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Now on the outside wall of the The Grand Hotel Casselbergh is this monument: the inscription reads:

three were members of the Guilds of Saint Barbara, Saint Georges and Saint Sebastian of Bruges.

This house was the Royal Palace of England, Scotland and Ireland where King Charles II held Court from 1656 until 1659.

It was in the latter that he raised the First Guards (1656), later the Grenadier Guards and the Life Guards (1658) as his bodyguard and to defend the Low Countries against France in the Franco-Spanish War.

King Charles II lived here with his brothers James, Duke of York and Henry, Duke of Gloucester until the restoration of the monarchy. All

King Charles II loved Flanders and Bruges in particular. In 1662 the

grateful Monarch wrote ‘The Flemmings are the most honest and truehearted race of people I have ever met with’. Our thanks go to the Grenadier Guards and particularly Maj Stephen Dehnel, Gren Gds, for the comprehensive administration of the trip, all organised with characteristic thoroughness, attention to detail and flair.

Exercising the Freedom of the City of London by Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) H S J Scott, Silver Stick Adjutant


n Wednesday 20th April 2016 the Household Cavalry exercised their Freedom of the City of London. The 1st Royal Dragoons, with a history as a London raised regiment, were granted this privileged status in 1963, and demonstrated that right by marching through the City before a grand ball at the Mansion House attended by The Queen Mother.

The Royals marching through in London in 1963

The City allowed this privileged status to be inherited by the successor regiment, The Blues and Royals, in 1969. However, only in 2014 did The City of London bestow this honour on The Life Guards. Since then efforts to celebrate this award were successively frustrated until this year allowed a date to be found. Led by the Lieutenant Colonel Commanding, the then Maj Gen E A Smyth-Osbourne, the Band of

HCR march on their way from St Paul’s Cathedral to Guildhall Yard

The Life Guards headed mounted and dismounted contingents of Life Guards and Blues and Royals from the service and mounted regiments through the City with swords drawn, bayonets fixed and Standards and Guidon proudly carried.

On arrival at Guildhall they marched round the square and saluted the Lord Mayor Locum Tenens, Alderman Ian Luder who was standing in for the Lord Mayor abroad on business. Also present were The Colonels of the two regiments, Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie and The Princess Royal. Following a short ceremony on the square, the dismounted contingent fell out to attend a reception in Guildhall while Alderman Luder, The Princess Royal and FM Lord Guthrie talked Elements of The Life Guards division crossing Trafalgar Square to members of the

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mounted contingent as they received a stirrup cup before riding back to Barracks for a sumptuous picnic laid on by the

The Band entering the City

HCR soldiers in front of the mounted contingents

Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016