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Treatment Salvatore Falcone, the head Mafiosi of a Sicilian mafia family, is murdered by two men of a rival mafia family directly in front of his eight year old son, Tommaso. The murderers faces became engraved in little Tommaso’s head to never be forgotten. While he cries himself to sleep in the arms of his mother, he vows that he will avenge his fathers’ death. He spends the next ten years of his life with his mother in poverty—stealing to survive. Not long after his eighteenth birthday, he decides that it is time for him to honor his vow and get revenge. His mother suggests that he start in America because she heard his father talk of enemies, who are members of an American mafia family. He bids his mother farewell and sneaks on a cargo ship headed to New York City. While on the ship, he meets another Sicilian, Antonio Piccolo, who gives him information on who he needs to talk to about finding his fathers’ killers. After talking to many sources around New York City, he discovers their names—Enrico Riina and Mattae Ponzo—and the location of their hideout. Once he infiltrates the hideout and kills all of Riina and Ponzo’s men, Tommaso beats them till they give him the name of the man who ordered his father death. Once again, after meeting and trading favors with new sources he discovers that his father was ordered dead by the American mafias’ most powerful head capo, Diego Buscetta. Through communicating with business men and those connected with Buscetta, Tommaso finds him and holds at gun point on the top of the Statue of Liberty. With nowhere else to go but jump, he tells Tommaso that he was ordered by the mafia’s most powerful boss of bosses—the head capo of the Corleonesi family in Sicily, Giovanni Valachi. A look of astonishment came over Tommaso’s face as he realized that Giovanni had been his father’s best friend. Tommaso immediately boarded a plane back to Sicily to finally get his revenge. Once he arrives, he him that his mother They have requested his father’s death. men at five o’clock

is greeted by a man at the airport who tells has been taken hostage by the Corleonesi. a meeting with him to discuss his mother and He will be picked up tomorrow by Giovanni’s and taken to a public place to talk.

Tommaso is well aware he is being lured into a trap. But by talking to one of his father’s friends, Niccolo Mori, he learns where the meeting will take place—an old-fashion Italian restaurant. Tommaso gives a pistol to Niccolo and instructs him to hide it underneath the lid of the toilet tank. The next day, Giovanni’s men take him to the same restaurant where the gun was hidden. Before getting out of the car, Giovanni’s men search and disarm him. He sits down at the table with Giovanni, his mother, and Giovanni’s brother. Halfway through dinner when the tension has decreased, Tommaso asks permission to go to the restroom. He returns with the pistol in his hand and shoots both Giovanni and his brother in the head twice from point blank range. He drops the pistol, hugs his mother, and leave the restaurant. He tells his mother that they are about to begin new prosperous lives in New York City. They immediately leave for the airport just barely out-running police cars and helicopters.

Attitudes Neutral AttitudeA player who chooses the neutral dialogue and actions will be treated by the characters in the game without bias. Not many people will attempt to take advantage of you because of your well-rounded character: respected, kind, feared, and somewhat compassionate. The players personal preference will determine who of those involved in Tommaso’s father’s murder lives and dies—Giovanni, of course, dies. The quantity and difficulty of the missions is average (fewer missions than the evil attitude and less difficult than the good attitude). At the end of the game, Tommaso and his mother are being chased to the airport by the police and Corleonesi. They are able to take off in their plane and escape the police. But behind them are two helicopters quickly approaching; the airplane hasn’t been in the air long enough to outrun the helicopters. Only two options are plausible: shoot down both helicopters or Tommaso and his mother are sent crashing down into the ocean. Evil/Badass Attitude-

A player who chooses to act evil and badass-like will be treated negatively by many characters. By making rude and arrogant remarks to each person he encounters he becomes hated by most people. Other characters don’t like doing favors for Tommaso and try and avoid him. But at the same time, they fear him and respect him. So when he speaks to sources to uncover information about his father’s murder, sources don’t like giving him a lot of information at one time. As a result, Tommaso is forced to perform more missions but the difficulty is relatively easier than the missions of a good and kind attitude. The evil side of Tommaso’s attitude reveals itself when he chooses to kill the characters involved in his father’s murder, without secondthought. Living Tommaso’s life as a badass also incurs consequences at the end of the game. While speeding away the from the police and Corleonesi on the way to the airport with his mother in the front seat, his reckless and cocky attitude results in his mother getting shot in the crossfire between Tommaso, the police, and the Corleonesi. Once you are in the airplane you have a set time to get your mother to the hospital or else she dies—no second chances or mission retries. Good/Kind AttitudeA player who chooses to act good and kindly will be treated nicely by many characters. Compassion and sympathy are key components of Tommaso’s good and kind character. Most people are happy to help Tommaso on his quest to get revenge for his father’s murder. His sources are willing to give him more information at a time than if he acted like an evil badass. On the other hand, the missions his sources send him on are more difficult than the evil badass attitude. But some characters will try and take advantage of Tommaso’s kind and generous attitude. For instance, whenever Tommaso has the opportunity to kill someone involved in his father’s murder, he shows compassion towards them—while they beg for their lives. He understands that they were essentially forced to carry out orders or they themselves would have been killed. It is only at the end of the game where Tommaso shows zero compassion for Giovanni. Similar to the evil badass attitude there is a dramatic ending. While his mother and he run towards the airplane, he spots a man on the verge of shooting his mother from behind the plane. But his selfless and kind character

instinctively pushes his mother behind him and takes the bullet in his chest (saving his mother’s life). His mother drags him into the plane and plights seat. Tommaso’s father’s good friend, a doctor by profession, is able to stop the bleeding and save Tommaso’s life. Reflection By far the hardest part of doing this project was brainstorming and coming up with ideas. The video game I am designing is extremely complex because it involves non-linear story telling. Having to come up with many different ideas as to how the game’s story can be exciting and take surprising twists and turns was difficult. My goal was to make up my own original ideas but draw from what has been successful in the past in other video games. Talking with my friends over the years has allowed me to acquire many ideas that game companies have failed to implement. I am attempting to take one of the most popular games of all time, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), and change it into something completely unique. I want to make GTA into a first-person shooter and give it a non-linear story throughout the entire game instead of just at one point in the game—like in the most recent game. These two things, along with a more complex plot that will surprise the player throughout the game is what will make this a great game. The easiest part of the process for me was taking an idea and “running with it.” While the hardest part was thinking of

them, once I figured out what I wanted to have happen I was able to build on that idea. Perhaps the best feeling of all is once, I had the entire story all tied into together and connected all the arcs of my non-linear story it all made perfect sense.

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This is my project one, i Hope you enjoy it.