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Thursday, November 8, 2012

US Goes Left, NC Goes Right by john hammer editor

North Carolina and Guilford County took a sharp right turn while the nation continued on a leftward course on Tuesday, Nov. 6, with the reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama. Republican Mitt Romney won North Carolina with 50.45 percent of the vote, much closer than many pundits predicted. Romney won the state without much effort but nationally lost both the Electoral

College vote and the popular vote. It was a clear and decisive victory for Obama, who won despite economic conditions that would be impossible for most presidents to overcome. Unlike Sen. John McCain in 2008, Romney ran a smart campaign and seemed to do a good job of focusing on the big issue, which was the economy. In the end the American people decided (Continued on page 33)

Orson Scott Card’s

Civilization Watch by orson scott card

Democracy Did Not Fail To you newspeople at CBS, C NN , A B C , N B C . To y o u journalists at The New York Times, The Washington Post, at newspapers all over America. You did it. You won. You were able to get Barack Obama his second term. You knew that if you told the American people the truth, they would not have reelected this man. A m e r i c a n s d o n ’t v o t e t o

reelect a commander-in-chief who abandons our soldiers and agents and ambassadors when they’re under enemy fire. But you, confident that you are much wiser than the American people, you decided we had no reason to think about this during the election. When Romney questioned Barack Obama’s statements about Benghazi, you shouted him down. He learned his lesson – if he made an issue of it, you would merely attack him and distract the public (Continued on page 30)

Photo by John Hammer Judge Polly Sizemore, Judge Susan Burch and Judge Susan Bray (from left) campaigning at Mendenhall Middle School on Tuesday.

Photo by John Hammer District 4 Guilford County Commissioner elect Alan Branson congratulates and is congratulated by District 6 Guilford County Commissioner elect Hank Henning Tuesday evening at Republican Party headquarters on West Market Street. Branson and Henning will be part of the Republican majority that takes over the Board of Commissioners in December.

GOP Wins Commissioner Races To Gain Majority by Scott D. Yost county editor

For the first time this century, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners will have a Republican majority after Republican candidates swept the three contested commissioners races on Tuesday, Nov. 6. In District 4, Alan Branson defeated Commissioner Kirk Perkins, with 53 percent of the vote to Perkins’ 47 percent; in District 5, Jeff Phillips beat Commissioner Paul Gibson, 51 percent to 49 percent, and, in District 6, Hank Henning defeated Linda Kellerman by a margin of 53 to 47 percent. The real nail biter on election night – not to mention the huge shocker for many area political observers – was the PhillipsGibson battle, with Phillips, who’s never held elected office, taking down one of the most well-liked and well-known political leaders in the county.

As an at-large commissioner, Gibson was the top vote-getter in Guilford County commissioners races in the last two elections, and he’s been a player in county politics since 1984 when he served his first term as commissioner. Also, the name Paul Gibson was known years before that, since his father – Paul Gibson Sr. – was sheriff of Guilford County for years. But Phillips – playing either the

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dragon slayer or David depending on which metaphor you prefer ­– knocked Gibson off the Board of Commissioners in grand style and, on Tuesday night, Phillips was celebrating accordingly. Phillips said that, during the entire campaign, he was aware that he was up against a very formidable political foe. “He’s a good man; he’s very (Continued on page 31)

Rhino Rumors From staff and wire reports

Folks are still talking about the last Schmoozefest held at City View, and among Schmoozefest connoisseurs it has a rare triple-A-plus rating. But the (Continued on page 4)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Consultant Needs GPS, Calculator – Help by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

The East Greensboro Parity Study is full of fundamental errors. The city paid Red Rock Global, headed by Michael Tabb, $90,000 to conduct the study. The stated goal of the study was to determine the need and potential for retail development in a defined area of east Greensboro compared to other parts of the city. However, numerous errors regarding the size, location and type of shopping centers and other businesses in Greensboro, as well as the interpretation of sales revenue, render the study’s conclusion – that there is an underserved demand for retail in east Greensboro – unreliable. President of Kotis Properties Marty Kotis is keenly aware of the problems with the study that includes some of his shopping centers. According to Kotis the recommendations and conclusions in the study do not follow from the data, much of which is simply wrong in the first place. The report’s “Inventory of Shopping Centers” describes Palmer Plaza shopping center as 605,920 square feet, but according to Kotis, who owns the building, it is actually around 80,000 square feet. Palmer Plaza is also described as being anchored by a Food Lion grocery store, but it’s actually anchored by a Save-A-Lot grocery store. Market Street Plaza, at 3932 West Market St., is listed as being in east Greensboro but is in west Greensboro. One of Kotis’ shopping centers in west Greensboro, Westover Gallery of Shops, is counted three times. Even more embarrassing, the list of Greensboro shopping centers includes Spring Lane Galleria; a Kotis-owned shopping center that is in Sanford, North Carolina. The format of the list has oddities and discrepancies as well. The square footage of the shopping centers appears estimated, with a minimum and maximum column for each. For a shopping center identified as Wendover Ridge shopping center, the

minimum size is 100,000 square feet and maximum size is 0 square feet. Many of the 93 shopping centers listed are given in broad ranges. Over half are said to be between 50,000 square feet and 100,000 square feet; others as between 100,000 square feet and 250,000 square feet. Jefferson Village shopping center is listed as between 100,000 square feet and 500,000 square feet. In the list of eight east Greensboro shopping centers, the owners are listed for six, but left out for two, including Bessemer Shopping Center, which is owned by the city of Greensboro. The other is identified as “English Market” and said to be anchored by a Food Lion and a Family Dollar. The address given is simply “Family Dollar.” Much of the data used by the study, including retail space and demographics, was collected for Red Rock Global by Colliers International, a company in Charlotte. According to Senior Vice-President of Collier Mike Neal, his company purchased the data about Greensboro from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), a national vendor out of Redlands, California. The study’s methodology and assessment of retail demand is also flawed, according to Kotis. The parity study divides Greensboro into 11 circular “trade areas” of varying sizes. The trade areas vary widely in size to keep the population in each area the same as the population of the east Greensboro “study area.” That area defined by the study is a roughly rectangular section of the city containing 37,925 people. The study area is to the east of downtown, roughly centered on NC A&T State University and stretching south from Cone Boulevard to I-40/I-85. Kotis said that in a city like Greensboro, factoring in drive times to destination areas would be more informative than simple bubbles, the sizes of which are determined to get a certain population. The rings employed in the parity study

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gloss over the constraints of roads and highways, which can affect where someone chooses to spend money. One of the main conclusions of the parity study is that east Greensboro residents spend a disproportionate amount of their income on retail in the area, and so could support more retail development. The study draws this conclusion by comparing average household income to retail sales in the area However, Kotis points out that under retail sales the study includes sales by motor vehicle parts dealers, automotive dealers and gas sales, as well as food, drink and other products. There are several car dealerships in the east Greensboro study area, but their customer base is not restricted to the people in their immediate vicinity, since people are generally willing to drive longer distances for items like cars than they are for groceries or clothing. The study also lists restaurants that the city should look into bringing to Greensboro. However, many of them are already in the area, have pulled out of North Carolina or have no presence in North Carolina, or cater to areas with higher incomes than the average east Greensboro resident. One of the restaurants in the list is Bubba Gump Shrimp, which, according to Kotis,

services areas with high tourist traffic like Las Vegas. Cantina Laredo is also on the list, and is one of the most expensive Mexican restaurants in the market. Mellow Mushroom is listed but they are already in downtown Greensboro, and east Greensboro is well within their market area, even though the study area has been drawn to exclude the restaurant. The parity study also lists Sonic as a restaurant the city should pursue, even though there is already one in the east Greensboro study area. The parity study touches on encouraging hotels, without any data in the study indicating what those hotels would do for retail in east Greensboro. The study includes an inventory of hotels currently in Greensboro, but, like the shopping center inventory, this list contains errors and flaws. For one, hotels of widely varying quality are categorized together. The O. Henry Hotel and Proximity Hotel with rooms ranging from $209 to $409 per night are both categorized simply as “independents.” The lower quality Rainbow Motel, which charges $45 per night for a two-bed room, is also categorized as independent. The list also includes Greensboro Inn, (Continued on page 4)


WADE State Senate 27 I would like to thank all my volunteers, supporters, sign team and poll workers for their hard work all day Tuesday and throughout this election. I could not have done this without you. Thank you to the voters of District 27. I am honored to have your confidence. I pledge to fight for your concerns in Raleigh and I am humbled by your ongoing support. Paid for by Friends of Trudy Wade

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Alexander Beats Back Tillman Challenge by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Incumbent Guilford County Board of Education member Sandra Alexander beat back a challenge by Pat Tillman, getting 52 percent of the vote, to keep her at-large seat. Tillman received 48 percent of the vote. The Alexander-Tillman matchup is an example of why the winner of a primary against an incumbent shouldn’t get too confident. In the May 8 primary, Tillman beat Alexander 41 percent to 38 percent. Alexander, who has served one term on the school board, was a longtime teacher and administrator at NC A&T State University. Tillman lives in Greensboro and works as an account director for Alderman Company, an advertising and marketing firm. He is also the son of NC Senate Majority Whip Jerry Tillman, who represents District 29 in Randolph County and is also a retired school administrator. Alexander, as often happens with incumbents, underestimated Tillman, which may have been easier to do because he was one of four candidates challenging her in the primary. Alexander bounced back from the threepoint defeat in the primary to a four-point victory in the general election. “I attribute the victory to the tremendous support that I got from so many segments of the community – the teachers, the corporate leaders, the real estate community, the Teamsters, the list just goes on and on,” Alexander said. “It was overwhelming the kind of support I got from so many people. It’s refreshing to see that people across the political divide can still respect hard work and commitment to children, dedication. To know that that kind of thing is still out there.” Tillman said he ran a hard race but came up a little short, but doesn’t yet know what, if anything, he could have done to close the gap between himself and Alexander “I haven’t really dissected the maps and the numbers and where the precincts came in,” Tillman said. “At that point we might make some sort of decision on what we could have changed. I thought we had a lot of momentum and a lot of volunteers

and we had a pretty good chance. If I’d had more emphasis on High Point, perhaps. It’s disappointing, but nothing to bang our heads over.” Alexander said she has goals for her second term, but isn’t sure what program she would like to have approved on the first day of that term, if she could get the school board to approve it. “It would be a tossup between the early literacy intervention initiative and the workforce development piece we’re working on that would give students a high school diploma and an industry-recognized certification in one of the trades,” she said. “They’re both important. Of course, the literacy piece is of paramount importance because we’re doing poorly there.” Tillman said there was a tipping point in the returns at which he knew he was in trouble. “When you see over half of the precincts come in and you’re 9,000 or so votes behind, you start doing the math in your head,” he said. “That’s when you start thinking, it’s never over until it’s over, but if more than half the precincts are in, you have to run the table on the remaining precincts. I’ve worked on enough races to know when it becomes apparent it will be hard to overcome that.” Tillman said he hopes that Alexander and the school board will begin putting the needs of children ahead of those of adults. “I hope that she’ll focus on getting their kids first and really ensure that why we do what we do is more important than what we do,” he said. “I think we really need to evaluate our priorities. Sandra is a very classy lady and she’s a nice lady. Maybe this race will help nudge her in that direction.” Tillman, when asked if he might show up again on the political radar, said, ‘Yeah, that’s quite likely.’” The at-large seat now held by Alexander was the only school board seat contested in the general election. In the primary, longtime southeast Guilford County activist Linda Welborn beat District 5 incumbent Paul Daniels in a blowout, getting 54 percent, to Daniels’ 34 percent.

Daniels at first said he would campaign to keep his seat all the way to the general election, but on August 14 announced that he was dropping out of the race. He was not on the general election ballot. The other school board candidates on the ballot ran unopposed and won. They were Carlvena Foster in District 1; Darlene

GPS (Continued from page 2) which closed in June. The study does not include any concrete data on traffic problems, but makes numerous suggestions for road construction. Suggestions include extending Lincoln Street to Tuscaloosa Street and extending East Florida Street to McConnell Road. Another recommendation is to have East Friendly Avenue and East Market Street merge into a roundabout east of the

Rumors (Continued from page 1) Schmoozefest being held from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29 at City View may top that one. As usual beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served gratis to those who sign in and wear a name tag. The theme for this City View Schmoozefest is “Celebrating our Corner of the Downtown,” and in keeping with that theme City View is partnering with Table 16, The Farmer’s Wife, Bin 33 and Natty Greene’s. It promises to be a memorable evening. --It’s funny to read the newspapers this Wednesday because some of the stories were so obviously written before the election was decided and then the lead about who won was added. Some papers like The New York Times went to press long before the races were decided, which makes it pretty much useless for election news. ---

Garrett in District 3; Rebecca Buffington, the anointed successor to school board member Kris Cooke, who did not run for reelection, in District 7; and Amos Quick, in District 9. Buffington and Welborn were the only unopposed candidates who were not already school board members.

intersection of East Market Street and North Murrow Boulevard, with no concrete data to indicate how that will improve traffic. Tabb, the study’s author, declined to comment on the study. Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins, who gave the parity study a glowing endorsement at the East Greensboro Mayor’s Summit, said he was aware of errors in the report but that they are correctable and the recommendations are still correct. “This isn’t an exact science,” said Perkins.

Election nights in presidential election years tend to be different. Traditionally candidates and their supporters gather at the Old Guilford County Court House to watch the returns come in. Tuesday night when the polls closed there were two people in the commissioners meeting room, and then retired Greensboro News & Record reporter Stan Swofford came in with the UNCG journalism class he teaches. But for the next couple of hours reporters and students just about always outnumbered candidates and their supporters. It looks like another tradition that has fallen by the wayside. --Wednesday the News & Record had a story about the rumored demotion of Greensboro Planning and Community Development Director Sue Schwartz, but the picture they ran with the story was of Susan Schwartz who is the executive director of the Cemala Foundation, and as far as we know is not in any danger of being demoted by the City of Greensboro.

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Monday, November 12th, 10am to 8pm and Tuesday, November 13th, 10am to 8pm

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GREENSBORO Friendly Shopping Center • 336-294-4885

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

County Just Says No To Drug Addicts by Scott D. Yost county editor

The Guilford County Substance Abuse Treatment Center at 5209 W. Wendover Ave. is eliminating all outpatient treatment services and cutting the number of beds available for in-patient use. Those cuts are among others in the county’s mental health services that are a result of Guilford County’s need to come up with $3.5 million to pay Sandhills Center Inc. – a nine-county mental health collective that’s taking over Guilford County’s mental health and substance abuse treatment services. The Guilford Center, the county department that’s provided those services to county residents for years, will cease to exist on Dec. 31, 2012 and Sandhills in West End, North Carolina, will be responsible for administering mental health and substance abuse care in Guilford County. Guilford County mental health officials say they’re distraught over the new cuts at the clinic – as well as in other mental health services – but they add that the justsigned contract with Sandhills calls for Guilford County to pay Sandhills the $3.5 million as part of the merger agreement, and that money, they say, had to come from somewhere. It’s possible that the Guilford County Board of Commissioners – or Guilford Center officials for that matter – could have saved the county from the consolidation that’s turning out to be so damaging to the county’s offerings of mental health services. The state’s two largest counties got an exemption from the legislation that forced the county’s hand, and it’s possible that a phone call to the state legislation could have gotten Guilford County the same exemption. Commissioner Paul Gibson, who’s the liaison between the Guilford Center Board and the Board of Commissioners, said – as did several other county officials – that it didn’t occur to them to contact the state delegation and try to get an exemption for Guilford County. Regardless, it’s a done deal now and county mental health officials are clearly in

serious damage control mode. The county is making the payment over two years: $1.75 million this year and the same amount in the next fiscal year, which starts on July 1, 2013. Additional service cuts of equal magnitude will take place in 2013. It’s not yet known where those cuts will come from. Bert Davis Jr., the chairman of the board that oversees the soon to be defunct Guilford Center, said that cutting the drug treatment services and reducing the number of beds at the clinic was an extremely difficult decision to make. “We hate that; I hate that,” Davis said. “We held our nose and did it.” The county’s substance abuse center had 62 outpatient clients who have now been told they can no longer receive treatment at the county-funded clinic. For many of those, the clinic was a place of last resort since they aren’t, in most cases, eligible for Medicaid and can’t afford treatment themselves. Former clients who can no longer get help from the clinic for their addiction are now expressing dismay. One said he was very upset when informed last week that the center would no longer treat him. He said he didn’t know what he was going to do. He said a clinic worker told him that the substance abuse center simply didn’t have the funding to continue treating him. “They said something about reallocating money and getting out of substance abuse treatment,” he said. The former client said he was told to seek help from other organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous or the Department of Social Services. The county’s substance abuse center is also cutting inpatient services as a result of the need to pay Sandhills the $3.5 million. The center had 56 beds but that’s being cut back to 40. Guilford County mental health officials say they’re working to place the patients with other providers, and they also say they hope to find some additional money to eventually restore some of those beds at

some point. However, they also say that there is little hope the treatment center will be able to resume outpatient services, at least not anytime soon. On Dec. 31, the Guilford Center, after providing mental health treatment in Guilford County for years, will cease to exist, and all of its services will be turned over to Sandhills. Davis said it’s understandable why Sandhills required the money. When Sandhills added Guilford County to the other eight, much smaller, counties in the group, the mental health collective basically doubled in size. Davis said Sandhills needs to maintain a reserve fund of about 8 percent for liquidity and for unforeseen occurrences. Also, other counties made similar one-time payments when they joined Sandhills. “It’s a reasonable request that they want the money,” Davis said. He also said that, at first, mental health officials considered approaching the Guilford County Board of Commissioners to ask for the additional $3.5 million, but Davis said it was known from the start that would be a very tough sell in this economy. He added that conversations with commissioners indicated the votes wouldn’t be there to support the additional money. That’s surprising given that this is the same Board of Commissioners that has a history of finding money for any new project Guilford County Manager Brenda Jones Fox comes up with, but apparently it can’t find money when it comes to finding help for substance abusers seeking treatment. Guilford Center Acting Director Billie Martin Pierce said it’s painful to make the cuts, and she also said all contracts with providers were being downsized in order to come up with the money. DayMark Recovery Services is the provider the county contracts with to run the clinic. Pierce said it wasn’t just DayMark that’s taking a hit. She said other mental health and substance abuse services were being cut as well. “I’m in a situation where we have to make these reductions in order to meet these

contract obligations,” Pierce said. Pierce added that there will have to be additional cuts of $1.75 million next year to come up with the rest of the payment. “It’s going to happen again next year,” she said. Guilford County pays DayMark about $2.7 million a year to operate the substance abuse treatment center. However, the new cuts mean that contract will be reduced by about 8 percent. “I think DayMark handled these cuts in a very methodical way,” Pierce said, adding that DayMark chose these cuts in close consultation with Guilford Center officials. “DayMark suggested this and we agreed with them,” Pierce said. Commissioner Kay Cashion, a strong advocate of substance abuse treatment services in Guilford County, was one of the key proponents for establishing the center, which opened in March 2008 to much fanfare. It’s one of the only countyrun facilities of its type in the state, and the commissioners had high hopes for its success. DayMark is a behavioral health care agency based in Concord, North Carolina, that began treating substance abusers in since 2004. It has about 400 employees in 17 counties across the state. When the commissioners originally funded the center on Wendover, one of the main reasons given for the clinic was to provide detox services, and 16 beds were set aside for that purpose. The county now outsources those services to a Forsyth County provider, which, Pierce said, does a very good job in a cost effective manner. The merger with Sandhills is a result of state-mandated changes that required Guilford County to combine its services with a larger provider. State officials say that mental health care across North Carolina can be provided in a more effective manner with economies of scale. However, over the last several years, it’s become obvious to just about everyone that those moves have led to a drastic (Continued on next page)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Abuzuaiter rental issues not all city’s doing by alex jakubsen and John Hammer

Ongoing housing violation issues with the rental company of Isa Abuzuaiter, husband of Greensboro City Councilmember Marikay Abuzuaiter, don’t seem to all be explained by computer problems or negligence on the part of city staff. It seems the Abuzuaiters have some inexplicable difficulty receiving mail. City inspectors send letters to landlords to notify them of violations. In several open cases certified letters were sent to the Abuzuaiters and returned because they were not signed for. When a letter is sent by certified mail, the recipient is required to sign a green card to receive the mail. The sender is given a receipt by the post office confirming that their mail has been received by the intended party. If no one is present to sign for the letter the postal carrier leaves a note informing the recipient that they need to sign for the letter at the post office. The cases involve Isa Abuzuaiter’s rental company IMAS LLC. Violations include plumbing not properly connected to the public sewer system, pest infestations, improperly installed electrical equipment, faulty appliances and missing or broken smoke detectors. All the notices in the open cases for 1 IMAS have been sent to 3601 Brassfield Oaks Dr., the Abuzuaiters’ home. While some notices have been signed for others

have not. Marikay Abuzuaiter confirmed that is their address. According to current city records, the Abuzuaiters have at least 44 outstanding violations throughout their properties, and have failed to sign for at least two certified letters, each of which covers multiple violations. When asked why certified letters sent to her home address were returned to the city undelivered, Marikay Abuzuaiter said, “I have no idea.” Marikay Abuzuaiter also said, “If we knew about anything we immediately fixed it.” And she asked how they were supposed to fix something they didn’t know about. But the city sent certified letters to the Abuzuaiters’ home to notify them and the letters were returned. It’s a method of notification that is used to make certain someone actually received the letter. She said that being accused of not fixing violations was, “A slap to my reputation for something I didn’t even know about.” Several of the Abuzuaiter cases from 2010 are listed as active according to city records, but don’t show whether letters have been signed for. City staff has raised the possibility that the cases were closed but ®inadvertently listed as open in the process of transferring data to a new computer system. The Planning and Community Development Department changed databases

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in 2011 and, according to city staff, some data had to be transferred between the systems manually, and in some cases were not entered or were entered incorrectly. However, since 2011 when the city had no known computer issues, cases show a problem on the IMAS end, with some certified mail sent to the Abuzuaiters’ home address being returned unclaimed. A notice of violation regarding 3704-B Flint St. was sent by certified mail to the Abuzuaiters’ home address on April 1, 2011, but was returned. The letter was later hand delivered by a city employee. There are 18 violations included in the 3704-B Flint St. case, all of which are listed as the owner’s responsibility in the city file. According to an older report, the violations were discovered during an inspection on Nov. 24, 2010, and corrected on Jan. 1, 1900, which indicates a problem with the city computer system. The violations include missing smoke detectors, a broken smoke detector, rotting wood on the building exterior, plumbing problems and a leaking air-conditioning unit that is causing the floor to buckle. According to current city records, the case is still active. Marikay Abuzuaiter said the fact that a certified letter about the case was sent to her home and returned to the city unclaimed “Just boggles the mind.”

Another notice of violation for a case at 3706-H Flint St. sent by certified mail to the Abuzuaiters’ home was signed for in April 2011. The violations include exposed wiring in a utility closet, rotting wood on the outside of the building, missing smoke detectors, an improperly installed water heater valve and a loose toilet. The case is still open according to city records. A notice of violation about 3507-A North Church St. was signed for in April 2012, and the case is still listed as open and (Continued on page 8)

Addicts (Continued from previous page) deterioration in the level of care provided – and the new cuts at the Guilford County substance abuse treatment center are just one more indication of that. The legislation that forced consolidation exempted counties above a certain population only exempted Mecklenburg and Wake counties – the state’s two counties with the largest populations. Guilford County is third in population in the state and District 62 state Rep. John Blust told The Rhino Times that, if he had been made aware this was a concern, he may have been able to get the state legislature to exempt Guilford County as well.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Parents Weigh In On School Spending by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The Guilford County Board of Education – its plans for a $72 million airport area high school having imploded – on Monday, Nov. 5 switched to trying to sell Guilford County citizens on the idea of using the $72 million as a pool of money to repair and expand existing Guilford County schools. In a public forum in the auditorium of Page High School, the school board tried to explain how it got in a $72 million mess and the options for using the money. “Money” is an exaggeration, because the $72 million is part of $457 million in school bonds approved by voters in May 2008. The bonds that would provide the money for the high school have not been sold by Guilford County. The forum began with Guilford County Schools Chief Information Officer Terrence Young telling the audience that he was going to attempt to explain “how we ended up where we are” – never a good sign. Young’s job was to try to simultaneously justify the decision to build what was originally an $80 million high school, the school board’s failure to do so, and the desire of the Guilford County Schools Facilities Department to latch onto the $72 million and use it for fixing Guilford County public schools that have been allowed to decay, while the school system was spending astronomical amounts on building new and renovating old schools School board Chairman Alan Duncan said repeatedly that the school board has not decided what to do about the airport area high school, which was intended to be the gem of the half-billion-dollar building program. And the paperwork Guilford County Schools handed out listed numerous options. The airport area high school, as described on the project list, would have been a 1,200-student school expandable to 1,400 students, would have included the purchase of between 105 and 150 acres for the high school and for a future airport area middle school, the construction funds for which were not on the project list. The school board tried

to purchase two properties for the schools, but was prevented by opposition from High Point and Kernersville, respectively. The future options for the failed high school/middle school project, according to the school system’s handouts, include building a smaller high school; searching for separate, smaller properties for the high school and middle schools; buying land for the middle and high schools but building neither; changing the target location for the schools; building a middle school instead of a high school; and placing both the high school and middle school projects on hold. The handouts included numerous enrollment projection charts to justify the school board’s decision to build the high school and its likely decision to cancel it. Short version: The enrollment in Guilford County high schools had increased by

Abuzuaiter (Continued from page 7) uncorrected. Many of the 30 violations at 3507-A North Church St. are related to electrical problems including outlets missing cover plates, exposed wiring and a busted thermostat. There is also extensive fire damage to the interior and appliances. Marikay Abuzuaiter explained that the apartment, which is currently vacant, had been damaged by a fire and that all of the damage had not been repaired. A notice of violation for a case involving 3503-E North Church St. sent in April 2011, was signed for, and all 13 violations in the case are marked as corrected. The first notice of violation for 3820A Mosby Dr. was sent by certified mail July 12, 2012 but was returned. The letter was resent Friday, Oct. 26, and there is no indication in the city records that that letter has been signed for either. The violations are still outstanding according to city records. According to Marikay Abuzuaiter all the violations have been fixed but the apartment has not yet been re-inspected by

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more than 1,000 a year before the crash of 2008, but since then the yearly increase has dropped to a few hundred and shows no sign of returning to its previous levels. That leaves the school board with a planned high school with no constituency or $74 million in mad money ($72 million for the high school and its land and $2 million for the land for the future middle school) – minus the $3 million it has already spent on the high school project. After the school board closes out the other 25 projects on the list for the 2008 school bonds, it will have much more than $74 million left over, once you figure in leftover money from completed projects, the budgets for which were substantially padded. Say $140 million as a working number. The school board will take the first $22.5 million in spending of the leftover money to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners

on Nov. 15, 2012 for approval. Duncan said, “Which is not going to be all the savings at the end of the day.” In other words, the school board is going to have oodles of money left over and is trying to decide where to spend it. If the audience at Page was any indication, most parents want the money spent at schools their children already attend. That seemed to be the point of Young’s presentation anyway. The airport area high school was intended to absorb new students that would have otherwise gone to Northwest High School, Southwest Guilford High School and Western Guilford HIgh School – but as Young said, enrollment at those schools has leveled out. Young said, “While some of our schools, yes, they do exceed the capacity of our designs, the excess is not significant.”

the city, so it is still listed as open. That case involves nine violations including failed heating, leaking plumbing fixtures, missing smoke detectors, a kitchen sink that isn’t properly connected to the sewer system, and an order for a licensed exterminator for roaches and bedbugs. Similarly, a certified letter sent to the Abuzuaiters for 1825 Merritt Dr. in February 2012 was returned. The case contains 20 violations including a rotten ceiling, leak damage, holes in the wall and leaking and clogged plumbing. All of the violations are still active according to city records. Marikay Abuzuaiter noted that when the Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy (RUCO) was still in effect that they never lost a RUCO permit and that they had never been before the Minimum Housing Board for any of their properties. She said they had also passed stringent Section 8 housing inspections for properties. Marikay Abuzuaiter insisted that they fixed violations as soon as they found out about them, and never offered any explanation for why somebody didn’t sign for or go pick up certified mail from the

City of Greensboro. She did say that the city inspectors had their phone numbers and implied that the problems were with one city inspector, although the violations are signed by at least three different inspectors. According to Marikay Abuzuaiter some of these problems were caused by the fact that electricity to the apartments had been disconnected. She said that when the electricity, which is the tenant’s responsibility, is disconnected that the apartment is supposed to be condemned and the property owner given 48 hours to get the tenants out or fix the problem. She said the city was not supposed to inspect apartments that had no electricity because there was no way to tell if the appliances, heat and/or air conditioning worked. Marikay Abuzuaiter has been critical of which parties are held responsible for the violations, claiming that some of the violations listed as the owner’s responsibility are the tenant’s. These responsibilities include maintaining electrical service to the unit and keeping the premises in the order in which they found it.

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High Point Elects Sims First Black Mayor by paul C. clark Staff Writer

High Pointers went to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and elected an almost entirely new City Council, changing the occupants of seven seats on the ninemember City Council, including the mayor, who, when councilmembers are sworn in on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012, will be current Ward 1 Councilmember Bernita Sims rather than longtime Mayor Becky Smothers, who will hold an at-large seat. Sims will be High Point’s first black mayor. Although reluctant to express optimism during the mayoral campaign, Sims dropped all pretense of calm after the votes were tallied on Tuesday night. “I am super excited,” she said. “I’m like a 9.0 on the Richter Scale. Yeah, about 9.0, I think that’s accurate. I didn’t have any doubts. I’m just not one to get ahead of myself. I just knew it would take a lot of work, so we worked it like we were running from behind.” There were three active mayoral candidates. Sims who got 33 percent of the vote beat developer Coy Williard with 27 percent and longtime Ward 5 Councilmember Chris Whitley with 18 percent. Motivational speaker Tammy Holyfield, who withdrew from the race, nonetheless received 10 percent of the vote, and candidate Matthew Fowler, who didn’t campaign at all, got 11 percent. High Point City Council races are nonpartisan, but Sims didn’t hesitate to attribute her victory to her Democratic base. “I think I would have liked to have had a stronger Democratic council, but I’ll work with what I have to get done what I want to get done,” she said. “High Point talks about nonpartisan races, but I don’t look at it that way. We’re all partisan in the end. We have our strong beliefs and things we want to get done.” Beginning her term as mayor on a partisan note may not be the best strategy for Sims, and is against recent High Point practice. Sims began her run for mayor with a huge advantage: The fact that High Point several years ago did away with its primary for City Council races, which set up a situation in which Sims ran against two white Republican candidates who split the white and Republican votes. Sims is unlikely to have that advantage in 2014, if she runs for reelection. Many High Point councilmembers, tired of having to fight to scrape by with plurality wins, want to reinstate the primary system – meaning Sims would likely run against one Republican candidate backed by a unified Republican Party. Emphasizing party distinctions even before she is sworn in may be remembered if the primary is reinstated.

“We need a primary,” Smothers said. “If you look at the voting, we have one candidate [Fowler], who, as you pointed out, didn’t show up except to pay $96, and got 4,006 votes, and another candidate [Holyfield] who withdrew and got 3,574 votes. That could have made a difference, and the same was true in the at-large race.” But Tuesday night was Sims’ night. And during the mayoral campaign, her Republican opponents spent more time attacking each other than attacking her. Even after the vote, Whitley seemed more concerned with the amount Williard spent on the campaign than about Sims’ victory. “We always knew that the numbers favored her,” Whitley said of Sims. “I was hoping that north High Point would come out heavily.” The third-quarter campaign reports showed that Williard raised about $63,000 and Whitley raised less than $10,000. “That’s how it goes,” Whitley said. “I knew the numbers. I was outspent probably 7 to 1, and that gets you closer to being the winner. But that’s fine. Now I can probably get some work done. I anticipated that the entire time, too. I think the citizens will be better off with Bernita than with Coy – I know that, because she knows what’s going on in the City of High Point.” Williard could not be reached for comment. Sims said that the fact that High Point voters elected a mayor with 10 years of City Council experience was more important than the fact that they elected High Point’s first black mayor. “I think it says that High Point looks at things from I hope a different perspective,” she said. “I think it says that experience does matter. I think it says we’re willing to vote for a person who has the experience to make things happen.” Sims said that, if she could get one vote through the City Council on the day after she is sworn in, it would be to get a street named after Martin Luther King Jr. A similar effort in High Point failed after a high-pitched battle some years ago. Sims said, “I would like to see us move into the 21st century along with other cities and have a street that is named after Dr. King.” The City Council has two at-large seats. One of them is occupied by Councilmember Latimer Alexander, who lost a state Senate primary race and did not run for reelection to the City Council. The other is occupied by first-term Councilmember Britt Moore, who ran for reelection. There were five candidates for the two at-large seats. The seats were taken by Smothers, with 29 percent of the vote, and Britt Moore, who was reelected with 19 percent. The other at-large candidates were not far

behind Moore. Ed Squires had 18 percent of the vote, and Elijah Lovejoy and Cynthia Davis each got 17 percent. “I don’t take it as much as a vote for me as a belief that the city has been on a good course,” Smothers said. “That we have been prudent in how we spend money. That we have recognized the needs of this community and tried to balance the ability to serve those needs with the impact on the tax rate. That really does go to the heart of what had been the major theme of the WilliardLovejoy-[Cynthia] Davis campaign. I think people also recognize that there was going to be a significant change in turnover and some prior experience would be an asset for anyone who ran.” Britt Moore said he wasn’t sure until the end that he would win the other at-large seat. “I think plurality votes are certainly hard to call,” he said. “But I feel like I worked really hard and put in a strong ground effort and was certainly lucky to come in with one of the two at-large positions.” Britt Moore, like Smothers, said Guilford County’s 2012 property tax revaluation made the campaign difficult for incumbents. “It is a hard thing to explain,” he said. “I certainly understand the angst and dislike of tax increases. I share them. We’ve got to find a way to increase the tax base. We’re going to continue to find challenges to the revenue streams that make government run. We’ve always been dependent on property taxes, and we need to look at that. It’s got to come from the private sector or we’re going to have to look at the services we provide.” The race to succeed Sims in Ward 1, like the at-large race, was a five-candidate dogfight. Jeff Golden, who unsuccessfully tried to unseat Sims in 2010, took the seat with 27 percent of the vote. He beat Orrick Quick, who had 25 percent; former at-large Councilmember Mary Lou Blakeney, who had 22 percent; Larry Diggs, who had 14 percent; and Willie Davis, who had 13 percent. Golden said he considered Blakeney his main opponent until shortly before the election. “Of course I’m excited about everything,” he said. “Before the election, the [Greensboro-based Simkins] PAC endorsed Orrick Quick, and I thought that was odd after not talking to any of the other candidates. He had an endorsement from a PAC that didn’t interview any of the other four candidates. That was my biggest fear coming in. My thought was that [Blakeney] was the main candidate to beat. Orrick came sort of out of nowhere.” Councilmember Foster Douglas ran unopposed in Ward 2. The Ward 3 race pitched incumbent Mike Pugh, an ornery iconoclast and anti-tax and

rate increase purist, against former High Point mayor and City Councilmember Judy Mendenhall. Mendenhall won, getting 56 percent, to Pugh’s 44 percent. “I personally felt that the reason I ran for the ward seat, in addition to the fact that I had run in the past, was that I felt the ward really needed some representation that would act and not just talk,” Mendenhall said. “I don’t mean to be critical of the way Mike worked, but in talking to people in the ward, I was hearing that they felt they had not been represented well. I think the vote was a representation of the people in the ward, after consideration, thinking I could be a person who could not only represent the ward well, but do some good for the whole city. I think I have proven in the past that I am a doer, not just a talker.” Ward 4 Councilmember A.B. Henley did not run for reelection. Two candidates vied for his seat: Jay Wagner, who got political attention when he ran for mayor against Smothers in 2010 and lost; and Matthew Brett Moore (no relation to Britt Moore). Matthew Brett Moore, in 2005, then still in college, ran against Ward 5 Councilmember Chris Whitley and did surprisingly well. Matthew Brett Moore since then has graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Elon Law School and has been an attorney in private practice for two years. Wagner won, getting 65 percent of the vote, to Moore’s 35 percent. Wagner could not be reached for comment. In Ward 5, Whitley’s decision to run for mayor left his seat open. Three candidates ran: Jim Davis, a general contractor who now sits on the High Point Planning and Zoning Commission and the High Point Parks and Recreation Commission; Gerald Grubb, the owner of Southern Cross Mortgage, who ran unsuccessfully for the Ward 6 seat in 2010 and has since been redistricted into Ward 5; and Rodney Joslin, who badly lost an attempt to unseat Whitley in 2010. Jim Davis won, with 60 percent of the vote, to Grubb’s 28 percent, and Joslin’s 12 percent. Jim Davis thanked his opponents for running clean campaigns and attributed his win to his lifelong residence in High Point and his focus on fiscal issues. “Certainly our property tax rates and our utility rates are a big factor,” he said. “People are ready for a big change. Growing up here and living here all my life, a lot of people know me and trust me to make decisions for them. I’m kind of humbled by that. I’m going to ask that we get our budget as soon as possible so we can start reviewing our budget. I want to be one of the councilmembers who looks at the budget line by line and department by department. I’m going to need adequate time to do that.” (Continued on next page)

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School Board Foxed By High Point Council by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Memo to the Guilford County Board of Education: Be careful what you ask for. The school board and the High Point City Council have spent months on unseemly bickering over the value of 10 acres the school board owns on Shadybrook Road next to the High Point Athletic Complex and Miracle Field for children with disabilities. High Point wants the property, but the price squabble, like other recent issues between the school board and High Point, is creating yet another rift between the school board and High Pointers. High Point wants to use the 10 acres at the Miracle Field to add parking, a shelter for children with respiratory problems and a new soccer field. The school board acknowledges that it has no use for the property. The school board once proposed building a middle school on the land but now admits that it doesn’t need one in the area. The school board commissioned an appraisal in December 2011, which valued the property at $400,000, and which everyone involved on the High Point side of the squabble said was based on faulty information. High Point City Manager Strib Boynton on April 11, 2012, wrote Guilford County School Superintendent Mo Green offering

to buy the 10 acres for the 2011 county assessed tax value of $294,300. On June 13, 2012, Green, acting for the school board, wrote Boynton asking that the City of High Point conduct a separate appraisal of the property. The results of High Point’s appraisal were submitted to the city on Oct. 27, by Michael S. Clapp & Associates. Clapp & Associates valued the property at $255,000. Guilford County Schools should have taken High Point’s $294,300 offer. The Guilford County Schools Facilities Department had the property appraised for $400,000 in December 2011 – but that appraisal was flawed, both because it was based on a theory that a prior use on a part of the property would allow the property to be rezoned multifamily (something High Point has made clear is not going to happen), and, according to school board member Ed Price, the prime mover behind the Miracle Field, because the appraiser didn’t have access to an agreement between the school board and the City Council that restricts the property’s uses to a school or a recreational facility. Price said Guilford County Schools made two mistakes: not giving the appraiser the agreement between High Point and the school system that limited the possible uses of the property, and assuming that the High Point City Council would rezone the

property for apartments. The December 2011 appraisal was performed by Foster Appraisal Services Inc. of Greensboro and valued the property at $400,000 based on a “highest and best use” of the property for multifamily dwellings under a Residential Multifamily 8 (RM-8) zoning. The Foster appraisal claims that the north half of the 10-acre property is zoned public institutional and the south half is zoned RM-8. High Point Planning and Development Director Lee Burnette, however, said that was incorrect. He said part of the property has a residential land-use designation, but that the entire property is zoned public institutional. The school board would still

have to get the City Council to rezone the property for residential use, which isn’t going to happen. The October 2012 Clapp and Associates appraisal doesn’t make the same mistakes. Michael Clapp reported to the City Council that the value of the property was limited by the agreement between the school board and the City of High Point, which doesn’t expire until Dec. 31, 2016. “In my opinion the net effect of the agreement is to restrict the use of the land until proper notice is given so that the agreement can be cancelled by one of the two parties, presumably the City of High Point, upon its expiration on December 31, (Continued on page 38)

Sims (Continued from previous page) The Ward 6 race pitted incumbent and retired political scientist Jim Corey against real estate agent Jason Ewing, who ran for the Ward 6 seat in 2010 and only barely lost to Corey. This year, Ewing came out on top, with 52 percent, to Corey’s 47 percent. Ewing said he picked up enough new supporters to win the again-close race against Corey. “I’ve definitely gained more supporters

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than I had in 2010 because of the more involvement I had in 2012 and the dissatisfaction about the way Jim has performed on council,” Ewing said. “Two precincts that went for Jim last time went to me this time. And his home precinct he won again, but two years ago, he took it by a little over 100 votes. This time he still won it, but he won it by only 40 votes, and that was the first precinct to post. When I saw that, I felt good about it.”

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The Sound of the Beep What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine tape on our comment line 273-0898. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 273-0898 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep. Hey, Rhino, I just want to say thanks for the Schmoozefest at the PorterHouse. Probably one of the best ones ever, and enjoyed it. Food was good. Beer was good. And tell you Sunday I’m thinking about going back over there and have a couple of drafts and more of the sliders. Thanks again. Loved it. Bye. %%% Why don’t we Americans sing our national anthem? As I’m watching the opening ceremonies for the NFL games set in London, I observed during the national anthem, sung beautifully, football players, other people being distracted. During the rendition of “God Save the King,” the whole stadium was singing. It reminded me of the Olympics when the Hispanics’ anthems were played, everyone sang. When our anthem was played, almost no one did. This is just very strange to me, and I really wish we showed more unity on a world platform. Thank you. %%% To all those who enable and support and prolong the painful retention of Guilford County Manager Brenda Fox, we send our thanks. She continuously proves that incompetence, deception, double dealings, slipperiness and arrogant can coexist. Her champion allows her to swim in protected waters while taxpayers are forced to flap around like fish on dry land. And we foot the bill. Maybe Skip can pay her bonus, or maybe she can pay his. Hallelujah, whatever, goodbye. %%% I think the county commissioners should leave the Prison Farm as is. It teaches the people who are inmates there a trade. They have flowers that they grow. They make furniture. And I don’t know what else they do, but it teaches them a trade so when they get out and, hopefully, behave themselves a trade so they can maybe get a job. And commissioners don’t like it, that’s tough. It does do that. So, maybe that’s one good thing about it. %%% Hopefully, the United States emperor and his new robe will be voted out of office soon and most of his zombie radicals with him. Don’t be surprised by his list of those receiving presidential pardons. Government equipment and facilities will be damaged and defaced in a manner that occurred when Clinton left office. But fight on Americans. Let’s put the country together again. %%% This message is for Scott Yost. I appreciate your article about the size of the prison farm. But you appear to have missed a rather obvious point. Even if you accept the premise that we have 740 acres in Guilford, 112 acres in Forsyth County, the numbers do not add up to 106 acres. By my count it is 852 acres as a total. And try as I might, I can’t add them up to anything else. Wonder where the missing acres went? Thanks for your help. Bye-bye. %%% Editor’s Note: We couldn’t make those figures add up either. %%% Hello. Is anyone else in love with the Van York Auto spokeswoman, or is it just me? She is beautiful. And such a captivating smile. My blue shirt is a favorite. %%% I don’t believe there’s no way in the world that Obama can win this election. However, if he does, they should bring him up on charges and impeach him for letting those four men die when he was too busy campaigning to put help over there and do it. It’s a dereliction of duty. And it ought to go through. If he does win, they ought to impeach him and get him out of there and save this country. The man has done everything he can do to destroy this country, and now he’s getting people killed. All you have to do is watch Fox News to find that out. Nobody else is going to tell you. They want him in. %%% (Continued on page 16)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Uncle Orson Reviews Everything Third Reich, 1914, Anachronistic History by orson scott card

History is always anachronistic. That is, the account of the past is, by definition, written down from the point of view of the present, and the history becomes at once an account of the era it is about and an inadvertent record of the era from which it is viewed. For instance, I am listening to William L. Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, downloaded from I first read the book when I was 10 years old; my older sister had been required to read the book for her high school history class, and she passed it along to me in the correct belief that it would interest me. The Rise and Fall became one of the formative experiences of my life. What stuck most clearly in my memory were five things: 1. The agony of the vivid and personal terms in which Shirer told of the Holocaust, so that I not only wept at the time of reading, but was haunted by the knowledge of how readily human beings descend to levels of barbarism that had been unthinkable to me up to then. 2. The grim knowledge of how those who are determined to rule over others will say whatever they think will achieve their purposes, with neither honor nor honesty –

no sense that their words must be connected to reality, that having made a promise they must keep it, or that having declared a friendship they must be loyal. 3. The eagerness with which those charged with defending the free countries conspired to give Hitler everything he wanted, and in the name of “keeping the peace” threw away the freedom and national aspirations of other nations, only to be left to fight a much more difficult and costly war later. 4. The short-sightedness and stupidity of partisan politicians in Germany who refused to unite to oppose the obvious danger of the Nazi thugs. At no point was it anything less than obvious that Hitler intended to destroy democracy, brutally crush and kill his opponents, and take Germany to war. Yet industrialists, military leaders and rival politicians actively supported Hitler’s cause in the foolish belief that they could somehow influence or control him. 5. Hitler’s self-story, which grew into megalomania as he was proven right again and again. Even though in the moment of action he was often tormented with fear that he might be wrong, he nevertheless did act boldly, based upon his conclusions about the weakness and stupidity of his rivals and foes, and was right so often that his eventual

arrogance can be understood. Fortunately, this overweaning selfconfidence became the Achilles’ heel that brought him to utter ruin; but I learned that it is the person who acts boldly and, yes, courageously who changes the world, for good or ill; and I learned that even (or especially) the most evil person is the hero of his own self-story. Those lessons have openly shaped my understanding of world and national affairs from the age of 10 onwards. Now, however, rereading the book 50 years later, I have realized that it shaped me in ways that I did not remember. First, Shirer constantly refers to and evaluates the sources of his information. Sometimes two different diaries tell of the same account, while a memoir and contemporaneous notes offer competing versions. Shirer will typify a source as “usually reliable” or “often self-serving,” as “designed to defend himself at Nuremberg” or astonishingly candid. I have spent the rest of my life reading history in exactly the same manner, constantly asking myself, How could the writer possibly know this? What was the source he relied on for this conclusion? Second, Shirer constantly shows us the contrast between Nazi propaganda and the

November 10,11,17,18 at 2 pm November 10,16,17 at 7:30 pm November 13-16 at 9:30 am November 16 at 12 noon

actual events, and reminds us that incredible as the Nazi version was, the German people believed the propaganda. However, he is fair about this: He himself was a leading American journalist (for UPI, CBS and others) during that time, and was often an eyewitness. Even though he detested and feared Hitler, he still took many government lies at face value, unable to conceive of a government lying on such a scale. He was only able to find out the truth about many things after the war, when the whole archive of the Third Reich was laid open for examination. Because of his account of Nazi propaganda, I have remained skeptical my entire life, realizing that I am rarely being told the whole story and assuming that stories are always being spun or outright lied about. Thus I have watched for the signs that should have told the German people they were being lied to. I have also watched with sadness as the American people, too, swallowed obvious lies and propaganda and continue to do so, whether it emanates from the Right or the Left, from religious leaders or politicians, or even from absurd rumors that fly with the speed of viral web legends. (Continued on page 32)

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In Emergency, Don’t Call Durham 911 by Scott D. Yost county editor

On Tuesday of last week, at about 8:30 p.m., I was talking to my mother on the phone. My mom, who’s 76 years old and lives alone in Chapel Hill, was at home that night and was telling me that she was going to come into Greensboro the next day. Suddenly, she stopped in mid-sentence and, in a gut-wrenching voice, she screamed, “Noooo!” and then there was a very loud crashing sound. It sounded like glass breaking and it was followed by complete silence. I could tell the phone line was still open, but there was no sound coming from her end. “Mom!” I called into the phone. “Mom! Can you hear me?” I listened for a few seconds to see if I could hear anything. I couldn’t. “Mom!” I said again. “Mom!” I continued to listen but I heard nothing but silence. I sat there, getting more and more worried as various nightmare scenarios ran through my mind. I hung up and called 911. The operator for Greensboro’s 911 system identified herself and said: “What is the location of your emergency.” “The emergency is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I’m calling for my mother. I was on the phone with her; she screamed out the word no, and there was a crashing sound and then no response from her.” I gave the address. “What county is that?” she asked. My mother lives right on the line of Orange County and Durham County, and, for some services, she uses Orange County, while, for others, it’s Durham County. I had just helped her get an absentee ballot and, after calling Orange County to get that, they had referred me to Durham County. “I think it’s Durham County,” I said. “I’m transferring you now,” the operator said. The phone rang at Durham County’s 911 center. Then it rang again. The phone rang a third time. Then again. A woman picked up and she said something I couldn’t understand. “Is this Durham County 911?” I asked, somewhat frantic by this point. “Yes,” she said. “I have an emergency at [my mother’s address] in Chapel Hill. I was on the phone with my mother, she screamed out the word no, and there was a crashing sound followed by no response.” I repeated the address to make sure she had understood it correctly. “What is your phone number?” she asked. I said my phone number clearly. The woman read it back to me to make sure she had taken it down correctly. The number she read back was wrong by at least two digits. “No,” I said, highly frustrated, very worried about every passing second. I gave her my phone number again, and she read it back to me a second time and, this time, she got it right. Then she began to ask me a series of questions. I can’t remember all of them, but they were questions like, “Does she live alone?” “What’s her phone number?” and so on. I remember one time I’d heard an emergency management official tell a group that, “When you hear 911 tapes, and the operator is asking a lot of questions and it seems like he or she should have dispatched someone, what a lot of people don’t realize is that often they’ve already dispatched someone to the scene.” I wanted to make sure that was happening in this case, so I interrupted her string of questions. “Have you sent someone yet?” I asked. “No, sir.” “Well, you need to send someone now!” I gave her the address again. She said something like that she was trying to discern the nature of the event so she would know whether to send medical or law enforcement. I’m being honest when I say that I didn’t shout at her at this point, but I did say the following as sternly as anyone can say anything without shouting it. “We don’t know what happened. She was on the phone. She screamed ‘No.’ There was a loud crash. Maybe someone broke in; maybe a cabinet fell on her and she’s (Continued on page 16)


shoot for the



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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beep (Continued from page 12) Hello. This is High Point calling. Just now got the newest edition of The Rhino Times, reading Orson Scott Card’s Civilization Watch, which has just got me boiling mad. I cannot believe we’ve got people serving our country like this. But also what cooled my temper down, I looked at “Scott’s Night Out.” And those little iPhone wrappers, man, they’re awesome. %%% You told us to, quote, vote Romney early and often, end quote. So, now you want us to commit voter fraud to get your candidate elected? %%% Now that we’ve gone through a natural catastrophe in the US, where’s all our help and assistance? Everybody be quick to send money over to all these other foreign countries, but I don’t see any of them

Yost (Continued from page 15)

Scott’s Night Out Wednesday night last week, Cory Donley (left) and Krysten Jackson were enjoying themselves on Elm Street, where I got this picture. I think Cory must have just gotten off her nightshift job at Moses Cone Hospital, and, from the look of it, Krysten had just left class – perhaps a night class at UNCG, where, I’m guessing, she may have been expelled for something. But, again, I’m just guessing. It was also Halloween, so Cory and Krysten were no doubt glad to be off work and out of school, and I imagine they were on their way home to change into Halloween costumes and hit some parties. – Scott D. Yost.

bleeding to death. We don’t know what happened. I don’t care who you send – just send someone.” It reminded me of every time on television were you hear the 911 calls of people in an emergency and the operator is asking a lot of questions and you’re just practically screaming at the television, “Lady, just send someone!” I think the woman told me the response was going to come from Orange County 911. She said something like that. She said someone was being sent out. Then she was getting ready to hang up. “Wait,” I said. “Who can I call to find out something when they get there?” She gave me a number for a Durham 911 supervisor, and she said he could give me some information if I called back later. I had been standing and pacing the whole time, and now I sat down and began to panic as various scenarios ran through my head. About five minutes after I hung up with the 911 operator, my phone rang. It was my mother. I can’t tell you what she said at first, but the important thing was that it was my mother and she was alive and seemed to be OK. She said she had fallen, and she said that, on the way down, she had grabbed a shelf for balance, but, instead of the shelf holding her up, it had come down with everything on it. She said her phone was knocked out of the room into the kitchen and she couldn’t find it after she recovered from the fall. I told her I had called 911 and I asked if they had arrived yet. She said they had not. I said I was surprised they weren’t there already, and my mother said she was too. She said she was OK, and she told me she was going to call 911 back and tell them they didn’t need to come. She said she would call

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

helping us. They like to take, take, take, take, take and never give, give, give, give. It’s ridiculous. Here these poor people are suffering, loss of lives, their homes, but nobody cares about us. We’re strong. We’ll get back on our feet. Maybe we should do the same with the other ones and not worry about them. You send money over there, and they don’t do nothing. Everybody steals it. So, let’s stop helping the foreigners. Help America. Get us back on our feet. %%% Yes, hello, Beep. It’s about 2 p.m. Friday afternoon. I had the pleasure of going to court today in High Point, civil court, for a little matter. And I was standing there, and they had the courthouse – the courtroom was full, and they had people standing in line. I’ve never seen such a mess in my life. There was three heroin addicts standing in line about to fall down. I saw one heroin (Continued on page 42)

me after she called them. A few minutes later, my mother called back. She told me that, when she called 911 to tell them not to come, the woman on the other end of the line said she would take care of it. My mother said the woman – who she thought was with Orange County 911 – told her that any call to that address would come through there, and she added that no call for my mother’s address had come through yet, so my mother didn’t have to worry about 911 showing up. The operator said that, when the call got to her, she would let them know there was no reason to send anyone out. But the truth is that it didn’t really matter at that point if they sent someone out or not, because, if it had been a serious emergency, by the time they got there, my mother in all likelihood would have been dead. I called Durham 911 later that night and I asked them what had happened. They said they had a record of the call, and that they had later sent out a “cancel dispatch” notification so the dispatch was cancelled. This wasn’t my mother’s first experience with 911. A few years ago, while playing tennis at the Chapel Hill Country Club, she fell and broke her arm. They had called 911 and my mother said that, at that time, it took about 30 minutes for EMS to get there. One of the responders explained to her that they had gotten lost. He told my mother, when he saw it was a broken arm: “That’s a relief – I was worried it was a heart attack. I’m sure glad it wasn’t.” And my mother said she was thinking: Well, me too. What’s really frightening is that this was the Chapel Hill Country Club, which is about as well known and obvious a landmark as they come. It wasn’t like it was an unmarked backwoods cabin on a dirt road. Since my 911 call experience last week, I’ve been researching 911 protocols and (Continued on page 30)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Letters to the Editor Character counts Dear Editor, To coin a phrase from one of Obama’s negative ads, “Character is about what a candidate says when he thinks no one is listening.” The world was listening when Obama made this comment to the Russian president about what he could do after the election – that he would “have more flexibility to discuss the anti-ballistic missile treaty.” But since Obama made this statement concerning our national security, evidently, it doesn’t make any difference. Character is not taking something like this and trying to make a campaign issue out of it. This shouts volumes about Obama’s character, and Romney’s too, for not trying to capitalize on Obama’s clear intent in making this statement to Mr. Medvedev when he wasn’t aware the world was listening. The election will be over by the time this thought would make any difference one way or the other. Just remember it when the time comes. Ramon Bell

Low information people believe Dear Editor, I read this article by Orson Scott Card several times and came to one conclusion. Revisionist history is always best. There

are more distortions and out right lies in this article than what drove the original topic. Obviously fact checking is not a skill in which Mr. Card is familiar. The best part is that I didn’t pay a dime for this drivel. The worst part is that low information people will likely believe this fiction. John Cavanaugh

Alleges alleged needed Dear Editor, “Officials: CIA Tried to Save Diplomats in Libya Attack” Are they lying also. Mr. Card needs to stick with fiction. Or at least say it is alleged. David Colin

Vegetable mascots Dear Editor, In 2004, the Guilford County school board voted to discontinue the use of Native American names for school mascots. Area principals met with school officials at the time to rename the various school mascots. Following the recent meeting of the School Improvement Team, an unincorporated parent group and others at Allen Middle School concerning the school’s Viking mascot being “too blond,” it seems to be a good time to reference Ms. Polly T.

Cowreck’s coverage of the 2004 meeting to choose new mascots for various schools. As you may recall, Andrews High School chose the tomato as its mascot in keeping with their school colors and the athletic director jumped on board with the cheer “Go tomato, go tomato, go tomato, go! Wrap your vine around the team and hit ‘em high and low.” Northwest Guilford, looking to adopt a more upscale vegetable settled on radicchio. The color fit in with Northwest’s red scheme, and the vegetable was easily recognized by most of the Cardinal crowd, who immediately began chanting, “Radicchio, radicchio, go, go, go. Serve ’em up a salad and go, team, go!” Southern was the sentimental favorite of the night since the controversy over mascots had started at their school. Having given up the Indian mascot, the school decided to adopt corn as their new mascot, since corn was especially important to Native Americans. Southern excitedly, but somewhat tearfully, began a chorus of “Corn, corn, frittered, stewed or popped. The Southern High corncobs cannot be stopped.” Western Guilford, as one of the last to choose a vegetable mascot, had to settle for the yam, which was closet to their school colors of gold and black. Even though they had last pick of vegetable mascots, the cheer came easily enough. All at once a chorus

of, “We are the yam, Western Guilford yams. Try to score on yams and we’ll ram, ram, ram.” By the end of the meeting, all of the high schools had chosen a vegetable for their new mascot and a cheer to put a positive spin on the change. It was even decided to discontinue tournaments at the end of each sports season and instead, al teams would come together and have salad and casserole challenge featuring their school vegetable. Now, it seems that Allen Middle School is following their lead by calling on the school and the school board to immediately get rid of the blond Viking. Polly T. Cowreck has recently learned, from an inside source, that Allen’s mascot of choice will be the apple. A spokesperson for the School Improvement Team told this reporter that Allen Middle School was so excited at the possibility of choosing a new mascot that the School Improvement Team voted immediately to lobby the Guilford County school board to adopt the apple, “a more diverse and inclusive fruit, as the Allen Middle mascot,” a member of the local parent group said. “The apple is the most diverse fruit. It comes in several different colors and varying degrees of sweetness and tartness and is most representative of Allen’s diverse student population. Why we’ve even come up with our introductory cheer that goes, (Continued on page 30)

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(Continued from page 1) from Obama’s wrongdoing. You knew that Obama lied to cover up this culpable negligence, and then lied about lying. You had the video, CBS, which you could have aired immediately after the second debate, exposing him for the liar that he is. Instead you held it back until two days before the election, when other stories predominated. And all the rest of you – you gave it minimal mention, you played it down, you treated it as nothing, though you know that if you had caught Romney in such a lie two days before the election, you would have played that footage continuously and condemned his lies in tones of shocked outrage. Barack Obama is still a liar – you didn’t change that, you merely hid it. Barack Obama is still the selfish, cowardly commander-in-chief who abandons American public servants – you didn’t change him, nor did you give him any reason to change. When Hurricane Sandy devastated a part of America, you showed Barack Obama only in a favorable light. Even though his administration, his FEMA, did at least as badly as the Bush administration did after Katrina, and with


(Continued from page 16)

practices. I’ve talked to several people high up in the chain of North Carolina 911 officials. Before last week, I always thought that you called 911 and, if it was an emergency, they just sent someone right away. I told one high-ranking 911 state official what had happened, and I said I felt they should have sent someone at the very beginning of the call. “Who would you have liked them to send?” he asked me. “Whoever can get there first,” I said. He said, “Well, there might be someone there with a gun. And EMS isn’t armed so sending EMS could put them in harm’s way.” I told him that they should dispatch someone immediately – both EMS and law enforcement if necessary – and have them on the way and then find out all the facts during the time it takes for help to arrive. He told me that, in situations like mine, “when the phone goes dead,” it often takes 30 minutes or more, because “check the welfare calls” such as that can take some time. I said there’s a difference between a line going dead and someone screaming no followed by a crashing sound and no response. “That’s not a check the welfare call,” I told him. I asked him where I could find the protocols for the state for when someone

Thursday, November 8, 2012

far less excuse, you did not run endless coverage of the people’s suffering, the way you did with Bush. We have an exact comparison now. We know that you air negative video and print negative stories only when you don’t like the president involved; when you support the president, when he’s on your team, you downplay the negatives, you find other people to blame. You become “impartial.” Only Bush was held accountable for storm damage, as if he had godlike powers and failed to use them. Barack Obama has no accountability, not if we depend on you to call him to account. Obama can withhold documents requested by a Republican House, and you tell the story, or refuse to mention it, as if the Republicans were mere partisans playing political games. (But we remember: When a Republican president withholds documents from Congress under a claim of executive privilege, you treat that as a constitutional crisis and never miss an opportunity to remind your audience of how the Republican president is trying to hide things from the public and deny the public their right to know.) There are still a few real news outlets – a few reporters, a few stations, a few newspapers, and one cable news network that remember what journalism used to

should be dispatched, and he told me that there are no state rules or guidelines on when an operator should dispatch help. To a large degree it is a judgement call of the 911 operator. So it’s up to the operator – who may or may not be good at his or her job. My editor, John Hammer. knows a lot about this type of thing and, when I told him what happened, he said that, here in Guilford County, we have an excellent 911 system. He said that here they were very good about sending out help immediately. He also said that was largely due to the efforts of the former head of Emergency Services, Charlie Porter, who’s well known in this county for being adamant about quick response times. John Hammer said he knew of a 911 call in Greensboro where they had sent a large ladder truck to respond – even though it was a medical call and not a fire. He said he found out that the reason they sent the ladder truck was because it happened to be the closest vehicle to the call. Now that’s the way it should be done. Call me crazy and untrained and uninformed in emergency procedures, but I think that in this county, and everywhere else, the first thing they should do in an emergency is send someone; and they should sort out all the other details while help is speeding toward the scene. That’s how I think it should be every time you have an emergency or a suspected emergency: They should send out help right away – before someone dies rather than after.

mean. You have to attack Fox News and sneer at them and accuse them of bias, don’t you – because they’re actually doing the job you merely pretend to do. They shame you by their genuinely balanced coverage, so you have to lie and accuse them of being what you are: ideological hacks, providing propaganda in order to advance a cause, while hiding the unhelpful truth. So let me ask you a question, here in front of everybody. I know you won’t answer it, but I also know you will have to think about it, once I lay it out. And, thinking about it, you may actually change your behavior – or get out of a profession that you have disgraced. Here’s the question, you journalists, you newspeople: If Barack Obama had a propaganda minister with the power to shut you down if you ran stories that embarrassed him or his administration, would your station, your network, your newspaper, your magazine still be in business? If America had a Joseph Goebbels who would arrest any journalist who reported anything that would make the administration look bad, did you write or say or report anything during this election campaign that would have put you inside a jail cell? Everybody at Fox News would have been jailed, and Fox News would have been shut down. But you already do everything you can to get people not to listen to Fox, so the actions of such a propaganda minister would merely make official what you already try to accomplish by other means. Don’t you dare say I’m lying or exaggerating, because the Democrats did


(Continued from page 29)

“Apple, apple, apple, we’ll show you who’s the boss. If you mess with Allen Apples, we’ll stew you in the sauce.” Unit the next school controversy, this is Polly T. Cowreck reporting. Anonymous

Dictators are your friends Dear Editor, Well, you might think I’m crazy with this latest letter, but I’m not stupid. The socalled Arab Spring has turned into a late fall, if not winter. Look for worse to come for US interests. Therefore, I propose supporting the Assad regime. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. What? I’m looney tunes? Some 30,000 plus have died in Syria over the last year and a half. I submit that as many have died at the hands of the rebels, including themselves, as by the government. Same throughout Africa over the past 60 years. Who are the rebels in Syria? Are they pro-American, or do they want to create another Sharia law state? God help us if these fools take over the Syrian biological and or chemical weapons. As for dictators, I must confess I was

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

try to shut down conservative talk radio, and you supported them in that effort, allowing them to get away with calling the proposed action “fairness.” You go along with the big lie every day. You did it obviously and openly in these last weeks before the election, allowing Barack Obama to conceal, cover up, lie – all because, like good obedient party flacks, you knew that nothing was more important than keeping the Beloved Leader in power. If Barack Obama were a dictator with the power to control the media, you would not have to change your news coverage in any way. But hey. You won. Your Beloved Leader was reelected, and the only price you had to pay was supporting him in his lies and cover-ups, in his repeated unconstitutional refusal to provide Congress with documents they have a legal right – nay, duty – to examine. It’s all in a good cause, right? Truth means nothing to you; only keeping the Beloved Leader in power matters, right? Now America has only two choices. One choice is for the Republican House to investigate Benghazi, struggling to expose the truth about Barack Obama’s high crimes and misdemeanors, both in his culpable negligence during the attack on our consulate, and in his repeated lies afterward to try to conceal his malfeasance. You will, of course, support the Beloved Leader in his stonewalling, his refusal to supply documents. You will treat all his lies as if they were not lies; you will ignore the story as much as possible, calling it “old news.” (Continued on page 40)

once a considerable fan of Saddam Hussein, until I read a book about him. What a piece of work. Yet and still, I ask you, is Iraq better off with or without him. I’ve heard that they are on the verge of civil war, Shiite versus Sunni ad infinitum. Is this in the US’s interest? Gaddafi and Mubarak of Egypt are gone, but are we any better off? We now support the defacto dictator of Afghanistan. Is this looney tunes or what? On the Charlie Rose show on PBS the other night, he had Carter’s former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski along with Gen. James Jones and two others. Brzezinski was easily sharper than the rest put together. Gen. Jones suggested the same old nonsense, supporting the rebels (jihadists?) but not getting sucked in. Beware of unintended consequences. I’ve found throughout my 25-year reservist career that often the most honorable and decent officers were colonels and majors, not generals. The former often sacrificed promotion and fame to try to do the right thing. However, in this regard we need to be Machiavellian. I suggest we join forces with China and Russia and keep Assad in power. What friends we all would then be. John Taylor-Hall

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Majority (Continued from page 1) well liked,” Phillips said of Gibson. Phillips added that his victory over Gibson made a big impression on him. “I was humbled, frankly,” said Phillips, who also said that he had a whole lot of people to thank in the wake of the victory. “I’m thankful for my wife, Lori, for her support for the eight months we’ve been campaigning,” he said. He also thanked the voters in District 5, along with Larry Holmquist, his volunteer coordinator, and Mark Hinkle, his campaign director. In addition, Phillips said he wanted to thank the many volunteers who worked hard this year to make his election possible. Phillips even thanked his opponent. “I want to thank Paul Gibson for his 12 years of service,” Phillips said. “And I want to congratulate Alan and Hank and Raymond Trapp.” Trapp, the only new Democrat taking a seat on the Board of Commissioners next month, won with 100 percent of the vote in the District 8 race Tuesday night. Trapp, the hand-picked successor of Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston, ran unopposed in both the primary and the general election. Phillips said he’s eager to take on his duties as a commissioner and start to reverse the trends of higher taxes and wasteful spending that he said have plagued Guilford County in recent years.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

“New leadership was really needed for this county,” Phillips said. Another happy Republican Tuesday night was Branson, who, like Phillips, took down a long-time county commissioner with very high name recognition. Branson said he’d been working hard and he knew his race would be neck and neck. “I felt like this would be close,” Branson said late Tuesday night while at Republican headquarters on West Market Street. Branson said his first order of business as a commissioner would be to reign in out-of-control county spending, to “cut the fat” from county departments, and to work with school officials to bring down the cost of school construction. He said there were plenty of other things he wanted to accomplish as a commissioner, however, for the time being, he said, he just wanted to celebrate and catch his breath. “Right now I am going to rest and get some sleep, and then there are a lot of things to talk about,” Branson said. Henning’s victory wasn’t a surprise – but the closeness of that race did surprise many. Kellerman pulled out of the race just before the primary elections in May, however her name remained on the ballot and, after she won that primary despite having pulled out, she attempted to mount a campaign. Henning said he never took the race for granted, and, he added, he has a lot of people to thank. He said he had worked closely with the local Republican Party to get his supporters to vote early.

Page 31

When Henning talks about his priorities as a commissioner, he touts the same theme as the other two Republican victors in the commissioners races. “I’d like to jump into the budget and find the details in it,” he said. “The voters are strapped financially and we need to find ways to save.” Henning also benefited from strong backing by prominent Republicans such as Commissioner Billy Yow, who will be stepping down as a Guilford County commissioner on Monday, Dec. 3, the same day the other commissioners are sworn in. An elated Yow, watching the election returns from home Tuesday night, said he was surprised at the slim margin in this race. “It was a little closer than I thought it would be,” Yow said. Yow also said Kellerman didn’t offer Henning much in terms of opposition and he said he suspected the fact that Kellerman was a woman helped her cause – just not enough to overcome Henning’s strengths. Henning, a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq, campaigned hard all year and had a lot of support from the local and state Republican Party. Yow said another factor that played a role in these three races is that the state party poured money into defeating their Democratic opponents. Phillips said he was surprised to see that the party was sending out flyers on his behalf without consulting him in any way.

“I didn’t design them; they didn’t talk to me about them,” Phillips said of the mailers. Alston said he was very surprised when he saw Gibson was in such a close race, one he eventually lost. Gibson sounded a little shocked also Tuesday night after the last precinct came in, but he was also stoic about the final result. “I’m fine as wine,” said Gibson. “If this is the worst thing that ever happens to me then I’m a lucky man.” Gibson, who was able to win at will in the at-large races, said that clearly the redistricting by Republicans in Raleigh had hurt his chances of remaining on the board. “This district was not drawn for any Democrat to win,” Gibson said. The redistricting of the county seats were a matter of contentious debate last year and early this year. The districts were drawn by President Pro-tem of the NC Senate Phil Berger after Alston had drawn up district lines that favored the Democrats. When it looked like Berger was going to allow the county’s Democratic majority on the board to draw lines favoring Democrats, Berger got a lot of criticism from county Republicans, and Berger then stepped in and took control and gave the county the current district lines – which were expected to even the playing field somewhat after 20 years of a Democratic advantage. The results on election night seem to indicate that that (Continued on page 33)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 14) Until this week, though I had often told people that Shirer’s Rise and Fall was one of the most important books in my development as a writer and thinker, I had not really understood how very deeply these lessons had penetrated my worldview and shaped my analysis of world affairs. However, because 50 years have passed, I now see other things about Shirer’s work that I could not possibly have noticed in 1961. For one thing, Shirer has his own biases. The obvious one is his loathing for Hitler and the Nazis. He freely uses adjectives and characterizations that are hardly the language of the impartial historian. The Nazis behaved monstrously and he condemns them frequently. But in 1961, this was such a universal view that it was almost obligatory to speak this way, and no reader would have taken it as excessive; indeed, Shirer is rather restrained in his condemnation of evils that had ended only 15 years before his book appeared. Still, writers who have a particular worldview will inadvertently or deliberately “bear witness” to the beliefs that they have in common with their intended readers. When I see writers “bear witness” to global warming, to hating George Bush, to the evils of the Patriot Act, or to this or that shibboleth of their thoughtgroup, I may shake my head in despair; but I must also suspect that I am no less likely to be bearing witness to my biases in ways I do not see. What I learn from this book now, after all the years of watching world and national politics and policies during the intervening

decades, is that people have democracy only as long as they are willing to look past their own partisanship in order to cooperate in good government. The Nazis could have been kept from power quite easily, right up to the very moment when they seized absolute control of Germany, had short-sighted groups and individuals only been willing to compromise with their sane rivals in order to prevent the Nazi takeover. But each group only looked at what they feared to lose or what they hoped to gain. As long as the Nazis promised to crush the trade unions (a promise they kept), the industrialists helped them. As long as the Nazis promised to rearm Germany, the military helped them. The judiciary cooperated by imposing light sentences on right-wing traitors and heavy ones on far lesser offenders from the Left; thus Hitler served a ludicrously brief sentence for his attempted putsch in the early 1920s, a crime for which, had he been a Social Democrat, he would have spent decades in jail, if he had not been executed. And so on, and so on. That is why I watch with despair both Right and Left in American public life as they destroy any chance of good government or good public policy by their uncompromising insistence on ideological purity. Buying into absurdly rigid dogma sets merely because one’s thoughtgroup insists on it makes the individual stupider and the group more dangerous to everyone. The Germans of the 1920s and 1930s were no less and no more human than Americans today, or than people of any culture or any nation.

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While different cultures choose from different menus of available stupidities and evils, they are all dining from the same underlying list of ingredients, and the meals that result have a numbing sameness in every era of the world. The lies, hatreds and relentless evil of the Nazis are no less obvious in Muslim extremists today, yet intellectuals in Europe and America embrace the hate-filled rhetoric and actions of terrorist groups exactly the way that Nazi sympathizers saw the “justice” in Nazi claims and actions right up to, and even after, the German invasion of Poland, though atrocities were already plainly visible in their actions in Austria and Czechoslovakia. Deliberate stupidity is the only possible explanation for the way that Poland cheerfully joined Germany in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, the Poles gleefully seizing their piece of the broken nation – even though it was obvious to everyone that Germany would do the same to Poland, whose “Polish corridor” had once been an integral part of Germany. Then, when Poland was about to be dismembered, Russian joined in the conquest of Poland even though it was obvious (especially to those who had read Hitler’s Mein Kampf) that it was only a matter of time before Hitler turned to attack the USSR. In both cases, Poland and Russia willingly helped Hitler destroy another country which, had they instead helped it to survive, could have made it much harder for Hitler to invade and conquer them. Thus do nations behave against their own obvious self-interest, inventing specious reasons why they should behave very badly. Another lesson is that war is not the ultimate evil. Had France and Britain taken military action when Germany occupied the Rhineland and Saar, or when Germany forced itself on Austria, or when Germany threatened to invade the impregnable defenses of Czechoslovakia; had they even taken immediate action when Hitler invaded Poland, Hitler’s armies would have been crushed, and whether or not his generals removed him by coup, World War II, as we experienced its horrors, would not have happened. In other words, sometimes a small war,

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From last week’s issue K I W I I R A N L A T H E E S P R A C A P T A D A B U R G S A K E M M A G S K E L N I N O B R E A C A S T H S A F E O N E B A T T L P I C O S C H W

fought when the enemy is weaker and disunited, is better than endless deferment of a war that the enemy is determined to fight, for such delay, especially when accompanied by unilateral disarmament, invariably leads to much more terrible struggles later. And there were few citizens of the captive countries under Nazi rule who would not have declared, with all the fervor of their hearts, that it would have been better to have lost many thousands of soldiers on the battlefield in the effort to prevent Nazi rule. Being ruled by evil is worse than dying and killing in the cause of freedom, of defense of home and family. The problem is that, because we cannot see the future, those who are wilfully blind to the openly stated intentions of aggressive enemies are able to pretend to themselves that their “peaceful” actions are not, in fact, a foolish and cowardly postponement of war, or a decision to be ruled by evil. Contrary to myth, it does not take two to tango, when the dance in question is war. If one side wants war, then the other side has only two choices – to fight back, or to surrender. Deciding not to fight in such circumstances is surrender. In 1960 and 1961, when The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich sold millions of copies and was widely read, when the memory of World War II was still fresh and our country was led by the people who had sacrificed to win the bitter struggle to destroy Nazism, these lessons were obvious and clear. But today, I am 61, and am among the youngest of those who learned that history and remember it today. I see the generation after me – and a good many of sudoku_344B my own – believing lies and propaganda no lessbyobvious and no less pernicious than Created Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz the lies believed by the German people and by the people who appeased or admired the Nazis. 1 5 I see us make heroes out of idiots, causes 1 4 out of lies, while often vilifying the few who have 9 the vision, courageand wisdom 8 to lead us in defense of our freedoms. 1Because 4 6others fought 3 for those freedoms, we 3 do not know how2easily they9can be lost; because we ignorant Americans do not know 2 7 8 6 about life in countries without freedom,

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4 2 7 9 1 3 5 6 8

5 9 6 7 4 8 2 1 3

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 8, 2012

US Goes Left (Continued from page 1) they would rather stick with the president they knew, and knew was taking the country left, than to try something different. North Carolina went the other way. The state elected Republican Pat McCrory governor, Republican Dan Forest as lieutenant governor, solid Republican majorities in both the North Carolina state House and state Senate, and preserved the Republican majority on the nominally nonpartisan state Supreme Court. So Republicans will control all three branches of state government. Also the North Carolina delegation to the US House picked up at least three Republican seats (with an additional race headed for a recount) and Guilford County for the first time will send a legislative delegation to Raleigh with a Republican majority. Guilford County also elected a Republican majority to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners for the first time since 1996. The state House and State Senate races in Guilford County were not close. City Councilmember and Republican District 27 state Sen. Elect Trudy Wade won with 58 percent of the vote over Democrat Myra Slone with 42 percent, and that was the closest race in Guilford County for a legislative seat. A 16 point win is far from close and neither Wade nor Slone ran the kind of campaign one sees in a competitive race. Wade was not out celebrating her victory Tuesday night because she was in the hospital with a virus, but Wednesday she said she was feeling better and planned to be back home soon. Wade’s victory will result in an open seat on the Greensboro City Council, which the council fills by a majority vote. Wade gets to vote for her successor but she only gets one vote, and it will take five votes to appoint a new District 5 councilmember. It will be interesting to see how much deference Mayor Robbie Perkins and the rest of the City Council, which is all to the left of Wade, give Wade in this appointment.

As Perkins tightens the reins on the Perkinettes, 8-to-1 votes, with Wade casting the lone vote, have become more and more common. With Wade gone there may not be much reason to hold council meetings, since there will be no one to even challenge Perkins or ask for explanations from staff. The next closest state legislative race was in state Senate District 26, where Republican state Sen. Phil Berger, who is president pro-tem of the state Senate, won with 61 percent over Democrat Bobby Stanley, with 38 percent. President protem of the state Senate is the state Senate’s equivalent to speaker of the house, which means Berger is one of the top three most powerful politicians in state government, and his district is in Guilford and Rockingham counties. Berger in the state Senate gives Greensboro far more clout than it has had in the past. Next in line was House District 61, where Republican state Rep. John Faircloth won reelection to a second term with 64 percent of the vote over Democrat Ron Weatherford with 36 percent. Faircloth ran a fairly active campaign though it never appeared he was in danger of losing his seat. Republican District 62 state Rep. John Blust won reelection with 76 percent of the vote over Libertarian Kent Wilsey with 24 percent. In District 58 Democrat state House Rep. Alma Adams with 80 percent of the vote once again defeated Republican Olga Morgan Wright with 20 percent. Then there were a bunch of state legislative candidates with no opponents who received 100 percent of the vote. It’s what happens when the districts are gerrymandered, and they were. Democrat District 28 state Sen. Gladys Robinson won with no competition, as did Democrat District 57 state House Rep. Pricey Harrison, and Democrat District 60 state House Rep. Marcus Brandon. Republican Jon Hardister was unopposed in state House District 59 and won with 100 percent of the vote. Two years ago Hardister lost a hard fought campaign against Harrison. This time they both coasted to victories in different districts.

Page 33

Harrison said she had been going door to door, but it was to help other Democrats not because she was worried about her own election. She also said it was a good way to get to know her new district. Sixth District Congressman Howard Coble was running in a newly drawn district where he was not nearly as well known as he was in the old Sixth District, which was largely south of Greensboro. The new district is mainly north of Greensboro stretching from Granville and Durham counties in the east to Surry County in the west. Coble is famous for knowing the mascots of all the high schools in his district and has noted that his Republican friends

who did the redistricting gave him a whole new slate of mascots to learn. There was never much doubt that Coble – who is popular with Democrats as well as Republicans and is known far and wide for superb constituent services – would win over challenger Tony Foriest. The question was by how much. It turned out Coble, who campaigned hard in his new district won, with 61 percent of the vote over 39 percent for Foriest. Coble is 81 and has been representing the Sixth District since 1984. There was a great deal of speculation about whether or not Coble would run in the newly drawn (Continued on page 35)

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Majority (Continued from page 31) plan worked. Yow made the same point. Yow said it was due to Gibson’s name and ability to campaign that he even kept it close in the first place. “He’s very popular and he’s a great campaigner,” Yow said. “Most Democrats couldn’t have kept that race close.” Though the commissioners races were the county races that stole all the thunder Tuesday night, there was also another county race on the ballot: soil and water conservation district supervisor. The winner joins a five-person board that works to preserve water and soil quality in Guilford County. Ray Briggs won with 29 percent of the

votes cast in that race, beating out Harold Woody Alexander, who got 27 percent, as well as John Andrews, 23 percent, Ross Durham, 13 percent, and Ron Tuck, 8 percent. Briggs gets very excited when he talks about soil and water issues and his son serves on the soil and water conservation district board in Forsyth County. Briggs ran for this same position in 2010 but lost that race. He is from High Point, and during this race Briggs stressed that the board currently has no one from the High Point area. Briggs is very knowledgeable about conservation issues and the county’s dirt, mud and water should be in good hands under Briggs. (336) 370-1266

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Guilford County Election 2012

Photos by John and Elaine Hammer

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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US Goes Left (Continued from page 33) district, but once Coble committed to run for another term he ran full bore. However, the speculation has already started about whether or not this will be his last term in Congress. Democrat 12th District Congressman Mel Watt won with 80 percent of the vote over Republican Jack Brosch with 20 percent. Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston, who did not run for reelection, said he wouldn’t rule out running for the 12th District seat if it was open in two years. He did indicate that there was a strong possibility that he would be running for something in two years but refused to narrow it down, except he did say that he doubted if he would run for sheriff. Although Romney won North Carolina with 50.46 percent of the statewide vote to 48.29 percent for President Obama, Romney did not win Guilford County. In Guilford County, Obama had 58 percent of the vote to 41 percent for Romney. The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 1 percent of the statewide vote and 0.83 percent in Guilford County. The Democrats also had 63 percent vote straight party in Guilford County compared to 36 percent for Republicans. McCrory won fairly easily with 55 percent of the vote over Democrat Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton with 43 percent. But McCrory, who was raised in Jamestown, didn’t win Guilford County. Dalton won Guilford County with 52 percent over McCrory with 46 percent. Lt. Gov Elect Forest lost Guilford County by a larger margin, with 42 percent to 58 percent for Linda Coleman, but Forest won statewide with 50.13 percent of the vote. The big race that nobody was talking about until a lot of people started talking about it was the one race for a seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court. North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby was reelected with 52 percent of the vote over North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Sam J. Ervin IV. Although the races are in theory nonpartisan, Newby is a Republican, and if Ervin who is a Democrat had won,

the Democrats would have had a majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court. A number of cases involving action by the Republican legislature are winding their way through the courts, including redistricting. Historically the court votes along party lines on redistricting, so the race for Newby’s seat was really a question of whether the redistricting done by Republicans would survive a court challenge or not. Judging from the election it looks like the districts should be pretty safe. In the council of state races, other than lieutenant governor, the incumbents, whether Democrat or Republican, won. Republican Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler from Brown Summit, with 53 percent of the vote, won reelection over Democrat Walter Smith with 47 percent. Republican Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry with 53 percent of the vote won reelection over Democrat John Brooks with 47 percent. Guilford County native and resident Republican Mike Causey was defeated for insurance commissioner by Democrat incumbent Wayne Goodwin, who had 52 percent of the vote to 48 for Causey. It’s interesting that Causey lost Guilford County by a far greater margin. In Guilford County, Causey had 41 percent of the vote to 59 percent for Goodwin. Republican Chairman of the Chowan County Board of Commissioners Ed Goodwin was defeated by Democrat Secretary of State Elaine Marshall running for reelection, who had 54 percent of the vote to Goodwin’s 46 percent. Democrat Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson won another term with 54 percent of the vote over Republican Wake County Board of Education member John Tedesco with 46 percent. Democrat State Treasurer Janet Cowell won reelection with 54 percent of the vote over Republican Steve Royal with 46 percent. Democrat state Auditor Beth Wood won reelection with 54 percent of the vote over Republican Wake County Board of Education member Debra Goldman with 46 percent.

In the local judicial races it appears voters continue to want women as their judges. In the one race for Superior Court, District Court Judge Susan Bray with 71 percent of the vote easily defeated assistant District Attorney Robert Enochs with 29 percent. In the District Court Judge District 18 races Judge Sherry Alloway with 58 percent won over Michael Troutman with 42 percent, Linda Falls with 64 percent defeated Brian Tomlin with 36 percent, Judge Susan Burch with 64 percent defeated Jewel Ann Farlow with 36 percent, Judge Avery Michelle Crump with 52 percent defeated Bill Davis with 48 percent, Judge Jan Samet with 66 percent defeated Tomakio Gause with 34 percent, and Tabatha Holliday with 54 percent defeated Judge Polly Sizemore with 46 percent. Running unopposed for reelection as district court judge were Teresa Vincent, Pete Hunter, Angie Fox, Angela Foster and Michelle Fletcher. In the three races for the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Judge Linda McGee with 61 percent of the vote defeated David Robinson with 39 percent. Judge Wanda Bryant with 57 percent of the vote defeated Marty McGee with 43 percent, and Chris Dillon with 53 percent defeated Judge Cressie Thigpen with 47 percent.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Foxed (Continued from page 11) 2016,� Clapp wrote. “...the agreement is a negative factor that reduces the value of the subject property, in my opinion. The value reported herein reflects the negative impact of the agreement.� Clapp’s appraisal, unlike the Foster Appraisal Services appraisal of December 2011, also takes into consideration the fact that the High Point City Council isn’t going to rezone the Shadybrook Road property for apartments. Clapp emphasized the effects of zoning in his summary to the City of High Point, which in his version was bold, underlined text: “in performing the appraisal, I met with officials of the City of High Point Planning Department to discuss the existing zoning, the land use plan currently in effect, and the likelihood of rezoning the subject to a more

intensive zoning,� he wrote. “The result of that investigation is set out in the Zoning Data section of the appraisal. Reference to that section shows that it is my opinion that the subject’s zoning could not be changed and that to appraise the subject under the assumption that the land could be rezoned from the existing PI [Public Institutional] zoning to a more intensive zoning such as multifamily would be highly speculative and inappropriate.� Clapp did write that the property’s value would be increased if the High PointGuilford County Schools agreement was terminated after its Dec. 31, 2016 expiration date – from $255,000 to $335,000 – still a far cry from the $400,000 that the school board wants for the property. If the agreement is not terminated by either party after the expiration date, it will automatically renew for another 10 years.

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The school board, of course, could simply hold on to the property, cancel the agreement in 2016, and the property, even by High Point’s appraisal, would jump in value to $335,000. The Clapp appraisal is ironic not only because it produced a value less than the $400,000 claimed by Guilford County Schools, but because it produced one less than High Point’s original offer of $294,300 – which was the assessed tax value of the property according to the 2012 revaluation. The county revaluation, for reasons best known to Guilford County, increased the tax value of the Shadybrook Road property by $45,000. That means that, before the 2012 revaluation, the county-assessed value of the property was $249,300 – less even than that $255,000 Clapp appraisal. In an August 8, 2012 letter to the High

Point City Council rejecting the $294,300 offer, school board Chairman Alan Duncan implied that the school board would consider a higher price. On August 13, he confirmed that implication. “That’s how I think the letter reads,� he said. Now the school board will have to decide what to do with a $255,000 appraisal – and a High Point City Council offer based on that appraisal. One option would be for the school board to beg High Point to renew its offer of $294,300, although it would be a loss of face for the school board. Lost in all the dickering over price, however, is the fact that a property is sitting unused when it could be added to the Miracle Field complex and help children – not only those in High Point, but from all over Guilford County. “We’re talking about pushing dollars (Continued on next page)

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Uncle Orson (Continued from page 32) we make ourselves weak against our real enemies, while condemning people within our own society whose offenses are trivial or imaginary.


In case you are among those who agree with me that there is no subject of study more important to the citizens of a free nation than history, let me point out a few interesting and valuable books. Jack Beatty, The Lost History of 1914: Reconsidering the Year the Great War Began. This book will come out in paperback next February with a revised and improved subtitle: Why the Great War Was Not Inevitable. But I’m glad I’m reading it now, as Veterans Day approaches; remember that Nov. 11 is commemorated as the day of the armistice that ended World War I. Often World War I is spoken of as if the arms race and system of alliances in the years leading up to 1914 made it impossible to avert war. This fits in with the frequently stated belief that history is the result of great forces. And the great book Guns, Germs, and Steel makes a sound case for the fact that great empires and civilizations can only arise where, geographically and culturally, they are possible. Yet within those “movements of great forces,” there are still individual decisions and actions that determine whether a nation will go to war or remain at peace, whether they will behave aggressively or cooperatively. We take it for granted now, for instance, that France and Britain acted cooperatively in the years after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870; but for centuries beforehand they had been bitter rivals, with much blood shed in nearly constant warfare. Someone made the decisions necessary to change that relationship. Beatty points out, with a useful level of detail, exactly why the Great War, as World War I was called until it was reignited by Hitler in 1939, did not have to take place, and was in fact caused by the decisions of individuals who had complete freedom to choose otherwise. For instance, Britain was on the verge of civil war over the Irish question, as the Liberal Party tried to grant Home Rule to Ireland, the Protestants of northern Ireland (Ulster) threatened to go to war to prevent it, and the British Army and Navy was riven by mutiny as officers and men made it plain they would not obey orders to attack the Ulster Protestants in order to grant Home Rule to the Catholic majority in Ireland. Meanwhile, Austria-Hungary was an empire that desperately needed to reorganize itself as a federation in order to accommodate the nationalism of its members. Both Britain and Austria-Hungary seized upon war as a way of temporarily uniting their own divided nations against a common enemy. Beatty does a splendid job of giving far more detail than I had known before about

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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incidents that led toward World War I, each week and day by day, that led to the actual pretends to be an utter lack of bias – can of which makes fascinating reading. Despite beginning of hostilities between the North be overcome, leaving behind a very useful much reading about the period, I had known and South. collection of details that are often skipped little about Woodrow Wilson’s myopic This book is written at such a level of over in other books. intervention in the Mexican revolution, detail that one can feel a bit lost in it, a Oddly, though this book seems to have where he bought into Pancho Villa’s self- feeling that is greatly magnified by Cooper’s the same theme as the excellent 1861: The created image as a hero of the people. decision to write “impartially.” Civil War Awakening, by Adam Goodheart, Then, in the effort to aid the revolution, This is an illusion, of course. Cooper, the overlap between the books is surprisingly Wilson committed exactly the same mistake a biographer of Confederate president slight. But the contrast in attitudes is plain. that he deplored in his predecessors – he sent Jefferson Davis, partakes of two obvious Goodheart writes without condemnation, American troops into Latin America to make biases – toward the Confederacy, with but it is clear that awful as the Civil War sure that the “right” man won. whose desire to be “left alone” Cooper was, he thinks the morally right side won; I wish I could say that Beatty is reliable obviously sympathizes; and against anyone and that is not at all clear in the Cooper. in his historical accounts. I trust his sources who decides to wage avoidable offensive History is a tricky business. The stories – that is, I believe that everything he says war, like Lincoln and, one must say, George we believe about ourselves and other happened, actually happened. But he W. Bush. nations, about rulers and societies, shape reveals his own biases very early on, when Thus Cooper manages to simultaneously our present decisions. History cannot be he absurdly equates German militarism with partake of the “anti-war” groupthink of written or read without bias; that is why American “militarism” today, on the basis modern academia and the moral blindness it is important to read a lot of history, that America spends far more of its GDP on of those who think that the Civil War can be including multiple histories about the same its military than Germany did. considered without looking at the institution or overlapping events. It required a special kind of blindness of slavery as an abhorrent practice that had Only by looking at much evidence and for Beatty to make such an assertion, a to be eliminated for America to consider many treatments of the same events and confusion of definitions of “militarism” itself civilized. people can we hope to arrive at conclusions that approaches deliberate self-deception. Yet, as with Beatty, the bias – which true enough to be useful. In Germany in 1914, the military was given extraordinary respect by the general population – it was taken for granted that college professors would step off reval was. They based their counteroffer on (Continued from previous page) the sidewalk to allow uniformed soldiers a suspect appraisal.” to pass, and the soldiers felt themselves around that are the dollars of other people It’s common for the tax-assessed value of entitled to give a beating to anyone who did and we’re talking about a facility that is good a property to differ from its market value. not show them such respect. The history of the property is a little for all the children in Guilford County,” said Can you imagine such an attitude in High Point City Councilmember Latimer more complicated than Smothers indicated. America today, when smug professors often Alexander. “I think that’s a fairly common High Point traded the property to the school feel themselves as superior to any military mission.” board for some of the property that is now person as German officers felt themselves High Point Mayor Becky Smothers was part of the High Point Athletic Complex superior to any civilian in 1914? The even more angry about the school board’s and Miracle Field, and the school board intellectual elite of America today is so dithering over the price of the property. had inherited that land from the old High disdainful of the military that they think “In fact, Guilford County Schools doesn’t Point school system. But the historical themselves polluted by the presence of the have any money in it,” Smothers said. “It distinctions, like the small differences in the ROTC on their campuses. was inherited property from High Point appraisals of the property, are merely giving Yet Beatty thinks that somehow we are City Schools. Why not give it back to the the school board, which has had plenty of even more “militaristic” than Germany city that owned it? They see it as an asset, bad press in High Point lately, a further black then. which is not totally unreasonable. But the eye with High Point residents. T h i s k i n d o f a p p l e s - t o - e l b o w s asset is determined by what’s happened Among the bad publicity Guilford County comparison is routine among what passes around it. It’s not going to be developed as Schools has had in High Point recently are a for “intellectuals” in America today – so apartments or anything like that. Apparently leaky roof at Allen Jay Middle School, the that it is tempting to take Beatty’s account they didn’t believe the assessment done by school board’s refusal to pay to renovate of the misbehavior of the German military Guilford County when they did the reval, the historic Rock Gym at Allen Jay Middle prior to World War I and compare it, not so they hired an appraiser. The letters we School only days before it was placed on the to our own diffident military, but to the received from them rejected what the city National Register of Historic Places, and a arrogant stupidity of the American university offered, which was actually more than the (Continued on page 41) professoriate of modern America, of which Beatty’s statement is a symptom. But the scholar Beatty trumps the Affordable quality you can trust...for over 34 years groupthinker Beatty in this book; as long as Since 1978 you read carefully, to allow for the selection Synthetic Oil Change...$89 95 If now isn’t the best time to buy Includes up to 7 quarts Castrol Syntec 5w30, filter and labor bias that colors almost every page, you can a new car, let us help you get the still learn much that is useful and valuable Annual Brake Fluid Change..$89 95 most out of the one you have. about the lead-up to World War I, and aboutProfessional repairs with free Coolant Change...........$89 95 the way that individual choices, made fornationwide warranty on most immediate reasons, can have disastrous parts and service. If you’re considering a used car, take unintended consequences. Looking at Buying a advantage of our pre-purchase William J. Cooper, We Have the War inspection service. Pre-Owned Car? Upon Us: The Onset of the Civil War, Expert Service For Ask aboutPorsche our November 1860-April 1861. Like Beatty’sBMW Mercedes pre-purchase inspections! Jaguar Volvo Audi VW Lost History of 1914, this is a treatise on the triggers of war. Many books have dealt with the underlying causes of the American Civil 2629 Randleman Road | War. Cooper takes these for granted, and instead looks at the decisions, week by


2629 Randleman Rd.


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Civilization (Continued from page 30)

Above all, you will attack the Republican congressmen as you attacked Kenneth Starr, making them pay such a high price for trying to do your job and uncover the truth that they may well give up. You know, the way you all fell in line to attack Romney for criticizing the administration’s response to the attacks on our embassy and consulate. On the other hand, inside the military, the CIA and the State Department, there are a lot of angry public servants who now understand that the Beloved Leader does not care about them, that he will abandon them to our enemies, that he will not protect them from terrorists if it isn’t politically useful to him. These disillusioned, angry people will make sure that the evidence is given to the Republicans in the House, and the genuine reporters at Fox News, and the real journalists scattered here and there across the country, and the bloggers on the internet who are unafraid of the truth. Oh, you’ll sneer at or vilify them all, when they do your job and tell the truth about the Beloved Leader. Still, it’s possible that we will be able to impeach this lying incompetent president that is getting a second term only because of your cooperation with his lies. It’s possible that we can undo the damage you have done. But far more likely is the other alternative – that, faced with your monolithic groupthink, your insistent flacking for the Beloved Leader, your dishonesty that is equal to his dishonesty, your emulation of Pravda, the Republicans in Congress will give up, Fox News will drop the story, it will all go away, and the Beloved Leader will continue in power. Then, when his appeasement of our enemies results in a nuclear explosion in Tel Aviv ... When more and more al Qaeda-style attacks kill more Jews and more Americans around the world ... When Obama’s incompetent and antiscientific economic policies have the consequences that such policies always have, and the American economy collapses under the weight of debts and entitlements ... When Obama’s crushing policies result in American health care sinking to the low level of service, the endless waiting lists, the needless death and suffering in the name of “fairness” that already afflict Europeans and Canadians ... When the burden of ever-steeper taxes moves capital and industry and innovation to other countries ... Wi l l y o u s t e p f o r w a r d a n d t a k e responsibility, and say, “We should have known; in fact we did know, but we did not tell you”? Will you accept accountability for your lies and omissions in support of the Beloved Leader, for your slanders of the opponents of the Beloved Leader, for your having put your ideology and group loyalty above any

Thursday, November 8, 2012

notion of truth and honor? That list of bad things – we might get lucky. Some of those bad things might not happen. After all, there are still plenty of good people trying to keep us safe and make things work well. The Beloved Leader isn’t one of them, but he thinks he is, and so he might actually learn something and change his policies. It’s possible, though it hasn’t happened even once during the first four years of his reign. Or Israel might take care of the Iranian nuke for us. Jews aren’t going to sit still for another Holocaust, even if the intellectuals of the world – including you – have reembraced fashionable anti-Semitism, this time under the name “anti-Zionism” or “anti-neo-conservatism.” Or the Muslim world, which is just as burdened as the rest of us by these fanatics, these murderers, these terrorists, might finally do the right thing and stop funding and protecting them. Or we might hold on until the elections of 2014 wipe out the Democratic majority in the Senate and give us a Congress that will undo the damage done by the Beloved Leader’s long-since-proven-wrong economic policies. All kinds of good things might happen. But not because of anything you did. Democracy only works when the people have enough true information to make their own choices. But when somebody decides that an informed public might not make the right choice, and so withholds from them the information that would lead them to make “mistakes” and elect the “wrong people” – well, we don’t actually have democracy, do we? We have rule by an elite that makes our decisions for us, and keeps us from knowing information that “isn’t good for us.” Because you know best, don’t you? You and your friends who all think alike and hate and fear anyone who thinks differently from you – while priding yourselves on “tolerance.” You will dismiss what I’m saying here as “bitterness” because my candidate did not win the election. What you don’t get is that he was not my candidate. He was merely the only choice left to me, once I understood that the Beloved Leader is the most incompetent and untrustworthy commander-in-chief that America has ever had. Once I understood that the Beloved Leader will lie about decisions of his that killed people, and that you would help him cover up his high crimes and misdemeanors – then whom else could I turn to, but the candidate the Republicans offered to replace him? By sheer luck, the Republicans transcended themselves and offered us a decent, intelligent, moderate, honest man of proven ability. But you helped support the Beloved Leader in his lies and attacks on that decent man, and enough people believed those lies and attacks that the Beloved Leader held onto power.

Next time the Republicans will probably offer one of their usual clowns. But then we’ll take him gratefully, because by then we’ll be fed up with the consequences of the ideologically-driven, arrogant, dishonest Beloved Leader that you foisted on us. So yes, CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and all the rest of you in the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda: You won. But we know you now. We know just how low you’ll go, how compliant you will be with the Beloved Leader.


(Continued from page 8)

It’s an admission the school system did not make during its long effort to find land for the airport area high school. The $22.5 million the school board will try to get the commissioners to approve on Nov. 15 is part of $75 million in repairs and expansions the Facilities Department has identified to spend in the first round of leftover money from the 2008 school bonds, and part of $1.2 billion Guilford County Schools claims it will need in upcoming years. Where that money will come from if the economy doesn’t improve is anybody’s guess, as no one expects Guilford County voters to approve a new round of school bonds anytime soon. If the school board was hoping for an army of supporters to take in front of the Board of Commissioners, either to support building the high school or to support spending the high school money on maintenance, the audience, although it leaned toward fixing current schools, was split. Paul Ingram of Greensboro told the school board members that the way to alleviate crowding at Northwest and Southwest high schools was to renovate and expand Western. He said the principal of Western, Pete Kashubara, has done a good job of increasing test scores at Western, and that Western has the physical space to expand by adding classrooms. He said that Western has only one mobile building, which is used for physical education. Ingram also said that Guilford County Schools owns 10 acres adjacent to Western, and that there is more adjacent land that could be bought for an expansion. He said that Western has good traffic access, but has an undersized gym, auditorium and cafeteria. “These issues really need to be addressed, but we could also add more classroom space,” Ingram said. “I don’t necessarily see an overcrowding problem at Western Guilford, but I do see ones at Northwest and Southwest.” Ingram also said that the stadium and the restrooms and concession stands at the softball and soccer fields at Western are not handicapped accessible. Ingram’s comments show a way out of the slight crowding at Northwest and

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Just because brown-shirted thugs aren’t beating your opponents in the streets doesn’t mean you aren’t every bit as much the enemies of democracy as any Nazi or Bolshevik ever was. Telling us the truth and letting us make informed decisions – that was your job. That’s why the press gets special protection in the Constitution. That’s why you’re called “the fourth estate.” Democracy did not fail us in the presidential election of 2012. You did.

Southwest. But they also show the problem that the school board is already facing – that many Guilford County schools need improvements, and the inboxes of school board members are already filling up with requests for improvements at specific schools, many of them unrelated to the Northwest-Southwest-Western brouhaha. At the school board’s September retreat, the school board voted to spend $15 million of what will almost certainly be a much larger amount of money left over after the school board is done with the projects promised to voters in 2008. The school board instructed Guilford County Schools Facilities Department administrators to come back with a recommendation on how to spend the money. The administrators, for their part, came up with a 29-project priority list to upgrade, repair and equip schools to a common baseline that would cost $75 million, just a little more than the amount budgeted for the high school, and the school board is going to have millions more left over – “a pretty significant amount,” Duncan said. A quick envelope-back calculation suggests that the amount left over will be something in the neighborhood of $150 million. More precise figures will develop as the school board closes out more projects. The school board has already voted to increase the amount of money to be spent from closed-out projects from $15 million to $22.5 million. On the one hand, the school board has parents who want the $74 million on the project list for the airport area middle and high schools to be spent on other schools. On the other hand, it has critics who say that, since voters approved the bonds based on the promise of a high school, it should be spent on the high school – or that the bonds should not be sold, and the money shouldn’t be spent at all. School board critic Joe Stafford – who school board member Kris Cooke said has spoken at every school board meeting she has attended – falls into the latter category. “I’m opposed to converting this money for the new high school into a piggybanktype situation and buying new roofs and other things,” Stafford said. “If it’s no longer needed, no longer required, it should (Continued on next page)

N.C. Dietetics Board Goes After Michelle Obama (a CJ Parody)

Board ups aggression Parents since court ruling dismissing lawsuit

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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board members, and throughout the districts from the airport area high school project of county commissioners, making it likely to maintenance projects was ethically and that the school board and the commissioners morally wrong. will come up with an agreement to spend “I was a voter for this bond money,” she the money, in the likely eventuality that the said. It was sold for a new school for the airport area high school isn’t built. airport area ... I don’t want it to be shifted out School board member Nancy Routh, a of that area. When the economy changes, former principal, said that North Carolina things are going to boom and I think it was builds college buildings to last hundreds of going to be needed in that area.” years but that many K-12 schools have been “We have made no decisions,” Duncan shoddily built replied. “There are no decisions made. Routh also said that, when the old None.” Guilford County, Greensboro and High Richard Beard, who is in commercial Point school systems were merged in 1992, real estate, a graduate of Page High School not all of the schools were of equal quality – and the father of a Page freshman, argued State Dietetics enforcement officers tried to serve a statement that isBoard visiblynutrition true to anyone who that the airport area highcease-and-desist school won’t be papers to much Michelle Obama at the County Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, but has spent time in Guilford needed, because most residential expansion were to get past Secret Service agents in the Time Warner Cable Arena. (CJ middleunable and elementary schools. photo by Don Routh said,Carrington) “I’ve always looked at elementary schools and story said, when ‘I think ment became a national CJ CJ. “But Mrs. Obama reaches a nait’s interesting that the most temporary reported on the court battle with Steve tionwide audience. She hasn’t taken structures we build for education are a single continuing education credit Cooksey, the Charlotte-area blogger, elementary schools.’” on organic farming, and who sued the board on First Amend- program(Continued from page 39) Routh also argued the Boardhis of still she won’t keep her mouth shut ment grounds, sayingthat it censored delay over what have been Commissioners its funding about mealworms andshould compost. All website whenused it urged him for to Guilford remove year-long a simple renovation of High Point Central County Schools maintenance as a piggybank this talk about whole grains and root an advice column from the site. School’s historic gym. last year but the out commissioners and High vegetables is getting downright danBy –singling the first lady, “I don’t know if the school board is the school board always squabble over however, the board has ratcheted its gerous. We’re afraid Sasha and Malia maintenance funding, and the commissioners interested in their public perception in High normally aggressive efforts at policing [the Obamas’ daughters] might get the knew the school board would have tens or Point at all,” Alexander said. “With the frightening notion that they can pack a foodie talk to a whole new level. hundreds of millions of dollars left over Allen Jay issues, the Central gym issues, healthy lunch without first consulting “We normally don’t pay close and now this.” from the $457 million building program. a licensed nutritionist. It’s ascary, I tell attention to people who live outside Alexander said that cutting deal on the Jody Butler, a northern Guilford County you.” North Carolina,” Nan E. Staight, the resident, argued that shifting the money Shadybrook Road property could go a long

be allowed to lapse.” Stafford said what some Guilford County commissioners By Lief e. Greenare likely to say – that Guilford County actually sells school Nutrition Correspondent bonds. RALEIGH Selling bonds is the same as borrowing he North Carolina Board of Dimoney. Whether the county borrows the $74 etetics/Nutrition has decided million to build a gold-plated high school that First Lady Michelle Obama’s or to fix up already crumbling schools, the advocacy of healthy eating amounts to taxpayers will still have to repay that money practicing with interest.nutrition without a license, which illegal in North Carolina. “Youisare not a good steward by spending Buoyed by a recent court it just because it is there,” Stafforddecision said. “It to better dismiss brought againstmean the is to leta itsuit lapse, which would board bywouldn’t a diet blogger our taxes go up as who much.likewise A lot of hadstuff beenontargeted by the this maintenance juststate cameboard, out of officials say they will become even the woodwork. We didn’t hear it four or more aggressive toward anyone who five years ago.” gives unlicensed diet advice. Cooke replied, “Yes, you did, Joe.” Director Charla told TheBoard exchange brought up anBurill interesting question: Is the bond referendum binding Carolina Journal the first lady has been even it was held before biggest sent though a cease-and-desist letterthebecause economic crash it 80 years and the she gave nutrition advice on onecounty of her commissioners may decidetrips that now is not many recent campaign to North the time to issue tens of millions worth of Carolina. schoolOver bonds? the past five years, the nuDuncan, a lawyer, said the referendum trition board has investigated nearly 50 is binding and that the bonds have to be individuals or organizations — includsold – but that the commissioners can affect ing personal trainers, nurses, and even when they are sold. Duke Integrated Medicine, a wellness The question may be moot. The projects center — that have offered advice on the $75 million list of improvements are about what people should eat. scattered throughout the districts of school


The board’s aggressive enforce-


board’s director of enforcement, told

Staight said Obama’s “Let’s

Page 41 Move!” initiative was particularly troubling. The project’s website has an entire section about food and nutrition titled “Eat Healthy!” “The page opens with this senwill be to the eastand of Greensboro. tence: ‘Parents caregivers West play ofa Greensboro, of the making land is planned to key role inmuch not only healthy be used for choices forindustry. children and teaching chilBeard said, “I don’t think it’s for a bad idea dren to make healthy choices themto take a Staight look at some selves,’ said. of “Itthese offersneeds a setand of look at shifting some of money to use dietary guidelines. It’sthis completely irfor maintenance responsible andprojects.” outrageous for a layBeardto said that much of the maintenance person say that, and it violates our that has been done at Page has been privately regulations.” funded, which he called disappointing. He The board attempted to deliver said of the Page auditorium, “Thelady only thing its warning letter to the first durI’ve that has changed since 1980 is that ing seen September’s Democratic National this carpet has in been added.” but Staight Convention Charlotte, There will be Service another rebuffed hearing about the said the Secret her enairport area high school on Wednesday, Nov. forcement attempts. 28 at 7Since p.m. then, at Southwest High Schoolhas in she said, Obama High Point. been careful to schedule campaign visits to North Carolina on short notice so she could land, give a quick pep talk to supporters, and then leave the state before nutrition officers could get to her. Staight admits the board’s enway to soothing High Pointers and would forcement efforts grew more difficult make the school board look like a “good in October as President Obama’s camcorporate, community citizen.” paign saw North Carolina votersto warm “The difference in money relative their to Republican challenger Mitt Romney. budget – it’s a rounding error,” Alexander Obama for they America said. “When “How much money have spent wrote off North Carolina, it on kicking one contractor out andbecame getting obviousone that the first Untold lady wasn’t goanother at Central? dollars.” ingThat to return,” Staight told CJ in late argument cuts both ways – the October. “We’re worried, if price difference between the twobecause appraisals Obama loses the election, they’re movwouldn’t take much of a bite out of High ing to Hawaii, and there’s no way we Point’s budget, either. CJ can get her.”


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• Must be between the ages of 25 and 40, must be a resident of North Carolina and a U.S. citizen • Must be willing to complete a special project requiring leadership and innovative thinking on a local level • Must be willing to attend all program events associated with the fellowship • Must not be the spouse of a current or past Fellow.


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Beep (Continued from page 16) addict in the restroom throwing up as I was using the restroom. When I went to the security guard I told him that I’ve not been a prince all my life, and I’ve been around, and I know a dope head when I see them. It’s amazing. It’s just amazing. I’m at a loss for words. Thank you. %%% Thanks for taking my call. I just want to say I’m a news hawk, and I’ve been sitting here all day listening to news and Fox. It’s the only one that’s giving any news at all about what happened in Benghazi. Anyway, it’s amazing to me. I can’t believe it. You’ve got all these news channels, and nobody except Fox wants to give any real reporting. And I have learned one thing in my life, when the man says lean forward, and I’m thinking, well, when you lean forward please spell run. I’m sorry, but I’ve just a serious bad thought about what we’ve got going on in this country. Bye-bye. %%% To everyone and anybody that is in the aftermath of the destruction of Sandy, our prayers are with you. I have a concern why Long Island is not even being mentioned with this storm. I have parents who are in their 80s without power, on the water, on the Great South Bay. Everything is focused on Jersey. Jersey Shores, and the inhabited of Jersey, the people that live down in Jersey.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Long Island is the heartbeat of Manhattan. People are suffering in Long Island East of Long Beach. It’s not about politics. Go to New York, and go out to Eastern Long Island from Islip to the Hamptons to Montauk. Put it on the news. The people in Long Island are suffering. It’s getting cold. The people that live on the Great South Bay … %%%

the rest of the Republican Party, I’ll vote for you again when you stop acting like the Muslim Brotherhood. Rarely have I seen such hostility towards women as the last two years of Republican legislatures and governors. %%%

As responders have finally gotten into some of the other areas in New York, specifically the Staten Island area, we’re finding out just how bad the situation is. People are being pulled from their homes. There were no rescues, not even any attempt at rescues. These people were left to fend for themselves even days after the storm, left on their own. %%%

Hey, taxpayers are wondering about these so-called glitches in the voting machines that have already caused votes to be miscounted when folks are casting a vote for Romney and it switches over to Obama. Something’s not right with that. Anyway, taxpayers find this another political problem as these people are the ones that calibrate these machines. I suppose they’ve forgotten the taxpayers pay them, and this is what we pay them for. Don’t know about you, but this is probably what happened in 2008 and the wrong person was voted in. We need voter ID and these paper ballots should be send in the mail to taxpayers, and the taxpayers should be the ones to be counting the votes correctly or checking on them behind. By the way, don’t count on getting honest answers. Have to remember, all politicians you’re trusting in, you should not do. %%%

I would like to comment further on the Beep last week, on the bumper stickers on the cars around First Presbyterian Church. I also cannot understand it. How can these people who say they are Christians follow someone like Obama who only became a Christian several years ago when he was caught by the media in front of his preacher of 20 years screaming God d*** the United States of America. Sometimes two and two does not equal four. %%% Dear Mitt Romney. I don’t trust you at all. You lie too frequently for my taste. As for

Obama is an abomination. %%%

Editor’s Note: If you think paper ballots would prevent voter fraud, you need to read some history. %%%

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Maybe the recent airing of 60 Minutes about Randolph County and the jobless situation will wake up some people. Politicians and big corporations have been selling us out for years. They’re letting the Mexicans come over here so that they can garner their vote. Meanwhile, the white Anglo-Saxon Protestants keep sliding down the ladder scale. Wake up, people. Everybody will be speaking Spanish before long. Bye. %%%

Under (Continued from next page) would not be politicians. Christy must still be seething about Romney not picking him for his running mate. Why else would Christy provide Obama not just the photoops but quotes he absolutely needed. One of the big negatives that the Republicans pounded on about Obama was his inability to work across party lines. To have Christy undermine that in the final days of the campaign is hard to explain, unless Christy was still hurt about Paul Ryan getting the nod. The Republican Party is known as the Stupid Party, so there is no telling what will happen to Christy. But he should be shunned by the party because he gave Obama a great boost right when he needed one.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

President Barack Hussein Obama won four more years. This country elects its president by the people electing electors who then cast their ballots for the president, and Obama won a clear majority of electors on Tuesday. Obama also won the majority vote. That and $3 will buy you a cup of coffee, as Al Gore can attest. Obama has won four more years in the White House, but one thing the election proved is how deeply divided this country is on how to move forward. The US House of Representatives, the people’s house, has a distinct Republican majority. If Obama wants to be effective he is going to have to learn to compromise. In his first four years in office he never managed to get a budget through both houses of Congress. The Republicans certainly haven’t gotten any easier to get along with, and in his first four years, even according to his own supporters, Obama was not prone to compromise. Four years ago Obama went into office with a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the Senate and a large majority in the House. He was right to say that he had a mandate from the people. This election shows a nation sharply divided, and no mandate for Obama – just a chance to govern four more years. One of the things this election proved is that the mainstream media continue to be extremely powerful and extremely left wing. But it also proves that the Democrats have a great ground game. The theory was that if Romney could win the independents he could win. Polling indicates Romney did win the independents but Obama still won.

,,, The Obama victory indicates that the majority of voters in this country want the US to move toward the more socialist European model of government. It is something of a shock, since many of those countries appear to be headed toward insolvency and others are moving right, but that is the direction the majority of the American people want their president to go. The problem for the president is that those same people elected a majority to Congress who don’t want to head in that direction. So perhaps what the people really want is gridlock in Washington. If the Republicans had not done such an awful job of nominating Senate candidates perhaps we would have real gridlock, with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress. But the Republicans, time after time in Senate races, manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Mitt Romney got criticized right up until the end for his comment about 47 percent of the population, but it turned out to be true. People who are receiving handouts from the government are going to vote for the person who says they plan to increase those handouts, not for the guy who says

Thursday, November 8, 2012

he is going to cut back on handouts. It is simply human nature. Romney talked about how the number of people on food stamps had grown under Obama from 32 million when he took office to 47 million today. Every time Romney mentioned it in a debate Obama must have been thinking, “Is that all? I’ll have to tell my people to bump that number up because we’re going to need more votes.” Expanding the rolls of those receiving government handouts is the way politicians buy votes, or perhaps the politically correct way to say it is increase their popularity with voters. Romney was looking at it as an economic indicator and Obama must have been looking at it as 15 million more votes. It turned out Obama was right. One Obama voter told me he voted for Obama because under Obamacare he could stay under his parent’s health insurance until he was 26 – essentially giving him free health care. It may not make economic sense to Romney, but government giveaways are a great way to get votes.

,,, According to the polls the majority of the people in the country don’t like Obamacare, which means that a good percentage of people who don’t like Obamacare voted for Obama anyway. Something for pundits to analyze is why people who don’t like Obama’s signature piece of legislation voted for him. Then there is the Catholic Church, which did not sit out this election on the sidelines as it has done in the past but took an active role in informing Catholics in what is and is not moral. It is too early to know if that had an effect on Catholic voters, but it certainly did not have the effect that the Catholic Church was hoping for, because now it will be up to the US Supreme Court to decide whether the federal government can order the Catholic Church to pay for abortions, an action which it considers homicide. The previous Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare shocked liberals and conservatives alike because of the weird split, having Chief Justice John Roberts voting with the left-wing of the Supreme Court and against the conservatives. But that problem is not going to go away just because Obama won four more years. The issue with the Catholic Church will have to be resolved, and it doesn’t matter how the majority of Catholics voted because the Catholic Church is not a democracy and the American bishops have said that the church is not going to pay for or provide abortions. If the courts don’t decide in favor of religious freedom, it is going to be a huge issue for Obama.

,,, The whole Benghazi incident in the middle of an election cycle is stunning. Day after day the mainstream media ignored the

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fact that an American ambassador and three other Americans were killed in a terrorist attack on the US consulate on 9/11. Imagine if that had happened during the administration of former President George Walker Bush. The media would have been in a feeding frenzy for information. But the mainstream media allowed the Obama administration to change its story about what happened several times, even to the point of allowing the president to change the time that he heard about the attack. The fiction that somehow a spontaneous demonstration resulted in the attack on the embassy was allowed to be revised, taken back, and at one point the White House claimed that it was never the story they told. The whole thing was a huge disaster, which looked like it would really harm Obama’s campaign. However, it turns out the Obama campaign was right. Who knows what would have happened if Obama had ordered troops in to protect the ambassador and embassy staff. It could have turned out really bad with more deaths and more entanglements. The decision appears to have been to cut their losses, not send anyone and then depend on the press for a cover-up that would last at least long enough to get Obama reelected, and it worked. Just think, during the McCain campaign The New York Times devoted a team of reporters and months of time to investigate the rumor that McCain had had an affair with an attractive lobbyist. They came up with a series of articles based on statements that some staffers thought Senn. John McCain spent too much time with the lobbyist. Fast forward four years, you have a president who finds out on 9/11 that the consulate in Benghazi is being attacked and the ambassador is or may be missing. The president sends no aid and does nothing to help those being attacked. Four Americans including the ambassador are killed and The New York Times and other mainstream media have no interest in the story other than to dutifully report the story that the White House is telling that day. It is incredible, and until there is some change in the mainstream media it may be impossible to elect a Republican president. One of the huge differences in this campaign is the news that Republicans believe versus the news that the Democrats believe. On both sides there is some whacky stuff, but mainstream Republicans get their news from Fox, Rush Limbaugh, the Drudge Report, Sean Hannity and other conservatives. The Democrats depend far more on the mainstream media. So it’s not that the two sides disagree on how to move forward, it is that they disagree on where we are. Both sides are looking at different maps.

,,, Now that the election is over and the mainstream media do not have to be

By John Hammer concerned about getting Obama elected, maybe the media will go after the Benghazi situation and demand some answers that make sense. The New York Times did a big piece on Sunday, Nov. 4, and wrote in some detail that Obama had ordered the military to act only hours into the attack, but that the entire United States military – the most powerful military force the world has ever known – didn’t have a single soldier, sailor, plane, helicopter, drone or peashooter that it could get to Benghazi for days. The Army supposedly sent a force from Fort Bragg. The unit that should have been sent was reportedly on a training exercise in Croatia. If that is true, and it is highly doubtful, then who ever sent the only troops available for the Middle East to Croatia on 9/11 should have to answer for not having some idea of how the world works. It doesn’t seem possible that the military had no one it could send. It is important to remember that when these decisions were being made the ambassador was missing. For all anyone knew he had been captured or he could have been hiding somewhere. But according to the story being told by The New York Times, the military didn’t have anything they could send to protect an American consulate on 9/11 in Libya. Obama is talking about massive cuts to the military. If the current military can’t protect a consulate in Libya on 9/11, imagine what the scaled down military won’t be able to do.

,,, It was odd that Romney didn’t go after that whole Benghazi situation during the debates. At the time it seemed to be part of his plan to stay low key and talk about the economy, but now everything he did gets second-guessed. Perhaps the Romney-Ryan campaign should not have allowed someone who was a personal friend of Obama’s to moderate the vice presidential debate. Perhaps Romney should not have allowed Candy Crowley to participate in the debate, or afterwards demanded a public correction and apology. Would that have made a difference? Who knows? The voters who were still undecided at that point might be swayed by a leaf blowing in their path on the way to the polls, or a dog barking or a shadow on the wall.

,,, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christy – once considered a rising star in the Republican Party – should have ended any chance he had of moving up the Republican ladder by, in the closing days of the campaign, giving Obama the kind of press that he absolutely needed. All politicians have big egos or they (Continued on previous page)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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US Goes Left, NC Goes Right, Civilization Watch, GOP Wins Commissioner Races To Gain Majority