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Greensboro, North Carolina

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music Hall Stalled By Alex Jakubsen Staff Writer

The Greensboro Performing Arts Center (GPAC) Task Force is scheduled to give another “final” presentation at the Feb. 5 Greensboro City Council meeting, despite the fact that major questions about the funding of the project still seem to be unanswered. A presentation on how the GPAC – estimated at $60 million to build – would be financed had been scheduled for the Tuesday, Dec. 18 meeting of the City Council, but that was postponed to Tuesday, Jan. 15, and now to Tuesday, Feb. 5. (Continued on page 24)

Photo by Elaine Hammer

The Smith High School Marching Band was one of the many in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Greensboro on Monday.

Rhino County Pays $500K for Jail Death Rumors by Scott D. Yost county editor

From staff and wire reports

I know it’s silly, but I love snow days. Snow days don’t mean you get a day off in the newspaper business; it just means it’s harder to get to work and there is usually more work (Continued on page 6)

Guilford County has just paid out what is thought to be the largest amount the county has ever paid to settle a legal liability claim. A half-million dollar payment went to the family of a deceased former jail inmate to settle a wrongful death suit for the inmate who collapsed in the county jail and died after being

confined to a restraining chair for an extended period of time. Christopher Mason Armstrong – a 21-year-old mentally ill black male inmate – died on Monday, Dec. 27, 2010 while in the custody of the former Guilford County jail. Armstrong collapsed after being bound in a restraining chair for extended periods of time

over three days during and after Christmas Day, 2010. The exact amount of time Armstrong spent strapped in the chair is unknown

Friday morning was a great time to be out in Greensboro with a sled. These kids and some older folks enjoyed the hill for as long as possible, but by afternoon, it was time to hang the sled up for a while.

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Grimsley Pool Tossed Lifeline by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Photo by John Hammer

because, according to several county officials with knowledge of the incident, jail staff did not

A new report by S&ME Inc. environmental engineers of Raleigh shows that the indoor pool at Grimsley High School could be repaired cheaply and put back into service quickly, according to the pool’s supporters. The S&ME report contradicts an earlier city-sponsored analysis of the structure by Sutton-Kennerly & Associates, which reported to the City of Greensboro, which owns the pool, that the entire structure of the pool and surrounding building is compromised by ongoing subsidence, or sinking, due to poor quality soil under the foundation. The indoor pool was closed

on the afternoon of Dec. 7, 2011, after a windstorm sheared off part of the metal roof of the pool building – but the pool was maintained and useable, although (Continued on page 25)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elephants leading like they’re donkeys



by john hammer editor

Both the Greensboro City Council and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners are led by Republicans, but, oddly enough, by liberal Republicans. Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins is a registered Republican, but his stances are to the left of many Democrats. Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Linda Shaw is a Republican who was once the secretary of the Republican National Committee, but a couple of years ago she was made vice chairman of the Board of Commissioners by former Chairman of the Board Skip Alston. Shaw apparently fell under Alston’s spell at that time and supported his policies when he was chairman, and she has continued to support them now that he is no longer on the board. In fact, based on the actions the Board of Commissioners have taken with Shaw as chairman, Alston might as well be wielding the gavel himself. On both elected bodies you have Republicans at the top, but they are promoting policies more often associated with Democrats. Shaw voted for raises for some of the top county employees who had been illegally given raises by the county manager and assistant county manager while Alston was chairman. Shaw then voted to promote the assistant county manager responsible for the illegal raises to acting county manager and gave her a big raise and bonus. Shaw has also cast the deciding vote in favor of an economic incentive and appointed Alston to a powerful position on an essential county committee, the Board of Health. Shaw has been chairman for less than two months, but in that time she has repeatedly chosen to support liberal policies over conservative policies. However, Shaw will have to work pretty hard during her year as chairman to out liberal Mayor Perkins. Perkins ran on the platform of jobs, jobs, jobs. But since he has been mayor his focus has been on getting public money to build a downtown performing arts center – not a real conservative effort or one that has much to do with jobs. One estimate is that if the Perkins music hall is ever built, it will provide 59 jobs. Since the project will cost over $60 million, that’s over $1 million a job. But Perkins has embarked on other initiatives that have even less to do with jobs. Perhaps his goal is to make certain no one thinks that because he is a Republican he has a conservative bone in his body. Recently Perkins wrote an editorial column that ran in the News & Record in opposition to requiring people to have identification in order to vote. Passing a law requiring voter identification is at the top of the list of initiatives that the newly elected Republican General Assembly is going to take up, and every indication is that a voter identification bill will pass early in the 2013 session and be signed by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. Perhaps that’s why McCrory didn’t have Perkins introduce him when he made his stop in Greensboro on his inaugural tour of the state. In any case, whether or not the state legislature passes a voter identification bill is not going to have much effect on jobs in Greensboro and is not an issue that the Greensboro City Council has the authority to do anything about other than moan and complain. Greensboro doesn’t even have an elections department and couldn’t hold an election if it wanted to, since it is not authorized to hold elections by the state. Guilford County has that authority in Greensboro. (Continued on page 30)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Will Duke’s Tree Slaughter Resume? by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

The stronger tree preservation ordinance that the Greensboro City Council has indicated it wants to pass in response to a recent rash of neighborhood clear-cutting by Duke Energy seems to be in limbo Councilmember Nancy Vaughan said she objects to the fact that Duke Energy has representatives on the work team that presented recommendations to the council on Jan. 15, because the team may be involved in developing the tree preservation ordinance. “I think it should be made up of different stakeholders,” she said. “We have to make sure the community is well represented,” Vaughan said. While Vaughan said she acknowledges the necessity of some of Duke Energy’s line-clearing activities, she said, “We have to realize that this is a situation of Duke’s making.” “To me what’s happened is they did neglect their trimming and now they’re coming back and we are bearing the brunt of that,” she said. Vaughan said she would be in favor of an appeals process for residents whose trees are targeted for pruning or removal. “An ordinance without an appeals process isn’t quite as strong as I’d like to see,” she said. According to the franchise agreement

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between Duke Energy and the City of Greensboro, Duke Energy is required to obey the ordinances of the city. However, whether or not that franchise agreement would give Greensboro the legal authority to order Duke Energy, which is regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC), not to cut down trees is less clear. In a memo to councilmembers, City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan wrote, “We understand that if there is a conflict between a municipal ordinance (such as a tree protection ordinance) and NCUC’s decisions or orders, related to the furnishing of utility services, the NCUC’s decisions or orders will control.” Shah-Khan said that if the City of Greensboro told Duke Energy not to cut down a tree, Duke could comply by pruning the tree drastically but leave it standing, or they could go to the NCUC to argue that the city’s order conflicted with their ability to deliver power. Shah-Khan compared the relationship to a child asking his mother for something, being denied, and asking his father to get a different answer. “They can always go to their authority figure to decide what conflicts,” he said. Shah-Khan said the city is one of several authority figures over Duke Energy. He went on to say that Duke Energy answered to NCUC as well as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Shah-Khan said the city hoped that enhanced communication would prevent the need for legal disputes. He said Duke Energy had been very cooperative with the city, even agreeing to suspend residential tree cutting operations. “They didn’t agree the first time but the second time we said stop, they did,” he said. The first request came in the form of a letter to Duke Energy asking them to suspend line-clearing operations for 90 days, and was ignored. The second request came in the form of a resolution by the City Council to issue a cease-and-desist letter, a letter that was never issued. Duke Energy District Manager Davis Montgomery said he was unsure about

where things were left after the last council meeting, and what the role of the work team, of which he is a member, would be going forward. Montgomery said, “What we are trying to get is a fair and balanced solution,” saying it needed to balance the need to deliver safe reliable power and the interests of property owners. He said that power distribution is a statewide issue and that Duke Energy and the city need to consider broad issues, not just those in Greensboro. He said there are “sensitive customers,” like data centers, that can be adversely

affected by even momentary blips in power and that the reliability and history of electric power could affect the decisions of companies considering coming to Greensboro. Montgomery said he thought it was important for Duke Energy, the work team and the City Council to stay engaged throughout the process to work through the issues, and he said it was unfortunate that the City Council had not been in on the work team discussions. On whether Greensboro can tell Duke Energy not to cut down a tree, Montgomery (Continued on page 32)

Immaculate Building Bargain For Schools by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Guilford County Schools has an opportunity for a good deal on a new home for The Academy at Central, now housed in the Tomlinson building on the High Point Central High School campus. High Point Central supporters want the Tomlinson building back for classroom space for the high school – and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Catholic Church on Johnson Street in High Point, which is building a new school, has put its old school on the market at its 2012 appraised price of $2.1 million. That’s a fire-sale price for Guilford County Schools, which can’t build a school for less than 10 times that much. The least expensive new school on the project list for the $457 million 2008 school bond referendum was the southeast area elementary school – now George Simkins Elementary – which had a budget of $24.8 million. You have to get way down that project list to find construction projects that cost $2 million. The budget to renovate the English building at Dudley High School was $3 million to add space for 100


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students – and the IHM school holds 250 students. The Academy at Central has 135 students. Guilford County Schools budgeted $2 million just to add stadium lighting and renovate restrooms and concession areas at Simeon Stadium in High Point. Guilford County Schools Director of Facilities Planning Donna Bell and a team of school administrators on Dec. 20, 2012, inspected the old IHM school to see if it was suitable for use as a public school. Considering the fact that the old IHM Catholic School has been in use since 1947 and will be until May, it seems likely that it will serve just fine as a replacement Academy at Central. Guilford County Schools Executive Director of Facilities Management Robert Melton said as much. He said, “We know it’s being used as a school in High Point, so based on that, it can probably be used.” Melton wouldn’t discuss the specific results of the Dec. 20 visit or the likelihood of Guilford County Schools actually buying the school. As something the Guilford County Board of Education would have to decide, that’s above his pay grade. “We always get properties brought to us,” Melton said. “We have not been given any instructions or have any details.” Melton said that, if the school board gets serious about buying the old IHM school, the Guilford County Schools Facilities Department would have to make longer inspection visits to the school. He said, “If that’s one that’s brought to us, and we may put students in, we always analyze them in detail before making any decisions – and we at this point have no other information.” Guilford County Schools had had a large backlash from High Point Central supporters wanting renovations and expansions to Central – a backlash that helped kill the school board’s proposed airport area high school. (Continued on page 33)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013






The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro HIGH POINT



Council Considers Doubling Their Terms by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The High Point City Council spent much of it’s “Finance Committee of the Whole” meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22 in a furball of an argument over how, if at all, High Point should change its City Council election system. The Finance Committee of the Whole is the last traditional City Council committee meeting left after High Point Mayor Bernita Sims abolished the others – only it is now run by the mayor, instead of another councilmember, and all councilmembers are expected to attend. High Point now holds City Council elections on even-numbered years, unlike other North Carolina cities, and has nonpartisan elections with no primaries, meaning councilmembers, including the mayor, can be elected with only a plurality of votes. Councilmembers serve concurrent two-year terms. Sims owes her election at least partly to the no-primary system. She went into the November 2012 election running against two white, Republican candidates – Councilmember Chris Whitley and developer Coy Williard – and they split the white Republican vote, leaving Sims, a black Democrat, with a clear path to the mayor’s chair with a plurality but nowhere

near a majority of the vote. No one on the City Council can remember exactly when High Point switched to fouryear terms, or to plurality elections. The councilmembers spent a good amount of time arguing the point. High Point legal consultant and former City Attorney Fred Baggett said that switching elections back to odd-numbered years would require a local act of the North Carolina General Assembly, which he said wouldn’t be complicated or difficult. Baggett said that, unless the City Council requests a local act moving elections back to odd-numbered years, it can’t go back to having primaries because the Guilford County Board of Elections doesn’t have time to process municipal absentee ballots on even-numbered years. “If you want to stay with even-numbered years, you’re stuck with pluralities,” Baggett said. “If you go to odd-numbered years, you have to have primaries, or you can have elections and run-offs.” According to Baggett, if the legislature moves High Point City Council elections back to odd-numbered years and the City Council adds primaries, it would have to have partisan elections. Councilmember Becky Smothers quoted Councilmember Judy Mendenhall as

having said, “There ain’t nothing partisan about water, sewer, law enforcement or garbage.” Maybe, and maybe not. Even Smothers acknowledged that “some years are more partisan than others,” and Sims came out of the gate after her election talking like a hardcore Democrat. There’s no way that the City Council’s choice of election methods won’t have partisan effects. One thing most councilmembers agree on is four-year terms. Incumbents tend to favor longer terms for the obvious reason that it gives them longer in power before they have to defend their seats. If the City Council will be able to agree on any electoral change, it will be switching to four-year terms, which the council can do. Beyond that, the consensus seems to break down. Anything but switching elections to odd-numbered years can be done by the City Council. But the councilmembers may not want to take the heat for giving themselves longer terms. Smothers said that, if the City Council is interested in “major surgery” like four-year terms, it could place a referendum on the issue on the fall county election ballot. Baggett said, “All these options can be put to a vote, or not.” Whether or not High Point goes back to having partisan primaries may determine the future control of the mayor’s chair. The lack of a primary allows anyone with the $96 filing fee to get on the general election ballot. In November, that resulted in five mayoral candidates on the ballot, only three of whom were actually campaigning: Sims, Williard and Whitley. If any electoral changes the City Council decides to make aren’t made quickly, they will inevitably be drawn into the political calculations over control of the mayor’s chair and the City Council in the next election. During the 2012 election, Sims opposed switching to a primary system. It was in her interest to do so. Williard supported reinstating primaries. It was in his interest to do so. In the near term, the lack of a primary is likely to give Democrats an advantage in running for mayor – and to work in Sims’ favor in future elections. Hanging over all the calculations over partisan primaries is the almost inevitable return of District 2 Guilford County Commissioner Bill Bencini to run for mayor. Bencini has two more years left in his first term as a commissioner and he may not run again for his commissioner’s seat. He is expected to run for mayor of High Point eventually. A one-on-one race between Bencini and Sims, with Sims holding the incumbent’s advantage, would be worth watching. Bencini said he didn’t run for mayor because he wanted to finish his term as commissioner, because he agreed not to run against his friend Whitley and because

he is still active in his business. Whitley took his shot first, leaving Bencini to run later. Those calculations were made before Williard ran and polled surprisingly well for a first-time candidate, beating Whitley, who had been a councilmember for 19 years. Sims got 33 percent of the vote, Williard got 27 percent and Whitley got 18 percent. That makes Williard a credible future mayoral candidate, along with Bencini. As long as the two didn’t run at the same time, either would have a good chance against Sims. Both are from Emerywood, so there’s a chance a deal would be worked out for one or the other to run. Political calculations may come into play in the term-length debate too. The longer Sims stays in office before defending her seat, the longer she has to build a power base. Williard’s chances would be better two years after his second-place finish than four years. Lengthening council terms to four years might time the next mayoral race better for Bencini. The City Council changed elections to even-numbered years in an effort to increase voter turnout. That has worked to some extent – but it has also left city councilmembers at the bottom of a long ballot, below national and state candidates. The councilmembers spent much of Tuesday’s meeting arguing whether or not, and to what extent, the change had drawn more High Pointers to vote in City Council races. They couldn’t agree, and Baggett didn’t know. Several councilmembers suggested getting voting statistics from the Guilford County Board of Elections before continuing to debate the issue.


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for those who get in because not everyone does. But the joy that kids have on a snow day I find contagious. I did stop on my way to work Friday to take a few photos, and borrowed a saucer sled to go down the hill once. Then I resisted further temptation and managed to quit while I was still in one piece. --We will continue to have drawings through our website for tickets for Greensboro Coliseum events. You have to check to see what is available. --It is unbelievable to me that the News & Record editors would decide to put a modern day panhandler on the front page of its paper on Tuesday. The city just passed a more stringent panhandling law because the people in Greensboro have gotten tired of being accosted at every street corner by (Continued on page 23)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Please stop them before they name again by Scott D. Yost county editor

Now that the Guilford County Building Naming Committee has given official names to just about every county-owned building and conference room in the county, it’s becoming a real worry that the Building Naming Committee might soon create a chaotic scene at the newborn wing of the Women’s Hospital in Greensboro by showing up uninvited and unannounced one morning and attempting to give county-sanctioned names to all the babies – something that would no doubt cause a huge conflict with parents wishing to name their own newborns. The Guilford County Building Naming Committee hasn’t quite reached that point yet. However, after working constantly over the last two years to give official names to county-owned buildings and conference rooms, it became clear this month that – after a long hiatus – the naming committee was back in business naming things with a vengeance with no end in sight. Many in the county assumed the committee was finished, however, the naming committee met on Wednesday morning, Jan. 16 in the manager’s conference room on the second floor of the Old Guilford County Court House. Now the committee is taking its naming efforts outdoors by naming park trails, park areas and open spaces. The naming committee is also, among other endeavors,

instigating a widespread initiative to put up numerous signs and plaques identifying trails and open areas. The plaques would explain some of the history behind the chosen names. Those naming and signage issues, along with several other topics, were addressed at the Jan. 16 meeting, which was attended by outgoing Guilford County Manager Brenda Jones Fox, Assistant Manager Sharisse Fuller – who’s also the county’s human resources director and soon to be the county’s interim manager – and Commissioner Kay Cashion, who chairs the naming committee. Also attending

were Facilities Director Fred Jones, who is retiring at the end of January, interim Property Management Director Sandy Woodard, and Commissioners Alan Branson and Bruce Davis, who both serve on the committee. At the meeting, the committee discussed renaming 11 open space areas and two trails. Many of the names that the committee is going to recommend to the Board of Commissioners have been suggested by the Guilford County Open Space Committee, which is charged with preserving open space in the county. The Open Space Committee has requested that

all newly named or renamed open space areas include the word “Preserve” so that citizens are aware those spaces are being maintained as natural areas, although some citizens associate preserves with sweet jelly-like substances that come in a jar. Before the names become official, they must be approved by the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. The latest slate of proposed names may come before the board next month. Two tracts of land being renamed – the Conrad Tract and the Wall Place Tract – are near the Mears Fork Creek corridor north of (Continued on page 33)

No Segways For You, Barnes by Scott D. Yost county editor

At a Thursday, Jan. 17 meeting, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners showed it still has an occasional surprise up its sleeve: The board voted not to allow Sheriff BJ Barnes to use just under $50,000 from his federal forfeiture fund to buy seven Segways he requested. Before the Jan. 17 meeting, Commissioner Carolyn Coleman said she didn’t have a problem with Barnes using the forfeiture money to buy the single-rider gyroscopeguided vehicles with a maximum speed of

12 mph. However, after the discussion at the meeting, Coleman and Commissioners Bruce Davis, Hank Henning, Alan Branson and Bill Bencini voted against paying the $49,655 for the seven Segways. During the discussion, Barnes told the board that his department intended to use the Segways largely to patrol seven county high schools, and he said the purchase wouldn’t cost county taxpayers a dime because the money would come out of the department’s federal forfeiture fund, which is cash confiscated from drug dealers and other criminals, which the federal

government takes and then reimburses local governments after taking its cut. Barnes said that, by law, money from the fund had to be used for items that aren’t generally included in his department’s budget. “It has to be a specialty type project,” Barnes said of the use of the fund. Davis pointed out that there was about $670,000 in the fund, and he said the Sheriff’s Department had a lot of needs the money could go towards rather than Segways. Davis said that, even given (Continued on page 8)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade

Photos by Elaine Hammer

Segways (Continued from page 7) the legal restraints on how money in the fund could be spent, that $670,000 could be used to offset some of the costs the commissioners must find money for the Sheriff’s Department in the coming budget. Barnes uses the fund to purchase a wide variety of items and he must have been cringing inside when Davis made his next statement. “Certainly there are a lot of capital needs,” Davis said. “I don’t see why we can’t get creative with that money.” Davis also questioned whether Barnes’ department really needed the Segways. He said that, based on the request, buying Segways apparently falls into the “high priority category” for Barnes. Most of

the high priority items for the Sheriff’s Department are included in the department’s budget each year. Other commissioners also questioned the necessity of the expenditure. When the vote came, the rejection of Barnes’ request by the board seemed to stun many in the commissioners meeting room, and Barnes was visibly perturbed by the surprise outcome of the vote. It may be of some solace to Barnes to know that track star Usain Bolt can run at 27 mph, over twice as fast as a Segway, and the top speed for an average human is about 14 mph, still faster than a Segway. The refusal of the Board of Commissioners to let the Sheriff’s Department purchase the Segways means that, currently, the Guilford County Security Department,

which purchased two Segways in 2010, is the only county department to have access to the fun-to-ride, if somewhat strange looking, mode of transportation. Right after the Security Department first purchased the two Segways, county security guards could often be seen riding the Segways in front of the Old Guilford County Court House, which is right across the street from the World Headquarters of The Rhinoceros Times. However, it has been a long time since anyone from The Rhino Times has seen the county’s Segways in use. Guilford County Security Director Jeff Fowler said his department does still use them. “I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing them,” Fowler said.

He said one Segway is in operation Monday through Friday around the Independence Center downtown. “The other is used primarily during nonbusiness hours, although it isn’t unusual to see me on it on occasion,” Fowler said. “For safety reasons, we don’t operate them in snow or heavy rain. I’ve responded from the courthouse to [county buildings on N. Eugene Street] both on foot and on the Segway. The Segway is the better way to go.” Fowler did not say in which way it was better, but that could mean that it is more fun for the security officers or because it is better because the officers like to wear the funny helmets when they ride the Segway. At the Jan. 17 meeting, Chairman of (Continued on page 32)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


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The Sound of the Beep What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine tape on our comment line 273-0898. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 273-0898 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep. Yes, I hope all the Obama voters are happy with seeing their paychecks shrink. Maybe this what they wanted, and sometimes be careful what you wish for. %%% The language the left uses is a deliberate and conscious attempt to manipulate the way you think about things. Thus, only in the last 24 hours, what were previously called gun control measures by the mass media, now, after Obama’s 23 executive orders, they’re now referred to by NPR, and other left-wing outlets, as anti-gun violence measures. Well, who could be pro-gun violence, I ask you? Also, executive orders are no longer referred to on the left as executive orders but executive action, because executive orders no doubt sounds much too dictatorial and regal. But, then, what can we truly expect from King Barry I? And, so, this is the liberal language of lies by which they seek in a calculated way to manipulate the way you think about public policy. Just sign me off as, An Independent Thinker. %%% Obama runs nothing. Senators and big business run everything. Until you get term limits on senators and special interest and lobbyists out of Washington, nothing will ever change. Print that, Hammer. %%% The US is not a democracy. The US is an oligarchy. You might want to print the definition of oligarchy so your uneducated readers know what it means. %%% Well, I guess I’ve about seen it all now. They’re making a movie about Casey Anthony. I just pray that any profits that are made from this movie, or for any book, about this woman who has never been forthcoming about what she did with her child, hopefully the profits will go to help battered children, battered and abused children and that she, or her family, will never see a penny of it. But, of course, that’s probably not really the way things work, now is it? Should be, but not. %%% I’d like to respond to the beep from Steely Dan Fan, man, whoever that fool is, indicating that the police officer was going 15 miles an hour under the speed limit so the woman would pass him so that he could investigate her, subsequently causing her to flee the police and kill herself with a revoked license. The police have a right to go under the limit like everyone does. I’ve never heard where someone must do the maximum speed limit. He was not impeding her. She had ample space to go around him, which she failed to do. So, he had to slow down to get her to come around. And that’s – once he turned on his lights to have her pull over, she refused to do so. She got what she deserved. It’s on her, not on them, the police. And Mr. Steely Dan Fan, man, you better learn how to drive. %%% Editor’s Note: The minimum speed out on the interstate is 45 mph. %%% Well, Ms. Bellamy-Small, I would like to know how many guns you’ve collected this morning. How many white people was there turning in their guns? How many African-Americans? How many Latinos? How many Mexicans? All I got to say is that anybody that would turn in their gun this day and time is crazy as they can be. That’s the kind that’s followed Jim Jones’ people off into the wilderness and drinked poison water. I’d never turn my gun to nobody if I had 50 of them. Anybody that does, they need their head examined, because I’m sure the ones that does the most of the crime wouldn’t dare with their gun. It’s the criminals that has the guns. They have a way of getting guns, and people that … %%% I don’t know who does your proofreading, but you need to get someone else. Because at The Sound of the Beep article from Jan. 10, it said it was continued on page 24 when, indeed, it was continued on page 25. Also, on your Letters to the Editor, it said continued on page number 40, and the whole edition was only 36 pages. So, somebody is asleep at the wheel someplace. And all the criticism of our people on the government comes right back on you; (Continued on page 14)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Uncle Orson Reviews Everything Maps, Collapse, Great Books, Blindness by orson scott card

My love of maps is well known and of long standing, so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to Simon Garfield’s book On the Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks. Along the way, however, I also picked up the same author’s book Just My Type, a history of typography – a field about which I know considerably less, but about which I wanted to know a great deal more. I was frustrated, however, by the haphazard way that Garfield approached the history of typefaces. While the individual anecdotes were often quite entertaining, the author seemed grimly determined to be clever about how he said things. This is forgivable if, and only if, accuracy is not sacrificed and the cleverness is actually clever. Let us only say that Garfield was hit and miss in the latter category. I could not judge the accuracy of his statements because the book failed to do the obvious thing: Provide a full alphabet of each typeface as it was discussed. Where samples were given, I was suspicious of some of the statements made about them. But I had not given up; it was simply a matter of coincidence and convenience that I found myself in a hotel room, beginning to read On the Map while Just My Type languished at home beside my bed. I was scarcely 30 pages into On the Map when I had to thumb back and forth to be sure I had not misread. Did he really say that Herodotus “saw the Caspian Sea – accurately – as a vast inlet, unlike many of his successors”? Yes, that’s what he said, right there on page 25. The Caspian Sea is definitely not an inlet, vast or otherwise, but rather an inland sea with no connection to any ocean. Was it possible that Garfield simply didn’t know what “inlet” meant? The question became completely baffling on page 28, when Garfield spoke of the map of Eratosthenes: “There are giant inlets of the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf, both of which erroneously flow into









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the oceans.” While the version of the map of Eratosthenes shown on pages 30 and 31 does have a narrow connection between the Caspian Sea and the northern ocean (perhaps an error drawn from reports of the mouth of the Volga), it is not “erroneous” to show the Persian Gulf as a “giant inlet” of the Indian Ocean. Our fleets sail through the straits of Hormuz into and out of the Persian Gulf whenever policy requires. It is a hard thing to charge Eratosthenes with an “error” that sailors have made, without running aground, for thousands of years. Since Garfield is touted as a wonderful writer, I am puzzled by his statement that Stravo “was born in 63 BC in Amasia by the Black Sea, and survived long enough to straddle the Common Era.” I think he meant to say “survived into the Common Era.” Since the Common Era is not yet over, and by our system of reckoning cannot ever end, it is impossible to straddle it. To “straddle” means to be on both sides of something at the same time. One can only straddle the division between the negative dating of the years BC and the years ... Wait. Not only does Garfield not know what straddle means, he mixes his nomenclature. “BC” means “before Christ,” and the time on our side of the boundary is tagged “AD,” meaning “Anno sudoku_350A Domini,” or “year of our Lord.” Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz However, since this annoys nonChristians, most scholars 2 now speak of our 5 time as the “Common Era.” But then the term for the years before is not “BC,” but “BCE” – “Before Common Era.” 2Then there’s 9 the head-scratcher 7 3 on page 27, where map 2 Garfield says Eratosthenes’ 8 3 1 shows “three recognizable continents – Europe to the northeast, Africa 1 2 ... beneath it and Asia occupying the eastern half of 1 the map.” But ... but ... Eratosthenes shows Europe 4 3 5 6 2 to the northwest. Does Garfield’s 9 publisher not have 8 any editors on staff to catch errors like these?

From last week’s issue














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Apparently not. But you don’t even have to be an expert on cartography to catch these mistakes. You only have to pay attention, which neither Garfield nor his publisher seem to have done. These may seem small things, mere annoyances. But I don’t think so. This carelessness and/or ignorance, so obvious in the first chapter, completely destroys any idea I might have of believing anything Garfield has to say. So muddy is his thinking that, even though he gives Eratosthenes full credit for a very good attempt at a measured estimate of the size of the Earth as a sphere, he is still capable of writing that his grid lines “affirmed the common belief that the earth’s length from west to east was more than double its breadth from north to south.” I think what he meant was that it was a common belief that the land mass of Europe, Asia and Africa was wider from west to east than from north to south (which is actually truish, if you are measuring only “habitable lands” as defined by the Greeks). But Eratosthenes, who believed – and demonstrated – that the Earth is an orb, could hardly have believed that the earth was longer from west to east than north to south. When you’re writing about something as precise as map-making – and commenting on accuracies and inaccuracies in ancient maps – don’t you then have a responsibility to make sure your writing is precisely accurate? I don’t usually review books that I don’t read all the way through. But, just as I sometimes write a review explaining why I walked out of a movie, I write this view to explain why I am setting this book aside – and Just My Type as well. I don’t insist on rigid accuracy – in my own work or in the works of others. People make mistakes all the time. But Garfield purports to be informing us of facts, and to be commenting about two fields in which fine distinctions matter very, very much. After all, it was for want of complete, precise maps that Lee failed to destroy McClellan’s army during the Peninsula campaign in the Civil War. And we’ve all had our GPS glitches when a tool we relied on gave us false information. Garfield’s sins are not those of vagueness or approximation. Rather he makes statements that are false, misleading or completely incoherent. Life is short. Brainspace is precious. Why should I spend any more of my time putting the language and ideas of such a careless or ignorant writer into my head? I think of books of pseudo-scholarship like Garfield’s to be only just a little shy of being hoaxes and frauds. People buy such books thinking they’re going to learn something.

.... Contrast Garfield with a serious writer like Jared Diamond. Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel is a valuable work of historical analysis – a very long essay with examples. Diamond’s point, in that essay, is that when you step back from the particulars of history, you discover that great empires and great civilizations, while they are certainly the product of human choices and human endeavors, only arise in places where there are resources enough to support a sufficient population, with surpluses enough to support a leisure class. In a way, the point is obvious – I was taught this, more or less, in junior high. But Diamond gives the facts in a way that illuminates and expands our understanding of history. He asks us to include whole new ranges of geographical and other knowledge in our attempts to explain why civilization throve here and withered there. Now, that doesn’t mean that his work is error-free, or that his conclusions are completely correct. And in Guns, Germs, and Steel he is careful to point out that his thesis does not replace history and does not explain everything. Rather he is merely asserting that certain physical conditions must be met before a great civilization can arise. These conditions don’t guarantee the rise of a civilization and they don’t, except in the broadest sense, determine the form that civilization will take. Guns, Germs, and Steel was a great book. Unfortunately, Jared Diamond is also a true believer in the religion of environmentalism, an apocalyptic belief system in which humans always seem to foul not only their own nest, but the nests of every other creature. So he followed up Guns, Germs, and Steel with his testamentary book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. The subtitle suggested a discussion of the many ways that individual nations and empires, or the broader civilizations they may represent, make choices that determine the duration, resilience and dominance of their culture and of their polity. But the book is not that at all. Instead, it’s a bit of a screed limited solely to discussion of the ecological mistakes that can lead a society to defeat itself. Alas, this is almost a trivial topic, unless you’re a True Believer. Why? Most societies, cultures and polities fail, when they fail, for reasons having nothing at all to do with ecological mistakes. It is true that some societies have collapsed because of ecological disasters, but most of these are not human induced. And over the vast sweep of history, the persistence of this or that culture rarely has (Continued on page 24)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Yost Friends Deluded About Hot Girlfriend by Scott D. Yost county editor

The nonexistent girlfriend of Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o tweeted sweet nothings in his ear while flirting online with other athletes and celebrities. Lennay Kekua had a stable of Twitter fellas in her sights — including former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian’s brother, Rob — according to an archive of her Twitter posts revealed Monday by Kakua’s first communication with Te’o appears to be on Oct. 11, 2011, when she asks, “lol Cardinals for life, you know that?” she tweets under the handle lovalovaloveYOU in reference to the Stanford University Cardinal football team. New York Daily News website, Jan. 21.2013 They say you should never criticize another person until you have walked a mile with their shoes on your other foot, and I think those people who are so quick to judge Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o need to step back and look in the mirror before they cast stones that might come back to smack them in the face. That might be a clichéd thing to say, but at this point I think it’s very, very good advice: People all around the country are criticizing Manti Te’o for his belief that he had a Hawaiian girlfriend who he had never met who died, but the people criticizing him are doing nothing but exposing their own ignorance and hanging their dirty laundry out to dry in public. As you no doubt know by now after seeing all the news coverage, Te’o is a star football player who’s certain to go high in the NFL draft, but he was cruelly tricked by a friend, who created a fake girlfriend that Te’o fell in love with after phone and internet conversations. And, despite Te’o’s severely broken heart, and everything that he’s going through right now, people and reporters and talking heads all across the country are coming down on him and asking him how he could be so fooled, and asking did he play a role in the farce, and how could he even have a girlfriend that he had never met? But people need to lay off him. I can’t imagine his grief at finding out that, not only was his beautiful exotic Hawaiian girlfriend dead, but she was also fake and had been cheating on him as well. But, regardless, the media and others really piled it on him even though there is a very well known saying that you should never kick a man while he’s down for the count. It’s those critics who I’m saying are showing their own ignorance in public. And yes, it’s true that he probably should have figured out his girlfriend was fake. In fact, his girlfriend’s name – Lennay Kekua – is a clue in itself since her name backwards spells “I’m not real.” Like the many attack mongers in the media, you may think there’s something wrong with Te’o because he never figured out that his girlfriend was fake, but let me tell you something: You may want to criticize him, but a lot of us can relate to him; and, even if you can’t, there but for the grace of God go you. Like, who would have ever guessed in a million years that their girlfriend wasn’t real? Why would you even think that? How many of you have ever questioned whether your own wife or girlfriend, or your husband or boyfriend, was real? Is that something that people question a lot? Because if so, that’s news to me. Do we really want to live in a society full of people so jaded and skeptical that, whenever people fall in love and enter into a serious relationship they always do some sort of check to make sure their girlfriend or boyfriend is real? Have you or I ever questioned that about someone we were dating? No. And I don’t know your situation, but I’m not ashamed to admit publicly – even in light of all the criticism that’s been heaped on Te’o – that I have a very serious girlfriend I’ve never met in person. Does true love depend on proximity? Like Te’o, I’ve only communicated with my girlfriend over the internet, but I can assure you that that in no way diminishes the serious nature of our relationship, and it certainly in no way diminishes our deep and abiding love for each other – which you would realize if you were privy to the nature of our intimate conversations. My girlfriend’s name is Samantha Chastain and she lives in a beach house with a group of coeds in Coral Gables, Florida. The reason I can relate a little bit to Te’o is that, like his fake girlfriend, my real girlfriend is also dying. In fact, the only thing that keeps her alive is the money I send each week for her medical treatment. I do that because, when you are in a loving, supportive relationship, that’s the type of thing you do. Several months after Samantha and I began chatting on the internet, we fell madly in love, but then, tragically, she was diagnosed with a brain cloud. Before, she was making very good money as a bikini model, but she lost her job due (Continued on page 14)


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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yost (Continued from page 13) to her brain cloud, which then, of course, meant she had no medical insurance. And now the only thing that keeps her going is the money I send for her brain cloud treatments. Her doctors tell her it can’t be cured but it can be managed with expensive payments. I’ve had friends tell me that Samantha – “Sam” to me – is fake, and, especially in light of the news about Mante Te’o, they have said that more and more to me lately, but I think the reality is that they’re just jealous because my girlfriend is a bikini model in Florida. I always have a perfectly good response that they don’t seem to ever have an answer for: If Samantha is fake, then how come, every week when I send a check, someone cashes it? I also have a picture she sent me. Here, I’ll show you …

Scott’s Night Out Sunday night, I went to Hooter’s on High Point Road to catch some of the Ravens-Patriots game. I like to watch games there, but as you can see, the place is certainly not distraction free. Above, that’s Abbey hard at work. In the picture of the three, that’s Chastity (left), and Jamia Bruton (center). My friend Manti Te’o, who plays football in Indiana, said I need to tell everyone to stay away from all four of these women, because, he said, they are all his girlfriends. – Scott D. Yost.

Beep (Continued from page 10) because, evidently, you all cannot do your job. Thank you. %%% Editor’s Note: There are mistakes in every single issue of The Rhino Times. Thank you for pointing some of them out to us. %%% Yes, UNC lost to Miami last night, and already the excuses have started with this 10 and five start and 0 and 2 in the ACC. Seems like they’re too young. They’re too inexperienced. Or else the humidity is too high, global warming, caused by the financial cliff. Next it’ll be the debt ceiling. %%% Thank you for this unusual service. Newtown, gun control. Whatever. Republicans, I’m a Republican, are going to lose the family support if they don’t something for either mental health or gun

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Could she send me a flesh and blood picture like that if she weren’t real? I think what’s really at work here is that my friends are unhappy with their relationships and so they feel like they have to dump all over mine because they can tell how much in love Samantha and I are. It’s true we haven’t “met,” but Samantha wants really badly to come see me. In fact one time she had me send her an airline ticket, but, right before the flight, her brain cloud started acting up particularly bad, so she couldn’t make the trip and she instead had to cash in the plane ticket and use the money for brain cloud treatments. (She had been wise enough to convince me to pay extra for a refundable ticket in case there was a last-second emergency like that. That’s one of the things I love so much about her is how she is always thinking ahead like that.) Some day I am going to surprise her and just show up at her place – PO Box 3721, Coral Gables, Florida – and surprise her with a single red rose like that guy on The Batchelor or like that serial killer in that CSI episode who left a rose at each murder scene, though I guest the first analogy is the better one to use in this case. So the next time you’re ready to jump all over someone over a relationship that seems “strange” to you or “unusual,” just remember that true love knows no boundaries, and it is too large and mighty to be confined by the lines on a map, and I am proud to shout it from the mountain tops … I love you Samantha Chastain! I love you with all my heart!

control. They’ve already lost the gays. They’ve lost the Spanish and Latinos. If they don’t do something about gun control and mental health, they will lose the families, me included. Thank you. %%% Hi, Rhino. I don’t call you often, but when I read this week’s Sound of the Beep and all these people worrying about guns and stuff. I would like for everybody – I know that you won’t print this. But read Daniel 12:10, and you’ll find in that verse the problem that’s going on in our country. It’s going to be prevalent around the whole world. People worrying about guns, and marriage to men and men. You can read in Genesis what happened to that if you go back to Sodom and Gomorrah. Then if them people want to live like that, put them on an island somewhere. Good grief. %%% To all the lovely Latino ladies out there. Thank you. %%%

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Parting Hot Thursday, JanuaryS 24, 2013

Page 23

Chairman Parker Hails Returntoto the ‘Normalcy’ for Dems (a CJ Parody) Letters Editor By seymour Green People are the problem Political Correspondent Dear Editor, RALEIGH Thetate continued debate Party about gun control Democratic Chairman is not David addressing the problem that brought Parker, a Statesville attoron theney, usesaid of ahegun. Theneed gun,totype sees no seekofa gun or the size of the magazine, is not second term, taking credit for what he the problem but the individual’s chosen calls a “substantial rebound” for key solution memberstoof the the problem. party near Those the endwho of massacre a large number of people see a his tenure. gun orIn another weapon as interview the only solution an exclusive with to their problem. Carolina Journal, Parker discounted the We can have as many committees or significant electoral losses his party commissions that anyone wants on gun suffered in November, and the bad control or the control of gun paraphernalia. publicity resulting from a sexual haThese committees and will rassment charge that commissions a former male not solve the use of a gun as the solution employee made against the party’s to a problem or a director. perceived problem by the male executive perpetrators of crimes Instead, Parkerusing said,guns. his behindIf we wish to stop gun must the-scenes efforts haveviolence helped we rebuild first identify the problem that caused an the reputations of six disgraced demoindividual to resort to the use of a gun as crats. a problem solver. The problem can be real “These individuals have been or it can be perceived. Whichever it is, the through some tough times, but thanks perpetrator deems it a problem that can only to my influence and advice, they will be solved by causing death or bodily harm once again be influential and respected by using a gun or some other weapon. North Carolinians. Rebuilding their The confiscation of all guns and gun reputations is key to rebuilding the paraphernalia will not stop individuals Democratic Party,” he said. from committing crimes involving bodily harm death. If the perpetrator deems that The orsix the only solution to their current problem • Former Mike Easley, who requires them toGov. inflect bodily harm or took athey felony campaign finance death willplea find on a way. violations involving improperly reThe question remains, do we, as a nation, porting flights: “I helped have thecampaign fortitude to identify, attack him and


solve the problems that cause individuals to resort to the use of weapons (guns, knives, clubs, sticks, chairs, rocks) as the solution to their problem? Or do we continue to skirt the problems and attack an inanimate object that has no control over how it is used? Ray Shamlin

Music hall not needed

the bill. My point is that there are greater needs for taxpayers’ monies than to build an entertainment center for an elite group of people. Steven M. Shelton Mike Easley

Mary Easley

Ruffin Poole

Four more years of gridlock? Dear Editor, Sorry Mr. Obama, but this is still a Democracy, not a dictatorship. Just because you were elected president by a majority of the popular vote does not affirm and McQueen Lanny Beverly give you the absolute authority to dictate Campbell Wilson Perdue your policies to congress and the American

Dear Editor, The new entertainment center scheduled to be built downtown does not need to be built as the monies being used and/or raised could be better spent helping those in dire need. It really makes no sense to build something of which Greensboro has an ample supply. Monies from building all of these entertainment venues would solve (Continued from of page State Democratic Party Chairman David Parker feels the engineering the6) “substanthe homeless in no time. tial rebound”problem of the financial prospects and reputations of in-trouble Democrats is people asking forphotos) money. This guy only because somebody succumbs tostate hisJust lasting legacy to the once-dominant party. (CJ file differs from the folks on corners with signs pressures from a special interest group who get his law license restored in Deceming a reworked retirement in that he has a computer and is scheme. begging wants favors to them for supporting their ber, even though he still has not paid Her new annual government pension for money electronically. He is a graduate campaigns does not make it justifiable to $95,000 ofsomething a $100,000 fine campaign jumped from Day $37,171 to $80,597. She of Greensboro School, not a cheap construct like anhis entertainment owes the Board ofgroup Elections. Mike was placevery to gothankful.” to school, and according to the center forState a particle of people. told me this people have already forgotten Ruffin Poole, top aide to Mike out of aHoward University Besides, entertainment venue will not article•flunked about that fine.” took too a felony on corbecause who he partied much.plea Because he be profitable and it will not provide that Easley, Former first charges: Ruffinaid. gotNow out flunked out he lost “After his financial many • jobs to those wholady needMary them.Easley, ruption fired a $170,000-a-year job at N.C. of prison to in April, I helped he federal wants people give him moneyhim so Thefrom persons involved in this project State University she obtained as a buy new Raleigh homeandown the he cana go back to Howard, expensive proclaim they havethat private monies raised, result of her his oldMaybe boss, he Mike Easley. privatefrom university. needs to go but there hashusband’s been veryintervention: little proof “I of street guided her though a successful settleworking gettingBoth his law lito a still school he canon afford. UNCG them raising any monies. You can bet I’m ment with N.C. involvhearinhe’s becomand NCrestored, A&T SUand rightI here Greensboro the taxpayers are State going officials to foot most of cense


ing a lobbyist.” people. If that is your intent, you have just • McQueen Campbell, the fordecreed four more years of congressional mer chairman of the N.C. State Board deadlock in Washington, and hopefully the of Trustees, who stepped down after beginning of a movement to impeach you. hisIn role was revealed in want bothtoMary one breath, you say you work Easley’s hiring and in providing Mike with Congress to solve our problems. Easley illegal campaign flights: Then, in with the same breath, you say that being “He won’t be flying politicians around elected affirms that the American people for butthe I hooked him up with haveawhile, given you power and authority to the football and basketball coaching ram anything you feel appropriate down staff at State. They like free flights, too, our throats. and these appear be legal. McQueen It appears that to bipartisanship is just say’s he’s happy as long as he in is flying another meaningless word your someone vocabulary.important. ” • Bell Lanny Wilson, a major DemoRamon cratic fundraiser who was involved but not charged in the scheme that sent Poole to prison and helped the Easleys get a sweetheart deal on coastal property: “I called in some favors and got the [state Department are excellent schools andofareTransportamuch less tion] board name a And Wilmington expensive thantoHoward. he could bridge afterby Wilson. he save money living Lanny at home.told If me people is beginning to feelhe important give him the money needs, he again.” will have • aGov. Bev Perdue: though learned valuable lesson in“Even life: You don’t people mightif think have to work you’reshe not doesn’t too proudlike to me beg.because I refused to step down as party chairman when she asked me to, --we are actually good buddies. I helped her come up with excuses forRep. not Congratulations to some Republican state sending her who unspent campaign funds John Faircloth was selected chairman of to Democratic Party. SheDelegation. is sitting thethe Guilford County Legislative Democratic Rep. Marcusthat Brandon is vice on about $1.2 million she can use chairman for theofupcoming for a variety things. year. She said she owes me big time.” CJ ---

An Investment Plan For N.C.’s Economic Recovery The ongoing debate in Washington and the upcoming national campaigns for president and Congress will offer plenty of opportunities for pro-growth politicians to craft, explain, and sell reforms of the federal budget, federal taxation, federal regulation, and federal agencies and programs. In the new book Our Best Foot Forward: An Investment Plan for North Carolina’s Economic Recovery, John Locke Foundation President John Hood tells North Carolina’s policymakers and citizens that economic policy is not the exclusive domain of presidents, federal lawmakers, or the Federal Reserve. John Hood States and localities can play critical roles in economic policy — for good or for ill. We invite you to read and share this plan for our state’s recovery with your family, friends, and co-workers. Go to for more information.

The John Locke Foundation, 200 W. Morgan St. Suite 200, Raleigh, NC, 27601 919-828-3876 • • •

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music Hall (Continued from page 1)

An earlier final presentation was given by the task force at the June 19 council meeting last year. The task force had been proposing that the center be funded with $20 million in private donations, $20 million in user fees and $20 million in general obligation bonds. However, it is widely believed that a bond referendum for the GPAC would not pass, and the task force later presented an idea to use $40 million in public funds by issuing limited obligation bonds, which, like certificates of participation, do not require voter approval. That idea was squelched in December of last year by the Greensboro City Council, when it voted to put a general obligation bond referendum on the November 2013 ballot. Since then the task force has shifted its focus to user fees, and the council has taken no further action to place a bond on the ballot. The task force is not expected to address how to fill a $20 million hole that leaves in the plan to raise $60 million. Instead, the financial presentation is scheduled to focus on how revenue from city-owned parking, a fee on GPAC ticket sales and revenue from the hotel-motel tax could fund the debt service on $20 million. In January of last year the City Council was considering contributing $41 million to the project with a combination of general obligation bonds and money from the hotel-motel tax to fund $11 million in certificates of participation. The whole process began when council was considering a proposal by Coliseum Director Matt Brown to tear down the War Memorial Auditorium and build a

performing arts center at that location. However, the council, led by Mayor Robbie Perkins, that decided building the center downtown would be better and appointed a task force to look into it. The only paid member of the task force, Ross Harris – who was Perkins’ campaign manager before becoming GPAC Task Force manager – said the last presentation will also involve an overview of the task force’s work. Harris was hired by the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro for the project, and the foundation has refused to even tell councilmembers how much she is being paid. Harris said that after the presentation on Feb. 5, the work of the task force will be complete. Harris said that sources to fill the $20 million gap in funding had not been identified, but said, “We are confident that we’ll find those sources.” According to Councilmember Nancy Vaughan, who sits on the Finance Options Committee of the GPAC Task Force, the project has lost some of its momentum. “We are kind of stuck,” she said. Vaughan said that several things were contributing to the delay in the presentation, including the Christmas holiday, and disputes between Brown and AMS Planning and Research, about the overall cost of the project. According to Vaughan, Brown has said the facility as currently proposed would overrun the $60 million estimated by AMS, the consultants hired by the task force. “People have really taken a more serious look at the financing,” said Vaughan. Using money from the hotel-motel tax fund would require approval from the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, which is controlled by Republicans.

The New York Times Hyper-Sudoku sudoku_350B

Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz


9 1 1 3 8 6


5 2

1 6

6 (c)

2 8 4 9

7 350B

Distributed by The New York Times syndicate

Solution sudoku_350B

Vaughan said she hoped the commissioners would approve the funding request. She added, “I don’t believe they’ve ever turned us down before.” Vaughan said the parking fee revenue would be taken from “enhanced parking revenue,” meaning new revenue attributable to the GPAC. This would require the city to raise rates for some parking in decks at night. The city started charging drivers $2 to enter parking decks after 9 p.m. in April of last year. Vaughan said that rate will need to change to between $5 and $10 for lots near the GPAC in order to fund it.

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 12) anything at all to do with how they treat their local environment. Even Jared Diamond’s own examples are actually proof of the opposite of what he believes they prove. For instance, in Collapse he talks about the fact that the statue-building Easter Island culture “ended” when their misuse of the fragile ecosystem of their tiny island eliminated the surpluses that gave them time to build their statues. But what he fails to recognize is that the people did not die out. The statue-building culture continued with only one difference: They stopped building statues. That culture was not replaced by another one; new people did not come in and drive out the old; there was no genetic discontinuity. In other words, all that happened was that they adapted to environmental change – just as cultures everywhere adapt to environmental change. There was no “collapse,” just change. This is precisely the area of history that Guns, Germs, and Steel did not address. The inexplicable thing about Easter Island is not that they stopped building statues – it’s that they ever started. Because they never had enough surpluses to make the building of stone monuments an obvious thing to do. I’ve found that most criticisms of Guns, Germs, and Steel are either nit-picking that doesn’t undermine his thesis, or straw-man arguments that attack Diamond for saying things that he does not say. However, Collapse, being a religious tract, is wide open for serious criticism at almost every level, mostly because Diamond’s philosophy is faith-based: He starts from the premise that human beings foul things up, and then proceeds to provide only the information that will support that premise. In other words, he’s doing exactly what Creationists and Intelligent Designists do: He bears witness to the faith through which he filters all his data, and thinks he has proven something. It doesn’t mean he’s wrong; it just means he hasn’t actually said anything scholarly or scientific.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

She also confirmed that the city was not currently considering any contribution above $20 million from user fees and the hotel-motel tax. Vaughan said she would love to have a performing arts center in Greensboro, but said, “We just need to make sure it’s the right time.” The city doesn’t operate in a vacuum and Vaughan said she was concerned about what effect North Carolina’s new Republicanled General Assembly might have on local budgets, particular a proposal to eliminate the state income tax and replace it with a consumption tax.

Which brings me to the interesting but imperfect anti-book Questioning Collapse: Human Resilience, Ecological Vulnerability, and the Aftermath of Empire (ed. McAnanay & Yoffee). The book consists of a series of essays refuting, or trying to refute, the examples that Diamond uses in Collapse. Some of the essays are closely reasoned critiques or scientific corrections that leave Diamond’s arguments – never very strong – in tatters. The articles on Easter Island, the Andean Indians and Mesopotamia, for instance, make it obvious that the religion of environmentalism is hopelessly inadequate as an explanation of human history – unless you know nothing about that history, or are willing to overlook all the inconvenient truths that don’t bear out the eco-apocalyptic theme. Other essays, however, are by believers in competing religions; Michael Wilcox’s answer to Diamond’s assertions about the collapse of Southwest Indian cultures is more petulant than scholarly. Wilcox has a couple of valid points, but mostly he makes equally specious claims about the continuity of Indian cultures and the rectitude of Native American claims to ownership of all artifacts found in “their” territory, even though all genuine evidence indicates that the artifacts have nothing to do with the tribes that happened to occupy the ground when Europeans came. When two faith-based groups argue over points of doctrine, those of us who care about the actual scholarship must politely close the door and let them have their little quarrels. Truth is so elusive and complicated. So are individual human beings. Jared Diamond made a valuable contribution to our present way of thinking about the past with Guns, Germs, and Steel, and I still recommend it – and the way of thinking it represents – as part of the basic education of anyone who wants to go into history, fiction or any related story-telling art. But often the author of a Great Book goes on to write books of a very different caliber. Just as Stephen Pinker went on from the fascinating and valuable Language Instinct to write books of absurd overclaiming (Continued on next page)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Pool (Continued from page 1) unused, until three months ago, when the city ran out of water-purifying chemicals and stopped filtering the pool’s water. Sutton-Kennerly on Oct. 26, 2012 gave Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department staff members four options on the pool: fixing it to extend its life for up to 15 years for $4.9 million; building a new pool on the site for $4.3 million; building a new pool on a different site for $4.4 million; or simply demolishing the building and pool for $375,000. The Greensboro City Council is considering whether to repair, demolish or replace the pool, but Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins said he supports demolition and expects his fellow councilmembers to do the same. And parks and recreation staff members recommended demolition to the City Council. Don Gilchrist, president of the Greensboro Swimming Association and the parent of a Grimsley student, said the new S&ME report contradicts the SuttonKennerly report and shows that the pool could be fixed by driving more pilings at the southeast corner of the pool and repairing cracks in the southern and western walls of the pool building – all for a small fraction of what Sutton-Kennerly estimated it would cost to repair the pool. At an Oct. 26 work session, Gilchrist and others who support saving the pool presented the city with three options not suggested by Sutton-Kennerly, with cost estimates from contractors. One alternative involved reinforcing the walls of the building using “shotcrete,” a kind of concrete applied to walls through a hose, sprayed over a metal frame. The new walls then take over the load bearing work of the damaged walls. The estimated cost was $800,000, but both sides agreed the shotcrete would add too much weight to the walls. The second alternative was to demolish

Thursday, January 24, 2013

three walls and the roof of the existing building, and construct a “membrane” structure in its place out of fabric stretched over a steel frame at a cost of $300,000 to $400,000, plus $375,000 for removing the three walls and the roof. The third alternative was to demolish three walls and the roof and replace them with an insulated metal building for about $715,000. Gilchrist said those figures were all well below Sutton-Kennerly’s $4.9 million because his group wants to simply get the pool back in use. “They’ve been hesitant because they don’t want a small project,” he said of Sutton-Kennerly. “They want a big project, in my opinion.” Gilchrist says the S&ME report supports a new alternative – driving more piles to prevent further settling of the southeast corner and repairing the walls. He said the south wall of the building, which is cracked, is load bearing and would require support, but the west wall, which is not load bearing, could merely be re-mortared. “Yes, it would be a fourth alternative, which would be drive the piers and fix the walls,” Gilchrist said. “Period.” The Sutton-Kennerly report was partly based on the idea that Sutton-Kennerly, and the city, didn’t really know what was under the foundation of the pool. Anything could be under there, the company reasoned, even a creek undermining the foundation. S&ME took numerous borings, and found nothing but compacted and uncompacted fill materials placed during the construction of the pool. “The fill materials were typically underlain by competent residual soils derived from in place weathering of parent rock,” S&ME reported. “The SPT and DCP values of the residual soils indicate that the residual soils would not settle appreciable [sic] under the loads associated with the pool enclosure structure.” S&ME found that the southeast corner of



Page 25

the pool had settled by four inches since the pool was built in 1975 – but that the settling had reached a state of balance with the support of the foundation. In other words, that the corner was unlikely to settle further and the foundation didn’t need to be rebuilt. S&M recommended driving “compacted aggregate piers” – columns of compressed stone – to support the pool. Gilchrist said that would be relatively inexpensive and would allow the walls to be repaired without major changes. Gilchrist said the $4.9 million SuttonKennerly proposal would have involved making the pool “perfect” – expanding locker rooms, bringing the pool up to the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act, deepening the pool and adding humidity controls. He said his group’s proposal, based on the S&ME report, would allow the pool to be fixed without all those changes. “We told the City Council that plan should not even be considered,” he said. “We as taxpayers shouldn’t even have to put up with it.” Sutton-Kennerly has for years recommended that World War Memorial Stadium be demolished. A second opinion from engineers associated with NC A&T State University has led the city to work to restore, rather than destroy, the historic war memorial. The deed to the land for the pool the school system sold to Greensboro for $10 in 1975, as well as the shared-use agreement drawn up the same year, give the city the responsibility of maintaining the pool, apparently in perpetuity, since there is no end date for the agreement. The city hasn’t done so. The deed specifies that, if the land is ever not used for a swimming pool, or if the city stops maintaining it, ownership of the property reverts to the school system. A Feb. 4, 1975 shared-use agreement, titled “Joint City-School Agreement for Swimming Facilities” and covering




the construction and maintenance of the Grimsley pool and one at Smith High School, as well as the shared-use provisions, requires the school system to build and maintain the Smith swimming pool and the city to build and maintain the Grimsley swimming pool. Gilchrist said there are two upcoming meetings on the Grimsley pool: one including his group, school system and city representatives and engineers, and a second, scheduled for 7 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 24 in the Grimsley media center, for the public.

Uncle Orson (Continued from previous page) about the science of mind, which fall completely over the line into faith rather than science, so also Jared Diamond went from his Great Book to a heartfelt diatribe about his passionate faith. And yet the critics of both are often just as guilty of letting their own unprovable beliefs take the place of scientific or scholarly reasoning in their counterarguments. No one is immune to having core beliefs influence the way they reason about the world. Everyone has undiscovered beliefs that they don’t even know they have because it does not occur to them that anyone could believe otherwise. But when you claim that you’re writing scholarly or scientific works, the value of your work will depend, not just on the beliefs of others that you challenge, but also your willingness to question or doubt your own conclusions. Diamond and Pinker both adhere to that standard in the Great Books; both plummet from that standard to obvious ignorance of their own biases in subsequent works. I do not doubt their sincerity; I merely (Continued on page 27)




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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

No. 0120

ALL-INSPIRING By Yaakov Bendavid / Edited by Will Shortz









Across 1 Like some church matters 7 Ancient priests 1 3 D r. M o r e a u ’s c r e a t o r 20 Go over the wall, maybe 21 Fix, as a model plane 22 Gradual decline 2 3 P r i n c e ’s p o t t e r y equipment?



88 Modern groupmailing tool

7 Big name in radio advice



47 Cat on the prowl

89 Some barkers

8 VCR button



48 Soup kitchen needs

9 1 E v e ’s c o u n t e r p a r t

5 0 2 0 0 6 Wi n t e r Olympics host

9 2 C o m m o n l y, o n c e

9 Chefs hate hearing them


52 Radio wave producer

9 5 “ Ye s , C a p ’ n ! ”

5 3 P a r t o f o n e ’s inheritance 54 Those girls, to Juanita

25 Firearm company for nearly five centuries

55 Public ___

26 Indy entrant

62 “Goosebumps” writer

27 Bygone Saudi king 28 City on Utah Lake 29 Cooking meas. 3 0 Wo r d s o f c e r t a i n t y 31 Series 32 Lounging robes 34 Hooter 35 New members of society 36 Prepares for action

RELEASE DATE: 1/27/2013

38 Madras title 39 Soft cheese 40 Dutch city near Arnhem 4 1 Te n , f o r o p e n e r s 42 Manhattan area bordered by Broadway 44 Boobs

For any three answers, call from a touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 each minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800814-5554.


57 Lack of enthusiasm 61 The year 151

63 Jewelry material 64 Leaves after dinner? 6 5 B e s t A c t o r To n y winner for “Mark Tw a i n To n i g h t ! ” 67 Of the blood 7 0 P e t e S e e g e r ’s g e n r e 71 Punch-in-the-gut sounds 72 Have no doubt 73 Mournful rings 75 Put back up, as a blog entry 78 Kind of TV 79 Online health info site 80 Hard cheese 81 In hiding

96 Semisoft cheese 9 7 E i n s t e i n ’s “ n e v e r ” 9 8 Te a c h e r s l o v e hearing them 99 Some classical statuary 101 Big name at Indy 1 0 2 Tu m b l e r 104 Stop proceeding in the maze when you reach the end? 106 Kind of strength 107 Flamenco shout 108 Det. Bonasera on “CSI: NY” 109 Dead Sea Scrolls preservers 11 0 “ T h e P l a y e r ” d i r e c t o r, 1 9 9 2 111 W h a t t h e w e a r y get, in a saying Down 1 Not object to 2 Conscience- stricken 3 Strategy employed by a Siberian Hansel and Gretel?

83 “Doctor Zhivago” role

4 Ivory alternative

84 Hails from Rocky Balboa

6 Wi l l y w h o w r o t e “The Conquest of Space”

87 Makes a lap

(Continued from page 1) keep the required records of the use of the restraining chair during the time in question. One source said that jail records reflect a 30-hour confinement of Armstrong in the chair. However, there seems to be a good deal of agreement that the length of time reflected in those records is the result of a failure to note the time or times he was allowed out of the restraining chair, rather than the actual length of time he was confined in it. Guilford County has paid $475,000 to the family to settle the case, and some county commissioners who were briefed on the matter before the settlement was approved and paid, said they were told Guilford County might have ended up paying much more if the case had gone to court. Prison Health Services (PHS) was responsible for providing medical care in all the county’s jails in late 2010, when the incident occurred, and, according to one source with knowledge of the legal negotiations regarding the case, PHS is paying a much higher amount as a result

5 Left on board

10 Of the lower small intestine 11 F e n c i n g c o a c h ’s pronouncement? 12 Paris seasoning 1 3 L i k e t h e Ta l m u d

61 65

1 6 D i r. f r o m Wi n s t o n Salem to Raleigh 17 Of the seashore 18 Biblical figure punished for hindsight? 19 Fastened with Ve l c r o , e . g . 24 One of six areas on a Risk board 28 Additional 33 Name on pencils 36 Advice to Jonah? 37 Russian import, briefly 3 9 Wa s a n o m e n o f 41 Place to rest 43 Reddish brown 4 6 W h a t ’s - _ _ _ - n a m e 47 Grand Canyon rental 49 Deep blue 5 0 G e o rg i a _ _ _ 51 Nobel Peace Center site 52 It can be shocking 5 3 G i n g e r S p i c e ’s f i r s t name

of the suit than the $475,000 the county is paying. Prison Health Services, which changed its name to Corizon about two years ago, is still the provider for the Guilford County jail system under the new company name. Several of those who were county commissioners last year when the settlement was reached said that Guilford County agreed to pay the large sum out of concern that, if the case went to court, the county would have ended up paying “millions.” That belief was based largely on a briefing and related legal advice provided in closed session to the Board of Commissioners by the outside attorney, Bill Hill of Frazier, Hill & Fury, who was hired to handle the case for the county. According to heavily redacted documents obtained by The Rhinoceros Times through a public records request, Armstrong was “found in distress or dead” in his cell at 5:08 p.m. on Dec. 27, 2010. He had collapsed on the floor of a holding cell shortly after being released from the restraint chair. Armstrong, who was reportedly babbling incoherently at the time of his

32 37









98 103



83 89 94 99







101 105






5 8 “ Wa i t e r, w e o r d e r e d the fish!”? 59 Swiss patriot

67 Approach a thruway booth? 68 “Mi casa ___ casa” 69 Swollen glands cause

7 0 Wo m a n , i n s l a n g

6 0 S h e r p a ’s h e r d

72 Hallowed, old-style

62 Low-budget hotels, for short

75 Strike a chord

63 Italian beloved 66 Sail supports





57 Haul around




56 Members of la familia




78 81










44 48


















52 55




71 75





15 Basic bait



41 45

14 Haymakers?








45 Certain sorority woman

93 Infatuated with


78 Carries on steadily 79 President who was an electrician by profession

82 Some chemical salts 83 Expose, as to criticism

7 4 Wa r r i o r s ’ g r p .

8 5 Tr i a l s

76 Feats of construction

90 Calif. barrio setting

77 Paisley and plaid

collapse, urinated on the floor of the cell; and, after attempts at CPR by jail staff and Guilford County Emergency Services responders to revive him, Armstrong was taken to the emergency room at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital where a pulse was momentarily regained before he was declared dead at 5:41 p.m. The notation in the hospital record reads “unwitnessed cardiac arrest” as the suspected cause of death. The Report of Autopsy Examination from the NC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Chapel Hill offered further details: “The decedent was a 29 year old male who was an inmate at the Guilford County Jail. He has a reported psychiatric history. Per report he had been restrained for days for banging his head against the wall. He had been released and allowed to move freely approximately 30 minutes prior to his death. He was found pulseless and apneic in his cell. “Significant finding at autopsy include acute pulmonary thromboemboli involving multiple lung fields. There are superficial abrasions and lacerations on the hands and a subgaleal hemorrahage overlying the left

86 Greet like a junkyard dog 91 Hawker

93 Polio vaccine developer 94 Good-sized musical group 96 Heartiness 100 Leeway 1 0 3 S u g a r s u ff i x 104 Dennis Quaid remake of a 1950 film noir 105 Govt.-issued ID

brow region. “Toxicology studies are negative for benzodiazepines, cocaine, ethanol, opiates and organic bases. “Based on the history and investigative findings, it is my opinion that the cause of death in this case is acute pulmonary thromboemboli. Contributing factors are the decedent’s recent episode of self harm due to his psychiatric illness and subsequent restraint.” Jail records give Armstrong’s address as an apartment on Gorman Street in central Raleigh. Armstrong was being held in the Guilford County jail on charges including assault and battery, extortion, blackmail and two failures to appear for court dates. In summer and fall 2012, the Guilford County commissioners were briefed on the Armstrong situation in closed session – at one point by Hill, the outside legal counsel, and at other times by Guilford County Attorney Mark Payne and Sheriff BJ Barnes. During one long closed session last fall, the commissioners had many questions for Barnes about the details of the event. (Continued on next page)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Jail (Continued from previous page) Guilford County Risk Management Director Randy Zimmerman manages the county’s excessive liabilities fund, which is used to pay large settlements such as the one in the Armstrong case. As a certified risk manager, Zimmerman also offers input as to which cases brought against the county have merit and which do not – and which cases, if brought to trial, Guilford County might lose. Zimmerman said he didn’t wish to answer any questions related to this case and he referred all such questions to Payne. Payne also said he had no comment on the case. Payne said that, since the county’s defense was handled largely by an outside attorney, he didn’t want to offer any statement at this time. Likewise, Barnes said he had no comment on the incident or the resulting lawsuit. “The court documents are sealed,” Barnes said. Though no one is talking publicly about the death and subsequent lawsuit, various public records requests by The Rhinoceros Times allow for a reconstruction of some of the chain of events, though the documents obtained are heavily redacted: In one case, every word of an entire page has been covered by black bars. On late Sunday morning, Dec. 26, 2010, Armstrong – after exhibiting behavior that jail staff claimed made him either a threat to others, himself or both – was confined in a full-body restraining chair that binds the hands, feet, shoulders, thighs, arms, legs and torso of the inmate. That followed Christmas Day, during which Armstrong had been in and out of the restraining chair. According to what commissioners were told in one closed session last year, jail staff found Armstrong to be unruly and unmanageable, and he was, officers reported, prone to attack other inmates and guards, and do damage to himself by acts such as banging his head against the wall. There seems to be a wide consensus among all involved that Armstrong had major mental issues. Reports indicate that, leading up to the incident resulting in his death in late 2010, Armstrong was known to make incomprehensible sounds and one time he reportedly stood naked in his cell, unresponsive to officers’ directives. The jail log for the old downtown Greensboro jail where Armstrong was awaiting trial contained a report from a detention officer, who begins his account with a briefing that he or she received from another officer on the morning of Monday, Dec. 27. “During his briefing [another detention officer] stated that inmate Armstrong was in holding cell number one in the restraint chair. He stated that inmate Armstrong was on suicide watch and that he had been in and out of the restraint chair all weekend due to threatening and assaultive behavior. Several times throughout the shift, I visually checked inmate Armstrong and spoke with him each time asking him if he was okay. Each time he relayed

Thursday, January 24, 2013

that he was all right. At one point during the shift, Nurse [redacted] did a check of his restraints. She stated that [rest of sentence redacted]. I then entered the cell and loosened them slightly and Nurse [remainder of sentence redacted]. Right before 1600 hours, I went to the holding cell and in the presence of [officers name redacted] asked inmate Armstrong if he was ready to come out fo [sic] the restraint chair. He then replied that he was ready and that he wanted something to eat. He stated several times over the next thirty seconds or so that he was ready to come out of the chair. I advised SGT [redacted] of this and she stated that he could be removed. Nurse [redacted] was then called to the main floor to observe inmate Armstrong while he was being removed from the restraint chair. I removed his left shoulder strap and the waist strap. I then loosened both leg straps so he could remove his legs. After that, I maintained control of his handcuffs while OFC [redacted] removed them. He reentered holding cell number one and laid down on a single mattress without a blanket.” This report continues at 4:14 p.m. with the narrator and several other officers standing around the cell observing Armstrong because he was incoherent and had “urinated in the floor of his cell.” “I mopped the urine and visually saw inmate Armstrong breathing and making mumbling sounds. As I exited the cell, I asked him if he was going to eat his dinner tray and he crossed his arms over his chest and made mumbling sounds. Within a few minutes, OFC’s [redacted] and [redacted] called out and stated that inmate Armstrong was unresponsive in the holding cell. I then responded and entered with OFC [redacted]. I grabbed his right hand and held it and tried to talk to Armstrong. He did not respond so I [five lines of redacted text follow]. There are highly regulated procedures in the use of restraining chairs – such as how often the inmate must be observed and how often he or she must be released from the chair and walked around. The start and end times of confinement in the chair must be documented. However, it’s not clear how long Armstrong was confined in it. Accounts conflict as to whether Armstrong was kept in the chair longer than allowed, but there seems to be much agreement that proper procedures regarding the use and/or documentation of the restraining chair were not followed. One source said the $475,000 settlement payout from Guilford County in this case was a small amount compared to what the family was being paid by Corizon/Prison Health Services. One person who was in the closed sessions pertaining to the case said that, when Hill spoke to the board, he was emotional as he recounted the events. “He seemed to be on the verge of tears,” the source said. Another person, who was a commissioner at the time of the closed session and was present in the briefing, said there was video from the jail that, at some point in the time

Page 27

leading up to the death, showed jail guards escorting Armstrong down a hallway, which meant that Armstrong was up and out of the chair at least at that moment. While questions regarding the length of time Armstrong was restrained remains, other details are known. At or around 4:30 p.m., according to one report, jail staff went to alert onsite medical staff and have them respond to the situation. Those reports seem to indicate a substandard response from some nurses and also indicate that the jail lacked a charged oxygen tank that should be kept on hand for responding to the medical emergencies such as that experienced by Armstrong. One incident report states: “I, OFC [redacted], was making juice cups for the evening meal when I heard a call on the radio for the nurse to [sic] main floor from SGT [redacted]. I went to the nurse’s station and advised the four nurses that were in the office. I was then asked by Nurse [redacted] in a rude uncooperative tone why did they need them? I responded with ‘I didn’t know.’ I heard her complaining so I told her that ‘SGT [redacted] is the one that called for you so you can call her if

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 25) question the value of those later works as science or scholarship. Both fall into the error of overclaiming; both commit the scientific crime of treating as proven that which has not even been tested. Yet both have proven themselves perfectly capable of brilliant, rigorous examination of ideas. The truth is that their Great Books aren’t perfect, and their faith-based works aren’t stupid, just under-questioned. And their critics are susceptible to all the same flaws. What can we do, then, if we want to learn as much as we can, yet haven’t lifetime enough to become experts in every field? First, don’t put your faith in any individual writer or thinker – just because Machiavelli or Nietzsche or Kant is right or wise or illuminating about this doesn’t mean he’s right about everything. Instead, read widely. As you read

you would like.’ The response I got was, ‘I will.’ A few seconds later all four nurses came around the corner and I heard nurse [redacted] came back [sic] to A-floor and asked me to let her in the nurse’s station so she could get the oxygen. The cart was empty and the tank in the office was empty so we had to go in the storage room and I had to get a new tank and hook it up and take it to main. [The nurse] had to come back again and get the breathing mask a few minutes after that.” A Dec. 29, 2010 report states that [Armstrong’s mother] was informed of her son’s death. “I informed her of inmate Armstrong’s death,” the officer stated. “She of course took the news very hard but made comments to questions or comments I made during times when she was composed.” A review of county liability payouts shows that this was the largest payout of this kind by the county in the last five years, and a longtime county employee familiar with liability payouts from the county’s legal liability fund said that to his knowledge this was the largest payout ever by the county to settle a legal claim.

many views, you’ll begin to build up your own world view – one that will have its own flaws, of course, but one which you constantly correct by checking it against more and more sources. But all of this is worthless if you don’t also think deeply. Analyze. Question everything, but don’t ever get confused and think that your questions are answers, that your doubts are facts. Everything can be questioned – so what? It always comes down to causality, and that’s the one unknowable thing. Why are things the way they are? Nothing ever has just one cause; nothing ever has just one result. No answer is final. Even in matters of faith, your own individual understanding grows and changes through the same process. Regardless of your faith, it profits from analysis and exploration, questioning and rethinking. Truth is truth: things as they were, are (Continued on page 34)



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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


(Continued from page 2)

But Perkins, who said he was going to focus on jobs, also voted for a resolution opposing the marriage amendment, which passed overwhelmingly last May. Evidently the people of North Carolina didn’t care what Perkins or the Greensboro City Council thought of the sanctity of marriage; they decided that marriage in this state is between one man and one woman. It’s an issue the City Council has no control over and has nothing to do with jobs or the economy. Then the City Council also decided to pass an ordinance that made the restrictions against carrying concealed weapons in Greensboro parks as restrictive as the state allows. Again, it is hard to see how restricting those legally carrying concealed weapons is going to bring jobs to Greensboro, but this is an election year so perhaps Perkins will get out and

explain how his public stance on voter identification, the marriage amendment and concealed carry have brought more jobs to Greensboro. He should add in there how the City Council wasting an entire year and spending over $250,000 to try and trick the people into supporting a performing arts center downtown has done anything for jobs. The current plan being promoted to pay for the performing arts center, in part with increased parking revenue, would kill much of the current nightlife downtown because people would have to pay up to $10 for parking in the parking decks at night. Parking is free in the decks if you enter between 6 and 9 p.m., and $2 after 9 p.m. The plan allows people coming downtown to enjoy the restaurants to park for free. The $2 charge is supposed to help quell some of the rowdy behavior in the decks by the late night crowd. If people coming to eat downtown have to pay

Better Selection...Better Service...Better Quality

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

anywhere close to $10 to park in the decks as is being discussed that’s going to cost a lot of jobs, because it will take a toll on downtown restaurants. One of the huge differences in Mayor Perkins and Chairman Shaw is that no one expected Perkins to behave like a conservative. Some years ago when Perkins decided he wanted to be mayor, he took a much more liberal path on the Greensboro City Council and, during the reign of Mayor Bill Knight, a fellow Republican, Perkins led the opposition. Republicans in Guilford County and in Raleigh were excited about the Republican takeover of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. However, unless Shaw has a change of heart, it looks like the liberal polices of Alston have at least a 5-to-4 advantage over the conservatives. What’s even worse is that Shaw, because she is a Republican and is highly respected in the Republican Party, has apparently drawn

the three new Republican commissioners into some bad votes. As a newbie, if you have an experienced commissioner who is supposed to be on your side telling you that you need to vote a certain way, it is difficult not to take their advice. It appeared that at the last commissioners meeting the new Republican commissioners – Hank Henning, Alan Branson and Jeff Phillips – are starting to figure out that Shaw is a Republican but not a conservative. Shaw voted for two economic incentives, the three new Republicans voted against both. It should be an interesting year with both the City Council and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners run by liberal Republicans. On the upside, maybe since Perkins and Shaw seem to have a lot in common, the city and county will mend some fences. The downside is that liberals like to raise taxes.

13 Weeks: $260*

*Prepay and get 15% off!

Call Melissa: (336) 544-1952


Automotive Repair Center We can solve that “Check Engine” light problem • Catalytic Converters • Engine Work • Mufflers • Brakes • Performance Exhaust Serving Greensboro “We weld our exhaust systems for over 20 like the factory does — a better job for you, our valued Years Hours: M-F 8:00am-5:30pm customer.” 716 Camann Street | Greensboro, NC 27407


Adult HorsebAck riding lessons pAckAge of 4 one Hour lessons $99.

• Handyman work • Painting • Remodeling • Siding • Windows • Leaf blowing • All types of home repairs

Regular price $180

Pleasure rides available for experienced riders prices start at $35.

For times and more information call (336) 963-3703

Limited number of packages available

spring garden construction co.

336.918.6528 •



Licensed & Insured


Brick • Block • Stone Concrete • Repairs 336.988.1022

Free Estimates!

“No Job Too Small”

7360 W. FRIENDLY AVE., STE 116, GREENSBORO, NC 336-856-2311

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Sheetrock Service • Textured Ceilings • Plaster Repair • Painting Interior/ Exterior • Remodeling • Carpentry Painting of Textured Ceilings Father Son


5538 Jason Road • Greensboro, NC 27405

Mike & Jeff


The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Real Estate

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Email: Deadline: Friday by 5pm Online: Fax: (336) 273-0821

RHINO RATES: 1-3 lines - 4 weeks, $25 | 4-6 lines - 4 weeks, $35 APTS/DUPLEX FOR RENT

2600 SPRING GARDEN Review your ad the 1st week it runs. If you notice an DUPLEX NEAR UNCG error, please call the Classified Department at 5442BR $625 1952. We cannot be responsible for errors reported 1418 SEMINOLE DR after the 1st week of publication. Liability shall not DUPLEX NEAR GRIMSLEY HS exceed the cost of that portion of space occupied by such 2BR $650 an error. We make every effort to print only those ads Wrenn Zealy Properties deemed credible & reserve the right to correctly classify & edit copy & reject or cancel any advertisement at any 336-272-3183 time. Early cancellation or withdrawal of ads does not entitle the purchaser to a discount or refund. Lawndale. Spacious 2br/2ba one level townhome. Central air, appls, washer/dryer hookup, great value. $675/mo. Rent-A-Home @ 336-272-0767. www.


Ever Consider a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & Effective! Call Now for your FREE DVD! Call Now 888-418-0117. SAPA 20 ACRES FREE! Own 60 acres for 40 acre price/ payment. $0 Down, $198/month. Money Back Guarantee, NO CREDIT CHECKS. Beautiful Views, West Texas. 1-800-343-9444. SAPA

UNCG area 1 & 2BR Apts Appls, A/C, character galore $395-$625 Rent-A-Home (336) 272-0767


FOR RENT Beautifully decorated 3br/1ba, all appliances, fenced yard, garage. $700/mo. 336-668-9762 Absolutely Charming. Rent to own. 2502 Denver Dr. Near Smith HS. New carpet, paint. $650/mo. 336-668-9762

Special Rates: One bedroom garden Apt. $415/mo Two bedroom garden Apt. $475/mo Desirable 3307 N. Elm St location 336-288-5755 or 379-8384 Knight Rentals Houses & Apts For Rent Lambeth-Osborne Realty 214 W. Market St. (336) 272-3163

Mosby Oaks 2 Bedroom Townhouse Apts. $400 month 3806-14 Mosby Dr. Off Merritt Dr. 336-379-8384 Knight Rentals

WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? We maintain an inventory of owner-financed homes. All Credit OK! No Banks Needed!

All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the federal EQUAL HOUSING and state Fair Housing Act which OPPORTUNITY makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

824 Glenwood Ave. Gso, 27403. Rent Special, half off first month rent w/15 month lease. 3bd/2ba, 2 story home. Close to UNCG, downtown. LR. Stove, refrigerator, breakfast area. Screened in front porch. Enclosed back patio. Fenced backyard. Hdwds, vinyl floors. Central air/elec heat pump. No smoking, Pets negotiable. $895. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020

No Banks Needed!

CASH...FAST CLSG! “As Is” Any Situation

FOR SALE 3502 Summit Lakes Drive - $479,900. Quality built executive brick home with 4BR/3.5BA/ 3 car garage on 1.28 acres, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, two stone fireplaces, extensive molding, screen porch, stamped concrete, tankless water heater, sprinkler system, wet bar and much more. John Owens - 379-8645, Ray Realty Call me for any questions or to help you find your new home. Pam Staples, REALTOR ®/ Broker, Allen Tate Realtors. (336) 210-9776 http://www.

2407 Retriever. $299,900. Howards Walk. Gently lived in 3bd/2.1ba home. Elegantly appointed w/ML mstr, flat screen tv wired into surround sound system. Open plan flows to screened porch, back patio overlooking beautifully landscaped bkyrd, perfect for entertaining. Bonus room could also be bdrm. Add’l features include granite ctops in kit & all baths, hdwds ML, transferable termite bond, alarm system, gigantic Open House Sun. 1-27 from 2-4pm. 7 Suburban walk and exterior lawn maintenance taken care of Ct - 3/2 ranch on cul-de-sac off Alamance Church by HOA. Michelle Porter, Allen Tate Realtors, (336) Rd. Completely renovated including all new 207-0515. appliances, $75,000, 336-453-5128 for appt. Pictures 1003 W. Cornwallis Dr, $674,900. Irving Park gem. at 5bd/3ba home, Filled w/quality, craftsmanship that can’t be found today. Extensive moldings, slate roof, extensive recessed lights, multitude of builtins, antique paneling, hdwds thruout, 4 FPs, large 1406 Kingston Rd.GSO 27405 3 bedroom,1.5 bath spacious rooms all completely updated w/renovated ranch home. Living room. Eat-in Kitchen with stove kit w/SS appliances, granite ctops, a gas cooktop, and refrigerator. Hardwood floors. Central air and extensive cabinets. Mstr bath updated w/new gas heat. Outside storage closet. Large backyard. cabinets, marble floor, ctops, garden tub, sep shower. 1 Car Carport. FOR LEASE $675.00. Rent Special, All on a large lot, not to be missed. Michelle Porter, half off the 1st month rent with a 14 month Lease. Allen Tate Realtors, (336) 207-0515.

24-Hr. Free Info.



Brand new

Singlewide HomeS


3 bed 2 bath singlewides $630-$670 this month only! Spacious rooms, kitchen appliances, separate utility room with w/d hookups, and more! New Home Special giveaways! Call for details! Great Amenities: Swimming pool, soccer field, playground, and clubhouse for residential use. Monthly events: BBQ’s, kids movie nights, Zumba classes, children’s’ church and more! Mention this ad to get your $40 app fee waived. Great Specials on pre-owned homes with approved credit.

Village Park Community

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8141 Sangiovese, Arbor Run. 4BR/ 3 1/2 BA. Featured 2009 Parade of Homes. Amazing home loaded w/ custom features. Vaulted ceilings, dramatic stair, 2 story stone FP in great rm, bricked FP in keeping rm, plus 1 more FP in mstr suite. Hdwds. Custom kit w/ granite, large island, SS appli. Spac mstr suite w/ large walk in closet. Decorator neutral paint thruout. Fantastic game/media room w/wet bar. Covered porch in front and back. 3 car garage on oversized lot. Beautiful details thruout! $557,900. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 4101 Duplin Ct, Sedgefield 11. 5 BR – 4 ½ bath : Priced below Tax Value! Seller will consider lease purchase with acceptable time frame. Executive brick home! Great location! Granite ctops in kti, and plenty of cabinets for all storage needs. Many quality upgrades, hdwds, soaring ceilings, neutral paint. Plenty of living space, w/great room, keeping room, DR, kit & master on ML. Walk out from finished lower level to swimming pool. Minutes from best golf courses in Gso, short walk to the Wyndham! $494,900. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


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the Board of Commissioners Linda Shaw said several times that the board needed to hurry things along because sleet and snow were falling outside. Her words, however, didn’t seem to resonate with all of the commissioners – especially not with Davis, who gave several long-winded speeches despite the worsening conditions outside. At the meeting, the commissioners held two public hearings for incentives requests, and, in both cases, the board voted to give away taxpayer money to the rich and thriving companies that had come asking for a handout. The first payout of taxpayer money went to the Qualicaps Group, which requested and will now get $273,000 to create 123 new full-time jobs in the county over the next three years. Shaw said she struggled over which way to vote. However, in the end she voted for the incentives along with the four liberal Democrats on the board – Coleman, Davis, Kay Cashion and Ray Trapp – while the other four Republicans on the board voted no. So the motion passed 5 to 4. Before the vote, Michael Rowan, the president of Qualicaps America, spoke on behalf of his company’s request. He said Qualicaps is a leading provider of empty gelatin capsules used by the pharmaceutical industry. Drug makers buy the empty capsules from Qualicaps and fill them with drugs, vitamins, etc. “We make about 20 percent of the capsules used in the United States,” Rowan said. “We have one major competitor that makes the other 80 percent down in South Carolina. We make about 10 billion of these capsules a year at our facility here in Guilford County.” Rowan said the county’s existing Qualicaps facility in Whitsett employs about 150 people and the company is expanding to make a new line of capsules that doesn’t contain any animal products. 3602 Gainsboro Dr, Friendly Acres. 3 BR, 2 1/2 bath. Amazing home waiting to be yours. Conveniently located near schools, shop, restaurants. Loads of living space, w/LR, great room, DR, kit/bfst nook, sunroom & master on ML. Solid surface ctops in lot. plenty of cabinets for storage needs. Many quality upgrades, such as gleaming hdwds, vaulted ceilings, neutral paint thruout. Bonus room could be 4th bdrm. Amazing bkyrd w/covered porch, lovely stone patio. Ready to move in. Home Warranty too! $298,500. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 4029 Saint Johns St, High Point – 3BR/2BA, 1616 sf. Charming new plan on corner lot. Beautiful stone & cedar shake accents on front exterior, corner FP w/stone facade, hearth, wood mantel. Ppen plan w/9’ceilings, spacious kit w/ bay window in dining/ breakfast room. Priced at $171,580. Call Christy Cox, Shugart Enterprises at 336-886-7804 102 Graphite Dr, Gibsonville 3BR/2BA, 1503 sf. Exquisite one level home w/ beautiful cathedral ceiling in great room, upgraded black appliances, ceramic backsplash in kit. New incentives now through end of January. Priced at $143,400. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 100 Topaz Ridge Ct, Gibsonville 3BR/2.5BA, 1,542 sf. Move into your dream home w/ open floor plan and patio off breakfast area and loft upstairs. Great for entertaining! Call agent for details! Priced at $142,400. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465


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The expansion, he told the board, would add about 120 new jobs that would average $37,000 a year and offer attractive benefits to the workers. He also said the capital investment in Guilford County, if that ended up the location the company chooses, would be about $26 million. NC Department of Commerce Senior Economic Developer Bernard Torain also spoke on behalf of the request. Torain said the State of North Carolina was backing the expansion through $1.3 million in state incentives as well as through education and training grants that put total state support at over $2 million. Henning had clearly conducted some research on the company before the meeting. “I saw something online,” he said. “I wanted you to verify it that there was a purchase of this company by another on Christmas Day.” Rowan said Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings had recently made an offer on Qualicaps to buy it from the current owner, The Carlyle Group. Henning said he was concerned about the longevity of the jobs since Qualicaps was about to have a new owner. “Someone could eventually close up shop,” Henning said, “depending on who the buyer might be.” Rowan called that “very unlikely,” and added, “There’s advantages to staying in the existing facility because of the expertise in quality and biological testing you have to do to assure that the capsules are pure.” He said that moving the facility to another area would involve a lot of groundwork to assure that purity. The debate clearly put Rowan in a bind. He had to argue simultaneously that the company needed the money for expansion in Guilford County instead of expanding operations in competing locations, but he also had to argue that there were overwhelming reasons any buyer of the company would be compelled to keep

118 Still Water Circle, Gibsonville 3BR/2BA, 1,641 sf. New plan! Prepare great meals in beautiful kit w/ ceramic backsplash. Upgraded kit cabinets, upgraded black kit appliances. Call agent for details! Priced at $157,510. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 3103 Diana Circle, Burlington, 4BR/2.5BA, 2739 sf. Pick your own options! Elegant mstr w/tray ceilings. Stay warm w/corner FP, entertain easily with island in Kitchen! Priced at $195,430. Call Scott Goodson, Shugart Enterprises at 336-270-5230

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the operations in Whitsett, where they are now, as well as strong reasons to expand in that same location rather than expand the business elsewhere. Guilford County Attorney Mark Payne told the board that it was standard practice for county incentives’ contracts to include guarantees, and, he said, if the company didn’t produce and maintain those jobs it would not get the tax breaks. Commissioner Jeff Phillips said he was concerned, given that the plant was so near the Alamance County, that Guilford County would grant the incentives while Alamance County would get a lot of the benefit. Phillips pointed out that about 50 percent of the current workers at the plant live in Guilford County. He said new workers may choose to live in Alamance County

Duke (Continued from page 4) said, “Under current recommendations that would be a collaborative discussion,” but said that a tree that presents a “clear and present danger” to power delivery would have to be cut down. He said that high voltage transmission lines are particularly important, and have their own set of regulations. He also said that some possible parts of a tree ordinance like “a very revised clearance ordinance” would have to go before NCUC before Duke Energy could agree to it. Montgomery declined to say when Duke Energy would resume normal tree trimming work in Greensboro neighborhoods, but said that information may be released in the next couple of days. Deputy City Manager Jim Westmoreland, who has been spearheading the city’s effort to resolve the conflict between Duke Energy and property owners, said the purpose of a stronger Greensboro ordinance would be to codify long-range plans and

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where property taxes are lower. Rowan said that, while the facility was near the county line, the closest large metropolitan area was Greensboro, which he expected to benefit from the expansion. Phillips also said he shared Henning’s concern over the potential transition in ownership. In the end, however, the commissioners approved the incentives request. At the meeting, the commissioners also held a quick public hearing for an incentives request of $30,750 from North State Flexibles, a division of Canadianbased St. Johns Packaging. North State Flexibles is requesting $30,750 in incentives for a proposed $4.4 million expansion in Guilford County that would (Continued on page 34)

communication and establish clearer definitions of Duke Energy’s practices like pruning and debris removal. However, he said that Duke Energy has all the authority they need to maintain utility lines. At the Greensboro City Council meeting on Jan. 15, Westmoreland introduced the work team, with representatives from city staff, citizens and Duke Energy, that presented recommendations for improving the process by which Duke Energy and the city go about line clearing. Most of those recommendations had to do with better notification of property owners that their trees would be trimmed or removed, not giving people any recourse or an appeal process. Critics of Duke Energy’s treatment of Greensboro residents and their trees have pointed to the Raleigh tree protection ordinance as an example of legislation that balances the interests of residents and the need to maintain utilities. Staff and the work team are looking at that ordinance as well as ordinances from Cary, Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Durham.

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Name again (Continued from page 7) Greensboro. The headwaters of that creek, which runs into the Haw River, originate near Summerfield. Guilford County has purchased land along Mears Fork Creek, and the nearby Conrad Tract and Wall Place Tract will all be replaced with the name “Mears Fork Corridor Preserve,” in order to have a single contiguous preserve with a common name. The proposed name for another natural area is “Cascades Preserve.” A handout at the Jan. 16 committee meeting stated that the name comes from the fact that the stream on the property has “cascading waterfalls.” Another open area south of Greensboro, between High Point and Forest Oaks, will be called “Safreright Preserve” – if the Board of Commissioners approves the name. The Safreright family owned the land for generations. Other areas getting official county names are the Mckee-Huger Preserve, RichardsonTaylor Preserve, Hines Chapel Preserve, Benbow Preserve, Atlantic and Yadkin Greenway Preserve, Deep River Preserve

Thursday, January 24, 2013

and McCandless Woods Preserve. Those are named either after landmarks – such as Hines Chapel – or after families who donated or sold the land to the county. The committee is also now starting to name park trails. One trail on McCandless Woods Preserve, a 30-acre area due south of Greensboro, will be name the “Lillian and Luther McCandless Trail,” while a trail in the Bold Moon Preserve, which is 20 acres northeast of Greensboro, is still in need of a name. Cashion said that putting up signs in the newly named areas would aid emergency responders. For instance, if a hiker sees someone attacked by a rabid raccoon and calls 911 to give the location of the attack, he or she will know to run to the sign for the official name of the trail before calling 911, leaving their companion to fight off the rabid raccoon for hours while the sign is located. (The truth is probably that emergency responders are much more likely to know the old name of a place than a brand new one given by the committee and known by only a handful of county officials.) The Building Naming Committee is

Bargain (Continued from page 4) The school board on Jan. 8 voted 8 to 3 to scrap the plan to build the airport area school, which was largely intended to relieve crowding at Northwest Guilford High School. The cancellation of the proposed high school frees up $71.5 million, if the Guilford County commissioners vote to issue the bonds intended for the airport area high school. Of all the things the school board could do with what will probably be more than $100 million once you count leftover money from other projects, buying the IHM school for $2.1 and relocating The Academy at Central would be one of the most cost efficient. It would free up 12 classrooms in the Tomlinson building for students – and one of the main complaints of High Point Central supporters is that the school has 16 “floating teachers” who have no classrooms. Buying the IHM school for $2.1 million to add space for 250 students comes to $8,400 a student. Guilford County Schools is spending $18 million to expand Summerfield Elementary School to add 277 students – about the capacity of the IHM school, for a cost of $65,000 a student. The Summerfield Elementary School project includes expanding the cafeteria and media center – but IHM has a cafeteria, gym, library and a large sanctuary that could be converted into an auditorium. And, having been built in 1947, it is a solid brick building that would probably last. Guilford County Schools has schools built in the 1960s and 1970s that are already falling apart. According to sources familiar with the IHM school, it has had regular upgrades

and maintenance since then. IHM Catholic Church is building a new, 400-student school on the same property as its current church building. The new IHM Parish Life and Education Center will be on the church campus at the intersection of Johnson Street and Skeet Club Road. The old school is on the southwest corner of the intersection of Montlieu Avenue and North Centennial Street, across from High Point University. Other nonprofit organizations have looked at the old IHM school in consideration of buying it – but, unlike most nonprofits, Guilford County Schools has money on hand. It might even get a discount off that $2.1 million for paying cash. One major question hanging over the sale of the old IHM school is whether High Point University, the main entrance of which lies directly across Montlieu Avenue from the old IHM school, would try to buy the school. High Point University has been buying up the neighborhoods around its campus at a rapid clip, and has especially targeted properties around the entrances of its campus. An email to High Point University President and CEO Nido Qubein, asking him whether he would bid against Guilford County Schools if it tried to buy the old IHM school, elicited a simple answer: “No.” That eliminates what would be a major competitor for Guilford County Schools if it bid on the school. The old IHM school has not been listed with a commercial broker. It is a specialty property with appeal mostly to other schools – charter schools and Guilford County Schools, if it tries to buy the property.

also now moving on to other tasks such as deciding the size and the font or typeface to be used on signs, as well as determining the number of angels that can dance on those signs. It is also planning ceremonies to celebrate new building and conference room names. At one point in the Jan. 16 meeting, Cashion acknowledged, “It’s sort of a stretch from where we started.” The committee is even looking into the Great Mystery of the Lost Veterans Plaque. Jones told the committee that, years ago, there was a plaque at the entrance of the Old Guilford County Court House that displayed the names of war veterans from Guilford County, but Jones added that, at some point the plaque mysteriously disappeared. Jones said one war veteran kept calling and asking about the disappearance of the plaque. Jones told him that no one knew where the plaque was, but the man stressed the importance of finding it since he was honored on it. Jones called a state veterans affair administrator in Raleigh who said the state had a list of the names that were on the plaque in the Old Court House. The veterans affair worker also informed Jones that the man’s name was in fact not on

Page 33

the plaque – he explained that the names on that plaque were those of people from Guilford County who had died – not who had simply fought. When Jones told the story to the committee, Woodard told Jones, “You better hope that wasn’t the same man calling,” and Fuller postulated that it could have been “a ghost.” Jones said it turns out that the man’s name was indeed on the plaque. However, it was actually the name of another man from Guilford County who coincidently had the same name as the caller but who had died in the war. The committee may create a new plaque honoring those from Guilford County who died during WWI. That plaque would likely be placed at the entrance of the Old Court House. The Building Naming Committee is now also looking into creating a plaque that would be put up at Phill G. McDonald Plaza – the governmental plaza in downtown Greensboro between the Old Guilford County Court House and city hall – honoring Guilford County veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The new plaque will perhaps be displayed on the opposite end of the plaza from an existing plaque that honors veterans of the Vietnam War.

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Segways (Continued from page 32) add 41 jobs with an average annual wage of $32,800. Greensboro has already approved $30,750 in incentives for the company. Tim Mages, the president of North State Flexibles, gave a brief history of the company, which is headquartered in St John’s, Quebec, but has operated in Greensboro since the ’40s. The board quickly approved the giveaway 6 to 3, with Phillips, Branson and Henning voting no. In this case it was both Shaw and Bencini who voted with the four liberal Democrats on the board to hand out more Guilford County taxpayer money to a huge foreign corporation. At the meeting the county also heard a brief update on its efforts to increase spending with Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE). Shayla Parker, the MWBE buyer in the Guilford County Purchasing Department, gave a report on the county’s MWBE efforts in the first half of fiscal 2012-2013. Parker said the county has spent $114 million on contracts and purchases and, of that $114 million, $58 million was available for MWBE spending. “That’s about 51 percent actually available for minority spending,” Parker said. “The annual state target is 10 percent. We are at half the year and at the moment we’re at 13 percent. Coleman said: “I do have concerns. We are right at 3.1 percent for all African

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Americans. Just this week we had a meeting with the school board and they were at 6.9 percent and we were not happy with that.” Coleman continued. “I just want you to know that something has to be done more than we are doing,” she said. “This really is just unacceptable.” Davis also had quite a bit to say about the low percentage of contracts that went to minority businesses. Whenever the subject comes up at meetings, it’s a constant source of contention for Davis. “As you know I could go a long time on this subject,” Davis said. Trapp said the state’s 10 percent target was too low, and he said Guilford County’s MWBE numbers were too low across the board for both female and minority spending. In other business, the county recognized Tax Director Ben Chavis, who was just chose Tax Assessor of the Year in North Carolina. It’s the first time the award has gone to a Guilford County tax director since former County Manager Roger Cotten in 1984, when he was tax director. The board also set an afternoon meeting to advance the search for a new manager for Monday, Jan. 28. At that meeting the commissioners plan to interview some candidates, perhaps about seven, via a video conferencing system similar to Skype. If any hackers in the triad know how to hack in and intercept a Skype call or similar calls please contact The Rhinoceros Times at (336) 273-0885, but please keep

it on the DL. Before the meeting, county staff said the commissioners were attempting to get out

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 27) and will be, regardless of observation and explanation. But our understanding of truth, though never even close to perfect, can get better and better. And the happy result is that the better our understanding, the better our ability to make sense of the world around us and make successful predictions and preparations and decisions. At worst, it allows us to bear misfortune and disaster, not stoically, but with a sense of perspective. Not the mantra “this too shall pass,” but the knowledge of how these events fit within the many currents of life and time. Nothing is more productive of better understanding than to watch the wise argue with the wise, the well-informed with the well-informed, and then to think and analyze and compare their views with your own experiences and conclusions. But the more you know, the less patient you are with the under-informed, the ideologue, the demagogue. I tune out, for instance, the pointless arguments about gun control, because each side sustains its arguments only by ignoring the arguments

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by 6:30 p.m. However, the meeting lasted past 8 p.m. and roads were quite icy when it ended.

of the other: people with blindfolds shouting at each other over which way to turn at a nonexistent crossroads. They miss the point that on this, as so many issues, cultures and polities are free to choose, and then live with the consequences of their choices; and that there is no choice without negative as well as positive consequences. This doesn’t mean that the choice doesn’t matter. Civilizations really do destroy themselves by their choices – just not the ones Diamond thinks. I think of how the Brits argued about whether King Edward VIII could marry a divorced woman – while their own government was allowing Hitler to break treaties and prepare for the war the would kill millions and millions of people. People are so easily distracted. So easily fooled. And I don’t mean other people – I mean everybody. We’re all blind about something; about many things. All we can do is try to see whatever we can think of to see, and then share our vision with others as best we can. And, collectively, over the long haul, pointing out pitfalls to each other, taking each other by the hand, maybe we can muddle through for another generation.

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Liberals contact me with some frequency complaining that when I write about our president I refer to him by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama. The liberals say this is unfair and I do it only to imply that he is a Muslim or a sympathizer with the Arabs over the Israelis. This year, when Obama was sworn into office for this four-year term, he was sworn in – not as Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Obama or even Barack H. Obama – but as Barack Hussein Obama. So it is not only the name I use for our president, it is the name he uses for himself.

,,, By the way, Barack Hussein Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts got it right the first time on this go round in the private ceremony held Monday. The public ceremony, not quite. The amount of protection that Obama gets from the media never ceases to amaze me. Now it is simply considered a fact that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts messed up when he swore Obama into office in 2009, and they had to have a private do-over to make sure the swearingin stuck. But if you check the video, you will find that what actually happened was Obama interrupted Roberts first. The way an oath works is the judge or official says what the person being sworn in is supposed to say and then that person repeats it. To do that you have to wait for the official to stop speaking, which Obama didn’t do. After Obama interrupted Roberts then Roberts got “faithfully” in the wrong part of the next sentence, but Obama paused, Roberts corrected his mistake and Obama recited it wrong anyway. You can certainly say that the two of them really fouled up the 2009 swearing-in, but to blame it all on Roberts is inaccurate. If Obama had not interrupted Roberts one would assume he would have sailed right through it. But being interrupted in midsentence in front of millions of people all over the world by a man who in a few seconds will be the most powerful man on earth can throw you off your game. Why wasn’t it Obama’s fault that they messed up the swearing-in? The obvious answer is because Obama according to the adoring mainstream media can do no wrong. It is also interesting to note that during this inauguration Obama and Michelle did not stand on a box to lift them above the crowd, as they had in 2009. Obama was sworn in on President Abraham Lincoln’s Bible the first time, and his wife’s family Bible the second time. But not during any of his four swearingins did he use a Bible from his own family. Maybe it’s not that unusual, but it does seem strange. The big question this time around is, after being sworn into office for the fourth time, why can’t Obama get it right? This time during his public swearing-in, which was all for show and doesn’t really count, the president of the United States of America

Thursday, January 24, 2013

evidently forgot what country he lives in. It is the United States of America, not the United Sts of America. There is no way they can blame that on Roberts, so the mainstream media simply ignored it. The liberal media was so giddy about being at Obama’s inauguration they couldn’t be bothered with little things like whether or not Obama got the country right or whether Beyonce actually sang or lip-synched. The kind of thing that the press is usually there to report. I watched the swearing-in and Obama’s speech and was surprised at the number of empty seats. There were empty seats on the podium, and it appeared that only about half the press they expected showed up. Maybe the flu struck a lot of political bigwigs, or the cold scared them off.

,,, It was interesting to see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smiling and waving at the ceremony. She runs to the hospital when she is called to testify before the congressional committee about Benghazi, but she’s fine to sit out in the cold for a couple of hours.

,,, If you listen to Democrats, and even some Republicans, for the federal government to balance its budget would require draconian cuts that would decimate the Defense Department and put major social welfare programs in bankruptcy. But the truth is that the federal government will take in $2.9 trillion in revenue this fiscal year. If the federal government would simply reduce spending to what it was a mere five years ago it would have a surplus instead of a trillion dollar deficit. In 2007 the federal government spent $2.7 trillion. That was during the presidency of George Walker Bush and the budget deficit was about $200 billion, because the revenue that year was $2.56 trillion. What Congress and President Obama have managed to do since then is increase spending astronomically. The projected spending for 2013 is $3.8 trillion. So even though revenue has increased to $2.9 trillion the deficit is still right around a trillion dollars. It is an unbelievable increase in spending. The problem is not, as Obama continues to say, that the rich aren’t paying their fair share. The problem is that Obama and Congress have increased spending by 40 percent in the past five years. This is during a period of almost no inflation. Since 2007 the federal government has increased its spending by $1.1 trillion. It is an incredible amount of money and it would be nice to blame it all on Obama, but Obama is a co-conspirator. Spending bills have to originate in the House, which the Republicans have controlled since 2011. Obama in his first term had pretty much free rein in Congress. The Democrats controlled the House and for almost a year had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Spending skyrocketed and

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in Obama’s first year in office, 2009, the budget deficit increased to $1.4 trillion. What could only be done in Washington – where reality left the building decades ago – is that the budget deficit has remained over $1 trillion. The reason for the budget deficit in 2009 was the $1 trillion stimulus plan that Congress passed and Obama signed as soon as possible. That was supposed to spike up the spending, but then it was supposed to come back down. It never has. But the country ran pretty well in 2007. We were fighting the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, Social Security was being paid, as were Medicare and Medicaid. The federal government was throwing money at local governments, as it does, but evidently to go back to those years would be a tremendous hardship. It’s hard to believe.

,,, This fact-checking racket by the mainstream media is just one more way for it to spread its liberal message that Republicans are always wrong. You don’t see Vice President Joe Biden getting fact checked when he says he was playing golf and heard the shots at the Amish school shooting in 2006. It’s a good story, but like so much that Biden says, it has no basis in reality. Except that he may have been playing golf during the shooting. The closest golf course is a public course about five miles away and the pro says that Biden never played there. But even if he had, the course is too far away to hear gunshots. There is another golf course in the area, but it is 10 miles away and there is no way he could hear gunshots at that distance. But who cares? Biden says stupid and just plain wrong stuff all the time and the media doesn’t care enought to report it. Mitt Romney said that Jeep was moving production to China. This was deemed as the “Lie of the Year” by PolitiFact, but as it turned out – after the damage was done and the election was over – Romney was right. Fact checking by the liberal media has become just another way for the liberals to use the press to their advantage. It’s one of those weird things, but if you take the biggest party activist in the world and put “fact checker” behind his name, people believe what was said is true. And why isn’t Biden fact checked on a regular basis? When Dan Quayle was vice president he was fact checked daily. But, come to think of it, Vice President Al Gore was allowed to say absurd stuff about inventing the internet and was not fact checked. I think there may be a pattern.


Term limits have always seemed like an impossibility to me, but the recent fiscal cliff charade is beginning to convince me that term limits may be the only way to win the government back from professional politicians whose allegiance is to each other, not to the American people who elected them.

By John Hammer It seemed obvious from the fiscal cliff debacle that no one was looking out for the welfare of the American people. It was all about showmanship, one-upmanship and whose turn it was to steer the ship of state. The elected officials in Washington have far more loyalty to each other than they do to the people back home. Senators have to go home every six years and shake enough hands to get reelected. But the real power is in the Senate itself. Once a senator is elected he has access to the huge pile of money that they shift around to who ever needs help. Senators get millions of dollars raised by other senators. The situation in the House is similar, but since the House is so much bigger and stands for election every two years the situation is not quite so obvious. Imagine how different Congress would be if someone could only serve two terms in the House and one in the Senate. The government would have to return to the people, with the big problem being that the staff would have even more power.

,,, As Obama launches his second term, it is hard for me to believe that the majority of Americans decided he was the absolute best person to lead this country, and then I have to remind myself that they didn’t. The majority of people who voted preferred Obama over Mitt Romney. It doesn’t mean that the people who voted for Obama necessarily agree with him or even like him, but it does mean that in choosing between Romney and Obama they chose Obama. Obama has indicated that the fact that people voted for him is because they believe in all his policies. It shows what a narcissist Obama is, but doesn’t say much else. People voted for Obama who disagree with most if not all of his policies, but disagreed with Romney more. They voted for him because they didn’t think someone as rich as Romney knew anything about the lives they lead. They voted for Obama even though they didn’t agree with his policies because he is a black man and they thought it was important to elect a black man to a second term to prove it wasn’t a fluke. They voted for Obama because they think Romney fired people and moved jobs offshore just to fill his own pockets. They voted for Obama because they think Obama is a Muslim. They voted for Obama because Romney is a Mormon. They voted for Obama because they think his wife is hot. They voted for Obama because they thought Romney was too old to be president. They voted for Obama because they think he has a cool name. They voted for Obama because they thought he would provide free phones and free health care for them. Evidently a large number of Republicans didn’t vote at all because they didn’t think Romney was conservative enough. It makes no sense, but people don’t make sense.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Music hall stalled, County pays $500k for jail death, Grimsley pool tossed lifeline


Music hall stalled, County pays $500k for jail death, Grimsley pool tossed lifeline