable two days. Especially since six hours of the time was spent on an airplane.

Page 15

In conclusion, I intend to stick with the last hundred thousand years of human evolution, and eat mostly cooked food. But those who go Raw, I salute you. In your effort to turn yourselves back into protochimps, you exhibit a level of courage and stamina that I don’t even want to emulate.


One nice thing about listening to classical music on XM Sirius satellite radio is that now and then, I hear a piece of music I never heard before. And if I switch from my GPS map view to the satellite radio view on my Hyundai Santa Fe’s viewscreen, I can find out who the heck the composer is, and what the piece is called. That’s how I found out about the piece “American Solstice” by composer Barbara Harbach. I went on Amazon and looked for any CDs containing that piece. I found a series of six albums of the orchestral, vocal and chamber music by this remarkable composer, and I’m listening to them all. She teaches at the University of Missouri-St. Louis; years before, she founded Vivace Press to publish music by “underrepresented composers.” The reason is obvious. Composition students who believe what their music professors teach come out writing music that nobody in their right mind wants to listen to, except to be able to tell their friends that they did. Symphonic music has moved almost entirely to the realm of film scores, but the (Continued on page 16)

Page 16

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beep (Continued from page 10) suspect the movie and the observations he makes have more to do with his experience in colonial – breaking from Colonial India in 1947 as India did ... %%% Furthermore, when I question – made that question or observation to the lady holding the door, she says, well, I never thought of it that way. I’m just suggesting that maybe we all do need to question who is Dinesh D’Souza and look at whether these opinions are coming from his experience and that he’s projecting them on to Obama. I didn’t see much documentation other than

Crossword Solution L I E A B E D

















3 Yes, I would like to respond to the6person who called in in reference to why it took 8 5 four heroes and a big red fire truck to go 8 store 3 to do one of our hero to the 9 grocery activities such as cooking. As a fireman

for 28 years, I understand this individual’s concern and appreciate it, but thought maybe I could educate them to some degree. For one, we are on duty for 24 hours at a time, away from our friends, family and everything. We are on duty. When we go to the store, we go to the store

2 1 Sudoku 5 Solution


Distributed by The New York Times syndicate

Solution sudoku_334B

Suduko 334B








2 8 9 5 1 6 4 3 7

4 5 3 7 2 9 1 6 8

7 1 6 4 3 8 2 5 9

1 2 8 9 6 3 7 4 5

5 6 4 1 8 7 9 2 3

3 9 7 2 4 5 8 1 6

9 3 1 8 5 4 6 7 2

8 4 5 6 7 2 3 9 1

inside of our fire district, which means that we are available to run calls directly from the store if we have to. And from a safety standpoint, we have our full crew with us to be able to respond and handle any emergencies that are out there. We have (Continued on page 25)

Uncle Orson



From last week’s issue I T S L A T E

he interviewed people and they thought this and thought that. Some of them who weren’t even born when Obama’s father was alive, that kind of thing. So, anyway, I noticed that a woman fell beside me as sudoku_334B the movie started. I guess she assumes Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will or Shortz she wasn’t going to need Medicare any assistance in the future. But maybe she 4 1 had enough money to pay for her falls. But 1 and2tragedy 6 9 when illness strikes …4

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

6 7 2 3 9 1 5 8 4

(Continued from page 15) problem there is that film scores tend to be repetitive and irresolute. It serves the story, as edited; the music can’t go where it needs to go for its own sake. Barbara Harbach is somewhere in between. There’s plenty of music in this CD collection that proves her credentials as a survivor of American university musical indoctrination. But even the most “experimental” is quite listenable. Because somewhere along the way, Harbach apparently missed the memo about how all the beautiful, powerful music has already been written, so serious composers are all required to write music that is painful or annoying. She actually writes beautiful music now and then. And clever, jesting music. And well-constructed, satisfying pieces. What a shock. A modern composer who thinks it’s OK to create music that regular people might actually enjoy.

Look, if you already don’t care about classical music, for heaven’s sake don’t start with Harbach. Start with Barber’s Adagio for Strings. Start with Copland’s Appalachian Spring. Harbach’s music is in the middle of the conversation; it only makes sense if you know what has come before, what she’s answering with her music, what she’s rebelling against. But if you’ve been listening to classical music for a while now, and you can tell in a few measures whether a piece sounds like it comes from the Baroque, Classical or Romantic period, if you can tell Satie from Bach and like them both, then you’ll be delighted with Harbach. It’s as if she’s taking a runaway horse and heading it back toward the road. It’s not there yet. But it’s heading in a good direction. A direction that might get civilians back into the concert halls for new music, and not just the standards.


Come see how the right tire changes everything, including helping you


Copyright © 2010 Michelin North America, Inc. All rights reserved. The Michelin Man is a registered trademark owned by Michelin North America, Inc.


Taylors Discount Tire 2100 E Cone Blvd (336) 375-8883


MON - FRI 7:30 - 5:30 SAT 6:30 - 12:30


1234 5678 9012 3456 PREFERRED CUSTOMER

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Page 25

Letters to the Editor I takes more than four years

Dear Editor, It’s easier to break something than it is to fix it. At the end of two Clinton administrations, our economy was in fine shape. Eight years later, after two Bush administrations, it was in shambles. Let us not forget that the big financial meltdown occurred during the final Bush years, before Obama took office. Somehow we seem to blame our current problems on Obama. I’m not sure why. Obama was handed a broken system and a Republican Party determined to undermine his every effort. Our economy is finally, slowly, beginning to recover. It takes more than four years to rebuild what it took eight years to break. Maureen Parker

The issue is jobs

Dear Editor, Our current economic problems started when Bill (and Hillary) Clinton pushed into law the North American Trade Agreement. The agreement has allowed foreign countries to flood the US with their

cheap products. This made it difficult for American companies to compete. Many companies folded while others moved to countries with cheap labor in order to compete. The results were lost jobs and people unable to pay their mortgages. North Carolina has lost over 80,000 jobs to China since 2011 (Source: The Record). The rest of the country combined has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico and China. Obama states he can fix all our problems. His inexperience does not tell him how. If he were able to accomplish this the cost would come out of our paychecks. Obama would raise taxes on large corporations. The result would cause the corporation to downsize, resulting in lost jobs. A tax cut would allow the corporations to expand and create more jobs. What good is a tax cut if you do not have a job? Most of us collect our paychecks form large corporations. The jobs Obama has created are funded by the US government. Once the funding stops the jobs will disappear. Obama’s own state, Illinois, on Sept. 23, 2008 (Source: Fox News), had the fourth highest gas price in the nation. He didn’t even fix his own state. How can we expect him to fix our country’s problems? He has

Beep (Continued from page 16) to pay our own money and cook our meals and handle everything on our own. Again, we’re there for 24 hours. There is the issue of fuel, and I think that is a good concern. %%% Continuing. It does cost more, obviously, to drive a fire truck. But for us to take a separate vehicle breaks up the crew and, from a safety standpoint, it’s not conducive to our profession. So, anyway, it does cost a little bit extra, but in the long run it is safer for us, and it keeps our crew together in the community to respond to calls, and I just want to respond to that. We do care about what people think. And, again, we don’t run calls all the time. These hero activities as you respond to, they come some days, and some days they don’t. But when they do, it’s important. %%% Hi. There’s an article in your August 30 edition, Under the Hammer, about a young woman who was aborted but lived. And she’s blaming President Obama. I think she needs to go back and blame her parents for that. Because President Obama had nothing to do with her mother making a decision. And I think that’s very ludicrous. I think that is a foolish ad that needs to be taken off. Because he has nothing to do with it. And I’m sure he wasn’t even – if she’s old enough to live about it – I don’t know how old she is, but I’m sure he wasn’t even president at the time. Thank you. %%%

Editor’s Note: President Obama voted numerous times to legalize killing babies who survived an abortion. %%% To the caller who dares me. Have you ever been homeless through no fault of your own? Have you ever been hungry, scared, cold or wondered where you could sleep at night? No, I didn’t think so. So, I take your dare and raise you one. No, the world doesn’t owe me a living. It owes me the right to live. Walk a mile in my shoes. You won’t like it, but you’ll appreciate what you have. I just thank God for every day he gives me, good or bad. And now the ball’s in your court. %%% A thank you note is like throwing a pebble into a pool of water. It has a ripple effect. My wife and I went to see the movie 2016 at the local movie theater today about 2:30. There was a good number of people in there. And I am going to send the movie theater that hosted this movie a thank you note for having the courage to stand up and allow us to have a freedom of choice of seeing things such as this. I think everybody that sees the movie ought to go ahead and send the movie theater a thank you note for them having the courage for us to have our First Amendment rights. The automobiles are lined all the way up to the parking lot. Have a good day. %%% (Continued on page 26)

had four years in office and we are worse off then when he took office. The Clintons started our economic problems. Obama had continued them. This is the Democratic Party. Vote for Obama and we all lose. Anthony Belli

In defense of freedom

Dear Editor, I will agree with your response to my letter that prayer might improve the tenor of government meetings. In fact, prayer probably would help just about anywhere a person can name. However, I seemed to fail in making the point of my letter clear. I will be brief in clearing it up. My point is that I believe in the Bill of Rights. I believe, and defend, freedom of speech. However, the same “Bill of Rights” guarantees the freedom of religion. Oral prayer is a form of speech. If I am not allowed to use the name of Jesus in a government meeting, not only is my freedom of speech censored, my freedom of religion is censored as well. I know that I can pray in a government meeting in our city, and invoke the name of Jesus, and I will be glad to show up to pray. I will then write you another letter to thank you for correcting me. Ray M. Whittington

Editor’s Note: What the current liberal council has outlawed is governmentsanctioned prayer. You, however, are free to come to any council meeting and sign up as a speaker from the floor. You will be allowed to speak for three minutes and if you want to pray for three minutes that is your right.

Mind made up

Dear Editor, The appellate court has now added its opinion in support of Judge Howard Manning’s ruling regarding the issue of preschool education. Of course, Phil Berger and his cronies are appealing this to the state Supreme Court. The Greensboro News & Record had an editorial this week supporting providing preschool education to our children across the state. The attitude of the Republicans on this issue reminds me of what a lady told me a number of years ago about her husband and his stubbornness. She told me not to confuse him with facts when he’d already made up his mind. If these Republicans would be as determined to provide for our children as they are to find ways to avoid providing, we’d all be better off, especially our children. Anonymous

I am receiving letters from the IRS and they are ... • planning to garnish my paycheck • preparing to seize my assets • threatening to freeze my bank accounts • filing a lien on my property We can offer immediate help and stop this from happening!

How? When you hire us...

the IRS deals with us as your representative & • The letters stop • The phone calls and visits stop • The possibility of garnishment, asset seizure, and bank account freezing stops

and you sleep better at night!


to meet with a local attorney and paralegal to discover the options available to you when dealing with the IRS.

(336) 405-8525

Page 26

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yost (Continued from page 14) I was utterly astonished as I read the letter. I mean, I was just blown away: Guilford County government was bringing the full force of its authority down on me, garnishing my wages, to collect the $30 in taxes on my second car. In my entire life, I’ve never heard of anything like that happening. I mean, it was 30 bucks that had just become past due. And when I had called the day before to tell them I was sending it in with the 20 or 30 cents of additional interest, the woman I talked to hadn’t given me any indication that I was about to become Public Enemy Number One on the very next day. None of it made any sense to me. Now, I have no evidence that the county was singling me out for some reason, but I would be lying if I said that that never occurred to me. Some people in Guilford County government are very displeased with what I report ­– so, naturally, I did wonder if that could have something to do with the county bringing the full weight and force of its power down on me like a sledgehammer. Also, in addition to the $30 I owed, the county had now added a $60 legal fee to my bill for the garnishment letter – creating what was essentially a 200 percent penalty for a $30 tax bill that was two months past due. When I got to work, my boss John Hammer called me into his office and

said that he had gotten a letter from the Guilford County Tax Department saying that they were going to garnish my wages. He showed me the letter and I told him I was aware of the situation and I said I had received a similar letter. I called the Guilford County Tax Department and I said, look, I have a $30 tax bill that I just called you about yesterday, and you have a $60 penalty on it and are about to garnish my wages. The woman said she couldn’t help me, there was nothing I could do, and I needed to pay the $90. I told her I felt like something was amiss, and she asked me if I wanted to speak with a supervisor. I said that I did. A few minutes later, her supervisor told me there was nothing he could do about it either. The Tax Department is just two blocks away from The Rhinoceros Times office and I know Ben Chavis, the tax director, pretty well. So I walked the two blocks to the Independence Center and I took the elevator up to the fifth floor and asked if I could talk to Ben. The receptionist said he wasn’t in that day. She asked me if I would like to speak with the assistant tax director. I said I would and I went into his office and showed him all the paperwork and told him what had happened. He said I would need to talk to Ben, who, he said, would be back on Monday. I said, “Well, if I wait until Monday to pay this, will the Tax Department have me arrested?”


shoot for the



The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

“No,” he said. And I said, “Are you sure? Because this bill is for $30 that’s barely past due and the Tax Department is garnishing my wages.” He assured me I would not be hauled off to jail if I waited until Monday to speak with Ben. On Monday, I called Guilford County Tax Director Ben Chavis. He said he didn’t know about the garnishment of my wages until his staff told him after I had come down there on Friday. He also said he could assure me that the Guilford County Tax Department was not “head hunting” in case that’s what I was thinking. Now, in addition to being tax director, Ben is an ordained minister and, if he says he didn’t know about it – well, I believe him. Like everyone else that I had talked to, Ben said that there was nothing I could do about the $60 fee, so I would have to pay the $90. I said fine and I went down to the Tax Department and paid it that afternoon, but I still had all sorts of questions. I told Ben a few days later that maybe the Tax Department should have someone who makes phone calls in cases where someone owes a minor amount that’s a short period of time past due. He said the department does call people in that situation. I said, “Well, no one called me.” I had other questions as well. I asked, “Ben, if I had owed $1.10, would you have garnished my wages then?” “No,” he said. He told me that $1.10 was below the cutoff point. I was like, OK, I’ll bite: “Well,” I asked, “what’s the cutoff point?” “$30,” he said to my amazement. The big question I had was this: Am I, with my $30 outstanding balance, really the biggest fish the Guilford County Tax Department has to fry? I mean, if you ask me, $30 that just went past due is still in “friendly reminder” territory. So all that is strange enough, but the thing that was really bothering me the whole time is something I haven’t mentioned yet; it was something I have reported on in detail. In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 another Guilford County citizen –

Beep (Continued from page 25)

Corporate Events | Theme Parties | Wedding Receptions Corporate Events | Theme Parties | Wedding Rehearsal Dinners | Buffet Dinners | Plated DinnersReceptions | Box Lunches Rehearsal Dinners | Buffet| Dinners | Plated | Box Lunches Barbeques & Picnics Full-Service Bars Dinners | Hors d’Oeuvres Barbeques & Picnics | Full-Service Bars | Hors d’Oeuvres 1068 Boulder Road | Greensboro NC 27409 Phone1068 336.218.8858 | Boulder Road | Greensboro NC 27409 Phone 336.218.8858 |

I’d like to know why more people aren’t raising Cain about these high gas prices again. This economy is on a life support system, and it’s killing small business. Yet, nobody wants to talk about it. I guess the political season is too much of a hotbed already. We need a change. Obama has got to go. Thanks. %%% I got a question. If this ethanol gas is so bad for all our little lawnmower equipment, two-stroke equipment, even cars, why do we continue to use it, corn-based products? It’s costing me, it seems, to buy gas now

High Point developer Wayne McDonald – owed tens of thousands of dollars in taxes to the county that, in some cases, was years past due. I’m not talking about $30 a couple of months past due. I’m not talking about $300 or $3,000 that was six months past due. I’m talking about tens of thousands of dollars owed to the county for years in back taxes. Now, a couple of years ago, Guilford County bought a building from McDonald. They paid him the price he asked for without any attempt to negotiate, and just about everyone in Guilford County government – along with everyone who looks through the list of people who owe past due property taxes in the newspaper – knew that the county, year after year, had trouble collecting property taxes from McDonald. According to records in the Guilford County Finance Department and the Guilford County Property Management Department, McDonald, who was good friends and a former business associate of former Commissioner Steve Arnold – the commissioner who was pretty much running the county in 2010 – was paid $6.9 million in July 2010 for the building, with a final payment of $32,000 in November 2010. At the time the county cut him a check for $32,000, McDonald was delinquent on well over $100,000 in back taxes to Guilford County. So I guess that had something to do with my surprise: They were coming after my $30 with a vengeance. But in 2010, this guy owed the county over a $100,000, and they cut him checks for millions of dollars without even taking out the money he owed. So here’s my question: Don’t you think that a county government that had hit someone with a 200 percent penalty for a $30 tax bill and had begun the process to garnish that person’s wages would certainly stop handing over checks to someone who owed over $100,000 in back taxes? Wouldn’t you think that a county so gung ho about collecting taxes would have taken the money off the top before cutting those checks? I would think so. So I must be missing something.

because of the corn, the ethanol. So, we need to get rid of it. It’s the same as the North Carolina vehicle inspection system. We pay $30, $24 which goes to the inspection station and $6 to the state. Well, if the state is that hard up for the money, I’ll give them the $6 on top of my registration and get rid of the inspection system. And why do new cars have to be inspected? It’s ridiculous. Cars that are three, four, five year old being inspected? Come on. What a sham this state has going on. %%% Yes, I just read in Rhino Times where the city is spending another $200,000 for the (Continued on page 28)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Not Great (Continued from page 5) prepare students for the workforce to serve the changing economy. Green said county schools already had an excellent start down that path when he arrived in 2008 and took the reigns from former Guilford County Superintendent Terry Grier. “It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already,” Green told the packed convention hall. He said that, when he first got to Guilford County, he launched a four-year plan that focused on increasing academic achievement and developing student character – using everything from focused academic programs to address areas of need to offering service programs that put students out into the community helping people. He said the makeup of the students in the school system in Guilford County was very diverse, with 72,000 students that come from over 100 countries and speak 120 languages. Green said the graduation rate was 84.5 percent for the Guilford County school system compared with the state average of about 80 percent. Green added, however, that the county’s schools had not been doing well in one area in particular. “We’re failing with African-American males,” he said. He said the graduation rate for black males in Guilford County Schools needs to be higher, and he said that, over the last several years, that rate had been improving. Green said that, currently, 76 percent of black males graduate, whereas that number was at 65 percent a few years ago. According to Green, successful initiatives such as the “Cool to be Smart” program have helped increase the graduation rate at county schools. In addition to Green, Chancellor Martin also spoke on the role of education in the future of area businesses. He focused on the successes of A&T’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) efforts. The STEM early college program at A&T offers high academic achievers in Guilford County the ability to complete two years of college study while still in

Thursday, September 6, 2012

high school. Martin said that program had originated from discussions 24 months ago and, he said, now the program was bringing highly motivated high school students to the A&T campus and preparing them for cuttingedge fields like biomedical science and renewable energy. He said the STEM program acted as a catalyst to challenge schools to properly prepare students for other fields such as engineering, law and medicine. Caldwell, representing LF USA, had some very upbeat comments for the crowd, which, like the rest of the country, has been starved for positive economic news. He said that, a year and a half ago, his company was looking to cut costs and it decided to relocate some of its New York operations elsewhere. “Lo and behold, we picked Greensboro as that location,” he said, gaining much applause. “We brought 40 people from New York and hired about 150 people,” Caldwell said. He said his company’s move and mass hiring had been done with lightening fast speed. “We did it all in 90 days,” he said. The luncheon ended on a positive note when Hooper spoke of a suggestion by Greensboro City Councilmember Trudy Wade that led to a Chamber of Commercebacked program announced last year to create 1,000 jobs in the community by asking area businesses to each pledge to hire one additional employee and follow through on that pledge. At the end of the program, Hooper asked that a robot, “Junior-bot” – which looked kind of like a poor man’s version of the old robot in the 1960’s TV show Lost in Space known best for shouting, “Danger, Will Robinson!” – to bring out an envelope. The robot, controlled by a team of area students, did so, and Hooper took the envelope from the robot and opened it. She read the contents and announced that 1,560 jobs had been pledged by area businesses – exceeding the chamber’s goal of 1,000 new jobs by more than 50 percent. That announcement was met with much applause.

The Rhino Times


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TANK MUSEUM Journey Into Military History

Tanks ~ Artillery ~ Uniforms ~ Headgear ~ Weapons & More Largest International Tank & Cavalry collection in the world. Dating from 1509 to present 3401 US Highway 29B, Danville, VA. An awesome 3401 US Highway 29B, Danville, VA. 434-836-5323 • Call For Hours 434-836-5323 • Mon-Sat 10-5 adventure for all WWW.AAFTANKMUSEUM.COM WWW.AAFTANKMUSEUM.COM

You choose when you work, what you do and where you do it! OPPORTUNITIES INCLUDE • Students, fulfill your volunteer hours • Talking with your neighbors • Assisting a candidate • Working with other volunteers at headquarters • Helping plan and participate in special events • Working at the polls, in social media, or distributing information

Contact: Mindy Moorman 336-373-4467 Facebook: Guilford County Republican Party


641 West Ward Ave., High Point

Thursday, September 20 • 6 pm - 8 pm Open to all business professionals. For more info call (336) 273-0885.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


(Continued from page 1)

Bratton (GBB). The firm disqualified the low bidder, Waste Connections Inc., over concerns that the company’s Anson County landfill did not have the necessary operating permits to handle Greensboro’s waste and that their proposed subcontractor for transport, A-1 Sandrock, was not prepared for the scope of work. The analysis noted that the route and times proposed by A-1 Sandrock from the city’s transfer station to the landfill would have trucks making three round trips a day, averaging a speed of over 67 mph through areas with posted speed limits as low as 35 mph. The initial analysis of the respondents by Joe Readling of HDR Engineering, the city’s go-to consultant on trash, also disqualified Waste Connections and A-1 Sandrock over the ability of A-1 Sandrock to do the job due to a relatively small fleet size and lack of experience. City Manager Denise Turner Roth recommended seeking the analysis of GBB in order to eliminate any appearances of impropriety after it came to light that HDR Engineering had contracted with Republic but done no work with Waste Connections. Waste Connections Vice President Tim Fadul was the only speaker on the item to address the council before the vote at

Tuesday’s meeting. He said that GBB’s statements about permits, which alleged that Waste Connections was unable to operate on Saturdays, were “wholly incorrect.” Fadul said that Waste Connections was in the process of seeking a permit modification, but said it was completely unrelated to their ability to accept Greensboro’s trash. He also stated that since A-1 Sandrock had been thrown out, Waste Connections could step in and handle transport, which he said would still save Greensboro about $950,000 a year over Republic and Hilco. He requested that the decision to select a vendor be deferred to Sept. 10 to allow further consideration. However, councilmembers seemed more interested in finally bringing the process to a close than in hearing more from Waste Connections. Councilmember Trudy Wade, who had been a driving force behind seeking a second analysis after HDR threw out Waste Connections, said the council had become “mired up in subcontractors.” She also said she wished Waste Connections had come forward offering to do the job without A-1 Sandrock earlier in the process. Wade also questioned why the bid from Republic and Hilco was so much higher than that from Waste Connections, given that Republic was hauling a shorter distance to their landfill in Montgomery County. “I’d like to ask, if there’s a representative here from Republic, just for me, why you

“Did you know 4 out of 5 heating system breakdowns could have been prevented with regularly scheduled tune-ups?”

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

couldn’t meet the price of $2 million a year?” Representatives were present in the audience from both Republic and Hilco, but remained silent. Before the RFP process, Republic had attempted to get their contract renewed at a price about $1 million a year higher than the contracts approved by the council on Tuesday. The previous contracts with Republic and Hilco cost about $2 million a year more than the bid from Waste Connections. Councilmember Zack Matheny commented that the $2 million dollar savings from Waste Connections was not a realistic number, citing the concerns of both HDR and GBB. Matheny also said that the long, drawn out RFP process had been frustrating at times. “I lost my cool,” he said. At an earlier meeting Matheny had an outburst where he yelled at Fadul, accusing him of lying about Waste Connection’s readiness to dispose of Greensboro’s garbage. Councilmember Dianne Bellamy-Small said she wished they had trusted city staff and HDR and taken their recommendation to go ahead and contract Republic and Hilco earlier. Bellamy-Small made the motion to enter into three-year contracts with Republic and Hilco. When she had confusion over the wording of the motion, she told staff, “however you want me to word it, I’ll word it that way. Let’s get this over with.” The motion passed 9 to 0 with Mayor Robbie Perkins and Councilmembers Yvonne Johnson, Nancy Vaughan, Jim Kee, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Nancy Hoffmann, Wade, Matheny and Bellamy-Small voting in favor. The council also considered a resolution approving a “pilot program” for food trucks downtown. The pilot program, which passed 7 to 2, with Wade and Matheny opposing, will allow food trucks to operate on a rotational basis at Commerce Place during lunch and dinner through the months of October and November of this year. There is currently an ordinance that prevents food trucks from operating downtown. However, councilmembers were hesitant to just pursue a resolution allowing the food trucks permanently on private property. A

motion by Wade to forgo the pilot program and allow food trucks downtown failed 7 to 2, with only Wade and Matheny voting in favor. Vaughan said that it wasn’t an “either or” issue. “I see them as parallel tracks,” she said. She contended that data from the pilot program would help inform the process of crafting a long-term resolution, if it was shown that there was a demand for the trucks and they didn’t hurt business for “brick and mortar” restaurants. However, Wade said she doubted the pilot program would yield useful data about permanently allowing food trucks, since the rotational aspect of the program wouldn’t necessarily yield information about repeat customers. “Scientifically, I can see some major flaws,” she said. Matheny also expressed concern about the program, saying he did not think it was the city’s role to give public space to select businesses. Although he said that food trucks would be “enormously successful” downtown, he said that the city shouldn’t be in the business of leasing the spaces for them. Referring to leasing spaces for food trucks, Matheny said, “I think we should open that up, by fixing the ordinance and allowing anybody that has private property, in which they want to lease, to open it up to numerous opportunities for food trucks.” There were 10 speakers from the floor on the item, more than on any other item at the meeting. All of the speakers were in favor of the initiative and many said they wanted to see the food trucks eventually gain a more permanent stay. An interest in diversifying dining options and enlivening the downtown experience were frequently cited as reasons for supporting food trucks. Vaughan also gained a small victory during Tuesday’s meeting. After fired Greensboro Police Capt. Charles Cherry made another explicit reference to oral sex during speakers from the floor, which Vaughan has complained about in the past, the council unanimously approved her motion to “bleep” the offending phrase from the rebroadcast of the meeting. City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan said it was permissible since Cherry was allowed his chance to speak, and the city had no legal obligation to broadcast that speech.

Beep (Continued from page 26) art center. They could take that $200,000 and pay it on the taxes. I don’t understand why they can do it even before they know what the vote is going to be. Poor people can’t afford an art center. They ought to spend it more wisely. I don’t understand how people up there use good common sense. We’d be better off if they just got rid of all of it.

Yeah, hi. I’m getting very sick and tired of hearing all this crud about Chick-fil-A, you know, the controversy between that. You know, this is America, OK? He has his own beliefs, OK? If the gay people don’t like that, that’s just too bad, OK? I mean, you know, gay people have their beliefs, too. I’m not getting on them. You know, it’s silly. We all have our own beliefs. We should all respect those beliefs.


(Continued from page 31)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Mo (Continued from page 8) Folger’s aside, the school system seemed to be doing so. Fixing the lake is another issue, and it will be interesting to watch the experiments in the two sets of schools. The school board has tried numerous reading programs with little success. But Green has had some success in turning around failing schools by giving them more resources and attention, and may be able to do improve reading at the six elementary schools using the same method. Most of the fireworks at the school board meeting were set off by the disciplinary experiment, and not all the rhetoric surrounding in it is encouraging. School board member Paul Daniels seized on the phrase, “culturally appropriate discipline,” which seemed to imply that there would be different standards for different races. Administrators responded that different cultures have different triggers – eye contact, how close people stand to each other, and that some incidents can be defused by understanding them before the incident escalates to something requiring punishment. Guilford County Schools administrators are leaning heavily on a large-scale study of discipline in Texas schools, which they said showed that both white and black principals suspend black male students

Thursday, September 6, 2012

more often than other students for the same offenses. School board member Amos Quick said he found the accusations of disparate punishment disturbing, and that it should be school board policy that any principal or teacher who punishes different races differently should be fired. Considering that, despite years of assuming that there is disparate punishment in Guilford County, the school system hasn’t been able to document it, much less identify who is doing it. And given the fact that such a policy would almost certainly guarantee that teachers or principals would stop punishing any students, that seems like a bad idea. Quick jumping on the disparatepunishment bandwagon was unusual. He’s usually an outspoken advocate of closing the achievement gap and getting the performance of schools with primarily black students equal to that of majority white schools. “It was the same when I was in high school, when my father was in high school and when my grandfather was in high school,” he said. “Drive down South ElmEugene Street and you’ll see what happens when we don’t do what we should be doing.” Quick said he was talking about young men hanging out on street corners instead of moving ahead in life. “They’ve come right through our school systems,” he said.

The test is Green’s – and even he wouldn’t predict the outcome. “I actually don’t now whether this is


Page 29

going to work,” he said. “I’m going to put my cards on the table face up. I don’t know.”

(Continued from page 4)

have donated hours and hours of their time have a right to know.

that information before they agreed to sign over $205,000. And some councilmembers are not going to accept numbers written on the back of an envelope, which is basically what they have been given so far. Councilmember Jim Kee said that some of his constituents were skeptical of the process particularly since they didn’t know how the money was being spent. He said, “If they want to get citizens’ buy in they have to be completely open and transparent.” There is some confusion about how much money the city has put into this project so far. It seems to be caused by the fact that the city has allocated $255,000 to the Community Foundation for the project but it also spent $50,000 through the Greensboro Coliseum for plans from a consultant. This was going to be a completely open and transparent public process, and it was until people started asking questions. Not only do the City Council and the citizens deserve to know how the money is being spent, the members of the task force who

A fascinating aside at the meeting that got some attention came when North Carolina A&T State University Assistant Vice Chancellor Andy Perkins talked about A&T’s new master plan and mentioned that A&T would be incorporating World War Memorial Stadium into the campus and would work with the city to bring it back to its former glory. Councilmember Yvonne Johnson said the council had been waiting to hear about A&T’s plans. A&T taking over World War Memorial Stadium would certainly be great for Greensboro because the city staff has been chomping at the bit to tear down as much of the stadium as possible. It makes sense for it to be a part of A&T, and it seems A&T has realized that and made the stadium part of its master plan. Now if the city can just resist the temptation to tear down the stadium a little longer, it may have a new owner who will actually maintain the memorial the way it deserves to be maintained.

Page 30

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

WWII B-17 Memphis Belle

Photos by William and John Hammer

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Greatest (Continued from page 2) but – by the time they returned from the mission, usually about six hours – the weather was going to be bad they couldn’t fly. Dad said that going out to the field and waiting was almost worse than flying because when you were flying at least you got to cross one more mission off your list. And if you’ve read Catch-22, this will sound familiar. The plane we were in was never in the war but was refurbished to look like the Memphis Belle of WWII fame for use in the movie of the same name. The Memphis Belle was famous because it was the first plane to complete 25 missions, which was all they had to fly at that point in the war. By the time my father was flying in the winter of 1944 and 1945, they had to fly 35 missions before they could go home. So we didn’t get to experience flying but we did get to experience waiting. We were getting our instructions on how to behave on the plane in the air when someone told the pilot, Ray Fowler, he needed to look at the horizon where there was a storm coming our way. Fowler said it might just pass over and we could fly as soon as the rain stopped. So instead of running to our cars we stood under the wings of the plane and waited. A B-17 makes a pretty good umbrella for 10 or 15 people. After a few minutes it was obvious this storm was not going to pass over. Fowler took a look at his

Thursday, September 6, 2012

iPhone and said we wouldn’t be flying that afternoon. Something about the pilot of a B-17 checking the weather on his iPhone seemed wrong. But we did hear the sad story of the Liberty Belle, which was The Liberty Foundation’s original B-17 and was unfortunately destroyed by fire. Because of a small fire on one wing, Fowler had brought the plane down in a corn field. Scott Maher, the director of flight operations told me they left their luggage on the plane because the fire trucks were on their way and it looked like they would put the fire out in a couple of minutes. He said the plane suffered no damage on the emergency landing. However, when the fire trucks arrived, the firefighters wouldn’t take their trucks into the field, so they all had to stand there and watch the plane burn. They did let them get their luggage off first. The Liberty Foundation is leasing the Memphis Belle until the Liberty Belle can be restored. But it is a good indication of why getting to fly on a B-17 is such a fleeting opportunity. Weather permitting, the Memphis Belle will be flying out of the Smith-Reynolds Airport on Saturday, Sept. 8 and Sunday, Sept. 9. It’s not a cheap plane to operate and not a cheap ride. Tickets are $450 a person. However, once the flights are complete, the public is invited to walk through the plane at no charge. Donations, however, are requested. It’s a great opportunity to help keep a part of our history alive, or, perhaps better said, in the air, weather permitting.

Page 31

You Are My Sunshine . . .

From the moment she was born I promised to love her, to protect her from all the monsters under her bed, and to support her and all her dreams. From the moment she was born I promised that I would always provide her, matter the moment shefor was bornno Itopromised to loveher from all the FromFrom the moment she was born I promised love her, towhat. protect

You Are My Sunshine . . .

You Are My Sunshine . . .

her,under to protect her from all theher monsters under herFrom the moment monsters her bed, and to support and all her dreams. bed, and to support her and all her dreams. From From the moment she was born I promised to what. love she That’s was bornwhy I promised that I would provide forbecause her, nothe matter I bought Lifealways Insurance, from the moment she was born I from promised that Imonsters would always her, to protect her all the under her moment I held her I wanted to secure her future in provide for her, no matter what. That’s whyand I bought Life Insurance, from the dreams. moment I held her I wanted bed, to support herbecause and all her From the case I couldn’t always be there for her. Because it’s to secure her future in case I couldn’t always be there for her. Because it’s not moment she was born I promised that I would always not about my life, it’s about hers. That’s why bought Life Insurance, because from the about my life, it’sIabout hers. provide for her, matter what. moment I held her I wanted to no secure her future in case I couldn’t always be there for her. Because it’s notIabout my life, about hers.because from the That’s why bought Lifeit’s Insurance,

moment I held herS e Ir v wanted future in i c i n g w h a t wto e s esecure l l s i n c e 1 9 5her 3 case I couldn’t always be there for her. Because it’s not about my life, it’s about hers.

phone: 379-8640

905 Battleground Ave

fax: 379-7837

Beep (Continued from page 28)

Today I went to see 2016, the movie, the film about Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Dunham, aka Barry Soetoro, so on. But in one of those strange coincidences of life, I managed to sit next to Mary Rakestraw and her husband, Frank. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it always is to meet such a person of grace and class. Mary Rakestraw doesn’t know me from Adam. And, yet, her interaction with me as a complete stranger is always graceful, kind, agreeable, pleasant and friendly. I wish all our elected representatives were of the same caliber. She’s a star. Just sign me off as An Independent Thinker.

what I’m basing that on, in 2010 the Republicans taking back over the House. And Wisconsin with all the millions of dollars and the blessings from Obama that the Democrats got, Scott Walker stayed as governor. People have got enough sense to know you cannot pay off when you don’t have money to pay with. And whenever they start going to the ballot box, and whenever they hear them talk and let them know we’re going to try to straighten this country out that Obama does not know what’s going on, and he does not have the people’s best interest at heart. If he did, he would have done something about energy and something about jobs in this nearly four years that he’s been up there flying around and playing golf.



I see the old man at the flea market stopped buying his tomatoes and his cucumbers and started buying peaches. So, everybody start buying peaches. ‘Cause this old man is hoarding them. Thank you. Have a great day.

I’m just wondering if anybody has heard the new rumor that’s floating around that there’s a new federal law out that says if you receive welfare or any government aid, and you get a tattoo they consider the fact that you got more money than you need, and your payments and your government help will be stopped. If it’s not a true law, it ought to be. Keep up the good work there, Rhino. (Continued on page 34)


%%% Well, I want to be the first one to call the Beep to say that I believe Romney and Ryan will win by a landslide. And


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Thursday, September 6, 2012



(Continued from page 31) %%% We’ve got Isaac headed towards New Orleans and seven years scripturally is a season. I don’t know how to get the point across to people any more than what is going on. Get prepared. Get prepared. Get your loved ones in New Orleans to come stay with you or something. Be prepared. Okie dokie. Have a good one. %%% We are in hurricane season. If you look on your TV Isaac is big and ugly. So, you should prepare. Candles, lanterns, whatever. Charcoal for a grill. You know? Get ready. We might get some weather this weekend and lose power. Okie dokie. There’s a reason.

Yes, I think they need to add one more criteria for people who are running for president. I think they need to have served at least one term as governor of a state. That way people can see that they can balance the budget. They can run a state and all those activities; and, then, go and run the United States of America. Thanks. %%% Yes, I would just like to point out that the media seems to always give Obama a pass on his membership in a new party, a socialist party, in 1996. Why? My father, my father’s uncles, and all the women who were in World War II would be turning over in their graves today for the people that are going to be voting for a former socialist candidate. And I can’t imagine

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

all the men, almost 90,000, who died in the Cold War, in Vietnam and Korea, what they must be thinking today with people being willing to – I can’t understand how people are willing to give him a pass on drugs and other things. But a member of a third party? Come on, America, where are we? %%% Good afternoon. Last evening my wife and some friends and I went to see the great movie, 2016: Obama’s America. I would like to make a suggestion to all those who voted for Obama in 2004. This would be a great opportunity to understand and learn about the man you voted for. And those who didn’t vote for him, I suggest you go there also. It’s quite revealing. %%%

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Hey, you know what? Obama, hum, Obama is not going to win this year. And let me tell you why. Because the reason he won back in 2008 is because he’s black. Well, you know, how Yvonne Johnson didn’t get reelected? I don’t think Obama will either. I hate to say this, because it does sound kind of racist. But the truth is, black people aren’t going to get out and vote this year. On the other hand, I have another idea why he might be reelected. %%% And the reason that I say that he might be reelected, quite frankly, remember how he got elected on hope and change? Well, you can’t get any more change than a black guy as president and, then, to top that off, gay folks getting married. So, with that being (Continued on page 37)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Page 35

New Jail (Continued from page 1) every way than the dilapidated county jail in Greensboro. “Everything’s new,” Montgomery said. Montgomery also said there had been no major problems in the transfer of inmates and the start of operations at the new facility. “So far, everything’s working fine,” Montgomery said. The new jail is full of security cameras, electronic locks and other complex electronics and, Montgomery said, there have been a few glitches here and there, but nothing major so far. “We’re testing the system now,” she said. “We’re testing the security system, testing the kitchen – testing everything.” Montgomery said that, on a project of this scale, there are always going to be some things that go wrong. However, she added, in the first days of operation, she’s been pleasantly surprised at the extent to which things are working smoothly. Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Col. Randy Powers concurred with Montgomery’s assessment. “I have not heard of any major problems,” Powers said. The date when the jail would finally open has been a moving target to say the least. Last fall, Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes predicted the new jail would be open by December of last year. Then, as December approached, Barnes told The Rhinoceros Times he planned for the new jail to open in March, a date he later changed to May. Then the sheriff predicted mid-June for inmates to be moved in. June and July came and went and the new $100 million facility still wasn’t holding any inmates, but some jail-related activities were taking place. On Monday, June 4, the Guilford County Jail Construction Advisory Committee toured the structure and, on Monday, June 11, Barnes held a festive ribbon-cutting ceremony but the jail still saw no inmates. On Thursday, August 9, Barnes announced at a Board of Commissioners work session that he needed over $700,000

in additional money for various renovations to the jail – largely meant to decrease the possibility of inmates escaping. The Board of Commissioners voted to grant Barnes’ request. Barnes said the changes should enhance security at the new jail, but he stressed that, even when those renovations are complete, the new jail won’t be totally secure. “Nothing is escape-proof,” Barnes said. Just over a week after the renovations were approved, on Friday night, August 17, county detention officers and other jail staff had a dry run booking “inmates.” About 70 people who attended a charity dinner at the facility were afterwards processed into the jail. That was a lighthearted event with pretend inmates who had committed fictional crimes. However, Barnes and Montgomery both said jail staff learned a lot by going from start to finish through the process of booking people into the jail, locking them up and releasing them. On Wednesday, August 29, the News & Record reported that “Montgomery said real prisoners won’t be transferred to the new jail until mid-September” – though, at that point, inmates had been in the new jail for a week. Montgomery said this week that what she actually told the News & Record was that all the inmates in Greensboro wouldn’t be moved in to the new jail until midSeptember. In other words, the News & Record once again got it wrong. Regardless, the Sheriff’s Department moved inmates in very quietly. Several county officials said this week that they didn’t realize inmates were already occupying the new jail. Just as the time of the jail opening has been highly fluid, so have the logistics of the inmate transfer. Earlier this year, Barnes said he planned for all the inmates to be transferred from the old Greensboro jail to the new one in a mass one-day inmate relocation. The sheriff said at that time that he would invite the press to the inmate transfer for a photo op. Barnes later said the transfer would be

over a period of several days instead of in a single day. Now relocation of inmates is taking place over several weeks – if the current plan stays on track, that is. Barnes said that, in the end, it made sense to test out the new jail gradually rather than all at once. Barnes is always quick to point out that the new jail isn’t technically behind schedule. The county’s contract with Dallas-based Balfour Beatty Construction Inc. called for the new jail – at $100 million the largest single Guilford County construction project in history – to be completed by July 1, 2012. According to Sheila Hanes, the Sheriff’s Department employee who tracks jail population statistics for the county’s jails, on Friday, August 31, the old Greensboro jail had 439 inmates while the High Point Jail held 278. The new jail, in Greensboro was holding 139 inmates on that Friday. That means the new jail is at about 13 percent capacity, while the old Greensboro jail and the High Point jail are approaching their rated capacities – something that’s been a very rare occurrence over the last decade, when jail overcrowding has been a serious issue for Guilford County. The Greensboro jail has a rated capacity of 397 inmates while the High Point jail is rated to hold 274. That means the Greensboro jail was just 42 inmates

over capacity last week, while the High Point jail – which traditionally sees less overcrowding than the Greensboro jail – was only four inmates over capacity. The new jail in downtown Greensboro will help reduce overcrowding in High Point as well as Greensboro because the Sheriff’s Department can move inmates freely among the three county jails. Even once the old jail closes for renovations later this year the large new jail will have plenty of space to prevent any overcrowding. Barnes has asked for 225 parking spaces for the new jail but, so far, he said, there’s no indication the needed parking will be provided to his department. Commissioner Paul Gibson is heading up a new “blue-ribbon committee” that will look into ways to avoid recidivism in an effort to both help inmates and keep the county’s jail population down. The new jail was planned to help inmates instead of just holding them for trial. It has areas set aside for services and programs that address drug abuse, mental illness, anger management and other issues that can contribute to crime. Gibson said the new committee, which is scheduled to meet for the first time later this month, would attempt to find ways to get at the source of the problem. “We’re going to try and keep these people from coming back,” Gibson said.

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Page 36

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro


Schedule CheCk us out on the open house page

Greensboro Natural Science Center 4301 Lawndale Drive

Grandparents Day Discount

Spend a special day at the Natural Science Center with your grandparents. In honor of Grandparents Day, Sunday, Sept. 9, the center is offering 50 percent off general admission to all grandparents with the purchase of a child’s general admission ticket. General admission is $8 for adults, and $7 for children 3 to 13 and seniors. For information, call (336) 288-3769 or visit

Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato

They were miners, fathers, mothers, soldiers, farmers and children. They are revered by their descendents and have been visited by millions. This collection of rare, shocking and completely accidental mummies combines science, art, history and cultural anthropology to immerse the visitor in a world of a Mexican city over 100 years ago.

Greensboro Children’s Museum 220 North Church St.

$4 Fun Friday Nights

Every Friday night, admission is just $4 from 5 to 8 p.m. For more information, visit or call 574-2898.

Greensboro’s new Pandora jewelry store in the Shops at Friendly Center held a ribbon cutting on Friday morning.

Rumors (Continued from page 1) a la carte. The breakfast is made mostly of items produced by the vendors in the market. Some people seem to think that the market closes at the end of the summer, but it doesn’t. The market is open every Saturday morning, and, through December, on Wednesday mornings. ---

Battleground coming out of the downtown is getting ready to change. Marshall Free House, an English pub being created by Marty Kotis in the restaurant building next to the Carousel Theater, is supposed to open this fall. And on the other side of the street a Sheetz is reportedly going to be built. --(Continued on next page)

Community Theatre of Greensboro Cultural Arts Center • 200 North Davie St. • 4th Floor

Wizard of Oz Auditions

Children, teens and adults are encouraged to audition for the 18th annual production of The Wizard of Oz. CTG is looking for a large cast and needs all types, ages and ethnicities. Please come with a prepared song and wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear for the movement/ dance portion of the audition. Dance auditions not required if you are only auditioning for a non-singing principal role. Kids 5 to 12: Saturday, Sept. 8, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 9, 2 to 4 p.m. Adults and teens: Monday, Sept. 10, 7 to 9 p.m. and Tuesday, Sept. 11, 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, call (336) 333-7470 or visit

High Point City Lake Park 602 W. Main St., Jamestown

Day in the Park

On Saturday, Sept. 15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., enjoy fun-filled, familyoriented entertainment, crafts, food and more. The festival is presented by the High Point Area Arts Council in cooperation with the High Point Parks & Recreation Department. Admission is free. All-day ride tickets, which include the train, carousel, miniature golf, inflatables and the rockclimbing wall, are just $6. For more information, call (336) 889-2787, ext. 26 or email

Children Are Our Future This schedule brought to you by your friends & neighbors at (336) 282-4414

Advertise in The Rhino Times’ Dining Guide Distributed on October 11 during the Furniture Market Includes a write-up for each restaurant and bar. To learn more, call (336) 273-0885 or email

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Beep (Continued from page 34) said, it will be an interesting election. However, I kind of wish it could just be done watching him and Mitt Romney go at it. And, frankly, hey, I don’t have a job. I don’t give a darn about the guy’s tax returns. You know? %%% I read the editor’s note on page 12 of the August 23 Rhinoceros Times regarding the police captain not obeying a court order. How many times does a home have to be burglarized before they can leave the donut shop in order to investigate and write reports for the victims? That’s my question for the Greensboro police captain. %%% Yeah, I find it hard to believe that all of these conservatives out there are so concerned about the budget deficit but yet you can’t cut into the deficit until you balance the budget. And even at a balanced budget, that’s still just breaking even. So, you’re still not cutting into the deficit. So,

Rumors (Continued from previous page) One of the keys to UNCG expanding across Lee Street is getting across the railroad tracks that are between Lee Street and the UNCG campus. On Monday, Sept. 10, UNCG is holding a groundbreaking for the pedestrian tunnel that is going to join UNCG with the new portion of its campus. The ceremony is at 9 a.m. at 1200 W. Lee St., which is at McCormick Street between Aycock and Glenwood streets. --John Hood, the president of the John Locke Foundation, has a new book out about the future of North Carolina. Our Best Foot Forward is a guide to taking North Carolina

Thursday, September 6, 2012

it kind of has to swing the other way. So, if these conservatives are OK with us deficit spending until Paul Ryan’s plan balances the budget, I just don’t understand why they would be OK with deficit spending for at least 18 more years. Because his budget doesn’t balance until 2030. So, let’s hear from some of the hypocrites out there who think it’s OK to deficit spend for 18 or 20 more years. Because I don’t think that’s too good for our country or our kids or grandkids. %%% I’m sitting here watching the Republican Convention, which I am thoroughly enjoying. And I thought I saw Obama’s wife sitting there at that convention at one time. What I would like to know is, what is she doing there? The only reason I know of is she was there so she could see a real lady talk with the truth behind them and know what the truth really is. Because I don’t know of anything else she could be doing there at the Republican Convention. I would really like to know. I wish I was there so I could cheer them on.

with independent audits and providing financial information. That list includes East Market Street Development Corporation, Preservation Greensboro, the Greensboro Sports Commission, Piedmont Triad Regional Council, Triad Stage, Greensboro Children’s Museum, Piedmont Triad Partnership, Greensboro Jaycees, Community Theatre of Greensboro and Grassroots Productions. As noted Grassroots, according to the city is on the list for annual reviews but had not been reviewed since 2008. City staff say that they are in the process of making the auditing procedure more consistent. Action Greensboro, Center City Park LLC and DGI are not on that list, and according to staff’s latest interpretation of the city’s auditing policy, a compliance

%%% I am 77 years old and have been selfemployed for 35 years. Gasoline is the highest it’s ever been in my lifetime. I’m waiting to hear Obama’s answer to why he wouldn’t approve the Keystone Pipeline and why he wouldn’t let them start drilling on places that they could drill, and why – I heard it on tape say that Brazil will be one of your best customers. What is the reason that he don’t want us to have oil here? If some kind of national catastrophe would hit where we would really have to have oil, and we’d have to depend on people getting from overseas, this country is going to be in tough shape with winter coming on. That man is absolutely not right for America,

and they need to send him back to Chicago. Somewhere back down in there where Al Capone and them had the gold and stuff stashed where he came out of. %%% Well, I just got a flyer in the mail that is paid for by Mitt Romney for President Inc. And it says on there that we placed our trust in Barack Obama. When he says, we, who do you think he’s talking about? Because I’m pretty sure he didn’t vote for Barack Obama. So, he has no right to say we placed our trust in anybody that he didn’t vote for. %%%

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from where it is now to making it a champion of liberty and freedom, not to mention an economic powerhouse. Hood has 10 specific recommendations in a “Carolina Manifesto for Growth.” It would probably be a good idea to buy one for yourself and one to give to your favorite elected official because North Carolina needs all the help it can get right now.

2222 Patterson St., Greensboro, NC 27407 Rx Also Available

(336) 852-7107

--The Rhino Times Schmoozefest will return on Thursday, Sept. 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. at High Point Art, Antique and Design Center at 641 W. Ward Ave. in High Point. As always, food, beer and wine will be provided to those who sign in and wear a name tag. ---

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review may not be required on a regular basis. Housing related agencies on the other hand have been subject to frequent reviews by the Internal Audit Division over the last 10 years. Greensboro Urban Ministries, Greenbriar Housing and the Greensboro Housing Coalition have undergone several compliance reviews by the Internal Audit Division. Director of the Internal Audit Division Len Lucas, who now works under Mary Vigue, an assistant to the city manager, has said that his office has been reviewing the financial information of nonprofits administered by the Planning and Development Department. However, the division has only been reviewing nonprofits administered by other departments “as time and staffing allows.”

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Rhino Times


The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Under (Continued from previous page) simply for convenience? He must be able to do it, but wouldn’t it have been nice to hear his reasoning?


641 West Ward Ave., High Point

Thursday, September 20 • 6 pm - 8 pm Open to all business professionals. For more info call (336) 273-0885.

Obama gave the Republicans an awfully big stick to beat him with when he said, “you didn’t build that.” I have no doubt that Obama believed what he said. He believes that the government should get a lot of credit for the success of anyone, because he doesn’t know anything about business. According to Obama’s own book about himself, Dreams from My Father, his work experience is extremely limited. He worked for private industry for a couple of years after college and then became a community organizer working for a nonprofit. When he graduated from law school he got a parttime job at the University of Chicago and worked part time at a law firm. There is nothing in his background, as limited as the information is, that suggests he has ever worked at a small business. He didn’t wait tables for a neighborhood restaurant in college. In fact, from his book, he didn’t work in college, during the summers between semesters or at law school. That must have been nice to have so much money that you don’t have to

work to provide any money for your own education. But Obama, from his many statements about the rich, obviously doesn’t understand how the whole business enterprise system works. There are not in the US a huge group of people who were born to money, never work and always have money. There are relatively few, and income tax isn’t going to have much effect on them because they don’t have jobs or regular income. But much of the class that Obama is after is made up of entrepreneurs who may have been raised with nothing. Many started a business and worked without a salary, or at greatly reduced wages for years, and then when the business is doing well and they are making over $250,000 a year, they are the evil rich. But if you average that salary out over 10 years, often entrepreneurs would have made more if they had gone to work for the post office, or any job with a regular salary. Any job where you don’t work 70 or 80 hours a week for no pay might be considered an improvement. And more often than not that $250,000plus salary is not a sure thing. It could go up to $500,000 or the entrepreneur could go down just as fast as he went up and find himself back working 80 hours a week with no salary because the entire economy of the country has gone sour, and who’s responsible for that?

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

It does seem fitting that the US deficit went over $16 trillion during the Democratic National Convention. As much as the Democrats like to spend money, you would think they would have celebrated. Maybe had a cake with 16 trillion candles to blow out, or spent $16 million on a fireworks show. But the Democrats and their minions in the mainstream media pretty much ignored the $16 trillion mark. The deficit was at $10.6 trillion on President Barack Hussein Obama’s first day in office. Of course, Obama spent about $1 trillion on his stimulus plan as soon as he could, and he has continued to spend at a frantic rate, with the deficit going over $16 trillion. So under Obama the deficit has increased over $5.4 trillion, or more than $1 trillion a year. During the eight years President George Walker Bush was in office the deficit increased a total of $4.9 trillion. Under Obama the deficit has already increased by more than in eight years under Bush. Imagine: For the federal government to get back to a balanced budget, over $1 trillion has to be cut from current spending each year. It is an enormous task, but when you consider some of the ridiculous expenditures the federal government makes, it seems much more possible. For example, something like a moratorium on building until some reasonable protocols can be established would help. And the federal government pays 80 percent of the cost of the buses in every city in the country. Why is transportation inside a city a federal issue? There are millions of small cuts that appear to be insignificant but will add up. When cities and counties receive federal money they treat it as free money, and those local elected officials don’t worry if it is well spent. Often an elected official will be grilling staff about the reason for some inane project and, when he or she is told it is being paid for with a federal grant, they suddenly have no questions. But it is still our tax money, and we still have to pay the bill.

,,, As I write this, the announcement has just been made that Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech on Thursday night, Sept. 6, is going to be moved from the 84,000-seat Panther stadium to the 20,000-seat Bobcat arena. The reason that will be given for the move is the weather, but the real reason is that the campaign finally figured out that it could not fill an 84,000-seat stadium for people to hear a tired old worn-out president who only gives himself a grade of “incomplete” for his first term in office. If Obama himself doesn’t think that he has been doing A work why should anyone vote to put him back in office? If he grades himself with an incomplete is that an indication that if he had not spent every

Thursday, September 6, 2012

possible Sunday out on the golf course he might have done a more complete job. Even his supporters – before they got the word to “ixnay the onay” – when asked if Americans were better off now than they were four years ago, admitted that they weren’t. The campaign must have threatened the Democratic elected officials with being tarred and feathered if any of them admitted that Americans were not better off. But who is? If there are middle-aged parents doing better financially than they were four years ago, they probably have grown married children living in their basement. Parents a little younger likely have recent college graduates moping around the house because there are no jobs.

,,, One of the most telling events of the week did not take place at either convention, but on Friday, August 31, after the Republican National Convention, when brand new official Republican nominee Mitt Romney skipped his scheduled campaign appearance with vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan in Virginia and high-tailed it to New Orleans where he toured hurricaneravaged sites and had countless photos taken of him consoling flood victims. What actual good it does for a presidential candidate to show up in a disaster area is questionable, but it is key to campaigns. The fact that Romney’s campaign proved to be far more nimble than Obama’s is incredible. In 2008 Obama’s campaign never would have been beaten on an easy one like this. Of course, a large part of that was because the Obama team was up against the McCain team, a team that was so bad it couldn’t have beaten itself. But when Obama was up against the Clinton machine, which was real competition, the Obama team scored win after win. On Friday, the Obama team gave the Romney team an undefended slam dunk. An undefended slam dunk is only worth two points, just like any shot in the lane, but the momentum generated by a slam dunk can be huge. In this case, Romney had a political convention that he couldn’t miss. But he still beat Obama to the area hit by Hurricane Isaac. It is more significant in what it says about the campaigns than anything else. It means the Romney campaign is hitting on all cylinders while the Obama campaign is limping along the shoulder, misfiring and backfiring every few minutes.

,,, The good news is that Romney is winning. He’s not ahead in the polls but he is so far ahead of where he should be at this point in the campaign that it brings about bad news: The Obama campaign is going to start attacking Romney for his religion.

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The attacks will largely come from the campaign’s many friends in the mainstream media, and they have already started. But it will get worse. The Mormon religion is going to be called everything but holy. Fortunately, the Romney campaign has been outmaneuvering the Obama campaign all over the place and this will allow the Romney campaign to talk about Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s Muslim background. Obama’s father and stepfather were both Muslims and Obama reportedly attended a Muslim school in Indonesia. Wright, who Obama said led him to Christianity, didn’t agree with that statement when he was interviewed and said the Obamas were not church people. Obama can and does believe whatever he wants, but if the idea is to turn the Religious Right off Romney because he is a Mormon, how are they going to then turn them to Obama who at best is nothing? A look at Romney’s life proves that he lives by his Christian beliefs.

,,, The Washington Post fact checking of the Romney speech is more like propaganda from the Obama campaign than fact checking. It isn’t even internally consistent. They supposedly fact checked this statement by Romney: “I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began with an apology tour.” This is from the fact checker’s comments: “His [Obama’s] comments overseas were not much different than those of his predecessor, President George W. Bush. “Indeed on several occasions Bush apologized to foreign governments taken by U.S. soldiers …” So Obama’s statements were not much different from those of Bush. And Bush, to quote the fact checker, “apologized,” but Obama did not. Either the statements by Obama were significantly different or the fact checker doesn’t understand the meaning of the phrase “not much different.” Really, why would anyone pay any attention to a so-called fact checker who is simply a liberal hack who can’t even write a sentence that makes sense?

,,, Because the Romney campaign is outmaneuvering the Obama campaign at every turn, I believe the Clint Eastwood appearance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Thursday, August 30, was essentially a huge hole with a carpet thrown over it, and Democrats ran headlong into it. Think about it for a minute. The liberal mainstream media was going to find something to attack on the final night of the Republican National Convention. It could have been politicizing the Olympics. It could have been Sen. Marco Rubio’s

slip of the tongue. It could have been the electrical hazard pointed out by one of Romney’s sons on the family video. But no, they are all so outraged over Eastwood, it’s all they can talk about. “What was that crazy old man doing out on the stage interviewing an empty chair?” It’s called misdirection. That crazy old man is crazy like a fox. He was out saying, “Look at me. Look at me,” and the Democrats and their good friends in the mainstream media looked where they were told as they always do. Just like they never looked at Obama when he was smoking because they were told not to. So the heavy criticism is all being lobbed at Eastwood. Who cares? Eastwood isn’t running for anything. Do you really think someone is going to base their vote on how well an 82-year-old actor performed an ad libbed routine on the last night of the Republican National Convention? I don’t see it. But every negative word that they write about Eastwood is a negative word they didn’t write about Romney or Ryan. Every negative sound bite about Eastwood is one less negative sound bite about Romney and Ryan. It was brilliantly done. A trap well set. And so far it has worked to perfection. Score another point for the Romney campaign.

,,, First it was Rachel Maddow of MSNBC versus National Review Editor Rich Lowry, now it is New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman versus former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on NBC’s Meet the Press. In both cases the liberal journalist, when backed into a corner, claimed some kind of weird journalistic privilege. The privilege being that they should not have to give their own opinion because they are journalists. But, as Lowry points out, Maddow is on the show to give her opinion. Friedman is an editorial columnist. He is paid by the newspaper to write his opinion in easily digestible snippets for the newspaper. He is paid by NBC to come on the air and give his opinion. That is what these shows are all about. It is not a press conference where an elected official is peppered with questions by a gaggle of like-minded reporters who then all run off to see if they can all write the same fawning story about a Democrat or condemnation of a Republican without having them all sound exactly alike. Friedman is well paid for his opinion. He’s a smart man, and I would like to hear how he justifies killing a baby that could easily be born alive and well simply because, after carrying the child for eight months, the mother has decided she doesn’t want to take care of a baby. How can he justify one human being killing another (Continued on previous page)

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Rhino Times September 6th, 2012  

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