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Thursday, October 4, 2012

School Roof Stalled by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s oldest son, Tagg, was at Republican Headquarters on West Market Street in Greensboro on Thursday, Sept. 27 for an ice cream social and a few photos with some of the volunteers who have helped the Guilford County GOP break records for telephone calls and door-to-door visits this campaign season.

Orson Scott Card’s

Civilization Watch by orson scott card

Let’s Unlose This War

The reason it is so depressing to read Alone, the middle volume of William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill, is not because the British government was so obtuse in failing to listen to Churchill’s constant warnings about the rising menace of Adolf Hitler. Why should that be depressing? After all, when Hitler finally got the war he had wanted for so long, Churchill was elevated at last to be prime minister of Britain, and in that position he saved Britain and, by the way, the world. (Continued on page 4)

Cuisine Trucks Eating Up Street by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

Not only is the Greensboro “Food truck pilot program” unnecessary according to some Greensboro city councilmembers, it is more expensive than the council was told it would be. The complicated way the city has chosen to run the program is inconveniencing surrounding commuters and business owners. At the Tuesday, Oct. 2 meeting of the Greensboro City Council, City Manager Denise Turner Roth revealed that the process, which should have cost the city nothing but does, will also cost taxpayers.

Replacing the leaky roof at Allen Jay Elementary School in High Point was stopped in its tracks on Tuesday, Sept. 25 because the new roof was not designed to meet the State of North Carolina’s building code, according to High Point officials. Fixing the problem could (Continued on page 9)

Rhino Recycling deal Rumors From staff and wire reports

We are giving away tickets for the Friday night showing of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, a satirical epic about the man on the $20 bill at the Taylor Theater at UNCG at 8 p.m. If interested, go to, click on “Enter to Win Free Tickets” and follow the directions. (Continued on page 45)

not quite as bad by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

If the City of Greensboro’s recycling request for proposal (RFP) process has proven anything, it’s the importance of competition in keeping companies honest, particularly the city’s current recycling contractor, ReCommunity. The city has paid $22 million to ReCommunity since 1992 for the privilege of unloading recyclables at their materials recovery facility (MRF). And even though in February 2012, ReCommunity offered to renegotiate the contract

to start paying the city for recyclables, competitive pressure from the RFP process, requested by Greensboro City Council, has led to a series of dramatic improvements in ReCommunity’s offer. As it stands now the offer from ReCommunity includes both a minimum price floor to be paid to the city per ton of recyclables, and a share of the net revenue from the marketing of those recyclables. Winston-Salem has been paid for its recyclables by (Continued on page 44)

Under the program, which began Monday, Oct. 1, the city blocks off Commerce Place (Continued on page 45)

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Photo by Sandy Groover

Sleeping in the saddle is common, and maybe even sleeping on a cow, but sleeping on a couple of cows is a trick that you don’t see pulled off very often. This young fellow at the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem evidently has no problems with insomnia.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Candidates Stances Couldn’t Be Clearer by john hammer editor

Everyone says that in this year’s presidential election at least there is a clear choice. In fact the choice is so clear to most people it’s hard for many to imagine how anyone can still be on the fence, but according to the polls a good percentage are. But not only is it true that there is a real choice in the presidential race, the dramatic choice seems to go all the way down the ticket. Maybe not all the way down to soil and water conservation district supervisor, but at least as far as the North Carolina state House and state Senate. At a forum for state legislative candidates at UNCG on Monday, Oct. 1, there was a pronounced difference between the answers of Republicans and Democrats. Democrats repeatedly said that more revenue and more government was the answer to just about every problem the state has, and Republicans saw less government and reducing spending as the answer. The only Libertarian on the podium, Kent Wilsey, who is running against Republican District 62 state Rep. John Blust, kept talking about how he believed in less government and the Republicans kept agreeing with him, the Democrats did not. The candidates for state Senate are: District 26, Democrat Bobby Stanley who was present and Republican state Sen. and president Pro-tem of the Senate Phillip Berger who did not attend; state Senate District 27, Democrat Myra Sloan who was present and Republican Greensboro City Councilmember Trudy Wade who did not attend; and state Senate District 28, Democrat state Sen. Gladys Robinson, who is unopposed, and was present. The candidates for the state House are: District 58, Democrat state Rep. Alma Adams who was present and Republican Olga Morgan Wright who did not attend;

District 59 Republican Jon Hardister who is unopposed; District 60, Democrat Rep. Marcus Brandon who is unopposed; District 61, Republican state Rep. John Faircloth and Democrat Ron Weatherford who were both present; and in District 62, state Rep. John Blust and Libertarian Kent Wilsey who were both present. District 57 Democrat state Rep. Pricey Harrison who is running unopposed did not attend. The moderator was Lee Kinard, and each candidate was given one minute to answer each question they were asked. Not all the questions were asked of all candidates. The first question was about how to increase jobs in the triad, and Stanley who answered first said, “I would seriously consider sales taxes.” Sloan said, “Put a tax on the small business tax credit.” She said that additional tax revenue could be used to hire teachers and teacher aides. Robinson said the state needed to spend more on economic incentives and on community colleges. Adams said that small businesses were important and the public private partnerships were needed to help small businesses as well as investing more in green energy. Hardister said that helping bring jobs to the area “should start with tax reform.” He said the state should “abolish corporate income tax to attract businesses from out of state and allow businesses already here to grow.” Hardister also suggested the state go to “zero based budgeting.” Currently state budgets are based on the previous year’s budget, with zero-based budgeting state departments start each budget with zero dollars and have to justify every dollar they are budgeted. It is an extremely tough sell because zero based budgeting is to professional bureaucrats what light is to a (Continued on page 4)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Central Bisons Unable To Play On Water by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Some members of the Guilford County Board of Education are ripping mad about construction delays at High Point Central High School, where two general contractors in a row haven’t finished a $5.3 million project to renovate and expand the gym and make some repairs inside the school. Less than two months before the start of basketball season, the High Point Central gym, which is scheduled to be finished Nov. 14, has water pooled beneath its floor, according to one school board member. At the Thursday, Sept. 27 meeting of the school board, that anger boiled over in an unusual public argument about construction contracting. Other than receiving ludicrously sparse “construction updates,” the school board usually holds most of its conversations about construction in closed session – even conversations that should be held in public in order to create consensus – such as the lengthy discussions over whether or not Guilford County Schools should build the $72 million airport area high school for which it has failed to find land, and if so, where that land should be found. School board members will put up with a lot on failing construction projects. Most of them, in fact, aren’t really involved in the school board’s $457 million construction program, other than by voting to shovel out money once school

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board Chairman Alan Duncan and his fourperson Architect Selection Committee have picked architects, project managers and contractors for projects. One thing school board members don’t like, however, is projects that run way behind schedule, because that sets their phones ringing off the hook. And the one thing a school board member absolutely, positively, won’t put up with is not having a high school in his or her district with a gym or stadium ready for basketball or football season. That’s when the calls and emails from parents start getting ugly. Hence the problem at High Point Central, the poor stepchild of the building program. The $5.3 million budgeted for the school may not be much out of $457 million, but most of it is targeted for the gym. And while the school board has lavished attention on some projects, such as the airport area high school, for which it claimed to have studied 60-odd properties, it doesn’t seem to have been doing a very good job of keeping track of the High Point Central project. The current general contractor for the High Point Central project is KMD Construction LLC of Salisbury. The school board’s architect for the project, HH Architecture of Raleigh, claims that numerous elements of the gym project are behind schedule and the gym may not be finished by the Nov. 14 contract deadline.

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High Point Central’s first basketball game of the season is a Nov. 27 home game against Grimsley High School – and, given the long list of elements HH Architecture claims aren’t finished, there’s no reason to think a gym that isn’t done on Nov. 14 will be magically ready on Nov. 27. It’s actually sad that it takes a sports schedule to force the school board to discuss its construction projects and priorities in public. The North Carolina Open Meetings Law allows boards to discuss land acquisition and legal contracts for land acquisition in closed session before taking action on them in open session. But most of the main problems – and there have been many – that have arisen with the nearly half-billion-dollar construction program could, and in many cases should, have been discussed in open session, so taxpayers and parents wouldn’t have been sandbagged when something went wrong. The two school board members who went medieval on the Guilford County Schools Facilities Department on Sept. 27 were two of the mildest mannered. That, as much as their breaking the school board code of silence, tells you that they are fed up. One was school board member Ed Price. High Point Central is in Price’s district. The other was school board member Darlene Garrett, who also heavily criticized the gym slowdown, taking the place of High Point school board member Carlvena

Foster, who was absent. Garrett, who sent a scorching email to school board attorney Jill Wilson and others on Sept. 15, said on Thursday that she had received no response, and complained about the lack of progress despite two consecutive contractors. She said, “We just can’t let them go on and on not responding to us and not doing the work.” She told Wilson something had to be done about replacing KMD. That triggered a back-and-forth between Garrett and Wilson. Wilson said that a contractor being behind schedule is not always proof of breach of contract or a justification to remove the company. She said, “Determining whether a contractor is in breach is a complicated issue.” “If they’re not doing the work, I don’t see how they cannot be in breach of the contract,” Garrett replied. “That seems like common sense.” Wilson said that there are standards for a material breach in contract. She said, “Not being responsive can be a breach if it reaches a certain point.” Garrett asked whether the school board was going to discuss the KMD contract in closed session that night. Wilson replied, “Not that I’m aware of.” Guilford County Schools administrators have a tendency to tell the school board (Continued on page 53)

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Civilization (Continued from page 1) So this is the prelude to a tale of triumph. It is sad to see all the wasted opportunities, and to think of all the millions of deaths that could have been prevented if Churchill’s warnings had only been heeded. If Britain’s pacifistic government had not deliberately concealed evidence that supported Churchill’s view and not their own. If Britain’s press had not deliberately suppressed accurate stories from reporters in the field that made it clear exactly what Nazi government would and did mean in Austria, Czechoslovakia and in Germany itself. Yet sad as these errors are, one can understand them, to a degree. The British public had not forgotten the horrors of trench warfare, the millions of lives lost in pointless charges against machine guns. (They had never been told that it was Winston Churchill himself who had struggled and nearly succeeded in preventing most of that wastage. Unfairly, he had been given the opposite reputation.) Also, Hitler encouraged the pacifists by his constant use of the Big Lie. Even though he never kept a promise, he did keep making them. “This is the last territorial demand Germany will ever make,” he said over and over, and each time the pacifists were eager to believe him. No, the reason I find myself consumed with sadness as I listen to Alone, 1932-1940

is that on point after point, foolish mistake after foolish mistake, criminal neglect after criminal neglect, I see that we are exactly echoing the errors of that time. Bill Clinton was our Stanley Baldwin, a genial pol whose wetted finger was always up to test the winds of public sentiment. But Barack Obama is our Neville Chamberlain, a committed True Believer in the mad notion that our enemies want peace as much as we do, and only hate us because of our mistakes. We face enemies remarkably like Adolf Hitler. The leaders of Islamist fanatic groups and governments, from Iran to Hamas and Hezbollah, from the Taliban to the Muslim Brotherhood, from al Qaeda to the Syrian regime, resemble him in these ways: 1. They hate Jews. Call their victims “Zionists” in order to pretend, but it is Jews they kill whenever and wherever they can. And, just as in Hitler’s day, the intellectuals of Europe and far too many in America, rather agree with them that Jews – er, no, Zionists – ah, that is, NeoConservatives – are evil, cannot be trusted, and deserve to be destroyed. Thus when Iran threatens to use its nukes against Israel, there are many who are unconcerned because as long as Jews are the only intended victims, they don’t really mind all that much. So much for learning and remembering the lessons of the Holocaust. Nukes are quicker and cheaper than gas chambers. And if a few millions Muslims die along


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vampire. Brandon had a completely different take. He said there were plenty of jobs available but that the area just didn’t have people with the proper training to do them. He agreed with reforming the tax code but for a different reason. He said, “We definitely don’t have a spending problem just a revenue problem.” Faircloth agreed the tax structure needed to be reformed and that was one of the tasks that would be before the next General Assembly. His opponent, Weatherford, said that people need to be retrained and businesses need to help pay for their retraining. Blust said, “Right off the bat we need to start being honest and not selling people on the idea that the government is going to be the solution to the job problem in this country.” Blust said that, given the freedom to, operate entrepreneurs would solve the job problem. But that if people were depending on the 170 state legislators to solve the unemployment problem it wasn’t going to happen. Wilsey said, “It’s not surprising that this area has high unemployment. You have high employment across the board if there is a high tax rate.” That was the first question and it is pretty much how the forum went. The

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

with the Jews... Inshallah. It is the will of God. They are martyrs. 2. Just like Hitler, they always cast themselves as the victims. Hitler pretended only to be trying to protect people of German nationality wherever they lived. Now Islamists claim to be victims everywhere. Let someone speak ill of their religion, their scripture or their founder, and they believe that this justifies them in any kind of thuggery, murder, assassination, riot and terrorism. 3. They are thugs. Like Hitler’s Brown Shirts and SS, who terrorized Germans first in order to bring Hitler to power and keep him there, Islamist thugs work first to terrorize other Muslims and keep them from speaking out against their rule. Thus a tiny minority comes to dominate the millions of Muslims, not just in Muslimmajority countries, but around the world. No other world religion claims the right to be able to enforce their laws on unbelievers, to impose the death sentence on anyone of any faith who offends their dogmas, and to kill any member of their own faith who is insufficiently faithful or who attempts to leave Islam. Quick, are there any Muslims reading this who are not afraid to speak up against any of these Islamist groups or governments? Yes, raise your hands! But ... not very high. I don’t want your blood on my conscience. 4. They aim at nothing less than complete world domination. They have said so just (Continued on page 6)

Democrats, regardless of the question, generally advocated for more taxes and saw government as the answer and the Republicans talked about tax cuts, and reducing the size and scope of government and allowing private enterprise to prosper. Wilsey said he did believe the government should build and maintain roads. It was unfortunate that Faircloth and Weatherford, and Blust and Wilsey were the only pairs running against each other who were there. But since the Republicans and Democrats mostly fell in line with their answers, it wasn’t hard to imagine what those who weren’t there would likely have said. The only real surprise was that Brandon and Hardister agreed on a few issues, but Brandon has proven to be a rare sort down in Raleigh. Brandon does not vote the Democratic Party line and as a result has had more success with some of the issues he has promoted than other Democrats. It was unfortunate that Stanley and Wilsey, both challengers, sat on the ends, and one or the other got asked all the group questions first. Having some of those who had been down in Raleigh for a few years get first crack at a question would have likely resulted in a higher level of discussion. It is also unfair to those two candidates who had to answer half the group questions first and everybody else always had the opportunity to think and listen to an answer before they had to respond.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Kimme Jail Report Author Talks Back by Scott D. Yost county editor

After a recent article in The Rhinoceros Times that focused on the failure to come to pass of dire jail population increases predicted in 2005, Dennis Kimme, president of Kimme & Associates – the firm that conducted the county’s jail study – has responded to the criticism of his firm’s report, and he has offered several comments as to how Guilford County ended up with such a large surplus of available jail space. In an email, Kimme responded to an article in the Thursday, Sept. 13 Rhinoceros Times – “Jail Population Predictions All Wrong.” Kimme said that, while the projected increases in the county’s jail population didn’t come to pass as his firm predicted, there were some mitigating factors to consider, and, he added, some of the county’s surplus of jail space is not the result of his firm’s findings and recommendations. Guilford County has just opened a new $100-million jail in downtown Greensboro that has 1,032 inmate beds, and Guilford County has taken on millions in additional costs to staff that jail and pay off the interest on the 2008 bond referendum that funded construction of the jail. Guilford County is also expected to pay millions more at some point to address the parking needs of the new jail – most likely with the construction of a parking deck. Guilford County’s supposed need for that new jail was determined largely on the basis of the 2005 report by Kimme & Associates, a jail consulting and design firm based in Champaign, Illinois. The Rhino Times has contacted the company over the years to get comments on stories, however no one from Kimme & Associates responded to The Rhinoceros Times until Kimme’s unsolicited email on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Guilford County now has a large surplus of jail space, with space for 1,703 inmates and a jail population of about half that number. The need for that jail was largely sold to county voters on the findings of the 2005 report, which called for dramatic increases in the county’s inmate population. In actuality, Guilford County’s jail population fell and is now lower than it was in 2005, when the average inmate population was 865. Kimme called The Rhinoceros Times’ article “a very harsh critique of my firm’s role in the 2005 jail needs assessment study” and said he wanted to make some points clear. Kimme said the highest projections of inmate population in that 2005 report – which included a prediction of over 1,000 inmates by 2010 – was the firm’s “base projection,” not one that took into account what could happen if the county took appropriate measures to reduce the jail population. “The projection for over 1,000 inmates in 2010 was actually our base projection,

not our modified projection that took into account the impact of alternatives to incarceration we recommended,” he wrote. The modified projection was the one we used for the study and was actually for 926 in 2010. That number is still higher than what they have experienced but not as dramatically different as ‘over 1000.’” Kimme also said Guilford County now has more new jail beds than his firm’s study called for. The Kimme report recommended 1,620 beds by the year 2025, which is 80 less than the number of beds Guilford County has in 2012 between its three jails – two jails in Greensboro and one in High Point. In 2008, when the county was planning the new jail, Commissioner Carolyn Coleman and current Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston said Guilford County clearly didn’t need a giant jail with a capacity of over 1,000 inmates. Coleman, who served on the committee that oversaw the construction of the new jail, said that, to this day, she’s baffled as to how the discussion took a sudden turn toward building such a giant jail. “We were talking about building a 600bed jail, and then suddenly it was 1,000 beds,” Coleman said. “I still don’t know where that number came from.” The decline of the jail population can in part be attributed to an expansion of Pretrial Services workers – court employees who manage inmates awaiting trial out of jail – and Kimme pointed out in his email that hiring more pretrial workers was a move recommended in his company’s report as a way to help reduce the county’s jail population. “That the population declined was predicted and is quite welcomed by me as a successful result of our study,” Kimme wrote. Kimme also stated in his email that the estimates his firm offered at the time were conservative given Guilford County’s history of rising jail populations. In the decade before that 2005 report, he wrote, the county’s jail population had increased by an average of about 5 percent per year. “Our projection was based on a much more modest 2.5% average annual growth rate,” Kimme wrote. “At the time some opinion within the county was offered that we were at risk of understating the need and that our low projection rate was not justified by the historical data. Indeed, during planning discussions some argued that our [year of] 2025 bed target should be more like 2,100 beds than the 1,620 beds we did recommend.” According to Kimme, after the 2005 report came out, national trends also changed in a way that virtually no one saw coming. “National average incarceration rates for county jails have declined in the last 3 years,” Kimme wrote in his email. (Continued on page 53)

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


shoot for the



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(Continued from page 4) as clearly as Hitler did in Mein Kampf, and they continue to say it. 5. Like Hitler, these Islamists are contemptuous of Westerners who think negotiations mean anything. When they think they’re losing, they negotiate – but then they keep none of the promises they make. Not one. Not ever. 6. Like Hitler, they cheerfully exploit the Westerners who support their cause, but feel nothing but contempt for them. The only people they respect are the ones who stand against them firmly. 7. Like Hitler, they have a whole list of kinds of people who need to be suppressed, oppressed or destroyed. The Islamist list includes: Women, who must be made powerless and invisible, utterly uneducated and unfree. Jews, who must be killed or expelled. In Egypt, the Coptic Christians are being murdered in “spontaneous” (i.e., wellplanned) pogroms, while the authorities stand by to arrest the surviving Christians. This despite the fact that Christians have been in Egypt far longer than any Muslims, since Egypt was a completely Christianized land for centuries before Islam was founded. In Iran, followers of Baha’i and other minority faiths are jailed or murdered, forbidden to practice their faith. In Afghanistan, when the Taliban ruled, followers of any religion but Islam were persecuted, their holy sites obliterated or defaced. Anyone who believes in democracy, or any law but the fanatical Islamist version of Sharia, or any education but the study of their scripture in Arabic, is liable to be imprisoned, exiled, or impoverished – if they aren’t killed outright. 8. Like Hitler, they are arming themselves and preparing for total war. Iran aims for nukes and means to use them. Pakistan has nukes, but dares not use them because India has better ones. But the Islamists’ real total war is not about nukes. Iran’s nukes are just as much about dominating the other Muslim nations in their vicinity; though they are sincere about using them against Israel, once they have done so, will Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates, Iraq or any other Muslim nation resist their leadership? Their war against the West is to bring us down, and Osama bin Laden showed them how. Attacks on public trust will eventually break down our economy, force governments to bow to Muslim “sensibilities.” Because just as the Islamists use Hitler to teach them how to destroy us, it is as if our “intellectual” elite – our tenured professoriate, our monolithic news establishment and Hollywood – were also following a script. The script given them by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the politicians and newspaper editors who costarred with him in a play they did not have to write down, because they acted it out for us on the world stage: How to Bring on a World War by

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

“Appeasing” Those Who Do Not Want Peace. Do you doubt me? Our mediacrats and professoriate bent over backward after 9/11 to make sure not to sound patriotic, not to label Islamists as our enemies. They are eager to blame terrorist acts on anyone but Islamists. When a homegrown terrorist blows up a government building or assassinates a government official, they blame conservative American talk radio shows – on no evidence whatsoever. But the assassination of an American ambassador in Libya and the storming of our embassy in Egypt (a supposed ally) are blamed on a stupid movie. Our government does not defend our principles of freedom of speech; instead, our government apologizes for offending Muslim sensibilities. I’m still waiting for the apology from these same people for their specious accusations against conservative talk radio. But no, they would still very much like to ban conservative talk radio. In fact, Barack Obama didn’t defend American values because he doesn’t value them. He has already expressed his envy of the Chinese government’s ability to make decisions without consulting their people. He has already promised to give Putin a free hand, once he gets reelected. He joins the professoriate and the mediocracy in their contempt for dissenting views, punishing anyone who says things he doesn’t like. He began his term by evading the Constitution by replacing his cabinet with “czars” who do not have to be confirmed by the Senate, where Republicans might question their shoddy credentials. In this, too, Obama, the professoriate, and the mediacrats resemble Neville Chamberlain, the pacifist politicians, and the newspaper owners and editors during the run-up to World War II, when they constantly papered over or simply lied about Hitler’s actions and the danger he posed. They keep believing, as Chamberlain’s companions kept believing, that negotiations only fail because we haven’t yet given enough, even though we have already given more than was safe or even decent. Even now – just as Chamberlain bullied Czechoslovakia’s leaders in 1938 into giving up their defensible borders and then kept no promises to protect them as their nation was erased and their people enslaved or murdered – so also Obama snubs the leader of Israel, our only reliable ally in the entire Middle East, so that they won’t defend themselves. Here is what happens when you pursue the Neville Chamberlain course that Barack Obama is so carefully, systematically pursuing: 1. Negotiations lead to nothing. The enemy keeps no promises and can’t believe you keep believing them. 2. Yet as long as we keep giving them what they want, or postponing taking any action as long as they hold out the promise of negotiations, they are happy to accept the extra time in which to build up their (Continued on page 43)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Page 7

Final Countdown For Guilford Center by Scott D. Yost county editor

The Guilford Center ­– the Guilford County department that, for decades, has administered mental health care and substance abuse treatment and provided hands-on clinical care for county residents – will soon cease to exist. On Thursday, Oct. 4, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners is expected to vote to approve a hard-fought contract that will eliminate the once huge county department and will, on Jan. 1, 2013, turn all of the services the department formerly provided over to Sandhills Center Inc. The commissioners have little choice in the matter: If they vote no to the deal, the State of North Carolina will come in and take over, do away with the Guilford Center, and reassign the county’s mental health administration and substance abuse services in any manner the state sees fit – and it would do so at a cost determined by state mental health officials. The Oct. 4 motion will finalize the merger of the Guilford Center with Sandhills Center, an eight-county – soon to be ninecounty ­– mental health administrative collective that covers much of central North Carolina. In recent years, state legislators have passed new requirements for administering federal dollars based on the belief that larger administrative economies of scale would be more efficient and would save

money. While there may be savings, there is widespread agreement among mental health officials in North Carolina that the new administrative and clinical structure isn’t as effective in delivering wholesale systematic quality mental health services and substance abuse treatment to state residents. The problem of transition to the new system is exacerbated by the fact that the clients who use these services are often negatively affected by change. Acting Guilford Center Director Billie Martin Pierce has stepped down twice as director of the center over the years and she’s now on her third stint as director. Back in the late ’90s, the Guilford Center had about 550 employees. However, over the last decade, the center has been divesting services and employees, and, as of Jan. 1, 2013, it will have no employees left. As ordered by the state, Guilford County divested all of its clinical workers earlier this year and hired private providers to take over those operations. All that remains is the divestiture of the administrative services and Pierce said that many of those workers hope to get jobs with Sandhills. “At last count there were 65 people currently employed,” she said, “and the maximum number Sandhills will have as its local presence in Guilford County will be about 89.”

Pierce said that, so far, no county employees have officially been offered jobs with the coming Sandhills office in Guilford County. However, once the commissioners give final approval to the merger agreement on Oct. 4, and the Guilford Board signs off on the deal the following week, many of the 65 remaining Guilford Center employees are likely to find out that they will continue coming to work in the same workplace after the start of next year – but they’ll be employed by Sandhills. Pierce said Guilford Center employees who get jobs with Sandhills should have informal notification by mid October. She said some Guilford Center workers plan to retire on Dec. 31, some already have retired in light of the merger, and others have found or will find work with Guilford County government in a different department. While the employees may continue on, the Guilford Center Board will be dissolved and will not meet again after the first of the year. Instead, the local operations will be run by the Sandhills Center board. The Guilford Center Board is a ninemember board currently chaired by Bert Davis Jr. Guilford County Commissioner Paul Gibson serves on the board as the representative of the Board of Commissioners. One commissioner from each county may also serve on the Sandhills board.

Gibson is running for reelection to the Board of Commissioners – he’s currently an at-large commissioner but he is running for the District 5 seat. If elected, Gibson said he may or may not serve on that board as he would like to feel out other commissioners to see if any of them want to serve in that role. Gibson said he has a great deal of respect for Sandhills, but he added that, during his time on the Guilford Center Board, he’s witnessed the damage of the massive divestiture of services. Gibson said part of the evidence is that mental health patients are showing up in jails and prisons more and more. There is a chance that, if county officials had communicated with the local delegation of state representatives a desire to fight the consolidation mandate, Guilford County might have been able to get an exemption. The legislation that forced consolidation exempted counties above a certain population and, as written, it only exempted Mecklenburg and Wake counties – the state’s two counties with the largest populations. Guilford County is third in population in the state and, District 62 state Rep. John Blust told the Rhino Times last year that, if he had been made aware this was a concern, he may have been able to get the state legislature to exempt Guilford County as well. Gibson and others overseeing mental (Continued on page 47)

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Thursday, October 4, 2012






The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro HIGH POINT



Ward 6 pits incumbency against energy by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Candidates for the Ward 6 seat on the High Point City Council, like other ward candidates, are fighting for political oxygen as High Point’s mayoral candidates prepare to go into their first debate on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012, and most of the rest of High Point’s political attention is focused on the five candidates for the two at-large seats. In Ward 6, first-term Councilmember Jim Corey is defending his seat against Jason Ewing, one of three candidates who ran for the Ward 6 seat in 2010. Corey won that race in what, at the time, he called “probably the closest race in North Carolina.” Corey won 1,693 votes to Ewing’s 1,647. The two candidates make a stark contrast. Corey is an avuncular, moderating figure on the City Council, a retired High Point University political science professor with a focus on environmentalism. Ewing is young and intense, a real estate agent focused primarily on economic issues. The contrast between the two is more visible this year than in 2008, since there are two, instead of three, candidates for the Ward 6 seat. The third candidate in 2010 was Gerald Grubb, the owner of Southern Cross Mortgage, who was redistricted into Ward 5 last year. Both candidates seem to be more focused than they were in 2010. There’s nothing like running head-to-head against a candidate who was only 46 votes away from you in the previous election to sharpen the mind. Each candidate, although acting casual, is already getting in digs at the other. Ewing has begun attending City Council meetings as part of his campaign. When Ewing walked by Corey at the City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 1, Corey, nodded at him and said, unasked, “I’m not worried about him.” Ewing, for his part, said that Corey’s incumbency would be no advantage. “I think it comes to a matter of, had the incumbent been there 10 years, it would have helped, but Jim has been there only two years,” Ewing said. “I’m pretty active in the community and rarely see him at events. In this case, I don’t think incumbency makes

much of a difference, but especially in this case where Jim hasn’t done much to make people jump up and down and say, ‘I want to vote for Jim Corey.’” Corey, of course, argued that he has given voters reason to vote for him during his first term. He cited his effort to get the City of High Point to switch to hybrid or electric cars. The City Council has bought four Prius hybrids since Corey was elected. “I got the city considering buying more hybrid vehicles for their fleet,” Corey said. “They just did a study that I asked for. I

think we know that all-electric vehicles are a ways in the future, because we don’t have the infrastructure. But they are working on batteries.” Ward 6 is an odd duck – a patchwork of annexed land in northeast High Point broken periodically by “doughnut holes” of unannexed land. The ward reaches the Jamestown city limits to the east and extends far enough northward to touch I-40 only a stone’s throw from Greensboro. Of the two candidates, Ewing gave a better definition of Ward 6, calling it

unique. “There’s obviously some industry the further north you go,” he said. “There is certainly a lot of room for expansion. Ward 6 has grown amazingly in the last 10 years. I think the great opportunity moving forward is that it’s great to embrace our history and have a good downtown.” “But when I talk to people in Ward 6 now, they ask me what there is in High Point to pull them away from Greensboro or Jamestown. We’re just as close to those (Continued on page 54)

City says: Tear down this complex by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The High Point City Council on Monday, Oct. 1 carried through with three years of threats to order the demolition of most of an apartment complex in the 500 block of Meredith Street owned by Schwarz Properties LLC of Asheboro. The City Council had talked for years about demolishing the apartment complex, most of which was vacant and which city inspectors said was not fit for human habitation – a claim backed by photographs of the complex that the High Point Inspections Department submitted to the City Council yearly. The vote to order the demolition of seven of the company’s 10 four-apartment buildings was unanimous. The City Council did not order the demolition of two other buildings in the complex fronting on Leonard Street in which, during the threeyear tug-of-war between the city and the company, repairs and renovations had been made. On July 19, 2010, the City Council voted unanimously to vacate and close almost all of the complex. Councilmembers said that Schwarz Properties had made no repairs to the apartments, most of which were boarded up and crumbling. City councilmembers and neighbors of the apartment complex have described it

You are

as one of the worst slums in High Point. Representatives of Schwarz Properties, who only sporadically appeared before the City Council to promise to renovate the buildings, or to explain not having done so, cited it as an example of the difficulty of owning and managing rental properties in high-poverty, high-crime High Point neighborhoods. A North Carolina city cannot demolish a privately owned property until a year after the City Council orders it vacated and closed, and that year passed in November 2011. At that time, Schwarz Properties offered to fix a building a month, meaning the complex would have been up to code after eight months of work. After the City Council gave the complex numerous reprieves, the High Point Planning and Development Department on August 20, 2012 again proposed demolishing the buildings. At that meeting, attorney Ben Albright, representing Schwarz Properties, said the owner of the company, Jeffrey Schwarz, was ill and the City Council unanimously voted to give Schwarz Properties a 30-day reprieve, warning Albright that the City Council was serious about demolition. On Monday, the City Council proved that. Schwarz Properties was represented by

David Barleycamp, one of its property managers. Barleycamp defended the company as doing the best it could under difficult circumstances. He said the Meredith Street apartment complex is an example of the difficulties landlords face trying to renovate rental units in bad neighborhoods in High Point. Barleycamp showed the councilmembers pictures of boarded up units in the apartment complex and of a new line of electric meters he said the company had recently installed. He said one of the pictures showed that, only two or three days after the meters were installed, one was stolen. When Councilmember Bernita Sims asked Barleycamp why the company boarded up the apartments, he replied, “To keep the thieves and vandals out.” The apartment complex is only three blocks from the High Point Police Department headquarters at 1009 Leonard Ave. It wasn’t the first time the City Council had accused a landlord of failing to maintain rental properties – or the first time a landlord argued that every time a building was repaired, it was burgled, vandalized and often stripped clean of salable metal. High Point has neighborhoods composed largely of empty houses with such damage. The City Council’s effort to close and (Continued on page 50)

Vital in our

Search for new treatments

We are seeking volunteers for the following clinical studies:

Diarrhea / Constipation / Acid reflux with regurgitation Call Today (336) 286-1194 7-C Corporate Center Court, Greensboro, NC 27408 |

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro


(Continued from page 1) cost Guilford County Schools $250,000, according to the school system’s contractor. Allen Jay is one of several Guilford County Schools that have rain inside the building as well as outside. In August, an Allen Jay employee wrote The Rhino Times that “terrible drippings off of the roof” were ruining ceiling tiles, carpets and computers in numerous rooms at the school. The Rhino Times took pictures of a huge canvas bladder with a garden-hose drain that Guilford County Schools mounted on the ceiling of the Allen Jay gym to capture water pouring through the gym roof and release it outside the building. In response to the August complaints, Guilford County Schools patched some of the leaks, waiting for a long-delayed project to replace the roof. The Guilford County Board of Education on August 14 voted to give the construction contract for the roof replacement to Greensboro Roofing Co. Inc. for $481,000. That should have cleared the way for Greensboro Roofing to reroof the entire school, built in 1958, and its freestanding gym. A crew from the company began tearing off the old roof on Monday, Sept. 24, racing to beat forecasted end-of-theweek rainstorms. There was only one problem: Guilford County Schools didn’t have a building permit to do the work.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

According to High Point Inspection Services Administrator Ed Brown, no one representing Guilford County Schools approached the Planning and Development Department on the Allen Jay roof project until Tuesday, Sept. 25. Terry Glidewell, the president of Greensboro Roofing, said his vice president called the Planning and Development Department on Monday, Sept. 25. Either way, both sides agree that Greensboro Roofing made the first approach to the city without plans or specifications, and walked out without a building permit. Brown said that, as of close of business on Monday, Oct. 1, Guilford County Schools had not applied for a building permit. Other than not applying for one, according to Brown, the reason the contractor didn’t get a building permit was state-required insulation. A new requirement in the 2012 North Carolina Energy Code for Buildings requires R-30 insulation for the school’s roof. R-30 is not a type or brand of insulation. It is an R-value, or a measurement of the amount of heat transfer any particular insulation allows. Brown said there are several ways to achieve that level of insulation. Glidewell said that he considered the building permit a formality, and has regularly started work while building permits were being processed. “My guys started taking the roof off Monday, thinking we had the permit,” Glidewell said. “But then we discovered

there was a problem.” Glidewell said he considered the architect on the project, Andre Johnson of Raleigh, responsible for the lack of a hardship letter. On most normal construction projects, contractors pull permits and architects request variances. Johnson could not be reached for comment. “I’ve been doing this 37 years,” Glidewell said. “We went to get our permit. We’d gotten our job set up prior. Last Monday, my VP went over to get his permit, and the guy asked if he was putting on R-30 insulation, which is the new energy code.” Glidewell said he called Ron Beard, High Point’s permit and records supervisor and plans reviewer, who confirmed the need for R-30 insulation. There is a way around the R-30 insulation requirement – a hardship letter. A hardship letter doesn’t cite financial hardship. It simply states that, in a building or part of a building, it is prohibitively difficult or impossible to meet the R-30 standard. Glidewell said that High Point inspectors were unaware that the city could issue such letters. Brown said they were, but that no one representing Guilford County Schools had, by Monday, Oct. 1, applied for one. Either way, Guilford County Schools didn’t have a building permit, a storm was coming, and Allen Jay Elementary School, which already had leaks, also had a section of roof with no shingles. And Glidewell said parts of the old roof are nothing to brag about even with shingles. “There’s areas you can step on up there

Page 9

and the water comes out like a tidal wave,” he said. “It’s like walking on a water bed.” Glidewell said his company was removing the roof as it was supposed to – all the way to the roof deck, which left the inside of the building exposed. He said his company worked with Allen Jay Principal Dawn Spencer to keep students out from under the work area. Glidewell said, once the permit impasse developed, and he knew he could not beat the storms coming Friday, his company patched the roof, putting down red rosin paper, a base sheet, a vapor barrier, two layers of felt and tar then insulation and a top membrane. He said it then spent seven hours sealing the area with asphalt. “That’s probably the only area of the building that is not leaking,” he said. And there Allen Jay Elementary sits. Several days of frantic meetings involving the contractor, the architect, Guilford County Schools and the City of High Point have not solved the impasse. High Point Mayor Becky Smothers, among others, has joined in days of roundrobin phone calls in an effort to solve the problem. It hasn’t worked so far, although everyone involved said they consider some sort of compromise inevitable. Brown said he considers the situation simple. From his perspective, Guilford County Schools has not applied for a permit or hardship letter, detailing the parts of the building that can’t be brought up to meet (Continued on page 52)

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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The Sound of the Beep What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine tape on our comment line 273-0898. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 273-0898 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep. Yeah, Rhino Times, the magazine for the conservatives. Because you guys make being conservative cool. I have a quick question, since when it was it cool to basically say that you don’t care about the – just about one-half of the country that’s on any kind of government assistance. Because that’s what our wannabe conservative, wannabe Republican, wannabe-the-president candidate, Mitt Romney, said this week. I’m just wondering, what’s so cool about that? What’s so cool about basically saying, a pox on half the country. Just want an answer. Just want an answer. If you can give it to me, that would be great. All right. %%% Editor’s Note: He didn’t say he didn’t care about the less fortunate. (He did give over $4 million of his own money, not government money, to charity last year.) He said they wouldn’t vote for him, and for the most part that is true. %%% My father-in-law worked hard as a housepainter all his life. He never passed the eighth grade, but he was a smart man. He would remind me every Election Day that in his words – Republicans never did anything for the little guy. He was right. Vote for who you want. But if you work hard to make ends meet and pay more than 15 percent on your income, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not your friend. And they don’t care about what happens to you. %%% Vote for Obama so he can stay in the White House and you can live on the streets because your home has been foreclosed on. Vote for Obama so he can send his girls to a $35,000-a-year school and then tell your kids what to eat for lunch. Vote for Obama so he and his family can have free health care, and your insurance will go up, or you will have to buy it whether you want it or not because it will come out of your check. Vote for Obama so he and his family can go on expensive vacations and you won’t even be able to go to the beach because you won’t be able to afford the gas. PS: Don’t vote for Obama. %%% Well, I see where this GPAC, this mirage of an entertainment center, is going to be helping out. It’s going to be paid for with a sales tax, a portion of which is going to the intergalactic Civil Rights Center and Museum. I thought they were a for-profit organization. And if you’re going to give some money away, give it to Lorillard, or Proctor and Gamble, or some of these other companies that actually contribute something to the City of Greensboro. Thank you. %%% I have three random remarks about our current political situation. One, when members of Congress start talking about making a tax on entitlements, I suggest they start with their own retirement plan, health care, vacation, etc. Two, when each candidate for president and vice president appears before groups with his wife, they walk out holding hands. Do they think we are so naive that we don’t know it is scripted? They probably held hands more in the past month than they have in the last five years. %%% My third comment, to those who criticize Romney for not releasing his tax records I say this. You release your own tax records in a way that they will be made public. Then, and only then, will you have the right to criticize someone who doesn’t. And just for the record. I am not a Romney person. Neither do I favor Obama. I am very concerned about the future of our country regardless of which one gets elected. It’s a shame that these two are the best we have to offer for, quote, the most important job in the world, end quote. %%% Saturday. Reading the news and fish wrap I see where Mr. Ed Travis has his panties in a wad about we’re trying to restrict minorities from voting. If he would look up the term illegal minorities and see how they vote. Thank you. %%% Old man update. Now, the old man can’t afford his favorite tuna fish that he likes because the wholesale club, paid wholesale club, in Greensboro has raised the price of it up an additional dollar. And his wife, the old lady, she can’t enjoy her favorite Swiss Miss sugar free because the certain club that’s dominating the world all over, Reidsville, Greensboro, wherever, there’s one (Continued on page 46)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Uncle Orson Reviews Everything

Silent Boarding, MoviePass, Looper by orson scott card

Last week, taking a flight on Alaska Airlines from Los Angeles to Seattle, I found myself taking part in an experiment in “silent boarding.” Agents entered into a laptop the cellphone numbers of ticketholders on that flight. You could then watch for announcements on prominently placed electronic signs, or you could wait for a notice to be sent to your phone as a text message. The problem was that there were no audible announcements of pre-boarding, which is usually the signal to put away your laptop or book and get ready to board when your section is called. Thus I had to keep checking my watch to see how much time I had left, keeping me from fully concentrating on writing last week’s column for this paper. I couldn’t really see what was happening at the gate, so when the official boarding time neared, I packed up and moved near the gate. This early clotting near the gate is one of the problems silent boarding is supposed to alleviate. Instead, it was as bad as ever. When I saw the overhead announcement for my group to board, six people lined up ahead of me. That was fine – the plane leaves at the same time for everyone. The problem was that I had not yet received the promised text message. What if I had been

relying on that as my only notice? Only when the agent was actually scanning my ticket did I finally get the text message. If all the gates had been practicing silent boarding, it would have been lovely to enjoy the quiet; only the Seattle flight out of LAX was involved in the experiment, however, and so we did not really have that much less background chat. Meanwhile, I had no reason for confidence in timely notices, and my lack of confidence was justified in the event. Had I waited for the text message, I would not have been able to pack up my computer and reach the gate before the group after mine began to board. Since the seats had unusually small spaces under them, and I had to stow my laptop bag overhead, the delay might have resulted in real inconvenience in having no overhead space by the time I got on, since I was counting on being able to use my computer in flight. Add to that the fact that it is often easy to miss the arrival of a text, unless you have your phone set to a loud alert, and we might have ended up with an amazing number of cellphone alarms going off at the same time. Would that be better than the regular loudspeaker announcements? Or would it merely be a change from one noise to another, along with an increase in uncertainty, anxiety and inconvenience in

the boarding process? At the moment, then, I must cast a vote against silent boarding.


Speaking of experiments, there’s a new company called MoviePass, which offers what amounts to a monthly fee for unlimited theatrical movie attendance. You pay a flat monthly fee, ranging from $24.99 to $39.99 per month (based on local area ticket prices; the national average is $29.99). You’re given a special movie card, which you use to buy a regular, full price ticket at the box office or kiosk. You also have to have your cellphone with you, because the card is linked to an app. If your cellphone isn’t within a hundred feet of the theater when you try to use the card, the card won’t work. This is how they prevent people from using a single MoviePass to pay for a dozen different people. They’re assuming – correctly – that cellphones are so personal and indispensable that most people won’t lend their phone along with their MoviePass card. The theaters are getting the full ticket price, so the fact that you’re paying MoviePass a flat monthly fee has nothing to do with them. They get their money. So how does MoviePass make money? The same way gyms profit from memberships. Most people don’t actually use their gym memberships very much. They pay for a year, show up a few times, and that’s it. Those of us who do use our gym memberships (or I did, anyway, before

Gold’s bought out my local gym and closed it down – That’s why I will never go to Gold’s, not just because their location is too far for me to run or bike to, but also because I think this is an evil business practice) are getting a great bargain, because we are subsidized by all the people who pay but don’t come. MoviePass is charging you for the convenience – having prepaid, you can always afford to go to the movies. Some months there might be six movies you want to see, and you save money. Other months, there’ll be nothing, or maybe just one; for that month, you lose money. It spreads your movie-attendance costs over a whole year, and MoviePass is betting that most people won’t use the full number of tickets they pay for. So is it a rip-off? Absolutely not. You know what they charge; you decide whether to go to the movies; it’s entirely up to you whether they profit from you or you profit from them. It’s like movie insurance. You’re betting there’ll be a lot of movies you want to see; they’re betting that the movies will suck and you won’t go. Given how movies get scripted and green-lighted, they’ll probably win. But you always have the convenience of knowing your movie tickets are prepaid. It’s like paying for HBO and other premium cable channels. How much do you actually watch their offerings? Do you get your money’s worth? I do – because I pay every month in case there’s something (Continued on page 52)

The New York Times Hyper-Sudoku sudoku_342B

Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz

You choose when you work, what you do and where you do it!

4 6 2 5 3 9 6


OPPORTUNITIES INCLUDE • Students, fulfill your volunteer hours • Talking with your neighbors • Assisting a candidate • Working with other volunteers at headquarters • Helping plan and participate in special events • Working at the polls, in social media, or distributing information

9 5 3 2 2 7 9

7 1

Contact: Mindy Moorman 336-373-4467 Facebook: Guilford County Republican Party


5 (c)


Distributed by The New York Times syndicate

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Page 13

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

No. 0930

CAR TALK By Elayne Cantor and Victor Fleming / Edited by Will Shortz










1 First name in the White House

7 O l d N a v y ’s o w n e r 13 Dandy

16 Like one battery t e r m i n a l : A b b r.

19 Start of a seasonal song 2 0 Tr i b u t e

21 Source of some intolerance

23 What Katie Holmes lost in divorce court? 25 Unsteady

26 Money of Laos

27 Shoots in the foot

28 Commuter on a crowded bus, e.g.? 3 0 H u c k F i n n ’s f a t h e r 31 Knicks venue, for short

32 Throw in the towel

33 “Sing of old ___ and the ancient ways”: Ye a t s 34 Prefix with -meter

RELEASE DATE: 10/7/2012

36 Some modern memos

40 1946 Best Supporting Actor n o m i n e e Wi l l i a m 4 3 B r o ’s g r e e t i n g

45 Beam of support

46 Leon who won a Pulitzer for his biography of Henry James 47 Actor Patel of “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” 48 Dealy-bobs

51 Digit in military lingo 55 Epiphany?

59 Some August newborns 6 2 S l a w, e . g .

6 4 S t r e p t r e a t e r, f o r short 65 Preschooler

6 6 “ D r e a m i n g o f Yo u ” singer 68 Sholem Aleichem protagonist 69 What “Send” triggers? 74 Family

75 Giggles

76 Noise in a nest 77 They tend IVs

7 8 J u d e a ’s _ _ _ t h e Great

79 Home for a 123Across

80 Legal proceeding over a meth bust? 83 Hero makers

85 Programming behind computer pop-ups 88 “___ second”

For any three answers, call from a touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 each minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800814-5554.

89 1950s coup site

1 0 1 Vi c e - p r e s i d e n t i a l family 103 TV excerpts

104 Spot for a farm l a b o r e r ’s s u n b u r n

105 More lighthearted

107 Theologian Johann 109 Potentially slanderous remark 11 0 S m e l l o f s o u r milk?

11 3 E n g l i s h k i n g _ _ _ the Peaceful

11 6 S u ff i x w i t h b a l l o o n or cartoon


14 Dual-___


1 3 Ti p p e d o ff

15 Shade akin to almond

18 Diary tidbit

22 Circus employee 24 Lock up

29 Iago, to Othello

3 1 Wo r d b e f o r e A o r T

122 Bleepers

3 5 C a l i f o r n i a ’s H a r v e y ___ College

11 8 B l i n g - b l i n g ?

32 Side of a road

1 2 3 Wi l d e q u i n e o f 7 9 Across

37 Some sleepwear

124 Company with a 2 0 0 4 I . P. O .

1 2 5 Wo r d b e f o r e s a l e or after sales 126 ABC, e.g., in Va r i e t y - s p e a k

127 Feared folklore figure 128 Picks up Down

1 Wr o n g f u l d i s c h a rg e award

2 One-named Brazilian soccer star 3 E x t e n d e d o n e ’s s t i n t 4 “___ said …” 5 P r i c e a b b r.

6 Bases for boats

7 ___ McAn shoes

9 7 Wi t h o n e ’s h e a r t , i f nothing else

9 9 11 V. I . P. ’s

8 Practice, as skills 10 Elongated swimmer

38 Life after death?

3 9 L o o n e y Tu n e s t o o n , informally 41 Restroom sign

42 Preferred groups

4 4 “ T h e L a d y ’s G o t Potential” musical 49 Unglazed ceramic jars 50 Comprehended

52 Scottish turndowns


6 0 Vi e w e d r e m o t e l y ? 61 About 90% of its land is owned communally

63 Like dunderheads








79 83












93 102










7 1 B o rg i a e n e m y 72 ___ Pet

73 Greek architectural style 80 Northern Plains people 81 Facility

8 2 L e n n y ’s f r i e n d o n “The Simpsons”

86 Dam that aids in fish-catching

87 Local council

m e m b e r : A b b r.

9 0 N u m b e r- o n e 91 ___ all-time high 94 Pier group? 95 Pauline work 96 Ones reliant on the

local blood supply




84 Spanish direction





6 7 O d i s t ’s “ b e f o r e ”

94 103









85 90













84 89





72 75





59 66







33 40








70 One-sixth of a drachma

5 8 “ We _ _ _ G e t O u t o f This Place”



55 ___ bar

57 Coat and tie, e.g.



66 Lieu

56 Accustomed (to)




5 3 M o z a r t ’s D o n n a _ _ _ 54 Synthetic fabrics













16 Round entree

1 7 We a v e r s ’ w i l l o w s




12 Genesis man who lived 239 years

11 7 H a r e b r a i n e d

92 Gen. Robt. ___ 93 Thickly cover

11 A n c i e n t a s s e m b l y sites





97 Whole

111 C a p i t a l o f t h e

99 Oasis, often

11 2 A b o u t

9 8 D r a m a m i n e u s e r ’s fear 100 ___ Landing (part of Philadelphia) 101 Fit in

102 One of the Lennons 106 Company with a 1 9 9 6 I . P. O . 108 Rock-climbing challenges

Swiss canton of Va l a i s

11 3 N o s e o u t 11 4 E ff e c t u a t e s 11 5 To y w a r n i n g s ? 11 9 I t f i t s i n a l o c k 120 Skiing gold

m e d a l i s t To m m y

121 Almost forever

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lingerie League Ref Blows Big NFL Call

Go to

by Scott D. Yost county editor

and click on entertainment

Southern Lights

Gate City Billiards Club

Fri Oct. 5

Karaoke with DJ Crash

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Fri Oct. 5 Sat Oct. 6

RareForm Spare Change

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

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Friday, 10/5 Saturday, 10/6

David Lin Joey Whitaker

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There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item. They may make a lot of money. But if you actually take a look at the 1.3 billion phones that get sold, I’d prefer to have our software in 60 percent or 70 percent or 80 percent of them, than I would to have 2 percent or 3 percent, which is what Apple might get. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, April 30, 2007 Like all the other 7,038,044,512 people on the planet, I’ve been waiting for my iPhone 5, but now I think I might wait for the iPhone 6 instead. I worry that if I get an iPhone 5 I’ll drop it and break it. But, if you’re smart and you wait and get the iPhone 6, it won’t matter one bit if you drop it – because you won’t be able to drop it: I read the other day that, with the iPhone 6, if you drop it, it won’t fall to the ground and break – instead, it will just hover in the air beside you, thanks to Apple’s new anti-gravity protection feature that will be introduced with that phone. So, with the iPhone 6 – unlike with the iPhone 5 – if it does slip out of your hand, then you’ll just need to reach over and grab it, since it will be sitting there in mid-air just waiting for you and it will be fine. All this commotion over the iPhone 5 has also brought the usual long line of Apple detractors out of the woodwork once again. You know the people, the ones who unabashedly bash the world’s only perfect company every chance they get. You’ve all met them before and – just as there will be poor always – there will also be Apple detractors out there always. Just to take one example, when the iPhone 4 came out, the Apple critics made a big deal about “antenna problems” with the phone, and they even called it “Antenna-gate.” Only, here’s the kicker: Before those people started complaining, and news outlets picked up the story, they all forgot one thing – They forgot to check with Apple. And not much later, the critics of the phone ended up with egg on their faces because, after reporters talked with Apple, it turned out that there wasn’t anything at all wrong with the phone ­– it was just that people were holding it wrong. So, how dumb must all those complainers have felt when they found out that there actually wasn’t any problem with the phone itself – the problem was with them; they were simply holding the phone wrong. But what are you going to do? There are always going to be naysayers. Anyway, every reporter and writer in the world has written about the iPhone 5 for the last three months straight, so I’m not going to keep writing about Apple and iPhones in this column this week. I’m going to move on to some other topics for a change … Hey, speaking of the iPhone, I heard my very first iPhone 5 joke the other day. It was tweeted out by Wired magazine. It goes something like this: “An iPhone 5 walks into a Genius Bar and the genius says, ‘Hey buddy, why the long face?’” Speaking of walking into places and raising questions, this year’s award for doing that goes to David Villalobos, who leaped from a monorail at the Bronx Zoo in New York into the cage of a 400-pound Siberian tiger that he wanted to pet. If you think back over news reports in the last few years, you’ll notice that there’s been an alarming trend of people jumping into tiger cages as well as cages of other large wild vicious animals that can tear you apart limb from limb. Anyway, it’s become so common that New Yorkers have come up with a term for the (Continued on page 16)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scott’s Night Out

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I swear this is true, last weekend, my friend Tricia Winters helped put on The First Annual Bridesmaids Ball benefitting the Leukemia & Lumphoma Society at the Regency Room in downtown Greensboro. Ladies were supposed to wear an old and tacky bridesmaid’s dress. Well, my sweet sister Sharon (below, right) came into town from New Jersey, and we went to see The Possession (very scary!) and, then, afterwards, I told her I wanted to swing by and get some pictures of the tacky bridesmaid dresses ball. I took a bunch of pictures (like of Amanda, left above, and Karen) and the girls with the funny hats, and my sister and I were saying the dresses actually looked really nice, and my sister said, “Look, that one girl wore her wedding dress.” At that point, a serious-looking woman asked us who we were, and I said we were just there to take pictures of the tacky bridesmaids ball. She informed us that the Bridesmaid Ball was Friday night, and that this was Saturday night and we were at a wedding reception. – Scott D. Yost

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(Continued from page 14) practice: They are now calling it “attempted zoo-icide.” However, according to police, Villalobos said he was in no way attempting to commit suicide; instead, he told police, he simply wanted to pet the giant Siberian tiger, and he added, “I wanted to be one with the tiger.” You know what, people laugh at that statement, and say that’s a crazy dream he had, but, if you think about it, he really did come extremely close to being one with that tiger. Hey, is it just me, or do Islamic extremists seem to be really touchy people? I saw a Republican strategist on TV on Sunday, and he was talking about the presidential election, and he said, “The question we want everyone to ask themselves is, ‘Are you better off now than you were four years ago?’” So I did that. I said to myself, let’s see, hmmm, four years ago? That would make it Sept. 30, 2008. And then it hit me: I remember exactly what I was doing right around that time. I was standing in my kitchen at night, talking with my brother and mother, and I remember the conversation very clearly because it had such an amazing and surreal quality to it. There’s no other word to describe it but “surreal,” and I truly remember it like it was yesterday because it is burned into my mind.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

In the conversation, we were trying to decide if we should all go to the bank as soon as it opened the next morning and withdraw all our money in cash and hide it somewhere in the house – or perhaps, under the cover of night, dig a deep hole in the backyard and hide the money there. But then one of us – I can’t really remember who – raised the question of, if we tried to get our money out of the banks, would the banks even actually give us our money. Because, based on the news reports all over television and the internet that night, there was a question about if the banks had the ability to pay out any money and, in some other parts of the country, there had been fights and riots in the lines in front of the banks because the people couldn’t get their money out. And we realized that everyone else had been watching those same news reports, so, then, we questioned whether it would be safe to be in the line tomorrow. When my mother pointed out that those accounts were guaranteed by the FDIC, my brother and I reminded her that the FDIC insurance was only as good as the US government, and it looked as though the federal government might fail and go into bankruptcy – so it might very well be that that FDIC insurance wasn’t any good, because the government of the United States of America wouldn’t have any money to pay those claims if it went bankrupt in the morning. Hey, listen to what happened to some

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

friends and I the other day while we were playing pickup basketball. This is really crazy. It was a nice day – sunny and cool, perfect for being outdoors. So a few friends and I went out to Troy Johnson Park and we were playing a game of halfcourt basketball. That day for some reason, we were really on – you know, we looked good, and most of our shots were falling. While we were playing, a long black car pulled up, and four men in dark business suits got out and watched us play for a while. It was somewhat odd, but we didn’t think much of it. But then one of the men came up and introduced himself as John Swofford, the commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Mr. Swofford said he and the other ACC executives had been


From last week’s issue S C I O N














9 3 6

I was very excited about watching the 1 X-Factor episode last week 2 recent because it was the one filmed in Greensboro – so it

7 4 2 8 6 1 9

(Continued on page 46)


Sudoku Solution

Crossword Solution W O L F E N O U B O N S G E H A I I T S S S A L A S T A T N I M A D E I D S A D O R S L U E M E N T A D D J W A T U A T O N F O R E E N T A R E S U

driving by and had noticed us, and stopped to watch us play, and he said he wanted to invite our team to be a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. So, anyway, that’s fantastic news, and so now the “Latham Park Flyers” are going to sudoku_342A officially be a member of the ACC starting Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz with the 2013-2014 season, and, starting 4 we will have a 22-game7 home and then, away schedule. 1 2I don’t know if conference officials are planning on building stands 9 Johnson 7Park,8 but, either for us at Troy way, we’re all thrilled about being part of 9 the Atlantic Coast Conference.


Distributed by The New York Times syndicate


Solution sudoku_342A T E L L S U S N E W S H Y E R S S T

From last week’s issue

4 6 5 9 2 1 8 3 7

2 7 3 8 5 6 1 9 4

8 1 9 4 7 3 5 2 6

3 2 6 5 9 4 7 8 1

5 8 4 1 3 7 2 6 9

1 9 7 2 6 8 4 5 3

7 5 8 3 4 9 6 1 2

9 4 1 6 8 2 3 7 5

6 3 2 7 1 5 9 4 8


The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Page 41

Letters to the Editor Remember Walker Dear Editor, Sure hope you’re right about the polls. Remember the Wisconsin Governor’s recall election four months ago? Every pollster, including Fox News, said it was too close to call, right up to election night. Then Gov. Walker won handily. Al Shumard

GOP still promotes Reagan Dear Editor, The Republican Party and its nominees for president and vice president noticeably avoid mentioning the names of George W. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and others who played key roles during the Bush years. This is understandable. They want to distance themselves from failed policies. Instead of proudly invoking Bush and his acolytes, they hearken back to Reagan, the loveable president with a wonderful sense of humor who, in the ’80s, actually started us down the slippery slope toward deregulation and the corporate excesses that have landed us into the financial mess we are in today. Most of us were too busy living our lives to pay attention or to recognize where deregulation, given its head, might lead. We were complicit. We are paying the price. As a result of this ideological swerve toward corporate greed, America has become less optimistic, less productive, less vibrant, less strong and less fair. We must now do the hard work of turning back the tide and undoing the mistakes that pulled the rug out from under the middle class. The 47 percent of whom Mitt Romney spoke when he said, “My job is not to worry about those people,” are the very people who have been sidelined, demeaned, devalued and unsupported by Republican policies. They are seniors on Social Security and Medicare. They are disabled Iraqi War veterans being treated at the VA, an “entitlement” for which they paid dearly. They are public school children who represent the future of our country. They are teachers, policemen and firemen paid by the government. Certainly there are some malingerers, but they do not represent 47 percent. Numbers can be treacherous. Mitt Romney is so far removed from the America he wants to lead that he resembles Marie Antoinette when she said, “Let them eat cake.” Maureen Parker

Enough Obama Dear Editor, At what point does the vast majority of this country decide enough is enough? When do people begin to realize that voting for Obama in 2008 was a mistake, and voting for him again may do irreparable damage? The American electorate was given a poor choice in 2008: One that

didn’t understand that our economy was in turmoil versus one that was a community organizer, unvetted by the media, but could give a good speech and get people excited. The 2008 election was a referendum against the Bush administration. Period. It doesn’t matter who ran on the Republican ticket, a Democrat was going to be elected. In last week’s Rhino Times Letters to the Editor, someone tried to explain Obama’s accomplishments. The reasons given were pathetic. Obama killed Osama bin Laden? It took months and months of wishy-washiness to decide to go ahead and do that. He promised to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end? In light of recent events in the Middle East, it doesn’t appear pulling the troops out now was very responsible, and al Qaeda and the Taliban are alive and thriving. Curb the spread of nuclear weapons? Ask Israel about the status of that promise. The image of the US abroad has vastly improved? Does the author of that letter to the editor have a TV that has more than just MSNBC tuned in? It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that this administration has tried to cover up the events in Libya and Egypt over the last few weeks, and continues to blame the terrorism on some stupid video. Barack and Hillary are making themselves and the entire US government look incompetent and scared of offending terrorists. The writer really didn’t address how poorly the Obama administration has performed on the economy, but of course, why would he? Because it’s bad, that’s why. This has been the worst recovery of modern times. We have the lowest employment participation in over 30 years, over 8 percent unemployment, and true unemployment when considering the lack of participation in the workforce is closer to 12 percent. Why would anyone looking for a job or currently employed vote for Obama? The enormous uncertainty of his policies is why our economy is at 1.3 percent growth instead of 3 to 4 percent growth where it should be at this stage of a recovery. Obamacare has 21 new taxes in the bill. How does that help the so-called middle class? It doesn’t. DoddFrank does more damage to the economy than any other legislation ever passed and in the process destroys small banks in this country. Under a second Obama term, small businesses will cut employment and we will go deeper into recession. Big government’s over-regulation and higher taxes used for redistribution are not the answers to our problems, they are the problem. Margaret Thatcher’s great quote, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” sums up what the US is facing. We have a government rapidly working its way towards full socialism, and the pace will only pick up under a second Obama term. How can any honest person dispute that? If you’re a socialist, then call yourself a socialist and admit that’s what you

want to accomplish, and you must realize and understand that a government cannot continue to spend more than it takes in without becoming like Greece or Spain. I would encourage liberals, big government advocates and welfare recipients to take a little of the money they steal from taxpayers and buy a calculator, and learn to use it. Simple math will tell us that we can’t continue to have a budget deficit and a $16 trillion debt (and growing). It will be the downfall of America. People must realize that under socialism, individuals have no chance of achieving what we have come to know as the American dream. Why do we go to work? Why do most honest people try to make a better life for their children? Because we do believe that we can achieve that socalled dream, whatever one determines that to be for his self or herself. I realize that these comments will only reach your typically conservative readers, but if we all try to make a better argument against Obama and for Romney, then the whole country is better off in the long run. Chris Meadows

Presidential perks gone wild Dear Editor, We finally have an easier way to help pay down the national debt. Just remove the Obamas from the White House. In a new book by Robert Keith Gray,

Presidential Perks Gone Royal, he states that the Obama family cost the taxpayers, that’s us, $1.4 billion last year. It only costs the British taxpayers $57.8 million for the royal family. Who ever knew that would be a bargain. Mr. Gray cites the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages yet” and Air Force One “running with the frequency of a scheduled airline.” The president has “469 senior staffers and 226 are paid more than $100,000 a year.” According to the book, “77 are paid as much as $170,000 per year and there are 43 ‘czars.’” Bo, their dog, has his own expensive handler. Let’s not forget it was necessary to fly Bo to join the family in Martha’s Vineyard in a separate airplane the summer before last. Then there is Malia’s spring vacation with friends to Mexico in two airplanes with 25 Secret Service agents in attendance. We’ve made her the most popular girl in school. In perhaps the greatest example of excess, Obama’s entourage at the G-20 in London surpassed the queen’s according to Dale McFeatters of Scripps Howard News Service. “Obama arrived with 500 staff, including 200 Secret Service agents, six doctors, the White House chef and kitchen staff with the president’s own food and water.” The Evening Standard reported, “he came with 35 vehicles in all, four speech writers and 12 teleprompters.” (Continued on page 42)

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Page 42

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letters (Continued from page 41) There was the “presidential helicopter, Marine One, and a fleet of decoy to ferry him.” The worst of this is it is probably not considered part of the Obamas’ $1.4 billion of personal excess. It is most likely regular government expense. Mr. McFeatters further states, “The president is entitled to security, communications, and support he feels necessary to do his job, but surely when we are trying to project a more restrained, humble image to the world, the president’s huge retinue could be scaled back to something less than the triumphal march from ‘Aida.’” And may I add the tanking economy at home, widespread unemployment and a large percentage of the population thinking the country is heading in the wrong direction as a reason for a less regal procession. Sigh. I fear it is too late for a 71-year-old woman, who has always felt she should be queen, to enter the presidential race. Phyllis Picklesimer

Why ruin 617 beautiful acres? Dear Editor, The rezoning request to turn the lands of the county Prison Farm into a corporate park raises troubling questions. Just the speed of the decision-making with basic details missing seems reckless. Why rezone 617 beautiful acres of open space on Howerton Road in eastern Guilford County before full information is available? Why take what may be the most beautiful and largest tract of farmland in Guilford County and turn it into a corporate park 13 miles and 16 traffic lights, round-trip, from the interstate? What will taxpayers pay to move the Prison Farm buildings and set up roads, water and sewer for possible buyers? Isn’t this open space more valuable as the humane, low-security farm prison it now is or the future park, playing fields, school or project to help starting farmers it may become. I hope the people of Guilford County will speak up for this land of theirs, full of beautiful woods, high fields with vistas,

rolling hills, and the streams of Tickle and Travis creeks. The Board of Planning and Development is scheduled to hear the rezoning request on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Old Guilford County Court House. Anne Cassebaum

Dems audacious, arrogant Dear Editor, I just read an opinion piece where the writer stated that he did not like Republicans because they are so arrogant. I not only disagree with that view, I find it puzzling. If you look at policies, you will see that Democrats are the very audacious ones. They say that they are “for the poor” and yet keep the underprivileged dependent on the goodness of Big Brother. They say that they are “for the children” but foster a culture of irresponsibility. They enact policies that take away decisions from the common man and put them in the hands of a chosen few. Democrats exhibit arrogance by declaring reckless policy and then denying any association with that very policy when dire consequences erupt. A case in point is the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya. The upheaval in Benghazi is being blamed on a “spontaneous” protest over a YouTube video. The reality of the situation is that trouble has been brewing in that region for months. In Benghazi, convoys transporting the UN country chief and the British ambassador were attacked in April and June, respectively. The Red Cross suspended operations and evacuated staff after an attack on June 12 on its compound. The reality is that the Barack Obama administration is too arrogant to observe reality. They are too self-absorbed in their perceived worldliness and enlightenment to see that their utopian theories do not mesh with the harshness of the real world. Obama’s administration is arrogant with deceit. It has lied with numbers by taking credit for Obamacare while pushing that program’s expense on to the accounting period of the previous administration. What a dishonorable thing to do. Either you own it or you don’t. When what is visible is a blame game, a

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tap dance around issues, a gallery of poor decisions and a string of foreign relation missteps, all of the beautiful words fall to dust. The economy is weak. The national mood is sour. Foreign policy is broken. Obama, in his arrogance, owns all of this. Debra McCusker

Disgusted with Reid Dear Editor, Full disclosure: The faith community that I fellowship with and have been a member of since 1994 is Friendly Avenue Church Of Christ. Like all churches we have our differences (theology, doctrine, politics, etc.). In no way would I ever consider questioning the sincerity of faith or commitment to the congregation of our leaders or my fellow congregants. By the same token, whatever differences I may have with other faith communities, whether those differences are theological, doctrinal or sectarian in nature, I do not question the sincerity of the members or the leaders of those communities. That being said, I find myself disgusted with recent comments made by Sen. Harry Reid about Mormon GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Now, whether you are voting for Mr. Romney or not, please leave his faith and any question of his commitment to it out of the discussion. From my knowledge of the LDS Church, Mr. Romney is an excellent roll model for the many great values that his church and, for that matter, many others, profess and teach. He has been a model citizen who has been more than generous in returning back to the community the rewards of his success in both time and money. Furthermore, Mr. Romney is a person of the highest integrity and honesty. The same cannot and never will be said about Sen. Reid and, for that matter, both President Obama and Vice President Biden. Jim Bailey

Let president run on his record Dear Editor, I would be pleased to have Orson Scott Card comment on this since he is your resident Mormon. I have come to realize that the Democratic Party has been depending on the fact that their part of the electorate is stupid. Not just ignorant, but incapable of organized thought. I am sure this was planned by the national party and probably approved by Obama, but immediately after Romney’s acceptance speech there was a piece in the form of a political ad that showed a poor Mormon woman living in a polygamous relationship living in fear of what might happen to her. It was no accident that, since people know Romney to be a practicing Mormon, the party would create its own fear and doubt in this man. Since some Mormon in Utah says she is polygamous, surely it equates that Romney must be that also. A check with any Mormon in Greensboro will tell you that cannot be true since the Mormon Church outlawed polygamy over

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

100 years ago. A Mormon neighbor told me that if a church member were polygamous he would be excommunicated. There was also an article in Time recently about a polygamous Mormon. Deep in the article I found that they mentioned that the couple belonged to an evangelical Mormon church, not bothering to explain that it was totally unrelated to the main church in Salt Lake City. We have a president who is stooping to insidiously low levels to get reelected. He has a record of character assassination since he ran for the Illinois state Senate, US Senate and this run for the presidency. Maybe he should run on his excellent handling of the economy or how his foreign policy will keep Israel from being destroyed by our friends in Iran. Jim Furman

Party of victims Dear Editor, The Democrats are the party of victims. They need people to be victims so they can get as many people possible onto the entitlements rolls. The Democratic Party also likes to tell downright lies to manipulate those who do not follow the issues closely. The Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy would be ashamed of the media bias of the Democratic Party today and the Democratic Party itself. The Democratic Party of today is the most intolerant party when it comes to other people’s views. They will do anything to destroy those who do not agree with their opinions. NBC news and MSNBC news are prime examples of networks so bent on getting this president elected that they will go to great lengths to make the public think. They will lie, steal and cheat, which they are already doing to get this president elected. This voter voted for him in 2008 to get him reelected. In this election, this voter will not be voting for Barack Obama again. He is a big disappointment and he is definitely leading this country into a socialist state. Steven M. Shelton

EPA destroying coal Dear Editor, I watched on TV how Obama’s EPA is destroying the coal production in this country. Many coal mines have already shut down, according to the news I watched. It’s going to make it difficult for many people to pay their electric bill since the power companies are not going to be using coal. Do the people who are going to vote think they will get free medical care? As far as free medical care goes, there’s absolutely no way that the government can pay doctors ad hospitals since the government is broke. At this writing, Sept. 24, Obama has never spoken to the country about what exactly happened to the four Americans murdered in Libya. Bob Herndon (Continued on page 47)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Civilization (Continued from page 6) ability to attack and destroy us. 3. Obama inherited two battle zones in the war against radical Islamism: Iraq and Afghanistan. He has declared both wars over and is withdrawing our troops. This is the equivalent of France and Britain allowing Hitler’s Nazis to occupy the demilitarized Rhineland and then to force anschluss with Austria. The people of Afghanistan hated the Taliban and rejoiced when their murderous, repressive regime fell. 4. Just as they hated Saddam, and far more than they hated Mubarak, anyone who has lived under Islamist rule hates the Islamists and longs for their destruction. But Barack Obama has shown them (like Carter, Reagan and Clinton before him) that there will be no effective resistance to the extension of Islamist rule. Briefly, two presidents named Bush stood against Muslim aggressors, and a remarkable thing happened: The Muslims who don’t want to be ruled by these mad dictators fell in behind American leadership and bet their lives and their futures on our victory. And we won. Even if the occupation did not go brilliantly at first, we won, and the result was a general backing down of support for Islamists all over the Middle East. But with Barack Obama’s decision to lose these wars, despite the fact that we won them, and continued to prevail whenever and wherever adequate support was given, our friends and allies in the Middle East have no choice but to make whatever accommodation they can with whoever looks like the eventual winner. Hint: As long as Barack Obama or any other member of the professoriate or mediocracy is president, the US is not going to look like the eventual winner. When Barack Obama snubs Netanyahu of Israel, he no doubt imagines he is building friendship with Muslims. But he is not. He is earning the contempt of the Islamists whose war against the West he thus encourages, and he is showing those who would be our friends that American friendship means nothing. After all, look how Obama treats Israel, our staunchest ally! If that’s how America treats its friends, it’s time to join up with America’s enemies. There are still many millions of Americans who approve of Obama’s decision to lose the war, just as many millions of Britons rejoiced when Chamberlain came home from Munich with a worthless treaty and promised “peace for our time.” These are the Americans who think that because Osama bin Laden is dead, we already won the only war we ever meant to fight. But we don’t get to decide when the war is over – they do. And President Obama’s actions have proven again and again that Osama bin Laden was absolutely right in his assessment of America. We will not keep fighting. We win and then we quit; but the Islamists go on. All you have to do, Bin Laden taught, was keep

Thursday, October 4, 2012

on attacking, and eventually the Islamists will bring down the whole Western civilization. Then the Islamists can replace it with their own ugly, hate-filled, oppressive, racist, misogynist, fanatic, murderous “law.” Of course it will quickly become corrupt and the leaders will not be true to the faith – we do have the history of centuries of fanatical Muslim governments to show us that. But it will be no help to the people who groan under the heel of the Islamist conquerors. Here’s where we come to the crux of the matter. The professoriate and mediocracy think it’s absurd for me to talk about these terrorists actually bringing down Western Civilization. Well, in a way it would almost be redundant – the only people who hate Western Civilization more than the Islamists are the professoriate and mediocracy here and in Europe, and they already do all they can to destroy all the values that made Western Civilization the envy of the world. And never mind that their pat-on-thehead devotion to the “oppressed” Muslims will not protect them – as with Hitler, wherever Islamists take over the first people they kill or imprison are, unsurprisingly, the professoriate and the mediacrats. When Churchill first started warning about the danger of Hitler’s rearming of Germany, his pacifist opponents ridiculed him. What threat could Germany possibly pose? Its economy was in ruins, it had no army. In fact, Germany had been oppressed by the unfair, impossible Versailles Treaty. It was only right for them to reassert their pride. Cut them some slack! And look how strong we are! We can never fall! (The fond belief of all great nations, just before they fall.) They kept insisting that Germany posed no threat, right up to the day when they suddenly switched and said, We dare not do anything to offend Hitler, because we’re not strong enough to fight his huge air force, army, U-boat fleet. Aren’t we already there? Aren’t people all over the world terrified of saying or doing anything to offend the Islamists, knowing that they assassinate anyone who gives offense? Haven’t we already lost this war? No, we haven’t. We stand where Britain and France stood in 1939, having already decided to lose, having already allowed their enemy to get weapons he shouldn’t have had and to rule in nations where they did not have to let him win. Obama has already allowed Egypt to be turned over to Islamists, while doing nothing to help democratic forces liberate themselves from the oppressive, terroristsponsoring Syrian government that supports Hamas, Hezbollah and the soonto-be-nuclear Iranian ayatollahs. Obama is already handing Afghanistan back to the Taliban, while Iraq is now in the shadow of Iranian power. Obama has done nothing to prevent Iranian nuclear weaponry and is trying (Continued on page 44)

Page 43


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Recycling (Continued from page 1) Waste Management since the mid 1990s, while Greensboro was paying millions to ReCommunity for the same services. Before the competitive pressure of the RFP process, the offer from ReCommunity did not include a price floor for recyclables, only a share of revenue from the sale of the material. Since the value of recyclables fluctuates with the markets, the amount paid to the city could go up or down dramatically. At the time Greensboro Field Operations Director Dale Wyrick told the City Council that he was confident that he would be able to negotiate a good deal for Greensboro with ReCommunity without an RFP, and his recommendation to let him continue negotiations was backed by the research of Joe Readling of HDR Engineering. However, once the RFP process began and ReCommunity was forced to compete with other companies, including Waste Management Inc., a significant price floor was added to their offer, which included three pricing options of a guaranteed payment of between $10 and $31 to the city per ton of recyclables. The offer improved yet again when the City Council voted to enter a “best and

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

final offer” phase of the RFP and invited ReCommunity and Waste Management to submit their best and final proposals, showing that ReCommunity was able to offer a better deal all along. After hearing the “best and final offers” from the two vendors, councilmembers raised questions about the offers and the city’s relationship with ReCommunity, and, when pressed, the offer from ReCommunity continued to improve dramatically Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann asked if ReCommunity would let the city out of its current contract before it expires on April 1, 2013, so that the city could start making money on recycling instead of paying ReCommunity for it. ReCommunity had been insistent on the April start date, and was asking the city for a $1.3 million fee to leave the contract early. Now, after being pressured by Waste Management’s offer, ReCommunity has changed its stance and is willing to end the current contract before April 1, without the termination fee if awarded the new contract. Councilmembers also expressed interest in shorter contract terms, citing concerns that long terms may prevent the city from taking advantage of opportunities afforded by newly emerging technologies and

markets. Greensboro has signed 10- and fiveyear contracts with ReCommunity since 1992, and the city has been losing money on recyclables the entire time, while other cities made a profit. ReCommunity’s initial response to the RFP was for a 10-year contract, which ReCommunity said it had to have to pay for improvements to its facility, but their “best and final” offer included a five-year option. Mayor Robbie Perkins asked if the company would be willing to enter into a three-year contract. ReCommunity has responded that they are still unwilling to offer a contract term shorter than five years. Waste Management on the other hand has stated that it will sign a three-year contract. Some of the information about the offers is coming out late in the RFP process at least in part because of a “no contact provision” included in the RFP by Greensboro City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan. The provision dictates that councilmembers can have no contact with the vendors they are considering outside of official council meetings. During a special work session on the best and final offers, Councilmember

Trudy Wade asked about the total cost and said he didn’t have the number on hand but Wyrick gave the estimate of between $10 million and $15 million. He later corrected that in a memo with the actual total being $22 million. Readling continues to recommend ReCommunity, with most of his analysis hinging on the cost to the city for transporting recyclables 15 miles to Waste Management’s MRF in Winston-Salem over the cost of transporting recyclables to ReCommunity’s MRF in Greensboro. Stan Joseph, manager of community and municipal relations for Waste Management, continues to say that Readling’s estimation of the hauling costs at between $10 and $11 per ton is “grossly overestimated” and that a more realistic number of $7 a ton would show Waste Management’s offer to be more lucrative for Greensboro. Joseph has also stated that Waste Management could help revamp Greensboro’s collection routes to reduce the number of trucks Greensboro uses for recycling. Readling determined that Waste Management’s first offer, not their best and final offer, was the most advantageous for the city, and so included it in his calculation.

All Mitt Romney needs is good sense, prudence, a spine. He showed he had one when he openly criticized the Obama administration’s insanely apologetic response to the attacks on our embassies. Nobody in America wants a war. That’s why Romney isn’t campaigning on the issues I’ve raised here. He’s campaigning on the economy, on getting rid of the crippling new entitlements that Obama has established so that we don’t go bankrupt. Romney is campaigning on the promise that the 47 percent who pay no taxes might, if they want to, improve their incomes until they do pay taxes; or if they are legitimately unable to work, he will help grow the economy and reform the government so that the safety net is still there for them. Only by keeping a strong, free economy can the 47 percent continue to have the benefits of government without paying income taxes to sustain it. So it’s in the self-interest of all Americans, for economic reasons alone, to support Romney. But if the economy were the only issue, we could probably survive four more years of Obama; economic recovery from his ideological mistakes would be harder and more expensive, but it could still be done. However, Obama’s ideological decision to lose the war is one that cannot be undone four years from now. Friends and allies that have been obliterated or have fallen under Islamist rule cannot then be regained without bloody battles. When fanatical Islamists rule in every Muslim-majority country, we will have the open war against all of world Islam that the

presidents Bush so carefully kept us out of. It will be Barack Obama who gave us that world war (as Neville Chamberlain gave us a needless world war) instead of the limited wars of the Georges. When Iranian nukes can be launched against cities in Europe, while Iran’s leaders don’t care whether we retaliate against their own population, what allies will we be able to gather to our cause then? Make no mistake: We can pretend this election is about the economy, but the primary responsibility of the president of the United States is the safety of the United States, and Barack Obama has proven to us, without any doubt, that he is incompetent. Our dead Libyan ambassador is a witness to that. His government’s apology to the assassins, his failure to defend our values, his refusal to support our allies – these are also witnesses. The reelection of Barack Obama is the most terrible thing that could happen to us, because he is Neville Chamberlain, and like Chamberlain, he is exposing us and all our friends to the most evil, ambitious, insane force loose in the world right now. And anyone who laughs at my dire warning is saying nothing about me. They are only proclaiming their own pathetic ignorance of history. All great nations fall eventually. And with rare exceptions, great nations fall when they have decided to stop protecting themselves; when they have lost faith in themselves. The man who sneers at Americans who turn to “guns and religion” – and the professoriate and mediacrats who are

ashamed of “patriotism” and the values of Western Civilization – are not fit to lead the nation which, like it or not, constitutes our civilization’s entire defense against enemies who relentlessly war against us and, if we do not stop them, will bring it down. We can’t decide to simply end this war with fanatical Islamism – because our enemies have not stopped and will not stop until one side wins. We can still decide to unlose this war. *** Death and His Brother Sleep is a poem by Punch editor Edwin James Milliken, who died in 1897. Winston Churchill quoted the poem during the lead-up to World War II:

Civilization (Continued from page 43) to prevent Israel from doing our job for us, soon their fanatical government will dominate and intimidate and effectively rule all of our friends in the Persian Gulf and beyond. Because of this, our cause looks as hopeless as did Britain’s and France’s, when German tanks rolled across the Polish border. Having already allowed all their friends and allies to be destroyed or neutralized, they had no friends left. Hitler’s natural enemy, the Soviet Union, seeing that Britain and France were worthless allies, made his own accommodation with Hitler. Other nations openly allied with him. Their cause was lost. But the British people found their spine at last – before Neville Chamberlain did (because he never did), they found their courage. And at last they turned to the most brilliant leader available – Winston Churchill – and finally gave him the power to lead them. It was almost too late. Here’s the problem. Mitt Romney is not Winston Churchill. But he’s also not Neville Chamberlain – and Barack Obama is. Had the Brits replaced Neville Chamberlain years earlier, with someone who was merely prudent, they wouldn’t have needed Winston Churchill. After all, neither President Bush was a genius like Winston Churchill. But they did defend Western Civilization against its enemies; and when they did, we found friends and allies where we needed them.

Who is in charge of the clattering train? The axles creak, and the couplings strain. *** At every mile we a minute must gain! Who is in charge of the clattering train? *** Only a Man, but away at his back, In a dozen cars, on the steely track, A hundred passengers place their trust In this fellow of fustian, grease, and dust. They cheerily chat, or they calmly sleep, Sure that the driver his watch will keep *** A hundred hearts beat placidly on, Unwitting they that their warder’s gone; *** For the pace is hot, and the points are near, And Sleep hath deadened the driver’s ear; And signals flash through the night in vain. Death is in charge of the clattering train!

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro


(Continued from page 1)

during the day for the next two months for the benefit of a selection of privately owned and operated food trucks. The food trucks will operate in the area four at a time on a set schedule. The cost for an ordinary business of renting a parking space, 26 of which are occupied by the food trucks, is $5 per day. For a for-profit organization to close down a street for an event it would cost $200. The Grasshoppers pay $200 to close Bellemeade Street for home games, and they also pay for equipment and security. The cost to the food vendors if they had set up the program and were paying for it instead of having the taxpayers subsidize it would be roughly the same, although according to Greensboro Special Events Manager Joshua Sherrick, private enterprises are not typically granted street closure permits lasting two months. Each of the vendors in the food truck pilot program is required to pay a fee of $20 per session. The sessions run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays for lunch, with a 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. session for dinner on Fridays. However, the parking meters are bagged 24 hours a day. At Tuesday’s meeting Roth revealed that for the month of October the city will be charging itself $400 for blocking Commerce Place, $500 in administrative fees and $2,700 for parking, for a total of $3,600. However, the city will only recoup $2,160 in fees from the vendors, for a loss of $1,440. Councilmember Trudy Wade said that it seemed “pretty unfair” that the city was subsidizing a select few private businesses. There have already been complaints about the food trucks. Ann Mann of the Franciscan Center on North Greene Street submitted a written complaint to councilmembers Tuesday, stating that the trucks are taking up parking spaces normally used by their patrons and Mass attendees. Mann also criticized the aesthetic of the trucks, and said they created a “carnival” atmosphere that detracts from the city. Other complaints have included the noise of the trucks’ generators and the fact that a

Thursday, October 4, 2012

street is blocked off, making it even more difficult to navigate downtown. Food trucks are currently illegal downtown except for on Commerce Place, and the Greensboro City Council initiated the pilot program with the stated intent of testing the feasibility of changing the ordinance. But a week before the program began councilmembers decided at a work session to go ahead and pursue changing the ordinance without waiting to see how the pilot turns out, something that Councilmembers Zack Matheny and Wade had advocated before the pilot program was approved. Because changing the ordinance could take several months, councilmembers decided to let the pilot go forward anyway, but they were not told there would be any cost to the city of allowing the food trucks to occupy Commerce Place. When reached for comment on the complaints, Councilmember Nancy Vaughan, who advocated the pilot program, said she feels it is a good way to gauge the issues that will be associated with changing the ordinance. She said she also thought that changing the ordinance would likely use public parking spaces as well, since downtown business aren’t required to have parking. “It’s growing pains. I don’t think people can expect it to be perfect right out of the gate,” she said in regard to the complaints associated with the trucks. Vaughan also said the pilot program might be adjusted, as staff look for better ways to organize the program than to block off a street and 26 parking spaces for two months. At Tuesday’s meeting the council also passed a resolution supporting an amendment to the US Constitution overturning part of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The resolution has no binding power or force of law, but still managed to draw a good number of supporters to the council chambers, five of whom spoke on the item. The speakers expressed concern that corporate campaign contributions, which Citizens United protected as free speech under the First Amendment, diluted the


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voice of the people. “Nothing like having a fundamental disagreement with a room full of people,” said Matheny before explaining why he would not be supporting the resolution. Matheny pointed out that the court case dealt with unions, and not just corporations, and that money had a role in political campaigns long before the Citizens United ruling. “Years before when there was a movie about Bush and Fahrenheit 9/11, that was OK; when George Soros said he’d give $100 million to defeat Bush that was OK; but when this came about it took a whole different approach,” Matheny said. Matheny also expressed the belief that unlimited corporate spending was not enough to rig an election. “One of the things that I see that’s very different would be, corporations don’t have a vote,” Matheny said. “When I go into the ballot box and anybody sitting in this room goes to cast their ballot, they go into that ballot box one person, nobody owns you, just one person.” Matheny also pointed out that the American Civil Liberties Union was opposed to overturning the Citizens United decision, because they too saw it as protected under the free speech clause of the First Amendment. Vaughan produced a laundry list of Supreme Court decisions that were overturned in the past, particularly those dealing with racial equality. She brought up Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which upheld segregation in schools, Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), which held that African slaves were not protected as US citizens, and Pace v. Alabama (1883), which supported laws banning interracial marriages. “The Supreme Court is not infallible,” she said. Wade later commented on Vaughan’s list and strategy, saying, “I didn’t hear her say how many decisions they made that we never even talked about overturning, and I would imagine that there are so many that we probably wouldn’t even be able to come up with a number.” Wade also said that despite the ruling and concerns from citizens, a relatively small amount of political campaign contributions come from corporations. She said that a significant amount comes from “social

Page 45

welfare groups,” which unlike super PACs, which were created by Citizens United, do not have to reveal who their donors are. Wade said she thought the council was wasting its time with the resolution. “This really has nothing that the City Council can do anything about, and we have one of the highest unemployment rates, we need to get jobs, and we’ve just wasted in my opinion an hour on something that we have absolutely no effect on,” she said. Mayor Robbie Perkins spoke in support of the resolution, but admitted he was not that familiar with the Citizens United case, but was impressed by the grassroots effort. “I kind of think it’s pretty neat that folks can come up with an issue and gain support and then maybe change the way we do business,” Perkins said. Perkins said he was going to support the resolution, “Not because of the very eloquent comments from my colleagues, because they taught me a lot tonight that I didn’t know, but I think the reason this effort has gained so much traction in our community and across the country is that average people are saying “the system is completely out of control, and we’re going to do something about it if we can.’” The resolution passed 7 to 2, with Mayor Perkins and Councilmembers Dianne Bellamy-Small, Yvonne Johnson, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Jim Kee, Nancy Hoffmann and Vaughan voting in favor. Wade and Matheny voted in opposition.


(Continued from page 41) ---

You get to read Orson Scott Card here every week for free, which is truly amazing. But what is just as amazing is that Ender’s Game by Card, which was published in 1985, is on The New York Times best-seller list – usually around 14. It’s an amazing feat to have a book on the best-seller list 27 years after it was published. Ender’s Game the movie is supposed to be released in November 2013. --(Continued on page 47)

Page 46

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yost (Continued from page 16) was this city’s rare, big chance to get a lot of great positive national exposure, and I was really looking forward to it. Well, so much for that. The episode started out – from the very beginning of the show – by portraying Greensboro as a ghost town. The first shot literally showed trash blowing across an empty road like it was tumbleweed blowing through a deserted Old West town. And the X-Factor judges are driving around and Britney is giving that scowl she has on her face whenever she really has a great deal of contempt for something. Britney was like: What is this place again? Why in the world are we here? “Where is everyone?” Britney says. And I’m like, wonderful. So this is our big national exposure. In the show, Simon asked his female driver what Greensboro was known for, and the driver said, “Country music and grits.” And I thought: Country music and grits? That’s not even right. Since when is

Beep (Continued from page 10) in every corner, they don’t carry it. So, what’s going on here when old people can’t enjoy themselves with the little bit in life? %%% This is for my Democrat friends. Income is down in 49 of the 50 states. That’s the first thing. The next thing, the people getting killed in Libya is the direct responsibility of Obama. If he hadn’t been too busy fundraising, he would have the Marines over there. Just 50 Marines would turn back 100 men trying to come with the weapons that the Marines has got, and the training they got. He was too busy fundraising. Even after the people were killed, he jetted off to Ls Vegas to raise money. The next thing, Harry Reid went to the Senate floor and said that Romney didn’t pay any tax for 10 years. Now, we’ve proved that he did pay tax. If he wasn’t such a little weasel, he’d go back and say, I made a mistake. But, no, nobody never admits that they made a

Greensboro known for country music? Or grits for that matter. After I heard that, I Googled “Country Music and Greensboro” and the only name that came up was “Jody Petty,” and I don’t even know who that is or if it’s a man or a woman. In the show, Simon asked where he could get some grits, and they took him to get some. So that was our big close-up: Jake’s Diner. Later in the show, there was a massive downpour and the Coliseum roof was leaking on Simon, and this wild lightening took the power out. Then a contestant who wasn’t picked went berserk and started trashing the set and they had to call security and by the end all four judges are like, let’s get out of this blasted place. They never even mention the biggest selling point of Greensboro: that it is close to the mountains and just a short drive to the coast – that is, that Greensboro is very close to a lot of places you would actually want to be. It’s good to see that the NFL has finally made a deal with the referees. Last week’s

mistake in politics. Everybody knows that we’re going to have trouble overseas, and oil is going to be hard to get. Vote him in, and see what your gas goes to. %%% Continuing. He’s took over the energy of this country. He’s took over the health care of this country. Now whether you believe it or not, the next thing he’s going to take over is the guns of this country. That’s what Hitler done. He had them all register their guns. Then he went around taking them all up. You don’t think he’ll do it? You don’t think he’ll take over your health care, but he did. You didn’t think that the president of the United States would say I think it’s all right for a man to marry a man. Can you imagine a man like Harry Truman or Dwight D. Eisenhower making such a statement as that? The man is not right. He will never get it straightened out. All it’s going to do is get worse. If you don’t think it will get worse, you vote him in. I don’t want to hear you cry.

Monday night game was really something and, as most people know, the league was using high school refs and a ref from the Lingerie Football League as replacement league refs. But here’s the part you may not have known. It’s not just that they were using an official from the Lingerie Football League (LFL) – an all-girl league where they play in lingerie. But the NFL was using a referee who got fired from the Lingerie Football League for incompetence. After the Monday night game last week when the Packers were robbed, the lingerie league put out a press release that explained that that ref had been fired from the league that features scantily clad women playing arena football. Mitch Mortaza, the commissioner of the LFL, said NFL replacement ref Craig Ochoa had been fired from the lingerie league. Mortaza said he was dumbfounded when he learned the NFL was using a ref that his league had determined to be incompetent. “They were hurting our overall broadcast caliber,” Mortaza told Yahoo! Sports about this ref and about some other refs who were also let go by the LFL league. “And if it’s opening up our players for potential injury, those things raise red flags here. Is it hurting overall credibility? When either of those two things are compromised, it’s

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

time to start thinking about parting ways.” The NFL brings in over $9 billion per year and the demands of the officials were miniscule in comparison. Right after the Seahawks-Packers Monday night debacle, the lingerie league released an official statement about the firing of the refs who were then hired as replacement refs in the NFL: “Due to several on-field occurrences of incompetent officiating, we chose to part ways with a crew which apparently is now officiating in the NFL. We have a lot of respect for our officials but we felt the officiating was not in line with our expectations ... We have not made public comment to date because we felt it was not our place to do so. However in light of tonight’s event, we felt it was only fair that NFL fans knew the truth as to who are officiating these games.” All right, that’s it for this week; I have to go now. I’m going to pick up an iPhone 5. Because it’s the only new iPhone available right now – but, by this time next year, I plan to be flying around in my flying car talking on my hover phone iPhone 6. Plus, I need to go get with my friends and practice basketball, since, in a little more than a year’s time, the Latham Park Flyers will be competing against such formidable and classic ACC foes as Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Notre Dame.

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Letters (Continued from page 42)

Is Card from Earth? Dear Editor, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “What planet are you from?” when another person made a particularly ridiculous or naïve statement. After reading Civilization

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watch: What This Election Is Really About in your Sept. 20 issue, I can only ask Orson Scott Card, “What universe are you from?” The whole tone of Mr. Card’s article is that America has always acted toward the rest of the world with complete benevolence, generosity, love, peace and brotherhood.

Countdown (Continued from page 7)

health in Guilford County said that they were never aware of that as possibility until after the fact. “The first I knew about that possibility was when I read the quote by John Blust in The Rhinoceros Times,” Gibson said. Pierce said it’s hard to argue that the current mental health services arrangement is ideal given what Guilford County was once able to offer its mental health and substance abuse clients. “I think everyone agrees the Guilford Center provided good service, managed the budget well and had a good reputation both administratively and clinically,” she said. Mental health reform and mandated divestment legislation began taking effect in 2001, and Pierce said the signs were clear even back then that the clients would suffer. She said that, at that time, she began seeing “cracks and fragmentation” in the mental health treatment system. Pierce said she fought the changes as hard as she could. “We tried to hold onto our clinical services as long as possible,” she said. A ruling by state officials last year, however, meant Guilford County wouldn’t be allowed to keep its mental health and substance abuse treatment clinical services, since Guilford County would have representation on the Sandhills board. State officials ruled that would be a conflict of interest. Guilford County spends about $10 million a year funding the Guilford Center and it will now pay Sandhills to handle those services instead. Over the last several weeks, county officials have been hashing out the final sticking points of the agreement with Sandhills. The contract that will be submitted to the commissioners on Oct. 4 calls for Guilford County to lease the space in the county now being used for these services to Sandhills at no real cost. The contract calls for Guilford County to lease the first and second floors of the Bellemeade Building at 201 N. Eugene St. in Greensboro to Sandhills for $1 per year beginning on Jan. 1, 2013 for a period of three years. The county has the option to extend that deal every year thereafter. If, at any time, the county decides not to extend the deal – or if Guilford County sells the building – the county must find similar suitable office space for Sandhills under the same terms of that agreement. Parking in downtown Greensboro is becoming a more and more valuable

commodity every day, and this contract states, “åThe number of spaces available shall be up to 65, the same number of spaces available to Guilford Center staff as of June 1, 2012.” The contract calls for identical office space deals for the other county buildings that the Guilford Center now occupies: Sandhills will lease the first floor of 211 S. Centennial St. in High Point for $1 a year and the same goes for the Guilford County Substance Abuse Treatment Center at 5209 W. Wendover Ave. As part of the merger, Guilford County will also make a one-time payment of $3.5 million to Sandhills in a series of monthly installments. That amount in large part represents Guilford County’s contribution to the contingency fund of Sandhills’ budget. On Jan. 1, Guilford County will join Anson, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph and Richmond counties as members of the Sandhills Center mental health administration collective. Pierce said the Guilford Center has had a long storied history of service, and she said it’s a shame the department will cease to exist at the end of the year. “On Dec. 31, we will turn out the lights,” she said. “Then, everyone will take New Year’s Day off and, when the lights come back on, it will be Sandhills.”


(Continued from page 45)

Sunday, Oct. 7 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m., members of all faiths will peacefully and prayerfully line Battleground Avenue to be a voice for the unborn in the annual Life Chain. The command center for the pro-life event is in the Northwest Shopping Center near T.J. Maxx at 2829 Battleground Ave. The Life Chain event will take place rain or shine. --Dr. Grattan Brown, a professor at Belmont Abbey College, will speak at St. Pius X Catholic Church at 2210 N. Elm St. Saturday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. on natural law, the foundations of religious liberty and the health and human services mandate. Our country was founded on the principle of religious freedom and this is a vital topic for all Americans. There is a reception before the talk at 6 p.m. The events are free and you are invited to attend. (Continued on page 53)

I’m particularly stunned by the sentence, “…the worldwide system of trade that our military dominance has permitted.” Unfortunately, with a few notable exceptions, the overwhelming history of our country since about the 1890s has been one of colonialism, dominance, exploitation and brutal suppression and impoverishment of the native populations. This has all occurred at the command of our major corporations, who have come into a foreign country and then either bought off or corrupted the existing regime. If the regime would not cooperate, the corporation would then overthrow the powers-thatwere, either staging a “popular revolution” or, if that could not be accomplished, then removing the ruler and inserting its own puppet. If all else failed, the corporation would simply have the person assassinated. Often the corporation used our own military to accomplish this, all in the name of “restoring order” or “keeping the peace” or “coming to the aid of a trusted ally.” Or sometimes the corporation simply used the local police/military as a proxy for the American forces. Then once established and given carte blanche by the new regime, the corporation proceeded to exploit the country’s resources, rape its environment, virtually enslave its people and silence any persons or groups who dared to speak out, protest or organize against the corporation’s practices. This “worldwide system of trade” that Mr. Card admires so much has been largely built on human misery, ravished landscapes

Page 47

and callously destroyed natural resources. The ultimate result of all this, as anyone can image, has been a vast worldwide hatred of America, particularly in South and Central America. Granted, there have been times when America has acted very nobly and generously. I’m particularly referring to the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II, and also our benevolence to Japan after its WWII Surrender, when we could have easily just made that country a US colony or even the 49th state. And Congress always seems ready to appropriate another billion dollars or so to Africa, which seems to have become the continental equivalent of an endlessly importunate cousin. And there have been a few other times when we have opened our collective hearts and pocket books to aid some poor third world country, or to help another country recover from a calamitous natural disaster. But those items pale in comparison to the countless times that our government and our major corporations have use “trade” only to enrich themselves at the expense of devastate lives, land and economies throughout the world. When Mr. Card says, “our national interest…coincide very closely with the prosperity, peace and happiness of more human beings throughout the world … in all human history,” and if he really is from planet Earth, then he must have just driven in from the Lost Colony of Roanoke. John Pugh

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tear Down

(Continued from page 8) demolish the apartment complex has been distinguished primarily by the length of time it has taken and by the size of the complex, which contains 39 units. Barleycamp said some of the pictures showed damage done to apartments the company had recently renovated. He said the damage included stolen carpets and water heaters and broken kitchen cabinets. “We rented to them, we evicted them,” he said. “We put more people in there and they squatted. They devour the properties.” Councilmembers, however, said that Schwarz Properties had many opportunities and methods it could have used to renovate the apartment complex. Councilmember Chris Whitley, for example, said the company could have fenced in the entire complex until all the buildings had been renovated.

Barleycamp said, “If you want to leave them standing, that may be a thing to do.” Barleycamp had no proposal as to how the company could renovate the buildings, although he said they had sound foundations and roofs and were worth renovating. He asked for more time, saying that only Schwarz had authority to order units renovated. High Point Mayor Becky Smothers said that Barleycamp’s entire argument on the cost of renovations and the difficulty of finding responsible tenants makes it unlikely the company will be able to renovate the buildings. Smothers said, “You described that at the very beginning, which says to me that there’s no sense in doing any of it.” Barleycamp said there was. Smothers replied, “But I hear you say you can’t do it.” Barleycamp said that, since he began

Better Selection...Better Service...Better Quality

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

working on the complex, progress had been made. “I can’t predict the future,” he said. “I can tell you we’ve kept the buildings secure. We’ve tried to keep the buildings clean with the yard and so forth … We’re doing a lot of things. We’re going in the right direction.” Barleycamp said he usually deals with commercial properties and tries to avoid residential ones. He said he has taken on more residential properties only because Schwarz is sick. He said, “It’s a whole different animal.” The councilmembers were in no mood for more promises after three years of trying to get the apartment complex either fixed up or demolished. “You tell us to bear with you,” said Councilmember Foster Douglas. “We’ve done that for three years. It’s been two years since those properties were vacated.”

Richard Jenkins, a neighbor of the complex, recited a diary he kept throughout the entire month of September on what workers had done on the complex. He said that no work had been done except for lawn mowing and picking up some trash, even though workers showed up on several days. He said that on Sept. 4, “They moved the truck about a foot and no one got out.” Jenkins said he had seen non-residents of the complex entering and leaving closed units, and suspected drug use, although he could not see what was going on inside the building. He described the apartment complex as an eyesore and said he is afraid for his grandchildren. “I can look out my front door every day,” he said. “I can look across and see what’s going on.” After the vote, Smothers said, “Thank all you neighbors for your continued and consistent interest in your neighborhood.”

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more Mon-Fri Mon-Fri 8A –8AM 6P, -5PM, Sat 9A-1P

by Appointment 829 Sat Huffman Street 829 Huffman Street Greensboro, NC 27405 outhern 336-274-1525 Greensboro, NC 27405

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Safes & Vaults, Inc.

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• Handyman work • Painting • Remodeling • Siding • Windows • All types of home repairs

spring garden construction co.

336.918.6528 • Sheetrock Service • Textured Ceilings • Plaster Repair • Painting Interior/ Exterior • Remodeling • Carpentry Painting of Textured Ceilings Father Son


5538 Jason Road • Greensboro, NC 27405

Mike & Jeff 336.375.3515



Automotive Repair Center We can solve that “Check Engine” light problem • Catalytic Converters • Engine Work • Mufflers • Brakes • Performance Exhaust

FREE ESTIMATES 336.991.1496

Serving Greensboro “We weld our exhaust systems for over 20 like the factory does — a better job for you, our valued Years Hours: M-F 8:00am-5:30pm customer.” 716 Camann Street | Greensboro, NC 27407



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Brick • Block • Stone Concrete • Repairs 336.988.1022

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“No Job Too Small”

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

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Real Estate

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Mosby Oaks 2 Bedroom Townhouse Apts. $400 month 3806-14 Mosby Dr. Off Merritt Dr. 336-379-8384 Knight Rentals

Condo. NW Greensboro. 2br/2ba. Park like setting, main level, new carpet, laminate flooring, quiet neighborhood. $725 per month - $725 security dep. Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Call 336-392-1454 Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company. SAPA 2600 SPRING GARDEN DUPLEX NEAR UNCG Ever Consider a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years 2BR/1 BATH $625 old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe 669 #2 PERCY ST & Effective! Call Now for your FREE DVD! Call Now AYCOCK HISTORIC 888-418-0117. SAPA 1 BR $345 Wrenn Zealy Properties 20 Acres-Only $99/mo. $0 Down, Owner Financing,NO Credit Checks. West Texas, Beautiful 336-272-3183 Views!FREE Color Brochure. 1-800-755-8953www. 106 Sunset Circle, Ste. 301. Like new. 2br/2ba, BANK OWNED LAKE PROPERTY LIQUIDATION! 9ft ceilings, Washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, Smoky Mountain Tennessee 1 Acre to 8 Acres. refrigerator. Close to Moses Cone. Walking distance Starting at $12,900 w/boat slip/marina/ramp access! to Country Club. $895/mth includes water. Call 336All reasonable offers accepted. ONE WEEKEND 681-8808. ONLY! 10/6-10/7.Call for map/pricing! 1-800-574LATHAM PARK- Completely remodeled, 2br/1ba, 2055 extension 101. SAPA stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer. No smoking or OWNER WILL FINANCE. Bank or seller won’t pets. $485/month. $350 dep. Call 336-601-5252 or finance? We help! No qualifying. No credit! Low 336-674-6523. down. Call Today! 1-800-563-2734. kanthony@




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NINE properties throughout Winston-Salem & Forsyth County! See details & LOADS of photos at

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UNCG Area - 1 Bedroom 1 Bath studio efficiency style apartment for rent. $375.00 month. Heat/AC and private parking. No pets. Call James 336-681-7886. Jamestown – Modern 2br/2ba condo, fireplace with gas logs, all appliances, $750/mo. Rent-A-Home @ 336-272-0767. Executive Country Home on 11 private acres 15 minutes from downtown Winston-Salem, 3 BD, 2.5 BA plus office and large bonus room with pool table. MBR suite on main level, attached garage, tons of storage, 3600 SF, $2700/mo. 336-442-5609 or 336-453-5128,

Super Energy Efficient!

1312 Granada Lane, Greensboro

3br/2ba, LR, DR, den w/fpl, lrg kitchen, laundry rm, storage, fenced backyard.

only $895/mth Call Conrad Realtors 336-885-4111 WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? We maintain an inventory of owner-financed homes. All Credit OK! No Banks Needed!


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Irving Park

FOR RENT Large 2BR/2BA condo



THE ELMS Special Rates: One bedroom garden Apt. $415/mo Two bedroom garden Apt. $475/mo Desirable 3307 N. Elm St location 336-288-5755 or 379-8384 Knight Rentals Houses & Apts For Rent Lambeth-Osborne Realty 214 W. Market St. (336) 272-3163 1312 Granada Lane in Greensboro. Super energy efficient home - heat and cooling averages under $30 per month. 3br/2ba, LR, DR, den with fireplace, large kitchen, laundry room, storage, fenced backyard. $895/mo. Call Conrad Realtors 336-885-4111

APTS OFF W. WENDOVER 1006/1008 RUCKER ST 1 BR LOFTS $ 425 4005/4007 MCINTOSH ST 1 BR/ 1 BATH $450 WATER INCLUDED ON BOTH WRENN ZEALY PROPERTIES 336-272-3183 UNCG area 1 & 2BR Apts Appls, A/C, character galore $395-$625 Rent-A-Home (336) 272-0767

1942 Briar Run Dr, Gso 27405. 4bd/2.5ba home. New carpet, new paint. Spac den. Formal DR. Master bath w/vaulted ceilings, garden tub, sep shwr. Spac kit w/ stove, refrigerator, dishwasher. 1 car garage. Fenced yard. Central air/gas heat. $1100. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020. 2703 D-N. Centennial St. High Pt, 27265. 3bd/2ba townhome. LR w/FP. DR. Mstr w/2 walk-in closets. 1 ML bdrm w/full bath. Kit w/SS appl. Central air/elec heat. Private patio. No smoking, Pets neg. $895. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020. 821 Creek Crossing Tr. Whitsett. 2bd/2.5ba townhome. On Stony Creek golf course. 2 masters up. LR w/gas FP. Formal DR. Beautiful hdwds ML, carpet up. Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave. W/D included. Central air/gas heat. 1 car garage. $950. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020. 1406 Kingston Rd. Gso 27405. 3bd/1.5ba ranch. LR. Eat-in kit w/stove, refrigerator. Hdwds. Central air/gas heat. Outside storage closet. Lrg bkyrd. 1 car carport. $675. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020. 4806 Shady Pine Dr. Gso 27455. 3bd/2ba home, front porch on cul-de-sac. LR w/vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans. Dining area. Stove, refrigerator. Laundry rm. Central air/elec heat. Deck w/private bkyrd. $850. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020.


430 battleground ave Approx 1500 Sq Ft/$1100

houses available 607 Jolson st, 2 Br $495 Stove & Frig/ Gas Heat, Washer Connection WRENN ZEALY PROPERTIES 336-272-3183

276-692-5445 or 276-952-6582

649B Jeb Stuart Hwy, Meadows of Dan, VA 1260 Beaver Creek Rd, Mayodan. Reduced $24,000$4000 in Closing Costs. Looking for nice country place? 3bd/2ba/3car home, 9.6 predominantly wooded acres just outside Mayodan. New screened porch, new 30x30 metal 3-car gar w/extra carport. Easy commute to Triad/Southern VA. -$125,000. Call Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & Little-337-4780 1101 W. Market St, Gso. Great office opportunity for private practice entity/group. Wonderfully renovated (2005) historic district property near downtown Gso, UNCG. Owner offering for sale or partial lease (furnished)! $324,900. Call Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & Little-337-4780

332 Slate Dr, Gibsonville. 3bd/2ba home, 1,521 sf. Open kit w/large walk-in pantry, black appliances, ceramic bksplsh. Large mstr suite w/60” shower, 3502 Summit Lakes Drive - $479,900. Quality built walk-in closet. Priced at $143,485. Call Jenny executive brick home with 4BR/3.5BA/ 3 car garage Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 A on 1.28 acres, granite countertops, stainless steel Parade Home! appliances, two stone fireplaces, extensive molding, screen porch, stamped concrete, tankless water 215 Slate Dr, Gibsonville. 3bd/2ba townhome, 2 car heater, sprinkler system, wet bar and much more. garage, 1,449 sf. Spacious plan, open kit, large pantry. Nice master suite w/linen closet, 60” shower, John Owens - 379-8645, Ray Realty large walk-in closet. Priced at $137,455. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465


3502 Summit Lakes Drive - $479,900 Quality built executive brick home, 4BR/3.5BA, 3-car garage on 1.28 ac., granite ctops, stainless steel appls, two stone fireplaces, extensive molding, screen porch, stamped concrete, tankless water heater, sprinkler system.

Call John Owens at

(336) 379-8645 8012 Perlette, Arbor Run New const by Jeff Little, Renaissance designs, bohemian faux finishes – stunning int, elegant style. Antiqued beams in DR, antiqued wood ceiling in keeping rm w/stone FP. Inviting kit w/rhinestone white cabs, sterling gray glaze, honed black granite. Parade Home, New Price! $499,900. Delia Knight. Allen Tate Oak Ridge, (336) 485-1112 2923 Oaktop. Great opportunity to buy instead of rent! UL condo near Battleground Park, n’hood pool. W/D, fridge stay. Fresh paint, carpets cleaned. Convenient to YMCA, Starbucks, Harris Teeter, restaurants/shps. $45,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 4815 Tower Road 3BR/2.5BA Wonderful End Unit 3bd townhome in great location! Tile floors in entry, hallway, kit . New carpet down. Bright, open kit w/ beautiful bay window. Spac family rm w/addition that can be office or sunroom. Private fenced back patio. $109,00. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 4406 Cove Way Rare 3bd/2 Bath end unit, sunrm/ keeping rm. Spac great rm w/vaulted ceil, gas FP. Sunrm off kit. Formal DR, informal bfst nook. Mstr w/ walk in closet, add’l closet for ample clothing space. Second bdrm w/private bath. All appliances remain including W/D. *Will sell w/furniture for add’l cost!* $139,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 1704 Independence Road Fully Updated! Interior features New Kitchen and Baths. Kitchen has Solid Surface Counters and Cherry Cabinets. Eat Up bar that Opens to back Den. Office Has Closet for Extra Space. Huge Lot with Fenced Yard, Storage Building and Dog Run. New Hardiboard Exterior; 50 Year Roof; Updated Electrical and Plumbing; New Furnace; Freshly Pained Exterior and Interior; New Attic Fan; Annual HVAC Svc. $228,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519

Houses To Buy Call 336-442-5609,

772 Stafford Park. Like new 4bd/2.5ba, 2 story, 2 car garage. Open kit to 2 story family rm, FP, ML mstr, laminate wd flrs, more. $199,900. Jamie Harrelson, Prudential Carolinas Realty, 336-889-9192. Sta772

507 Creek Ridge

Call me for any questions or to help you find your new home. Pam Staples, REALTOR ®/ Broker, Allen Tate Realtors. (336) 210-9776 http://www.

4620 Kernersville Rd: $100,900, Brick ranch, full unfin bsmt, 3br/1ba, Move in ready, breezeway to 2 car garage, carport. Jamie Harrelson, Prudential Carolinas Realty, 336-889-9192

503 Creek Ridge

5043 Tamarack Dr, Wiley Park, Gso. 3bd/2.5ba. To be constructed! Buy now, choose your finishes, colors. Great open plan w/ML mstr w/lux bath, huge walk-in closet; Kit w/bfst area; vaulted great rm w/FP; open DR; huge 2nd level bonus. Agent related to seller. $275,000. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336215-8017

If you need to SELL your house, for ANY REASON, AS IS,

3This Out

412 east Market st, Approx 1400 Sq Ft/$775

Call Sara Dalton, REALTOR


4612 Baylor Street, Gos, Alexander Pointe. 3 BR/2.5 BA. Lovely home, convenient location close to shops, restaurants. Open plan w/ 2-story great rm, foyer; ML mstr; hdwds down; maple cabs, Corian ctops; 2nd level bonus rm; cul-de-sac lot; builderís personal home. $279,900 Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, Historic Aycock District/Chestnut Court- 1 or 336-215-8017 2 BR/1 BA apartments, all electric, laundry on site, water included. $425-$525/mo. Rent-A-Home @ 4303 Bradbury Way, Greystone Sec 02, High Point. (336) 272-0767. 3bd/2.5ba. New Price. Great home, desirable nhood. Must see. Lovely 1.5-story on well maintained cul-deBest Landlords! Best Properties! www. sac lot. Gleaming hdwds, open plan, neutral paint, move in ready. Spac great room w/vaulted ceiling, marble FP. Modern kit w/granite, SS appli, farmhouse sink, bfst nook. Roomy ML mstr suite, bath. Sep DR/ office. Private fenced bkyrd w/automatic awning. Walk in attic. Home warranty. $169,500. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017

office space available



3157 Diana Circle, Burlington - Elevation C, brick front section, full porch; 9’ft smooth ceilings, corner Investment Property! 705 Terrell St, Greensboro. gas FP, kit island, tray ceilings in mstr, garage access Small 2br/1ba house. Electric heat, fresh paint. door on side of garage, 12 x 14 covered patio q/builtPriced $10,000 below tax value at $30,800. Spaulding in gas grill, stone sitting wall, 10 yr Quality Builder’s Warranty, and more! Priced at $191,525. Call Scott Properties. 336-379-7379 Goodson, Shugart Enterprises at 336-270-5230 ATTENTION INVESTORS! 204 Graphite Dr, Gibsonville. Spac 1-level home, 2 houses side by side. 3bd/2ba. Large great room opens to kit. Large mstr 3br/2ba and 3br/2.5ba house. and bath w/ walk in closet. Nice back patio. Priced at Located in High Point. $150,500. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at Call 336-442-5609 336-446-7465 to see this home!

College Hill - Charming 2r/1ba apt. Large rooms, high ceiling, hardwood floors, ceramic tile frig and stove. Laundry on site. Covered front porch. $750/ mo incl heat and water. Rent-A-Home @ 336-2720767.

WAFCO MILLS, FAB 2 bedroom condo fully furnished for $1350/mo. Walk to Universities, Law school and Downtown. Fireplace, private parking. Call 336-255-6080.

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5701 Election Oak Dr, Laurel Oak, Hi Pt. 3bd/2.5ba. Charming brick-front 2-story, move-in condition, ready for new owners! Cul-de-sac; patio overlooks wooded area; crown molding ML; spac kit, bfst rm; huge family rm w/gas FP; sep DR w/hdwds, chair rail; large mstr w/ walk-in closet, crown molding; sep tub, shwr, crown molding, dbl bowl vanity; 2 spac secondary rooms; Davidson Cty schools; convenient to recreation, shops. $184,900. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 2823 Camborne St, Southern Pomona, Gso. 2bd/1 ba. Attention investors! Cute bungalow needs some updating; large, partially fenced yard; covered front porch; security system; convenient to Wendover, hwys, schools, shops, entertainment, restaurants. $50,000. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336215-8017 6702 Polo Farms Dr, Summerfield. Polo Farms beauty, huge 1.3 acre lot. Perfect for large family or owners w/guests (5+BRs possible). Open plan ideal for entertaining w/huge kit, granite bar, inviting sunrm, great rm w/FP, 2 optional den/living/office/ game rms. Back patio w/built-in grill. Summerfield Elem. $499,900. Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & Little-337-4780




1.08 acres zoned RM-18


.85 acres zoned RM-18


Multi- family land conveniently located near Randleman Road with nice homes that can be rented on them.

Call John Owens at

(336) 317-2266

Houses & Apartments For Rent For available property listings stop by our office. Lambeth-Osborne Realty 214 W. Market St.


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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 12) I want to watch. The trouble is, you can’t just buy it. You have to be invited to sign up. This is smart, because otherwise they’d be flooded with sales to people who will use the MoviePass seven times a month, and they’ll go broke right away. Instead, it has to spread socially. They have a hundred thousand members or so. Each of them can invite “ten more movie lovers.” During the Christmas season, MoviePass is going to “do a big push to encourage people to make MoviePass a gift for friends and neighbors, pre-loaded for a month, 90 days or a year for all-youcan-watch theater attendance, with a limit of one movie a day” (Hollywood Reporter, Oct. 3, 2012, page 2). It’s a gift I’d love to give to other people – I have a list of 10 in mind already. But I’m not a member, so I can’t. So if anybody from MoviePass reads this column, do yourselves a favor and let me buy my own pass now, without waiting for somebody else to invite me. I’ll have half my Christmas shopping done in a few minutes. So maybe that invitation-only policy isn’t such a great idea after all. National Geographic used to do that, too – I would have subscribed for years, but nobody invited me. (And to any friends of mine who are MoviePass subscribers, don’t give me a gift card. Just give me an invitation. I’ll buy my own!)


Looper is a brilliant sci-fi movie. One of the best ever. I’m glad I saw it. But I’m not sure I ever want to see it again. It’s so powerful and raw and brutally real, and I cared so much about the characters, and the moral situations were so complicated and fascinating and painful that the experience can be devastating. The ending is perfect. It took my wife and me completely by surprise, and yet it was the only viable choice. And it’s almost impossible to talk about the movie, mostly because sci-fi plots 3502 Panarama 4BR/2.5BA Gorgeous home with lake view. Features ml mstr; Huge kit w/island separating family room. Beautiful screened in porch. 3 bdrms up w/loft best used as office. Immaculate. $164,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 4038 Quartergate Dr. 4BR/2.5BA New granite, carpet, appliances have been installed! Well maintained, brick front, covered back patio, large level bkyrd. established, well kept nbhood. French doors to patio from tile floored bfst area. Mud room off garage enty; sep jetted tub. W/D, refrigerator, full size freezer in laundry stays! Owner hates to leave but relocated. $199,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519

always sound so stupid when you don’t have two hours to set everything up and make it feel completely plausible. Also, I can hardly tell you anything about the story without giving things away. What I can tell you without spoiling anything is that this is one of Bruce Willis’ best performances ever. Because Willis does such a good job of portraying wise-cracking, too-cool-to-live characters, he often isn’t taken seriously as an actor. But he has the full range, and he always has. This isn’t a too-cool part. Willis plays the part of an aging hit man who has killed and killed and killed. But in the last five years of his life, he found love and a kind of redemption, and then suddenly an old debt came due and he loses everything. It’s not that he wants it back. He knows he can’t actually get it back. He just wants to undo a terrible harm that was done to a good, innocent person in the process of the debt collection. Which brings us to Joseph GordonLevitt, who is one of the best young actors working. Gordon-Levitt plays the same character as Willis – only 30 years younger. Old Joe and Young Joe. Gordon-Levitt is generous enough as an actor that he is willing to hide his face – he wears several prosthetics to make him believable as a younger version of Bruce Willis. Doesn’t matter – it does not interfere with his brilliant performance. Never have two actors played the same character with such perfect equality. Both of them face terrible moral choices; both of them get to explore a wide range of emotions and responses; we completely understand both of them and yet dread the terrible things we know they’re going to do. There are also wonderful performances by Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo, and above all Jeff Daniels as a world-weary old criminal boss. It is impossible not to mention the best performance by an actor under the age of 10, perhaps ever. Pierce Gagnon doesn’t enter the movie until quite late, but the entire emotional truth of the movie rests on his performance. He is up to the task.

600 Bellemeade 3BR/3.5BA Downtown living Inspired by NYC Brownstones. Enjoy urban living with access to downtown, one block from Grasshoppers ballpark. This end unit 4 level condo with rooftop terrace has views of downtown Greensboro on every level. Hw flrs throughout; kitchen features granite, tile bcksplsh & ss appliances; ample storage space; 2 car attached garage + 2 car drive parking. All brs have access to a full bath. Master suite w/ sitting area; master bath w/ dual vanities, jetted tub, custom tile shower, & htd fan. $374,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519



5495 Sunberry Dr. 6 acres. Friendship Glen. Browns Summit. Owner Financing. 336-337-8698. 507 Creek Ridge - 1.08 acres zoned RM-18 $150,000. 503 Creek Ridge - .85 acres zoned RM18 - $125,000. Multi- family land conveniently located near Randleman Road with nice homes that can be rented on them. Call John Owens - (336) 317-2266

Where preservationists salvage and creatives shop for wonderous old house parts! Shop ►Fridays 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. & Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Volunteer ►alternate Tuesdays 5:30-7:00 p.m. 336-389-9118 300 Bellemeade Street at Commerce Place

A Project of Preservation Greensboro, Inc.

Writer-director Rian Johnson did everything right. It’s his vision from beginning to end. Not only is the script exceptionally clear and powerful, but also Johnson works with actors and draws superb performances from them. When you can work with a child actor and get the results Johnson got from Gagnon, you really are the kind of actor’s director that Woody Allen and Martin Scorcese are only purported to be. Time travel stories are usually full of contradictions and paradoxes. The rule set chosen for this one has a couple of logical weak spots, but nothing as laughable as the “fading photograph” from Back to the Future. My wife and I talked it through afterward, and no, there are no internal contradictions. They live by the rules they chose. If there’s a flaw, it’s a small one: Looper suffers from Delaware Syndrome. That is, there’s an entire future world with all the variety of the state of Delaware. We have to buy the premise that the only people using time travel are criminals, and they only use it for one purpose, and everybody who matters lives in one city within an easy car ride of everyone else. But it’s OK – movies are short stories, and they take place in compressed universes. We don’t miss the wider world because it’s not relevant to the tale being told. Also, there’s some pointless nudity and completely unnecessary F-words. But they don’t last long. The movie would have had an R rating anyway, because of the casual brutality and really savage things that happen. This movie is not light-hearted. I can’t even say it’s “fun.” It’s just powerful and brilliant. That’s all I can tell you without committing a semi-spoiler. But there is a seeming contradiction that may be confusing, and I want to clear it up for you now, so you don’t wonder about what’s real and not-real when you watch the movie. If you hate it when people give away anything vital about a plot, stop reading this column now. But if you like it when people warn you about confusing bits so you can sail right through them, then keep reading. I won’t give away any actual

6015 Crystal Spring Amazing Kitchen Renovation ,21’x17’ w/granite ctops, tile bksplash, Thermador downdraft cooktop, kit island, prep sink and upgraded cabinetry. hardwood floors throughout main level. Office Space for rent. 500 sq ft (+/-) at 318 S. spacious family room; office space in kitchen area; Eugene St. Call 336-275-8591. extra 10x12 space off lr for office or playroom; bonus room up. replacement windows. great schools! $269,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519


MOUNTAIN/LAKE PROPERTY Dreaming of a Blue Ridge Mountain getaway property? We can take you there. Call Sara Dalton, Realtor, at 276-692-5445 or 276-952-6582, Country Road Realty, Meadows of Dan, VA

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

GREEN VALLEY OFFICE SUITES – For Rent 1901 Lendew St. Greensboro includes Utilities & common area maintenance Starting @ $675 mo. for 600+ sq ft. Stand Alone bldg. 3,850sqft. $2,500 mo. (336) 355-6655 - Greensboro Business Complex. 212 Turk Place. Great location 1200sq ft. shop, 1 bath, A/C in office, gas heat, overhead fluorescent lights, roll up doors, water, large dumpster, furnished. $550/mo. Gary 362-0437, Curtis 362-0436.

SELLING YOUR HOME? Let me help. Call 544-1952.

surprises. There are a couple of times in the movie when we’re shown the consequences of a choice Joe is about to make. That is, we flash forward to what he believes will happen, so we can understand why he makes the choice he makes. One such flash-forward happens very near the end. It’s quite clear that this is what would happen, but hasn’t yet, so we absolutely understand what he does next. But early on in the movie, there’s a time when we seem to see the same event twice. In this one case, however, it really happened twice. (Continued on next page)


(Continued from page 9)

the new energy code and how the school system can meet the code for the rest of the building. He said it needs to do so, and then he can issue the building permit. Glidewell said his company provided the original two sets of drawings and the spec book for the project, and considers its part of the process done. “At this point, I said ‘This is out of my control,’” he said. “We bid the job on the planned specifications. This is up to the architect.” Glidewell said that meeting the energy code would require $60,000 to $70,000 in additional insulation, but redesigning it to do so would cost far more, because air conditioning units and electrical equipment on the roof would have to be removed and replaced with longer ductwork and wiring to make space for the insulation. He said, “For that building, if you had to go and do everything R-30 with all the equipment that has to be raised, you could be talking a quarter-million dollars or more.” On Wednesday, Oct. 3, Brown said the school system would be issued permits that day for work on some of the Allen Jay buildings, but not for others for which Guilford County Schools had not submitted revised plans. Work had still not begun on the roof.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES WRENN ZEALY PROPERTIES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS GREATER GREENSBORO AREA COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES APARTMENTS/HOUSES/DUPLEX/CONDO FOR RENT 1403 SUNSET DRIVE MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 336-272-3183 CastleWorks Window Cleaning- Includes Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Chandelier & Ceiling Fan Cleaning plus other high ladder work. Fully insured and bonded. Free estimates Call Today 336-609-0677 Houses & Apts For Rent Lambeth-Osborne Realty 214 W. Market St. (336) 272-3163 Masonry Concepts. Brick, Block, Stone, Concrete & Repairs. Free Estimates. No job too small. 336-9881022. Licensed & Insured.

Place your ad online:

Call me for any questions or to help you find your new home. Pam Staples, REALTOR ®/ Broker, Allen Tate Realtors. (336) 210-9776 http://www.

WE BUY HOUSES No Banks Needed!

CASH...FAST CLSG! “As Is” Any Situation 24-Hr. Free Info.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Uncle Orson (Continued from preious page) It’s not a flash-forward, it’s just that because of time travel, we come to the same moment twice, only the second time, one character behaves differently, which changes everything. Specifically: Young Joe works as a hit man – a looper. When a victim is sent back in time by future criminals, for a looper to murder him and dispose of the body, a load

Rumors (Continued from page 47) --Whenever we have out-of-town guests, it’s a mad rush to clean up so that friends and family don’t know how we actually live. With more than a couple of animals running around the house, it’s really tough to keep an off-white carpet off white, but we had The Maids clean our carpets recently, so even if our guests open a closet and are buried under an avalanche of old newspapers, they should still be impressed that we have really nice looking carpets despite the livestock. --(Continued on page 54)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

of silver bars is attached to the victim. The looper keeps the silver and spends it (or saves it, or gives it away). But when a looper “closes his loop,” they send back his own future self. This time, when he kills the person – himself as an old coot – the young looper is paid off in gold bars. Then he’s done. That was his last job. He then has 30 years or so to live on that gold, until his time runs out and he is forced to go back in time and be murdered by his younger self. The first time around, Young Joe kills his future self, closes his loop, and then lives for 30 years. He did it without hesitation – but it also makes him miserably unhappy, as you might imagine. So when, as Old Joe (Bruce Willis), he is sent back, he changes his behavior and doesn’t get killed. Thus he diverges from the timeline that created the version of himself that made this choice. Under one set of time travel rules, this would simply not be possible. Any change you make changes everything; Old Joe, by changing what Young Joe does, makes it so Old Joe could never exist as the person that he is. But Looper is working under the rule set in which causality has inertia. If your older self kills your younger self, then of course, you’re dead, so you couldn’t exist and you couldn’t kill yourself so it didn’t happen – the rule against that


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He called this decrease “an unpredicted phenomenon” because, over the previous 25 years, incarceration rates had increased in every year but one. Kimme said he and other jail consultants believed the economic downturn four years ago had a lot to do with the drop: He said financial constraints on local governments across the country have led to a reduction of police forces, and fewer police officers result in fewer arrests. He said that, in turn, fewer arrests resulted in fewer people being put into the jails. One key shortcoming of the study, in hindsight, is that it seems to have severely underestimated the effect that alternative programs could have in reducing Guilford County’s jail population. The Kimme report did say that some strategies could be employed, but the report stated that in the opinion of the Kimme consultants those efforts would not reduce the jail population enough for the county to avoid building a new jail. Kimme stated in his email that, at the time his firm studied the Guilford County jail system’s inmate population, 51 percent of those in jail were there because they had failed to adhere successfully to alternative programs. Kimme stated in his email that, because of the high cost of building jails and the poor state of finances, local governments have been a lot more interested in pursuing alternatives than before. Ironically, after the May 2008 jail bond

referendum passed and the county began planning the new jail, Guilford County officials and representatives of the county’s court system began to meet with justice system officials, and the two groups took a very active role in trying to reduce the jail population by fast-tracking deadwood cases that had been clogging up the jails, hiring more court workers to try cases faster, and implementing a house arrest system. They also expanded the mental health courts and drug courts to handle non-violent cases that have more to do with substance abuse and mental illness than with dangerous criminal tendencies. Kimme also makes the point that the jail bed capacity recommended for a county jail system is higher than the average daily population projected, because there are peaks and valleys in jail populations and the jails must be prepared for those peaks – not just for the average population. He also said there must be extra space and beds to separate inmates for their health and safety. In jails, Kimme notes, it’s necessary to keep men separate from women, high-security inmates apart from low-security inmates, healthy ones from those who are ill, and those who comply with orders from those who don’t. According to Kimme, if the economy and the financial situations of local governments improve in the coming years, it could lead once again to an upward trend in detentions in Guilford County and the Kimme report predictions for the year 2025, he stated, might still come to pass.

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paradox is preserved. Any injury your young body sustains does show up as a scar or maiming of your old body. Other, lesser changes, though, don’t change everything. Causality “wants” to flow in the old channel, so your memories of events aren’t immediately erased as long as there remains a chance that they might still happen. Your memories start to get foggy as things change, but you can still hold on. As a movie-goer, though, all that matters is that both versions of that scene are real within the movie. They both happened. The first one, where Young Joe kills his old self, results in Young Joe getting all that gold and then leading a life of continuing crime and addiction, turning Young Joe into Old Joe. The second time through the scene, though, Old Joe has a new agenda. He saves his own life and then sets out to prevent a terrible thing that happens to the

world in the future that he comes from. Young Joe has to close the loop – he has to kill Old Joe or they’ll hunt Young Joe down and use him to force Old Joe to come back. (We’re given a cruel demonstration of how that works.) The whole movie depends on our understanding that everything has already happened once; this is the second time through (for Old Joe) and this time it’s different, and he means to make it even more different. All I have done here is clarify: I haven’t even begun to tell you the cool stuff and absolutely-right discoveries we make along the way. But you can’t turn off your brain for a second. Everything matters. Things we learn transform the meaning of all the scenes we’ve already seen. If you’re looking for mindless adventure sci-fi, this isn’t the movie. If you’re looking for morally deep, challenging storytelling, though, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Bisons (Continued from page 3) what they think it wants to hear, rather than the truth. They told school board members that McNair Elementary School, which is being built on Yanceyville Road, would be finished by the opening of school on August 27, long after it became obvious that was not the case. The bonding company for the McNair contractor has since taken over the project, picked a new contractor and there is as yet no completion deadline for the school. Administrators followed the same pattern with High Point Central, even as HH Architecture was nagging KMD over the behind-schedule gym project. At the school board’s Saturday, Sept. 22 retreat, Price said there was water under the gym floor – something Facilities Department administrators hadn’t mentioned – and pushed them to be up front about the gym schedule. He said, “I think we need to come out and tell the community a date, even if it’s further out than they want to hear.” At the Sept. 27 meeting, Price again brought up water under the gym floor. He

said, “We’ve got an issue with the gym floor because of all these delays.” On Friday, Sept. 28, Price castigated the administrators for, he said, not bringing up the water issue. “They never have told the school board that the floor at High Point Central has water under it.” KMD is the second general contractor on the project. On Nov. 8, 2011, the school board voted unanimously to terminate its contract with Miles Builders of Charlotte, the main contractor on the High Point Central project, which had fallen more than a month behind. The school board claimed that Miles Builders has violated the contract in multiple ways, including falling months behind schedule and not paying subcontractors on time. In April, the bonding company on the project hired KMD to take over, and, in November 2012, a year after the school board fired Miles Builders, the job still isn’t done. Kyle Davis, the owner of KMD, could not be reached for comment. His office said he was on vacation all week.

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Ward 6

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areas as to High Point. It’s important in the land-use planning or the development code rewrite that is going on to attract Ward 6 residents that are now going somewhere else.” Corey noted that north High Point is, in general, more affluent than south High Point. “The economic problems of the south are different from the economic problems of the north,” he said. “In the north, they don’t want services cut and are willing to pay a little more in taxes. In the south, they can’t take property tax increases as well.” One difference between the two Ward 6 candidates is that Corey, as the incumbent, has a record. Corey voted with the majority on the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 fiscal year budgets, which included property tax and electric rate increases, although the property tax increase this year was revenue neutral, because it was offset by a generally downward revaluation of High Point properties by Guilford County. Ewing attacked Corey for the budget votes. He said, “In my opinion, he’s not looking out for the best interest of his constituents.” Corey and Ewing are both talking like fiscal conservatives during their campaigns, and both, as almost all candidates have in High Point for years, said that attracting new jobs should be the City Council’s first priority. “I think that one of the things as a local

Thursday, October 4, 2012

government we’ve got to do is make ourselves as friendly and encouraging as we can be for jobs,” Corey said. “Anything we can do to encourage jobs. I don’t think government spending is necessarily the key. Certainly the major part is private businesses.” Ewing said High Point is not looked at as a business-friendly community, at least as far as High Point city staff are concerned. “That’s another culture change that has to take place, with staff welcoming business rather than just going through punch lists and inspection,” he said. “Welcome new businesses and do what we can to get them off and running as fast as possible.” Ewing cited a study he said shows that 54 percent of employed High Point residents work outside the city, tying it in with Ward 6 residents going elsewhere to spend money. He said the jobs, like the money, need to come back to High Point. “It’s an interesting fact that could skew the statistics on unemployment,” he said. “People in the city are getting employment – it’s just not in High Point.” Corey resurrected an idea he floated during the 2010 campaign: a small-business incubator that would provide space, services and advice to start-up companies. “We’re interested in jobs, and one thing I think we need to accomplish is to work seriously to get the Chamber of Commerce or someone to work with the city to create a small-business incubator,” he said. “We know what used to provide jobs in High Point isn’t coming back. We have to look

at start-ups.” Ewing listed his top three priorities if he is elected – in order of importance: attracting businesses to High Point, supporting local businesses and unifying the various efforts underway to renew old High Point neighborhoods. “It seems to me that we’ve done an unorganized method of renewal,” he said. “There are all sorts of things going on, but I don’t see a clear path to revitalization.” Corey said he would, if elected for another term, focus on getting more sidewalks on High Point’s high-traffic commercial streets. “They’re going to build them, but they’re not where I’d like to have them,” he said. “They’re in northern areas where there are bus routes. When you see people walking along Eastchester and Westchester, you worry about when you’re going to have an accident. All you need is someone texting a message and not paying attention to where they’re driving.” Corey and Ewing have different campaign styles. Corey said he thinks membership in groups is important to someone running for office in High Point. He cited his church and bridge club. Ewing sounded as if he plans a more active campaign. He described going door to door as important. “Diversification is always best,” he said. “I’m not putting everything in one basket. I’m going door to door, attending as many business meetings as I can and making calls. I’m trying to touch anyone I can.

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Rumors (Continued from page 53) The next Rhino Times Schmoozefest will be held at PorterHouse Bar & Grill at 4608 W. Market St. on Thursday Oct. 25 from 6 to 8 p.m. Food, beer and wine will be served gratis to those who sign in and wear a name tag. Since this will be held a little over a week before the election, we expect a good number of local political candidates to be there shaking hands and kissing babes. --I saw the Democrats are reviving Jim Hunt to get out and campaign. It’s pretty sad for them. Because of the election scandals they don’t want Gov. Bev “Dumpling” Perdue out campaigning, and they sure don’t want convicted felon former Gov. Mike Easley to be on the podium. Former Speaker of the House Jim Black is out of prison and reportedly available, but nobody is calling. --The food trucks on Commerce Place are a great example of how government can take something simple and make it expensive and complicated. Food trucks were supposed to be allowed to operate on Commerce Place as an experiment, but instead of just letting them set up like they do everywhere else, the city closed off the street and eliminated all the parking. It would be nice for some of those city employees to be in business for themselves for an hour or two. ---

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The video available at of President Barack Hussein Obama speaking before a predominately black audience at Hampton University in June 2007 is surreal. Obama, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii and graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, puts on a very affected Southern accent. He does forget his accent sometimes, but it is strange to hear him speak so differently. Obama also praises the man who at that time was still his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He has nothing but praise for Wright and describes Wright as the man who introduced him to Jesus Christ. It is astounding that in 2008, when Obama was the Democratic candidate for president, that this speech didn’t get some play, but the mainstream media ignored it.

,,, There is a tremendous amount of information being put out there by the political campaigns of both parties. Two things that are good to remember are that the mainstream media act like a third arm for the Democratic campaigns, and in particular the Obama campaign. Many people in the country have become disenchanted with Obama and will not vote for him again, but the mainstream media are still behind him hook, line and sinker. It doesn’t matter what incomprehensible move Obama makes, it is supported by the mainstream media. The New York Times was still reporting that a mob overran the American compound in Benghazi days after even the State Department had given up on that lie, because the White House was still trying to sell that absurd story, which to anyone with a third-grade education was a bold faced lie. Spontaneous gatherings of angry people simply do not have heavy machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and mortars, nor do mobs attacks in organized stages. The other fact to be aware of is that campaigns even lie to themselves. At the trial of John Edwards, one of the questions before the court was if he was still a viable presidential candidate when some of the money laundering took place. His pollster said that he had the figures to prove that Edwards had already lost, but he was still sending out emails to top campaign officials about how well the campaign was going. In other words, politicians lie, the people who work for them lie, and they all lie even to each other.

,,, Obama continues to link the anti-Islam video with the attack on the American compound in Libya. He did it at the United Nations, and the mainstream media are following his lead in linking the socalled “spontaneous demonstrations” and the attack in Libya. It doesn’t seem to make much difference why the American compound was attacked and four Americans were killed, but it does. Since a CNN reporter who was wandering around the compound discovered slain Ambassador

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chris Steven’s journal, we know that he was concerned about threats and security risks. He knew the State Department knew; maybe Obama knew that something was likely to happen. There had already been two attacks, but the American compound didn’t have Marines protecting the ambassador and other Americans. Obama needs to link the attack that killed the ambassador and three other Americans to a spontaneous uprising because the truth is that he did not give the American State Department personnel the protection they needed. A video shot by an American was released on YouTube, and suddenly Muslims are rioting all over the world. That’s the lie and, as with all good lies, there is some truth to it. There were riots and uprisings over the video but there wasn’t one in Benghazi on Sept. 11. The attack was well planned and successful. No less than the American ambassador to the United Nations, who is supposed to be next in line to be secretary of state, Susan Rice, said that it was mob. She knew that it wasn’t true when she said it, or else she is not privy to the type of information that an ambassador should have. The very fact that they used rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and mortars proves that it was a planned attack. The fact that there was no mob, just attackers, is an indication. Most people don’t carry that kind of weaponry or big cans of diesel fuel to start huge fires. Maybe Rice would make a good secretary of state for Obama because we now know she has no trouble telling boldfaced lies that she knows are going to be discovered to be boldfaced lies. In the past the secretaries of state have had some integrity, but evidently that is not what Obama wants. The story of Benghazi gets sadder with each passing day. The State Department had asked for more protection. There had been attacks and threats and no extra protection was given. But what is as bad is that after it happened, after Stevens was killed, he was found by looters who reportedly took him to the hospital – something the United States government didn’t do for him. But according to reports from Benghazi, the American compound still has not been secured and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has not been allowed to travel to the site to investigate and report on what happened. It would appear that the Obama administration doesn’t want the American people to know what actually happened. Why else would the government not send in sufficient troops to secure the area and allow the FBI to investigate?

,,, The last time an American ambassador was killed in the line of the duty was in the 1970s during the administration of former President Jimmy Carter. The two administrations have much in common because they both project American weakness abroad. Strength is appreciated in the Middle East where leaders understand that international law is the law of the jungle and can somewhat be

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enforced against weak nations but strong nations do what they want.

,,, Driving to work I often think of Obamacare, and lately of First Lady Michelle Obama’s plan to restrict the calories for all school lunches. I think about it driving to work because I am in constant amazement at the variety of vehicles that Americans drive. It is not unusual to be lined up waiting for a stop light with 10 other cars and have none of them be the exact same make or model. One size fits all doesn’t work in the United States because we are so fiercely independent. I feel for the kids who are having to try to get by on 850 calories. When I was in high school I ate as much as I could and I didn’t have an ounce of fat on me. (I certainly can’t say the same today 40 years later.) I don’t know how the kids who are playing football, field hockey, soccer or volleyball, running cross country or track, swimming or participating in any other sport are supposed to survive on such a small amount of food. It is wrong and hopefully someone will sue the government for cruel and unusual punishment. The fact that some kids are obese doesn’t mean that all kids are obese and need to diet, but that fact is lost on our first lady, who seems to want to be able to tell everybody in the country how to raise their children. Maybe Mrs. Obama should put her children in a public school and see how they like eating the paltry meals that are being mandated. I imagine at Sidwell Friends, where the tuition is about $35,000 a year, the kids eat what the parents who are paying the bills want them to eat.

,,, The Obama campaign is saying that because of the events in Egypt and Libya that President Obama has not had time to prepare for the debate with Mitt Romney like he had planned. Perhaps they need to go back and look at Obama’s calendar. The day after the attacks on Sept. 12, when the White House was still claiming a mob with rocketpropelled grenades, heavy machine guns and mortars spontaneously attacked the American compound. Obama didn’t hang around the Situation Room in the White House all day getting updates that might have enlightened him as to what had really happened. No, he hopped on Air Force One, which he uses like a taxi, and flew to Las Vegas for a campaign event. In fact looking at the White House schedule since Sept. 11, when the unprotected American compound was attacked and four Americans were killed, Obama has spent most of his time campaigning. Wednesday, Sept. 12 he flew to Las Vegas to campaign. Thursday, Sept. 13 he campaigned in Colorado. Friday, Sept 14 he campaigned in Washington, DC. Saturday, Sept. 15 and Sunday, Sept.16 he took off. Monday, Sept. 18 he flew to New York to be on the The Late Show with David Letterman. Wednesday, Sept. 20 he campaigned in Florida and did

By John Hammer an interview on Univision. Friday, Sept. 21 he campaigned in Virginia. Saturday, Sept. 22 and Sunday, Sept. 23 he took off. Monday, Sept. 24 he went to New York to be on The View. Tuesday Sept. 25 he spoke at the United Nations. Wednesday, Sept. 26 he campaigned in Ohio. Thursday, Sept. 27 he campaigned in Virginia Beach. Friday, Sept. 28 he campaigned in DC. That information is from the White House calendar of Obama’s official schedule. It would appear that Obama had plenty of time to prepare for the debate, if he had campaigned a little less. He certainly wasn’t spending most of his time working on national affairs, but spending most of his time trying to get reelected. A White House correspondent said that Obama had cut down on his Sunday golf games since the campaign heated up. Running the country with severe economic problems and a war in Afghanistan are not enough to keep him off the golf course, but getting reelected is.

,,, Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t know what century he is living in, what state he is standing in or who has been president of the United States for the past four years. I can understand someone voting for Obama, but when you consider what a complete and utter buffoon will continue to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, I can’t imagine anyone voting for the Democratic ticket. By the time this paper hits the street Biden will no doubt have topped this one, but on Wednesday this is the best we have from Biden: “This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest. How they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years – how in Lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts.” Someone needs to tell Biden that four years ago his boss, Obama, was elected president. Not only that, but the people of this country elected a huge majority of Democrats to the House and gave Obama a filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate. It means that Obama, after he was sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2012, had more power than any president since Carter, who also had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate after he was elected in 1976. Obama was elected to run the country and could not be stopped by Republicans. Romney, during the same period, held no office, and didn’t raise or lower taxes on anyone. If the middle class was buried, as Biden says, then he and Obama were the ones with the shovels. Biden and Obama are both trying to run for reelection as outsiders. It is silly for Obama but absurd for Biden who has been in the Senate since 1973, and before becoming vice president and presiding over the Senate had served as chairman of both the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations committees. Biden is the ultimate Washington insider.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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