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Quarterly E-magazine of Ongoing Formation ● for Priests and Deacons ● Intranet Accessible @ ● No. 1

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Retelling Our Diocesan Folklore Newer Priests’ Peer Support Group Venue for Retired Priests’ Stories

“Trivia Contest” for Clergy Some Fun with Diocesan History


“Mentors Among Us


Policy for “Mentoring of Priests”


Integrating Entry into Priesthood with the Wisdom of Experience

Council Adopts Criteria for Selection and Assignments of Mentors




The quarterly E-magazine of the Office of the Vicar for Clergy, Diocese of San José in California, for the ongoing formation of priests and deacons. Intranet accessible only. Fr. Richard Hilliard, Editor Design by IN EXCELSIS DEO Corrections or correspondence may be directed either to: or to: Office of the Vicar for Clergy Lifetime The Chancery 1150 North First St. Ste. 100 San José CA 95112-4966 Letters will be published at the discretion of the Vicar for Clergy. Anonymous submissions cannot be considered.

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Ongoing Formation of Clergy Committee Membership Changes

Introducing... Lifetime This new E-magazine for the priests and deacons of San José has been developed to keep us all acquainted with the current trends in the ongoing formation of the ordained. It is also intended to provide us all with timely information about events being planned for our participation. It is named “Lifetime” because what is written about the formation of a priest or a deacon today assumes that the education provided before his ordination will not carry him throughout his lifetime. If he is to be truly fully formed, he is to commit himself to continued formation over his entire lifetime. That’s the assumption out of which I am giving my energy to my position as “Associate for Ongoing Formation of the Clergy” for the Diocese of San José. I’m also expecting that you share this assumption with little need for anyone to convince you of its significance for effective ministry. I’m trusting that your experience has already taught you the validity of this fundamental view of what makes for a well-formed priest or deacon: ongoing formation “for a lifetime, over a lifetime.” The expandable “magazine” style has been chosen to acquaint us better with formational opportunities in our diocese and in our region. Feature articles will examine issues in a broader fashion. While some content could be provided in a “newsletter” format with customary announcements of upcoming events, the pages of a magazine can engage readers more in the purpose of events, provide a forum for reflection on events that have passed, allow for the exchange of opinions, and keep everyone informed about programs supporting other priests and deacons of our diocese. In this first issue, music is used as a metaphor for ordained ministries.

From a composer’s imaginative score, through a musician’s repeated rehearsals, to the applause from an audience for a stellar performance, music lends itself easily as a symbol for the unique mark each of us makes on the art and practice of ordained ministry. Cover to cover, music and images of musicians form the graphic design of this issue’s pages. Sayings about music are included for us to imagine ourselves as contributors to the bigger score of the Lord’s ministry, some of us better at “recalling lyrics” than others, others better in “adding harmony” to our works than in “orchestrating” the many parts needed to perform. What strikes me about music as a metaphor for what we do over our lifetimes is that just as music requires a performer’s return to a composer’s melody time after time, practicing, practicing, and practicing again, so too does the ministry of the ordained. We are obliged to return to the origins of scripture, to the basics of theology, to the essentials of pastoral practices, to the models given us by others more learned, and to the wisdom that only experience yields. It is then that we are given the insights to see ourselves singing the values of the gospel in renewed, vital and vibrant performances never imagined in us before. Special features are listed on the front cover. Regular content is detailed on the inside cover. Your opinion is needed as future issues are planned. Please let me know what else might be helpful or could be included as Lifetime evolves. I hope you find on the following pages something that inspires your own continuing formation as a deacon or a priest serving the Diocese of San José. Above all, I hope that you will enjoy your first Lifetime! Fr. Richard Hilliard, Editor

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