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Vol. XXII No. 34

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Greensboro, North Carolina

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Music Hall Gets Cash by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

By a one-vote margin the Greensboro City Council voted to spend an additional $200,500 on the controversial and divisive proposed Greensboro Performing Arts Center (GPAC) at its Tuesday, Aug 21 meeting in the council chambers at city hall.

The money will help fund the research of the council appointed GPAC Task Force for the next phase of the project. The GPAC issue has taken up hours of the council’s time since January and has divided the city between the haves, who (Continued on page 33)

Behind Bars Bash by Scott D. Yost county editor

Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes prides himself on the fact that no one has escaped from the county’s jails during his tenure as sheriff. However, on Friday night, August 17, by midnight, every single person booked into the new county jail –

on crimes ranging from spousal abuse to murder by motor vehicle – had managed to find a way out. Of course, unlike the future tenants of the newly constructed and soon to be open jail, the suspects incarcerated last (Continued on page 34)

Caving in on Gift Tax by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Having underestimated the backlash from their constituents, members of the Guilford County Board of Education’s Donated Funds for Construction Committee have scrapped a proposal to tax private donations for construction from PTAs, community

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groups, booster clubs and private individuals by between 50 percent and 75 percent. A draft policy that would have required the 50 to 75 percent tax was triggered by a group of supporters of Millis Road Elementary School in Jamestown. The (Continued on page 35)

Rhino Rumors We’ve had a number of calls asking us why 2016: Obama’s America was not playing in the area. The good news is that 2016 is playing at the Carousel Cinemas (Continued on page 8)

Photo by Sandy Groover

Sergio Garcia won the rain delayed Wyndham Championship on Monday at Sedgefield Country Club. After three days of good weather, Sunday afternoon the bottom fell out, forcing officials to delay the final round until Monday. More photos pages 28,32

Photos by Sandy Groover

The AT&T National Diving Championships were held Saturday and Sunday at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. A number of medal winners from the

2012 Olympics in London were in attendance, and bronze medal winner Troy Dumais competed.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Sedgefield, Sergio and Sunday Sloshing by john hammer editor

I didn’t get to see Sergio Garcia win the Wyndham Championship on Monday, August 20, because like a lot of other folks I had to get back to work. The fact that the Wyndham attracted 6,000 people to the course on Monday for the rain delayed final round is a credit to just how well the tournament is being run these days. I didn’t get to see Sergio in that final round, but I was rooting for him because I remember watching him play in the Nike at Sedgefield Country Club when he was a shy 18-year-old who had an interpreter to help him with the interviews after his round. Once the golf writers found out how good his English was they cajoled him into answering some questions on his own and promised not to embarrass him with any mistakes he made. So congratulations to Sergio. He almost won that tournament 14 years ago, so it’s fitting that he came back and won this one. My favorite days at the Wyndham are Thursday and Friday. The galleries are lighter, making it easier to get around the course, and everyone, including the golfers, are generally more relaxed. Of course, the golfers who are right on the borderline of making the cut are not relaxed, but most folks are. It’s a much better time to watch golf because you don’t have to fight the crowds, but by the same token the people watching is much better on the weekends. But this year, because of my schedule I didn’t get out to the tournament until Saturday. I knew the greens were all new, but I figured they were still green grass. So since I was covering my 20th Greensboro PGA tournament, under different names and in two locations, I didn’t expect any big surprises. However, when the shuttle pulled into the media pick-up and drop-off area I was shocked because I didn’t know the media had a new home. The old building was a one-story, white cinderblock structure that was a vast improvement over the tent at Forest Oaks Country Club, but was nothing fancy. This year the media area was in a brand new building that architecturally matches the famous and much photographed Sedgefield clubhouse. The main media room is an exercise room 51 weeks of the year, but you can tell it was built with the idea that it would be the media room for one important week every year. This was not a shocker but something I have noticed since the tournament moved to Sedgefield. The tournament workers are much nicer to us media folks than they used to be. In the past I was told that after I got my media parking pass I had to take the shuttle back out to the parking area and put it on my car or it would be towed. I didn’t do it because I figured the guys from CBS weren’t going to do it and the tournament wasn’t going to tow their cars. Since the tournament has moved to Sedgefield there has been a noticeable difference in the way the media is treated. The food has always been good and the folks in the media area have always gone out of their way to take care of the media, but once you left that enclave, sometimes you were treated like someone who sneaked on to the course with a camera. There was another big change in the media area, but I was prepared for it. Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Tim Mabe, who had been the officer in charge of the media area for over 20 years, retired after last year’s tournament. His replacement was Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Matt Suits, who fit right into the job of letting in the right folks and nicely steering others in a different direction. (Continued on page 32)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Thursday, August 23, 2012



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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Most Important Race Nobody Knows About by john hammer editor

The biggest race in North Carolina that nobody is talking about is the race for a North Carolina Supreme Court seat where North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby is being challenged by North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Sam Ervin IV. What the ballot won’t tell you, because the Democrats don’t want you to know is that Newby is a Republican and Ervin, who is the grandson of Sen. Sam Ervin of Watergate fame, is a Democrat. Back when the people of North Carolina decided that Republicans made better judges and started elected Republicans to judicial seats all over the state, the Democrats who controlled the legislature and the governor’s mansion decreed that judicial races would be nonpartisan. This was not considered necessary by the Democrats as long as they were winning the judicial races, but when Republicans started winning the Democrats decided that judicial elections should be nonpartisan. The North Carolina Supreme Court is extremely partisan. Right now, despite all the efforts of the Democrats to do otherwise, the Republicans hold a four-to-three majority. Hot political issues invariably come down to party-line votes. The current redistricting done for the first time in over 100 years by the Republican Party will be before the court in the next session, and if Ervin is elected the Democrats will have a four-to three majority and the redistricting lines drawn by the Republicans to favor Republicans will most likely be thrown out the window. There are at least five other lawsuits over legislation passed by the Republican legislature that will come before the North Carolina Supreme Court, which means if the Democrats can win a majority on the state Supreme Court they can undo much of the reform the legislature passed. But the big one is redistricting because that goes a long way toward determining who will control the legislature for the next 10 years. It certainly appears that Pat McCrory is likely to be elected governor. The voters realize what a horrible mistake they made in 2008 electing Gov. Beverly “Dumplin” Perdue, and what a detriment she has been to the state. Despite the example of former Gov. Mike Easley, who was convicted of a felony for his campaign finance shenanigans, Perdue’s campaign was up to the same thing with one top aide pleading guilty to a felony and several others charged. So it appears the voters of North Carolina in 2012, for the first time in over 100 years, are likely to elect a Republican majority in the state House and the state Senate, as well as a Republican governor. It would be a clear sign from the people of North Carolina that they are not happy with the way the Democrats have been running the state and that it is time for a change. However, if Newby is not reelected and Republicans lose their majority on the state Supreme Court, much of what the legislature will do could be overturned after lawsuits work their way up the judicial ladder. If Newby were running as a Republican and Ervin were running as a Democrat then the people of North Carolina, who are likely to pick a Republican governor and a majority of Republican legislators, would also be likely to pick Newby as the Republican Supreme Court judge. But because of the way the Democrats have muddied the waters, people won’t know what party the judges are in unless they know before they go to the polls. With such a long ballot and so many races, it will be easy for voters to be confused. Also, a lot of folks vote straight party tickets. If this were a partisan race then all those that voted straight Democratic Party would go to Ervin and all those who voted straight Republican would go to Newby. But because it is nonpartisan, voters who only vote for the president and then vote a straight party will not have voted in one of the most important races on the ballot – the North Carolina Supreme Court race. Voters have to work their way to the end of the ballot to vote in this nonpartisan race, which is after all the partisan races. The good news is that Republicans have formed a political action committee (PAC) for this race and are raising money to let people know how important it is for voters to make their way down the ballot and vote for the right North Carolina Supreme Court candidate. Tom Fetzer, former mayor of Raleigh and former chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, has set up the PAC and is in the midst of fundraising. Fetzer described the race as “the most important in the state that nobody is talking about.” Much of what the PAC intends to do is educate voters about the importance of voting in the race and, of course, the importance of keeping the Republican majority on the court. As a side note, this area fares pretty well on the North Carolina Supreme Court. Newby lives in Raleigh but grew up in Jamestown, Justice Robert Edmonds is from Greensboro, and Justice Robin Hudson grew up in Greensboro and went to Page High School.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

A Blast From the Past Cooling Court House by Scott D. Yost county editor

There’s an interesting story – and a whole lot of history – behind the sudden, recent, unexplained appearance of two ceiling fans in the first floor hallway of the Old Guilford County Court House in downtown Greensboro. Those aren’t just any old ordinary fans – they’re fans that, for decades, cooled diners in the former Friendly Road Inn, the seafood restaurant off West Friendly Avenue that was owned and run by Bob Shaw, the late former Guilford County commissioner and state senator, and his wife Linda Shaw, a current county commissioner. And, years before those fans were creating a breeze for patrons at the Friendly Road Inn, they were in use at the old O. Henry Hotel before it was torn down. The Shaw’s restaurant, at 609 Pompano Dr. in Greensboro, was frequented by political leaders and other well-known residents and the establishment became a local landmark. The restaurant closed its doors in 2006 after being open for over 50 years. In late 2011, the closed restaurant was destroyed by fire as a result of arson. The old O. Henry Hotel, where the fans were once in use, was built in 1919 on the corner of North Elm and Bellemeade streets, where the Bellemeade parking deck is now. The hotel was named for Greensboro native William Sydney Porter, who gained national and international

acclaim as a short story writer publishing under the pen name of O. Henry. The O. Henry Hotel was torn down in 1979. Guilford County just installed the two ceiling fans on each end of the first floor of the Old Court House – one is near the Board of Elections office and the other hangs over the entrance to the commissioners offices and the entrance to the Blue Room, the large county meeting room often used by county committees, the commissioners and county staff. Guilford County Facilities Director Fred Jones began getting questions about the fans shortly after they were installed. No one had been complaining about poor airflow in the hallway or about it being too hot in the Old Court House, so people were curious. “We took the fans out before the restaurant burned down,” Jones said. “We had them cleaned up and refinished and checked that the wiring was OK.” Jones said Bob and Linda Shaw donated the fans years ago when former County Manager David McNeill was running the county. The Guilford County Board of Commissioners and the Greensboro City Council are expected to pass resolutions honoring the life and civic contributions of Bob Shaw in September, and county officials wanted the fans operational by the time those events took place.

“It’s more aesthetic than anything,” Jones said, adding that it will help airflow during early voting periods, when there’s often a long line of voters in the hallway waiting to vote in the Blue Room. Shaw said she and her husband really wanted the fans to continue in use after the closing of the Friendly Road Inn, also known as the Fish House by some. “There’s a lot of history to those fans,” Shaw said. “They hung out at the restaurant. Bob bought them from the O. Henry Hotel when it closed and was torn down.” Shaw said that, about six years ago, she was talking with her husband and he mentioned how he hated to see the fans go to waste after the restaurant closed its doors. Shaw said that’s when the idea occurred to her. “I said, how about if I give them to the county,” she said. Shaw said her husband liked the idea so Jones went out to the restaurant to take the fans down. She said she didn’t even know if they would work after being out of use for about six years and she said she was glad to see them functioning when she was at the Old Court House for a work session recently. Shaw joked this week that she might have been wiser to keep them for her beach cottage since she was just looking at the latest air-conditioning bill and the cost was

astronomical. One county employee who works in the Old Court House said she was reluctant to walk under one of the fans because it looked kind of unstable. She said that, since that fan hangs right over the entrance to the commissioners offices, she hoped it wouldn’t end up as a story in The Rhinoceros Times. “I went by at lunch and they were on full force, but one by the Board of Commissioners offices had a disconcerting wobble,” she said. “Hopefully your next big story will not be ‘Falling Fish House Fan Filets County Commissioner.’”


(Continued from page 1)

at 1305 Battleground Ave. in Greensboro and at the Regal in Oak Hollow Mall in High Point this weekend. The movie is being shown because of all the calls the theaters have received about it. So, if you called, go see it, and the next time a conservative documentary comes out maybe they’ll go ahead and book it before they get inundated with calls. --The Rhino Times Schmoozefest is continuing (Continued on page 42)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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PART And McKinney Are Parting Ways by Scott D. Yost county editor

After more than a decade as the executive director of the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART), Brent McKinney is stepping down from his position with the agency that has faced budgetary problems for years, that lost federal funding last year due to accounting regularities, and that, most recently, was dealt another financial blow with the bankruptcy of one of PART’s service providers. In a closed session at a Wednesday, August 8 PART board meeting, McKinney announced he was retiring. He made that news public on Thursday, August 16. At the August 8 meeting, a new PART controversy arose. Some board members expressed dissatisfaction that they were, at that meeting, finding out for the first time that a large-bus service provider for PART, Coach America, had declared bankruptcy, and there would be ramifications for PART’s budget. The company that purchased Coach America was raising the rate it charged PART, which was already struggling financially. Coach America declared bankruptcy in January, and board members wanted to know why they were hearing in August that it would mean a significant increase in PART’s costs. Myra Thompson, who heads up

Guilford County’s transportation services, a division of the county’s Department of Social Services, said PART board members at the meeting had a lot of questions for McKinney about the situation. At that meeting, some PART board members said they felt McKinney hadn’t kept them adequately informed about the Coach America situation and about the negotiations for PART’s contract for large buses that Coach America had been handling. “They did seem upset about Coach America,” Thompson said of some board members. Thompson isn’t on the board and she wasn’t in the closed session. However, she was at the meeting as the person in charge of Guilford County’s transportation services. The county contracts with PART to provide the transportation services the county is required to provide its citizens. McKinney’s last day as director will be Jan. 31, 2013. Commissioner Carolyn Coleman represents Guilford County on the PART board, and she was in the executive session when McKinney made his announcement. “He told us it was time for another chapter in his life,” she said. One board member who was in the closed session said McKinney asked that the board not say anything until McKinney

McNair Not Open, Subs Not Being Paid by paul C. clark Staff Writer

McNair Elementary School, which is being built for $25 million at 4603 Yanceyville Road in Brown Summit, won’t open as scheduled on August 27, in part because the general contractor, Farley Associates Inc. of Indian Land, South Carolina, hasn’t paid all its subcontractors on the project, according to Guilford County Schools administrators and subcontractors. Administrators and one of the subcontractors said some subcontractors have walked off the job at McNair because they haven’t been paid – and, meanwhile, the Guilford County Board of Education kept accepting later and later projections for opening dates, despite the fact that it was increasingly obvious the school would not be finished by the start of the school year. “Yeah, that’s definitely been an issue,” said Guilford County Schools Construction Director Julius Monk. “I know we’ve had a couple come to us and we’ve referred them to Farley’s bonding company.” Monk said he did not know how many subcontractors on the McNair project were not working because they had not been paid. At a Guilford County Board of Education

meeting on July 26, 2012 Monk said that “substantial completion” of the school – the contract milestone at which a school is ready for occupancy according to construction documents – had slipped from July 18 to sometime between August 15 and August 20. At that time, Guilford County Schools Facilities Department administrators said the project was behind schedule because the electrical subcontractor, Devine Electrical, had to be replaced, slowing the project. Another major subcontractor on the project, however, said his company didn’t receive its first payment until three months after it began work on the school, and that the problems arose long before Devine left. “Farley has not been paying people,” said the subcontractor, who asked that his name not be used. “I’ve had to threaten to pull out six or seven times. Then, by some miracle, a check shows up. When you don’t get paid for 190 days, it’s hard to run a small company. That electrician was going broke.” The subcontractor said he knew of similar cases of nonpayment of other subcontractors. Arty Bolick, a construction attorney at (Continued on page 12)

had time to inform PART staff of his decision. Since his resignation happened at a time when some board members were displeased with the Coach America situation, and his resignation came in the wake of constant budget shortfalls and the 2011 loss of federal funding, there was some speculation that board members may have asked McKinney to step down. But – surprisingly given all the problems at PART over the last year – several sources said that wasn’t the case and said McKinney was leaving of his own accord. Coleman said the board was prepared for an announcement of this type. “We’ve talked about a succession plan for some time,” she said. McKinney also said the resignation was his decision entirely and he had no pressure from board members to step down. He said there was a simple reason he was leaving. “I’m 65,” he said, adding that there were other things in his life he wanted to accomplish. McKinney said he felt the organization, since its start in 1997, had done a good job of getting all the key participants together at the table and, he said, PART had also created a strong infrastructure for public transportation in central North Carolina, including establishing 23 park-and-ride lots.

McKinney added, however, that PART faces many obstacles. “It’s not flourishing,” he said. “It’s not well-funded.” At the August 8 meeting, McKinney informed the PART board that the cost of the bus service Coach America had been providing would be increasing from $75 per service hour to $95 per service hour. McKinney said he had been in negotiations and had been exploring various options. He said a lot of the information about the rate increase was about as new to him as it was to the board. It’s not the first time the PART board has had questions for McKinney and his staff. PART lost federal funding in 2011 due to accounting irregularities. The August 8 meeting, in fact, was the first board meeting since a Wednesday, August 1 letter notified PART that the organization was found to have corrected its accounting deficiencies and was in compliance with federal grant requirements once again. In addition to problems with federal funding, McKinney has repeatedly come to member counties asking for more money for the organization. At the Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011 Guilford County Board of Commissioners meeting, McKinney asked Guilford County for $394,000 to help PART make it through (Continued on page 33)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012






The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro HIGH POINT



City Delays Apartment Demolition Again by paul C. clark Staff Writer

Apparently all you have to do to avoid having substandard rental property torn down by the City of High Point is to ignore the City Council completely. That’s largely the tack taken by Schwarz Properties LLC of Asheboro. The City Council has been trying for several years to demolish most of an apartment complex in the 500 block of Meredith Street owned by Schwarz Properties. On July 19, 2010, the City Council voted unanimously to vacate and close almost all of the complex. Councilmembers said that Schwarz Properties had made no repairs to the apartments, most of which are now boarded up and crumbling. A city cannot demolish a privately owned property until a year after the City Council orders it vacated and closed, and that year passed in November 2011, when the City Council took up demolishing the Meredith Street complex, which has 10 buildings containing 39 units. The City Council ordered eight buildings, containing 27 units, closed. Two other buildings fronting on Leonard Street have been renovated and remain occupied. This year’s round – well, first round – of consideration of what to do with

the Meredith Street buildings, most of which have deteriorated badly without the city’s involvement, came at the Monday, August 20 meeting of the High Point City Council. Schwarz Properties didn’t bother to send a representative to the hearing on ordering the buildings closed in July 2010. At the time, High Point Mayor Becky Smothers said, from the dais, “I would say there is adequate evidence that Mr. Schwarz doesn’t give a crap.” Jeffrey Schwarz, the owner of the company, has never appeared before the City Council. One year, he sent an apologetic property manager who merely said the company was in trouble and couldn’t fix the buildings. In November 2011, the City Council voted to instruct staff to bring to the City Council, at its next meeting, the documents necessary to have the eight vacant buildings demolished. Schwarz Properties sent attorney Ben Albright. to that meeting. Schwarz Properties sent Albright to Monday’s meeting, at which the councilmembers sat around scratching their heads and trying to figure out why they hadn’t managed to get most of the eight buildings in the Meredith Street complex demolished, despite repeated efforts. Schwarz Properties has taken

out work permits on the eighth building, stopping the clock on demolition, at least for that building. Last year, Schwarz Properties offered to fix a building a month, meaning the complex would have been up to code after eight months of work. Councilmember Bernita Sims, chairman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, said that Schwarz Properties, after several years of demolition threats from the city, had finished work on the one building and had done about 25 percent of the work on another. Last year, Sims responded angrily to the one-building-a-month offer – and Albright said on Monday that it had never been accepted – which leaves the City Council with the usual question – why hasn’t the city demolished the rest of the buildings? Councilmember Latimer Alexander told Albright, “I would hope that you would

Miracle Field Growth Stunted By Squabble by paul C. clark Staff Writer





Foundation Problems





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understand that this council is willing to move forward with demolition.” Smothers, visibly frustrated as she is whenever the issue comes up, said the issue has gone on indefinitely and the City Council has to deal with “a community that is absolutely aggravated – not only with Mr. Schwarz, but with this council.” Albright said of Schwarz, “He has a very dire illness right now.” Smothers replied, “He had it a year ago.” Part of the City Council’s problem in dealing with the Meredith Street apartment complex is that it seems as if, every time someone suggests concrete action, City Attorney JoAnne Carlyle or legal consultant Fred Baggett suggests a delay. This time the recommendation was for a 30 day delay, a motion made by Sims, seconded by Councilmember Jim Corey and passed unanimously.

The High Point City Council must not want 10 acres next to the High Point Athletic Complex and Miracle Field for children with disabilities very badly, despite the fact that the land could provide parking, a shelter for children with respiratory problems and a new soccer field for the Miracle Field complex. The 10-acre lot on Shadybrook Road in High Point is owned by the Guilford County Board of Education and is now lying fallow. The school board once proposed building a middle school on the land but now acknowledges that it doesn’t need one in the area. In any case, the school board can barely build a bus stop on 10 acres these days. The City Council wants the land – but isn’t acting like it, preferring to attempt to extort a better price through threats to never rezone the property rather than to negotiate in a serious fashion. Getting High Point to buy, and the school board to sell, the 10-acre tract is the pet project of school board member Ed Price, the prime mover behind the Miracle Field. Price kicked off the current round of negotiations in December 2011, when he won an 8-to-0 vote from the school board to authorize the Guilford County Schools Facilities Department to negotiate a sale. Since then, the negotiations have been tangled in a squabble over price. High Point City Manager Strib Boynton on April 11, 2012 wrote Guilford County School Superintendent Mo Green offering to buy the 10 acres for the 2011 county assessed tax value of $294,300.

On June 13, 2012, Green wrote Boynton asking that the City of High Point conduct a separate appraisal of the property. The school board had commissioned its own appraisal in December 2011, which valued the property at $400,000. On July 10, 2012, High Point Mayor Becky Smothers defended the $294,300 price in a letter to school board Chairman Alan Duncan, and on August 8, 2012, Duncan replied, rejecting High Point’s offer based on price but indicating that the school board would consider a higher price, That brings us to the High Point City Council’s Monday, August 20, 2012 meeting. The agenda for the meeting was dull, but Councilmember Latimer Alexander brought up the Shadybrook Road property, suggesting that the City Council pay $2,000 to $2,500 to hire an appraiser to do an independent appraisal. That should have livened things up, but didn’t. It was a good idea, although, since the issues separating the two boards are money and ego, the $2,500 might be better spent nudging the purchase price of the land upward slightly, to give the school board something it could claim as a victory. The school board has years of experience in making dopey real estate decisions, sometimes acquiring property at a losing price (such as its Washington Street administration building) and sometimes missing a chance to make money on a property (such as the former Craven Elementary School). But High Point is not in the habit of (Continued on page 11)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Page 11

Early Voting Plan Approved ‘Unanimously’ by Scott D. Yost county editor

On Monday, August 13, the Democratically controlled Guilford County Board of Elections adopted an early voting plan for the 2012 election; however, it did so over the strong objections of the board’s lone Republican member. At the afternoon meeting in the Board of Elections offices on the first floor of the Old Guilford County Court House, the elections board adopted a plan that answered the often politically charged questions of where to put early voting sites, as well as the dates and times that voting would be allowed. The structure of early voting is considered by many to be important because the locations can have an influence on early voter demographics. For instance, placing more early voting sites in predominately conservative areas could benefit Republican candidates and vice versa. The plan adopted calls for 22 early voting sites spread across Guilford County for voting in the 2012 general election, with voting to begin on Thursday, Oct. 18 and end on Saturday, Nov. 3. The Guilford County Board of Elections has one Republican member, Kathryn Lindley, and two Democratic members – Chairman T.J. Warren and Dot Kearns, a former member of the Guilford County Board of Education and former chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners.

Stunted (Continued from page 10) buying property without having an appraisal done on it. If the City Council thinks the land is worth less than $400,00, it should get an appraisal proving it. The school board could use a little win on price, especially as Smothers is virtually trying to extort a sale of the land by, in her July 10 letter, telling Duncan that High Point won’t rezone the property to let the school board use it for anything but a school or recreational facilities. But when Alexander made his motion to pay for a new appraisal of the property, silence settled over the City Council chambers. Alexander’s motion died for lack of a second. The Guilford County Schools Facilities Department had the property appraised for $400,000 in December 2011 – but that appraisal was flawed, both because it was based on a theory that a prior use on a part of the property would allow the property to be rezoned multifamily (something High Point has made clear is not going to happen), and, according to Price, because the appraiser didn’t have access to a contract between the school board and the City Council that restricts the property’s uses to a school or a recreational facility. “Two mistakes were made,” said Price, who owns a real estate company. “One, when we ordered the appraisal, the school system didn’t really give the appraiser the

The elections board is required to approve early voting sites and submit its early voting plan to state officials, and, at the August 13 meeting, the board adopted a plan shortly after Lindley voiced her objections. The new plan is a revised version of an earlier plan. It had been changed to address some of Lindley’s concerns. However the Republican board member still didn’t like the new revised plan one bit. “It stinks just as much as the other one did,” she said. It was clear from the start of the meeting that Democrats Kearns and Warren supported the early voting proposal. Lindley didn’t go into the details about her concerns – she said she had expressed them many times to both election staff and her fellow Board of Elections members. After the meeting, Lindley said she was opposed to putting early voting sites on the campuses of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) and North Carolina A&T State University (A&T), and she especially objected to holding voting at those sites for the two weeks leading up to the election. The conversation at the meeting was couched in terms of what would best serve the voters of Guilford County. However, a skeptic looking on might have suggested that the board’s Democratic members wanted to have early voting sites placed in liberal areas of the county, and the Republican wanted

working agreement that was there that restricted it somewhat. At the same time, the appraiser called the High Point planning department about the possibility of a zoning change. If the appraiser had accurate information about the agreement between the city and the schools that it wouldn’t be rezoned, the appraisal would have come in significantly lower.” Price said the City Council should have approved Alexander’s motion to have the property re-appraised to correct the misinformation in the December appraisal. “If someone would just go correct it – I don’t blame the appraiser – it would come close to what the city is willing to pay, and the school board could justify the sale, and this whole problem would go away. It’s the damndest mess I’ve ever seen. This is nothing but egos, and all these letters back and forth mean nothing.” Councilmember Chris Whitley said Alexander’s motion died because most of the councilmembers were not well enough informed on the issue. He said, “I think, for must of us, it’s that there is information we need to hear before they go sticking their necks out there.” And there you have it. It’s less than three months before an election, and two government boards won’t negotiate a deal that would be in the interest of both because each is afraid of appearing as if it came out on the losing end of a real estate deal that close to Election Day.

the opposite – and therefore the Democrats wanted the early voting sites on the two college campuses, expected to be bastions of liberal support. After the meeting, Lindley said her concerns didn’t have to do with political advantage or disadvantage, but, instead, with the fact that money could be saved by limiting early voting and her belief that these two sites weren’t needed. “It’s a waste of money; these areas were lightly voted,” she said of the two college campuses. “These sites are not convenient to most people.” Lindley added that, if the board wanted to use these sites anyway, the sites should only be open for the last week of the early voting period since the majority of early voting takes place at that time. She also said that having a site at UNCG was a break from past practice. “We’ve never had a site at UNCG,” she said. Lindley added that, if the board had taken her suggestions and limited early voting times and locations, it could have saved taxpayers about $50,000. “We could have saved a ton of money,” she said. Lindley also said the expenditures were especially unnecessary given that people who want to vote early have shown a willingness to drive a good distance to do so. “People who want to vote early will find a place to vote early,” she said. Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert said after the meeting that he agreed that people who are going to vote early tend to do so regardless of the placement of the early voting stations. Gilbert also said that, when his office puts a site on a college campus or a similar institution, it tries to do so in a building that’s very accessible to voters who don’t work for or live at the institution. He said his office tracks who votes where, and he added that, in 2008, the A&T site drew a lot of early voters who weren’t connected to that college. Among the 22 sites the county will use for early voting this year are the Old Guilford County Court House in downtown Greensboro, the Bur-Mil Clubhouse, the

Jamestown Town Hall and Oak Ridge Town Hall – as well as Oak Hollow Mall and several recreation centers across the county. Though Lindley had strong objections to the early voting plan adopted at the August 13 meeting, in the end, for pragmatic reasons, she voted along with the board’s two Democrats in favor of adopting that plan. “I don’t agree with it, but I will vote for it,” she told the board immediately before the vote. She said she was only voting for it because Gilbert and her fellow board members had requested that it pass unanimously. If the elections board had adopted an early voting plan on anything other than a unanimous vote, the State Board of Elections could have come in and made changes. That would have meant that the county’s early voting process was uncertain and it would have hampered staff’s attempts to prepare for early voting. When the plan passed at the meeting on a 3-to-0 vote, Gilbert assured Lindley that her objections would be noted in the minutes. Guilford County began offering the early voting option in 2000, and Gilbert said the site selection and the voting hours for early voting are determined largely by looking at what has and hasn’t worked well in the past. He said early voting has become more important in the county since the practice began. In 2000, the county had five early voting sites; in 2008 there were 19, and this year there will be 22. Gilbert said county voters now rely heavily on early voting. He said that, in the May primary, 60 percent of voters used early voting and 7 percent voted by mail, which means a total of 67 percent cast votes before the May 8 primary. According to Gilbert, largely because of all that early voting, only 89,000 showed up to vote on Tuesday, May 8. According to Gilbert, the 2008 election cost the county about $800,000. He said that roughly $350,000 of that cost was provided for early voting. Gilbert said that a bare bones runoff, such as the one in July, costs the county about $150,000.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Sound of the Beep What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine tape on our comment line 273-0898. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 273-0898 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep. Yeah, Steely Dan Fan, man. You know, I’m amazed at the number of people who still don’t realize that the word weakly is spelled correctly in your magazine. Don’t they realize that you are a journalist, and an editor, and with your experience with grammar and lexicology that you certainly know what you’re writing in your newspaper? And they just don’t seem to get the joke. Well, the joke’s on them. Maybe they should look in their dictionary. It’s all I got to say. Bye. %%% Just read Uncle Orson’s Review on Thomas Sole’s Basic Economics. He hit the nail on the head. It’s a great read, and if we could get liberals and other ne’er do wells to do what they need to do to get themselves out of the hole, it would work for everybody. Thanks. %%% I will agree with the gentleman who wrote in that Obama in three words is a national disgrace. He comes from a long line of political criminals from Chicago. He was trained by the best. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Thanks again. Enjoy your paper. Keep the good work up. Thank you. %%% This is for all the baby boomers out there. Be careful and hang on to your wallet, because Uncle Sam wants all that you’ve worked for so they can redistribute it as they see fit. They’re coming after us. Take a tight hold of your wallet. Good day. %%% Hi. This is Rain Dancer. This week’s page 41, somebody called in twice to complain of a person that’s only buying one thing at a time, one cucumber, one tomato, and you want him to buy more. Listen, that might be hardship for him. Maybe he can only use one and maybe can only afford one. But butt your nose out of his business. Bye. %%% Hey, I just read your – The Rhino lawsuit dies, where the two police officers were ordered to pay your costs for their loss of the lawsuit. Why isn’t the Police Department concerned that these two officers defy court orders and won’t pay it? It looks like they ought to suspend them without pay until they pay it, or either deduct out of their pay to pay this thing off. Just a thought. %%% Editor’s Note: It is shocking that a police captain would not obey a court order, but that is the Greensboro Police Department. %%% I hope you will print this, because I think it truly speaks volumes. Two years ago tonight I lost my last surviving aunt at the tender age of 95. She was like a second mother to me. Due to politics with her job that she had for 40 years, she was persuaded to always vote Democratic for both major and off-year elections. She did that out of habit for the 30 years that she enjoyed retirement. But four years ago at this time she told me that I cannot bring myself to vote for Obama. And here’s a quote from her. They, meaning the Obama loving mainstream media, talk like he’s just a little lower than Jesus Christ. I told this statement to some of her still living coworkers two years ago at her visitation. And not only were they amazed at the statement, but every one of them told me they felt the same … %%% There’s absolutely nothing holy about any war. Religious wars, sure. But holy? Absolutely not. %%% Hey, John, I want you to know I accept your apology for the oversight. And, (Continued on page 31)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

McNair (Continued from page 9) Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP, which represents the school board, said he had heard about subcontractors not being paid. “As to the nonpayment, we have been alerted that some subs have not been paid,” Bolick said. “We have reported them to the surety company.” The surety or bonding company for Farley Associates is The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. Bolick said he knew of at least one case in which The Hartford had to cut a check directly to a subcontractor because Farley Associates had failed to do so. Monk, however, said that there may have been other issues with Devine Electrical than the company not being paid. He said when the electrical subcontractor pulled out of the project, Guilford County Schools was unable to contact the company. A call to the company for comment was not returned. “I think it could be a combination of reasons,” Monk said. “I know when we made attempts to connect with the electrical contractor, we could not communicate with them. Farley replaced them in July.” Bolick said that, under its contract with Guilford County Schools, Farley Associates is responsible for $2,000 a day in liquidated damages for each day beyond July 18, 2012 that the school hasn’t reached “substantial completion.” Bolick said that Farley could be responsible for “other consequential damages,” such as the cost of moving students into other schools until McNair is finished. “We have asked them for a completion plan, which includes a new completion schedule, and they’re committed to provide us that this week,” he said. “They gave us a completion schedule before, and, obviously, that wasn’t met.” As late as August 14, Guilford County Schools Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Robert Melton was telling the school board that McNair would open “on time” on August 27. By Friday, August 17, all hopes of opening McNair by the start of school were abandoned, and Guilford County Schools Chief of Staff Nora Carr sent an email to top administrators and school board members titled, “Urgent Information Regarding McNair.” “As late as last week, we were still optimistic we could move our students and staff into McNair in time to open school on time,” Carr wrote. “The district’s original move-in date for McNair was around July 30, 2012. The recovery plan that was in place would have allowed us to move into the school next week, with the school ready for students on August 27.” Why administrators thought that a movein date that, under Farley Associates, had slipped from July 30 until late in August would suddenly be workable on August 27 is a mystery. Got all those dates? Probably not on such short notice, and since you weren’t expecting it if you’re a student or a parent of a student scheduled to attend McNair. Carr’s email told the school board

members and administrators that, until McNair is finished, students in kindergarten and first grade will attend Brightwood Elementary School and third, fourth and fifth graders will attend Jesse Wharton Elementary School. Second grade, English as a second language and special-education students will be split between the two schools. McNair, originally known by the project name Northern Greensboro Elementary School, was sold during the run-up to the 2008 bond referendum as a 700-student, K-5 school that would draw students from Jesse Wharton and Brightwood. Northern Elementary was added as a third source for McNair students at some point after 2008. Ironically, almost no one wanted to send their children to McNair, despite the fact that it will be a shiny new school that is well equipped and in a beautiful setting. The opposition to the school board’s attendance zone plans for McNair was led by parents of Jesse Wharton students, who said they were happy with the services and the sense of community at Jesse Wharton. Now the students the school board fought so hard to send to McNair are returning to Jesse Wharton and Brightwood. School board member Kris Cooke is on the project team for McNair. She said the team has been worried despite long being told the school would be ready in time for the start of school. Cooke has eyes. “We met on July 17,” Cooke said. “They had a chart and a calendar about how it would go. I’m not a contractor. I don’t build things. But I’m pretty smart. When I go out there and there are bulldozers out there and mud all over the place, and you’ve got a contractor telling you it’s going to be complete ...” Cooke said she went to the beach for a week and returned a week ago. “I knew as soon as I drove out there that there was just no way – that it would be a safety issue for our kids,” she said. “They need a facility that’s complete, and so do our staff.” Cooke said Guilford County Schools made the right decision to put off using the school. “I’m glad the decision was made,” she said. “There were other things they were considering, like delaying school a couple of days. But it’s not a couple-of-day problem.” James “Trey” Farley III, the president of Farley Associates, would not comment on any of the issues raised by the delay in McNair’s completion. Farley said, “At this time, we don’t have any comment on it at all.” McNair administrators will work at both Brightwood and Jesse Wharton, although the McNair phones and principal will be at Brightwood. Guilford County Schools has scheduled an open house for parents of McNair students on Thursday, August 23. Parents of students in kindergarten through second grade can attend from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at Brightwood. Parents of students in second through fifth grades can attend from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Jesse Wharton.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Uncle Orson Reviews Everything

Hearing Tests And Spy The Lie by orson scott card

People aren’t talking clearly anymore. They mush their words together. They leave out syllables. They mumble. Nobody knows how to make themselves heard and understood. Oh, and I’m also 61 years old. So maybe everybody’s talking as clearly as ever, and the problem is my hearing. I’ve seen elderly people who were almost completely cut off from the world around them, because unless you were facing them so they could see your lips as you spoke, they missed half or more of what you were saying. You don’t really have to miss many words before you have no idea what’s going on. I remember when I first arrived in Brazil as a missionary. I had studied Portuguese in high school, I spoke Spanish reasonably well (the grammars are nearly the same, and much of the vocabulary is related). I really aced the language training they gave missionaries. I was ready. Except I couldn’t understand anything. Only if people spoke slowly and deliberately separated their words could I understand a thing. And even then, if there was a single word in the sentence that I didn’t understand, I could be completely lost.

Think of a simple sentence like, “I think you spilled something on your jacket.” What could be more clear? Unless you never learned the word “spill” or “jacket.” I mean, I was trained as a missionary. I could talk about religion all day. But “spilling” didn’t come up much. So I would hear that sentence as “I think you blglftzed something on your mrmepoggle.” What would I make of that? The grammar was clear. There just wasn’t any meaning. But because of my study and a certain knack for accents, I spoke fluently and sounded like somebody with way more experience in Portuguese than I had. So people would hear me talk and assume that I could actually speak the language. So one of the first sentences I learned to say was, “Lentamente, por favor.” Or “Palavra por palavra – não entendo bem.” To which (because my accent was so deceptively good) they would say, “Voce é surdinho, então?” (“You’re a little bit deaf, then?”). Which brings me back to being 61 years old in a world of mumblers. Hearing loss can come on you gradually. You miss a word here and there. You get tired of asking people to repeat themselves – after

all, most of the time what they said wasn’t worth hearing. (No offense, please: Most of the time what I say isn’t worth hearing; why should you be different? Half the time we talk more to touch bases with other people than to actually convey useful information.) It doesn’t take long before you’re missing everything. You hear a lot of words, but like that sentence about spilling on your jacket, you miss a couple of key words and all the meaning leaks out of their language. It’s just empty grammar. And the more you ask them to repeat or speak up or whatever, the more annoyed they get. This is one reason why I absolutely hated those mandatory airbags. As our youngest was growing up, she had to sit in the back seat all the time. But she was a quiet introvert. So what with the normal noises of the car, we often missed what she said. Yet when we asked her to talk louder so we could hear her, she clammed up. In vain did we explain that we really, really wanted to hear her, but she had to talk louder. The problem is that as soon as you’re asked to repeat what you said, you actually have to think of what you were saying, and the second time through, it sounds dumb. Well, it sounds dumb if you’re a contemplative person. So you realize you didn’t want to say it after all. That kids-in-the-back-seat rule cut us off from an awful lot of our daughter’s

childhood conversation. I’m still ticked off about that. I would rather have had her in the front seat, where I could hear her, and then drive very carefully, than to miss all that talking time. Our older kids grew up pre-airbags. So time alone in the car with one of our kids could be filled with hours of good conversation. I once took my older daughter with me on the two-hour commute to App State when I taught an evening class there. On the way up, she talked almost nonstop for two hours. On the way back she slept and I listened to books on tape. It’s how I got to know her. We talked about anything and everything. It was some of the best time of my life. But airbags and my younger daughter’s quietness deprived us of any chance of such conversational opportunities. We sometimes think that our eyes are our most important sense organs. We have to see where we’re going. We have to be able to see oncoming traffic (or, in an earlier era, sabertooth tigers). But when it comes to being part of the human community, language is everything. And it’s so convenient! You can talk while you’re doing other things. Psychologists are now saying that multitasking is impossible, but that’s ridiculously false. We all multitask constantly. We do (Continued on page 29)

The New York Times Hyper-Sudoku sudoku_334A

Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz


9 5 2

1 2 5 6 3 8 1 9

2 8 6 4 3 7 2

7 7



Distributed by The New York Times syndicate

Solution sudoku_334A

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Page 15

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

No. 0819

‘OH, REALLY?’ By Freddie Cheng / Edited by Will Shortz










64 Obsessive-

compulsive soap

1 Polo need

p u rg e r ?

7 Some ballroom

66 Source of indigo


2 0 F i g u r e s i n T V ’s “ V ” 21 Acid, e.g.


the Biggest Little

C i t y i n t h e Wo r l d ?

23 Ultranationalism?

7 7 Ve n e t i a n s t r i p

25 Sunday best

29 Scream, so to speak

secretary Paul and

f o r m e r Ya n k e e P a u l

35 Mil. stat

91 Bad precept for U.S. foreign policy?

36 Dame ___ Everage 39 “Thriller” Grammy sweep?

93 Spa item

on the yellow brick

47 More than dislike


48 Speed at which the

RELEASE DATE: 8/26/2012

apocalypse is coming?


61 Gold-compound salt

For any three answers, call from a touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 each minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800814-5554.


5 Japanese mushroom 6 J . F. K . s e a r c h p a r t y ? 7 Clandestine group 8 Link letters

his unbalanced













91 95



97 103







60 U.K. mil.




6 6 Wi t h t h e b o w, i n 67 Really bright

79 Ugly one

69 Blonde Anderson 71 Appropriate

2 8 1 9 8 0 s N e w Yo r k Philharmonic


8 2 Wa t s o n o f t h e H a r r y

68 Memo intro

24 Plaster support

76 “Finally!” 78 Like election laws,


19 Asserts something


72 Death Row Records c o - f o u n d e r,

Potter films

83 Musical with the

song “Seasons of Love”

85 Sabotage


86 Dump, say

75 Chap

Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz

112 122







6 5 C h i n a ’s Z h o u _ _ _




63 Con




t h a t ’s n o t m a d e



59 “The Lord of the






87 A long time 88 Big vein

90 Some Blu-ray players

9 2 L o u i s X I V, f o r o n e 9 4 Wr e a t h s o u r c e

95 Solution reaction 9 6 M i s s ’s p a r t n e r

99 It might result in a meltdown 1 0 0 Tc h a i k o v s k y ’s “Eugene ___”



12 Santa ___ 14 Dump


73 78


Rings” tree



58 Pizzeria order

13 Dump



















51 58





70 75














28 31












11 P a r t o f a b r a y

30 Peter of “The Last sudoku_330B Emperor”

125 Solemn pieces




others, once




52 Antelope related to

55 Mitt Romney and

18 Run

121 TV detective with



54 “Am ___ only one?”


120 What a chair may


53 Cram

17 Like CH3CO2H

11 6 Wr o n g


50 Jazz vocalist Shaw the gemsbok

where you might


62 Balkan native

49 Manhattan Project

16 Article of apparel

11 2 N a s t i l y s l a n d e r

57 Brought in

45 Sandbox frequenters

15 Red-letter word

11 0 G o e s ( f o r )


43 Religious figure

106 “Are you ___ out?” 108 Swerve

56 43-Down follower

42 Perennial succulent

105 Choice word 107 Do a hula, e.g.

51 Having allegorical



41 J’adore perfumer

10 Opposite of flat

97 L-P center 99 Not a happy ending

46 Zero

40 Rear

130 Curses out?

9 Joint concern

98 Non compos mentis

44 Appear that way

38 “Little” comics boy

129 Big name in pasta

4 Bikers’ woes

8 9 F o r m e r Tr e a s u r y

31 Gray shades

37 Many-layered

3 Lead-in to type

84 Excitement

28 Reforms?

128 Opposite of

2 Settled down

81 More gung-ho

chalet, maybe

36 Spanish 101 word



34 Class action grp.?

bearing gifts”

1 Some mil. brass

played one

2 7 Vi e w f r o m u n e

33 Radar anomaly


80 Louis Armstrong

26 Keep on hand

127 Whence the phrase



73 Classic Jags 74 Big gambling loss in

22 One-two wager

32 Part of some e-mail

Te a P a r t i e r s

“Beware of Greeks

70 Kate who married a

14 Go by again

126 Like the Boston



101 Bag handlers

11 8 R e c o r d p r o b l e m

102 House of ___

11 9 L a y s t h e

103 Broadway smash starting in ’87

104 Pizzeria need 109 Chart holder 111 S p a r k , s o t o s p e a k 11 3 C o n s o r t o f Z e u s 11 4 B i g o i l e x p o r t e r 11 5 M i n i ’s c o u n t e r p a r t 11 7 S u m m e r c o o l e r

groundwork for? 121 Half a laugh 122 New element in each of this p u z z l e ’s t h e m e answers 123 Geog. abbreviation 1 2 4 Ti n y a p p l i c a t i o n


Get answers to any three clues by touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656 ($1.20 each minute). 8 6

9 2

1 3






Crossword Solution

4 (c)


























6 3

5 Sudoku Solution



6 5 1 3 2 9 7 4 8

7 2 3 5 8 4 6 9 1


Distributed by The New York Times syndicate

Solution sudoku_330B Sudoku

The Meaning Of It, No. 0812

7 8

9 8 4 7 6 1 2 3 5

3 6 9 1 4 7 8 5 2

No. 330B

4 7 8 2 5 3 1 6 9

2 1 5 8 9 6 3 7 4

8 9 2 6 3 5 4 1 7

5 3 7 4 1 2 9 8 6

1 4 6 9 7 8 5 2 3


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Samsung Gets Yostie For Being Uncool by Scott D. Yost county editor

When I’m jamming with McCartney, don’t bug me! – E Street Band lead guitarist Stevie Van Zandt Well, it’s time for the second and final installment of this year’s Yostie Awards, and I know everyone has been waiting with bated breath so let’s get right to them …

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Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

Tue Aug 28 Laurelyn Dossett and Scott Manring

Print Works Bistro

Wed Aug 29 Evan Olson & Jessica Mashburn

Riders in the Country

Fri Aug 24 Sat Aug 25

Dam-Fi-No Dam-Fi-No

Southern Lights Bistro

Tue Aug 28 Live music Wed Aug 29 Live music


Fri Aug 24 Sat Aug 25

Clay Howard Live music

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The Bizarro Sister-City Yostie Television Award. For a few weeks earlier this year, after a dispute between Time Warner Cablevision and WXII, my Time Warner NBC affiliate was coming from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, wherever the heck that is. The programming was pretty much the same as WXII’s for the most part – except that each night the local 6 o’clock news was all about Pennsylvania, instead of about here, and, also, all the commercial breaks on the channel were from Pennsylvania as well. Which was fine except that I would catch myself watching a commercial, and then I would say to myself: “Wow, that cheeseburger on television really looks good – where can I get one?” And then, at the end of the commercial, the location of the place would come up on screen and I’d realize that I would have to drive eight hours to get that cheeseburger if I wanted it. Stupidest Criminals. Four druggies in Rowan County. Kids, don’t do drugs, OK? Drugs are bad. Drugs make you stupid. These four Rowan County geniuses were arrested around 4 a.m. recently after they made a string of phone calls to a number that they thought was the number of a drug dealer who had just shorted them on a drug deal. Except they were calling the wrong number – one that happened to be the cell phone number of a deputy with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department. The callers complained to the deputy about not getting enough drugs for their money in their previous buy, so the sympathetic officer said he would be glad to meet with them to discuss the matter. Only, since he was a sheriff’s deputy and not a drug dealer, instead of giving them more drugs, he arrested them and put them in jail. So, kids, let that be a lesson to you: If you are going to do drugs despite my advice to the contrary, at least make sure you write your dealer’s number down very carefully, and dial it carefully as well. Other Dumbest Criminal Yostie Award. Michael Fuller, a 53-year-old Lexington man, was arrested in December for trying to pass off a counterfeit $1 million bill at a Lexington Wal-Mart. Fuller attempted to buy a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven and various other items with the large bill. What was it that tipped off the sharp Wal-Mart cashier who caught the ruse? The cashier knew the $1 million bill was counterfeit because the largest US bills now in circulation are $100 bills. Also, presumably of help, was the fact that the US has never made a $1 million bill – not to mention the fact that no one who could afford to be walking around with a real $1 million bill would be caught dead in a Wal-Mart. The Most Vacuous Sanctions Handed out by the NCAA this Year. Winner: The penalties for the academically impressive but athletically challenged California Institute of Technology. The NCAA famously came down like a sledgehammer on Penn State this year after the Jerry Sandusky trial, but it did less damage when it went after the Cal Tech Beavers, which had 30 ineligible athletes, including some players on the baseball and water polo teams. As part of their penalty, Cal Tech was placed on three-years’ athletic probation and the school was stripped of its past wins in baseball and water polo. As Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times pointed out, that meant the baseball team had to vacate all of its wins during a period in which it went 0-112. And the Cal Tech Beavers’ water polo team had to give up all the victories that team piled up while going 0-66. The three-year probation also isn’t expected to cause much pain for Cal Tech. “Probation from what, exactly, we’re not entirely sure,” Plaschke wrote. “The Beavers aren’t on TV, they don’t give scholarships, they rarely qualify for postseason tournaments.” The “Thank You May I Have Another” Yostie Award. This year the award goes to Rockingham County’s Rodney Dwayne Valentine. In March, Valentine, 37, was arrested for property damage. Four months later, in July, he was released from jail. (Continued on page 17)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Upon his release, he asked jail staff to drive him to a local motel. The officers refused – no doubt saying they were law enforcement officials not taxi drivers. Valentine insisted, and, when the officers said no again, Valentine refused to leave – at which point he was arrested for trespassing and thrown right back into the slammer. The Yostie for “Wait, Wait, It Will Happen Any Day Now.” The new giant Guilford County jail in downtown Greensboro with no parking was going to open in December, then in March, then in May, and then in July for sure. Sheriff BJ Barnes says it will be any day now. Runner Up. The Natural Science Center. Where in the world is the much-ballyhooed Greensboro penguin colony? Why is it taking so long to get penguins here? What kind of heartless, callous people announce that a penguin colony is on the way and then make you wait three years after the announcement? Speaking of penguins, here’s the Yostie for the Penguin-related Story of the Year. There’s no question about this year’s winner. Without a doubt, it involves the three men in Australia – ages 18, 20 and 21 – who, in the words of ABC news, “woke up to a displaced penguin, a bad hangover and serious legal troubles.” “The three drunk friends allegedly made a Queensland, Australia SeaWorld their personal playground, swimming with the dolphins, capturing their adventure on cell phone video and bragging about their exploits on Facebook.” Apparently, the police down under don’t take lightly to penguin theft, Matey. Yostie for the Very Best Party Decorations in the Last Year. The beautiful Jennifer Ferrell for her extraordinary decorations at Rocky Scarfone’s “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.” There were lifesized polar bears and giant candy canes along with an amazingly elaborate Christmas tree and too much other cool stuff to name here.

Most Disturbing New Trend. Threeway tie. In the medical “profession,” the winner is surgery-room texting by doctors and nurses. I’m not making that up. Google it if you don’t believe me. Amish beard-cutting attacks. Last year, the Amish community was terrorized by a wave of beard-cutting attacks in which nocturnal ne’er do wells cut Amish men’s beards while they slept. The Zombie Apocalypse. Ordinary bath salts that might be found in any Bath & Body Works store caused a Florida man to eat the face off of another man.

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Scott’s Night Out

Sexiest Name of a Reporter Who Frequented and Occupied The Rhinoceros Times offices during the John Edwards Trial. Daily Beast writer Diane Dimond. We were honored to have the delightful Diane Dimond with us for the length of the trial, and that’s an awful sexy name, one that could be straight out of a James Bond script. Greensboro and Guilford County Road-Kill Award. The shoot first and ask questions later policy that’s apparently in effect by the city and the county when it comes to animals that get in our way in the slightest. The late innocent Airport Bear and the harmless I-40 Cow were simply two loveable animals whose only mistake in life was inadvertently impeding our air transportation or holding up our highway traffic. May they rest in peace. The Lucky to Make It Out of Town Alive Yostie Award. The Greensboro Bear. Unlike the Airport Bear, which showed its face and was gunned downed in cold blood that same morning, the Greensboro Bear came to town, put on a show for several weeks, including a cameo appearance in my editor’s yard, and somehow managed to quietly get out of town alive before triggerhappy local authorities could fill it full of lead. The “You’ve Pretty Much Seen the Last of Me” Fashion Statement Award. Olive jumpsuits. Olive jumpsuits lost their most ardent and prominent supporter last year when fashion-plate Korean leader Kim Jong-il died in December. Sexiest Siri Response Yostie Award. Question: “What are you wearing?” Siri: “Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel – nice, huh?” Least Helpful Siri Response. User: “Call me an Ambulance.” Siri: “From now on, I’ll call you ‘An Ambulance.’ OK?” The “I Thought They Stopped Making Those in 2007” Award. The final Zune rolled off the presses in 2011. Rest in peace, lame iPod knockoff. (Continued on page 18)

This weekend there was plenty of great golf to see at the revamped Wyndham Championship, which came off without a hitch except for a nasty downpour on Sunday. There were plenty of delightful hostesses ,including Jennifer (above) who was working the bar at the Boardwalk tent Friday, and lots of attractive promotional women as well – such as the Levitra girls in their “Stay in Play” shirts. Always remember: Be sure to ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for sexual activity and call 911 if things go over four hours. – Scott D. Yost

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Schedule CheCk us out on the open house page

Greensboro Natural Science Center 4301 Lawndale Drive

Tigers’ Birthday Bash

On Friday, August 24 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., celebrate the eighth birthday of twin tigers Axl and Kisa. Celebrate by signing giant birthday cards, making a tiger craft, listening to special keeper talks and watching the tigers open their meat-filled birthday presents. It will be a roaring good time. The event is free with admission/membership. General admission is $8 for adults, $7 children 3 to 13 and seniors. For information, call (336) 288-3769 or visit

Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato

They were miners, fathers, mothers, soldiers, farmers and children. They are revered by their descendents and have been visited by millions. This collection of rare, shocking and completely accidental mummies combines science, art, history and cultural anthropology to immerse the visitor in a world of a Mexican city over 100 years ago.

Music For A Sunday Evening in the Park Lindley Park

Final Summer Concert

On Sunday, August 26, Music For A Sunday Evening will hold its last concert of the season. This is a free family-friendly event. West End Mambo will play at 6 p.m., and Rob Massengale Band will play at 7:15 p.m.

Greensboro Children’s Museum 220 North Church St.

$4 Fun Friday Nights

Every Friday night, admission is just $4 from 5 to 8 p.m. For more information, visit or call 574-2898.

High Point Museum 1859 East Lexington Ave.

Making Battledores

Battledores were one of the earliest forms of printed material used to teach young children their letters in early America. On Saturday, August 25, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., let the historical interpreters help you make your own to take home. All ages are welcome. The cost is $1 per person. Free for members. For information, call (336) 885-1859 or visit

North Carolina Zoo Asheboro, NC

Dinosaurs Exhibit

See 15 life-like, animatronic creatures of more than a dozen dinosaur species in their deep forest exhibit created just for this attraction.

Children Are Our Future This schedule brought to you by your friends & neighbors at (336) 282-4414

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Most Unsatisfying Court Victory. Samsung’s win in court against Apple earlier this year. The lawsuit was over intellectual property and design – and the question was whether or not Samsung illegally copied Apple’s iPad. Apple was suing to stop the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10, saying Samsung’s pad was too similar to the iPad. The judge ruled for Samsung, saying the Samsung tablets weren’t like the iPad because, “They are not as cool.” Samsung was no doubt glad to get the legal victory but the ruling also had to hurt their feelings a little. Best Still Alive Even Though I Thought He Would be Dead by Now for Sure Yostie. Charlie Sheen. I thought for certain he would be dead by now but he’s back on a new sitcom as well as, duh, winning. I don’t know how he made it this far – he must have tiger blood in his veins or something. Most Surprising New Thing to Fear in Greensboro. Earthquakes. On Tuesday afternoon, August 23 of last year, an earthquake centered in Mineral, Virginia, shook everything, including people’s nerves, in our beloved Greensboro. It was the largest earthquake in the area in over a century, and now we all have a big new thing to fear. The “Hey You Kids, Get out of My Yard” Crabby Old Man Yostie Award. The winner of this award is to the person who made the noise complaint about the concert in London’s Hyde Park when Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen were jamming together after McCartney made a surprise appearance at the show. The complaint got the concert shut down midsong at 10:40 p.m. because the former Beatle and the current Boss were performing a few minutes past the park’s 10:15 noise curfew. Before starting to jam with McCartney on stage, an excited Springsteen said, “I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve been trying to do this for 50 years.” The Terrorists Have Already Won Award. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Lenore Zimmerman incident. The TSA stripsearched the granny in a walker from Long Beach, New York, as she tried to board a plane. The frail, 85-year-old woman was yanked out of line by TSA officials and taken to a private screening area and ordered to remove her clothes. “I walk with a walker — I really look like a terrorist,” Zimmerman told The New York Daily News. “I’m tiny. I weigh 110 pounds, 107 without clothes, and I was strip-searched.” A TSA spokesperson said, “Proper procedures were followed.” Scariest Scientists Not Counting the Hadron Collider Scientists. The team of virologists headed up by Ron Fouchier of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. This group intentionally developed a super virus that could kill half the people on the planet

if it gets out. And then they tried to publish a scientific paper on exactly how they did it so that the terrorists would have a blueprint to make a super virus of their own. Least Surprising Story of the Last 12 Months Other than the Anderson Cooper is Gay Story. Rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested in Texas for possession of marijuana after a drug-sniffing dog uncovered marijuana on his tour bus. Weed on Snoop Dogg’s bus? What’s this world coming to? Best-run Greensboro Tournament. Wyndham Championship. Here’s one example of how well run it is these days: It took me all of 15 seconds to get my press pass and paperwork this year. They had saved my picture from last year; they pulled it up right away and, in seconds, I was off to enjoy the excellent tournament. Also, the redone press headquarters, the new grass and everything else looks great. Area Event that Most Needs a New Name. The Polar Plunge. Now, with global warming, it’s about 80 degrees each year when people take the “Polar Plunge” for charity. The way it is these days, those people are just basically swimming for money. Yostie for the Least Harmonic Convergence of the Year. Of course, it has to be Miami Beach Senior High School and the porn convention. The prom was held at the same place – the Miami Beach Convention Center – that there was a porn convention going on. Boom-chicka-boomchicka. “Is that a bottle of vodka in your pants to spike the punch with or are you just ready for the next scene?” And, to end on a positive note … The Thank Goodness the Wait is Finally Over Yostie Award and the Most Exciting Announcement of the Year. The New York International Auto Show late last year, Terrafugia Inc. of Woburn, Massachusetts, unveiled the “Transition,” which is … ta da … the world’s first flying car. It’s described as “a two-seat aircraft with foldable wings.” And, pending regulatory approvals, the company plans to sell the flying car anytime now at a price of $279,000 each. So, finally, a flying car is just around the corner. Thank goodness; for a while there I thought the flying car people were just simply making promises they couldn’t deliver on, but it turns out the flying car is finally almost here.

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Letters to the Editor Stand against hate and fear

Dear Editor, On Sunday, August 5, a lone gunman used hate and fear as weapons to kill six peaceful Sikh worshippers in the midst of reciting their holy scripture at a gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Not only did this horrific and deplorable act of violence destroy six beautiful lives, it devastated thousands of Sikhs across the US who have experienced numerous hate crimes, even murder, since 9/11. The irony of this tragedy is that the Sikh religion and culture is one that insists upon peace, compassion and a deep respect for cultural and religious difference, values that many in the Sikh community have courageously upheld in the media since the shooting. We are fortunate to know and work with many Sikhs in the triad, and are proud to say that any words of hate or acts of violence towards our Sikh neighbors are an affront toward all of us. The same can be said about the Muslims in Joplin, Missouri, whose mosque was burned down, and about the 19 Christians who were murdered in their church in Nigeria, both earlier this week. Religious violence threatens the very fabric of our shared humanity, and we must respond boldly with words and actions of respect and unity.  In solidarity with all of those affected by religious violence, we promise to continue building bridges of understanding across lines of culture and faith in the piedmont triad. We recognize that unity amid our diversity

does not come easy. It requires deep selfreflection, education and a willingness to be in relationships with people different from us. When we are able to unite around our shared values and friendships, we become a more welcoming and inclusive community and we emerge stronger and more resilient. The good news is that there are an abundance of opportunities in our region to participate in multicultural and interfaith community-building initiatives, including the Piedmont Interfaith Council’s Triad Tapestry Children’s Chorus for gradeschool children, beginning in September, and the Annual Ecumenical Celebration of Thanksgiving; NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad’s Anytown youth leadership institute; Interfaith Tour and ongoing community programs; and FaithAction International House’s interfaith and multicultural leadership training; and monthly Stranger to Neighbor Dialogues at Zaytoon’s Cafe which connects diverse adults over food and storytelling.  We also pledge to continue voicing our values and taking a stand against any words or actions that threaten any person’s basic dignity and rights. This work is not just for multicultural and interfaith organizations; it requires daily choices from each of us. How often have you heard something negative said about religious or cultural minorities or new immigrants in the past month? Perhaps you heard it at work or in school, at your house of worship or in the media. What would it take for you to risk standing up to

your peers or co-workers who are demeaning others and model another way of relating to an increasingly diverse environment?   The world needs you and other leaders who choose to build bridges of hope instead of hate. Join us in our ongoing activities and through your own daily interactions to create a more inclusive and welcoming community for all. David Fraccaro, FaithAction Int’l House; Susan Feit, NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad; Mary Pendergraft, Piedmont Interfaith Council

Berger should take action

Dear Editor, Phil Berger’s senators are just like a bunch of deadbeat dads. They shirk their legal and moral responsibilities. Then they whine and make flimsy excuses. Berger promised support for victims’ compensation for the few living people who were sterilized against their wills by the state. The governor and the House of Representatives signed off on the plan. Then the Berger-led Senate failed to take action An estimated 7,600 powerless citizens were sterilized by the state eugenics program. The bulk of the victims were forced to have operations between 1940 and 1970. Most of the victims were poor and many were teenagers who had little understanding of what was being done to them. The program smacked of racism,

mirrored fears about the disintegration of black families and evidenced concern about burgeoning welfare rolls caused by exploding out-of-wedlock pregnancies. Gov. Mike Easley apologized for the heinous actions in 2002. Most other states ended such programs after World War II. However, North Carolina accelerated sterilizations during the ’50s and ’60s, concentrating more on very young black teenagers. Breeding to improve the gene pool was a cornerstone of the philosophy. This approach reached its zenith in Nazi Germany. I was involved as a young social worker in handling paperwork for sterilizations in the early 1970s. It was a required part of the job. It was the biggest mistake of my career. Pressure was applied to victims who along with their parents were threatened with the loss of welfare benefits. Some victims had been raped and others were younger than 12 years old. The idea was to stop “defectives” of all types from ever having children. As the recent session of the legislature began, a special commission recommended compensation of $50,000 per victim. Senate leader Berger, House leader Thom Tillis, and Gov. Bev Perdue all voiced support for compensation. The Senate then failed to ever seriously consider the measure. Senators whined that there was no money; some said monetary compensation did no moral good; and others said paying victims might open the state up to future (Continued on page 30)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

2012 Wyndham Championship

Photos by Sandy Groover and John Hammer

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Uncle Orson (Continued from page 14)

all kinds of routine, habitual tasks with our hands and feet – you know, driving, walking, crocheting, cooking – while talking nonstop. Language flows out of us; and it flows into us. Unlike the moronic actors in movies, we don’t take our eyes off the road to give long meaningful looks to the person sitting next to us – we just talk and talk, looking forward and never seeing them at all. Language, to be truly effective in our lives, doesn’t – or shouldn’t – require eye contact. It’s one of the best things about language. You can talk to someone whose back is to you. You can call out warnings to somebody 20 yards away. You can whisper to someone beside you while both of you seem to be reading an assignment. But not if you can’t hear. Not if you require lip-reading to help you grasp what other people are saying. Socially, hearing loss is worse than loss of sight – though loss of sight is worse for making your way unaided through the world. Without the ability to use language routinely, rapidly, smoothly, you get more and more cut off from other people. You might be able to see them, but it’s hard to make any real connection. That’s what I’ve seen happen to elderly people who didn’t even realize just how much they were cut off. They could hear. They just had to tune out conversation that wasn’t specifically directed at them, face to face. Cellphones are the worst. Reception is shoddy even at the best of times. If people speak rapidly, you can miss everything. That’s why texting is better even when you’re both at the same party. So much language becomes unintelligible when you have even a 10 or 20 percent hearing loss – which often happens with cellphones. And people think that they need to talk louder when a cellphone chat is hard to understand. No, shouting doesn’t help when it just makes your speech fuzzier and less distinct to the person listening through a lousy little cellphone speaker. You have to slow down and separate your words – just as if you were speaking to a foreigner. Elderly people often find themselves

going through the world as if all their conversations were on a cheap cellphone with bad reception. Yet because it happened gradually, and because they can still hear most of the words, they don’t think they’re deaf. “I’m not deaf! I can hear you fine right now!” Yes, because I’m facing you and speaking with my superb, trained-actor articulation. But you didn’t understand a word I said a minute ago when I was talking normally. “I heard you talking! I only missed a few words here and there.” Exactly. And so we didn’t actually have a conversation until now. Having seen this happen with other people, I didn’t want it to happen with me. If I need a hearing aid, I want to know it. I have no vanity about it. I don’t care if it hangs off my head like a mango. If I need it in order to remain part of the human conversation, then attach it to me and switch it on! So on my recent visit to Utah to drop my daughter off at the university she’s attending, I got my sister-in-law, a school audiologist, to recommend an audiologist to test my hearing. She obliged, and I drove to Springville to meet with Dr. Jared Young. In Utah, if someone is named Young you assume he’s related to Brigham Young. He was, and that meant he was a cousin of mine. (Brigham Young is my greatgreat grandfather.) However, that actually means next to nothing – half the population of Utah is related to Brigham Young. My last hearing test was many, many years ago. They’ve added a whole lot of useful tests to the process now. They test your hearing not just through your ears, but also through bone conductivity – the “headphones” for that test are placed crosswise, with one “phone” on your forehead and the other on the back of your head. But it allows them to detect whether your hearing problems are in the outer ear or deep inside. Also, Dr. Young was able to show me my ear canal and eardrum in realtime on a computer monitor. That was cool –

especially because I had weird bubbles on my eardrum that he couldn’t identify. But it turns out that the bubbles weren’t interfering with my hearing. I was well above the line that they use in schools to determine if a kid can hear well enough for normal participation in class. The only hearing loss was a deadening of the very highest notes in one ear – but not the other. Nor was my tinnitus a real problem. It’s at such a high register that it doesn’t interfere with normal speech and music. It might keep me from hearing the fine points in a piccolo performance, but that doesn’t come up much. And at night, an ocean-surf soundtrack keeps the tinnitus from keeping me awake. So on the whole, despite all my ear infections over the years (I dare not fly with any kind of sinus congestion), my hearing is perfectly normal. In fact, through most of my range, it’s better than average. In other words: The problem isn’t me. It’s you. You really are mumbling. Nobody values clear speech today, and nobody tries to teach it. When I was a kid in the days when California schools were the best in the world, we had to recite. Memorize poems or speeches and then pronounce every word clearly for an audience. It was great training in articulation and communication. But now, if you dare to criticize a kid’s mumbling, incoherent speech, you’re apparently interfering with his “identity” or some such. So we have two generations of adults and kids who have never learned how to enunciate and articulate with any kind of precision. All we know how to do anymore is just get louder instead of clearer. That’s why people yell into their cellphones. This is not to say that I won’t get deafer as years go by. I’m looking forward to using a hearing-horn and saying, “Eh? Eh? Speak up! Talk into the bell of this thing!” Or maybe I’ll get those deeply-implanted Lyric hearing aids. I mean, I don’t mind having people see that I need a hearing aid, any more than the thinning of my hair to

the point of baldness bothers me. But if the implants work better and don’t have to sit on the outside of my ear, why not? Meanwhile, I’m relieved to know that when I can’t hear half the dialogue in a Dark Knight movie, it’s because they didn’t do a good job of recording the actors, and not because I’m going deaf.


I was such a fan of Lie to Me – one of the best TV shows ever – and I read the books about deception that the science in the show was based on. But when I picked up Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception, by Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, Susan Carnicero and Don Tennant, I saw that they claimed that their method was much more practical and effective than the Lie to Me stuff. Now, I once had a long conversation with a military interrogator who had gotten very good results from his interrogations of various captured Bad Guys, and he told me that (a) torture doesn’t work reliably, (b) lie detectors tell you nothing about lies and only a little about stress and (c) it’s not just about knowing when you’re being lied to, it’s about knowing why. So I was prepared to accept the idea that CIA interrogators might know something about getting the truth from people who want to conceal it to you – and without torture or heavy machinery. The book has the ring of truth. For one thing, the authors have given lots and lots of classes and seminars and people who use their methods have a lot of success – though no system is foolproof. The problem is that it’s not an on-the-fly methodology. You can’t just look at people and tell whether they’re lying. Yes, there are indicators of stress and even of deception; but the only ones that matter happen within five seconds (usually sooner) of the question that causes stress. But those physical indicators don’t tell you what the person is trying to conceal, or even that they’re concealing anything. A question can be stressful for lots of reasons. That’s why whenever they see signs of (Continued on page 31)

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legal liability. The Senate’s inaction became known as the “Berger backstab.” They didn’t seem to know that when victims receive compensation they customarily sign waivers releasing the state from any further responsibility before they ever receive their checks. Also, state culpability for the eugenics program has been clearly documented by the General Statutes of the day, thousands of case records, academic studies of the eugenics program and the compelling testimony of the few hundred remaining victims who would benefit from compensation. The bulk of the 7,600 known victims have passed away over the years. (Please see: for a compelling story of the vicious and racist state eugenics program.) North Carolina has been dodging its moral and financial responsibility since the state ended the Eugenics Program in disgrace in 1974. The governor and the House of Representatives finally stepped up to do the honorable thing earlier this year. Then the Berger backstab dashed the hopes of the long- suffering victims. Every month sees another victim pass away without financial compensation, a meaningful state apology, or any personal closure for what was done to them. Sen. Berger should immediately join with Gov. Perdue to: Reach out to hospitals, philanthropic foundations, universities and the business community for donations to partially offset the cost of compensation. Many of those organizations were silently complicit during the sterilization era. Increase compensation to $100,000 per victim, which includes 38 years of accrued interest since the state abandoned the program in 1974. Convene a special session of the General Assembly to appropriate matching funds at the rate of $2 of state money for every private dollar raised by the governor and other initiatives. Implement a state funded health program for surviving victims to provide treatment for physical and mental problems associated with their sterilizations. Mail compensation checks to the living victims by Dec. 1 in time for Christmas. Cut legislators salaries and per diem by 20 percent. Then the governor should voluntarily reduce her office’s budget by 20 percent. The resulting savings yielding $2.5 million would provide a nice down payment on the state’s share. The General Assembly bears direct institutional responsibility for creating the eugenics program. The predecessors of current officials embraced forcible “tying of tubes” as official state policy. The legislature turned a deaf ear to compensation during the years since the sterilization ended in 1974. Politicians have blood on their hands for neglecting this issue for so long. Berger should take action immediately to provide compensation by year’s end. William C. Crawford

Editor’s Note: It’s fascinating that you blame Republican President pro-tem of the NC state Senate Phil Berger. The Democrats controlled the state government during the period when sterilization was the policy. The Democrats who controlled the state government until 2011 could have compensated the victims at any time but they did not. However, you blame Berger and the Republicans who have been in control of the state legislature for less than two years.

Vote for future generations

Dear Editor, There are a number of significant differences between the Romney plan for our country and President Obama’s, but one issue in particular is important to note. The Obama administration has instituted guidelines and restrictions on the banking industry and other financial institutions in order to keep the disastrous policies that propelled us into a deep recession from recurring. What does an administration under Mitt Romney offer? Unbelievably, a rollback of the very restrictions that are keeping us from returning to the disastrous approach that got us into the financial mess in the first place. The eight years under George W. Bush were a financial disaster for America, taking us from a budget surplus under Clinton to a huge deficit under his tenure in office. Bottom line: The banking system must be brought back to serving the people and sustaining the economy rather than draining its lifeblood. Without a strong middle class, the America we have known will cease to exist and the wealthy will dominate every facet of our society. Over 200 years ago in 1802, Thomas Jefferson nailed it when he wrote, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around the banks will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” Your vote in November is important. Do vote – if not for your sake, for the sake of future generations. Bob Kollar

Looking for documentary

Dear Editor, Please research why the documentary 2016: Obama’s America is not being shown in Greensboro. Neither can I find any information on this subject, though it is talked about on TV. It is being shown in Charlotte and Concord. Why not Greensboro also? Anonymous Editor’s Note: The Carousel Cinemas at 1305 Battleground Ave. in Greensboro will be showing 2016: Obama’s America beginning this weekend. The movie will also be showing at the Regal in Oak Hollow Mall in High Point. (Continued on page 31)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Page 31

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 29)

stress or deception, they say, not that they have caught the person lying, but that they have “more work to do.” They have to go back and question further on the subject that aroused the stress. Sometimes they find that the stress has nothing to do with what the questioner is looking for – it just happens to have triggered something in the person’s mind. Or they’re concealing something, but it’s some unimportant embarrassing thing that you don’t care about. They also point out that a single stress indicator usually means nothing. You look for clusters of stress indicators. More important, though, is the fact that you have to phrase your questions very carefully. You can’t just blurt out a question – you have to shape it so you aren’t introducing a lot of irrelevant variables. You have to sound neutral and nonjudgmental and unsurprised. If you pounce on something or look shocked or angry, you are bound to increase their deceptiveness. But if you act as if it’s no big deal, they’ll often blurt everything because they have lost their fear of consequences. You’ve heard their secret and you didn’t act horrified or angry so ... it must be OK. Then the officers waiting outside arrest them. But you didn’t! It was no big deal to you. It’s a short and fascinating book, but if you are reading it as a practical guide rather than mere informative entertainment, you better read it twice and then practice writing the kinds of precise questions they use as examples. This is a hard, hard job, interrogating people, and not everybody is going to be good at it.


When I lived in Utah Valley, it was pretty much a restaurant wasteland. Any place that was worth eating at either went out of business or changed management and got worse.

This is not really a surprise. Mormon culture – which dominates in Utah Valley far more than in Salt Lake Valley – is dominated by a big-family, one-incomeper-household ideal. That means that there’s not a lot of money for fancy dining. If you’re eating out, you want lots of bulk and food that will please children. Those who are looking for superb quality and inventive, pleasant-surprise dishes are in a small minority. It’s hard to stay in business when there are only a few hundred customers who are willing to pay what that kind of cuisine costs. But maybe the numbers are growing, because I’ve found several really inventive places. Top of the list is La Jolla Groves, a California-cuisine restaurant in a delightful outdoor shopping center. The decor inside consists of tree trunks reaching to a ceiling painted like the leaves and boughs and fruit of an orange grove. The menu is even better than the decor, and even the boldest combinations were quite successful. The watermelon-cucumber salad alone would be worth the trip to the restaurant, and when a dozen of us had a big dinner there the other night, every single person was impressed and pleased by every dish. That’s quite an achievement. And the desserts were wonderful – nothing overdone or too sweet or too rich. Perfect portions, just the right note to end the meal. Downtown Provo was as dead as downtown Greensboro, but it seems to be coming back as a restaurant center. There’s a Navaho place I’m looking forward to trying, but the best find was a pair of innovative health-food-type restaurants with lots of vegetarian selections. In Greensboro – and most of the country – such restaurants have a sort of “liberal” vibe. You expect to see Obama stickers on all the cars in the parking lot. But in Utah, the dividing line isn’t left/ right, it’s Mormon/non-Mormon, and so


(Continued from page 30)

Neglected schools

Dear Editor, Hello, I am writing this letter in response to your Allen Jay Elementary roof article. I, too, like the previous letter writer, will not use my name for fear of losing my job. I work at a Guilford County school in Greensboro and I witness the roof issues daily while working at my school. We, too, were on the list to receive a new roof. For as long as I’ve been there the roof has leaked all over. There is a place in the entryway that has had a trashcan under it every day for at least two years. The second grade teachers have to arrange their room to make sure nothing “vital” gets ruined when the tiles fall in. And if it rains, they fall. For an extended period of time they just quit putting new tiles up because, really, what’s the point? There are many rooms in the

building with ceiling tiles that turn into mold and must be changed almost weekly. Take a walk around the school and you can smell the mold and must. If you look where the ceiling tiles are missing you can see the mold. This is what we breathe in every day while trying to provide our students with a good education. We are a low performing school and I believe the students are a product of their environment. Neglected school … We have a new principal and she does a great job trying to get things done. But let’s face it, staff and students are frustrated with our school conditions and everyone is too scared to speak up. These problems are not just at Allen Jay Elementary School. Check out some of the older, Title I schools. Thank you for always doing a good job when handling these issues. Anonymous

vegetarian/health food restaurants seem to have a definite non-Mormon vibe. It really makes no sense. After all, Mormons have it as an important doctrine that we’re supposed to take care of our bodies. No alcohol, no tobacco, no coffee, no tea, no illegal drugs. And the scripture that created this rule also urges us to eat healthy food and to eat meat “sparingly.” Go figure. Well, we eat for the food, not for the vibe, and I found that a little place called Guru and its sister restaurant, Enliten are probably the restaurants that our college student daughter will enjoy the most while

she’s living in Provo. And even though she hates chocolate, I don’t mind admitting that the chocolate eclair I had at Enliten was filled with excellent Bavarian cream, and the pesto mayonnaise on my sandwich was exactly right. It’s very promising that Utah Valley has a growing number of restaurants with real pretensions to excellence instead of bulk at low prices. Of course, Guru and Enliten are new – we’ll see if they’re still there next summer. Meanwhile, La Jolla Gardens is a restaurant I wish I could bring home with me to add to our regular rotation. I’m going to miss that watermelon-cucumber salad.

Beep (Continued from page 12) please, please, don’t let it happen again. Thank you, man, y’all the best. %%% This call goes out to those of you out there, and I know you’re there, who think the world owes you a living. Please call in and write in and explain something compelling that makes you think the world owes you a living. I dare you. %%% Yes, hello. I just picked up a copy of The Rhino Times and was reading an article

about how the High Point City Council has approved funds for a free downtown High Point internet Wi-Fi service. Surely this is a joke. High Point has had free Wi-Fi internet service downtown for five or six years. You can carry a laptop, or a smart phone, or anything else up and down Main Street, back over to Centennial, back over to Hamilton. There are no less than nine free Wi-Fi services. Somebody needs to check this story. High Point already has that service both inside and outside the furniture building. I hope this is a joke. (Continued on page 40)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

2012 Wyndham Championship

Photos by Sandy Groover and John Hammer

Sergio (Continued from page 4) Years ago when Pat Yack was the editor of the News & Record, I went in and found a News & Record reporter he needed to talk to because without a pass Yack wasn’t allowed in the media tent. At least five or six people who worked for him were in the tent, but he wasn’t allowed in the door, which we both found pretty entertaining. I think I offered him my media pass, but since it said John Hammer/The Rhino Times on it, he was hesitant to wear it even for a few minutes. And besides, Deputy Mabe, who was standing right there, said he was pretty sure he knew what John Hammer looked like. It may have been an all new location but I felt instantly at home in the media area because when I walked in I saw Jim Schlosser hunched over a laptop typing away. Schlosser is retired from the News & Record after being a reporter and a columnist for over 40 years, and he proves the old adage that writers don’t stop writing when they retire, they just write for different publications. Schlosser was covering the tournament for the Southern Pines Pilot and O.Henry magazine. Whether he is writing for the News & Record, blogging or writing for some out-of-town newspaper, Schlosser is one of the hardest working writers at the tournament. And he’s a great source because he always has more story ideas than he can use and he shares them at no charge. He noted that this was his 39th tournament, making me feel young having only covered 20. I ran into tournament General Chairman Mike Barber twice during the weekend,

once on Saturday when he looked spiffy in his blue blazer and was announcing golfers as they approached the ninth green. We talked briefly about how the issues before the City Council were the same as they were when he left three years ago, and how he could slip into a council seat during a break and take up right where he left off. Barber said the crowd estimate on Saturday of people actually out on the course, not the tickets sold, was 20,000. The Wyndham is starting to look like the old GGO, when everybody in Greensboro was out on the course. Greensboro has grown so everybody doesn’t need to be out there these days, but the galleries are larger and the tournament is doing a better job of taking care of regular folks out on the course. I also saw Barber late Sunday afternoon and I don’t know where he was when the rain started, but he must not have been close to shelter because he looked like a drowned rat. This was during the time when the officials kept saying play was going to resume in about an hour. Barber told me I might as well go home because play was not going to resume and they were getting ready to make the announcement. Saturday John Dinan, who is a political science professor at Wake Forest University, and I spent some time following Bill Haas and Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey around the course. Dinan had taught Haas and swore that he didn’t give him high grades just because he was an athlete. Actually you don’t hear much about golfers getting special consideration at schools.

I write quite a bit about politics every week but Dinan spends his time reading, writing, studying and teaching politics, so in an election year to get to talk to someone with that level of expertise in politics was a real treat. It also made me wonder why I didn’t finish my masters and teach because he is just getting ready to go back to teaching after having most of the summer off and I haven’t even gotten to the beach this summer. (Although I did spend a few days taking care of chickens at my sister’s bed and breakfast near Hanging Rock. But I’m not sure chicken sitting counts as a vacation.) So I watched golf and got some insight into the fall election, which is going to be historic no matter who wins. Golf writers are a funny group because they spend a great deal of their time in the media area watching the tournament on television. They go out on the course and follow a golfer around for a few holes and go out and follow the leaders if they can, but out on the course you can only follow one group at a time. You can only be on one tee or one green. With the magic of television you can be transported all over the course. When people ask me if I watch City Council meetings on television I tell them you only see about 10 percent of what is happening watching it on television, but really it’s probably more like 50 percent. Whatever the percentage you miss so much by not being in the room. With golf it is the opposite: You see a lot more of the tournament on television than you could ever see out on the course. I was watching Webb Simpson on

Sunday when he was on the ninth green and something happened that required an official to come over and make a ruling. It appeared he was penalized a stroke, but I wasn’t sure until I ran into his brother Sam Simpson a few minutes later. Sam explained that Webb’s ball had moved after he had addressed it. To me “addressed it” sounds like hit it, but it is what you do just before you smack it. So while Webb was standing over the ball getting ready to hit it, the ball moved and he was penalized a stroke. If I hadn’t seen Sam, I would have had to go back to the media area and ask one of the experts what happened even though I was right there. The officials don’t have signals like they do in football or basketball to tell you what the infraction was in golf. I had read about how much harder the new greens were supposed to be, but I had also seen the really low scores the first two days, so I was surprised on Saturday when the golfers I watched seemed to be having real trouble making a putt of any length. Evidently something happened Friday night and on Saturday the greens played the way they were supposed to, giving the golfers a taste of what the course will be like next year when the greens have had another year to get established and will be harder. The tournament continues to get bigger and better. The folks that are running it make improvements every year to make the whole event even more enjoyable and they’re doing a great job. I have to wonder what I’ll find all new and different next year.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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McKinney (Continued from page 9) the fiscal year, that began in July 2011. The commissioners voted to give PART the money – something other participating counties didn’t do. Guilford County’s willingness to provide the funds might have had something to do with the fact that the county needed PART’s help. At that time, the Board of Commissioners was looking to PART to take over Guilford County’s own problem-filled transportation operations. Guilford County provides taxpayerfunded transportation for residents who need rides to and from work, elderly riders who need transportation to medical appointments, and disabled county residents who have no other means of transportation. At a Thursday, June 21 Board of Commissioners meeting, McKinney asked the commissioners for another $120,000 to cover a projected shortfall that PART had experienced handling the county’s transportation services over the previous eight months. McKinney told the commissioners that PART had miscalculated the cost for providing Guilford County with transportation services. Coleman said this week that McKinney has been warning PART board members that the organization may still end up

$11,000 short for this past fiscal year when the final numbers are all in. Coleman said that McKinney had also been asking for a license plate tax to bring in more money for PART. She said that didn’t seem to be a popular idea with county citizens. “It’s difficult to just keep taxing people,” Coleman said. McKinney said the PART board had unanimously voted in favor of establishing a license plate fee, but none of the 10 member counties – which, unlike PART, actually have the taxing authority – voted to establish a license plate fee to fund PART in addition to the tax on rental cars and other support from member counties. Now some Guilford County officials are wondering if the shake up at PART and the Coach America bankruptcy will affect the county’s transportation services. Coleman said she doesn’t think the problems at PART will be felt in the county’s operations. The commissioners have not had many complaints about the service since PART took over last fall, but several commissioners said that the organization coming back and asking for $120,000 here and $394,000 there gets old very fast. Thompson also said she didn’t expect the issues with Coach America to hurt Guilford County’s services or cost the

county money since that aspect of PART’s service was independent of the contract with Guilford County. “They contract with Coach America for big buses,” Thompson said. “That’s for buses, for instance, when PART goes to Chapel Hill or to different counties.” PART was created to promote as well as oversee bus transportation in the piedmont area. There are similar authorities for each section of the state. PART serves 10 counties: Alamance, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Randolph, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry and Yadkin. The hugely subsidized organization transports citizens between cities and counties in that region and has connections with the area’s major city bus routes. PART was struggling for riders in November of last year when it took over Guilford County’s transportation services in the quickly negotiated deal. At the time McKinney announced he was stepping down, PART was already looking to fill two positions – one human resources position and the vacant assistant director position. McKinney said that it’s highly unlikely the board would fill the assistant director position. He said that position has been on the books since the organization began but has remained vacant all of that time. McKinney began working for the

City of Winston-Salem’s Transportation Department when PART began. As part of his duties, he also served as director for PART, with no additional pay. In 2001, McKinney left his job with Winston-Salem to become PART’s full-time executive director. McKinney is the only director the organization has ever had. Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston has been attending PART meetings on behalf of Guilford County, and he said that it certainly hasn’t been a rosy picture for the transportation authority in recent years. “They’ve had their problems,” Alston said. Alston also said that, with or without McKinney, some things are going to have to change if PART is to be successful in the long run. Alston said Guilford County has been ponying up money time and time again to fund the organization, but other member counties haven’t been so willing. “Some counties don’t give their fair share,” Alston said. He added that Forsyth County had, like Guilford County, been doing its part, but the other member counties need to step up in the funding to secure the future of PART. “I said that at a meeting,“ Alston said this week. “I said, ‘You’re going to have to participate.’”

made a presentation for the task force to the council. He gave an overview of the work the task force had already done and stressed the importance of public support for the project to encourage private investment. Sanders said the GPAC needed the unanimous support of the council, but fell four short of that goal. Several other members of the task force also spoke in favor of the resolution. Speakers cited a supposedly strong public desire for a performing arts center, and touted the $15 million in private donations that have been pledged toward the proposed $60 million facility. Throughout the meeting Wade expressed skepticism about how much public support actually existed for publicly funding the GPAC, referring to a lack of support in her own District 5. Former Greensboro Mayor and current Carolina Theatre President Keith Holliday spoke in favor of the $200,500 in financing. He said the proposed GPAC would help stimulate east Greensboro as well as the downtown and argued that it would provide jobs and essential economic stimulation for all residents of the city. He pointed to the baseball stadium and development around Center City Park as an indication of the private sector’s willingness and ability to contribute to projects like GPAC. Several speakers in opposition to spending more public dollars on planning the performing arts center cited tough economic times and the relatively narrow,

upper income population that the facility would serve despite drawing money from the entire tax base. Former Greensboro Councilmember and current Chair of the Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice Goldie Wells questioned why projects for east Greensboro like the Nealtown Road connector were so often delayed or sidelined for years while projects for other areas of the city were often rushed to the front of the line. Each councilmember spoke for several minutes on the item. Perkins restricted each member to one speech. Bellamy-Small spoke passionately about her concern that the interests of east Greensboro were being pushed aside by

the focus on the GPAC, and continued to advocate for placing the performing arts center at the Coliseum. She noted that many of her constituents would not be able to afford to go the GPAC. Bellamy-Small also said she resented the fact that some people were trying to convince her that a downtown GPAC would help residents of east Greensboro. “I cannot stress enough that talking about parity in east Greensboro and the performing arts center should not be in the same conversation,” she said. Abuzuaiter also expressed concerns about using public funds to finance another six months of the GPAC Task Force work. (Continued on page 34)

Music Hall (Continued from page 1)

will able to afford tickets to the GPAC, and the have-nots, who will be unable to afford tickets but will still be asked to pay for the facility. The vote was 5 to 4, with Mayor Robbie Perkins and Councilmembers Yvonne Johnson, Nancy Vaughan, Zack Matheny and Nancy Hoffmann voting in favor. Councilmembers Dianne Bellamy-Small, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Trudy Wade and Jim Kee voted against the additional funding. The vote came after nearly three hours of discussion. The GPAC Task Force was scheduled to finish its work in June after a final presentation to the City Council on the feasibility of a downtown performing arts center, and the original plan was for a $30 million bond referendum to be placed on the ballot this November. The council later voted to reduce the bond to $20 million. However, after councilmembers voted in June to delay placing the $20 million bond referendum on the November ballot, the task force was asked to look at the possible facility in more detail in preparation for a bond referendum in May 2013. The additional $200,500 is budgeted along with $207,800 in private funds to finance another round of meetings and consultants to determine the design and location for the facility. The special election needed to hold a May referendum itself would cost the city about $200,000. Director of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Walker Sanders

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Music Hall (Continued from page 33)

She questioned how the requested figure had been determined when not all of the committees had met since the beginning of the task force’s second phase of work. She also pointed out that many Greensboro residents were having difficulty making ends meet, and argued that it was not the right time for a luxury like a performing arts center. “I can’t honestly spend $200,000 today knowing all this,” she said after talking about homelessness and unemployment in the city. Kee also spoke against the resolution. He echoed the concerns for east Greensboro and criticized the timing of the project. He criticized Holliday for not supporting east Greensboro during his years on the council, even though he served in good economic times. During a break in the meeting Holliday approached reporters to vehemently deny not investing in east Greensboro. He cited millions of public dollars that had been invested in the area during his term for projects including Reedy Fork, Gateway Park and closing the landfill. Kee also criticized Perkins and the current council for “broken promises.” He said that the new council was expected to be a “dream team” for tackling issues the previous council had not, but that they had yet to accomplish much of anything, having become hung up on the GPAC. Johnson, who spoke in favor of further funding for the task force took a different view. “I don’t agree that we haven’t done

anything. We hired a city manager, we hired an attorney, and we passed a budget, and we did it without bickering,” she said. Johnson agreed that she and the council had not “done what we should have done,” with regard to east Greensboro, but maintained that the GPAC could bring in economic benefits all residents. Matheny said the arts center “isn’t my greatest passion,” but that it was an asset worth spending money to look into. He also mentioned the importance of matching funds with the private sector, which was supposed to spend roughly $200,000 in the second phase of the task force. Perkins spoke last on the issue. “We all have felt the hurt of this city, with the jobs leaving, the incomes dropping, and we’re all scratching our heads trying to figure out how to make things better,” he said. He maintained that the GPAC could be a solution to economic problems by bringing in outside money and creating jobs. He also countered Kee’s assertion that the council hadn’t accomplished anything for east Greensboro by pointing out the $19 million from the now defunct citycounty joint water and sewer fund was being invested in bringing water and sewer to land along I-85/I-40 in east Greensboro. “We’ve been moving along pretty good,” he said, defending the council’s accomplishments as a whole. He also said that millions were invested by the city in revitalizing housing in east Greensboro over the last 20 years.

Perkins ended the discussion by reading from a letter to the editor from the News & Record by Gary Nixon, which outlined what Perkins called “good, commonsense questions that deserve to answered” about GPAC. According to Perkins, Nixon’s questions could be answered by the task force if given additional funding to carry on their meetings and research.

The council also voted unanimously at Tuesday’s meeting to lease property at Barber Park to the Hayes-Taylor Memorial YMCA, currently at 1101 Market St. And the council held a closed session to discuss public safety and possible terrorist threats. The discussion involved the possibility of placing extra security guards at doors around city hall.


(Continued from page 1)

Friday night were people who had paid for the privilege to be booked, frisked and dressed as inmates – as well as put behind bars in cells in the new $100 million jail in downtown Greensboro. To have that experience, the “inmates” had to make a donation to one of two charities supported by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department – the Special Olympics or the Carolina Field of Honor. After a 6 p.m. dinner that night in the jail’s staff cafeteria, many of the more adventurous 70 or so attendees were given sheets of paper that indicated the offense they were charged with, and they then went through the multi-step process of being booked into the jail. After the participants spoke to a magistrate who set their bail, they were searched and jail officers confiscated their personal belongings. The inmates next went through a medical screening, changed into prison garb and were locked away. The magistrates and detention officers played it straight for the most part – at times telling people to wipe that smile off their face because this was no laughing matter. There was an officer with a drugsniffing dog who walked back and forth through the crowd waiting to be processed into the jail. Some of the pretend inmates who mouthed off to real officers in the processing area were pulled out of the general inmate population and locked in holding cells. There were too many highly recognizable community figures at the event to name them all, but among them were NC State Sen. Don Vaughan, Guilford County Commissioner Kirk Perkins, former Guilford County Board of Education member Anita Sharpe and several area judges. Jim Rumley, a former candidate for the state House of Representatives was also there, as well as several members of the local press, including News & Record editorial page editor Allen Johnson. When the charges were handed out, there was much amusement as the public figures saw the crimes they were each charged with. Johnson, for instance, was charged with prostitution, and Perkins was in jail for “failure to support a spouse while living together.” While waiting to have his bail set, Perkins said he had been told that the charges that night were the luck of the draw. However, Perkins added, his wife might agree with the charge he got. “She always says I don’t support her

to the extent that she’s accustomed to,” Perkins said, “but I didn’t know that was a crime.” Many of those being put in jail pleaded their innocence to the unforgiving magistrates who set bail. Barnes said that, all the joviality aside, the night served an important purpose for his detention officers and other jail staff. He said it wasn’t just a chance for the attendees to see first-hand how the booking process in the new jail would work – it was also, Barnes said, a way for his officers to get some practice booking people into the new jail. He said the dress rehearsal would help them discover any glitches in the new setup. Barnes said the participants got the real jail experience except for a few details. He said, for instance, that the August 17 group was in much better spirits than those usually being locked into the jail, and Barnes added that most of the time the booking area would rarely be as crowded as it was that night. “Usually, we won’t have this many people at one time,” Barnes said. He said there was a lot more booking activity in the new jail on August 17 compared to the old jail in downtown Greensboro that’s right next to the new facility. “We had 44 who participated and were booked in and out – compared to eight that were booked into the old jail and 15 released,” Barnes said. During the charity event, Sheriff’s Department Major Debbie Montgomery and Col. Randy Powers made the rounds, monitoring the activity. As they did, they took mental notes on some things that might need changing before the jail starts holding inmates for real. For instance, Powers remarked that some of the edges on the door panels leading to the cellblocks had sharp edges, and anyone who pushed the door in the wrong place could cut their hands. Montgomery noticed that her electronic key worked on some doors but not others. “My fob should work on all of them,” Montgomery said. Also, the metal detector at the entrance of the jail wasn’t calibrated correctly, and in some cases the detector beeped repeatedly even when people clearly had no metal objects on them. Barnes said that, anytime you have a project of this size, there will always be some glitches that need to be worked out. Montgomery said she was happy with (Continued on page 38)

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Parting SHot Thursday, August 23, 2012


Gift Dalton Staying Far Away From Airplanes in Campaign (a CJ Parody)

The equity fund for private donations construction process to make sure that calls from people opposed to the policy. He said, “I could sense a backlash building was an attempt to solve a real problem – that the building meets state and local laws on some Guilford County schoolsget are anyone palaces toschool supporters hope to raise $1.5 million from against the policy.” B y RiCk n. BaCheR lend construction. you planes, which has historiand some shacks; that some are lavishly “If this policy problems is passed byfor themy fullfellow board, That’s why you have elected officials, private donors to build and furnish a new Aviation Correspondent cally been the cause of many administrators, running school systems. equipped and some use cutting-edge early it will allow us to truly get going again with building at the elementary school that would notRALEIGH Democrats.” our fundraising effort,” Ofsanko said. “We Individual school board members are attuned 20th century technology. be a combination space and emocrat gym, Lt. assembly Gov. Walter Dalton, hoping Dalton’s plane phobia will not end if he is Consolidated school systems were will work with the school system. They will to the desires of their constituents. Guilford four-classroom expansion. to avoid the air travel problems that have elected, the lieutenant governor says. “When I besupposed to solve that problem, which was provide a scope of work to us, and a budget, County Schools administrators – and even “There was some discussion, as you caused so much trouble for Democratic govcome governor I will use the state jet and helicopter historically caused by larger property tax probably pretty much as they would if they the school board – has gone seriously off recall, on the idea of an equity fund – a ernors Bev Perdue and Mike Easley, says he has no for official business, but that’s it, unless I buy bases in more affluent communities. But were paying for theabout building. Basically, the the rails before by ignoring the input of the matching donation of some type,” said plans to go anywhere near an airplane during his a second home in New Bern or Southport,” he said. even though all Guilford County schools are hard part will be raising all the money before school board member representing a school. Guilford County Schools Chief Operations campaign for governor. “Of course, I would fly at the same tax then they start onbe theentitled building.toPart of taxpayer the policy That’s Officer“We Andy “The willLaRowe. use and pay forcommittee buses, trains, cars,how andthe school board got into trouble now built and maintained from expense provided I claim to be working, just like Eapool, for whatever reason – construction, is that we have to raise the full $1.5 million trying to build a “southeast area elementary did decide not to pursue that. That was vans, even ATVs and bicycles, but we are going to sley did.” school” due east of Greensboro despite renovation and repair schedules, differences or whatever the amount ends up being, something was no interest in.” stay awaythere from flying machines,” he told Carolina The travails of we Perdue Easley caused – the before can goand to the schoolhave system.” warnings If the school board had approved the Journal. “I just see no upside to flying in this state.” by school board member Paul in lobbying power among schools concern in the aviation industry in North Carolina. LaRowe said there are still issues to be – who represents southeast Guilford problem remains. original policy, the Millis Road supporters – Daniels The lieutenant governor said he has some staffFlightSchool miles are down drastically, affecting pilots, One element of Guilford County resolved in the policy, including what to do County – that his constituents wouldn’t who are going much further than most donors ers who have urged him to continue the questionable fuel suppliers, mechanics, andmoney general aviation pretSuperintendent Mo Green’s strategic plan for with any leftover from construction stand for it. and actually proposing to construct a building airplane-usage policies of Easley and Perdue because allmuch schoolsstateside. a projects. He said the committee will meet The draft proposal contains many rules the school system is to provide ty thatcould the school needsget andaway the school board he probably with them. “Several representatives of the private inbaseline of facilities and equipment. once again in about two weeksflight to settle on how contributions can be taken and hasn’t“My funded – would have to raise, instead of staff says that since nobody in North Cardustry have already suggested to me that some relief Taxing private donations in Guilford those issues, then bring the policy to the what can be done with the money. The $1.5 million, $2.25 million at the 50 percent olina knows what I look like, I could easily cadge County was almost certain to merely school board for approval in September. equity fund was only one part of the policy, premium and $2.62 million at the 75 percent must be provided for this ailing industry,” Dalton flights from rich contributors without anyone knowsaidfor a resolution the policy although it was clearly the part that drew the drive away the few large donors premium. The extra wouldbe have gone I told said.capable “These are Ofsanko hard times everyone,toespecially ing,” he said. “Butmoney that would wrong, them.” of funding a building. In fact, the Millis was crucial to getting the Millis Road most opposition. into anInequity fund to pay for improvements owners of private jets who must pay expenses even 2009 the State Board of Elections issued a Road group is the first in Guilford County building built, but has taken so long that her Stacey Ofsanko, one of the leaders of the at schools that don’t raise money. when their planes sit on the tarmac.” $100,000 fine to Easley’s campaign committee for his group will have to create relationships U.S. with Millis Road Elementary delegation, said her to propose paying for an entire academics/ At a meeting of the committee on Dalton said he will work with Democratic unreported use of private aircraft. Then an investigaflourish such newto people. Daniels and committee Monday, August 20, it became apparent that, group was opposed to the equity tax from athletics building, rather than a Sen. Kay Hagan obtain stimulus funds ormember some tion by a state prosecutor resulted in Easley pleading mightbusiness-stimulus have and school grants board member Kris Cooke are although the draft policy had been supported the beginning, but that she didn’t think that as a bleacher or a fieldhouse. Itother from the federal govguilty to a felony related to an unreported flight. As been the last had the equity ernment. policy been not running for reelection in November, and by Guilford County Schools administrators was what killed it. a result of the felony, the North Carolina State Bar LaRowe hasaannounced he will retire in “We opposed it,” Ofsanko said. “But approved. and the school board members on the “We can’t let such formerly that vibrant industry suspended Easley’s law license for two years. The remaining policy, oncegothe equity September. committee, public reaction was strongly from what I heard at this meeting, the into the dumper just because the media has made In 2010 the elections board issued a $30,000 Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, who has eschewed air travel for “We feel we’re at a good place right now against the policy. The school board majority of board members were getting tax is removed, may still increase the cost fine to Perdue’s campaign committee for unreported his gubernatorial campaign, heads out to a campaign it difficult, if not impossible, for politicians to misuse of donated buildings. The $1.5 million with the policy moving forward,” Ofsanko from their constituents. members, who can read their constituencies, negative pushback event recently. (CJ spoof photo) airplanes,“ Dalton said. flights. Two campaign supporters have been indicted I think that was the tipping point – it was estimate from the Millis Road group was said. “Removing the equity piece was a big backed off on their support of the policy. In the meantime, Dalton says he has staffers forSchool feloniesboard related to unreported flights, and one of ground. He was the victor in the May Democratic member Ed Price, even our opposition but also that the majority of made before the policy required all actual thing for us. Going to someone and asking researching a good locatioin where unused private them is scheduled for trial on June 11. Party primary election for governor without having though he is not on the committee, said that the constituents who were responding about construction to be done through the normal for 50 to 75 percent more was not being a jets can and be mothballed, at leastofuntil Dalton’s campaign finance with reports already ever left terra firma. Guilford County Schools bidding very good steward their everyone money.” quits it were against it.” his phone had been ringing steadily show he can win an election by staying on the CJ “If you don’t fly,” he said, “you don’t have to paying attention to how they’re used. (Continued from page 1)


An Investment Plan For N.C.’s Economic Recovery The ongoing debate in Washington and the upcoming national campaigns for president and Congress will offer plenty of opportunities for pro-growth politicians to craft, explain, and sell reforms of the federal budget, federal taxation, federal regulation, and federal agencies and programs. In the new book Our Best Foot Forward: An Investment Plan for North Carolina’s Recovery, John Locke Foundation President John Hood tells North Carolina’s policymakers and citizens that economic policy is not the exclusive domain of presidents, federal lawmakers, or the Federal Reserve. States and John Hood localities can play critical roles in economic policy — for good or for ill. We invite you to read and share this plan for our state’s recovery with your family, friends, and co-workers. Go to for more information.

The John Locke Foundation, 200 W. Morgan St. Suite 200, Raleigh, NC, 27601 919-828-3876 • • •

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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the new $100 million jail, but, she added, not everything turned out as it should have. For instance, it’s a brand new facility and already there are some cracks in the floors and some spots are filled in with a noticeably darker concrete than the rest of the floor. “It looks like chewing gum,” Montgomery said of the repaired spots on the floor. Montgomery said that, despite a few flaws here and there, the new jail was a godsend for the Sheriff’s Department and it was much nicer than the old jail – which is going to be renovated in the coming months. Barnes is fond of saying the new jail has come in on time and under budget, and that’s a true statement. However, what Barnes doesn’t stress is that one reason the

project came in under budget is because the original estimate of $115 million for the new jail and the renovations to the old jail was made before the world’s economy collapsed in 2008 – which caused the cost of construction materials and labor to drop precipitously. That saved the county millions on the new jail. As for being on time, the jail was, but the home stretch has taken much longer than originally anticipated. Last summer, Barnes was predicting the new jail would be open by the end of 2011. Then he said that date would be March of this year, then May. Now, the sheriff says the jail will began taking inmates in a matter of days. No one tried to escape during their brief August 17 jail stay, but some of the recent delay has been due to the fact that Barnes has requested more work to, among other things, close off some possible avenues of

Better Selection...Better Service...Better Quality

escape for inmates. Commissioner Carolyn Coleman, who wasn’t at the August 17 charity night, said she was shocked to see the sheriff come to the board at an August 9 work session and ask the commissioners for over $700,000 to make changes on a project that was just completed. Other commissioners said that, with a project of that size, there were always going to be some last minute changes. The money to make the changes will come from the jail bond funds left over from the $115 million approved by voters in May 2008. Barnes said some of the additional work on the jail to thwart escape efforts would be completed after the jail begins taking inmates – inmates expected to be of a more dangerous nature than the ones who were locked into the jail cells last Friday night.

Advertise in The Rhino Times’ Dining Guide Distributed on October 11 during the Furniture Market Includes a write-up for each restaurant and bar. To learn more, call (336) 273-0885 or email

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free deodorizing!

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Serving Greensboro “We weld our exhaust systems for over 20 like the factory does — a better job for you, our valued Years Hours: M-F 8:00am-5:30pm customer.” 716 Camann Street | Greensboro, NC 27407



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Licensed & Insured

Sheetrock Service • Textured Ceilings • Plaster Repair • Painting Interior/ Exterior • Remodeling • Carpentry Painting of Textured Ceilings Father Son


5538 Jason Road • Greensboro, NC 27405

Mike & Jeff 336.375.3515 Make up to $150 an hour and more performing a service that’s in high demand in most homes and businesses.



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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Executive Country Home on 11 private acres 15 minutes from downtown Winston-Salem, 3 BD, 2.5 BA plus office and large bonus room with pool table. MBR suite on main level, attached garage, tons of storage, 3600 SF, $2700/mo. 336-442-5609 or 336-453-5128, 415-A East Radiance Dr duplex in Sunset Hills 1/2 block from Lake Daniel park, near UNCG, public transportation. Immaculate condition. 2 bdrms/1 bath. Totally renovated. Appliances include washer/ dryer, refrigerator, range, microwave. Gas heat/ central air. Immediately occupancy. Appropriate for one person. No pets or smoking. $595 month. Email or call 601-3004.

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503 Creek Ridge

3br/2ba, LR, DR, den w/fpl, lrg kitchen, laundry rm, storage, fenced backyard.

2227 Cone Blvd. Gso, 27408. Home Warranty. 3bd/1.5ba ranch. LR. Lrg den. Spac eat-in kit. Hdwds thruout, carpet in den. Central air/gas heat. New heating system. Fenced bkyrd w/sep storage. 2 car 1312 Granada Lane in Greensboro. Super energy attached carport. New concrete walk. Corner lot, easy efficient home - heat and cooling averages under $30 access to Cone Blvd. $128,900. Mojgan Jordan at per month. 3br/2ba, LR, DR, den with fireplace, large Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020. kitchen, laundry room, storage, fenced backyard. WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? $895/mo. Call Conrad Realtors 336-885-4111 4706 Bisbee Dr, Wiley Park, Gso. 4bd/3ba. To be We maintain an inventory of constructed! Buy now, choose finishes, colors. Nice 2227 Cone Blvd. Gso 27408. 3bd/1.5ba ranch. LR. owner-financed homes. open plan, ML mstr w/ sitting area, his/hers walk-in LRg den. Spac eat-in kit. Hdwds thruout, carpet in All Credit OK! No Banks Needed! closets, lux bath; vaulted great rm w/FP; open kit w/ den. Central air/gas heat. Fenced bkyrd, sep storage. pantry, bfst area; sep DR; ML guest rm, full bath; 2nd 2 car attached carport. New concrete walk. Corner lot. level bonus. Agent related to seller. $275,000. Allen $850.00. Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group Best Landlords! Best Properties! www. Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 (336) 271-3020.

507 Creek Ridge 1.08 acres zoned RM-18

Jamestown – Modern 2br/2ba condo, fireplace with gas logs, all appliances, $750/mo. Rent-A-Home @ 336-272-0767.

204 Graphite Dr, Gibsonville - Spacious 1-level home, 3bd/2ba. Large great room opens into kit. Large mstr & bath w/ walk in closet. Nice patio in back. Priced at $150,500. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 to see this home! 120 Still Water Cir, Gibsonville. Spac 2,444 sf home, 3bd/2.5ba, loft. Lrg great rm opens into kit w/ lrg pantry. Sep DR. Priced at $172,715. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 101 Still Water Cir, Gibsonville ñ Spac home, 3bd/2.5ba, loft w/walk-in closet. Lrg LR, great rm that opens into kit. Black appliances, tile backsplash. Priced at $157,825. Call Jenny Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 3157 Diana Circle, Burlington. Elevation C w/brick front section, full porch; 9íft smooth ceilings, corner gas FP, kit island, tray ceilings in mstr, garage access door on side of garage, 12 x 14 covered patio w/builtin gas grill, stone sitting wall, 10 yr Quality Builderís Warranty, much more! Priced at $191,525. Call Scott Goodson, Shugart Enterprises at 336-270-5230

772 Stafford Park. Like new 4bd/2.5ba, 2 story, 2 car garage. Open kit to 2 story family rm, FP, ML mstr, 2023 & 2025 Bishop Rd, Gso. Total of 15.42 acres laminate wd flrs, more. $199,900. Jamie Harrelson, in south Gso. Partially cleared, partially wooded Prudential Carolinas Realty, 336-889-9192. Sta772 and level. Two parcels for sale. Zoned residential. Convenient to Hwys 85, 40, 220. Please contact 4620 Kernersville Rd: $114,000, Brick ranch, full for more information. $91,000. Allen Tate Realtors, unfin bsmt, 3br/1ba, Move in ready, breezeway to 2 car garage, carport. Jamie Harrelson, Prudential Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 Carolinas Realty, 336-889-9192 5043 Tamarack Dr, Wiley Park, Gso. 3bd/2.5ba. To be constructed! Buy now, choose your finishes, colors. Great open plan w/ML mstr w/lux bath, huge walk-in closet; Kit w/bfst area; vaulted great rm w/FP; open DR; huge 2nd level bonus. Agent related to seller. $275,000. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336215-8017

8012 Perlette, Arbor Run New const by Jeff Little, Renaissance designs, bohemian faux finishes – stunning int, elegant style. Antiqued beams in DR, antiqued wood ceiling in keeping rm w/stone FP. Inviting kit w/rhinestone white cabs, sterling gray glaze, honed black granite. Parade Home, New Price! $499,900. Delia Knight. Allen Tate Oak Ridge, (336) 6702 Polo Farms Dr, Summerfield. Polo Farms 485-1112 beauty, huge 1.3 acre lot. Perfect for large family or owners w/guests (5+BRs possible). Open plan 2923 Oaktop. Great opportunity to buy instead of rent! ideal for entertaining w/huge kit, granite bar, inviting UL condo near Battleground Park, n’hood pool. W/D, sunrm, great rm w/FP, 2 optional den/living/office/ fridge stay. Fresh paint, carpets cleaned. Convenient game rms. Back patio w/built-in grill. Summerfield to YMCA, Starbucks, Harris Teeter, restaurants/shps. Elem. $499,900. Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & $45,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 Little-337-4780

LAWNDALE Twnhse. $360/mo incl util, no smkg, 3397 Hedrick Meadow, Gibsonville. New Construction dep, refs. 30 day notice. 336-501-8410 3bd/2.5ba/2 Car low maintenance beauty, 1.23Ac near Northeast Park. Open plan, 9í ceilings ML, kit w/granite ctops, pantry, hdwds, great rm w/FP, low county taxes, No HOA, USDA 100% financing eligible. $189,900. Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & ATTENTION INVESTORS! Little-337-4780 2 houses side by side.


4815 Tower Road 3BR/2.5BA Wonderful End Unit 3bd townhome in great location! Tile floors in entry, hallway, kit . New carpet down. Bright, open kit w/ beautiful bay window. Spac family rm w/addition that can be office or sunroom. Private fenced back patio. $109,00. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519

Deadline 5 pm Friday

3br/2ba and 3br/2.5ba house. Located in High Point. Call 336-442-5609

1260 Beaver Creek Rd, Mayodan. Reduced $15,000. $2000 in CCs. $1000 bonus to agent. Looking for nice country place? 3bd/2ba/3car home, 9.6 predominantly wooded acres just outside Mayodan. New screened porch, new 30x30 metal 3-car gar w/extra carport. Easy commute to Triad/Southern VA. -$125,000. Call Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & 3502 Summit Lakes Drive - $479,900. Quality built Little-337-4780 executive brick home with 4BR/3.5BA/ 3 car garage on 1.28 acres, granite countertops, stainless steel 1101 W. Market St, Gso. Great office opportunity for appliances, two stone fireplaces, extensive molding, private practice entity/group. Wonderfully renovated screen porch, stamped concrete, tankless water (2005) historic district property near downtown heater, sprinkler system, wet bar and much more. Gso, UNCG. Owner offering for sale or partial lease (furnished)! $324,900. Call Gil Vaughan- Prudential John Owens - 379-8645, Ray Realty Yost & Little-337-4780


WANTED Houses To Buy Call 336-442-5609,

Call me for any questions or to help you find your new home. Pam Staples, REALTOR ®/ Broker, Allen Tate Realtors. (336) 210-9776 http://www. 1816 Whiteley Pl, Gso 27408 Priced to sell. 4bd/3ba ranch w/bonus room. Full finished basement. LR w/FP. DR. Central air/elec heat. Carpet/hdwds. Kitchen w/ built in stove, oven. Lrg backyard. $129,900. Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020.

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3502 Summit Lakes Drive - $479,900 Quality built executive brick home, 4BR/3.5BA, 3-car garage on 1.28 ac., granite ctops, stainless steel appls, two stone fireplaces, extensive molding, screen porch, stamped concrete, tankless water heater, sprinkler system.

Call John Owens at

(336) 379-8645

office space available 412 east Market st, Approx 1400 Sq Ft/$775

houses available 607 Jolson st, 2 Br $495 Stove & Frig/ Gas Heat, Washer Connection 1300 clerMont st, 3 BR $695 Gas Heat/Central Air, Washer/Dryer Connections WRENN ZEALY PROPERTIES 336-272-3183

Page 40

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Beep (Continued from page 31) %%% Yes, a quick call back about the High Point Wi-Fi services that’s been proposed. Again, this has got to be a joke. It’s a bad joke, however. Something else in the article. It says that they’re worried that this city downtown Wi-Fi service won’t penetrate the Best Western Hotel. The Best Western has had their own free Wi-Fi service inside and outside their business, up to one block around the business since its inception. Come on, guys. Has nobody looked into this? %%% Editor’s Note: Evidently not because it’s not a joke. %%% By choosing Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, Mitt Romney has put to rest any doubts whatsoever regarding the following irrefutable and undeniable facts about Republicans. Number one, they are determined to take the US economy back to the days of medieval feudalism, racism and slavery at any and all costs. Number two, they continue to be intimidated by, and in great fear of, intelligent, ethical and moral individuals and organizations that possess true American values. Number three, they are anti-science, anti-fact, antireality and anti-truth. Number four, the vice presidential and presidential debates will not be debates but will be complete and total debacles for Romney, Ryan and

all Republicans. Number five, the number of political and economic gaffes by the Republican ticket will now double at the very least. And, number six, the choice of Ryan makes John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin look positively brilliant. Thank you, Mitt Romney. As the Cameron Crazies say before they are about to slaughter one of the pitifully weak nonconference opponents they all schedule, start the bus. Start the bus. Start the bus. %%% Yeah, Paul Ryan would make a great president should he ever have to fill the shoes. But that’s not the point. The issue will be moot unless they win in November. And by selecting Ryan as his VP candidate Romney has made yet another foolish mistake. In terms of raw political moves, Romney is just not very good. So, he picks up Wisconsin with its handful of electoral votes, and he lose will Florida, because the Democrats will demagogue the Ryan budget with its cuts and spending to Medicare and Medicaid. Win Wisconsin and throw away Florida. What a stupid political move on behalf of the stupid party itself. Just sign me off as An Independent Thinker. %%% OK. It’s Sunday morning, and I’m keeping up with this politics thing, because it affects me. The Democrats said they was tickled to death that Paul Ryan was brought in as vice president. They are absolutely scared to death, because they know that he’s been



4406 Cove Way Rare 3bd/2 Bath end unit, sunrm/ keeping rm. Spac great rm w/vaulted ceil, gas FP. Sunrm off kit. Formal DR, informal bfst nook. Mstr w/ walk in closet, add’l closet for ample clothing space. Second bdrm w/private bath. All appliances remain including W/D. *Will sell w/furniture for add’l cost!* $139,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519

6105 Long Branch, Pleasant Garden. Almost an acre of vacant land! Convenient county location. Beautiful cul-de-sac lot w/hardwood trees. No restrictions! Build now or later. $45,000. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017

314 N Elam Ave. 3BR/2BA Lots of updates! New tile floor, ctops, SS appli. New tile, toilets in baths. Mstr bath w/brand new tile walk in shwr. Mstr w/huge walk thru closet, storage space. office can be den. Built ins thruout. New paint, carpet, refinished hdwds. Brand new oil furnace. Screened porch, spac laundry rm. Slate entry, surround on FP. $154,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 3502 Panarama 4BR/2.5BA Gorgeous home with lake view. Features ml mstr; Huge kit w/island separating family room. Beautiful screened in porch. 3 bdrms up w/loft best used as office. Immaculate. $164,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 4038 Quartergate Dr. 4BR/2.5BA New granite, carpet, appliances have been installed! Well maintained, brick front, covered back patio, large level bkyrd. established, well kept nbhood. French doors to patio from tile floored bfst area. Mud room off garage enty; sep jetted tub. W/D, refrigerator, full size freezer in laundry stays! Owner hates to leave but relocated. $199,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 600 Bellemeade 3BR/3.5BA Downtown living Inspired by NYC Brownstones. Enjoy urban living with access to downtown, one block from Grasshoppers ballpark. This end unit 4 level condo with rooftop terrace has views of downtown Greensboro on every level. Hw flrs throughout; kitchen features granite, tile bcksplsh & ss appliances; ample storage space; 2 car attached garage + 2 car drive parking. All brs have access to a full bath. Master suite w/ sitting area; master bath w/ dual vanities, jetted tub, custom tile shower, & htd fan. $399,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 6015 Crystal Spring Amazing Kitchen Renovation ,21’x17’ w/granite ctops, tile bksplash, Thermador downdraft cooktop, kit island, prep sink and upgraded cabinetry. hardwood floors throughout main level. spacious family room; office space in kitchen area; extra 10x12 space off lr for office or playroom; bonus room up. replacement windows. great schools! $269,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519



No Banks Needed!

Dreaming of a Blue Ridge Mountain getaway property? We can take you there. Call Sara Dalton, Realtor, at 276-692-5445 or 276-952-6582, Country Road Realty, Meadows of Dan, VA



in politics for years, and he’ll come near knowing what to do than anybody that Mitt Romney could have picked. They have already raised as of this morning $4 million since they picked him, and they’re trying to say they’re tickled to death? They don’t know one thing to do but attack him. They’re going to attack him. They cannot tell you what they’re going to do. If Obama was any man at all, he would have stepped down and let Hillary Clinton run or somebody run if he had been any man. He does not have the best interest. Wait until they start on the Keystone Pipeline. Everybody has to have energy, and Obama would not sign for it. And the Republicans will. The fireworks is fixing to start. %%% You know what? I’m disgusted at the campaigns. I’ve noticed that people can’t just be people. Instead we have people that are deciding to – sorry instead of deciding to talk to the press as if these other candidates are trash. You don’t have to agree with them and their political beliefs, but they’re still people. And you guys really aren’t helping either. %%% This rise in gas prices is ridiculous. I listen on the news at these folk at AAA said, well, it’s only gone up 15 or 20 cents. Obviously, they’ve lost touch with the American public, the motoring public. Because it’s just gone up 30 to 40 cents a gallon. And these gas companies, they love this. They tie it into



Call Sara Dalton, REALTOR

276-692-5445 or 276-952-6582

649B Jeb Stuart Hwy, Meadows of Dan, VA

these corn crops because of the ethanol. Let’s get rid of it. You know, and bring it back to the normal prices. Gas shouldn’t be no more than $2.50 a gallon, if that. It’s just greed. That’s all it is. People have cut back driving. People have gotten more efficient cars, mass transportation. What’s going on? Look at the money Exxon, Shell or all these ones have made, the profits. The American people gets messed with again. Unbelievable. That’s why everything is so cheap. The wages and everything, because they know they can get away with it. %%% I just don’t understand why it takes four heroes and a big red fire truck to go grocery shopping. When it’s time for them to do one of their hero activities, such as cooking for each other, or grocery shopping, why can’t they drive a more conservative vehicle to the store? I’m just wondering. %%% So, it’s the second huge mistake in as many days for team Romney. Now, the Republican team, which seems to have no nerve has agreed to allow all the presidential debate moderators to be extreme liberal left wingers, from PBS’ Jim Lehrer, liberal Democrat, to Candy Crowley of CNN, liberal Democrat, to CBS’ Bob Sheiffer, liberal Democrat. Do these people have no ability to negotiate and stand firm and get even a single conservative as a moderator in the three presidential debates? Team (Continued on page 41)

REAL ESTATE SERVICES WRENN ZEALY PROPERTIES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS GREATER GREENSBORO AREA COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES APARTMENTS/HOUSES/DUPLEX/CONDO FOR RENT 1403 SUNSET DRIVE MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 336-272-3183 CastleWorks Window Cleaning- Includes Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Chandelier & Ceiling Fan Cleaning plus other high ladder work. Fully insured and bonded. Free estimates Call Today 336-609-0677

Houses & Apts For Rent Flexible Warehouse space in Jamestown. 2400sf Lambeth-Osborne Realty $750 per month includes water. Security dep. 214 W. Market St. Warehouse has 2 offices, restroom gas heat and Ever Consider a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years (336) 272-3163 loading dock and ample parking. 336-495-5504. old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & Effective! Call Now for your FREE DVD! Call Now Masonry Concepts. Brick, Block, Stone, Concrete & 888-418-0117. SAPA Repairs. Free Estimates. No job too small. 336-9881022. Licensed & Greensboro Business Complex. 212 Turk Place. Insured. Great location 1200sq ft. shop, 1 bath, A/C in office, gas heat, overhead fluorescent lights, roll up doors, Call me for any questions or to help you find your water, large dumpster, furnished. $550/mo. Gary new home. Pam Staples, REALTOR ®/ Broker, 507 Creek Ridge - 1.08 acres zoned RM-18 - 362-0437, Curtis 362-0436. Allen Tate Realtors. (336) 210-9776 http://www. $150,000. 503 Creek Ridge - .85 acres zoned 18 - $150,000. Multi- family land conveniently located near Randleman Road with nice homes that can be rented on them. Call John Owens - (336) 317-2266, Ray Realty


“As Is”

Any Situation



Flexible Warehouse Space

Near Jamestown

Large 2400 sf $750/month Includes water

Warehouse has 2 offices, restrooms, gas heat, loading dock & ample parking. Security dep. req.

336-495-5504 To Advertise Call 544-1952.

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20 ACRES FREE! Own 60 acres for 40 acre price/ payment. $0 down, $168/month. Money Back Guarantee, No Credit Checks. Beautiful views, West Texas. 1-800-843-7537. SAPA 414 Air Harbor Rd, Gso. 5.54 acres vacant land. Must See! Wooded lush land, for anyone wanting to spread out. Rual, yet close to amenities of city. Nearby lakes, parks and private and public schools. $122,000. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017

Deadline 5 pm Friday

Antique Millwork, Flooring, Light Fixtures, Clawfoot Tubs, Door Hardware, Wavy Glass, Sinks, Doors and much more... Open Fridays from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 3 p.m. 300 Bellemeade Street Call 336-389-9118

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Prime Office Space

FOR LEASE 1200 sf of space 218 W. West Market St.

Across from the Old Guilford County Court House

Parking Included

(336) 282-3773


The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Page 41

Beep (Continued from page 40) Romney, absolutely pathetic and doing everything within its power to throw this election. Just sign me off as An Independent Thinker.

taxes. They’re making everybody do stuff that they want done instead of doing stuff for the public like they’re supposed to be doing. I wish they would get rid of Obama, impeach him or something.



Yes, just out of curiosity, I was wondering if y’all could tell me, or find out why, the Guilford County Tax Department is located in Charlotte. Thank you very much.

If you thought that the biggest con man in the world was living at a federal prison in Butner, you’re mistaken. The biggest con man in the world lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, DC. Hussein Obama makes Bernie Madoff look like a choir boy. Don’t be fooled again. Vote Romney.

%%% Editor’s Note: The checks go to Charlotte because it is cheaper for the bank to sort them than the county. When you look at what government workers receive in total compensation it’s easy to see why. %%% I’m 77 years old, and I’ve voted in every presidential election since I’ve been old enough. I’m sick of the mess that we got going on in Washington with the health care thing. None of this was out till Obama got in. When Obama got in, all this stuff started. And it looks like it’s not going to stop. He does anything he wants to do. He gives amnesty to all these people to try to get himself voted in. He will absolutely tell a barefaced lie, and everybody knows that. What they need to do is get Romney and Paul Ryan in, get rid of Obamacare and start all over again and stop all this negative stuff. It’s sickening for a country as nice and as good as we’ve been, and the money we’ve made, and the education we got, to carry on like this. No wonder people hate us. %%% Yeah, the Obama administration is always criticizing the Republicans. The stuff they say about the Republicans is what they’re doing their self. They’re raising

%%% I want to comment on these car dealerships that give you these things, and give you a key and say, come in and see if you’ve a car. What they really want to do is try to sell you a car. The last time I went a couple of weeks ago they checked my credit. It’s good: 780. But I’m on disability, which they knew. So, they brought this truck out that I just fell in love with, and, then, after keeping me there for three hours, told me that they would have to get back in touch with me. Then, when they got back in touch with me, they said, the reason for not letting me get credit to buy the truck was because I hadn’t been at my job long enough. What? %%% The only thing that I have to say is, I would not believe Obama if he was standing on a stack of Bibles. He would do the same old trick he did the first time he went around. He’s hollering at change, change, change. Well, let me tell you one thing, it certainly did change. There’s more people out here today trying to find food to eat. There’s more people out here trying to find a job. He cut the senior citizens’ raise away from them for three years. And he’s wanting to

he was a community organizer. In fact, according to the article, things are worse now than they were before he was president. The article goes so far as to note that in his memoir, Dreams for My Father, Obama writes that one of the reasons he went into politics is that he realized that with more power he could do more to help people. Now that he is the most powerful man in the world, he hasn’t used that power to help those people at all. It sounds like the people of Roseland, who he cared so much about when he was there according to his book, are like his relatives in Africa that he cared so much about when he was with them, but has done nothing to help them now that he has the power to do so.

,,, Particularly in a presidential election year you have to be tremendously cautious about believing polls. They are far too easy to

everybody get behind the idea that the next time these two problem-starting people on the school board, Foster and Hayes, next time they come up for election, kick them to the curb. We need to have the kids’ best interest in mind, having a safe school, and less about having a minority and blackowned people doing stuff. Get the roof fixed by anybody. Thank you.



Continuing. The only ones that he hasn’t bothered is these illegals that has come into this country here and fell on this free stuff that they can get on with a house full of young’uns, and that is what has happened to this country. And he likes that. He don’t touch them. So, I can tell you one thing right now. You think times is hard now, you let him in for four more years. You’re really going to see some hard times. ‘Cause he’s not for nobody but himself. He’s done proved that to me. And I said the first time he run that what he was going to do he did. He ain’t done nothing for this country. He’s done everybody out here begging, bumming and borrowing. That’s what he’s done for this country. He’s not a president. He’s not a president subject. And it’s time to get rid of him, because we need to get our country back.

Reference to voter ID. If you are too dumb or too lazy to go get an ID card, you are too dumb to vote. Thank you.

%%% Poor old Joe Biden. It’s just embarrassing to watch the man on TV. He constantly has his foot in his mouth. The second-mostpowerful man in the world. That’s what we’ve got. Thanks, Democrats. %%% Yes, I was born in the ’50s, and in the ’50s and ’60s we always rode our bicycles against the traffic. I don’t understand why everybody is going the other way. Because I would rather be able to see a car coming at me than coming from behind. %%%


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get back in there for four more years so he can finish his job he didn’t finish the first four. He wants to take everything away from you the next time. The only people that he ain’t bothered is these moochers in this country that has come in here illegally and use the Medicaid system and anything else that they can get. And then they put a burden on this country by being lazy.

manipulate. For instance, a poll of eligible voters doesn’t mean much because even in a presidential election year about 40 percent of eligible voters won’t vote. However, past behavior is a pretty good indicator of future performance, so a poll of likely voters has much more validity, but only if the percentages of Democrats, Republicans and Independents polled corresponds to the percentages of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who will vote. Being off on the Democratic and Republican numbers by just a few percentage points can really skew the results. The other thing is in the presidential race the national poll is not as important as the polls in key states. As we learned with the Bush-Gore race in 2000, it doesn’t matter who wins the popular vote, the president of the United States is elected by the Electoral College, not by the people. Gore won the popular vote but George Walker Bush won the presidency.

Hi, I was just reading The Rhinoceros Times August 9 issue about the article on the front page about the Allen Jay Elementary School roof issues. And I think that we need to just

%%% For anyone that is up late at night and wanting to watch a good talk show, check out Craig Ferguson’s on CBS. Aside from listening to his wonderful Scottish accent, the man has a wonderful sense of humor. He’s not arrogant like some of the talk show hosts. He always is interesting. And I’m watching him now. I love him. Oh, and check out his old series on PBS. You can get it on DVD, The Dirt Detective, which tells the history of Scotland. This guy is terrific. Check him out. %%% I live in Archdale, and I’m just wondering, who owns these apartments, the Grandview, the Cascades at Grandview and that kind of stuff. With all the news coverage, I’ve never seen who owns those fine – that fine establishment and think that should be published. Thank you. %%% Yeah, regarding the Chick-fil-A day a couple of weeks ago, did anybody bother to ask any of the employees what they thought about having to work two, three, four times as hard for the same amount of money having to do a lot of their work outside in the heat that they normally would not have to do? So, basically, the workers got shafted that day. And the owner made record profits. So, maybe that’s a story we should follow up on. Check it out. %%%

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its summer vacation through August, so the next Rhino Times Schmoozefest will be held Thursday, Sept. 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. at High Point Art, Antique and Design Center at 614 W. Ward Ave. in High Point. As always food, beer and wine will be provided to those who sign in and wear a name tag. --I forgot to mention it in my column, but I wanted to thank the guys from Christian Tours out of Newton, North Carolina who drive the media shuttles at the Wyndham. The drivers are friendly, efficient, helpful, courteous, kind and all of that stuff. I had already gotten on a shuttle and needed two minutes to take a photo of tournament General Chairman Mike Barber, who was soaking wet. The driver didn’t drive off into the sunset with my briefcase, and had no problem giving me a little more time. They are just nice folks to work with and make the drive to and from the media lot a pleasant trip. --A new advertiser in this edition wants you to call about all things basementy. Our copy desk assures me that basementy is not a word, but since the customer is always right, as far as we are concerned it is a word. You don’t have to have a basement to use these guys at Tar Heel Basement

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Systems, they also work on crawl spaces. So if you have a basementy problem or a crawl spacey problem give them a call at (888) 813-8326 or you can contact them by email at --Radio personality Barry Farber, who is from Greensboro and reads The Rhino Times, was kind enough to send me a copy of his latest book, Cocktails with Molotov. It is a collection of very short, self-contained stories about events that have happened to him in his long career. Funny, poignant, moving, the stories run the gamut. You can read it straight through or pick it up and read a chapter when you have a chance. It’s an extremely convenient and forgiving read. --Here’s a question to ponder. We have been working across the street from the BB&T building downtown for almost five years. During that time people have always worked in the BB&T building. For most of the time it was primarily bankers and lawyers. Now we have county employees working in the building and we have a security guard, or sometimes two, standing in front of the door every morning. Are Guilford County employees under some kind of threat? Are they unable to find an office without a security guard? It would be interesting to know what the rationale is to have a security guard in front of county offices in the morning and how much that

costs the taxpayers. --Pandora is making Greensboro a little more charming with a new store at the Shops at Friendly Center, which will carry the entire assortment including the LovePods collection and Moments bracelets and charms. To celebrate its grand opening, August 31 through Sept. 2, Pandora Jewelry at the Shops at Friendly Center will give away a free gift with purchases while quantities last. --Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park concludes on August 26 at Lindley Park. Doby will perform at 6 p.m. followed by Groovin’ Band. Admission is free. --Part-Time Party Time Band will perform from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Beach Boogie Benefit for Children’s Home Society of North Carolina on Thursday, August 23 at 5125 Michaux Road in Greensboro. Tickets are $7 with no charge for children under 10. Free parking is available at the Harris Teeter on Battleground Avenue. Visit for more information. --The second annual John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival is set for Saturday, Sept. 1 at High Point’s Oak Hollow Festival Park and will feature the reunion of jazz greats Stanley

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Clarke, George Duke and the Clarke/Duke Project. For ticket information, visit www. --The Mixed Tape Film Series and WUAG 103.1 FM will hold the fifth annual Big Lebowski Rock n’ Bowl on Friday, Sept. 7. The evening will begin with a screening of The Big Lebowski at the Carolina Theatre at 8 p.m. and conclude with bowling at AMF All Star Lanes at 910 S. Holden Road. Tickets are $18 each (or $6 for the movie only) and can be purchased at www. or at the box office at 310 S. Greene St. --The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival’s 35th MainStage production of Romeo and Juliet will take place Sept. 9 through Sept. 30 at High Point Theatre, 220 E. Commerce Ave. Individual tickets range from $10 to $30 with discounts for seniors, students and educators. Purchase tickets at the theater box office, by calling (336) 887-3001 or online at --A dollhouse and miniature show and sale will be held at the Best Western Hotel, 135 S. Main St. in High Point, from 4 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 7 and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for children (5-15). Visit for details.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

This presidential election boils down to a fairly simple question: Do you want the country to continue moving toward socialism with bigger government that spends more and more on entitlements and plays a bigger role in the lives of more Americans, or do you want to move away from socialism toward the more capitalistic system that made our country what it is today? For the past 70 years the government has been getting bigger and taking a bigger chunk of the economy. The percentage of people in the country receiving non-military government checks keeps increasing. And Obamacare increases the size and scope of the federal government enormously. Some elections people say there is no need to vote because there is no choice. That is not the case in this election. If you believe that the government needs to continue to grow and more people need to receive government checks and the government needs to have more power over the people, including complete power over their health care, then the obvious choice is President Barack Hussein Obama. With Obama the country will continue quickly down the path that the Democrats have had us on since the Great Depression. If you think the government is big enough and that the government needs to allow people to have more freedom, including the freedom to fail and the freedom to make health care decisions on their own, then the choice is Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan. They want to allow people to have more freedom, which means more individual risk. Romney and Ryan see the burgeoning national debt as a problem. Obama has increased the national debt more than all the presidents before him combined. His solution to the current economic problems is for the government to borrow more and spend more money. It didn’t work during his first term. Why would it work in his second? It is a real choice, and on Nov. 6, we will know which way the people want the country to go.

,,, Four years ago the stars lined up for Obama. He got into the Democratic primary in order to get name recognition and maybe a slot in President Hillary Clinton’s cabinet. Then the accidental candidate won Iowa and realized that with one more primary win – South Carolina – he could be president. Everyone loved Obama because of his unlikely story, and he gave great speeches. Some noticed that he didn’t really say anything in the speeches, but those who noticed were mostly Republicans and nobody paid any attention to them. The media went gaga. They reported only the good stuff about Obama. And the Republicans couldn’t have helped more. They nominated an old worn-out, politically compromised senator who had been in Washington for so long he actually thought he could run with the same running mate as former Vice President Al Gore. Failing that he picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who, as it turned out, was a brilliant pick for

Thursday, August 23, 2012

about two weeks. But then McCain turned her over to the political buffoons who were running his campaign, and Katie Couric in one interview completely destroyed Palin’s credibility. But there you have it, the news media stepped in and did what Obama needed to have done to make certain he would win. Apparently this election is going to be different. Newsweek has come out with a cover that reads, “Hit The Road Barack. Why We Need A New President.” I subscribed to Newsweek for about 15 years. I stopped my subscription recently, and even when the renewals got down around $10 a year I refused to bite because I was tired of reading about the messiah who we had elected president. There was nothing that Obama could do that wasn’t wonderful in the eyes of Newsweek. Since I already receive White House press releases, Newsweek seemed redundant. Now, Newsweek has on its cover that Obama must go and it is a well-written, factual article. The very fact that Obama cheerleader Paul Krugman felt the need to instantly challenge the article is evidence of its damaging effect. The article goes through the promises that Obama made at his inauguration and how he has failed to keep them. The economy is the big issue. But there are others, like promising no middle-class tax increase when Obamacare is a huge tax increase on the middle class, and we know it is a tax because the Supreme Court said it was.

,,, Usually you have to wait until after the election for the dirt to come out about campaign staffs, but there is already an e-book out about the 2012 Obama campaign and how it is beginning to fall apart. One of the passages in the book is about how Obama doesn’t make big economic decisions because he doesn’t understand what he is supposed to be deciding. Obama has no knowledge or experience that would indicate that he understands economics at an international level. Obama thought there was such a thing as a “shovel ready” government project when he signed the $1 trillion stimulus package. It was only much later when the money wasn’t being spent that he found out that shovel-ready projects are a lot like unicorns, people may talk about them but you can’t really put your finger on one. If the Obama 2012 campaign kickoff is a foreshadowing of things to come it is going to be a long fall for Obama. The kickoff did exactly what a campaign doesn’t want to ever do: It put the candidate in front of thousands of empty seats. Obama just doesn’t have the drawing power that he did and the campaign realized too late that despite all of their efforts they weren’t going to fill the arena. It’s not the way you want to kick off a campaign. A candidate is better off speaking to a crowd of 200 in an overflowing room than a crowd of 10,000 in a 20,000-seat arena. That is campaigning 101. It wasn’t such a bad mistake but it is a sign that

Page 43

Obama’s 2012 campaign is not going to be anything like his 2008 campaign.

,,, If you are getting your news from ABC, it’s time to stop. The networks other than Fox all tilt strongly left, but ABC is willing to lie, or else is filled with total incompetence. All of us in the news business make mistakes. Last week we managed to misspell sheriff, but ABC has taken mistakes to a new level. First, it reported that the Aurora, Colorado, shooter was a member of the Tea Party. He wasn’t, but someone with a similar name was. This is a huge story and you simply don’t make that kind of mistake in an election year by accident. Second, when ABC called the shooter’s mother she said, “You have the right person,” meaning she was the mother of the young man they were asking about. ABC managed to interpret that to mean, “Yes, my son did the shooting,” which is a really bizarre interpretation and sounds a lot like the leaps of faith that the News & Record makes. Third, ABC reported that filmmaker Tony Scott, who jumped to his death from a bridge in Los Angeles, had inoperable brain cancer. He did not. ABC, sadly, is simply putting rumors and innuendo on the air as news. Any of the three mistakes could be explained away, but all three is a pattern. Nobody is watching the store. If you get your news from ABC try Fox for a while, at least until there is a housecleaning at ABC. Until they clean house, including getting rid of the parking lot attendant and the custodial service, they are going to keep having problems.

,,, Obama, in answer to a question at a surprise press conference, said, “Nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon.” Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter said in July that Romney may have committed a felony because it is a felony to lie on Security Exchange Commission documents. Perhaps Obama was out on the golf course and didn’t hear about his deputy campaign manager, but it created quite a stir at the time, both because of the seriousness of the allegation and because of its falsity. Other news sources have checked out Romney’s departure from Bain Capital to run the Olympics and found that he left Bain when he said he did. The problem seems to stem from the fact that although Romney did not run the day-today operation of Bain, he still owned it. The Obama campaign has such little understanding of business and how businesses operate that the misunderstanding is understandable. But really, before the Obama campaign accuses its opponent of possibly being a felon, it should check things out with someone who knows how private enterprise works. Certainly the campaign could Google “capitalism” or “free enterprise” and find an article that would give it the basic facts on how people who do not work for the government or a campaign make a living. It is a strange concept to not work for the government, and clearly according to the Obama world order everyone should, but it is still true that some of us don’t, and

By John Hammer the rules that apply to us are not the same as the rules that apply to government workers. For instance, we can be fired or even laid off through no fault of our own. It’s pretty scary that Obama thinks he can simply say something didn’t happen and the world is supposed to take his word that it didn’t. Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t know what century or state he’s in, but his boss is in even worse shape when it comes to recognizing reality because he thinks he can change the past with a word. Of course, it’s not all Obama’s fault. The liberals have let him change the story of his life any number of times. Obama’s biography put out by his publisher had him born in Kenya. It seems obvious it was done to sell books because a graduate of Harvard Law School born in Kenya is more exotic and would have more appeal than just another young guy born in the US who wrote a book about himself.

,,, Obama, up until that short unannounced press conference, has avoided the national press. It is a brilliant move, if you want your president to be diabolical rather than good. This is an election year. Obama is supposed to be accessible to the people, which means to the press, since most people don’t have time to hang around the White House day after day hoping for the opportunity to ask Obama a question. Reporters get paid for doing just that. But what Obama has been doing is the same thing former President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton did during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Clinton, the only elected president to be impeached, couldn’t stand up to the national press, so he did interviews with local television stations. The local television reporters were so excited to get to interview the president of the United States they would agree to any ground rules the White House came up with. Obama is doing the same thing. But isn’t it interesting, Clinton had a horrible scandal on his hands, while Obama’s problem is he just can’t explain why the economy is still so bad, because he said he thinks the economy is “fine.” He knows the national press is going to ask him about the unemployment figures that went up, not down, the last report, and the overall economy, and he has no answer that intelligent people will accept. With local television crews he can say whatever he wants. The odds that Obama will get a tough question from a local television reporter are miniscule. Obama is also very good at taking one question and talking all around it to take up all the time available. It’s a technique used with great success by the City of Greensboro at public hearings.

,,, Evidently The New York Times Sunday magazine is on the same page as Newsweek when it comes to our president. It had a story this week about how Obama has not used his power to help the people in the Chicago neighborhood – Roseland – where (Continued on page 41)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Sterling silver charms from $25

THE SHOPS AT FRIENDLY CENTER 336.852.0060 Opening August 31-September 2

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8/1/2012 3:18:23 PM

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