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Information for members of both The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals Associations Communication Correspondence for both Associations should be addressed to: The Honorary Secretary (LG or RHG/D Assn), Home Headquarters Household Cavalry, Combermere Barracks, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 3DN General Office: 01753 755297 LG Assn Secretary: 01753 755229 RHG/D Assn Secretary: 01753 755132 E-Mail for Home HQ is: E-Mail for Secretary LG Assn is: E-Mail for Secretary RHG/D Assn is: Recruiting and Admission procedures for In-Pensioners Royal Hospital Chelsea The Royal Hospital Chelsea are currently reviewing their recruiting and admission procedures as they now believe there may be some senior citizens with military experience who might be eligible to become In-Pensioners but who are not aware of the eligibility criteria or what being a Chelsea Pensioner means. To be eligible for admission as a Chelsea Pensioner, a candidate must be: • Over 65 years of age • Either a former non-commissioned officer or soldier of the British Army; or a former officer of the British Army who served for at least 12 years in the ranks before obtaining a commission; or have been awarded a disablement pension while serving in the ranks. • Able to live independently in the sheltered accommodation (known as Long Wards). The Royal Hospital does not usually accept direct entries in to the Infirmary. • Free of any financial obligation to support a spouse or family. If you are in receipt of an Army Service Pension or War Disability Pension you will be required to surrender it upon entry to the Royal Hospital. Please note that if your Army Service or War Disability Pension does not meet a minimum threshold you will be required to ‘top-up’ to that amount,

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providing it does not place you in financial difficulty.

A Bulletin Board for former Household Cavalrymen. To register follow the link.

If you have access to the internet more information can be found here: http://www.chelsea-pensioners. Or you may ring for more information on 020 7881 5204

Household Cavalry Information site run by Peter Ashman:

Change of Home Address Members are requested to inform us, through Home Headquarters Household Cavalry, of any change in your address. Every year both Associations lose touch with a number of members who have failed to notify us of those changes. Any correspondence returned will result in that member being placed in the non-effective part of the database. Your E-Mail Addresses Notification of changes to your E-mail address is as important as changes to your postal address. Please keep us informed of these also. Regimental Items for Sale Various items with the Regimental Cyphers are available from the PRI shops at Combermere Barracks, and at Hyde Park Barracks. Opening hours may be determined by calling the Guardrooms on 01753 755244 and 020 7414 2550 respectively. The Household Cavalry Museum Shop at Horse Guards can be contacted on 020 7930 3070 or you can visit their web site at: www. Websites The MoD official Household Cavalry Website can be found at: regiments/1627.aspx ArmyNet is the serving Army’s private Web site to which Association members have now been given access. To open an account with ArmyNet non serving members must first register with Home HQ on the numbers and addresses above.. A web site for former members of The Life Guards. To register follow the link above. http://www.theseniorcavalryclub.

The Queen’s Birthday Parade and Reviews The Queen’s Birthday Parade will be held on Saturday 17th June 2017 with the Colonels’ Review on Saturday 10th June and the Major General’s Review on 3rd June. A limited number of tickets for the Stands (seating) and the Inner Line of Sentries (standing only) will be available for members through your respective Honorary Secretary. Tickets may be sought through Home Headquarters Household Cavalry. Applications to attend the Parade in the seated stands should be sent in January and February. Combined Cavalry Parade and Service The 93rd Combined Cavalry Old Comrades Parade and Service will be held in Hyde Park on Sunday 14th May 2017. Members of each Association should assemble in Broad Walk at 1030 hrs on the grass behind their Regimental Marker Board. Dress will be lounge suits and medals (not miniatures). Owing to the security arrangements members should give themselves plenty of time to get to the Assembly area. Members are invited to Hyde Park Barracks after the parade but admission will only be by ticket available from your respective Honorary Secretary. Helpful Contacts The following is a list of organisations which members may find useful for future reference. Veterans-UK (0800 169 2277) Royal Windsor Visitors Information Bureau Enquiries: 01753 743900 Accommodation: 01753 743907 E-mail: or Those visiting Windsor, either for Regimental functions, or any other reason, may wish to know that a Travelodge is now open offering rooms

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Household Cavalry Journal 2016