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SCM Holliday Delivering Troop Tests

rides; Waterloo, Egypt, Falklands, Granby, Hindenburg Line, Italy, Jutland, Knightsbridge, Lashkar Gah, Musa Qal’eh, Nadi Ali, Oman and Palmyra. Some of these will be recognisable to past members of the Mounted Regiment and some to those who have been on the more recent operations. Either way, each ride has pride in the rides name and what it means to members of the Household Cavalry who have served on operations throughout our history. Three of the rides were conveniently named to coincide with milestone anniversaries,

HCTW Staff Bonding at Summer Camp

those being Waterloo’s 200 years, Battle of Jutland 100 years and Operation Granby’s 25 years. As luck could have it, ‘Q Reg’ falls next and with it being Her Majesty’s 90th birthday year, the chance to have ‘Queen Elizabeth II Ride’ would be too much of an opportunity to miss. During this year we have sadly said farewell to the following members of our training staff: WO2 SCM Fitzgerald and SCpl Mount (both to civilian Strasse), CoH Snoxell (on promotion to HCR), CoH Lacey (back to HCMR),

LCoH Baksh (on promotion to HCMR), LCoH Murphy (to HCR) and Tpr’s Mighall, Tambi-Spicely (to HCR for their first time) and Tpr Watson (back to HCMR). In their place we have gladly welcomed the following: WO2 SCM Holliday, SCpl Scholes, CoH Radford, LCoH Mansfield, LCpl Webb (now LCoH) and Tprs Edwards, McCannon, Nolan, Jackson and Peck. At the time of writing, we eagerly await our new Ride Admin CoH - CoH Boswell (from HCMR).

HCTW Rides on Holkham Beach


by Major R I Chambers, The Life Guards


he Royal Tournament selection show jumping preliminary competition takes place in mid year at Melton Mowbray. The finals of the Services Show Jumping at Olympia and the International Horse Show close the year in December. The Riding Master, having qualified earlier in the year, after two very strong rounds brought the second place trophy back to HCMR narrowly pipped to first position. Things improved.

Early this year we saw the preparation of the remounts for the upcoming ceremonial season as well as riders preparing for the 2016 military show jumping calendar. With the cancellation of the Spring State Visit, remount training took a backward step, as we were unable to pass out the numbers expected. However, this was remedied during the course of the year. In April, the UK Armed Forces Equitation Championships (UKAFEC) were held again at

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Addington Manor and the Staff put out some strong rider/horse combinations winning a horde of high placed rosettes and prizes. Notably, LCoH Raffel and LCpl Harvey did exceptionally well in the Skill-at-Arms classes. Moving forwards into the heat of the ceremonial summer, remount training began to show some positive results with a number of very good young ‘Q Reg’ horses being passed out and

Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016