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Bethan Alex Life in Leeds

-Bethan AlexIntroducing exclusively interviews Bethan Alex, a Leeds based freelance Makeup Artist and student. Studying Contemporary Art Practices in her second year at Leeds Metropolitan University Bethan finds living in Leeds inspiring and imaginative. We catch up with her hear to talk about life in Leeds as a student and Makeup Artist.

When did you first become interested in being a

Who is your biggest inspiration in the Makeup

Makeup Artist? I’ve always been into makeup in

world? I like looking at weird makeup often seen

a big way. I’d never wanted up be a Makeup Artist

on high end fashion shows like Dior. Also Alex

until I was asked by a neighbour to do their

Box, the MUA for Illamasqua, has an amazing

makeup for prom. I enjoyed it so much and she


was so happy with it that I started doing it for others.

What is your favourite Makeup product that you use? Mac foundations and powders are an es-

Has your work on your degree course inspired

sential for me every day. They even out my skin

your work as a Makeup Artist? My degree work

tone and can hide anything!

really has influenced my work as a makeup artist. What made you want to come to university in Leeds? I originally come from a village not too far from Sheffield. I applied to Leeds Metropolitan because I wouldn’t be too far away from my family. There is also a large art scene in Leeds because of the number of art schools.

At the moment I’m working on a project called

What has been the most exciting photo shoot

‘living canvas’ which perfectly combines art and

you’ve been to? I’ve worked on shoots rang-

makeup. It’s involving a lot of body painting,

ing from first time models to page three models.

glitter and rhinestones.

Working on any kind of shoot is never dull. But

What are you favourite shops in Leeds? My favourite shop in Leeds has to be the Illamasqua store! I was so excited when that opened.

What motivates you in your work? I’m

Snakes Mystery Orchestra. That was one eventful

motivated an influenced by a lot of different

shoot. Not only was it on location which always

As a student in Leeds do you find the city inspires your work? Last year my work was influenced by the city a lot. I’d never lived in a city before so it was quite a novelty. This year however I’ve focused more on processes and development of works.

things. I’m inspired by everything from the surreal

makes things difficult, we had the police turn up

works of Man Ray to drag queens. I think theatre

and then some inquisitive children came to watch.

and dark cabaret have played a huge role in the

It all worked out in the end and we got some great

development of my style.

shots! (continued)

I think the best had to be working with The Big

Do you think that as an artist it is important to support other local designers and brands? I love working with local artists, models and designers. Do you find that there are lots of opportunities to collaborate with other artists and designers in the Leeds art scene? I think there are a lot of opportunities for artists to collaborate in Leeds. There are so many students and independent artists around here it’s hard to get away from them sometimes! Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Do you think you will still be living and working in Leeds? 5 years from now... Hmm I’ve not thought about that too much. Doing makeup makes me happy and that’s the most important thing. As long as I was happy I wouldn’t mind.

Model: Lisa Revitt MUA: Bethan Alex Stylist: Rhiannon Nicholl Dress: Acne £460

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Fashion Zine based on makeup, shopping and lifestyle in Leeds. Introducing upcoming Makeup Artist Bethan Alex. By Rhiannon Nicholl.