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Dr. Miller Performs Revision Rhinoplasty in New York It is estimated that up to 12% of patients who undergo rhinoplasty procedures have to undergo revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is performed when the original procedure fails or to change the results from a previous rhinoplasty procedure. Revision rhinoplasty is more complicated than a first-time nose surgery, and as such requires a rhinoplasty expert. Dr. Philip J. Miller is New York’s Rhinoplasty Master. Dr. Miller has spent more than twenty years refining, reshaping and revising noses. He’s performed both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, ethnic rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Miller understands the delicate intricacies and inner workings of the nose, and therefore is able to create perfection where others have failed. As one of America’s Best Doctors, it is no surprise that Dr. Miller has been repeatedly selected as one of New York’s Top Doctors. Dr. Miller performs each rhinoplasty procedure, including revision rhinoplasty, at his New York surgical center. He works tirelessly with each patient to create a unique and individual look through minor or major changes, and the results are unparalleled. Visit to schedule a consultation with New York’s Rhinoplasty Master for your first rhinoplasty procedure, and that way you won’t have to go to Dr. Miller for a revision rhinoplasty.

About is a comprehensive website dedicated to Dr. Miller and his New York practice. You can review video clips of Dr. Miller discussing the costs, recovery and types of nose jobs he performs as well as great before and after pictures of real clients he’s helped. On, you can read about Dr. Miller and his more than twenty years of experience in performing rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Visit to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller about what procedure might be best for you, and to read more about his impressive credentials as a Top Doctor in New York and one of the Best Doctors in America.

Dr. Miller Performs Revision Rhinoplasty in New York