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Evaluation 6 What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product? During the process of creating my media product I have learnt an immense amount of work on software’s such as Photoshop and InDesign, I have already been introduced to adobe Photoshop when creating the college magazine which was the preliminary task. However when using Photoshop for the college magazine I used basic simple techniques such as maybe changing a background colour or editing a picture such as cropping etc. When creating the music magazine I feel I have came a great way because instead of editing simple things I had created Pugs, and had edited pictures made gradients similar to vibe magazine. Furthermore I have learnt about the blog and uploading material on On the software InDesign I had created my entire magazine that included the front cover, the contents page and the double page spread. Admittedly when creating my product I certainly had troubles

These are two pugs/ boosters I made using Photoshop. I have learnt confindently to makes these however when making my first pug a had a few problems. This included creating a shadow effect and placing the text within the right place. The purple pug has text that is linear and I wanted it slanted like the yellow pug. However I found out how to to do this and I feel that now I can easily create a pug.

When creating my media product in InDesign amongst all the effects I had done, the most frequent effect I used was a drop shadow. The drop shadow allowed just about anything to have some sought of effect which I think tributes to the appeal of whatever I pit the effect on that included the masthead, banner, pug etc.

Here is an example of how I created a stroke featured on my double page spread. I noticed I used strokes quite a few times as I believe it helps the stand out of something. You can also justify the weight of the stroke and the metre limit which was very useful to me

evaluation 6  

evaluation 6