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Power balance

Discover the powerful harmony of the Cello A and D Superior While impressive on their own, the combination of the Cello A and D Superior strings is nothing short of spectacular. Delivering the volume and power you require – without falling short of warmth and brilliance – they’re ideal for solo performance as well as in an orchestra. Available in forte, medium and dolce.

Jargar Strings ApS, Sortedam Dossering 59, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø. Read more at

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Esta International Conference


Creating the modern-day Stradivarius

14 TALKING SHOP UK-based string retailers

In conversation with Antoine Tamestit

German cellist Leonard Elschenbroich


Leon Bosch’s drive to discover new repertoire

BBCNOW principal bass player David Stark

Manufacturers, dealers, accessories, competitions and summer schools listings

FRONT COVER: The dining hall at Christ Church College, Oxford, accommodation venue for the Esta International Conference ISBN: 978-1-907447-60-0


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Celebrating strings The 2013 Esta conference offers an unparalleled opportunity for string players and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in lectures, masterclasses and concerts, along with a unique trade fair for strings, writes project director Cathy Elliott


he largest gathering of string players, teachers and exhibitors in the UK this century will take place in Oxford from 28 August to 1 September 2013. The British branch of the European String Teachers’ Association is celebrating its 40th birthday and hosting the annual Esta International Conference with delegates from all over Europe and beyond. Immerse yourself for five days in everything a string player could want. Inspirational performances; a wide range of products from traditional accessories to cutting edge technological aids; presentations and workshops on pedagogy; publications from the mainstream publishers and by teachers with an eye on niche markets. Amateur or professional, young or old, the Oxford 2013 Esta International Conference promises an exciting, inspirational, professional development and retail opportunity not to be missed. The conference takes place at the Examination Schools, right in the centre of Oxford. As the name suggests, this is where the Oxford students sit their final examinations. It is also one of Britain’s leading conference venues, with state-of-the-art facilities set in neo-gothic grandeur, perfect for accommodating concerts, masterclasses, and lecture-demonstrations. Accommodation will be at Christ Church, Oxford’s grandest and most exclusive college. Founded in 1528 by Cardinal Wolsey, the Lord Chancellor of England, and refounded by King Henry VIII in 1546, Christ Church has often been described as more a royal palace than a college. Its chapel is Oxford’s 11th-century cathedral, and its dining hall (famous from the Harry Potter films) has one of the world’s most glorious medieval roofs. Christ Church has always had strong connections with the Eng-

lish crown and Queen Elizabeth II is its titular head, or ‘Visitor’. Students and professors of Christ Church are known as ‘members of The House’ from the college’s Latin name Aedis Christi, and include figures such as philosopher John Locke, authors Charles Dodgson and Lewis Carroll, physicist Albert Einstein, poet W H Auden, composer William Walton, and no fewer than 15 British prime ministers. Afternoon and evening concerts will be open to the general public but admission to all other events, including the lunchtime concerts, is with a conference pass. You do not need to be a teacher to attend the conference; anyone interested in playing a string instrument is welcome. The emerging programme is detailed opposite and a special daily rate of £90 is available to all CM readers who wish to attend daily in order to gain full access to the conference events, exhibition/retail hall and concerts. Afternoon concerts in the Examination Schools include the Oxford Concerto Orchestra (29 August) and Elizabeth Pitcairn with the English Mozart Ensemble (30 August). Pitcairn will play the Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius violin, on which she has the innovative Wittner Finetune pegs fitted, in a programme of Kreisler, Massenet, Heifetz and Sarasate. On 31 August, the National Youth String Orchestra will perform under their recently appointed musical director, Damian Iorio. Evening concerts at in the Examination Schools will feature the English Mozart Ensemble (28 August) in a programme to include the Mozart Sinfonia concertante in a sextet arrangement; Red Priest (29 August); and jazz CM violinist Ben Powell (30 August).

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© AnnA MoSkvinA

Accommodation during the conference will be a christ church, ‘oxford’s grandest and most exclusive college’

esta internationaL conference programme taster Upper strings XX demonstrations led by Simon Fischer XX Find out what a ‘wobble board’ could

offer you with Simon cartledge XX explore the Sibelius violin concerto with

Sibelius’ granddaughter, Satu Jalas XX Bruno giuranna’s vision of left-hand technique

Lower strings XX W h Squire cello miniatures XX Transcribing string repertoire for young

bass players XX common physical and methodological

mistakes in cello teaching identified by Silvija Sondeckiene XX Female cellists – the predecessors of Jacqueline Pré XX The inspirational teaching of cellist Steven doane ensembLes XX newly commissioned intermediate level

string quartets XX Think harmonically – improvising and

ensemble playing with chas dickie XX ensemble Training from the Start with

caroline lumsden and students XX kosovo and Albanian works for string trio

HeaLtH matters XX Musicians exploring yoga with violist

Pruella Pacey XX The development of motor skills in chil-

dren playing the cello XX Stage fright with kato havas XX revisit your shoulder and chin rest with

Angus gibbon and crissman Taylor styLe and idea XX how style follows idea – set your imagi-

nation free with Pedro de Alcantara XX Syle and idea in baroque performance

with Judy Tarling XX Medieval and renaissance string

instruments mastercLasses

Festival sponsors: Thomastik infeld vienna

XX Steven doane – cello (29 August) XX Bruno giuranna – viola (31 August) XX Thomas Martin – double bass

(30 August) strings 2013 5

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WHITE THE NEW KAPLAN VIOLA SET. Kaplan has always been synonymous with quality, consistency, and tradition. Aimed at the most discerning musicians, D’Addario now offers the Kaplan Viola set.

Kaplan Viola provides clarity, warmth, and versatility throughout the dynamic spectrum, along with unparalleled bow response. Get the control, expression, and worry-free playing experience you demand.


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Florian leonhard adds a personal touch to the instruments in his workshop

8 strings 2013

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Supplying demand With the value of Cremonese instruments moving further into the virtually unobtainable end of the market, UK string makers are finding an increasing demand for modern-day replicas at a realistically affordable price. Tim Woodall finds out more


Florian leonhard Fine Violins

n January, a new world record was set when a Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violin, the 1741 instrument nicknamed ‘Vieuxtemps’, was sold and subsequently presented as a lifetime loan to American violinist Anne Akiko Meyers. Frustratingly for violin watchers, the sale was private and the sum not disclosed. The only details released were to the effect that the price exceeded the 2011 sale of the ‘Lady Blunt’ Stradivarius, which went for £9.8m at auction. The new sale may have broken the £10m mark. The value of the premier league of Cremonese violins has not, it seems, been dampened by the global financial crisis. According to Thomas Wei, a partner at London dealers Florian Leonhard Fine Violins (, the string market mirrors wider trends: ‘Locally, people’s finances have been squeezed. But the violin industry is global, and at the higher end of the market, demand is as high as it has always been.’ An antique Italian fiddle is a formidable investment. For Simon Morris, director at Beare’s (, the London dealers through which the ‘Vieuxtemps’ ‘del Gesù’ was sold, the very usefulness of top instruments keeps the market robust. ‘They are an investment, yes, but uniquely in the antique and art worlds, they’re also tools of trade. Even in hard times, players need top violins in a way they don’t a Monet. That need has always kept the market more stable.’ There is room for growth in the string trade too, he says: ‘There is new potential in the Eastern economies where classical music is popular, mainland China especially, which, to my knowledge, doesn’t yet have a Strad.’ But breathtaking prices put instruments beyond the reach of even the most successful players. ‘Over 50 years, the relative value of fine Italian instruments has soared with average player earnings depreciating but violins consistently rising in value,’ observes Morris. ‘Top instruments today tend to be leant to soloists by

wealthy individuals or foundations.’ The value of Strads and Guarneris is also totally out of kilter with modern-day fine instrument making. Scientific and technical advances have led to unprecedented levels of skill and craftsmanship, and some leading string players prefer new instruments. German violinist Christian Tetzlaff, for example, plays a violin by renowned German maker Stefan-Peter Greiner. But market value is driven by supply and demand. ‘The holding value of any modern instrument is artificial because the maker can build more, which affects the price,’ says Wei. ‘When makers die, prices inevitably rise.’ Australian violinist Katerina Nazarova is in a similar position to many virtuoso young players when she states that ‘There is absolutely no way I could afford an old Italian violin’. There are hundreds of Cremonese instruments in use but even the second- and third-tier examples by less well-known makers will be valued at over £100,000. Recently performing in the later stages of a competition, Nazarova was eager to access a better instrument. ‘One day I tried various violins in Florian Leonhard’s workshop – both old and new,’ she recalls. ‘He had a few of his own instruments next to some Cremonese violins. I just plucked the string of one and I knew immediately that was the sound I was after.’ Yet Nazarova could hardly tell the difference between the violin, a Strad, and the instruments from Leonhard’s workshop that were presented alongside it. Nazarova’s reaction was to commission a fur-

ther copy of that violin from Florian Leonhard, who employs ten luthiers. While the workshop specialises mainly in restoration, Leonhard and colleagues also build a number of exact copies of the finest old examples. ‘We model the instruments we build closely on masterpieces we have on-site,’ explains Wei. Perhaps surprisingly, the workshop makes up to five copies at a time. ‘There are a minimum of two instruments made with every commission. It’s not a matter of there being a runt of the litter, it’s just the player will always prefer one over others.’ The operation is anything but a factory line though. ‘We take precise casts and every single measurement of the instrument, using that to produce a series of exact copies,’ he says. Variation of any sort is minimised: ‘The materials used are as close as possible to the model, and we follow the original with every detail.’ Because the violin making side is only a small part of a dealership business, luthiers in workshops like Leonard’s can take their time. Months to years are spent on each instrument, says Wei, and Leonhard himself varnishes and finishes every instrument giving them a Cremonese-style appearance. ‘My violin, like all Florian’s instruments, looks like the real thing,’ says Nazarova. ‘Most modern violins look like orange boxes.’ The results, as described by Nazarova, are exceptional: ‘I borrowed a violin worth three quarters of a million pounds, or something like it, and to me it didn’t sound as good a Florian’s Strad copy, for which I’m paying £35,000.’ That price is at the upper end of the market for new instruments but

We take precise casts and every single measurement of the instrument, using that to produce a series of exact copies strings 2013 9

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it is a snip compared to a Strad, and some of the world’s best players are taking note. Leonidas Kavakos owns a Leonhard violin while an instrument from Beare’s workshop is owned by Nigel Kennedy. ‘Players like to have their options open and modern instruments are a more robust, less valuable alternative,’ comments Simon Morris. Solo violin makers, while they may not enjoy the economies of scale of a dealers’ workshop, are certainly not behind in the commissioning game. Building an instrument for a player from scratch gives makers opportunities to develop enduring relationships with their customers. ‘I usually offer players the choice of coming to the workshop, which most people do,’ explains Hertfordshire-based maker Rod Ward ( ‘They usually like to come out every so often and see how it is coming on, and I send photographs and work-in-progress reports.’ Commissioning also allows for customisation. ‘Players can choose the wood they want and talk about how they want things like the neck and finish – the individual aspects,’ says Ward, whose instruments range in price from £8,000 to £18,000. ‘For example, what viola players and cellists usually want to specify is the size of the instrument and playing length of the string.’ It might seem a risk for a player to put a deposit on, and then wait for, an instrument that might not turn out as expected. But, says Andreas Hudelmayer (hudelmayer. com), a London violin maker, players tend to approach a maker whose work they already admire. Furthermore, instrument-building techniques, both established and modern, allow makers to accurately copy one of their own instruments. ‘I feel strongly that it shouldn’t be a gamble for a player,’ he says. ‘I very methodically log all the details of my instrument making. I compile acoustic data and

My violin, like all Florian’s instruments, looks like the real thing. Most modern violins look like orange boxes

Attention to detail: Rod Ward finishes off a copy of a Guiseppe Guarneri 1692 cello

exact details on the properties of the wood. That enables me to copy myself very closely.’ As Hudelmayer goes on to point out, the satisfaction of the player is paramount. In the word-of-mouth world of string playing, ‘it isn’t in my interest for a player to have an instrument they don’t like’. When successful, the player-maker relationship is mutually beneficial. Makers tend to offer either free or reduced post-purchase care for their own instruments. ‘The relationship doesn’t finish when I get paid – it is important that it continues,’ says Hudelmayer, who recently made a cello for Raphael Wallfisch. ‘Because an instrument settles over time, I ask players to come back after the first six months. I have people regularly flying in from abroad in order for me to work on their instrument.’ The investment factor carries less importance with new making but, uniquely for musical instruments, finely-crafted string

instruments of any type do hold their value. An Andreas Hudelmayer violin costs £12,000 and a cello double that figure. ‘The value of my instruments goes up slowly,’ he says, also noting that he offers to try and sell his violins on behalf of players if they decide to part company with their instrument. Whether it is a minutelyrealised Strad or a ‘del Gesù’ copy from Florian Leonhard’s workshop or a commissioned instrument from a favourite maker, there is no doubt that new instruments offer value for money, whatever a player’s price bracket. ‘If you buy an instrument of quality from a good modern maker, you’re saving yourself quite a few times the amount of money than if you were to buy an old instrument of the same quality,’ says Rod Ward. The great violins will always be objects of romance for string players, but modern lutherie, and bespoke instrumentmaking in particular, patently carries growing CM weight with soloists and senior players. strings 2013 11

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A Gift to the World of Violinists CANTIGA offers an important innovation which makes a significant difference. The brand new high-tech fiber vibrates with exceptional ease and features an acoustic breakthrough that gives previously unknown playing possibilities, from fortissimo to pianissimo. With CANTIGA, experience the outstanding pleasure of comfortable, easy and accurate playing, with new tonal horizons and delicate nuances.









A ings by S

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Talking shop Despite the ease and round-the-clock convenience of online shopping, specialist music shops are still proving to be a major go-to point for instrument buying, technical support and advice, writes Tim Woodall


laying a string instrument, at whatever level, involves ongoing running costs. A soloist with a Stradivarius worth millions and a beginner holding a factory-made Chinese violin both require expert technical support and accessories. From bow rehairs to new strings, players great and small rely on specialist retailers – often family businesses – to keep them playing. Unlike many other shops and small businesses, specialist record shops especially, string instrument retailers haven’t been pushed into extinction by the twin threats of recession and internet shopping. But businesses have been put under pressure. Allister Tunley runs Caswell’s Strings (, a mailorder company and central-England shop with a customer base all over the UK. ‘There is no question that the industry has been affected, especially in the state system where the wider opportunities scheme was not continued,’ he says, referring to education cuts to instrument teaching within the school curriculum. ‘Parents accustomed to free lessons and loan instruments cannot automatically afford a small contribution. Teachers have reported – even in private schools – that student numbers are down as parents concentrate on other subjects.’ For shops selling and servicing instruments for professionals and amateurs, as well as children, the economic impact has been mixed. ‘I haven’t seen a downturn – we’re probably a bit sheltered,’ says Bill Pamplin at Thwaites Fine Stringed Instruments ( in Watford. ‘We’re busier than we were five years ago, though margins might be a little tighter.’ For Cécile Limon, shop manager at Cardiff Violins (, it is the early years business that has suffered: ‘Cheaper instruments, at the beginners’ end of the market, have been more difficult to sell – perhaps people are holding back from starting an instrument, but the amount of restoration and repair work has risen significantly.’ There may

14 strings 2013

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19/04/2013 17:11:48

be regional variations as well. Stringers Music (, an Edinburgh retailer, opened a London branch in 2007, and owner Maureen Morrison (née Stringer) describes business at the new shop as ‘buoyant’. ‘Parents in London still seem willing and able to invest in higher quality instruments as their children progress,’ she says. ‘In Edinburgh – and, as I understand, elsewhere in the country generally – parents have tightened their belts in this respect.’ It would be natural to assume that internet shopping, the scourge of the high street, would threaten traditional violin shops, but most retailers are active online while not packing up shop. ‘We resisted it for quite a while,’ says Cécile Limon of selling products online. ‘We wanted to speak to our customers so we could select the best products for them.’ This point highlights why string retailers are insulated from the effects of internet shopping and competing with the likes of Amazon: customers, whether parents of beginners or professionals, need the advice and technical skill of shop staff. ‘It is absolutely vital that all the staff at Stringers are players or ex-teachers, so that we can provide a service rather than act just as a retail outlet,’ says Morrison. ‘It can be difficult to find people with the required level of expertise who also have the right personality.’ Yet the internet has altered the way businesses work. ‘It has changed things considerably,’ says Allister Tunley at Caswell’s Strings. ‘Accessories sales from the website have increased, along with pupil instruments on recommendation from teachers who know that we will always do a proper setup.’ With around 50% of Caswell’s instrument gear now sold online, it appears consumers do not require a traditional

shop for guidance. This undermines businesses like Stringers. ‘We sell quite a lot of strings and accessories online, however some of the online sellers do not have business premises and retail staff so they tend to offer extremely low prices,’ says Morrison. ‘We match this where possible, but it has certainly affected our income in this area.’ At the higher end of the market, where players might be willing to travel significant distances to secure the right instrument, the

internet has had an effect too. ‘More information is available online, which is a change from the past,’ says Bill Pamplin at Thwaites. ‘With customers able to cross-check prices across retailers online, we’ve been made more aware of our competitors.’ If mail-order and online-led companies like Caswell’s are likely to lead in the strings and accessories market, fine instrument retailers, with their workshops attached, need to be in the right location to take advantage of in-person trade. As Limon observes, ‘in case of an emergency, it is vital for musicians here in Cardiff to have a shop nearby.’ That need to offer a firstrate local service should keep retailers in good health. As Maureen Morrison at Stringers comments: ‘By far the most effective marketing and advertising is done by word of mouth and recommendation – it is satisfied teachers, parents, students and professionals who spread the word and grow our business.’ With education cuts and further economic gloom, the sector does face challenges and fierce competition from both within and without. But with a focus on customer service and serving the local area, string instrument retailers should CM continue to thrive.

Online presence: Caswell’s has a significant web business alongside the shop in Brackley strings 2013 15

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VIOLIN • VIOLA • CELLO • BASS Everything for the musician, the teacher, the amateur and the student Tel: 01280 707140

Have you got our 80 page catalogue? New edition due soon – please e-mail: to request your copy

Playing a Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello, Rumanian cellist Mihai Marica won the 33 rd International Music Competition in Viña del Mar in Chile, regarded as one of the most prestigious music competitions in the world. Marica, a protegee of Aldo Parisot, competed against cellists from a dozen different countries to win this celebrated prize.

“Unbelievable! I was blown away. I wouldn’t have believed such a beautiful sound could happen without wood.” Robert Spano, Music Director, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

“Enormously huge and beautiful.”

David Robertson, Music Director, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra,

ph 617-698-3034 016_STRI_13.indd 2

Photography © Kevin Sprague

principal guest conductor, BBC Symphony Orchestra.

17/04/2013 16:45:31

13 Jun–11 Aug 2013

Lead support by:

Charles & Peter Beare & Family

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Additional support by: Strad Europe Ltd & Wulfson Family INSURANCE MADE TO MEASURE

A Circle of Patrons

19/04/2013 10:15:13

601 North Market Street Wilmington Delaware 19801 USA Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm

302. 472. 6700 Untitled-9 1 017_SRTI_13.indd 3

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antoine tamestit

18 strings 2013

STRINGS 2013 - Antoine Tamestit.indd 18

19/04/2013 13:34:22

The virtuosic violist Describing his chosen instrument’s repertoire as ‘not less rich but more peculiar’ and finding in it many blessings as well as the odd curse, Antoine Tamestit is confidently treading the less well-trodden path of a viola soloist. He talks to Toby Deller


© eliette Prevot

hat to talk about first with French viola player Antoine Tamestit? With his international career that will have taken him to more than ten countries in the first five months of 2013 alone? With his increasingly regular visits to the UK – our meeting coincides with his second Wigmore Hall appearance in as many Tuesdays. Perhaps with his involvement with the Borletti-Buitoni Trust (BBT), whose birthday he will be helping celebrate on 18 May at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, joining other beneficiaries of the trust such as Alina Ibragimova, Jonathan Biss and Christianne Stotijn? Or perhaps with his already extensive discography, well into double figures and which his 2006 BBT award helped get under way with two compelling pairings: the Shostakovich sonata with the Schnittke concerto and the Ligeti solo sonata with Bach’s second partita. In the end, we start with Bach, not least because, as a violin student, that’s where Tamestit’s relationship with the viola began. ‘When I was about nine I heard the cello suites and fell so in love that I asked to play the cello. It was said to me that maybe it was too different from the violin, so someone suggested the viola, on which one could play the cello suites. In my naïve child’s brain, I felt this instrument united everything. I remember putting a C string on my violin that probably didn’t make it sound so good, but good enough for me and my ears that I felt, yes, this is what I was looking for. I remember right away playing the prelude of the first suite, sightreading from a score that I had got for my birthday, and wanting to play only that.’ He performs the suites regularly, particularly as encores. ‘When I have no more juice, empty from all the feelings I gave in the concerto, then what stays, what remains of myself and my playing is a piece of Bach. It could be any piece of Bach – it’s usually the first thing that comes into my mind’. And now, more than 20 years after first coming across them, he has recorded three (for Naïve): the first, third and fifth. But even though they have been with him

for as long as he has been playing the viola, he confesses that the process of recording them was not so straightforward. ‘When I was asked to record a few suites, I thought: if I say yes, I’ll have to think them again from zero. Take the manuscript, read it as for the first time and maybe also remember my childhood, remember why I liked them in the first place. It was two years’ work to do the recording after 20 years of playing them. It also resulted in me using a baroque bow, and three wired gut strings with one naked gut string, and 413, 414 pitch. All these choices were not choices of fashion, but my view evolved throughout the two years of preparation. Then when the disc came out,’ he adds cheerily, ‘I listened to the CD for the first time, and I disagreed with many things!’ We talk for a bit about the vagaries of the viola repertoire, remembering that even Bach has to be borrowed. Tamestit sees that repertoire – ‘for me not less rich but more peculiar’ – as both blessing and curse. So, for instance, he regrets that there is nothing by Beethoven: ‘He had all the knowledge of the viola to write a great concerto, or maybe a set of sonatas. Because he understood exactly how this instrument works – he played himself – the tessitura, the colour.’ But, he argues, the relative lack of big-name repertoire means, unlike some violinists or pianists, he cannot be coerced into playing only that. And then there is the opportunity for chamber music to go alongside the concerto and recital work. A major part of this activity is the Trio Zimmermann, with violinist Frank Peter Zim-

mermann and cellist Christian Poltéra. Playing in a regular trio is something he describes as a dream. Again it dates back to his childhood, when he found himself, at 13, exploring the repertoire in depth when one violinist left the quartet set up for him by his teacher. There is also pragmatism involved in his preference for trio work over quartets: ‘I find there is something about the individuality of each player in the string trio which fits more with a soloist’s life or someone like me who does different things during the year. I think it was also written that way, especially from Beethoven on – the trio is very much “three soloists” kind of chamber music.’ Clearly, then, he is not a viola player who dodges the spotlight. Indeed, there are cautionary words for anyone who takes up the instrument as an easy option. ‘I will sound like I’m joking but I’m not, I’m really serious. Even though viola jokes are wonderful and I’m maybe one of the biggest viola joke tellers, I would say most seriously in the world: don’t be like a viola joke. Just because the world expects the violas to be not as fast or not as loud or not as precise, not as virtuosic as violinists or cellists, it’s not a reason to let go and have lower expectations of yourself. Don’t let people continue thinking that basically viola players are bad violinists or lazy violinists or slow violinists, even if it’s a joke. We should all think about that, love our instrument and defend it at the highest CM possible level.’

Just because the world expects the violas to be not as fast or not as loud or not as precise, not as virtuosic as violinists or cellists, it’s not a reason to let go and have lower expectations of yourself strings 2013 19

STRINGS 2013 - Antoine Tamestit.indd 19

19/04/2013 13:35:49

leonard elschenbroich

Musical motives Samara Ginsberg talks recordings, relationships and musical roots with German cellist Leonard Elschenbroich


eonard Elschenbroich seems slightly taken aback. ‘I’ve been asked to interview you for Classical Music,’ I explain, ‘but they haven’t specified an angle, so we can talk about anything you like as long as it’s related to you and your career.’ Once we’ve been chatting for a few minutes, I feel pretty bad about having started the interview in this way. For an up-and-coming international soloist, Elschenbroich is palpably uncomfortable talking about himself. Get him talking about music, however, and you’ll have trouble getting a word in edgeways. Elschenbroich’s debut recording for Onyx, launched in April 2013, is of 20th-century works with Ukrainian pianist Alexei Grynyuk. They have recorded a standard repertoire work in Rachmaninov’s monumental cello sonata, but they have also tackled the Shostakovich viola sonata, in a little-known transcription by Russian cellist Daniil Shafran. Shostakovich’s final work isn’t exactly easy listening, but as Elschenbroich explains, it is this quality that drew him to it. ‘I always feel like Shostakovich’s late period is shamefully neglected. A lot of the

Key facts XX Born: Frankfurt 1985 XX Lives: london XX studied: Yehudi Menuhin School fol-

© Felix Broede

‘When you record something, what’s the point of recording pieces that have been done so amazingly so many times?’ – leonard elschenbroich

lowed by cologne Music Academy with Frans helmerson XX Plays: A Matteo goffriller once owned by leonard rose XX Awards: leonard Bernstein Award, Borletti-Buitoni Trust Award, Firmenich Prize at the Verbier Festival, Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation 2004-2008 and many others XX Key dates: American debut with chicago Symphony 2010, london debut with lPo 2011, BBc new generation Artist 2012-2014 XX Future plans: ‘More of the same’

20 strings 2013

STRINGS 2013 - Elschenbroich.indd 20

19/04/2013 13:49:32

elschenbroich in 30 seconds XX What are your favourite concertos?

kabalevsky no 2, Shostakovich no 2 and Schumann XX What are your favourite chamber works?

it changes all the time, but at the moment the Shostakovich quintet, the second Brahms quintet and the Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time XX What do you like to do in your spare time?

leonard elschenbroich with pianist Alexei grynyuk, and violinist nicola Benedetti during a radio 3 In Tune session, March 2012

pieces that are played over and over are not the most authentic as they were written under the most constraints and censorship. The works that were written under the least censorship aren’t played nearly as much and it’s almost as if the Shostakovich who wrote what he wanted isn’t as appreciated as much. It’s almost an insult to his real identity. ‘When you record something, what’s the point of recording pieces that have been done so amazingly so many times? This is such a great chance. It’s an absolute masterwork.’ This partnership with Grynyuk isn’t just confined to duo works – they also work as a trio with Elschenbroich’s long-term partner, British violinist Nicola Benedetti. On the day that I speak to him, he has just emerged from a two-day recording session with them for Decca. Many musicians speak darkly of the horrors of working with one’s other half. Is he still on speaking terms with his girlfriend? ‘Fortunately we almost always agree musically. You can have a very good relationship but very different musical tastes, but we see eye to eye. There is an ego thing though – it’s difficult to be told what to do by your partner as opposed to just a colleague. When we were recording yesterday, for example, I wanted to tell Nicky something about her playing in general, but I knew that it would annoy her if I said it in front of the producers, so I actually went over and whispered in her ear – and then when she had something

to say to me, she did the same thing!’ It’s a good thing that they work well together as Elschenbroich’s diary is just as busy with chamber music as it is with solo engagements. ‘It’s about half-and-half between recitals and concertos and chamber music, and I probably want to keep it that way,’ he says. ‘The chamber music repertoire is far greater in breadth and probably even in quality in comparison with the solo repertoire. To go around only playing concertos wouldn’t be satisfying, but half-and-half works nicely. I wouldn’t mind doing a bit more solo work but I wouldn’t want to do so with any intention of dazzling the audience. It’s all about musical thought.’ Hailing from Germany but having studied and worked both there and in the UK, Elschenbroich is in a strong position to comment on the differences between the two countries. Germany is often spoken of by UK musicians as that magical, mythical place where orchestras get more than one rehearsal per concert. But is it too good to be true? As Elschenbroich explains, the streets of Germany really are paved with gold, at least when it comes to arts funding. ‘Classical music is such a strong part of the cultural heritage of Germany and it has a high place politically. Subsidy of the arts is one of the highest in the world. For every opera ticket you buy, for instance, the government pays €200 (£171) on top. The culture budget has been increased by something like 8% during

Anything that gets me outside – running, walking or cycling. i also love to watch films – my father was a film maker so I grew up with films. There’s an enormous list of great films from the last 70 years, so whenever i have enough time i try to watch one of those XX What would you be doing now if you

weren’t a musician? I’d work in film XX When you were younger, what did you

want to be when you grew up? Something that was to do with muscle strength but also with music, so i wanted to be a piano mover!

the economic downturn. Culture is not a luxury; it’s not a bonus that you invest in when things are going well. It’s like hospitals, roads, law and police. It’s one of the pillars of society and has been for centuries.’ Crumbs. Why on earth is he living in London, then? ‘London has very adventurous programming. There are so many alternative ways of promoting concerts and programming, all these diverse ensembles. Places like Munich and Cologne are more conservative; London is much more cutting edge. ‘It’s crazy that orchestras are being closed because of the current government. There has to be an overarching body that advises that those things have to stay as much as possible, because once something is cut, that’s it – after two years of no funding it’ll never come back again, that whole tradition is lost CM and it’s very sad.’ strings 2013 21

STRINGS 2013 - Elschenbroich.indd 21

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Musical Careers Start Here

STENTOR * Stentor provides good quality instruments that enable players to progress to the best of their ability and enjoy making music. * Our best-selling student and intermediate instruments: • Stentor Student I • Stentor Student II • Stentor Graduate • Stentor Conservatoire * Choose from our high grade orchestral models: - Messina, Elysia and Arcadia * Stentor violins, violas, cellos and double basses are carved from solid tonewoods, with correct measurements and good tonal quality, offering students the best start to their musical careers. Stentor instruments are available in all sizes from your local retailer. Contact us for a copy of the Stentor brochure Stentor Music Co Ltd Tel: 01737 240226 Email:

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Choose Dogal - for Quality and Performance DOGAL STRINGS The First Choice for Teachers and Students From the classroom to the orchestra to professional performance, Dogal has a string to suit your playing style: Dogal has been making handcrafted strings in Italy for over 60 years. They choose the finest quality materials to produce strings that have a reputation for superb intonation and responsiveness.

Green Label

Perfect for student instruments - great value bronze wound strings with a warm sound Available for violin, viola, cello in all sizes from 4/4 - 1/16

Blue Label

Ideal for advanced players - Finest super flexible chrome strings, Available for violin, viola, cello


Synthetic fibre strings boasting a large sound volume with excellent response and good tuneability Available for violin


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Ask for Dogal strings at your local music retailer.

Distibuted in the UK by: STENTOR MUSIC CO. LTD. Tel: +44 (0)1737 240226 Email: Website:

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Protect the ones you love If you really love your instrument make sure it’s covered. Insurance can include theft from an unattended vehicle from just £30 a year Terms and conditions apply.

0800 048 0065 Allianz Musical Insurance Ruth Palmer, violinist Allianz Musical Insurance is a trading name of British Reserve Insurance Company Limited (BRIC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz Insurance plc. BRIC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered office: 57 Ladymead, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1DB. Registered in England No. 307622.

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leon bosch

Top bosch Leon Bosch has an inquisitive attitude towards the solo and chamber repertoire available for the double bass, and a steadfast enthusiasm to explore, uncover and share new and lesser-known works. Ahead of the release of some of his newest finds and commissions, this musical detective talks to Toby Deller works by Bottesini and by the influential early 20th-century Spanish bassist Pedro Valls. And most recently, he teamed up with colleagues from ASMF to record the complete music for double bass, including the Sinfonia concertante by Dittersdorf for double bass, viola and orchestra. And to come, a disc of 20th-century sonatas is awaiting release while Bosch turns his attention to future projects. One is a compilation of 21st-century British bass music featuring music written for him from the likes of Malcolm Lipkin, Roxanna Panufnik, Elis Pehkonen, Paul Patterson and various others (he would dearly like something by Harrison Birtwistle). He will be adding a disc of bass music from Poland. There’s a plan to join some of his fellow ASMF principals in recording concertos by Dittersdorf’s contemporary Johann Baptist Vanhal. Then there is a project focusing on Dragonetti, which he would like to record on the composer’s own bass, kept in St Mark’s in Venice. Digging up neglected work is another passion of his. ‘As a musician, it’s easy just to turn up to work and play the music that’s been put on the music stand in front of you. I try not to do that, I try to examine things much more keenly. The research that I do takes me beneath the surface, and I like to find hidden treasures, the things that nobody else has touched. There’s something magical about discovering things. And it brings you into touch intellectually and spiritually with people who had a particular vision of the world.’ This brings us to Josep Cervera Bret, a somewhat forgotten Catalan bassist, a student of Pedro Valls, and a figure that Bosch is on a mission to bring back to public attention. ‘He was born in 1883, he died in 1969. He was a great virtuoso bass player, and also wrote a method

and various other things, and specialised in artificial harmonics. He wrote very expressive music, so touching, so many colours and beautiful things. He understands the instrument unbelievably well.’ It was recording Pedro Valls’ music that led Bosch to Cervera. ‘That fired my imagination. At that point I didn’t know much about Cervera, so I took the recourse of 21st-century technology and wrote to everybody in the world called Cervera! I had a reply from Carles Cervera, who is the grandson of Josep. I discovered there were something like 62 compositions for double bass. These lay at the bottom of a cupboard, apparently, and Carles was one of the people who was instrumental in recovering the music and for digitising it.’ Bosch has made a selection of these recovered works to put on a first disc devoted to Cervera (and put three on YouTube ahead of the release – a berceuse, nocturno and elegia). ‘I love all the pieces he wrote. It’s quite a large project and I would like to record all of it, but I’m starting with ten pieces, each one of them really quite special. I know, in my heart of hearts, that a lot of this music will become standard repertoire because it is just too beautiful and too good not to.’ So how does he find the time to fit it all in? ‘You have to make judgments about how you can best use your time. For instance, I love gardening, I love the colours and the beautiful things but I can’t always be cutting the hedges and pruning the trees, so I have a little bit of help with that. But what I do know is that I’d like to live to be at least 100 years old because there’s so much more still to do and I’m impaCM tient to get on with it.’

guy Mayer


his is really funny,’ says double bassist Leon Bosch, ‘but there’s a clarinet player by the name of Leon Bosch in the Netherlands. And we met. He was about to buy the Leon Bosch domain name but I had it, so he wrote to me. We met in Amsterdam and got on really well. He’s a phenomenal clarinet player, so we’ve decided that we’re going to record the Gran Duo for double bass, clarinet and orchestra by Bottesini. The soloists will be Leon Bosch and Leon Bosch and everyone will think there has been a terrible typing error.’ He explains that his idea is to record it alongside other Bottesini concerto duos, one with violin, one with cello and a bass duo. When I ask him where he thinks he will find all these Leon Boschs, he laughs and says, ‘You do think of yourself as unique, but it’s not true.’ All the same, his is a rather special biography. Now a British citizen, he grew up in 1960s and seventies South Africa, enrolling at the University of Cape Town to study the cello only because he was prevented by apartheid authorities from studying law. He soon switched to the bass, dedicating himself to it with a commitment that is characteristic of him even today. ‘I could have a very comfortable life just doing what I’m told but I don’t like to be comfortable,’ he confesses. ‘I like to challenge myself, it’s just part of my nature. When I’m convinced something is going in the right direction it will have my complete and utter unswerving dedication.’ He is today principal bass with the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields (ASMF), a post he combines with a wide array of freelance playing and teaching. He has also built up what is now an unsteadily growing catalogue of recordings, in particular with pianist SungSuk Kang with whom he has released discs of British, Hungarian and Russian music, of 24 strings 2013

STRINGS 2013 - Bosch.indd 24

19/04/2013 13:56:40

‘i like to challenge myself, it’s just part of my nature’ – leon Bosch

strings 2013 25

STRINGS 2013 - Bosch.indd 25

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Supporting String Teachers and Players since 1973 Founding President: Sir Yehudi Menuhin Online and video resources

arco magazine

String music reviews


Bursaries for students

ESTA community of teachers and players

Job vacancies

Legal cover

JESTA magazine

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Professional development

Tax and legal helpline

Liability Liability insurance insurance

Professional development bursaries

For full membership details visit EPTA_Proof.indd 1 Untitled-5 1

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Martin Wulfhorst The Orchestral Violinist’s Companion This book is a guide to the art of playing the violin in a professional orchestra. It is a workbook, reference tool, and textbook for: • conservatory and college students who are preparing for an orchestral career • audition candidates at the beginning or at later stages in their careers • string teachers, conductors, and composers • classes at conservatories, universities, and summer schools. Vol. 1: Training · Practising and SightReading · Basic Orchestral Technique · Bowing Technique and Sound Production Vol. 2: Left-Hand Technique · Pizzicato and Other Special Techniques · Rhythm and Ensemble Playing · Notation and Performance Practice · Repertoire and Style · Profession and Career · Resources

nsive a comprehe guidebookrpts

Approx. 1,000 excerpts from 340 works by 87 composers; approx. 30 illustrations, diagrams, and tables. English text · xxxi, 483 pages, paperback, format 23 x 30 cm · ISBN 978-3-7618-1758-2 product/?artNo=BVK1758 Introductory price until 31 July 2013: £ 49.00 Price from 1 August 2013: £ 57.50 The volumes cannot be purchased separately.


The Musicians’ Choice

026_STRI_13.indd 2

with hundre

ds of exce

Resources available at Burnt Mill, Elizabeth Way, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2HX, UK Phone (01279) 828930 Fax (01279) 828931

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david stark

New kid on the block Becoming section principal is something many orchestral musicians would see as a goal to aim for after many years of working in the business. But for David Stark, fresh out of music college, it’s his graduate job, writes Clare Stevens Bottom line: ‘it’s a perfect opportunity,’ says david Stark


here has been a new face in the double bass section of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (BBCNOW) this season. At only 23 years old, David Stark has recently been confirmed as the orchestra’s new section principal after several months on trial. He’s not the youngest principal to be appointed to a UK symphony orchestra – trumpeter Philip Cobb joined the LSO as principal straight out of Guildhall, aged just 21, and Stark’s BBCNOW colleague Tim Thorpe was not much older when he was appointed as principal horn in 2005 – but it is unusual for a recent graduate to hold such a post. So how did the appointment come about, and how is Stark facing the challenge of leading a six-strong section, all of whom are considerably older and much more experienced than he is? A former music scholar at Dulwich College in South London, he studied at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) with Graham Mitchell and Duncan McTier. Orchestral playing is in his blood: his late father Anthony Stark was a cellist with the Royal Opera and his mother Avis Perthen, also a cellist, plays with the Philharmonia. In his teens he was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, but was never principal and admits that at that stage he didn’t have the maturity to cope with the responsibility. ‘I was a bit too fond of joking around! But in my second or third year at the academy I decided I wanted to have respect as a bass player so I needed to work a lot harder,’ he says. ‘I realised how much music means to me and that I had something to say as a musician. ‘It was also partly the influence of my teachers that encouraged me to take my playing more seriously. The bass department at the academy is fantastic; everyone learns with everyone, all the staff have years of orchestral experience and you can go to any of them for help with specific things. The success rate for double bass students com-

28 strings 2013

STRINGS 2013 - David Stark.indd 28

19/04/2013 14:01:09

Welcoming: BBcnoW string players

© Betina SkovBro

ing out of the academy and getting jobs is phenomenal and I’m sure that’s because the teaching is so good.’ Stark became principal double bass of RAM’s first orchestra and concert orchestra and as a student was also a member of the European Union Youth Orchestra and the Gustav Mahler JugendOrchester. ‘I was lucky enough to get regular extra work with the Philharmonia and the City of London Sinfonia, and then towards the end of my time at the academy, Graham Mitchell was playing with the orchestra of English National Opera (ENO) and recommended me for two months’ cover work. I’m a massive opera fan and I just loved it. I’m so grateful to Graham for giving me the opportunity.’ Stark graduated in 2011 with a first-class degree and several prizes. ‘I knew I wanted to be an orchestral player and I was very fortunate in that there happened to be a lot of jobs around. I’ve had trials with Scottish Opera, Northern Sinfonia, the BBC Philharmonic and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, as well as for BBCNOW, and for a rank-and-file position in the Philharmonia, which has been great experience. All those jobs have been filled now, so it’s going to be harder for bassists

graduating this year.’ Most went to much more experienced players, but Stark was offered the Northern Sinfonia job while he was on trial with BBCNOW. ‘In many ways I would have loved it but I decided that at this stage I really want to be part of a much bigger section and play large-scale repertoire, so I was thrilled also to be offered the BBCNOW position. It’s perfect for me because there is a generous rehearsal schedule compared to the independent orchestras, which will allow me more time to learn all the big works that I’ve never played – the Mahler and Bruckner symphonies, for example, and I’m particularly looking forward to The Firebird, which I really love.’ What was it that convinced the orchestra that they should appoint such a young man? ‘David blew the panel away in his audition,’ says BBCNOW leader Lesley Hatfield. ‘He played quite beautifully, demonstrating virtuosic technique and a clear underlying musicianship. It was a strong field with a number of quite distinguished applicants, but David was outstanding. ‘During his trial it was apparent that he has all the skills necessary for a principal player: he is a great musician, we can believe

in his ideas and responses; and he has a remarkably mature way of getting on with his colleagues and dealing with the rehearsal situation.’ Stark himself says he tries not to be too analytical about how it feels to be in charge of five much older players. ‘The section have been so welcoming; I’m so pleased that they picked me and I am trying to give as much as I can, but also to listen to their ideas, try things out and not just tell them what to do. The most important thing is for us all to focus on what the music is saying to us.’ An additional challenge he faces is rebuilding morale after a period of what Hatfield tactfully describes as ‘instability’ in the principal’s chair. But Stark’s presence is already reinvigorating the section, according to his colleague William Graham-White. ‘David’s love of playing and his joie de vivre are infectious,’ he says. ‘He seems to have an old head on young shoulders, and his combination of a sense of fun with real musical maturity is inspiring us all. I’m coming to the end of my career now, but working with David has reawakened my love of playing the bass. It’s CM just great to have him on board.’ strings 2013 29

STRINGS 2013 - David Stark.indd 29

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Music for violinists and string groups


Georgia Vale

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Clearly presented, carefully graded books that actively engage children’s imagination and develop a love for

Georgia Vale

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Workbooks just for violinists - beginners to Grade 1 and more! arco

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your pupils enjoy music theory! Books 1-6: £3.99 each ! NEW

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Doo dah



Georgia Vale

Workbooks just for cellists - beginners to Grade 1 & more! Books 1-6: £3.99 each

Effective, imaginative and versatile concert pieces for beginners to Grade 4, ideal for groups with differing standards. Download and print as many parts as you need! Prices range from £4.50-£5.95.

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Despiau Chevalets 32200 Gimont France

tél. +33 (0)5 62 67 80 44 fax. +33 (0)5 62 67 83 62

French Bridge Maker

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Untitled-11 1 18/04/2013 09:15:10 17/04/13 11:08

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Essential music supplements offering practical advice and key information for students, parents, teachers, performers and enthusiasts.


Available in digital or print format. Buy your copy now from 031_SRTI_13 -MRKTING.indd 3 Supplements_FP_215x280 - summerschools.indd 45

19/04/2013 19/04/2013 15:15:44 14:35:35

Rehearsal Orchestral Orchestra repertoire courses for advanced players • London weekend courses January to May

• Edinburgh Festival residential 3 11-18 August 2012 10-16

• London autumn opera weekend “The Rehearsal Orchestra does invaluable work on the quiet and with the minimum of fuss. An extraordinary number of British musicians have worked in it, and I myself was a timpanist with the orchestra for a time. It gives musicians an invaluable opportunity to work and learn music at the speed they will have to reproduce in their professional lives.” Sir Simon Rattle

020 7820 9994 (24hr answerphone)

Artistic Director Levon Parikian

Untitled-4 1

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String training

at the Guildhall School

• The UK’s No. 1 Music institution (Guardian University Guide 2013) • New state-of-the-art 600-seat concert hall • New postgraduate course in Orchestral Artistry in association with the London Symphony Orchestra

Applications for 2014 entry open on 17 June 2013

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Fine Violins, Violas, Cellos and bows Certification and Valuation Sales and Restoration

033_SRTI_13.indd 3

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Modern instruMent Manufacturers

Aitchison & Mnatzaganian 7 Cambridge Rd, Ely CB7 4HJ t: 01353 668559 f: 01353 612264 e: sarah@ w: www. Vc specialists, baroque, classical and modern vcs made to commission. Guadagnini specialists. Stock of fine vcs and bows. Andrew Hooker Violins Christchurch House, Rode Hill, Bath BA11 6PS t: 01373 831464 e: w: www. Vn, va, vc and bow makers and restorers. Andrew McGill Bowmaker Park Farm, Chapel Lane, Little Bourton, Banbury OX17 1RD t: 01295 750255 e: w: www. Rehairs, repairs and new modern bows. Anthony Nickolds Violins 29-30 High St, Wall Heath, Kingswinford DY6 0HB t: 01384 277866 e: info@ w: www. Vn maker and repairer. Sells restored vns; bows, cases and accs. Open Mon-Sat. Ardival Harps Ltd Orchard House, Castle Leod, Strathpeffer IV14 9AA t: 01997 421260, also fax e: w: Historical and traditional Scottish hps. Aubert Lutherie SA BP59, F-88502 Mirecourt Cedex, France t: +33 3 29 37 06 13 f: +33 3 29 37 30 73 w: Manufacturer of fine vns, vas and vcs; also bridges. Howard Ball The Hunters, The Green, Hartest, Bury St Edmunds IP29 4DH t: 01284 830223; 07957 218236 e: howard@violin1.demon. Bowmaker. Repairs and rehairing. Bassix 155 Chestfield Rd, Chestfield, Whitstable CT5 3LR t: 01227 791640; 07703 649531 e: w: www.bassix. net. Makers of electric upright basses and carbon fibre composite acoustic basses. Bass accs suppliers. Tel enquiries 7 days a week before 9pm. Timothy Batchelar 28 Colbert Dr, Leicester LE3 2JB t: 0116 289 9798, also fax e: w: Dealer, restorer and maker of stringed insts of the vn family. Accredited Fellow of the Institute of Musical Instrument Technology, also MIA member and MMA corporate member. Beare & Son Ltd 18 Tavistock Pl, Tavistock St, Dunstable LU6 1NE t: 01585 477130, also fax e: beares1@ w: Vns, vas, vcs and dbs; bows, cases, strs, fittings and accs. Also manufacturers and wholesalers of Beares-Tertis vas and Michael Poller insts. Bow rehair/repair. Insurance valuations. Open Mon-Fri 9.30-5.30, weekends by

appointment. Beecher Acoustics Ltd Oxford Violin Makers and Dealers 1 Quarry High St, Headington Quarry, Oxford OX3 8JT t: 01865 762287 f: 01865 767954 e: info@beecheracoustics. com. w: Vn makers, restorers, dealers, consultants. Tone production specialists. Insts bought and sold, bowmaking, sales and repairs. Marion Bennardo The Cottage, Stuc-An-T-Sagairt, Balmaha Rd, Drymen, Glasgow G63 0HY t: 01360 661243 e: w: Hand-made vns, vas and vcs. Set-ups and adjustments. Yann Besson 31 Evershot Rd, London N4 3DG t: 07760 358627; +33 54695 8394 e: w: www. Maker of vns and vas. Bishop Instruments & Bows 2nd Floor, 18 South Molton St, London W1K 5QU t: 020 7493 4953; 07905 344220 e: w: Vns, vas, vcs and bows sold; new and antique. Blackburn Stringed Instruments 75 Harrington Gdns, London SW7 4JZ t: 020 7373 2474 f: 020 7373 5141 e: tom@ w: www. Buying and selling of str insts; valuation and restoration. Blackheath Violin Workshop 26 Tranquil Vale, Blackheath, London SE3 0AK t: 020 8318 0738 e: shakespeare11@ Vns made on commission for professional and student musicians. Comprehensive repair and restoration service, bow rehairs, insurance valuations, insts bought and sold, some accs available. Peter Boardman 33a Hogstown Rd, Donaghadee, Co Down BT21 0NH t: 028 9188 3474 e: w: Vns, vas, vcs. Border Harps Waterloo Cottages, Letton, Hereford HR3 6DN t: 01544 327352, also fax e: Hps, hp kits, parts and strs. Martin Bowers 101 Wantz Rd, Maldon CM9 5DD t: 01621 853376 e: mjbowers@btinternet. com. Maker of lutes, guis, vns. Repairs and restorations. Bow Strings 37 Gayton House, Knapp Rd, London E3 4BX t: 020 7987 0275 e: dineshdave@ Vn family insts made and repaired. Bows rehaired. The Bridge Fiddler Riverside House, Chapel Milton, Chapelen-le-Frith, High Peak SK23 0QQ t: 01298 813813. Str insts, bows and accs supplier; repairs and restoration. Bridgewood and Neitzert Ltd 146 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0JU t: 020 7249 9398 f: 020 7275

9330 e: w: www.; Vns, vas, vcs, dbs, bows, strings, cases, accs. Baroque and classical period strs, inc va da g, lute. Specialist historic strs: La Folia, Dlugolecki, Baroco, Aquila, CHD, Savarez, Kurschner, Gamut, Pyramid, Pirastro. Bristow Bows Blagdon BS40 7TH t: 01761 462914 e: w: www. Fine quality bows. Rehairs, restorations, insurance claims, valuations. Bruce I Brook (Luthier) 1 Highview Cl, Windmill Hill, Herstmonceux t: 01323 832979 e: bruce@ w: www.brucebrook. Maker of lute, orpharions, bandora, baroque guis, theorbos, citterns etc; also maker of lute, gui, and viol tuning pegs. Carbow LNM - Les Nouveaux MatÊriaux, 203 route des Camoins, F-13011 Marseille t: +33 4 91 87 80 64 f: +33 4 91 87 80 65 e: w: www.carbow. com. Carbon fibre bows. Christian Schabbon Fine Violins 89 Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6 3HA t: 07737 789800 e: christian@ w: Restoration and repair, sales of fine vns. Clive Morley Harps Ltd Goodfellows, Filkins, nr Lechdale GL7 3JG t: 01367 860493 f: 01367 860659 e: w: www. Folk, pedal, lap and antique hps. Brian Cohen Soundpost, The Old Glassworks, Alexandra Pl, Guildford GU1 3QH t: 01483 456422, also fax e: strings@ w: Guis, vns, vcs, db, bows, accs. Colin Irving Violins The Circles, Church Lane, Stanton Drew, Bristol BS39 4EP t: 01275 331124 e: w: www. Vn, vc maker; repairs, restoration, dealer in old and antique str insts. New and old bows available. Glen Collins Holly Bush Cottage, Barnby Rd, Newark NG24 2NE t: +358 400 105566 e: glen. w: Vn maker. Roy Collins 35 Clayhall Pl, Acton, Sudbury CO10 0BT t: 01787 373789 e: roycollins@ Bowmaking; repairs, restoration, rehairs. David Milward Violas PO Box 254, Morpeth NE61 2BZ t: 07867 572088 e: w: Contemporary luthier specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary vas. Derek Roberts Violins 1 Freeman’s Cl, Leamington Spa CV32 6EY t: 01926 428313, also fax e: mail@ w: www.derekroberts. Modern and baroque vn, va, vc maker and restorer. Devon Strings Workshop 1 Bartholomew St West, Exeter EX4 3AJ t: 01392 433748 e: enquiries@ w: www.devonstrings. Suppliers, makers and restorers of vn family insts and accessories. Also retailers. John Dilworth 49 Cresswell Rd, Twickenham TW1 2EA t: 020 8744 0278 e: jdilworth@btopenworld. com. w: Handmade insts for the vn family. Also specialist in restoration of quality instruments of vn family. Roger Doe Mount St Laurence, High St, Cranbrook TN17 3EW t: 01580 712330 e: roger@ w: www. Bowmaker for modern insts. Neil Kristof Ertz 63 Lasswade Rd, Liberton, Edinburgh EH16 6SZ t: 0131 258 4814, also fax e: w: Maker of vns, vas and vcs in both modern and baroque form. Anette Fajardo 50 Brockley Grove, London SE4 1RJ t: 020 8699 4753 e: anettefajardo@yahoo. Maker of vns and vas; repairs and restorations of vns, vas, vcs. Sylvie & James Fawcett Brookside Cottage, Thornham Magna, Eye IP23 8HH t: 01379 788130 w: www. Make and repair modern and baroque vns, vas, vcs. Florian Leonhard Fine Violins 3 Frognal Lane, London NW3 7DY t: 020 7813 3307 f: 020 7813 3308 e: violins@ w: www. Makers, restorers, dealers, consultants for vns, vas, vcs and their bows. Advice given on buying and selling; appraisals, bow rehairs, restoration, sound adjustments. Strs by m/order and in stock; wholesalers of Pirastro strs. Christoph Gotting The Granary, Old Michelmersh Farm Trust, Church Rd, Romsey SO51 0NS t: 01794 368940, also fax e: christoph@ w: www. Maker of vns and vas. Howard Green 46 Ogilvy St, Tayport DD6 9NP t: 01382 553478 e: w: Maker of bows for str insts. Robert A Grummitt 84 High St, Caterham CR3 5UD t: 01883 348095. Maker, repairer and restorer of guis, vns, vas, vcs, dbs, and any stringed inst of any origin. Open Tue, Thu, Fri and Sat am. Hans Nikolaos Pluhar Violin Maker 15 Grove Pl, London NW3 1JP t: 07952 246831 e: w: www. Vn maker. Harris and Sheldon 53 Aberdeen Ave, Cambridge CB2 8DL t: 01223 315 247 e:

34 strings 2013

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w: Makers of vns, vas and vcs. Appt preferred. Hibernian Violins 67 Somers Rd, Malvern WR14 1JA t: 01684 562947 e: info@hibernianviolins. w: Maker, restorer and conservator of vn and viol family insts. Paul Holt 41 Garden Ave, Ilkeston DE7 4DF t: 0115 930 1527; 07966 364642 f: 0115 854 1889 e: w: Vn, va, vc and db maker and repairer. Insts for sale, bows rehaired. Holywell Music Ltd 58 Hopton St, London SE1 9JH t: 020 7928 8451 f: 020 7928 8284 e: holywell@ w: www.holywellmusic. Salvi and Lyon & Healy concert and lever hps; hp music, strs, recordings, accs. Andreas Hudelmayer Studio 11, Craft Central, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DX t: 020 7490 0188 e: w: Vns, vas, vcs. IESTA Musical Instruments Import Export GmbH Am Storrenacker 26, D-76139 Karlsruhe, Germany t: +49 721 623 7969 f: +49 721 623 7972 e: w: www. Carbon fibre bows. James Rawes Violins Glendale, Cotehill, Carlisle CA4 0AZ t: 01228 561561 e: enquiries@ w: www. Vn maker, repairer and dealer. Supplier of strs, accs and cases; bow rehairs and repairs. JE Watts Violin Maker Rattle Edge, Chapel Hill, Ashover, Chesterfield S45 0AT t: 01246 590625 e: Maker of vn, va, vc, treble & alto viols. Restorer of all bowed str insts and bows. Bow rehairing, setting up and adjustments, valuations, sale of insts and accs for student to professional. Paul Jocelyn 102 Clifton Rd, Ruddington NG11 6DE t: 0115 921 3024. Vns and vas made and sold. Chris Johnson 12 Flaxland Cres, Sileby, Leicestershire LE12 7SB t: 01509 816023 e: violincraft@ w: www.chrisjohnsonviolins. Handmade vn family insts incl baroque. Supplies student insts. Rprs and setting up. Patrick Jowett 139 Musters Rd, West Bridgford NG2 7AF t: 0115 981 8612. Maker of vns, vas and vcs. Michael J King t: 07590 466485 e: emj@michaeljking. com. w: Anglosaxon lyres, Finnish-style kanteles, Welsh crwths, Icelandic fidla and langpils, parlour guis, ukuleles, epinettes des Vosges, stick dulcimers. Musical inst plans, CD and book available.

Jan Kudanowski 1 Devonshire Rd, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham B20 2PB t: 0121 554 6922, also fax e: Violin and bow maker and repairer. Tobye Le Vaillant Studio 307, Cockpit Arts, 18-22 Creekside, London SE8 3DZ t: 07828 100630 f: 020 8692 3735 e: info@ w: www. Str insts made and repaired. Vn family, guis, early strs. LK & M Hepplewhite, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Maker Soundpost Workshop, 8 North End Lane, Malvern WR14 2ES t: 01684 562203, also fax e: w: High quality vns, vas, vcs and bs made to commissions since 1955. Holder of the ‘Tom Jenkins’ Award 2005. Winner of Best Viola Tone, Newark Festival 1976. London Guitar Centre 36 Cranbourn St, London WC2H 7AD t: 020 7240 0754, also fax e: enquiries@ w: www. Classical, acoustic and flamenco guis, accs, tuition, hire. Luis and Clark Carbon Fiber Instruments 256 Edge Hill Rd, Milton, MA 02186, USA t: +1 617 698 3034 e: info@ w: www.luisandclark. com. Carbon fibre vns, vas, vcs, dbs. M & J Healey Violins 12 Rosehill, Sutton SM1 3EU t: 020 8644 4700, also fax e: malcolm@healeyviolins. w: Str inst makers, restorers and suppliers. Douglas Macarthur The Cottage, Stuc-An-T-Sagairt, Balmaha Rd, Drymen, Glasgow G63 0HY t: 01360 661243 e: douglas@macarthur-violins. w: Hand-made vns, vas and vcs. Set-ups and adjustments. Mark Jennings Violins 7 St Mellans Terrace, Mullion TR12 7EH t: 01326 240046 e: w: Maker of fine vns, vas and vcs. Repairs and restorations. Also m/order accs. Valuations and appraisals. Mark Norris Harps The Old School, Stobo, Peebles EH45 8NU t: 01721 760298, also fax e: norris. w: www.norrisharps. com. Non-pedal hps with professional semitone levers. Martyn Bailey Luthier Ltd 39 Summerfields, Sible Hedingham, Halstead, Essex CO9 3HS t: 01787 461128; 01787 225255 e: martyn@mjbl. w: Martyn Booth Guitars Ltd Unit 4, Old Brickworks, Chapel Lane, Little Cornard, Sudbury CO10 0PB t: 01787 370192 e: info@ w: www. Custom manufacture elec guis.

Matthew Coltman Violin Bowmakers 153 Acton Lane, London W4 5HN t: 020 8742 7934, also fax e: violinbows@ w: www. Bowmaker, specialising in baroque, classical and modern vn, va and vc bows. Also strs and accs, rehairs and repairs. Aleth Michel 12 Wellington Ave, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5HP t: 0117 942 3845, also fax e: w: http:// Vn maker and restorer (merit WSVM). Appraisals, restorations and bow rehairs. Visits by appointment only. Helen Michetschlager 1a Grasmere Rd, Manchester M33 3QU t: 0161 972 0839, also fax e: helen@ w: www. Maker of vns, vas and vcs. Small-size vns and vas for hire. Mondocellos The Cottage, Stuc-An-T-Sagairt, Drymen G63 0HY t: 07940 079519 e: info@ w: www.mondocellos. Contemporary vns, vas, vcs for sale; modern and baroque. Set-ups and adjustments; assessments and valuations for insurance; light repairs. Moseley Violins 2a Tudor Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8HA t: 0121 693 1214 f: 0121 693 0933 e: w: www. Makers, restorers and dealers of vns, vas, vcs and dbs. Also bows, cases, strs and accs. Music Magic 12 Bath Rd, Frome, nr Bath BA11 2HH t: 01373 465596 e: tim.manning@ w: Luthier, manufacturing hammered dulcimers, cimbaloms and individual commissions of a more experimental nature. Steffen Nowak 75 Sylvia Ave, Bristol BS3 5BU t: 0117 977 7141 e: w: Modern and baroque vn, va and vc. Also collectable books on the vn family. Oakwood Instruments 8 Ladywood Rd, Leeds LS8 2QF t: 0113 265 8585 f: 0113 293 3011 e: workshop@ w: www. Electric vns, mandolins, mandolas, bouzoukis, citterns, guis, banjos, hammer dulcimers, hps, melodeons. Osborne Guitars and Mandolins Studio 14, Star Gallery, Lewes BN7 1JY t: 01273 473883 e: uk. w: Maker of guis and mandolins. Repairs and pickups specialist. Peter Oxley 2 Larkins Lane, Oxford OX3 9DW t: 01865 741909. Makes modern bows. Specialises in restoration of 19th C French bows. Buys and sells French bows. Martin Pennin 41b Lower Keyford, Frome BA11 4AR t:

07810 890108 e: info@mpenning-luthier. w: Handmade insts for the vn family. Also specialists in restoration of quality instruments of vn family. Anthony Perry 3 Cheswell Cl, Compton, Wolverhampton WV6 8AS t: 01902 755610 e: anthony@ w: uk. Maker of vns and vas, repairs, bow rehairs, strs, accs. Peter Dodge Violin Maker The Pottery, Twentypence Rd, Wilburton, Ely CB6 3RA t: 01353 741353. Maker of vns, vas and vcs. Philip Brown Violins 85a Northbrook St, Newbury RG14 1AE t: 01635 35465 e: philip-brown@ w: Sale and manufacture of vns, vcs and vas. Maker of period bows. Pilgrim Harps Stansted House, Tilburstow Hill, South Godstone RH9 8NA t: 01342 893242 f: 01342 892646 e: w: Concert grand, pedal and non-pedal hps. Restoration, servicing, str, mus, insurance, accs. Rudolf Pilsel 88 Attingham Dr, Dudley DY1 3HL t: 07875 603551 e: Maker of vns, vas, vcs and bows. High class restoration work undertaken. William Piper Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Hanbury Rd, Hanbury B60 4BU t: 01527 821181 w: Maker of vns, vas, vcs, mandolins. Also repairs. Myron Procak 15 Raynham Rd, Hempton, Fakenham NR21 7LN t: 01328 862568. Maker of vns, vas, vcs. Student insts available. Repairs and restorations. Open Mon-Sat. Vincent Purcell t: 01547 550622 e: vincent.purcell@ w: Handmade insts for the vn family. Also specialists in restoration of quality instruments of vn family. Ralph Plumb Violin Makers 1 Garland Pl, Hexham NE46 3QG t: 01434 601217; 07811 367900 e: ralph@ w: www. Modern and baroque instruments; restorations. Helmut Rheingans 7 Windses Est, Grindleford, Hope Valley S32 2HY t: 01433 631907 e: w: www. Vns, vas and vcs. Arthur Robb 79 Gloucester Rd, Malmesbury SN16 0AJ t: 01666 822945 e: w: Manufacturer and repairer of lutes, steel str, elec and classical guis. Musical inst plans available from the website. Brian Roche Medway Cottage, Main St, Youlgreave DE45 1UW t: 01629 630099, also fax e: brian@ w: strings 2013 35

STRINGS 2013 - Listings all new.indd 35

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Vn, va and vc making; repair and restoration services for vn, va and vc. Roger Hansell Violins Ltd Leyburn Business Park, Harmby Rd, Leyburn DL8 5QA t: 01969 624643 f: 01969 623048 e: roger@hansellviolins. com. w: Makers of exceptional insts and finest fittings. Roger Williams Guitars Cromwells Meadow, Lichfield WA14 9EW t: 01543 262543 e: w: www. Maker of fine handbuilt classical, flamenco and acoustic guis. Repair and restoration of cherished guis by consultation. French polishing a speciality. Joseph I Ross 22 Ferguson Ave, Pitlochry, Perthshire PH16 5EX t: 01796 473717 e: Maker of vns, vas, vcs, modern and baroque. Also vas d’am, rebecs, hurdy gurdys etc. Some repair work. Ross Violins 24 Park Rd, Port Sunlight, Wirral CH62 4UT t: 0151 644 5414; 07974 849624 e: w: www.rossviolins. Makers, dealers and restorers of insts of the bowed str family for the student to the professional. Wide range of strs, cases, accs; speciality orders on request. Kai-Thomas Roth 16 Coombe Lane, Shepton Mallet BA4 5XD t: 01749 343912, also fax e: info@ w: Maker of bowed stringed insts of all period and modern specifications. Trained at Newark School of Violin Making. Christopher Rowe 20 Pondwell Cl, Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 1QD t: 01983 613280 e: Handmade vns and vas. Prizewinner Cremona, Mittenwald, Paris. Available at selected shops. Elspeth Rowe 20 Pondwell Cl, Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 1QD t: 01983 613280 e: elspethrowe@ Handmade vns and vas. Silver medal Cremona Triennale. Available at selected shops. Jan Shelley 6 Sandheys Terrace, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 7RR t: 0151 928 9698 e: jan.shelley@ w: www.janshelleyviolins. Vns, vas, vcs made and repaired. Bows rehaired and repaired. Valuations. Malcolm Siddall 3 Tremcelynog, Rhandirmwyn, Llandovery SA20 0NU t: 01550 760303. Maker and restorer of vns, vas and vcs. Simon Watkin Violins 2 North Green, Coates, Peterborough PE7 2BQ t: 01733 840235 e: w: Vns, vas, vcs, dbs; repairs, restorations. John W Stagg 10 Christmas Steps, Bristol BS1 5BS t:

0117 925 4538, also fax e: w: www. Bows for vn, va and vc. Expert rehairs and restoration. Starfish Designs (Scotland) Ltd Unit 1 Old Ferry Rd, North Ballachulish, Fort William PH33 6SA t: 01855 821429, also fax e: w: Makers and repairers of celtic hps (26, 31, 34 and 37 str models) and electric bowed insts (vns, vas, vcs). Kelvin Steele Lea Brook House, Lea Wood, Lea Bridge DE4 5AA t: 01629 534558 e: kelvin@ w: Maker of vns, vas, vcs. Bow rehairs and repairs. Instrument repairs and restoration. Stentor Music Co Ltd Albert Rd North, Reigate RH2 9EZ t: 01737 240226 f: 01737 242748 e: info@ w: www.stentor-music. com. Str inst manufacturer: vn, va, vc, db; also distributor of guis, fretted insts, ww and parts and accs. Stephen Robinson Violin Maker 16 Bawdlands, Clitheroe BB7 2JZ t: 01200 427735 w: stephen-robinson. Makes and repairs vns, vas, vcs, modern and baroque. Stephen Sedgwick Luthier The Grove, Three Gates Rd, Fawkham, Longfield DA3 8NZ t: 01474 700357 e: w: www. Maker of bespoke and custom modern fretted instruments. Specialising in hp guis. Open Mon-Fri. George Stoppani 6 Needham Ave, Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester M21 8AA t: 0161 860 7386 e: w: www.stoppani. Str family insts, db. StringWorks Inc 5733 W Packard St, Appleton, WI 54913, USA t: +1 920 830 0928 f: +1 920 830 2206 e: w: www. Handmade vn family stringed insts, cases and bows, available exclusively through StringWorks and available throughout UK and Europe. Professionally set up and play-tested, with insts for all playing levels and many of the finest contemporary makers. Ewen Thomson Channerwick, Shetland ZE2 9HY t: 01950 422403 e: thomsonviolins@tiscali. w: Maker, restorer and supplier of vn family. Bow rehairs and sales. Brian Tunnicliffe Flat 11 St Edmunds Gate, 49 St Edmunds Church St, Salisbury SP1 1FD t: 01722 416237; 0777 599 7636 e: brian@ w: www. Bowmaker for vn, va, vc and db, and the baroque family of bows. Restoration and rehairing. Violectra 2a Tudor Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8HA t: 0121 693 1214 f: 0121 693 0933

e: w: www.violectra. Makers of electric vns, vas, vcs and dbs. Also Coda, Arcus, Collegno, Hider carbon bows; cases and accs. Roland AER amplification; Fishman, Barcus Berry, LR Baggs, BTS, Shadow pick-ups/transducers. Alan Ward St Andrews, 27 Plomer Hill, Downley, High Wycombe HP13 5JG t: 01494 523371 e: w: Modern and baroque vn, va, vc maker; commissions handmade to order; restorer, repairer. Roderick R Ward 11 Silver St, Guilden Morden, Royston SG8 0JT t: 01763 852377 e: ward@wardviolins. com. w: Vn, va, vc maker; hand made conductor’s batons. William John Violins 283 Boston Manor Rd, Brentford TW8 9LG t: 020 8568 2757; 07763 232397 e: w: www. Maker and restorer of vns, vas, vcs; also old vns. Christopher Wilson 6 Barmstedt Dr, Oakham LE15 6RG t: 01572 759344. Maker of vns and vas. Distinction for viola tone, Facta Britannia 1985. Repairs.

Period instrument manufacturers

Affourtit Historical Bows Kasteellaan 28, 1628 KP Hoorn, Netherlands t: +31 229 503193 f: +31 6 51127566 e: pieter@affourtit-bowmaker. com. w: Merion David Attwood 9 Orchard Cl, Lea, Ross-on-Wye HR9 7LE t: 01989 750591 e: instruments@ w: Viols, vns, vas, vcs, early bows. Paul Baker 21 Oakfield Ave, Kingswinford DY6 8HJ t: 01384 295210 e: w: Medieval and renaissance plucked and bowed strs, hurdy-gurdies. Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris 11a Peacock Yard, London SE17 3LH t: 020 7703 9978; 07785 272979 e: w: www. Makers of lutes, archlutes, theorbos, chitarroni, vihuelas, citterns and early guis. Border Harps Waterloo Cottages, Letton, Hereford HR3 6DN t: 01544 327352, also fax e: w: www. Non-pedal hps, hp kits, parts and strs. Martin Bowers 101 Wantz Rd, Maldon CM9 5DD t: 01621 853376 e: martinbowers@ Chitarrones, theorbos, archlutes, liuto attiorbato, renaissance and baroque lutes, guis, vn family, oud. Repairs and restorations. Gary Bridgewood 146 Stoke Newington Church St, London

N16 0JU t: 020 7249 9398 f: 020 7275 9330 e: w: www. Makers, repairers and dealers in modern and baroque vns, vas, vcs, bs, vas da g, violone and bows. Strs for period insts. Neil W Brook 1 Shire Bank Cres, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9QE t: 01772 774650 e: nwbrook@gmail. com. w: Hurdy gurdy, symphonie. Busy Mole Music 3 Enfield Cl, Hilton, Derby DE65 5HT t: 01283 730602 e: uk. w: Makers of small harps and lyres. Also suppliers of early music insts, recorded and sheet music. Brian Cohen Soundpost, The Old Glassworks, Alexandra Pl, Guildford GU1 3QH t: 01483 456422, also fax e: strings@ w: www.violinsandcellos. com. Guis, lutes, vas da gamba, vns, vcs, dbs. Alan Crumpler 12 Buttercross Arcade, Leominster HR6 8BN t: 01568 613477, also fax e: alan@ Early str insts, medieval fiddles, organistrum; symphony, renaissance and earlier hps; early bows. Roger Doe Mount St Laurence, High St, Cranbrook TN17 3EW t: 01580 712330 e: roger@ w: www. Bows for baroque and classical insts, including viols. Early Music Shop Salts Mill, Victoria Rd, Saltaire BD18 3LA t: 01274 288100 f: 01274 596226 e: w: www. Viols, lutes, hps, rebecs, psalteries (bowed and plucked), medieval fiddles, baroque vns, dulcimers, hurdy-gurdies; also available in kit form. David Van Edwards The Smokehouse, 6 Whitwell Rd, Norwich NR1 4HB t: 01603 629899 e: w: www. Medieval, renaissance and baroque lutes, chitarrones and theorbos; renaissance and baroque bows for vn, va da g inst families. Robert Eyland 6 Birchwood Cl, Totnes TQ9 5GB t: 01803 864040; 07714 314902 f: 01803 868014 e: Vas da gamba. Sylvie & James Fawcett Brookside Cottage, Thornham Magna, Eye IP23 8HH t: 01379 788130 w: www. Make, repair and restore vns, vas, vcs in modern and period form. Michael J King t: 07590 466485 e: emj@michaeljking. com. w: Anglosaxon lyres, wire-strung hps, Finnish-style kanteles, Welsh crwths, ukuleles, Icelandic langpil, epinettes des Vosges, stick dulcimers. Musical inst plans, CD and book available. Shem Mackey 8 Abbot’s Hill, Ramsgate t: 01843 852726,

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VIOLA, VIOLIN (4/4), VIOLIN (1/2 - 3/4 ) AND MINI (1/8 - 1/4)

VIOLA, VIOLIN (4/4), AND VIOLIN (1/2 - 3/4)



VIOLA, VIOLIN (4/4), VIOLIN (1/2 - 3/4 ) AND MINI (1/4 - ALL 1/16S)






VIOLIN (4/4)



VIOLIN (4/4)



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also fax e: w: Maker of va da g; baroque vn, va, vc, db, va d’amore and baryton. Repair, restoration and bow rehair. Matthew Coltman Violin Bowmakers 153 Acton Lane, Chiswick, London W4 5HN t: 020 8742 7934, also fax e: w: Bowmaker, specialising in baroque, classical and modern vn, va and vc bows. Also strs and accs, rehairs and repairs. Aleth Michel 12 Wellington Ave, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5HP t: 0117 942 , also fax e: w: http:// Modern, baroque and transitional vns and vas. Models after Amati, Gagliano, Guadagnini, Guarneri, Stradivarius and own designs. Also bow rehairs and repairs. Owen Morse-Brown 2 Little Snarlton Farm, Snarlton Lane, Melksham SN12 7QP t: 01225 704525 e: w: www. Viols, lironi, barytons. Medieval and renaissance bowed strs inc hurdy gurdy. Northern Renaissance Instruments 6 Needham Ave, Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester M21 8AA t: 0161 881 8134, also fax e: w: www. Strs and varnish materials, lutes, viols, guis, citterns, bandoras, orpharions and rebecs. Steffen Nowak 75 Sylvia Ave, Bristol BS3 5BU t: 0117 977 7141 e: w: Vn, va, vc, baroque and modern. Joseph M O’Kelly 2 Middleton Rd, London E8 4BL t: 020 7254 7074 e: Baroque lutes and guis, ouds, theorbos, vihuelas, chitarrones, calasciones. Also restoration. Oakwood Instruments 8 Ladywood Rd, Leeds LS8 2QF t: 0113 265 8585 f: 0113 293 3011 e: workshop@ w: www. Hps, hammer dulcimers, guis, citterns, mandolins, banjos, bouzoukis, mandolas, electric insts. Peter Voigt Ltd 71 High St, Lindfield RH16 2HN t: 01444 483206, also fax.Vn family insts. Pilgrim Harps Stansted House, Tilburstow Hill Rd, South Godstone RH9 8NA t: 01342 893242 f: 01342 892646 e: info@ w: www.pilgrimharps. Non-pedal and pedal hps, accs, strs, mus, hire and servicing. Insurance. Rene Slotboom Odijkerweg 4, NL-3709 JH Zeist e: w: www. Historical bowed insts. Arthur Robb 79 Gloucester Rd, Malmesbury SN16 0AJ t: 01666 822945 e: w: Renaissance lutes and

modern guis and repairs. Also sell plans for renaissance lutes, 5 types of gui, psaltery, dulcimers, octave mandola. Joseph I Ross 22 Ferguson Ave, Pitlochry, Perthshire PH16 5EX t: 01796 473717 e: Vns, vas, vcs, vas d’am, rebecs, hurdy gurdies etc. George PJ Stevens 11 Ness Rd, Lydd, Romney Marsh TN29 9DR t: 01797 320152 e: info@ w: www. Plucked insts from the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods, eg lutes, early guis, hps, lyres, gitterns, citterns. George Stoppani 6 Needham Ave, Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester M21 8AA t: 0161 860 7386 e: w: www.stoppani. Period vns, vas, vcs, bs vns, violoni. Gut strs for period insts.

SpecialiSt dealerS

Academy Violins 29 Lansdown Pl, Lewes BN7 2JU t: 01273 473278 e: w: Vns, vas, vcs. AC Guitars Causeway St, Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland t: 07754 502366 e: w: www. Handcrafted guis and basses; sales of ACG EQ02 filter pre-amp. Aguilera Guitars 175 Edward St, Brighton BN2 0JB t: 01273 673200 w: Handmade flamenco guis, cajons, ukuleles, mandolins, bouzoukis, classical and steelstrung guis. Repairs, set-ups; lessons. Alan G Hopkin Strings Eden House, Mill Lane, Ellastone, Ashbourne DE6 2HF t: 01335 324242; 07773 352993 e: w: www.alanhopkinstrings. Vns, vas, vcs, bows; valuations. Andrew Hooker Violins Christchurch House, Rode Hill, Bath BA11 6PS t: 01373 831464 e: w: www. Vns, vas, vcs, bows, accs. Repairs, valuations. Andrew Riley Violins 192 High St, Egham TW20 9ED t: 01784 470775 e: w: Vns, vas, vcs, bows, strs, cases, accs. Online sales at www. Ayres Violins 69-71 School Lane, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6WN t: 0161 448 1860, also fax e: w: www. Vns, vas, vcs, dbs, bows, strs, accs, cases; repairs, sales and purchases. Bailey Violins Elgar Cottage, Old Hill, Longhope, Gloucestershire GL17 0PF t: 01452 831522 e: w: Antique vns and vcs.

Bow Brand International Highgate, Kings Lynn PE30 1PT t: 01553 772943 f: 01553 762887 e: w: www. Manufacturers of natural gut and bass wire strs for hp. The Bristol Violin Shop 12 Upper Maudlin St, Bristol BS2 8DJ t: 0117 925 9990 f: 0117 925 0033 e: sales@ w: Makers and repairers of bowed str insts; insts bought and sold; bows, accs; advice, insurance. Cardiff Violins 15-23 The Balcony, Castle Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BY t: 029 2022 7761 f: 029 2025 7034 e: w:; www.cardiffviolins. com. Vns, vas, vcs, dbs, bows and accs. Caswell’s Strings The Old Chapel, Banbury Rd, Brackley NN13 6BA t: 01280 707140 f: 01280 707142 e: w: Insts, bows; also strs, cases, accs. Free m/order cat. Classic Violins 1 Northfields, Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells TN3 0PL t: 01892 870319 f: 01892 870966 e: Vns, vas, vcs, dbs, bows (baroque, classical and modern); also restorations, valuations. Chevalets Despiau Route de Cazeaux, F-32200 Gimont, France t: +33 5 62 67 80 44 f: +33 5 62 67 83 62 w: Complete range of bridges. Colchester Strings 19 Wivenhoe Buiness Centre, Brook St, Colchester CO7 9DP t: 01206 820770. The Contrabass Shoppe Ltd 33 Clarence Rd, Hersham, Walton-onThames KT12 5JY t: 01932 248900, also fax e: w: www. Sells dbs and accs. Cremona House Violin Shop 7 Perry Rd (Park Row), Bristol BS1 5BQ t: 0117 926 4617, also fax e: contact@ w: www. Vns, vcs, vas; repairs; valuations, old insts bought and sold; bows, accs; advice, insurance. Also m/order and sheet music service (cat). Daniel Bristow Violins 54 Long St, Tetbury GL8 8AQ t: 01666 503946 e: bristowviolinstetbury@yahoo. w: Insts of the vn family bought, sold, restored and made to order. DE Vernon Violins 898 Chester Rd, Stretford, Manchester M32 0PA t: 0161 865 7438 f: 0161 865 7650 e: w: Dealers, restorers and makers of fine vns, vas, vcs, dbs and bows. Edward Gaut Violins 6 Chatsworth Rd, Arnos Vale, Bristol BS4 3EY t: 0117 307 9785 e: enquiries@ w: www. Maker of vn, va, vc

and baroque insts, restoration, rentals, sales. Evans-Pughe Strings of Hitchin Ltd 24 Bucklersbury, Hitchin SG5 1BG t: 01462 426012 f: 01462 426013 e: sales@ w: Frederick Phelps Ltd Dealers in Fine Violins 34 Conway Rd, London N14 7BA t: 020 8482 3887 f: 020 8882 2006 e: w: www. Gallery Strings North Rise, 7a Martineau Lane, Hastings TN35 5DS t: 01424 814105 e: info@ w: www.gallerystrings. com. Dbs and accs. Guitarnotes Spanish Guitar Centre, 44 Nottingham Rd, New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7AE t: 0115 962 2709 f: 0115 962 5368 e: w: www. Guis, gui music, accs, m/ order. Guy Chapman Violins 2 The Croft, Chyngton Lane, Seaford BN25 4BS t: 01323 899763 e: Hart’s Violins Pine Lodge, 27 Seafield Cl, Barton on Sea, New Milton BH25 7HR t: 01425 620557 e: w: www. Supplier, dealer and repairer of vns, vas, vcs and bows; strs and accs in stock. Hexham Violin Shop 27 Hencotes, Hexham NE46 2EQ t: 01434 607897 e: mail@hexham-violins. w: Vns, vas, vcs, dbs and bows, strs, accessories. Bow re-hairing service. Vn maker, repairer and restorer. Hey Presto Strings 42 Dovecote Rd, Bromsgrove B61 7BP t: 01527 879663 e: info@heyprestostrings. com f: Sheet music, books and teaching materials for violinists and str groups. Hill & Co 5 High St, Welwyn AL6 9EE t: 01438 715849 f: 01438 718930 e: hillviolins@ w: Vn family insts and bows; restoration and repairs. J & A Beare Ltd 30 Queen Anne St, London W1G 8HX t: 020 7307 9666 f: 020 7307 9651 e: w: Vns, vas, vcs. Jargar Strings ApS Sortedam Dossering 59, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark t: +45 3537 4015 f: +45 3537 4013 e: w: Production of high quality strs for bowed insts. Jeremy Ard Violins and Guitars Pasturewood, 24 School Rd, Necton, Swaffham PE37 8HT t: 01760 723005; 07941 005910 e: w: Sales, repairs and

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restorations for all members of the vn and gui families. Full range of accs stocked; educ discount available. John Carpenter Violins 66 Bryn Rd, Loughor SA4 6PR t: 01792 891557 e: sales@johncarpenterviolins. w: www.johncarpenterviolins. Bow rehairing, inst repair, advice, valuations, purchases and sales. JP Guivier & Co Ltd 99 Mortimer St, London W1W 7SX t: 020 7580 2560 f: 020 7436 1461 e: w: Insts, bows and accs of the vn family; restoration. Maryport Musical Instruments 51 Senhouse St, Maryport CA15 6BL t: 01900 813088, 01900 814840 e: Vn shop: sales, repairs and rentals. Maureen Morrison Fine Cellos and Bows t: 07971 250822 w: www. Peter Oxer t: 020 8427 7233 e: w: oxer/peter.htm. Broad range of bows. Peter Vel Fine String Instruments and Bows 164 Camden Rd, London NW1 9HJ t: 020 7813 7981 f: 020 7267 3418 e: v@ w: Str insts; repairs, adjustments. Roger Claridge Violins 23 Poplar Rd, Botley, Oxford OX2 9LA t: 01865 725530 e: roger_claridge@hotmail. com. Inst and bows carefully selected and tonally adjusted. Restorations, repairs and rehairs. Rutland Strings The Cedars, New Rd, Ryhall, Stamford PE9 2DP t: 01780 756806 e: info@ w: www. Antique French, Italian, German and English vns, vas, vcs, dbs and bows. Bought, sold and exchanged. Free valuations. Sandarac Ltd The Old Dairy, Brickwall Farm, Queen St, Sible Hedingham, Halstead CO9 3RH t: 01787 436039 e: uk. w: Handcrafted European str insts: vns, vas, vcs, dbs, guis, set-ups, repairs, accs. San Domenico Stringed Instruments 249 Cathedral Rd, Cardiff CF11 9PP t: 029 2023 5881 f: 029 2034 4510 e: w: Fine vns, vcs, bows, accs; bow rehairs, restoration, insurance, expert appraisals. Savarez SA 5 ave Barthélemy Thimonnier, BP 133, F-69643 Caluire Cedex, France t: +33 4 37 40 32 00 f: +33 4 37 40 62 10 e: w: Manufacturer of Corelli strings for vn, va, vc and db; maker of Bernardel rosin.

Simon Dubber Violins 442 Thorney Leys, Witney OX28 5PJ t: 01993 772587 e: simon@ w: www. Vns, vas, vcs, dbs; bows and accs; repairs, restorations. Student insts for hire; insts appraised/ valued; insts offered for sale on consignment; rehairs. Sotheby’s Musical Instruments Dept, 34-35 New Bond St, London W1A 2AA t: 020 7293 5342 f: 020 7293 5942 e: tim.ingles@ w: Vn dealers and auctioneers. Spanish Guitar Centre 103 Coldharbour Rd, Westbury Park, Bristol BS6 7SD t: 0117 942 0479 f: 0117 914 6685 e: spanishguitar.bristol@virgin. net w: Insts, music; also tuition. Stentor Music Co Ltd Albert Rd North, Reigate RH2 9EZ t: 01737 240226 f: 01737 242748 e: info@ w: www.stentor-music. com. Wholesale specialist str inst supplier; also br, ww and gui. Stringers in London 79a York St, London W1H 1QQ t: 020 7224 9099 f: 020 7724 4338 e: info@ w: www. Str inst specialists, beginner to professional level. M/order service; restoration w/shops on site. Stringers of Edinburgh 13 York Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3EB t: 0131 557 5432 f: 0131 557 6999 e: info@ w: www. Str inst specialists, beginner to professional level; specialist children’s/educ dept; m/order service. Restoration w/shops on site. Strings of Penn Elm Rd, Penn HP10 8LB t: 01494 819966 e: w: Stringworks 37 Clifton Rd, Bangor BT20 5EP t: 028 9147 1886; 07905 389573 e: richard@ w: www.stringworks. Orch str inst specialists; repairs, bow rehairs. Tarquin Bolton Violins 33 Quebec St, Langley Park, Durham DH7 9UU t: 0191 373 4906 e: tarquin_ Vns, vas, vcs. Tayler Strings Gabriel House, Darland, Rossett LL12 0BA t: 01244 571990 f: 01244 571995 e: w: Dealers in fine vns, vas, vcs and bows. Also restoration and repairs. Thomastik-Infeld GmbH Diehlgasse 27, A-1051 Wien, Austria t: +43 1 545 12 62 f: +43 1 545 12 62 213 e: w: www. Manufacturer of strings for vn family. Thwaites Fine Stringed Instruments 33 Chalk Hill, Watford WD19 4BL t:

01923 232412 f: 01923 232463 e: w: www.thwaites. com. Vns, vas, vcs, dbs, bows, cases, strs, accs. Repairs, restorations, bow rehairs, valuations and appraisals, student rental, pro hire. Tom Woods Cellos t: 020 7362 1812 e: tom@tomwoodscellos. com. w: Rare vcs. Turner Violins Ltd 1-5 Lily Grove, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1QL t: 0115 943 0333 f: 0115 943 0444 e: w: www. Vns, vas, vcs, dbs, bows, accs; repairs, valuations, rentals, export, commission, consultations. Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm. Turner Violins Ltd 1 Gibb St, off Digbeth High St, Birmingham B9 4AA t: 0121 772 7708 f: 0121 772 8540 e: birmingham@ w: www.turnerviolins. Vns, dbs, vas, vcs, bows, accs; repairs, valuations, rentals, export, commission. Open 9.30am-5.30pm. Vintage Strings 77 Perth Rd, Dundee DD1 4HY t: 01382 226415, also fax e: uk. w: Acoustic str inst retailers; accs. Vn family repairs and restorations. The Violin Shop 7-11 Blackie St, Yorkhill, Glasgow G3 8TN t: 0141 339 8078 e: info@ w: www. New and old vns, vas, vcs, dbs and bows; accs inc cases and strs. Repair and restoration service, bow rehairing. M/order service available. Graham Welsh 61 Reform St, Dundee, DD1 1SP e: w: www. Vn maker and dealer. Adam Whone 86 Mill Hill Rd, London W3 8JJ t: 020 8992 0619 f: 020 8992 8891 e: info@ w: www.adamwhone. Vn restorers, makers and dealers; valuations and sales. Also vas, vcs and bows.

UK competitions ensembles

Parkhouse Award c/o GBZ Management, PO Box 11845, London SE21 8ZS t: 020 8761 6565 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to piano with str ens, from duo to piano quartet. Upper age limit 32. Dates: Apr. Closing date: 1 Dec. St Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Music Competition t: 020 7766 1130 e: chambermusic@ w: www.stmartin-in-the-fields. org/music/chamber-music-competition Eligibility: Open to acoustic classical ensembles based in the UK with between 3 and 8 members, aged between 18 and 30 years on the date of entry. Dates: Mar. Closing date: 1 Feb.

Wigmore Hall International String Quartet Competition Wigmore Hall, 36 Wigmore St, London W1U 2BP t: 020 7258 8244 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to str quartets of all nationalities, members aged 35 or under on the date of the final. Dates: 22-29 Mar 2015. Closing date: Sept 2014 for 2015 competition. York Early Music International Young Artists Competition York Early Music Festival, National Centre for Early Music, off Walmgate, York YO1 9TL t: 01904 632220 f: 01904 612631 e: w: www.ncem. Eligibility: Aged between 17 and 35 yrs on 13 Jul 2013, minimum of 2 members; playing repertory from the Middle Ages to 19th C on period insts. Dates: 11-13 Jul 2013.


BBC Young Musician of the Year Cardiff CF5 2YQ t: 02920 323900 e: w: Eligibility: Open to UK residents aged 18 and under on 1 Jan 2014. Must have gr 8 (or equivalent). Dates: Competition rounds are held between Sep 2013-May 2014. Closing date: July 2013. Bromsgrove Festival International Young Musicians’ Platform Bromsgrove Festival YMP, c/o L G Harris & Co Ltd, Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcs B60 4AE t: 01527 575441 f: 01527 574651; 01527 575366 e: w: Eligibility: Solo instrumentalists (exc org), 17-25 yrs; singers 17-28 yrs; conservatoire entrance level. Dates: Apr. Closing date: Mar. Caerphilly County Borough Council Schools’ Young Musician of the Year Competition Caerphilly Music Service, Coed Cae Ddu Rd, Pontllanfraith, Blackwood NP12 2DA t: 01495 228948 f: 01495 227058 e: Eligibility: Open to those attending a Caerphilly County Borough Council secondary school or college. Max age of 19 at competition. Dates: Mar. Closing date: Jan. Eastbourne Symphony Orchestra Young Soloist Competition 7 Prideaux Rd, Eastbourne BN21 2NW t: 01323 724763 e: w: Eligibility: Soloists of any nationality aged under 24. Dates: JanFeb. Closing date: 1 Dec. Essex Young Musician of the Year White House, Noon’s Folly, Newmarket Rd, Royston, Herts SG8 7NG t: 01763 248342 e: uk. w: Eligibility: Open to singers and instrumentalists (not organists) living, attending school or born in Essex. Dates: Takes place over two Sundays at the end of June each year. strings 2013 39

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Gloucestershire Young Musician Colwell Arts Centre, Derby Rd, Gloucester GL1 4AD t: 01452 330300 e: w: Eligibility: Gr 8+ on ww, br, strs, pno or orch perc; see website for full list of criteria. Dates: 1st round in Jan; final in Mar. Closing date: Previous Dec. Gregynog Young Musician of the Year 3 Brynteg, Bettws Cedewain, Newtown, Powys SY16 3DU t: 01686 650105 e: w: www. gregynogyoungmusicianscompetition. Eligibility: Any orch inst eligible including pno, gui, rcdr and perc. No lower age limit but entrants should not have been born before 31 Aug 1993. Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition 8 Templars Ct, Haverhill CB9 9AJ t: 01440 763799, also fax e: info@ w: www. Eligibility: No age limit and nationality. Diploma standard candidates. Dates: 28 Sep 2013. Closing date: 22 Aug 2013. Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod Eisteddfod Office, 1st Floor, Royal International Pavilion, Llangollen LL20 8SW t: 01978 862000 f: 01978 862002 e: w: Dates: 9-14 Jul 2013. London International Music Competition 78 Warwick Ave, Edgware HA8 8UJ t: 020 8958 5206 e: w: Eligibility: Open to all ages and nationalities. Dates: Aug 2014. Norfolk Young Musician Competition Michael Badminton Young Musicians Trust, Victoria House, 215 College Rd, Norwich NR2 3JD t: 01603 504301 e: w: http://www. Eligibility: Open to those resident, working or in f/t educ in Norfolk; max age 21 (25 for singers), not engaged f/t as perf or teacher of music, and gr 8 with merit or equivalent. Dates: Jan. Closing date: Previous Dec. Philip & Dorothy Green Award for Young Concert Artists 2-4 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3NW t: 020 7422 8280 f: 020 7422 8299 e: w: www. Eligibility: Instrumentalists 27 and under, singers aged 31 or under (on 1 Sep of corresponding year). EU and Commonwealth citizens based in the UK. Candidates should have completed f/t educ and be embarking on professional careers. Dates: Feb. PWC Jersey Young Musician of the Year Competition Education, PO Box 142, St Saviour, Jersey JE4 8QJ t: 01534 832230 f: 01534 618510 e: Eligibility: Open to all

musicians residing in Jersey under 19 years of age on 1 Sep). Min gr 6 level or equivalent. Dates: Heats: Feb; finals: Mar. Closing date: Previous Nov. Royal Over-Seas League Annual Music Competition ROSL Arts, Royal Over-Seas League, Park Pl, St James’s St, London SW1A 1LR t: 020 7408 0214 ext 324 f: 020 7499 6738 e: w: uk. Eligibility: Open to UK and Commonwealth citizens aged 30 or under. For solo awards: kb, strs, wind/perc, singers; 2 awards for chmbr ens (strs, strs and pno or pno duo/duet; wind, perc, vocal or mixed ens); also award for accomps. Tunbridge Wells International Young Concert Artists Competition TWIYCA Competition Office, PO Box 10, Tunbridge Wells TN2 5ZQ t: 07501 693889 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to those aged 17-27. Dates: Jul 2014. Closing date: 28 Feb 2014. The Two Moors Festival Young Musicians Platform Accott Manor, Brayford, Barnstaple EX32 7PJ t: 01271 830760 e: liz.pile@ w: www. Eligibility: Open to musicians aged 18 and under on 1 Jan who live or attend school in Gloucs, Wilts, Bristol, Avon, Dorset, Somerset, Devon or Cornwall. Dates: First round: Mar; second round May. Closing date: 31 Jan. Young Artists Platform PO Box 771, Kenton, Exeter EX6 8XA t: 0845 070 4969, also fax e: info@ w: www. Eligibility: Open to musicians residing or studying f/t in UK who already hold u/g performer’s diploma from a recognised British conservatoire, or equivalent qualification. Age limits: 20-25 (inst soloists), 23-28 (singers); ens of up to 6 players, all within same age limits. Dates: Feb. Closing date: Previous Nov. Young Concert Artists Trust 23 Garrick St, London WC2E 9BN t: 020 7379 8477 f: 020 7379 8467 e: info@ycat. w: Eligibility: Open to instrumentalists aged under 28, singers under 30. Dates: Feb-Apr (auditions); May (final). Closing date: Previous Dec.


Kenneth Page Foundation 11 Bay Hill, Ilminster TA19 0AT t: 01460 55885 e: w: Eligibility: Open to any str player aged under 25 on 1 Apr. Dates: Apr. Closing date: 3 weeks before date of competition. Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition The Secretariat, Erin Arts Centre, Victoria Sq, Port Erin, Isle of Man IM9 6LD t: 01624 835858 f: 01624 836658 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to va players of any nationality, aged 30 and under on last day of competition. Dates: Mar. Closing date: Oct. Windsor Festival International String Competition c/o Martin Denny Management, Windsor Festval Society Ltd, 11 High St, Windsor SL4 1LD t: 01753 832896 e: rosemary@ w: www.wfinternationalstringcompetition. com. Eligibility: Open to outstanding vn, vla and vc players aged between 16-26 on 1 Dec prior to competition. Dates: Mar. Closing date: 1 Dec.

international competitions ensembles

Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition / Chamber Music Australia Chamber Music Australia, PO Box 325, South Yarra, Victoria 3141 t: +61 3 9682 3411 f: +61 3 9682 3422 e: cma@ w: www. Eligibility: Combined age of ensemble must not exceed 90 yrs (piano trios), 120 yrs (str quartets) as of 8 July 2013. Applications to enter the Competition may be made by persons of Australian or Asia-Pacific nationality only. Dates: 8-14 Jul 2013. Banff International String Quartet Competition The Banff Centre, PO Box 1020, Station 28 Tunnel Mtn Drive, Banff, Alberta T1L 1H5 t: +1 403 762 6180 f: +1 403 762 6345 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to str quartets of all nationalities whose members are under the age of 35 on 1 Sep 2013. Dates: 26 Aug-1 Sep 2013. Charles Hennen Concours: International Chamber Music Competition for Strings p/a Muziekschool Heerlen, Postbus 1, NL-6400 AA Heerlen t: +31 45 577 22 50 f: +31 45 577 22 92 e: w: Eligibility: Open to str chamber music ensembles of all nationalities. Total age of trio must not exceed 81 yrs (individual max 29); total age of quartet must not exceed 108 yrs (individual max 29). Dates: Apr. Closing date: 1 Feb. Coleman Chamber Ensemble Competition 225 S Lake Ave, Suite 300, Pasadena, CA 91101 t: +1 626 793 4191 f: +4 818 341 9466 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to non-professional US chamber ensembles (str ww and br, 3-6 players) under the direction of a coach. Applicants must have valid US social security number or US tax ID and must be aged under 28 as of 27 Apr 2013. Dates: Apr. Closing date: Feb.

Concours International de Musique de Chambre - Lyon 6 rue Auguste Comte, F-69002 Lyon t: +33 4 72 41 83 30 e: w: Eligibility: Open to artists of all nationalities, under 32 years old. Dates: Apr. Closing date: 31 Jan. Gaetano Zinetti International Chamber Music Competition w: Eligibility: Open to chamber groups (duo-sextet, with or without pno) of all nationalities. Dates: 25-30 Jun 2013. International JOSEPH JOACHIM Chamber Music Competition Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar, Wettbewerbsbüro, Platz der Demokratie 2/3, PF 2552, D-99406 Weimar t: +49 3643 555 150 f: +49 3643 555 170 e: w: joachim Eligibility: For str trio, str quartet, str quintet, pno trio, pno quartet, pno quintet. Ages up to 35. Dates: 2015. International String Quartet Competition: Premio Paolo Borciani c/o Teatro Municipale Valli, Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio, I-42121 Reggio Emilia t: +39 0522 458811 f: +39 0522 458822 e: w: www. Eligibility: Total age of ensembles may not exceed 128. Dates: 8-15 Jun 2014. Closing date: 31 Jan 2014. International Van Wassanaer Competition for Early Music PO Box 15401, NL-1001 MK Amsterdam t: +31 20 626 6944 f: +31 20 622 7118 e: w: www. Eligibility: For baroque music inst and vocal ensembles, max 8 persons per ensemble. An individual musician may participate in max 2 ensembles. No age limit. Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition / Chamber Music Australia Chamber Music Australia, PO Box 325, South Yarra, Victoria 3141 t: +61 3 9682 3411 f: +61 3 9682 3422 e: cma@ w: www. Eligibility: Combined age of ensemble must not exceed 90 yrs (pno trios), 120 yrs (str quartets). Dates: 11-19 Jul 2015. Closing date: 30 Aug 2014. Osaka International Chamber Music Competition Japan Chamber Music Foundation, 2-2-23 Shiromi Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-8510 t: +81 6 6947 2184 f: +81 6 6947 2198 e: w: competition Eligibility: Open to applicants aged 16-35 on the first day of competition. Dates: 13-21 May 2014. Closing date: 15 Oct 2013. Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition Trondheim Kammermusikkfestival, Post box 2666, N-7415 Trondheim t: +47 7352 5813, also fax e:

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Quality Live Music for Events Classical Party Bands Jazz Shows and Acts

Working for corporate and private clients throughout the UK

01784 409654


Algarve Villa Owners Limited

SP 28th ECIAL Mar OFFE ch RS A (min NY du 2nd M r Villa imum ation ay one Bell w a San ~ Bally eek) ÂŁ49 ta Barb hale ~ a 5 pe r we ra ek

For the past 35 years we have specialised in providing holidays to our two, three, four and five bedroom villas, exclusively in and around Carvoeiro – one of the prettiest resorts on the Algarve. Many of our clients return to us each year because they enjoy Portugal, love Carvoeiro and know our villas are wonderful.

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Algarve Villa Owners Ltd 4 Foxgrove Avenue Beckenham Kent BR3 5BA Tel: 01747 830 769 Fax: 01747 830 112

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w:; Eligibility: Open to str quartets of all nationalities. Dates: 24-29 Sep 2013. Closing date: 20 Apr 2013. Vittorio Gui International Chamber Music Competition Associazione Concorsi e Rassegne Musicali, Teatro Comunale di Firenze, Via Solferino, 15, I-50123 Firenze t: +39 055 2779 446, also fax; +39 393 27371 76 e: info@ Eligibility: Average age of group under 33 on closing date. Dates: tbc.


ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards PO Box 1145, Darlinghurst, NSW 1300 t: +61 2 8622 9482 f: +61 2 8622 9422 e: w: au/tv/ypa/ Eligibility: Must be aged under 30 and permanent Australian resident or citizen. 3 categories: str, kb, other inst. Closing date: Dec. ARD International Music Competition Bayerische Rundfunk, Rundfunkplatz 1, D-80335 Munich t: +49 89 5900 2471 f: +49 89 5900 3573 e: ard. w: Eligibility: Open to musicians of all nations, born between 1984 and 1996. Dates: 2-20 Sep 2013. Carl Nielsen International Music Competitions Odense Symphony Orchestra, Claus Bergs Gade 9, DK-5000 Odense C t: +45 63 75 00 55 f: +45 65 91 00 47 e: nielsen@ w: http://nielsen. Eligibility: Open to violinists, clarinettists and flautists under the age of 30, and to organists under 35, of all nationalities. Dates: 30 May-9 Jun 2013. Concert Artists Guild Victor Elmaleh Competition 850 7th Ave, PH-A, New York, NY 10019 t: +1 212 333 5200 f: +1 212 977 7149 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to all solo instrumentalists, chamber groups and singers performing classical and nontraditional repertoire. Suggested age limit 30 for instrumentalists, 35 for singers. Dates: Live rounds in October. Closing date: Apr. Concertino Praga: International Radio Competition for Young Musicians Concertino Praga, Cesky Rozhlas, Vinohradska 12, CR-120 99 Praha 2 t: +420 22 155 1510-2 f: +420 22 155 1512 e: w: www.rozhlas. cz/concertino Eligibility: Open to performers aged 18 or under. Concorso Internazionale ValsesiaMusica Associazione Culturale, Valsesia Musica, Corso Roma, 35 CP n.40, I-13019 Varallo (VC) t: +39 0163 560 020 f: +39 0163 52405 e: w: Eligibility: Open

to pianists and violinists, age limit 37. Dates: May (vn and orch), Sep (pno). Closing date: Mid-Apr (vn and orch); early Aug (pno). European Music Competition Citta di Moncalieri t: +39 0113740321, also fax e: info@ w: Eligibility: Up to age 35, various age categories. Franz Schubert and Modern Music University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Leonhardstr 15, A-8010 Graz t: +43 316 389 1900 f: +43 316 389 1901 e: w: http:// Eligibility: Open to musicians aged 35 and under. Dates: 4-12 Feb 2015. Closing date: Prev Oct. George Enescu International Competition ARTEXIM, Calea Victoriei 155, bl D1, Sc 8 et 2, sect 1, RO-010073 Bucharest t: +40 21 317 8081 f: +40 21 311 0200 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to participants of all nationalities, born after 1 Aug 1980. Dates: 1-11 Sep 2013. Closing date: 1 Jul 2013. Heida Hermanns International Competition Connecticut Alliance for Music, 61 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT 06430 t: +1 203 319 8271 f: +1 203 319 8273 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to ages 19-30 (voice 19-35) who are not nor have been under professional management. Hugo Kauder Competition e: w: www. IBLA Competition for Instrumentalists IBLA International Foundation, 568 Grand St, Suite 2001, New York, NY 10002 t: +1 212 387 0111 e: w: www.ibla. org Eligibility: Open to ww, str, org and accord players. Divided into adult, young, solo, duo, ensemble. Dates: 10-20 Jul 2013. International Competition: Young Musician MTU Noor Muusik, Kitsas 8, EE-11614 Tallinn t: +372 672 0547; +372 5 059055 e: w: Eligibility: For pno, vn, vc soloists aged under 10 or 11-13. Dates: Apr. Closing date: Nov. International Competition for Chamber Music Ensembles with Piano Premio Trio di Trieste Associazione Chamber Music-Trieste, via San Nicolo 7, I-34121 Trieste t: +39 040 3480 598 f: +39 040 3477 959 e: info@ w: www. Eligibility: Average age of ensemble must not exceed 32 on 31 Dec. Dates: May. Closing date: Apr.

International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music in Krakow Institute of Art, Rynek Glowny 8, PL-30042 Krakow t: +48 12 429 4538 f: +48 12 412 7540 e: w: Eligibility: 6 categories: soloist; duo; trio; quartet, quintet, sextet. Dates: Aug-Sep. International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen Am Rathaus 2, D-08258 Markneukirchen t: +49 37422 41160 f: +49 37422 41169 e: instrumentalwettbewerb@markneukirchen. de w: Eligibility: Va and vc players under 30. Dates: May. Closing date: 31 Jan. International Johannes Brahms Competition Hauptstr 205, A-9210 Pörtschach t: +43 4272 3148 e: info@brahmscompetition. org w: Eligibility: Pno, chamber music, vn, va, vc, voice. Dates: 31 Aug-8 Sep 2013. Closing date: 1 Jul 2013. International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig Thomaskirchhof 15/16, D-04109 Leipzig t: +49 341 91 37 3 02 f: +49 341 91 37 3 05 e: w: Eligibility: Age limit 16-32 years. Dates: 2014. International Mozart Competition Schrannengasse 10A, A-5020 Salzburg t: +43 662 6198 2200 f: +43 662 6198 2209 e: w: www.moz. Eligibility: Open to candidates of all nationalities. Dates: 31 Jan-15 Feb 2014. International Music Competition Cologne Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Krahnenbäumen 87, D-50668 Köln t: +49 221 91 28 18 103 f: +49 221 91 28 18 1326 e: w: Dates: 18-27 Sep 2014. Closing date: 15 Jun 2014. International Music Contest Carlo Soliva Via Facino Cane, 35, I-15022 Casale Monterrato (AL) t: +39 0142 55760, also fax e: w: Eligibility: Piano soloist aged up to 18; Massaza Prize Piano soloist aged up to 32; chamber music instrumentalists, no age limit. Dates: Tbc; competition temporarily suspended. International Tchaikovsky Competition t: +1 817 349 6604 f: +1 817 717 8036 e:; Eligibility: Instrumentalists aged between 16-30; singers aged between 19-32. Dates: 15 Jun-4 Jul 2015. Closing date: 1 Dec 2014. International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians t: +41 21 962 80 04 f: +41 21 962 80 01 e:; info@ w: http://www.tchaikovsky. ch/the_competition/index.html Dates: Jun-Jul. Closing date: Mar.

Jeunesses International Piano Competition CP 13-63, Bucharest 13 t: +40 74 075 95 66 f: +40 21 323 66 00 e: office@ w: Eligibility: 3 age categories: up to 14, 18 and 30 yrs. Dates: 18-25 May 2013. Marguerite Long and Jacques Thibaud International Competition 32 ave Matignon, F-75008 Paris t: +33 1 42 66 66 80 f: +33 1 42 66 06 43 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to competitors of all nationalities aged 30 or under. Montreal International Music Competition (MIMC) 305 Mont-Royal East, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1P8 t: +1 514 845 4108 f: +1 514 845 8241 e: w: Eligibility: Candidates must be aged 30 or under on 1 Jan 2013. Dates: 6-17 May 2013. Musica Antiqua International Competition Festival van Vlaanderen-Brugge, t Zand 34, B-8000 Bruges t: +32 50 33 22 83 f: +32 50 34 52 04 e:; w: www. Eligibility: Open to musicians of all nationalities born after 31 Dec 1980. Dates: 1-8 Aug 2013. Naftzger Young Artists Auditions and Music Awards Wichita Symphony Society, 225 W Douglas, Suite 207, Wichita, KS 67202 t: +1 316 267 5259 f: +1 316 267 1937 e: symphony@wso. org w: Eligibility: Open to student residents of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and non-residents enrolled in a college, university or conservatory in those 3 states and working towards a music degree. Dates: 26-27 Apr 2013. Prague Spring International Music Competition Hellichova 18, CR-118 00 Praha 1 t: +420 257 313 033 f: +420 257 313 725 e:; competition@ w: Eligibility: Participants must be born on or after 7 May 1983. Dates: 7-15 May 2013. Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli Competition t: +30 0761 75 65 75, also fax e: w: www. Eligibility: Baroque singers, instrumentalists and musicologists. Dates: Early Oct. Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition 20 Rue aux Laines, B-1000 Brussels t: +32 2 213 4050 f: +32 2 514 3297 e: info@ w: Eligibility: Open to pianists, singers and violinists who have completed their training and are ready to embark on an international career. Sendai International Music Competition 3-27-5 Asahigaoka, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, 981-0904 t: +81 22 727 1872 f: +81 22

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727 1873 e: w: Eligibility: Open to pianists/violinists of any nationality born on or after 1 Jan 1985. Dates: May-Jun 2013. UNISA International Music Competitions Unisa Music Foundation, PO Box 392, UNISA 0003 t: +27 12 429 3344 f: +27 12 429 3644 e: w: Eligibility: Open to instrumentalists of all nationalities aged 29 or under Dates: JanFeb. Closing date: Prev Aug. Valentino Bucchi International Prize Via Ubaldino Peruzzi 20, I-00139 Roma t: +39 06 8720 0121 f: +39 06 8713 1527 e: w: Dates: Nov. Closing date: Oct.


Alberto Curci International Violin Competition Segretaria del Concorso di Violino, Via Nardones 8, I-80132 Napoli t: +39 3313233305 e: competition@ w: www. Dates: Tbc. Bled International Festival for Violin and Viola Alpska 74, SI-4248 Lesce t: +386 4 53 17 610 e: w: www. Dates: July. Closing date: June. Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition Association Quatuors à Bordeaux, Athénée Municipal Boite n°20, 1, place saint Christoly, 33000 BORDEAUX e: bensa_ w: www. Eligibility: Open to ensembles of all nationalities whose members were born after May 1, 1973. The average age of the musicians shall not exceed 33 years on May 1, 2013. Dates: 6-12 May 2013. Concours International de Violon Sion Valais CP 1429, CH-1950 Sion t: +41 27 323 43 17 f: +41 27 323 46 62 e: w: Eligibility: Open to violinists of all nationalities aged 15-32. Dates: Aug. Closing date: Mar. International Competition for Cello Solo Akademia Muzycnzna im Karola Szymanowskiego, Biuro Organizacyjne Konkursu, ul Zacisze 3, PL-40-025 Katowice t: +48 32 785 70 01 e: cello@ w: Eligibility: Age limit 32. International Competition for Violin by Cultural Foundation Hohenlohe c/o Prof Petru Munteanu, Reventlow Str 46, D-22605 Hamburg t: +49 40 880 7983 f: +49 40 881 3149 e: petru. w: www. Eligibility: 3 age groups: under 15, under 18, under 21.

Dates: 22 Aug-2 Sep 2013. Closing date: 15 Jun 2013. International Competition for Young Cellists Antonio Janigro Koncertna direkcija Zagreb, Kneza Mislava 18, HR-1000 Zagreb t: +385 1 45 01 203 f: +385 1 46 11 807 e: info@ w: www.antoniojanigro. hr Eligibility: For cellists under 20. Dates: 2014. Closing date: Sep. International Competition for Young Violinists K Lipinski and H Wieniawski e: w: www. Eligibility: 2 age categories: under 17, 17-25. Dates: 2015. International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition Swietoslawska St 7, PL-61-840 Poznan t: +48 61 852 2642 f: +48 61 852 8991 e: w: www.wieniawski. pl Eligibility: Ages 16-32. International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition Sibelius Academy, PO Box 86, FIN-00251 Helsinki t: +358 40 710 4217 f: +358 20 7539 600 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to violinists of any nationality born after 1985. Dates: 2015. Closing date: Aug 2015. International LOUIS SPOHR Competition for Young Violinists Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar, Wettbewerbsbüro, Platz der Demokratie 2/3, PF2552, D-99406 Weimar t: +49 3643 555 150 f: +49 3643 555 170 e: w: www. Eligibility: 3 categories: ages 10-14, 15-17, 18-21. Dates: 28 Oct-8 Nov 2013. Closing date: 30 Jul 2013. International Max Rostal Competition for Violin and Viola Universität der Künste Berlin, International Max Rostal Competition, Künstlerisches Betriebsbüro, Einsteinufer 43-53, D-10587 Berlin e: w: www. Eligibility: Violinists and violists from all nations must be born after March 25th 1986. Dates: 1 Mar 2015. International Violin Competition: Premio Paganini Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice, Passo Eugenio Montale 4, I-16121 Genova t: +39 010 5381314 f: +39 010 5381 395 e: w: www.carlofelice. it Eligibility: Open to competitors of all nationalities aged 16-30. International Violin Competition: Rodolfo Lipizer Prize Via Don Giovanni Bosco 91, I-34170 Gorizia (GO) t: +39 0481 547863; +39 347 9236285 f: +39 0481 536710 e: w: Eligibility: Violinists of any nationality born after 16 Sep 1978. International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart Maximilianstr 59, D-86150 Augsburg t: +49 821 324 4892 f: +49 821 450 6981 e: w:

Eligibility: Violinists of all nationalities, professional and student, ages 15-30. Dates: 17-28 Apr 2013. International Violin Competition of Indianapolis 32 E Washington, Suite 1320, Indianapolis, IN 46204 t: +1 317 637 4574 f: +1 317 637 1302 e: w: Eligibility: Ages 16-29. Dates: 5-21 Sep 2014. Closing date: 28 February 2014. Isangyun Competition 4th Floor Shinwha Bldg, 1451-19 Sheocho 3 Dong, Seocho Gu, 137-867 Seoul t: +82 2 3474 8315 f: +82 2 3474 8318 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to cellists aged 15-29, exact birth dates to be confirmed. Dates: 2-10 Nov 2013. Closing date: 17 Aug 2013. Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition, Hannover Stiftung Niedersachsen, Künstlerhaus, Sophienstr 2, D-30159 Hannover t: +49 511 990 5418 f: +49 511 9905419 e: w: Eligibility: Ages 16-26. Michael Hill International Violin Competition PO Box 78141, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245 t: +64 9 360 6472 f: +64 9 360-6473 e: w: Eligibility: Open to violinists of all nationalities between the ages of 18 and 28. Dates: 31 May-8 Jun 2013. Pablo Sarasate International Violin Competition Departamento de Cultura y Turismo, Calle Navarreria 39, E-31001 Pamplona t: +34 848 424683 f: +34 848 424728 e: violin@ w: Eligibility: Open to violinists aged 15-27. Paulo International Cello Competition PO Box 1105, FIN-00101 Helsinki t: +358 40 546 7079 e: w: Eligibility: Open to ages 16-30. Dates: April. Closing date: Autumn. Rostropovich Cello Competition ACDA, Cité Internationale des Arts, 18 rue de l’Hotel de Ville, 75004 Paris t: +33 1 40 33 45 38 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to those aged 33 and under, all nationalities. Dates: 2014. Washington International Competition for Strings 5456 Nebraska Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015-1350 e: w: Eligibility: Open to applicants aged 18-28 on competition date who are not under professional mgt. Witold Lutoslawski International Cello Competition t: +48 22 632 84 97 f: +48 22 632 74 19 e: w: www. Eligibility: Open to those aged under 25. Dates: Feb. Closing date: Nov.

Yehudi Menuhin International Competition for Young Violinists 34 West Ave, Worthing BN11 5LT t: +44 20 7193 2528 e: office@ w: www. Eligibility: Open to violinists of any nationality under the age of 22. Dates: 21 Feb-2 Mar 2014. Closing date: 7 Oct 2013.

UK sUmmer schools ensembles

Amadeus Chorus and Orchestra Summer School Foxholes Farm, Alderley, Wotton-u-Edge, Gloucs GL12 7RR t: 07957 257716 f: 0118 970 0816 e: macamadeus@ w: www.amadeusorchestra. For players aged 18-30, min gr 8 (higher for ww, br and perc). Also places for 2 cond (ug). Held in Somerset. Dates: 1420 Jul 2013. Bingham Quartet Chamber Music Weekends 3 Rectory Lane, Wyton PE28 2AQ t: 01480 300153 e: info@binghamquartet. net. w: Open to all ages and abilities; formed quartets only. Non-residential, accommodation list available on request. Dates: Weekends in May and Jul. Charterhouse International Music Festival Charterhouse, Godalming GU7 2DF t: 01483 239621 f: 01483 239610 e:; cimfdirector@aol. com. w: Str, ww and pno course with focus on chmbr music. Daily m/classes and chmbr music coaching sessions; lunchtime and evening concerts. Resident pianists and harpsichordist. Contemporary Chamber Music Course, Cambridge t: 01223 264408 e: info@ w: www. Featuring str quartets of Graham Fitkin and music by British contemporary composers for str chmbr ensembles, as well as str plus pno from ‘Chamber Music 2000’ etc. Course takes place at ‘Castle End Mission’, final concert West Road Concert Hall Cambridge. Course for advanced level pianists (inc composition), and course for advanced level string players aged 11-18. Dates: 23-27 Jul. Elizabeth College (Guernsey) Summer Orchestral Course Champs Verts, Le Mauxmarquis, St Andrews, Guernsey t: 01481 238346 f: 01481 233085 e: w: Open to those aged 9-19 of gr 5 and above standard. All orch and wind insts; 3 orchs, 3 bands. Dates: 19-24 Aug 2013. European Youth Summer Music Festivals House, 198 Park Lane, Macclesfield SK11 6UD t: 01625 428297 f: 01625 503229 e: liz.eysm@ w: www. strings 2013 43

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listings Age 11-21, gr 5+ standard. Summer orch and vocal course for young musicians. Opportunities for jazz, big band, music theatre, chmbr music. Dates: 20-26 Jul 2013. Gloucestershire Summer Orchestral Course Colwell Centre for Arts in Education, Derby Rd, Gloucester GL1 4AD t: 01452 330300 f: 01452 541303 e: brenda. w: www. Min age 8, min gr 1 (jnr course) and gr 5 and above (snr course). Residential orch summer course held in Cheltenham. Dates: Jul. International Chamber Music Summer School t: 07871 610742; 07844 302185 e: liz@ w: Offers a wide range of chmbr music for strs, ww (inc hn) and pno with a unique combination of tutored and informal playing in an idyllic location. Up to 18 sessions tutored by experienced chmbr music players and coaches, plus free time, rooms for music and informal playing. Open to performing musicians of a reasonably high standard, eg amateur musicians who perform in public, students/ young professionals, teachers. Based at Tonbridge School. Dates: 17-24 Aug 2013. Musicale Young Artists’ Programme Homecroft, Sun Lane, Harpenden AL5 4GJ t: 01582 460978 f: 01582 767343 e: w: www.musicale. Ages 12-18, gr 8 diploma. No audition necessary. National residential course held in Harpenden. A symphony orch and wind orch play repertoire backed up with full sectional support, with a final concert appearance for each group in the Harpenden Music Festival. Dates: Aug. MusicWorks (Chamber Courses) 29 Church Rd, Totternhoe LU6 1RE t: 01582 699670 e: musicworksinfo@ w: Age range 14-18, min gr 8 approx. Auditions throughout the year. Twiceyearly residential chmbr music courses for young str players and pianists. Held at Brambletye School, W Sussex. Coached by international team of renowned chmbr musicians. Dates: Jul & Aug. National Chamber Music Course 58 Twyford Ave, London N2 9NL t: 020 8883 7583 e: w: www. For str players aged 10-18. Chmbr music course held at Temple Dinsley, Herts. 2 chmbr ensembles; inst and perf skills classes; orch and choir. Tutors: David Fruehwirth, vn; Gordon Back, pno; Graham Waterhouse, vc/ composition. Dates: Aug. National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain 57 Buckingham Rd, Weston-Super-Mare BS24 9BG t: 01934 418855 e: mail@nco. w: Musical and social development opportunities for

talented young musicians. Players are placed in 1 of 5 age-banded orchs, where they receive high quality tuition on residential courses. All courses culminate in a concert, with the Under 13 and Main Orchs performing as full symphony orchs at major national concert venues, such as Symphony Hall and QEH. Annual audition held in autumn, open to all children aged 7-13. The National Children’s Orchestra of Scotland NYOS, 13 Somerset Pl, Glasgow G3 7JT t: 0141 332 8311 f: 0141 332 3915 e: w: Open to those resident in Scotland, aged 8-21. Residential course providing tuition from professional musicians prior to public perf. The National Youth Chamber Orchestra of Great Britain Homecroft, Sun Lane, Harpenden AL5 4GJ t: 01582 760014 f: 01582 767343 e:; w: For orch players aged 14-18 at gr 8+. Entry by audition during the autumn term for a residential course at Easter. Concerts at major venues around the country later in the yr. Orch directed from leader’s chair by Christopher Hirons. Players play in quartets, a chmbr orch and also National Children’s Sinfonia (10-12 yrs), and the National Children’s Chamber Orchestra (12-15 yrs). Dates: Easter & Jul. National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain Somerset House, South Building, Strand, London WC2R 1LA t: 020 7759 1880 f: 020 7759 1881 e: w: Brings together talented musicians 3 times a year for 2-3 week residential courses followed by concerts in major halls. NYO Composer Courses take place during the main NYO courses. Dates: Dec-Jan, Mar-Apr, Jul-Aug. The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland 13 Somerset Pl, Glasgow G3 7JT t: 0141 332 8311 f: 0141 332 3915 e: info@nyos. w: Open to those born, studying or resident in Scotland; aged 8-25. Residential course for NYOS Junior Orchestra, NYOS Senior Orchestra and NYOS with tuition from experienced tutors followed by public perfs. Additional courses throughout the year. Dates: See website. Oxford Chamber Music Courses 7 Turnpike Rd, Oxford OX2 9JQ t: 01865 863236 e: For any age group. 3-day meetings coached by the Maggini Quartet. Dates: Apr & Aug. Pro Corda International Chamber Music Academy Leiston Abbey House, Theberton, Leiston IP16 4TD t: 01728 831354 f: 01728 832500 e: w: www. Entry by audition. Residential courses for young str players

and pianists aged 8-18 attending twice yearly at preparatory, primary, jr, intermediate and sr levels. Specialist ens tuition under the direction of distinguished musicians. Dates: Various dates throughout the year. Rehearsal Orchestra 60-62 Clapham Rd, London SW9 0JJ t: 020 7820 9994 e: w: www.rehearsal-orchestra. org. For ages 16+, gr 8+ with good sightreading. Advanced orch training for students, young professionals, teachers and experienced players under professional conductors. Wide range of large-scale orch repertoire studied, inc new music. 1 and 2 day courses in London throughout the yr, plus residential week in Edinburgh during the Festival. Dates: Various, throughout the year. Scottish Schools Orchestra Trust 11 Melville Pl, Edinburgh EH3 7PR t: 0131 226 3392, also fax e: admin@sscot. w: Open to those aged 9-15 at gr 2-8 level. Annual 1-week residential activity holiday in Scotland. Orch and wind band playing plus sports, arts, crafts and entertainments. Dates: 8-13 Jul 2013. Symposia for Young String Quartets c/o Wigmore Hall, 36 Wigmore St, London W1U 2BP t: 020 7258 8244 e: w: www. Intensive coaching weekends for young str quartets with internationally renowned chmbr musicians. Dates: Mar. Vacation Chamber Orchestras 20 Mallorie Park Dr, Ripon HG4 2QD t: 01765 601074; 01765 602856; 07974 698264 e: w: www.vaco. net. Open to those aged 16-24 with gr 8+. Residential courses each vacation for advanced players. Expert professional coaching, challenging repertoire, frequent concerts in attractive venues. Easter and Christmas courses held abroad. Dates: Jul (Alsace), Aug (UK), 27-30 Dec (UK) (2013). Variations c/o 24 Dunrobin Pl, Edinburgh EH3 5HZ t: 07788 754160 f: 0131 343 2871 e: w: www. Week-long event runs in Ullapool, Wester Ross, for amateur chmbr musicians of all ages, insts and levels of ability. Edinburgh Quartet and Maximiliano Martin, coach in residence. Coached chmbr music sessions, orch sessions, concerts, w/shops and the opportunity to play in a session with professional str quartet. Optional trip to Summer Isles and other excursions. Ready formed str/wind groups particularly encouraged; individuals also welcome. Dates: 3-10 Aug 2013. West Coast School of Music Chamber Music Summer School t: 01239 621446 w:


Alston Hall Residential College Alston Lane, Longridge, Preston PR3 3BP t: 01772 784661 f: 01772 785835 e: w: Open to those aged 19+. Courses inc music appreciation, chmbr music, choral singing; viol, sax and rcdr-playing w/shops. Dates: Various. Benslow Music Trust Benslow Lane, Hitchin SG4 9RB t: 01462 459446 f: 01462 440171 e: info@ w: www.benslowmusic. org. Residential courses throughout the year inc summer. Beginners-advanced, according to course specification. Day w/ shops, residential w/end, midweek and summer schools for students, teachers and amateur musicians, aged 16+. Annual programme of over 130 different courses, inc many for chmbr music, orch, rcdr, choral, early music, hpd, big band, sax etc. All directed and coached by leading professional musicians who, on selected courses, give recitals in the Benslow Concert Series. Dates: See website for details. British Isles Music Festival Ardingly College, West Sussex t: 01428 641116 e: w: www. An international m/class and chmbr mus course for outstanding young musicians; ww, str, pno, hp and voice. Concerts, classes and chmbr mus coaching with established performers and teachers from British conservatories. Lower age limit 16. Dates: 17-25 Aug 2013. British Suzuki Institute Unit 1.01 The Lightbox, 111 Power Rd, London W4 5PY t: 020 3176 4170 f: 020 3176 4175 e: w: Open to members of the BSI. Week-long, w/end and day courses and w/shops throughout summer for vn, va, vc, fl, rcdr and pno. All age groups. Residential and non-residential. Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape IP17 1SP t: 01728 687107 f: 01728 688171 e: w: www. Training and performance opportunities on the East coast of England; for advanced students and young professionals. Dates: Various courses, Feb-Nov. Bryanston International Summer School London Suzuki Group, 27a Worple Rd, Epsom KT18 5EP t: 01372 720088, also fax e: w: Open to those aged 5-17. Individual and group lessons for Suzuki vn, va, vc and pno students. 5 levels of orch, chmbr music, multi-kb, choirs, Dalcroze, Kodály and theory. Residential. BSI teacher training. Dates: Aug 2013. Cadenza International Music School 16 St James Rd, Birmingham B15 1JR t:

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0121 446 4836 e: johnthwaites2003@ w: www. Open to those aged 11+ (min good gr 7); also PG chmbr course. Individual tuition, advanced m/classes, chmbr music coaching. Residential at Purcell School, nr London. Dates: July 2013, applications by May. CoMA Contemporary Music Summer School 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA t: 020 7739 4680 e: w: Late starter strings and contemporary music summer school. Dates: 27 Jul-3 Aug 2013. CSSM (formerly at Charterhouse) Craig y Don, St David’s Rd, Caernarfon LL55 1EL t: 01286 673401 e: info@cssm. w: Courses in symphony, chmbr and str orchs, str and ww chmbr music, beginner strs, arranging, choral and solo singing, art of accompanying. Held at Sherborne School. Dates: 20-27 Jul 2013. Dartington International Summer School Dartington Space, Dartington Hall, Totnes TQ9 6EN t: 01803 847080 e: w: www. All ages and standards. Residential summer course with tuition and m/classes from leading musicans plus concerts (3 a day from leading classical performers), talks, balls etc. Composer in residence, music theatre, jazz, opera. Most courses 1 week; bursaries available. Dates: 27 Jul-31 Aug 2013. Dillington House Ilminster TA19 9DT t: 01460 52427; 01460 258648 f: 01460 52433; 01460 258615 e: w: Open to adults of all ages. W/end residential courses throughout the yr; gui summer school, str quartet and rcdr w/ends, music appreciation. Free brochure available. Dates: Various courses. English Camerata Soloists Summer Chamber Music Course at Shrewsbury School Longridge, Common Lane, Letchmore Heath WD22 8EE t: 01923 853309; 07711 037907 e: summercourse@ w: www.; www. Tuition for passionate instrumentalists of all ages. Str, ww, br, pno; pre-formed groups and individuals welcome. Personalised course, 4 hrs coaching daily; distinguished tutors, participants’ and tutors’ concerts. Friendly, non-judgmental. Dates: 11-16 Jul 2013. ESO Beginners & Intermediate Courses Unit 1, Stockwood Business Park, Stockwood, nr Redditch B96 6SX t: 01386 791044 f: 01386 792622 e: w: Beginners, gr 1-3; intermediate, gr 4-7. Fantasia Music School 5 Aspen Way, Middleton on Sea PO22 6PW t: 01243 586068 e: info@ w: www. Open to those aged 6-18. 4 graded summer courses for instrumentalists held at Lavant House School, nr Chichester, for young musicians. Residential and day. Dates: Aug 2013. Farncombe Estate Centre Broadway WR12 7LJ t: 01386 854100 f: 01386 854350 e: enquiries@ w: www. W/end residential courses. Rcdr ens, conducting, viol consort, str chmbr music, chmbr music with pno, bodhran and perc, folk fiddle, folk gui, jazz improv, choral singing, folk singing, sightsinging, gospel choir, advanced vocal technique; also music appreciation. Dates: Throughout the year. GAM (Gloucester Academy of Music) Holiday Music Courses 11a Westgate St, Gloucester GL1 1NW t: 01452 385162 e: holidaycourses@gamusic. w: Run by Gloucester Academy of Music (affiliated with Trinity Laban). Non-residential courses during Easter holidays: adult chmbr w/end; beginner-gr 5 jr strs and wind. Residential courses during summer holidays: singing w/ end; jnr orch; snr orch; advanced strs; gr 5 theory; jazz week; adult early music. For residential courses, students camp in grounds of Beauchamp House; adult course students may use local B&Bs if preferred. Dates: Apr (Easter courses), Jul-Aug (summer courses). Hawkwood College Summer Schools Painswick Old Rd, Stroud GL6 7QW t: 01453 759034 f: 01453 764607 e: info@ w: www. Informal, practical residential music courses for adults gr 5 and above. Expand repertoire, improve technique. Higham Hall College Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth CA13 9SH t: 017687 76276 f: 017687 76013 e: w: www. For ages 18+. Various courses throughout the year; jazz w/shop; chmbr music for str quartets; str orch; music appreciation; rcdr ens; wind quartet/quintet w/end; pno playing m/classes. Holiday Music at the Menuhin School 34 Stanton Rd, London SW20 8RJ t: 020 8947 5538 e: w: Age 15-90. Residential courses for pianists and others (str, wind, vocal). Performance opportunities, w/shops in ens playing, technique, creativity and improv, Alexander Technique for poise and vitality. Pno solo and/or ens work with other instrs. Dates: 1619 Apr; 8-12 Aug 2013, at the Yehudi Menuhin School, Stoke D’Abernon, Surrey UK. Ingenium Academy International Summer School of Music t: 020 7060 4076 e: info@ w: www. For instrumentalists and singers aged 14-18; held at Winchester

College. Dates: 21 Jul-11 Aug 2013. International Musicians Seminar Room 317, Waterloo Business Centre, 117 Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8UL t: 020 7921 0064 f: 020 7921 0023 e: rosie@i-m-s. w: For advanced str players, pianists and chmbr ens aged 16-30. M/classes in Cornwall given by eminent musicians inc Steven Isserlis, Ralph Kirshbaum, András Schiff. Isle of Cumbrae Summer Music c/o Music-Makers, 17 North Gardner St, Glasgow G11 5BU t: 0141 339 2708 e: w: www. Residential course in tranquil setting on Scotland’s most accessible island for conservatoire students/graduates, advanced students, professional/semi-pro players & teachers, all ages over 18. Daily classes: pno, vn, va, chmbr music (pre-formed groups) with Peter Lissauer and Gusztáv Fenyő. Public concerts and time to enjoy island. Dates: 4-8 Sep 2013. Jackdaws Music Education Trust Great Elm, nr Frome BA11 3NY t: 01373 812383 e: w: www. Aims to bring classical music of the highest standard to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Residential courses offered every w/end for singers and instrumentalists of all levels; also young artists’ programme, young people’s projects and concert programme. Dates: Year-round w/end music courses. Jersey International Masterclasses Jersey Academy of Music, Chateau Vermont, Le Mont Sohier, St. Saviour, Jersey CI JE2 7HA t: 01534 720030 e: info@ w: www. Summer school for advanced pno and str players. Dates: 26 Jul-5 Aug. Lake District Summer Music International Summer Music Academy Stricklandgate House, 92 Stricklandgate, Kendal LA9 4PU t: 0845 644 2505 f: 0845 644 2506 e: w: www. For ens, str players and pianists at conservatoire and young professional level. Residential summer school, classes and individual coaching with international artists and tutors. Public perf opportunities. Free tickets to festival concerts. Young String Venture for str players aged 6-18. See website for new courses. Dates: 5-17 Aug 2013. Language and Music for Life (LMFL) LMFL, Park View, Alveston Rd, Old Down BS32 4PH t: 01454 419504; 07740 823078 f: 01454 413451 e: w: Gr 6+ accompanied children aged 10+ (Wales/France); gr 7+ accompanied children and young adults 17+ (Italy). Classical inst and vocal music course, 1-to-1 tuition on vc, vn, va, db, ob, fl, picc, rcdr, perc, drums, cl, pno, sax, gui, br. Chmbr music, orch, choir. English, French, Italian and Spanish taught as foreign languages in situ. Dates: 2013: 1-14 Aug (Venice); 14-28 Jul (Llandovery); 16-31 Aug (Andorra).

Leeds College of Music 3 Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7PD t: 0113 222 3400 f: 0113 243 8798 e: enquiries@lcm. w: Summer schools inc Jazz Big Band, Sax, Jazz/Popular Vocal, Audio Technology, DJ Technology, String Quartet, World music and South-Asian Arts UK Community music. London’s Centre for Young Musicians Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7HT t: 020 7928 3844 f: 020 7928 3454 e: w: www. Applications to CYM Saturday Centre open to all school students who already play an inst; places offered after successful auditions. GCSE revision courses during Feb half-term and Easter holiday. 3-5 day open access inst courses (except pno, kb, voice) run at central London venues during Easter and summer holidays for students aged 6-18, gr 1+. Also longer holiday courses for London Schools Symphony Orchestra and London Youth Wind Band. Dates: Sat during term-time; also during holidays. London Master Classes 5 Lyndhurst Gdns, London N3 1TA t: 020 8346 7088 f: 020 8343 3669 e: info@ w: www. International master course for voice, vn, vc, pno and conducting held at RCM; daily public m/ classes and concerts. Open to those aged 18+. Dates: 11-18 Jul 2013. Musicfest - Aberystwyth International Festival and Summer School c/o Aberystwyth Arts Centre, UWA, Aberystwyth SY23 3DE t: 01970 622338 f: 01970 622883 e: w: For young musicians aged 12+ to music students, adults and teachers. Min gr 6-8 according to subject. Runs in conjunction with music festival. Opportunity for accomplished musicians to work with festival artists of international standing. Courses in chmbr music, solo strs, wind, sax, conducting, jazz, ww chmbr music, composition. Group and individual coaching; m/classes; public perf opportunities. Also course ‘Mind and Movement in Practical Psychology’ for musicians who are teaching, learning and performing. Dates: 27 Jul-3 Aug 2013. Music for People (M4P) Ty Cerdd, 49 Cosmeston St, Cardiff, (Registered Office) CF24 4LQ t: 0845 619 1689 e: w: www.m4p. Held annually at Giggleswick School, Settle, N Yorks. M4P is dedicated to providing lifelong mus education that is affordable for all. One of the UK’s most comprehensive summer mus schools. Over 23 courses covering all genres inc jazz, orch, wind, opera, comp. Dates: 3-10 Aug 2013. Music Makers 16 Whitsbury Rd, Fordingbridge SP6 1JZ t: 01425 654819 e: w: Summer music courses for children and young musicians aged 5 to 18. Based in London, Wiltshire and Hampshire with both day and strings 2013 45

STRINGS 2013 - Listings all new.indd 45

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residential options, at junior (age 5/6), intermediate (age 7-10) and senior (gr 2-8) levels; also week-long advanced course for students at grade 6-8+. Dates: Various; see website for details. National Youth Music Camps The Stables, Stockwell Lane, Wavendon, Milton Keynes MK17 8LU t: 01908 280821 f: 01908 280827 e: education@ w: For children aged 8-17 with an interest in music. No previous experience necessary. Residential (camping) music summer camps and courses. Dates: Jul and Aug. NLMS Music Summer School c/o New London Music Society, 5 Thame Rd, Sydenham, Chinnor OX39 4LA t: 01844 354083, also fax e: nlms@gomme. w: For ages 18+. Symphony, intermediate orchs, late learner strs and ww ens, choral singing for pleasure courses at Queenswood School, Hatfield. Dates: Aug 2013; applications by Jun. Reynard Music 4 Reynard Way, Northampton NN2 8QX t: 01604 845885 e: w: Open to those gr 6+ standard, all ages. Mixed str and wind ens, cl ens, sax ens. Courses are held at locations across the UK Dates: Play days, w/ end residentials throughout the year, plus wind & strings and Light Orchestral Summer Schools. Sherborne Summer School of Music PO Box 629, Godstone RH9 8WQ t: 01342 893963 f: 01342 893977 e: w: www.sherbornesummerschoolofmusic. Formerly Canford Summer School. Open to those aged 18+. 2 Orchs, 4 choirs, 4 conducting courses, chmbr music for ww and strs, comp, jazz, m/class for pno, pno accomp and singers, painting and drawing. Dates: Aug. Stamford International Music Festival Stamford School, Stamford PE9 2BQ t: 01780 764258 e: andrew@ w: www. International chmbr music concerts and classes with faculty from major conservatoires in Europe and UK, based at the historic campus of Stamford School. Students inc young professionals to serious amateurs and gifted young music students. Dates: Jul-Aug. Stonebridge Music Courses t: 01745 870345 e: richard@ w: www. Orch, band, choral, jazz, str courses for children aged 8-16. Summer’s Cool 87 Lime Ave, Leamington Spa CV32 7DG t: 01926 778158 e: a.mock@summerscool. w: Holiday course for young musicians aged 8-16 held at Abberley Hall, Worcester; sessions inc orch, wind band, str ens, ‘funsing’, w/shops, musicianship, creative music

& comp sessions; daily lunchtime concerts. Leisure and recreational activities inc swimming, tennis, team games, ten-pin bowling, barbecue. Dates: 28 Jul-2 Aug. Temple Dinsley Suzuki School Princess Helena College, Preston e: Suzuki camp in Herts for children aged 3-13 learning Suzuki vn, va, vc or pno. Inst lessons, group lessons, Dalcroze, Kodály, improvisation, ens groups and orch. Dates: Aug. West Dean College West Dean, Chichester PO18 0QZ t: 01243 811301 f: 01243 811343 e: short. w: www. Various music and music appreciation courses throughout the year, including summer school with the Chilingirian Quartet. Winchester Summer Music 37 St David’s Rd, Clifton Campville, nr Tamworth B79 0BA t: 01827 373586 e: Open to those aged 16+. Chmbr music, strs, ww, hn, pno, chmbr orch. Residential and non-residential. Dates: 27 Jul- 3 Aug 2013. Young Musicians Week Uppingham Summer Schools, Balmaghie, 25 High St West, Uppingham LE15 9QB t: 01572 820800 e: summerschool@ w: www. Fun week of music-making tailor-made for all levels of young musicians between 6-18. Coached by professional musicians, students work at appropriate levels in groups and ens from quartets to bands, trios to orchs. All groups have opportunity to perform. Dates: 22-26 Jul 2013.


Bochmann String Courses BMCC, The Barns, Village Farm, Ford, Cheltenham GL54 5RU t: 01386 584539, also fax e: For students, p/grads and young professionals aged 18+. For str ens and solo vn with or without pno. Courses throughout the year. Dates and duration arranged according to mutual convenience. Main tutor: Michael Bochmann, leader of English String and Symphony Orchestras. Chamber Players e: w: www. Non-residential chmbr music course for str players aged 6-18, based in S London. Juniors (gr 1-5) are coached in the mornings, seniors (gr 6+) in the afternoon. Concerts from professionals held throughout the week; final concert for pupils on the final day. Dates: 19-23 Aug 2013. Double Bass Summer School 7 St Clair Dr, Worcester Park KT4 8UG t: 020 8330 3188 e: bassclub@blueyonder. w: Separate courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced db players aged 8-25. Ens playing, m/classes, technique classes, chmbr music. Dates: Aug; applications by 1 Aug.

ELLSO String Summer School t: 020 7924 3369 e: stringsummerschool@ w: ellso-string-music-summer-school. Variety of musical activities for late starters (aged 18+) of all abilities. Supportive and noncompetitive approach, based on over 25 years’ experience. Dates: 21-27 Jul 2013. European String Teachers’ Association (ESTA) Summer Schools e: w: www. Professional development course for str teachers; also solo development course for students (JESTA) which features ens work, concerts and m/ classes. Dates: Aug 2013. International Guitar Festival Bath Spa University, Newton Park, Newton St Loe, Bath BA2 9BN t: 01225 875522 f: 01225 875495 e: uk. w: Week-long summer schools as part of annual festival. All styles of gui: classical, rock, jazz, fingerstyle, flamenco, blues. Dates: Jul-Aug. Kato Havas Workshops 72 Victoria Rd, Oxford OX2 7QE t: 01865 514094, also fax w: www. W/shops exploring the problems inherent in string playing and demonstrating ways of dealing with them based on an understanding of inward-tooutward energy impulses. Dates: Various. Lionel Tertis International Viola Festival and Workshop Erin Arts Centre, Victoria Sq, Port Erin, Isle of Man IM9 6LD t: 01624 835858 f: 01624 836658 e: information@ w: www. For professional and amateur va players of all ages. Study courses and m/classes. Magdalen Farm Strings The Magdalen Project, Magdalen Farm, Winshaw TA20 4PA t: 01460 30058 e: w: www. Easter holiday course for 9-14 year old str players (gr 3-8) at an environmental educ centre on an organic farm in W Dorset. Course includes orch, jazz, folk, Dalcroze Eurhythmics and outdoor activities on the farm. Colin Matthews is hands-on patron. The National Youth Strings Academy (NYSA) Willow Cottage, Dallinghoo, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 0LG t: 07902 223019 e: w: Senior: gr 8+, age 11-21, by audition. Intermediate, gr 5-7, age 9-15 no audition required. Dates: Senior NYSA: 2-7 Apr; 20 Jul-1 Aug 2013. Intermediate NYSA: 3-6 Apr; 29 Jul-1 Aug 2013. Oxford Cello School 31 The Hyde, Abingdon OX14 5JG t: 07912 217374 e: mail@oxfordcelloschool. org w: Residential and non-residential summer schools for cellists and double bassists. Perf courses for post-gr 8, advanced course for gr

6-8, intermediate course for gr 4-6, jr course for beginners-gr 3; exam booster course, adult improvers course, adult performance course, Alpine vc course. Solo perf opportunities with orch, m/classes, technique/scale sessions, individual lessons, video analysis, improv, ens, vc orch, gr 6-8 aural training and gr 5 theory classes. Advanced and intermediate db courses. Dates: 21 Jul-3 Aug 2013. Stringfest Repton The Business Centre, 1 High St, Repton DE65 6GD t: 01283 559322 e: Strings course. M/classes, performing opportunities, chmbr music programme; also social and sports activities. Located at Repton School, Derbyshire. Dates: 19-23 Aug 2013. Stringwise 3 Dresden Rd, London N19 3BE t: 020 7561 0864, also fax. A team of specialists, led by Sheila Nelson, offering professional development courses in Oct in N London for all str teachers, with emphasis on musicianship and freedom of movement in playing. Children’s holiday courses, Easter and summer in N London. Virtuoso Violin: The 10th Bach and Paganini Festival for Violinists 29 Johnson Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6PU t: 07801 274848 e: w: www. For students aged 16-36, gr 8 or equivalent. Festival celebrating the str works of Bach and Paganini plus other composers. Tutors inc Felix Andrievsky (Royal College of Music), Savely Shalman (St Petersburg Conservatoire) and Alvia Vandysheva (Moscow Conservatoire). Solo and orchestral lessons/concerts. Dates: 4-13 Aug 2013. World Youth Guitar Festival 17 Hyde Abbey Rd, Winchester SO23 7DA t: 01962 860192 e: w: Biennial residential festival for young classical guitarists aged 8-18. Dates: 6-9 Aug 2013. Young String Venture Lake District Summer Music, Stricklandgate House, 92 Stricklandgate, Kendal LA9 4PU t: 0845 644 2505 f: 0845 644 2506 e: w: For str players aged 6-18. Summer chmbr music course. Coaching with specialist tutors inc Dalcroze eurhythmics and orch training; tuition from beginners to grade 8. End of course concerts. Dates: 4-9 Aug 2013.

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