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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mayor Beats In-law Lawsuit by john hammer editor

Photo by Sandy Groover

The Steve Millikin Black Cap Veterans Group held a Veterans Day ceremony at the Guilford County Veterans Memorial at Greensboro Country Park on Sunday. Special guests included Coast Guard veteran and Sixth District Congressman Howard Coble.

Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins is in some financial difficulty. The Internal Revenue Service has a lien for back taxes on his home and property, and the Perkins’ home in Irving Park is being foreclosed on by the bank. He is being sued by his estranged wife, Carole Perkins, for alimony and child support. They have been legally separated since September 2011, before Robbie Perkins was elected mayor. But there was some good news (Continued on page 33)

School Board Rhino Shaw In Line Rumors For Skip’s Seat Honors Simkins by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The Guilford County Board of Education had a hard time naming the new southeast Guilford County elementary school on Thursday, Nov. 8 – but after much discussion, named it after George C. Simkins Jr. on a 5-to-4 vote. It shouldn’t be surprising that the school board had difficulty naming the school. It has had more difficulty with the southeast area elementary school than with any of the 27 projects funded by school bonds approved by voters in May 2008. You could argue that the school board has had a harder time with its proposed airport area high school, because it couldn’t find land for the school, which may never be built. But no one really organized to support or oppose the airport area high school. No one seemed to have strong feelings about it at all, except the municipalities controlling properties the school

From staff and wire reports

board wanted to buy. Not so with the southeast area elementary school, which the school board repeatedly tried to build due east from Greensboro, igniting a firestorm of organized protest that resulted in the school board backing down and buying a 32-acre parcel at 3511 East Lee St. owned by Joseph and Patsy Pringle of Burlington. The school board had requests for seven different names for the school, six the names of people and one, “Gateway Elementary School,” that was quickly discarded because it would cause confusion with the Gateway Education Center for students with disabilities on East Wendover Avenue. The remaining six proposals included ones to name the school for First Lt. Wesley M. Pringle Jr., a member of the Pringle family, whose farm was purchased for the school’s site and who, as a member (Continued on page 28)

According to the management, next week is Thanksgiving. Since it seems to me like last week was Labor Day, I have my doubts. But I am told that regardless of what I think, we will be going to press a day early and next week The Rhino will be delivered on Wednesday. If you pick up your Rhino on Wednesday you should have plenty of time to read it while (Continued on page 35)

by Scott D. Yost county editor

Despite objections by some Republicans in the county, when the Guilford County commissioners are sworn in on Monday, Dec. 3, Commissioner Linda Shaw is likely to be elected chairman of the board. Shaw certainly has the inside track right now, and the same deal expected to make Shaw chairman is expected to make Commissioner Bill Bencini

vice-chairman. That would be the first time in 14 years the board has elected a Republican chairman. Republican leadership on the Board of Commissioners is just one more sign that it’s a new world order when it comes to the board: On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the election of three new Republican commissioners gave (Continued on page 32)

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Three new Republican Guilford County commissioners were elected last Tuesday, giving the Republicans a majority for the first time this century. Last week we ran a photo of two, but this week we got all three: Commissioners-elect Jeff Phillips, District 5; Alan Branson, District 4; and Hank Henning, District 6 (from left).

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Girls Gone Wild Get Special Treatment by john hammer editor

If you live, work or do business downtown, you have probably had a less than welcoming experience with the Greensboro parking police. The truth is that everyone who has ever gotten a parking ticket downtown is being discriminated against because there is a class of citizens who do not receive parking tickets. It is a little hard to believe but it is true. The Girls Gone Wild bus that comes a couple of times a year to the Greene Street Club can park wherever it wants for as long as it wants and it doesn’t get a ticket, even if a parking enforcement officer sees that it is illegally parked and the owner refuses to move the bus to a legal parking space. As it turns out other vans, buses and trucks that bands travel in also seem to have free reign downtown. I know this because the driveway to the parking lot used by The Rhino Times World Headquarters is often partially or totally blocked by these vehicles. But so far the city has found excuses to keep from giving them tickets. So if you want to park with impunity downtown, get rid of that Ford Focus or Prius and get yourself and old Chevy van, put a ratty trailer behind it and paint The Dave Clark Five on the side. Evidently, the parking police won’t touch you. With a van like that you can block driveways and park in no-parking zones. Shoot, you can just stop in the street and block a lane of traffic if you want. The parking police will be busy standing by a car waiting for the meter to expire to give someone who works downtown a ticket. But if you really want freedom, buy an old bus and paint Girls Gone Wild on the side and you can probably park on the steps to city hall. No, to do that you need to paint WFMY or FOX on the side of your van and tape a big old satellite dish on the roof, then you can really park wherever you want. A couple of weeks ago, the Girls Gone Wild bus parked, partially blocking the driveway to The Rhino Times World Headquarters parking lot. It was still possible to get in and out of the lot – meaning there was room to squeeze past the bus – but you took your life in your hands because you could not see the oncoming traffic because of the bus. I called the Greensboro parking police and was told something would be done about it. Two hours later, when it was getting close to 5 p.m., when everyone would be leaving the lot and risking their lives as they pulled out on to Greene Street, I called again to find out why the bus had not moved. I was told that the Girls Gone Wild bus driver had said that as soon as the car behind the trailer the bus was pulling moved he would back the bus up into a parking space. This was good enough for the Greensboro parking police. Here is where it gets really interesting. Although I was polite, I was not happy that Girls Gone Wild buses get special parking privileges. We had an employee once who owed over $1,700 in parking penalties in part because the city would not be reasonable about payment. Not only was the bus over the yellow line – a crime that for most of us will get an immediate $35 ticket – it was partially blocking a driveway. But the decision by the parking police was that it was allowable for as long as it was convenient for the Girls Gone Wild bus. The parking enforcement officer agreed that was not fair, and the next day came to our office to apologize and explain what happened. Unfortunately, the explanation is even more damning. He said that after our conversation he went back to the Greene (Continued on page 29)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

GOP Majority Eager to Right County Ship by Scott D. Yost county editor

When Bob Dylan wrote, “The times they are a changin’,” he was talking about a political shift to the left. However, those same lyrics could be used to describe Guilford County government, with the caveat that, this time around, the things that are a changing are taking a decided political shift to the right. These days, people are fond of saying that elections have consequences, and one only has to talk to the three new Republicans coming onto the Board of Commissioners to realize that – with a Republican majority running the show for the first time in 14 years – a lot of changes in Guilford County government can be expected. Since before the turn of the century, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners has been led by a Democratic majority that raised taxes with abandon, handed out taxpayer money to wealthy companies without giving it a second thought, let the county manager and department heads run free – no matter how crazy their actions were – and never took a close look into how the school system spends the money the county gives it. Also, for the past decade, the Democratic majority on the board has taken most of its cues from the highly liberal Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston – even during the five of the last 10 years when Alston wasn’t chairman. But all that’s about to change. Well, probably not all of it – however, if the new commissioners govern anything like they talk, there’s going to be an entirely new way of doing business in Guilford County. Even the lone new Democrat District 8 Commissioner-elect Raymond Trapp, often sounds like a conservative when he talks about “trimming the fat” in county government. One wide-ranging change all the new commissioners say they want is for more thought, deliberation and transparency in board decisions. New Republican District 6 Commissionerelect Hank Henning said he’s been paying close attention to the current Board of

Commissioners, and he’s been alarmed at recent instances when the board either passed, or attempted to pass, major motions as a rush job. The reason that’s happened systematically for years is that Alston and Guilford County Manager Brenda Jones Fox have been largely running county government on their own. However, Alston is departing the board on Monday, Dec. 3, when the new board is sworn in, and Fox is retiring on Feb. 1 – setting the stage for a brand new government in Guilford County, led by Republicans, and by a county manager of their choice. The new Republican commissioners also say they want to explore undoing some of the things the current board has done. Henning said he wants the Republican-led board to take a closer look at some recent moves by the current board – ones made with little discussion and even less thought. For instance, Henning said, he wants to revisit the county’s plan to form a Guilford County parks and recreation department that will begin managing and operating the county’s parks. Guilford County has never run its parks; the county has always outsourced those duties to towns, cities and counties that have the staff and experience to do it. However, in June, the board voted to take over the county’s parks on Jan. 1. “I want to revisit the parks department – that’s one area I want to take another look at,” Henning said. He also said the current board didn’t seem to really think through an attempted rezoning that would have rezoned 618 of the Prison Farm’s 806 acres to make way for a corporate park. “It does seem one area where they rushed through it,” Henning said. Henning also said the new county government has to be more open and accountable for its actions. The new Republican commissioners say the next county manager isn’t going to have the free reign that Fox did. “First I want to get the transparency part of it in place,” Henning said.

Trapp said that, from him, voters can expect a reasoned, thoughtful approach to county actions. Trapp said that he also was surprised at the way the Prison Farm rezoning was handled by the current board, a process the new board could handle better, he said, going forward as the county decides how to use that land. “I think it doesn’t have to be rushed,” Trapp said. “It needs to be a public process and we need to plan it out right.” District 5 Commissioner-elect Jeff Phillips said he’s often been stunned with the way the Board of Commissioners has operated in the past. He said that right now could be a very pivotal point in Guilford County history, a time when the board can change its opaque style of government, as well as its often unruly behavior. “We have an opportunity before us to bring a level of professionalism and respect to the Board of Commissioners,” Phillips said. Phillips said those qualities haven’t been completely lacking from the board, but he said everyone who’s been watching Guilford County government in recent years has seen what’s transpired. “The people say it’s been dysfunctional in many respects,” Phillips said. “I want it to be more functional, much more professional, much more transparent to the public, to the people they represent. I think that’s been missing for some time.” He said a Republican majority on the board and a new county manager will bring an opportunity for real change. “I think that’s a powerful combination if we handle it right,” Phillips said. Phillips added, “I want to regain the respect of the people of the county, because it’s their money, their tax dollars. We work for them.” When Alan Branson, the District 4 commissioner-elect talks about his hopes for the new board, he stresses attacking the budget using a new level of detail. Branson said he wants to look at every county department and find any wasteful spending. He added that there are things he’s seen when it comes to the county’s Department

of Public Health and the Animal Control operations that lead him to believe county savings could be found there. Branson added that taking a focused look at the spending of each county department doesn’t necessarily mean cutting in all cases. He said he wants to make sure critical county services such as fire protection and emergency services are funded to the extent they need to be to keep the county safe. During Branson’s campaign against outgoing District 4 Commissioner Kirk Perkins, Branson was critical of what he said were Perkins’ attempts to cut key emergency services. Branson said he wants to make sure the county’s fire departments are well funded. “We need to look after our fire volunteers,” he said. He said savings can be found in less critical areas of government. Branson said, “We just want to do more with less money.” One group that might not like the new highly hands-on attitude of the three new Republicans is the Guilford County Board of Education. That board of elected officials enjoys doing its own thing and, if the school board had its way, the county commissioners would just hand over the money the school board asks for each year and save the advice. However, while the new commissioners say they understand they have little say in the details of school expenditures, they also say they know that controlling the purse strings carries a lot of weight. In addition to federal and state dollars, the Guilford County school system relies heavily on funding from Guilford County, and the Board of Commissioners determines how much in operating funds the county gives the county schools each year. The Board of Commissioners over the years has met with school officials once in a while, and commissioners have occasionally complained about the cost of school administration or school construction. However, there’s never been a real concerted effort for the Board of Commissioners to (Continued on page 38)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The Parity Study Not Limited By Facts by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

The City of Greensboro has paid Red Rock Global $90,000 for the East Greensboro Parity Study that recommends improvements to areas the city and private organizations have been investing in for years. According to Managing Principal of Red Rock Global Michael Tabb, the recommendations don’t depend on much of the data in the study, which is full of factual errors. Tabb began his presentation at the Greensboro City Council’s Friday, Nov. 9 work session in the plaza level conference room in city hall by acknowledging some errors in his data. Tabb said he had presented facts from various sources that he had understood to be reputable. “That research that you have, which we call the parity study, is a combination of facts that we have claimed as facts because people have attested that they are facts, or research that has been provided by others that we have purchased,” Tabb said. He said that Environment Systems Research Institute out of Redlands, California, had been a source for demographic information, and that real estate information had been purchased from a variety of sources including Co Star. Tabb also said that not everything in his

The View is jusT The sTarT

report was meant to be factual. “Some of them are pure opinions and insights as we have seen them,” said Tabb, adding that the report moved back and forth between facts and opinions. Many of the errors involve facts and measurements that do not leave room for interpretation or opinion. Tabb said that some of the errors, including those about shopping center sizes and locations, had been corrected by his partner, Mike Neal, of Colliers International, who submitted an updated version of the “inventory of shopping centers” section of the parity study. The list now describes Palmer Plaza as 73,000 square feet instead of 600,000 square feet, and correctly identifies the anchor tenant of that center as Save-A-Lot grocery store. The study previously said it was a Food Lion. The inventory also no longer lists Spring Lane Galleria, which is a shopping center in Sanford, as being in Greensboro. However, Wendover Ridge Shopping Center is still listed as having a maximum size of 0 square feet and more than half of the shopping centers in the inventory are listed with a minimum size of 50,000 square feet and a maximum size of 100,000 square feet. Tabb said that the errors could have been brought to his attention months earlier.

“If there are any errors that we have made, please share them with us,” Tabb said Friday. He also said the parity study was a “living, breathing document” and that the city should work with him to make sure information is correct. Despite the mistakes Tabb stood by the integrity of the parity study’s original conclusions and recommendations, saying that the huge factual errors had no material effects. Ta b b s a i d t h a t t h e d e m o g r a p h i c information, including population and average household income, is more important to the study than the sizes and locations of shopping centers. Tabb did not address the criticism that the parity study overestimated the spending of east Greensboro residents by factoring in automotive sales, which draw customers from outside the area. Councilmember Jim Kee, who Tabb repeatedly referred to as “commissioner” during the work session, said he was generally pleased with the study. “There have been people in the community that have questioned the nuts and bolts of your study, but the theory of your study is something that I very much grasp and agree with,” Kee said. Tabb went through a PowerPoint presentation that covered four areas in East Greensboro said he thought the city should

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take action to improve. One is the East Market Street area near North Carolina A&T State University and the United House of Prayer for All People, which Tabb said could be a signature entrance into the city except for a lack of development preventing it from living up to its potential. Tabb suggested encouraging a hotel and mixed-use retail in the area. He also recommended roadway improvements. East Market Street Development Corporation has been working to improve the East Market Street area since 1997, and their efforts include a streetscape project in partnership with the city to improve landscaping and walkability. Funding for that streetscape project was approved by voters in 2000. East Market Street Development has also been focusing on developing building sites, and leasing space in the area. In 2007 United House of Prayer and East Market Street Development presented a plan to redevelop the approximately 15 acre former post office site on East Market Street, which the United House of Prayer owns, to include a hotel, housing and a produce market. East Market Street Development paid the planning firm Kinzelman Kline Gossman $70,000 to develop that plan. In 2010 the land was rezoned from light (Continued on page 42)

NIce start, too.

CityViewAtSouthSide.Com | 336.379.0101

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Not Everyone Likes Downtown Food Trucks by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

The Greensboro City Council voted to allow food trucks to operate downtown at its Wednesday, Nov. 7 meeting in the council chambers at city hall. The food truck pilot program, which has Commerce Place blocked off for selected trucks to operate during lunch on week days as well as dinner on Fridays, has been received positively by many, whose comments were submitted to the council. The city has also provided free advertising for the food trucks on the city website and often has a city employee on site to facilitate the program. Wednesday night saw some of the first major pushback from downtown restauranteurs regarding both the pilot program and the ordinance change, which they said threatened their businesses. President of Downtown Greensboro Inc. Ed Wolverton presented a public survey about food trucks and the effect of the pilot program, which, according to Councilmember Nancy Vaughan, the council had only received hours before the meeting. According to the survey, while only 17 percent of all respondents felt the food trucks would hurt existing downtown restaurants, 62 percent of downtown restaurateurs thought they would hurt business. Wolverton acknowledged that factors

like the economy and events like the election could affect sales, but said, “The big environmental change, when we look at October 2012 was in fact food trucks being introduced as a pilot.” Restaurateurs were asked to compare their sales in October 2011 to those in October 2012 to assess the impact of the pilot program. A decrease in sales by more than 10 percent was reported by 57 percent of the restaurants. None of the 23 restaurants surveyed reported an increase in sales. Sixteen speakers representing downtown businesses spoke against allowing food trucks to operate downtown. Chris Lester, one of the owners of Natty Greene’s Brewing Company, said he and some other restaurant owners hadn’t realized that the ordinance would be voted on so soon, and had met Monday, Nov. 6 to discuss the issue. “All of us said the same thing: Wow, our business is really down,” Lester said. He said his own lunches had been down by 25 percent in October 2012 compared to October 2011, and that the food trucks were the primary change. John Lomax of Lomax Properties also spoke in opposition, saying that restaurants provided more jobs and long-term economic growth than the food trucks threatening their businesses.

“It’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s people’s money, investment and there are a lot of jobs in those restaurants,” Lomax said. Calvin Williams, general manager of Tavo Restaurant and Tavern, said his sales had decreased because his customers were choosing food trucks over him. “I can say that I did venture out a few times down to where the food trucks were, and I did see a few of my regulars there,” Williams said. There were also six speakers in favor of the food trucks, including the owners of the Baguettaboutit food truck, who argued that the trucks would add variety and vibrancy to downtown and could do so without hurting business for restaurants. Greg Munning, owner of Taqueria El Azteca Taco Truck, said that food trucks were not a threat to restaurants, because restaurants offered a different experience, including air conditioning and a roof, for which food trucks were not a substitute. He ended his comments by asking the council to consider the free market. Councilmember Zack Matheny said he had opposed the pilot program from the beginning, because he didn’t think the city should be involved in the food truck business. “I don’t think we should have put the food trucks right in the heart of one of the best spots you can get downtown,” Matheny

said. Matheny went on to say that he didn’t think an outright ban on food trucks downtown made sense either. “I think you’ve got to figure out a way to open us up so that we can be vibrant, and private property and working in that nature would be appropriate,” he said, adding that the transition should be done carefully because “growing pains” could be involved. Matheny also said he thought the fact that the food trucks wouldn’t pay the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) tax like downtown restaurants was worth looking into. Property owners downtown pay an additional 9 cents of property tax rate to fund Downtown Greensboro Inc. Matheny said the opposing sides should be given more opportunity to come to an agreement. “I just don’t think that it would be appropriate for us to make a decision on this right now, based on what we’ve heard from these business owners,” he said. Councilmember Yvonne Johnson also expressed concern for the restaurant owners. “I’m not against food trucks at all but we have got to find a way to protect the businesses that are downtown and have given to this city and given to our downtown, some for many years,” she said. Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann (Continued on page 33)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

County Approves Sketchy Parks Takeover by Scott D. Yost county editor

One of the most controversial topics for the Guilford County Board of Commissioners this year has been whether or not the county should take over the management and operation of the parks system – but no one would have ever known it was a heated subject from watching the board’s Thursday, Nov. 1 meeting. At that meeting, when the commissioners adopted guidelines for the takeover that’s set to happen on Jan. 1, no commissioner raised so much as a peep of opposition. Currently, the county outsources parks operations and management to Greensboro, Gibsonville, Jamestown and others, but that’s all set to change on the first of the year when the county plans to hire the employees who currently work at the county’s parks and form a Guilford County parks and recreation department. The county takeover will affect five of the county’s seven parks: Bur-Mil, Hagan-Stone, Gibson, Southwest and Northeast parks. The operation of GuilfordMackintosh Park, currently handled by Burlington, and Triad Park, which is jointly owned with and run by Forsyth County, remain unchanged. At the Nov. 1 meeting, the board took another step down that road when it adopted newly formed guidelines regarding the benefits packages for those park employees

they plan to hire. Park workers have been critical of Guilford County over the last several months, saying the county had never contacted them in any way or given them any official word about the takeover. They said the only information they were getting about their future employment with the county was what they read in the newspapers. At the meeting, the motion passed on an 8 to 2 vote with no discussion. Commissioner Billy Yow, one of the most vocal critics of the takeover, was running late due to problems related to his well-drilling business, and Yow arrived after the motion passed. Yo w s a i d h e h a d a s k e d b o t h Commissioners Bill Bencini and Paul Gibson – who have also been critical of the parks takeover – to get the board to hold off on the discussion until he arrived. However that didn’t happen. Bencini said after the meeting that Yow had asked him to delay the vote; but, Bencini said, he didn’t discuss the issue or try to get it held because the writing was on the wall. He said he and other opponents felt certain there were plenty of votes to move forward with the takeover, and that it would have been a futile battle. Bencini and Gibson were the two votes against the takeover. The motion called for the board to approve a resolution “outlining employment

transitions of not more than 30 full time positions and applicable employment terms and conditions for purposes of 1) probationary period waiver, 2) longevity payment calculation, 3) sick and vacation balance transfers, and 4) certain limited eligibility for retiree health insurance in relation to parks employees who are scheduled to transition to Guilford County.” At least now, after the vote, park workers who are set to come on the county’s payroll have answers to some of their questions. According to the motion adopted Nov. 1, the new county employees who have been working for other local governments to maintain Guilford County’s parks – and who were hired into those jobs before July 1, 2011– will receive credit for their previous employment for the purposes of Guilford County longevity bonuses and vacation time accrual. Also, employees who transfer to Guilford County won’t be required to go through a probationary period as other new employees must do. In addition, the county will credit the park employees for sick leave time and parks staff will be eligible to use that time immediately upon being added to the county payroll. Guilford County acquired Bur-Mil Park from Burlington Industries in the early ’90s and over the years acquired or built the other parks in the system. Guilford County has always contracted out the management and operations to other local governments, and currently one person oversees the county’s seven parks. Even some commissioners who voted to adopt the park employee guidelines – such as Commissioners Kirk Perkins and Mike Winstead – have expressed real trepidation about the move. While no commissioner raised objections at the meeting, commissioners critical of the plan did have plenty to say afterward. “We’ve never run parks in the history of the county,” Bencini said, “and now suddenly we’re experts in it?” Bencini said that, when the 2012-2013 budget was adopted in June, and the parks takeover was tacked onto that budget at the last minute, the board only did so with a stipulation, proposed by Yow, that county staff first bring back a detailed analysis of the cost of running each of the parks. County staff did make a presentation in a work session on Thursday, August 9, but Bencini and other commissioners say that staff never came close to answering their questions. Bencini said last week that he thinks Guilford County is rushing headlong into uncharted territory, and, while some county officials expect to save money on the move, Bencini predicts it won’t be long into 2013 before the board has a painful realization that running and maintaining a parks system with no experience or administrative staff to do so isn’t as quite as easy as writing pie in the sky numbers down on paper. “I just don’t think this board knows how

to deal with reality,” Bencini said. He said the half-page of information provided to the board in their information packets for the Nov. 1 meeting didn’t begin to address the true depth of the logistical issues involved in taking over operation of the parks. “We had 43 pages of a second draft of an agreement on a new fire engine, and 30-some pages on the second version of a change in the vicious animal law,” Bencini said, “but we had a half page on taking over the parks.” Bencini said county officials are hopeful they’ll save money because the county will no longer pay cities and towns a roughly 8 percent management fee. However, he added, the county officials pushing for the parks takeover don’t understand some key principles of trying to save money with economies of scale. Bencini said that, in areas where local governments manage and operate parks efficiently, they generally have workers who specialize in certain functions who travel from park to park performing similar specific duties in each park. However, in this case, Bencini said, Guilford County intends to keep the current model in place, and keep respective employees at the parks where they’re now working. He said he’s willing to bet that’s going to be a very inefficient system that, in the end, costs Guilford County more than it’s paying now to run and maintain the parks. He also said that, in other ways, it was hard to benefit from economies of scale with only five parks to manage. Yow was also critical of the move toward taking over the parks, and he said after the meeting that he had concerns about another parks’ related issue on the agenda that night: Guilford County also voted at the Nov. 1 meeting to spend $117,000 for a software package and eight computers to begin implementing a new reservation system for ballparks, picnic shelters and other park facilities. Instead of a phone-based reservation system with actual people, the county will switch to an online “recreations management” system. That item was on the consent agenda – a list of motions generally reserved for routine housekeeping-type matters and the motion passed along with things like the approval of the minutes of past meetings. Yow said that, if he’d arrived at the meeting in time, he would have pulled the item off the consent agenda to discuss it. Yow has been a constant critic of the Guilford County Information Services (IS) Department – which, in just about every other business and government, is called Information Technology, or IT. Yow said he’s frightened to think what might happen once the county’s IS Department gets hold of the parks’ reservation system. “People might think they’re reserving a picnic shelter but there ain’t no telling what they’ll get – they might end up reserving (Continued on page 11)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Some Opt-Out Students Kicked Off Bus by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The Guilford County Board of Education on Thursday, Nov. 8, voted 7 to 2 to allow students to opt out of some magnet schools – a move designed to save Guilford County Schools $201,617. In doing so, the school board rejected a recommendation by Guilford County Schools administration to discontinue all magnet opt-outs, which would have saved the school system $254,968 in transportation costs. The proposal was among seven transportation programs for magnet schools that the school administration came up with in response to an Oct. 25 request by the school board. Guilford County Schools is projected to spend about $509,000 during the 2012-2013 school year to transport 407 students to optout schools outside their attendance zones if their neighborhood school is a magnet school they don’t want to attend. That’s an average of $1,239 per student. The option of being bused to alternate schools elsewhere in the county was required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act, from which North Carolina was exempted beginning this year. The documents provided to the school board on Thursday can be used to roughly calculate how much Guilford County is spending a year to bus students to magnet

schools. The $509,000 is merely the cost of busing students who want to escape specific magnet schools and go to schools elsewhere in the county. The cost of transporting students to magnet schools is much higher. According to the documents, Guilford County Schools, out of its 72,000 students, has 5,772 students attending magnet schools. If each student costs $1,239 a year to transport, Guilford County Schools is spending about $7 million a year to transport students to magnet schools. Busing students to magnet schools is less efficient than busing them to normal schools, because of the small numbers of students going to each magnet school and the long distances many of them have to travel. Guilford County Schools spends about $30 million a year on transportation – which means that almost one quarter of the Guilford County Schools transportation budget is spent busing students to magnet schools Magnet schools are specialized schools that draw students from across the county, rather than from geographic attendance zones. They offer programs in global studies, science, technology, Spanish, Mandarin, art, leadership and aviation, and in some cases use specific teaching methods, such as Montessori education. Guilford County Schools now has 17

magnet elementary schools and 10 magnet middle schools. Another magnet school is proposed for the now-empty Allen Jay Middle School in High Point. Some school board members, including Darlene Garrett, have complained for years about the cost of transporting kids to magnet schools. Some have suggested shutting down the magnet schools that are not performing well. The issue of magnet school transportation costs came to a head this year because, through the 2011-12 school year, a magnet school that was a Title I school had to offer the ability to opt out of the magnet school under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Because the magnet schools that parents were opting out of were generally lousy, the cost of transporting the opt-out students was paid with federal Title I funds. In January 2012, the Board of Education decided to exercise “local flexibility” under the No Child Left Behind Act waiver granted to North Carolina, freeing it from most of the federal penalties for having bad schools. This school year, the school board allowed opting out only of schools that were performing badly. Based on this decision, federal funds can no longer be used to transport magnet opt-out students after the 2012-2013 school year – meaning the school

system will have to pick up the tab. The net result was, although transporting students to magnet schools was already eating up a large chunk of the school board’s transportation budget, school board members drew the line at picking up the tab for a relatively small number of students whose parents opt out of lousy magnet schools. The administration of Guilford County School Superintendent Mo Green, at the school board’s request, came up with seven options for dealing with the cost of children whose parents don’t want them going to a nearby magnet school. In the end, the discussion came down to two options. The first was the option recommended by the administration – to stop letting parents opt out of any magnet schools. The administration proposal also would have allowed Triangle Lake Montessori School in High Point to accept students who move into its school zone at all grade levels. The school now only accepts students through second grade, meaning kids who move into the neighborhood after that can’t enter the trendy Montessori program but are bused to another school. The option that was approved by the school board is more complicated and would save the school system $53,000 less, and will allow parents to opt out of very (Continued on page 41)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012






The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro HIGH POINT



Planning Board Says No To Development by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The High Point Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday, Nov. 13, voted 7 to 2 to unfavorably recommend to the High Point City Council a request to rezone 431 acres for a business park north of High Point. The business park would be on land assembled by developer D.H. Griffin and would be the largest business development annexed into High Point since Piedmont Centre was built in the 1980s. Exactly why the commission rejected the rezoning is unclear, but the High Point Planning and Development Department reported to the commission that a trafficimpact study for the development was not submitted in time to be properly reviewed by the commission meeting, and numerous residents of the area in question, which is north of High Point and south of I-40, spoke against he rezoning request. Planning and Zoning Chairman Andrew Putnam and Commissioners John McKenzie, Cynthia Davis, Andrew Putnam, Martha Shepherd, Marie Stone and Carson Lomax voted to recommend the zoning request unfavorably to the City Council, which will consider the applicants’ zoning request, development plan and annexation request on Monday, Nov. 19. Commissioners

Mark Walsh and Jim Davis, who will be sworn in as District 5 city councilmember on Dec. 3, voted against the unfavorable recommendation. The land, assembled by D.H. Griffin and containing land owned by one of his holding companies, 350 South Land Holdings LLC, also contained parcels owned by Bland Property Investments and the Hedgecock family. The 431 acres lie south of I-40, west of Sandy Ridge, north of Boylston Road and east of Bunker Hill Road. In October 2010, Guilford County Schools tried to buy more than 100 acres of the land for its ill-fated airport area high school, but gave up on the site after opposition from High Point, which would have to have provided water and sewer to the property. The land is outside the High Point city limits in unincorporated Guilford County. However, it is in what High Point considers its planning area because it has negotiated annexation agreements that will make the land part of High Point eventually. And any large developments in the area between the High Point city limits and I-40 will have to be voluntarily annexed into High Point to get High Point water and sewer. Griffin’s holding company requested that the land be rezoned from the Guilford County

agricultural and light industrial zoning to a High Point planned use development-mixed district (PDM). Griffin proposes splitting the PDM zoning district into two large phases. Phase I, the southeastern 155 acres, mostly south and east of Adkins Road, would be used for uses allowed in High Point light industrial (LI), corporate park (CP) and agricultural (AG) zoning districts. The larger Phase II contains the northwestern 276 acres, mostly north and west of Adkins Road. Those 276 acres would be parked with an agricultural zoning until roads and power lines are extended to allow light industrial and corporate

park uses. Some planning and zoning commissioners said it would take years, perhaps even a decade or two, for Phase II to be finished. It’s hard to imagine Griffin shifting from trying to sell some of the land to Guilford County Schools to having it rezoned for a mixed-use business park unless he had one or more anchor tenants. Griffin and 350 South Land Holdings were represented by attorney Tom Terrell of Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP. Terrell said, “There are companies that I can’t disclose that we’re in conversation with.” Cynthia Davis asked High Point planner (Continued on page 35)

Tale Of Two Mayors by paul C. clark Staff Writer

High Point will experience a rare occurrence on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012: a transition from one mayor to another. After all, High Point Mayor Becky Smothers has been mayor for all but four years since 1992. Smothers lost in 1999 to Arnold Koonce, then retook the office in 2003 and has held it since. Smothers has had such a lock on the mayorship that High Point City Council swearings-in have tended to be sort of samey-samey, except for a slow attrition among other councilmembers. Not this year. High Point on Nov. 6 elected Councilmember Bernita Sims mayor. Sims will be High Point’s first black mayor, a historic event even though Sims chooses to play it down – although she acknowledges that it has historical significance. “It absolutely does,” she said. “But I don’t want people to put so much on that that it takes the emphasis off what I bring to the table. It’s a great thing that I happen to be black, but I did this because I think I’m the best person for this job.” If the election of High Point’s first black mayor wasn’t enough to distinguish the swearing-in, High Pointers elected an almost entirely new City Council, changing the occupants of six seats on the nine-member City Council, although Smothers will return as an at-large councilmember. The swearing-in is the one meeting everybody who is anybody in High Point politics – and their families, friends and acquaintances – shows up for. The City Council chamber is usually standing room only. The unusual nature of the Dec. 3 swearing-in will add to that mix people wanting to celebrate the swearing-in of the city’s first black mayor. As a result, the swearing-in meeting will be held, not in the City Council chamber, but in the High Point Theatre across the street in the International Home Furnishings

Center. “I kind of felt like individuals who wanted to come and be there should have a chance to be a part of it,” Sims said. “I don’t know how many people will show up, but in a normal swearing-in process we have an overflow of the chamber. And it is a council meeting. We may end up that nobody will come, but I don’t think so.” Smothers dismissed in advance any complaints about moving the meeting. “Apparently her whole church is coming,” Smothers said. “You have to stop every now and then and think, ‘Suppose the situation was reversed, and she was the first white person being elected mayor?’ We might need the theater or a stadium. People really need to get a grip.” The swearing-in is, of course, only the official changing of the guard. More important are the changes between how Smothers has run the City Council, and how Sims will do so, and their differences in City Council priorities. Sims and Smothers on Monday, Nov. 12 revealed that Sims will keep much of Smothers’ agenda, but may change the way the City Council does business. The actual reorganization of the City Council will take place at a meeting on Thursday, Dec. 6. At that meeting, Sims will determine the seating arrangement of the councilmembers – a more important political factor than you might think – assign, or discuss assigning, councilmembers to committees, and the council will consider changes Sims has proposed in the way the City Council does business. The new City Council will be unusual in that it will include one mayor – Sims – and two former mayors, Smothers, who won an at-large seat, and Judy Mendenhall, who knocked off Mike Pugh to win the Ward 3 seat. Smothers said she asked Sims to seat (Continued on page 40)

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(Continued from page 8)

the Blue Room,” Yow said, referring to a frequently used county meeting room on the first floor of the Old Guilford County Court House. The Blue Room would be less than ideal, to say the least, for a family outing. Yow only has a couple of weeks left on the board, but he said that, up until the very end, he continues to be astonished by the actions of this board. Yow said, “Anything that makes sense is far and beyond the ability of this board; that’s what I’ve learned in my 12 years as a Guilford County commissioner.” At the meeting, the commissioners also unanimously approved a new social media policy. Don Campbell, an Emergency Services supervisor who chaired the county committee that helped form the guidelines, made the presentation to the board. That committee included members from different county departments. Campbell said it was to Guilford County’s advantage to begin using more social media to communicate with its citizens, and the challenge of his committee was to “set up boundaries” as the county gets into the use of social media. He said many younger citizens are using social media as their primary mode of communication, and he said that would no doubt be a lifelong practice for those users. He also said that, in the past, when the

Thursday, November 15, 2012

county has wanted to get information to citizens, it has sent press releases to the media and then had to rely on the press to get the word out. However, using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, he said, the county wouldn’t be as dependent on local television stations and newspapers. “It really gives us a direct line to our citizens,” he said. He said social media is a low-cost form of communication with many benefits, but he warned there were potential pitfalls. D u r i n g C a m p b e l l ’s P o w e r P o i n t presentation, he showed some newspaper headlines from stories of government employees who ended up in hot water due to their inappropriate use of social media. Two of those headlines read, “ Officer fired after posting about ticket” and, “Teacher fired for Facebook snooping.” The new county policy, unanimously adopted by the commissioners at the meeting, states, “Employees should not comingle their personal and professional lives when administering social media sites on behalf of the County.” Also, “There must be a business necessity for employees to have access to social media on County Computers or other applicable devices.” The rules states that “good judgement” must be used at all times and adds, “it's a good practice for employees to consider that their supervisor, family members and peers may read everything they post.” The policy bans any postings that embarrass coworkers or supervisors,

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and it forbids county employees from posting confidential, medically sensitive or proprietary information. It also states that the content on each social media site will be monitored regularly to assure that county employees are following the rules. According to the policy, “If an employee’s social media presence shows an apparent connection to Guilford County, they are to make it clear that the views expressed on the social media platform are theirs alone and do not represent the views of Guilford County.” Campbell didn’t mention Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen, but Thigpen maintains a thriving personal Facebook page on which he sometimes posts items related to the Register of Deeds office. For instance, in the past, he’s used his page to get the word out that the deeds office was closed due to inclement weather. That same Facebook page includes many political and personal postings, and there’s a link to the county’s website. However, Thigpen does make it clear that his Facebook page is a personal page. There is, in addition, an official Guilford County Facebook page for the Register of Deeds office, and, while Thigpen’s own page has a very impressive 5,184 friends, the official Register of Deeds Facebook page has only one friend, Thigpen. After the Nov. 1 meeting, one county official said Thigpen didn’t need to lose any sleep about the new county policy: “Jeff can do what he likes – he’s elected,” she said.

At the meeting, the board also approved a tax-exempt loan for $454,000 for the Alamance Community Fire District to purchase a new fire truck, and the commissioners adopted a new policy that gives the county manager the right to exempt special events put on by area nonprofits from paying fees and other charges that the county would otherwise collect for such an event. At the end of the meeting, the commissioners held a two-hour closed session to discuss a personnel matter as well as the acquisition of real estate. Sheriff BJ Barnes and other Sheriff’s Department officials were in the closed session with the commissioners. The county has been in negotiations with Koury Corp. to buy two buildings in a corporate park just south of I-40 for future expansion of the Sheriff’s Department. No action was taken when the board came out of the closed session. The next commissioners meeting, on Thursday, Nov. 15, will be the last scheduled meeting before a smaller ninemember Board of Commissioners takes over running the county and some newly elected commissioners are sworn in. That is a truly historic event because the current 11-member board structure – which has meant Guilford County had the largest board of commissioners in the state – was set up by Democrats in 1992 in an attempt to assure Democratic control of the board. That was successful as, for the last 20 years, with the exception of two years in the ’90s, the board has had a Democratic majority.


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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The Sound of the Beep What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine tape on our comment line 273-0898. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 273-0898 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep. I recently heard that the Georgia Power and Light sent some crews up to New York to help for the Hurricane Sandy catastrophe and were told to go back because they weren’t unionized and they were called scabs and told to go back to Georgia. I don’t believe I would be offering any more help to that bunch. Let them fend for their self. Thanks. %%% I’m reading in the Nov. 1 issue of The Rhino Times when someone called in saying God set Nov. 6 for Election Day. God had nothing to do with that day for Election Day. This is man’s doing. And we don’t know what he’s doing. What he’s doing is destroying the Earth much faster. %%% Editor’s Note: Next thing you’ll be telling us is that God didn’t make Dec. 25 Christmas, or the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox Easter. %%% Yes, I think it’s interesting that in your Nov. 1 Rhino Times the person that sent a letter to the editor concerning Gail Safrit editorial in the News & Record couldn’t even sign their own name. At least Gail Safrit had the nerve and the honor of putting her name on what she had to say and claiming it. I think it’s ridiculous that someone would write a letter like that and not even put their name on it. Thank you. %%%

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They were talking on TV not long ago about how much the retirees such as David Wray, Tim Bellamy, Sharon Ozmet and other people were getting for their retirement. Under the Freedom of Information Act is there any way you could get that list and print it in one of the future issues of The Rhinoceros Times? I think the taxpayers have a right to know what we’re paying for people’s retirement. Thank you. %%% Editor’s Note: Good idea. We just have to find the time to make it happen. %%% Yes, thanks Duke Power for leaving us in the dark again on Saturday night. %%% In your Nov. 1 edition you tell us to vote Romney early and often. So, now you are wanting us to commit voter fraud to get your man elected. %%% Editor’s Note: Yes, but it didn’t work. %%% Hey, Rhino Times. I used to love reading your very conservative newspaper, but now that’s not happening anymore. If you’re going to endorse the races like Mel Watt for Congress, I will never read your issues again. I will tell everybody that I know not to read your newspaper again. I can’t believe – I don’t see how you sleep with yourself at night if you’re going to endorse somebody who has done such terrible stuff in Congress. I mean what is happening to your newspaper? This is ridiculous. %%% Now that Obama has been reelected, and Obamacare is sure to go through, you think maybe the Democrats can get some seeing-eye dogs and hearing aids? %%% Yes, this is in response to Orson Scott Card’s Civilization Watch on Nov. 8. This just goes to show how whiney and bratty the Republicans can be when they lose. The right man won. The end. Get over it. Stop whining. %%%

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I did not leave the United States of America. The United States of America left me when this nation put Obama back in office. %%% (Continued on page 15)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 10,11,17,18 at 2 pm November 10,16,17 at 7:30 pm November 13-16 at 9:30 am November 16 at 12 noon

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TAYLOR THEATRE, UNCG 336-334-4849 to purchase tickets 406 Tate Street, Greensboro, NC 27403

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Uncle Orson Reviews Everything

Iron Hearted Violet, Water, Chocolate by orson scott card


What lurks there is a great danger, but she can’t find information about how to counter it – or anyone who will take her seriously about what she’s found. I really enjoyed Barnhill’s previous novel, The Mostly True Story of Jack, and for many of the same reasons: Just when you think you’re getting a traditional fairy tale bit, Barnhill stands it on its head and makes it mean something completely new and different. Young readers are not jaded, however, and are not looking for fresh takes on old stories. That’s why it’s so fortunate that Barnhill is not just standing cliches on their heads. She is telling stories that are terrific in their own right, so that young readers will be captivated. The fact that adults are also delighted is simply a bonus.

Do you want a good Young Adult fantasy novel to give for Christmas? There are many to choose from, but I highly recommend Kelly Barnhill’s Iron Hearted Violet. Violet is a princess, but not a pretty one, and her family and the kingdom they govern are in great danger. She is left out of important events – but manages to get into deeply serious trouble when she and a friend find a hidden magical room in the castle.

I’ve been drinking Hint water for years now. It’s good clear water with just the lightest of flavors, and no sugar or other additives. (I find most of those “health” waters undrinkably nasty.) A while ago, the Hint people introduced carbonated waters – and I have to say, they’re quite awful. They apparently forgot their concept of just a hint of flavor. The carbonated ones are seriously

The problem with “reviewing everything” is that everything I read, everything I eat, everywhere I go, everything I experience becomes potential column material. You cannot imagine the stacks of as-yetunreviewed material in my office. I can hardly see the surface of my desk – which is actually a countertop the width of my attic office. But it’s time for me to play catch-up, reviewing a whole assortment of stuff without any attempt to make a coherent essay out of any of it. By the end of this review, I’m hoping I’ll be able to clear at least one corner of my desk. Just to remember what the color of it is.


overflavored. If I want carbonated drinks, I’ll take the San Pellegrino fruit waters, like Arianciata or Limonata. If you want to sample them, they’re available cold and ready-to-drink at Gnam-Gnam. Meanwhile, though, Hint’s regular waters are still the best, most refreshing drink around; they make all the other waters either boring or trying-too-hard. And at Fresh Market, you can pick up a special holiday Peppermint flavored Hint water. I don’t usually like peppermint as a flavor, but because it’s Hint, the flavor is mild enough that it’s a pleasure to drink.


Jacqueline Winspear’s wonderful series of “Maisie Dobbs” novels has matured over the years. It began as a gimmick novel – with a very good gimmick. The idea was that Maisie Dobbs, a maid in a wealthy household, was observed to be far more intelligent and education-seeking than the norm. The wealthy family, instead of being repelled by an intellectually ambitious servant, nurtured her abilities. She was trained by a psychologist in the era that marked the very beginning of psychology, and through service in World War I came in

contact with the wider world. At first, Winspear relied too much on having Maisie be a true believer and practitioner of psychology as it was understood between the world wars. Unfortunately, we are now aware that the psychology of that era was only slightly more accurate and useful than phrenology. So the stories were weakened by overreliance on the gimmick. Winspear soon moved past that early training and has now transcended it. Dobbs is a professional investigator, and has replaced weak psychological theory with genuine compassion and empathy, which allows her to do more than merely solve mysteries. In the latest Maisie Dobbs novel, Elegy for Eddie, the mystery of the death of a retarded man with a gift for caring for horses is solved rather quickly, and justice is done, after a fashion, before the novel is half over. But the story is not over, because this series seeks to understand why, and lays responsibility at many doors instead of just one. The path leading to Eddie’s death was set in motion by someone else, but as Maisie comes to know the man who caused the (Continued on page xx)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Beep (Continued from page 12) Hi. Words can’t describe how distraught I am over the presidential election results. When Obama adds two or three more liberal judges to the court, the Supreme Court, the damage to our Constitution will be irreparable. I feel we have killed the goose that laid the golden egg and have become a nation of fools. %%% Well, John, you finally got one right. You are a nut. %%% I see over 2 million people in North Carolina voted early, and The Rhino finally came out with their endorsements. They can’t come out with them early. But if you want to know if Aunt Bea can sell her pickles at the flea market, just check The Rhino. Bye. %%% E d i t o r ’s N o t e : We c a m e o u t w i t h endorsements for judges and Guilford County commissioners early. %%% I would like to know why there’s a different charge at the parking lot at the Greensboro Coliseum. Because my car is the same size it is it’s always been. Sometimes it’s $4, sometimes it’s $5. I have paid as much as $10. I think if you live in Guilford County it should be free, or at least a discount. After all, we do pay taxes to keep it up. After you pay for parking, then you have to pay a big ticket price to get in. How many dollars does it take for Matt Brown to keep a parking lot up? Thank you. %%% Well, it’s finally over. Obama just won the election. So, say goodbye to the United States as it has been. The country is going down the tubes now. Four more years of down, heading down, and overspending. %%% Well, it’s with great news in most respects. It now looks like you won’t need to refer to Gov. Romney as president Willard Mitt Romney in any of your columns, that is, unless you refer to him as the former president of Bain Capital. How lame is it when the Romney/Ryan ticket was unable to carry neither the governor’s first state, nor his home state? Nor was he able to carry Congressman Ryan’s home state. If Vice President Gore had carried his home state in Tennessee in 2000, our nation would have been spared Bush 43’s war of honor in Iraq and over 5,000 brave Americans fighting men and women would still be alive. It says a lot about candidates when they are unable to carry their own states. The weak Romney/Ryan team was just like Walter Dalton, weak candidates. Unfortunately, not much will change, however. Both parties will still be unwilling to work together for the good of our country but instead … %%% I hate to tell you all that voted blue today that I hope you enjoy paying more on your

Thursday, November 15, 2012

taxes, because the Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of the year. The fiscal cliff will be enacted and put thousands more out of work and on welfare and food stamps. Because if you think Congress was a lame duck this year, wait until next year. No, you wanted to vote for someone who doesn’t believe in God, someone who wants to remove “In God We Trust” off buildings, post offices, and next he’ll want to take it off our paper money. He doesn’t want Christmas. It’s now happy holidays. Thanks. %%% Heaven help us. Four more years of disaster with Obama. Unbelievable. If that’s what you people wanted, that’s what you got. %%% Well, it’s the day after that sham of an election. And I’m in the grocery store. And there’s a girl in front of me about 25. And she couldn’t stop talking on her cell phone long enough to swipe her food stamp card in the credit card machine. Gee, what’s wrong with that picture? And, then, she went out there and put the groceries in almost a brandnew car. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? And you wonder why he got reelected? %%% When it comes to voting, I don’t think they should check your ID. I think they should check your IQ. Because anybody that would vote to keep a person in office that has lied to American people constantly, and has never told the facts about Obamacare, needs to have their head examined. I guess when people start losing their doctors, their health care, their jobs, a place where they work cuts their hours to 30 hours a week so that they don’t have to pay health care insurance or paid vacation time, then they will open their eyes. Guess what? Too late. You poor foolish people. I do not mean poor because – I do mean poor because that’s what you will be. %%% Remember, a Democratic-run government works just fine until they run out of Republicans’ money. Also, remember, ask not what you can do for your country, but ask what your country can do for you. That’s a new Democratic motto. %%% Now we know Obama won reelection. OK. Congratulations, Mr. President, that’s cool. What you did during your first four years was bail out the auto industry so the rich CEOs would not lose their jobs. You bailed out all the mortgage lenders and banks so their rich CEOs would not lose their jobs. And you tried to force the Obamacare on us, which for the most part the American people told you they didn’t want. You didn’t give us any details, any specifics. And yet you couldn’t understand why we didn’t want it. Whatever. OK. Now you got four more years. Get it together. How about bailing out the American public, the American citizens, the people who lost their jobs in the last four years, who lost their houses, or that got foreclosed upon …

Page 15

%%% Hey, just to follow up. So, now Mr. President, work for us, the American public. Help us get back to work. Help us get our jobs back. Help us get our incomes back and make this country great and strong again. Think of the American people first and not yourself. %%% I should have known that the people was ignorant enough to vote him back in. But remember this, when the president of a country like this one rears back and says, I think it’s all right for a man to marry a man, and the people are stupid enough, and ignorant enough, and no moral conscious whatsoever, to go vote him back in, there is

something that says that we’re going to reap what we sow. So, we can get ready. I won’t be calling as much. But thank you for this opportunity to let me speak my last piece. %%% Why is it that if a white American votes for a white candidate when there is a black candidate it is called racism? But if a black American votes for a black candidate over a white candidate it’s just being loyal to their race. Obama was reelected because of the color of his skin. It sure wasn’t because of his job performance over the last four years. When 95 percent of black Americans voted for Obama, that’s what I call racism. (Continued on page 39)


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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Yost Seeking Taylor Swift 8-Track Tapes by Scott D. Yost county editor

And I heard you moved on, from whispers on the street A new notch in your belt, is all I’ll ever be And now I see, now I see, now I see He was long gone when he met me And I realize the joke is on me Taylor Swift, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” from the album Red.

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Well, thank goodness the big election is finally behind us and everyone, both Democrats and Republicans, did a pretty good job of keeping the peace on Election Day – and especially on election night when the returns that came in put half the country in a very sour mood. Also, thank goodness for the fact that the election worker people all over the country – including, of course, our very own Guilford County election’s staff – had their act together, which meant that we didn’t have a long drawn-out process after election night to decide who won. There are always outliers of course, and it should come as no surprise that this year, once again, the black horse of the election family is Dade County and the State of Florida, which clearly still has no idea what they are doing when it comes to holding elections. Dade County, who’s slogan is “Dade County – we put the ‘Duh’ in Florida,” was just one of the counties in Florida that had no idea what they were doing. I don’t know if that’s the official slogan adopted by the Dade County visitors bureau or whatever, but if it’s not, it should be. Here’s part of a report that aired on Channel 6 news in Miami: “Frustration and anger nearly boiled over in Doral after the Miami-Dade Elections Department announced it would provide and accept ballots Sunday. “A long line quickly formed outside the elections department headquarters after the announcement that voters would be allowed to cast in-person absentee ballots for four hours. But so many voters showed up that election officials said they were overwhelmed and closed their doors …” OK, first of all, what’s wrong with this picture? I’m not even in the elections business but I can tell you right off the bat one thing that’s clearly wrong with this. Only in Florida would they have an “in-person absentee ballot.” Uh, hello? The last time I checked, “absent” means your not there. But apparently, in Florida, they don’t even know what absent means. And of course everyone understandably gets confused when you show up in person to cast an “absentee” ballot. Also, anytime there is a public election event like that in Florida, everyone should know that tons of people will show up. Probably most of the people who came to vote absentee ballots in person were people who just saw it as a good excuse to get out of the retirement home for a little while. Come on, Florida, get your act together. I mean, it’s not rocket science people: You add up the votes for Romney, then you add up the votes for Obama, and you see who has the most. If anyone has forgotten, we spent months after the 2000 election waiting on Florida, and that would have taken even longer than it did if it weren’t for the lucky coincidence that the president’s brother was the governor of the state. If he hadn’t stepped in and said, “Uh, I counted the votes myself and my brother won” – well, we would probably still be counting those votes today and trying to figure out who won that election that took place 12 years ago. And, once again, in 2012, just like and 2000, Florida is the state that’s straggling behind, pulling up the rear out of breath because they can’t keep up with the rest of us. If this were Survivor, Florida would unquestionably be the very first state voted off the island. But, like I said, fortunately this time, in this election at least, we didn’t have to wait on Florida because we went ahead and decided the election without them. Speaking of Florida, that state isn’t just slow when it comes to elections – Florida is slooooow in all things. And while we are being honest, let’s call Florida what it really is: Heaven’s Waiting Room. Have you seen how they drive down there? Those drivers make you people around here look like you know how to drive – something which clearly is not the case. Everyone down there is driving around with their left turn signal on since they left home this morning. They drive at like 10 miles per hour on the freeway, going la-dedah la-deh-dah in their heads, totally oblivious to the cars behind them or around them. (Continued on page 18)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yost (Continued from page 16) Speaking of being confused, I’m very confused right now by Apple about what in the world we are supposed to call the … well, you see what I mean? I can’t even finish that sentence, because I have no idea what in the world we’re supposed to call it. By “it,” I mean the iPad that came out after the iPad 2 but before the iPad 4. Now, common sense would dictate that it would be called “the iPad 3,” which is clearly what Apple should have named it in the first place – you know, since it came after 2 and before 4. However, interestingly, that is the one thing we are definitely not supposed to call it because Apple told us not to. When it came out, Apple said to call it “the new iPad.” And when it was released earlier this year Apple just referred to it as the “new iPad,” which worked fine for about seven months because then you had the iPad, the iPad 2 and the “new” iPad, and everything was clear. But last month, when Apple released the iPad minis, the company also surprised everyone by coming out with a new iPad – one that’s called the iPad 4. So now, you can’t call the new iPad the new iPad because it’s not the new iPad. Now, if you say new iPad, everyone thinks you’re talking about the iPad 4 and not the other one, whatever it’s called, because that’s not the new one anymore. I guess we should call it the “old new iPad,” but that doesn’t really sound right either.

Scott’s Night Out Bender’s Tavern on West Market Street is a great place to watch football on Sundays, and Ashley Goldean (above) is the server to get. The food is terrific and the fans are really into the games. Ashley was running around like crazy trying to keep everyone fed and hydrated, but she took time out from her hectic job to pose for me. (The picture where Ashley is all dressed up is from a wedding earlier this year.) My only concern is that I’m not sure anyone should be wearing a Carolina Panther’s jersey with the number “1” on it right now. – Scott D. Yost.

I just bought Taylor Swift’s new album Red and I’ve been playing it a lot on my iPod. I don’t care if it is uncool or not: I am admitting in public that I now have every Taylor Swift album and I just have one thing to say to her: Taylor, you had your heart broken in high school. OK, I get that. We all get that. We know: It was very bad for you. We understand. Despite any impression you may have to the contrary, you have successfully been able to convey that fact to us in your songs. So, Taylor, in case you were wondering – which apparently you still may be – let me assure you once and for all that we got it. We understand. You went through some very bad breakups in high school. We got it. Hey, speaking of voting, one of the scams this year was in Virginia, where there were people calling others – presumably those suspected of being members of the opposing party – and telling them they could vote by phone and then taking their votes over the phone. If you haven’t figured out how this scam works, since those people think they’ve already voted (by phone) they don’t show up and cast a real vote. Now, these scammers have come under a lot of fire for committing a crime and attempting to disrupt the proper election process but, if you ask me, these people are doing us all a real service. Those people should not be put in jail – they should be given the key to the city.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

It may be politically incorrect to say this but that does not make it any less true: The people who fall for that scam are not exactly the same voters that ideally you want voting anyway. So those scammers are actually doing society a favor. Under election law it may be technically referred to as a crime, however, in evolutionary science, it’s referred to as thinning the heard. Friday night, I was enjoying The Who at the Greensboro Coliseum when I was stunned to look over and see Guilford County Attorney Mark Payne at the concert. Now, if you ask me, a man of his age, stature and station in life – one who represents the entire legal branch of Guilford County government – should not be attending a rock concert, gallivanting around, rocking and rolling at all hours of the night. What makes it even worse is that, at the concert, he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt – not one of the very serious-looking suits that he should wear everywhere he goes in public since he’s representing Guilford County. It’s like when you are a kid and you see a teacher somewhere outside of school – like in a grocery store or somewhere – and you, stunned, look at your teacher and you are like, “Miss Johnson, what in the world are you doing here!?” And she looks at you and says, “Uh, I’m buying groceries,” and you know that there’s really no law against a teacher being out in public like that but you also know deep down that there is something really wrong about it because they are not supposed to be seen outside of the school. Teachers aren’t supposed to be running around in the real world like that. Much less be at a rock concert of all things. Mitt Romney was doing very well there a week or so before the elections, and I never thought in a million years that, in the last week, Obama would be saved by a nature channel named National Geographic, a post-tropical cyclone named Sandy and a Republican governor named Chris Christie. And I might throw in that mix, by the way, the highly mysterious drop in the price of gas right before the election. I didn’t see all that coming – that confluence of forces working together for Obama at the last minute like that. Before the election, no one had ever heard of Sandy; Chris Christie was thought to be a staunch Romney supporter; and no one knew that National Geographic even had a dog in that game. Just before the election, I watched the National Geographic movie The Raid on Osama bin Laden, and it ended with Obama’s speech after the killing, with flags waiving, people cheering and music swelling over his announcement. I couldn’t believe National Geographic was airing this blatant piece of propaganda on Sunday, Nov. 4, two days before the (Continued on page 31)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Letters to the Editor Sad election Dear Editor, It is sad that a political party has to resort to cheat, lie and try to steal the election for president. The United States of America used to stand for moral values, truth, justice and fairness. Anyone that tries to suppress the vote is a traitor to their country and should be treated as such. R.C. McGee

Federal government takeover Dear Editor, The governor should not require the citizens to sign up for one of the federal exchanges. The federal government designed these insurance exchanges for the sole purpose for making people purchase a federal insurance policy designed by the government. This health care bill as well as exchanges will put private insurers out of business because the cost will go so high that companies and persons wishing to purchase private insurance will not be able to afford the cost. Many companies will have to lay off employees and many more will likely have to close operations. The governor and the new governor elect should do the right thing by the citizens of North Carolina and not allow these exchanges to materialize in North Carolina. I hope that the new governor as well as the one leaving office will discuss these issues and make sound adjustments before the federal government takes control of every aspect of our lives. The citizens have a right to choose their insurance provider and the federal government does not need to makes those decisions for us. Even though this health care bill has become law, it does not mean that the citizens have to give every right they own over to the federal government. Steven M. Shelton

Finds Uncle Orson offensive Dear Editor, I stopped reading Orson Scott Card’s column in your paper a while back – and this was before he apparently lost his mind and became a conspiracy nut ñ because I found

him to be humorless. In addition to being extremely long-winded (reading his column is like having to endure one of those SNL sketches that goes on 40 percent longer than it should) I just wrote him off and stopped paying him any attention. But then, of course, you started putting his nonsense on the front page where it’s harder to miss. I found his remarks in the Nov. 8 edition of your paper regarding the reelection of Barack Obama extremely offensive. I believe that any sentient, rational person would also find them extremely distasteful. To assert that Obama won the election mainly because the “liberal media” hasn’t bought into the insane conspiracy theory emanating from the far right regarding the events at Benghazi is beyond insulting. Forget, for a moment, the fact that there is no proof to back up the majority of what Card alleges in his two most recent screeds (his rant on Nov. 1 was almost equally offensive) and consider the absurdity of what he’s alleging: All major, respected news outlets – both here and abroad – have completely ignored a potentially huge controversy regarding the US president’s handling of Benghazi. Stop and take off your conservativecolored glasses for a moment and ask yourself whether it seems remotely plausible that all the major networks and newspapers would bury a story that would bring huge ratings/readership numbers and thus, greatly increased ad revenues. Newspapers, magazines and TV networks love a juicy story no matter what the subject. I hate to break it to you, but just because these news outlets deal in facts, logic and reality doesn’t automatically make them “liberal.” But, I know a lot of conservatives have made up their own reality consisting of baseless speculation (birthers), rumor (Obama coolly and heartlessly allowed Americans to die in Libya and he watched it all via live video) and utter nonsense (a marginally popular president was just waiting for a guaranteed second term so that he could spring his true, anti-American. Muslim-friendly agenda on us) so I suppose that pesky things like actual facts, logic and the truth do seem “liberal” to them. Obama won because he was the better

The Rhino Times


candidate. He won because his leadership and ideas appealed to more people than did Mitt Romney’s. He won because he doesn’t represent a party that is largely populated by selfish, small-minded bigots who seem to forget that their sacred “America” was founded and built by immigrants and people seeking the freedom to live lives that were authentic and true to themselves. Obama won because Romney repeatedly showed himself to be the worst sort of politician: A man with no core principles who would say anything to anyone at any time to get a vote. Obama won the hearts and minds of a majority of women, Latinos, gays, and

African Americans while Romney largely ignored or disdained them. Obama won because lots of intelligent, reasonable people understood that climbing out of the deep recession he inherited was going to be a process that took longer than threeand-a-half years. I could go on, but I know it’s pointless to try and talk sense to unreasonable people who like to choose their own facts. Anyway, I’m sure Orson Card’s odd views appeal to a large portion of your readership and I think that’s the fact that saddens me most. Christian Poindexter

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Simkins (Continued from page 1) of the Army Air Corps, was the only graduate of Alamance School killed in World War II; US Rep. Howard Coble; Robert Utley, who was principal of Nathanael Greene School for 23 years and superintendent of buildings and grounds for the old Guilford County school system for 20 years. They also included proposals to name the school for Henry Frye, the first black member of the North Carolina General Assembly in the 20th century and the first black chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court; David Monroe Chrismon, who was a member of the Guilford County Board of Education from 1922 to 1930, when he was killed in a car accident; and Simkins, a Greensboro dentist who filed several lawsuits against segregation in Greensboro, including Simkins v Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, which went to the US Supreme Court and desegregated hospitals nationwide. The largest contingent of southeast Guilford County residents at the school board meeting supported Utley, including school board member-elect Linda Welborn, who will replace District 5 school board member Paul Daniels in December. The new elementary school will be in District 5. Utley was also supported by frequent school board meeting speaker Joe Stafford, who filed the application to name the school for him. When Stafford asked supporters of

naming the school for Utley to stand, almost half the audience did so. Stafford said, “Mr. Utley’s name has stood the test of time.” Naming schools is a frequently contentious process, and after reading the names, Guilford County Schools Chief of Staff Nora Carr quickly ducked out of the line of fire, saying that the staff recommendation was for the school board to select one of the suggested names. That drew laughter from the audience. When the school board began its discussion of naming the school, it quickly became apparent that most school board members, as they had with the elementary school’s site, disagreed with the southeast residents and favored Simkins or Coble, with a contingent in favor of Pringle. Greensboro attorney and Simkins PAC head Steve Bowden spoke in favor of Simkins. He said Simkins fought to desegregate the Greensboro City Council and school board, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners and the hospitals. “George Simkins was our Martin Luther King,” Bowden said. “George Simkins has never gotten his adequate due in our community.” Gary Swing of McLeansville spoke in favor of Chrismon. Swing said the Guilford County school system built 24 schools during Chrismon’s tenure, one of the largest building programs in county history. Swing said Chrismon was returning from inspecting the original Jesse Wharton School when he was killed.


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Several speakers supported Coble, who has represented Guilford County in Congress for years. Speaker Cindy Farmer said Coble is the longest-serving Republican in the House, but that, “It’s not about the politics. It’s about the man.” Coble drew the most written public comments – 48 – of any of the candidates. Joseph Pringle, the nephew of Wesley M. Pringle Jr., spoke in support of his uncle, saying he flew 20 P-38 missions in North Africa – the most allowed of a P-38 pilot – then, shortly before being sent home, died testing a repaired bomber that exploded after takeoff. No one spoke in favor of Frye. School naming votes tend to generate a welter of motions, and picking a name for the southeast area elementary school was no exception. Longtime school board member Kris Cooke was first out of the gate, making a motion to name the school for Coble, whose appeal she said crossed party lines. Cooke is the chairman of the school board’s Legislative Committee, which tries to convince state and federal legislators to do what the school board wants – and said she was influenced by a visit to Washington during which Coble rolled out the red carpet for the National School Boards Association. School board member Ed Price seconded the motion. School board member Amos Quick made a substitute motion to name the school for Simkins. He praised Coble but said, “Guilford County would not be Guilford County would it not be for the life and legacy of Dr. Simkins.” School board member Nancy Routh, a longtime teacher and principal, said she had a hard time with the decision because she knew many of the candidates. She said she knew Utley when he was principal of Nathanael Greene School, had a church connection with the Pringle family and worked through desegregation, and so respected Simkins. She said she worries less about the name that is on a school than what goes on inside. She said, “Naming of schools has never bothered me as much as it has some people.” School board member Sandra Alexander praised Coble as a “gracious, honorable gentleman,” but supported Simkins. “He’s our Martin Luther King,” she said. “And he also changed the course of history in the Untied States.” School board member Darlene Garrett said nice things about all the candidates, but said that without Pringle, “we might be speaking German.” She made a substitute to Quick’s substitute motion to name the school “Simkins-Pringle Elementary.” School board Chairman Alan Duncan seconded the motion. The school board set a problematic dualnaming precedent in 2010, when it named its new school for students with disabilities in Jamestown, the western equivalent to Gateway Education Center, with the unwieldy moniker “Meredith Leigh HaynesBennie Lee Inman Education Center,” or

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Haynes-Inman, for short. Cooke whispered something inaudible. Duncan said, “She said, ‘This is going to be interesting.’” Duncan said a Solomon was needed to make the decision. He said he knew Coble as an attorney before he was elected, knew Simkins and knows Frye. Duncan said, “This is one of the most difficult decisions that we’ve faced, I think, when it comes to naming schools.” School board members always say that when naming schools, to placate the losers. The school board began to vote on the stacked motion. The motion to name the school “SimkinsPringle Elementary” failed on a 2-to-7 vote. Only Duncan and Garrett voted for the name. School board members Daniels and Deena Hayes, the most conservative and most liberal members of the school board, were absent. The vote to name the school for Simkins passed 6-to-3, with only Price, Cooke and Garrett voting against it. That seemed to settle the question. “I think everyone can agree we had many good options,” Duncan said. “Perhaps too many good options.” Then the school board broke for its “attorney-sandwich privilege” closed session in which it eats and talks about things not allowed under the North Carolina open meetings law, using school board attorney Jill Wilson for cover. During the meeting, school board members got nervous about a possible political backlash for Coble, a popular figure in the county and particularly in the area around the new elementary school. Duncan did some quick thinking. After the break, Duncan got a motion to reconsider the issue passed, then said that, “after giving this some additional thought,” he wanted to make a motion to name the school “Simkins-Coble Elementary.” Duncan said, “There’s a certain symmetry about that that’s sort of appropriate.” Duncan must have meant that there was a symmetry in linking the names of a liberal civil-rights leader and a conservative sitting congressman into one school name. If so, it was a symmetry that was going to make no one happy and was considered an insult by both supporters of Simkins and supporters of Coble, each of whom wanted an entire school named after their nominee. Duncan’s motion to reconsider passed 5-to-3, because Price was out of the room. Duncan sent Wilson after him. By the time Price had returned, Quick had made a substitute motion to leave the school named after Simkins, as the board had already voted. School board member Carlvena Foster seconded the motion. Quick reiterated his praise for Coble, and said he wouldn’t praise him any more, because to do so would look defensive. Q u i c k a t t a c k e d D u n c a n ’s c o p out language about the decision being difficult. “I don’t understand, in your remarks Mr. (Continued on next page)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Page 29

Simkins Price said he could volunteer several schools in High Point to be named for Coble. Alexander pointed out that Guilford County Schools has a surplus of schools with meaningless directional names, and said that Southeast Guilford Middle School could be renamed for Coble. Cooke said she was opposed to hyphenated names when the school board named Haynes-Inman. Duncan replied, dryly, “You mentioned it, yes.” Cooke said, however, that the name “Haynes-Inman” had become natural and that Simkins-Coble would also. She said,

Gone Wild (Continued from page 2) Street Club to tell them that the Girls Gone Wild bus needed to back up into a parking space. But he was told the driver had already gone to the motel. So he waited two hours for the driver to come back and move the bus. During that two hours, and the previous four hours that the Girls Gone Wild bus was parked in front of our driveway, it never received a ticket. So, instead of the city parking enforcement officer coming out and writing a ticket every 15 minutes or having the bus towed, the enforcement officer (who you and I were paying) was directing traffic so that people could get out of the parking lot safely. Does this make any sense? Has a parking enforcement officer ever, instead of writing you a ticket, offered to direct traffic for you, or offered to allow you to park in a tow zone for as long as it was convenient for you? Have you ever told the parking police that although you are parked at an expired meter, the next time you have a quarter you will put it in a meter, and they said that was just fine and then they moved along? I was about to get over the Girls Gone Wild bus incident when a similar situation occurred last week with a regular band bus and a delivery truck. Both were partially blocking the driveway, so I called the

“To me it’s a compromise, and I think it would be an honor for both of them.” Quick said that if the school board were to vote to rename a school, it should be Aycock Middle School in Greensboro, “given the history of Gov. Aycock.” Aycock was named after Charles B. Aycock, who was governor of North Carolina from 1901 to 1905 and was a strong proponent of education, becoming known as “the education governor.” But he was also, according to the North Carolina History Project of the John Locke Foundation,

a white supremacist who supported the disenfranchisement of black citizens. Quick said he would love to trade renaming Aycock for Simkins in exchange for naming the southeast elementary school for Coble. Quick’s motion to name the school solely after Simkins was the last in the series of motions. It passed 5-to-4. Quick, Price, Alexander, Foster and Routh voted to name the school for Simkins. Duncan, Garrett, Cooke and school board member Jeff Belton voted not to.

39th Annual

parking police asking someone to come write a ticket because these drivers have no reason not to block the driveway if the laws are not enforced. They know they won’t be ticketed and they certainly have no concern for other businesses in the area. I called to see if this time I could get someone to do something. I was told that all the parking enforcement officers get off work at 4:30 p.m. and I would have to call the Police Department. Who makes out these schedules? The most traffic downtown is after 4:30 p.m.. It’s the time when an illegally parked vehicle can really cause problems. But there are no parking police because they all get off work at 4:30. Has no one in the parking enforcement division ever heard of a swing shift where you have people working different hours to cover the most difficult periods? There is something going on and I have no idea what it is. For some reason clubs like Greene Street – that cost the city a lot of money in law enforcement and trash pickup – are being given special privileges. Are Girls Gone Wild buses really what we want in the downtown? If that isn’t what we want, why are we ticketing normal everyday folks who work and do business downtown and allowing Girls Gone Wild and band vans special privileges?

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Chairman, that this was difficult,” Quick said. “I don’t see that it was more difficult than any other naming process that we have gone through.” Quick also said he didn’t like the practice of giving schools dual names, and Price agreed. Price said he would happily name a school each for Coble and Simkins, but backed Quick’s motion to name the southeast elementary school after Simkins. “Each one deserves his own school,” Price said. “We’re kind of compromising, and I don’t think that’s right. Howard Coble deserves his own school.”


(Continued from previous page)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 14) problem in the first place, she finds, not evil, but a complicated man who is actually on the right side of history – but careless with the price others have to pay for decisions he makes far too casually. No series of mystery novels is perfectly even; that is, there are books where the story is more satisfying, books where the resonance is deeper, and books that simply misfire. Elegy for Eddie is one of the deep ones, and I’m glad to see that, unlike some mystery writers (one thinks of Janet Evanovich and Joan Hess), Jacqueline Winspear is not content to repeat the same formula over and over and over. In fact, her books resist formula, and as Maisie moves through the 1930s and Hitler begins to loom on the horizon, there is much promise that we will get a very fresh take on the transformations in Europe, and England in particular, leading up to the Second World War.


Jean Burnett had a promising idea when she wrote The Bad Miss Bennet, a novel from the point of view of Lydia, the Bennet sister who ran off with a soldier. The problem is that Burnett had no comprehension whatsoever of Jane Austen as a novelist, so while she bandies about the names of Austen’s characters, and plays with some of the same situations, the superficiality of her treatment becomes oppressive. Burnett is quite conscious of her cleverness, but is not as clever as she thinks. (As may well be true of me, too, as a writer – the writer is always last to know.) Alas, everything that is good in The Bad Miss Bennet is done far, far better in

Thackeray’s Vanity Fair, and everything that one expects from a Jane Austen novel is missing from this book. It is a dangerous thing to step into worlds and characters and relationships created by better writers than oneself. It would be easy, for instance, to write Scarlet Pimpernel novels, because the original is so shoddy; but to write Pride & Prejudice novels is doomed by the fact that Jane Austen remains the best novelist who ever lived. It’s not enough to love or even admire a great novelist’s work. You also have to understand what each work is doing and how it is accomplished, and all of this remains completely out of Burnett’s reach. Too bad; she not untalented or unskilled. She’s just not Austen.


Caryl’s Christmas Shop on Lawndale – which, during the rest of the year, is Caryl’s Pool and Spa – always has new and wonderful things for the holiday season. Each year we think, We bought everything cool from the store last year; but we stop in anyway, and find that they’ve found new things that we like just as well or better. What we didn’t know was that Caryl’s also offers a holiday decorating service. Now, we have no interest in a “designer look” for our living room at Christmas time. Our Christmas decorations all have their own history, and if it looks to others like a bit of a mishmash, we really don’t care – in a lot of ways, our Christmas decorations are a history of our family. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need Caryl’s services! We’ve tried several things at our front door during the holidays, but this year we’re having Caryl’s Christmas Shop decorate it on the outside. We were charmed by many of their decorative ideas,

The New York Times Hyper-Sudoku sudoku_345B

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and so we engaged them to come look at our front door, measure what needs measuring, and create the outdoor decorations that will work for us. We’re happy with the design and happy with the meticulous way they go about doing their work. It’s not free – they are in business and must make a profit – but the service is surprisingly affordable. So if you might be in the market for a holidaydecorating service, stop by Caryl’s at 2616 Lawndale Dr. Even if you don’t use them for this year, you can always keep them in mind for next.


My life does not revolve around chocolate. No. It doesn’t, I tell you. Still, even though I found the perfect dark chocolate in E. Guittard’s 61% Tsaratana bars and baking wafers, that didn’t mean I would stop looking at new chocolates (and revisiting old ones). For one thing, See’s and Fannie May remain two of the great candymaking companies of all time. Fannie May went out of business a few years ago, but then came roaring back – there are even some retail stores again, though not around here. As far as I’m concerned, Fannie May exists only to provide me with vanilla buttercreams, both dark and milk chocolate-coated. You can find them online at http:// . See’s, on the other hand, has so many things I like that I can hardly make a selection. Shop_By_Category . I think this is because I grew up on See’s. My childhood favorite, their molassesflavored Bordeaux, remain on my must-list, but I also love their buttercreams (different from Fannie May’s, but neither better nor worse); their mints, caramels, milk patties and dark patties, butterscotch squares and butterchews. If you look under “dark chocolates” you can also find See’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips. Yes, you can put them in cookies and they’re amazing. But we put them in the fridge and eat a few of them at a time, and they’re even better that way. Even on Thanksgiving, stuffed with turkey and the rest of the feast, there’s always room for a chocolate chip truffle or Bordeaux from See’s, or a caramel or dark chocolate vanilla buttercream from Fannie May. Or you can opt for just one Guittard chocolate wafer, or one See’s chocolate chip. That can’t possibly be overdoing it. Meanwhile, there are some wonderful chocolates you may not know about right on the rack at Fresh Market. I recently tried two chocolate bars from Nirvana Belgian Chocolates – though the brand name is so small on the package you can go blind looking for it. The dominant word on the packaging is “Organic,” followed by “Belgian Chocolate All Natural.” It’s worth the search to make sure you have the right brand.

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The two flavors I vouch for are the 72% dark chocolate – about the darkest chocolate I have ever actually loved – and the 72% dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel. This latter one is not filled with liquid caramel like the Caramello bar; rather the caramel is mixed in throughout the bar. Both are delicious.


I had high hopes for Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England, by Thomas Penn. The story of the Tudors usually follows either Henry VIII with his six wives and complicated relationship with the Catholic Church, or Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen who fought off the Spanish Armada. But it was Henry VII who founded the dynasty. He had as small a claim on the English throne as William the Conqueror did, but in the Wars of the Roses the various houses got ever more remote from legitimacy. His victory over Richard III was astonishing and unpredictable, but he moved quickly to cement his hold on power. I wish this were a better book. Penn is so strictly tied to his sources that we get a tone of “this is what happened” with very little of “why this happened” or “what this meant.” I don’t mind that he gave short shrift to the question of the princes in the tower – though Henry VII had a motive for killing them, and Richard III did not. That’s a matter for speculation and empty argument, so he was wise to mention it and move on. However, Penn did the book no favor by not weaving in a wider context, by not making connections that could have been fascinating. It’s as if he specialized so totally in the period, and focused so tightly on his sources, that he lost track of the bigger picture. Few usurpers have been as ready to govern as Henry VII was. Most of them have no idea how to actually rule a kingdom. William the Conqueror had plenty of experience governing the fractious nobles of Normandy – but Henry VII had never governed anything. How did he learn what he learned? Why was he so unusual? There are tantalizing hints, but Penn never deigns to discuss them, or at least not in the way and at the depth I would have liked. So we get endless pages of ceremonies – primarily, I think, because there are bills to provide us data about what was bought and paid for, and who did what. But we get precious little history drawn from that data. Too bad. We need a good biography of Henry VII. Instead, what Penn gave us was source material that a real biographer can use as a guide.


The Memory of Blood, by Christopher Fowler, is one of his Peculiar Crimes Unit series, and it has a lot of promise – then fails to deliver. Part of the problem is that Fowler spends a lot of time adoring his charming characters. Unfortunately, that is all time spent with (Continued on next page)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Uncle Orson (Continued from previous page) them not doing anything; they’re just being charming. Which is, paradoxically, not charming at all. But the real difficulty is that Fowler is more of a puzzle-maker than a storyteller. Nobody becomes real; the relationships seem forced, even the relationships among the main characters. Here’s the kiss of death: At the end, the bad guy is caught and handcuffed to a rusty standpipe. Suddenly we cut to him running around carrying a broken-off standpipe. We completely skip the scene where he rips the pipe off the wall and runs away. This is an amateurish mistake, but one that typifies the whole novel and makes me uninterested in reading any other books in the series. Fowler doesn’t actually know how to make a story flow in an interesting way, or to tell it in a useful order. He thought he was “cutting to the chase,” but in fact he was tripping over his shoelaces. Too bad, because the idea was a good one.


Ian Stewart’s The Mathematics of Life should have been a good book; or, rather, I would really like to read a good book with that topic. But for it to work, the writer would need to: 1. Understand mathematics. 2. Understand life (i.e., history, biology, psychology, sociology, politics, religion1– the whole context of human experience). 3. Understand how to relate the two

Thursday, November 15, 2012

together in an interesting way. What he actually achieved was, to my great frustration and boredom: None of the above.


Frank Partnoy’s Wait: The Art and Science of Delay looks like it might be a really interesting book, and then turns out not to be. It’s just a hodgepodge of different aspects of delay. Some of them could have been interesting if he had developed them into something useful, but he merely skims the surface and whenever he says something that isn’t obvious, it also isn’t likely to be true. Too bad. But maybe the writer who’ll do an excellent book on matters like delayof-gratification, procrastination-as-action, etc., is still putting it off until he has more time.


The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made, by David Hughes, is a better idea than book. Don’t get me wrong – Hughes does a fine job of researching, and he’s a good writer. The problem is simply that the stories of films that don’t get made are pretty much all alike. Somebody has an idea or a script or a book to adapt. But in order to satisfy the fears of the people-with-money, many ®“elements” must be brought together – stars, script, director, etc. By the time the right director says yes, the star has moved on and they have to find another; or the star demands rewrites that make it so the director

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no longer wants to direct it. The only constant is that no matter what happens, the writer gets screwed. The more you know about how Hollywood works, the less you need this book, yet the more truthful and bitter and sad it will seem. By the end of this book, you won’t be surprised by anything but this: Somehow, now and then, a good movie actually does get made. That’s the miracle.


All Through the Night: Peaceful Lullabies on Flute and Harp, by Opus 2 (Steve Alder and Julie Keys) isn’t available on Amazon. You have to go to http://www. mp3.html to find this album and download it as MP3s or buy it as a CD. But if you’re looking for soothing background music using two gentle instruments, it’s worth the look.


Gretchen Peters doesn’t have a huge voice; her vibrato is thin, really more of a tremolo. But she knows how to sing a bluesy song with irony and guts. Her 2007 album Burnt Toast & Offerings was my introduction to her work, but it would be hard to find a better one. Peters apparently doesn’t know that there are high walls between genres. This album keeps being Country and Great American Songbook and Jazz all at the same time. Her singing is the opposite of the overdecorated and overwrought Mariah

Carey style. But it’s also purely melodic, with none of the anti-musical tendency that used to dominate alternative music. There’s never a bad time to discover a singer. Just because you came late to the party doesn’t mean she isn’t new to you.


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election. I found out later – and this is no joke – that, in the original version of the movie, they had a sound bite of Romney speaking of the ill-advised nature of taking action in Pakistan without telling the Pakistani government first. They were made to take that part out because it was just too over the top obvious. Still, it was an odd coincidence that they aired that movie two nights before the election. On the other hand, this is National Geographic, and I suppose you could have guessed that they were liberal all along because when I was growing up, they were the only ones bringing female frontal nudity into the elementary schools. Oh well, don’t despair: Four years will be over before you know it, and when it is, the country will no doubt finally be ready for the Herman Cain/Sarah Palin ticket, which will no doubt be victorious, and I’ll bet that when that happens, on the day after Election Day 2016, there will be free pizza for everyone.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012


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the Republicans a majority on the board for only the second time in 20 years. This week, before speaking with the new Republican commissioners about her desire to be chairman, Shaw said she believed that she had the votes necessary to win the seat. She said she also believed Bencini would be vice chairman. Shaw said that on Friday, Nov. 8, she had lunch with Bencini and the two discussed the arrangement, which was made without consulting their fellow Republican commissioners. That meeting between Shaw and Bencini was followed on Tuesday, Nov. 13, by a meeting of the next board’s five Republican commissioners to discuss the party leadership and other matters pertaining to the new Republican-led board. After that meeting, Shaw reiterated that she believed she had the votes to take the chairmanship, and she added that her hope was that she would win the seat on a unanimous bipartisan vote. Shaw seemed convinced that she had the sudoku_345A votes necessary even without Republican Created Peter Ritmeester/Presented supportbyother than Bencini. by Will Shortz Shaw said she would 3 be working 5 hard over the next few weeks to get up to speed 4 7 on2the5rules of running a meeting. 1“I need to 8 get a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order,” Shaw said, who has served on the 9 3 5 6 board for 14 years. One of the duties of a4vice7chairman is to run meetings if the chairman is absent, 6 vice chairman for a year and she’s been now 8 – though 1 with the Guilford County 5 Board of Commissioners, it’s very rare that 2 from9meetings so it’s a chairman is absent


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Solution sudoku_345A

From last week’s issue

9 2 1 7 5 4 8 6 3

6 5 7 1 3 8 9 4 2

4 3 8 2 9 6 1 5 7

1 4 6 9 8 7 3 2 5

8 9 5 3 6 2 7 1 4

3 7 2 5 4 1 6 9 8

2 1 3 6 7 5 4 8 9

5 8 9 4 1 3 2 7 6

7 6 4 8 2 9 5 3 1


Crossword Solution From last week’s issue M C N A B B






















difficult to know how proficient Shaw is at running meetings. Outgoing Republican Commissioner Billy Yow, who’s clashed with Shaw on many matters in recent years, said Shaw has a lot of convincing to do if she’s going to earn the support of Republicans on the board and in the county. Yow said Shaw has consistently been too willing to vote with the Democrats – and especially been too eager to go along with Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston. “If you look at Linda’s record,” Yow said, “everything she’s done has been with Skip and the Democrats.” Yow said Shaw helped Alston keep Guilford County Manager Brenda Jones Fox as county manager despite countless underhanded actions by Fox, and Shaw also voted with Alston to move forward on a hastily conceived rezoning of the Guilford County Prison Farm that the Guilford County Planning Board later shot down. Yow said he could cite countless examples of Shaw siding with Alston and the Democrats. “She’s done that many times,” Yow said. “There are times that I would approach her with good logic but her mind was made up.” Yow said Shaw had rounded up her votes for becoming chairman by going to the Democrats on the board – rather than first, as she should have done, approaching the Republicans. “The Republicans took control of Guilford County in the election and she still hasn’t figured that out,” Yow said. He said the first conversations Shaw should have had on the chairmanship should have been with the other four Republicans on the board – not with the Democrats. Yow said it’s wise for the group to meet in private now and discuss that and other issues, since three of the Republicans aren’t commissioners yet. Right now, they aren’t subject to open meetings law, which, after Dec. 3, will prevent the five Republican commissioners from legally getting together in private and discussing county business. Like Yow, some other Republicans in the county have been critical of Shaw for siding with Alston and the Democrats and, when Shaw ran for reelection two years ago, that was a primary line of attack used by her political foes. Shaw said she has heard the criticism of being too close to Alston and the Democrats before, and she said she even took some jabs for appearing in a photograph with Alston last week in The Rhinoceros Times in a spread of election night photos. Shaw is fond of saying that, when she hears this line of criticism, what she wants to ask is how people know that it is not in fact Alston voting with her, rather than the other way around. When told of Yow’s remarks, Shaw said Yow was one to talk. She said Yow was a registered Democrat before he chose to run for county commissioner in 2000, and she said he only changed his registration to Republican so he could win in that

conservative district. Shaw added that Yow gave a $500 campaign contribution to Democratic Commissioner Paul Gibson this year, who was running against Republican candidate Jeff Phillips. She said that she, on the other hand, didn’t give one penny to a Democratic candidate. “I rest my case,” Shaw said. Shaw said she had always intended to meet with Republicans and seek their support. It would be possible for her to win with just the four Democratic votes – but it just so happened, she said, that she had contacted Bencini and several Democratic commissioners first about her quest for the chairmanship. She said it would disappoint her greatly if she didn’t get a good deal of support from Republican commissioners as well. Shaw said one reason she didn’t contact the new commissioners on the board in the beginning is that she did not have their phone numbers at the time. Four new members of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners will be sworn in on Dec. 3 when the new ninemember board takes control of the county. For the last 20 years, Guilford County’s board, with 11 members, has been the largest board of commissioners in the state and, as intended, it has highly favored Democrats. The district lines of that board were enacted by a Democratic state legislature in 1991 – and, for all but two of the last 20 years, the Guilford County board has had a Democratic majority. When Republicans took control in Raleigh in 2010, redistricting efforts began, and the new district lines were drawn by President Pro Tem of the NC Senate Phil Berger. However, that happened only after Alston, a Democrat, had drawn up district lines that favored the Democrats. The Republican plan to redraw the district lines in Guilford County in a way that would negate the long-standing Democratic advantage was obviously a success: The Nov. 6 election saw the ousting of two well-known long-time Democratic commissioners – Gibson and Kirk Perkins – as well as the defeat of another Democrat, Linda Kellerman, who was beaten by Republican Hank Henning. One irony of the current situation is that, before Perkins and Gibson lost, the prevailing wisdom was that the two of them would fight it out to be the next chairman of the board. And, if only one of those two Democratic commissioners had won their election, that victor likely had an inside track to becoming chairman. Before the election, many astute political observers in Guilford County would have bet money that Gibson would win his race, though there was a clear sense that Perkins was in serious trouble in his run. Commissioner Carolyn Coleman, who wasn’t up for reelection this time, said there were also other Democrats who might have been elected the next chairman if the Democrats had held a majority on the board. “Paul wanted to be chairman,” Coleman

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

said, adding that she also suspects Democratic Commissioner Kay Cashion wanted the job as well. Alston said that, since the Republicans now rule the board, Shaw is the clear and logical choice to lead the board in the coming year. “It should be Linda Shaw’s to turn down,” Alston said of the chairmanship. He said she’s currently the vice chairman and has done a terrific job in that position. He added that Shaw is the longest serving Republican on the board. “I know that Linda can do it,” he said. “She would make an excellent chair.” Alston also said he expects the new commissioners on the board will defer to Shaw’s seniority. “I think they should respect that,” Alston said. Alston said Shaw has another important qualification as well. “She’s like the mother of the board,” he said. Alston is stepping down on Dec. 3, but the blessing of such a powerful Democratic figure in Guilford County still goes along way in providing Democratic support for Shaw – not to mention the fact that, in addition to Alston’s influence, Shaw gets along very well with the many Democrats on the board. Also, it’s rare when a newly elected commissioner becomes chairman. The last time that happened was when Steve Arnold was elected chairman in December 1990. Arnold served as chairman of the board until December 1991 when he was elected vice chairman. On the new nine-member board, it takes five votes to get something done, but it appears as though Shaw and Bencini may get more votes than they need since there’s a desire among many commissioners – Democrats and Republicans alike – to display more unity and less strife than the board has in the past. Raymond Trapp, the Democratic successor to Alston in District 8, who was hand-picked by Alston to take over that seat, said that, given the nature of the next board – one with a Republican majority – Shaw and Bencini would be natural choices to lead the board since they’re the two senior Republican commissioners. Shaw said she thought it would be a good thing for Bencini to use the vice chairman position to deal largely with High Point issues. She said Bencini, as a highly respected representative of High Point who served on the High Point City Council before being elected to the Board of Commissioners, would be a perfect choice to fulfill many of the board’s leadership duties in High Point. She said he could attend grand openings, cut ribbons and speak at public events. Newly elected Henning said he wants the next chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners to be someone who can help the board work together on a bipartisan basis. He said Shaw seems like she would (Continued on page 35)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Food Trucks (Continued from page 7) expressed skepticism that the food trucks, which served about 2,500 meals in October, could account for the drop in restaurant sales. Councilmember Marikay Abuzuaiter said she had been under the impression that the food trucks were not controversial because she had not heard complaints from restaurant owners, but she realized, citing her experience with her own restaurant, that they may have been too busy to weigh in on the issue. Abuzuaiter also said she wasn’t sure the vendors were paying sales tax either, from what she could tell when eating at the trucks. Vaughan said that the question was why food trucks were banned from the business district and not other places in the city, where they are already permitted to operate on private property. Vaughan also criticized the opposition for voicing their concerns at the last minute. “I think it’s unfortunate that you really didn’t organize until the day before yesterday,” she said, adding, “I don’t know how people couldn’t know when there’s Facebook and television and newspaper.” That comment was followed by a commotion from the opposition speakers, who had remained lined up against the back wall of the chamber after speaking.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

After Mayor Robbie Perkins called them back to order Vaughan said, “I do think it’s patently unfair that we’re protecting one part of the city and not the rest of the city.” She continued that either the entire city should be closed to food trucks or open to them, and that she thinks it should be open. In response to concerns about reduced restaurant sales in October, Vaughan called the two month pilot program an “artificial case” because the concentration of four food trucks on public property didn’t reflect the long term change, which will only allow food trucks to operate on private property. Vaughan said there weren’t many places for food trucks to go under those conditions, because there wasn’t a lot of private parking downtown. Perkins said he though food trucks would bring business and vibrancy to Greensboro like they had in cities like Austin and Chapel Hill, but he acknowledged that the pilot program was a mistake. “If I had to do this pilot program over again I wouldn’t block a public street and put three or four of them in that location,” he said. He also said that private lots are few and far between downtown. A motion to table the ordinance for further discussion failed 4 to 4 with Councilmembers Jim Kee, Matheny, Abuzuaiter and Johnson voting in support. Mayor Perkins and Councilmembers Dianne Bellamy-Small, Vaughan and Hoffmann voted against the

Lawsuit (Continued from page 1) for Robbie Perkins in court last week. Robbie Perkins was also being sued by his father-in-law, Bob Dabbs, for $16,000. Robbie Perkins won that case on summary judgment, which means the judge decided that there were no material issues of fact involved and there was no need for a jury to hear evidence and make a decision. Dabbs was suing because he wrote Robbie Perkins a check for $16,000 on Feb. 19, 2009. Dabbs said the $16,000 was a loan to pay the tuition at Greensboro Day School for Robbie and Carole’s youngest daughter, who is his granddaughter. Dabbs said he had loaned Robbie Perkins money before to buy a car and that Perkins had paid him back with interest, so he thought it would be OK to loan him some more money without a formal written agreement. Dabbs said the case was decided against him by North Carolina Superior Court Judge Patrice Hinnant because he didn’t have a promissory note, a written contract or a “meeting of the minds” about the $16,000. Dabbs said, “I’m retired on a fixed income and the man took advantage of me.” He added, “They are going through a messy divorce and I’m having to support my daughter. I’m having to put food on her table and gas in her car and having the yard mowed because he’s not paying her

anything.” Dabbs said that Robbie Perkins was not paying child support and hasn’t paid his daughter more than $1,000 since June. He said, “What kind of man would have children and not pay child support?” Dabbs said that he filed suit because the statute of limitations was about to run out and he hadn’t been paid back. He said in retrospect he should have gotten a promissory note, but he added, “I’m out $16,000 but there are a whole lot more people with me.” Dabbs said that Robbie Perkins owed other family members money as well, and that if he had known about the IRS lien on Robbie Perkins property he would not have filed the lawsuit because he knew the IRS would get paid first. According to the lawsuit filed by Carole Perkins in April of this year for alimony and child support, Robbie earned an income of over $459,000 a year from 2006 through 2010. The lawsuit asks the court to establish “child support to meet the reasonable needs of the minor child based upon her standard of living.” Dabbs said he was having to sell property and borrow money himself in order to support his daughter and granddaughter because Robbie Perkins was not paying for anything. Robbie Perkins said, “Put one quote in your story from me. I refuse to comment and there are two sides to every story.”

motion. Councilmember Trudy Wade was absent. Vaughan made a motion to adopt the ordinance changes and review the situation in six months. Part way through the voting some of the opposition began to leave, several complaining loudly about the council’s decision and the food trucks. The council also considered giving away a right-of-way on Eugene Street to allow for a parking lot for Dos Papayas Mexican restaurant. The City Council gave the restaurant a $200,000 loan in February with the stated goal of benefitting low- and moderate-income persons in downtown through employment. Abuzuaiter asked about the value of the land, to which Greensboro Director of Engineering and Inspections Butch Simmons responded that there was no use for the land other than letting the restaurant use it. Abuzuaiter pointed out that the lot being paved for patrons of the restaurant was a pay lot, and asked who would be getting the revenue. Simmons responded that the revenue would go to the restaurant. Abuzuaiter expressed concern that the city should look more carefully into the issue before setting the precedent of giving away city rights-of-way. The council voted unanimously to table the item.

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I would like to thank each person who supported me during the primary and general elections. I could not have done this without each of you.

It will be a great honor to serve as your county commissioner. I ask for your continued prayers and support as we move forward in making the changes so that Guilford County will be the best county in this great state of North Carolina. – Jerry Alan Branson Guilford County Commissioner District 4

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

No. 1111

BOTTOMS UP! By Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz





4 18

1 C o l l . s t u d e n t ’s declaration 4 Must

9 T h r e e - s t r i p e r s : A b b r. 13 Cut line

17 Big score, maybe

19 Leisure suit fabric

20 Carved Polynesian talisman 21 Shoe brand

22 “It ___ right”

23 Pipe-fitting and others 25 Lie-abed

27 Not hoof it, maybe

2 9 “ To o L a t e t h e Phalarope” novelist

3 1 H e w r o t e “ Wo r d s a r e loaded pistols” 32 Subject to double j e o p a r d y, s a y

33 Animal in una casa 3 4 “ _ _ _ Yo u ” ( # 1 Rolling Stones album) 3 6 Ve r d i o p e r a

38 Informal greeting

39 H.S. support groups 40 ’70s TV production co. 43 “Dirty Jobs” host Mike

44 Candy man Russell 46 Asian holidays 47 Actress Garr

For any three answers, call from a touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 each minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800814-5554.

4 8 Tu s k e d a n i m a l

49 Periodic function 5 0 Vi l l a i n o u s “ S t a r Wa r s ” t i t l e 52 “Quo ___?”

5 3 B a rg a i n b a s e m e n t markings

84 “Really?”

4 Angry slight?

8 6 Wr a n g l e

5 Assortment

87 Some Chi-town transportation

6 Sidewalk square, e.g. 7 T h e f o x i n D i s n e y ’s “The Fox and the Hound”

88 Sizable garden

54 Casino machine

89 Silas of the Continental Congress

5 6 S o n n e t e e r ’s M u s e

92 Like draft e-mails

8 Suggested résumé length

5 5 N a r r o w l y, a f t e r “ b y ”

90 Bearish

5 7 Ti n y a m o u n t

94 Stock market figs.

58 Subject explored in “The Crying Game” 60 Little garden guardians 61 Draft raisers 62 ___ lark

63 Jamboree attendee 6 5 B o r e d e m p l o y e e ’s quest 6 8 Ta rg e t f o r m a n y a political ad 70 Some execs

7 3 O n e o f D u m a s ’s Musketeers

7 4 2 0 1 0 a n d 2 0 11 L . P. G . A . To u r P l a y e r o f t h e Ye a r Ya n i _ _ _ 76 San ___ (Italian seaport)

7 7 A u d i t i o n e r ’s h o p e 78 Burns black 79 Abrasive

80 Neutrogena competitor

81 Cartridges, e.g.

8 2 P a r t o f A A R P : A b b r. 8 3 S p o u s e ’s s l e e p i n g place after a fight, maybe

9 Battle of Normandy site 10 Great Danes, e.g.? 1 2 Ti m e s o u t i n Mexico?

9 6 D o u b l e d o v e r, maybe 98 “Capeesh?” 100 Kahlúa and cream over ice

105 Like about 7% of the U.S. electorate 107 Bingo call 1 0 9 Wr i t e r Wi e s e l

11 2 B a t t l e o f _ _ _ , 1 7 9 6 Napoleon victory








30 Cracker Jack box bonus 33 Hand 35 “___ Ballet” (“A Chorus Line” song) 36 Revolutionary path 37 Irish lullaby opener 38 Kind of class 41 Shopworn

1 Defense against a siege

42 Sushi bar bowlfuls

2 Pacific capital

46 Ancient siege site

3 Cash for trash?

4 7 G y p s y ’s a i d

45 Piñata part







6 0 C a t h e r i n e ’s d e m a n d o f H e a t h c l i ff i n “ Wu t h e r i n g Heights”? 61 Glacier site, maybe 63 Sleek and graceful 64 Head cases?






65 Mosaic material 6 6 L u c y ’s T V p a l 6 7 “ H o w ’s i t g o i n g , fish?”? 6 8 Vi t a l f l u i d s 69 Haunted house sounds 7 0 D r a c u l a ’s b a r b i l l ? 71 Hired spinmeister 72 Stash 74 Briar part 75 Celebratory swig after a football two-pointer?





59 Ball coverings?







58 Throw for ___




52 Concert hall, e.g.




51 United Nations chief from Ghana


94 98







































28 Canaries locale: A b b r.

111 S o u t h e r n p r o n o u n













26 “Curses!”

11 0 Ti t l e g u n f i g h t e r o f a 1964 #1 hit

11 5 “ G e e ! ”







2 4 D e m o n ’s w e e k e n d plans?

108 Split bit

11 4 N a m e o n a c o l l e g e dorm, perhaps



18 Super Bowl XLIII champs



14 One-of-a-kind Dutch cheese? 1 6 L i k e a f o u r- l e a f clover



13 Politico Agnew

1 5 P a r t o f A A R P : A b b r.

103 Place that sells shells?

11 3 G u a c a m o l e a n d salsa





11 S t a . p u r c h a s e

95 Announcer of yore






107 111 115

77 Random witness 83 Odoriferous 85 Drawn 88 Caveat to a buyer 8 9 Wa r d , t o B e a v e r 91 Josh 93 One of the Judds 95 Michael Crichton novel about diamond-hunting

96 Right-leaning type: A b b r. 97 Peacekeeping grp. 99 Fruity drinks

100 ___ Fein (Irish group)

101 Move, in Realtor lingo 102 Just

104 “Lawrence of Arabia” role

106 Spanish uncle

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Herb Shannon if the owners could bank the 276 acres for Phase II without having it rezoned. Shannon replied that the holding company is also asking that the property be annexed, so some zoning has to be placed on the land. High Point Planning and Development Director Lee Burnette said the land would be marked “PUD” on zoning maps if it was annexed, but that the PUD zoning for Phase II would allow only agricultural uses until Phase II was rezoned. Terrell said the land is ideally situated for business and industrial uses, for which High Point has it earmarked in its land use plan, because it is near I-40, near Piedmont Triad International Airport and close to all cities in the triad. He said that common ownership of the land would prevent piecemeal development. Terrell said, “What this does is to turn on the green light for 350 Holdings to begin marketing this land to companies all over the world.” Several speakers, however, said the rezoning request was being rushed through without enough participation by neighbors, or was ill considered. Todd Smith, who lives on Boylston Road in Colfax, said there weren’t enough signs or mailings to notify neighbors and that he bought his house because it was in a rural

Thursday, November 15, 2012

setting, which he said the office park would disrupt. Smith said the development would overload roads in the area and argued that it was unnecessary. Smith said, “I don’t know why this is being pushed when there are other industrial parks that have failed to develop.” He cited the Triad Business Park in the part of western Guilford County that has been annexed into Kernersville as an example. The Triad Business Park is home to a FedEx sorting facility but is largely undeveloped otherwise. Ironically, Triad Business Park was the second place that Guilford County Schools tried to buy land. It was rejected by Kernersville for the same reason High Point didn’t want a school on the 350 South Land Holdings properties – because schools are not taxed and all jurisdictions that have land near I-40 or the airport want it used for high tax value industrial and office uses. The land Guilford County Schools wanted to buy in Kernersville was owned by another holding company: TDO Land Holding LLC, whose principals are Arthur Samet of Samet Corp., David H. Griffin of D.H. Griffin Construction in Greensboro and Grover Shugart Jr. of Shugart Enterprises of Winston-Salem. Griffin and Samet have banked much of the land near I-40 in Guilford County under various holding companies in expectation of developing them as industrial or office

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy For over 20 years I have listened to men and women say, “Hey, Dr. Willard, you’ve got me looking great on the outside with cosmetic surgery, but I don’t feel right on the inside!” For many patients, the loss of the youthful levels of our hormones explained what was going on. Natural hormone replacement therapy corrects the loss of our hormones that comes through aging and menopause. The term natural hormone means the bioidentical hormone our bodies make and not synthetic ones made by the pharmaceutical industry. With replacement therapy, patients report an increase in their psychological well

Page 35

business uses as the economy recovers. James S. Hedgecock, an owner of one of the properties involved, agreed – as did Terrell – that there are traffic problems in the area and that improvements would have to be made before the land could be fully developed. Hedgecock farms a 161-acre piece of land bought in 1950, which he described as “a little bit of heaven.” “The fact is that progress is going to come,” Hedgecock said. “And I’ve seen a lot of rape-and-pillage developers in my time. My family really blistered me out for considering selling this piece of property.” Hedgecock said Griffin wasn’t such a developer, and would be conscientious about the land. “When Mr. Griffin says he has several people who are interested in looking at this property, I know that’s correct,” Hedgecock said. “He’s one of the most open people I’ve ever seen.” Most of the speakers opposed the rezoning request, however. William Gansman told the commissioners that traffic problems should be resolved before the rezoning request was granted. “It’s not a business park,” he said. “It’s a business trail. I’m invigorated. The City of High Point has come up and said, ‘Hey, there’s a traffic problem here.’ Phase I has a gorge going through it and no real access except Joe Drive. If they’re going to have access to Sandy Ridge, they should own

being; PMS symptoms can be resolved, not uncommonly in weeks. The medical benefits include a decrease in cardiac disease, vascular disease, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even cancers. In order to determine what hormone levels are deficient, blood work is performed. Our goal is to return hormone levels, not just to normal levels, but to an optimal level – the normal range of a youthful individual. Thyroid hormone regulates temperature, metabolism, cerebral function and energy. It can protect against cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, fatigue and weight gain. Commonly patients complain of being weak, cold, tired, with thinning hair, thin skin and brittle nails, weight gain with increased truncal body fat, a loss of energy and motivation, mood swings and in general an overall loss of well being. Bioidentical thyroid can reverse this. DHEA is called the “mother of all hormones,” coming from the adrenal glands. DHEA stimulates the immune system, can restore sexual vitality, improves moods, and decreases cholesterol and body fat. It improves memory, increases energy and has anticancer properties by enhancing the immune system. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It influences good quality deep sleep as well as the quantity of sleep. Melatonin is also an energizer, a mood enhancer and an antioxidant. It has also been shown to decrease the incidence of nocturia – getting up at night to urinate. Some individuals have even seen a reversal of graying of the hair! Estrogen opened the doors to hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen has been proven to reduce the effects of heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, skin thinning, the incidence of depression and reverse the lack

some property on it.” The City Council, which has been trying to attract industry and offices to the area south of I-40, may be less particular on Nov. 19. Its consideration of the various clearances for the development will be one of the last actions of the current City Council. An almost-new City Council elected on Nov. 6 will be sworn in Dec. 3.

Rumors (Continued from page 1) you wait for the turkey to get done, even though somebody turned the oven down to 200 or bought the wrong pie crust or put 10-pounds worth of potato peels down the disposal creating a plumbing problem or whatever it is that doesn’t work out quite right. We do have a tremendous amount to be thankful for in this country and it’s great that we set aside one day to remind ourselves of how lucky we are to be Americans. --Speaking of being thankful, although some of us were not excited about the outcome of the national election, we can all be thankful that once again this country had a peaceful election and the majority of adults who chose to participate had the privilege of picking our leaders. (Continued on page 41)

of libido. Estrogen is one of the key hormones of intimacy. Without estrogen sexual intercourse can be painful. Progesterone and estrogen are the two central ovarian hormones. It is the balancing of these two hormones that gives us the best success in the battle against age-related diseases. Progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy. Progesterone acts as an antidepressant, mild tranquilizer and natural painkiller, leading many women to state that they have never felt as good as they did when they were pregnant. Bioidentical progesterone can eliminate symptoms of menopause, PMS, emotional instability, headaches and mood swings. Andropause is the word for male menopause. By the time a man reaches 50, there is a significant drop in testosterone, which can account for a loss of a man’s sense of well-being, decrease in morning erections, maintaining an erection during sex, decrease in intensity of the orgasms, loss of general muscle mass, increasing abdominal obesity, osteoporosis, decrease in mental acuity, and decreased strength and endurance. Many women find it surprising that the ovaries produce testosterone. Testosterone levels are only about 10 percent the amount found in men, but this makes all the difference in the world in a woman’s health. Of all the hormones we replace, testosterone is the one responsible for a significant amount of the health benefits and feel good effects. Testosterone therapy can reverse the gradual sexual apathy that occurs over time. Testosterone increases sexual desire and sensitivity, while increasing energy and strength. Call for a consult. The conversation you and I have may be the best investment you ever made in your health and well being!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Page 37


Prime Office Space

FOR LEASE 1200 sf of space 218 W. West Market St.

Across from the Old Guilford County Court House


fREE Report


Attn: Eric Levine, PROMO # CL 37718 19871 Nordhoff St. Northridge, CA 91324

Place Your Ad Online at

Parking Included

(336) 282-3773

Page 38

Thursday, November 15, 2012


(Continued from page 4)

get involved in the operation of the school system and the construction of schools. That might change with the new Republican-led Board of Commissioners. All three new Republican commissioners talked repeatedly about schools, school policy and school construction during their campaigns, and they say they’re going to make school spending a point of emphasis in the years to come. Phillips said it’s critical for the Board of Commissioners to do whatever it can to help keep school spending in line. “It’s a high priority for me,” Phillips said. “It’s 43 percent of the total budget. That’s a huge percentage of our overall budget.” “The first step is improving the relationship between the Board of Commissioners and

the school board,” he said. “I think it’s interesting that, in the past at least, some commissioners have washed their hands when it came to school spending. They’ve said, ‘That’s the Board of Education and it’s off our plate.’” Phillips said he wants to see that attitude change. “Our responsibility is to better understand how those dollars are being allocated once they’re released to the schools,” he said. Henning has also had a lot to say about schools for a candidate in a county commissioner race. “I want to open a dialogue with the schools,” he said. Henning said he wants to see the schools get what they need when it comes to new schools, but he added that the county doesn’t need “upscale schools” when schools that

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

meet basic educational needs will suffice. He also said that making sure the bidding process is handled in the best way possible could help control the cost of school construction and maintenance contracts. Henning said citizens are about to see a new era in Guilford County government. He quoted Yogi Berra’s famous quip: “When you come to a fork in the road – take it.” “Well, we’ve come to a fork in the road,” Henning said. The new board is likely to continue to hand out taxpayer money to rich companies in the form of economic incentives, but at least it sounds as though there will now be some scrutiny of those requests. Under the Democrats, the board’s de facto incentives policy has been to give out incentives to any company that requested them. However that may change. The new

commissioners say they’ll scrutinize each request, but they aren’t against incentives as a rule. “We defiantly need incentives just to play ball,” Trapp said. “Everyone is doing it.” Trapp said that, during his time on the board, he wants to explore ways in which the county can encourage economic growth, and he said targeted incentives may be part of that plan. Henning said on incentives, “I’m going to keep an open mind and decide it on a case by case basis.” On the campaign trail, Branson said he wanted to see state and federal legislation that would end economic incentives. That’s not going to happen anytime soon, but Branson and his fellow new Republican commissioners say they plan to examine (Continued on next page)

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GOP (Continued from previous page) incentives requests carefully before handing over taxpayer money. The new Republicans are unified against higher property taxes, but they are not of one mind when it comes to raising sales taxes. Branson said the sales tax does have some appeal to him because it would take some of the tax burden off of property owners. Henning, however, said, “At this point it’s just a new tax.” He added, “That would be a further burden.” It’s estimated that a proposed quartercent sales tax increase would raise from $12 million to $16 million – which is equal to what is raised by 3 or 4 cents on the property tax rate. So theoretically the county could lower property taxes by 3 or 4 cents and

Thursday, November 15, 2012

come out even. But even if that were to happen, and that is a big if, there is nothing to keep the commissioners from raising property tax rates the next year. The increase would also need voter approval, and in Guilford County the sales tax hike has already been voted down three times. Phillips said that, to him, it made more sense to find $12 million to $16 million in wasteful spending and cut that, rather than raise the sales tax. “That’s the first order of business,” Phillips said. In past years, area arts organizations and other community nonprofits have had a very good run of getting county money in each budget, but that may change in future years. The new Republicans all say there may

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(Continued from page 15) %%% Never in my 58 years have I ever been so ashamed of my country as I am now. %%% Killing oneself is no solution. You’ll live to regret it. %%% Yes, I read my new Rhino last night, and I read what Uncle Orson was saying about the news. This morning I was watching a program I had DVR’d from Tuesday. And, wow, it caught my attention. Here it is. Since the first moments of this campaign we’ve gotten…. %%% OK. So, on my last call I played the commercial right off the TV, and I don’t know if you were able to hear what it said. So, I’m going to say it. Quote, since the first moments of this campaign, we’ve brought you original reporting with one goal, helping you make the right decision. Right here, election night on CBS, end quote. Wow. They did have one goal, and they did it. And, wow. It wasn’t an informed decision they were trying to help us with. It was the right decision for them. Anyway, bye.

Who is that in the picture with Alma Adams on page 34? By the way, there’s no reason to print a solution to the sudoku puzzle. The sudoku puzzles are like an algebra question. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. Bye. %%% Hey, I know you hate Obama that bad, but I didn’t think that you would hate him enough not to even print that he was reelected as president. Boy, your paper is something else. Said you can’t even believe that you would not even print that. But that’s the way it goes. %%% Editor’s Note: I don’t know what paper you were reading, but we printed that Barack Hussein Obama won the election. %%% Just left the Food Lion. Gal in front of me carrying a baby in a little handcart. One about at her knee. Had the grocery cart packed full. After the charges she owed $5.46 after she flashed her EBT card. I got my spam and my half-gallon of milk, and paid cash. Thanks. %%%

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be a place for that in better times, but right now funding needs should face strong scrutiny. Henning said of the arts: “It’s important, but it’s not putting food on the table.” He said those initiatives look a lot more appealing for funding when the economy is better and the money is there. Phillips also said that, in better economic times, the commissioners might have more money to fund the nonprofits, but right now the board is going to have to make some very tough choices. Alston said the new starry-eyed commissioners will have their hands full. He said it’s important to keep in mind that the Republican’s 5-to-4 majority is the slimmest majority possible, and Alston said he knows from his 20 years on the board that type of majority doesn’t mean one party will have a say over everything. “That’s a narrow margin,” Alston said.

Shaw (Continued from page 32) be fair to both parties. “Linda is experienced,” he said, adding that in the past that she’s shown an ability to work with both parties. Newly elected Phillips said there was a feeling among some on the board that the new commissioners weren’t really prepared to become chairman, but he said he believes commissioners need to consider the possibility that one of the new Republicans could make a good chairman. One source said they thought that Phillips wanted to be chairman despite being brand new to the board, and Phillips does sound like someone with an interest in leading the board. He said that simply being new doesn’t disqualify one from being the chairman or vice chairman. “We need to keep an open mind,” Phillips said. “I think we need all options on the table. I would not be closed-minded to anyone.” Alston said it really helps to have a seasoned commissioner as chairman because there’s so much involved with

Page 39

“It’s hard to get five votes out of five people – they’re going to need to reach across the aisle and pull votes from both Republicans and Democrats. That’s what’s made my past four years as chairman a success.” Alston said it’s easier to talk about cuts than to actually make them. He said even the most right-leaning commissioners have, for instance, plenty of arts supporters in their districts, and those people vote he said. Commissioner Carolyn Coleman – a Democrat who’ll be serving on the board under a Republican majority for the first time since she joined the board in 2002 – said she isn’t sure what to expect from the new Republican commissioners. “I just don’t know them,” she said. But Coleman said she will continue to make her presence known. “Being in a minority on the board as a Democrat,” she said, “I certainly don’t intend to roll over and die.”

the job. Alston should know: He’s been chairman five times – more than any other commissioner in the modern era. “It’s pretty time consuming if you really take it seriously,” Alston said of the chairman’s job. “There are a lot of meetings and ribbon cuttings. There are a lot of conversations with the manager; I talk to the manager every day, or at least every other day.” Alston added that a chairman has to be able to pick up the phone and call a political opponent to find common ground on even contentious issues. He also said that the chairman needs to have a good understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order. He said he learned by years of running NAACP committees and heading up the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Alston added that he’s taken classes in running meetings. He said that, if a chairman can’t run a meeting well, and doesn’t know the rules of order, the others on the board tend to lose respect for that chairman. “You can’t just get up there and wing it,” Alston said.

N.C. Dietetics Board Goes After Michelle Obama (a CJ Parody)

Board ups aggression Mayors since court ruling dismissing lawsuit

Page 40

(Continued from page 10)

her as far from Sims as possible. “There can’t be any confusion of roles,” she said. “You only one mayor. ‘Ex’ means By Lief e. Ghave reen you aren’t.” Nutrition Correspondent Smothers said that, except for that, she RALEIGH didn’t care which seat she got. “It’ll be fine,” he North Carolina Board of Dishe said. “They’re all uncomfortable.” etetics/Nutrition has decided Smothers said Sims would differ from that First Lady Michelle Obama’s herself as mayor in some ways. advocacy of healthy amounts to “She’ll probably haveeating a lot more patience practicing nutrition without a license, than I have, because God only gives you which is illegal in North so much,” Smothers said. Carolina. “I’m 12 years Buoyed by a recent older than she is, and I maycourt havedecision used up to dismiss a suit brought against the my jug.” board a diet likewise Simsbysaid thatblogger she is who talking with had been targeted the arrangements state board, councilmembers aboutby seating officials say they will become even and committee assignments, and hasn’t more any aggressive made decisions.toward anyone who gives unlicensed diet has advice. “Nothing definitive been done yet, but I figure byDirector the middleCharla of nextBurill week Itold will Board have all that tied down,” Sims said Carolina Journal the first lady has been Thea largest change Simsletter plans because to make sent cease-and-desist in City Council procedure is that of she gave nutrition advice on onemore of her the City Council’s business will be done by many recent campaign trips to North the “Committee of the Whole” – the entire Carolina. City Council – than sometimes Over the pastinfive years, sparsely the nuattended committee meetings. trition board has investigated nearly 50 High Pointor hasorganizations for years used a— somewhat individuals includpeculiar, committee system to conduct ing personal trainers, nurses, and even city business. Most of the City Council's Duke Integrated Medicine, a wellness business is actually done in committee center — that have offered advice meetings, including the Monday meeting abouteveryone what people eat. Council that treatsshould as a City


The board’s aggressive enforce-

Thursday, November 15, 2012

meeting, but which is actually a meeting of Whole isn’t clear. She isn’t proposing doing the City Council's Committee of the Whole away with the committees, as Smothers did – a fine distinction, but one that matters in in 2003. But she said she wants to make sure that all city councilmembers are involved in High Point's case. At the Monday meeting, the Committee decisions. The only committee that has done of the Whole used to recommend approval regular business in the last couple of years or denial of items for a City Council meeting has been the Finance Committee, which held on Thursday. The Committee of the meets before Monday’s Committee of the Whole still votes to recommend approval Whole and votes to recommend approval of items at the Thursday meetings, but or rejection of all spending to the full City now usually votes to make all action final Council. Smothers interpreted Sims’ statements on on Monday, eliminating the need for the changing the council’s business structure as Thursday meeting. With almost all of the substantive debate doing what she tried to do in 2003. Sims has the advantage of a largely on issues occurring in committees, and with council, may not face a wall of State Dieteticscommittee Board nutrition enforcement officers triedand to serve cease-and-desist an affirmative vote required to new papers Michelle Obama at the agenda, Democratic Nationallike Convention opposition Smothers in didCharlotte, in 2003. but place anto item on the City Council's were unable to City get past Secret in the Time WarnerAlexander, Cable Arena. (CJ Chris the High Point Council hasService given itsagentsCouncilmembers photo by more Don Carrington) Whitley, A.B. Henley, Mike Pugh and Jim chairmen power than most cities. will Mrs. all be Obama off the council on Dec 3. Smothers tried to changestory the committee CJ. “But reaches a nament became a national when CJ Corey Whitley ran for mayor and lost; Alexander system when she returned from her four reported on the court battle with Steve tionwide audience. She hasn’t taken for statecontinuing Senate and lost, Henley decided years in thethe outer darkness whenblogger, Koonce ran a single education credit Cooksey, Charlotte-area not to run for reelection and Pugh and Corey was mayor. But Smothers returned to office and who sued the board on First Amend- program on organic farming, defeated on Nov. weakened from her defeatitbycensored Koonce and still she won’t keep6.her mouth shut ment grounds, saying his were Frommealworms the current City faced a wall of it opposition to eliminating and Council, compost.only All website when urged him to remove about Sims, who now represents Ward 1, Mayor the committee system from longtime this talk about whole grains and root an advice column from the site. Councilmembers Bill Bencini, Laura Wiley, Smothers, At-large Councilmember Britt By singling out the first lady, vegetables is getting downright danMoore and Ward 2 Councilmember Foster Latimer Alexander and Sims. however, the board has ratcheted its gerous. We’re afraid Sasha and Malia According to Bencini, supporters of the Douglas will return to the City Council on normally aggressive efforts at policing [the Obamas’ daughters] might get the committee system sat Smothers down and Dec. 3. frightening notion thatofthey can pack a foodie talk to a whole new level. Sims outlined some the similarities told her getting rid of it just wasn’t going healthy lunch without first consulting “We normally don’t pay close and differences between her priorities and to happen. a licensed nutritionist. It’s scary, I tell attention to people whobylive outside of Smothers. Exactly what Sims means giving more those you.” North Carolina,” Nan E. Staight, the First, unlike Pugh and Douglas, Sims, power to the City Council Committee of the

board’s director of enforcement, told

Staight said Obama’s “Let’s

The Rhinoceros Times Move!” initiative was Greensboro particularly

troubling. The project’s website has an entire section about food and nutrition titled “Eat Healthy!” “The page opens with this senlike Smothers, High Point Citya tence: ‘Parentssupports and caregivers play Manager Strib Boynton, who she credited key role in not only making healthy with prudent fiscal management. choices for children and teaching chilOne difference between Smothers and dren to make healthy choices for themSims is that Sims is likely to be a stronger selves,’ Staight said. “It offers a set of supporter of the HighIt’s Point City Project, dietary guidelines. completely iraresponsible public-private partnership thea City and outrageous for layCouncil created to renew Point’s our old person to say that, andHigh it violates neighborhoods. But Sims said it will take regulations.” a CityThe Council consensus to gettothedeliver urban board attempted renewal moving faster. its warning letter to the first lady dursaid the City Project National needs to ingSims September’s Democratic fast-track individual improvements in Convention in Charlotte, but Staight neighborhoods, rather than trying to renovate said the Secret Service rebuffed her enthe whole city at once. forcement attempts. Sims said the Cityshe Council to better Since then, said,needs Obama has communicate how city government works. been careful to schedule campaign visthat some things were said during its “I tothink North Carolina on short notice so this election that to me said that there were she could land, give a quick pep talk to some basic misunderstandings about what supporters, and then leave the state becouncil does, and about what this council fore nutrition officers could get to her. did,” she said. “The only person I think Staight admits the board’s enthat might have had some valid comments forcement efforts grew more difficult was Cynthia Davis. She was in the room. in October as President Obama’s camThe rest is differences in perceptions of paign saw North Carolina voters warm what she saw. to Republican challenger Mitt Romney. “The others weren’t in the room and “When Obama for America didn’t look at the budget. How can you wrote off North Carolina, it became make an assessment that council did not obvious thethefirst ladyif you wasn’t godo a goodthat job on budget weren’t ing to return,” Staight told CJ in late there? We did not raise taxes. It was not October. “We’re worried, because if even revenue-neutral. It was less than that. Obama loses the election, they’re movI think if you look at it, what we did was ing to Hawaii, and there’s no budget.” way we conservative when it came to the CJ can get her.”


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(Continued from page 9)

specialized magnet schools they don’t want their children to attend. Under the school board approved plan, Guilford County Schools will identify magnet programs “where daily classroom instruction differs dramatically” from regular schools. It’s not hard to spot such schools. One example is that Jones Elementary School in Greensboro and Kirkman Park Elementary School in High Point offer Spanish immersion magnet programs – which is useless to parents who don’t want their children immersed in Spanish. Parents will be able to opt out of the schools that are identified as having dramatically different teaching under the plan the school board approved. Guilford County Schools will provide transportation only for opt-out students from those magnet schools. The decision on what to do about the cost

Thursday, November 15, 2012

of magnet school opt-out transportation was another school board motion-palooza. School board member Carlvena Foster kicked off the process by making a motion to approve providing transportation only for students opting out of schools with radically different curriculums. School board member Ed Price seconded the motion. School board member Amos Quick, offered a substitute motion to continue the school board’s current practice of allowing neighborhood kids to opt out of all magnet schools. Quick said, “I think there are other areas that we can find these savings other than to impact families this way.” School board member Jeff Belton seconded Quick’s substitute motion. School board member Nancy Routh spoke in favor of the option the school board eventually chose, saying the administration’s recommendation would cause more confusion among parents. She said, “I don’t think there’s a clear understanding that this would be the last year of opting out under

Rumors (Continued from page 35) --One delayed outcome of the election is that the Greensboro City Council has to pick a replacement for Councilmember Trudy Wade, who won a seat in the state Senate. Wade wants a conservative to replace her since she was elected by the people of District 5 and is the most conservative member of the City Council. But it appears that Mayor Robbie Perkins may be more interested in getting a new councilmember who will support his proposed new music hall for the downtown. So it could shape up to be an interesting battle. --The Rhino Times Schmoozefest at City View being held Thursday, Nov. 29 from 6 to 8 p.m. keeps getting better. Tents, heaters, a DJ, a photo booth and more has been added since last week. The theme for this City View Schmoozefest is “Celebrating our Corner of the Downtown” and it promises to be a memorable evening. Beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served gratis to those who sign in and wear a name tag. This is one that you don’t want to miss. --Proving that all roads lead to Greensboro, the Gen. David Petraeus scandal has a Greensboro connection. Paula Broadwell’s next door neighbor in Charlotte, who was quoted in length in The New York Times on Monday, is Sarah Crume. But growing up in Greensboro she was Sarah Craft, the daughter of the late Bill Craft. --One more Greensboro connection is the reporter who wrote the story about Dilworth in Charlotte – calling it “Mistressville, USA” because both Broadwell and Rielle

Hunter live there – is Diane Dimond, who spent the spring covering the John Edwards trial from the conference room of The Rhino Times World headquarters on West Market Street and is a close personal friend of The Rhino’s chief of security, JJ. --And the best quote in the article came from former Rhino Times Charlotte editor Mark Pellin: “Remember, you can’t spell Charlotte with h-a-r-l-o-t.” Pellin currently runs a conservative news and opinion website, --The farmers at the Greensboro Farmers Market got bad news Monday night. The Greensboro Farmers Market Inc., which rents the building from the city and runs the market, informed the vendors that rent was going up between 30 percent and 35 percent depending on how many tables a person rents. ---

The Rhino Times Schmoozefest™ Celebrating our Corner of Downtown

311 King Street Thursday, Novembr 29 6 pm - 8 pm Open to all business professionals. For more info call (336) 273-0885.

No Child Left Behind.” Foster said her main concerns were Triangle Lake and middle schools like Wellborn Middle School, where enrollment is down because students are now opting out of the school. In 2008, the school board voted to keep Triangle Lake a “pure” Montessori school by not adding a regular school program in the building for neighborhood kids to attend. The result was that 114 neighborhood students who weren’t in the Montessori program were bused to Colfax Elementary, which had low enrollment. Quick’s substitute motion to keep the current system of paying for transportation for all opt-outs was defeated on a 5 to 4 vote. School board members Price, Nancy Routh, Kris Cooke, Garrett and Carlvena Foster voted to defeat the motion. Chairman Alan Duncan and school board members Quick, Belton and Sandra Alexander voted for it. School board members Paul Daniels and Deena Hayes were absent. The school board had a lengthy argument about the difference, if any, between Triangle Lake and Washington Street Montessori School in Greensboro. Washington Street Montessori accepts students through sixth grade, but the school board allows Triangle Lake to reject students beyond second grade. Cooke and Alexander said they were bothered by that inconsistency and asked for an explanation. The transportation and school-assignment administrators making

Page 41

the report stared back blankly. Duncan, said, “That would not be this staff.” The school board members never got a coherent explanation as to why the two schools have different rules. Foster said that most parents in the Triangle Lake neighborhood don’t want their kids to attend the Montessori school anyway, because they don’t consider it structured enough. She said, “People don’t move into the Triangle Lake neighborhood so their kids can go to that school.” Price agreed with Foster, saying he had talked to kids in the neighborhood. “We’re doing well,” he said. “Why do we have to change it?” Routh, however, said she was still bothered that Triangle Lake neighborhood kids couldn’t get into the Montessori school beyond second grade. The school board asked Green, who rarely talks at school board meetings, why he had recommended eliminating all transportation for magnet opt-out students. Green said that the decision was largely driven by cost. “Let’s just go all the way,” he said. “That’s how we ended up with Option 1 as the option. It’s not an easy decision.” Foster’s original motion to distinguish between magnet schools based on what they teach passed 7 to 2. School board members Carlvena Foster, Ed Price, Belton, Cooke, Quick, Alexander and Routh voted yes. Duncan and Garrett voted no.

Page 42

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Under (Continued from next page) How could Biden misremember $200,000 as $1 million? Biden is a Roman Catholic, but he said that no religious institution including the Catholic Church would have to provide or pay for contraception under Obamacare, which simply is not true. But perhaps what Biden meant was if the Catholic Church wins the court case against the Department of Health and Human Services then it won’t have to provide contraception including some forms of abortion. Biden simply gets a pass from the mainstream media and he is our vice president for another four years. One prayer everyone in the country should be saying every night is for the health and well being of our president, because if anything should happen to Obama then Biden becomes president.

,,, This election will get analyzed to death, but one thing the Republicans might want to look at in the next election is using a timetested method of advertising – newspapers. If Romney spent 50 cents on newspaper advertising, it was in some little paper in Maine or somewhere. The Republicans have this passion for robocalls, which most people I know find extremely annoying; direct mail, which gets thrown away; and network television,

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

which people don’t watch nearly as much as they used to. Would anyone be upset if Republicans gave up the robocalls? People do not find newspaper advertising annoying, which is an important factor to consider when running for office.

in Guilford County they did not. Guilford County had about 20 percent more Republicans vote than the state average, so the Republicans have a model. In the next election they should do what the Guilford County Republicans did all over the country.



Although nationwide, and particularly in states where it mattered, the Republicans got beat bad in the get-out-the-vote race,

It turns out the polls that predicted the voter turnout demographics would mirror those of 2008, and not those of 2004,

Facts (Continued from page 6) industrial to planned unit development, and United House of Prayer still planned to develop it for offices, housing and a shopping center. Tabb suggested the former post office property be used for a performing arts center, which he said had nothing to do with the proposed Greensboro Performing Arts Center the council is currently considering building a couple of blocks away. Tabb also addressed the area around Gateway Gardens on East Lee Street, which he said could be attractive to retailers because it already encompasses mixedincome housing south of I-85/I-40, the Gateway University Research Park and Barber Park.

The area around Gillespie Golf Course on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive is featured in the recommendations as a hotspot for development. Tabb recommended that the city revitalize the golf course as a source of community pride and an anchor for developing the area, which he said could manifest in improved housing and retail. His recommendations for the golf course included reaching out to youth and improving dining options at the course. The Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department has been in the process of improving the golf course, which the department recognized as underutilized. Tabb said that when he met with interim Parks and Recreation Director Chris Wilson, everything he brought up was either already

were correct. Many Republicans were postulating that 2008 was an anomaly because Obama was the first black with a chance to be elected president and that McCain was a tired old fellow that nobody was very excited about. It turns out the 2008 and 2012 demographics are the new demographics for national elections, which makes it much harder for Republicans to win because not enough Republicans vote.


thought of by the department or feasible. Recent additions to the course include the installation of a shelter at the driving range, and improvements to landscaping and the driving range netting are planned. Tabb recommended that the city consider using the Bessemer Center on Phillips Avenue to attract retailers by preparing the infrastructure for move in and by setting rent at a percentage of the businesses income until the business becomes established. The city bought Bessemer Shopping Center in 2008, and in 2011 agreed to sell the center to New Bessemer Associates, an LLC of East Market Street Development Corporation. A condition of the sale is reaching 75 percent occupancy, but so far Family Dollar is the only store and the center is still city owned.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The head of the CIA, Gen. David Petraeus – who is credited with making the surge in Iraq work and who made major changes in the way the war in Afghanistan was being fought – was scheduled to speak before the House committee investigating the attack on the Benghazi consulate this week. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Capitol Building. The FBI released information it had been sitting on for months about a sexual affair that Petraeus had with his young, attractive biographer. The amazing thing is that so many people don’t seem to think that it is odd for the FBI just to happen to release this information about Petraeus, forcing him to resign after the election but before he is scheduled to testify. Talk about timing; the window there was tiny. Petraeus, by the way, went to Benghazi and did his own investigation of what happened. He had earlier said that no one in the CIA told CIA operatives to stand down and not go help the Americans at the consulate who were under attack by a vastly superior and better armed force. The CIA operatives disobeyed orders and went to help, but the question is, whose orders did they disobey. There is only one person in the government who can overrule the head of the CIA when it comes to commanding his own men, and that would be the president. So Petraeus first said that he didn’t tell his men not to go help the consulate when it was under attack. Then he initiated his own investigation of the attack. Remember, the FBI was not allowed onsite until three weeks after the attack, and then only for a day. For three weeks the site was not secured. A CNN reporter found Ambassador Chris Stevens’ journal, which said Stevens had been worried about having enough security. Later another reporter found emails that had been printed out. So the site was safe enough for reporters and any Libyan who wandered past, but was too dangerous for the FBI with an armed security force to investigate for longer than a few hours three weeks after the attack. It seems likely that President Barack Hussein Obama was not too excited about the head of the CIA going and doing his own investigation. Remember, sexual scandals are no stranger to Obama’s political career. Obama was given a pass into the Senate because the child custody documents for his opponent, Jack Ryan, which had been sealed by the court, were released. The documents included testimony that Ryan liked to frequent bizarre sex clubs and had asked his wife to perform sex acts in public. Ryan, who was considered a shoo-in to win the Senate seat, withdrew – paving the way for Obama. It was highly unusual for the judge to decide to release the custody files against the wishes of both parents who said it would not be in the best interest of their child to

Thursday, November 15, 2012

make these allegations public. Before the records were released Obama was not given much chance of winning; after they were released and Ryan withdrew it was a cakewalk. Now Obama is caught in another bad situation. It is difficult to see how his lies about Benghazi are not going to create controversy, though Obama has successfully pushed any investigation past the election. But Obama finds himself in a tight spot, and suddenly another sex scandal emerges that vanquishes another opponent. At first it seemed Petraeus was going to testify but his testimony would be delayed. Now they are saying that there may be no need for Petraeus to testify because the acting director has all the information. But, of course, the acting director didn’t say that no one in the CIA gave the order to stand down, and he didn’t investigate Benghazi on his own as Petraeus did. He also is not a retired four-star general and genuine war hero.

,,, Here’s one of the scary things about Obama reelection for those who are not big fans of the president. He has four years now where he can do whatever he wants. If he wants to hunker down and work 16hour days trying to get his policies through Congress he could do that. Nobody is quite sure what his policies are, but he could develop some and then try to work with Congress. That doesn’t seem likely, but it is certainly a possibility. Or he could decide that he is never going to be a decent golfer if he just plays once a week and start playing 18 holes a day. He and Michelle could decide to throw huge parties every Friday night and have the top bands in the world playing for parties at the White House every week. Obama was one of the few players on his high school basketball team who couldn’t dunk. Now he has access to the best trainers in the world. Maybe he will decide he is going to devote eight hours a day to working on his leaping ability so before he leaves office he will be able to dunk. I will be surprised if this four-year term doesn’t involve an around-the-world tour where he is gone from the White House for a month or months. Obama was not a very hard worker in the Illinois state Senate, or in the US Senate, and he doesn’t seem to have overworked himself in his first term. With his second term, he could decide to go back to Chicago and hang out with his old buddies. Wait a second, he would have trouble doing that. Tony Rezko, who helped him buy his house in Chicago, is in prison, and so is former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who Obama used to brag about getting elected. But then he is president of the United States and can pardon criminals, so maybe he could.


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Obama is going to be negotiating with the Republicans to try and avoid the financial cliff, but early reports indicate he is going to negotiate the same way he has in the past. Those who are supposed to know say that Obama plans to tell the Republicans what he wants and he expects them to agree. The Republicans cannot agree to a tax increase. They have repeatedly said they would not, and they know from recent elections that it will be political suicide for most of them to agree to raise taxes. Obama was reelected so there is no reason for him to change his stripes, but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that every single member of the House Republican leadership was also just elected. They each have as much a mandate in their districts as he does in the country.

,,, Obama’s reelection was brutally disappointing, but the truth is that the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. Republican voter turnout was dismal. Mitt Romney won the independents by 5 points, which in most cases would mean that Romney would win. But the voter turnout among Republicans was so low compared to Democrats that Romney still lost. Romney did lose, but switch over a couple hundred thousand votes in key states and you have a whole different ball game. But it’s too late to switch those votes. It turns out what his primary opponents kept saying about Romney was true. He couldn’t energize the base and get mainstream Republicans out to vote for him. Of course, all last year he had fellow Republicans painting him as an uncaring rich guy, and once he won the Republican nomination that job was passed over to Democrats and you had many more months of the same. Romney made some critical decisions in the race that in hindsight may have been mistakes. He chose not to make Benghazi a big part of the foreign policy debate, even though he was given the opportunity with the first question. He, for the most part, chose not to attack Obama but to stress his own programs. Obama did the opposite and attacked again and again. It was all Obama had because he couldn’t run on his record. But Obama’s campaign resonated with his base and Romney’s did not. Republican presidential candidates run right in the primary because the primary voters are more conservative than the voters in the general election, and then turn after the primary and run to the middle. Some people call it being wishy-washy, but it is just reality. Romney as the former governor of a Democratic state started out at the left end of the Republican spectrum and during the primary he had to move far to the right side. So when he won the nomination and turned to run back for the middle, it may

By John Hammer have just been too many changes for some Republicans to take and that may be why so many stayed home. It is just unbelievable that Sen. John McCain, who ran a pitiful campaign, got more votes than Romney who appeared to have run a much better campaign. But since the goal of the campaign is to get votes, by definition he did not.

,,, Fans of Marco Rubio are having a heyday saying, I told you so. The Hispanic vote went heavily against Romney and that might have changed with Rubio on the ticket. But Rubio had some negatives that would have come into play, and he is so young and inexperienced that it did appear that Rep. Paul Ryan was a much better fit for the staid conservative Romney campaign. But maybe that was just the wrong campaign. Maybe Romney should have campaigned in baggy shorts and T-shirts carrying a skateboard out on the stage, wearing a backwards baseball cap, but that just doesn’t seem like it would have worked.

,,, The vice presidential candidates are a great example of the bias of the mainstream media. Ryan made a big mistake on his time for a marathon. He is not a marathoner but ran in one 22 years ago. He was asked about it in a radio interview and he missed his time by an hour. Months later the mainstream media was still bringing this up as an example of Ryan not being honest. It was simply a mistake and people who have had experience being interviewed on the radio should know that it is easy to make mistakes, particularly with off-the-wall questions. Long-time Greensboro talk show host Dusty Dunn was a master of asking questions that caught people completely off guard. After being on the air with him for over 10 years I was still floored by some of his questions. It’s one of the qualities that made him a great interviewer, that and a fantastic sense of humor. But Ryan made an honest mistake and the media never let him forget it. Vice President Joe Biden not only said stupid stuff all the time, he said things in the vice presidential debate that simply were not true. Biden said that he voted against the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. He in fact voted for both of those wars. How could he get that wrong and why isn’t it a big deal for the vice president to get important votes in the Senate wrong? He wasn’t asked a question about it. Biden brought it up and was wrong about how he voted. When talking about raising taxes he raised the income limit by $800,000 and that was OK. Biden said that Obama only wanted to raise taxes on those with incomes over $1 million. Obama said he would raise taxes on those with incomes over $200,000. (Continued on previous page)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

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