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Englisch Unit 1

Orientierungswissen lingua franca

Hör-Sehverstehen Live on the radio

E Everywhere: Rise of E (Sprachwandel) Ausbildung/Schule: Australian 2nd College Commonwealth: Zimbabwe

Wortschatz / Strukturen Engl. Words in German used to - would Paraphrasing Everyday English

Berufsorientierung 2

Youth culture

Because we want to

Minorities/peer group

Outsider Curfews Butterfly


Regions of Britain Industrial Revolution

Where are they from? Steel City

Monarchy + Parliament and comparison to the US system (10er-Buch) Economic Crisis

Child Labour Film: This bloody band

9 Text/Media Mindmapping = writing a text Note taking

Sprachmittlung translating interpreting

Understanding a text: comprehension, analysis, comment rewriting (prose=play) Bewerbung, Lebenslauf (10er-Buch)

Participles (compound/rel. Cl.) progresive infinitive dictionary skills (bilingual) "Dealing with stress"


Focus on style Expressing your own opinion verbs of rest and motion

Internet research captions

expressing the future

listening for information

Understanding poetry letters writing

Understanding a text: structuring, "Letter writing" opt. analysis, comment, 18 creative writing Language of discus- summary sion, opt. 13 "Crime" Phrasal verbs, spoken English translating: participle constructions

reading a map/chart/diagram

media literacy: 4

Irish Music

Let the music lead you

Daily life in Ireland

Irish Melody

History and present time Northern Irish Conflict


Gaelic expressions

Study the media: Internet research reading charts, etc.


"Australia" Word fields

TV-news Reading images, maps

interpreting: e-mail to Bobe

for + N +to

analysis, creative text work (Dough)

have sth done; passive Historical Walking Tour "Music" Radio report from IreAdding emphasis land dictionary skills "Conflict and suffering"

Australia Slide Show/Australia ColonizaMusic old and new tion/Decolonization Human rights of Aborigi- Net pals speak nes in the past and today

passive constructions


Rhein-Gymnasium, Düsseldorfer Str. 13, 51063 Köln

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