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building a brand expressIT (CA Inc) ............ Videasa ...................... Ceola ......................... Charles Alexander ............. Brooklyn Sews ................. Breukelen Coffee House ........

creative development, graphic design creative development, graphic design art direction art direction art direction art direction

building an image Cuisinart ..................... graphic design Tysabri ....................... graphic design

video art direction

Lavazza ....................... creative development, art direction Cellf ......................... creative development, producer


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branding is sexy.

building a brand A brand is built to support a product as a work of art. The job of the brand architect is to create a frame for the product; one that fits well, is beautiful and understated, and highlights all of the best angles. The best brand architects in history have found a way to take the frames off the gallery wall and plant them right on the consumers’ faces. Only then can the consumer stop analyzing and start feeling. The brand should make the consumer feel empowered. Because in reality, the consumer is.

Identity Design

YouTube Channel Design

Client: CA Task: To create a YouTube video sharing program to promote CA internal and external networking events.

Print Design

Email Design

Website Design

Client: Videasa Task: To create a brand identity for the company as we developed.

Business Card Design

Presentation Template with Brand Guidelines

Brochure Outside

Brochure Inside


Client: Ceola Task: To create a sales brochure for this young designer’s fashion pop up shop.

Brochure Outside

Brochure Inside

Client: Charles Alexander Task: To create a sales brochure for this Soho based tie designer.

Print Poster

Client: LaunchPad Task: To create a printer poster to advertise for this Brooklyn based sewing collective.

T Shirt Design

T Shirt Design Client: Breukelen Coffee House Task: To create a series of printed t-shirts for this community centered coffee shop.

imagery is context.

building an image We exist in a digital culture which moves information at the fastest pace in human history. As viewers we have been trained to use our visual sense to filter information based on imagery alone. Just as quickly as information is absorbed into the corneas of a viewer, an idea and a feeling are born. Together, concept and emotion tell an entire story without the use of audio, text, or motion. The power of instant emotional contact is invaluable to a communicator.

Keynote Storyboard Presentation

Client: Cuisinart Task: To create storyboards for video concept pitches for Cuisinart.

Client: Tysabri Task: To layout a video advertising proposal for a business pitch.

video moves.

video art direction Some of the first devices that created the illusion of motions were referred to as “magic lanterns". Today we watch streaming video instantly from our home computers, and still the air of magic surrounds this medium. Video acts like a bridge between people, and the bridge moves and changes as much as the people on either side. Whether experiencing nostalgia watching childhood home videos, selling pharmaceuticals using online video, or video chatting with your best friend who’s an ocean away, video moves. Video is magic.

Title: Latte Heart Task: To create a lightly branded YouTube video advertising for Lavazza.

Title: Cellf (2008) Task: To create a modern digital rotoscoped animated video.


r. abbott brooklyn, nyc 802.324.5022 education

university of vermont ba studio art; theatre fordham university

09.2005-12.2008 09.2004-12.2004

work experience designs private freelance graphic design work videasa assistant creative director, art director, and designer for this boutique web video production agency the bern gallery art director and curator for a high end glass art gallery in burlington, vermont

04.2010-current 04.2009-04.2010



digital skills adobe suite, garageband, digital photography, photo retouching, iwork, BTVpro, imovie, microsoft office, wordpress, youtube, twitter, facebook, linkedin production skills film photography, costume design, sewing, draping and flat patterning, stage and film makeup, crocheting, scene painting, screenwriting, screenprinting other drivers license, conversational spanish, snowboarding designs brooklyn, nyc 802.324.5022

R. Abbott Portfolio  

R. Abbott's graphic design, art direction, and branding development portfolio.