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Design and construction · Construction completed 2015; professionally designed by Wavetrain Cinemas · Project supported by the best high-end AV store on the Coast, McLeans · Design includes: sound proofing (multiple doors and specific construction techniques); acoustic treatments, seating and speaker layout to provide extreme comfort whilst enjoying movies and concerts as they are meant to be heard; airflow/aircon · “Room within a room” construction results in highly effective soundproofing; the cinema is effectively decoupled from the structure of the house. This means the cinema can be in use at reference volume levels without impacting sleeping or relaxation of other inhabitants of the house · Coloured LED lighting throughout for mood and atmosphere pre and post movie ·

7 seats in 2 rows (3 and 4); full leather recliners with cup holders

· 120” screen; with “CinemaScope” Aspect ratio – watch movies the way they were meant to be seen, with no “black bars” at the top and bottom · The audio response in the room has been professionally calibrated post installation. The projector has been professionally calibrated for optimum picture quality. · Dedicated air conditioning zone to maintain comfort · Speakers are all ‘hidden’ to add to the magic, as are most of the acoustic treatments

Equipment Installed · · · · · · · · · · ·

7.1 Triad Surround sound (Triad are used worldwide by high end/custom installers) 3 x Triad Gold LCR speakers 4 x Triad Gold On-Wall Surround speakers 1 x Triad Platinum 18” subwoofer Elektra TheatreHD 7-channel dedicated amplifier for the speakers Yamaha Aventage CX-5100 Flagship Pre-Processor (Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, 4K/HDR capable) Thor 20-amp power conditioner Denon Blu-Ray Player Epson TW-9100 Projector (2 x pairs of 3D glasses included) Full HD 1920x1080p AppleTV 2nd Generation iPad mini based control system

The options are yours. You can host your own private movie screenings for you and your friends and family (WARNING: They won’t want to leave). Live sports events are the ultimate thrill with it’s full-emersion in the sound and big screen. It’s the perfect escape space to relax and unwind.

18 Figtree Bay Drive  
18 Figtree Bay Drive  

Raine & Horne