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Impact of HCI Society, Economy and Culture Rhiannon Jones 11/10/12


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Assignment 1 – The Impact of HCI Introduction In this assignment I have been asked to create a newsletter to give a greater understanding of the advantage of Human Computer Interaction. In the newsletter I have described the impact of Human Computer Interaction in recent years on The Society, The Economy and The Culture. The newsletter will also include an evaluation and an assessment of the impact of a chosen future development in Human Computer Interaction.

Society Improve usability Developers such as Microsoft use a consistent approach to their tools bars, menus and GUIs. This consistency means that the user needs fewer technical skills and less specialised knowledge. Impacting the way people feel about using excel for the first time making them feel more confident as menus and tool bars are in a similar format and location to word which they use normally. Visual Systems 3D improves usability by showing reproductions of images such as a scan of an unborn baby gives an exciting impact on the society giving a mother of a unborn child an 3D image of the baby is much more nicer that a 2D image using a ultrasound. The impact the individual has is that they can see what their baby looks like before they are born and see what sex he/she is. CT scans improves usability by showing doctors clear images in HD of a brain on their computer screens. Using CT scans have impacted the way doctors have diagnosed people in society. It has benefitted the individuals by getting early diagnosis of tumours etc‌ to get the treatment needed.

Specialised Interfaces Specialist software has been developed to enable those with sight or speech impairment to use computers. Speech recognition software converts spoken text into electronic text. Speech to Text impact has on the disabled and abled people in the society is that they can talk to the computer rather than type if they are visual impaired. The benefit the individual receives is that they are able to type up documents without typing and without making mistakes. People who are visually impaired can now access library books thought specialist this benefits the disabled because they are then able to have book read to them by the computer so they will still be able to learn something.



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hostile Environment A hostile environment would be where it was too dangerous for humans to go for example in Afghan they use robots to disarm bombs etc‌ This has a huge impact on the society because a lot less soldiers are getting blown up. The benefits the Army gets from using these robots is that they have less soldiers injured=less compensation being paid. Complexity Fly-by-Wire systems are used in aircrafts to replace human actions. The impacts this has on the society is that the travellers have a more safer flight and the pilots have an easier job as they only have to press buttons to turn the plane instead of manually using a steering wheel. A fly-by-Wire system automatically reduces and increases the speed of the plane this gives the travellers a nice smooth ride and the pilots can relax more on board.

Economy Increased Automation Automatic production line for manufacturing products. The impact of using an automatic production line for many things makes the production of the item quick, accurate and efficient. The benefit the business has is that the less time spent on making products the more money the make after the reductions costs of maintainace of the robots and wages of the few staff they have. Text readers read texts to the recipient rather them reading it. An example of this is the BT voice message that relays a text message sent to a landline. This benefits the recipient to listen to a message while carrying out another task. Automatic Judgement of Output Electronic fruit grader is commonly used in the grading of produce. The impact this has on the economy is that the growth of the farmers have improved and that will have an overall effect on the economy. Business that buy the fruit from the farmer will be ensured that they get the most of their money by having all the same size and shape which will appeal to the customer so they know they will make money from them ones rather than the odd looking ones this is why supermarkets reject them ones.



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Voice Input Telephone banking voice input reduces the need for call centres. The impact of using this is that it can gain the correct details by using automated voice input to request, record and relay bank account details for fielding to the correct person save time from being put on hold. Thought Input Research is being carried out into whether a user can ‘think’ commands to a computer. This involves implanting microchips into the user’s skull. This technology benefits the users who are incapable of speech or movement to interact with computers with the possibly to carry out a number of tasks.

Culture The Ways in Which People use Computers Smartphones. The impact of smartphones on culture changes the way we work and spend our own time. Having work emails and work related conversations on smartphones means that you are now at work where ever you go there is no escape for work. The impact on other cultures is that there is no face to face contact anymore it’s all done though Facebook, texting, calls and emails. Psychological and Sociological Impact Automated Machinery. The impact on the culture is that there is less variety of work in some environments. Where robots are used in manufacturing there is fewer skilled workers which makes a loss of skills with deskilling can lead to workers feeling less valued. But the benefit for a company is that automated machinery has taken away the need for specialist trades and has reduced costs considerably. References [25/09/12] [25/09/12]

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Impact of HCI  

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