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Laying up Standards of the Household Cavalry The Standards that left Horse Guards Parade on 28th May 2014 have now all been laid up. In late 2015, The Blues and Royals laid up a Union Standard at Radley College and their old Sovereign’s Standard at The Robin Chapel, Edinburgh. Robin Tudsbery had been an officer in The Blues who was killed in 1945 right at the end of the Second World War. He had earlier in the war been part of the force guarding the Royal Family, and a particular favourite of theirs. His parents lived in West Lothian, Scotland, and decided to build a chapel in his memory. The remainder were all laid up in 2016. The Life Guards Council chaired by FM the Lord Guthrie, Colonel The Life Guards determined that Standards would be laid up: Sovereign’s Standard The Guards Chapel - 31st Jan 2016 Union Standards St George’s Memorial Church, Ypres, Belgium - 23rd Feb 2016 Holy Trinity Garrison Church, Windsor - 14th Feb 2016 Winchester College - 13th Mar 2016 The Blues and Royals Council under Lieutenant General Sir William Rollo

The Union Standards above the alter in Ypres

determined the following disposal for the Standards of The Blues and Royals: Sovereign’s Standard The Robin Chapel, Edinburgh - 4th Oct 2015 Union Standards Radley College - 20th Sept 2015 St George’s Chapel, Ypres, Belgium - 23rd Feb 2016 Exeter Cathedral - 30th Apr 2016 Arrangements have been made for all to be erected horizontally in pride of place in all these places of worship. All were celebrated locally with our hosts in memorable style, to whom we are most grateful. HRH The Princess Royal was able to travel to Ypres to attend the service in St George’s Memorial Church, also well attended by Association members.

The RHG/D Sovereign’s Standard in place in The Robin Chapel

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The Blues and Royals Standard in Ypres

Former Tpr Richard Cox taking a photo opportunity with Lt Cols Paul Bedford and James Gaselee

The plaque on the wall at Ypres

Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016