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Staff Corporal Powell punches out with the Union Flag on the Gallop Past

Long Walk in crisp morning sun the fatigue and misery of the previous days dropped away and the Show began in earnest. Teams from the Regiment competed in preliminary show jumping and tent pegging throughout the day as the remainder sorted out the horses and prepared kit for the evening performance in front of The Princess Royal, Colonel The Blues and Royals. The performance itself demanded a Captain’s Escort for the Royal Guest of Honour into the arena, followed later by two mini re-enactments of the Coronation and a State Visit. Added to this was the Mounted Band and Musical Ride; the latter performing a shortened four minute version of their display to the

musical accompaniment of Capt (Retd) J Blount LG. Following Thursday’s performance, the Regiment then escorted The Duke of Kent and The Duke of York on the Friday and Saturday nights in a gradual build up to the final televised performance in front of Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. As the men became more familiar with their roles and the programme became more civilised, Household Cavalrymen could be seen throughout the day enjoying the Royal Windsor Horse Show and all it had to offer. It was impressive to see how many freebies the boys could charm out of the vendors, artisans and trades people at the show; from limited edition Bendick’s Mints, to bottles of finest sloe gin. One resourceful Blues and Royals Trooper even managed to persuade a delightful young lady to open up the show’s Jack Wills pop up bar, The Mucky Pheasant, as a venue for a Saturday night after show party with significantly discounted beverages for Household Cavalrymen. Morale had returned.

LCpl Harvey reaches for his lance having thrust his sword into the centre of the target

52 ■ Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment

In the foreground of all the preparations and performances for HMQ90, the Royal Windsor Horse Show was in full swing. Of par-

ticular note were our teams in SwordLance-Revolver and Inter-Services Show Jumping. After a number of tense rounds in front of the Colonel-in-Chief in the main arena, the Riding Master, Captain Richard Chambers LG, jumped clear to the win on a suspiciously brown horse. Following the Parade of Teams, the Princess Elizabeth Cup (Richmond Cup) finalists entered the arena mounted to hear the results of three months sweat and tears. Taking the top spot and presented to Her Majesty was Tpr Evans from 3 Troop The Blues and Royals Squadron. (Ed. It may be forgotten that Richmond was the name of a horse transport business that gave a prize to the event, so the name remains connected but alas not the prize). With game faces back on, cuirasses strapped, plumes carried and swords drawn we embarked on the final Captain’s Escort of the week for Her Majesty The Queen. Such was the occasion that the Commanding Officer himself commanded the escort. Life Guards Trumpeter, Tpr Mortimer, did extraordinarily well to blow a fine Royal Salute as the Escort entered the arena with the world watching. The Tri-Service Guard of Honour (or ‘foot people’ as they were termed by the organisers) snapped into a ‘Present Arms’ and riders did very well to keep skittish horses under control as the crowd erupted. In homes across

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Household Cavalry Journal 2016