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Rhinoplasty Isn’t Just For Women Anymore Many people think of the late, great Michael Jackson when they hear the words “male rhinoplasty”, and immediately dismiss rhinoplasty as a valid surgical procedure available to men. However, the “King of Pop” has proven that while his own procedures had complications, he set yet another trend – male rhinoplasty.

Nose trauma and a deviated septum – two reasons many undergo rhinoplasty – do not just affect women. Both male and female athletes are at a higher risk for a broken nose than other peers, particularly if they box, kick box, wrestle, mountain bike or play racquetball. Athletes who play soccer, basketball and baseball also find themselves frequently at risk for nose injury. Some athletes that play sports utilizing a helmet like football and hockey seem to experience less nose trauma thanks to the protective head gear.

Male rhinoplasty is a legitimate medical procedure performed to correct physical and structural deformities of the nose. Whether the nose is distorted due to a congenital defect or the result of a facial injury, rhinoplasty can help and in many cases fix the nasal flaws. For men wanting to undergo the nose surgery in New York, Dr. Philip J. Miller is an award-winning rhinoplasty master. Dr. Miller has been consistently selected as a Top Doctor of New York and uses both surgical and nonsurgical nose procedures to produce the most natural looking results.

Dr. Miller has spent more than twenty years molding noses into perfection for both men and women. He is a board-certified surgeon in both Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. With expertise, vision and skill in spades, Dr. Miller is ready to perform your male rhinoplasty in his New York surgical facility. Visit for more about Dr. Miller, to watch informative videos about rhinoplasty, and to schedule a consultation with New York’s own rhinoplasty master.

Rhinoplasty Isn’t Just For Women Anymore