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Houzz & Home Survey Overview

A 2012 survey conducted among users of the Houzz app and website revealed some interesting information regarding recent home design projects consumers users of the site had recently undertaken. Important Drivers for Completing Most Recent Home Design Project


did so to improve the LOOK and FEEL of the room/home


did so to improve the FLOW, LAYOUT and/or FUNCTIONALITY of the room/home


did so to improve the RESALE value of the home

Budgeting for Home Design Projects



22% go OVER budget

30% set NO budget at all




Jill Ragan Scully on her custom trunk show

I’m Officially Obsessed With I am the kind of designer that tends to sell what I love. And, as a corollary to that, I believe people buy what they can see, so to sell my designs, I need to show my designs. ¶ Over the years I’ve come up with several ways to ‘show and sell’ and most recently I’ve been using a portable trunk show, complete with dozens of design look and half-cornice that allows me to show clients different looks on their windows. I’ve come up with all kinds of interesting ways to save space while packing in a great many wonderfully embellished soft furnishings samples! ¶ There’s no doubt in my mind that this approach has secured me a great many sales over the years, and my revamped trunk show makes it an inspiring treat for both me and my clients. V



Jill Ragan Scully At IWCE: VISION ’13 Jill Ragan Scully is the owner of Impressive Windows & Interiors, a fabrication and design studio located in Hastings, MN. She is a Certified Professional Decorator (CPD), Certified Color Consultant (CNRCC), Window Fashions Certified Professional (WFCP) Master, CHF Career Professional and a member of the Window Coverings Association of America, Twin Cities Chapter President. In addition to her seminar Window Design Portmanteau: Flaunting Your Talent which she provides a sneak peek at here, she will also lead two more presentations: OPPOSITE PAGE: Although not full size, these mini cornices pack a lot of visual punch and just holding them up to the window can make a design concept come alive in the way that a rendering cannot. THIS PAGE, TOP: Miniature cornices, perfectly detailed and executed, help clients understand what they’re paying for. Welting, flat braid, scalloped edge, etc.—these words mean little to most consumers but a physical example of the craftsmanship tell the story for you. They also help demonstrate the comparative value of adding trim, or another fabric, or other such details. THIS PAGE, BELOW: Stitched up trim samples on an o-ring make it easy to demonstrate additional detail on sample cornices, shades or drapery panels.

The Unconventional Window: Using Unique Materials to Create Functional and Artistic Solutions for Windows and The Great Imagination Heist: Inspiration from 2012 Ingenuity Award Winners


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