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News From The Associations The Life Guards Association Annual Report 2016 Patron: Her Majesty The Queen President

Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE DL

Trustees of The Life Guards Charitable Trust Lieutenant Colonel J D A Gaselee Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) H S J Scott Major (Retd) J S Holbrook Captain B K Gibson WO2 RQMC A Slowey Mr P P Lewis MBE

Committee Chairman: Vice Chairman: Treasurer: Honorary Secretary:

Lieutenant Colonel J D A Gaselee Major J H S C Harbord Captain (Retd) D O’Connor Mr K W Robertson

Serving Members Major B E Rogers Captain S Fry Captain D Hitchings Capt S Taylor WO2 (SCM) A Slowey WO2 (SCM) M Jaworski

Non Serving Members Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) W R Lindsay OBE Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) H S J Scott Major (Retd) J S Holbrook Captain (Retd) G C Davies Mr D M Darley Mr D Heath Mr G S Knowles BEM Mr P C Lanahan Mr T Land Mr P Lewis MBE Mr J E Lloyd Mr P J Richards MBE Mr C Watson

Minutes of the 82nd Annual General Meeting held at Combermere Barracks, Windsor on Saturday 17th September 2016 As the Chairman, Lieutenant Colonel J D A Gaselee, had unfortunately broken down en route to the AGM, another committee member was required to chair the meeting. Lieutenant Colonel H S J Scott chaired the meeting in his absence and opened the meeting at 1830hrs, thanking everyone present for their attendance.


Apologies for not attending were received from Chairman Lieutenant Colonel J D A Gaselee, Treasurer Captain R D O’Connor, Captain S Taylor, and Captain S Fry.

The Life Guards Association Charitable Trust Account Donations totalling £6,391 had been received to date. Receipt of £507.87 had been received by HMRC. The grant from the Days Pay Scheme was for £35,369.00, which was found to have been an overpayment. This was to be set against future sums and taken into account for the payment for the subsequent calendar year. The majority of requests for financial assistance in 2015/2016 were met to the total £23,424.00. The sum for this year presently stood at £10,890. The dividend from investments last year was £34,464 with the sum of £18,984 being received to date after half of this

The Minutes of the 81st Annual General Meeting were published in the current edition of the Household Cavalry Journal (there incorrectly labelled 80th) and the Chairman asked for a proposer and seconder to confirm that they were a true record of the proceedings at that meeting. Proposed by: WO 2 (SCM) Slowey Seconded by: Major B E Rogers

The following report was given by the Honorary Secretary. The accounts for the year ending 2015 were as published within the Journal. There were no concerns raised during the annual audit carried out in April 2016.

financial year. A decision was made by the Committee at the start of the year to transfer £100,000.00 into the investment portfolio, thus increasing receipts from dividends. Available Cash at Bank in September 2015 stood at £119,754.03. To date for 2016 this account currently stands at £57,891.00 indicating that the receipts to date remain extremely healthy. The Treasurer was asked to ensure that the requirement for cash be reviewed to ensure that sums above that level might be considered for investment. The Life Guards Association Charitable Trust Account No 2 £5,357 was received in donations in 2015 with the fund receiving £3,131 to date. A profit from Christmas cards of £3,222 was generated in 2015 with current sales standing at £3,445. There was no annual draw conducted in 2015 nor was there one this year so no funds were generated through ticket sales. The Journal costs of £2,428.26 had remained the

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Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016